Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Kalia and Straight Shooter agree “1billion percent” it’s time to take out the vets

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3:00pm Adam and Jeff Pool Adam saying that Dani is not going to go without a fight. Jeff just doesn’t see how it will help her int he game. Adam asks if Dani has talked to Jeff yet. Jeff says he hasn’t talked since the POV ceremony. Adam attaches lips to Jeff’s butt says that Jeff’s Speeches are some of the best of the season, Adam likes how JEff mixes humour when he’s making big game moves.

Jeff says that Dani is going to start one big fight this week and it’ll include everybody. Adam says he’s objective this week is to avoid the bitch fest that is coming. Adam mentions the shit dani has been telling him about how he was the target when him and Dom were up. Jeff says Dani talks so much shit to everyone right now he doesn’t think Adam should bother listening to her. Adam reassures him he’s not listening to Dani. He doesn’t trust her, nor does he think he staying in the game is a good thing for him.

3:38pm Kitchen Shelly and Kalia Kalia saying that Jeff wants Dani gone this week so Jordan and Rachel will be voting dani out. Shelly jokes about there being another women going into the Jury house to fool around with Brendon. Shelly says that Prosche has been saying it in front of Rachel and Rachel is starting to get pissed.

Kalia offers Shelly final 4 (KPAS) She points out that if they stick together they can make it. On Thursday they will have 4 people against Jordan and Rachel. Kalia thinks it’ll be questions which basically mean Jordan won’t win it.

Shelly says she talked to Adam about that already today but he’s really attached to the way he’s playing . (Surgically attached)

They head into the purple room.

Shelly asks her where porsche is at. Kalia says that her and porsche are going to be together if Dani leaves. Shelly wants to know where Prosche is going to vote. Kalia doesn’t know she will probably vote with the house. neither Dani nor Kalia will try and get a vote from Porsche.

Shelly says nobody is really talking right now.. it’s still early she thinks in a day there will be more news.

Kalia says that they have to start thinking about the end game because if they are up against the vets they will not win the money. Shelly totally agrees, says Adam is enamored by JJ he probably doesn’t care about winning. Shelly needs to approach Adam in a different way, but she also know that he’s a super fan of the Vets. Kalia reiterates that if their 4 get together then they can win the Next HOH and take one Vet out.

Shelly: “all JJR have to do is make final 3 and they win the game”. Kalia says right now they (JJRA) have the numbers but KPS have a very good chance to win the HOH.. Shelly mentions how good adam is at questions and dates. She adds they(JJ) want Adam out before they start hitting questions.. She needs to talk to him from another angle.
Shelly “I agree 1billion percent I really do.. what do we have to lose.. it’s time to make a move”
Shelly get up to leave “Kalia we really can’t let anyone know about this.. ”

4:10pm Dani making a bowl of slop to eat.. Porsche and Rachel playing cards.

4:16pm Kalia and teddy Bear Kalia is talking game with Teddy they are going over their numbers if Dani goes home this week. Kalia starts thinking about try to cut a deal with Rachel or JJ if she has to later in the game. Teddy thinks her chances of slim unless she wins HOH. Kalia mutter something about having to get Jeff out this coming week and maybe Rachel can be talked to.

4:23pm Havenots Porches and Kalia Kalia asks her how close is she with adam. Porsche: “kinda close.. he’s acting really weird today though… talking a lot to Rachel. kalia says Jeff is running around the house saying how good his word is but Dani followed threw on 2 of her deals and he never followed threw with his.

Kalia: “every week i feel like i’m trying to flip a house but all these people want to just ride .. It’s the house of Jeff”.
Porsche: “it’ll be funny when I win HOH.. Rachel Jeff you are up.. Kalia told me to”
Kalia was was originally thinking we need to break JJ up. Now she’s thinking that Jordan is useless at comps and if she gets to double eviction she won’t be that big of a threat.. Kalia says if Adam doesn’t commit to a side by Thursday and she wins HOH she’s putting up Jeff and Adam and if POV is played then Jordan goes up. POrsche asks who goes home. Kalia: “Adam should go home”. (Kalia talks back and worth about splitting up JJ up and getting Adam out). Porsche thinks that Rachel and JEff should go up and if POV is played Jordan goes up. Kalia says the thing with Adam is he cannot win final 3 with Jeff and Jordan. They have to drill that into his head.

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First….Go Dani!!! Ugh!


Jordan deserves to win. She is the best player to ever play the game. She is so strategic and smart.


ya she does! Dumber & Dumber again…………..


Well i must say….. This season has turn out to be a dud… I hope next season it’s a All Star…. and pls… leave out Dumber & dumber…




People put too much into comps…arguably the best player, dr. Will never won an Hoh or veto.


Lets not forget Will did try really hard to win power of veto I think during double eviction week in BB7, even breaking his thumb. So not trying to win is good strategy but even when he wanted to win he couldnt ๐Ÿ™‚

Midwest Fan

Jordan is the BEST BB Gamer – ever.
Beauty and Brains.
As long as the Final Question for the Final Two isn’t,
“Who is Jimmy Carter?” – Jordan Wins BB 13.


or 1+1


Exactly! Jordan is legendary!


can u give me a bump of that shit you’re on?


Finally someone said this! I agree 100%. Plus how the heck is she a floater? Everyone knows what side she’s on. She may not be able to win competitions, but her social game is tight. That’s why kalia didn’t put her up when Jeff won POV.


I agree 1 BILLION percent


Are you for real! Jordan can’t fart before asking Jeff if it’s okay. All she does is whine and sleep. She is riding Jeff’s coat tail. He wants her to win so he’ll have more of her money to spend. Jordan is a joke!

Shellys Cig

GOOOO TEAM Dani!!!!! I’m starting to think that Shelly doesn’t really need to convince Adam to keep Dani.. because Porshia keeps reminding Rachel that Dani would be all alone in the Jury house with Branden… as we all know.. Branden cheated with some model on web cam and knowing Dani was all alone with Branden would drive her Crazy.. Rachel may want to keep Dani and send Kalia to the jury…lol


i somewhat agree but i think their best move is to eliminate dani then off jeff in the double eviction… it is this week right? i know they dont know when it is but them beating dani in an hoh or a pov is rare lol shes better than them at comps i dunno i think theyre better off getting rid of dani now and hope that jordon nor rachel win the next hoh so they can off jeff. n then theyre pretty much allset cuz jordan only wins hoh’s when either a its given to her or b she gets lucky n rachel can only win one hoh every other week once dani jeff n rachel are gone jordan will be a piece of cake to get rid of im a little fuzzy on how double evictions work i think last season it was eviction hoh then eviction again so if they do it that way this season then they will be golden if they can get them 2 out of the house in one week


I kinda want Adam to flip because it’s a big move and I’ll have a legit reason to defend him to my friends.

Team Dani!

It’s aint over till the fat lady sings


yeah but it doesn’t follw along with his strategy. How are you going to evict a newbie for a vet that’s dangerous. Who else would have the guts to put her up but rachel. The newbies won’t do it so they should get rid of dani now. What are they thinking keeping her. Dani is smarter than that she would evict jeff but I don’t think she would evict rachel or jordan before getting rid of the newbies, because she feels she can beat rachel in a final 2 and is afraid the jury would give it to anyone else but rachel so her chances are better with rachel, and she feels jordan is useless and she can beat her in comps. The newbies aren’t great at strategizing except for saying they want to take out the vets. They don’t realize Kalia is the only vet that won, leaving dani is a winner, and they don’t stand a chance against her in comps.


i meant kalia is the only newbie that won. For adam to be good at questions and quizzes he didn’t do that great, unless he threw it which i don’t think he did eventhough he said he did because he didn’t want blood on his hands by having to nominate someone.


You got to be kidding me. Jordan is a dummy. She is the one who is a floater.


Please somebody tell me how Jordan is a floater…I’m really lost on this one.


Floater= someone who doesn’t pick a side

It has always been clear what side Jordan is. Therefore, Jordan=Not a floater.


If Adam flip Jeff will self evict because he will go nuts and probably punch Adam out lol


I hate shelly. Hands down.


So do I. Ugh I can’t stand her! Everything was going good until she trying run everything!!!


Yes. She is disgusting.


Soooooo agree. Very two faced. Cannot believe Shelley, Porsche and Kalia think they can beat Dani.


They can’t bet Dani or Jeff in the finals


lol non JJ fans are loving Shelly right now

Team Dani!

cmon Shelly….it’s time to work your magic


I don’t hate anyone, but after today I’m very pissed at her! That team has had her back even as she was riding the fence with both sides. All her integrity and BS that she has been talking, now she’s going to go against them. Doesn’t she realize that she has no chance to win no matter who’s side she is on? She has to win something, even at the end like Jordan did in her season. Shelly has no chance even if JJR are gone, that’s the amazing fact. She thinks that going with Kalia and Porsche they have a better chance, It’s so funny. I don’t think anyone of the sides has a chance that 3 of them will make it to the end. I think that any of them have a chance to win an HOH. But to switch up and turn tail only proves that she has sold out her integrity completely! All the bloggers have called it, I didn’t want to believe that she would do it, boy was I wrong. I expected someone to make a big move, next week. Again too soon…..
Sometimes I hate this damn game


I guarantee, if Shelly pulls this off; the final three comp will be how many cigarettes you can chainsmoke or find the vacuum cleaner .

True Dat

I completely agree. Shelly has some balls. She floated to the end and now she thinks she could win.If they go KPSA then KPA will kick Shelly out because Adam did nothing against any of them and Shelly created a lot of drama, and went against all the newbies and voted them out. Why should they believe her now? Like I said she’s got a lot of balls to expect the newbies to trust her this late in the game. I really hope Adam makes a big move and spill the beans on Shelly to Jeff and Jordumb. Then we finally have some ACTION in the house.

True Dat

Also with a team like Shelly, Adam, Porche and Kaila (a bunch of floaters), it will be really funny to see who wins the competitions, after all they all can’t loose at comps, somebody has to win. I guess the comps will be to see who is the best at loosing.


But balls don’t mean crap if your “bold moves” don’t benefit you, and actually harm you, in the game. Causing drama and crap, I mean, it’s entertaining but that doesn’t make it a reason she should win over Adam. Watch, she’s going to be Daniele #2 by screwing the perfect position she was in.


Shelly is nasty. She is a hick and she looks like a man. I can’t believe she has lasted as long as she has in this game.


OMG she takes it back to Kalia, of ALL people? This season was shitty from day ONE

Said it soon as Jeff and Jordan walked through the door production is going to shift their way through the house helping others, while secretly leading to a Jeff and Jordan win conclusion, sorry facts are facts


Arent facts supposed to be substantiated with some sort of proof??..Sounds like alot of opinions and not much in the way of facts. But hey, dont let “facts” get in the way of a good story….


The two dummies will definitely be sitting there on finale night and if they don’t, they’ll keep coming back until CBS can get them both a win.


oh i hope not im done with seeing them on tv


So because Adam is on Jeff’s side he is seen as an ass-kisser but Shelly, Kalia, Porsche havent been slobering over Dani’s cooter for the last few weeks??…Im not sure Adam has wavered from his alliance unlike Shelly..Usually when you have an alliance you tend to have agreements on most issues as they are geared towards getting the other side out…


Fact- dani wont win


please learn how to spell and talk befor posting coments.


Jeff’s days are now numbered.


Don’t think so, Kaila will get hers.


Jeff doesn’t like you stalker. You would creep him out.


A bit obsessed with the Captain aren’t we?


They all know they can’t win against Jeff. He will go home before final 2. Just watch.


I agree. Jeff days til he wins are few. BB13and allstar winner Jeff!


Rachel will win HOH putting up porche and shelly – voting out porche – the next hoh Jeff or Jordan can win the next HOH putting up kalia and shelly – hopefully getting rid of shelly


Shelly is a real work of art. I hope she goes this week in the double eviction right after Dani.

Shellys Cig

bye bye big jeff..hahahahahahahahaha


I agree she just said on live feed that if she is going to make final 2, she has to make this big move NOW! Where in the world does she have a clue that she has a chance to make FINAL 2!!!!!
She says that Rachael doesn’t deserve a dime, but she deserves it all because she has played so GOOD??
I have lost all respect for her, and I’m sick of the BS that Daniel is living by that she is so all mighty!
I just wish that Adam would tell Jeff what she said to him today so that this could be called out and discussed and the crap that Daniel is talking about can be addressed, right or wrong, good or bad. I’m sick of Daniel saying that other lie when she has totally lied from the beginning!
Now Shelly tell Daniel she better not lie to her, LIKE SHE HAS A CHANCE TO GO TO THE FINALS WITH HER! PLEASE….


Oh would you look at that. It looks like the game of Big Brother is finally starting to get played.


Jeff will be joining dani in the jury house ๐Ÿ™‚


I dont think so if Dani go Rachel is going to win HOH and she will not put up Jeff or Jordan


if jeff would have kept brendon over the liar shelly they would have their numbers


but Brendon and Rachel were throwing JJ under the bus for 3 and a half weeks, JJ knew about this that’s why they chose not to keep him, they controlled the votes, Jeff Jordan Ada, Rachel, and Shelly vs Kalia and Porsche, but they WANTED Brenda out.


No they didn’t control the votes Adam and craterface wouldn’t vote for them so they didn’t wantto go against the house


No they didn’t. Jeff tried several times to talk Adam into keeping Brendon but he flat out said he couldn’t do it.


Hunh, I guess that’s why jeff isn’t affectionate with Jordan, he’s too busy letting Adam blow him. Seems like all Adam wants out of this game is to suck Jeffs tiny dick dry till it shrivels up and falls of him. TEAM DANI


Real classy!


Jeff is just doing what is best for his game. Shelly is such a snake….what happened to my kid is watching? They should have kept Brendon.


Fara is probably at home thinking what a pussy Adam is. He better come home with that 500 K or she is going to leave his ass and the only action Adam is going to get is jerking off to thoughts of Jeff


Yeah but there’s one problem kps suck at comps let’s be real who would take those three over jra I know I wouldn’t


someone needs to shut up the straight shooter.


porshe comes off as a ditsy girl, but out of everybody talking game, she knows exactly what moves should be done. everyone else in this house is clueless in how to play the game. Adam has no game at all, it’s embarrassing. it’s almost like he’s in love with Jeff.


Yeah waiting a month and a half to talk the stronger half of one of the 2 power couples really shows po’s appreciation of BB strategy


yea unlike jordumb porsche IS really playing stupid


Team Porsche YO!


Team Porsche Yo welcomes all newcomers.

Team Dani Yo has grenades but Team Porsche Yo has implants YO!


We can call them torpedo’s


definitely I really like her now at the beginning of the season all she was really annoying but now shes likeable Im rooting for her to make it. Also people shoudlnt talk about porsche as a floater anymore she actually does pretty good in the comps unlike some other hgs and shes stuck to her alliance of dkp once she got away from rachel where as adam is the true floater he doesnt do anything in comps and his only strategy is to flip flop between the house and kiss ass of who ever is in power


Lets the games beginning!


I think Shelly is actually shooting straight for reals this time. She’s setting up plan A and plan B so that regardless who goes home she has something in place. She’s absolutely right, this next HoH is the time to kick it into gear since Jeff can’t compete and Jordan’s track record there only real competition is Rachel. They win and one of the big 3 goes home. I can only hope Adam gets his head in the game. Playing his current course is playing for 4th or 5th place.


but to have a plan a and a plan b you should have it somewhat secret…both of her plans are going to be exposed therefore forcing her into maybe a plan c…if rachel can make her cry and hate as much as she does, imagine what will happen when jeff lays into her and jordan turns her back to her….shelly will have the biggest meltdown ever on BB and thats saying alot with rachel in the house…


Now who’s speculating?


I can’t wait to see Dani and Jeff go home Thursday.

It will be hilarious.

ooh boy

shelly. shelly. shelly. this is going to be the death of you, i’m quiet speechless at the moment. she is such a SNAKE. hmm, whatever. i truly hopes she drowns in her lies. i


I really hope Shelly is just giving Kalia false hope and isn’t gonna flip on JJA. If Shelly does flip I know JJ are gonna be kicking themselves for not trying harder to keep Brendon. So much for trusting Shelly more than Brendon.


Why in the world do you all want jordan and jeff to win again? Soooo unfair! They r a couple and she has won 500k and he has won 15 k this season. For the love of pete, let someone else win. Go rewatch on youtuble when jordan won last time! Soooo gross. She kept flipping her hair and saud the stpidest things. You all want this ditz to get a million? Why? And if jeff wins, sge gets some without a doubt…. Even if they break up.


People have been kissing JJ’s asses since the very beginning. JJ fans probably like that, but the rest of us who want to see an exciting season with good game play and competition have hated it.


Blah blah blah …Jeff is playing the game


I’m not talking about Jeff I’m talking about the asskissers.


This game is kind of ironic. The 4 non-regulator newbies might make an alliance. And they all out-lasted the 4 regulators, and at least half of the veterans. Dom was wrong about jellyfish. Being a non-regulator newbie is looking like an amazing strategy.


“Kalia says if Adam doesnโ€™t commit to a side by Thursday and she wins HOH sheโ€™s putting up Jeff and Adam and if POV is played then Jordan goes up. POrsche asks who goes home. Kalia: โ€œAdam should go homeโ€.”

Another shining example of how Kalia is absolutely horrible at this game.


Yeah, Shelly’s hedging her bets dealing with Kalia, but I think this will only strenghten her resolve to flip Adam. I’m surprised Kalia didnt brag about her pinkie swear promise never to vote Jordon out, just a stupid fool.


Production needs to keep their nose out of things, Dani should go followed by the rest of her croonies. Adam is not going to do anything to rock the boat until he can play in every veto comp.. I don’t blame him, he saw how easy it is to get backdoored


Adam’s going to need extensive surgery to detach his lips from Jeff’s ass!!


ride or die team JJ



Dont b stupid

If these guys want to win against the Vets they vote Dani. They need her to play in the POV to stop Jeff from winning it. The next week is the only week to get out Jeff. Kalia is useless


That’s what I’ve been saying all along… If they don’t keep her it will be jjr in final three….. For once in this game they should listen to Porsche…. She has a very good point…


Is it me or does everyone on here seem to think that jjr are the only “vets” in the house. Hey team Daniel? Wtf is she? Besides a pathetic, hypocritcal, cry baby. Wahhhh I rode the golden ticke for four weeks and now I have to eat slop and I’m on the block. Wahhhh wahhh wahhhh. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!


LMAO!!! love it!





Dani and Shelly’s days are numbered!


Yeah, take out veterans is not a smart thing. Rachel wins HOH next week (FF) and Jeff wins POV. Kaila will definitely be out w/Dani.


Jeff will get pov for THIRD time thurs.


I hope Shelly’s little plan gets exposed and J/J just rip into her! I hope this does get back to J/J and then heads will spin!


I honestly hope porshe does say all that crap about the Brendan stuff reference recent post


OMG!! Kalia keeps saying that Jordan is useless at comps! She won one comp and it was luck at a question comp! Ugh! Keep Dani and vote her Ogre ass out today!!!!!


Right and Jordan won an hoh this season too so that makes shrek useless also


Right and Jordan won an hoh this season too so that makes shrek useless also.


The hood rolls wit jjr


Shelly is pulling a Dani. Yes you need to get Jeff out to win but you don’t do it this week!, you idiot!! You leave Dani in it you now have 2 power player both of who can beat you in the house. You don’t know what can happen next week. You can’t count on ANYTHING!! Get rid of the power players when you can and work with who’s left. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Get rid of the players that can beat you in comps. that’s the name of the game. Plus if you turn on your alliance now… and you do make it to the end. Think about jury votes. Big Screw up Shelly. BTW… sure I have my Fav’s but I like the chess moves a whole lot more. If it made sense to turn up the house now, I would be all for it.

Team 500 G's

I agrre with most of what you said….except…Yes there is always an except when it comes to BB. Shelly is thinking about jury votes. If J/J make it to final 3….they will win. Infact, final 4 they are still inpretty good shape because its two of them. Things certianlly have changed in BB house. Rachel seems to have claimed the number 3 spot in Team J/J….Adam #4 and Smelly plain “flipping” I like to give credit where credit is due….First everyone is insane by calling any of the HG’s names….Its a TV show….and its BB. Thanks got that off my chest.

Believe it or not Smelly had me fooled ( like a lot of other people) She actually has some game. She sees this is comming to the end and its time to do something. Yes, she floated thru to this point…as Porsche and Jordan…but give them credit. Theyre strategy has got them this far. Now is the time to make a move. Even if Dani gets evicted, Jeff is in big trouble. If PKS wins HOH, Jeff is gonna be put up. Adam will then realize that he can knock out the two biggest threats in one night and not really get his hands dirty. You watch how fast Roach flips again next week if JKS wins HOH. Also If Jeff is Evicted watch how fast Jordan finds herself all alone. People will run from her like the plague. I see a possible split in the house…..PKS vs ARJordan…..if that is what happens I would have to take PKS…..If PKS knocks out ARJ….believe it or not Smelly has a chance to win this whole thing……wouldnt that be a “shocker”….LOL (drink)


Do tell…………


I agree I especially liked Kalia’s comment about having to flip a house every week. I hope that gets repeated throughout the house!


Am I the only one who thinks that Adam’s piercing under the bottom lip is really GAY? This is the kind of piercing a young gay guy would have.. not a 40 year old “straight” man. Just saying.

PS: Before I get slaughtered for making that comment, I wanna mention that I’m not a homophobe, I’m gay myself.


Jeff, is that you?

j/k ๐Ÿ™‚

Team 500 G's

Thats funny shit right there…I dont care who you are…….LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


I hope Kalia WINS!!!!!!


Kalia talking game plan with Teddy! That was totally awesome Simon! Adam attaching lips to jeff’s butt, awesome #2… Team Dani, but if that don’t work, Team Newbies for sure!!!


OMG!! Kalia keeps saying that Jordan is useless at comps. She has won one comp and it was luck at a question comp!!! Ugh! Keep Dani and evict her Ogre ass today!!! She sucks!


Team Dani Yo ! (sniff ๐Ÿ™ )

Here I was thinking it was going to be a miracle to save Dani this week…

…Miracle meaning production

…however If shelly is successful in keeping dani and flipping this could be an amazing turn of events and make the next few weeks awesome!!!!!

However…everything I wish for in big brother never seems to happy so why wish ๐Ÿ™

Team Dani, please dont make me start chanting team Porshe because I will ๐Ÿ™


Simon, what are the odds one of the newbies will narc on the snakeskin boot and be believed?


Shelly needs to go next. I have lost what little respect I had left of her.


Shelly jokes about there being another women going into the Jury house to fool around with Brendon. Shelly says that Prosche has been saying it in front of Rachel and Rachel is starting to get pissed.

OH this could get good, Rachel is very protective of HER MAN, I know Dani don;t wan that NeanderTALL but Porsche does, they were flirting with their eyes a few times before Brenchel pushed Porsche to the other side..


Dani actually tried to hang out with B last year and he blew her off and she was jaded. Fact.


Shelly needs to go next. I have lost what little respect I had left for her!


sorry didn’t mean to post twice.


Why are you all so dumb (House guests included)? You all are responsible of making “Big” Jeff… you created a monster, and now you all are trying to bring him down. Shelly, the moment she saw Jeff and Jordan.. she went ballistic! “THIS IS AN HONOR!” Now, she’s trying to evict them. Lmao. You all are lame.


Shelly is playing the game. She has become my favorite. I am happy that Adam didn’t run to Jeff and tell him Shelly’s plans to keep dani.
This week has become so exciting!


Shelly will not turn her back and take out the Veterans. That would be dumb and stupid. Not even Adam, he doesn’t know how to flipped the votes. Without Dani, Kaila and Porsche are useless and don’t stand a chance of winning HOH or POVs. Instead, they have to whine and cry like little babies. Life sucks doesn’t it. So, goodbye Dani and Kaila. Have fun with Brendon, he will be happy to see you both there.


Porsche claims to be playing dumb? wasn’t she the ditz that said the her “shoulder” was hurting so much during the ski competition and then proceeded to point to her forearm? If they hadn’t brought the vets in this season this would have been the worst cast ever. It’s the vets that are shaking things up.. without them we’d be forced to watch Kalia & Porsche laze around and Shelley turn herself into an alligator purse.


If a newbie is going to win they have to make a move now or it`ll be JJ in the final.