Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly tells Jordan that it hurt her that Adam zing’d her ..saying she had losing competitions down..

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10:40am When the live feeds come back, Adam and Shelly are sitting in the backyard in silence. Adam says that he wonders what they will do for Dani later? (For her birthday) Shelly starts to say they said… Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When the feeds come back, Shelly and Adam are talking about him and Fara getting a place together and that she should be all moved in by the time he gets out of the house. Jordan joins them outside. Adam asks if Jeff went back to sleep. Jordan says that he’s listening to the Bob Marley cd. Rachel joins them. Shelly says that it’s a good day to lay out. Jordan tells Adam that he can go up and talk to Jeff if her wants. Adam says yeah …and then heads up to talk to Jeff.
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Up in the HOH room, Adam starts talking to Jeff telling him everything that Dani said last night and what he told her. Adam says that there are advantages to keeping Dani …but that it would be definitely be better to have her out. Adam tells Jeff that he will vote her out if that’s what Jeff wants. Jeff asks if Shelly will too.. Adam says that all they need are three votes and they have that … but from what Shelly was saying this morning she would vote to evict Dani. Adam says that he wanted to tell Jeff what he told Dani first so that he heard it from him first and not from Dani coming up here and telling him that I would work with her. Jeff says that he is definitely sticking to the plan and that if Dani won HOH this week during the fast forward she would definitely get me out. Adam says oh yeah. Jeff talks about how they will need to keep Rachel till final five. Jeff says lets just get through this week and take it as it comes. Adam agrees and says yeah lets just get there and be ready for the kill. Adam says that Dani is already trying to throw Kalia under the bus… Jeff says yeah. Adam says that’s why they need to get rid of her because she will use you until she no longer needs you. Adam says that he just really wanted to tell Jeff everything. Jeff says that this week will get even worse with Dani trying to get your vote so if you hear anything about us or anything .. Jeff says if she says anything about how I said this or that ..then tell her okay lets go to Jeff and talk about this. Adam and Jeff talk about Porsche and Kalia. Adam says Kalia is looking long term and Porsche isn’t. Jeff says that Porsche scares him and he needs to talk to her. They finish up their conversation and Adam leaves the HOH room.
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11:15am – 11:40am Jordan, Dani and Porsche are sitting on the backyard couch talking about liposuction. Jordan asks if they suck fat out of your tummy do they do it to your butt too …to even it out? Dani and Porsche say no. Rachel says that her friend got butt implants. Adam joins them outside and soon after so does Jeff. They talk about getting colonic’s and cosmetic surgery. The conversation then changes to talking about the documentary Super Size Me. Adam heads inside to ask if he can shave. Shelly joins them outside. Rachel starts talking about how she can’t wait to get married. Shelly starts telling Rachel about the benefits of marrying in January so that they can file taxes separately this year. They continue to talk about taxes and stocks. Porsche comments that Jeff has had a good couple years with Big Brother, Amazing Race, Around the World and Big Brother again. Porsche heads inside. Rachel asks Jeff if he knows what he is thinking. Jeff says yeah his mind is pretty made up. Rachel asks if she can talk to him later. Jeff asks why …you’re good! Rachel says just to that we are all on the same page moving forward … I can tell you what I think about what I have observed around the house. Jeff says that’s kind of the opposite of what people normally do ..when you open your mouth people end up using it against you. Jeff says that yeah if you wanna talk we can talk.

11:45 – 12am Shelly and Jordan are across the yard ..Shelly is telling Jordan that its odd that Adam is now inside talking to Dani. Shelly says that it is weird that he wants her out and he’s in there talking to her. Jordan says that it is going to be hell for four weeks once Dani goes up. Shelly asks four weeks? You mean four day? Jordan says yeah yeah … and the thing is that Dani doesn’t have anything to use against us. Shelly then brings up how Adam told her that he zing’d her last night … she says that he said that Shelly has losing competitions down. Shelly says that it kind of hurt her. Jordan says he hasn’t won anything either. Shelly says he’s won one competition. Shelly goes back to the couch with Jeff, Rachel and Adam. They talk about how they have been studying the events of the house and how they have been counting items in the house. Adam says that he is going to go listen to Jeff’s cd. Jeff says okay new rule is that you when you go up there you have to take a snack… its a thanks for coming prize…
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They are on to Dani time to Pack your Bags Dani bye bye


I am starting to think that Adam and Sheely are actually the best players in this game. They are playing a meta game with the others. Shelley is actually thinking several weeks ahead and is playing the “you cant trust adam” seed already as she correctly views him as a threat. He is thinking on the same level. These two SA have lasted for weeks being letting others (JJBRD) get their hands dirty, make enemies, and alienate jury members while they float along out of harms way. When they were on the block, they were never in any real danger. Right now the big targets are JJ and KP. While SA are swing voters that everyone will need to suck up to. People on this blog confuse winning competitions with being players. It aint that simple. The ability to LOSE competitions while remaining in the game is what separates the winners from the losers. As much as the may suck on a personal level, SA are very good strategists and social gamers. Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, and Dani could learn lessons watching these 2.


Yea. BB has never been just about winning comps because no matter how good you are; you can’t win every single comp; and even if you could….you can’t compete while you are HOH.
So then you gotta have strong alliances in the house.

It does look like S & A might be the final 2.

Wonder will Dani find out after she leaves the house that her back door Jeff plan blew up because Dom told Shelly their secret (asking Shelly to team with him and Dani…and they would take everybody out);
Shelly immediately runs and tells Jordan. Jordan & Shelly meet with the HOH rachae and her man Brenden. From that very moment until now Dani’s name has been mud in the house. …and no one knows that shelly did this…they know she floats information back and forth….but no one knows to what extinct.

Enjoy the Jury House Dani. I will vote that you get the America Vote. you came back from the flames…but your lack of social strategy was your demise. …..too much hugging up with the newbie Dom….a man you knew nothing about…and he had A BIG MOUTH…..loose lips sink ships.
*Shelly didn’t ask Dom for that information…his big mouth trusted her (don’t know why); and he spilled the beans. Which means that people just tell Shelly stuff for no reason…..Shelly just might win….and I won’t be mad…..on thing in the BB….you got to be social….but you can’t tell everything. Like playing poker.


@ Jazz…I couldn’t have put it better. Well done!


They should get 14 complete strangers to Big Brother to play no interview or nothing, that would be interesting, you know seeing people who have no clue no idea whats going on or how the game works, just kidnap 14 people and throw them in the house and tell them whoever is the last person in the game win 500k…. WATCH THE FIREWORKS.

Uncle Cool

Wasn’t that a Stone Cold movie? But on an island?

The Condemned.

Your idea could be the sequel…


LOL that wasn’t my intention, I just want to see people playing who don’t already know half the game already from watching past seasons


I shouldn’t even say this but they should get people that are currently in homeless shelters to compete in this game; give somebody who is truly needy the chance at some money, shelter and food for a few months. I bet there would be better game play amongst these people versus the ones we are currently viewing. On a sad note, I am going to miss reading Simon and Dawgs site as school starts tomorrow. I’ll have to do catch-up on reading in the wee hours of the morning.


Background checks and STD screens?


I agree. Jeff needs to get checked for STD’s. I have seen some bumps on him that look questionable.

Midwest Fan

You’re sooooooo bad. lol
: 0


So you’ve been checking out Jeff’s junk? I always thought you had a little thing for him, this only confirms it.


Griz – nope, no love feelings for Jeff but if I were sharing close quarters with someone I would want to make sure they didn’t have the crabs


Kidnap people, lmao. I love the idea. Kind of like a more demented version of the Truman Show. Can you imagine all the crazy (crazier) crap people would do if they did not know they had cams on them 24/7? For instance, some of us bleach the house nude (so as not to ruin clothes) but then again I’d prolly not want to see Shelly walking around nude cleaning.

kalia the hut

that could get very twisted… i’m thinking back to the movie Saw…


I think they have to interview the people.

Imagine people coming on the show randomly and then you might end up with all introvert house guests; or all extrovert house guests.

I think they interveiw so that they have a good diversity of people…..some crazy….some quiet…some athletic…some thinkers… some really serious…and others are humorous; some young and some old……some are eye candy…and some are not.


Unfortunately the ingredients (HG’s) that they used for this recipe (season) made for one bland meal.


yep. but like someone said….she is already planting the seed now that Adam can’t be trusted.

Maybe Shelly will win and then give the money to Jordan or Jeff. 🙂

on a more serious note, since it appears her family is loaded. It is possible that Shelly might win and donate her winnings to charity or something; or for her daughter’s school, etc….it does not look like her family is hurting for money….but she is a business woman…and business people always look at all investments that can continue to increase their wealth.

I won’t be really mad if Shelly wins. She has played the game the best way that (her skills) allow and that is what BB is about. If you can’t play physically….then you must be able to out think the other house guests….and there you have it.

either way, you must be able to out think the other house guests.

How many times has Shelly been on the block? and yet she escapes eviction every time. ….gotta give her some credit.

I’m still team Dani….but I when I recognize skill in other house guests….gotta be honest. Plus since Dani might leave…I’m going to need to pick someone to root for.


Thirty seventh!!!




The only solution is take out Dani and get evicted:
1st Double Eviction
Evicted Dani: Jordan, Shelly, Adam, Rachel, Porsche (Depending if she Flipped)
Evicted Kaila: Porsche (Depending if she Flipped)
Dani Eviction 5-0 or 4-1
2nd Double Eviction
Evicted Kaila: Jordan, Jeff, Shelly, Adam
Evicted Porsche: None
Kaila Eviction 4-0
Jeff wins HOH for second time
Rachel (N) vs Porsche (N)
Jeff wins POV and save Rachel and replace Shelly as a pawn
Evicted Shelly:None
Evicted Porsche:Rachel, Jordan, Adam
Porsche Eviction 3-0


If Dani goes BB is done. This will officially be the season of asskissers. The only two real players that will be left are Jeff and Rachel.


With Judas gone, the show can finally start.

Not Meg

Nope…with Dani gone all you have left is people who are scared of Jeff that he will pick off. This has got to be the worst season. These dumb newbies were so star struck that they ruined the season.


Im not sure why Brenden called Dani a Judas.

She kept her word. BR asked her not to put up Brenden…and she did not; she put up Shelly and Adam.

Adam won the VETO;

so then somebody had to go up.

If Dani is a Judas….then so is JJA…because that was Brendon’s alliance and his alliance voted him out to keep Shelly. He had one vote…and that was from Rachael. JJA could have voted to keep Brendon. They had the numbers…and the vote would have been JJAR to keep B; and KP to get rid of B. ….so that stuff about they had to go with house is stupid….(they were the house)…and they had the votes….but they obviously wanted B out; and now Dani is Judas?

at any rate,Dani is as good as gone ….and someone from the JJSA alliance will follow if Portia wins HOH.


I completely agree with you. This season sucked when Evil Dick left and then if they do get rid of Dani I don’t think I will watch anymore. Jeff is the biggest bully of them all (complete opposite of before). Rachel and Jordon are the biggest floaters. Adam and Shelly are a waste of space, but at least Adam loves BB. Kalia I did like until she put one of her own in her alliance up and sent them out the door. Porshe I think is smart by staying on the down low. I have to believe Jeff isn’t going to put up Dani since she never did put him up and had the opportunity to do so, but he is a bully and only thinks of himself.


Jeff is going to put up Dani because he believes she will win the next HOH.

Jeff takes a look at the houses guests: Jordan, Rachael, Adam, Shelly, & Portia….

and yea….he has a real gut feeling that the probablity of Dani winning the next HOH is high…super high.

So then Bye bye Dani

We will miss you.

I will lose my enthusiam after Dani leaves…but will probably still watch to see her turns on who.


I meant to say “who turns on who”

kalia the hut

if Dani looked like Shelly I bet you wouldn’t give two shits about her.


no, if Dani played the game like Shelly I wouldn’t give two shits about her. But nice try, enjoy being wrong again.


Why in the hell is Adam on a mission to crucify Daniele? Jeff is not going to take him to the final 5. Not even close.


He’s an Ass Kisser, he’s doing his Job


he wants her out of the way because she is a strong competitor and he’s a floater. he wants to win BB by being an azz kisser and floater

Midwest Fan

When Adam goes home, his friends are going to insist he
drinks his beer out of an Orange Sippy Cup with a pink cocktail
umbrella in it, in honor of Adam’s true love, Jeffy.


LMAO….afterwards they will force him to surrender his man card. And hand him a new pink hoodie to match his boyfriend Jeff.


Sounds like sour grapes Judas lover.


Wrong as usual. I have made a comment about Jeff’s pink hoodie and what a pussy Adam is on comments when Dani was HOH. Nice try, but FAIL.


I think Adam wants to get rid of the veterans. He has said all along a newbie should win.


If my predictions are right Dani and Jeff will be leaving on Thursday. Then I’ll root for Rachel and if she leaves I might root for Porche. But on another note I want to root for Adam but instead of a superfan he’s a super floater.


Hey Shelly, get the hint, you are a loser when it comes to competing and a loser when lying since you’ve been called on it so many times already…lol


It’s fun to see Rachel get in Dani’s head. Wait till Dani’s goes up as a replacement for Porche, she will freak out and Rachel will get in her head even more.


you’re giving Rachel waaaaaay too much credit. If anything it’s 100% Jordan and Adam in Jeff’s head. The discussions with Rachel are just lip service to avoid her being her usual crazy, bi-polar self. “Mmhmm, yep, oh yeah totally, oh I know. Good idea Rachel…”


adam is such a loser, floater, crappy game player and just wants to be popular, i hope he goes home real soon for being a kiss ass


You sound like a bitter Judas lover.


It’s the truth he’s nothing but a vote.


ED announced on Twitter that he will be conducting the back yard interviews when the season is over. he also said that he really hasn’t spoken to dani in 3 years. he has been posting pics of dan and her brother and their mother when the kids were like 3 and 4 yrs old. he showed pics of dani’s mother when she was pregnant with dani. he has an interesting twitter acct.


If Dani stays it is the end of BB!!!! Dani is a huge liar, and it will be so much fun to watch her and Brendon in the Jury House and see her moan and complain the rest of this week. GOOD JOB JEFF throw Dani out on her rear end and do not let the door hit her on the way out. LOVE JEFF AND JORDAN, and would LOVE for Jeff to win Big Brother this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to see Rachel and Jeff in a finale scenario!!


I’m surprised Jeff is going through with this. He’s actually played a pretty cowardly game, and any time his name has been even mentioned he’s tried to make it personal. But when him and his miserable girlfriend are on the side of power, suddenly it’s okay.


For the love of god, please put up Dani! I can’t wait to see her leave.


Don’t bring God into it, he had nothing to do with it, in fact I think he doesn’t even watch big brother, he watch that bullshit show Ghost Hunters to laugh at that stupid shit.


Wonder if tonight will be an American Choice vote for a special power considering how pathetic it appears the balance of BB!3’s season will be after next week! Special powers have traditionally been given before the double eviction night appears otherwise it doesn’t happen. Both the Coupe D and the D Veto had to be used before there were 7 left in the house.


What does (drink) mean after floater?


Everyone keeps calling each other floaters all the time so Simon and Dawg made a drinking game out of it.




It’s means get some alcohol put in in a glass and drink it…….


Yep. I’m going to go have a drink when they evict Dani next week. ….bang my hand on the table a little…

then go back to watching BB to see who gonna turn against who.

cuz one of the floaters (drink) just might win.

Teri b

Anyone want to guess what Porsche might have “gotten” from the DR that she wasn’t allowed to talk about?

I don’t have any idea….just wondering what ya’ll thought.


How you know she got something did she say anything?

Midwest Fan

She told Dani and Kalia that she was told something “good”
while in the DR, but she couldn’t talk about it.
Who knows what she was told?
Production may have been playing a joke on Porsche.


Yea, they told her she would be a great actress someday


or it might have been something very simple about Dani’s BD being recognized….


Production told her that Vivid Entertainment is gonna sign her to a 4 movie porn deal after the season is over.The titles will be called “I do threesomes for rides”, “Older men are horny to”, “Smack my fat booty” and “Black guys 4 deep in a Pacer ” and almost forgot..Jenny Craig signed her to a 1 yr infomercial deal.


anyone see this convo where Jeff said when he went to DR that they were trying to get him to keep Dani? I want to see the FB because people are tweeting about it and I don’t see him getting to say that as much as they cut the feeds


That’s possible it’s known fact that Production manipulates the game A LOT


I have heard production runs through various scenarios, again, some of the comments may be taking on an entirely bigger life than intended.


I think CBS will do what they need to do to keep ratings.

They must know that if Dani leaves…..BB will only be popular on Thursday nights for evictions.

On the other hand, CBS must also know that keeping Dani is not something Jeff would logically do (and viewers would know this).

Jeff is probably getting paid good money by CBS anyway. I don’t think it matters to him one way or the other…..only that his ego wants Dani gone.


in BB11 they tried to get him to keep russell. they told him that he was making a mistake. he really wanted to keep russell but jordan kept telling him no, therefore he evicted his own alliance member and guess who benefited from jeff; mistake? it just may end up being deja vu again


Jordan is on BB 13, since when?


Eventhough I love Dani it’s fustrating when AG tries to rig the game. She realizes that ratings might go down with all the interesting people leaving. She did it in BB11 too. Ever since she took over BB has gone down.


Veto is over sunshine. No diamond veto. Besides why would Dani get it….Jeff won the veto by the way. Nadda. Dani is out. About time too. Karma is a bitch.


It is getting so so. I am so happy dani is finally going home! Now it will b very good and interesting who steps up! I like Jeff alot but it would b so interesting to see what would jordon do without him? I think she is a better player this year and would step up and win again. She has my vote!


it would b so interesting to see what would jordon do without him?

dd you not see season 11 she would continue to float to the 500k, nothing changed about her


I don’t care what Jeff says, I think he’s gonna keep the nominations the same. Kalia’s going to go, but Rachel will vote for Porshe. There’s a vested interest in having a final four of vets, they are way more interesting to watch than the newbies. Dani and Jeff could reach a one week deal together. I predict a boatload of DRs with Dani and Jeff.


I agree with you 100%!! If anybody has been paying attention…
1) Jordan says Jeff likes brunettes
2) Jeff and Dani made a deal with each other
3) Jeff has no love for Kalia (or AA’s period from what I read on the internet)
4) Everyone is going around the house wondering what is “Big Jeff” going to do b/c he won’t tell anyone his definate plan
5) He promised Kalia that if she put him up then she would be his #1 target

I hope Dani doesn’t leave, but if she does….sock Rachel’s crazy ass in the mouth on the way out the door!!!


I love people on here are freaking out with this Dani situation. Just to point out, personal feelings about all players aside, strictly from a game point Dani has been terrible. Ppl love to claim she’s the only legit player here but that’s plain ignorant. What has she done?

1. Got a golden key for a fair reason but didn’t exactly earn it.
2. Canoodled with Dom for 3 weeks instead of actually forming real alliances.
3. Tried to backdoor Jeff but got Dom sent home.
4. Aligned with Kalia the hut.
5. Took 2 HOHs to evict Brendon. (Props for that since he was her biggest threat)
6. Got her own alliance member in Lawon evicted via Kalia.

Erm…if she didn’t win a lucky guessing game or a comp catered to small ppl, she’d be out of this game a long time ago.Dani is an overrated player.


Totally agree Chosen One, Dani is totally over-rated this season, that last HOH fell on her lap, she was the highest number by a landslide twice, but idiot Rachel and idiot Brenden were even worse 🙂 She has played a poor ass game and without Daddy to do the puzzles and withstand cold water being sprayed on you, she is and was always completely useless and deserves to go this Thursday !! Bye Bye Dani


I think Dani is actually afraid of Rachel. She backs away when ever confronted by Rachel. Rachel has really got to her. Dani, (Judas) is playing a very emotional game and will say or do anything for thirteen pieces of silver.


Not afraid, she backs away she she don’t get into it with Rachel, BIG DIFFERENCE

I’m sure if they weren’t in the house they would fight, and I’;m sure Rachle would win, she’s used to fighting for dollars with the other skanks

BB 13!!

I so tired of Shelly and Adam. They are seriously the biggest floaters in the house. Shelly has won nothing and Adam barely won the veto last time. I am team Dani simply because she is the only one who is playing the game. She wasn’t afraid to make big moves and she backs up all the talk she does with action. I just wish she could have played the game with someone who was stronger than Kalia. That girl spends more time eating and complaining then putting in any kind of effort in the competitions. I really wish the competitors would stay in the game and the floaters out.


which brings up “competitors” vs. “floaters” They are not opposite! A floater floats from side to side with the power. Competitors may be using a social game like Dr. Will vs. winning competitions. Nothing bad in that strategy, just behind the scenes. Now then, Pinto doesn’t win and doesn’t switch sides, she and Kahlia don’t have a winning strategy.


I am a rachel fan. I like that she is out of control. But I don’t like to see her drunk! But she is all over the place that is what makes it interesting! I hate watching her pout/cry over that ugly baby hewey those two deserve each other! You can tell he was a dork in school and didn’t have many friends! I will vote for jordan for americas favorite though she is just to cute and sweet! So I am crossing my fingers that dani goes home rach wins hoh then sends kalia packen! Then Jeff wins again and sends shelly packin!! Should be good thanks dawg for the up dates! There needs to b more!!!


BB needs to have an America’s vote for Best ass kisser!! Adam is annoying as hell give it up you will not be going to final 2 with Jeff if he’s still in the game come Thursday he will definately take Rachael to the final 2 bcuz he knows he will win against her!! I’m sure Jeff is tired of him & Shelly but those are 2 jury votes for him!! Adam & Shelly have got to go ASAP!!!


idk but I think Shelly said to cover the fact that she’s not really trying to win anything. I think she wants it to look like she’s really trying to win, and who better to tell this to than Jordan, who tries to win but can’t? I think it was just one of Shelly’s tactics and she’s not really that hurt by what Adam said.


Adam is disgusting! How in the world did he get on the show. And jeff is so gross too… In a totally guido way! Come on cbs.

Vote Dani for Americas player!!! She deserves it…. The only normal and real game player.


Yes – Dani deserves it. The rest are floating – that is the only jj is still here as the newbies are afraid of them. The veterans have not done anything but dani.


That’s true


I wouldn’t call getting rid of people who really aren’t doing anything in the game, anything special, Dani is the only one that took out a competitor, guess Jeff will be the 2nd when he takes out Dani.


Judas normal? She looks like she belongs in Charlie Manson’s family. I get the creeps just looking at her.


Jeff wants Shelly in final 3. By the way did anyone catch Jeff saying to jordon last night that bb wants him to have a talk to D. He said they love her but he is not going to let them (bb) sway his decision to get her out. Did anyone else hear this or am I just hearing things again?


yup I heard it too.


Jeff evicts Dani – he is a coward – as she is his strongest competitor. If going for the win – go big and not be afraid of her.


uhhhhhhhh. laura…taking out brenden was spineless…he had one vote(rachel)….if that. Dani is a threat to win this game, so its a GREAT move by jeff to take her out because hes not on her side. he should make a lame move and take out kalia because why? dani is a good player? oh please


“take out the floaters, keep the competitors” sounds like something that skank Rachel and idiot Brenda would say


WoW Laura, Seriously. Jeff is not a Coward. He the man of his word. Take out biggest threat and She is gone. So, need your reality check straight. He not a Coward. He is the man on a mission to take out every Floater he pass by. No Floaters allowed.


Sorry, but not going to believe he’s not a coward because some overly obsessed fan says so. Every comment you make in here is blowing sunshine up his ass. Hate to break this to you, but your hero is losing fans daily. His popularity is plummenting. He’s an arogant douchebag who is lying to the public and his fans. He is not with Jordan, yet they act like a couple. Spare me your hero rhetoric, in my eyes he’s a dickhead, and no broken sentences you are going to try and put together will convince me otherwise.


I agree Big Jeff stop being a coward you are afraid of a girl….what a wimp this is BB you are supposed to fight til the end !!!!!


Jeff is not afraid or Coward. He is on the mission to take out every Floater through his path. Not even scare of Newbies.


Careful guys, your gonna make him cry.

On a side note, CBS should get a big chicken costume for Jeff to wear for a week.


I’m not sure if Jeff is afraid of Dani.

But because he is HOH, he can’t play in the next HOH comps.

If I was Jeff, and had to depend on Jordan, Shelly, or Adam winning the HOH over Dani….

yea, I would be really afraid too. I mean, really afraid.


u can say the same thing about Dani when she did it to Brendon twice


The first double eviction of BB13. Dani get evicted. Rachel wins HOHs that puts up Kaila and Porsche on the block again. Jeff wins POV (Endurance competiton). Keep the nomination a same. Kaila get evicted. Jeff wins HOH again, puts up Porsche and Rachel as target. Jeff wins POV for the fourth time. Saves Rachel and put up Adam as Pawn. Porsche got evicted. Shelly wins HOH and puts up Rachel and Adam on the block. Jeff wins again, Shelly put up Jordan as a Pawn. Rachel got Evicted. Jeff wins HOH, Adam and Shelly on the block. Jeff wins again. Keep the nomination a same.


You have a lot of confidence in Jeff….


It’s called hero worship. IMO, another word for stalker, but just sayin…


Your so funny. BTW, Did someone disguise as you wrote that one? Wow, I will thank that person but even though he will be banned. I’m just a fan a fan not stalker. Get through your head.


Hey Simon, serious question. I seen a picture the other day of Hayden, Lane AND Enzo in bragade sweaters and caps. Ive tried hard but I cant remember where I seen the picture. Anyways, do you happen to know if theres any possible way for me to get ahold of a Bragade sweater. If so please tell me cuz I BADLY BADLY wanna buy a couple.


not simon, but i know for a fact that hayden and enzo are on twitter and you can ask them


Jeff should make a one week deal with dani and get rid of porche because she has been coming in close seconds and will prob get hoh and get rid of jeff!


why? I mean really. why?


I’m thinking the same thing Jeff did say Porsche scares him, it’s just a matter of time be she wins HOH!!

Big brother is so RIGGED

Jeff would be stupid if he keeps dani in the house.. it would be the worst move in BB History she will lie..cheat..use and do whatever she has to be win the game,if dani has won the hoh or kalia the hut or porsh ..Jeff would be gone this week so why shouldn’t he get out one of the strongest players.. Dani as played a bad game and deserves to be gone…And if BB saves her is will not be fair to anyone left in the house…


I thought Dani was making a big mistake last week not siding with Brenchel in a secret alliance. It would have saved her ass til final 5 and she couldve chose sides while the couples battled it out. I understand that Brendon was her biggest threat but she only made it her 1 and only goal this season to evict Brendon because of them getting her virgin lover Dom out.

I don’t like Brenchel more than anyone else but it was absolutely a big game mistake for Dani to not take the secret alliance with them. And now shes going home for it.


it was tough,

Bren could have changed his mind. After you win HOH, people start whispering in your ear.

So Brenden could have put Dani up….all it had to be was Jeff saying stuff in his ear about Dani.

Dani was going to have a tough battle whether B stayed or not. It started with her smooching and discussing her plans with Dom, the newbie big mouth.


many mistakes by dani, and I still believe she could have SAVED herself last week had she kept brenden, teamed up with B and r, and just hoped some bond formed no matter how fake to survive another couple weeks. instead she went for the stupid decision to appease the house and the house just saw her stronger than ever


Does anyone think rachel has a decent shot at winning I think if she makes it to the final 2 she has a strong case


American votes for the favorite Houseguest. My vote goes to Jeff. He got it in BB11 and he will do it again.


i hope Kalia , Porsche, and Rachel are the next three out in that order


@Laura if Jeff evicts Dani that is beating her and that is not being afraid thats going for the win.


Jeff has been in a few gay relationships. he’s not the man you fat trailer park pigs think he is.

Teri b

Wow….kinda rude and uncalled for.

Teri b

Forgot to say….and I live in a house….not that there’s anything wrong with people who live in trailer parks. PERIOD.


Was one of those gay relationships with you?


I have to agree with the many comments about the casting of this seasons newbs was terrible. Outside of remotely liking Cassi and Dom, the rest are unwatchable. Porsche has a few moments, but for the most does nothing. And the rest do nothing. I was for the vets, but Brenchel and JJ have this sense of entitlement and have all season long. When Dani leaves, the last Donato standing, I am left with no one to cheer for. If Rachel could be a decent sane person for more than a few minutes, I could see cheering for her, but who am I kidding. that’s impossible. At least in the past, when my favorite was evicted, there was always a couple of others to cheer for. nothing this year, and that’s a shame. Oh well, alot of other shows start in a couple of weeks. BB13, the season that didn’t live up to the potential.


I’m gonna have to take some anti-psychotics because once Dani is going I’m on Team Psycho Skank(Rachel), I really don’t want to see a floater win again

Midwest Fan

BB casting apparently didn’t question any newbies about their
love and devotion for former BB HGs.
It is just bizarre watching so many newbies ass kissing the vets.


Midwest, I disagree. I think they cast the people that liked JJ, that is why they have so many azz kissers


Would big brother 14 be good if they put in the 13people who finished last in each season

Midwest Fan

What about BB 14 with all of the FIRST HGs sent home?
We barely got to know them or how they would play the game.


great idea


I would watch that.

good idea.


That’s a fantastic idea! It is so good, they will never do it! GOD that is a GREAT idea!


Adam tries to act like he runs shit. But he’s done NOTHING impressive so far.


Gotta give Shelly some credit. She’s already working on weakening the ties betweem JJ and Rachel and now between JJ and Adam. She really doesn’t want anyone else being in that final 3


I don’t even want to watch the show anymore when Jeff won HOH. A creep and his boring conniving girlfriend have won enough money already.