Big Brother Spoilers: Dani says she won’t tell Kalia about shaving in the sink.. because she’ll be up here shaving her vagina.

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12pm Porsche and Dani are in the bathroom talking. Dani is sitting on the sinks shaving. Porsche is telling Dani that she wants to talk to Jeff. Porsche starts going over what she will say to Jeff. Porsche says that she will tell Jeff that he isn’t a main target of hers. Dani says don’t say main target …just say he’s not a target of hers. Jeff finds out that she’s shaving on the sink and says that pretty soon Porsche and the others are going to do that too. Dani says that she doing it for the warm water. Dani says that she won’t tell Kalia about doing it … because she will be up here shaving her vagina. Dani tells Porsche that the cameras will zoom in on their privates. Porsche doesn’t believe it at first and says that now she is all paranoid. Dani says obviously you haven’t seen all the pictures online. Porsche and Dani talk about the last HOH competition. Porsche then heads to the bedroom to get her bathing suit.
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12:15pm – 1pm All four camera switch to Shelly and Jeff in the backyard talking about a taxidermy guy she knows. Jeff then gets called to the diary room. Shelly is sitting on the couch by herself. Dani comes out and lays on the backyard lounger. Jordan is working out. Dani runs inside for chap stick and Shelly pulls a lounger over next to Dani’s lounger. Porsche comes out and sits near Shelly. They talk about Dani’s birthday party being tonight between 4 and 5pm. Rachel start working out, walking around the yard lifting weights. Big Brother tells the houseguests that it take 19 and a quarter laps around the backyard to equal one mile. Big Brother says that it is common knowledge that the former Soviet Union has 15 republics. Jeff and Adam are now relaxing on the backyard couches. Jordan is doing laps around the backyard. Rachel is working out on the elliptical. Shelly, Porsche and Dani are suntanning talking about random stuff. Jeff and Adam head inside to make lunch. Dani heads to the storage room to check for mitol. Dani starts to say that he was going to get it for her.. Dani leaves. Shelly tells Porsche that she thinks Dani has two crushes in here now. Dani come out and they talk about buying stuff on ebay.

1:20pm – 1:30pm Shelly tells Porsche and Dani that if her husband plays his cards right he will have a lot coming his way. Dani says what like experimental? Shelly says no like time or whatever he needs. Kalia finally wakes up and joins then in the backyard. Adam, Jeff and Jordan are in the kitchen making lunch and eating. Shelly, Kalia, Dani, and Porsche are suntanning talking about random stuff.

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80 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Dani says she won’t tell Kalia about shaving in the sink.. because she’ll be up here shaving her vagina.

  1. That will be interesting. Jeff needs to get rid of Dani and Rachel Wins HOH next week. She needs to put up Kaila and Porsche. Both are bigger targets. Please Jeff and Rachel. Send Dani and Kaila in the Jury House. Make Brendon Happy.

    1. If Rachel is smart, she will put up Jeff….and you guys can meet up to talk about it afterwards…I’m sure he will appreciate your support.

      1. Rachel is not smart enough to get rid of Jeff. She need jeff to make this far. She needs to get rid either Porsche or Kaila.

        1. Simon, Can you ban the word Stalker? This is way out of line. I’m just want to post comments for fun and positive fights, but call me a stalker. That’s Draws the line. We need to stop the word Stalker. Please. Post this up.

        2. If poor Kaila puts up Jeff in the double eviction he will have a meltdown. That will be a very dangerous time for Kaila and security should be right there on standby. The guy has tremendous anger issues.

    2. if rachel wins and was smart she would put up shelly and jeff the biggest yapper and biggets threat in the house, but she will go aftert k and p being personal though she says she doesnt play that way

      1. My grandparents used to live right by Norridge…. 2 words…. Rolling Stone Music store..!!!!! I now live down close to Joliet!!

    3. This Thursday is a double eviction. It will be Dani and Kalia going to the Jury. Then hopefully next week Jordon or Rachel will win. Then put up, Shelly and Porkche. If Pork when’s HOH- she will most likely put up Jeff and Jordan.

      1. If Rachel is smart enough, she should ally with Kalia, put up Shelly and Porsche, and convince Adam he had no way of winning if he keep JJ to the final 3. Then R & K go together with Jordan or Adam to the final 3.

  2. “Dani says she won’t tell Kalia about shaving in the sink.. because she’ll be up here shaving her vagina.”


    1. Nothing could be as bad as the one night on BB After Dark where they showed Alia shaving her bikini area in the HOH tub. They really should have shot her conversation with Dan from another direction.

    1. Cuz she hasn’t won anything and Adam has (even though it was handed to him by Jeff). They both suck in ny book and the inky way one of them will win is I’d they are final 2 together.

  3. I have a sick crush on Jordan. Jeff lives down the road from me. Good people. I hope they take down the house! I think the two of them sticking with Shelly and Adam is in their best interests.

        1. Your getting my nerves. I am not a stalker. For the last time, If you call me a stalker and again. I will bring a Troll and make sure that if you post comments on this one. You will be sorry. So move on.

          1. Simon, this individual is resorting to threatening people. Seriously, he comes out of the blue and has been offensive, using others names. Do we really need trolls like him here?

              1. Simon, I’m trying to calm myself down and didn’t attack anyone but these people trying call me stalker. What did I do? They keep attack me for what? I’m a stalker. I’m not a stalker. I’m trying to scare them but they keep call me a stalker. I’m trying to keep my comments for fun. These people really pushing me 2 far. I’m not threating people but they are asking for it. But, I’m not doing it. This has to be stop. I’m not doing it. These people need to move on but continue make insults of being a stalker. I will stop but better tell to stop and banned the word Stalker. This is freedom of speech.

    1. Hey…didn’t I see you on “24”? I always preferred your dad’s acting style over yours…If Adam or Shelly gets HOH….chances are they will “make a big game move” put up Jeff for eviction…I know Adam will, Shelly, eh…who knows?

  4. I love it when Rachel gets in Dani’s head.
    Poor Dani freaks out and doesn’t know how to answer Rachel. She always runs out of the room. Wow, can Rachel screw with Dani’s head or what.

    1. Actually Dani is taking the high road, if she wanted to stoop to Rachels level, she would only have to tell Rachel, if me or Porsche make it to the Jury House before you, we are going to do your man for a week straight. Then we will see who is in who’s head.

      But your entitled to be wrong on this thread, just like the one before. Rachel can’t win a battle of wits, she’s unarmed

  5. Porscha saying Jordon is working out again, she really wants to win the next HOH. Dani says well working out isnt going to help your brain answer questions!

    Based on BB giving out statements, know what Thursday’s HOH is going to be and Jordon, sorry but weak as a flee and as dumb as a tree, but still as cute as a bee thus you’ll never win anything but guessing games honey..

    1. No… That would be terrible. The only good players would be Brian from season 10 and Allison from season 4 and 7 : |

    2. Random ideas for Boring Brother

      1. stop using all the old games and shit. get a bit creative. it is too predictable, hence….boooooring.
      2. have a BB worldwide comp with contestants from various countries
      3. don’t have America’s vote if you plan to rig the competition anyways
      4. have an all stripper version – you wanna see hair pulling and cattyness, right?
      5. don’t cut the feeds during live comps…etc. I didn’t get them this year because of this.

    3. I totally agreed. Let’s make it BB14: Second Chance. Only First Evicted HGs from previous season.

      1. How about a “Celebrity Big Brother” where you have a bunch of D-list celebs in the house?
        I would definitely watch that.

  6. obviously , part of the fast forward is zingbot and big bro announcements, so get rid of Kalia or Dani cause they remember everything. I guess Jordan has no chance at HOH this week if its questions lol. Adam also has a good chance to win HOH
    I like it when they morph faces but they should use 3 faces (parts) together too make it harder. Top of head & eyes, noses, and mouth & chins from different house guest.
    Let say you see a morph, make a puzzle to match it and say who it is, all the pieces – like eyes be on one board, noses on another board and mouths & chins on and third board and the last board everyone names

  7. I think the random facts will come into play with a new twist, Something to do with the fortune teller. I believe production is searching for a way to save Dani. Also, BB may not want Jeff to win. If he wins he will probably not want to do another one and they would definitely want him and Jordo for any upcoming allstar season. I don’t think they have finished milking that cash cow.

    1. One thing has nothing to do with the other and even if he wins he might still do another both dick and jordan won their season so they came and i can total see jeff coming back. As for bb wanting dani to stay i don’t see that i don’t think there are any more twist left they ususally have one per game and they have done that i think at this point it only wishful thinking that dani will stay. If bb wants dani to stay and cheat like you are saying they could have fix the votes to have dom come back instead of brendon and things might be different for dani right now but no they didn’t so i highly doubt they are going fix anything for dani

      1. Dick is completely obsessed with BB. He will be coming back until it is taken off of the air. Jordan only came back to help Jeff win. She is not even trying to win. She has volunteered to be evicted instead of Jeff on more than one occasion. I did not say that production wants Dani to win just stay for a bit longer. I also think there will be another twist because Dick announced on Dick at Nite that the fortune teller was going to play a part in an upcoming episode. Also, why is it cheating if production helps Dani with a twist but not when Jeff won the Coup de Tat?

        1. jordan did not come back to help jeff win. it was jordan’s idea to participate in BB this year. jeff didn’t really want to, but she talked him into it.

    2. Why would production save Dani? All she does is sleep and eat and hang out in bed. I’m sure production encouraged Jeff to put her up.

      1. production(cbs) is all about the ratings. dani has a very large fan base and people want to see her in the game. CBS wants to keep the ratings high

    3. Are you actually watching the show lol?. If production were looking for a way to “save” Dani then production would have made POV tailored to Dani’s strengths not her weaknesses. If production didn’t want Jeff to win they would not have used the long physical HOH comp that he was a 100% lock to win once Brendon was out.

      She is 100% gone just let it go

      1. BB11 Jeff was 100% gone untill he won the Coup De Tat. BB8 Dick was 100% gone until America’s player saved him. It has happened before. Calm down Jeff and Jordan fans I am not saying this will definitely happen. I am only saying that it is an option and it may happen. I also read on another post that Jeff said production was trying to talk him into keeping Dani. AG said that they have a script that they try to have played out in an interview. I am only saying that Dani is this years villain and production may try and save her.

    4. Please give it up. Dani is gone. Those type of twists will not be coming into play this week. Big Brother will not do that without aluding to it first to get bigger ratings. This is as sad as poor deluded Lawon.

    5. You are so right, now Dani has two prduction guys doing favors for her. It is sad that production would make any of the guests favorites, it kind of sours me on the show and this was my number one, even over Survivor.

    1. another one would be who has had the most “you are not allowed to talk about your diary room session with other house guest” or “Stop That” and even “Stop Singing” that drives me nuts. Kalia and Dani might be all the answers LOL

  8. To really mess with thier heads for the comps they need to make them dance to music ever few seconds and all hours of the night like they did last season. So they will be to tired to think right or to compete from lack of sleep.

  9. The house guests say Porsche is smoking cigarettes when the camera’s are off. Well she must be sneaking crack cocaine too. She is actually under the impression she is going to win America’s Choice and get the Hundred K. That money got Rachel name all over it.

  10. It could have something to do with an upcoming comp or BB Production is
    so bored that they are reading Wikipedia just to stay awake.

  11. Jeff will get a pandoras box this week. Remember if it is good for the hoh and bad for the house or vice versa. Dani will get something to save her. Production doesn’t want to lose her. She would then win hoh and put Rachel and jeff up.

    1. I said it before (look above):

      Please give it up. Dani is gone. Those type of twists will not be coming into play this week. Big Brother will not do that without aluding to it first to get bigger ratings. This is as sad as poor deluded Lawon.

  12. DEFINITELY clues to the next comp – they have done this sort of thing before— and since this week is double eviction – makes for a nice, quick, equal opportunity type of comp to ask questions based on these annoucements

  13. this is my last post i’m done with dani right it all privte parts on here all women parts im done and i dont care if you post your reply i telling what i think need to vent so long never coming back to post with privta parts on here tells me it all men tring to get a thill

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