Big Brother Spoilers: Adam talks to himself saying ..does she really think I’m that fu*king stupid to fall for this? ..that’s a bad move.. *Updated*

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12pm – 12:30pm Shelly, Adam, and Rachel are sitting out on the couches. Rachel and Adam are talking about god and evolution. Adam says that he doesn’t believe certain things like Adam and Eve. Adam says that everyone can believe what they want but that he hates it when people try and shove their beliefs on other people… that just isn’t right. Rachel head inside and Shelly gets into the pool. Adam starts reading through the bible. All the other houseguests are still sleeping. Adam then heads inside to the candy room to lay down. Rachel changes into her workout clothes and heads out into the backyard to workout.

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12:40pm Adam is laying in bed awake whispering to himself. Adam says starts talking about Shelly and how he can’t trust her. Adam says that the only reason Dani came to Shelly is because she knew this was going to happen to her. Adam says good try Shelly. Adam says what do they think he is stupid… does she really think I’m that stupid to fall for this plan orchestrated by Dani!?!? Adam says that he isn’t falling for it. Kalia comes into the candy room and Adam says good morning …I mean good afternoon. They start talking about how the game gets personal and its hard to separate it. They start talking about Rachel and how something must have happened in her life that makes her not be able to be happy with herself and needs someone else to make her happy. They talk about how she needs to find a job and Adam wonders why she cant just work in Vegas and come visit Brendon on the weekends. Adam says that Rachel said she couldn’t do that because she didn’t want to be away from him. Kalia says that Rachel hates LA and she hates it …she will resent Brendon for making her go there. Adam says that Rachel and Brandon came into the house thinking it was us against the world and they didn’t have to do that. Dani comes into the candy room and then leaves. Adam and Kalia talk about how the only way you can feel safe in the house now is if you win HOH.

1pm Rachel and Shelly are talking by the pool. Rachel says that she is worried that Adam and Porsche want to keep Dani. Shelly says that she is good with our group right now, but that she is just wondering where it leaves you and I at the end. Rachel says that we just need to win HOH. Shelly says so you think its going to be questions like true / false. Rachel says yeah. Rachel and Shelly discuss how and why they fought. Rachel says that she was just scared because Brendon was leaving and she saw Shelly talking to Dani and Kalia and it scared her. Shelly says that she will talk to everyone regardless of the game. Rachel says that even she has times when her and Jeff don’t get along. Rachel says that there might even come to a point where Jeff and Jordan nominate me …but I have told them that I won’t nominate them ever ..I will walk out the door before I do that. Rachel says that there will come a point when people want to get rid of Jeff and I … but I think its stupid because keeping us as bigger targets is better for everyone. Dani comes out into the backyard to lay down and they quickly change the conversation.

1:15am – 1:30pm Porsche is finally awake. Kalia and Porsche are in the bathroom talking while Porsche gets ready for the day. Meanwhile out in the backyard Dani tells Shelly about how she tied nooses around the little people Rachel made. Shelly laughs. Dani asks Adam if he got the gifts they made him. Adam says yeah thank you. Dani says your welcome jack hole! Shelly and Dani start talking about Adam. Shelly says that she talked to him forever and that she is at the point where she is trying to figure out what will get him to flip. Shelly says that she is trying and will talk to him again later. Up in the HOH room Jeff and Jordan are awake and getting ready to head downstairs. Porsche and Jordan head outside. Jordan starts doing laundry. Porsche lays out and starts talking about how she did a good job on her bikini line …saying she doesn’t look like a hairy platypus no more.

1:35pm Jordan, Kalia and Shelly are in the kitchen eating and making lunch. Porsche, Adam and Dani talk about the morning wake up songs.

1:40pm – 1:50pm Dani heads inside and complains about how some of her stuff is missing… her nail polish, sunglasses… Meanwhile out in the backyard, Kalia tells Porsche that her whoha feels amazing ..she just whet and did all of it … well I left a little bit of it. Dani comes out and says some people are so rude ..and that she would like to meet their parents and have a little chat with them. Kalia tells Dani that she shaved all of her whoha ..Dani says EWWWW… I don’t want to hear it! ..why are you telling me this?! Kalia says because it has been a source of discomfort since the beginning..

In the kitchen, Jeff is talking about how he is over it …but that he is tired of people slamming doors. Jeff is going off about how Dani is telling people that he swore to god that he wouldn’t back door her. Jeff says that he has been saying in the diary room ever since she tried to back door him ..that he can’t wait to stick the knife in her back. Jeff says why the hell would I swear to god …I would never do that ..that is BLANK..and now she is making people think that I am lying. Jeff says that he has integrity why would I lie about that. Jeff heads outside to sit on the couch with Jordan.

2pm Jeff, Adam, and Jordan are talking in the backyard. Jeff and Adam are talking about working out later. Adam tells Jordan that pretty soon he will look like Jeff and then you will leave him to be with me and Jeff can have Fara. Jeff says whoa! Adam says just kidding Fara I don’t want to be with Jordan … Adam then says that didn’t sound right ..nothing I say comes out right… Porsche, Jeff and Rachel are in the kitchen making something to eat. They talk about how they are going to be on lock down soon. Kalia, Dani and Shelly are all laying out in the backyard suntanning. Kalia gets into the pool.

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2:15pm Dani is in the backyard telling Shelly that Jeff had told her that she was a have not but she is not going home.. Shelly says wow! ..are you going to talk to him? Dani says that there is no point. Dani says that she will talk to Adam. Shelly says that she doesn’t know what she will say to him …because she has already tried everything to try and sway him.. but he just won’t. Shelly says that she doesn’t get it ..that Adam is fine just making it to final 6. Dani says yeah he thinks that then he can fight for himself. Porsche joins them and they talk about how they will soon be on an out door lock down for a half hour or so.. The conversation changes to talking about random stuff.

2:30pm – 2:45pm Jeff, Shelly and Rachel are sitting on the backyard couch talking about random things and eating. Jordan, Dani and Porsche are laying out suntanning.. Shelly goes inside to tell Adam that the lock down is going to happen in one minute. Adam says he will wait for them to tell us. Shelly heads back outside. Big Brother cuts the live feeds and when they come back Adam is out in the backyard. Random conversations on the couch ..while the others suntan in silence. Pretty quiet backyard. Jeff goes over and gets into the pool.. The rest of the houseguests are laying out…

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Lawon, Kalia, Porscha, Shelly, Adam, Jordan. This is the best season of BB ever!


jealous much?

Jeff's Toilet

Ooohh, that sounds heavenly!


5 cool points for me for being first I hate Rachel but I’d like to see her make it to the end. Maybe with Porsche just because no one would suspect it. Don’t like either of them but them against the house yo!


I hate Rachel, but I would rather see her win over someone like Jordan who hasn’t done shit.

The vet

NO…you are third. My first two comments were invisible. I had some brilliant thoughts in my comments. I am a genius!


Your a Donkey!


Congrads on 1st.
Now, I just watched season 8 and only saw one Great Player (it wasn’t Evil or Dani), but Eric. He would have won hands down if he hadn’t been America’s player. Evil and Dani that season made Jeff, Brendon and Rachel look like saints.


Bet they get on another show too, CBS invested so much money in Jeff and Jordan that’s why they’re making sure everything goes their way Dani’s HOH, Kalia’s HOH, bringing brenda back, brenda going, shelly lies, HAHA, the evidence is there. Remove the blinders.


You are so right ILL. Jeff and Jordon are now paid cash cows. If they can manipulate a Jeff win, his tv show will be a major hit.


Goback and read through yesterday posts when Jeff said Production is trying to get him to not put Dani up, but he listened to porduction suggestions last year and got evicted, this year he is doing it his way. So I don’t think CBS has anything to do with this one. Plus straight shooter Shelly eventhough she lies said production likes dani for the ratings. so to me if cbs has there way dani will be there. that’s the only reason shelly would be trying to save her is for production because even with all the sense shelly is making about keeping dani she is still dumb because she won’t win against dani either and dani will evict her and take rachel to final 2. so what is she thinking. production put her up to it.


AG said Dani was going to win in an interview, so you are wrong.

Shellys Cig

Who gives a rats ass if you’re With that said, Shelly, Porcsha , need to pull adams big ass off Jeffs ass for 5 min and let him know, if he doesn’t to keep Dani, they they will get with Kilia and win HOH and put his uneless ass on the block…. That may get his ass to thinking, because only chance for Team Jeff to win HOH is Rachel….. Team Dani has several that can the HOH.


You think kps is more intimidating than Rachel and jordan? You’re an idiot


Oh, do I see green behind your ears. Man, give it a rest. If she wins the money, it aint your business what she does with that money.


I totally agree, nobodys business what she does with her money!


Truthfully I could care less as long as she doesnt become a drug dealer like BB9’s Adam and Mathew, Boobs are much better and LEGAL!!!!


lol that’s true


Wow Cabbie take it easy it’s only a show. Why are you getting so mad? How does this show or these people effect your life? Besides it’s the smart move on Adams side to take out Dani now. If Dani stays and Jeff is out who is left to take out Dani from his point of view?


umm..if dani leaves, who’s going to take out Jeff for him..he is WAY to big of a scardy cat to do it himself (and has not won yet), Shelly it too much in the closet and will not directly put them up (and has not won yet, Rachel will not put them up, Kalia is a scardy cat too, Porsha….really??…just saying…:) If Dani goes, Jeff, Jordan, and rachel will be the final three…unless jefft takes Rachel out and leave someone that has not won so he can say “I should get the money because I played the best game” …but then he would have to use that line on Jordan too…but I can see him throwing her under the bus like that to get the money…again..just saying 🙂


too bad she can’t buy a brain


MMMmmm Dani’s pussy


I was pulling for J/J in their season but they need to be split up sooner then later. Jeff has turned me off by intimidating housemates like he did Kowlia when she nominated him. Adam is crazy if he thinks he has a chance w/ J/J. I don’t like Shelly but she made good points talkin to Jordan last nite. It would be stupid to do final3 w/ J/J, you’d be forced to win those final comps b/ if they win their takin each other. On top of that it will be a boring last few weeks w/ Dani gone, the other houseguests are terrified of Jeff and they’ll just cruise to the finals Carrying Shelly on their backs. If Dani goes thur. I really hope a newbie wins HOH, grows balls and puts J/J up, Jeff would go home and Rachel and Jordan would go to a corner and ball up into a knot.


It’s either $550,000 to Jeff and Jordan or $550,000 to Danielle, because she won second place to her dad and he won first place. So no difference to me. What I don’t understand is why no one sees that. Dani won also before. $50,000 is not $500,000, but compared to the stipend they all get, Dani still walks away with more money than any of them accept Jordan.


How is that true? Jeff and Jordan are still together and Daniele and her Dad don’t even talk…so how is it that Daniele got the 500k? Not the same at all.


If you don’t like don’t watch it

Dicky H

Shut up naids. Who cares if you are first.


should they just hand the money to dani, would that make you happy

Rachel's shrink

Adam says what do they think he is stupid?

A: The majority of America who are not up JJ’s ass think so.

give me a break

The majority of Americans that are not up Dani’s ass know’s he is not that stupid…


I think we need a poll on this!


Up Dani’s ass? Sounds like a good time to me


I like the way you think 😉


I don’t think Adam is stupid. I think Adam has no balls. Not even sure why he came into the BB house, he’s not there to win. He seems to only be there in hopes that it will gain him some fans. Actually, you will be known Adam, as the man without balls.


I think Adam is smart saying that they just need to win HOH to control the game. If he picked Dani to stay, it’ll be the same thing but he’ll create more enemies by flip-flopping sides. And he’ll be same level on the totem pole whichever side. So hmmm. People just like Dani who attacks other people if it doesn’t go their way and calling them stupid and calling names. Pretty childish.

Shellys Cig

I don’t Adam ever had a set of balls.. and How creepy was it for adam to say he was going be like Jeff and be with Jordan and for Jeff to be with Farah…. Wonder if that douche Jeff and Jordumb will get a restraining order against Adam… Adam is an obessed fan!


I agree, Adam didn’t come to win the half mill. God


I’m not up Danis or JJ’s ass and I don’t think Adam is that stupid, but I do think he is Jeff’s bitch and a boring contestant.


The majority of the viewers that watch this season are Dani fans. Maybe not at the beginning, but Team JJ has been dropping fans almost weekly. I see more say how they used to like them than anyone saying that are starting to like them.


HTF do you know what America thinks? 99% of the ppl here think your a jackhole…SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy, you people are really cruel.




Adam probaby talking to himself that taking out a stronger player is not a smart or stupid thing but I would never taking a risk to backdoor Jeff. But, Shelly and Adam had a chance of going to final 5. However, Rachel suggested of taking out (2) Floaters and (1) Stronger player would give an advantage going to Final 5. Jeff would be safe either win most the competitions or being backdoored. The only solution for Adam is vote with the house instead pissed off Jeff or Jordan. So, Adam don’t pissed off Jeff and he will be really angry and will come after other floaters.


Jeff’s obsessed lover is back!!

Shellys Cig

of your course you wouldn’t back door Jeff.. your obessed and in love with Jeff and you went to school with him…lol


Hairy Platypus- When a dude performs a Duck-Billed Platypus on a girl when he has a huge beard. Basically, a guy gives a girl an orgasm with his chin and giant beard.



Giving a women a orgasm with just your chin sounds like a hard work.

The vet

It is exactly pretty easy….and you give more pressure on the upper snatch with the chin as you give the tongue a rest. Some of my partners have enjoyed it quite a bit.


If Adam is going to snitch to his Big Daddy Jeff, then he better do it soon, before Shelley flips and pins it on him.


I think Shelly mistook Adam for a vertebrate.

Mr. Reality Check

Shelly…Shelly….Shelly……SMH…Stop working Dani’s hopes so high. You know damn well you do not have it in you to flip on JJ…..


LMAO at that shot of Shelly. Her face reminds me of the mask Bette Midler (& others in the play) wore during a dance scene in the movie “Beaches”! Looks like “DEATH WARMED OVER”! Hilarious & ug-a-ly!

Uncle Cool

Getting out Dani does not mean the newbies can’t align against the veterans. In fact, it’s better to get rid of a veteran to leave 4 against 3.

Jeff or Jordan absolutely have to go next week. If Adam or Shelly are too lovestruck to do so, they don’t deserve to win.


I had a dream last night there was a competition for Pandora’s Box and Dani won and inside was the diamond power of veto and she got to take herself off right before nominations and replace her haha….I kinda wish it really did happen :o(


Your starting to Dream about Big Brother!? Time to pick up a new hobby.

no dani no watch

That would be awesome! I don’t think i’ll watch if dani is gone.

A Nono Moose

very funny…i’m a fan, but dream about them? you need to detox


There’s no way Shelly is 41 – she looks so haggard and down right HORRIBLE!!! She should use the money to help her quit smoking and go ahead and go for her full sex change.


Didn’t I read in an earlier update today (or last night) that Shelly explained how she had a muscle removed from her hoo-hah? I was thinking, ‘yeah, a phallic muscle’. 😉


Dani wants to go to the DR, and get some food, just like they snuck brownies into the havenot room, after her party. NICE.


What do u mean? Is there another twist inthe game


The names will be Jeff and Natalie that come out after big brother is over, I am not a hater, but do not like a actual cheater. She just so figures out that the twist a few weeks back, and give her time she will, out of the blue think that double eviction is this week. Production is helping her, just like they wanted to know who Jeff was putting up, and he would not tell production. Now they have Shelly switiching, wow. Check the feeds 11:45 yesterday morning feed 3, also 11:32am yesterday talking about these so called production friends. Not a nice way to play the game.


Ironic user name 😛


Dani knew when she said the names Jeff and Natalie that this pair of production staff would get into trouble. This is why I don’t like Dani – for a girl who goes out of her way to dress like a bohemian, talk like a bohemian – tries to prove that she is such a free spirit — Dani is hateful. Dani is hateful & has to include others in on her plight which is wrong.

Dani deserves to be evicted from the BB house b/c she has performed horribly – Dani leaving the house is the best thing she can do for herself b/c she will be able to stop embarrassing herself in front of the camera.

I’ve read some people who have complained to CBS about the BB production staffers helping Dani in the Diary Room. Calling 818-325-6900 is another way to address BB with concerns & suggestions.

As far as the production staffers helping Dani – I’m more upset with Dani telling everyone – clearly she did this b/c she was spiraling down & wanted to take people down with her. It’s wrong even if you’re a bohemian to put another person at risk for losing their job just b/c you’re upset about your own demise.

Dani is gross inside and out – BB will be better off without her. I hope the fortune teller speaks & tells Dani that her Daddy always has and always will think of her as a bitch & letting yourself go nuts over a guy & removing yourself from a chance to win a half of million dollars will not make her Daddy love her.

I would think the DR people are done with helping Dani & are looking forward to watching her walk out of the BB house.


You win the OBB Crazy award for the hour congratz this award isn’t given out to very many people.. I won it during BB8 and I think dawg got it during BB10.. There was this one person that was lucky during BB12 and she won it.


Clearly your not paid to think.


Adam is a fool if he thinks JJ have his back they will cut him loose before the final HOH most likely 4 or 5 place at least with the newbies ansd DANI they can break up the power couple


LOL wow Adam is a worse player than I thought! He is so clueless it’s not even funny…I think he is now competing with Kalia for worst player this season.

Nick B

I know! I love his logic…”This is all Dani’s idea…therefore it must be bad for my game!”

lol, yeah Adam, because thinking for a second that staying with Jeff and Jordan will get you higher than 5th place….freaking brilliant.


You’re only saying that because you want Dani to stay. For those of us that want Jeff to win Adam is the greatest player ever!! I can’t stand seeing Dani’s hard ugly face anymore.


Nope you are wrong…this is not about D or JJ…it’s about how is Adam going to win this game floating along doing nothing and winning nothing when you will have the “Floaters Grab Your Life Vest Jury”. He has no shot without actually doing something in the game and this is one of his last opportunities to do SOMETHING before being sent packing in a week or two.


I couldn’t have said it better.


I cant wait for Dani to leave and then we can focus on watching the REAL competitors like Adam and Jordan play. We thought that guys like MIke Boogie, ED, and Dr. Will were great but they aint got nothin on Adam and Jordan. They are on another level and I am in complete awe.


Love it, hahaha.


I see your sarcasm there…..

for a second I thought you were a complete idiot calling Jordan and Adam competitors, when in reality they are floaters


lol, *like*

Team Dani!!!

Lmaoooo @ name


I agree

Adam is getting out a strong player(Danni) this week. People want him to make a big move but it is too early(remember what happened to Dani). Next week will be a good time to get rid of Jeff if KPSA win HOH.


You realize he wasn’t being serious. Man these JJ fans will believe anything. They probably still believe that Shelly would leave her life behind to help Jeff and Jordan win the money. Seriously, its sad how stupid Team JJ is collectively.


Talk about JJ fans believing anything,how about you BBX and the rest of the Dani fans believing the game hasn’t been rigged to help her? She has admitted several times now about her friends in production helping her with the game. If that was JJ saying this,the Dani fans would be outraged,but since it’s queen I deserve to be handed BB13,it’s ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love how JJ fans conveniently forget the very sketchy ‘america’s poll’ that brought brendan in the game completely invalidating Dani’s HoH. Doesn’t quite fit with the ‘rigged for Dani to win’ theory.


If it’s been rigged, it’s been that way to keep JJ, Brenchel and Dani in the game. Make no mistake, CBS knows who are bringing in the ratings. And they will manipulate or influence the game to keep it exciting. If you can’t accept that, go watch Desperate Housewives and STFU.


Shelly flipping the house to keep Rachel, that had production written all over it



Nick B

It’s not too early! As of Thursday there will be 6 players left in the house, and in all likelihood 2 will be jeff and jordan. They will always have a vote in their pocket, they will always have an unbreakable partnership. This is the perfect time, and any newb too stupid to see that doesn’t deserve to win.


Let’s get real here!!

Danni is a tougher person to get out than Jeff. This is a perfect time to get her out. Adam know he is will be the bottom of both poles. If he keeps Danni this week there will be TWO tough players still in the game and he won’t beat either one. If Dani leaves it only leave ONE tough player left(JEFF) which KPSA can get rid of the this week or next week. Thats why Adam has not told JJR about what Shelly is trying to do.

People who want Adam to switch and keep Dani are Team Dani fans.
People who want Adam to evict Dani are NOT Team Dani fans.


Nick B

Adam hasn’t played the game. He’s won one competition and believes that makes him a target.

I’d say Adam has a solid social game at least, but frankly everyone in that house appears to find him off putting, so for all his talking, he still has no solid allies. So if you want to claim he’s playing the game, fine, but he’s doing a lousy job of it.

lizzie v

You could not have said it better. Adam knows that Dani will not put him before her two bffs and that he can not beat her in a comp. This way Dani is gone and know the newbies need to get together and take JJ and Rach out.If Dani stays Adam or Shelly can’t get her out and P and K wont get her out.


If Dani stays, Kalia is gone…so one BFF. Game works that way. 😉


Those are opinions, not facts. I’ve wanted a newbie to win since day one, Dani’s my second wish to win simply because she went against the mega-alliance and I have a thing for underdogs. If the newbs flipped the house, then voted out both Jeff and Dani I’d be 100% fine with that. So keep your little boxes and labels, they don’t work in real life.

lizzie v

That is what I wish would happen.They should of never brought back the vets anyway but since they did this is their chance to get them all out.If they don’t get Danni out now they wont have another chance

A Nono Moose

roll anotherrrr one…just like the other one…dude,dont bogart that joint

A Nono Moose

quick before she walks out that door! more shots of dani in her bikini




Yea Jeff,Dani,and Rachel are the ultimate floaters. Who wants to see the final 2 with Jordan and Porche the smartest ppl to ever play the game.

Midwest Fan

I admire your loyalty. lol


Hey bro, Look I’m sorry I’m totally an Ass and can you forgive me? I know I’m totally a jerk but could we call Truce? I don’t want to start something. Clean Slate.


The only competition Jeff and Adam really care about is who gives who the dirty-Sanchez.


The only possible of Dani being save is not manipulating anyone and stay calm. However, there no way Dani will not be safe that Jeff and whole entire Houseguest can vote the strongest threat to be evicted. In Double Eviction, the only miracle for Jeff to be safe is either Shelly, Jordan, Rachel, or Adam wins HOH and not put him on the block but Jeff has a chance of winning the POV if he’s on the block and take himself off.


way to go Adam… Shelly thinks she is so smart … looking forward to the one that brings her crap out in the open again .. love seeing her fly off the wall… Would be great watching her with her lies.. and at one time a fan for it .. but getting sick and tired of her Rachel bashing.. mainly because she got busted…lmao … the next bust i think will be a….. sure hope so ..


I bet Shelly wants to get Adam to flip, and then when it comes time to voting, vote to keep Kalia, and blame Adam for flipping. If so, GENIUS.


You meant genius sarcastically right? The votes are anonymous. JJ will just know that someone voted against the alliance, they wouldn’t know who. They’d distrust everyone at that point, Shelly included.


All she would have to do is vote herself and blame it on Adam.

Nick B

I agree. If i were shelly, I’d vote to keep dani anyway, and blame it on adam. JJ will eventually, if not right away, believe the lie. Simply because there’s already a growing distrust of Adam. Shelly might be in the cold for a couple days, but ultimately, JJ will do what they always do and trust those with the wide-eyed innocent look (anyone remember Jeff’s fatal downfall of his own season…hmm? anyone?) I mean hell, one fake tear and she’d have Jordan right back on her side.

Jeff doesn’t trust men, especially men that look physically intimidating, it makes him feel inadequate.


You dont think they have noticed Shelly talking to Dani more this week. Adam has really only been hanging out with JJR. So This would totally backfire on Shelly and Im sure KP would jump in and confirm that Shelly was trying to keep Dani as it puts a target in fromt of them. Shelly should have made this deal with Adam and Adam alone. That way it stayed a he said/she said. Once she went all trojan horse telling everyone but JJR it was over. I will say if Adam learned anything he should learn not to withold info from JJ. (Remember Kalia witholding info on the backdoor)..One thing Jeff has proven is he doesnt forget…


Shelly knows she’s not going to win big brother , I think she is working for America’s vote going back and forth. She fights with Rachel in front of Dani, Kalia and Porsche. Yet Jeff and Jordan she kisses butt, she is star struck and with Adam she is gonna regret because Eviction night before voting he will play the Shelly traitor card just in case it is double eviction not too bad Adam , as far as all you people commenting on his nose being up Jeff’s a$$ he figure out those 2 have America’s favorite sweetheart crap, he will ride their coat tails to the end and than use that for the votes in the jury to help himself


Jeff is way too predictable . Kinda obvious that he wants Dani gone…but if I were kalia or porche I would torment Rachel by pointing out that Dani will be with Brendan for a week all alone……remember one persons hate is another persons lust lol…would sure throw Rachel off


Are you kidding me????? Adam and Jordan “real competitors” no way! I refer to Adam as a BB wannabe and Jordan is as intelligent as Barbie is lol. Mostly disappointed this season… Wish evil dick would have stayed .. He was the king of head games .. No one else would have stood a chance…. Hate Jeff because he made fun of kalia’s weight. I can’t stand anyone like that


America is the ONLY reason Dick stayed in the game and won. People must forget that Eric wanted to vote him out but America said NO!!! Dick played America, not the players in BB.


Wouldnt Adam voting dani OUT be a major game move? They clearly are reliant on your vote so if you say no thanks you were the one that ultimately decided Dani’s fate.


Wow! I love it!!! Never thought of it!


jeff is getting so annoying now. i cant even stand to look at him. hes just ugly on the inside andits beginnig to show…


Is Adam the most boring player to watch in this game or what? What was up with casting him? Not to mention the rocker growl got old day two. Ugh!


He says some pretty funny stuff:
“when i’m done working out i will look like jeff and you will leave him for me and he can have fara” lol


I don’t think Fara is too attracted to elf boy anymore.


I hope:
1. Dani realizes she is leaving the house – she does not have the votes – & tells Jeff about Shelly. Jeff yells at Shelly and makes her cry.

2. Kalia stops eating long enough to realize Dani is trying to flip the house. Kalia puts down the food & confronts Dani. Kalia makes Dani cry – in this argument Dani tells Jeff about Shelly – Jeff makes Shelly cry.

3. Dani goes to Jeff and apologizes for behaving like an idiot over Dom. Dani sees that she the Bohemian Free Spirited front she puts on to mask her Daddy Issues has been exposed – Dani cries b/c she is pathetic. Jeff confronts Shelly – Shelly cries.

This Dani & Shelly talk has to be exposed soon. I do not find Dani at all entertaining because she is such a phony – people that walk around constantly in a world of their own lies is annoying to watch. I think this is why I could not watch BB at all when Kalia was HOH. During that week, Dani and Kalia were as entertaining as watching & hearing people scratch their fingernails on chalk boards.

Dani deserves to leave – before she walks out of the house I want to see Shelly exposed & a confrontation about Dani’s & Shelly’s behavior.


i am right there WITH you!!! Let’s start praying or flying banners over the BB house…or something!!! Now THAT would be entertainment!!!


I don’t think there will be any banners anymore. I think they built the new BB house closer to an airport and the restricted airspaces that surround it to prevent the banner messages. If you listen when they are outside you can hear alot of airplane noise, like they are landing or taking off, and there is no way the FAA would allow a banner plane to fly around at the end of a runway.


Seems to be a lot of hoping you get to see women yelled at and crying. Keeping it classy I see 🙂


This ^^^^. But i would add in a bare knuckle brawl to the death. Loser’s corpse goes to jury house where Brendan can regale them with his awesome times at U-C-L-A. Winner has to come back into house and be fed slop, ala baby bird, that has been chewed up and regurgitated by Kahlia.


If Adam is not falling for Sheldons line of boo boo I do not understand why he does not just tell JJ what Sheldon has been saying to him? That would be a smart game move on his part making him stronger in the JJ alliance and putting another bigger target in front of himself.


Then Shelly would deny and it would become a he said she said putting Adam in doubt as much as Shelly. If the others (DP) involved cover for Shelly Adam is screwed.


Running to Jeff would be a bad game move for Adam. It would cause Jeff to get angry and confront Shelly. Shelly would in turn get angry with Adam for exposing her plan and now Adam has a bigger target on his back. Shelly is after him and I’m sure Adam would also realize that Porshe would be after him.

Currently Adam has no power to control any of the events in the house. “If” (a big if, I know) Adam wins HOH, THEN he can expose Shelly and get her out of the house.

Too many people focus on “alliance”. It would be better for the Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Adam “alliance” if Adam outs Shelly, but it won’t be better for Adam.

I know a lot of you seem to like Dani and want Adam to “save” her. You seem to want the drama. Adam, on the other hand wants the 500K. His best path to the money at this point is; to lay low, not cause any drama, stay out of the way when sparks fly and take his shot at a “big move” when the chance presents itself.

VA Vet

I find it interesting that some here think they can determine who will win certain competitions when they done even know what type of competition it will be. Add to that the way BB manipulates things to get the desired results. Like the first two POV comps where BB made sure it was four vets vs two newbies, or the golf comp where BB let R determine the order that everyone played All the vets were placed last so they could see what worked and what didn’t. The fact that Jordan won is proof positive that anyone can win at any given comp.


Adam NEEDS TO TELL JJ that Shelly is bailing on them right away !! The ONLY reason Shelly is trying to flip, is because she knows she couldn’t win a comp to save her life and the only way to survive is to keep people around that will do the dirty work for her !! She is a repuglican right wing fox watching white trash old bag that doesn’t even know what Hummus, Avocados, Coconut Water and Pears are !! What a closed mind dumb bitch that is typical of the south, DAMN I’m glad I’m Canadian !! 🙂


whoa there……partner!!! I’m from the south and I eat those things weekly!! U know there are stupid people EVERYWHERE…she didn’t even know what a yam was…by the way…she’s from the NORTH not the SOUTH!


Im from New Orleans and I know what hummis, avacados, pears and coconut water are. Shelly is not from the south, she just lives here. Shes actually from up NORTH. Silly Canadians 😉


Well, I’m an Italian born in the South and raised in the West . Anyone who thinks Parmesan is pronouced parmeezeeun is an idiot. Shelly is so disgusting.


I agree… watching Adam and Jordan in this game is mesmerizing


do you think it means jeff will get pandoras box tonight? jeezzzuuss i hope it turns out to be something that benefits DKP somehow.


I guarantee you that if Jeff thinks there’s a chance of him winning more money, he’ll open pandora’s box! He’ll no doubt consider it to also be something that could come back to bite him in the ass if he opens it. I hope something: Fortune Teller or Pandora’s Box come into play before Thursday and, that either one offers a glimmer of hope for Dani remaining in the game.


Dick tweeted that the Fortune Teller will play a part in the game..


Really irritated with this board right now! I don’t know if it’s having issues but some of my posts are not showing up, and out of order.


It already has been playing a part


Mel after seeing your post… then looking at twitter… i was so excited LOL.
anyway, i posted about it here… and referenced your post from earlier (cut and pasted)… but the comment is gone and now suddenly my comments are all coming up all out of order, and replied to the wrong person….
LMAO am I cursed now???
geezzzzzzzzzz BB


Here it is again:

Anyone else able to figure out these clues from CBS Fortune Teller on twitter?

Posted around 8:30AM BBT (About the same tie Shelly was up)

ahhhh eye C MOMentum is coming alive!


Posted around 9:30AM BBT

WONderful “Pandora” request Crystal Ball! O so many “Key” words… COINcidence?

The above one is after the CBS Fortune Teller last night at around 9PM BBT asked this question to twitter fans:

Crystal Ball Says: “Now who’s a “member” in #teambox? NEVER … DOUBT … BROELLA ! ” B LOUD! … call out your team… NOW!

I’ll give one clue, anytime the BBFortune Teller gives out a shout and announces the teambox is full, Shelly is called to the DR!

Another clue, Pandora, Won, Coin……and now the house is in lockdown, could be Jeff being offered money if he opens the door with the key to Pandora’s box and if he does, according to the song Dani willl return next week


I hope Big Jeff opens it. I’m sure his Big ego will lead to his demise. muhahahaha
Team Dani, Yo!


Maybe Shelly’s being forced to try an keep Dani? Like an america’s player thing?

Midwest Fan



LOL WHAT?! that was the most confusing post i’ve read. could you explain this in another way? maybe i’m just out of it tonight and can’t understand what you’re saying but please put it another way if you can because it sounds interesting!


Matt, the BBFortune Teller has been twittering since the season started, every HG is a team, like teamdain. The Fortune Teller gives out sort of riddles with key words in them like MOMentum that means MOM =Shelly will be directed by the DR to do something, like right now Shelly is trying to get votes for Dani. Before when Jeff and Rachel were up, Shelly was trying to get anyone outside the J&J alliance up. It is all based on the number of tweets the Fortune Teller gets as to who the Fortune Teller/Dr will direct something like if teamjeff sends the most tweets then something will happen for Jeff, good or bad.

At midnight on Dani’s birthday, Shelly/MOM was called to the diary room and is working as the messanger for the Fortune Teller to grant the wish that teamdani (who sent the most tweets) wanted done, which was to save Dani from eviction.


I’m sorry but that’s the fortune teller then that’s stupid. I get america’s player, but I don’t like us having that much control over the game (that’s why I preferred this year’s version of the houseguests returning more than say kaysar returning, even though kaysar was awesome). That’s just ridiculous, it’s like, let the HG play the game lol!





I agree. I responded a little while ago to you DR, with the copy and paste of what Mel posted about it… but the comment is missing.
So… yah….


It happens sometimes Stephie. Thanks for the effort. Here’s hoping some kind of twist is revealed before Thursday!

Team Dani – Here’s to making past this week! (refining my expectations!)


So you want to cheat for Dani to win?? Nice!


how does nobody else care about this? lmao

grrr. Well I think there will be a twist again, SOON like tonight maybe, with the fortune teller….. if I’m wrong then I will gladly eat my words 🙂

Midwest Fan

One of Jeff’s, many, side girlfriends shows up for a BB House visit.
Jordan finally sees Jeff as an AH and she joins Dani’s Team.


I haven’t won any competitions … I eligible to win?


STFU….Dr. Will didn’t win shit and he won his season and almost won BB all stars.When are you ppl gonna get a clue,winning comps means nothing in this game,getting to the final 2 is the most important thing,whether you won 10 comps or won shit.Who you take to final 2 determines whether you win $500k or $50k.Go back and look at every winner of BB and see exactly how many comps the winners have won….you’ll be surprised!!!!!!!!


blah blah blah blah blah

The vet

Who is darker now? Shelley or Cowlia?

Shelley is trying to flip the house one week too early. More downside than upside flipping it now.


Actually Brendon won’t be there long with one other person. With the double elimination, the next evicted one will leave Thurs also. So the next HOH is very important. Jeff’s person will go out and another right after that one. Then the week wait on another guest.


yea adam is an idiot even saving dani will save him for the next eviction or two. if dani stays her and her alliance has to get jeff out and vice versa. sadly to say no one really has a spine in the game other than dani and jeff. if dani stays and wins hoh and gets jeff out then everyone just going kiss her butt, other than jordan.


if t hey give some power to dani or any dani alliance members via fortune teller….Im done with this season. that would be incredibly unfair.

at this point, dani needs to go home, she pulls the strings of too many players

this will start a free for all, especially since either jeff, rachel are probably gone in the 2nd eviction, if its not one of them, its just another useless danielle team member.

they can still band together against JJ, JJ=two people, JJ and rachel=3…its not too hard to see that thebes tmove is to REMOVE the biggest threat who also has made moves and WILL get jury votes(dani) and then next week work together to start taking out JJ or rachel. to leave dani in the game at this point is just moronic

why would adam be smart to trade the bottom of one alliance for another. his best move is to vote out dani and remove the biggest threat to WIN, not the biggest threat to HIM, but eventually, if it was him, and dani, he would regret not removing her, whereas if the F2 was adam and kalia, he would feel darn good about that move considering he would win


PHILL, I’m sorry I am totally Jerk and I’m apologize of being rude and can you forgive me.

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

Adam is the only smart player right now and is aligned with a final four of JJR. He’s the only one who can read Shelly and her lies. Sorry but that makes him a savvy player. Unfortunately for him, the clowns on this site have rode Simon’s coattails for team Yeasty and because he won’t flip, try to paint him as a dufus and hanger on.

Where will Adam be if he flips? Well Kalia gets voted out and then they have DPSA against JR for HOH competition. If Dani wants Rachel at the end or P, and she does, then Adam is odd man out. If DPSA win HOH, then they put up JJ and Jeff goes home or possibly both. If JR win HOH, Adam and Dani go up for double eviction. Shelly has rightfully predicted that she might possibly be final three with DPS since Kalia is out and Adam is odd man out. Dani will take Porsche not Shelly so she’s still out of the money but maybe thinks that she has a better shot being a final 3 versus a final 5 where Jeff is likely to be more inclined to take Adam over her when they move to 3 and R is evicted.

Bottom line is Adam votes with JJR or his days are severely numbered. Frankly, I would see Dani getting rid of both S & A and taking DPR to final three knowing that D or P wins against R. Shelly the hick is too stupid to see that and has visions of grandeur.

Adam is voting exactly as he should to further his game with JJR. Shelly is creating a tempest that will soon be unleashed and the crocodile tears will be flowing again from the shitbag straight shooter. At least give Adam some credit, since voting with the Dani block is the WORST thing he can do to himself.

Nick B

too long to read. you can’t possibly make a compelling argument for Adam’s strengths longer than two sentences. There simply aren’t that many.






Actually Adam is a good player he listens like Jordan. They are similar. Very under the radar and contemplate before speaking. Shelly is risky but I think the house is getting to her and making her nervous. I want Shelly and Adam at the end. But Porche appears to be sneaking in there under the radar. Someone needs to realize what she keeps saying, I have come in second, her time is due, so she can win when it counts. She feels safe for some reason. I want her out and she got another whole week in the house unless the next HOH sends her packing this Thurs on double elimination week.


Adam and Jordan are good players? WTF happened to your brain. Too many paint chips? Too much huffing? Jordan doesn’t listen, she stares is dumb silence trying to comprehend the first two words they said. Two good players, not in the eyes of those with brains. But hey, at least you and Jordan have something in common.


Gigi .. If u are saying that Adam is mesmerizing because he is the ultimate floater that’s one thing laziest player I ever saw on BB. such a wannabe


Everyone is thinking that Adam is this huge floater, and is doing nothing, but as I see it, he holds all of the cards for this weeks eviction. This could be a game changer!


that was sarcasm…


usually I like the people playing the game, and the “bad” guy….but dani has played a bad game, and her facial expressions have grown tiresome, shes not better than everyone else, and I will enjoy seeing her go at this point. This isnt someone who is hated because they are making awesome moves and taking out big players…she spent 3 weeks getting rid of brenden and lawon(a team member). Dani leaving will make me happy, will restore the balance of the game, and quite frankly will make her realize she isnt the queen of big brother. quite frankly shes a player who put up shelly and adam in her last HOH with both sets of couples in the house. enough said.


If BB is trying to control how the house is ran and they think America favors JJ they need to begin reading comments on websites. Dani brings excitement to the game. JJ are the most boring couple to play this game despite their idiotic comments and cocky attitude and I liked them on their season. If Dani was not part of the cast this season would be worse than season 9 and 12 put together.

The ONLY reason Adam does not want to flip is because he knows how popular JJ were for their season and he wants America cheering for him. I wish BB would let America give him a hint or a f-in clue that this game is better with just the Vets. Newbies are the worst and not just because they are floaters but they have no personality. Adam stutters and his humor is nonexistent. Shelly walks, talks like a man and again in her mind she thinks she is doing a lot but it’s a lot of nothing. Kalia makes me think of those fat girls that start a new school so they think they can change their entire persona and imitate the girls that made their life a living hell. You know she sits her ass at her house eating and watching Waiting to Exhale hoping one day someone would care about her. Porche is fake only because she realized everyone else outshines her so she hides in their shadow which has worked thus far.

I stopped watching BB12 because of how boring it was. I would rather watch dead fish float to the top. And now I’m getting to the point of ending all interest in Big Brother. If Dani is voted out there is really no point in watching because everyone else is a Zombie. Just wandering around with no purpose.

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

The ONLY reason Adam doesn’t want to flip is because it is diametrically opposed to his best interests. Popularity my eye. You want him to flip because you’re “TeamDani” but that doesn’t mean squat. I hope Dani is evicted just so clowns like you WILL stop watching. Your threats of BB13 abandonment if people don’t vote your way are getting old and boorish.

Nick B

Ok…try to understand. Despite what Adam thinks, Jeff and Jordan have had numerous conversations in private that put Adam at the bottom of their alliance. If he doesn’t keep Jeff and Jordan distracted with larger targets (DANI), they will eventually focus in on him. This is common sense, and anyone who actually watched big brother before people started playing like morons two years ago would know this.

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

OK try to understand this, unless you’re not bright enough…………..Adam goes from JJRA, that being fourth with friend Jeff, so possibly three to what………………….DPSRA? There is no trade up for him bright guy. Get it, it’s not in his best interest unless you clowns expect that Dani will throw everyone else away for Adam-come-lately. Anyone brighter than a Ritz cracker can see this.

Rachel is a target larger than him, Porsche is a larger target than him, Shelly is now a larger target than him, Kalia is most definitely a larger target than him (Jeff is on record with her and when she has her post-Dani coniption fit, even more so). Capiche’?

Adam gets the proverbial bend over with no grease going to Team Dani. He shouldn’t vote like you want him too, he is brighter than you.


Ugh, blinded by bias. Jeff and Jordon will always have each others back, they’ll also keep Rachel to the end because

A) She’ll always be a bigger target than Adam or Shelly
B) They don’t think anyone would vote for her if she got to final 2
c) Rachel is one of ‘them’ (vets) while Adam and Shelly are just a pair of votes that they’ll drop as soon as they don’t need them

Absolute best is final 4 for Adam in that alliance

The other side isn’t anywhere near as locked in as that. Shelly will be down for dropping out Dani as soon it’s safe to do so (essentially as soon as Jeff goes home) and Adam and Porsche have been in cahoots since the beginning. Adam could be looking at a final 3 with a good chance of at least making the final 2.

If you take off the ‘what’s best for Jeff and Jordan’ glasses you’ll see it’s Adam’s best shot to do anything.

Second best shot is to win the next HoH and flip out a vet then. That scenario isn’t quite as good for him because then he becomes the target for Jordan and Rachel and can’t compete in the next HoH. If he leaves Dani in he knows she’ll take out at least Rachel first.


“Adam gets the proverbial bend over with no grease going to Team Dani. He shouldn’t vote like you want him too, he is brighter than you.”

This was funny. Not so much funny HA HA as it was “funny, I get the feeling that he’s getting the proverbial screwing with no reach around REGARDLESS of which side he chooses”. So at this point, it no longer matters which way he votes, because he’s going nowhere….and as far as him being brighter than the poster you responded too, I highly doubt that. Smarter than you, maybe.

I would also have to agree with several posters, in that Adam is about as useless as teets on a boar. I’m turning 40, I can scream “metal” at people, and (also like Adam), I’m too fat, ugly, and lazy to win a comp. Why don’t they cast me?


Dani’s Yeasty Discharge thank you for being a voice of sanity in a sea of imbecility.

So many people can’t or won’t think about what is actually going on in the house. They want to project what’s going to happen for the next four weeks without even knowing what will happen in the next four days. Adam’s best move, his only move really, is not NOT expose Shelly (yet) and vote out Dani.

People, the game is much more interesting if you think about what each player should do to further their OWN game. Instead too many people want to focus on what each player should do to further the game of THEIR favorite player.

It’s not about alliances. Remember in the end, there can be only one.

Nick B

I try not to name call on these boards…but my above argument clearly illustrates why i believe adam would benefit from keeping dani. that particular argument has nothing to do with what i do or don’t want for dani in the game. The fact that you can’t take away a main point from a paragraph…well…kind of makes you look foolish.


We may stop watching but don’t worry, we won’t stop posting. And most of us will still be in here stomping out ignorance (Team JJ) one comment at a time. Nice name by the way, how old are you? 12? What a joke.


And us JJ fans will be laughing at you whiney,cry baby,excuse using dumbass’s the rest of the season.Not a one of you Dani fans will quit watching the show,go blow smoke up someone else’s ass.Why post here but not watch the show? That makes sense,you all will watch and lie about it,saying all your comments are from the headlines/comments on here.Same 7-8 ppl have said the samething the past 3 seasons on here.I truly believe your all the same person actually,as you mostly comment on the same posts and basically the same times of the day.

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

No not 12 but I do enjoy getting under the skin of you Dani posters who project way too much in their comments. I like Dani but her goose was cooked when her ego had her make a bold move way too early. She needed some of the stronger players to get deep and slowly build those floater alliances over time. She focused on a boy toy, acted like a petulant child, and then shot herself in the foot. She’s been scrambling ever since. What a waste of what could have been.


Dani-basher your opinion will always be irrelevant. Now go away. 🙂

Nick B & BBXposed well said!!


So basically you want to cheat in order for your girl to stay in the game or win??? Nice!


so obb family, did anyone else on here live in the earthquake zone? we are about 60 miles from the center of it and it wiped out our internet for a few minutes. I was very concerned that I would miss something on the updates!


Hey guys this is kieth. you people have no idea of how pissed off i am that all these noobs are still here. kalia is an overgrown idiot and porshe is my girl but i believe i would have been more exciting. Shelly for as much as she lies does stir up the pot so she has the right to be there. jordon is useless adam is pathetic this season sucks big brother needs keith back asap.

Nick B

You know I don’t believe for a second you are Keith, and the time he actually got on camera I found him to be a rather unappealing personality…but at this point, i’d gladly trade out jeff, jordan, adam, kalia, or shelly and give him another shot to prove he brings more to the table than these deadweights.


How would you be any better? You can’t even spell your name correctly. 😉


You spelled “Keith” wrong


In the eleventh and final series of Big Brother (UK) and the Ultimate Big Brother series, a fortune teller machine named Bob Righter (an anagram of Big Brother), was present in the main living area of the house. In the first few weeks of the series, after a eviction, the machine would tell a good or bad fortune to one of the current housemates. However, in a twist it was actually the evicted housemate who decided who would receive the good or bad fortune.

Captain D

Team Dani fans, come on now. Adam is not handing the money to Jeff, by that argument him voting Dani back in would be handing the money to her. She is ALSO a stronger player than Adam (stronger in terms of Big Brother competitions, ie balancing hard boiled eggs on a spoon, picking a number between 1 and 100, etc). But he’s nuts if he doesn’t get her out of the house, she’s a better player, he has the opportunity, he should take it.

Adam is correct, he would be a complete idiot from a basic common sense logical perspective in attempting to keep a player in the game that is stronger than him while he can. Next he and everyone else need to focus on getting Jeff and then Rachel out of the house, Jordan surely couldn’t be so lucky as to actually win a competition at the end of the game again.

On a side note, I propose a new rule in the BB game, you cry you are automatically ejected from the house and as you walk out the door a bucket of urine is dropped on you (well perhaps urine is a bit extreme but something disgusting). So tired of watching people cry. I don’t care what they do in the game compared to “floaters” if you cry over being nominated or losing a competition you are one seriously weak human being, even if you are a jedi at walking on a slip and slide or pushing kool aid out of a sponge.


Everyone is a stronger player than Adam, including Kalia and Lawon. Adam is a useless lump of shit. Keep sucking on Jeff’s balls, its how you will be remembered. Adam tries all these years to get on the show only toss Jeff’s salad all season.


Actually, its cowardly gameplay like this that allows a Jordan to win a game she had no business winning again. BB UK was going strong, but it lost its way and was canceled. Jordan winning again could spell the end of Big Brother. It’s the absolute worst thing that could happen on what, by all accounts, has been a disappointing season.


Here we go again with Team Dani will not watch BB if Dani’s voted off or Jordan winning. Shocker!


If you can’t read and interpret 3 sentences worth, then you need to STFU. not what I said. What I said was Jordan winning twice is the absolute worst thing that could happen to Big Brother. Nobody, with a brain, wants to see that. It was embarrassing enough that someone did absolutely nothing and won. But for that to happen twice, it could be the kiss of death. Or do I need to use even smaller words for you to understand?


Go Adam!

Captain D

That doesn’t seem like overkill to you?

Pandora’s box AND a double elimination after coming off of an America’s vote thing just two weeks ago. Wow. Have they done pandora’s during the week of a double elimination before?


OMG adam yes you are that dumb and yes you are falling for everything… your such a fool for staying with JJ – dani would have been loyal to u, jj doesnt even like you that much, and hopefully neither does america now


You guys have to see Adam’s point of view though. Dani tried to get him out to keep Dom, Dani has made deals with almost everyone in the house, Dani has tried to backdoor a member of her own alliance, for the 2 HOHs Dani was able to play in, she won BOTH of them. She has to go. It doesn’t matter whether his motives are purely strategic or whether he’s trying to suck up to Jeff. All that matters is that that is the best move for him. It would be way easier to take out Jeff than Dani.

I know you guys want Dani to stay because she’s your favorite but it’s getting ridiculous. Whoever tries to get out Dani is horrible. Whoever tries to keep Dani is all of a sudden awesome (Shelly). Hoping that production jumps in and forces the house to keep Dani. I mean, really? If Jeff gets help from production it’s unfair, but if Dani does it’s ok? Is that really the BB game you guys want to see? As for me, I want to see good moves made in the game. If Dani had put up Jeff and gotten him out, I would have been sad but I wouldn’t be calling Dani names for it because it’s the best move for her. Ultimately, I think that’s what big brother is all about: players doing whatever to further themselves in the game, not making big moves just for the sake of doing big moves (Shelly).

K, I’m done with my rant/sermon lol 🙂


Haha…Dani would be loyal to you.Who has Dani been loyal to? She has thrown both K/P under the bus,took her 2 wks to turn on her dad and her Vet Alliance.Do you Dani fans not hear this bitch talk? It’s all about her,her,her,every convo she has with K/PS is about her….hey dumb bitch,your own Alliance member is on the block beside you too.Her friends in production will quit if she gets evicted,c’mon now,Dani is a self centered lil bitch that thinks everyone should just hand her the win.I can see why her dad has nothing to do with her,she thinks everyone should kiss her ass and give her what she wants!!!!!!!!!


I’m so over Shelly! Why would she bail on JJRA this week? And Jordan gave her the damn phone call, nice way to thank her! Little witch S needs to go! She gets away with everything, pins it on someone other than herself! And for all you Jeff haters, he’s SEXY as hell! Quit hating!!!! And a body to die for!!!! DAYUMMMM!!!!

lovin it

I wish BB would stop giving Dani info and giving her special treatment. Have her play the same as the others have to Play… Oh but wait she is not that good of a game player they have to cheat to help her.. She knows way too much, can’t help but wonder if her production friends aren’t giving her a helping hand… she needs to go… can’t wait to see Brendon’s face when she goes to JH…Priceless
Adam is playing his game not Dani and Shelly’s game go Adam!

Bakinda Game

Danny fans are so delusional in denying CBS production has bent over backwards for her. I wonder how Danny fans wuld hav felt if BRENDON had received:
1. 4 weeks of safety to start.
2. Then had a “ropes” HOH comp.
3. Then have Rachel win the next HOH.
4. Then have 2 girlfrends in production put a veto ticket in the veto comp the week he’s hoh
5. Then have him come back and have him “beat” 9 to 1 odds and win hoh again.
6. Then openly and blatantly declare that his production frends wont be happy if leaves the one week it wasnt rigged for him.


I agreed. I mean could you imagine if Brendon got evicted and then came right back into the house the next week because an undisclosed poll gave him over a gajillion votes!!! I mean ludicrous right?…

Nick B

Yeahhhh….just like i’m sure cbs didn’t pull strings to let brendon back in the house so that he could make it to jury. Right.


Jeff’s POV win PRODUCTION made sure everyone who played sucked in comps, Rachel was still upset about Brenda she couldn’t focus, nobody was going to beat Jeff.

Kalia’s HOH she was answering questions before they were even asked, she knew the answers

Rachel’s 2nd HOH Julie hesitated like she was getting into to change the answers, because if she said that it was the right answer it would knocked out the vets, leaving all newbis so they made it wrong.

Shelly’s lies that turned Kalia’s HOH to shit, was orchestrated BY PRODUCTION to make sure Rachel stayed calm because Brenda was coming back, if she was voted out as planned, and found out she was going against Brenda she would broke down then Brenda would’ve laid fdown on his sword for her, and she would’ve came back and had another nervous breakdown and left.

The entire show is rigged, too much evidence in the past 3 seasons


I think ‘rigged’ is too strong a word but it sure as hell is manipulated. And I wish everyone would stop staying it’s rigged for whoever they’re cheering against. You know who it’s rigged for? CBS’s bank account.


And you have proof of course??




Wearing Jeff’s ass like a hat isnt’ a game. And this season, by productions hand, has been sloped for JJ the whole time. You’re no smarter than Jordan to believe otherwise.


I’m going to run the risk of you insulting me (which I hope you don’t because insults are mean and pointless but discussions are interesting, maybe I’ll agree with something you’ll say and see the situation in another light, idk).

Team JJ/Team dani aside I think he won them both fair and square. Even Dick didn’t think the HOH was geared toward a specific person. If Dani goes, it’s the best move for Jeff and everyone in the house. people keep saying keeping Dani in would be keeping a big target in the house and ppl will want to take her out before Jeff. I get that, but if that target wins almost every single competition she is in, chances are, there will not be another opportunity to get her out. Jeff, as much as I think is funny and AWESOME, is one of those ppl that appear stronger than they actually are. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s easier to get rid of Jeff than Dani.

billy bob

if adam votes out dani then porshe kalia win vote out jeff,adam r porshe for the win.inless there gonna set up a pandora box for jeff give him something bad and give dani a golden ticket to get off block.dr has totally got into shellies head it’s so obvious.i was going for jeff but theres no way he’ll get to final 2 ,impossible.rachel has a good shot though if she doesnt get voted out this thursday.but right now i think this is adams game to win.

Nick B

wow…did you even watch rachel’s season? the girl may not be as bad as people paint her on this site (in reality i’m sure no one in that house is as bad as some of us paint them out to be), but she’s definitely not any better than Dani or Porsche or any of the people you are claiming to be so terrible to her. What goes around comes around. Last season, Ragan let Rachel have it for her behavior, and this season the girls are being a bit catty, but dishing back what Rachel has given nevertheless.


Rachel and Ragan are good friends now. Did you see the clip before where Ragan spoke of hoping that Rachel wins. These girls talk or obsessed with destroying Rachel especially Dani and do not know why. Rachel got Dominick evicted and also cannot understand why Dani was so enamored with Dominic and flipped on the vets alliance when she hardly know the guy. Dani seems to be looking for love connection, she also did this on her last season, wonder if she has a boyfriend or maybe none that is why she is longing for a love connection? Dani got Brendon evicted so let us call it even. So why are these girls have so much hate for Rachel, she did not put them up. Jeff did all three of them and they are still gunning for Rachel. They bashed Rachel on how low she is, however, they are the ones stooping so low to even plan on horrible tactics to play on Rachel’s head on what Dani will do to Brendon in the jury house. They are getting so personal that I hope Rachel wins this game. I was hoping for Dani and Rachel final two before, not anymore. She is not nice, really mean and so desperate that even asking Porsche to do her dirty work and campaign for her to stay and it seems that Shelley is trying, so Shelly you do not deserve to win to be a puppet.


Prediction for bb13:
Final 8:Jeff,Jordan,Rachel,Kaila,Dani,Adam,Shelly,Porsche
Final 7:Jeff,Jordan,Rachel,Kaila,Adam,Shelly,Porsche
Final 6:Jeff,Jordan,Rachel,Adam,Shelly,Porsche
Final 5:Jeff,Jordan,Rachel,Adam,Shelly
Final 4:Jeff,Jordan,Rachel,Adam or Shelly
Final 3:Jeff,Jordan,Rachel or Shelly
Final 2:Jeff vs Jordan or Shelly
Winner:Jeff (500K),Jordan wins (50K), either Jeff or Shelly wins America Favorite HGs (25K)
Jury Members for BB13:
Dani:Jordan or Shelly
Kaila:Jordan or Shelly
Porsche:Jordan or Shelly
Shelly or Jordan:Jeff or Shelly
Jeff wins 4-3


I bet when posting this, this guy was tucking his junk between his legs, wearing makeup and lingerie, staring at inappropriate pictures of Jeff, while saying “It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again”.


We get it, you’re hilarious. Insult person who doesn’t like who you like. Talk about how bad Adam and/or Jeff/Jordan are. Generic sarcastic comment about their gameplay. If things aren’t going your way, insult opposing players gameplay. End post with another hilarious insult toward person who doesn’t route for the same people as you. Find similar post, repeat.

Nick B

Wow, it’s almost like you work for CBS.