Big Brother Spoilers – Shelly to Jeff about Kalia, “She’s actually agreeing with this stuff.. She thinks it’s a great idea” **updated**

8:40pm Washroom Jeff and Shelly (i’m still in shock about how stupid Kalia is.. a dark day for Team D a Great day for team JJSA)
Shelly gives Jeff a quick summary about what Kalia is buying, Says that Kalia is thinking about putting up porsche and haveing her go home. Shelly tells jeff to make sure he makes Kalia think by doing this deal she has all of Jeff’s people on her side. Shelly reminds her he doesn’t need to follow through just say yes. Shelly: “She’s actually agreeing with this stuff.. She thinks it’s a great idea” Jeff is really excited says he’s going to go upstair right away and tell her.

8:44pm HOH Adam and Kalia Kalia is telling him she’s leaning to put Adam up and the only reason is because she knows Adam has the votes to stay. Adam understands he knows he has the votes to stay he’s not worried. Adam makes a comment about how much harder the show is than he thought.. He asks Kalia if she would be on Big Brother 14 if production asked her. Kalia doesn’t think she would, she says it’s been a fun experience but it is too disruptive to her regular life. Adam says he would be on BB14, 15, 16, 17 whatever it takes to win.

8:50on HOH Jeff and Kalia
Kalia tells him shes thinking about the possible of putting up POrsche and maybe having some kind of truce with JJR. She wonders if she puts up Porsche and takes her out then she would have to get Rachel to swear on BRendon that she won’t come after her next week. Jeff isn’t sure what rachel will do but he thinks she’ll be up for it. Jeff says he would never put up a strong player this week because of the twist. He thinks the twist week is a good week to take out a floater (Drink) He says to her that she’s making 3 strong players pissed this week, Kalia thinks they’re might be a way for them to not be. Jeff says he’s open to suggestions.
Jeff tells her after Monday if Porsche goes up we can talk a bit more.

9:25pm have nots Jeff and Jordan
Jeff gving Jordan a little recap of all the madness that is happening. Tells her that Shelly has convinced Kalia that putting up POrsche is a smart move in the game. All JJR have to do is promise they won’t put them up next week and Prosche can go. Jeff says Even if she puts Porsche up I’m still gunning for Kalia, Jeff smiles tells Jordan she needs to talk to Kalia at some point. Jordan doesn’t think it’ll happen she can’t be that dumb. JEff thinks she will do it, Kalia is scared of the twist now and she wants to try and prove to everyone that Dani doesn’t control her.

9:40pm houseguests preparing food, chit chat

10:05pm Hammock Kalia and Shelly Kalia has figured out a plan she will tell Dani that she is putting up Porsche but she wants Rachel out. Kalia will then go to Rachel and cut a deal with Rachel but Rachel cannot campaign for votes. Then on thrusday Kalia has the votes to keep POrsche and Rachel will go home. In the even that Rachel comes back She will not be pissed at Kalia she’ll be pissed at Lawon. Kalia adds that this way it prevents Dani and herself being on the block at the same time. Kalia plans on calling a housemeeting if rachel goes back on her word and tell everyone rachel is a liar. Shelly tells her she has it all clear that she needs to start making big Game moves for herself. Kalia says Dani really only knows how to play this game on the defensive and Kalia thinks there another way to play it. Shelly starts in on the twist and how if Rachel leaves amercia will vote her back in but if it’s porsche she they might not. Kalia has thought about it. Shelly brings up that POrsche is america’s player, Shelly knows for certain and she has proof. (OK that alone should be clue enough that shelly is feeding you BLANK up BLANK kalia) Shelly ends by saying that she doesn’t care who goes either Porsche or rachel.

10:10pm Kalia and Dani HOH Kalia explains that she’s trying to set up a safety net incase “that BLANK” (rachel) goes home. She’s going to tell rachel she’s safe and Prosche is the target she’ll then tell everyone to vote out Rachel but rachel. Kalia thinks that if Rachel comes back she’ll be going after Lawon and not her and dani.
Dani says that Kalia is jumping from one extreme to another, a hour ago Kalia wanted to be allies with Rachel, 3 hours ago Adam was going up and Rachel was the target and now POrsche is going up and Rachel is the target but you’re going to try and tell rachel she’s safe.
Kalia: “I just want a safety net”
dani doesn’t trust that shelly will vote out Porsche she thinks the best case is the vote is 3/3 then Kalia will have to make a decision. Dani: “Who would you pick then?” Kalia: “We’ll then my whole plan is screwed”
Kalia tells dani that She’s sure Shelly will put up JJ if she wins HOH. Dani doesn’t think that 100%.
Dani keeps trying to tell Kalia how crazy her idea is and in the end they can all get screwed royally.

Dani is getting desperate with Kalia tells her that she’s been with her since Day One. Kalia is so convinced that Shelly is on her side she actually thinks that Shely would vote to keep her if she was up on the block with Jordan.
(While Dani tries desperately to save this season for her Shelly is telling Jordan and rachel that she’s got Kalia to put up Porsche.. They start to celebrate)

Kalia tells dani that shelly doesn’t like Porsche too much, she thinks Porsche is a Floater.
Dani: “This coming from teh biggest floater in the house”, Dani warns Kalia that Shelly is still going around talkign to JJ. Kalia says she knows that

Dani: “The biggest floater in this house is Shelly.. she’s playing all sides she’s making deals with everyone.. I know that you know that” Kalia agrees.(OMG KALIA YOUR DUMBER THAN I THOUGHT)
Kalia: “what do you think of our fianl 3 deal with her”
Dani: “I really want to trust Shelly but we don’t”
Kalia: “No there’s reason for us to”
Dani pleads to Kalia tells her that she’s always been 100% with kalia since the beginging.
Dani says there are some serious red flags that tell us not to trust Shelly. “We’re never gonna fully trust her… period. there’s reasons not to.”

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LMFAO..if this happens I honestly belive Kalia is the biggest idiot on the planet. As mush as I hate Shelly..she has really got into the head of Kalia. ON the other hand, if Porsche does get eliminated, no facking way she wins against any of the evicted houseguests and it would be great if DOm comes back. Then..Dom and Dani can work together. ALthough, another situation can have Brenden come back and all of a sudden. the vets own the place. This drama is unreal


Kahlia is about to make a game defining HIUUUUUGE mistake and, if she does put up P, then P, D & K will be the next to go home and, in that order. Moron!!!!


I really hope Dom comes back because I’m a huge Dani fan and this idiot is all she has right now


That’s awesome, Your down with Team JJ. Welcome to the team. Dani is History.


The funniest thing is how Kalia thinks she’s such a HUGE threat in the game now. Even more so than Dani. She thinks VERY highly of herself in this game now. There isn’t really anyone who sees her as a real competitive threat. She’s gonna kill any chance she has now if she does this plus she’s totally screwing over her ONLY ally. Why is she trusting anyone to hold onto any deals out of this. Has she ever seen big brother?!?!?


would this be considered the dumbest move in BB history or 2nd dumbest with the first being Marcellus not taking himself off the block. just wondering where this rank. the LML of season 11 ranks pretty high in dumb moves also.


Makes you wonder if production has anything to do with this.


it was truly the work of production. they want rachel to stay


You Can tell that in kalias general life she wants to be liked so badly. She’s so desperate in this game it’s ridiculous


she need to put her thinking cap on. this is a game to win $500K. you are not here to be liked and make friends. if she can stay focused, she just may win the game with dani.


That’s so true stephie. Why does she wanna appease JJ so much. Plus she’s slowly turning into Dani. She has NO identity of her own. She’s one of those chameleon type ppl who bc whoever it is she hangs with


Shes that stereotypical frumpy black girl at the all white school who is desperate to play with the really cool kids and throws away her real friends at the drop of a dime because they aren’t cool enough!
I’m not sure why she wants J/J to like her so much it may be because she thinks as they go so goes America and of course Production is all over this they want Rachel to stay and they want to bring back Cassie.


Right Matty! exactly that type


You Have got to be kidding me …

BR fan

She really it’s that stupid. Porsche will go home after a 3-3 vote she will be to afraid to vote rachel out, lol.


Wow kalia is a dumbass. C’monnnnnn. Let’s go team dani!


K is SOOOOO being played!!!! What a moron!


Its too complicated can’t she just put up Jordan to insure Rachel “leaves” or even better just get out CSL (Shelly) now. Its a crap shoot either way because someone will come back but they can try and luck out that its Dominic.

BB 13 - The year Spineless Jellyfish

Wow Kalia. You just went from positive to negative. Way, way, negative. We’re all laughing at your stupidness. Can’t wait for you to get out of the house and watch how dumb you are.

cruddy's bitch

She is so dumb…up til RIGHT NOW I hated Shelly. If she pulls this off I’m Team Shelly to the end.


I would have to agree. I may not like her straight shooting but geez, if she can pull this off it would be amazing!


Straight Shooter is on her A-Game tonight yo!!!!


Adam is so much more likable to me without the gross facial hair, I approve Adam! He still babbles too much though.
Ok goodnight onlinebigbrother 🙂


first off, all of this is hilarious. Kalia – What a dummy. Secondly, and I’m sure this isn’t just me but aren’t you all a little pissed at the laziness of CBS in coming up with the “twists” in the last few years? I mean, when I think back to project DNA and the ex factor and recently,to a lesser degree, with America’s player, I just get pissed at CBS for thinking they were smart in coming up with this recent garbage. They need to have a brainstom and come up with some decent ideas.


What would be sweet if Audrey II was lying to everyone about putting up Porsche and she still puts up Jordumb…


wait so kalia wants rachel instead of porche?

Rachel's shrink

unbelievable. How can someone be that stupid?

Shelly’s house of cards will fall soon enough. All it will take is one person at one house meeting to stand up and say “I have a final X deal with Shelly, who else does?”

I could care less if Kalia goes, and she likely will, but she if f*cking up Dani’s game.





I thought you had said no politics!!


Not a problem. I wasn’t sure if I had remembered correctly! Thanks for all of your hard work.


I’m loving this! This is karma coming back on Dani for backstabbing the vets when she was sitting pretty, now she’s aligned with a bunch of morons. I hope Kalia does put up Porsche, she goes, Rachel stays and then Brendon comes back in. I’m going the freeze frame the look on Dani’s face and hang it on my wall. Priceless… Love him or hate him, Jeff says the funniest shit. He told Kalia: “I don’t see pictures of Dani in here”!


Love your comment and Totally agree with you! Her back stabbing ass will deserve everything she get’s. I would love to see Brendon come back. I too would freeze frame the look on her face.
I am voting for the vets to win except Dani back stabber. These are the worst bunch of newbies I have ever seen.
None of these damn people can think for themselves. Their like a school of fish just following who ever is the leader at the time.
Can Shelly nose go any higher up peoples asses?!


Good news Rachel fans – looks like Kalia is sinking Team Dani. LOL. But even if Rachel does get evicted, it looks like Cassi fans are all voting her back in. And you know what that means? Rachel kicks her ass in the competition and gets to come back! Thanks for making it so easy Cassi fans. And thank you too Kalia!

BB Fan in Canada

It would be awesome if Cassi came back! LOVE it!


well if she’s up against Rachel to come back in then she’s probably going to get her clock cleaned.


poor Dani. she has the dumbest and most useless people on her side.


Name- YOU SAID IT!!!!!

Karen S

Hey Simon! I got so mad at Kalia for listening and believing any of them besides Dani.. ! I had to turn it.
I know we’re out here… and they’re in there.. but it seems to me, it would be more obvious to them.. what is going down.
I saw Dani trying to talk to her and explaining things to her.. but all my hopes for Kalia being a viable BB’r.. is running out at this moment.
sigh… sigh…. sigh…. I hope she doesn’t put Porsche up over Shelly.. or Jordan. Can’t she see… or maybe she’s over thinking it? omg!
Another season of gloating by the vets.. argh~


poor Dani is trying sooo hard to persuade Kalia to NOT kill their plan.

Karen S

K Simon.. I thought it was just me.. not that I didn’t see the dumbass comments etc. lol But so often you and I think alike I don’t even have to post. ha
Still team Dani… all the way! I hate to pick ppl I like in this game.. cuz it never seems to work out. BUT!!!!! Maybe if Porsche goes out.. Dom will come back and Team Dani will be strong again.. without this waivering chit. : ) ps.. only thought to add to all the other comments about Kalia being dumb at this point.. is how she’s actually throwing her only ally out there to the wolves… and alone she’s a snack. done~ : )


How many ppl think it will be Dani that has the Chima fit and loses it….lol


kalia gots to stop listening to shelly.

Karen S

CMW… how is Shelly being overlooked in all this drama? I just don’t get it… If Dani got mad the way Jeff and Jordan did.. and got a good edit from CBS.. how R/JJ is manipulating and intimidating the others…??????? OMFing G!!!! <—-harsh words for me. lol

Team Bacon

I am not gonna lie, I am loving it! Bring on the drama!!!


So when the houseguest leaves this week they will compete with an already evicted houseguest to return. I dont see how they can do the eviction, then the return comp, then the hoh comp that quickly. I think the houseguest who gets to return wont participate in the next hoh comp.


If they were to get it all into one show then they would have to have the eviction within the first 30 mins of show if not within the first 15 mins I would think in order to show who wins HOH. Though it makes for bigger ratings if they leave the audience (and them in ways) in a suspense mode at end and showing who gets HOH on Sunday show. The competition will most definitely be an endurance one because if Cassi were to come back in (which I hope is the case) she would not be able to answer questions about any of them. Maybe though they will end they show with the evicted HG and Americas Vote in an endurance competition to see who comes back in and have HOH later???


I think it would be great if whomever played to get back in the house was automatically the HOH. That would stir some shit up. If Brendon DID come back in, he’d be gunning for Jeff because he wouldn’t have been able to talk to Rachel (if she is going) before she left to know that JJ stood by her. Right now I am so disgusted with this whole cast that Production should just call a “do-over.” Come to think of it…I hope that either Keith or Cassie comes back to win it all. They have more game than any of the current players in the house.

Freddie B

I agree, that’s a lot to get through in an hour. I think it would be great to have to returning guest in the HOH room when the new HOH gets to show off their pics. Imagine the look on their faves as they open the door and find Dom waiting for them. It would be good TV.


Once again the way hoh will be this week is the person than America votes back in and the person that is voted out are the only two who will be playing for the HOH. Now that is not to hard to understand !!!!! and we all will know by the end of the show on Thurs.


Kalia is the biggest idiot. Omg I can’t stand her. She’s actually falling for this BS!!! I feel bad for Dani having all these dummies on her side! And omg Shelly the Snake makes me want to throw up!! I don’t know if I blame her for being so conniving or everyone else for being too dumb to figure it out! This cast is hopeless!!!!!


Dani should’ve thought about that before she turned her back on her own alliance. Looks like things are about to blow up in her face. Who knows, we have until tomorrow. Maybe Kalia will change her mind, you never know.


The straight shooter is killing it tonight. Man Kalia is dumb.

Rachel's shrink

Simon and Co.,

If Kalia really goes through with this, might I suggest you put a dunce cap on her image in the main gallery?

Talk about short bus.

Fuzz Capone

I co-sign that


Oh & Adam looks like he belongs on an episode of “To Catch A Predator”. Creepy!

BB Fan in Canada

Wow, this would be a huge twist. Shelly is pretty shifty. She’s playing all sides.


Kalia! You idiot! You’re not only throwing your only alliance under the bus, but you’re throwing yourself under the bus too. What in the hell is going on up there? Do you really think you can trust these people not to backdoor you? UGGGHHHH you disgust me.


smelly shelly ‘s laugh is more obnoxious than rachels and her nasal man’s voice is like listening to nails scrape a chalkboard. can’t wait til he ( oops) I mean she goes. ( and i use she very loosely 🙂 bet she love chaz bono, prob her role model. 🙂


If Dom comes back kalia will be right back on team dani..


Is Kalia playing Shelly? It seems like there’s still hope based on her convo with Adam


I think kalia peed out some of her brain cells in the hot tub


Simon the updates can’t come quick enough I’m bang
ing my head over here. Come oooonnnnn kalia!

Fuzz Capone

Kadumbass should have never won HOH Lawon should have he would have done the right thing Jordan would be going up no questions asked, they’re literally laughing at her stupid ass.



This whole cast sucks. Jeff and Jordan cry when things don’t go there way, Rachele is a psycho, and all the newbies are floaters! SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT BACK ENZO!!!!!


Please don bring back the meow meow. he drove me insane last year with his smacking when he eats.

The Meow Meow

Man Big Brother needs more of us ppl from italian descent… We could smell the rat (Shelly)…


Donato is an italian name. Dani just dosen’t lean on that whole “because I’m italian” bs like those Jersey shore/ Enzo type idiots. I want to say Jeff is also half italian, like irish-italian.


This whole situation reminds me of the LML of season 11 which Jeff bought hook line and sinker and evicted his alliance member, Russell.

The Meow Meow

You are exactly.. Then BOOM! Jeff got sent packing for good.


Not sure its even going to happen, Dani and Kalia are still talking about it, Kalia has not comitted to putting up Pinto and if Dani cant talk Kalia out of putting up Pinto then Dani doesnt desreve to win this game.


I think this is honestly the best plan for Kalia, terrible for Dani. Either way Rachel is staying in the house. So for Kalia the question is how mad do you want her to be? This makes her slightly less mad and will put the focus back on Dani.


Kalia is right! It’s a smart move to keep Rachel because then they will have no one gunning for them and then they can backdoor a lying floater and — wow I can’t even keep that up.

I hope she buys what Shellys selling and puts porche up. Take Rachel out and the rest if this season will be a snooze fest


Khalia looks about 90% sold on this idea. I can’t believe Shelly pulled this off. Even if it doesn’t happen she hit the Dani alliance a big blow. Dani now isn’t so sure about Khalia and Khalia all of sudden is questioning Dani. CLASSIC!!!! Shelly, YO!!! I’ll miss pinto in her bikini


if kalia put up pinto and she goes home, i hope jeff wins hoh and sends ka;ia packing because she would so deserve it. i guess you can call TRIPLE S the WIZARD




The funny thing is that this could all blow up in Shelly’s face. Imagine Porsche gets voted off and Dom comes back (no way Porsche beats out Dom)…then she she got a better aly. I just can’t wait till Kalia leaves.

Karen S

Simon, does your loyalties shift for the hell of stirring us up? Or are you just going with the power in the house shift…? tsk tsk tsk.. lol
Your boy Adam? He stated earlier.. “little girl you wanna get in my van?” lol He reminded me of the troll from billy goats gruff.. and now.. his jagged teeth are making me think of red riding hood’s wolf… lol Oh my … What big teeth you have!

Karen S

ps… just wondering too.. if there’s going to be a double eviction this week if they bring someone back.. I am betting there is.. and the HG’s haven’t thought of that either? Do they really watch this game the way we do? big heavy sigh~


Kalia’s naivety is unbearable especially by saying she won’t put up Jordan. Talk about not being able to read people. Then she yaps to Shelly and she seems to actually think there is something redeemable between her Jordan and Jeff. Wow. I would rather her play a personal game than to play as stupid as she seems to be playing. She should take what Jeff and Jordan said to her personally and put Jordan up. The lines are already drawn but I guess she’ll wait until it’s too late when she realizes it. She has to know Jeff and Jordan aren’t on her side that’s why she and Dani teamed up. They are only interested in using people to get them further in the game. Maybe her strategy will work and I’ll eat my words. But I don’t get her thinking process right now. Guess it will be more clear when she does the replacement nominee.


I’ll agree on that. Too bad it’s going to affect Dani too though.

dani's fan

P. T. Barnum was right. There is a sucker born every minujte.


Kalia is really this stupid. Why not just give the money to JJ already


This move (if it happens) will be just as stupid as when Howie put up James and Sarah because Maggie told him to in BB6. Maybe even more stupid on account of the fact that anyone with half a brain realizes that Rachel and Jeff are emotional players not strategic players, and they will be coming after Kalia no matter what she does.

Kalia might as well throw herself into a pit of lions. Because what she’s seriously considering is suicide.

Dani, I’m begging you, please pull a Dick move and expose Shelly for the snake that she is. Watch her rattle when she’s confronted in front of the whole house.


did BB give adam a b day party? if so were the have nots allowed to participate?


Im telling you it’s Kalia’s ego. She can’t handle the fact that she feels she’s living under Dani’s shadow.


Hey Simon, not watching the feeds right now, BBAD and everything is focused on Kalia and Dani


I’m watching!!!! and khalia is an idiot, YO!!! she has drank that kool-aid, for REALZ!!!! Love watching shelly barely able to contain herself!!! great stuff!!!


I love you SIMON! I know we don’t root for the same HGs but your updates keep me entertained! Keep ’em coming! <3


I’m watching. I think Dani’s going to be able to talk some sense into her. I’ve got faith in her. On a side note. I wish Kalia would not pick her nose or shove q-tips up it. Gross.


See…she’s got to keep planting that seed that america won’t vote Rachel back and comparing her to Jessie….I think that’s the correct angle to approach this with Kalia.


The feeds are great right now..Kahlia outside chattin wit the enemies,while Dani,Pinto and Lawanda in kitchen talkin shit…..aaah Kahlie,the new Marcellis!!!!!!!


Well, Simon, according to Jen its a nose picker not a nail bitter.


kalia is dumber than jethro bodine from the beverly hillillues. now that’s really dumb




And it’s done, Pinto is going up.


elli mae was not so smart either, remember the cement pond..i sill laugh at that comment to this day! lol


I don’t think Shelly is Dr.Will manipulative but she’s smart she goes after EXTREMELY dumb people like Kalia. I don’t think Dani or Porsche would fall for that. Kalia wants to be like by J/J so bad it’s pathetic.


After all the BULLSHIT going on in the house. this makes me feel a little better hope it works for you too

Uncle Fester Bacon


too friggin funny dude. it made me LOL (again & again 🙂


he looks like a serial rapist if he was a serial rapist on SVU i would believe his part solely based on his new look


Kalia is basically trying to go back to playing the floater, while being HOH. Oh lord, she has to be one of the most easily manipulated persons in BB history if she actually does this. She seems to be trying to hard to be the cool girl that fits in with everyone, rather than having only one or two close allies.
Kudos to Shelly though if this works, it would be ridiculous.

team shortbus

I can’t believe what i’m watching


Why do you think Dani picked her up in the first place? LOL.

I really hope this happens it will be freaking hilarious…

The Meow Meow

In season 11 Jeff bought the hook line and sinker and back doored is alliance member Russell. So I don’t know.

The Meow Meow

Dani should tell JJ about Shelly’s final 3 deal she tried to make with her and Kalia. Then JJ would know what kinda crap Shelly has been cooking up and has all these side deals.


There’s no point. JJ would laugh at her. They know that Shelly is offering her stuff just to get her to do what she asks. Mind blowing manipulation on Triple S’s part. Super impressed. Love to see Dani and Kalia’sface if Rachel stays and Brendon comes back in. Total Drama for another few weeks. The vets are the only ones providing the entertainment without them all we have is Adams constant mumbling


shelly knows what borage sauce is but she doesn’t know what a yam is? whatever. she dresses just like jeff too.


Where is Rachel during all of this?

Karen S

I might have to join you… and that would be a bad bet to make me wager. lol after 5 kids.. you all are in for a horror show.


I don’t think they have told rachel yet about what kalia is considering


adam is jewish but doesn’t look it (red head jew:) he said the jew tooth fairy took his piggy bank too funny ( and before the jews on here get uptight I have nothing against the jewish community just quoting what adam said 🙂


OH EM GEE. Fatlia is THEE worst HOH in the history of BB.

She just made deals with Shelly & Jeff and now she’s going back to play Dani’s slave?