Big Brother 13: RP talk about “The Model wife” Rachel’s concern “do they get to have lots of s$x.. **updated

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3:40pm Adam floating on by to another HOH

3:55pm Porsche and Adam Kitchen Briefly talking about what there is to eat. POrsche is making a sandwich Adam starts screaming I NEVER WANT TO SEE A HARD BOILED EGG AGAIN!
POrsche asks him if he thinks it will be a good idea or bad idea if he sleeps upstiars. Adam: “Why bad omen” Porsche: “Kalia thinks it might make them think they are too close and they will want to vote you out” Adam stuffs some food in his mouth “”ahhh I gots cha” Adam asks if Kalia will be sleeping upstairs or downstairs. Porsche says she will probably be downstairs..

4:15pm Backyard Porsche and Rachel Rachel explains a dream she had were she was trying to call Brendon and she couldn’t. Porsche points out that Brendon is in jury right now and he won’t answer so her dream was true.
Rachel:”thinks it’s because of separation anxiety”
Porsche: “rachel.. don’t be a freak it’s only been a week”
Rachel: “we’ve never been apart for so long”
Porsche: “weren’t you apart when you went to Charlotte”
Rachel: “That was just a few short days”
Porsche: “Think of it as a opportunity to be rachel and not Brenchel”
rachel: “that’s not what I wanted to hear”
They giggle for a bit.. Rachel asks Porsche about her boyfriend. Porsche says she’s glad he just signed the release a little while ago.. Feeds cut..
Porsche asks her if she’s read “The Model wife” in the bible. Rachel doesn’t know so Porsche explains. basically She cooks, cleans and takes care of the kids, She wakes up before everyone and goes to bed after everyone.
Rachel: “do they get to have lots of sex..”
Prosche: “Yes, So you would do all those things as long as you get lots of sex?”
Rachel: “Ohh I just want to make little Brendon Happy”
Rachel: “Hmmmm.. the model wife and mother”
Porsche: “ya it doesn’t look very awesomness .. looks like a lot of work…”

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4:30pm Porsche heads to the hot tub becuase her shoulder is sore. Rachel reads the model wife..

4:40pm bathroom Rachel and Jordan They are talking about KP putting them up if Kalia wins HOH. Jordan is pretty sure they will take Rachel out first then Jordan, she hints that Adam will be with KP because they want to get rid of all the vets. Rachel is saying that Kalia threw the veto comp she thinks she’ll be tougher on physical then they thought. Porsche is scared when it’s just the 4 of them (JRKA) and Kalia is competing for the HOH she’ll win it and put up JR. Jordan turns on the hair dryer so I can’t hear shit.

Jordan reminds Rachel how many times she was almost out of the house this year. “You’ve been lucky 3 times”

5:13pm Adam floating around the backyard

5:25pm rachel and Jordan walking laps they are talking about how “fat” they are getting. Rachel: “I’ve been eating M&M’s like it’s my job”. Porsche says that They (production) told Kalia to “freshen up” because she’s hasn’t really fixed her hair or anything. They both agree that the “jason” deodorant is crap (I use it it’s great) ..

They start talking about hoe much brendon use to sweat. At first Rachel tries to deny that Brendon sweats (He was notorious last year for sweating) Porsche says he “Sweats A lot” rachel: “But not under the arm and he doesn’t stink” POrsche: “Yeah you’re right”

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i wish theyd show more of porshes funny side on tv.




hell no,not Roachel’s ass I only have a 45″ inch screen.


If they showed more of Rachels ass we would throw up


I’m so glad they are showing Shelly’s seven sides.

I love the fan fave polls. 5 vets are on the top5, Brendon is 7th. Shelly sits at #6 surpassing all newbies. Go, Team Shelly, yo!

Regardles of the character(s) she made of herself, it was so much FUN to watch. I hope she and her family can someday chuckle and laugh at the experience. No hidden agenda behind this post. Just me straight shootin.’ Peace!


Better yet, Kaila and Porsche are bunch of overconfident and trash-talkers which will end up screwing the HOH and POV competition. It’s time to have the Veterans win HOH and POV and take out two more newbies. KP are bunch of scarycats. You two are afraid of Rachel and Jordan. Because they will destroy you into piece.


Althought I want to see Rachel win the 1/2 million, I doubt seriously if Porsche and Kaila are afraid of Jordan and Rachel.
Porsche looks like one of those neighborhood girl who would get into bar fights just because she’s bored.
And Kaila, she looks like she can talk her way out of trouble……reminds me of that little girl loud mouth girl from the last
Big Brother with Enzo and them……damn, I forgot her name. The little mouthy blond.

Anyways, Rachel, being a lady that she is, she’ll slap the heck out of someone only when it’s necessary.
And Jordan, sweet Jordan, she should go to the jury house and be with her brother, I mean her man Jeff.


Britney…I could not stand her


Hated her and Ragan. Still trashed Rachel after she left the house, bizarre. Will never understand Rachel having any kind of relationship with Ragan.


she’s a glutton for punishment,must have had a miserable childhood, always looking for love and attention. That’s why she is a Vegas girl with fake boobs,and taking whatever comes her way as affection when in most cases people just feel sorry for her..


Go to the beach, there are. A lot of fake boobs there. In fact in LA there are lots and lots. Porsche has them also.



Being BAD is boring

I thought Britney’s DR sessions were HILARIOUS! She had the best zingers!


I LOVED Britney. She was hysterical. I like Kalia for the same reasons.


That’s cold. JJ are a cute couple. Sorry they don’t show all the PDA like Brenchel and make babies on the show. They actually have class.


You keep calling Jeff and Jordan brother and sister. Must be some really sick fantasy of yours since you’ve mentioned it before.




Jan, the perversion seems to be in your mind rather than that of “Hello There.”

What Hello There suggests is that these two fruitcakes JJ must have fallen from the same tree (bro and sis) because of the Technotronics & dumb blonde fiascos.
They are allegedly both dumb, they must be related.

I thought we’re all keepin” things clean. Go, Team Production, yo!


I said that they should have a nuclear bomb type thing when the pandoras box is opened al lthe people here now are out then America votes 4 people in to finish tjhe game


I love the Pandora’s box Or better yet, just let us vote who goes home each week…:) I don’t know though, America never seems to agree with my opinions…lol Personally I would like to see Porsha take it. I know people say she floated..but, huh, the vets are the one that gave her a pass…and she has still done more than Jordan. ALTHOUGH, If she loses to Rachel or Jordan, its her own damn fault for opening that box. She should have known it would be a way to keep them in the house. For some reason people seem to like them there. I would have loved to see one of them go. Not sure why people are so crazy about Jeff and Jordan. Jeff is a big dominating bully. Jordan is okay, but she is not better than any of them. Rachel is trying to act all nice ..but its an act..she is a mean girl. Kalia and Adam are nice enough…just dont think they deserve the money.


Porsche and Kalia are mean girls, they talk horribly about Rachel. They bash her every chance they get. Porsche wanted to push Rachel down the stairs if she were pregnant to save her $400. I thought it was so sick, those girls talking about ways to hurt Rachel. Prior to that Porsche tried to hurt Jordan with the Muscle Milk. If CBS gives Porsche the money it shows that you can attempt to hurt people and talk trash about people and it is OK. She does not deserve to win. The game is not about physically hurting people.




squabble your moron and I will probably call your girlfriend a moron. So, where even right. Well moron, are you mad at me because I call you a moron. Come on fight back. Morons like you are more moron okay. Hey everyone squabble is an uneducated idiot and moron. So, what are you going to do? Nothing, your worthless and off course the Moron of the year. You don’t like JJ right. Well I’m not a Team Dani or PK. That’s why PK sucks and your dumb as a doornail like you. Moron. Okay Squabble (Moron).Okay Moron. Go ahead, are you going to fight back Moron? Yeah that right your a Moron. Moron. Moron. Your GF is a Moron too. So, what are you going to do. Keep calling a Moron and I will you a Moron and so is your GF.


Is your mom and dad brother and sister? That would explain a lot.

Not a PHD student

pacer “assessory” is starting to gow on me a little………..don’t know why but it is………..

Team 500 G's

That picture of Porshe is off the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOYYYYYYYAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont care what any of you say…..SMOKIN”


Midwest Fan

Simon, am I correct that Porsche and Adam still have a Final Two Deal which
no one knows about?


maybe Rachel and kalia should be in the final 2!!!!


adam doesn’t like rachel or kalia


Actually, I believe he does have a final 2 deal with Kalia!


He has a deal with Kalia too. Also, last week before Dani was evicted Adam and Rachel were talking game in the backyard, and he told her that after Dani left, that Rachel and him should stick together til final 2 since they both had no one else to work with, because he didn’t want to work with Shelly. This was after Shelly came to him, trying to save Dani. I think it’s because he knew he definitely couldn’t trust her anymore (Shelly), so he thought he’d cover his bases with Rachel.


Does having it as my background and screen saver make me creepy?


Sexiest HOH this season

BB King

Since when did Porsche start reading the Bible? She didn’t know who Judas or Jonah were and all of a sudden she knows the model wife?


I think Porsche has a lot more going on under the hood than she lets on.


Well she certainly has an engine in her trunk!


then she’s Volkswagen


HA! or a 911, and God knows that girl could make men call the emergency line

Julia Christine



she would have to have..


Same thing I thought about Rachel…. Before this season I had no idea bimbos read the bible… mind boggling

BB Baja Fan

Natalie from BB8

fer sure

There’s literally nothing to do there. I’d read the bible to pass the time too. Remember a few weeks ago people were reading candy bar wrappers to pass the time.


at least a candy wrapper will tell you something useful!


Zing and a Snap!!!!


She asked BB for a bible for her HOH so that she could read it, and they gave her one.


Since Jordan is the one who is supposed to be with Kalia per Operation Sleepover, she should encourage her to do another workout tomorrow. She’ll be so sore by Thursday that she won’t do well in a physical competition.

Porsche and Kalia aren’t on slop anymore so why are they constantly burping? I love how these slovenly pigs think they’re so classy.

And Rachel has only been apart from Brendon for two days? Even after he skyperbated? What a fool.


Porsche is hot shes just a pretty big bimbo. which isnt a problem for me btw


agreed. I would like to show her my boat. My motorboat! bam!

Between Rachel and Jordan, I would take Rachel. Jordan seems like an uptight bee eye tea see aych.


Even they should be tired of game talk right now. Can we just fast forward and hand Jordan the check since that’s more than likely what was already planned anyway?

Don’t know how they can continue to discuss the same ‘what-if’ scenarios when nothing new has happened. And talk about separation anxiety, Porsche is gonna freak out if she has to be separated from a stove for more than a few hours once she leaves the BB House.


If Jordumb wins that’ll be total bullshit. Notice how the twists have favoured the vets: Brendumb returns, PB saves JR. Jordumb’s done jack shit and certainly doesn’t deserve to win given her (lack of) performance to-date. PK – final two!


Yeah but watch how the next HOH belongs to Rachel or Adam. Either way Kalia is more than likely the next one out the door. Jordan has never done anything so that makes it likely she’ll have a repeat win,unfortunately.


Hey just be more confident, Beside how would Jordan would never win BB13. This would be a History that no former BB contestant win 500K twice. Eval Dick tried it once but just walked out. Jordan has a shot to become a first woman in the history to win Back to Back Big Brother (Since Survivor contestant Sandra Diaz-Twine (2) time winner). Let’s have a repeat. Survivor has one but why Big Brother didn’t have one. Let’s give CBS production a history moment. Jordan Lloyd, two time winner of Big Brother 11 & 13. Rachel will have one as well, but runner-up 50K is good because for the wedding and honeymoon for Brendon. Julie Chen needs historical moment for Big Brother. Allison Grodner executive producer would love to have a piece of history of Jordan win BB back to back. Eval Dick, if you been stayed in BB house. You probably compete against Jordan in final 2, two Big Brother winners. One will get a repeat and other gets the runner-up.


Jordan did not win last year so it can’t be back to back, get it?




I don’t know, I don’t see A winning anything. Whatever is knowledge in questions or BB13 events, he’s too slow off the draw and can’t get the correct answers out fast enough, if he remembers them at all, as he sucks under pressure. I’d say the next HoH is K or R’s. We’ll see though.


I thought Roachel read the Bible all the time, how could she have not read The Model Wife,? Oh, I forgot those must have been the pages she was trying to read when her Bible spontanously combusted. She certainly only knows about one area of that story, but her version takes place in Vegas.


the picture of Porsche at the top of this site reminds me of the BLOW UP DOLLS FOR MEN … lmao … mouth opened and all … can see why the men would give her their vote…lol … GO RACHEL to the end and WIN


Oh my MARIANNE, I have been trying to find the right word/s to describe Porsche’s physique. You hit the nail on the head. Her body looks like one of those blow up dolls that men use to satisfy an urge. Her breasts dont look real. Real breasts, large ones, usually are full and round off nicely at a lower level. Certainly large breasts do not look like that when a woman is in a reclining position. Did she ever say she had surgery performed? Sometimes females admit it and sometimes not. That’s ok. Its no one business. I was just wondering if she ever made a comment about it. Her face is average looking. The prettiest part of her are her thighs. I always did think that large shapely thighs are very becoming. Jordan has a lovely face. She even has a well shaped body to compliment her face. If ever another movie is made with angels in it, Jordan needs to try out for the part. I can see her with the wings and the white flowing gown. Perfect for her.


you truly sound like a creepy old man.




NAME, no- I am not a creepy old man. I am a middle aged female who does not fear posting an honest comment or observation nor do I attempt to get chuckles from others with childish replies which suggest an insult. I respect all, even you. :)


Porsche, Shelly, Rachel and Jordan all have fake boobs…


That many? Its hard to believe that their self esteem is so low. Why would any one decide to have healthy tissue cut unless there was a medical need. So sad that society’s emphasis of ‘outer beauty’ be the ultimate goal of one’s life instead of dignity, knowledge, and inner beauty. Hmmm





Midwest Fan

It is time for the BB House Bible to be replaced with a
copy of Suzanne Collins novel, ‘The Hunger Games.’


My favorite book ever. And yeah,teach them how real entertainment is done. ;)


That’d be funny… same Production interference, btw.


Shelly put Rachel’s dog under her pillow…


Thank you, I had asked earlier if the dog had been returned, and I never got a response. I am glad that Shelly finally returned the dog. She probably is thinking that this will make Rachel trust her.


this season of bb sucks…its soo boring! 4 vah-jays and douche…smh cbs ur show is sooo fake and horrible(this season is the worst ive seen) another fake ass season like this and you’ll be right up there with the mtv “reality” shows. I hope the purple room wins the 500k!

Porshe's creamy bikini bottom

Smoking hot and gorgeously funny and tremendously smart. Porshe for the win and my heart lol. Team Porshe all the way.


Seriously, I don’t get why anyone thinks P is overweight. Has the obsession with model size, anorexic figures blinded people to what a healthy size woman looks like? To each his own but, I think P has a good figure. However, speaking from this guy’s preference only, I prefer the natural look, including no breast implants. Shit, 2 of the 7 women in the house have fake boobs. Is that really the average number of women that are getting boob jobs??? What the hell is up with that?


I Agree with you, though P seems to have gain a little bit compared to the beginning of the show, she still looks FINE!! YUMMY! XD

And on the fake breast?… with you 100%, can’t stand them. They look fake and feel fake… total turn off!!.


Absolutely, fake boobs don’t do it for me either, and I love breasts! However, I’d much prefer a smaller size chest on a woman that had real boobs, than a larger size chest that was artificial. To each his own obviously.


3 of the 5 you mean Jordan, Rachel and Porsche got fake boobies

I think Porsche looks good


2 of 7? 3 of them in there right now have bolt-ons.


No Jordan’s breast are Natural. It’s quite obvious.


Wrong, she said in BB11 she had just had a boob job before she came on BB.


A boob job can also mean breast reduction.


Doubt it…


Well if they are implants, they are minor ones or she had a damned fine surgeon. However they’d still feel fake to the touch, so yeah, still a turn off.

I really don’t get the Female “I want fake boobs!” madness. Do females really think Men or most Men love these things? burlastch!!


Who’s your favorite in the house, Simon? Like just 1 person you like the most or whatever.


She was clear they were implants. Also this year she said she tried to talk her mom into getting some because her mom’s bottom didn’t match her top, or something to that effect. Sorry to burst your booble.


No bubble to burst here, I wasn’t aware that she had mentioned it before in BB 11. Looks like I had started watching BB 11 a little bit after the fact.


Who the hell says “boob job” when they just had a breast reduction…


J’s look real don’t they. Don’t remember any reference to get having had a boob job.

Midwest Fan

Wasn’t there BB Blog chatter questioning Jordan’s NEED for the
money from BB11 when she could afford to get breast implants just
prior to the show? She was always talking like she was poor.

fer sure

I never understood the “porka” comments. But then the same people would call Dani “skeletor”….and there wasn’t that big a gap between the two. How hot was Dani in her eviction dress….


Smoke’n!! Dani has an amazing body!!!!! Miss her in the house. She had spunk and sass, which I find attractive. My wife, however is the definitive “complete package”!!!! (and I’m not just saying that because she reads these comments either …. I swear honey! :-)


CORRECTION; It’s FOUR out of seven girls have fake boobs. Jordan, Cassi, Porsche and Rachel all have fake ones.


Cassi didn’t look like she had big boobs, or at least not implants. Shit, Jordon’s are fake too?? Holy Shit, I didn’t know that. It’s hard to tell I guess. Cassi? Really?


You forgot Shelly….Porsche, Shelly, Rachel and Jordan have fake boobs…


So who has had a boob job out of Cassi, Dani, Jordan, Kalia, Porsche, Rachel, Shelly?


Kalia’s head is a boob job.


ROFLMAO. Oh my, a third boob. So, it’s 6/7. Only Cassi did not go under the knife.
Go, Team Regulators, yo!


Never read the bible, but I heard of this “Model Wife” and I was curious is “filatio”” in that verse? ;-P

Spell Check???

Do you mean to say FELLATIO?


LOL yea, never typed it out before , TY for correcting me ;-P


That question sucks!



Unfortunately, I’ve read somewhere in this blog something that Shelly said that she’d rather have in her mouth. (Did that really happen, Simon?) So now when this “F” thing comes up, I don’t find it stimulating anymore. Darn, Shelly, you ruined me.

[Makes the “Peace!” sign with fingers, kisses the middle and pointing finger together, and blows with a smile]

See the picture?

Rachel Is A Twit

I think Rachel’s bigger concern should be that Brendon go back to having online sex with men, as he has done in the past. The girl is delusional.


Funny ever since it happened that has not been her concern, she took him back by forcing him to make a video crying about it, then he forced him to propose to her, but instead of continuing to scold him for going the gay shit, she comes back on a TV show..


Brendon had online sex with men? He is bi sexual? No biggie, but if this is all true, how did everyone find out that Brendon did that?


Literally the funniest thing I’ve heard this summer. Brendon totally deserves it.


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OU LA LA. Thanks for posting the site Simon. It answers my question. Have a great evening. :)


The issue of whether Brendon thought this was a girl is still in question. Very telling, when Jordan asked Rachel a few weeks ago how she could “forgive Brendon for having online sex with a man”, Rachel didn’t dispute the statement and question, she only said to Jordan that they “had worked through it.”

Shelly's Silicone Teets

Nothing important to say, just wanted to be included



I guess you are correcting earlier posts about the 2/7, or 3/7, which may actually be 4/7. I am not ruling out Kalia’s. I am guessing it’s really 5/7.

I hope you voted for Shelly as fan fave. Let’s put her on top of the newbies totem pole.


Am I the only one who thinks this show is BORING AND DEAD. I cant wait until survivior.


Ditto,but I’m sure BB Productions will once again come up with a new “expect the obvious” aka Twist to try and keep it going for another 2 weeks. It’s like a real bad soap opera As the stomach Churns, they are all quite sickening. Would love to see a season of all NEW guests, no “Expect the Unexpected” “Twists” Duos or other BS just play the game strategically and may the best player win (without DR guiding and planting ideas) I’m sure if they just let everyone make their own decisions and not make comps and vetoes aimed at certain players,that the hgs could figure it out themselves, and everyone play their own game. After all it is for 500K and everyone should have a fair chance at winning. AG needs to stop recruiting her favorites and helping them along in the game.


I’m definitely not bored by BB13. Shelly keeps on entertaining me. Errr, Survivor what?

Shelly's Silicone Teets

We’re all Surviving Big Brother…Ha!


Since BB is scripting the game, the likely outcome Thursday will be Adam is evicted because better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

Adam while leaving the house will confirm that Jeff threw the POV that resulted in the eviction of Brenda. Rachel will go ballistic on Jordan and tear her to shreds for being a lying weezle to her for weeks.

HOH will be questions based on the Zeebot and raddled Rachel and Jordan will go out immediately, Shelly sneaks in the win.

The Rachel Jordan ass kissing of Shelly goes into high gear to stay. Rachel and Kalia go on the block and Porsche wins POV and takes down Kalia and Rachel is evicted screaming at Jordan for being a completely pathetic lying bitch.

Jordan is alone and crying all week long and meets the block the following week with Shelly and Jordan goes home.

Final 3 is Porsche, Kalia and Shelly.


No, the final 2 will be either,


Not in any particular order of possibility.


I don’t know about that order. What if Porsche and Kaila will be next to go the Jury House?
We don’t know the 3 part HOH competition.
Part 1 is Endurance competition
Part 2 is Mental/Physical competition
Part 3 is Question from a Jury (Jury statement)
Beside, I don’t want to see Porsche and Kaila going to the final 2. They don’t deserve anything.
Did you watch all season of BB?
Beside I think that Rachel/Jordan final 2.


LOL Very good link, and sounds like they are following the plan. Thanks for the straight skinny on what goes on behind the scenes.


Whoever made this know all the facts

Rachel" Go Big Red"

Rachel is strong! physically and mentally. Don’t let that crying shit fool you. Moreover, she probably has more class than what she portrays.


Class? Haha everyone knows Boy George will tumble 4 ya…

Mad Hatter

So now I guess Brendon’s sweat don’t stink either…. lol

Kevin L

I have a question. The Finale is on September 14th. If that’s true, we’ll be down to 5 after September 1st, then down to 4 on September 8th, with only a week left. Will they go into the final night with 4 people this year? Seems weird… Something is up. I think next week will be another double eviction.


Finale is the 15th. But, you’re right.. if there’s not another double eviction, then there would be 4 people left finale night.. which really seems odd to me too. They’ve never had a final 4. It has always been final 2, and then they changed it to final 3 a couple seasons ago.. I think during BB11.

Ha.. wouldn’t it be funny if this Thursday was a double eviction and the couple on the block (Adam and Shelly) get sent home/jury together. THAT would be interesting lol.

Kevin L

I actually read that it’s Wednesday the 14th. From 8-930 is Survivor Premiere and 930-11 is the finale of Big Brother. Either date, something has to happen different than it has in previous years! I’m surprised no one else has noticed. I think Jordan may have mentioned it but everyone dismissed it. A final 4 on Finale would completely change things!

Rachel" Go Big Red"

LoL! Big Brother: Redemption Island!…that was too funny. thanks for the link Mel


Go Porsche and her fine ass!


CBS is so stupid for this, why would they think that they could bring Dani, Dick, Jeff, or Jordan in the house and America not root for them….especially when BB started the season with the newbies winning NOTHING. Now they have a situation whereas fans truly hate Shelly….and CBS says it is the fans fault….no….it is CBS fault because they should have known… Jeff from the top down and from the bottom up is sexy fine handsome. He has a bit of a ego, but who cares…because for the most part he is nice; and has a cute smile. If Jeff was not so cute….the move Shelly made on Jeff would have went down in BB history as brilliant….like if she had did that same thing to Brenden…..people would have a “I love Shelly” facebook site…..further if Shelly had made that same move on a house guest to save Jordan or Jeff from being evicted….her popularity would have went out the roof in a good way (even if it meant she lied & flip long as it saved JJ…folks would have loved Shelly). Since this is a game to win 500K, the hate for Shelly is crazy… is about as crazy as how Shelly acts everyday in BB with her lies and flip flopping (yep…the crazy flip floppig so she can win money for her family; and not seek Jeff’s approval….a man who did not have her best interest….in the end he only had his & Jordan’s best interest). Shelly is annoying….but hating her because she helped to get Jeff out of the house is a bit too much.

CBS, next year……just get ALL NEW PLAYERS. For season 13, I’m more interested in who gets evicted than whoever wins. After Jeff & Dani left…I’m just going through the motions because I’m a BB fan. Can’t wait to see what Brenden, Jeff, & Dani are discussing in JH.


I think Porsche is pregnant.


Nah. It sounds more logical that she swallowed Rachel’s baby. That’s why Porsche looks bloated.
Go, Team PorKa, yo!