Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says wait till that gets back to Kalia… if she finds out her best friend Dani is throwing her under the bus..

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8am Shelly is wake and heads into the kitchen. She gets a glass of diet coke and heads out into the backyard for a smoke. Shelly is studying the events of the house. After awhile she gets up and starts cleaning the house. 9:35am Adam wakes up and joins Shelly out in the backyard. Adam talks about his dream. Adam says that Dani cornered him out here and he tried to not answer questions. Adam says that he knows Dani is worried. Adam says that even Kalia was trying to see if I knew what Jeff was going to do. Shelly says even Jordan won’t know what Jeff is going to do. Adam says that he was feeding Dani a little bit of bullshit. Adam says that Dani says Rachel has become what Rachel hates …a floater. Shelly says yeah anyone would like to be at the end with Rachel ..she will only get one vote… but she won’t make it to the end. Adam says that Dani was saying Rachel isn’t a target anymore.
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10am Shelly says that’s what’s dangerous about Dani she is all over the place. Adam says that Dani was pretty much throwing Kalia under the bus… that if nominations stay the same she wants her out. Shelly says wait till that gets back to Kalia… that she finds out her best friend is doing that. Adam talks about how Dani said that Dominic threw the first HOH competition. Adam says that he told Dani that if she was up ..he would need to seriously think about keeping her… at least that’s what I feed her… Shelly and Adam talk about Brendon and Rachel. Shelly says that she won’t violate the trust with Jeff, Jordan and Adam … unless she hears something different. Shelly says that either Kalia or Dani gone is good for our game. Shelly says that she likes Dani but that she is good at this game and she is a manipulator. Adam says that he will talk to Jeff today just in case Dani goes to him and uses what he said against him .. just so he knows from me what I said, why I said it and how… Adam says that he knows the target on him is getting bigger. Shelly doesn’t agree. Shelly says that she will do well in question and memory competitions and that she knows she will do well in the face morphing comp too. Shelly says that she thinks its interesting that Porsche thinks she’ll get picked as America’s player. Shelly thinks it will go to any of four people and she will be happy ..but that it won’t go to Porsche. Shelly says that she always forgets that Jeff has already won $15,000. Shelly says that she needs to start winning something ..because my stipend money isn’t going to me … Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back Shelly and Adam talk about the jury votes. Shelly asks if Adam would come back into the house. Adam says probably not.
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10:10am – 10:20am Adam talks about how last night Dani made a sarcastic comment to Kalia that made her mad. Adam says that Kalia commented wait till Lawon finds out Kalia was a traitor. Shelly says Dani has a real sarcastic humor that sticks barbs into people… its just a matter of time before those to fight. Shelly says that Dani is here to prove something and wants to win so bad …she is willing to say and do anything to get further. Adam says that there are way more benefits to keeping Kalia than Dani. Shelly says that once Dani leaves she is going to be a wreck .. and just wait until she finds out Dani has been throwing her under the bus since the nominations. Shelly sasy that Kalia is going to be really hurt. Adam says that he doesn’t know if Kalia has the fortitude to stay after finding that out. They talk about being able to understand that its just a game and how some people can’t do that. Shelly says that the only person that will be mad at her for what she’s said in the diary room …is Rachel. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to wake up the other houseguests…

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137 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says wait till that gets back to Kalia… if she finds out her best friend Dani is throwing her under the bus..

  1. It’s True, However. Dani will definitely be replace and get evicted. Kaila for sure will join her as well. Porsche is all by herself without any allies.

    1. I see the stalker is back… he/she claims they went to school with Jeff then turned around & said Jeff was a student of his/hers…sounds like obsession to me & we really don’t care if you went to school with that asshole!!!

    2. dude. your a stalker.. leave Jeff alone, stop your obession… as much as i dilike bully Jeff.. im actually worried for him .. because of your obsession

    3. I want to see dani go home, that way we can see who blows up first from self pitying eating…porka or kalia da hut

      1. Hey now!! This is hard work keeping up with kowlia. I better stay in the house or Brendon will have the roll of his life in the JH. (Mmmmm…rolls)

    4. Capt. Wedgie, not sure why the Jeff haters continue to harrass you with talk of “stalker” but just know it’s easy to see that talk is ridiculous, they are trying to get you because they ‘hate the popular kids.’ I love Jeff’s off-the-wall humor, like saying he needed a colonic because there was an old sewing machine down there! He is kind to Jordon. It’s ok to make fun of somebody’s actions but not what was god given, how they look, how smart they are….that’s why it’s NOT ok to call someone a retard. Handicaps are not chosen, manners in eating are chosen.

      In fact there are things I love about every houseguest … AND … things I hate about them. You are a good friend to defend him, as in the poem on friendship attributed (incorrectly) to George Elliot where you take the good AND the bad of a friend, “chaff and grain together.” *violins* Oh my, in all seriosity (!) I would like to see the level of discussion raised above grade school!!

      1. What do you mean? I’m not a Jeff hater. All I’m saying is this dude is a stalker and I wont be surprised if we read about him on TMZ in a few months.

      2. Lol Electra maybe you’ve missed the most scary of that persons posts.
        I’m not one of the ones calling him/her stalker…. I’ve just read over them and it is pretty hilarious because Captain is asking for it with the wacko comments.
        And by the way it’s nothing about being the “Popular kid” (seriously are we in high school), If I didnt like Jeff it would be because he comes across as a self absorbed & entitled jerk. Which many others think as well.
        This is not a personal attack on you… I’m saying that people having issue with Captains off the wall comments and stalkerish verbiage are just not “Jeff haters”
        FYI, totally agree with you on the name calling retard etc. Not cool

      3. Thanks Electra, but they are being an ass right now. I’m write a good comments about Jeff. I respect his gameplay. Everyone else are Jeff haters. I don’t. That why I will keep defending Jeff and make sure he will definitely win. I always use my prediction. Even Jeff Haters keeps call me a Stalker. I’m not a stalker. Do stalker post picture of celebrity and go there hotels and steal money and stuff? I’m not that guy. I’m just a fan and former High School mates. Period.

      4. LMAO @ you. Clearly you only watch the CBS shows and then will come in here and act like you know what you are talking about. FAIL.

      5. If you went to high school with Jeff you both must have attended special language classes.. I can see you didn’t pass.

  2. Do you notice how everyone is worried what the viewes are thinking of them. Why not just play your own game and let the rest of the world be an armchair QB.

    Simon any chance you can do a straw poll on who people here believe should be americ’s player?

    Also, can you ban the clowns that aalways post a “first” comment when you post something new?

    1. Shut up! You need to Chill out. First of all, I’m not a stalker and second you need to shut your mouth and don’t piss me off. I will never back down a fight. So, shut your mouth and move on. Simon, Please I’m trying to post a positive comments and these people get on my nerves. I never make racist comments. I’m just a fan. A fan, not a stalker. So, can you ban the word stalker, because everyone would think that a crazy idiotic stalker would pick up any celebrity. I’m not a stalker and do I post picture of a celebrity and takes things. I’m not that guy. I appreciate from you.

      1. new pole…….

        Who’s a bigger douche bag

        a) douche bag Jeff
        b) douche bag Jeff’s stalker…first mate wedgie pants.

  3. Adam the target on your back is not getting bigger jesus christ. You are no damn threat. That 1 veto you won was given to you. It sucks that such a great competitor is probably going out the door this week, but yet shitty players like shelly, adam, jordan, and kalia are still here. I have a feeling this years winner is going to be another disappointment. Adam your going to be suprised that you dont have as many fans that you think you do. Your an ass kisser plain and simple.

    1. Yeah I tried to like Adam, but there is nothing to like. Nothing. But I honestly feel that way about the rest of the HG’s left in the house, besides Dani.

    2. Megan – spot on! This has been a lame season but without Dani it wouldn’t even be worth watching. Still hoping for a last minute switch-up that’ll save her.

      1. Priduction needs to throw out another “fix” to save dani or they are going to be very surprised at the ratings drop

      1. Chessie – Adam will see how a great deal of us were on his team but how he lost us all when he turned into a “arm floaties Jeff luvin’ ass kisser”. Yes, Adam, I said that. So disappointed in you buddy.

        1. RockStar, i never really got fully on the adam bandwagon, but i tried to. now, i’m glad i’m didn’t. he truly has no dignity or shame

          1. Chessie – I would have no shame to win. I’d kiss everyone’s ass. I’d make beds, cook food, show my boobs, hey, I want 500k, but I would at least play the game. Adam has not done anything, made any moves, nothing. This is not tolerated in my BB world

  4. Shelly is going to run to Kalia (can’t spell her name right) and tell her everything… Someone needs to put tape around Shelly’s big mouth… Doesn’t she realize people don”t like a squealer… I wish Jeff would take either Porsche and Kalia off the block and put the BIG MOUTH on the block and they get rid of BIG MOUTH Shelly once and for all!!

    1. …and that would be a perfect opportunity for Dani to say Shelly is lying. Light Shelly’s fuse, and…KABOOM!
      Even if it is true, Kalia would trust Dani’s word WAY more than Shelly’s.
      All Dani has to say is that Shelly is trying to turn them on each other.
      Shelly has less than ZERO credibility in the house anymore.

    2. Anonymous – you hold the snitch and I’ll wrap the tape around her mouth. She’s the biggest floater in this game as fat as I’m concerned.

  5. any chance you can post screen caps of Dani or Porsche in bikinis (or less) instead of posting the pics of leatherface swallowing her loogies?

    just sayin’…. :-)

  6. Should Jeff evict Dani…come Thursday night:

    Rachel wins HOH: Jeff gets nominated or backdoored
    Kalia/Porsche wins HOH: Jeff gets nominated or backdoored
    Adam wins HOH: Jeff gets nominated or backdoored

    If Jeff were to keep Dani and evict Kalia or Porsche instead
    Rachel wins HOH: Targets Dani
    Porsche wins HOH: Targets Shelley/Rachel
    Kalia wins HOH: Targets Rachel
    Adam wins HOH: Targets Dani

    Yeah…you go ahead and evict Dani Jeff…I really didn’t want you to win anyway.

    1. Still upset to know ol’ dani boy is as good as done huh? Sorry to say but Adam nor Rachel and for that matter Porche would put up or BD Jeff…they all their own enimes that they want to take out with dani gone it pretty much paves the way for Jeff to take home the $$$$ :)

      1. There’s a difference between targeting enemies and targeting, well, targets.

        People who play an emotional game never win Big Brother. As much as Rachel hates Shelley and considers her a “threat,” evicting Shelley is a waste of an HOH, because the woman is dead weight. Rachel has already decided “she’s alone” in this game, and therefore can’t waste what might be her last HOH on someone like that. The biggest threats in the house are Jeff, Rachel, and Dani, and if Jeff eliminates Dani, Rachel can eliminate him, and then she just has to cruise through the boneyard of big brother disgraces to her 1/2 mill.

        Seriously, are people just so obsessed with J/J that they’re blind to this? It’s not that I’m a diehard Dani fan, I didn’t even finish her original season, and it’s not that I have a vendetta against J/J (I actually rooted for Jordan and bashed Natalie along with the majority of the BB fan base 2 years ago). This is just common sense to me. Rachel is a snake, and Jeff’s ego is going to get him evicted, just like last time.

    2. I don’t know where you got that Porsche and Kalia’s nominations would go from Rachel/Shelly to Jeff based on him getting Dani evicted. For one thing, him and Rachel were their targets anyway. Besides, Jeff is going to use the veto to take Porsche off the block. That might not *completely* buy his safety from her for next week, but it definitely doesn’t hurt. Not that it really matters, neither of them are very likely to win and even if they do they still have to put someone up with him… someone like Rachel and then Jeff still has the votes to stay.

      1. and that cocky “I have the votes to stay” attitude is exactly the nonsense Jessie spouted in Jeff’s original season. How much like that self-obsessed blow hard Jeff has become…

      1. I didn’t forget, if Dani were to stay, Jeff would be nominated in order to play in the veto, in order to assure Rachel doesn’t take herself off the block. Jeff is not Dani’s target, and hasn’t been since her week 3 debacle. Rachel is perceived as more of a threat to the women in the house. There isn’t a single one that would want Jeff gone over Rachel. Not Dani, not Porsche, not Kalia, not Shelley, not Jordan. Jeff is a fool to put the largest target on his back, it’s the fastest way out the door in this game. To evict Porsche or Kalia would (man I can’t believe people don’t get this) allow Rachel to be perceived as an even bigger threat than she already is, which in turn shrinks the target on Jeff’s back for at least another round of evictions.

        Porsche and Kalia will nominate and attempt to evict Jeff if he evicts Dani, because their will naturally assume he’s coming for them next. If he were to evict Kalia, however, he could pass it off as “well she nominated me, so I returned the favor, and that’s how the chips fell.” Dani wouldn’t come after him, she’d still be after Rachel, because, again, Rachel is more of an immediate threat to her. Same with Porsche.

        My logic isn’t rooted in wanting one player to win over another, it’s rooted in logic. I want to see a smart, deserving player to win this game, which frankly hasn’t happened in a couple seasons, and the options to fulfill that requirement are fading fast…

    3. If Rachel actually took out Shelley when more desirable targets such as Kalia or Porsche were left in the house, she’d burn her bridge with Jeff and Jordan anyway as they would see that as a betrayal (Jeff and Jordan are a bit full of themselves too, and for Rachel to not do what they want this late in the game would dissolve any remaining trust they have in her). Rachel may be a lot of things (whiny, a witch, a fame grubbing low life, entirely too emotional, etc.) but she’s not completely stupid. Reaching this conclusion herself, Rachel would realize that if she’s going to burn her alliance, she needs to make it count, and assure that the retaliation is minimal. That of course means go after the one most likely to come back after you, and that’s Jeff.

      The next time Rachel gets HOH, if Dani is not in the house, Jeff will be on the block.

  7. I love how Shelly rambles on and on about how Rachel is a liar and how Rachel is a floater and how Rachel throws people under the bus. Uhhh, what has Shelly been doing the ENTIRE game? Stupid Shelly should take a look in the freaking mirror. Damn, I can’t stand her. I think I dislike her MORE than Kalia.

    1. Me either! I think everyone in that house is obsessed with Rachel! Especially Shell He! All anyone ever talks about in that friggin house is Rachel. Shelly is a disgusting liar and puts herself on a pedestal..for what I’m not sure but she’s a bitch nd needs to go, asap!

    2. shelly is trying to deflect all of they neg. things about hersellf onto rachel, so that she is less of a target than rachel.

  8. Adam is flat out lying, the only thing Dani really said about Kalia last night was that she is a stronger competitor than Porsche, is here to win, and wouldn’t have beat Dani at the ski endurance. She wasn’t saying that Kalia should go home at all. Why is Adam so loyal to JJSR anyway? He could seriously benefit playing the game with Dani if she stays and one of her allies leaves. He is absolutely first to go in the pecking order in his current alliance, yet every night he is talking crap about Dani to get her to go home. What an idiot.

    Break it down like this: say Kalia goes home this week. Jeff/Jordan/Rachel’s next three targets are Dani, Porsche, Adam.
    If Daniele stays, her next three targets are Jeff, Rachel, Jordan.

    Adam tries far too hard to be Jeff’s “bro” and it’s going to cost him money very very soon.

    1. I just saw the new alternate pic for Adam. Too funny!
      Adam has spent more time with Jeff’s nuts than Jordan has!

    2. Thank you! Adam & shelly think they have a shot on JJ side! Wrong! If Dani goes home, S & A might as well self evict cuz they have no balls to get JJ out & JJ will win…

      1. Shelly is not only not listed as a VP, she isn’t even listed. They removed everything. There are the news articles of when she was hired, but she isn’t shown at all on the employer’s website.

  9. when dani was winning , when she was on top i didnt see no dani fans saying they aint wwatching bb anymore the mintue she is down ready to head out the door all sorts of comments oh big brother is going to be boring i will stop watching , u bitches are whiners and sore losers .. .,.. the thing yall hate about rachel is what most of u have become .. i swera most of u say yall want rachel to change her bads ways nasty attitude but i think its rubbing off on dani fans // be the change u wish to see people

    i guess i suppose to stop watching because my baby brendon got voted out lol never ,one man is not an island dani alone doenst make big brother. i am not sorry for dani i said this before brendon was going home she made a big mistake she was suppose to break up that alliance jeff has but no she wanted fame not the money tell brendon for me dani spicy said hi

    1. And most of em’ are just bullshitting. They’re not going to leave the show cold-turkey when Dani is gone. Everyone says that and rarely follow through with it. Besides, I like seeing the episodes where they show the jury so if if I were majorly a Dani fan, I would still watch for that.

    2. You were in here whining for the past 3 weeks. You nothing but a hypocrit. And furthermore, I could care less what some low life mouthbreathing fan of Brenchel as to say.

    3. The reason we say that is becasue you will have
      JJASRKP left after Dani is gone

      Jordumb isn’t going to do anything and win $50,000
      Adam is going to keep licking Jeff’s butt
      Roach is going to keep her drama going
      Kalia is going to try and be friends with JJ, so if she does win HOH she won’t nominate them.
      Porch I don’t watch she is always thinking but I guess she would be my new favorite.
      Shelly is going to keep licking JJ’s butts and shoot straight (only good thing that will be left if Dani leaves)

    4. Haha took the thoughts out of my head, will.
      And I love how people on here always speak for america as if they know everything…. YES I will not watch anymore when dani goes because the show will be boring as HELL to me after that.

    1. Where America votes for thier favorite player.It’s going to be Jordan btw.The way she gave Shelly her phone call,and how she handled Rachael the week Brendon left….and you can call her whatever ou want,but she does have a heart of gold.My vote will go to her.

    2. America’s Player should be the people who makes the most strategic moves, but in Big brother all you have to do is be popular it should be called America’s Favorite because I’ve yet to see a Player earn one

      Shelly should win she played the biggest liar in B b history, and her lies made changes, whole HOHs useless, started a few mistrusts, and fights

      1. I actually would agree with that. It’s not that I want her to win it, but she would DESERVE it more than Jeff or Jordan, who will likely win it.

  10. For all the crap all of you give Shelly, she’s playing a great game. Who cares what she declares in DR sessions. Is she a hypocrite? Yes. And? The reality is, personality annoyances aside, Shelly has a good chance of going all the way and winning the season. She plants all the right lies in all the right places, she manipulates emotions, she picks the right sides at the right time, etc. She is basically doing no different than any of the male castmates in years past that ran brigades, duos, etc. But whereas they were called brilliant, where as she is called a lying b*tch.

    I don’t really like her either, but gotta give credit where it’s due and sing her praises as a game player. Because she’s playing with the best of them. And last week, she dodged a huge bullet. Everyone thought her time was up and her lies caught up to her, and yeah now people know she’s a liar, but so? She’s not on the block this week, and won’t be next week either unless Rachel wins HOH, and even then likely won’t go home. There’s much bigger targets out there for everyone than Shelly. One side wants Jeff and Rachel out, the other side wants Kalia and Porsche out. Who does that leave without targets? Jordan, Adam, and Shelly. Jordan already won so no one would vote for her to win, and Adam can’t win anything so he won’t make it to the end. Shelly may be a “floater” in terms of not winning comps and switching sides, but she’s at least playing the game and being manipulative and sneaky unlike Porsche, Kalia, and Adam who do nothing at all game-wise but nod along while others make the game moves and eat and smoke and talk. Shelly is always making game moves with how she maniuplates everyone! She is a definite PLAYER in this game, even with no wins, and just watch, it’ll likely be a Jordan and Shelly final two and Shelly will win because Jordan already Did.

    If things remain the same, I predict Shelly to win BB13, Jordan to take second place, and Jeff or Jordan to win America’s Favorite.

    1. I agree. Shelly’s doing really good. I think she may be one of the best player in BB history. It’s like, pppl know she’s lying but no one’s doing anything about it lmao. She’s way better than Dani lol, I can say that for sure.

      1. I have to rate you as one of the worst posters in here. Shelly as one of the best all time, that’s the most ridiculous statement I have read in here. And that’s saying something. Wow, just WOW!!

        1. That’s just my opinion. It may be a stretch, idk. It all depends on how it all turns out in the end. If she’s still able to win after her lies then I stand by my statement.

    2. Thing is …you might be absolutely correct….But how is that going to be exciting to watch?
      Why would me the BB fan want to see that at the end? What Smelly is doing…is a style of game play….may end up being successful. SHe may make the final 2….but do you think her reaching final 2 by attrition is worthy of $500 G’s ? It wouldnt matter to me…If I walked away with the cash….I would laugh all the way to the bank. Would I rather see a game player win then Smelly or Jordan? Yea….probably so.

      1. I agree it’ll be a bit boring, but it is what it is. Is Shelly annoying and a non-winner of competitions? Yes. But her sneaky, maniuplative behavior is most likely going to make her $50,000-$500,000 richer. So, kudos to her….even if the sound of voice drives me effing crazy.

    1. But it would be even funnier if Kalia left. Especially if Dani and Kalia end up fighting these last couple of days lmao.

      1. No, not even as close to funny and awkward as it would be if Jeff goes out on the Double Eviction this week. But CBS won’t let that happen.

  11. Dani is the ONLY one to make any moves that added excitement to this season. And CBS should be kissing her ass once she’s out of the house this year, she is the ONLY saving grace for an utterly disappointing season. This season failed to live up to the expectations set by previous seasons. And it could have been better, but ED left early and this season was doomed to underachieve from that moment on. Well unless some miracle occurs, looks like BB 13 ends for me this Thursday. It’s bad enough I spend as much time as I do watching other peoples lives, but I will be damned if I will sit around and watch the remaining 7 losers do nothing and float to money.

  12. ok, rachel is in a position where she has to float…and my gosh, she and brenden were up against the wall the last 3 weeks…if anyone earned a week off as a floater, its crazy rachel. seriously.

    1. She’s not really floating. She’s pretty much been with J/J the whole game. She tried to make deals with others to save Brendon, but the saying goes something like “only believe the deals people offer you when you’re *not* HOH”

    2. up against the wall getting what they deserved for the way they acted? and Umm their break was brendon being voted back in for a week.

      BTW, I’m on Team Skank(Rachel) temporarily when Dani is gone

  13. I have uncovered the membership requirments to be Team Brenchel or Team JJ. Ironically, they are pretty much the same.

    Team Brenchel: As a child must have either eaten paint chips or suffered a blow to the head, or both. Must lick windows. Still not allowed to use a knife sharper than a butter knife. Must have a sense of low self worth.

    Team JJ: As a child must have either eaten paint chips or suffered a blow to the head, or both. Must lick windows. Still not allowed to use a knife sharper than a butter knife. Has an IQ score below 60.

    1. I have uncovered the requirements to be a Dani fan–Must live in a trailer (dbl wide prefered) must have no more than 8th grade education,must swing both ways,must use men in a game,must hate father and be jealous of him,must pick losers as team mates,must lie to ppls face,then 5 mins later plan to back door them,must hate anyone not a Dani fan,must talk mad shit about others and make up dumb scenerios and last but not least,must know someone in power (production) and have them help you (hints,answers,enemies etc)with the game!!!!!

      1. haha Dani has an 8th grade education? Wow, at least she made it out of kindergarten. Jordon is stuck there for life.

  14. Dani should go to rachel and tell her that, rachel better do something behind the scenes to ensure dani doesn’t go on the block. And tell her if she doesn’t, when she gets to the jury house, she will spend every minute seducing Brendon. And she will break him down, until he can’t help himself. And no matter what that will have rachel ready to scratch her eyes out, go insane, or just great TV. Evil is , what Evil does.

  15. Shelly is full of it. Talking about running your mouth. The rapid pace of the stuff that comes out of Kailia’s mouth is what makes her unbearable combined with dumb game play during her HOH, oh yeah and the ass kising. But what actually comes out of Shelly mouth makes her far worse of a person because she doesn’t even chalk it up as game play. And I think Shelly is nothing more than a huge Big Brother fan who tries to act like she wasn’t. Otherwise, I don’t see any reason for her to leave such a high profile job. I don’t think she’s on the show because she’s hurting for money. I think she’s a fan and that’s why she has been so enamored with Jordan. She’s probably watch every single episode of Big Brother. I’m assuming, a person like Shelly who is business orientated probably didn’t come in the house without some prepping of past show likely from being a fan of the show.

      1. Me three….I have never had any tolerance for JJ and the rest of these wimpy (KPS) and devious (S) players make me want to puke. All in all BB13 has been a huge disappointment. Rachel has her faults and is batshit crazy but she plays the game hard and is the most upfront in your face player this year!!

  16. I think Dani and Brendon will be fine in the jury house together. They were friends before the show and each one realizes that in the house you are not the same as out of the house. They are veteran players.

    1. Yes, Deb I agree, they will be just fine. If Rachel and Ragan can be besties and they hated each other, Dani will be fine with Brenden. They will commiserate together. Brenden will laugh at her, Dani will slap or kick him playfully and all will be well.

      1. Dani should tell Rachel that she is going to come in between her and her man by doing him in the jury house and he won’t need skype. that would make my last few days of paying attention exciting.

    2. @ Deb I agree. Also, I don’t know how many people have caught the Dick at Nite webisodes. But Matt was on one and he said that you aren’t allowed to talk about the game while you are in jury, and that there are handlers also there. The only time you can talk game is when they are filming for the CBS show in the jury house. But however, they allowed Rachel and Brendon to share a room so they get assumingly get it on. But he said Rachel claimed they never talked game (yeah right).

    1. please post a link to this information, press release…etc., including the name of the charity.
      If you gathered this information from something she said on the show, then it is probably a lie.

      Next she will say her husband has a terminal disease and she needs the money to save his life (like Matt did).

  17. Don’t all these people understand they are playing FOR Jeff! They aren’t going to win. Who’s taking out Jeff? Kalia? Porsche? Shelly? Adam?! NO!

    If I were them I’d think long and hard(Which isn’t easy for some of them) about keeping Dani.

  18. Random game question-

    Does anyone know if the contestants are able to keep a journal to write down the order in which people won comps and got evicted or do they need to just recall that stuff from memory?


    1. Sorry Simon, I’m trying to make a positive comments and I’m trying to make peace. Can you ban the word Stalker? I’m not a stalker.

    2. Quick question Simon, do you believe that Jeff and Jordon are the real deal? Call me a softie but i’d like to think they really are, I think, just my theory, that the two of them had a long extensive conversation about how they’d act in the house this time round. That they’d downplay the romance to make them not such a huge target. Maybe even make it so people wanna be nice to Jordan, you know protect her. So, if he’s not always nicey nice to her, others would wanna step up and look after little “miss sweetie”..

      What do ya think ?? possible??????

  19. After D gets evicted Thursday R needs to win and put S and A up hopefully P and K will vote out S because S won’t have the time to baffle K with bullshit. Otherwise S will be there till the end. S plays a psychological game. She knowes JJ need the adoration that R needs a little push to lose it. She knows what each one needs to hear to not see her as an enemy. Her only true alliance is with A and you could see her true feelings for Jeff written all over her face when she was talking about him with A last night. She is a real snake and if she doesn’t get tossed in the double eviction she won’t be going anywhere. Please R get this snake out now. I don’t post a lot so Please be gentle.

  20. Enjoy this season AG, it’s your last. Production has screwed this BB up so bad, AG you are evicted.
    1. bringing back duo’s against newbies sucked
    2. casting newbies sucked
    3. checking ED’s status before inviting him, big mistake
    4. influencing Brenchels decision not to b/d Jeff early
    5. bringing Brendon back with the fix was just blatant manipulation
    6. letting the F6 get to be so boring is unforgivable

    See ya AG count your savings and join the unemployed. YOU Suck.

  21. if you read this thing high it just all seems to fake and planned out. especially after reading the hunger games. just a thought

  22. The keys to understanding Shelly’s game are contrasts and encryption. Her ‘lies’ are almost universally plays, or variations, on the truth. When she is lying, for some houseguests, there are truths to be unearthed from what she says in regard to the game. These houseguests have — to varying degrees — been cued to certain facets of Shelly’s communication tactics, or her ‘data encryption.’ (Ref. Daniele et al’s use of the rhetorical question ‘is that code?’ jokingly – which goes back to the night last week when Shelly began playing ‘Either/Or’ with Daniele).

    These players thus know to at least attempt to decipher Shelly’s game talk as some form of code at times, rather than simply processing it the way they would anyone else’s.

    Shelly’s not a liar – just the cleverest tactician in the house. Her game is high risk – an high payoff. It’s becoming clear her goal is to win BB solely on a social game – i.e. without ever being HOH. If she can get Jeff out of her way, she can win that way.

    1. I agree to disagree. She’s a pathological liar.

      Riddle me this. If what she was doing was so well recieved why isn’t she still listed as a VP on the companys website that she works for? I’ll tell you why, these are not the actions of a leader. Definitely not a leader within a business environment.

  23. I would really like to see if Porsches’ plan would work on Rachel. would Rachel really self-evict? Do it Porsche! let the fireworks begin

  24. bb123

    getting angry, upset or emotional regarding changes that u cant change nor control (dani leaving lol)…. common sense and broken sense are two different things ……..its a wrap time of death for dani thursday 9;15 as i knew her . …. dani lose out because she wanted to stand out what separates the good players from the bad ,and the great from the mediocre, is the ability to anticipate the need to survive in bbh..dani did her job and doing her job makes the experience pleasant for the viewers.. doing something extra makes it memorable for all …. it is when under performers try to hold back proactive superstars lol ….even though dani try to spin and weave it into one love her actions say other wise all she wanted was to make a mark in the game like she told ADAM its all about the moves a person makes in the game .. she wanted to be remembered as dani the girl that got brendon out she didnt worry to much about jeff knowing that jeff had the numbers .. to understand the forces at play u have to understand what makes dani tick … making big moves and then what….. kaboom your out the door .. she got attached to a young virgin boy also alingin herself with weak players her best shot at the game was sticking with her alliance but no that was too much she was self centered, to anxious ………

    90% of these players are paddling 10% are riding the waves i cant stand none not even jeff but him getting ridd of dani i like …. team brendon for life

  25. LOL Love Jeff”s new pic. He’s a totally down low and he looks like he’s 45. He looks like he goes to glory holes in the back of bookstores or hangs out at a truck stop in a wife beater and cut off shorts smoking a cig next to a Camaro. Eww on him asking Jordan if she wanted to watch him shave. On another note, there has been a lot of violent talk about hitting, punching, kicking people this season. Very strange. I can’t even imagine how toxic it must be to live in that house. Negative vibes and bad juju.

  26. Can’t wait to see Dani walk out the door on Thursday. Karma is a bitch!!!! Dani tried to backdoor Jeff and she will be getting a piece of her own
    medicine and hopefully Kalia will be right behind her with the double eviction this week. So excited!!! Team JEFF!!!!

  27. I would like to see a BB season with all of the Bad Ass All Stars…my cast would include…
    4)Rachel (without Brendon)
    5)Chima (one could only hope)
    7)Mike Boogie
    8)Dr Will
    9)Evil Dick
    What do you think????

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