Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan tells Adam that she can’t keep Shelly .. I just can’t get burned again. *Updated*

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12:40pm – 1pm Jordan, Rachel, Kalia and Porsche are talking about the votes. Kalia is telling Jordan and Rachel that she is worried about how they are talking and scheming with Adam and Shelly a lot lately and that she thought they were all on the same page with voting out Shelly. Kalia says if we really have a final four deal.. then it doesn’t matter who goes this week Rachel says that both her and Jordan haven’t made up their minds about what they are doing and that they may not even vote together. Kalia says oh ..I just assumed you would. Kalia says that she doesn’t understand why no one has felt the need to ask about her vote. Jordan says that if no one is campaigning to you ..then I assume they are working with you. Kalia says that they think my vote is worthless. Jordan tells Kalia and Porsche that we’ve been on opposite sides of the house …you’re either with us or not. Kalia says that there is no guarantee that whoever stays will work with them. Jordan says that she thinks they will get rid of Rachel then her. Adam and Shelly come out into the backyard. They all start talking about and remembering past houseguests and the beginning of the game. They start asking Rachel about her season and how Brendon and Rachel met.

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1:20pm Jordan and Adam are in the bedroom talking. Adam says that when he shakes on something it is for real. Jordan tells Adam about her discussion with Kalia about how if they win she can’t trust that if they win they won’t try to get rid of Rachel. Jordan tells Adam that she can’t keep Shelly .. I can’t get burned again. Adam tells Jordan thank you, thank you so much ..and thank you for being the person you are …I owe it to you as well. Adam tells Jordan that she has always been true and honest with him. Adam says that he is good with Rachel too.

1:35pm Jordan and Shelly are in the bedroom talking. Shelly tells Jordan that she will never hurt her again and that she can trust her. Shelly says that she can see the disappointment in her eyes. Jordan says that she put Shelly way up here like how she felt she could trust Jeff and that all went away. Shelly says that no matter what happens if you vote me out or not I want us to be okay. Jordan says that we will be. Jordan says that we had your back the whole time ..and you will see that .. Jordan and Shelly leave the room and head back out with the others taking HOH photos. Outside Jordan tells Shelly that after finale night everything between everyone is done …I am not holding on to anything.. Shelly says good.

1:40pm – 2:20pm HOH photo time. All the houseguests are going around the house taking photos. They take one of Adam doing a cannon ball into the pool. Kalia and Rachel start playing a card game out on the backyard couches. Porsche and Kalia look through the photos on the camera. They Porsche joins their card game.

2:20pm – 2:45pm Jordan heads out into the backyard to workout. Shelly is suntanning. Adam, Kalia and Rachel are playing a card game. The card game ends and they stop playing. Jordan is doing laps around the backyard. Rachel and Adam are in the bathroom. Rachel is changing. Adam takes a shower. Adam says thank you …thank you ..thank you once again. Rachel says yeah and if you BLANK us over … Adam says I would not just be BLANK you over I would be BLANK your boyfriends over too. Rachel says yeah. Rachel joins Jordan as they walk around the backyard. Rachel and Jordan talk about what to make for dinner.

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I really hate Jordan. Today I go to the mall to get some shoes I go in and ask for some “jordan’s” they gave me flip flops.


Come on now. She had shellys back the entire game. Except for all those times she talked about getting rid of her sooner than later


that is by far the lamest joke I’ve ever heard in my life. Not sure what makes you think you’re any better than Jordan with terrible jokes like that.


Love Jordan and Rachel and bringing Adam on the J and R wagon. At least these three have some sort of compassion and are nice in the real world. Those other three are just lying snakes in the grass that are just vile creatures. GO Team Rachel/JOrdan and Adam!!!

Adam's nut are with jeff in the jury house

I’m betting Sheri is one of those crazy people that are after shellys family..jordan and jeff fans are sooo nutty

Head of Household

Wow…you are imcomprehensible…all she said was the truth and you caled her crazy…You’re the nutty one!

dont mess with it

Rachel and Jordan have compassion??? oh please rachel is the biggest liar and jordan is the biggest floater of the game, and Adam, well Adam flips and flops and will only go with who has power. Bad game move. Hope BB doesnt give them another easy out… evict them both






Dawg, again no comments going through except this one addressed to you. What’s up? I’ve been posting on this site for some time but only today have I been experiencing problems. I don’t get it. What’s changed? Thanks!


As if Jordan cares that you hate her. Get a life.

Head of Household

Fail of a joke.


u must admit..the whole attempt was funny not the joke

no name

hahah that was sooo laughing how stupid that joke was


Talk about sleeping. Jordan JUST woke up today. What day is it in the house?


She actually woke up right after Jeff left.

Head of Household

Porche didnt wake up until Dani’s eviction week, pls. KP are ridiculous.

Midwest Fan

Porsche had a Golden Key and couldn’t play the game for 4 weeks.
Jordan could have played the entire time but didn’t.
Jordan is lazy.


I actually agree about Jordan being lazy ,I do like her but she is lazy and why is everyone saying Rachel is catty have you all not heard Kalia saying horrible things about R& B’S RELATIONSHIP PLEASE JEALOUSLY is the worst kind of monster and she has a bad case of the green eyed monster why does she feel compelled to be so rude in the DR about Brendan and Rachel’s relationship if she is not jealous , she is the one that is being catty


If I had to be around those whining, fighting idiots having sex in the house I’d be saying bad things about them too. They are disgusting.

Head of Household

Lol no. I’m not going to even go into how messed up this post is, but this stood out to me:

PK have one more competitions than JR combined.

Uh, I dun think so!

Porche has one 1 HoH and 1 Pov, Kalia 2 HoHs!
Rachel 2 HoH’s, 2 Pov’s, Jordan 1 PoV!

Jordan and Rachel deserve it MUCH more than those two. Not because of competitions, even though they have won more, mind you- because they have been more strategic.


Start counting after the golden key hancuffs were removed and everyone could compete.

Head of Household

Porche was happy to have the golden key. I highly doubt she would win a competition anyway.


After everyone could compete…
Kalia 2 HOHs
Porche 1 HOH 1 POV
Rachel – Just won her first POV
Jordan – LOL
Adam – LOL


Jordan didn’t win a POV, I wish people would stop saying she did.

Head of Household

I didnt. I said Rachel won 2


Actually, Head of Household: The combine of POVs from Past and Present
Jordan: 2 POVS (BB11 & BB13)(Because Rachel won as a duo-Due to Porsche open Pandora Box)
Can we combine that one.


Actually, you should just add alliance wins to her tally. Seriously wedgie? She couldn’t outlast Shelly in a POV that she HAD to win. Jordan is proven worthless at comps.


She didn’t really win HOH either.


If JJ fans had their way, then Jeff and Jordan would be considered national icons and their faces would be on the $100 bill.


It’s official! Shelly you ARE evicted from the Big brother house tonight!!!!


I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t know why I bother to read your posts. They all say the same thing. Bash Jordan, yada yada, bash Jordan, yada yada. You need a new platform to push.


please would you all stop watching BB, cause you all act like first graders , ITS ONLY A GAME , theres more important thing in life beside a game. I could care who wins it wont affect my life. So you haters that complain about who doing right and wrong remember life does go on. Maybe not for you cause life can’t be that good for you since your so consumed.

dont mess with it

Totally agree, vets vs newbies is a stupid game. vets deserved to lose because of how arrogant they were. they were given chances that nobody else go.. come on the duo gets taken off the block??? its really not fair and its completely staged. bb is a fake house with fake people who dont deserve to win. comeon jordan already won her season…. let her go!!


Whoo hoo… let’s get rid of Shelly and bring back Cassi


ahhh…cassi in that black bikini…heath likey!!!


I like how Kalia wants a final 4 deal with Rachel and Jordan after she jsut had Rachel on the block!! FAIL


LMAO if Jordan keeps Shelly she will never hear the last of it from Jeff. It’s like shes keeping the woman who stabbed her boyfriend in the back.


Have to wonder why Kalia and Porsche are so scared for, considering it basically will be Rachel vs Kalia in the next HOH comp, unless the comp is a close your eyes and throw something or hit something, then Jordan and Adam/Shelly might have a chance.


LOL Good One!!

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

Jordan wins HOH this week, book it! Take your money, call your bookie, and put a c-note on Jordan to take HOH. It’s a lock baby!!


you must admit, she is doing better then past season and if she wins one more then I will consider given her the 500K TWICE!!


Yeah, I would ask for some odds on that.

dont mess with it

lol too funny! yes, i hope kalia wins and renominates jordan and rachel

dont mess with it

Anyone normal cannot possibly want either rachel or jordan to win… come on. jordan already won and rachel? she is the worst player in bb history

Big Game Move

Some of my thoughts for fixing the show:

1. Top 3 players in the HOH Comp are havs for the week. Everyone else is a havenot.
2. Player that wins the veto becomes a hav for the week if they are not already.
3. EVERYONE competes for the veto, this will eliminate a backdoor scenario where a player didnt at least get the chance to stay ie; Jace/Brendon.
4. Change up the competitions. I mean seriously when HG’s can predict exactly whats coming then you need to change. Its okay to have back to back physical comps. Its okay to have back to back question comps. Perhaps throw in a question/physical comp in the same comp. Bottom line is that its too predictable.
5. Dont let the HG’s practice for a future comp ie; golf and snakeboard. It would make it more exciting if they just had to do something. Kinda piggybacks on #4.
6. NO MORE old HG’s except for Allstar BB time. I did like the Allstar BB and it should be done but once every 5 years or something. We dont need to regurgitate the same guests.
7. Come up with better twists and lay all the twists out in front of the viewers in the beginning so we know whats going on.
8. Only have 6 players in the Jury and the final vote for the viewers.
9. Have a special 2 hr episode reunion at the end (like alot of the reality shows now) where the players can call each other out and you can show video to back it up. ie; straight shooter not saying she offered a final 3 with BR when we all saw that she did. This might be the best 2 hr show of the season when they can call each other out and have video to support it. The final show does this a bit but not nearly as much as they should..


I like the last one with the 2hr show, would be great to see everyone freak out. But make sure its after the winner is announced lol!

Crooked Shooter

I like your ideas! ….got team “Big Game Move” FTW!


1) You’d probably have to include the previous HOH since they couldn’t compete.
2) I like that
3) I also agree that everyone should get a chance to compete for the POV.
4) I want some HOHs or POVs in the middle of the night when people are half asleep. It would be awesome.
5) I agree with this as well. Also get rid of questions based on 4 people being eliminated. Make it some questions when there is only 4-5 people left. More questions to possibly make.
6) I agree with this as well. In fact, I’d make a season purely of those who were eliminated in the first 2 weeks. That’s a large enough pool of people to choose from for a redemption season.
7) This is a great idea so that people who say “the game is rigged” won’t have a chance to complain anymore. Seriously people, nobody forced P to open up Pandora’s box.
8) I disagree. I like 7 people voting who were in the house. America is too bias because they see everything happening and have their opinion formed thanks to the internet.
9) I’ve been asking for something similar to this since I started watching again in the Evel Dick season. I stopped watching after season 1 because America couldn’t vote. Yes this goes against what I said in #8 but I liked Season 1 and gave up after that. Decided to watch it again after the All Star season and I’ve been hooked ever since.


All GREAT ideas, but let’s face the facts here, no way Allison would change the game, she likes to keep it predictable and expected as it’s been for the past 3 years, this “Expect The Unexpected” is just an illusion, everything about Big Brother is expected and predictable. Shit even the twist are predictable.

Big Game Move

Lol, yeah the “expect the unexpected” doesnt seem to have the same meaning anymore. The way it should be said now is “expect the un…ah hell you already know whats going to happen”.


Past HGs will be back again next year Allison loves bringing has-beens back as she loves food


Also, Jeff and Jordan would have to tell the truth about throwing the veto and their plan to get rid of Shelli and Adam sooner rather than later. Also Adam would find out that Jeff called him a bozo. Loved all od your ideas.


i completely agree with every single point listed above. why aren’t you in grodner’s position?


Brilliant ideas! Esp. 6,7, & 9
Although, #5 allows the HG to practice which creates competition and better tv, rather than all HG failing at the competitions and no real players or close calls.


I like #8.

But then again with the fans pulling for Jeff on the America’s Fan Fave polls, it sounds like a great argument against your proposition #8. (Yay, sounds familiar)

I say leave it to Team Production to keep things interesting. Go, Team Production, yo!


I LUV IT!!! Can u go be a producer or something for BB???? Ur way sounds much better than most of the crap that has gone on this season! Oh, u take care of selecting them as well so we don’t get the same crappy newbies we got this season!! Are you listening CBS?

Big Game Move

Thanks, I will eventually apply to be on the show once my daughter gets older. I’m sure there are others that have outstanding ideas as well. I’m hoping that Allison learned her lesson with the last couple of seasons and looks to bring in more life to this show before it collapses completely.

I like the idea of a competition without sleep, they already kinda did that one when when America voted for BB to make the noise every 30 second or something like that. I think there’s a lot of pressure in the house but at times they seem to be very cushy. Might be hard to have a midnight comp because most of them dont go to bed until 4-5am anyways which is why they sleep all day. Im fine with all the lying and backstabbing becasue thats honestly why we watch it. Some of the cattiness I think can be done without but its what makes for good TV. I think the “floater” word is overplayed and anyone that feels like someone doesnt stick their neck out or win comps is automatically a floater and thats just not true. You can manipulate people and work the game without winning comps. I just think they need to find incentive for people to “throw” comps. Thats where I think the havenot idea would work cause no one would want to be out of that top 3 and would at least try and who knows, maybe win by accident.


I definately agree with your last one. I was thinking about how great BB would be if it had a reunion episode a look back. Especially this year’s so that everyone could call Shelly out for her lies.


I LOVE your idea for a reunion show. This would be the best show of the season!!! Not all lovey dovey like the finale, more like a Real Housewives reunion show. Love it! It should be about 1 1/2 weeks after the finale so they all have time to watch the episodes.


Shelly’s gone. Jordan is awesome.


Your kidding right?

Girls Ruled

This is a hard task for Jodumb that spent the season doing nothin now she has to make a decision without Jeff in who to vote out here we go pulling that hair.


Not that hard, even that little pea in her head knows that Shelly has to go…


When one keeps tugging on thier own hair like this it is a possible sign of sexual abuse or lacjk of


Porsche wearing something new? I don’t believe it.. she looks good in that


I don’t think it really matters who they keep. Adam and Shelly are both the biggest flippers. Right now they sort of represent the swing vote I guess. But I can almost guarantee that whoever wins HOH that is who Adam or Shelly will be with for the next week. It would be fun this week if a tie were forced and Porsche had to choose who to evict, but since three are voting, that won’t happen. It would be most fun if Adam finally won an HOH b/c then in a sense he will have to choose a side in a most public way. Then I think we’ll see the sparks fly.

Big Game Move

Yes if Adam wins HOH then he would probably be the deciding vote depending on the veto comp. Even if he puts up Kalia and Porsche then one of them wins the veto pulling themself off and Jordan or Rachel go up then it would be a 1-1 tie on votes and he would have to decide who is going home. I almost want to see Adam win it because this would force him to make a decision one way or the other. Although I think he has a better chance with the jury votes if he targets Kalia or Porsche. If he gets Jordan or Rachel booted, he almost has NO shot at the 500k and might as well play for second which he may be doing already.


Adam couldn’t win anything unless he was the only one competing


Dang. Dingbat Adam might throw that competition, too.


LOL, are you sure about that. I say he still loses.


And even then, he would probably fall and hurt himself and have to be disqualified.

BB Baja Fan

I hope they rig a HOH comp that is easy for Adam to win. With Adam as HOH next week it will become very interesting as he will have four women competing for his good favor. Sparks will fly and claws will come out!


The next HoH competition will be held late night.

Each house guest will be required to lay down side by side and forced to sleep. Whoever snores the loudest is the next HoH.

Adam FTW, yo!

BB Baja Fan



i am a JR fan will be annoyed if Kalia wins ugh! If not Rachel than Porsche both In my eyes are deserving but P needs to get rid of K-she drives me insane


If Adam makes final 2 …. Adam is gonna win.


If Shelly does not leave then J/R deserve to leave. They need that piece of trash to be gone, then the 5 left can play and it willbe more about game play that the best liar

BB Baja Fan

Agreed. I do like the way they are making PK sweat it out though…


Does anyone know Rachel’s contact address – an agent, etc?

I wonder why she and Brendon don’t sign up for the Amazing Race? Or Survivor? She’s my favorite reality star and she said the other day, she’d probably never do a BB again. If Rachel wasn’t in that house now, it would be unbareable to watch. If BB lets Jordan and Rachel lose this game I’ll be so disappointed.


Rachel for the next Apprentice (celebrity or regular), yo!

The Donald could use another sexy cocktail waitess at one of his hotels. Team Vegas Trump, yo!
I hope Rachel wins $500k, Shelly $50k.


Last I heard it was 1-800 dial a Ho


Good idea, Keep Shelly and Evicted Adam! However, Kaila and Porsche stupid plan that Rachel and Jordan Evicted Shelly 2-1. Kaila said “I told you, you shouldn’t trust Dani stupid Plan” Porsche Said “Why me, I’m to busy being an idiot, stubborn, and even self-centered.” “It’s your fault, your too busy, eating quarter pound cheeseburger.” Kaila and Porsche run upstair cried and make out at the same. Rachel and Jordan laughing softy, Rachel says. “I told you so” “Those idiot don’t have a clue” Plan B, win HOH and Ms. floater Barbie doll porsche can’t compete the HOH Competition which Kaila thinking about falling and continue to think about food and my love Porsche. Rachel and Jordan high five each other that Rachel or Jordan won HOH. Jordan whisper, “I think that you should put Kaila and Porsche on the block, do you think they are happy to be on the block.” Rachel says, “yes, let’s do it. we will make Jeff & Brendon proud that two useless floaters Kaila and Porsche is on the block.” Jordan walk inside in the bathroom and Kaila cried and Jordan says, “Kaila don’t worry Rachel will not put you up. Rachel will put up Adam and Prosche up that you will be safe.” Kaila says, “Thank you, I’ll be okay.” Rachel approach to Porsche cried and said “Porsche what’s wrong, I know your upset.” “I know your my BFF before” “It make you feel better, I will put up Jordan and Kaila on the block because she and Kaila are so close of not putting her on the block,” Porsche will say, “Thank you, your my BFF again” Porsche hugged Rachel and go to the Kitchen. DR called Porsche go to the Diary Room. And came back, Porsche says to Adam that “I’m safe right now ” Adam says, “who is going up?” Kaila and Jordan. Adam says, WTF I better go to talk to Rachel. Kaila and Porsche are still upset that Rachel won HOH and Jordan is happy for her. Kaila whisper, “I need still go to McDonald and I’m Hungry” Porsche explain Kaila that “why our planned mess up. It was Dani’s stupid plan” Adam went upstair in HOH room. Adam explain,”why you want to put me up on the block. I was loyal to you two” Rachel says, “What are you talking about, your safe those two idiots had no clue that porsche and kaila will go up on the block. Feed cut!
Feed cut back in! Nomination Ceremony!
Kaila and Porsche giggle and Happy that both will be safe. Rachel pulled the first key and say “Jordan your Safe”, Jordan pulled the second key which Porsche and Kaila looked on the pulled “Adam your safe.” Rachel says, “Kaila Porsche your nominate for eviction” Kaila I don’t like your cockiness because you screw my fiance Brendon and see how does it feel to get back at you” “Porsche, you were my friend before and now you betray me so I decided to get back at you” This Nomination is adjurn. Porsche and Kaila continue to cried and hissing fit at the time that their plan sucked. Porsche said in the diary room. I told you so that I don’t trust Kaila and her McDonalds food” Kaila says “I don’t trust Porsche because of her plastic surgey and her bad attitude.” Rachel says, “Yes, I can’t wait to Dani’s face that Porsche will go out the door” Jordan says”Jeff this one is for you”
Rachel open the Pandora Box and She open and receive something good. She ran downstairs and announce everyone that I open the Pandora Box and Now It says, “One Player will go to the final 3 automatic and can’t compete in POV competition” Rachel will choose, “Jordan” Jordan happy and Pissed off Porsche and Kaila continue to get cocky. Feed cut. Feed back in. POV competition deals with endurance. Kaila falls first. Adam falls second. It’s now Porsche and Rachel. Porsche think about 5Gs and clothes. She falls and Rachel wins POV. Feeds cuts. Feeds comeback! Kaila and Porsche continue to cusssing and pissed off that what went wrong. Kaila says, “I know I drink alcohol last night our plan got screwed” Porsche says “I know we are horrible players” I should go to Rachel and tells her who will be used to saved POV. Porsche says, “I know we are BFF, so can you do me a favor. Put Adam as a re replacement. He does not nothing.” Rachel says, “I’ll think about it, but I will use the Veto on you. Don’t worry, I got your Back” She left. Kaila come to HOH room and talk to Rachel. Kaila says,”I know we hate each other but I know I’m sorry what I did to your fiance. I get it” Rachel says, “who will go as a replacement.” Kaila says, “Jordan” Rachel says, “Why” “She though that Jeff threw the POV.” Rachel says, “Okay, I will save you, Don’t worry I got your back.” Kaila left. Jordan walked in. Rachel says,”Jordan we need to talk.” Jordan says, “what is it?” Rachel happliy says,”Those two idiots don’t have a clue that I’m not using POV on both of the, because what they did to Jeff and Brendon” Jordan Happliy “Awesome” and she left. Feeds cut. Trivia.Feeds back in.
Monday: POV Ceremony. Rachel choose not used POV.

BB13 Lover

How come they didn’t have luxury competitions this year? I think the only one I saw was the Hoff one but in previous seasons, they had way more (for food, clothes, parties, prizes)…


Wrong! Didn’t production help Jordan come up with the Hoff answer so she can take Kalia and Shelly to the movies?
And Brenchel’s jaws dropped. That was first blood. Talk about gratitude for the phone call gift, Jordan did not show gratitude for Brenchel carrying JJ on the first three weeks.

Go, Team PorKa, yo!


I want entertainment. Grrrr….


All the more reason to keep Shelly.

[Lemme steal your line] Team Dani 4 life, yo!

Big Sister

Why haven’t they figured out that there may be something of importance/value hidden in the Fortune Teller’s room, since they can’t get anything out of that ugly thing? Search the room, already!


Patience, big sis. The Fortune Teller twist will be revealed when its time for Production Team to ensure that JR make it to Final 3. Go, Team Production, yo!

Big Sister

Agreed. I thought I read that the camera was showing a table with boxes in front of the FT and I felt something just might be inside one of them.

Kathy :-)

This house is so boring now that Jeff is gone. I miss his sense of humor 🙁 Anyhoo, I’m pulling for a Rachel win (never thought I’d say that) and Jordan as runner-up. Kalia doesn’t deserve to win. Her first HOH was SUCH A JOKE and the only thing she’s done in the game is follow Dani….which in and of itself was stupid since she couldn’t pull a game move out of her bony ass. Porsche is more deserving then Kalia, but that’s not saying much, really. And the way she speaks really bugs me. When my fiancee and I watch the show, I don’t even call her by name. I refer to her as the “dirty little pole rider” since she completely has that stripper vibe….and not even close to being in a good way. I used to kind of like Shelly, the way she could lie and never get found out and everyone believed her. But when she swore up and down how “there” she was for Jeff & Jordan and then turned around and was the reason Jeff went home, I lost all respect for her. I get that the money is for her family and what not, but seriously, did you just realize you were playing for money last week???? And for her to say it wasn’t fair for Jordan to bring up the phone call? GFYS, Shelly. It was COMPLETELY fair — Jordan’s mom is her best friend and she passed up the opportunity to talk to her so Shelly’s Skeletor ass could talk to her cute little girl….and THIS is what Shelly turns around and does? Special spot in hell for that one right there. Adam…..I’m up in the air on. I don’t mind him as a person. I think he’s trying to not make waves and he’s won a comp and come close a time or two so I don’t think he has the WORST gameplay (::ahemKaliaahemShellyahem::) I really like that Adam is such a huge BB fan and I think it’s so awesome he lost all that weight and finally got on the show! In that regard, I hope he does well and doesn’t go out in a shady way. Jordan’s such a little cutie and always makes me laugh! I know she’s won before, but it wouldn’t be horrible if she made it to final 2 again….at least she’s been pretty consistent with her word and you pretty much always know where she stands vote-wise. Rachel is a badass competitor so I think, of the people remaining, she deserves to win. She wins buttloads of competitions and has bounced back surprisingly well after Brendan’s second eviction. She’s really been standing by Jordan and I really think she deserves to win…..I seriously cannot believe I’m saying that….never in a million years would I have thought I would be saying that……..


As much as I am not a fan of Rachel, I think she is the only one left that should win BB13. Without Brendon she still plays the game to win. People think because Jordan appears to be so sweet, she should win, but she doesn’t do anything but repeat herself over and over again. I don’t even think she should be in the final two. I think Porscha should come in second, her only problem is she is following Kalia, who doesn’t know what the hell she is doing. Is it just me or does Shelly seem like she likes Jordan a little too much. I believe the only reason she wanted Jeff out was so she could be closer to Jordan. If she could have made it seem like Adam voted to evict Jeff she would have. Than Jordan would be running to her for a shoulder to cry on. But it didn’t work out now it seems like she is trying to hard to make it up to her.

Kathy :-)

And hey, does anyone know if tonight is when they show the houseguests entering the Jury House? I know I’m going to wanna smack Dani’s nasty little scrunched up face and knock her large beaver teeth in when she gets that little look on her face when she sees Jeff walk in, but I can’t WAIT till next week to see Jeff’s face when Shelly walks in! And the look on Dani’s face will be priceless when Shelly is followed into the jury house by Kalia and then Porsche in the following weeks….CANT WAIT!

Big Game Move

I think BB is setting up a better jury house run then the regular house. Brendon gets evicted, who is the next person in the jury house? Dani, who was responsible for Brendon’s eviction. Next is Jeff, who is responsible for Dani getting evicted. Next is Shelly, who is responsile for Jeff getting evicted. I’m guessing Rachel gets evicted next as this would be Shelly’s nemesis..

I still say they should punt the regular house on BBAD and move over to whats going on in the jury house. They should have feeds in the jury house, thats where the “real” shit fly’s.


That’s what I’ve been saying! I’d much rather see the jury house. But I think things will get more interesting after this next HOH.

BB Baja Fan

The jury house would be a lot more interesting right now…


Is it so pointless to fight over Adam’s loyalty like people are. Adam is going to throw the HOH next week. I would be anything on it.

Adam’s whole game has been to keep blood off his hands, throw challenges that aren’t veto comps when he is up, and float to the power. There is no way he is going to want to win the HOH this week and be forced to choose a side and tick off two people. Not when he can float to whoever wins it, claim he was loyal all the time and “he sure tried” to win HOH for them. And let them take one of the other two out.

Call it what you will, cowardly comes to mind. But it has been Adam’s game the whole season and who he is telling the truth to is irrelevant. He is claiming he will try to win so at the end of the day he is lieing to both of them.

It is Kalia vs Jordan and Rachel next HOH. Adam will knock himself down throwing the competition and praying it doesn’t look intentional. And then he will celebrate with whoever wins. Adam is such a moot point to where the power goes next week it’s rediculous. I find it hilarious everyone is fighting for his loyalty instead of ignoring him like the non issue he is.


That is so true. Adam has made his decision. He’s firmly on the side of whoever is in power. I wish the parasite would just get evicted tomorrow.


Adam: has done nothing to win BB13 and it’s pretty disappointing bc he claims to be a super fan and he represents Jersey!
Shelly: maybe she can win bc of social game, but definitely not 1st
Jordan: is a sweetheart, but she’s a hypocrite and has done jack shit this season and walks around like a big shot
Kalia: she at least has won 2 HOHs and got out someone who could of easily won the game
Porsche: has won an HOH and POV, and has had a pretty honest game
Rachel: at the beginning of the season I said I never want Rachel to be close to winning based on last years performance, but with everybody left I would be ok if she won.

If the game keeps going the way it is I want Rachel and Porsche in final 2

Ugh I wish Dani made that big move two weeks later!!!

Big Game Move

I wonder if the Fortune Teller is holding the key to the other 5k that was awarded to a houseguest when Porsche opened up Pandora’s box. She only won 5k but there was another 5k for another houseguest and it didnt say that she got to pick who received it. Kalia hasnt been running around saying she also received 5k as Porsche’s partner, right?


hey people jordan she has already proven she can survive and win this show without jeff…. and i dont know why they are building all this fake tension like the votes can swing either way everybody knows that the moment rachel won the veto shelly was going home…. And once again look at big jeff still america’s favorite the most popular player in BB history


Just another proof that people, when given a choice will choose garbage. It’s why mcdonald’s is so popular and why the best selling movies are mostly horrible. All look and no substance. Big Jeff fits right in.


LOL … so true


Totally agreed. Good analogy.


porsche= interesting as a bowl of oatmeal

kailia=3 days ago she was saying she will throw the next hoh its better for people to think u are an idiot than opening your mouth to prove it ……. she sucks so hard she cuz me blew off a few lace front wigs

shelly my less favourite === i have always said this how u play this game is a representation of who u are as a indivdiual……. some say its just a game for money what happens when it fades away intergrity morals everything u stand for is out the window all in the name of a game please sell that martin luther king dream to whoever not me … shelly also agree with me on one thing that came ouutta her mouth this week and i quote””’ the way u play this game is also a character of who u are ”” i couldn’t have said it better …..shelly= microwaved hotdog ,, glamorous as yogurt ,,, shelly’s words not mine

1/ jeff and jordan if we are the 3 left for final three i’ll let u kids win lol
2/jj i would give my life for u guys yall are sweethearts
3/ her house is big she doesnt need the money
4/ in the diary room jeff i have to do this for my family and win i vote to evict u
5/she says i cant stand porsche, kailia do u rachel think i like them i will stabb them in the back i am not impress with my actions what i did to jeff my stomach started hurting

this one is my favourite , i swear on AMERICA my family i wont let u girls down again …….rachel hold on to my moms ring …….


shelly no more creating diversion in the name of things u dont believe in yourself . shelly u could fool some of the people soem of the time but not rachel and jordan two times just be honest with yourself when your alone about who u are and what u represent because what u represent has more merite and weight on u and family ,,,,, denial is a muthafvker … its easy to build strong character than repair a broken heart i would have cheered for u if u didnt sell jj that dream like u was all jj then opps knife in back thats why i want u gone u held them up on a pedastal then u drop them i have a problem with that .. to understand the forces at play u have to understand what makes shelly ticks LIES LIES LIES AND MORE LIES no soemeone can win bb without all those lies … for u who say its just a game …… take few steps back look good say what u like

ADAM= floater , koolaid ,,,lemonade however u spin it i look pass all of that if he makes it final 2 just hand him the money he stay true to his alliance until the very end .. he told dani to her face he isnt voting for her when its all siad and done THE ONLY THING i would be saying is /// HONESTY IF ITS ANYTHINY WHY HE DESERVES TO WIN ,,,,, because he was honest right through this game …. all he needs to do is win hoh

shelly just go meet big jeff lol


I disagree porsche is interesting


Simon, life’s not just about boobs. Wait….yes it is!! :-)~~


I KNOW you wasn’t about to say life isn’t about boobs, life is ALL BOOBIES and PUSSY if you got em you can run this shit…..


Hey Ill I’ve noticed some activity around your posts why are people calling you a troll? Send me a email if you need anything sorted out.


lol simon


Simon, just wondering what exactly do you see in Porsche?


she’s fun to watch


She’s got a decent sense of humour and is probably the lest overall catty of all the females.


Jordan cannot make it to the end. I’m sorry, but no. She’s trying to act like Jeff and push people around, after not doing anything all season! I would like to see Jordan gone before anyone else. I think Adam needs to go this week. The only reason to evict Adam this week is because he will start winning if he stays in the house and KP cannot count him on their side just because he flipped for a week. But then again, Kalia’s trying to make a final four with the two people she just put on the block. I also don’t think Adam would ever put Jordan on the block. Then there’s HOH, if Kalia wins this week Shelly will likely flip sides again and they can then evict Jordan, pending POV.


GET REAL sHELLY GONE adam wins hoh k/p go up r/j winpov kalia goes home r win how p goes howm jordan win hoh r pov adam goes jordan winns 500 rac wins 50 and jeff winns 25 and DANI jumps out the 25b floor at the las vegas bash when she find dominicc sleeping with sue from bb 5


Systems problems had this posted …. Again. Sorry Dawg!


Sorry Dawg! Problem I told you about has my post now going through multiple times!


We want mobile site back please!!!!!

Lennon's Ghost


I just checked my guide for Thursday and both my east and west coast CBS feeds will be showing football and BB won’t be shown until after 10PM Pacific on either. Do you have a link so I can watch the live show at 6PM Pacific? Thanks.


Lennon's Ghost



all i want is for this season to be over with. worst season and concept ever!!!


Hi Dawg, sorry for repeated postings. The site didn’t accept post first time I submitted, so I kept trying to resend. I now see they all have now gone through. Sorry, and thanks for your help.

suq madiq

most boring final 6 ever!


dawg still no nudes dam

jr 4 life

Rachel is the only one who deserves to win


I am super surprised that no-one from Big Brother has called Shelley into the diary room to make her aware what is going on back home.I dislike her myself….i think she’s a snake but wow some BB fans are super intense.Craziness!!
I’m half wondering if they’re going to tell her once she is evictied and send her home,instead of the Jury house.If that’s the case,could Pandora bring someone back again.That would be awesome!!


Jordan is America’s Sweetheart

Midwest Fan


Thank goodness 99% of Americans don’t know that Jordan exists and
if they did, she definitely wouldn’t be their “Sweetheart.”
Her ignorance is appallingly pitiful.


Damn !!! Don’t hate the players, hate the game!!!!


If the HOH comp is dates and times, then it is geared for Adam to win. If it is matching faces then I look for Kalia to win bc she has been studying the faces the most. It should be a physical comp so all have a chance to win. Anyone agree??


For it to be fair for everyone there should be an arcade game, for instance, dart game breaking balloons that have a number in each balloon. Everyone gets 3 throws. After each person throws 3 times the points that were in the balloons they busted are added up and the highest score wins HOH. That way even if someone only breaks 2 balloons the numbers inside could be high and they could possibly win HOH. Doesn’t take much skill that way everyone has an equal chance.




Put ice in the pool and whoever can stay in it the longest should win HOH and a hot shower.


Adam is playing for 2nd place at best unless he somehow drags Kalia’s dumb ass with him to Final 2.


What’s really sick is if you read each of his duplicated postings.

Let me see if Team Production can do anything to correct this situation. Go, Team PorKa, yo!


so think there needs to be more twists wasn’t a great season was a bit disappointed love the points listed above I never post but am getting really sick of this season and make me want to apply for next season even more! And I look Hella hot in a bikini lol! But true… I will be happy ad long as Kalia does not win she has me nuts and can’t even watch the boring live feeds anymore !


LoL! Perhaps you should read the posts I sent to Dawg after the post I sent went through (much later than when they were submitted). To err is human ……….!


Go, Team Production, yo!

rigged brother

i know jordan is dumb but did she really say that porsche & kalia haven’t done anything in the game, they’ve both done more than she has, kalia has won 2 hoh’s & porsche has won a hoh & a pov which is more than jordan has what an idiot. she’s also a big hypocrite too look how pissed she was at shelly for lying to her & now she’s telling adam that he has to lie to hav a chance, come on jordan what r u saying that it’s ok to lie as long as it’s not 2 u HYPOCRITE!!