Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly continues to work Adam for his vote to keep Dani.. *Updated*

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9:20am – 9:40am Shelly and Adam are talking in the backyard. Shelly and Adam are in the backyard talking about keeping Dani. Shelly wants to make the big move. Adam wants to vote Dani out and win the next HOH. Adam says that his target is Rachel. Adam says that he thinks he can explain to Jeff that it will be okay because they still have the numbers and Jeff can play in the next HOH. Shelly says that she understands and says that Rachel is a human shield. Adam explains that this week it will come down to who win s the HOH .. because they will be the deciding vote. Shelly asks so your mind is pretty made up. Adam says yeah, I like the game move …but if Jordan wins HOH …then I am going up. This week is the deciding vote only needs 3 votes. Adam says also that Porsche can be swayed but that because Jeff took her off the block ..its more likely that they could sway her vote. Shelly says but they wouldn’t know who’s votes it was. Adam says yeah but then they won’t trust either of us..
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9:40am – 10:05am Rachel comes out into the backyard and the conversation ends. Rachel soon heads back inside. Adam says that at 6 or 4 people left you and I are going to have to earn it to get rid of Jeff. Shelly says but if you go home are you going to regret it? Adam says no ..before yes ..but now no. Shelly says you just have to realize that if you don’t win are going to be one of the next out. Adam says that he knows. Adam says that what bothers him about Dani is that she said she was the one that saved him from going on the block but then tells Jeff and Jordan that it was all Kalia’s HOH. Shelly says she agrees thats what happened and understands why Adam is cautious about Dani. Rachel comes back outside and the conversation ends again. Shelly heads inside and then comes back out and her and Rachel talk about Brendon and then they talk about Shelly’s husband and daughter. Shelly wonders what she can do to thank her husband Tony. Shelly says that she prays to god that her work doesn’t send her on a trip somewhere when she gets out. The conversation changes to talking about LA. Rachel and Shelly discuss what this weeks HOH competition will be like. They both think it will be a questions competition like a true / false or something like that. Rachel hopes that it will be a physical question comp. They talk about how they haven’t had a group havenot competition. Rachel says that she had a dream about them locking the havenot room. Shelly and Rachel talk about the bed situation. Shelly says to Rachel I don’t know if I am allowed to say this but …you guys playing again this time …do you get a bigger stipend? Rachel says oh ..I wish! Big Brother then cuts the live feeds.. When the feeds come back, Rachel and Shelly talk about Brendon and his schooling.
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10:10am – 11am Shelly and Rachel continue to talk about random stuff. They are talking about Rachel’s schooling and her sorority They compare their schools and sororities. Adam has a shower, then joins them in the backyard …he looks bored with their conversation, then heads inside to make breakfast. All the other houseguests are still sleeping..

11am – 11:30am In the kitchen Adam is cooking breakfast. Shelly heads inside and tells Adam that its quiet in here. Adam says yup, everyone’s still sleeping. Shelly says lazy bums. Shelly goes to the bathroom and then heads back outside. Shelly tells Rachel that she might as well put her bathing suit on and lay out …it’s boring inside. Rachel asks if they are still sleeping. Shelly says yeah. Shelly and Rachel go right back into talking about their sororities. Shelly then says she needs to go do something… she says she is going to go clean the bathroom, then put on her bathing suit and lay out. Rachel says she will probably work out around noon. Shelly heads inside. Rachel starts reading the bible.

11:30am – 12:05pm Shelly heads out into the backyard to clean the windows. Rachel heads inside to grab a drink. Adam is sitting at the kitchen table eating his breakfast. Adam and Rachel talk about everyone being lazy. Rachel says that they will probably sleep for a few more hours too. Rachel asks what time they all went to bed. Rachel then heads back outside. Shelly got bit in the butt by a bug, she went inside to look and then came back out to show Rachel her butt. Adam is now cleaning up in the kitchen. Adam finishes up and heads out to the backyard. Adam starts talking about his Bar Mitzvah anniversary is coming up on the 25th and hope that if he wins HOH there will be a photo of him back then. Adam talks about drinking when he was younger. Adam starts talking about being Jewish.

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322 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly continues to work Adam for his vote to keep Dani.. *Updated*

  1. Anyone follow Dom on twitter? here’s Dom’s latest tweet about Adam lol

    Adam’s got his head so far up veteran a$$, I’m surprised his smoke isn’t coming out of THEIR mouth. #smokingjelly

          1. How? They were friends and possibly liked each other a bit. They wanted to work together. He wasn’t kissing her ass. If anything he was kissing BRJJ’s ass.

            But Adam on the other hand is just completely attached to Jeffs nuts. It’s painful to watch. The only people that really like him are JJ supporters because he is on their side at the moment, but even you guys will forget about him after the season is over.

          2. Except swinging to Dani wasn’t swinging toward power. It was an attempt to take down the alliance with power. Dom was never as obsequious as Adam who has hidden behind power all season. That’s a valid way to play the game but it is a difference between them.

            1. Shelly hides behind power, not Adam. She hid behind Jeff all season and now she wants to hide behind Dani. She thinks she can do absolutely nothing and watch the other people actually fight to win comps. She is lazy and disgusting. She told Dani she was on her side one billion percent and 2 hours later said the exact same thing to Jordan verbatim.
              Adam is loyal, not up Jeff’s butt – big difference. He said he wants to stick with his alliance and earn his way to final 2 so he can look back on his game and not be disgusted with how he played it. Why is that a bad thing?
              If Dani is evicted, all the Dani fans will say how unfair and low it was of Jeff.
              But if Shelly does the exact same thing to save Dani (go behind JJ’s back and backstab them) then Dani fans will say Shelly is a hero.
              Again I pose the perpetual question: Pot or kettle?

              1. How people think Shelly hasn’t done “anything” in the game is beyond me, she is the hardest working HG, she is just playing mentally, albeit she is mental, but look at Will, everyone hated him, he lied to everyone, never won a competition and is one of the best reality show players EVER! The difference is he had charm and looks so when he blatantly admitted to lying throughout the game people accepted it.

                Shelly lies (not sure if she is aware of it at times) about lying because she lacks the gifts Will had – looks & charm – but she works her own angle. The more I watch this season the more I see that while I don’t like most of them personally I can respect that there is ‘game’ involved. What Adam, Porche, Jordan and Kalia are doing is not game play, its hanging out with/following those who really are playing (this is also not done from a strategic standpoint b/c there is some merit to purposely staying under the radar, which is now annoyingly called “floating”. I question if Jeff is a gamer either, he just bullies and freaks out. Rachel ONLY has the ability to win competitions but her social or intellectual game play is non-existent. And HAHAHA at having Rachel and intellectual in the same sentence. I actually think Brendan had a bit of everything, great at comps, could mentally strategize and, take away his crazy co-dependent relationship, he is relatively likable.

                For what it’s worth, I am TEAM DANI YO! I didn’t like her in her original season but to me she has both going on, ability to win comps and social skills combined with necessary manipulation. When she leaves I will be sad but, I can’t believe I’m saying this, I will root for Shelly, she has proven to me this week that playing this ‘game’ is what’s important, not a friendship with JJ.

        1. lol I would rather have my face in Dani’s ass then Jeffs ass anyday. But you lonely housewives won’t understand that.

      1. Agreed. Dom shouldn’t be talking since he was Dani’s lap pet. Although he thought he was the one in charge… look where it got him, gone and rightfully so!

    1. Adam is using his head and listening to the house. He’s doing exactly what 7 previous WINNERS are doing. Shelly is trying to get him to swing his vote BUT, then she wouldn’t vote for Dani making a tie for Jeff to evict Dani and then she can point at Adam flipping and her being loyal (putting her into a solid 3 spot).

      1. Wrong, JJ will take Rachel to final 3, they even said so in private last night.

        Shelly knows that too. Adam should realize, but contrary to your earlier statement, he’s not winner material.

        1. and the hilarious part is he thinks he has americas player locked up! WRONGO! hes not even close! he thinks he is like a mad gamer, but he is a mad moron!

      2. Exactly…Shelly is trying to pick off her JJ comp 1 by 1,she would blame Adam so JJ go after him next,then she would target Rachel,so only she could be with JJ. The woman is a backstabbing,sneaky snake and Adam needs to tell JJ now!!!!!!!!!

      3. I agree adam is listening whether I like him or not but jeff cannot evict either mom this week as a tie is impossible with 5 ppl voting unless kalia ate food or sang Alot and got a penalty vote

    2. I’m no fan of Adam but I find it funny that Dom is sitting at HOME tweeting negative things about someone else who is still in the big brother house. Say what you want about Adam Dom…. he still made it way further than your wannabe boy band ass.

      1. Keith, Cassi, and Dom, were all evicted because:

        1. They were the biggest threats to the veterans
        2. Shelly, Adam, and Kalia, were seen as much easier to manipulate than them (as they’re all in love with JJ).
        3. Frankly, they’re all very attractive, and certain egotists didn’t want to share camera time with them.

        Dom’s eviction had little to do with his game play. It was part of it…but to claim Adam is a better player because he’s lasted longer…sorry, how long have you actually watched this show? Are you going to claim Jordan is a better player than Janelle just because she got farther in her season than Janelle did in hers? Seriously.

        1. Dom threw the POV when he was nominated. He has no room to talk about anyone’s game. He might as well be Lawon asking to go on the block, it’s just as stupid.

          1. I’m not entirely certain Dom threw the POV..if he did, in throwing it, he still spelled a longer word than Jordan…though I suppose going off of some people’s logic on these boards that makes Dom a better player than Jordan.

          1. Playing house….oh i get it, you’re trying to oversimplify his alliance with Dani in order to undermine the integrity of his gameplay. That’s very cute if not naive.

        2. All very attractive? Cassi and Dom sure. Keith? Good God no. Keith looks like his face exploded. He’s attractive only compared to the average gorilla.

          1. We’re all entitled to our opinions. I think Cassie and Dom were both smoking hot in their own right. Keith, yeah, not so much…but you’ve got to admit he’s easier on the eyes than shelly or adam

        3. It’s about winning right? Jordan won and Jannelle didn’t so therefore yes Jordan is the better player. You can talk all day about how good somoene’s game is but the bottom line is if they didn’t win the 500k then their game wasn’t good enough. Simple as that.

      2. Jordan, Kalia, Porsche and even Lawon made it farther and these people are all useless. Dom would have been a good contestant had it been a regular BB season. Even Cassi and Keith would have been better then the newbies we got now.

    3. LOL.

      Dom is a joke. The dude called Dani going up a dark week in Big Brother.

      That is the chick that led to your demise, and impeded your chance of winning half a million dollars. Dude needs to look in the mirror before talking about who has who’s head up someone’s ass.

        1. I agree Nick! Be prepared to be even more bored than you are when Dani goes and the newbies vet picked off 1 by 1 …..unless K or P can win the next HoH. SA & J can’t win shit! If R wins the newbies will be toast.

        2. Well if Shelly is being real and not just blowing smoke up everyones ass then I think she is a watchable character. Personally I would like to see all the vets gone (and I do include Dani as a vet) and see a newbie win. I do agree that if this were an all newbie cast we may have seen Dom or Cassie stay in the game longer.

    4. Adam is the worst!!! He ACTUALLY thinks Jordan is going to get HOH this week and is afraid he will be put up?? Dah….then keep Dani you AS$$; she at least can win comps and would guarantee that you would NOT be on the block. I can’t believe this douche from Jersey is in this house… Please…he is the WORST casting ever and then when you add COWLIA iinto the mix, it’s crazy that CBS let the few Houseguests with ‘personality’ (Cassie & Dom) leave to keep this loser, ADAM and COWLIA who NEVER EVER shuts her mouth around for all the world to see… Nice going, CBS…

      1. Dani would for sure put Adam up come on now. Dani is trying to buy time. Time I hope she doesn’t have. I was so rooting for Dani but then her antics and her mean girl attitude and her I am supposed to be here mentality, ok everyone deserves to be there, everyone at one point and time will go home, go on the block, be put on slop, but no this chica thinks she is super duper special. NOT! take it like a woman, put on ur big girl panties and strut yourself out of the house with pride come thursday. I truly believe had she stuck with the alliance Dani would still be here and in charge but nooooooooo she had to go make a move too early on.

      2. I’m sorry but Cassi’s personality sucked (for TV at least) and Dom had no clue how to play the game which is why he’s sitting at home….

        1. Yea I know dude. These people should all take tips from Jordan on how to play the game. She’s the best ever. And so smart too!

      3. Agree! Dani’s target would be Jeff …. without a doubt, if she stayed and were to win HoH and, if she couldn’t get Jeff than Rachel. Adam is nearsighted and gutless so he’ll play it safe and will regret it in time.

      4. There are worse things to be called than animals….
        Porsche is called Pork-sha (kind of like “pig” really)
        Jeff is called Neanderthal
        Dani is called Skeletor
        Shelly is called Crypt Keeper (my personal fave)
        Rachel is called a hooker, among mannnny other things….umm Brendon had many offensive names as well
        Lawon was called Lawanda (not an animal at least)

        It has nothing to with race. Nothing at all.

    5. Dom wasn’t that bad with Dani…
      he was playing the game.

      Adam is scared to lose Jeff b/c…
      Jeff won’t be able to breast feed Adam…

      America’s player my ass…try America’s laziest player…
      and yes Adam ranks higher than Kalia.

      1. Dark House – agree with you. 100%! Adam, if he ever had any, left his balls back in Jersey and seems incapable of growing new ones.

        1. hahaha…
          Maybe Adam’s girlfriend has them in a jar at home…
          maybe he gave them to Jeff as a deal…
          but we all agree he certainly does not have any.

          Can you believe he thinks he’ll be America’s favorite?
          bahahahahahahahahahahaha…what an idiot…

          I’ll tell ya what Adam…
          vote for Dani to stay…
          and I’ll vote for ya for America’s favorite player ;) ;)

    6. The fact that we all have never been on the show, but saying our opinions like we were is enough for you people posting that Dom has not right to state his opinion is a joke. Are we all Shellys here, hating people for the same thing that we do? Dom has every right to comment on this remaining house, and if he thinks Adam is a pussy, then there is nothing wrong with that.

    7. Keeping Dani would be game changing and good for S and A it would put Jeff in his place and he most likely would be gone next I hope the power play happens Adam needs to reach down between his legs and see if he got any I DO NOT THINK HE DOES BECAUSE HE IS A JEW AND THEY PLAY IT SAFE AND I SAY THAT NOT AS A RACIAL THING LIKE IM A CRAZY IRISH MAN ——-NOT EVEN RACHEL READING THE BIBLE CAN HELP HER UGLY SKANKY TRIFULLING ASS she is just nasty to see and hear speak any more JJ ARE LIARS THEY HAD A DEAL WITH DANI AND IF ADAM SEES THAT HE MIGHT BE SWAYED PERSONALLY I THINK HE IS JUST HAPPY TO BE HERE WINNING DOES NOT MATTER BIG PUSSY

    8. Dani is supposed to be the best player in the house,then why are her fans assholes and her whining childish ass going home?

    9. I love Jeff and Jordan and am not as you say because I can speak without cursing because I don’t lack intelligence as it as it seems you do. JJ are America’s Sweethearts!!!!! ;)

  2. there is something confusing me…shelly is going around trying to keep dani and then she goes and tells jordan about the deals she makes with dani and says she is just doing what she has to do but is solid with jj…is she serious about keeping dani or is she just trying to get adam to vote to keep her and she won’t so that jj stop trusting adam?…because if she flips the votes after telling jordan she was making deals then jj are going to know it was her…say what you want but they aren’t that stupid!!!

    1. If Shelly flips the vote it won’t matter at that point because she will have flipped the house. Jeff and Jordan’s targets at that point would be:

      1. Dani
      2. Porsche
      3. Adam
      4. Shelly
      5. Rachel (thanks to Rachel being the only person that actually stuck to the original plan).

      So you see, doesn’t matter if she gets caught, if Shelly pulls this off she’s sitting pretty.

      1. I think Shelly wouldn’t do that and not even her daughter is watching it. If she does, her daughter would be crying that Mommy just flipped over to keep Dani to stay. So, my advice to Shelly don’t be stupid and stay with their alliance. That’s my opinion.

        1. Wow…you really think CBS didn’t finely tune that interview with her daughter, or even coach her through it?

          If Shelly actually comes back with any money what so ever, guess how fast that little girl is going to forget all about mommy’s behavior on A GAME SHOW.

      2. @Jackie…You have lost sight of the facts… JEFF cannot control the entire game and vote everybody off himself, one by one. The game is not played that way…He or Jordan can’t win HOH every week…

        1. exactly, good luck with that theory Jackie, because if jeff were dumb enough to target shelly with his HOH (which would also be assuming he survives the fast forward HOH that he can’t compete in), then the next HOH, be it Porsche, Dani, or even Adam, will put him and/or Rachel up and likely evict him.

          But hey, at least he got SHELLY out right? Christ.

        2. exactly and I am tired of everyone wanting everyone else to do the dirty work. Hell SHelly if u want JJ out or Rachel then get your boney ass up and win HOH and do the job urself jeez. Stop complaining. If you knew u were not capable of being a winner then why come on the show. Again Straight Shooter how about you winning some HOH’s ur damn self gosh.

          1. Amen! That’s why Ol’ Crypt Keeper wants to flip…so she can hide behind Dani. She’s the epitome of a BB loser. Don’t do anything for yourself or for your team. Just let everyone else do it for you. And while you are doing that, literally lie your ass off to everyone and sell everyone out to each other and make fun of people who have way more integrity than you will ever have. You have to be loyal to someone and/or trust someone in order to keep advancing week to week. Otherwise, everyone will collectively want you out at some point. Who said that the other day….oh yeah Shelly did.

        3. I know that I was just saying that if Shelly flips Jeff’s number one target will be Shelly and not Dani thats what I mean.

      3. Personally I dont give a rats ass where shelly ends up if she flips the house. I dont care about adam. I only care that dani could stay, either way, shelly can’t win.

      4. How exactly can Jeff keep dani in the game? He can’t talk Adam into voting for who he wants obviously look back to brendon on the block and there is no tie this week 5 votes can tie with 5

    2. i THINK shelly is trying to trap adam, and get him to say he’ll keep dani. So that way shelly can go and tell j/j not to trust adam. Thats what i THINK.

      1. and if that’s true that’s very clever of her…but why doesn’t she realize that the arguments she’s making actually make a lot of sense? Keeping Dani actually does benefit her. She won’t win if she takes Jeff or Jordan to the end, nor will either of them take her to final 2 (or even final 3, she should realize Rachel is the girl to take to the end at this point).

        Making a power move now is the only thing Shelly will have to argue to the jury later. If she and Adam don’t do this, they may as well settle for 50K, or self-evict now, because they aren’t winning jack.

          1. my thoughts exactly. They will say SHelly rode coattails and lied and bashed. As much as they hate Dani, they would rather give her the money than shelly. Shelly would not have BR vote nor JJ because she would have lied and flipped on them so she would have 50g’s total. Shelly need to put as much effort it takes her to scheme and lie into winning HOH that way she can control some things herself.

          1. No, Shelly realizes that Jeff, Jordan, and Dani need to take each other out, because she might be able to win against Rachel.

            She would win against Kalia and Porsche, and at this point, maybe Adam.

            1. First off, I’m gay, so you’re nifty little reference to Dani’s Nick from season 8 is even more stupid than it initially came across as.

              Second, Rachel would be left to take out Dani after she took out Jeff, obviously.

              Shelly won’t drive a “wedge” between JJR. They will take Rachel to the final 3 because if they don’t, BR will be totally spiteful and vote for whoever they take instead (granted, if it is JJ in the finals BR are screwed into voting for one of them, but that scenario is highly unlikely and they both know it, hence their NUMEROUS talks in private about taking Rachel to final 3)

              Getting to the end with Rachel would be just fine for Shelly, because Rachel might actually consider taking her. For all of Rachel’s hateful talk of Shelly, Rachel can’t win against Jordan due to the number of bridges she’s burned in her social game, and she’d likely be too scared to take her chances on Adam or Porsche.

        1. What Shelly says does make sense… will benefit her in the sense that JJ will never turn on each other as long as they remain in the game. However, Adam makes an even better point in that he will decrease his chances of making it to the end if he keeps Dani. If Daniele were to stay, JJR would come after him after they got out Dani or he would be gone if Dani won the veto.

          1. Dani did not like Shelley ay all prior to needing her vote. Dani would vote Shelley out in a heartbeat. She would turn her back on everybody in her alliance, just asj JJRB. She has already won $50,000 and now she wants $500,000. Most of you talk a lot of crap about the vets, Dani is a vet also.

        1. It was a joke, Jordan and them asked Rachel how come she is nice all of a sudden and she said oh I haven’t had my period in 2 weeks. meaning that she was a mini biatach cuz of her periods. Trust me that girl ain’t a bit more pregnant than I am and oh hell let me check lol but BB would have surely given her a Preggo test by now because it would be unsafe for her to continue with the physical stuff and the drinking so sorry no lil Brenchel yet

      1. This show will suck without Dani. It’ll just be for lonely housewives and their hubbies and for gay dudes who have a hard on for Jeff.

    3. @ali, the beauty of the move is that no one can AFFORD to retaliate, because they still need D and P out first.

      The only risk is it could be hard to get Dani out later.

  3. Adam is by far the worst player this season. Sucks at competitions, mediocre social game, and no balls (save for Jeff’s, which are secured firmly in Adam’s permanently O-shaped mouth.

    1. Yup!! Adam is so afraid of making any bold move that he is literally paralyzed by fear. He’s trying to convince himself that he’s going win HoH on Thurs. but he, S & Jordum have little-to-no chance, thus leaving the only chance of their alliance winning in R’s (permanently cum stained) hands! If R does win the next HoH, S will offer to clean R’s hands, while Adam then proceeds to kiss them (her ass no doubt has as many pimples as her face, thus the kissing of the hands, as opposed to her bumpy ass).

  4. Shelly probably think that Dani will be staying at the House depending on the votes. However, Adam would indeed to vote as a house to get rid of Dani and win next HOH Competiton. This looks bad, it would be chance of either Adam, Shelly, Rachel or Jordan to win HOH competition either True or False or Physical competiton. It would be safer that Adam/Shelly/Rachel or Jordan wins HOH (FF) to put up Kaila and Porsche on the block again. I definitely want Jeff to win POV to keep the nomination the same. However, if Jeff is on the block and wins POV competition. He will take himself off the block and have a replacement nomination, such as Porsche or Kaila. My suggestion for Shelly, don’t put Rachel or Jeff on the block or backdooring. It would be a stupid move and lose their jury votes. Just be careful of who should them on the block.

      1. Thanks Stephie and I’m sorry I’m totally an ass on you. Forgive me. Question is what if Rachel wins the HOH and Jeff plays the POV? Do you think Rachel would put up Kaila and Porsche on the block again? Just like what Kaila did to Rachel to put her and Jeff on the block. Do you think Kaila would go to Jury House with Dani?

        1. Jeff win of HOH and anybody flipped of votes when Dani go bye and then follow for Kalia on double eviction. Adam win for HOH or Big Jeff win for POV. Porsche follow for evict on jury house. Big Jeff for win on HOH in fast forward follow for Jordan win for POV. Continue for win competition for top 2 JJ. Jeff for win for Big Brother.

      1. CaptainW- IGNORE IT. the more you freak out the more people will make you mad. Internet 101 book says ignore rude comments and they eventually will stop. You said something dumb to me one time, I responded and you freaked out so I ignored you. And it worked.
        You’re working yourself up over nothing! so stop. Do you want to be the website’s crazy person?
        It seems that you are passionate about what you’re talking about… but sometimes your posts ARE wacky so people will say stuff so JUST IGNORE IT.
        AND don’t be rude to people and they will stop attacking you.

        Just trying to help you

  5. Straight Shooter has been planting the seed to JJ that she’s worried about Adam. She trying to get Adam to flip even though she has know intention of flipping. I bet it all blows up in her face by thurs. S has slowly gone a little crazy some ppl crack. Dani is going to end up making PK mad at her, she can’t handle not getting her way. she’s a spoiled Brat!

    Go Big Jeff

    1. I think you are right. Why would shelly really want Judas to stay? She has no real relationship with her and no reason to think she can trust Judas. She is trying to trick Adam so JJ turns on him. JUDAS HAS TO GO! I DON”T CARE WHO WINS! EVEN SHELLY IS PERFERABLE to JUDAS!

      1. dani may have been named judas by brenden, but flipping shelly IS JUDAS and the whole damn Roman army!!! Just call her judas in the flesh (and it is pretty rubbery looking like it has decayed since early roman days!

  6. Adam the worst player ever. Does he really think him and Shelly can win anything? If he doesn’t keep Dani it’s the end of his game. Shelly is a backstabber but I can appreciate how she is trying to save Dani!

    1. Yeah, Adam’s “just going to win the next HOH” he’s so delusional! He makes Rachel look semi-sane, and in that single statement, he actually dwarfed Jeff’s ego, if only temporarily.

    2. It’s not the end of Adams game.. Do you actually think Dani will keep Adam and Shelly over K the hut and P.. Dani will say and do anything at this point to try to stay in the house and production was her in the house for ratings but adam would be stupid to flip at this point…If he flips then he will have dani rachel p and k the hut to try to beat in the hoh .. his odds are better with dani out of the house…

      1. It’s funny you claim that BB is rigged, but are basically saying Adam needs to continue to lay down and let JJ walk all over him right to the end.

        If this game is rigged for any contestant it’s BB11/Amazing Race/Around the World/BB13 returnee/Untitled CBS & Schroder project Jeff and his girlfriend.

        1. Huh? I am just telling the original poster (naids) to shut up about Adam. Naids always talks so much negativity about the dude. Naids is a jerk. There is a reason nobody responds to Naids on here

    3. I am glad Shelly is doing something to try and save Dani . When they both go , not even watchable anymore . I can’t stand Jeff . He is a handsome guy but when they watch everything he has said about everybody !! And the worshipping of JJ has got to stop !! Makes no sense . They say they are doing it to get them to the end . Ugh , I feel like I am watching last season’s Survivor , CBS totally minulipated it so Rob would finally win . This is not why I watch Reality tv . Please be fair !! And Adam actually thinks he has fans !!

  7. shelly is rancid, just a pure liar and comfortable doing it, im sick of watching her smoke, the way she sucks her whole face in to take a puff, i hope she gets evicted soon.

  8. i love shelly now thats shes doing whats best for her and not jeff and jordan. i love dani so much and i think by thursday adam will finally realize that if he keeps dani then jeff, jordan, rachel will go after dani and dani will go after them so he would be safe for at least a week or two. i really think dani wont be leaving this week.

    1. Who is supposed to take Dani out after Jeff, Rachel and Jordan leave? Porche and Kalia will keep Dani til final 3. Adam and Shelly will go after JJR. Makes more sense to vote Dani out. Jeff can not play HOH. Porche has been coming in second. If Porche wins she can take out Jeff or Rachel. For Adam it is not good game play to flip now.

  9. Adams such a loser, big ass kisser and huge floater.. what has he done in this game??? nothing butt suck on Jeffs nuts… He’ll never be remembered for nothing!

  10. It would make sense for baconman to turn now, because he’s last in the JJRSA alliance. Take out J/J and he has a better chance than a 5th place finish. He just came to see the house instead of coming to play hard and make big moves. Come on, Cruddy! Stop kissing Jeff’s ass for one moment and think about yourself.

  11. oh wow adam really? You honestly think jordan is going to win the next HoH? Chances are that its going to be a quiz and jordan wont even come close. Make a big game move adam. Nobodys going to remember you if you dont cause you havent done shit. Nothing but a waste of space. Adam your not going to win BB if you go to final 3 with dumb and dumber. Get it through your head.

    1. ahahahaha I pretty much love this comment….the chances of Jordan winning an HOH that isn’t given to her is like the chances of Adam winning BB at the moment!!

    2. I know. When Adam first came on, trying to act like some tough rocker/motorcycle rider type, I thought maybe he’d be another bad a** like Evel Dick. Instead he’s become an uneventful dud. Seriously. We should’ve known, since he talked about 90210, and in his intro scene it showed him having coctails with a bunch of gals. Now it’s a draw for me, either to have Jeff leave next or adam. I might be swaying towards Adam leaving though.

    3. didtn jordan win the last hoh of her season (which im almost sure it was questions)?

      meaning… there is a chance… might be slim… but theres a chance.

        1. The final 3-part HOH was Jordan, Natalie, and Kevin. Jeff was not there to throw it to her. Kevin won part 1 (endurance), Jordan won part 2 (questions), Jordan won part 3, took Nat to final 2, and won BB. Jeff had nothing to do with it except a jury vote

    4. All you Dani Lover’s just want Dani to stay you are not thinking of what is best for Adam.. If he votes dani out it’s one less strong play to deal with.. If he wins hoh next fine and good if he don’t he is still safe coz if one on the other side win it will be rachel and jeff on the block with jordan as the replacement .. after jeff and rachel are gone who is next for the evil girls… its adam so he is screwed if he vote to keep dani…So he doesn’t improve is position in the game with keeping Dani… ADAM DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.. VOTE DANI OUT NOW…

    5. If you look close enough you can see the pain Jordum experiences when she tries to think and communicate intelligibly, which is why she rarely does it! Great move Adam, stick with the vets whom you keep saying you want to beat out: (J) Neanderthal, (J) Ummmmmm???? and (R) Sybil (google this Sally Field movie title & you’ll get what I mean).

  12. Seriously, does Adam really view himself as a bigger threat than Jeff & Rachel? Please. He thinks that if they save Dani and she wins HOH that he is her next target? He needs to get his ego checked. He can’t win a competition unless it’s handed to him, so the probability he wins the DE HOH is slim.

    These people are absolutely ridiculous.

  13. A) Shelly is shooting straight about flipping the house.. she’s covering her bases with Jordan and trying to get Adam to flip
    B) Adam won’t flip he’s the most hated person in the world ATM by dani fans ;)

      1. Or by anyone who wants to see the newbs nut up for a change. The only people who are currently happy with Adam are people that want to see JJ in the final two.

        1. DUH and the only ppl that are hating on Adam are the Dani Lover’s that want her to stay..Adam can not beat Dani .. Dani as lied to adam.. JJ have not…Adam needs to do what is best for his game and Voting Dani out is best for his game.. Remember he told Jeff they needed to get Dani out this week,, so why would he flip now..when its not in his best interest to do so..He is not better off with dani than he is now with JJ..Open you eyes ppl and stop alol the dani love .. she is evil .. i expect dani . kalia the hut and Porch to offer a b*** j** to adam next..she will do anything to stay in the house and her evil sister will also …

          1. Adam is like a raw piece of bacon sitting in the fridge…
            He was in love with Jeff since day 1, he’s probably playing for Jeff too…

            Adam will be forgotten soon…no big plays, no thinking for himself…
            I will LMFAO when he leaves…and when he is NOT voted America’s favorite.

            The only b*** j** he’s getting is when he goes home…
            Adam is not ‘winning’ anything…

    1. Agreed! Team Dani, Yo! I think Dani’s only real chance now is to get Roach freaked out about Dani being alone with Brendon.

      1. She needs to do a full court press on Rachel.

        I think Rachel will be easier to sway than Adam because she has external motives.

        Dani should talk about that 3-some proposition and that she thinks it would be a good idea because she likes Brendon now, but didn’t before.
        Porsche or, even better, Shelly, should tell Rachel that Dani is talking about Brendon a lot and is looking forward to getting to know him in the jury house, where it is more relaxed and the alcohol flows freely.

        1. dani has to get rachel to flip out on adam,put it in rachel’s head that he flipped already and is going to backdoor her next week the only way he’ll flip is if he’s scared into it.

  14. Go Shelley go….Adam stop being a pooner…so afraid to detach himself from Jeff’s ass! I’m loving Porshe and her antics right now too haha!


      1. I think Adam is being smart. He will turn on JJ, but he can get a strong player out now. Adam is looking out for Team Adam. Keeping Dani does not help Adam, and if Dani leaves, Adam is still not a target

  15. Adam is fighting hard to secure his 5th place position after JJSR.
    Ir Rachel is “like a gnat in my ear”, according to Jeff, Adam is like a cling-on hanging from Jeff’s butt hair.

    Somehow, out of all the people in the house, I think Adam will be most surprised (and probably hurt) that most of America thinks he is Jeff’s bitch.

  16. I can see if your a Dani fan why you hate Adam for not making the deal. But how does it make sense to get rid of Dani. You have to get rid of the people that can beat you when you have the chance. Flipping on the JJ/A alliance at this point only makes you a enemy you didn’t have and put’s you into a alliance where you are actually Higher on the pecking order. Plus your hoping and praying that Dani win’s HOH and somehow puts up jeff and he doesn’t win veto and doesn’t swing the votes and get’s sent home. Seems really risky. I’ll say it again, Shelly is making the right move but at the wrong time. You don’t make a power move when your not in power. Did she learn nothing from Dani’s blunder??!! wait till next week then sway the HOH to put up Jeff. As long as Jordon is not HOH you have a great chance of getting him out. Of couse we know know about the double eviction but she doesn’t. Just doesn’t seem smart.

      1. Because this game is about who has the biggest target on their back, and keeping that target off of you. That’s how virtually every winner of BB has won this game, by keeping a larger threat ahead of them as long as possible.

        Hayden and Lane did it with Enzo

        Boogie had Will and Janelle during All-Stars to help him sail right to victory as well.

        The threats in this house, in order:

        1. Dani
        2. Jeff
        3. Rachel
        4. Kalia (she is on the block after all)
        5. The rest (I’d guess Adam first though)

        By keeping Dani here, you’re assuring she’s going to keep Jeff and Rachel distracted from you and your game. Sending him home gives JJR more time to contemplate when and how to get rid of YOU.

        1. and just to clarify, before anyone jumps me for this. NO, Enzo was not a competitor, but he had a killer social game, which is exactly why they cut him in the final 3, they knew taking him to the end would be an automatic 2nd for the both of them.

        2. You Dani lovers would sell your kids for her to win,if Adam flips on JJ here’s how it would look.

          JJ Targets
          If Dani goes,here’s the JJ targets

        3. No if he flips he becomes a number one target then. He in no one way needs to backstab his alliance yet. With Dani gone Porsche and Kalia are still top targets on one side along with Rachel and Jeff on the other.

          It will be as dumb move as Dani did earlier on. If he flips all he does is lose jury votes and becomes a prime target.

          All you Dani fans are so blinded you can’t work it out logically.

        4. All you Dani fans are so stupid on Adam. Adam would make a huge mistake and turn on JJ right now. He would become the prime target. Where as now Kalia and Porsche would be main targets on one side and Jeff/Rachel on the other.

          JJR would make him there top target. Why would anyone do that? Plus he would have no hope of getting their votes in the jury.

      2. Well that is the way you play the game. Take out the strongest player! Hello! But not to worry if Dani stays she will be next HOH. Production will make sure of it! Whether Dani leaves or stays Jeff or Rachel will be next target not Adam. There is absolutely no benefit for Adam to flip his vote at this time!

        1. No, taking out the strongest player presents you as the strongest player, which sees you out the door.

          This is why I get so annoyed with people like Jeff and Rachel. Their game play is so shamefully simplistic, but people are so in love with their personalities that their obvious guns blazing tactics are actually admired and rewarded via America’s Vote. Their presence in this game is a mockery of the past contestants that actually played this game strategically.

          1. Nick..I agree with you in a way,but also if that strongest player is coming after you or your Alliance,you must get rid of them fast. Like Jeff has said,let Rachel go off and act like an idiot,so the target goes on her.Like Jeff or not,he has made his moves when needed and knows 1 screw up from Rachel and the target will go on her.Who actually does K/P/S hate more Rachel or Jeff ?

      3. Because the newbs have a better chance of at least one of them getting to the end with Dani. If you’re a newb sticking with Jeff’s alliance is playing for fourth place.

        1. Adam should play the game for himself. Not for Jeff. Not for Dani. Not for Shelly and not for fans! Make your own choice Adam! If you need to evict my girl Dani to better yourself them go for it!

        2. If you want a newb to win, you vote out a newb an keep a vet? How’s that work? Right now it’s 4/4 vets/newbs. Gotta keep Kalia and get rid of a vet if you want numbers on your side to flip the house. Simple as that

          1. You’d be great on this season, absolutely no thought of anything beyond the current week. I’ve explained the numbers game a couple of times in other posts. It’s not rocket surgery to see how 3 vets fighting with 1 vet is better for the newbs than 3 vets picking off the newbs (votes themselves won’t take out the vet alliance, someone needs to win to put them up)

    1. Jeff and Jordan are the ONLY team in the house that will never split or back stab each other. Because of that, they are more of a threat than Dani, or anyone else in the house because they are ALWAYS guaranteed at least one vote if the other wins HOH and TWO votes if they are both voters on who stays or leaves. 2 votes is a LOT of influence as the numbers get down.

      Adam is 5th on the totem pole in that alliance. He could join DPSA alliance as a 4 member alliance, have a side alliance with Shelly and DP could also have a side alliance but they agree not to break that until final 4.

      THAT is why Adam should keep Dani and help to get rid of Jeff at the first opportunity.

      …but he is too stupid to figure that out, so he will have to be bullied into an alliance, just as Jeff bullied him into being a Jeff Disciple. Remember the talk Jeff had with him where Jeff “absolved Adam of his sins” when he voted against Jeff early on?

      Adam is shit scared of Jeff – what a pussy.

      1. I’ll agree to abt the J/J being the strongest pair BUT Jordan is useless. Jeff has to carry both of them and Jeff sucks at questions or anything that is not physical really. Dani is strong at both. From a objective view, you have to pull the trigger when you can. Dani is there to be counted out. Why keep her? It has NO advantage to Adam. She’ll wage war against J/J/R but the biggest point that everyone forgets….ur getting rid of a newb and keeping another vet in the house.

        If this backfired, the person in trouble is Shelley. She’ll be left with no one but K/P and have a big fat target on her back. At least this week is interesting now. I would like Dani to go home and it seemed like a formality but I’m excited that at least there’s some drama now. My hope for an improbable J/D/R final 3 is still in the mix! haha!

        1. ???? It has every advantage to Adam. He is #5 in JJSRA and the first one to go on that side when they start to eat their own.
          It doesn’t matter if Jordan ever wins an HOH – she is Jeff’s second vote. If Jeff puts someone on the block, Jordan will always vote how Jeff wants. If Jeff or Jordan are on the block, the other will always vote to keep them.

          When it gets down to 5 people and 2 votes are 100% sure to be tied together, that is a HUGE advantage to JJ over the other players.

          Dani is strong in comps, Adam is strong in comps, Porsche is strong in comps, Shelly *could* be sandbagging, but that is unknown at this point. Very few complete morons make it to VP, so there must be some brains in there somewhere.

          So Adam can remain #5 in a team of 5, or he can be an equal in a team of 4 with a side alliance to Shelly.

          If he makes it to the end, he might stand a chance of winning against Porsche or Shelly but stands ZERO chance against J or J, and Rachel has a guaranteed vote in the Jury house already.

          This is as simple as when I was banging my head last week saying it would be the best game move for Dani to get Jeff out – and we all see how that worked out. I fail to understand how some people don’t “get” this.

    2. Adam is #5 of JJRSA
      Shelly is #4 of JJRSA
      Shelly knows that JJ are taking Roach to the final 3
      She has to make her own aliance if she wants to be in the final 3. So you can either have Kalia or Dani. I think you choose Dani. Why not? Dani has soo much blood on her hands, she is good at comps and can keep her alliance safe. She is a bigger target than PSA. KPSA have won a comobined two comps. 1 one of those was handed to Adam. So in reality they have won one. Dani has won 2 HOH’s + she threw the POV to Adam and she threw the first HOH to Roach + She couldn’t compete for the first 3 weeks (golden key).

      Shelly knows she is not good at comps and needs someone aka. Dani.

      JJR vs DPSA
      Jeff can’t compete so JR vs DPSA
      Jordon is hopeless so R vs DPSA
      You get rid of one of JJR this week (preferably Jeff or Roach)
      You then have JJ or JR vs DPSA

      Then lets say you get rid of Roach. You then have Jordon + DPSA
      You have a shot at beating everyone except Dani but it only takes one slip up (like this week) to nominate and evict her. So Shelly and Adam would be in the top 4 with JPSA. All four can beat each other. But if it ends up being JJRSA in the final 5. Jeff and Roach can easily beat Shelly and Adam. Do you see helly’s logic now?

      I am Team Dani and hopes she wins though.

      Also Shelly could be playing Adam. Jus sayin’.

      1. Good Question, Not a stupid question? What if Dani and Kaila are gone? Tell me, that why Shelly and Adam will not turn on them? The reason that they have a numbers of getting rid of Dani. So that the point.
        Next HOH competition
        Jeff Can’t compete
        JRSA vs KP-Kaila is hopeless
        JRSA vs P-Porsche pretty suck every competition
        JRSA wins
        Jeff wins POV and Keep the nomination the same or take himself off the block and replace the nominee depend on physical competition
        So, that is my opinion. Shelly and Adam would not turn on JJR.
        Dani and Kaila are history. Is the Truth.

      2. I still say the best move is to get the strongest player out. Take out Dani and then go after Jeff. Jeff can not play HOH this week perfect time to go after him. That is exactly why Dani is on the block she could not play HOH!!

        1. and had jeff left nominations the same and sent porsche home…no one would have cared…and in the next hoh this thursday, everyone would have been gunning for either dani or rachel, not him. by taking out the strongest player, he’s assuring a continuation of the vicious cycle he loves so much. Evict the strongest player – become the strongest player – get yourself evicted the following week. Cya Jeff.

          1. I was commenting as to why Adam should vote to evict Dani. You are 100% right. Jeff is putting a great big target on his back. If you are Adam more reason to evict Dani.

          2. What show are you watching? DKP has said Jeff is their target,not Rachel,where are you getting they would go after Rachel and not Jeff ?

      3. Dani fans, Adam is NOT going to flip. While it would benefit Dani, it doesn’t benefit ADAM and it’s his vote.

        With Dani gone there is one less strong player for Adam to compete against. Forget alliances, they mean NOTHING.

        Look objectively at Adam’s position THIS WEEK.

        If Dani stays, he has now made enemies with Jeff, Jordan and Rachel. If Rachel or Jordan win he will go up on the block with Dani and most likely will be sent home. If he wins HOH, he can put up Jeff and either Jordan or Rachel. If any of the others win, most likely Jeff and Rachel or Jordan will go on the block.

        If Kalia stays, his alliance remains intact, (no new enemies). If Rachel or Jordan win HOH, Kalia and Porshe will be up. If he wins, he can still nominate Jeff and Rachel or Jordan. If anyone else wins, Jeff and Rachel or Jordan go up.

        To make a power move, you need to have POWER. Currently Adam has no power, therefore he will not make any power moves.

        Shelly gets off on manipulating people. Adam gets off on the idea of winning 500K. Voting to evict Dani is the best move for HIM to get closer to his goal.

      4. Shelley is def rolling the dice. Could be great for Team Dani but it could be completely bad too. I have a feeling that this week, Adam will vote to evict Dani. And the 1st HOH will be Rachel. Plus Shelley’s bizness comes out. And then hell breaks loose.

  17. I remember Shelly telling Adam that Rachel does not deserve to even win or be runner up but who is she to say that Rachel does not deserve to win, when Shelly has not won a single thing and she just plays all sides. And people can say that she deserves to win because she manipulates people and is flipping the house, but by the end of the day, she is at the bottom of the totem pole in the DPK and JJR alliance and when it comes down to the final comp, she won’t even stand a damn chance.

  18. Someone tell Adam that if by some chance Jordan wins HOH, she’s going after Dani before him. He doesn’t THINK. He’s a joke. How can he be such a huge fan and not realize the mistakes he’s making?

  19. Adam would be stupid to keep Dani he has a better chance of winning a comp against Jeff so it would be a stupid move for him to flip….You guys just want Dani to stay that is why your putting Adam down…..

    1. he wouldn’t have to win a comp against Dani for awhile. Dani has no immediate plans to put him up – Jeff does…before the quizzes. Adam WOULD have to win one against Jeff AND Jordan because he is #5 in that alliance and first to go after the other side is gone.

  20. They way I view the picture is it doesn’t help or hurt to get keep Dani. Shelly and Adam are already the lowest members of their alliance. The Dark Side isn’t viewing those two as a threat at the moment.

    Why not flip and keep someone who you know can win competitions? If the scenario works out where TeamDani doesn’t stay in power and Jeff’s Army gets upset with you – does it really matter? Now you go out 7th instead of 5th?

    But if TeamDani does win – you are safe, for the time being. I don’t know. I just don’t feel like these people can take out Jeff & Rachel without Dani’s help. It seems like everyone is playing for 3rd place at the moment.

    Any why is Jeff being such a bitch about something that happened in week 3? If I remember correctly the words “maybe we should backdoor Brendan & Rachel” came out of his mouth at one point. Everyone has been lying to everyone since the beginning. It just seems that he’s the one who can’t really handle it. Everybody’s gotta go eventually.

    1. Because Jeff’s fame and fortune have gone to his head. He thinks he’s above the lies and deceptions of Big Brother, simply on the basis that he’s “Big Jeff”

    2. True so let Dani go! Dani is the strongest player. You don’t win the game by keeping the strongest player in. If you want a chance to win you have to get the strongest player out. Adam should play the game for himself and vote to evict Dani.

      1. Adam evicting Dani wins him a fabulous 5th place prize, behind Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, and Shelly. You know it, and I know it, quit sipping the JJ-aid.

        1. I am not sipping any aid. Maybe you are sipping to much Dani aid. Adam keeping Dani gets him a 4th place finish behind DPS. Dani will not take Adam to final and he will never get another chance to evict her. He on the other hand has a chance to team up with PKand Shelly to get Jeff out next. The only vote Jeff is assured of is Jordan. Even if he gets Rachel vote he still will not have enough. Next go after Rachel or Jordan. If you are Adam your only chance to get to final 2 is to get rid of all the vets!

        2. I am not sipping any aid. Maybe you are sipping to much Dani aid. Adam keeping Dani gets him a 4th place finish behind DPS. Dani will not take Adam to final and he will never get another chance to evict her.

  21. Anyone else able to figure out these clues from CBS Fortune Teller on twitter?

    Posted around 8:30AM BBT (About the same tie Shelly was up)

    ahhhh eye C MOMentum is coming alive!


    Posted around 9:30AM BBT

    WONderful “Pandora” request Crystal Ball! O so many “Key” words… COINcidence?

    The above one is after the CBS Fortune Teller last night at around 9PM BBT asked this question to twitter fans:

    Crystal Ball Says: “Now who’s a “member” in #teambox? NEVER … DOUBT … BROELLA ! ” B LOUD! … call out your team… NOW!

    I’ll give one clue, anytime the BBFortune Teller gives out a shout and announces the teambox is full, Shelly is called to the DR!

  22. I don’t like adam as big brother player but if he wanted to separate himself from shelly he would could say he down with trying to keep dani but then at eviction night switch his vote back it could be dangerous for him jj would know that shelly is the one who tried to flip the house

  23. Adam needs to step back and look at the big picture. For him and Shelly to stay safe for now they need to keep the vets fighting each other. By keeping D it keeps the D vs JJR war alive and if they can win HOH SA would be safe for a minimum of 2 more weeks.

    Then add in the fact if Adam looked at this vote objectively and not through the eyes of Jeff he would realize D in the game keeps him safe because D HAS to get out JJR first before him so D would never be a threat to Adam. Kalia on the other hand has already mentioned putting up Adam as a possibility.

    AND this is not even mentioning how he actually gets jury votes to win when they ask him what did you do Adam to win besides sucking Jeff’s cock. This would be a HUGE move and as long as he is not against Shelly in F2 then he can take full credit for it from the jury. Big moves + well liked = 500K.

    He is just playing dumb dumb dumb and not thinking things out.

  24. Adam may very well win the next HOH comp. if it is questions then he can put Shelly up and quickly tell JJ about S plan to keep D. Shelly won’t have the time to b.s her way out of it. Isn’t that the way double eviction works? Put up R and S. JJ vote keep R, K and P vote keep S and A has deciding vote. Just wondering.

  25. A solid argument for Adam – that I’m surprised he hasn’t used yet – is that if they turn on JJ too early (like Dani did) they will lose 4 jury votes because BRJJ will all vote against either of them up against anyone in the house. Reason being because JJ think they know who their “enemies” are and if their allies betray them, that would piss them off a lot more. It’s too soon, just like Adam said. He runs too many risks flipping right now. If he stays with JJ, he is golden for at least a couple more weeks before he even has to start worrying about playing hard because both sides of the house like him. AND one strong ass competitor is already out of the house at that point.
    Shelly is an idiot and I hope someone sends her packing…her voice makes me want to weld my ears shut. It might be kind of a smoky sexy voice IF it were a male.

    1. Never thought I would say this……but I hate the sound of Shelly’s voice more than I do the sound of Rachel and the ever prolific Kalia. Shelly is so ready to transplant her lips from Jordan’s ass to Dani’s. I oh so pray that she DOES NOT make it to the Final two.

  26. You are kidding right….getting rid of Dani is the worst thing he could do. He’s final 4 if he sticks with JJ, because Rachel will be gunning for Shelly before getting rid of Adam. He should tell Shelly he will vote for Dani, then not do it. That will expose her to JJR and take him up a rung in the ladder. If he takes out Kalia, then JJR will go after him too. Shelly will then go into the final 4, because she can lie better than he can. The only way this scenario does not play out is if Dani wins HOH this week…which she has a 50/50 chance against Rachel.

    If Shelly was smart, she would wait until Dani is gone, then push Adam for a 4 person alliance with Kalia and Porsche. With a Vet gone they have a better chance at the comps. I’m telling you….Porsche is going to take this because everyone is underestimating her and keep getting rid of everyone else.

    Dani cracks me up…I saved Adam…no one will remember Adam if he doesn’t make this move….I’ve tried to save Adam….give me a break, Dani cares about saving herself, and only herself. She is already turning on Kalia, her bestie….Dani is such a sore loser…..blame it on the other guy….how can they do this to me after everthing I’ve done……waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaaa

    And Jeff, I love ya “dude”, but you have gotten way more arrogant this season….you haven’t done everything for your alliance. Jordan and Adam haven’t won, but their social game has saved you so far. So give credit where credit is due.

    1. oops…supposed to say getting rid of Dani is the best thing he could do….that first line is important and I blew it LOL

    1. and then, after he does, maybe Adam can finally convince Jeff to drop trow and let Adam go to town on him! Oh pretty please!

  27. I think Adam is a smart player! Basically telling S that to win against JJ you gotta earn it! Win something. She wants to flip bc she can’t win the votes at the end. Are you kidding me biatch?! Win Hoh and take em out yourself and then maybe you earn a vote or 2. Chicken sh$t!

  28. If Dani goes home, JJ target Adam next. AND HE KNOWS. It ONLY makes sense for him to keep her, especially considering their record of winning competitions. If Dani stays, she targets JJR and JJR target her. He slips on through. MAKES TOTAL SENSE.

    1. No, JJ target Porsche and Kalia next. they still need adam, yes adam is on their list but he is 3rd on the hitlist. so get rid of Dani and win Hoh and start taking out some threats of ur own gosh are these people really this damn lazy

  29. Shelley isn’t doing this to trick Adam. If she managed to trick Adam into voting for Danielle and she didn’t, jj wouldn’t know which one of them actually voted against them and would stop trusting BOTH of them. And all Adam would do is tell them everything Shelley said to try to get back in with them and it would ruin Shelley’s chances. If she manages to flip Adam she HAS to vote to keep dani too or her and Adam are both screwed

  30. i dont have the live feeds so i dont really know whats happening, so is adam 100% voting with jj or is he listening to shelly??

  31. Here’s the thing. A good majority of you guys are attacking Adam for not making a “power move” If you’re there to play the game and win, I wouldn’t be worried about making a big move. I’d worry more about getting to the end. Power moves are what makes you a target. Why make a power move if you’re not the target. Whether or not Adam votes to evict Dani doesn’t benefit him. (All of you Dani fans just want him to flip because it’ll help Dani –period.) If he votes to evict Kalia, he’s leaving the house with 2 targets that will target each other and the target off him. If he votes to evict Dani, whatever’s left in Dani’s alliance will be targeting Jeff/Jordan/Rachel. In addition, if he votes to evict Kalia and keep Dani, he will have a bigger target on his back because now, he doesn’t really have an alliance. Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel will not trust him and he will be one of the people to be the first to go in Dani’s alliance. Adam has a better chance of making it to the final 3 with Jeff and Jordan. (And yes I know, Jeff and Jordan would take Rachel to the final 3, but his chances are the same with Dani’s alliance) Besides, by sticking to his alliance, he’s also building jury votes if he does make it to the end.

  32. I will say it again. Adam does not want to win BB. He is more concerned about making money after the show and doesn’t want to piss off America.

    Too bad he is a poser. His metal personality is so forced and fake.

    1. I’ll never support a thing that dude does after Big Brother if he doesn’t start actually playing the game. As far as i’m concerned, he’s just some tool CBS casted in order to further JJ’s game and therefore keep the ratings high.

      1. Exactly. He is going to try and start a BB website or webshow of some sort. Screw him.

        I don’t care is Dani stays or goes. I just want something to happen in this boring season.

  33. Can someone tell me the other competition Porsche placed second? After this past HOH, soap bubbles, she wont shut up about how much it sucks to keep coming in 2nd. Bubbles – she was in 3rd place as far as I could see. If she did come in 2nd it was because Rachel started rooting for Jeff and easing up her pace. What other comp did Porsche “almost win”?

    1. You people saying Porsche is a weak competitor are crazy. She is the most consistent good competitor in the house ( or at least 2nd behind Dani). Let’s look at her stats. She has competed in 8 competitions (For HOH/POV):

      WEEK 1 – 4/14 in the HOH and she threw the POV
      WEEK 4 – 4/9 in HOH and 2/6 for POV
      WEEK 5 – 3/8 in HOH
      WEEK 6 – 2/8 in HOH
      WEEK 7 – 2/7 in HOH and we don’t know POV yet but I’ve been hearing 2/7

      She also won both Have/Have Not competitions she was in. She is in no way, shape, or form a weak competitor. She just keeps falling short and it’s only a matter of time before she breaks that streak.

    1. I think you guys have it backwards. Shelly isn’t trying to flip Adam to burn him with JJ. She is pretending to back Dani so Adam takes all the blame for Danis eviction and s gets a jury vote. And if she convinces Adam she is Danis saviour, D and Jj go at each other and she just sits back.

      Its almost past the point where it matters if JJ trust Shelly. If Dani is there they cant retaliate.

      And if Shelly just sticks with JJ she is playing for50k

    2. Zip.

      I did hear from my family in Boston, Ma. and they experienced
      swaying in their office buildings but no damage.
      A friend in NJ – his office building was evacuated immediately after feeling the earthquake.

  34. I had Adam pegged from the get go. Dude’s not metal! He was probably a Fred Durst wannabe when he was younger, now he’s just a fat fanboy who’s only move in the game is to become Jeff’s bitch.

    1. me too! the very first show I said I like everyone okay except Adam. He just seems so fake and WACK right off the bat
      I can tell I wouldn’t like him in regular life

  35. Agreed. Adam needs to confront Shelly ifo JJ and call her A$$ out, and throw her right under that bus. Let’s see Shelly do a “dance” for Big Daddy Jeff! And actually JJ can go into this and keep hand HOH back and forth to each other, if Jordan would actually start winning something again!

    1. I wouldnt be surprised if Adam tells JJ depending on what happens this week or after the HOH competition, depending on who wins.

      1. Double eviction. No time to tell anyone. Oh this is going to be great, even if Shelly can’t convince him.

        1. They always have a few moments. Remember last year when they backdoored Brendon. They all met in the hall real quick. It can be done in detail but it can be done. Besides Im not talking about before the double eviction, more so who is left after the double eviction. Remember, supposedly they dont know about the double eviction.

        2. Can we all at least agree on the fact that BB NEEDS to change up their games and competitions??…This season, if anything should be a wake-up call to BB that they have become way to predictable which impacts the game. Its okay to have back to back physical comps, its okay to have back to back questions, DAMN IT!!! CHANGE THINGS UP ONCE IN AWHILE!!!!! That was one of the best things about the game…..

          I’ll start with a suggestion: Top 3 players in the HOH Comp are haves for the week. Everyone else is a havenot. If you are a havenot and win the POV then you become a have. Get rid of the Backdoor. It was awesome when they first did it with Jace but it way too overplayed now. Everyone, except for the HOH should play for the veto as they should control their own fate so they have a chance to counter the backdoor move it will also make the HOH think about their decision more as they only control 1/2 of the nominations….I have more but ill let you nibble on that one for now…

        3. Can we all at least agree on the fact that BB NEEDS to change up their games and competitions??…This season, if anything should be a wake-up call to BB that they have become way to predictable which impacts the game. Its okay to have back to back physical comps, its okay to have back to back questions, DAMN IT!!! CHANGE THINGS UP ONCE IN AWHILE!!!!! That was one of the best things about the game…..

          I’ll start with a suggestion: Top 3 players in the HOH Comp are haves for the week. Everyone else is a havenot. If you are a havenot and win the POV then you become a have. Get rid of the Backdoor. It was awesome when they first did it with Jace but it way too overplayed now. Everyone, except for the HOH should play for the veto as they should control their own fate so they have a chance to counter the backdoor move it will also make the HOH think about their decision more as they only control 1/2 of the nominations….I have more but ill let you nibble on that one for now…

      2. Same.
        However, Shelley is very good at denying her culpability.
        Adam may end up looking like the liar due to the fact that J/J know
        he is tight with Porsche, who is on Team Dani.

  36. I find it funny that Shelly and Rachel are talking about their schools. Shelly went to Eastern Ky University which is nothing more than a party school. I guess Shelly must’ve been fun at one time.

    1. Truthfully I think Shelly’s pretty awesome to know outside the house! She seems like a fun person to be around if not in the big brother drama.
      (and no I’m not a Shelly fan AT ALL) Just don’t think she’s a piece of shit outside of BB

  37. So it sounds like anyone “Team Dani” is now on Shelly’s side and is down on Adam. Makes sense. No reason why this board shouldn’t be as flip-floppy as the show. So if Shelly were to win HOH and target Dani next week Im sure all “Team Dani” would be back to hating her. It’s almost like this site is running parallel to the show. I have a question for “Team Dani”. Wouldn’t Adam be 4th person on the todom pole on that team?? So if he is 4th person no matter what team he’s on then why wouldnt he stay on the team that has, 1 the most targets and 2 has been the most trustworthy, at least as far as he’s concerned. You people are blinded by Shelly, thinking that she is just starting to play the game. She has honestly given no indication which team she is on and she just keeps going from one side to the other. She has done nothing this week that is out of the norm for her in every other week she has been here. Only when Dani is looking like going out the door do some prop her up.

    Adam is right. They have to win a comp or 2 no matter what. Why is Shelly so afraid of going to the final 4 with JJ?? I got an idea, how about you win the comp and then take them out. That will be your ONLY shot at winning. If she has Adam and others get the big players out then she isnt going to win jack anyways.

    1. I kinda agree with that. Jeff and Jordan would be more interesting if they didn’t play the game expecting to just have the money handed to them.

      Adam would be interesting if he did something besides suck up and obsess over that one competition he’s won all season.

    2. And that at least is an honest answer about the game. I can get behind that. We all are addicted to BB, Why? Because of the drama and excitement. I honestly dont care at the end of the day who wins, they arent sharing any of that money with me. I do have my favorites and some I dislike but thats just human nature. At least be honest about it like Simon here and say that you just want the drama and excitement and really dont care who gets booted out. I for one think the house will have some fireworks if Dani gets booted. The newbs will start scrambling like cockroaches and it will be fun to watch the Vets try and intimidate them.

      1. I Think Jeff is playing a strong game right now. however his social game is too lop sided spending all his time with Adam and Jordan. I think Shelly is playing a solid game. As for Dani IMOO her biggest mistake was letting Kalia put up Lawon other than that her strategy was risky but I still liked it.

        Kalia and Adam have very poor game, Kalia probably being the worst. Porsche is fun to watch but her game is a bit weak but if she can pull some big comp wins this coming week she’ll probably do quite well. Rachel is still the beast we all thought she was in BB12 just now she’s controlled and playing the game she should of played all along.

        Jordan is playing her style of game which works for her, I don’t like it and it bore the snot out of me.

        In the end Jeff, Shelly or Dan with the possibility of Porsche played the game employing their own strategies that made this game exciting to watch.

    3. Horseman: This makes sense to me. It’s been amusing watching “Team Dani” going back and forth with Shelly, depending on how much it could affect their precious Dani.

      Don’t get me wrong, Dani has game, but she’s dug herself into such a hole, I think she needs her ass kicked to the curb. Don’t anyone yell at me please….I’m just an observing newbie here on the board.

      Thursday will be interesting, to say the least! Can’t wait to see what happens in the double eviction!

      Go team BB, yo! HAHAHAHAHA

      1. Shelly stirring up sh*t is the most interesting thing that has happened all season.

        I want all vets voted out. To here them whine like babies on the finale show.

    4. I agree Adam! I hope this thing with Shelly is a newbie revival and they start picking all the vets off ( Dani) included) one by one! Step it up Team newbie.

    5. Simon…did you just admit your a fan floater? lmao…great site by the way ,Dawg and you rock and this is by far the best BB site on the web!!!!!!!!

  38. I think Adam is playing it smart. ALWAYS take the veteran player out when you have the chance to do so. He has managed to win a few competitions so it’s not like he’s a guaranteed loss against Jeff or Rachel. Anyone can be beat in this game, half the HOH wins are pure random chance anyway. After Dani is ceases to exist inside the big brother house Adam needs to, with the rest of the houseguests, figure out how to get Rachel and Jeff out.

    Personally I’m rooting against all the vets, if Dani remains then the two sides will just get rid of all the new players and end with some really goofy “epic” conclusion where the forces of light and darkness (which depends on the side you are on) will finish the ongoing saga that is Big Brother in a Final battle to see which mighty warrior can balance an egg on a spoon the longest… well, something like that.

    On another side note, I wish they had just made this a regular season with new players.

    1. Actually he has only won 1 comp. And some can argue it was handed to him, although its not like Jeff purposely threw his bag to that number.

  39. I have a question regarding this weeks double eviction.

    So someone will leave this Thursday, they will have a HOH comp then that person will immediately nominate two people for eviction. Then is there a POV comp for them to try to save themselves or is it immediately put to a vote?

    1. Person is evicted then right after HOH comp. then in 2-5 mins HOH nominates 2 people. Then POV comp takes place. POV ceremony soon after. Votes are put in. 2nd person evicted. It’s a whole week in one day.

  40. Oh, and good point Mommy loves some BB. Although I don’t know about confronting her in front of Jeff and Jordan right now. Jeff is getting a little wary of Shelly’s “Trojan Horse” antics, after dani leaves Adam could certainly throw Shelly under the bus with Jeff and Jordan, she’ll deny it but perhaps Jeff would believe Adam.

  41. It almost seems like Shelly has some kind of deal with BB, not Dani. She’s either trying to set Adam up or she’s got a deal going on with production. Because either way, she and adam are 4th and 5th. Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Shelly or Adam, or Dani, Kaila, Porsche, Adam or Shelly. So, I’m just wondering what’s up. Something smells fishy.

  42. Shelly is a fool ! Are you plyaing a game or making lifelong friends ! “Sorry Josie, mommy didn’t win anything but I made 2 really good friends in the house”. JJ doesn’t give a crap about you they ae there for the money ! Make a move or get out !

  43. I just found out that k got caught last night eating reg food. She is getting a penalty vote. Dani is going to stay. Priduction got thier way.

    1. Lol, good try. At that point it would still be 3-3 and Jeff would be forced to break the tie sending Dani home. That would be fun to see though.

  44. Okay, Nick, not sure how your comment about JJ playing as if they expect anything makes sense. Didn’t Dani have 4 weeks off from the game? Didn’t she control the house essentially for 3 weeks straight? Jeff wins POV and saves himself and then manages to win HOH and he’s the one playing like he’s entitled to win. How does that make sense?

    I haven’t seen Jeff crying. Haven’t even seen the guy even tear up, have you? Haven’t seen Adam or Porche do it either.

    If you cry in this game you should be auto evicted right? Why are people such big fans of crybabies?

  45. I think there is some ego going on with Shelly . Shelly can not stand Rachel and Jeff has brought Rachel in as part of their alliance. Jeff even “laid down” the law to Shelly about getting along with Rachel. So that could be an underline reason for Shelly flipping. And it would be a good time to do so since Jeff can’t play in the next HOH. Also Jeff and Jordan are a solid alliance that can’t be split unless someone splits it up. Shelly and Adam are the low men on very small totem pole in the Jeff and Jordan alliance. If they flip they will then have more numbers and she also wouldn’t feel like she’s part of an alliance that Rachel is also a part of since she loathes her. She knows that Dani is a strong player and can help take Rachel and Jeff out, so it doesn’t matter if she’s Dani’s a vet. . Because Dani also was the first to break off from the Vets and she didn’t have a partner. So she’s more of a Vet Underdog due to her own decision to make it that way. So I think Shelly doesn’t mind working with her for awhile to get what she wants.

    1. First off Rachel was always in the JJ alliance and certainly before Shelly. Second, she can still go after Jeff this week with him not playing the HOH. Thats actually their best case scenario. Get Dani and Jeff out in back to back weeks. What she is saying by keeping Dani is that she either doesnt want to have a hand in taking out Jeff or Jordan personally or that she is too weak and sucks at comps to even be able to do it. Either way she looks like a chump.

      1. Of course she’s too weak and I think she knows that. Shelly has used her social game that have included lying and backstabbing to get this far. Admitting you aren’t great in comps or not wanting to do the dirty work doesn’t mean you are a chump in the game. Dani wanting to do her own dirty work is partly why she’s in trouble and she’s good in comps , and that’s coming from someone who wants and wanted to see Dani make it to the end.

        I think Shelly has secretly considered herself #3 in the Jeff and Jordan alliance whether Rachel was always a part doesn’t matter. Rachel is too close for comfort right now and Shelly didn’t have the brewing hate she has for her now. So that may be an underline reason in her trying to flip and keeping a strong player like Dani around. Plus Dani can help take out Jeff or Rachel. So if Shelly is truly flipping I do think she’s looking ahead beyond this upcoming week or next the next and she knows her limitations. But who the hell knows when it comes to Shelly. I was just trying to throw a theory out there.

  46. I find it interesting that when someone doesn’t want to side with Dani her fans start attacking them personally, as being stupid, etc. They are playing a game and if you were in there your prospective would be so different. I think Adam is making a smart decision and I think Shelly is covering her ground from both sides and it will come back to bit her in the ass…What goes around….. comes around!! Shelly will get her’s… I am confident of that!

  47. Adam needs to have a meeting with JJR and tell them what what shelly want to do. This will show he is true to their team and bumb him up to number 4 on the team and that gives him a better chance in making it to the finals.

    Adam is smarter than you guys are giving him credit. He knows the strongest players need to leave, thats why he voted Bredon out. This is not the right time to flip. He gets Dani out this week and if PKS win next week he gets Jeff out. It all about timing…look what happened to Danni when she tried to pull the trigger too early.

  48. They should have cancelled this season half way through.

    Would someone make a move and go against their alliance. What ever happened to the original Big Brother?

  49. Next Double Eviction:
    Jeff (Decided voted)
    Evicted Dani:Jordan, Rachel, Adam, Shelly, Porsche (Depending on the flipped)
    Evicted Kaila:Porsche (Depending on the flipped)
    Evicted Dani 4-1 or 5-0
    Next HOH competition
    Outgoing HOH:Jeff
    Best Scenario:
    Jordan wins HOH (FF):Kaila (N) vs Porsche (N)
    Jeff wins POV and nomination stays the same
    Evicted Kaila:Jeff,Rachel,Shelly,Adam
    Evicted Porsche:None
    Evicted Kaila 4-0
    Rachel wins HOH (FF):Jeff (N) vs Shelly (N)
    Jeff wins POV and take himself off the block and replacement Nominee
    Rachel Pick:Porsche (N) vs Shelly (N)
    Evicted Porsche:Jeff,Jordan,Adam
    Evicted Shelly:Kaila,
    Evicted Porsche 3-1
    Kaila wins HOH (FF):Jeff (N) vs Rachel (N)
    Jeff wins POV and take himself off the block and replacement Nominee
    Kaila pick:Shelly (N) vs Rachel (N)
    Evicted Shelly:None
    Evicted Rachel:Jeff,Jordan,Adam,Porsche
    Evicted Rachel 4-0
    Porsche wins HOH (FF):Jeff (N) vs Jordan (N)
    Jeff wins POV and take himself off the block and replacement Nominee
    Porsche Pick: Rachel (N) vs Jordan (N)
    Evicted Rachel:Jeff, Adam,Shelly,Kaila
    Evicted Jordan:None
    Evicted Rachel 4-0
    Shelly wins HOH (FF):Kaila (N) vs Rachel (N)
    Jeff wins POV and saves Rachel off the block and replacement Nominee
    Shelly Pick:Kaila (N) vs Porsche (N)
    Evicted Kaila:Jeff,Rachel,Jordan,Adam
    Evicted Porsche:None
    Evicted Kaila 4-0
    Adam wins HOH (FF): Jeff (N) vs Rachel (N)
    Jeff wins POV and take himself off the block and replacement Nominee
    Adam Pick:Kaila(N) vs Rachel (N)
    Evicted Kaila:Jeff,Jordan,Shelly
    Evicted Rachel:Porsche
    Evicted Kaila 3-1
    Jeff wins HOH for the second time.

  50. yeah it doesnt benefit adam at all to flip sides because he would be at the bottom of d/p/s just like he is at the bottom of j/j/r/s….. what he should do is expose shelly put a target on her back… btw this is a dumb move by shelly she is safe for the next 3 weeks no matter who wins hoh why expose yourself and create a target on yourself…. just bad game play

  51. Knowing everything that these people know about Shelley and her lies,I don’t understand why they waste any time listening to her rattle on. If she even gets cornered, she will deny, deny, deny!

  52. Shelley’s clearly playing her own game with the back and forth all over the place, surprised it hasn’t bitten her in the ass yet. It would be a terrible idea for Adam to vote to keep Dani. Dani, the underdog? LOL come on now, be serious. She hasn’t won as much as Jeff (1 HOH, 2 POVs) but she’s still a power player with 2 HOHs. Plus she had 4 free immunity weeks to work her social game. Whatever way he can get them on the block he should eliminate the power players whenever he has the chance. The only people who think he should keep Dani are Dani fans as in terms of his game it makes absolutely no sense at all.

    Besides, the remaining power players sooner or later are going to start realizing they need to take the opportunities they get to remove their toughest competition.

    1. Shelly wants Dani to stay, so Dani and Porshe can win comps and take out JJ. No blood on Shelly’s hands in taking out JJ. Kalia’s the wild card. She’s so dumb that she’d put up Shelly and Adam just to get into JJ good graces. Adam has no game, he’s just a pathetic superfan who came up with a persona so idiotic (Tori lovin, metal head) that he’s the joke of BB. If the show is rigged, after many hours of soul searching agonizing, Adam is going to flip and save BB cash cow Dani. Look for Adam to have many DR sessions today.

  53. Everyone that hates Adam should go to HamsterWatch and just complain what a fat loser he is so when he returns and he browses all the comments he can get a mouth full of fans that hate him. He plays out things in his head that he thinks are happening outside the BB house that he daydreamed for years before he could actually get on. In his mind he actually thinks people are rooting for him like when Enzo thought he would come out of the house famous LOL. I have to mute my television whenever Adam or Kalia the hut talk. Adam tries too hard and gets nothing accomplished.

    I’m team Dani because she actually does crap in the house even if it’s lying. The girl can kickass in comps!!

  54. I do love Jeff and Jordan however who wants to watch a season where Jeff controls everyone and everything that happens…? Are the newbies so star struck that they will just hand JJ 550k because they are too scared to actually play BB which is what they came there to do? I mean Jeff won 15k already this season and in any other season that would make him a huge target! Im not sure why people are hating on Dani so much….she is the only one who actually stood up to the vets and made the show interesting! I honestly don’t care who wins if Dani goes this week. I’m sure it will be Jeff and Jordo final 2 yawwwwn!

    1. I said it Week on that everything done in the house, would lead to JJ making it to final 2, and I was RIGHT


  56. When Dani asked Brenden and Rachel to backdoor Jeff they decided to go after Dom instead. Of course Dani is going to backdoor Brenden. She was friends with him before the house. He should have listened to her and got rid of Jeff, then Jordon and played it out. Rachel is at fault for having Baaarenden out of the house and now without an alliance.

  57. Assuming Dani, a vet, goes this Thursday.

    Interesting that many viewers appear to not want to give the “newbies” any credit for their strategic and social game. AKPS have all made it this far, with only one having won HOH to date and another winning POV. Granted Kalia made a very critical mistake in her HOH nominations. But that was then and this is now.

    Imagine with Jeff not being allowed to play in the next HOH competition, his greatest concern is that AKPS could win the next HOH. This would guarantee the following potential nominations for eviction:

    1. Jeff
    2. Rachel
    3. Jordan

    The initial nomination should be Rachel and Jordan (pawn). If Rachel wins POV, backdoor Jeff. If Jordan wins POV, backdoor Jeff. If Jeff wins POV and pulls Jordan off, then evict Rachel. If any on the “newbies” win POV, backdoor Jeff. In any event it would leave 4 newbies to 2 veterans.

    So say what you want about the “newbies”, but can anyone say “CUT THROAT”? AKPS are no dummies, they realize the veterans are the strongest competitors and none of them want to see either of them make it to the final 2 or 3.

    1. I’m Half and Half. Jeff can’t play this week and what if Rachel wins HOH (FF) and Jeff wins POV (FF)? It would easier to take out a floater.

    2. I diasgree, Kalia has proven herself over and over to be a dummy (in regards to the BB game) and I’m pretty sure Adam is too. He’s waiting for that one big move where the stars align and the angels sing telling him it’s the right time. He doesn’t realize it’s up to him to make shit happen.

  58. Dom was stuck up Dani butt an he wouldnt know what to do with her anyway remember he’s still a virgin and still lives at home.

  59. @regwitness, thats the point. He is at the bottom of either alliance. So he needs the tops of each alliance to keep going at each other, and needs JJ broken up. If Dani goes, Kalia is his only insulation and he has to do dirty work himself.

    Hoh is for suckers.

  60. I like the show better when Dani isn’t on. The weeks where Dani & Kalia were HOH were awful! I could not watch Kalia as HOH. The Bohemian flower child (Dani) and Kalia did happy dances & enjoyed the Power of HOH too much. Jeff as HOH isn’t overcome with HOH power – I haven’t seen Jeff run into the storage room with anyone, dance around, and discuss all the people going down. I’m very grateful for that.

    Dani should go home b/c she played a very bad game. When she entered the house she had an alliance. After Dani’s Daddy left her in the BB house – Dani went crazy. Dani has been the most cruel & displayed the craziest behaviors out of everyone in the house. Dani fell in love with Dom in a matter of minutes – Dani’s love for Dom was so powerful that Dani thought everyone in the house could see it. Dani thought Dom was to her what Brendan is to Rachel what Jeff is to Jordan what Marc Anthony is to Cleopatra what Joseph is to Mary — All anyone saw was Dani behaving crazy over Dom and making crazy demands. No one saw Dani with Dom & thought “wow that’s love I can see why Dani wants Dom to stay so badly.” No one could understand why Dani would make the demand to backdoor Jeff b/c she wanted to keep Dom – these people had a plan & Dani was going way off the tracks. Instead of admitting that she was out of line – Dani in a fit of rage evicts Brendan. Dani had enough time to cool down & get her sense back – but instead Dani evicts Brendan a second time.

    I hope Dani is evicted – Dani deserves to be evicted. Dani will be the first house guest that deserves eviction. If Dani really wanted to stay in the house – then Dani needs to sit down with Jeff, Rachel and Jordan. Dani needs to tell Jeff, Rachel and Jordan that she is sorry that she went crazy over Dom & that her craziness made her lose all common sense which led her to believe that she needed to evict Brendan. Dani needs to apologize to all of them & tell them that she knows that she has behaved in a goofy way – then she needs to tell Jeff, Rachel and Jordan that Shelly is going to flip on them. Dani needs to tell them that she is coming to them begging her for a second chance – asks them to vote out Kalia & that they will all stay together. Dani still has not apologized & this should be her first step into not being evicted & sending Kalia on her way.

    I enjoy the show much better without the Bohemian named Dani – I don’t enjoy her banter that Dani seems to believe is so entertaining & so special that CBS BB Staff will quit if she is evicted. I would like for someone in the house to let Dani have it & tell her that she isn’t special – no one would quit there job over a game & for Dani to even hint this proves how crazy she is. Before this week’s eviction I hope we see Dani & Shelly crying over their pathetic behavior.

  61. eveyone is talking about how adam is up jeffs ass or how dom wasnt up danis lol
    ADAM is still in the game every1 hello!! dani signed her ticket home when she switched adam will be in the house alot longer if he sticks with jeff all danis alies are targets!!!!

  62. I think Adam has his mind made up He is doing what he thinks is best for him. Remember how he was when Jeff tried to get him to vote to keep Brendan. He did not want to talk about it he already had his mind set to get rid of him.. I think if Shelly keeps trying to change his mind he is going to wonder why Shelly who is always saying she is 100% with JJ is all of the sudden wanting Dani to stay.. I hope he goes to JJ this would make for good BB watching.. I don’t think Jordan is as dumb as people think… she straight up asked Shelly if she was flipping to the other side. I think JJ know they can’t trust Shelly..I would love to see Dani out.. Dani, Kalia, and Porche are just down right mean and evil girls… saying some of the things they say about Rachel, hiding things.. GROW up, be adults about playing the game. I love watching Rachel mess with Dani’s head though, Dani can dish it out but she sure can’t take it. Also I think that if she is friends with prduction people on BB then she should not have been allowed to even play the game. That seems like a huge advantage over the other house guests.

  63. Dani is a spoiled fuk’n bitch…she has said repeatedly about how her friend in production helps her with the game.The other day after her crying,she said Jeffrey and Natalie in production will quit if she gets evicted.WTF is that all about (rigged) They talk mad shit about Rachel,but yet everything that comes out of thier mouths is vile and hate for her.DKP are 3 of the most cattiest bitch’s I have ever seen,Shelly included. I don’t see P/K making it much farther,if the don’t get evicted by JJ/R/A/S I think production will evict them or give them a penalty vote for stepping over the line.Now thier targeting Adam saying they will tell him lies/threats to sway his vote for Dani.Dani fans talk about Adam being up JJ’s ass,but they leave out how P/K are up Dani’s ass and are her lil bitchs.Dani don’t wanna campaign for votes,so she has Pacer doing it.She throws Kalia under the bus to S/P but turns around and throws Pacer under the bus to Kalia.She is a pathetic bitch,crying about slop,crying about being on the block etc.She is nothing like her dad and will always be in his shadow and deserves to be.She talks about how could anybody be friends with Rachel outside the house…news flash bitch,you was!!!! Cries about Jeff backdooring her,but it was ok she backdoored Brendon and has said Jeff was her nxt target and would backdoor him.Rachel is normal nxt to Dani and she is pissed because she got ,got…c ya in the jury house skank!!!!!!!!!!

  64. it must be that damn pink hoody Jeff wears all the time that has Adam head over heels with Jeff. now I know why Adam shave that beard. so he can kiss Jeff’s ass easier.

  65. Am I missing something here. People talking about Adam swaying or switching the vote so Dani stays? How can that happen? JJR vs SAP: 3-3 tie Jeff breaks it, Dani goes bye bye.

  66. Adam should not flip. KP both still want JJ or R gone. S wants R gone. JJ still want KP gone. R wants S gone. Adam is not on anyone’s hit list for 2 weeks!

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