Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says the best part of this week has been manipulating the sh!t out of Kalia & Porsche.. I will not in a million years vote for them. *Updated*

12pm Shelly says the best part of this week has been manipulating the BLANK out of Kalia and Porsche.. and I will not in a million years vote for them. Rachel says yeah and they were coached by Dani. Shelly says yeah and following the leader is not my game .. Rachel says that she is considering all the options. Shelly thanks her for listening to her.

12:15pm Adam is talking to Jordan in the bathroom about how Rachel has been out in the backyard talking to Shelly for a long time now. Jordan says that she told Rachel that you can tell when Adam lies and that he would protect us. Jordan says that she just doesn’t it to get to the point were Adam is a tie breaker and says that this is an easy decision to get Rachel out. Adam says that he knows that both Jordan and Rachel have their boyfriends in the jury and he is not getting those votes… but that I would rather work with you and Rachel because I can’t trust them. Adam says that he is sorry …its just that he knows that Shelly can talk and that Rachel misses her boyfriend and isn’t all there. Jordan says just don’t leave me alone with Shelly because she will talk. Jordan knows how hard it is being on the block. Jordan says that she will tell Adam if they weren’t going to vote to keep him …because she would want to know. Jordan says that she is just so bothered by what Shelly did and that this is her revenge. Jordan tells Adam that he is good.
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12:20pm – 12:45pm Adam joins Rachel and Shelly out in the backyard as they talk about previous competitions. The conversation then changes to talking about past seasons of big brother. Jordan joins them out on the couches. Rachel talks about how she asked Ragan if he wanted some cookies when she knew she was a havenot. Rachel says that looking back now it is funny. Rachel says that when she came back into the house in her last season she was pissed … and she was going to do anything to BLANK up everyone’s game. They talk about how the queen and the pawn are still missing. Shelly asks who gave the speech on the queen and the pawn? Adam says Dani… A queen is just a pawn with fancy moves… Rachel and Jordan head inside.

12:50pm – 1pm Rachel tells Jordan she thinks they need to talk about who they are voting for again. Jordan says that she will not vote to keep Shelly. Rachel says that she is just really concerned with moving ahead in the game. Jordan says you see what she is going? Rachel says oh yeah I see it… I am just concerned with Adam’s game .. he is always saying that he is going to do what is best for his game .. and that is getting rid of me. Jordan says that if we don’t win HOH .. we cant trust her for her vote. Rachel says I agree 100%. Rachel says I think that this week we are good with Adam …but not next week. Rachel says we need to think 100% about the game.. Jordan says that we can’t trust her … it was so easy for her to stab Jeff in the back .. and just think about how she treated us before we won the veto. Rachel says that she wants to talk to Adam one more time. Rachel tells Jordan that she is 100% looking out for her too and that she wants her in the finals with her. Rachel says that everything can change in the next week.. Jordan leaves the bathroom. Jordan comes back to the bathroom. They continue to talk about Shelly. Jordan says that she doesn’t trust Shelly at all. Rachel says that she doesn’t either and that they won’t tell Shelly they aren’t voting keep her. Jordan says that Shelly just doesn’t want to go to the jury house because she doesnt want to face Jeff and Brendon. Rachel and Jordan leave the bathroom. Rachel tells Adam in the kitchen that she wants her and Jordan to talk with him again. Adam says okay sure. Rachel tells him not to tell anyone..

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1:05pm Kalia and Porsche are awake now. Kalia comes down stairs. Jordan heads out into the backyard to lay out. Shelly asks her if its okay if she lays out with her if she doesn’t talk game. Jordan says oh I don’t care. Shelly goes to change to go out and suntan.

1:25pm Adam tells Rachel that he saw Shelly working her this morning. Rachel says that Shelly is a good talker and but she has lied a lot in this game. Adam says that he is sorry and really embarrassed that he jumped ship. Rachel says that she doesn’t really feel that he jumped ship. Rachel says that she knows he needs to do whats best for his game. Adam says that his goal is to win HOH and to prove where his head is at. Adam says that he wants to prove himself in this game… and that all he has been able to do is to be the deciding vote. Rachel says don’t let people down play your POV win. Adam says that with her and Jordan he likes the fact that the communication is open and honest… and that they are able to talk about their nervousness. Rachel tells that she sees him studying and that they can study the game together. They continue to talk about the clown shoe competition.

1:30pm – 2:30pm Adam, Porsche, Kalia and Rachel are out on the backyard couches talking about the clown shoe competition. Jordan and Shelly are suntanning talking about random stuff and Shelly’s family. They talk about random stuff and about how they should make up plays and act them out at night so that they are’t so boring. Jordan Porsche and Rachel are talking about their periods aligning. Jordan says hers gets really bad with blood clots and everything. Rachel says hers does too. Adam gets into the pool to play basket ball. Jordan and Porsche are suntanning. They are talking about music bands. Kalia joins Adam in the pool. Kalia talks about her boyfriend living on a boat. Rachel just asked what the difference between a sail boat and a house boat was? Kalia explains the difference.

2:35pm – 2:45pm Jordan and Rachel are talking in the kitchen about how Adam is done with them. They both agree that they feel that they can trust Adam better. Jordan says that it’s not like its Brendon and Porsche …its two people that are the same. Jordan says that she is leaning towards keeping Adam ..because he can’t lie. Jordan says that Shelly lies and she is offering the world… but we can’t trust her. Rachel says that the only thing with keeping Shelly is that Kalia and Porsche are so against her because they finally found out she is playing all sides. Jordan says that Shelly just doesn’t want to go to the jury house because she doesn’t want to face Jeff and Brendon. Jordan says that at least with Adam he could win the POV and take one of us off if we were on the block. Jordan says that at least Adam will compete and try and win …Shelly won’t and can’t win anything. They both say its a stressful situation to be in.. Rachel and Jordan head out into the backyard.

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178 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says the best part of this week has been manipulating the sh!t out of Kalia & Porsche.. I will not in a million years vote for them. *Updated*

    1. we won’t know for sure until Thurday if it worked. A lot can happen between now and then. Expect the unexpectecd. It would be funny if both Kalia and Porshe go to the finals…Shelly will once again be caught in a lie…lol I’m not mad at her game because it has gotten her this far and you do what you have to do to win 1/2 mil. I can honestly say I will play the same way she is if I couldn’t win comps. Whould you or would you just give up?

      1. Get off your high horse about Shelly lying……..blah, blah, blah.
        Like you don’t lie. It’s a game. Lying, decieving, and back stabbing is part of the game.
        If a player chooses not to lie, decieve, backstab or being 2,3 or 4 faces, that’s up to them.
        And you might call them sweet, honesty, blah, blah, blah.
        I call that stupid.
        1/2 million is up for grab, so you have better bring your game. If you want sweet, buy
        you a 5 lb bag of sugar. I want good game plan, strategy, bring on Rachel, Kalia, and Shelly.

        1. I don’t know that I’d agree that EVERYONE lies in the BB house, but I would say most everyone does. The difference for me with Shelly is that she lies to everyone constantly but goes in the Diary Room and says she’s not a liar…..or gets into a screaming match with someone when they call her out on a lie and calls them liars. She’s a liar and she’s a gigantic hypocrite about being a liar. I want her to go to the jury house this week so that she gets the poetic justice she deserves for backstabbing Jeff and that alliance. She had a chance until she turned on him/them too soon. It was super stupid of her to jump alliances and vote to keep Dani in the house when she didn’t know for certain that Dani had the votes to stay. All she had to do was wait 1 more week for her “big move” but she flipped too soon. She has no one but herself to blame for the predicament she’s in.

              1. yeah they had to do something to keep their precious Jordan all right. why does everyone love her and Jeff so much? I did till this season but then I seen how self righteous they were and like the newbs had to do what they wanted in the beginning. and Jeff talks to Jordan like crap ughh and he is too old for her too!!!

                1. I felt the same about Jeff & Jordan before this season. Once watching them again I couldn’t stand them anymore.

                  Jordan’s ass should be booted this week. She is a waste of slop in that house.

          1. Everyone lies in the house, its a game. Her game plan was to play both sides and that meant being convincing, devious and betraying others..ok done. She did well with that game plan but she failed in reaching the goal without being caught. I think people are freaking out on Shelly because its the degree of which she is lying, and because even in the DR she appears to believe her own lies….she’s too caught up in the game, and has basically sold her soul to the BB House.

            In relationships outside of the house a normal person would not continue a friendship if you are caught in a series of lies; as Shelly has been caught in the BB House. I think it is hard to discern what was real and what wasnt.

            Last year Matt lied about a fake illness his wife had; and he wove that story into his BB House persona….in the end it didnt get him the prize but he was convincing.

            In Shelly’s case; based on Matt, if you are in the BB House you have to consider is she lying about EVERYTHING or just some things…Like is she really married and have a little girl….or is she the age she has told them, does she really work where she says, etc…. At this point in the game this all has to be taken into account.

            OK so basically everyone lies in the BB House, its just with what degree of integrity do you choose to lie; and that is what makes this whole BB game so fascinating. Who is going to lie who is going to be sneak, and who is going to get caught!!!

            Shelly basically is just the BB to Survivor equivalent of Russell in my book. BLECK!!

            1. Russell H. won “Player of the Season.” He’s one of a kind. I just voted for Shelly as BB13 Fan Favorite, seven times….one for each of her personalities. LOL.

              Team Shelly 4 life, yo! Thank you, CBS, for letting Shelly entertain me this season. Thank you, Simon and fellow fans, for such an entertaining website.

              1. But Russell was staight forward with America Telling you what he was doing and why and staight forward about the game he was playing S isn’t doing that she pretends that she has been and honest straight shooter. Sadly I think she really believes this. Russell was like can you believe these people are buying what I am selling.

        2. It’s not Shelly’s lying that bothers me, it’s her hypocracy of claiming how much better she is than the other HG. How she claims she plays an honest game bla blah blah.

        3. This is SO TRUE! People this is a game…for a half a million dollars! These people are NOT your friends…who cares how much a person lies in the game. I can’t stand Rachel ..or Brendon but its not because they lie. I don’t have a problem with Shelly and between the people who are left, I hope she wins! There are no rules in BB, any thing to get yourself farther in the game is ok . I’d even rather see Rachel win over Jordan. At least Rachel came back and played the game and wanted to be there…Jordan is proving to be a poor sport who acts like she should be treated with special attention just because she is half of “Jeff and Jordan”. I feel bad that Jeff got out and lost the chance to win but he also acted like he should have won the game just because he was popular. Crap he hasn’t even watched the game since he was evicted season 11…not even his own season. I believe I read in an interview he did after he was evicted this season that he said he had never met Brendon before!! What!? Does he NOT remember hosting a challenge season 12…one where B/R acted like spoilsports and threw a ball at him and Jordan! GO SHELLY FOR THE WIN!!

    2. I hope she’ll get the opportunity to get Jordan out too. Jordan has been riding Jeff, Brandon and Rachel’s coat tails.

    1. Jordan needs to go to the jury house and be with her brother, I mean, her man Jeff. She’s too sweet to be in the Big Brother house
      all by her sweet little self.

      1. While I prefer game talk to person “picking apart” of the players…I have to say that I think Je/Jo may not really be together or may not be exclusive if they are….every time he is asked about marriage Jeff keeps his options open…I thought he seemed attracted to Porshe but she stayed away from him…apparently he invited her to work with him after the show is over….they did not seem all the “lovey dovey” to me, and Jeff really does seem like a bully…I find it strange that sooo many people seem to love him….Jordan could do much better…..I don’t think she deserves to win, but it’s looking like she has a good shot at it now….I think Adam believes if he takes her he can win…which if it’s Adam/Jordan…..I still think Jordan would win…

        1. I got more of a vibe between Jeff and Dani. It’ll be interesting when the jury house show starts, probably be better than the BB house.

          1. really? Dani? ….maybe this is why he was extra made when she turned on him :)
            I did notice how he was acting with Portia….like he was attractive to her.
            I started watching season 13 right after they evicted Cassie. Were there any sparks between Cassie & Jeff?
            just curious.

            I believe Jeff and Jordan love each other as friends…and there is nothing more. I think it is crazy that CBS is making them act like they have a romance. BB needs to return to how it used to be…when things happened naturally….

        2. There will be a lot of sad fans out there if it ever came out that these two are not the fairytale couple that they think they are. All it takes is for a couple of chicks from Chicagoland to come out and say that they’ve been riding t

    1. Don’t be surprised by the responses your post gets because the people who hate Jeff and Jordan will come out in droves to post replies since they’re just as obsessed and whacked out as the people who think Jeff and Jordan walk on water. Not saying all the JJ fans or JJ non-fans are like this, but a ton of them are.

      1. I agree, I’m having a hard time understand why people like them. Maybe they are thinking about last season. I don’t get it.

    2. It’s not so much that I don’t like Jeff and Jordan. The thing that bothers me about them is:
      They look like they could be brother and sister. Laying there kissing, hugging…GROSS!

    3. Jeff and Jordan look like they could be brother and sister.
      Then they kiss, flirt with one another. It’s so weird.

      1. I believe you are the same poster, that posted about Hayden and Kristen being brother and Sister. If that is true get the hell over it, they are not related, goof!

  1. Shelly is so freaking devious it’s ridiculous. I think she has a lie planned out for every single situation that she can get into. I can’t even tell 1 straight lie to save my life.

    1. Devious? Are we watching the same show?
      It’s her strategy, deal with it. If you go into the Big Brother house and don’t have plan
      C, D and E in case plan A and B fail, you’re naivee.
      I don’t care too much for Shelly because her voice is too deep for me, but you got
      to admire her game strategy. It got her further than Jeff….LOL.

      1. How is it a good strategy to tell lies and believe the lies you tell? Where I’m from that is called cRaZy!

      2. Didn’t get her as far as she would be if she had stuck with her final 4 deal with JJA not done all the trying to keep D nonsense. Voted out R. She would actually still be in a pretty good position in the game with potential chances to get Jeff out.

  2. Since Pandora’s box was opened they were playing in pairs. R won so her and J were off the block. R picked SA. Now…remember…they were playing in pairs….does that mean that both SA will leave come Thursday….is that the twist???? Something to think about. Can someone please tell me how many more weeks left in the game? If there are only two weeks left then it could possibly be two leaving this Thursday.

    1. Even with duos they were only voting out one HG, remember the card Porsche read said the nominated duo will have to campaign against each other.

    2. you know i think you are right i beleive the finally is on the 15th so they would need to get rid of someone else….wow cant wait to see

    3. Barbara, you may be right because as of this Thursday there are only two more weeks left. That would be one crazy twist and wouldn’t they all be surprised?!!

    4. no, it is similar to how the game was played in the first part of the season. They are put on the block to gether if one wins the veto they both come off but they are voted off as individuals.

    5. well Julie said “all original pairs rules apply” and that wasn’t part of the original pairs rules – but then again, there is no golden key either….

    6. They’re NOT evicting two people on Thursday. That’s for sure. And finale night is Wed, Sept 14. They should have 3 HGs left when they begin the last HOH on Sun, Sept 11.

        1. I said they were not evicting 2 people this Thursday and they will have 3 left on the 11th. After Thursday, the 1st, there will be 5 HGs. After Thursday the 8th there will be 4HGs. On Sunday the 11th there will be another eviction and the final HOH begins.

    7. I’ve been saying that 4 afew days now,,, I think Adam & Shelley both walk out the door on Thursday thats why they brought back the duo twist,,, After this thursday theres on 2 more Thurs left,,, final is the 15th so how are they gonna get 3 more houseguest out in 2weeks,,, The time frame thats left doesnt add up

  3. Posted this in another thread by mistake….sorry!

    I say again, if Rachel and Jordan allow Shelly to stay, they deserve whatever they get. I have watched every season of BB and don’t remember anyone giving personal items, such as a diamond ring to stay (hey that darn thing might be a cubic zirconia, anyway, Shelly is very use to lying). Shelly is desperate to win. I have never seen anyone so desperate to win. Most have said they will do things, but darn, come on Shelly… sound pathetic. Based on my life experiences and knowledge, I can say, it is best to stay away from desperate people. Shelly needs the money and she definitely needs it in a really bad way.

    Kalia and Porsche decided to pull out their buttons/play dough/ jelly beans to strategize on Saturday. Shelly was in the room and both girls are so darn dense that they talk about Shelly’s eviction right in front of her. I believe Kalia even told Shelly that she was next to go. Shelly probably is upset with Porsche and Kalia and I believe, at that point, she realized evicting Jeff was pointless.

    1. i know it wasnt their smartest move but I think KP were doing that bc they knew they weren’t voting and the sentiment in the house was that JR were voting out Shelly, they really had no responsibility for shelly’s imminent eviction….again, it was a poor, inconsiderate game move, and certainly wont win jury points with Shelly but I think they are at the point like “whatever”

  4. why is Kalia sleeping with Porshe? Porshe must be ready to rip her ears off, big K never shuts up BBAD is unwatchable now

          1. Yes, then the original rules were reintroduced (minus the golden key, I think). I’m sure on the first night after Porsche won HOH Kalia slept in the metal bedroom but started sleeping in HOH bedroom after Pandoras Box – unless I missed something maybe checking recap on the feeds would help.

          2. haha maybe she feels like since she didnt get her whole week when she won hoh in the double eviction that she needs to share it with porshe.. haha, weird!

    1. I believe Jordan is being the smarter one right now, Shelly put Rachel under another spell, and believe me Rachel is going to take it, hook, line and Sinker. I hope Jordan stays strong, and does not let Rachel talk her into someone that will turn in a heartbeat, giving her a ring, are you kidding me?

      1. Rachel is looking at all her options while jordon is out for revenge it would be smart for rachel to keep shelly over adam because adam is all for jordon not rachel

        1. How can you think that Shelly will stay loyal to Rachel, r u kidding? Once she stays in, shel will turn in a heart beat, especially if Kalia wins HOH next week, and Rachel will try and expose Shelly to Kalia that Shelly would never vote for Porsche or Kalia, it is just Straight Shooter using her Jedi powers over Rachel.

        2. right, bc for Rachel – Shelly and Adam BOTH equally want her out and will target her, whereas Jordan is a little safer with Adam who is less likely to target her – so I understand why Rachel why wants to be uber-careful about this, i think she is trying to think about how the weeks will play out and who she can stay longer in the house with — it’s not that clear cut with these two – yes it seems obvious bc Shelly is a liar but if you are actually playing as a big target like Rachel then you have to consider how much damage can shelly really do bc everyone already doesnt trust her and she is much less likely to win a comp than anyone else…

  5. Well you got to give her an A for effort but their is no way jordon will keep her after what she did to jeff and kaliah doesn’ t trust her either so i doubt she will find away out

  6. I think I see where Rachel’s thinking. She knows she can’t trust Shelly, which is an easier to control variable than Adam who’s a little less certain where he stands. Also Rachel knows Adam’s loyalty is to Jordan, not her.

    Jordan wants to vote on emotion (revenge) where Rachel’s looking at the longer term consequences for her game. Another reason I’d rather see Rachel win over Jordan (though Porsche is still my #1 pick)

    1. I agree. I’ve only started liking Rachel since Brendon left. I think she should let Kalia and Jordan vote Shelly out. Maybe that will give her one more vote in the jury house, which is something she needs to think about.

  7. Jordan should vote on emotions. Her emotions should tell her to have common sense. Her emotions should tell her that it is impossible to tell when Shelly is lying or telling the truth. Jordan’s emotions should tell her that Jeff begged Shelly to give him her vote and she said she would and acted really hurt, but didn’t. Sometimes it is best to play with your emotions…as long as your emotions are based on the truth. Jordan’s emotions should tell her that Shelly lied to to her face, will lie again because she is desperate, will go to whomever got the power because the past predicts the future, darn it…….Jordan’s emotions should tell Shelly – NOW YOU HAVE A DATE WITH BIG JEFF!

  8. There is noway Shelly is the same way outside of the house. No one has ever lied, back stabbed, sucked up, or threw people to the wolves to move up in the corporate world. Yes, this is sacasm

    1. Know the old saying you take yourself where ever you go.
      I do say that you can’t go into this game and not lie at all but boy she sure took it to a whole new level.

  9. Rachel knows that Adam will put her up in a heartbeat. Also, Adam told Jordan he can’t win with both of them in the house, {Jordan does not get that Rachel is in danger with Adam} hence Rachel is his target. He believes that no one will give Jordan the money and he is wrong. Rachel knows that Adam is good at questions {even though he has not proven this in any comps}, she also knows that Shelly is not good at comps but can manupilate people like no one else. Rachel has to decide which is best for her game Also, lets don’t forget Adam and Porsche have a secret alliance, now Porsche has no intention of keeping him unless she is given no choice then Adam becomes her bff Rachel is really going to have to think hard about what she is going to do, then try to make Jordan understand.

    1. I doubt it i think adam is loyal to jordon and i think he has blown off the other deals including the one with porche. I think if he could he will get rid of rachel but i don’t think he will do it now. I think if he wins he will go after kaliah and porche and his target is porche. I don’t see how she could stay even if she could convince rachel jordon will never vote for her and now she burnt her bridges with KP k won’t vote to keep her.

      1. I really don’t think Adam is stupid enough to want to take Jordan or Rachel to the final 2. It doesn’t matter anyway. He’s not winning the next HOH, so which ever side wins HOH, that’s the side Adam’s on.

  10. rachel.. needs to break up with brendon lol. shes playing a better game, shes less annoying, shes actually pretty comedic and shes less skankier. i hope she wins and then her confidence will boost and she’ll say yes to return for all stars 2 LOL

    1. I think you are right. It is really sad that BR bring out the worst in each other and both are Ok when not together.
      Something to think about before they get married. I hope they get counseling before the big day..

  11. Speaking of the stuffed dog……now I know Rachel is not going to keep Shelly. Rachel is doing a number on Shelly just like Shelly did on other. Rachel is smart, but Rachel is just as evil and appears to have the “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth mentality.” Shelly is a goner!

  12. Please don’t take this the wrong way! $500,000 after taxes really isn’t a lot of money. Let just use Jordan’s winning. I believe Jordan said that she was going to buy her mother a house and she paid for Jeff’s eye surgery. Well, how much do you think she has left……not much. I know Jordan has appeared on other stuff, but according to her lifestyle and spending habits, Jordan could very well be broke or close to it. $500,000 can possible get you some nice things and even maybe get you out of debt, but it sure isn’t enough to maintain a decent lifestyle.

    1. I agree with you 100% when jordan bought the townhouse or whatever the house for her mom the market value was way up there back then, after she paid her taxes on the money bought the house which includes taxes also for those that have never bought one before and if she helped Jeff in anyway, yes i agree that’s why the girl works. There is no reason why people should say she doesn’t need to win it again cause she has already. If Dick was there at the end do you think for one minute his fan’s would say oh no!! he can’t win again he has already had the money. Dani kept running her mouth about the 10,000 Jeff won and what Jordan won but never once mentioned what she walked away with. If I ever won the lottery are you going to stand there and tell me I can’t pull out my dollar ever and buy myself another ticket?? Well think again sweetheart.

  13. I hope Rachel is not falling for Shelly’s lies. I thought Rachel was too smart of a player to change her vote to keep Shelly. Jordan knows Shelly needs to go. Shelly can accuse her of playing personal but it is gameplay to get rid of Shelly.

    I do not like Rachel comparing Shelly to Dr Will. No comparison at all. He owned everything he did. She plays like a mixture of Ronnie, Maggie and Dick.

    1. I’m curious.
      Do you feel Dick was a liar similiar to Shelly?

      I thought he was pretty straight forward even when he was acting ugly.
      If he didn’t like you….you knew it.
      (whether people hate him or love him…Dick pretty much stayed true to his alliance till at least the final 3 or 4).

      1. He mainly outed people in front of everyone. He turned on his alliance (America’s Player and his girlfriend) at final 6.

    2. That’s funny… considering Rachel is one of the biggest liars in BB history.

      Oh I get it… Rachel is now friends (this week) with Jordan… so her lies are ok right? Rachel is just playing a game when she lies… but when Shelly lies she is this evil person?

      Get a grip.

      1. everyone has lied to everyone……I would say shelly is a very good manipulator so much that she has scared everyone – best to send her to the jury than handing her the money.

  14. i think adam has been throwing hoh’s since day 1… dude knows every date in the house and he is the first one out on before and after? i think adams strategy is to play the middle, never get any blood on his hands, and to never be a target…. if kalia wins she is putting up jordan and rachel with rachel as the target, if jordan wins its porsche and kalia, if rachel wins its porsche and kalia…. adam has been the mega pawn this year and he might as well ride that too the final 3

    1. Oh you know it. He truly wanted to win the POV to pull himself off the block, and he did, but he has thrown plenty of other comps. The most recent ones I can say for sure are:

      POV putting together the female robot – he said it in the DR
      Clown Shoe POV – he watched Jeff and the rest while he kicked around the balls, pretty clear
      HOH that Kalia won. Out in first place on questions? That was so obvious and Jeff’s response was priceless.

      I would like to see all four girls going at it (cat fight!) for final 3, then final 2 rather than loafer Adam. He and Shel(He) can spoon together in the JH.

    2. His DR comments don’t suggest that’s the case. More likely he can’t handle the pressure of the comps and screws up.

      1. Wrong. He flat out stated that he would not make the effort to put the robot together during the POV when Kalia and Porsche were on the block during Jeff’s HOH. He was clearly sandbagging on the clown shoe POV and his reactions were noticable. Being the first out on the Q&A for HOH that Kalia won by guessing and Jordan lost by guessing (luck is the damnest thing). You need to watch the feeds and the show instead of acting like a know-it-all.

        1. It was an easy question, basically ‘was the food comp before or after the pov’. Kalia didn’t guess, she knew the answer. Jordan, of course, guessed because she has no idea where she is half the time.

    1. When you suck at comps, you’re usually not targeted unless you’re the last one in your alliance. That’s how Adam and Jordan lasted. It sucks that you can win without playing the game at all, but it seems to be a winning strategy. Adam is almost guaranteed final 3 at this point.

  15. Yeah..There was pic of Shelly playing with the stuffed dog this morning… I wonder what Shelly’s family is thinking about all of this…

  16. Actually, what difference would it make whether shelly or adam goes? They’re 2 of a kind. Both are floaters, liars, and suck at competitions.

  17. If you guys are pissed off at Shelly because she voted Jeff out, too bad. Jeff pulled a little threw the veto competition to get Brendon out.
    Now Jeff and Miss Jordan know how Rachel feels being away from her baby, Brendon.
    Of the 6 players left, I would like to see these guys win in this order, simply because how hard they play the game:

    Rachel win the 1/2 million, if not, then Kalia, yes Kalia because she plays the game.

    If not, then Shelly,. I am glad Shelly voted Jeff out. Shelly is there to play the game.
    Her style is her style. As long as she can live with it, what is it to you guys?

    I can’t stand Jordan, miss sweet thing. Listen Jordan baby, if you’re there to make
    friends, and look for honesty, you’re gonna be very disappointed, as you have already
    found out. It’s a game. It’s a game and no one has promised you that folks won’t lie
    to you, or break your little heart………Oh, well, if not Shelly, then Porche, then it’s a tie between Adam and Jordan.

    1. Yeah, for someone who condemned Dani for ruining the vets alliance he himself turned around and picked newbie Shelly over fellow vet Brendon. He felt betrayed by her and yet him and Jordan betrayed their own original alliance.

    2. Jordan knows it’s a game. A game she is obviously pretty good at. She already won it once and has a good shot at doing it again. You keep going on and on about people knocking Shellys strategy. And then you you talk crap on Jordans strategy. Take your own advice…. “her style is her style” if it works for her, then what’s it to you?

      1. Her strategy is to do nothing. Don’t you think she’d be more suited for a show where she’s a camp counselor, or something like that, and all the kids are smarter than her. That’s the kind of show Jordan should do. She’s a bore at Big Brother. Maybe if they give her another 500Gs, she’ll retire from BB. I hope.

    1. honestly i think the fortune teller was cbs’s backup plan in case pandoras box wasnt used to make sure both jordan and rachel could stay this week

  18. If the house guest watch the BB show, then they all know that they MUST go to the final 2 with Adam.
    No one in the Jury House will vote for Adam because THEY….and when I say they I mean (Jeff & Brenden too) know that they will vote for the player who has worked the hardest. Loyalty will be a small part of the evaluation….but in the Jury House…..they all sit down and talk like logical human beings (they put the past behind them…and they discuss who deserves 500K). They really love Adam, but that won’t make them vote for him.
    The only way possible that Adam had a chance of winning 500K is if he went to the final 2 with Shelly…& that is impossible at this point. No matter what is happening in the live feeds right now…Shelly will be evicted on Thursday.
    AP =P win
    AK =K win
    AJ = J win
    AR= R win
    *If Adam can win at least ONE comp (on his own), he might just have a chance….other than that …at least he experienced being in BB with his all time favorite players.

    1. Adam has a chance against everyone of them but he has to start winning the next few comps. All he has to say to the jury is that he won when he really needed to, that he stuck to his alliance. Honestly, the only person in his alliance he voted out was brendon and that was because another alliance member was on the block too. Loyalty counts alot especially in the eyes of Jeff and Jordan (if she get knocked out)

      1. Yes. Loyalty does count. …and it will especially count to JJ.
        However, let’s say you put Adam with Portia or Kahlia. Kahlia can say that she was loyal to her alliance with Dani and K won HOH twice; and K has so far kept her word to never put up Jordan. Portia can say that she was loyal to her alliance-Team Dani and she won 1 HOH and 1 Veto. Rachael can say that she was basically loyal to her alliance until it got down to the wire…and Rachael won 2 HOH and one Veto. Jordan was loyal from beginning to end and she won one HOH (some people say that Jeff & Brenden let her win, but there is no verbal record of that (at least not to the CBS viewers directly)….but there is verbal record that Adam begged Jeff to win the veto.
        Now you stack their loyalty & comp wins against Adam….and what you get is Adam losing to anyone but Shelly. Just watch when they show the viewers Jeff & Brenden and whoever else ends up in the Jury House discussing who they will pick to win the 500K. …it will not be Adam. …and even though it may be a close call if it is PA or KA (only because K & P were with Jeff in the beginning and then switched to Dani (their wins will count for something…and the fact that when they went to Team Dani….that was the last time they flipped); Adam will not win if he goes to the final two with Rachael. I can almost bet you money on that. Furthermore, whoever is in the final 2 must articulate verbally why they should win the 500K…picture that…and that is just one more reason that I really feel Adam will not win the 500K…..but 2nd place gets some money….and I feel Adam will be happy about 2nd place….he has spoken more about his desire to help the JJ alliance; than his need to win the money for himself. …but I do agree; if he can win a HOH comp….then he might just pull ahead.

        He is the ultimate BB fan.

    2. Adam’s loyalty was never really tested. The one time he went against the house, it was a foregone conclusion that J was going home.

      1. not true at all adam could have flipped with shelly and kept dani he could have voted with the house and voted out jeff heck he could have campaigned for lawon over rachel weeks back and they would have had the votes to keep him….. and you can be loyal to one side and still be in the game to win

        1. Adam threw the Before and After comp, and didn’t look at all convincing in his disappointment. Jeff sat there with a WTF look on his face. I’m assuming that Jeff was referring to Adam’s “sac” in his eviction interview with Julie. Adam won’t get a vote from Jeff or Brendan.

  19. The hatred going on here is amazingly stupid.

    What did you all (and Jeff and Jordan) think? That everyone in the house was just there to help them win???? Shelly and everyone else has just as much of a right to try and win this GAME as they do. Plain and simple.

    It’s really a simple concept. Shame that some of you are so in love with J and J that you can’t see past that.

    1. It is really strange the way some people look at Je/Jo as heroes or something. Shelley has the right to play the game to win just like they all are doing….I do not understand why it does not bother anyone the way Jeff talks down to Jordan when they are together….which is usually more personal than game which I think is not right….it’s bad enough to be that way in life …but to feel comfortable enough to do it on TV….and yet it doesn’t bother Jordan…does anyone else think there is something wrong with that?…

  20. It’s funny how JJBR all complain about “floaters” and people not playing the game but when people DO play the game and go after them…they complain and take it very personally.

    Their strategy in a nutshell: Don’t be a “floater” but don’t come after us or we will cry and be mad at you.

  21. Strange, but I am hoping Rachel wins this season. I just do not think that the other players deserve it. Well, as much as I loathe Shelly, I think she is the only other player who made moves, but I do not want a villain to win. Please, Danielle fans, Porsche and Kalia do not deserve to win. Please, JJ fans, Jordan doesn’t deserve to win as well. Adam??? Hmm..

    1. I can see your point.

      There is a type of energy at this point that after Jeff and Dani left…no one really cares.
      If K or P can get J or R out …then I will root for one of them to win….which one almost does not matter….leaning toward P.
      If J or R get K or P out of the house…then I’ll root for Rachael…but only at that point.

      Adam…he is a nice fellow. very loyal. but 500K. ….not sure it should be him…..not really sure on that one.

      1. Also the the thing about Kahlia is that I feel (not sure she will think this) that if she wins….she will really believe she did a lot; but she got to the end on the backs of what Dani did. I know many will disagree…..just my opinion.

  22. Hope Jordan and Rachel are final two. They are truly the only two deserving in the house and bring Adam along for the ride. Would not be sad if either of the three win.

  23. Oh Porsch why oh why. 10 G’s must of sounded great. Adam needs to go. Keep the dangerous one. I hope it’s not vets at the end.

  24. Honestly the show has become a snoozefest. I want Jeff, Dani, and Brendon back. I want Kalia, Porsche, and Adam in the jury house.

  25. Yawn….. this is really getting BORING! Jordon, Adam and Kalia need to go! They are a snoozefest! Shelly and Rachel can add the needed drama especially if they put Shelly on the spot! Without Brendon, Rachel is a lot easier to take, he brings out a bad side of Rachel. I’d love to see Porsche and Rachel as the final two!

      1. well, simon, don’t you think you have your wish? (well, aside from dani being evicted) now look at what we have. boring people.

    1. It is the medications that are keeping Rachel subdued. She is not pregnant according to the test yet still claiming to be having morning sickness feelings. That is a side effect of certain medications like Valium and Anti-depressants when first intorduced to them. Likely also why she gets drunk so fast on 2 glasses of wine.

      They won’t get rid of Kalia, they need the human garburator still.

      Jordan, is she still in the house? I thought that was just a cardboard cutout they moved around the yard and assumed that the airhead was just filling space in the backyard.

      Adam, the wanna be Evil Dick, doing the same late night talking to himself Dick use to do. Always saying every move he made was for his game, yeah right, the only moves Adam has made for his game is preventing lock-jaw on Jeff’s groin!

  26. I can’t wait till thursday becasue i am so sick of this it feels like it is dragging on forever i get what jordon means when she said she wanted to just play everything so we can get to the end

  27. Can someone from BB tell Adam he is not going to be famous when he leaves BB if you don’t win you have to
    Go back to your boring life and no one going to remember unless you wear your elf suit and walk around Hoboken NJ and a BB Fan
    see you and said ” I know who you Mr. NO Ball from BB.”

    1. I watched Enzo on DICk AT NITE. He was horrible, but at least Enzo could make you laugh once in awhile. I think Adam believes that he’s gonna get a job at one of the game sites. Problem with that is, he’s not well spoken, and his game play was non existent. Who’d want to hear Adam talk game?

    1. yes it is true. i watched it with my own eyes on the live feed today. she had it hid in the kleenex box right beside of RJs bed! Shelly should have been smarter with her sneakiness though…after R and S big talk this morning, Rachel is sure to know Shelly put it back. i mean Shelly did offer Rachel her ring that her parents gave her to hold LMAO

    2. I just want Rachel to realize her dog is under her pillow (since Shelly snuck in the house today while everyone else was outside and put it back) lol

      Shelly is a real piece of work!

  28. You know, about the whole “Lying” is part of the game, I’m sorry it’s not. Some contestants are the ones that bring that to the game… big difference there.

    Good people don’t condone lying and condone fair competition, sewage rats however, condone lying contestants and when the lying fails, then all of a sudden, competition strength matters and if competition strength fails, then the poor excuse of lying is part of the game is back, ad nauseum… damned sewage rats.

    Here is what I condone: “Don’t do on to others what you don’t want to be done to you”.

    So if a contestant is lied to, deceived and betrayed… then he/she have a free pass to do the same to the one that did it to them if conditions permit.

    1. Great, good for you, then you MUST be thrilled that Jeff got booted out right after breaking his deal to not backdoor Dani RIGHT!
      That is doing onto others as they do onto you!

      Guess you are rooting for Jordan to get booted next week since she has constantly lied to Rachel about Jeff throwing the POV comp to Adam that resulted in Brenda getting booted out! GOOD FOR YOU!

      Let’s hear you say it Jeff and Jordan are LIARS and are NOT GOOD PEOPLE!

      1. While Dani was a good competitor (comps) she also was a liar and deceiver and had already done it to Jeff.
        Brendon asked Jeff to watch Rachel’s back and he did.

        Jordan, wasn’t aware of Jeff not making a minor effort not to win. Jeff had to do it as a game move not to be the next big target and that was not lying.
        Although, I admit that Jeff lied to Rachel about not making the effort to win the Veto, however, that lie wasn’t anything nasty like lying that you will vote
        to keep someone and vote against them. I have no problem with people throwing competitions. Anyway, this would have caused Rachel unnecessary
        grief at that point in the game that might have turned her chaotic and might have been her demise and she’d had gone home.

        Let’s not forget that Brendon and Rachel would have not had J&J’s back either if they were in a situation that they felt they needed to protect their
        asses too and when asked by say by Jordan if they threw a comp, they would have done the same not to cause unnecessary grief to Jordan… not as
        a play against Jordan.

        1. Jeff told Jordan numerous times he should never have thrown the POV that resulted in evicting Brenda. Jordan knew Jeff threw it. Rachel specifically asked Jordan numerous times if Jeff threw the POv that evicted Brenda.
          Jordan numerous times and even swore on her brother and mother Jeff did not throw the POV.



          1. Ok so Jordan found out about it after, does that mean she agreed with it? who knows. However, it comes down to not causing unnecessary grief.

            When Brendon along with Rachel asked if Brendon had J&J’s vote to stay… what did J&J say?… they told the truth that he didn’t have for gameplay
            strategy reasons. J&J didn’t lie about it.

            1. No her lying to Rachel when Dani told Rachel that Jeff threw the POV was a tipping factor in Dani being able to get Rachels vote or not.


              There is no doubt that you will say anything rational or irrational to defend J&J, but FACT OF THE MATTER IS THEY ARE BOTH LIARS AND DECEITFUL PEOPLE, just as Shelly is. And J&J’s greatest lie is that they are people of INTEGRITY, they are nothing of the sort, they are bonified and certified liars.

              You cannot have your cake and eat it too, everyone in the game lies, the degree doesn’t matter, they lie. So to defend Jordan means you condone her lying, but cannot condone anyone elses lying, that is the fact of the matter plain and simple!

              The only person not caught in a lie in BB13 was Keith, but that is because he was evicted too soon to begin lying.

        2. Oh and Brenda never asked Jeff to watch Rachel’s back, Brenda told Rachel to not trust Jeff or Jordan just before he left the house the second time. It was Jeff telling Brenda he’d watch Rachel’s back after he backstabbed Brenda that caused Brenda to be evicted.

            1. Umm no it wasn’t, Jeff never watched Rachel’s back, he even lied to her when she asked him directly if he threw the POV and he denied it so he could keep Rachel in line and cover his own ass, not hers because she was the sway vote, plain and simple.

              Jeff and Jordan had F3 deals with Shelly, Adam and Rachel. They are as selfish and greedy as everyone else in the game. It is a game of deception, manipulation and lies and when you have to tell people you have integrity, like J&J did numerous time, YOU HAVE NO INTEGRITY.

      2. He was under no obligation to keep a word with Dani after she tried to backdoor him. Besides Dani did the same exact think to Brendon the week before. Jeff isn’t stupid he knew that Dani wouldn’t have kept and deal she was making with him. Truth be told she wouldn’t have and you know it. Dani saw B as the bigger target between B & J
        esp since she had already evicted him once so she went after him 1st. Jeff knew he was next on her hit list just so happened he got into power before her.

      1. No I’m saying it only takes a few no-gooders lying snakes and all hell breaks loose in the house as no one feel they can trust anyone as opposed to Winning the season fairly because you’re the best at competitions and you successfully protected your ass at not getting evicted by competing and having enough in house supporters because you are good trust worthy person and playing a great social game.

          1. She’s no threat BECAUSE she plays a great social game. Also can’t blame her for not trying harder when she was well protected by Jeff and her awesome social skills.

              1. I see you’re not versed at detecting Real boobs from fake ones. Jordan is a great person, too great actually for having given her home phone call to that back stabbing deceptive hag.

  29. Shelly is a nightmare. She does nothing but talk out of both sides of her mouth. She hasn’t won one compitition. So all she does is talk smack, makes promises she doesn’t intend on keeping. Jordon is the only one it seems to see her for truly who an what she is. For her to back stab Jordan after she gave her the the phone call home and if anyone remembers Shelly in one of her crying episodes that she will never forget what Jordan did for her. There is nothing nice to say about Shelly. Money truly is the root of all evil. She has some serious explaining to do with her daughter and the lies she has been telling. The only person in this whole game who hasn’t gone back and forth with their word is Jordan.

    1. Hmmmmm so you are saying that phone call for 3 minutes to Shelly’s home was worth $500k!

      So what no one with a rational thinking brain can understand is how is booting Jeff out of the game backstabbing Jordan who is still in the game? The duo twist ended week 4 and it was individual play till BB decided their Vets were going to be picked off before the finals and re-introduced it to save freak Rachel and coattail riding useless Jordan.

      1. I’ve wondered if the HGs had a head’s up about making sure Shelley got the
        telephone call from home and the 24 hour isolation.
        Shelley was going off of the deep end back then in a BIG WAY and the
        isolation and probably some medication calmed her down enough to stay in the BB House.
        She was truly out of control and needed HELP.

      2. You can’t say 100% that by Shelley voting for Jeff to stay would have cost her $500K. Her deception however, definitely did. Last nail in the coffin as they say.

  30. This season is officially dead. not that it was ever really alive. It was actually dead the minute Dick left the show but now I can’t even stand to watch anymore. The only people smart enough to play the game are gone. The remaining houseguest have turned the BB house into The View and talk about boyfriends, pubic hair and nails.

    Big Brother needs to get back to the basics, no more gimmicks, no more trickery, just throw 13 strangers in the house and let it play out.

  31. Porsche laying out in the sun thinking that why out plan of getting rid of Rachel next week and Jordan after that which was backfired! Wait, I get it Kaila’s brain is thinking about food. I should read the BB How to get rid of Stronger players. OH too bad! Porsche brain think that I should not open the pandora box but I’m an idiot right now. Kaila’s mouth keeps going and going and going and going. Does Kaila has Batteries in her back? How could to turn off Batteries so that Kaila will shut up for two second?

  32. I would get rid of Shelly. Adam is currently playing two sides. He isn’t playing both sides though. He is doing what he can to stay she. At some point he will have to show his true color. I do have some degree of respect for Adam. A dam remained true to Jeff until the very end. Shelly is too desperate to win and will do anything to win. Basic on Shelley’s track record, it is time for her to go.

  33. People complaining about pandora should recognize the obvious manipulation of Shelley by production the week of Jeff’s eviction. And speaking of competitions how about the EIGHT competitions Production kept Dani out of.

  34. I think what turns me off about Shelly’s lies (because I know its just a game and lying practically becomes one of the RULES) but what bothers me the most is her lying is so bad that it comes close to Matt’s lies, last season (Saying his wife had an incureable disease) and yet nin the end Matt seemed to be more ethical then Shelly, after all is said and done.

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