Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly tells Adam & Porsche that its better for all of them to keep Dani..

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1:50am – 2:15pm Out in the backyard, Adam, Rachel and Porsche are talking how many weeks are left. Adam says that there are 23/24 days left… or three weeks and few days. Adam says that he is going to need to set up cameras in his bedroom …just to feel normal when he gets out. Adam says that he is so used to changing his batteries in the morning now. They talk about the wake up songs. They talk about how they are excited about Vegas. Adam says that he is just really excited to meet other people ..other houseguests. Porsche says she hopes there will be a party here. Adam says that he was trying to set something up from inside. Adam jokes that he will be on the do not let in list. Porsche says did you vote to evict my daughter… you are not allowed in. Adam says now thats a good argument. This hole time Rachel has been sitting in silence with her head in her hands. Rachel leaves. Porsche says there is definitely a cast party after here… and she (Rachel) is never going to be invited. Porsche tells Adam that Jordan and Kalia will never put each other. Adam says that he hates when people do that. Porsche says that he and Rachel have a no put up deal too. Rachel comes back outside. Rachel asks if Adam and Porsche this experience is what they thought it would be. Rachel gets called to the diary room.

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2:20pm – 2:30pm Porsche says that I am not a floater… I was on one ship and I jumped to another. Adam says that he wasn’t saying she was. Shelly comes out and joins them. Adam gets Shelly to go spray the hammock because it stinks. Shelly says that Lawon used to sweat on it all the time. Adam says that Kalia is playing week to week ..and Dani is playing to win. Adam tells Porsche that he told Jeff to not put up Porsche and you weren’t the target. Porsche says that she plays dumb because it works for her… she says that she came into the house and saw all the aggressive people and didn’t want to jump in that pond. Shelly comes back out. Shelly asks what side Porsche is on. Porsche says that she is with the newbies. Shelly asks Adam and Porsche who they are voting out this week. Adam says Dani. Porshce says Kalia. Shelly says that she thinks they need to keep Dani and here is why ….this conversation doesn’t go anywhere …or I WILL BLOW UP… Shelly says that she loves and adores Jeff and Jordan but this is a game. Shelly says that if Jeff and Jordan make it all the way to the end and they win. Porsche says that she knows Jeff and Jordan won’t vote out Rachel. Shelly says they won’t vote her out until 4 or 5 people are left. Shelly says if we vote to keep Dani then we flip the house and we have the numbers. Shelly tells them that they need to think about what their chances are with Dani vs Kalia. Jeff comes outside and the conversation ends. They talk about random stuff. Shelly then heads out into the yard to lay out. Jeff goes back inside.
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2:30pm Adam and Shelly are sitting on opposite sides of the pool in lounge chairs. Shelly tells Adam that they really need to think about what they are going to do. Adam says yeah. Shelly says that she really wishes she knew we were going to win HOH this week …that would make things a lot easier. Adam says it sure would. Shelly then starts counting the votes to herself..

2:35pm – 2:45pm Shelly then comes over to Adam and tells him not to stress about things. Shelly says that we can’t win against Jeff and Jordan …we need to break them up. In a perfect world I want Dani out too … however if we make a deal with Dani ..that she wont ever put us up ..she wins competitions. Adam says that he just doesn’t think he can trust Dani. Shelly says she loves you a lot. Adam says that for a number of reasons why he doesn’t trust Dani … that she tells partial truths ..and that Jeff and Jordan tell him the truth straight up. Shelly questions how it plays out then if they keep Kalia. Adam says that then this week is the only week to get out Jeff. Shelly says that Rachel, Jeff and Jordan are already concerned that you have flipped. Adam says that all we need are three votes. Adam and Shelly go through the votes. Shelly tells Adam that everyone in the house plans on getting Adam out before the questions competition. Shelly asks if Adam would be willing to sit down all three of us, me and Dani …to see what deal she can offer us. Adam says no ..he is really nervous and will talk to her himself. Shelly asks so when do we split up Jeff and Jordan? Adam says he doesn’t know. Adam says that he knows this is the time …and that he has been thinking about it. Adam says that if we keep Kalia ..she will go after Rachel and Jeff next week. Shelly says that we still have more number if we go the other way. Shelly says that Rachel won’t protect us.

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Bored Brother



sorry, but no one really gives a shit that you’re the 1st poster


I think it’s cool he’s the first poster, wish it was me!




You are all stupid! Who the heck cares who’s first etc… Shut up!!!


since your all talking about it, seems like you all care..

Midwest Fan

Thank gawd, it wasn’t you.


I want to be first. Let me be first. Why do you always have to take the joy out of being first away from me?




Yes!.. Go Dani and Porsche!!


I am so proud of u

Midwest Fan



There is still a glimmer of hope for BB 13!!


I knew it. Shelley is a genious. She BS’d JJ all season and now you dbags are seeing a real player. go team shelley!!!


kalia will be gone


Rachael obviously has a personality disorder is heavily medicated and now may be pregnant. On top of all this she’s drinking. What part of this isn’t horrible? It’s not really her fault though,BB dropped the ball here.


You’re an idiot


Care to elaborate? I feel very confident in my observation. I’m always open to change my mind especially if you can share some information I don’t have or have overlooked.


He’s clearly got nothing other than an insult to sling. Way to contribute to the discussions in here. Sadly, that was probably an indication of his contribution to society. Basically nothing.


You know all this Sam by observing Rachel on TV. A TV diagnose. Or you think this because the other idiot’s in the house say horrible things about her that each and every one of them do themselves. She said she may be pregnant. Not a done deal.


I’m going to tell you this, using common sense. Big Brother would have suggested, not drinking, and maybe to take a pregnancy test, if she was pregnant. I doubt, that she is but with all the things that her and Brendon do, I wouldn’t put it past them.


there is so much else about the game to talk about right now, and this is what you choose to bring up, bashing a might-be pregnanty woman who isnt even at the center of current BB drama (rolling my eyes)…says a lot about you


I was responding to the post.It said Rachael had been sitting in silence with her head in her hands. I didn’t bash her at all, just pointing out that she has serious problems and spears to need help. And as far as a TV diagnosis goes it’s very easy to make one based on the hours upon hours of observation. Is there anybody who would argue that she meets at least 5 of the following:

  1. frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment. Note: Do not include suicidal or self-mutilating behavior covered in Criterion 5.

  2. a pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation. 

  3. identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self. 

  4. impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g., spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating). Note: Do not include suicidal or self-mutilating behavior covered in Criterion 5. 

  5. recurrent suicidal behavior, gestures, or threats, or self-mutilating behavior 

  6. affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic dysphoria, irritability, or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days). 

  7. chronic feelings of emptiness 

  8. inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger (e.g., frequent displays of temper, constant anger, recurrent physical fights) 

  9. transient, stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms

She needs at least 5 to qualify for borderline personality disorder. In my opinion she clearly does.I love BB but I feel they are being irresponsible with a person who is clearly mentally unstable.


These traits also are all common symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder which is incurable.


i understand what you are saying…but i am getting a master’s in psychology (child psych) but when you see in person what these attributes look like, alone or together, in a person, they appear very different. the impulsivity is beyond “i like to have sex daily with my boyfriend” or “i spend a little too much when i shop” – the fear of abandonment is not dealt with by a day or two of rage- but other more severe, maladaptive behaviors. Could Rachel have some sort of psychic or borderline personality disorder? perhaps, but I don’t really see it. I think this is more of a fishbowl and you can’t simply make any sort of honest, authentic observations leading to a diagnosis without a obserivng how that person functions within their real, actual setting(s) and in an environment where the stakes for interaction and daily motivating factors do not involve half a million dollars and television cameras
it is unnatural and so some unnatural, irrational behavior is to be expected

Karen Downen

Boy, you have diagnosed most of the house guests. I can recognize several of these traits in Kalia, Adam, Shelly and the little spoiled child Dani. Even Jordan and Jeff don’t escape some of these traits. And all you phyc majors out there remember this is a game and every one of the vets have talked about how different people are outside of the house. So learn from your observations instead of labeling, you might actually gain some knowledge.


Flashback to July 30th around 11:05pm BBT; Rachel’s at the table talking to Dani and shortly gets up to leave. Porsche whispers to Dani that Rachel is having her period. If she’s having her period on July 30th, she is not 2 weeks late now. She may be pregnant, but her period isn’t 2 weeks late, that’s for sure.


for one thing she had her menestrual cycle just 3 weeks ago, the other she just threw that out there to see what happens


It really annoys me when people repost the same comment on another page. Do you have anything else to contribute???


Even if Rachel is smoking crack and injectining heroin while she’s pregnant the delusional Rachel fans would defend her and say what horrible bitches SDKP are for saying such terrible things about her.


How many assumtions are in that post. For one, do not know she is prego, two.. she asked about alcohol but hasnt had any….. I cannot believe how all these people can just bash on rachel.. How bout the other plain mean evil people in the house. DANI, SHELLY.. I have heard really mean and personal comments from them that I have never heard from rachel.


Can’t decipher straight shooter speak.

Is confused.


thank god shelly please keep dani and keep the game interesting!


OMG there;s hope for dani!! As if she got through to shelly! If she stays i will be shocked! All she has to do( if she stays) is get out jeff and rachel, and she will have this game in a bag.


I’m down on my knees praying!!!


Question is: can the snake and the uncle fester be trusted???


Yay! Team dani yo, come on shelly, do it!


We’ll see. Shelly obviously has been cut off from the J/J pheromones. Once she gets her whiff, she’ll come back to her senses and if she’s depending on Adam to man up and make a move, not gonna happen.

Still I have a slither of hope Dani can be saved.


slither=sliver. I’m so used to saying ‘slither’ when discussing Shelly,Freudian slip.


what else is new!!!!!!


No Big Brother production got to Shelly.. They tried to get Jeff to not put Dani on the block and now they got to shelly trying to get her to make sure dani stays in the game….Shelly is a scumbag .THis game sucks ..They will not let ppl play their own game…


You are 100% correct sir…production obviously, through their actions with the other houseguests want Dani to stay, and since Jeff wasn’t willing to play their game, they have gone to Shelly, Dani has been told, Porsche knows, Adam knows, but is upset about it. Big Jeff will get a big surprise this week, especially if Jordan doesn’t win HOH Thursday, and he doesn’t win POV. He may be the second person evicted, right after Kalia. The question Julie will ask him after he is evicted…”Did you not learn from your mistake with Russell last year?” – – Priceless…

Dana J

Big Jeff may be putting himself in a position to get taken out by floaters….AGAIN




Shellys a joke all I hear her say is I tell the truth. She is a floater from hell . She could play in the next ten seasons and still never win a competition


Adam deaded her. Basically told her no.


Adam is a pussy. For such a big BB fan he sure is scared to play the game!! What a dummy he can’t see that a 2 person SOLID alliance is setting him up for failure! If he doesn’t make a move NOW JJ has him by the balls HE DONE

Dana J

Looks like “Big Jeff ” may be putting himself in a position to get taken out by floaters….AGAIN…SMH

Midwest Fan

Jeff lashed out at Dani for going with the newbies and rejecting the vets.
Looks like Jeff has done the same thing.
He could have kept his agreement with D A N I.


Shelly is the the epitome of EVIL…….and ugliness!


True! However ……….. Right now I’m kind of luv’n her!



Anybody who saves Dani and screw J/J in the process is golden to me!

Julia Christine

thats exactly how i feel, shes a floater but as long as shes floating on dani’s staying behalf im totally down with her… for the time being 😉


If that’s true, then she belongs on the dark side with Dani. Adam you want a big fan following? Flip the house and you will gain at least one, in me. And I am sure many on Team Dani would feel the same way. I want to like you, but you have done nothing but suck on Jeff’s ass for weeks now. Make a move that shows me you are here to play, flip the house. You can’t beat Jeff or Jordan if either are next to you in the finals. You need them out to have a chance.


You Dani lovers are dumbass’s…what will keeping Dani do for Adam/Shelly? Nothing,they will still be at the bottom of her Alliance.Sure the bitch says she will never put them up,but what their dumbass’s don’t seem to realize is,Dani will let P/K put them up and out. Dani fans are the biggest fuk’n floaters on this site by a mile compared to other fans.Hated Brenchel,but when their was a sliver of a Alliance with them,they was great competitors and loyal as hell.For 2 mths all we have heard is how you all hate Shelly,she’s a snake blah,blah,blah…now your begging and cheering for her to join Dani. It was ok for Dani to backdoor Brendon,but it was a pussy move for Jeff to backdoor Dani? As long as Dani get’s ahead,nobody cares how she gets there or who she uses,but if JJ played that way…OMG what a crime.Anybody tells me this game isn’t rigged for Dani is full of shit…bitch comes outta the dr saying Jeffrey and Natilie are pissed and will probally quit if she gets evicted.The other day she said how the one guy in production helps her with the game, and now Shelly gets called in the DR and instantly comes out stabbing JJ in the back. No matter what 2 things will happen this week….Dani will get evicted and Shelly will get exposed to JJ and I can’t wait for it!!!!!!!!


I hope Shelly goes home next. Worse person ever. She is likely to be associated with murder though never the murderer.


You find a way to associate a game player to a murderer and wonder why you rarely get a response. It’s quite simply because your comments suggest that you aren’t someone worthy of speaking to. Just sayin


It’s a hard life being a Naids.


liberal arts liberal arts liberal arts


conservative arts?


looks like Shelly was being coached by the BB production to keep Dani in the game for ratings. if Dani is not evicted this week, the game is rigged. all of a sudden Shelly comes out of the DR and becomes some mastermind player….GTFOH. rigged it is.

Kim G

I was thinking the same thing! TPTB don’t want their Golden Girl to go home yet. They were trying to get Jeff not to nominate her in the first place. How fair is it when Dani flat out tells everyone she has friends in Production and that they will quit if she is evicted! What kinda BS is that AG? Besides she used to do interviews with Real Superpass. This game is totally rigged in her favor just like Evel Dick supposedly having to leave cause a friend needed him and she gets a Golden Key to coast until final 10.


Anyone that thinks that Dani was better off with a golden key, than having her dad in the game clearly doesn’t understand the game or the impact ED can have on it. I have read some stupid shit in here, but to imply that she was better off with a golden key, then having her dad in here is among the stupidest comments posted this season.


Maybe you should go back and read some of the stuff you have posted. Pretty assanine stuff, yourself.

Midwest Fan



I agree. Dani said that Jeff and Natalie (DR people i think) will have to quit and production won’t like that or something to that effect. If Dani stays then for sure production got involved.


I’m team Dani all the way, but I smell a Production rat too. I’m sure they’ve been pushing to keep Dani in. They’ve done it for J/J,why not do it for other players? Turnabout is fair play.


I think your right. Ty CBS




Yeeessss.!!!!. Shelly finally has some sense game wise. Keep Dani,evict Kalia. Then go after Jeff and Jordan as a team.


Oh ya!!!! The “fat lady” has gone on her coffee break after hearing this latest conversation, and possible twist in the game!!


Julia Christine

if shelly pulls this off i will be so proud!

Midwest Fan

I will be STUNNED.


I think shelly is really legit about flipping on J&J. But of course Adams head is still really far up jeffs ass so shelly is going to need to work on adam a bit more. Please let adam and shelly flip. It would be AWESOME. Part of me thought shelly was blowing smoke up porshas ass, but now that shes talked to adam alone i think she really wants to flip. Shes starting to smell the money and realizes that she will lose if sitting next to J or J.


And like she will win with Dani. Not! Dani will evict her without blinking an eye. This is BB production stepping in because the game is rigged for Dani to win!


Looks like production got to Shelly to flip the votes. I knew something was going to happen. I hate that bitch, I’ll be glad when her lying worthless ass goes home!


Adam needs to start playing the game and stop being a pathetic floater


great game move shelly.. keep DANI


Shelly DOES have a brain… who’d have thought it? This is the first thing she’s said that has made ANY sense at all.


Ok there’s still hope someone will grow a pair this season…..but I’ll believe it when I see it.


My sentiments exactly. I’ve always said if one of the newbies sacks-up and flips the house on the vet alliance I will cheer for them. I’m surprised I’m actually considering becoming Team Shelly Yo


You do realize Dani is a veteran

Midwest Fan

Yes, but Shelley, Adam and Porsche would be teamed with only
one vet, instead of having to carry Jeff AND Jordon.
Dani can keep the newbies in the game longer and will do so.


This could be fun.

Also I have a suggestion for future BB.
Let’s say you make the winning prize at the end $300,000 for first place and $50,000 for second place
For every HOH comp the winner of that comp recieves $10,000
For every POV comp the winner of that comp recieves $5,000
Also add a system where the HOH tells production who he wants evicted. If the HOH gets that person evicted they would recieve $1,000

And if you end up winning BB you get
$300,000 + [(the number of HOH x 2) x $10,000] + [(number of POV x 2) x $5,000] + # of succesful people evicted

So if you end up coming in second place but you worked your butt off you should get
$50,000 + ($10,000 x HOH victories) + ($5,000 x POV victories)

And if you get evicted week 2 but you won HOH week 1 you still would get $10,000

This would make the game cometitive and give you a reason to try instead of throwing comps.

So a person who throws comps like Adam wouldn’t recieve as much money as someon who tries.

I hope you guys get my idea and tell me what you think about it. The $ values can be changed etc.

Sorry Simon, I know you said traffic is high atm but I want to know what people think. Thanks.


That sounds like a good plan to me. I like it really I do!


Smartest comment I’ve ever read on this site….


Good idea. Submit it to CBS. They can call it season of of winnings or money??


That is a great idea, well thought out. Would make everyone think twice before throwing a comp. Bravo. Listen up CBS.

Rachel's shrink

very good ideas.
+ they still need to invent new games.

Midwest Fan

GREAT suggestion.
This could be the rebirth of BB.

Big Sister

Awesome idea! This would certainly reduce the possibility of having a boring season. BTW, if anyone votes for Adam for America’s Favorite, they need their heads examined. He is an embarassment to all of us fans. Superfan, my eye! Did he undergo “vet hypnosis” before entering the house? He needs to go back to Hoboken.


Kudos! I would definitely be a fan of that season


all the Dani fans are loving Triple S now I bet. I bet Adam will tell Jeff about her plan.


Shelly needs to shut her mouth lmao. Dani has GOT to go.


Come on Shelly… Work your straight shooter magic!!!


No way Shelly is going to flip. She is straight shooting now. She wants final three with Jeff and Jordon and then she wants to go to jury.


Adam isn’t flipping he’s too pathetic

BB Fan 5

Agreed. I also think he will blab to Jeff and tell him everything Shelly is saying


I hope he blabs to jeff…. Anyone against dani on the final will lose!

Rachel's shrink

I hope he blabs too, because then Shelly will have no choice but to be on team Dani.
Dani stays, wins HOH and gets revenge on Mr. Anger Management next week.

I still can’t believe Shelly proposed this.
Wondering if she is just trying to get Adam to agree so she can tell JJ that Adam is on the other side.

we will see, but thank dog things finally got interesting.


c’mon man have some faith

Midwest Fan

Adam had better think about his life outside of BB.
He really needs to man up and save face with his friends.
They have to be embarrassed by Adam’s butt kissing of Jeff.


Very good point, this could all be a setup. If she convinced Adam to flip his vote, but not flip hers then that’s one less alliance member she has to worry about getting to the end.


You could be on to something there. Shelly has been planting little seeds with Jordan about Adam not being trustworthy.


What if Rachel go to Final 3?


What a competitor


Something on the IMDB boards that was kind of funny:

-What happened in my mind

DR: Jeff! You mustn’t put Dani up. She is goo– er… she’s no threat to you.
Jeff: Er… she’s the biggest threat to me by far. She’s going home, guys. Big Jeff ain’t stupid.

* DR goes to Shelly *

DR: Shelly, Jeff and Jordon said they have no intention of keeping you around and want to boot you next week! The only way you’ll stay is by working with Daniele!!!
Shelly: Death to Jeff and Jordon! Glory to Daniele Donato!! –


If Shelly can pull this shit off I’ll take back every single bad thing I’ve said about her. It’s Adam that is a big pussy.


I agree 100%! I hope Jordon finds out about this. She is going to flip out on Shelly like she did with Russell. Who do you think will win that fight? I can’t believe that witch!! And she talks about Rachel.. I have lost all respect for that woman. Shame on you Shelly!!!!


I would absolutely LOVE it if Adam told JJ and there was this big blowout!


I hope Adam tells as well. Ya know, I was trying to give Shelly some credit and the only thing I could give her was the loyalty factor, now I can’t even give her that. I get it is a game, but so much for straight shooting. Shelly is now on my poop list.
I hope they do not keep Dani because then there is a good chance a floater could win this game. I think you should have to work for it.

Shellys Cig

miss clark ur nuts


I told everyone that Shelly was a liar from the first week. She talks bad about Rachel all the time, but she’s the one looking bad to us, has Rachel hidden or stolen other peoples things, NO, but who do they all blame! True colors Shelly, if I was her daughter and husband I would hide in shame. Porche/Kalia are two faced too! Who ever is on top they’re up their butts. Dani is a ?#$% and deserves to go. Jeff/Jordan next so Adam can win!!!!


I so agree. I’d hate to see Jeff go because he is doing the dirty work.


Yes! Welcome to the real game Shelly. Thought I lost ya there for a second with you kissing Jeff and Jordan’s ass and all. Adam wake up and smell the backdoor coffee. You are next if you don’t do split the couple! Well I mean this game is rigged by CBS so that Jeff wins but why not go out with a bang!


WTF where did the idea of flipping come from




I’m telling you, production is paying someone to flip…



Midwest Fan

BB Production already saved Shelley life.
The CBS Chen Hour showing the interview with her family gave Shelley a
real chance to win America’s Favorite.
CBS has never shown on national television Shelley’s awful BB behavior.
She was given the VIP Mother’s Day Award by BB/CBS.


This ideal of flipping came from production.. Shelly come out of DR and all of a sudden she wants to flip..This game is so rigged..If dani stays this game sucks and everyone will know it RIGGED…


If Shelly or Adam want a shot at winning, they can’t go to the finals with Jeff or Jordan. So they are going to have to make a move at some point. Why not now? They would have Dani rather than Kalia to work with? It’s a no brainer, unless they want to keep living off of Jeff and Jordan. I don’t think production would go as far as pay somebody, but I know that they will encourage thinking outside the box. considering all options. And shelly so far has played a safe game, now is the perfect time to strike. jeff can’t play in the next HOH, it would be those four againist jordan and rachel. You have to like those odds. Rachel will be freaking and Jordan can’t win. I don’t feel this is rigged, but I do see the brilliance in it, and would be the biggest move of the season.

Midwest Fan

Well said.


WRONG! Shelly’s best chance is to stay with JJ. Everyone will try to get Jeff out, he will probably make it to final 5 or four at best. If you were final 2 with Jordan, your chances are good. She’s already won once before and she doesn’t win enough comps to be considered a strong player, so she has no advantage over Shelly there with the voters. If you keep Dani in the game, she has played more of a social game and a comps game than anyone else, you can’t win against her. Plus her word in a deal is worthless. She’s a scum bag who will turn on anyone, anytime. If Shelly is stupid enough to think a final deal with Dani is worth more than fart gas, she’s a moron.


We already know that’s rigged for ratings 3 seasons of Rigs a.k.a twists to prove it


This is one reason why jeff should have kept brendon when had the votes


Duh Jeff didn’t have the votes to keep Brenden .. What show are you watching…


rigged or not i realy don’t care
i just want dani to stay


its all bs from shelly as usual..blowing smoke out of people’s ass,she is just stirring up shit just to make herself look better for jeff and jordan…Daniele is going home,no way in hell are adam and shelly flipping on jeff and jordan..fat chance of that happening YO !!


Yes! Welcome to the real game Shelly. Thought I lost ya there for a second with you kissing Jeff and Jordan’s ass and all. And you Adam, wake up and smell the backdoor coffee. You are next if you don’t do split the couple! Well I mean this game is rigged by CBS so that Jeff wins but why not go out with a bang!

BB13 Lover

WOW. ShelHE is actually doing something in the BB game for once besides lying!


Of course she is lying … she flat out told Kalia she had her vote, and has assured JJ a bazillion times that she is with them 100% to the end … most obnoxious liar in the game by far 🙂


If ShelHe is serious and gets Adam onboard I will first stop calling her ShelHe and secondly I would vote her as America’s player. Hahaha.


I don’t know about America’s Player but I’ll join you in stop calling her names (I think,


@ RC24. CBS should hire you on the spot. that is a great way to make BB a more competitive and entertaining game.


Shelly’s playing this game really well right now. If she can flip Adam and keep Dani, then she’ll be in a really good spot for the rest of the game. I’m going to call it now: Shelly wins BB13. (But I’m still Team Dani yo)


Shelly is playing WAY too hard. There are other targets in the house in front of her, and was completely safe for another few weeks. Now she has gone out of her way to place a huge target on her back b/c she flipped. Not only would she make enemies out of JJR, she’ll never truly be trusted by the other side and goes to the bottom of their “totem pole,” and that’s if they don’t just turn around and use JJR’s anger at Shelly and flip on her to team up with them. It’s a bold move, but truly not a very smart one for her own game.

Jeff's Repressed Sexuality

Disagree. Shelley’s argument makes complete since, especially considering after Thursday there will only be six players left in the house. You’ve got to break jeff and jordan up now, or hand them the 1/2 million, because a duo together this late in the game is near invincible. Wait another week or two, and you’re toast. I’m stunned that it took her this long to reach such a conclusion.

Now we’ll see if Adam is smart enough to follow suit.

Rachel's shrink

Shelly knows she will never win an HOH, which means she will never be able to put Jeff on the block.
Dani is the most likely to put Jeff on the block, so it actually benefits her to keep Dani.


I agree, that may happen


If Adam doesn’t tell Jeff within the next few hours, then Dani has got a shot. From seeing AS interact through the season I always felt that their first alliance was with each other. If ole Leatherface pulls this off who wouldn’t give her their vote at the end? Rachel?

Midwest Fan

She will not win BB but she will definitely win America’s Favorite.


Shelly is a dog face gremlin! Bull sh!t lier! Man voice back stabber!


Shelly’s so stupid. You have the numbers now. Keeping Dani just keeps better players in the game. Shelly has a better chance to win against Kalia if they were in final 2 and has a better chance of getting her out over the next few weeks. I get the whole keep someone in the house that’s a bigger target than you, but you can only do that so long cuz chances are they’ll beat you at competitions.


No, JJ have the numbers, Shell and Adam are just extra votes until it’s time for them to be cut from the herd. JJR will be final 3 if she sticks to the current plan. If they flip the house and take out JJR then they only have one vet to worry about instead of 3. Much better odds.


I hope Porche tells Jeff the crap Shelly is saying, it would be nice to see her caught in all her bs for a change, Rachel gets enough crap thrown her way and Shelly blames her for everything wrong in the world, it’s time for Shelly to be knocked off her high horse and have other people see her for what she really is.

Midwest Fan

NOW you want SS kicked down but did you want her exposed when
she was on Team J/J? lol

Whatever makes you think Porsche would tell J/J?
That is not going to happen.


Shelly is a dog face gremlin! B.S. Lier! Man voice back stabber!


Shelly is a B.S. Lier! Man voice back stabber!


Is there any Team Adam out there?


Bacon lost me soon as he stuck his head up Jeff’s shitter


Yes and they were crying their eyes out when he went to jail.


I am on team Adam. I know people are so caught up with Danielle, Jeff, Jordan and Rachel, but I really have this feeling Adam can win this thing. I really do not want the vets to win this game.


No, he is a charmless Enzo. Fat boy gets to hang with the cool kids, feelings are gonna be hurt. He better hurry up and tell Jeff what Shelly said before she spins it to JJ it was his idea. Jeff might yell at him.


The NBA (National Bacon Assosciation)
The MLS (Metal Lover Society)
and the TSA (Tori Spelling Admirers) all support Adam.

Midwest Fan

Stil laughing ……………….



If there was ever a time to make a move, it’s now. This might be the moment Shelly’s been waiting for. She makes a deal with Dani and Rachel that they have to put up JJ, because she won’t. Rachel could be got to, through Porshe. Could work.


Haha…I don’t think so……GO Team Dani!!!!!!


I could be team Adam if he gets smart and plays his game right. Evict Dani. Win HOH. Evict Jeff. Then te up with Porche, Kalia and Shelly to get out Rachel and Jordan. Then he can battle it out with the newbies.



Big Sister

Adam lost me with that stupid dance he did. Nerd trying to impress the “cool” kids.


Shelly is my girl!! She is a player and this week is looking better already!!! I knew she had it in her =)


Shelly makes me sick.

Shellys Cig

ok, I’m starting to like Shelly.. she and adam are about to turn on Barbie and Ken AKA Jordean and jeff


Unreal! Shelly just a B.S. Man voice!


HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA Go Shelly, stab JJ in their back. The next twist is Shelly’s knife in JJ’s back. Just when you think your out, they pull right back in. Shelly and Adam, do the right thing for your game, dump JJ, save Dani.


Micah Diablo

I can’t stand shelly.

If anything…Get rid of Dani this week
and go after the weaker of JJ(Jordan)

there they are split up

That leaves Jeff, Rachel, Adam, Kalia, and Porsche


Shelly has no redeeming qualities anymore.


Wow im starting to like shelly. Lol anything to save my danii!!! If she pulls this off shellys gonna go down as a game changer.

Still hoping for a miracle for dani to stay

team dani till the end!!! <3<3<3


You don’t need a miracle . You got BB Production and a rigged game! There is no reason for Shelley to want to keep Dani. She is a strong player and Shelley is not. Vote her out then go in with the rest of the newbies to get rid of Jeff! For Shelly’s game keeping Dani makes no sense at all.


It’s because Porsche, Kalia, Adam and Shelly are all useless in comps. They need Dani to win HOH because none of them will be able to. Rachel would be the odds on favorite if Dani wins and I can’t see her nominating JJ


Shelly’s annoying. One second shes attached to jj and now she’s gonna go against them..that came out of no where.


I am team Shelly…lol… For real!!!!


And is there a Team DSPA being born? If Shelly is onboard, between her, Porsche and Dani, they can sell Adam on this. He’s been pretty easy to sway if given enough reasons.


Some DR advice right now for Adam would be awesome as well.

Team Dani till the end YO!!!

Weave your web Straight Shooter, lure Adam over to where the cool people are at. Leave the dumbass duo and drama queen behind.