Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly tells Dani she gets punched 25 times for her 25th b-day! Dani says punch me 25 times for the 25 unborn babies. *Updated*

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11:15am – 11:40am Dani, Shelly and Kalia are in the kitchen. Dani sing punch me in the ovaries. Shelly says punch you 25 times for your 25 b-day! Dani says punch me 25 times for the 25 unborn babies. Dani says that she hopes its a competition where you have to give up your soul because I am ready! Dani then says I hope it is a competition to eat babies … JUDAS! Dani leaves the kitchen.

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Kalia starts talking to Shelly. Shelly and Kalia talk about how they are done with Rachel. Kalia says that if it looks like she is leaving …she is going to give Rachel a mouth full. Shelly says that she can’t wait for her chance to tell Rachel what she really thinks. Kalia says that come Thursday she is going to destroy her. Kalia says that Rachel wins the vote for the person no one likes. Shelly says I know ..and she thinks people do. Kalia starts talking about how Porsche was asking her for her vote… Kalia is like ..I am on the block too! Kalia says that she wonders if she is really the target. Shelly says yeah she has no idea either ..but that we will know today.. They talk about today being the most important day. They talk about what the competition will be like. Kalia and Shelly both say that if it’s a spelling competition neither Jeff or Jordan will be good at it. Kalia says that worst case is if Porsche wins it. Shelly says that if it involves any kind of common sense …Porsche won’t win it… she is good at math though.

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11:45am Shelly goes to lay down. All the houseguests except for Kalia are laying down waiting for the power of veto to start… Kalia goes to take a shower..

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12pm Kalia is sitting at the kitchen counter alone. Up in the HOH room, Jordan got ready in the bathroom, did some stretches and then got back into bed.

12:20pm – 12:45pm Dani and Kalia are in the bathroom talking. Kalia telling Dani about Porsche saying that Porsche wants Dani to win POV and take Porsche off. Dani tells Kalia that she thinks that Kalia and Shelly on block is better a better scenario than Porsche and Shelly on block. Dani says that she thanks god it isn’t going to be anything active ..because she feels horrible. Kalia says that there is no way she is walking back into the house not being saved by either her winning it or Dani winning it. Dani says that she has to win today …she has no other choice. Kalia asks you think people would keep you if you were up. Dani says no. Kalia says thats weird. Dani says that if she goes up ..she is going home 100%. Kalia asks do you think I would stay over Porsche. Dani says I don’t know.. you two both have valid reasons for stay but both on different playing levels. Kalia says that if she leaves this game before some people …I am going to be furious. Kalia says that Porsche doesn’t have a valid argument to stay. Dani says that everyone has a valid argument to stay ..I didn’t say it was better than your reasons. Kalia talks about how Shelly is married with children has a company and is afraid of a 33 year old (Jeff). Dani says that she literally wants to rip out her insides. Porsche joins them in the bathroom. They decide to go into the purple room. They talk about random stuff ..all waiting to play the POV.

12:50pm Up in the HOH room Jordan and Jeff are awake. Jeff says to be honest if she doesn’t win the Veto …I don’t even care. Right then Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen… looks like the Power of Veto competition is finally happening…

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1:45pm Still TRIVIA..

2:30pm TRIVIA continues..

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240 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly tells Dani she gets punched 25 times for her 25th b-day! Dani says punch me 25 times for the 25 unborn babies. *Updated*

    1. Pulling for what? Dani will definitely lose. If it a physical competition. Jeff definitely will win. I’m pulling for you Jeff. Team JJ yo!

    2. What’s up with the unborn babies and eating babies? Come on BB that is such bad taste! Please screen your contestants better or make certain subjects off limits, please!!!!!

  1. I don’t get it. Can someone explain this babies comment to me?

    I’m channeling Jordan right now.

    Talk to me like you’re Jeff.

    1. Ok Jordan LOL, What Dani means by the 25 unborn babies, she mean for the 25 storks who didn’t bring babies for her, because she doesn’t want kids.

      1. really? did dani say that? i thought it just meant that “eating babies” is an expression like that absolulte last, worst, too bad to even be considered – thing anyone will do – so today in the POV she will basically “eat babies” if she has to

        and the whole part about 25 unborn babies – i thought that was just an homage to her period since she has it right now bc of unfertilized eggs —-

        she just seems to be connecting the two ideas – i have no idea why, maybe she thinks it is funny

        but if she is saying she doesn’t want kids, i guess i am wrong??

        1. Dani mentioned about aweek ago that she would like at least one kid. I think the babies comment has to do with her Pms-ing and knowing she needs to do whatever she can to win POV today

        2. I thought the ‘babies’ comments are a joking crack at kalia in regards to eating being a faux-vegetarian and eating hardboiled eggs (unborn chicken babies). I recall she made a comment earlier to kalia telling her to ‘go eat a baby’

          1. People read too much into what they say.I knew as soon as I heard that(25 babies),some pro-life feminist would raise hell.I think she was just joking,saying she would do whatever it takes to win.Chill out.

            1. noone is reading into it, especially in some belligerent feminist way, i think we were all just confused bc it is not a common expression and we were having a discourse about it as we do with so many topics (kind of the point of the message board) – and i can tell you that if you saw a strict militant feminist reaction in any of the comments then you are PROJECTING….might want to figure out what all that’s about

  2. Yeah if it a Physical competition. Jeff definitely win it and better yet Kaila nor Porsche can’t keep up with Jeff. Neither is Dani.

  3. Alright, I get it.

    Nevermind substitute Jeff, that may or may have not come out of the woodwork.

    I get the joke.

    You can stay in your HOH room.

  4. I know who is going to win, DANI!! SHOCKER!!! And she will take Kalia off the block and then Jeff will put up Shelly and Shelly will go home. SHOCKER, ZING,PERIOD!!!!

    1. Yeah whatever Shelly will have JJA votes thats all she needs..utter failure post..doesnt matter Porsche Kahlia or Dani go home..>What show u been watching?

      1. Jeff is hoh he doesn’t get to vote.
        If shelly gets put up she will be gone.
        votes to evict shelly would be Dani, Rachoe and porscha or kalia who ever isn’t on the block.

    1. The funny thing about that is that eggs aren’t fertilized so they aren’t embryos… It’s more like eating chicken menstration…

      Yum mm mm :p

  5. seems like all kaka does is eat, eat and eat. she was stuffing her face the other day with a huge corn on cob ( and spitting corn out as she talked with her mouth full) disgusting pig she is.
    and shelHE is always smoking and running that shit hole in the middle of her face,. bet her breath smells so bad the other Hmates probably are thinking “why doesn’t she flush the toilet after she shits” outta her mouth.

  6. why would it be a spelling comp? they already did that…kaliah and shelly are so stupid. I just want dani to go up and be evicted!

  7. Tired of Shelly. Says how Rachel needs to keep her mouth shut and not go talking about her behind her back bc they are on the same team, yet all day long Shelly talks about how much she hates Rachel. Real mature Shelly. Go home!

    1. I agree a 100%. It’s like she has nothing else to say except about Rachel. I hope she knows she is setting a great example for her daughter.

    2. Shelly is a joke literally. I mean she laughs in rachel’s face then talk about her behind her back. why doesn’t she tell rachel these things too her face. Shelly is still playing both sides and she forgets that Rachel and brendon are votes and it just may be the votes she needs if she makes it to final 2 which i hope to goodness she doesn’t

      1. Cuz JEFF told her she has to be nice to Rachel for the sake of the “team” and Shelly doesn’t have the balls to go against big Jeff. It’s pathetic the JJ worship in that house

    3. Not only that she is two faced! After Jeff won HOH they said they’d make up….Rachel stopped talking aout Shelly, yet Shelly thinks she is the classiest person in the house!

  8. Best Case:

    Shelly wins POV and has to deal with Jeff telling her to use it and Dani telling her not to. Gives Shelly a chance to show her true colors.

    Shellly goes with JJ and takes Porche off – Dani goes up and is voted out

    Rachel wins HOH on Thursday and it’s Fast Forward. She nominates Shelly and Kalia. They play POV and Jeff wins and leaves the noms the same. Adam, Jordon, Jeff and Porche vote to evict Kalia. Second HOH is played and Jeff wins. He nominates Porche and Adam….votes are up to Rachel, Shelly, Jordon

    Even though I really want Shelly out I think Jeff/Rachel are onto Adam and how great he is on remembering the sequence of events. That skill comes in real handy in the end game.

      1. Shelly and adam will both throw the pov bc they are spineess. I wish Jeff would see this and get rid of one of them. The only ppl that are going to try to win are Jeff dani kalia and maybe Porsche. If Rach were playing she’d try but not even Jordan will try I think.

    1. Clearly I’m not able to post through my iphone, lol. But I was trying to write that Shelly and Adam will not try to win POV. Why would they put the target on their backs if they can float and not piss anyone off? Granted they are both loyal to JJ, but come on – at least try for your own fn team. I do respect Dani for that; she busts her ass to win no matter what. Plus she was diplomatic to tell Kalia that the game is about backdooring when necessary when Kalia tried to get pissed if Jeff does bd Dani – saying it would be dirty and low of Jeff. Dani pretty much defended Jeff. She is playing a clean and solid game in my book. She only talks when she needs to and she always speaks the truth when she does talk about HGs. Jordan will not try to win either IMO because she will rely on Jeff. Rachel would have busted her balls to win this POV but she cannot. So Jeff is on his own. The only people trying to win are Jeff, Dani, Kalia, and Porsche. So it is looking good for Team JJ. He needs to get rid of SA…and Jordan, lol. Go JJ (Jeff mainly) and Dani!

  9. Sorry but do they really feel as if they are saints or what?
    Each one of them is worth than the other, why all this hatred towards Rachel???
    Well from what I know, when people hate you so much, is PURE jealousy either because ur beautiful or because u’re smart or has what they don’t and can’t have
    How low they are, eukh…

    1. SURE they are jealous of that skank makes perfect sense, they are reacting accordingly to how Rachel has acted during the season, I haven’t heard them tell a single lie about Rachel all truth.. If they told the truth about Rachel to her face she would cry and play the victim AGAIN, because let face facts the TRUTH HURTS

      1. Of course the truth hurts and that’s why also they hate Rachel cos she’s telling the truth about them as well
        Everyone has flaws so they should stop and see theirs as well not just point others
        Rachel has hers and they have theirs!

    2. I agree – I agree so much I wrote a long comment about it under “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly talks about Rachel ..saying good luck getting a job when you get out ain’t gonna happen! *Updated* Saturday, August 20th, 2011, 9:47 am” – I think it’s Number 37. It’s easy to find due to the length.

      I don’t understand the hatred towards Rachel. Shelly is mad at Rachel b/c Rachel told the truth. Dani is mad at Rachel b/c Dani behaved pathetic over Dom due to Dani’s Daddy Issues. I wish someone would tell Dani that her behavior is far more pathetic than Rachel’s. Dani had no reason – other than her own Daddy Issues – to develop such a allegiance towards Dom. Dani’s Daddy Issues caused her to go out of her mind for Dom – Dani wanted to BR to risk everything & get rid of Jeff b/c Dani was filling her voids with Dom. Dani is lucky that everyone in the house is not on a daily basis laughing at her for screwing up so badly b/c of her Daddy Issues. Both Rachel & Dani have no real reasons to be mad at Rachel – Kalia is upset with Rachel b/c Kalia doesn’t know who she is – sometimes Kalia thinks that she is in fact Jordan other times Kalia believes that she is in fact Dani. Rachel has done nothing to these people to be treated with such harshness by them. They sit around and talk badly about Rachel – steal her Plush Animals & discuss cutting them up – it’s sick! Of course Rachel is going to behave guarded around them & treat them a certain way – Rachel has to know that they stole her property in addition to knowing about their campaign that Rachel IS BAD – it’s ridiculous!

      Dani & Shelly are the most toxic people in the house.

      1. I totally agree, we are not saying that Rachel is a saint, but they are behaving far much worse than her, everybody has flaws but not to the extent of stealing and ruining other people’s stuff and hate them just for the love of hatred
        Loved ur comment :-)

      2. For “newtobig brother” I agree one hundred percent with every single thing you have written. Dani is a cold hearted, mean biatch……….Did you hear what she said to Kalia last night when Kalia suggested she grate her bread over a bowl…………”Let me live my own life”…………Kalia just walked out and laid down in the have not room. They have nothing to do but berate Rachel……….SIck, sick, sick…………..Dani might be very pretty but who is the man that’s going to be able to really stand that cold mental case……………..

      3. I am not a Rachel fan just so u know but we should tell what we see and they are exaggerating things
        I’m not saying again that Rachel is a saint but neither are they…

      4. Dani making Rachel the villain b/c Dani is a hurt little girl with Daddy Issues means Dani is the problem – not Rachel. Shelly making Rachel the villain b/c Shelly is upset with Rachel for telling the truth means Shelly is the problem not Rachel. Rachel is not a saint – however Rachel is not the root to all evil. Dani ascribes blame to Rachel where there should not be any. Dani’s put downs, tirades, & attacks against Rachel are b/c Dani is hiding behind Rachel. Dani exaggerates Rachel’s faults in an attempt to conceal her own faults. If Dani did not have this campaign against Rachel – people may see that she is a hurt little girl with Daddy Issues who becomes enamored with boys (DOM) in days – this causes Dani to behave bizarre & irresponsible. Dani’s Daddy Issues caused her to behave so loony that Dani said to BR in the HOH room “I’m not going to lie … I’m going to be pissed if DOM is evicted.” Dani’s ludicrous behavior didn’t stop there – Dani’s Daddy Issues & feelings for DOM created Dani’s ill conceived harebrained idea to backdoor Jeff to keep DOM.

        Really – how could BR entertain Dani when she is behaving goofy b/c of her Daddy Issues – should BR have tried to backdoor Jeff & messed their game up so early. When Jeff called the house meeting instead of saying “It’s silly, I know I should have not behaved so goofy over Dom … we had a plan & an alliance … I get why Jeff is so upset & I get why BR did what they did – let’s move on.” Dani acted like a scolded two year old – then b/c of her Daddy Issues made it her mission to evict Brendan – which was dumb. Dani would be in a much better place now if Dani would have followed the original plan.

        To mask her goofy behavior b/c of her Daddy Issues – Dani has to exaggerate Rachel’s faults. Rachel has not done anything towards Dani, Shelly or Kalia that would justify their behavior towards Rachel.

        This is my first season of BB – I can’t say I’m a fan of any of the cast – I do find it interesting to watch Dani & Shelly outright lie & blame Rachel b/c Dani & Shelly are attempting to conceal their faults, feelings of guilt, and feelings of self loathing. A person may find Rachel annoying – however – Rachel isn’t inventing things & telling lies the way Dani does. Dani is a scared hurt little girl – Dani distracts everyone by making Rachel out to be the bad guy to conceal her own insecurities. There is nothing true or unique about Dani – Dani is a mean person b/c she is a deeply wounded person. Rachel doesn’t say “Dani I’m sorry that I have a father who loves me & your father never has loved you – Your father called you the biggest bitch, he was right – my dad would never call me a bitch b/c he loves me … Dani you can say what ever you want but at least I have a dad who loves me.”

        Rachel doesn’t go after Dani or anyone’s insecurities & weaknesses – Dani does & this makes Dani a bully.

        1. I really agree with you…………I watched some of the live feeds and Dan-Yell, Shelly, and Porsche were laughing about cutting up Rachel’s stuffed animal and putting it on her bed piece by piece……… They were all laughing……….. I thought it was so sick….It was Shelly’s initial idea…. Shelly would freak out if it happened to her daughter….. These gals are mean spirited and it has nothing to do with the game…….. Rachel does have issues with not feeling good about herself and I believe it is getting to Brendon……… she is hard to take at times but I feel some of these other house guests are far worse with their personal attacks on each other……..and they do try to do Rachel in to make themselves not be so in view…………. Dan-Yell is one of those who puts ideas in the other house quests heads and then acts innocent………she has no true alliance………………….except to herself………… She really put Dom on the block and then blamed others for his demise…………….I miss Evil Dick……..he never pretended to be anything but himself….. they still kept him in the game to go on to win……………….


      1. And u want to tell us that dani isn’t annoying with her “shocker” attitude
        Kalia’s stupid look and talk and that voiiiiice
        and shelly’s with her manly voice and stupid tears as if she was a kid
        Really u find them ok and only Rachel is the annoying person in the world?
        Shockerrrrr :p

      2. I would like to see someone tell Dani the truth which is Dani is upset with Rachel b/c Dani has Daddy Issues – Dani’s Daddy Issues caused Dani to develop an over the top bond with Dom. Dani blames Rachel for Dom’s eviction – it’s clear however instead of being honest, Dani exaggerates Rachel’s behavior towards her & encourages Shelly to cut up Rachel’s stolen Plush Animals. Someone in the house should tell Dani the truth which is:

        “I’m sorry that your dad doesn’t love you & you have Daddy Issues – but dating homeless looking guys, hating romance, & being a love skeptic doesn’t make you special – it makes you a hurt little girl & that’s how you behave. You developed an infatuation with Dom in a matter of days trying to replace Daddy – you lied to yourself & everyone saying that your allegiance towards Dom was gameplay – but the truth is your rapture like Dom delight was a weakness not strong gameplay. Dom was inclined to be close to you for his gameplay – but was not loyal to you. The truth is that infatuation & allegiance towards Dom was out of line – you only knew him for days but behaved as though his eviction was a personal attack on you, Dani Girl. The truth is Dom was evicted b/c your Daddy Issues caused you to develop a disproportionate attachment to Dom which caused you to go against your alliance. Dani your Daddy Issues DOES NOT MAKE Rachel a villain … Dani your reaction & behavior of Dom being evicted is FAR MORE PATHETIC, CRAZY & SAD than anything Rachel has done.”

        I know it’s a game – but it’s gross the way both Dani behaves towards Rachel. Dani looks as though she could easily be 35 not 25 – Dani’s reaction to Dom being evicted was just silly – much more silly than Rachel’s reaction to Brendan being evicted twice. Rachel has a reason to believe that she can trust Brendan: they are engaged, they have worked through cheating, they discuss their long term future together – Rachel has both a real and true investment in Brendan. Dani has nor had anything real with Dom – when Dani said “I’m going to be honest, I’m going to be pissed if Dom is evicted” and then Dani started talking about instead of evicting Dom evict Jeff – Dani’s lucky that Rachel & Brendan didn’t say right then “Dani YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND … Get to the Diary Room right now to get some medication … Jeff is part of your alliance … we can’t change everything b/c you have Daddy Issues & are blatantly using Dom to fill your Daddy Issues.”

        Dani uses people – Dani uses Rachel to hide the truth about herself behind. It’s much easier for Dani to attack Rachel than it is for Dani to admit the truth about herself. Dani tries – she says things such as “I’m known as Dick’s daughter when he wasn’t a father to me.” Rachel is an easy scapegoat for Dani. After a while the “Rachel is Evil” campaign gets old.

          1. I know – I need to work on making my posts longer. :) This is my first season of BB & I really haven’t posted too much before today. Obviously, I had a great deal to get out. Plus i don’t know anyone who watches BB – so this is my only outlet of discussing the show. The people I know who watched BB in the past do not watch it any longer.

            I do work, but it’s Saturday & I’m traveling. Today is my first time ever really posting – I may have left a couple of short comments since this season has started.

          2. No one can help it that you are still on your ‘little ABC book”………………. Some of us agree with ‘Newto BigBrothere………….. thought is put into the comments without filthy comments being every other word…….. some people have a vocabulary with more than four letter words in it……..


        1. Well even if it’s the truth, we shouldn’t be that harsh :-)
          Clearly dani has serious issues and she tries to belittle everyone then say ” I’m joking” while deep down she means every word she says but yet again we should be nicer in our comments and not be harsh as others’ comments about Rachel :-)

  10. So, I was wondering whether Dani is more loyal to Kalia or Porsche? Like, who would she take off if she won veto? It seems like she is more loyal to Kalia (based on these updates; I don’t have the feeds) but she can’t really be that blind, can she? Kalia is everything you don’t want in an ally. The only good thing about her is Dani could beat her in the finals but the same could be said of Porsche.

    1. Dani is not taking Kalia off. She is going to take off Porsche because she already said she could not beat Kalia in the final 2. she will show Kalia her true colors and take off Porsche or either leave the nominations the same. I just hope Dani gets backdoored. would be lovely to see her behind in the Jury

            1. Midwest – I’m commenting to myself most days. The crazy fans pretend ‘show off my fake boobs Jordon’ didn’t happen when the pictures are all over the net and I can’t seem to find one of Dani.. Hello hello is this thing on? hahaha

              1. “I can’t seem to find one of Dani.”

                So you’ve been looking?

                Be sure to let ladylove33 know if you find one. They have been waiting to see Dani’s behind backdoored for quite some time.

      1. LadyLove–I missed it. Why would Dani think that she could not beat the fat arrogant queen of floaters??? I am on Team Jj, but give her credit, she’s got great game both social & physical. I think that she will be incrediably hard to beat if she is F2 with anyone.

    2. Dani is in the worst possible position right now. If she wins POV, she has to choose between her two allies. Of the two, I would think Porsche would be the least upset to be voted out. Plus I think she would love to spend some alone time with Brendon ;) However, if Dani uses the POV, she will go against JJ’s deal and at this point, can she afford to do that? JJ may not intend to honor their deal with her, but she doesn’t know that. If she doesn’t win the POV, then she risks going up on the block. Either way, one of her alliance is going home. Should she decide which one goes or let the HGs decide?

      If she wins the POV, I think she’ll keep the noms the same. I think she’ll gamble that she can align with JJ and/or SA plus the remaining member of her alliance. Other wise, she’s in a alliance of two and going down fast. If R and D were smart, they’d team up in a secret surprise alliance. But I don’t think either could forgive and forget.

      Sucks to be Dani right now! “Happy” 25th.

    1. Jeff would probably put Adam up, anyone else would be a big gamble. Doesn’t matter which one goes home out of dkp, and as long as it’s one of them

  11. Dani & Shelly are the two most toxic people in the house. Shelly is mad at Rachel b/c Rachel told the truth about Shelly asking BR about the final three. Shelly should have just brushed this under the rug instead of behaving outraged & going on a “Rachel is Devil” campaign. Dani’s baby comment is a dark comment – it seems as though Dani puts up a dark harsh act to hide her Daddy Issues. Dani is a stooge & should be more concerned that she looks as though she could easily be 35 instead of 25 – and should be concerned about how her Daddy Issues make her behave like a hurt little girl when someone she barely knows (DOM) is evicted from the house than anything Rachel does or does not do. Kalia is a clown that mimics the people around her. Kalia, if she says anything about Rachel, will as Dani’s current understudy reciting Dani’s displaced bitterness towards Rachel. Kalia is afflicted with many things – however an original thought is not one of Kalia’s afflictions.

    How does the Double Eviction work? Will the two people on the block both go home? If anyone but Dani wins the Power of Veto can Jeff put Dani up? Then will Dani & Kalia both leave the house – if Porche is the one taken down? If Dani wins the Power of Veto & she takes Kalia off & Jeff puts of Shelly will both Shelly & Porshe go home?

    1. Double eviction does not mean both on the block go home. It means they will play hoh, do nominations, play veto, do veto ceremony, and then live eviction all within an hour. So no way to talk game with others. One person goes home. It’s oe week into one hour

      1. Thank you – so if the nominations stay the same either Kalia or Porshe will go home. Then the house will get a new HOH – that person will have to nominate two people for eviction after winning the HOH competition & the other house guests will have to vote on who to evict right away?

        Let’s say Kalia goes home – then Jeff watches as everyone else battles to become HOH – let’s assume Rachel wins HOH – Rachel nominates Dani & Shelly then all of the house guests have to vote right away – is there another Power of Veto Comp before the vote?

        Will there be an eviction with Jeff as HOH, a HOH Comp, New HOH Nominations, POV Comp, Eviction Vote all in one show? I like it better when everything happens live on the show – but that seems like too much for it to be live on one show.

    2. Kalia loves to play the “race card” over innocent comments. Why can’t a person with a black cat call him “blackie” ??? Bet she tries to jury votes by saying that an A-A has never won BB.

    3. In some respect, i do agree with you. But I think your dislike of kalia is showing. Anybody who changes their behavior based on who they’re with probably has some sort of immature emotional growth. I mean, that’s what teenagers do.In some respect, i do agree with you. But I think your dislike of kalia is showing. Anybody who changes their behavior based on who they’re with probably has some sort of immature emotional growth. I mean, that’s what teenagers do.

    4. In some respects, i do agree with you. But I think your dislike of kalia is greater than it should be, if you feel you want to practice psychoanalysis. Anybody who changes their behavior based on who they’re with probably has some sort of immature emotional growth. I mean, that’s what teenagers do.

  12. Shelly is going to make more people feel sorry for Rachel. I mean it is obvious Rachel is trying to keep herself together best she can…even if she still sucks at least she is trying. All Shelly does is bait her on and that keeps people being mean to her. Funny thing is if Shelly keeps running her trap about Rachel, everyone will want to bring her to the finals with them becuase they think they can beat her. Wouldn’t that be some sh!t if Rachel wins the whole thing…Too bad she has to share it with her a-hole fiance. Today I am Rachel ftw.

    1. It’s almost like Shelly as a secret alliance with Rachel, and neither of them know it. It wouldn’t be a surprise though because Shelly has an alliance with everything living or inanimate in the house from the cleaning supplies to Rachel’s stuffed animal to the pajama jammers razors.

      1. haha. made me giggle about them not knowing they were in an alliance together. If I were on a reality tv show (not happening) I would make a day one alliance with the biggest baddest most horrible awful person and then make a deal to pretend we super hate each other the entire time. I think it could work but then again I am not going to try :)

        1. It is a good way to go. But the thing is that if the villain can’t keep it a secret, then you’re screwed. And screwed royally.

  13. Shelly’s a bully, I hate her. She’s pissed because Jeff didn’t congratulate her on the lecture she made to Rachel in the HOH. It must gall her, realizing that Rachel is more advantageous to the JJ winning strategy than she is. I’m sure a “For all I did for them” diatribe, is in the future. At least I can hope!

    1. It is funny how you’ve put the real BB gamers at the bottom of
      your list and placed the floaters at the top.

      Hope you’re wrong.

      1. It’s a sad fact. Jordan is on no ones radar. Floaters are just that- floating there way to the end. It sucks and this season is the season of floating…

      2. You really think kalia is a real BB gamer? She did one thing and that was by luck. All she does is suck Dani’s ass.

  14. Shut up Shelly! No one likes you! Rachel has a bigger fanbase then you! And Kailua is like “there’s no way we’re viewed as the mean girls.” No you bitch, You Shelly Porsche are hated. Period. I can’t stand them.

  15. I wonder if Dani wins the veto and takes off Kalia or Porche and Jeff puts up Adam or Shelly as a replacement if Rachel will flip to Team Dani? Then it would be 4 (DKP) to 3 (JJSorA). Just thinkin’…

    1. No one is making pathetic excuses for Rachel………..they are just watching BB13………and you are watching what exactly?

  16. I have to say all the horrible personal attacks on Rachel is starting to piss me off. Last year everyone ESP Britney and Reagan said really disgusting vile things about her 24 hrs a day, it makes me feel sorry for her always being discussed like that .. Shelly how would feel if someone said those things about you or your daughter. STFU no wander she’s emotionally unstable. I think we all would be !

      1. I think you’re misunderstanding people’s comments. I don’t think anyone is making excuses for Rachel. It’s just that all these people do all day 24/7 is talk about this girl. She is one person. Why let anyone bother you that much? That’s why DKPS end up looking kind of pathetic bashing her every single day all freakin day long. It’s almost like they are not even focused on the game itself. I have been watching Big Brother since season 6 and I have never seen seasons like BB12 and BB13 where the houseguest bash someone all day. It makes me wonder if any of them actually care about winning the game. Because I don’t see anyone having any strategic conversations this season. I want to hear more game talk and real life talk. This shit about Rachel is annoying. I would think even someone that hates Rachel wouldn’t want to hear her name brought up constantly.

    1. Brandi: Rachael gives as good as she gets…and she must not be bothered to bad about the personal attacks b/c she keeps coming back into Big Brother and she continues to have that same self-righteous attitude..which as she experienced last year didn’t get her far in the game and according to her it didn’t get her far in the real world either…Do unto others as you want done unto you…let’s keep it 100.

      1. Oh please, Rachel has no problem telling people what she feels to their face. It’s DKP that won’t tell it to her face. Shelly actually says some things to her but she spends the other 23 hours ripping her. But my point is that Rachel keeps it 100. She tells people the truth and because they don’t like it, they bash her behind her back. I would have so much more respect for DKP if they’d say all their thoughts to Rachel. So, for now I have more respect for Rachel. It’s ok for DKPS to act a fool, but not ok for Rachel. Seems like if you hate someone, they can’t get away with anything. I feel like I am unbiased because I don’t dislike DKP nor Rachel. I just despise Shelly.

        1. I have a lot of respect for Rachel too. Especiall after her watching her blow Brendon under the covers. That’s how all women should be.

    2. Reagan and Rachel are good friends outside of BB.
      They see each other on a regular basis and go to the same gym.
      He is going to be a groomsman in B/R’s wedding.

      IMO, Rachel’s personality inside of BB and outside of BB are very different.

    3. Brandi, I agree with you. I don’t see Rachel going after Dani, Shelly or Kalia the way that they go after her. Rachel doesn’t say to Dani “Your father has never loved you … I have a father who loves me … my father would never call me a bitch your father called you a bitch, what does that say about you … You own father hates you he chose not to be a part of your life so when your own father’s choice is to not to have you in his in life & calls you a bitch it’s because you are a worthless.” Rachel doesn’t say to Shelly “What kind of mother are you leaving your child to come to BB … stop talking about your daughter you let your husband be a stay at home dad b/c you can’t even be bothered with staying at home to take care of your own child … when your daughter grows up she isn’t going to think highly of you.”

      Rachel doesn’t attack people & use their own weaknesses & insecurities against them. Rachel doesn’t take the belongings of other house guests, laughs & brags about it as she delights in talking about cutting the stolen belongings up.

      Dani, Shelly and Kalia talk about Rachel & use Rachel’s vulnerabilities against her – they do it do hide their own hurts, insecurities and misdeeds. Dani has no reason being upset with Rachel – the only reason Dani is upset with Rachel is b/c Dani’s Daddy Issues caused her to behave goofy over Dom. Dani should have never stated “I won’t lie I will be pissed if Dom is evicted.” Dani would have been in a good place if she would have followed her alliance. Dani’s Daddy Issues cloud Dani’s judgement b/c a sane person would realize that BR could not back door Jeff b/c a girl with Daddy Issues was acting goofy & wanted them to. Instead of doing the sane thing & letting it go – Dani evicts Brendon & starts a BR is Evil campaign b/c Dani is goofy in the head due to Daddy Issues. Shelly is mad at Rachel for Rachel telling the truth – when is telling the truth crazy? Instead of letting this go – Shelly behaves as though she is horrified by Rachel – Shelly is doing this b/c she is trying to prove that she (Shelly) is telling the truth when in fact it’s Shelly who is lying – not Rachel. Rachel told the truth so Shelly takes Rachel’s belongings. Shelly’s wrong behavior has Dani’s stamp of approval along with Kalia’s & Porshe’s.

      Kalia is very annoying. The week that Kalia won HOH – I could not watch. Kalia tries to take on the mannerisms of Dani or Jordan – whoever Kalia is mimicking. Rachel hasn’t done anything to Kalia – but Kalia’s behavior shows that Kalia is indeed a mean girl. Kalia is the worst type of mean girl b/c she just listens & copies another person.

      In real life, I think Kalia would be the most annoying person – imagine if one of the BB had to come live with you – Kalia would have to be the most annoying! In real life, Dani would be the most threatening – Dani’s moral compass would allow her to betray you by sleeping with your spouse or stealing your valuables – Dani would be the type of person to comfort you when you found out that your spouse slept with another person or that your bank lock box had been emptied – when you said that you would give anything to have your grandmother’s ring back Dani would be the type of person to say “oh, you’re going to make me cry” knowing that she (Dani) is behind your bank lock box being emptied.

      1. In some respect, i do agree with you. But I think your dislike of kalia is showing. Anybody who changes their behavior based on who they’re with probably has some sort of immature emotional growth. I mean, that’s what teenagers do.

      2. I’m not defending Rachel – I don’t see Rachel saying things to Dani such as “at least I have a father who loves me.” I don’t see Rachel going after the weaknesses & vulnerabilities of others. Rachel may open Porshe’s beer – but she doesn’t say “Porshe you are fat how much weight have you gained?” Dani’s mean behavior is vulgar b/c she figures out what will really hurt people & goes after that. Dani messed up with Dom – Dani threw everything away b/c Dani became overly attached to Dom & then wanted her alliance to kick one of their own out for Dom – when they didn’t Dani got mad & did what she knew would hurt a person the most – Dani evicted Brendan b/c she knew this would hurt Rachel & Brendan the most. Dani could have evicted Jeff but she knew Jeff & Jordan would not suffer as greatly as BR. Dani never even had the nerve to admit that she went goofy in the head b/c of Dom – Dani never admitted that the reason she evicted Brendan was for hurtful revenge b/c they would not go along w/ her stupid idea of keeping Dom & getting rid of Jeff. Dani lies & tries to pretend that it’s all gameplay – if Dani was in it to win it Dani would have taken the deal w/ BR when Brendan came back into the house. At that time, Dani could have tried by taking that deal to get back into the good graces of her original alliance. For whatever reasons, Dani thought she could win with Kalia and Porshe.

        No one, including Rachel, has been more out of line than Dani. Still no one, including Rachel, has unleashed the type of hatred towards her that Dani has unleashed against Rachel. No one, including Rachel, has said “Dani you became unzipped with your devotion towards Dom – it’s b/c you are a scared little girl with Daddy Issues – we tried to get you back on track but then you turned on us again & again – you evicted Brendan we tried to move forward – Brendan came back & you still disregarded everything that was offered to you that would allow you to get further in this game – you evicted Brendan b/c you wanted to try to hurt someone as much as you were hurt when Dom was evicted – it’s crazy b/c you knew Dom for days & became overly devoted towards him – evicting Brendan was your way to hurt someone back b/c you felt hurt about Dom – it had nothing to do with the best game play – all you are is a little girl who is broken b/c their daddy didn’t love her or want her.”

        No one has said anything like that to Dani – but if Rachel was the scared little girl with Daddy Issues Dani would use this against Rachel & go after Rachel to hurt her. This is the difference – Dani uses another’s vulnerabilities against them. It’s very cruel – Rachel hasn’t done this Dani nor has anyone else in the house.

        I don’t see Rachel saying cruel things about Dani – I don’t see Rachel going after Dani’s weaknesses. I’m not defending Rachel – or saying Rachel is a wonderful person – I’m saying that Dani is cruel.

        No person should have someone use their weaknesses & vulnerabilities against them.

  17. I thought Jeff and Dani had a “deal” tht if Dani won pov, she wouldn’t use it at all. I know they are both lying to each other, but it could benefit her by gaining JJ trust and then getting Jeff out in the Fastforward, or her next HOH…

    1. They still would be after her, same as the reason Dani didn’t believe any of the BULLSHIT that came out Brendon’s mouth, BRJJ are not going to work with her after what she did.

      1. She needs to make a secret alliance a la Jun (bb4). She did it with Jee, then Ali. That’s what you do as an outcast, rope up the other outcasts in secret towards the end.

      2. I would like to see what Shelly or Adam will do if the somehow win POV. Imagine the noms stay the same and Dani gets away with another week. JJ will probably win POV and Dani is toast.

  18. Shelly is such a huge loser!!!! She keeps making up stuff. She thinks she is so safe. WRONG!!! She’s the post two-faced person. She is so full of crap!

    Second – Dani is loser #2. Rachel is trying to be nice, and Dani puts her own mean spin on everything. She is such a moron. She hides away from everyone, or if she is sitting in the group, she just sits and stares. She has zero personality. I sure hope she gets evicted this week. Then Shelly… She lies from one camp to the next. Then she acts all bad like she’s going to pick a fight…then says nothing. If she is so sure her kid is watching, she should get a grip. Danie hides her dog. Why? That is just mean. It’s sad really. Shelly and Dani belong in the same camp. Loser!!!!

    1. Rachel trying to be nice? your just as clueless as the other people making excuses, She was throwing it in their faces as USUAL she just wasn’t so obvious

      1. Dude, I’m starting to think you were created on this earth to hate Rachel. You belong in the BB house with Dani and Shelly. You cannot possibly believe that Dani doesn’t over exaggerate Rachel’s comments and behavior. Right now she is just using Rachel as a decoy so no one sees her as a threat. Dani doesn’t realize that at the end of the day if she were in final 3 with all newbies, they would kick her to the curb. Dani fails to realize this game is still between newbies vs vets. Adam may be stuck up JJ’s ass for now, but soon he wants Jeff & Rachel out. Right now, he really wants Dani out. Shelly has already drifted away from JJ. But of course you Dani fans/Rachel haters can’t see this. I am a Dani and Rachel fan so I feel that Dani needs to realize that she needs to team back up with the vets to get the newbies out or else 2 newbies will be in final two. Out of the people left in the house, the only ones I feel are deserving of winning is Jeff, Rachel, and Dani. They should really stick together.

        1. Dude we’re starting to think that you were created on this earth to defend Rachel. You and NewtoBigBrother just defend her because you guys are like her. Every single post is the same shit.

          1. I’m not defending Rachel – Rachel doesn’t say to over & over again “I have a father who loves me, you don’t.” I’ve heard Dani try to open up and share – Dani said something such as “I’m known as Dick’s daughter but he has never been in my life.” I think all of the house guests including Rachel know that Dani has Daddy Issues – but none of them use this knowledge to attack her. Dani uses a person’s vulnerabilities against them – yet Dani complains about Rachel & goes on a Rachel Equals Bad campaign.

            Dani really needs someone to love her & cares about what is best for her in life – we all need that. I’m not trying to promote Rachel & make people dislike Dani as a person. Dani’s behavior is out of line. I have not seen any person in the house go after Dani the way Dani goes after other people in the house. No one has talked about how stupid Dani was for getting so close to Dom so fast – so close that Dani thought her alliance would evict Jeff & keep Dom. To me it appeared as though Dani fell for Dom & thought of herself & Dom to be equal to Brendan & Rachel. I think Dani believed it was so clear that Brendan & Rachel would see a line of floating hearts floating in the air connecting Dom & Dani. The other house guests saw Dani becoming overly attached to Dom & tried to get Dani to get back to reality. Dani said “I’m going to be really pissed if Dom is evicted.” BR didn’t start laughing uncontrollably nor did BR start making fun of Dani’s attachment to Dom. Dom being evicted hurt Dani – she wanted to hurt someone as much as she was hurting so she evicted Brendan & delighted in it. Dani made fun of Rachel being so upset about Brendan being evicted.

            Rachel has never made fun of Dani about Dom. The house guests try to talk to Dani about Dom – after America’s Vote for Evicted HG – the house guests asked Dani how she felt about seeing Dom – Dani didn’t comment but later told Kalia how happy seeing Dom made her. Rachel has never said to Dani that she (Dani) is in any way defective in relation to her (Dani’s) feelings about Dom. Dani says horrible things about Rachel’s feelings for Brendan – Rachel has known Brendan a lot longer, is engaged to Brendan, & BR talk about their long term future. Rachel has a real investment in Brendan – more than Dani has in Dom yet Rachel does not use Dom against Dani.

            I hope that Dani has a wonderful life & does find a person who loves her & wants the best for her. Until then, Dani cannot use another person’s vulnerabilities against them. I apologize if you take this as Dani bashing – it’s gross to watch someone take someone’s vulnerabilities & use them against that person – to make them feel hurt – to cause them to feel weak – to cause them to think less of their self.

          2. Unknown, you’re a f’ckin coward. You sure talk a lot of shit for someone that’s afraid to put your name on here.

    2. ur so right about dani i cant stand that girl drives me nuts yesterday all day she was wearing these shades and all she would do is put them on acting like she is cool and stare at everybody and put that fake smile

    3. Dani’s social game is her biggest weakness. She wouldn’t go far at all if she couldn’t win competitions. Last season she relied on Dick and Nick. Now, she is deeply lucky that Kalia won that one hoh. Her only chance is to win pov today and she is well aware.

      Start playing like Jun and make some secret alliances.

      Shelly, just makes no sense. I cannot understand why she is playing big brother in this way. She has her family, her social status, and her career to lose for her antics, for $500,000 which she does not desperately need. When Jeff + Jordan watch the season, I doubt they will keep in touch. What’s her deal?

    4. I’ve read Shelley hid Rachel’s stuffed dog. Adam questioned her about it and told her to return it.
      She said, “No! Why should I?”
      Today, another poster wrote that Porsche hid Rachel’s stuffed dog.
      NOW, you’re saying Dani hid Rachel’s dog.


      SIMON …………………it is time for you to become Sherlock Simon Holmes and solve the mystery.

    5. I’m sorry but that Harpie Rachel is not trying to be nice to Dani. If you don’t know a snarky, sarcastic bitch like Rachel when you see one then pay close attention to Rachel and learn.
      Dani has been the most gracious and sociable HOH all season and has done a decent job of cleaning up behind Cowlia.
      So please, credit where credit is due!

      1. …and if you can’t see that Skeletor seeks to conquer Castle Grayskull so she can learn its ancient secrets, which would make her unstoppable and enable her to conquer and rule all of Eternia, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    6. Did Brendumb get a computer for internet access in the jury house? Ratriess is a piece of shit human being! I have never seen such a disgusting human in my life! I am so happy I am not as UGLY as she is. She is, HANDS DOWN, the ugliest player in BB history….LOOKS and Personality.

    7. You must have missed it last night when Rachel was following Dani around and trying to pick a fight. It was pathetic and Dani handled it well. She just walked away and refused to bite. Rachel ate all of Dani’s HOH candy and was being mean and catty and was trying to ruin Dani’s birthday. Stupid move on Rachels part. She is safe this week, but next week unless she wins HOH herself or if Jordan wins, Rachel’s ugly ass will be on the block. She has zero strategy, zero class and zero social skills. I hope Dani wins and keeps the nominations the same. She needs to get rid of dead weight Kalia who messed up her game. If Kalia had the ovaries to pull the trigger when she was HOH and put up Jordan, Rachel and Brendon would have faced off and three weeks of power wouldn’t have been wasted. Dani needs to cut her losses and rebuild a more effective alliance. That will buy her some time until next HOH when she can win again and take Rachel out. Dani has played in 3 HOH comps. She won 2 of them and threw the other one to Rachel. She has played in 2 POV competitions and lost one and threw the other. She probably would have won that one if she didn’t throw it to Adam. Dani is the queen. Go Dani!

      1. Evidentally I did miss that. I watched BBD and I never saw Rachel following Dani around, I didn’t hear Rachel say anything bad last night on the other hand I did hear the others. The one thing I do know Rachel is the ugly red-headed step Child , according to most people, and Dani is just so put upon. Dani is quite mean, and her jokes are not jokes. never heard “many a truth is spoken in jest.”

  19. I’m so tired of these terrible big brother players. I’m hoping for a Rachel Dani final 2 now. How Shelly Adam and Porsche got so far I’ll never know

    1. Shelly is sleeping with Jordan, Adam is sleeping with Jeff, and Porsche is awesome.

      Also, MAJOR lulz at saying “I’m so tired of these terrible big brother players” and then saying you want Rachel in the finals.

      1. rachel is a terrible bb player? nah.she’s really bad at the social aspect of the game, is unstable, and easilly makes enemies but she can win comps unlike most of the floaters that are still left. It would be funny to see her to get to the top 2 since everyone hates her ;she has no shot at winning against anyone o.o

  20. If Kalia and Porsche are on the block, Kalia goes home right? Right? so if Porshe wins POV, doesn’t it make more sense for her to NOT use the POV, since Porsche/Dani would be a much better pair than Porsche/Kalia to try to win the next HOH. Or should I assume that if Porsche won and didn’t use the POV, that she would be punished by getting voted out.

  21. I just cannot see Jeff not winning BB13. If he survives double eviction, he will win for sure. I feel his biggest threat is probably Rachel.

  22. Everyone seems to love Cassie. I agree that she is smarter and has more balls than the wussy newbies still around. but it sure turned me off hearing her talk in her fake hick voice about how IT aint faair that these people pick on my cuz im the purtiest girl here. so annoying

  23. For every Rachel hater why do you fault someone that just says it as it is. Shelly is a mental case. Dani is a very arrogant person and yet an insecure person. Kalia is a sheep follower. Jordan used to like Kalia, but when Kalia joined team Dark side Kalia’s true character came out. Kalia needs to let go of her disfunctional relationship with her father. Porshe acts like a diva and she is pathetic. She doesn’t understand why JJSAR had turned their back on her. Especially, Rachel who defended you early in the game against the newbies. Also, you put Jeff and Shelly up together to compete against each other in the elimination HOH. That’s the HOH Kalia won. And now Kalia doesn’t like you as well. Also, relax because Jeff does not find you attractive. Jordan is by far more attractive and has a better personality and character then youi.

  24. Danni is freaking hilarious people just don’t get her humor…at least she doesn’t cry and whine like a big baby when things don’t go her way. Rachel has purely brought all the hatred on herself, she is disgusting rude and immature. Danni plays the game and doesn’t want to get dragged into Rachel’s psychotic personality, Danni should play the jealousy card with Rachel and tell her if she doesn’t win the veto and gets nominated as a replacement her and Brendan will be in the Jury all by themselves and it gets real lonely there…hehe Rachel is so insecure she would prob blow a gasket and evict herself cuz she doesn’t trust Brendan at all :) that would be hilarious!! GO DANI!!!

  25. just a side note from the live show on thursday. If my daughter mutter for someone to shut up, no matter what the circumstances I would so punish her. That is something we do not allow children to say especially to adults or about them (even if they are unstable, crazy, med needing adults) I understand her thinking her mom is the bomb and that she is protecting her but wtf, why would you let a kid talk about an adult like that? There are more productive ways for her to express an opinion and I would love to see what kind of teenager she is going to be, Shelly may just get what she deserves in a few years.

    1. Her saing “Shut Up Rachel” was not disrespectful, because it needed to be said… If my kid told the truth I wouldn’t punish them

      1. to each their own but here in our real world house, telling an adult to shut up is wrong and will not be tolerated, which is why my adult kids have good jobs, wonderful spouses and will not need to end up on bb to make a living. However I am training the younger one to go on survivor so I can be her guest :) She can tell people to shut up when she is 18

  26. i wonder if britney is laughing at rachel every time big brother comes on… i wish they had talked to her instead of ragan and matt!

    1. Here’s a tip, everyone hates dumbasses who say: “If you support so and so, you support my exaggerated interpretation of their crimes.” Just shutup.

      I like Dani, but I’m really hoping she doesn’t win this.

    1. POV winner is safe form eviction if they use it to save someone else, as long and they don’t do it while they are on the block

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who recognizes that Kalia wants it badly and has been incredibly cranky and needy because none of the men will give it to her. Thus, she is angry towards all of the men. She is now clearly hoping for some lady action…………

    1. Because they as well as everybody watching want to see Rachel cry in the bushes again, that shit was HILARIOUS(but not as funny, Jeff told the truth to her face and she couldn’t handle it so she cried as she always does, too bad Brenda is not there to stroke her ego and tell her shes innocent and beautiful, not crazy, and she’s not what others say about her. he sure do lies to her a lot, their marriage is going to be rocky.

  27. I hope Dani doesn’t win this POV. I want her to go on the block.. she’s far too cocky. It’s annoying.

    CYA DANI. I’m hoping you get the block!

  28. Veto is taking a while to play out! TEAM DANI YO!

    here is my best case scenero. Dani wins Veto, takes kalia off. Jeff puts up adam or shelly (not rachel!). THEN Dani needs to plant seeds to rachel that Brendon is in the jury house and will spend it alone with porshe if she leaves Making rachel go back to JJ and work from the inside out to get rid of S/A….

    That would be beautiful :)

    Then for the double eviction Dani wins and gets rid of either JJ member, preferably jeff then runs the house getting people out one by one leaving Dani and Rachel the last 2 standing and Dani winning for her game play vs Rachel…

    That would be a great ending….with my luck dani wont win it and will go home…..

  29. @newtobigbrother….It’s apparent u have only inhale what you wanted to see on how Rachel behavior has been out of control. The only reason you speak of Dani having a relationship problem is because they have given us alittle information and really not all of it. Not that it is any of our business anyway on the separtion of the father and daughter relationship. I’m not a big fan on none of HG’s this yr and really not selecting who should get the money. Everyone in that house has told some lies one way or another and this includes Rachel. Do I think Adam Shelly and Jordan are riding ppls coat tails. Yes I surely do. Is Jeff and arrogant guy, yes he is and very demanding towards women who don’t have any backbone. Kalia believes everything she hears but now I think she has woken up but itz to late now. Porsche plays with whomever will save her. The only thing that Dani did was play her game to early and was alittle to pushy. But since this is cbs show I doubt Dani will go home because they need good drama to keep the ratings up. Shelly, Adam, Kalia and Jordan can go home and then let the fight begin. Another note I can’t see how anyone on this site can be routing for anybody becuz this yr game HG’s have been sorry of playing it. I’m not an experient but all the previous one have been more interesting and exciting. I’m just saying!!!!

  30. I am so sick of the three of them complaining about being have-nots!!! Jordan was a havenot for 2 weeks and didn’t complain about the room as much. Dani/Kahlia can’t handle not being in power. Hope Jeff all the way. He made big moves his season and this season has done what he has had to to get by. Jordan may not be best at compa but has a great social game.

      1. She also cried saying they were going to get picked off one by one…etc…Lets not forget the first 3 weeks when the vets had all the power and were nasty to anyone who didnt do what they said….DKP were not nearly as bad as JJSA…..both winning and losing!

      2. It’s amazing from the recent post you can tell, they only comment on what they want to see, not what actually happened..

    1. jordan and jeff are fakes.. their romance is a fake and jordan hasnt done shit this season and we all know that douche jeff is a bully

  31. You all know its rigged.. Shelly and Adam will just not try to win and its rigged for dani to win.. You ppl are just jellyfish… Team Dani SUCKS…

    1. According to the front page of this website where all the houseguest pictures are . Jeff is the HOH and the POV Winner

  32. I want to see Kalia and Dani on the block together just to see what would happen. People didn’t like Brendon or Rachel’s behavior on the block. Let’s see how the two classy women do it.

  33. To Jess: I am not sure if you watched BB12, but in the show Reagan hated Rachel the most. Reagan is a very intellectual person. I think his opinion stands about Rachel that she is a nice person to be around outside the house. Again stop hating on Rachel. From the first day that Rachel enter the house in BB12 her and Brandon had to immediately fight for their survival to stay in the game. They were the first 2 people to be nominated and Brandon won that veto. So think outside the box and recognize that Rachel and Brandon were always main targets in the BB house because they are smart and competitors. Stop hating on athletic people with brains!

  34. Is it me, Am I the only one that gets the fact that these people were “Hired” as a “Character” to portray on this show, for our enjoyment. Believe me when I say the majority of what you think you know is FALSE! Everyones background is a “backstory” in which to give life to their character. nothing more, nothing less! almost all have some connection to the “Entertainment” business. They aren’t regular people, so to speak! they are the proverbial waitress/waiter who wants to be an actress/actor. Jordan, with a half Mil working in a salon as a receptionist? I don’t think so. Rachel, a Chemist, who can’t find a job? or worked for lawyers as a receptionist…NO! Brendon, working on his Phd, cure for cancer? really? he couldn’t confidently explain how an MRI worked to Jordan! Puhleez!! this is nothing more than an evening soap opera for people who otherwise needs and/or lacks anything interesting to follow in their day to day grind! Me….I LOVE BIG BROTHER!!!! Team JJ FTW! with sexy Dani of course.

  35. And of course worst case scenero happened…….If they get rid of Dani the game will be SO boring….worse than the last few weeks of last year……


    1. I agree.
      If and when Dani leaves, I will skip BBAD and the sanitized CBS BB, however I
      will continue to come to this great site.

    1. It is sickening.

      Dani leaves and I’m done with BBAD and the Sanitized CBS BB.
      I’ll come here and you can keep me informed about the BB Dregs still in the House.
      Jordan didn’t get ONE single puzzle piece. What a stupid person!!!

  36. Well that’s it Dani’s gone. :( I doubt I will continue to watch bb now. It will be pretty boring without her….

  37. Did I just read this? : “”Kalia and Shelly both say that if it’s a spelling competition neither Jeff or Jordan will be good at it “”
    It’s official ! Shelly has managed to bad mouth every single Houseguests in the house including Jeff and Jordan her Gods. She is basically implying they’re too dumb to spell. lol
    I’m starting to think the only reason she is nice to Jordan is because she figured out being nice to the so called nicest person in the house would get her the love of Jordan’s fans. Shelly’s goal might just be being America’s next sweetheart, who knows?

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