Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel & Jordan plan on telling Kalia they are keeping Shelly to see how fast they turn on Adam..

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10:05am When the live feeds come back, Rachel and Adam are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Adam says that he still feels like such a fool. Rachel says no. Adam says that outside the house he is such a nice guy and trusts people and feels like he was taken for a fool. Rachel says that we all have… look at last season with me and Britney taking baths together and then… you know.. Adam says yeah and heads out into the backyard. Jordan joins Rachel in the bathroom. Out in the backyard, Adam and Shelly talk about how it is day 61 in the house. Adam asks questions about Shelly’s daughter. Adam and Shelly then talk about packing for tomorrows live eviction. Shelly asks so.. 14 days left? Adam says about that ..we’re still not sure yet. Adam says that’s insane. Adam says alright … laying back down. Shelly asks you’re laying back down? Adam says yeah .. I thought I would work out but ..I’m tired.

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Adam goes to talk to Jordan in the bathroom about how he didn’t sleep well and that he is just pissed off. Adam says that he is going to have to do something that is not true and honest …and he is going to have to lie to them (Kalia and Porsche). Adam says the thing that pissed me off about her (Shelly) is what I am going to have to do it to them. Adam says that he wanted to play the game as honest as possible. Jordan says its just a game and you have to do it some point. Jordan says but you’re for sure with us. Adam says yes. Jordan says well don’t scare me. Jordan asks do you want to win or do you want to be nice. Jordan says you have to lie. Adam says that Kalia and Porsche we telling him to tell the girls (Jordan and Rachel) whatever …and then BLANK them. Jordan says I am glad you told me that .. because now I am going to try even harder for HOH. Adam says that if he was working with them he wouldn’t tell them what they are saying. Adam says that they want me to work with them. Jordan says that when it comes to it you can’t be like I can’t do it. Adam says no … he is sticking with the people that have been more honest with him from the beginning …and not the people that came to him a week before..

10:30am – 10:40am Rachel and Jordan are in the bathroom talking about how Kalia and Porsche think they have already won. Jordan says that if Kalia wins I will throw up. Jordan says that she is glad Adam told her that. Jordan talks about how her gut tells to get rid of Shelly. Rachel says well maybe we should tell Kalia that we are thinking of keeping Shelly …and see how fast they turn on Adam. Jordan says we can’t let them win …all they do is sleep. Jordan says that Adam told us all that …and Shelly wouldn’t have .. because she will go where ever the power is.. Jordan and Rachel try and figure out what the HOH competition might be .. Rachel then heads to the kitchen to make breakfast.

10:40am – 10:50am Rachel and Jordan are in the kitchen. Rachel says that if Dani had never gone with Kalia and Porsche …she would still be here with us and she wouldn’t have been teaching them all that stuff and she doesn’t get to reap any of the benefits. Rachel sits down to eat at the kitchen table to study the memory wall.. Jordan heads out into the backyard to do her laundry.

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Some of you think that Production puts a certain slant on a comp to help a particular vet, er, I mean HG, win the comp. If you believe that then this is what you need to look for:

If the comp has anything to do with coloring books, crayons, or guessing Jordan’s middle name, it’s for Jordan.

If there are voodoo dolls of Dani at one end of each lane, and pins at the other end, then it is for Rachel.

If there are 5-pound stacks of bacon and frying pans, it’s all Adam (unless everyone’s period is all synchronized by then, in which case he gets beaten to death with the pans for having the audacity not to ovulate).

If you see a sign over an alligator filled pool titled “Pin Yer Kin – Gator Wrasslin'” then this is meant for Shelly to win.

If the object of the comp is to recite Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky, with a full mouth of food, and sound sincere then Kalia nails this one.

Dude, if it is a physical comp that was originally going to be used for Big Jeff’s benefit, then you know it’s going to be used for Porsche’s benefit now, because she won’t piss herself and flub the comp when it matters the most, like Big Jeff did.








laughing out loud!!!!! Good one


your comment is funny as hell, even though I am a JJR supporter. You had me actually laugh out loud at work. # 5 cracks me up. Thanks 🙂 cheers


Oh okay, Thanks God for you!


I hope Rachel, Kalia or Porsche win the 1/2 mil. I would hate to see Jordan win.
She’s a typical blond. Get credit for doing shit.


I guess if it has to do with throwing things into either people or walls it is definitely fixed for Kalia (who throws defenseless animals into walls) or Porsche (if it has to do with throwing things at women’s stomachs to make them miscarry). Sorry but these two just do not deserve to win. They are not nice!!! Adam even though he has won nothing is cute and if he sticks with Jordan and Rachel could see him possibly winning and not hating it. At least he has a pretty good heat unlike Shelly, Porsche and Kalia!


Does your mom know you’re on-line?


They don’t deserve to win because they’re “not nice?”

Have you ever SEEN this show?

According to that logic Rachel NEVER SHOULD HAVE COME AT ALL!!!





Think I just peed a little from laughing to hard.


Hahaha! Some comic relief, I like it!!


Genius! 🙂


I’m your biggest fan jdoe……….you are making this boring season much more fun to watch!

Dani sux Yo

You forgot one… If there is a bed at the end of the back yard, with a sign that say’s “shocker” Its for Dani to go sleep in



Midwest Fan

Thanks for the laugh.


LOL once again thanks for the laughs yo


I’m really tired of JR bashing on KP for following Dani. I mean, were they all supposed to be on the same team? do you think that maybe KP are after RJ because they know that they are the other side of the house? Yeah they can try to form a final 4 deal but none of them plan on sticking to it so what difference does it make?


Come on…clearly KP did gain play knowledge, didn’t you hear P when she didn’t use the Veto ” I’m doing what Dani woudl of want me to do”!! How much clear can it get. Yes, they win as individuals and tha’ts why there at the finals. Neither one wants a final 4, KP want F2, JR want final F2 however both AR don’t care who they go with, they are both playing for F2 with whoever!


JR followed their men & alliance so what’s their deal about PK following D?! The fact is RB also were flipping on their alliance on more than one occasion, ready to throw Jeff under the bus when is suited their purpose. R & J are bitchy and catty (R more so but J even more this year) because their men are gone and they have to think and strategize on their own, which for Jordumb, is quite difficult and new to her. It’s actually extremely painful for her and taxing on her, hence her increased irritability and cattiness, as she herself has acknowledged. PK are not doing anything anyone else in the game hasn’t done. RJ are just pissed that they have to do it alone, without their men. Talk about setting the women’s liberation movement back a good 60+ years.

fer sure

Here are some thought’s I have on fixing the show:
1). Unlimited HOH….if you can win multiple HOH comps in a row, do it. Too many players play in fear b/c they can’t compete the following week. If you can win 10 HOH’s in a row that would eliminate people “throwing” comps.

2) anyone who says “I will not sacrifice my morals and integrity” should not be allowed in the game since they don’t understand the game itself. These are usually some of the more boring character’s (Kathy) anyway.

3) make them compete for food. This is separate from slop comps. Do you guys notice how much food they throw out on a weekly basis over the past few seasons? These guys have it too good with the food situation. Make them compete for steak and pizza and cookie-dough. If you’ve only had bread and water for a few weeks you’ll be cranky and more prone to fight.

4). GIVE THEM ALCOHOL…giving them 2 bottles of wine and 5 cans of beer when there are 13 people in the house is stupid. Drunks are entertaining as hell. They fight over stupid shit and they have amazingly idiotic philosophical conversations over dumb stuff. Some of the better BBAD shows were drinking shows.

5) speed up the game when it gets down to 5-6 players. The last 2-3 weeks of this game are at a snail’s pace.

6) no returning hg’s… get voted out…you lost. It’s not fair brendan returned….it wouldn’t have been fair if any of the other 4 had been allowed to return.

Anyone have any other ideas?


I agree 100% with the unlimited HOH’s…I’ve thought that all along…it would make the game much more different, because the strong players, who deserve to win, would actually win, instead of getting evicted…an people’s gameplay would have to change…I agree that if you can win 10 HOH’s in a row, you should be able to…


Originally Big Brother gave them Peanut Butter & Jelly then had them compete for food. This was prior to slop. I missed those competitions.


In the UK version they have to compete for money to use on their shopping list for the week – and all the HGs have to agree on the list – so people with special diets like vegan or whatnot have to fight for what they want, and they have to include things like soap and shampoo… and toilet tissue on that list, it gives them so much more to bargain over – I’d love if the smokers had to win cigarettes too… watching them waste food and complain about the 25 dollar a pound halibut they got makes me want to barf.


I think these are all great, it will get everyone back into the game of it and not “well im going to throw this comp because the other hg’s said they will save me from the block or not vote me out if i do” that has been happening WAY to much the past 2 seasons. CBS really needs to have the viewers come up with the ideas from now on.

I vote no more twists on the game!


great plan ladies 🙂


Really Jordan? At some point you have to lie in the game? But sweet Jordan you have been so honest with everyone throughout the entire game.

Adam makes my skin crawl, what a pussy! If he wins I’m done with BB for good.


Right on!


I hate jordon everything about her is annoying she said that all porsche and kalia did all summer was sleep and eat what the hell has she done but follow behind jeff and be anti social she is really delusional


I really don’t understand why they keep saying that KP are just doing Dani’s bidding. JR have no intention of working with KP (unless Kalia wins HOH next week) so I don’t understand what they want from them. Besides, you can’t have everyone on one side, it just doesn’t work that way.

Nick B

Jeff has seriously forever changed the way this game is played. He and Jordan both have this ridiculous notion that everyone can get along with big smiles on their faces throughout the entire season. That is, of course, as long as one by one those smiling faces are led to the jury house to pave the way for them to win with minimal effort and drama.




Thank you! And Jordan has no right to say that all Kalia and Porsche have done is sleep. They’ve won more competitions than she has.


Ryan only kalia has won more than Jordan. Jordan has won one hoh so has Porsche…


Jordan only won because they GAVE it to her. That game took no skill. Both Brendon and Jeff was hit the ball with no real goal in mind but to hand Jordan the HOH. She is worthless!!! The ultimate floater!!


I find it funny that JR are bitter that KP don’t want to work with them and that they are just doing what “Dani wanted”.

Could it be possible that KP want JR out not because Dani wanted them out but because in order to win the game they have to get the people out of the house who are trying to evict them? It isn’t like JR have any intention of actually working with KP (they keep saying how much they have to get them out) so why should KP even try to work with them?


I have never wanted a season of BB to be over already…but I do now. I am so tired of this BS. I loved Jordan on her season and was so glad she won. But this time around I am so frustrated with her. She keeps calling everyone a floater. What about her? Jeff did all the dirty work for her, she didn’t even want to know what Jeff’s plan was when he was HOH. It’s like her head was not even in the game. And now that Jeff is not there she acts like she gives a dam about the game but she is more interested in getting revenge than the game. Whether Shelly betrayed her or not is not relevant at this point, it is better to keep her in the house if she really wants to win. One because Shelly sucks at comps and two because if she make it to the end nobody will vote for Shelly ( she pissed too many people in the house)

I realy disliked RacheI on her season and this one too untill this week. She is the only one that is thinking of all her option. I wanted Dani to win but at this point I don’t realy care who wins.


Shelly’s really working it right now, she might just stay. She’s lying about the Jeff eviction all being Kalia and I think they’re buying it.


No, Shelly pissed off two Carolina girls. Been there – dont that. She’s gone.


I think Adam is really a nice person and hates having to lie. Yes he hasn’t won and never really stuck up for anyone but, I don’t think he has really said a lot mean about anyone. It seems that Shelly lies but now we see Jordon and Rachel telling Adam he has to lie. This game is really sick this year. I think I am floating over to Adams side now cause I dislike all these (and I use the term lightly) ladies. I am just glad none of them are my children. They are all kind of low lifes.

Girls Ruled

Adam could be piss off all he want he honestly thing everyone has the same mentality as Jordan to believe he has play honest in this game I recall him throwing POV left and right to benefit himself and then saying he try really hard BULLSHIT Mr. No Nuts.


and Shelly said she didn’t throw the robot comp- swore on God and her family. In the DR she said she threw it…


yeah, she has no morals.


shelly was going to throw it, but she didn’t have to, because she wasn’t smart enough to figure it out


Dani is gone. R.I.P.


Jeff is gone R.I.P


Keith is gone. R.I.P


so are u trying to say kailia and porsche will work with jr the wont both teams are playing each other


jordan and rachel talk about Dani way to much, its like they think she still in the house


If JR tell KP that they’re keeping Shelly, what’ll happen if KP tell Adam?


OMG. Jordan. You can’t let kalia and porsche in because all they’ve done is sleep??? Ok, they have both one more than you, they have both been playing the game and trying to win. You have “won” one thing and you wasted your HOH just like Kalia wasted her first HOH, because you let rachel bully you into evicting cassie because she was jealous of cassie. You got out someone who liked you and was on your side just like kalia did. So both kalia and porsche deserve to win WAAAAY more than you jordan.

And adam. saying he is sticking with the people that he has been with all season, not the people that came to him last week?? Hmmm. whoa there buddy, they didnt come to you. When they won HOH you immediately jumped ship and went to their side. You jumped up and don and where all happy when Porshe won instead of going to rachel and jordan and helping them plan stuff you sat around planning final four deals with the other side. Adam is so pathetic! If rachel, jordan or adam wins i’ll die inside

Big Game Move

So then you missed that week when Cassie wasnt the one that was on the block, Jordan Nominated Dominic and Adam. Dominic won the Veto, therefore Cassie and Shelly went up as a replacement. Not sure where you get that Rachel bullied her into getting Cassie out. If Dom or Adam doesnt win the veto then things probably stay the same and Cassie is still there. Im not saying Jordan is an Allstar player but if you are going to make an argument, at least get the facts straight.


But, there were other couples in the house besides Cassie and Shelly. Jordan knew that Rachel would vote out Cassie the minute she went up on the block..she chose to listen to Rachel (who was in her ear saying Cassie was strong and needed to be taken out) instead of putting up another couple


Who has played the betteJordan thus far Adam or Jordan?


Who has played the better game thus far adam or jordan? Sorry my phone messed the last post up.

Aqua Bernie

Good riddens Dani!! Think for yourselves KP!


They are thinking for themselves. It’s Jordan and Rachel who can’t seem to let go.


Jordan is such a retarded hypocrite (yes there is such a thing). First she rants about how conniving Shelly was for outing Jeff. Then tells Adam you have to lie in this game if you want to win.
So it’s only ok when the lying isn’t done to her or Jeff?!! What a joke!
And the schlep Adam with his “I can’t believe I was played” line. You didn’t get played by shelly. You are no threat. But you were being played by your daddy Jeff. He was going to have you kiss his ass until the finals.


I’m not gonna lie, i am SUPER surprised that Rachel is still in this game. I never even thought she would make it past jury house. But I really hope she wins it now. but i don’t think that will happen.


lets call things the way it is and stop bullshitting

jordan and rachel dont bash kailia and porsche that much or even trying to bring them down the way they try to portray rachel …. kailia , porsche do most of the nasty bashing ….. sometimes i really believe u people are to close to see the writing on wall …… ……. before i push for one of these girls to win I WOULD RATHER WEAK SAUCE ADAM TO WIN ……. i tip of my hat to rachel for the progress she is trying to make … one of biggest lessons is, is that we’ve got to talk honestly about bad behaviour,,, because it has literally arrived on KAILIA, SHELLY,,, PORSCHE doorstep ,, i mean talking bashing rachel if she’s preganat , hiding rachel stuff i could never pull or cheer for these wicked girls. even though rachel has her flaws and shortcomings she has never hide their stuff .. but, these girls will never take blame for their actions they will blame rachel if shit was on the wall …….. dani started this hate shit and they continue it , dani shelly porsche, kailia all of them are jealous over rachel damn and rachel doesnt have anything not even a job , just a fiance ….jealousy travels in circles trying to destroy rachel’s image or whats left of it .. i mention dani because she started it and her minions continue to bash rachel so u dont know what u are talking about when u say rachel bash kailia and porsche nonstop ….jealousy and envy will spoil and rot these girls soul… shakespear called that typed of hatred green sickness…..these mean girls are ruthless in their quest for power drunk with envy and jealousy simply in their quest to WIN at any expense… …..the deeper victim of envy -the person who envies.. sensitivity will get in the way of good judgement ..rachel talks about them but they really go too far when bashing her… i will not support any of these mean girls because of who they seem to be …every topic they dicuss they will talk down to rachel and about rachel … even though rachel has a long way to go with her attitude she has been trying to change ….in the face of mounting pressure she is trying her best even though she has gone through many trials,tribulation and after many tears i hope she triumph and survive… when we board a plane and ascend to the skies, we see our lives and communities from a higher and more clear perspective

team brendon for life


“sometimes i really believe u people are to close to see the writing on wall”

Hi pot, have you met kettle?


Seriously Adam is sucks! This guy needs to win a competition and show he can do something in the house besides kiss up to every female there. He is such a LOSER!! Still a FLOATER and still wants to win the game as the nicest guy to ever play BB! Bla, Bla, Bla…………….KP are Dani protege. They give all the props to Dani, Dani, Dani like she is 6 feet under. OMG ~ she isn’t dead she is in the jury house u idiots! Shelly is one foot out the door. I wonder how many packs of cigs she has smoked since she got put on the block. So funny to see her pour more lies out of her mouth. Kissing up to Rachel ~ hilarious!! JR have to win HOH or veto to say. It’s not an option. I see a newbee winning the big bucks if sitting next to Rac in final two. If sitting next to Jordan ~ would be a close race.


Simon, I’ve tried sending responses and not going through (2nd attempt says response sent already but not showing up). Problem?

Big Game Move

Some of my thoughts for fixing the show:

1. Top 3 players in the HOH Comp are havs for the week. Everyone else is a havenot.
2. Player that wins the veto becomes a hav for the week if they are not already.
3. EVERYONE competes for the veto, this will eliminate a backdoor scenario where a player didnt at least get the chance to stay ie; Jace/Brendon.
4. Change up the competitions. I mean seriously when HG’s can predict exactly whats coming then you need to change. Its okay to have back to back physical comps. Its okay to have back to back question comps. Perhaps throw in a question/physical comp in the same comp. Bottom line is that its too predictable.
5. Dont let the HG’s practice for a future comp ie; golf and snakeboard. It would make it more exciting if they just had to do something. Kinda piggybacks on #4.
6. NO MORE old HG’s except for Allstar BB time. I did like the Allstar BB and it should be done but once every 5 years or something. We dont need to regurgitate the same guests.
7. Come up with better twists and lay all the twists out in front of the viewers in the beginning so we know whats going on.
8. Only have 6 players in the Jury and the final vote for the viewers.
9. Have a special 2 hr episode reunion at the end (like alot of the reality shows now) where the players can call each other out and you can show video to back it up. ie; straight shooter not saying she offered a final 3 with BR when we all saw that she did. This might be the best 2 hr show of the season when they can call each other out and have video to support it. The final show does this a bit but not nearly as much as they should..


“We can’t let them win …all they do is sleep?”

Yeah, with THREE HoH’s between them, with none being THROWN in their favor. They’re SO useless… you know, training and strategizing every day.

Oh, these vets and their (often hypocritical) delusions.


I wish BB would go back to the original format for a season. They can also throw in some comps for luxuries and food. That would be cool because then you wouldn’t have a loser win BB.


I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet. Did anyone notice when “Big Jeff” was searching for his second clown shoe that it was on the outside of his bin right next to the wall? It’s right there! He didn’t see it.