Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says I will swear to god and America that I will not go against you, I would be the BIGGEST A$$HOLE LOSER.. if I did that I deserve to lose my job.

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10:50am Jordan tells Rachel that you know what I just figured out .. if you and I leave … you, me , Jeff and Brendon decide the votes and no one else matters. Rachel says oh I know.. I thought about that a bunch. Jordan says that at least its not going to someone who sleeps all day. Right then Porsche comes down from the HOH room. Porsche asks if they are ready for picture day. Rachel says yay! Rachel asks if Porsche is still going to crave sexy back into Adam’s back hair. Porsche goes to wake up Adam to tell him to come to the bathroom so she can shave his back. Adam says no. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Rachel and Jordan talk about how they are by themselves. They continue to study the memory wall photos. Jordan says at this point ..if you don’t think Adam is good ..or with us ..then we will do what you want to do. Jordan says that if Shelly is up there with you … it is like asking you to get evicted. Rachel and Jordan go out to talk to Shelly and says if you were to stay .. you need to swear to god that you wouldn’t go against us. Rachel explains that we don’t trust you and we are just afraid you would come after me. Shelly says that she will swear in front of god and America as my witness that I will not evict you or go against you … I would be the BIGGEST ******* LOSER … and if I did that I deserve to lose my job. Porsche comes out and interrupts the conversation.
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Shelly tells Jordan that she hurt her incredibly and their alliance. Shelly says that I know you two are together and that I am playing for third. Shelly says that yesterday I felt that you were honest to me about everything… and Jordan you have never lied to me … and after that I felt so much better … Shelly says that at the point I got the truth from you …I put the dog under your pillow. I felt good after yesterday …and I have a lot to make up in this game to you and Jordan. Shelly says that I will not put you up. Rachel says that we need someone who will not play sides. Jordan says that you and Adam have played sides. Shelly says that in her speech she will tell everyone that she will have their (Jordan and Rachel) back for the entire rest of the game …I will make it clear that I will not turn on you. Jordan says that right now they (Kalia and Porsche) won’t even talk to you because they think you are going home. They discuss how the double eviction voting and prior discussion went down. Shelly says that she knows she hurt Jordan and she feels really bad. Jordan says what if it comes down to it and you vote out Rachel if she is on the block because it’s an easy decision. Jordan talks about how worried she is about not being able to trust Shelly. They asks Shelly why she was so happy during the HOH competition. Shelly says because she knew she was going up and that they only hope was for them to win. Jordan asks if she made a final four deal with them … Shelly says no… I don’t want Kalia or Porsche to win. Shelly says that this is a personal situation now between us. Jordan says we just have a few more weeks and we need someone we can trust. Jordan and Rachel both say that they would rather have Dani to have won than them. Rachel asks Shelly if she can have a minute with Jordan. Shelly stands up and tells them that after this game she will do anything for them for life … I am not going to BLANK YOU AGAIN! Jordan says I want someone to go to the end with Rachel …if I go home and vice versa. Shelly says that she does not want to be with them. I won’t… I will not vote you out Rachel .. I will not vote you out Jordan. Jordan asks if Shelly ever threw competitions. Shelly says that she only voluntarily dropped off the banana competition.

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11:30am – 11:55am Jordan says that she lied about the robot …she told me that she lied …she must have forgot. Rachel says that she doesn’t trust Adam at this point… Rachel says that the argument to keep Shelly is that Kalia and Porsche do not like Shelly. Rachel says that Adam has been staying up with them all night. Rachel says that we are in a really bad situation.. its really a situation of which is the lesser of two evils. Rachel says that Kalia thinks she has already won. Rachel says if we just look at logic in this game. Rachel goes through the votes from each eviction. Rachel wonders when it was that Adam first decided to keep her. Porsche comes out. Jordan tells her that they are thinking of keeping Shelly … well maybe.. Porsche says well don’t think about it too hard .. whoever is left we will get out next week. Porsche says whatever if the four of us are still working together …then it doesn’t matter. Porsche heads back inside. Rachel says the only reason why I would want to keep Shelly is because they hate her .. and because they are trying to make deals Adam. Rachel says now they will try and make deals with Shelly. They continue to go over the pros and cons of keeping Shelly vs Adam. Jordan is really nervous now about how Shelly just lied to her face. Adam comes out and they tell him that they were talking to Shelly. And that they told Porsche the they are thinking of keeping Shelly and Porsche said whatever it doesn’t matter. Jordan asks why do they feel so they feel so safe with you. Adam says because they think I can work with them and that I am better at beating you. Jordan tells Adam that they don’t need someone who is nervous about working with us. Adam says I know. Kalia tries to come out into the backyard.. and gets pissy when they tell her they want to talk to Adam alone. Rachel explains that Kalia making a final two deal with you is ridiculous because there are still five people in the game. They talk about how they don’t want someone who sleeps all day to win. Jordan says that keeping Rachel in here next to you is a bigger target. Adam says that he could have gotten Rachel out over Lawon but I didn’t. Jordan and Adam explain that we have the votes in the jury and if you go with us …we will award it to you over them. Rachel tells Adam that he has just as good of a chance to win against Jordan or me. Adam says that he knows Kalia and Porsche just used and manipulated him and that he hated that .. Adam says that they know I am an emotional person and they feed on that… Rachel says and they will probably take each other. Rachel says that we aren’t promising you final two ..we are promising you final three and a fair fight.

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11:55am – 12pm Meanwhile in the kitchen, Kalia and Porsche are pissed that all the game talk is happening and that they are worried about what is going to happen. Kalia is pissed that she can’t go out into the backyard. Kalia says that she feels it’s Rachel who is calling Shelly and Adam in to campaign because she is the new captain of the ship. Porsche says that she hopes that their newbie deal is still good. Kalia is pissed because she feels she has kept all the deals that she’s made and it’s too bad others don’t do the same thing.

12pm Jordan and Rachel says that you can get through this game without lying. Adam says you do have to tell some fibs. Adam says that he thanks them for talking to him. Adam says that he really wants to call Shelly out. Jordan and Rachel tell him not to do that. Adam says that she is offering you everything …and she has nothing to offer.. Adam says that she throws competitions and then cries that she loses competitions.. Adam says don’t cry about it when you throw competition. Adam tells them to do what they think is best and that what’s best is that you keep me and I will get those BLANKs out. They end their conversation. Jordan goes to tell Kalia they can come out side now they are done talking.

12:25pm Porsche and Rachel are in the kitchen making bunny ears out of tin foil, while Adam eats at the table. Adam says that they need to be a little longer. Porsche says that’s what she said. Porsche says its not the size of the pipe that counts its the motion of the ocean. Jordan, Kalia and Shelly are out in the backyard talking about drinking, food and other random stuff.

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Rachel and Jordan will make it to the end , production will make sure of that, last weekend brings too much proof of that, so why are they even stressing? or is this pretend like that crying they did after Jeff left, they know they were safe this week..


Each time someone says “production will do something to help JR win”, I laugh.

Sorry your favorite person has gotten eliminated. Sucks to be you.


Faggots pretending to be me? That a good laugh make up your own SN fag


crying because I’m calling out what actually happened? nope not at all, takes faggot to assume that, typical JJ Fan you are.


Crying because I’m calling it out the way it’s been for the whole season? not at all, just my observation of the season none of these twists ever benefited the Newbies, only the Vets, and get your own name f.a.g


Jeff got knocked out on one of the twist, you r just bitter.


Watch the most recent Dick at Nite, the 1st few minutes explained what6 production did after Jeff got evicted…… for all of you bitching about me calling out FACTS

WiLL da THRiLL (Team Dani Dammit!)

Can I just jump in and say I myself am an ILL WILL
a. We share a name
B. He says whatever the hell he wants and doesn’t give 2 BLANK what y’all gotta say and I live for

Ok, back ur regular scheduled program.



I tell people on here all the time I type whatever I want I’m not worrying bout what people think, but I’m REALLY starting to enjoy pissing JJ Fans off, and it’s showing when they make names mocking me I HATE ILL WILL, ILL WILL CRY, ect

WiLL da THRiLL (Team Dani Dammit!)

Lol no prob man.
And omg, the Jejo fans are soooo bitter this season!


You are the ultimate troll. Have you ever said anything nice about anyone on these forums?

I think I will refer to you as ILL TROLL WILL from her one out.


lol 5 year olds


Hey let’s stay classy…it’s pretty messed up to say rag or gay as an insult yo


Jeff did not vote himself off jerk wad, get a life.


How did the golden key help the newbies? They were more like handcuffs. For that matter, how did the double eviction help the newbies? Why can’t the veteran alliance just win comps instead of cry foul? They had so many chances, but they’re just not that good.

Head of Household

No, Ill Will, get YOUR shit straight.

It is EVEN right now. Production threw TWO competitions to Dumbielle (Yeah, I can add ‘dumb’ to the names of HG’s too!) and she won both. It was only fair for JR to have one toward them.

And isnt is just convieniant that Jeff could not compete for HoH during the Double Eviction? Hmm.
And no, I’m not just saying this because I’m a JJ fan. I’m saying it because it’s true.


So, why are you watching a “rigged” game? You sound like someone who just has to have someone to blame when things don’t go your way.

Yes name

You have the admit the pandora’s box thing was a little too “convenient” for RJ..


Yeah, the pandora’s box was way too convenient. It appears as if production is wanting one of the vets to win the game. No matter what kind of game move the newbies make, it never appears to gain much in status. I don’t know if I want to continue to watch the show anymore.


no one told porche to open pandora’s box so she has no one to blame but herself


BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was a good one!


Do you remember last season? Do you remember when the Brigade had all the votes? Do you remember how boring it was!?!?! Production only fixed it so that that RaJo “had a chance” to stay in the game. PORSCHE opened Pandora’s Box, when she had final 3 in the bag. RACHEL one that Veto fair and square. At least now the rest of the season is relevant, and there is still game to be played.


No I don’t remember that. I can barely remember what I had for lunch.


well, in the live feeds, jordan did say that production told her in the DR that the veto comp was going to be something that they (JR) can win….so that was no guarantee but they do try to help certain players out….but they have to do that to keep ratings up…..I’m totally fine with that b/c I want Rachel to win


That’s what I was saying production told Jordan that the comp would be tailored for them


LOL Jordan said that only because of the event that Pandora’s Box unleashed and her being hurt about what Shelly did, not because Production outright told her that. Funny how you Dani cheerleaders keep calling Jordan “Dumb” and calling her JorDumb, yet when she’s says something that conveniently caters to your butt hurt self’s line of thinking, you jump all over it saying it confirms your suspicions. lol what a Joke.


a comp that was identical to the comp Rachel won her 1st HOH…


Really because I watch the live feeds and I don’t recall that. Maybe I blinked or something but I’m sure if that happened, it would have been all over the internet and I haven’t heard another person mention that part. So when exactly did this happen?

Team Cassi!


Thanks for the link. It says the following:

“They start guessing what type of POV competition it will be… Jordan keeps saying that it has to be something tailored to us because it’s a twist to save us…”

Yep, they are guessing and Jordan is has to be something tailored to us. She does not say “production says it’s a game we can’t lose” or anything else along those lines. They were making guesses since the duos were brought back. Even if Jordan was saying something when the feeds changed, you think Big Brother would say something on the overhead that the other houseguests couldn’t hear? Of course not. So once again, it has been debunked.

Team Cassi

Dani's Army

I’m 100% Team Dan (Kalia/Porsche) but production did not mess this up, Porsche did. Earlier in the week she said how good everything was and she wouldn’t touch Pandora’s box, then she did. That is what messed it up. With RJ scrambling they wouldn’t have got SA to slide back bc both are just following power at this point.


And the twist just so happened to be that the duos are back. Production didn’t make Porsche open the box nor did they rig the comp for RJ but that twist sure did come at a very convenient time. It would be nice if the twist wasn’t so transparent, even if it was something like Porsche couldn’t win HOH until they were down to the Final 3 or something like that.


These are all assumptions on both sides if production manipulates the game you have no proof either way…

Personally I think they need to get rid of the diary room all together…I think they paid porsche to open the box…More than 5000..>Thats what we saw was the 5000…I think they gave her more in private…


You could be right, but I highly doubt it. CBS is pretty tight with their budget.


Forewarned is forearmed. K-P’s mighty mentor, Dani, warned them not to open Pandora’s box.


I beg to disagree. Porsche didn’t mess things up for their team, production did. The Pandora’s consequence didn’t have to be a power that is supposed to help people on the block. Pandora’s didn’t help people who were in trouble last season, the worst it did was bring back Rachel for 1 day but nothing else. Plus it’s too late in the game to interfere with what’s going on.


EXACTLY not about PB the consequence was put in to protect JR, so it wouldn’t be 3 vets going out in 1 week


Right, Jordan was going home this week. Production was not about to let that happen.


Pandora’s Box has always been explained as if you open it, something good will happen to the hoh and something bad will happen to the house, or vice versa. when porsche saw the 10 grand, she knew what was gonna go down. the only good thing i can say about the whole situation is that she was straight up with the house about what she got, she could have some something like, she walked through the doors and got blindfolded and tied to a chair like good old natalie did.


Team Dani here 4ever! I think that the Pandora Box was irrelevant, pretty sure Production had “Plan B” (either the Fortune Teller or someone else was going to bring the new twist. Even though I’m rooting for Porsche I think the POV twist was a good idea, it is keeping everybody awake! Not boring like last season…


yeah exactly if porche didn’t open the box then jordon would be going regardless of what the comp was


If Dani had not screwed her original alliance she and Jeff and Brendon would of been in the final five. Dani got greedy and went against her original alliance way too early and messed it up for all of them. Just do not think Shelly, Kalia or Porsche deserve to win just because of some of the things they have said in the house. Shelly too much wrong there to even start, Kalia an animal abuser so she needs to go and Porsche talking about helping Rachel miscarry by hitting her with a ball disgusting so she needs to go, and so that leaves Rachel, Jordan and Adam. Actually will be happy if any of those three actually win the money because even though Adam has done nothing at least do not think he is morally corrupt like Shelly, Kalia and Porsche.


Likely true re being final 5, but really, what would that get Dani? Going against 3 other strong players for comps? She would have been out next for sure. Her long term thinking was good (duo up for starters) but made her big move (Jeff out) WAY too early. I’m content with where things sit. Team JR, with R for the win!


I agree Rachel and Jordan should just sit back, relax and wait for next twist, that will save them again…especially Jordan who can’t save herself without anybodie’s help.(At least Rachel is capable of wining competitions)

Big Jim

I thought Dani was pals with production. Lot of good it did her.

Go team Rachel and Jordan!

Porshe had the CHOICE of whether to accept that Pandora’s box. She chose poorly. Even Daniele had told them NOT to accept it. She knew better. That’s what made the difference in this game. Production can’t guarantee who will or won’t open the Pandora’s box.


Jordon is an annoying little brat mad because “danis army” got out her jeff and thinking she is so deserving because she has done what again?


None of them have really done anything. Who cares? They are all still there… One thing I might point out however…”Jeff’s Army” got out Dani first. If she didnt turn on Jeff so early, she would still be in the house.


Uhh they have done something………….won comps back to back without the help of production giving them special twists


And Dani got the biggest threat in the game (big Jeff) evicted when she wasn’t even in the house anymore. Talk about game, lol


Jeff didn’t have a week to campaign and change peoples minds. You can’t compare the two evictions at all. It took 3 people to take out Jeff- one to win HOH, one to win the veto, and one (shelly) to flip and make it a tie. Jeff got Dani out on his own. He won HOH, won the veto, and had a good enough social game to keeps votes on his side. I don’t think the double eviction was really fair. But I also don’t think giving four people weeks off (key holders), bringing someone back, or some of the other twists have been fair either.


Dani is the one that flipped Shelly. And stop mentioning the golden key. It was a huge disadvantage. The newbs that got the golden key could not compete for HOH. Once the golden key handcuffs were removed Dani, Kalia, and Porsche won 5 of 6 HOHs.

Dark Horse

I agree…
its funny when she says she does not want a floater or someone who sleeps all day to win…
so long story short…she can include herself with that


shelly is such a master manipulator. she needs to go.


Does she though? Dont get me wrong, I dont like her at all! But this is a game, and manipulating is part of it.


lets call things the way it is and stop bullshitting

jordan and rachel dont bash kailia and porsche that much or even trying to bring them down the way they try to portray rachel …. kailia , porsche do most of the nasty bashing ….. sometimes i really believe u people are to close to see the writing on wall …… ……. before i push for one of these girls to win I WOULD RATHER WEAK SAUCE ADAM TO WIN ……. i tip of my hat to rachel for the progress she is trying to make … one of biggest lessons is, is that we’ve got to talk honestly about bad behaviour,,, because it has literally arrived on KAILIA, SHELLY,,, PORSCHE doorstep ,, i mean talking bashing rachel if she’s preganat , hiding rachel stuff i could never pull or cheer for these wicked girls. even though rachel has her flaws and shortcomings she has never hide their stuff .. but, these girls will never take blame for their actions they will blame rachel if shit was on the wall …….. dani started this hate shit and they continue it , dani shelly porsche, kailia all of them are jealous over rachel damn and rachel doesnt have anything not even a job , just a fiance ….jealousy travels in circles trying to destroy rachel’s image or whats left of it .. i mention dani because she started it and her minions continue to bash rachel so u dont know what u are talking about when u say rachel bash kailia and porsche nonstop ….jealousy and envy will spoil and rot these girls soul… shakespear called that typed of hatred green sickness…..these mean girls are ruthless in their quest for power drunk with envy and jealousy simply in their quest to WIN at any expense… …..the deeper victim of envy -the person who envies.. sensitivity will get in the way of good judgement ..rachel talks about them but they really go too far when bashing her… i will not support any of these mean girls because of who they seem to be …every topic they dicuss they will talk down to rachel and about rachel … even though rachel has a long way to go with her attitude she has been trying to change ….in the face of mounting pressure she is trying her best even though she has gone through many trials,tribulation and after many tears i hope she triumph and survive… when we board a plane and ascend to the skies, we see our lives and communities from a higher and more clear perspective
(i dont want any mean girls to win )
team brendon for life


u wrote all that….you got too much time on your hands.

Team bb

Lol!!! Yep sounds true

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

Yeah, she wrote all that all in one post instead of the double, triple, quadruple…oh I give up…….posting the way that Ill Troll Will does. Good on her!


I follow the live feeds and I agree with you even if I am J/J fan. Dani and the girls are means and they are bullying, not Jeff or Brandon. Shelly is lying ok like everybody else but in a very nasty way. If J and R are out, I hope that Adam win. Excuse my english, I’m french canadian.


So are you saying the LIVE feeds are lying? They sat on the couch for a hour bashing KP are you serious I swear you and Jordan must be drinking the same water


I think it’s kool aid


Very well said thank you I agree 100%


WTG … I have noticed a great change in Rachel… I tip my hat to that girl. When the things went missing she didnt fly off the wall, she very mildly asked for them back…didnt care who took them just that she would like her things back. I think Brenden brings out the worse in that girl. Bad news as far as I am concern. After getting over him leaving the second time she has gotten very good control of her emotions. I have to laugh and say WAY TO GO GIRL with some of the things she has come up with … And her line of thinking shows she does have a brain… Many of her actions show she does have a heart . As for the other three witches … well i will not lower myself to write what i feel about them. I have watch last year and this year after dark. These girls are nasty … OK i get it you dont have to like someone BUT REALLY that kind of slander is just not called for… I guess it made them feel better about themselves… If i was friends or relatives of those three i would be hanging my head down low… GO GIRL GO (Rachel) for the win 🙂


It’s called medication


I hate the sounds Rachel makes when she laughs. I hate Rachel’s whiny, self-centered attitude. I hate her fake boobs. I hate her fiance. But I am rooting for Rachel to win $500k in BB13. I hope she doesn’t share her winnings with Skyperbating Brendan. But what the heck. It would be her money and hers to spend however she wants.

Go, Team Rachel, yo!

Big Jim

Rachel = America’s player!!

Casual Observer

Rachel = America’s Pole Dancer

I believe there was a scene in her and Brendon’s first season, where she was on all fours giving Brendon the booty shake dance. Sounds like a professional too me…Not hating, just stating the obvious!

Big Jim

Lucky Brendan

Aqua Bernie

I don’t want any mean girls to win either! GO JR!!!


I agree with your comment. It’s to bad that people feel the need to be like that. I have had a hard time believing that people can be that cruel to someone.


Really? Team Brendon? Would it have been OK for a mean guy to win then? And if you don’t think I’m right about that, go way back early in the season and review the way “nice guy” Brendon was talking to Cassi. And that isn’t the only example. B going around bragging about how smart he is, can do “rocket science”… Well, you would be hard pressed to name a stupider act than masturbating on video and sending it to a stranger. But, I guess that wasn’t a selfish, mean thing to do when you are in a committed relationship. Matt had it right last year when he called him “Big Dummy”. Truth.


I pretty much agree with everything you said. I’ve always seen Rachel’s better side. How anyone can find fault with Jordon’s positive qualities defies explanation.


Here! Here!

Props to Rachel. I am not a big Rachel fan but she has stepped up recently in my book. The way she kept Jordan from making some big mistakes when Shelly went after her and all. Rachel and Jordan know they have to stick together until the final 3 and then take some one else with them to the final two. (Jordan too sweet. Rachel too good a competitor.) All this Rachel bashing is rediculous. Those “mean girls” do it to make themselves feel better.


really? Jordan and Rachel are constantly bashing Kalia and Porsche, well actually it is mostly Jordan bashing them while Rachel listens. BOO HOO, they hid her stuffed animal, obviously they were going to give it back, is it really that big of a deal? If you think its a big deal then you need a reality check. As for the comments, like I said everyone says bad things about everybody. If you were in the house I’m sure you would find it hilarious that rachel could be pregnant, especially if she got pregnant in the big brother house? Porsches comment about the miscarriage was out of line but that does not make her evil and clearly it was a joke. I dont see that as being a reason for her to not win because other than that comment both sides of the house have talked just as much shit about each other


I dont think it matters who they vote out, both AS are floaters and switch sides to whomever has the power. Though i would love to see Shelly leave and be destroyed by Jeff and Brendon in the JH. Team JR forlife


i miss Jeff
don’t you just miss Jeff?
why not?
what is wrong with you?
Jeff was the coolest captain it that house.
If Jordan wins for the second time then Rachel should beat her up (just kidding)lol


I do.


I miss Jeff.

Uncle Cool

Shelly deserves to be removed from the game for declaring she is playing for third place. Who does that? Is she retarded?

Who do Jordan and Rachel think they are offering final three with anyone?


Protected that’s who they think they are


LOL! So P/K are not going the same thing… NO.. it’s final 2!!!


They are honest with him … cant say the same for the rest … and they didnt say finaly two …now didn’t they ? They told him they would not garintee him final two, OH before I forget … THEY ARE PLAYERS…..LOL… unlike FLOATERS…(mind you I really dont know why they are called floaters… dang they are still in the game…lol…) GO GIRL GO (RACHEL) FOR THE WIN 🙂


You are a bunch of cry babies, who cares its a game!!

Dark Horse

Adam should just lick Jordan’s ass…
Adam is the BIGGEST joke in the house…
if he wins then ‘the vets’ handed over the money to a lazy floater.

Team Porsche at this point!


That would be hilarious. The vets spend the entire summer bitching and moaning about floaters, and then give the half a mil to the biggest floater in house. That would be priceless.


I like Shelly’s attempt at redemption. She is my favorite HG this season.

Rachel seems better off to keep Shelly. CBS is better off keeping Shelly – ratings and drama-wise IMHO.

Go, Team Production, yo!


Team Production, yo!


Rachel would be better off with Shelly in final two for sure; I think she’d get all the votes. Against Jordon, she may have a good chance too because Jordan’s already won.


“Jordan and Rachel says that you can get through this game without lying.”

Rachel to Jordan, “did Jeff throw the POV that would have saved Brenda from being BD and evicted?”

Jordan to Rachel, “No way Rachel”

Flashback to 2 weeks ago, Jeff to Jordan in BY, “Damn it I should have never thrown that POV to Adam, I feel like Dani is going to BD me.”


JJ fans hate facts, just like JJ


If you think that RJ deserve to win then your an idiot. CBS just gave them another weeks pass. This is Rachel’s 3rd chance already, the 2nd by having Brendon back. If Dani didn’t win that HOH I’m sure Brendon would still be in the house.

It’s not fair to the other HG that CBS is helping the favorites. What if you were a HG & playing with all these favorites who are clearly being given favors, would you like that?

Aqua Bernie

Then I’m an idiot and proud of it!! HOLLA!! And you can also blame Porche taking pandora’s box!


I’d rather hear people sing “Hooohaaaa” than HOLLA.

Go, Team PorKa, yo.

[With the way I’m shouting out to HGs, I feel like the biggest floating fan here – now I know how Adam feels. Ziiiing!]


I don’t understand how you think that. I hope Rachel wins.


Let’s face it Dani killed herself. She should have stayed with JJ & BR. She would have road on their coattails no one would go after her if their side lost HOH because she was not a couple anymore. She should have stayed until they were 5 or 6 left and then could have made a big move. Jeff and Dani are the 2 best players in this game and if she played with Jeff they could have made it to the end. Jordan to become the first 2 time champion….. and Jeff will win the 25k as favorite houseguest…… love it


blah blah blah. That’s about the millionth time someone has said that. Can we talk about the players still in the game perhaps?


just curious…does anyone else remember Rachel and Brenden being the first ones to want to vote out Jordan and Jeff…? All they did is mention it to Dani and she went with it…but it originated with Rachel and Brenden….watch the re-runs…you’ll see it…and Jordan and Jeff are dumb…just dumb…nice but dumb…why on earth did they bring back people that have already played the game…that isn’t fair at all…there are too many other people that want to be on big brother…why bring back the ‘has’beens’…
I’m for Adam…he is the only honest person in that house right this minute…


Yep I remember something like that


Funny how people forget the fact Brendon and Rachel started the idea of getting rid of Jeff and Jordan , than Dani went with it, and got burned by BR, which is the sole reason why she was after them…


their straight shooters they’d never turn on team, throw anyone under the bus. even though i watched them say it 100times, i still dont believe you. next thing you’ll tell me JJ called Adam a bozo and used BRAS to further themselves in the game, just buying time to evict them. i have to go feed my cats now


The “mean girls” DKP” are just jealous that JR have steady boyfriends. I hope JR don’t fall for S last shit she’s telling to save her ass.

Casual Observer

^^Only a dumb-arse would say something like that. Because I’m fricking certain you neither know Kalia or Porsche personally!^^ Stick to what you know best, which is probably going to the mall or some other light weight BS.^^


Why are Jeff and Jordan fans so obsessed with Dani?

Girls Ruled

Rachel is playing for her benefit I hope Jodumb catches up with Rachel scam in setting herself with two players Jodumd and sheliar to the end Rachel knows she could beat them in any competition. If Jodumb win BB again I’m going to evicted BB from my TV.


porsche…future bb players…note to you: do not open pandora’s box when you are in power and have numbers. they arent going to hook you up and stack the deck even more….oh porsche, I had such high hopes

Kalia + Porche + Adam = BORING

All you people who complain about Production having a hand in things have to remember that this is a TV show, and CBS needs to worry about their ratings. They couldn’t care less who gets the $500K, so they are not trying to help this person or that person win. But who on earth is going to watch Big Brother for the next few weeks if Kalia, Porche, and Adam are the only people in the house? All they ever do is sleep, and when they are awake they talk about the most mind-numbingly dull subjects — it would be so boring!!! CBS has to try and keep some interesting people in the house for the sake of ratings. I just think that whoever did the casting this year better get fired because they made a HUGE mistake with this group. SNOOZE!


Again with the overblown and unsupported ratings rhetoric.

It’s production’s job to make these people interesting to the viewing public. As a live feeds subscriber, these people are boring 90% of the time (same could be said for most seasons). It’s production’s job to milk that other 10% and make two hours and 15 minutes of interesting TV every week. If they can’t do that, given that they have 168 hours every week to make into a little over two hours of good TV, they shouldn’t have jobs.

What production shouldn’t do is meddle in the game or throw in convenient twists.


CJ, I totally agree that Production has the responsibility to make an interesting show. But they need something to work with, and people who sleep and smoke all day does not give much to work with.


Rachel for the win…. She keeps the show


Simon, have tried to send responses on many comments but nothing goes through, except this mssg to you. Problem?


Dawg – meant to address mssg to you. Systems problems? Mssgs not going through. Thanks.

Casual Observer

Now that is very funny. Love the commentary! Keep up the good work.


Tune in tomorrow


you people need to jump off Dani’s d*ck!! she’s out of the game, no one left deserves to win but one of them has to. now get over it!


Is there a rule that states CBS cannot rig or alter the outcome of the game or influence the outcome in any way to benefit any player against any player? If not there damn well should be… then we’d be done with this ridiculous “rigging” B/S and could blame all the idiocy on the idiots,


nope there are not rules for that, one of the reason live feeders can’t see DR sessions to see production meddling in the game…


Yes, there are federal laws that prohibit the rigging of a show like this. If they tried, they would face MASSIVE fines.


Big Brother Is not a game show there is no federal laws against them rigging it.


On a seperate note…
Jeff… Yes you’re damn fine… but DAMN!
Jordan… Yes you’re dumb.. or you play dumb extremely well
Porch… lay off the food or work out… not gonna fit in that cocktail waitress outfit when you get back home.
Adam… hope you weren’t going for respect cause you missed the mark on that one
Kahlia… mmm… mmm….mmm. Dani taught you better than this…
Rachel… never liked you before… didn’t like you this season… til NOW! U minus Brendon with a goal in mind makes you my FAV for the win!!! Go Girl…! On a side note… PLEASE go back to ur natural hair color or just a brown of any shade… that fake red is not complimentary in my opinion… then again, I’m not buying the dye.

Casual Observer

Simon, (since I don’t watch the feeds)

Did Shelly actually say, “that she will swear in front of god and America as my witness that I will not evict you or go against you … I would be the BIGGEST ********* LOSER … and if I did that I deserve to lose my job.”???

If so, would that not suggest that BB is monitoring the online boards and media reports and informing certain HG about outside information? Because how else would Shelly know to make such an assertion?

Something is definitely not kosher here (no pun intended Adam).

Casual Observer

Thanks Dawg!

Well I’m not generally a conspiracy nut. But this definitely gives rational thinking people pause about BB production’s input into the game and its outcome. Also the simple fact that JR are now even considering not evicting S is further evidence that something just is not right here.

In any event, if it plays out, that Shelly remains, I definitely will not be tuning in anymore.

Damn, I truly thought this show had some integrity and fricken ethics.


This game as about as much integrity and ethics as straight shooter does

Being BAD is boring

Everyone sems to forget the golden keys that both Porch and Dani had for 4 weeks. I wonder if they didn’t have that protection how long either of them would’ve stayed. Everyone else in the house had to fight to be there every week while those two were completely safe.


The golden keys were part of the game. Porsche making the deal with the vets week one, throwing the veto, and getting that golden key was a great game move for her that should be applauded as opposed to an argument that she didn’t do anything. She didn’t luck into the key, she cut a deal that guaranteed her safety. Props where props are due.




I know right! Porsche and Kaila are bunch a screw-ups. Can’t wait till Dani will be pissed that Shelly is going to the Jury House. Don’t worry the insurance policy will come in hand because both idiots of Porsche and Kaila are bunch a cocky and aggrogance. In fact, they will continue to screw up until both will be evicted! Priceless. That why Squabble just said that. SQUABBLE is with Team JJBR. SQUABBLE HATES TEAM P/K!!!!!!!!!!


Go Rachel and Jordan all the way!


look at big jeff’s americas favorite once again they need to bring him back for another season


I think they should just make a Jeff and Jordan reality show where it’s just them. They certainly have enough crazy cat….er.. fans to make it viable.


its final 5 next week, deals dont matter at this point winning comps do, whether its adam or shelly whats the diference niether can win a comp, if RJ wins HOH they put up PK, if PK wins they put RJ. win the veto or get voted off. Porshe hit it on the head who cares who leaves this week,
i wish Kalia would eat more so she stop talking!


ROFLMAO. Hooohaaaah!


What have they done to the microphones this season? It’s a good thing — you can’t hear every crunch or every smack like you could last season — Enzo nearly drove me to suicide with his smacks and other sounds.

This game is exhausting — no security for very long, ever. I do hope Rachel wins BB — the girl could use the boost. She is playing well now — and isn’t the smirky, smug snot that Dani was. She and Jordan together are the best and most appealing pairing ever on BB!


The only reason JandR are together is that they have no other choice. Their previous votes to evict counteract each other.
Remember that awkward moment when J was crying that BigJ was evicted (instead of R) with R right beside her?

Rachel is not sayin’ it but she’s probably thinkin’ F2 with Shelly FTW. Meanwhile, J is thinkin’ F2 with Adam FTW.

I like Adam’s position in the house. No real enemies. If he can survive “Operation Redemption” and Team Production this week, he’s a shoo in for Final 3.

Way to show America how easy it is to make money doin’ nothin.’


“Remember that awkward moment when J was crying that BigJ was evicted (instead of R) with R right beside her?”

Seriously? Rachel cried more when Jeff left than when Brendon left the second time. It probably was b/c she felt things were hopeless then but still she was really upset too.


I don’t think that moment was awkward. Jordan apologized for her upset to Rachel, who said “Of course, it’s understandable”. I think they’re really cute together too. Go Goilies!


Rachel isn’t smirky or smug? Wow…


I know what you mean. I still suffer from tinnitus due to Natalie’s chewing and smacking from season 11.


You can tell Jordan is lying [yes, that’s how it is spelled] when she starts her sentence with “I think…”

I hope Shelly stays one more week.

Operation Redemption. Did you hear that, Team Production?


Watch the most recent episode of Dick at Nite what I’m saying is explained on there, for all of you bitching about me calling out facts


Don’t hate because I call out the obvious and I’m RIGHT most of the time HAHAHAHA


Dawg – systems problems? Comments not going through, except on or two addressed to you or Simon.


Great. Thanks Dawg.


for some reason all your comments (and a bunch of other peoples) found their way to the spam folder.. I’m trying to clear it all up right now.




Once Shelly and Porsche goes I’m Team Skank


Mike Pacek the f.a.g with the spartacus as his FB picture HAHAHAHAHA ROLMFAO blind idiot




A little BUNGED up with comments today.. for some reason a bunch of you were thrown into spam.. i’ve tried and clear out the majority of them.


For all the Production Crybabies: It’s not production. It’s America. Sorry to tell you, the majority of the audience do not share your views (especially regarding JJ). This is not a sport, it’s a TV show. CBS has always geared things to make them more interesting or easier for certain players that the audience either likes or “loves to hate”. BB8 was an entire season devoted to this by allowing us to essentially pick the winner. Evel Dick gets voted out if not for the audience. Jesse getting voted out twice, Will & boogie being helped along in the all-star season, numerous times DR sessions change peoples decisions, Dani getting a designed endurance HOH comp when she needed it. Jeff’s veto was designed for a player like him, (BUT HE STILL NEEDED TO WIN IT, and he did not) Just like Porsche still needed to open PB and Rachel still needed to win the VETO. Those things might be likely to happen, but they are not guaranteed. America will always play a role in the show, one way or another. If you don’t like that, you should consider watching something else.

For those talking about Dick@Nite talking about the rigging, go back and watch the week prior when they bring up “America’s vote” for Dick winning and Jessie getting the boot, he brushes it off saying everyone’s a conspiracy theorist and that it’s not rigged. It’s all about perspective.


This game has gotten so boring now.
I don’t like Jeff but honestly, only Danielle and Jeff deserve to win this game.

Everyone else is just stupid and ridiculous.


ok while the rest of you are whining and b*tching about who you can’t stand and who your favs are,
the president is planning on having an address the nation tomorrow night, that’s right, so tell me,
are we going to miss the eviction tomorrow night?


all these people bashing dani probably jealous.. did u seeee how fine she was looking when she got evicted.. i think she was one of the best players this season.. but if her eviction dresses are like that.. BLANK she can get evicted anyways… and its very cleary this comp is rigged for R/J and the vets come on now.. everytime some1 who has HOH that will definitely take out big players from the VETs theres some twist that helps.. like bringing back Brendon..and then the POV BLANK.. and isnt it a little TOOO convienient that some1 who took time out of their lives would just up and say “i want to leave this game, evict me”.. Lawon.. if J/R win no more BB for me


I know that I agree: Tune in tomorrow, How long would Porsche and Kaila to continue to failed to screw more idiotic plan to get rid of two strongest female veterans Rachel and Jordan. Would Porsche continue to be cocky and aggrogance some more and get evicted next week. Would Kaila thinking about Wendys, Burger Kings and McDoanld. Or Rachel and Jordan continue to screw Kaila and Porsche until final 3 w/Adam. Tune in on Big Brother that Dani will have to pee her pants when Brendon and Jeff will make her nightmare came true.