Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly talks about Rachel ..saying good luck getting a job when you get out ain’t gonna happen! *Updated*

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7:30am Shelly wakes up and does her morning routine. 8:20am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back, Porsche and Shelly are in the bathroom, Porsche is talking about how anxious she is about the POV competition. Shelly tells Porsche that there is nothing she can do but save herself. Rachel joins them and says don’t worry ..I’ll do a good job hosting for you! Meanwhile in the havenot room Dani and Kalia are talking about how uncomfortable the havenot room is to sleep in. Back in the bathroom, Rachel asks Shelly if she is excited about playing in the POV. Shelly says yeah! Dani joins them. Shelly says once again …my prediction was right … the veto was not at night like I predicted. Dani laughs. Rachel says that she thought it would be a night veto until they gave us wine. Diary room leak: Rachel goes into the diary room yelling hey hey hey!! Production asks her how she is doing? Rachel says Oh you know ..just hanging out in the big brother house! Shelly and Dani are still in the bathroom talking about how horrible Rachel behaves and how she will learn once again once she gets out. Shelly says good luck getting a job (Rachel) because it ain’t going to happen.
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9:10am All four camera switch to the HaveNot room where Kalia and Porsche are talking. Kalia says that Shelly and Adam aren’t in Jeff and Jordan’s camp as much as they think they are… Kalia says that Dani thinks she is going to get back doored. Porsche says that she would have felt really bad if Dani had been nominated right away because she is on her period, its her birthday … Kalia says that it’s even worse to be back doored. Porsche says yeah. Kalia says unless you or I are the targets and that it’s the same either way. Porsche says best case scenario … Dani wins the veto …takes me off … Adam is put up next to you ..and you have me, Dani, and Shelly to vote for you..

9:20am – 9:45am Dani and Shelly are in the kitchen talking. Dani tells Shelly how Adam told her that he flicks his buggers on the ground. Shelly says that is disgusting! Dani says that she checked her swiffer pants and told him he was lucky that she didn’t find any of his buggers on them. Dani says that your best friend (Rachel) is pissed that she isn’t playing in the veto. Dani says that Adam said that he wishes he wasn’t even playing. Dani says that Porsche ate 12 eggs yesterday.. and that Kalia had 5. Shelly says that it’s bad for Porsche because she is so used to eating and snacking all the time. Dani says that this is only day one ..and she already hates slop. Rachel joins them in the kitchen. Rachel asks Shelly if she wants to play cards? Shelly says oh god no…I’m not even awake yet. Shelly asks if she thinks the POV will be early? Rachel says yeah ..otherwise they wouldn’t have woken us up early. Shelly leaves. Rachel asks Dani …do you think we could talk later this week? Dani says yeah. Porsche joins them in the kitchen ..she talks about beating her 12 egg record… Porsche says she is going for the gold! Adam comes into the kitchen and Shelly says we need to talk …we got a problem bugger boy. Adam says what?! ..what are you telling them! Adam says you heard it wrong the morning I wake up with dry buggies and rub them off ..then go into the bathroom and really dig with the toilet paper. Adam gets after Dani for telling stories. Dani says she is number 6 on Adams list of things he likes now.

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10am – 10:45am Shelly says that Rachel reminds her of the little girl at school that no one wants to play with. Jeff joins them in the kitchen. Adam talking about how Rachel wanted him to play card … Adam asks Jeff if he wants to play cards. Jeff asks who are you talking about… Jeff says oh never mind I know. Jeff gets annoyed with Shelly and Adam thinking they have been targets before .. Jeff says there is a difference between being a pawn and being a target. Jeff heads back up stairs. Shelly and Adam discuss what type of POV competition it might be .. Shelly says that they have been building it for 9 hours now. Adam heads back to bed. All four cameras switch to the candy room where Adam and Rachel are talking about what the POV competition might be. Porsche joins them and talks about how she played in the re-enactment of a America’s most wanted video trying to catch a rapist. Rachel tells Adam and she swore last night when Jordan got to take off her humilitard and we picked players that… big brother cuts the feeds. When they come back …Rachel is saying that she just wishes she could play …she like to play in everything. Adam says that it was a little messed up that Jeff got to pick the havenots and they didn’t get to fight for it. Rachel says thats part of the game mixing things up. Rachel says that Dani and Porsche had to expect they would be havenots. Adam says okay big brother ..either call me into the diary room or lets get this show on the road before it gets too hot out there. Adam and Rachel lay in silence.

10:45am – 11:15amShelly, Dani and Porsche are in the kitchen talking about random things. Porsche and Dani tell Shelly that they appreciate her cleaning the house. Shelly says that she though Dani should have a clean shitter while she is down here with the peasants. They talk about someone peeing all over the seat and finding a puddle on the floor. Porsche goes to the sliding door to listen and Big Brother yells at her to knock it off!! Dani and Porsche go into the havenot room to lay down. Dani says rip off my vagina hurts!!! Dani starts whispering with out her mic about winning the veto. Dani says if she wins veto and takes off Porsche or Kalia off Jeff might put up Adam. Dani says that she doesn’t think they would put up Shelly ..they would put up Adam. Porsche says that she doesn’t think Jeff would get rid of the only other guy. Dani says yeah because he thinks he could beat all of us girls. Porsche says if it gets down to the end of the veto competition and she throws it to Dani then Dani should take her off of the block. Porsche says but if Kalia throws it to Dani then Dani should take her off the block. Dani says she has a really strong feeling it would be Adam going up as the replacement.. Jeff wouldn’t want to break what they have with Shelly. Porsche says that she is trying to ass kiss .. but that her body doesn’t allow it.

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There is a difference between personal and game attacks! Shelly is messed…hope she gets fired!


Shelley is very messy, such a big liar

Team Adam

If I owned a business and Shelly was the Boss I wouldn’t fire her! It’s her life she can live it however she wants to…
Business is Business and your personal life shouldn’t be brought into work!!!!
If what she does on her own time doesn’t affect the company’s productivity I see absolutely nothing wrong!!

Rachel's shrink

It is probably better that you don’t own a business then.

Personal life is absolutely a consideration at the exec level of any company. Many VP’s contracts contain ethics and moral conduct clauses, because they are the “face” of the company and what they do in their personal lives reflects on the company.

Shelly is VP of Business Development, a role whose primary job function is to create partnerships. Partnerships are relationships formed and based on trust and integrity. After her (compulsive) lying in this game, and apparently even believing her own lies, I would never enter into a partnership agreement with her.


People PLEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZE…this is a GAME! Remember that? Lying, cheating, backstabbing, is all PART of that. I find it hilarious how everyone else is allowed but Shelly is being chastized? Good grief, get a life! What Shelly is doing is PLAYING THE GAME! If her stradegy gets her to the end then she played the best. The whole Brenchel we’ll vote for competitors is a bunch of crap.


I disagree, so why is Shelley keeps of ostracizing and picking on Rachel. She is the number one liar on this game. Everyone lies and lying to each face so why pick on one girl? Rachel might be annoying, at least, she is showing her true colors unlike the others especially Shelley.


Yeah, but if the company gets bad publicity or loses sales/customers because of an employee’s actions, that employee is toast.

Midwest Fan

The Corporation Shelley works for has removed her photo and biography from
its website.

BB is a game.
BB, also, lives forever on YouTube videos.
I wouldn’t want to employ Shelley with the kind of BB videos she will have
on the internet. She appears to have no integrity, at all.
Who wants to tell future clients that Shelley’s BB displays were not the real Shelley?
Do you recall when Lawon mentioned his boss was watching him on BB and Lawon said
he had to be sure he didn’t upset his employer?
Shelley said she was shocked to hear his employer was watching BB.
SS and Stupid.

Midwest Fan

Did Rachel get her stuffed toy back?
If so, does she know Shelley took it?

Also, I’ve given up on making BB predictions. I stink at it, however I’m still
cheering on Dani for a WIN.
Perhaps the Fortune Teller will have great predictions for Dani and bad ones for J/J.
: )


Shelly did not take Rachel’s dog, Dani was telling Porche she better give Rachel back the dog she took and tried to flush down the toilet

Midwest Fan


And I read Adam told Shelley to return Rachel’s stuffed toy and she said, “No! Why should I?”

Midwest Fan

It is a BB MYSTERY ………….


The way Shelly talks about Rachel is crazy. I’m now wondering if in real life this is how Shelly gets rid of co-workers she doesn’t like, by telling lie after lie about the person and mangling the person. Being a VP, her actions are a reflection of the company she works for. If Shelly needs to job hunt when she gets out, then she better not put on her resume she was on BB.


Shelly is the smartest and most accomplished person in the house. She is playing a game where lying and talking smack is a major part of the game.
Shelly is doing nothing wrong and I hope she makes it far!!!


She most likely will, after all what reputable marketing company that sells an image wants her image representing them after her rediculous displays on BB?

Especially one that promotes outdoor life and she constantly says she can’t stand things like camping….lol


Do you not understand that this is a GAME not real life??? This is not who she is in real life. People jump to all kinds of conclusions about her job & if they’ve fired her. They know her much better than anyone here. They know who she is & won’t be firing her based on her game play. Get a grip.


yeah it is a game, but shelly is a sociopath who cant even admit her lies in the DR, she actually believes them & cries as if someone died denying them & slandering rach & porsha! She needs serious help, I would never do business w/ her company if she was there. She better get fired & needs to be locked up and get some serious help, shes a text book sociopath!!!


Me, too. The hypocritical, vicious, personal attacks and outright lies toward Rachel are evil beyond belief. Rachel is a pain and socially pathetic, and Shelly s/b ashamed as she relentless undermines the “partner” she scolded for the same.


If Dani does not win POV and K or P does, she has one card left to play against Jeff to keep off the block, by threatening to cause his eviction next week, then tell the entire house that J&J made a deal to stay off the block last week by promising Dani to take her to the final 3 and knock off all the floaters and Rachel in the process.

So much for Mr. Intergrity’s word to the idiots in the house!


And should she win POV and Jeff confronts her about not using it all Dani needs do is say really, one of your alliance told me your full intent was to BD me and let it go till just before POV ceremony and let Jeff crap his pants for a while then Dani lets him know who she wants up as a replacement by indicating to Jeff it was XXXX


Apparently they have been building the set for the POV since 2AM BB time, meaning lockdown since then, meaning Shelly, Adam and Jeff have had no smokes since then, hmmmmm wonder how that will affect the chain smokers performances in the POV….lol


Why doesn’t Kalia smile more? She has a beautiful smile, but looks like a bulldog for about 90% of the day. Her expression is so serious.

separate the JJ's

Naids that’s funny. but what is it with you and Kalia???? do you want to be her sooo bad?? you’re beginning to sound like Rachel and Shelly. sorry to say.


I agree she does have a nice smile but her other facial expressions are not so cute


My prediction for this week.
Dani wins POV and takes someone down probably K
Adam is nominated as a pawn
Roach talks to Dani about a final 3. They accept.
DKR evict Adam
JS evict P
Adam is evicted
HOH winner is Dani


Wishful thinking?


Oh god, I hope you’re wrong. If Kalia or Porsche don’t leave this week or else i might stop watching… That’s not true, I’ll still watch… But i won’t be happy about it!


Sounds good to me


My Prediction…Adam wins POV, used the POV on Porshe under pressure from Jeff.
Jeff puts up Dani.
Jordan, Shelly, Rachel, Adam, and Porshe (pressured) all vote Dani out.
Porshe wins HOH


i’m a dani fan so i hope your right, but think the cards are stacked up against her, the black widow might have stung for the last time


Hope so, but why can’t it be Shelly leaving? Jeff seems like he’s close to being done with her.


You forgot about shellys vote. She will vote with jeff and Jordan. So tie and jeff breaks vote, evicts Porscha


Uh no! If dani wins POV and takes Kalia off, they strike deal with Rachel to vote out Adam that’s dkr vs js jeff only votes in case of tie.


Only 5 people voting so there will be NO tiebreaker.


there wont be a tie. if adam is on the block as a pawn:


there are only five votes…


Jeff doesn’t get to vote.


DKR evict Adam
JS evict P
Adam is evicted

There is no tie breaker this week.


My hope for this week is that Dani wins POV, takes down either one, Rachel gets put up by Jeff, him thinking she’s a pawn and that he’s scared everyone enough not to vote what they want, but what he wants, Shelly goes non-stalkerish for a moment, doesn’t listen and takes the opportunity, gives Rachel her vote for eviction. I know, won’t happen, but my God, would I like that!!!:)


My hope:

Dani wins POV.
She takes P or K off the block.
Jeff puts up Shelly or Adam as Pawn
If the votes are tied, then Jeff will break the tie….P or K goes home (I don’t want this….but Jeff won’t vote agaist his team in case of a tie
Dani wins HOH
Puts up Jeff and Jordan
Portia wins POV
Jeff is sent packing
Portia wins HOH
Puts up Jordan and Shelly
Shelly evicted
Dani wins HOH
Portia Veto
Put up Jordan and Adam
Adam goes
What is left is Dani, Portia, Rachael, and Jordan
This is based up Dani and Portia winning the remainder HOH or POV comps
In the end it is Dani *& Portia or Dani and Rachael
Dani wins!


That could happen IF Dani was allowed to play in every HOH comp after she has already been HOH.


No tie this week – 5 votes total.


Omg, I’d love that!!!!!:)


I hope I win the lottery!


Me likey


Dearest Dawg and Simon,

Why do so many of my comments continue to not get posted? Am I banned? I’m sorry to keep on asking, but I just don’t understand why so many do not get posted and others take at least an hour.

With love,


your comments are being filtered at the moment.. Since we get thousands of comments a day i need time to read them to figure out what is going on.


Thank you simon!


Can other bloggers sign in under other people’s screen name?

someone thanked me for a comment I wrote about K eating boiled eggs. am I drunk?
I don’t remember posting that….and have not been on the board for hours. My last post was about Shelly not telling lies about everybody just some people.


I gotta say that it looks here as if this site is treating you as fairly as it’s treating the rest of us. I’ve actually seen your posts successfully posted here many, many, times, and as a result of this, I’m left with the conclusion that you’re either just really hyperactively bad at making introductions, or purposefully bad at whatever the other motive may be. Either way, you’re obviously getting something out of being here and posting so much, complaining about it. So, hey, if you haven’t already, why not make a contribution to the site? How about a dollar for each post you submitted that didn’t show up?


pees just a little while laughing at Eripaul.. a diplomatic slam.. awesome


also pees just a little while laughing at Eripaul.. a diplomatic slam at me.. awesome


Why is Shelly so mean? 🙁

Rachel's shrink

Good luck to Shelly getting a job when she gets out.

She has already been removed from the executive page and all press releases of the company she (used to?) work for.

Anonymous 2

What is the company? I would like to see that.

Rachel's shrink

type this (exactly as shown below) into google:

shelly moore

You will see that google still shows Shelly there, but when you click on the links, she isn’t.

Rachel's nipple

ha. they must have received too much hate mail


That’s a very funny dream RC24…what happened when you woke up?


id like to see manchel and shelly voted off the island this week…………..


I really can’t stand Dani but approciate her game play.


My predict: dani wins POV takes off K. Adam is put up as pawn. dKP start a rumor that Porche has had a crush on brendon and is excited about what could happen if she gets to spend a week alone with him in jury house. Rumor get to Rachel and she goes ballistic. D and k tell Rachel that P is a skank and they want her to get evected soon but to ensure P doesn’t hook up with brendon, evict Adam first, and they can evict porche next week. R , D and K vote to evict Adam. Shelly and Jordan vote to evict P. Porche stays and wins HoH.


If only, brother. If only. 😮


Would be brilliant!


Didnt Branden cheat on Rachel ??? I remember hearing something about that once before.. Rachel would die knowing P and B were all alone for one week…lol

Rachel's shrink

awesome plan. The only thing that would be better is if they say they heard it from Shelly – then Shelly will also go ballistic.


It’s not going to happen DKP will get Screwed and will get evicted one by one by one.


Porsche is delusional. What makes her think that dani would use the veto on her?? She thinks she’s this great game player because she’s been able to hang in a couple of comps. She gets on my nerves. Bye bye Porsche or dani.

Rachel's shrink

If Dani wins POV and saves Kalia, she is stupid.
Kalia is useless, and the HOH she won totally looked rigged – she answered the questions before there was even enough information said to know what the question was.

Tough call – if she wins it, she should either use it on Porsche or not use it at all. I lean towards the former, but they would have to win HOH next week, or they’re done.


simple. votes, and strength

strength wise, porsche is better to go to battle with later on. she can win an endurance somehow, or a diff comp(better than kalia, who just flat out got a luck comp)

votes. Porsche muddles the waters, leaving up kalia ensures that there is no funny business. Both talk too much, but porsche is someone you dont need to jump back to the other side, if she feels she is the 3 in that group, she may jump ship and work with adam


What a SNAKE Shelly is! She gets pleasure talking trash about every houseguest, doesn’t miss a minute to attack hg’s character, is like she loves to put everyone down, I think she tries to rise above her own shit jeeeez! her last comment regarding Rachel sounds more like a wish than a statement. Talking about having mental problems this “white trash turned business woman” takes the prize! At the beginning I didn’t like Rachel, I’m still not a fan but certainly do not hope she doesn’t get a job when she leaves. Shelly should be careful, negative energy can be a boomerang….


I never heard Shelly talk negative about Jordan or Jeff…and never….never Jordan.
What did she say bad about Jordan? I’m telling you, I will faint to floor right now if Shelly said mean things aboutJordan. She seems to really love Jordan… they got a secret relationship. Maybe that is Jordan’s autnie.
I don’t think Shelly talks about Adam either.

Everyone else…is fair game for her talk about.

All is fair in love and war. The issue is when the lies catch up to you. Rule of thumb —you can remember the truth far better than you can remember a lie. Shelly is getting mixed up with all the lies.

Midwest Fan

I don’t think Shelley has said a bad word about J/J.
Shelley reminds me of a weird J/J fan. Creepy Stalker.

Regarding Adam – yesterday Shelley discussed with J/J how they would get rid of him.
If only Adam knew …………. KABOOM!


I don’t think Shelley is a very nice person. I like Rachel despite her problems. If Rachel has had problems getting a job it most likely is because a lot of people right now are out of work and jobs are scarce. I have a hard time seeing Shelley in a manager role outside of the trucking industry. Shelley is sneaky and mean. Kalia is a waste of space. She is rude and nasty. I am so tired of the houseguests poking at Rachel. She is not perfect, but neither are any of the rest of them. Jeff is a homophobe and can be quite the bully, Jordan has no initiative at all, (does she even work? ) Shelley is a rude, crude woman, Dani is really not that bad, she actually can separate the game from real life, Kalia is a waste of the air she breathes, nasty, spiteful and has the gall to talk anyone else down, Adam is a floater, Porsche just sleeps and Rachel yes she is dramatic but so what?


I laugh at the hypocrisy of you calling the Houeguests mean and rude.


Could not agree more
I don’t understand it either
They all have their flaws and maybe even worse then rachel’s, so why fon’t they look in the mirror before pointing at others
I’m not saying Rachel is perfect but they are showing to be far worse


Deb, I’m not a Rachel fan, infact had to quite watching because of her…I read the spoilers! doh. Your comment is the most intelligent one I’ve read in a long time. Right on. This season I find it hard to like anyone very much. Jeff and Jordan give me the creeps. He is a bully and homophobe, Jordan is a sheep. why? Bet she is not as dumb as she acts, she looks miserable. Anyway, thanks for your good comment.


I’m sorry, did I miss the part where R apologizes to D for the shit she dished out to her last night??? Now R wants to talk game with her?? Nut job!!

(Driving up to cottage country … North of Toronto… with the family so will look forward to reading & chatting more with you later today. So enjoy this site from the updates to the sharing of similar & opposite opinions. Cheers all!)


Have a safe trip, DR. Well have to sign off for awhile myself. See you and everybody else later.

Midwest Fan

Have a great time.

Team bb

I luv ur idea Henry that would be soooo funny!! And rachael will probly go insane just thinking about it lmfao!!


cry me a FREAKING RIVER dani is pissed because she can’t have a soft bed to sleep in and on slop she thinks she can go all season with being on slop ora have not boot her butt out


Wondering what Rachel wants to talk to Dani about? Hopefully Dani wins POV and Jeff puts up Adam or Shelly as pawn next to P or K .. and Rachel decides she wants to work with team Dani and votes out Jeffs Pawn.. im sooo hoping… I get off on seeing Jeff miserable.


I think picking on Rachel is the ‘house’ pass time. Shelly has absolutely NO ROOM to throw stones at R about her lying because Shelly holds the record, hands down.

Shelly still pivots between both sides even though she claims to have retired the Trojan Horse activity.

Rachel may have her issues but she does NOT deserve the amount of abuse from the other ladies. It is easy fotter and has become over the top.

Please evict Shelly – soon!


My ideal scenario for next week

Dani wins POV;
Dani takes down Kalia;
Jeff puts up Shelly as a pawn next to Porsche
Dani, Kalia, Rachel all evict Shelly
Dani wins HOH
Dani puts up Jeff and Jordan
Dani or Porsche win POV; don’t use it
Rachel, Porsche, Kalia, Adam all evict Jeff


“Porsche says best case scenario … Dani wins the veto …takes me off … Adam is put up next to you ..and you have me, Dani, and Shelly to vote for you..”

Porsche making an interesting move with kalia playing on her trust of Shelly.

Ol Brother

I predict DKP win POV but one of them still goes home. Rachel will switch to what is left of DKP and one of those will win the 2nd eviction HOH and get rid of Jeff, unless he wins POV. If Jeff survives the double eviction there is a good chance he will win the following HOH bc and endurance comp is due

Ol Brother

This week is the biggest week of the year so far. If JJ survive the double eviction the will probably make final 3. If not, Rachel and the survivor of Porche and Dani this week will control the game from here on out.


Sheliar will have a lot of problems with her daughter when she gets to be a teenager. She will act like a teenager when dhe doesn’t get her way and throw at Sheliar’s face that she is a BIG liar herself. She will never trust her again-neither will her husband. Nothing like observing someone’s actions 24/7-game or no game. Her goose is cooked at home and at work. Whenshe tries to sell something-they won’t buy it(no pawn intended).

I can just imagine how she got where she is -she stepped on everyone’s head and knocked her competition off-one by one to get her position in the company. Now, maybe they can look back and sort things out and know what happened to them. Karma is a bitch!!


Shellys a str8 shooter and so mature but she stole rachels doll and talks shit all the time she’s just like JJ they are perfect for each other


i think shelly should worry if she has a job anymore……….she has not really presented herself in a positive way – why would a company what her to represent them.


no one has won the pov, and i dont think jeff cares whether dani wins or not. I dont think his goal is to get dani out this week (which would be
a mistake seems as its a double eviction) but just to weaken the alliance she has to force r to to go against them out right.


Geez, Dani is on her period again?What the hell? She really should go get checked after the show. Seems like every other week their is some type of talk about Dani being on her period.

Anyway, I hope Dani wins POV. I don’t want to see her backdoored even though she’s made some bad game decisions throughout the game. I also don’t want some like Adam outlasting her. He has slowly put surely become someone I don’t like (in the game) . Not that I’m a fan of Jordan winning either because she’s has the extra protection of Jeff being there. But Kailia should have put both Jeff and Jordan up. But the newbies with more balls went out in the first few weeks so oh well. I think we would have seen a more interesting game with people like Keith, Cassi, and Dom in there. So the Vets were probably onto something by getting those 3 out.


dom was a dingleberry bound to be controlled by the woman of the house, but i think cassi would have made this a much more interesting show. She is intelligent and everyone could see that.


I really would like CBS to ask shelly and everyone else to find a new topic. IMHO…Rachel is not acting any worse than anyone else at this point. its getting almost a bit sad on their part. Get over it, move on, and play the fing game. we should hear this stuff on FINALE night, not now, not when she still CONTROLS two jury votes.

Its just maddening


Did I miss something last night on BBD??? I watched almost to the end, and I am sorry, I didn’t see Rachel do anything to anybody. I saw Shelly, Adam talking to Dani about Rachel, but I actually didn’t see Rachel do anything to Dani. As far as eating HOH food, all of them do that. Dani, Kahlia, Porshe, rubbed food in the others faces when they were eating slop. I find it amusing that Shelly thinks Rachel won’t be able to get a job, I think Shelly should be more concerned about keeping her job. I really beloeve that Rachel could wear a halo on her head and the others would bash her, because this is what they like to do. Rachel is the dog in the house that the other houseguests like to kick. They all talk about how America views Rachel, they should be wondering how America views them.


Kalia eating eggs…grossest thing…can’t watch!!!!


Jazz, better to be watching her eat all those eggs from a distance. Nothing worst than egg farts!!!! And, after all those eggs, she is going to blow! There she goes!


Pretty much off-topic, but I was just wondering… does anyone remember who originally gave Brendon the title of ‘The Skyperbater’? I don’t have any major reason for asking; it’s just that ever since I read a post here awhile back from a regular commenter that called him that, I can’t even look at, much less think about Brendon from that point on without the ‘Skyperbater’ thing filling my head… in hilarious ways. Whoever you are, I just want to let you know that that nick name to this day cracks me the hell up:) Kudos, whoever you are. That’s just flat out funny!:)


you realize why he earned that nickname right?


Honey, I absolutely know how he got that nick name. And the single screencap I just ‘HAD’ to see as proof I wish I could scrub out of my head at this point;)


I think Shelly is the one who needs the good luck finding a job. I bet she will lose her job when she goes back, and if not, she won’t last because everybody won’t trust her.


Dani says that Porsche ate 12 eggs yesterday.. and that Kalia had 5.

4-5 hard boiled eggs would be my limit, but 12? I’d get a stomach ache


I think she is trying to beat Paul Newman’s record in the movie “Cool Hand Luke”. I think he ate 50!


Folks, this is just a game!! I don’t understand why so many of you bash Shelly for her lies, your beloved Dani lies all of the time. You can tell she is a very smart and educated business woman. If you had to deal with these kids 24-7 for the whole summer (especially KPR) wouldn’t you talk junk too!


Why would anyone want Dani to win ????? She is a little snot…..thinks she’s better or smarter than anyone else !
I hope her ass gets backdoored this Thursday ! And Rachel…….the only job she will get… movies and
not the expensive ones…..the B grade trash films ! ! ! ! ! Say what you want…..but…..Jeff is a nice, normal
guy and Jordan is a nice, normal, beautiful, girl next door type ! I hope Jeff wins and Jordan comes in 2’nd.
If Not, Adam or Shelly next in line ! ! ! ! The rest are floaters !


If you consider Jordan normal, you must have mashed potatoes between your ears as well! She is dumb as a box of rocks.
Jeff isn’t much smarter.


pattypoo, Jeff is not a nice normal guy, watch and listen how he treats everyone including Jordan. He is a bully, a badger, misogynist homophobe. Cute but ugly as sin on the inside…not my favorite kind of guy.


Now for something completely different:

Jordan wins POV and takes off Kalia.
Dani goes up.
Dani is evicted.
Shelly wins HOH.
Rachel and Porsche go up.
Jeff wins POV. Leaves nominations alone.
Rachel is evicted.
Jeff wins HOH.

Final 3: Jeff, Jordan and Shelly


Totally agreed on this one. Jeff Shelly and Jordan. Final 3. Jeff definitely will win BB13. 500k. plus America favorite Houseguest.


So you hope that this years Big Brother is won by Floaters???
Jordan self confessed floater (Queen of the floaters)
Shelly useless lying floater
Jeff can only win a comp when the stronger players don’t participate.


Eripaul, I love “skyperbater” too.

To everybody else, screw your biases, I love Shelly’s game play, part of a well thought out “business” plan. This is in part the lying and scheming that make you a strong villain, in part being the Mom to the youngin’s, in part being helpful and cleaning (taking care of others), in part having a reason to be present in any room (cleaning) to listen and support those in that room (no eye-to-eye contact, non-threatening) while suggesting weaknesses of those not present, building confidence with those in the room, — in part keeping a strong #1 alliance (Jordan), part playing both sides (everybody does it at some point). There’s much more to her strategy and I think it’s working for the most part for this tough ol’ broad.

Shelly knows what color the sky is in her world, unlike many of these guys. Her charming Josie is smart enough to understand her mom’s gameplay, but seeing it on tv even Josie knows her mom went too far playing both sides as a trojan horse strategy and everybody knows it was time for her to switch strategies. Now she is using friendly persuasion and laying low to all but Rachel whom she has no respect for.


One thing that’s exciting is that it will soon be an all female cast and we all know how that will go…..Mmmmrrrroowwww!


Do Jeff & Jordan know that Adam & Shelly are planning on throwing the Veto Competition? If Jeff does know this – has Jeff approached Shelly & Adam telling them if he watches them intentionally throw the Veto he will make sure one of them is going home?

How does a Double Eviction Work? This is my first season of BB. Do they find out right before the eviction voting – and instead of voting both of the people up for eviction leave? If this is how it works – then on Thursday we will see Kalia & Porshe walk out the doors.

I don’t find Shelly to be a nice person at all. I think Shelly’s behavior at her age is much worst than anyone else in that house. Shelly’s behavior – due to her age – is set & will not change. Rachel has a chance of changing & improving herself. It’s disgusting that anyone in the house would state that Rachel has a Psychological Problem but then go on to talk horrible about her – Shelly is beyond disgusting with her thoughts about cutting up Rachel’s Plush Toy Animals especially due to Shelly’s age & the fact that Shelly has stated that Rachel has a Psychological Problem. If these people really believe Rachel suffers from a Psychological Problem that she can control as much as a person can control having Diabetes, High Cholesterol & still pick on Rachel they are the true problem makers.

Shelly is upset with Rachel b/c Rachel told the truth – When is telling the truth crazy? Shelly did ask Rachel & Brendon for a Final Three Deal – Rachel told. Shelly doesn’t just try to brush this under the rug – but goes after Rachel – saying things such as “I can’t even look at her … I want to punch Rachel for what she did (Told the Truth) …. I’ve never seen someone with as much venom as Rachel.” Shelly’s reaction to Rachel telling the truth should have been to just brush it under the rug – but Shelly to prove that Rachel wronged her Shelly steals two of Rachel’s Plush Animals & contemplates cutting them up?

Dani is upset with Rachel b/c Dani has Daddy Issues – Dani’s Daddy Issues caused Dani to develop an over the top bond with Dom. Dani blames Rachel for Dom’s eviction – it’s clear even though Dani says that her game play has nothing to do with emotions. Instead of being honest, Dani exaggerates Rachel’s behavior towards her & encourages Shelly to cut up Rachel’s stolen Plush Animals.

Dani & Shelly are way more toxic than Rachel. I wish someone would say to Dani “I’m sorry that your dad doesn’t love you & you have Daddy Issues – but dating homeless looking guys, hating romance, & being a love skeptic doesn’t make you special – it makes you a hurt little girl & that’s how you behave. You developed an infatuation with Dom in a matter of days trying to replace Daddy – you lied to yourself & everyone saying that your allegiance towards Dom was gameplay – but the truth is your rapture like Dom delight was a weakness not strong gameplay. Dom was inclined to be close to you for his gameplay – but was not loyal to you. The truth is that infatuation & allegiance towards Dom was out of line – you only knew him for days but behaved as though his eviction was a personal attack on you, Dani Girl. The truth is Dom was evicted b/c your Daddy Issues caused you to develop a disproportionate attachment to Dom which caused you to go against your alliance. Dani your Daddy Issues DOES NOT MAKE Rachel a villain … Dani your reaction & behavior of Dom being evicted is FAR MORE PATHETIC, CRAZY & SAD than anything Rachel has done.” I wish someone would say to Shelly “Rachel is in her late 20’s you are in your 40’s – Rachel if she wants to can improve herself – but you, lady, are set in stone. I would think someone who has read as many motivational books would know this. How can you, a mother to a little girl, behave so cruelly towards Rachel when Rachel’s only wrongdoing towards you is telling the truth?”

I know it’s a game – but I find it gross the way both Dani & Shelly behave towards Rachel. Dani looks as though she could easily be 35 not 25 – Dani’s reaction to Dom being evicted was just silly – much more silly than Rachel’s reaction to Brendan being evicted twice. Rachel has a reason to believe that she can trust Brendan: they are engaged, they have worked through cheating, they discuss their long term future together – Rachel has both a real and true investment in Brendan. Dani has nor had anything real with Dom – when Dani said “I’m going to be honest, I’m going to be pissed if Dom is evicted” and then Dani started talking about instead of evicting Dom evict Jeff – Dani’s lucky that Rachel & Brendan didn’t say right then “Dani YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND … Get to the Diary Room right now to get some medication … Jeff is part of your alliance … we can’t change everything b/c you have Daddy Issues & are blatantly using Dom to fill your Daddy Issues.”

SORRY – that this is so long. I really do have questions: How does the Double Eviction work & does Jeff know about Shelly & Adam throwing the veto?

My opinion of the house guests is that Shelly’s behavior is far more worrisome than Rachel – and, Dani needs to stop blaming Rachel for her own Daddy Issues. I’m shocked at how much weight Porshe has gained — Kalia behaves like the person she is hanging around which is disturbing. For instance, when Kalia is hanging around Jordan Kalia takes on Jordan’s mannerisms – but then takes on Dani’s mannerisms when she is around Dani. I don’t think Kalia even knows who Kalia is. I don’t see Jeff as an abusive asshole with anger issues – perhaps his temper explodes during the live feeds – but I don’t know why people think Jeff has an anger issue. I think Jordan is more into Jeff than Jeff is into Jordan. I think if Jeff were to give Jordan affection Jordan would accept it with glee. I would like to see Dani & Shelly leave the house b/c I would like to see the dynamics of the house with the two most toxic people gone.


sweet macaroni.. I didn’t get past the first sentence..


Thanks for trying!


Man I hope dani doesn’t win pov,,,, I really want kalia or dani to go home!!!!! And it would be even more wrong I’d porsha throws dani pic and she uses it on kalia!!!!!! I hope Rachel wins next pov and puts the two from dkp up that survive this week!!! Double eviction can be really good or horribly wrong

Nikki Tomberlin

I like how dani told kalia while making skip cake ” let me live my life” lol


I have a question why if Dani wins power of veto and she takes Porsche or Kalia off why is Dani safe, she gave it to one of them. When Brendon won the power of veto and he took Rachel off the block he still had to stay on and got voted out??


Because he was already on the block. The words are “I have the power to change one of the nominations.” Brendon could not change both nominations. And they grant pov winners safety otherwise as an incentive to use it. Otherwise, it would hardly ever get used; it would just be a trap.

Team 500 G's

WOW……”shocker” (drink) Dani has daddy issues…lol….honestly most of these people have issues. And dont worry about Smelly getting a job….I thought lieing and backstabbing was a prerequist in corporate America…LOL
I also believe that production wants Dani to stay. Absolutely dont be surprised if Dani wins POV.

I still absolutely believe J/J will not win BB 13….one reason is if them two make the final 2…who would watch the finale? If Smelly and Adam make it to final 4….how intresting would that be….yawn!!!!!! I say P or K gets pulled….Adam goes up and gets evicted. Kalia, Porsche, Adam have no one to blame but theirselves for not winning BB. They had absolutely no game what so ever. The only Game Smelly has is to attach herself to J/J which will also be her undoing. I mean why biother playing the game if you are not out to win….I wish I had a freind like that wo would do everyhting they could to give me $500 G’s.. I am sure she will say on finale night that it was her intention the whole time to vote to give J/J the money….After the show J/J wont even remember her name.

No matter what happens Jeff will not make it to the end. As someone else said, if Jeff makes it through double elination he will be in good shape, I mean what is everybody going to do…just give up and say…here you go J/J its all yours? If anyone beside J/J and shelly win HOH Jeff will be gone. I mean even at that point Adam will know if he has any chance of winning Jeff must go.

Lets just say Jeff gets evicted and Jordo makes ot final 2…there is no way she wins…yes she will have 2 votes but the rest of the HG will say she never had much gameplay and that she already won once….why does she deserve it? The one thing Adam does respect is the BB game…he will vote for the best Game player. Kalia will vote for anyone that is up against Jordo because her little heart will be broken when J/J has her evicted.

My prediction is Kalia and Jeff go this thursday………..BTW J/J will not win BB 13


If production does control things – I think they can only control things so much. For example, when Brendan was voted back in – production may have not wanted Brendan to get evicted so found a way to get him back in. But then Brendan was evicted again, so, what was production to do?

If production wants Dani – then I think they can only help her so much. In other words, Dani could still get evicted even with help from production.

As a new viewers to BB – I enjoyed it with Brendan in the house. I liked the BR / JJ / and Dani dynamic. Brendan being evicted & Kalia becoming HOH caused me to stop watching for a week. I could not take Kalia as HOH – I did not find anything interesting about watching Dani & Kalia with a sprinkling of Porshe talking in the HOH room, doing happy dances in the storage room – Kalia channeling her inner Oprah when shouting “who wants to see my HOH room?” I was waiting for Kalia during the nomination ceremony to state “you get a key, you get a key, you get a key …”

As a viewer, I enjoyed Brendan. I don’t think – like Dani says – that Julie Chen was offended for Dani when Brendan called Dani Judas. I heard Julie Chen turn around & call Dani Judas – which shocked me.

As a viewer, I do not enjoy Kalia & never have. Shelly didn’t bother me with her Trojan Horse ways until she became overly offended when Rachel told the truth & then stole Rachel’s Plush Animals. Now I do not care for Shelly.

I do not find Dani attractive. Beauty is subjective – I think Dani’s personality & behavior makes her less attractive to me. I think that Dani looks at least 10 years older than 25: To me Dani looks older than:
Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie. Dani looks as old as Chelsea Handler.


I wish I was there so I could kiss Dani’s vagina better


I get that Rachel is immature, but Shelly is no different. I mean, we get that you hate her! But gossiping about another person and being rude to them behind their back is just as immature and ridiculous as Rachel’s immature antics.