Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche tells Dani that Adam would probably cream himself if she told him he can do something on her dad’s website..

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12:20am – 1am In the bathroom, Jordan, Rachel and Shelly are talking. Shelly complains about chicken wings being too hot. Shelly starts talking about having a surgical operation to take a muscle out of her starfish when she was younger. Shelly starts going in to way too much detail about this. Shelly and Kalia are getting ready for bed.

Meanwhile out in the backyard, Jeff and Porsche are doing arts and crafts. Adam walking around smoking. Jordan then joins them out in the backyard. Adam and Jeff then go to play a game of pool. Jeff heads inside to go to the bathroom. Jeff runs into Kalia and tell her briefly that she can’t believe anything Dani says about his word or his character… and that if she has a question about something he said ..that she needs to come ask him talk to him about it. Jordan goes to sit with her feet in the hot tub. Kalia and Shelly join Porsche out on the couch. Kalia starts making things with arts and crafts. Shelly then joins Jordan by the hot tub. Shelly starts talking about thinking she could change the way people are …but you can’t . Jordan says that she felt the same way her season. Shelly says that when you have all these people looking at the same end prize you get the same thing. Jordan starts talking about her family and missing them. Jordan says she can’t stand all the cattiness. Shelly says yeah I know …I wake up and think here is another start to another BLANK four days. Jordan says that maybe after Dani is gone and she isn’t in peoples ears it will be a lot better. They talk about Dani going to sleep already. Jordan says that she feels bad for Dani when she sees her crying. Jordan tells Shelly not to say anything about what they’ve talked about. Shelly say oh you can trust me …I wouldn’t get you into trouble Jordan .. all passing it around does is start fights and I don’t want that.
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1:10am Kalia, Porsche & Jordan talking about food and other random stuff. Jeff and Adam finish up playing pool. Jeff and Adam join them by the couches. They start making fun of Rachel. Kalia and Porsche then head into the kitchen to get something to eat. Dani is up and comes through the kitchen. Porsche tells Dani that she almost got into a fight with Rachel. Porsche leaves. Kalia goes to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Porsche tells Dani that Jeff came and told her there was no deal between Jeff and Dani. Big Brother tells Dani to go and exchange her mic with one in the storage room.

Up in the HOH room, Jeff and Jordan are getting ready for bed. Jeff is getting after Jordan for sticking up for Rachel. Jeff tells Jordan to start sticking up for Adam and Shelly. Jordan says that she is ready for this to all be over. Jordan asks Jeff what would have happen if Brendon would have stayed. Jeff says that he doesn’t know. Jeff says that he hopes that one of them win so they can put them two (Kalia and Porsche) back up on the block.

1:45am Dani, Kalia and Porsche are in the havenot room talking. Kalia is talking about how Rachel was questioning them about who was into the condoms. They questioned Rachel on if she used them and she said no she is on birth control. They talk about how they doubt her since they have not seen her take a pill since the day she came in house. Porsche and Dani leave the havenot room. Dani heads outside and Porsche goes to the kitchen. Porsche then comes out into the backyard to find Dani crying. Porsche gives her a hug. Dani says that she doesn’t understand Adam. Dani says that she feels she helped him out this whole game and that she is also so tired of hearing Kalia talk about what she is going to do next week. Dani says that she will talk to Adam, but that she feels like she is fighting a losing battle. Dani says that Adam always listens but at the end of the day he is going to do what Jeff wants him to do. Porsche says that we can all make final two deals with Adam, we can go in there and wake him up. Dani says ya, but Rachel is in there, I have thought about it.
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Dani says that this house is so stupid, like seriously, so stupid, all it is… is like a dictatorship this whole season and that is why I didn’t want to be any part of it and these people don’t get it… why would you want to sit here all summer to write somebody else a pay check, it does not make sense to me. Porsche says that Adam would probably cream himself if you tell him something like, like that he can do something on my dad’s web site. Dani says she couldn’t offer him something like that, it would have to be my dad. Porsche say yeah, but your dad would want you to do whatever would keep you in the game. Dani says yeah, but he wouldn’t believe me. Dani says that Adam is literally like obsessed with Jeff. Porsche says that it is a long shot, but you have to turn every stone before Thursday. Dani says she knows, it’s just hard too when everything I tell him he is going to go and repeat to the two of them or Rachel. Porsche tries to give her ideas to feed to Adam. They start bashing Rachel. Dani says that she feels like she has a lot to offer….but at the same time she feels like anything she says is going to go back to Jeff and all that Adam cares about is making it to the six, but who cares …you still have to make it to the fast forward. Dani says that she thinks the fast forward will be a week from this Thursday. Kalia pokes her head out the backyard door and says hi. Dani says that she really thinks that we are plotting her demise, if she asks just tell her I am upset cause I am leaving.

2:35am Up in the HOH room, Jeff and Jordan are talking. Jeff is questioning whether Adam and Shelly really want to win the HOH competition this Thursday. Jordan says that she wonders who would Porsche would put up. Jeff says that Porsche said she would putt up Rachel and Shelly. Jordan says that she said she was putting up Shelly as a pawn. Jeff says that if Kalia wins she will put up pictures saying this is for Dani. Jordan says you know she went back there and told Dani what you said. Jeff says that he knows they did. Jeff starts getting mad about how he is the only one pulling his weight in his alliance. Jeff says and yet they have the nerve to be questioning his decisions.
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Jordan says that she is definitely putting up Kalia if she wins HoH this week. Jeff tells Jordan that Porsche is going to skate by yet another week. Jeff says that he thinks Adam will go after Kalia because he doesn’t like her. Jeff says that he is not getting rid of Rachel and wants to go to final three with her. Jeff gets frustrated and tells Jordan to stop being so friendly with Rachel because she is making Adam and Shelly nervous. Jeff says that if he went to the jury 3rd, he would be in everybody’s ear. Jeff says that he would be like dude, Shelly played both sides and she talked shit about all of you. Jordan says that she thinks people go by friends, whether they like you or not. Jeff says well people don’t like us, well ..not really. Jeff says that there are only three that don’t like us. Jordan says that she stresses about it and wants to see Jeff make it further. Jordan tries to defend Rachel because she’s being picked on. Jeff says that he thinks Rachel deserves it because she’s mean and that’s why people are mean back. Jeff says that he wants to go to the final three with her because no one likes her. Jeff starts talking about what Dani has been telling everyone one. Jeff says that he wonders if Shelly made up that shit about Dani saying half of production will quit Big Brother if Dani leaves this Thursday. Jordan says that Shelly was wondering if, because she got extra advan.. Big Brother cuts the live feeds.

3:25am – 4am Dani and Porsche are talking about ways to save Dani. Dani wonders how she can sell Adam her soul. Porsche says that Adam needs to start thinking for himself. Porsche is trying to come up with ways to save Dani by lying or manipulating people. Dani says that she has already thought them all the ideas and says that there is just nothing that she can do because Adam is so far up Jeff’s butt. Dani tells Porsche that one of the main reasons she wanted to back door Jeff was to protect Adam. Dani says she told Adam that she only campaigned for Dominic to stay over Adam because she felt guilty that Dominic was going home because of her. Dani says that she will tell Adam all this again tomorrow. Dani says that it will be a huge game move for Adam if he votes to keep Dani. Dani says that no one will remember Adam if he doesn’t make this big move, he’ll just be remembered as the guy in the elf suit. Porsche says that she will try to work Adam for his vote as well. Porsche says that she plans on playing on Adam’s ego by telling him that she has friends like Janelle and Dick who will totally respect Adam for making a big move to save Dani. Porsche says she will tell Adam that she is playing the way she thinks Dick or Janelle would play and respect. They decide its time to go to bed. Daniele stops by clay arts and craft people they made and puts a noose on the people Rachel made. All the houseguests are now asleep….

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7:25am All the houseguests are still asleep..

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The newbies talk about not wanting a vet to win but are debating about saving Dani, where’s the logic in that?!?!?!?!

Dark Horse

Trying to catch up but…
it sounds like if Adam went to Shelly [this time]…
and wanted to jump ship…
Shelly may be all for it.

Wishful thinking, I know…
Who would think that Adam would ‘actually’ think [for himself] to further himself in the game…
Loving the ass kissing photo next to Adam…very fitting

Well can’t give up on her now…
Team Dani for some special fortune teller power to be released [if she’s voted out]…
which in return she will get to choose who leaves the house, including current HOH…
…there goes my wishful thinking again.


I missed a little these past few days but, S seems to have been the one to have gone to A with the idea of switching alliances. Adam needs to grow some balls, and soon! Otherwise, I hate to say it but D’s days are numbered. I’m holding out hope with ya though!


Its not in adams best interest to make a move now. If dani goes this week JJR and KP will fight it out next week. you will have either JJ or KP on the block. That is when shelley and adam will have to make a move. Shelley is very smart, but I think its a mistake to flip this week. Adam is smarter and will wait the extra week…..

BB No More

If Production is really doing things behind the scenes telling the HG’s what to do then I’m done with Big Brother because it’s all a scam. And for Dani to say “1/2 of production will quit if she leave..” Look chick you’re not all that…get over yourself.


Do you understand sarcasm?




Then quit watching. CBS is in the business to make money, and if they can influence the way things unfold to increase ratings, then you’d be a fool to expect them to do otherwise. I am sure, you had no problems when production got in Kalia’s head during her HOH, or how Brendan won America’s Choice to get back in. Most would say production had a hand in that, but you want to stop watching now that their influence isn’t helping your favs.


Wish a big change could happen this week. Not looking good for Dani.


No, it’s not. I feat this is the end of D as SA are clearly not risk takes (few floaters ever are) and seem to THiNK they are best to play it safe and stick JJR for now. D and P have their work cut out for them if they want to convince SA to turn on JJ in particular (they couldn’t care less about R …. No one does).

Dark Horse

The sad part is…
is that Shelly & Adam will kick themselves for the decision they make this week…
when one of them goes to jury following Dani on Thursday…


I don’t think SA will ne the next to go, but I could be wrong ….again! I think that if neither R nor Jordum win the next HOH, RJJ will (and should be) the target of whomever wins HoH.


Dani only has dani to blame. She wants Jeff out… then she has two chances to get hime out but she goes after Brendon both times cuz she played with personal emotions instead of game play and now she is crying cuz jeff is booting her… LOL. But dont worry, BB is not letting Dani go anywhere. She is Evel dick jr and they dont want her going anywhere.


lol like Evel dick would want Adam on his show/website. Dick hates Adam. But its worth a shot and dani should try that angle. Also im sure the DR is pushing adam really hard to keep dani. I believe one way BB can get him to vote to keep dani is if they read off comment and thoughts from Big brother spoiler sites. Adam will realize everyone hates him and will think that he needs to change his vote so that he will get fans. Cause we all know that adam really cares about weather or not people like him. He has just about zero fans right now.


You have a point there! LoL! Though it won’t happen as production would not reveal, I doubt, info. to any HGs as to what’s being said about them outside of the house. DP have their work cut out for them in convincing AS (not risk takers) to turn in their JJ alliance. Here’s hoping it works though! Team Dani TFW!


Adam has a chance to gain fans. He stays up Jeff’s ass for another week, and it won’t matter what he does or doesn’t do. He will be forgotten like so many of the other floaters that didn’t take a chance. I won’t even remember him as the guy in the elf suit, it didn’t leave a lasting impression with me. Make a move and be remembered, or keep the status quo and if you are remembered it will only be for tossing Jeff’s salad.


LoL!!! True!


You are not the end all be all. If Adam kept dani that would not be smart IMO cuz he would go to a 3 person alliance from his 4 or 5 person alliance. he should switch within next 3 weeks but not now. And From what I saw on the feeds he will not be switching and dani is def going home.


Everyone? Maybe you shouldn’t lump “everyone” who comments on OBB into one big Adam-hating group. I don’t hate him. He definitely needs to vote out Dani. Dani needs to go. And I think it’s hilarious how upset she is about being backdoored. It’s the same thing she did to Brendon.


Wow, Jeff is an ass. I’ve tried hard to like America’s Sweethearts, but just can’t get there. Team Dani!!! After that, it’s Team Anyone But JJR!


20/20!!! I’m with ya there!

Rachel's shrink

100% agree. I was totally on the Jeff and Jordan train at the beginning. I liked them in their 1st BB season and also on Amazing Race, but clearly the little bit of fame Jeff has obtained has gone straight to his head. He is a complete douche this year. I see some people here noticing this and commenting on it and then I see the die-hards defending his every douche-like move.

We needed a “Russell” this season. We got slop.

Dark Horse

Team Dani FTW! & FTSP [for the special power, come on…there’s gotta be one, right]


Dani……….deserves what she gets……….she is just a sore loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………………..(^_^)


And JJ are stupid losers….


I agree. Dani is a HUGE sore loser. Approaching howie territory from BB all stars. It’s a game full of deceit and lies, stfu


Sorry but you can’t suck Jeffs balls – Adam is already there 24/7

Dark Horse

I’m playing MAJOR catch up right now…
but one question…
was it ever confirmed that Rachel is indeed pregnant?


I don’t think so. I heard that she was only “joking”.


DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!God it’s ridiculous how fast half the people on here by into gossip by mean girls.Even porsch saying I never see her take her pill OMG shoot me there are so many diff types of Beth control now a days and is she up rachels ass 24/7 Dani is turning into EXACTLY WHAT SHE MADE FUN OF a crying little BLANK woe is me bla bla bla.Their conversations are like driving by a car accident I am in shock but i cant turn away.The audacity they have with their holy’er then thou attitude lol.I can’t wait for them to watch themselves.What’s mote sad is somehow they still blame rachel lol it’s not her HOH but she cant confront Jeff so she continues her Rachel bashing and now porsch is along for the ride shes like one of those girls who just got into the “it” crew of girls so they agree with everything to “fit in” meanwhile the girl who thinks she has all these killer ideas couldn’t even have a 5 min game convo with Jeff it was painful to watch.Now dani has shelly and porsch doing her dirty work when Kalia was “the only person she could trust”I’m most embarrassed for Shelly after last night talking again about Rachel lying.Oh honey cant wait for u to see how CBS made sure to show UR true colors by showing when you made UR pitch.She must smoke alot of weed to forget that fast and then cry about it in her dr session lol WOW






Rachel has been so quiet…why dont they leave her alone??? When she is messing with everyone, I understand, but now she isnt. Good Gawd!!! What goes around, comes around…huh Dani?


Wow, love it when people that don’t have a clue what they are talking about decides to offer their opinion. Rachel is a disgusting human being. She deserves, and basically asks for all the abuse she recieves. She was hated by America and comes back again and acts the same way. Well guess what Rachel fans (however you all sleep at night is beyond me) her popularity isn’t increasing. She’s actually managed to lose those that felt sorry for her last season.


Yea she’s a real sweetheart, especially when she’s guzzling dick in the house. She is a quality woman and all young girls should strive to be like her.


BB exposed HOW WERE YOU RAISED???Your parents would be super proud of you saying another human being DESERVES abuse.What planet are you from.I don’t pick a personal favor but I’d like to know how you sleep at night.Then again your obviously some type of sociopath no person with a conscious says crap like that.


You mean “What goes around, comes around…huh Rachel!!” EVERYONE in the house can’t stand R but JJ are using her because, as Jeff said, no one likes R and with her at the end with J or J, R wouldn’t have a chance. R is disliked by EVERYONE because she’s been the constant whack job who has flipped out on many in the house, including Dani. Though I wish D would hold it together this week, I get her lashing out at this point on R. What goes around R, comes around!!


Explain how Rachel flipped on Dani.


One word: Dominic!


They told her after they got cassi out to get in good with Dom and bring him in, but the BR wanted to keep that later proven 100% wasteful alliance with JJ in tact, if they had went with the idea of backdooring jeff him and jordan would be AT HOME right now, not on the way to winning another 500k

BR did the exact same thing to Porsche by telling her to get in with Dani and Kalia, and them scolding her about it , pusher her away, and then blaming her for the whole thing.


Yes! Absolutely ILL WILL CofP!


First :P bye dani


Maybe you should try to contribute something to the discussion rather than prove you can’t count.




And that folks is why I hope Dani is evicted. She is malicious and evil. why would u place a noose around something someone else made. why do u feel u are entitled to be there but no one else is? now she knows how it feels to have basically everyone in the house want you out. Karma is a beautiful bitch. I hope she is evicted because she is playing way too personal. All this Rachel bashing is making me wonder does she have a thing for Brendon and she is jealous Rachel is with him. all she keeps saying is how Brendon went to move his car and never came back. ok did it occur to you ms. Demon i mean Dani that he Brendon was just not that into YOU!. Porsche, Dani, Snakey (Shelly) Kalia need to grow up truly. I cannot wait for them all to leave the house.its sad when the only thing u can do is bash another human being. so what Rachel made choices others wouldn’t. that is her biz. Dani talks about people throwing others under the bus but isn’t she doing the same to Kalia, God I wish another house meeting was called and everything comes out. Oh and Jeff u saying u dont like Rachel, u Just lost points with me truly. U need to go as well. You rather Jordan stick up for newbies than Rachel, they are coming at Rachel at all ends. It would be so funny if Rachel wins HOH and puts jeff up and get him out. SOrry buddy but ur time is up as well.


What makes me sad is that i think that if Porsche goes to the jury house I think she would do everything she could to try and get Brendon to sleep with her bc all she does is talk about him and how she wants to make rachel jealous… seriously… why would you say that..

Rachel's shrink

it is a very smart (in my opinion) tactical move to sway Rachel to keep Dani over Kalia.
Rachel fears Dani will get it on with Brendon, who already has some fidelity issues and, according to this site, BR already propositioned Dani for a 3-some.
As Rachel has said, “nothing comes between me an my man”, so she could very likely vote to keep Dani because of this.

Brilliant plan – very dirty pool, but it should get the job done.

Dani needs to start talking about the 3-some idea and that she will “keep Brendon warm” for Rachel while Rachel is still in BB.

There is also the possibility that Rachel will self-evict, and in that case, I think BB would not send someone out this week because they know the show will be a snoozefest once Dani is gone because there is nobody else in the house with enough balls to challenge Little Jeff.


Honestly, because Porsche, Dani or anyone else would be an upgrade for Brendan. No one deserves to have to put up with Rachel. I wouldn’t wish dating her on an enemy. I hope Porsche does hook up with Brendan. It might mean that Brendan is finally coming to his senses.


Last night, I thought Jeff said “don’t stick up for Rachel to DKP. Stick up her to Adam & Shelly to keep her with us (as a target), but not to DKP because that keeps the heat on her and off me”…paraphrased of course. I understood him to mean while talking to SA, you can defend Rachel, but while talking to DKP, don’t defend Rachel because it puts an even bigger target on JJ backs if they do.
? Anyone else…it was well into the early hours of the morning (Chicago time) when that was said so maybe I was too groggy.

Cindy P.

Are you related to Rachel? Iit sounds like it or maybe just in ladylove


Everyone associated with this show has their own agenda whether it’s production, assistants, HGs, or CBS.. Naturally there’s biased opinions as to who does what and why. But at the end of the day people are still watching…..and complaining, and threatening to quit watching, but still come on sites such as this. It’s not even about the winner; it never has been. We all have our favorites, biases and opinions. Who cares? We’re watching, aren’t we? That’s the WHOLE point.

Midwest Fan

I’ll keep coming to the site but will have no problem giving up BBAD and the sanitized CBS BB.
This is where the fun is …………………


I agree. I’m canceling my subscription to the live feeds. I never watch it! I do however, come to this site all of the time and get the info i want from here.

Nick B

I’m good on watching if Dani leaves…right now no one else in that house truly deserves to get to final 2, except maybe Rachel, and she’s so caustic I can’t stand the thought of her getting to the final 2. She’d never shut her fish mouth about getting farther than Janelle.




So do we know if Rachel is pregnant or not. Trying to picture production bringing a doctor and an ultrasound machine into the diary room would be kinda tight in there


Rachel and Brendan next reality show TLC. A baby story

Dark Horse

I wanna know too…
I think a pregnancy test would suffice….

Team Nobody

I can’t stand the way they all underestimate Rachel and pick on her just b/c she’s the odd one out. I’m not saying she isn’t annoying b/c she is but damn why don’t they ever get on Shelly or Porsche…the major floaters in the house. Their the ones who need to be singled out not Rachel.


Wow what a bunch of idiots! There are many more forms of birth control other than a pill or a condom! And I gotta say, I’m finding it so hard to watch this sh*t. Shelly just turns my stomach!


I know. Haven’t they heard of mirena?


The form of birth control Rachel uses is spitting the cum out on she sheets they slept in…


Ugh, I just want it to be Thursday and Dani gone. She screwed up and should have just campaigned against Adam for Dom weeks ago. That mistake alone qualifies her for getting the boot.


Jordyn’s expression is hysterical!!!!


Isn’t it wrong to talk about the production staff being friends with Dani and them planning on quitting if Dani gets evicted? I know Big Brother is rigged, but I think that is just a little too much talk.


Yeah Dani, use your manipulation on your people and still your going home. You have no chance of staying in Big Brother House. What’s next backstabbed your own alliance? How stupid are you? You and your alliance are pretty suck of manipulating, Eval Dick is much better player than you. Your just spoiled little brat. CBS production would not do that either of quitting Big brother. No one will not save you this time. Well Kaila of course, but in double eviction she will join you as well. You girls are bunch of whiners and crybabies. Its sucks doesn’t it. Also, trying to get Shelly and Adam join your alliance. Not a chance. She will still be with Jeff and Jordan. Have fun in a Jury House with Brendon. Porsche will be right after Kaila. Bye Dani and Kaila, will miss you.


My GAWD I can’t wait until Jeff is evicted.
I really just can’t wait! I get excited at the thought of Jeff walking out that door…. the reason I will keep watching after Dani is out…

can’t wait.

Scallywag in Canada

Your posts are actually painful to read!! Plus your analysis of the game and the HG’s motivations leaves much to be desired!! I give up.


The reason dani is in the situation she is in because

1. She wanted to turn on her alliance to fast to make a big move

2. She started to like a kid who she was never going to have sex with as her main allie which made him more of a target

3. She started a bitch fit because rachel & brendon wouldn’t backdoor jeff so she could’nt get her way now she was mad

4. She aligned herself with nonathletic houseguest & one of the worst hoh reign players ever as the team that would take out the vets


you are so right. especially about her team!

Nick B

Also in this situation because

1. RB and JJ decided on a whim that it’s better to work together against Dani than to ally with her (but both teams still happily threw each other under the bus to her).

2. The house is full of sycophants that would just love to bend over and defecate a half million dollars right onto JJ.

3. She’s intelligent, a strong competitor, and dangerous in this game, and the hypocrites that claim to be targeting floaters targeted her.

Scallywag in Canada

Well said Nick…I totally agree!!


Dani tells Porsche that one of the main reasons she wanted to back door Jeff was to protect Adam….. PUHLEEZE!! What a crock of shit!

I hope Skeletor takes her whiny ass home! They talked crap about Rachel whining when Brendon was on the block & gloated about it & what have we here Bigums & Skeletor are doing the EXACT same thing. I don’t have any sympathy 4 her…


Team Dani!!!!!!!



Midwest Fan


Boring Brother

To be honest Jeff and Dani are really the only ones playing the game. Jeff Is aligned with 3 useless players (JSA) and a nutjob (R). If something happens where Jeff goes out after Dani, the ending of this season will be so boring and uneventful. This double eviction episode will most likely be my last episode for the season.


I agree totally. I may not like Jeff all that much, but both him and dani have been playing the game, and once they are gone it’ll be dull. Although we’ll still have Rachel in the house; so watching her could be some entertainment (or otherwise drive us insane).


How is Rachel not playing the game?


Oh poor me! The person I tried and failed miserably to backdoor is responsible for my demise! But they are all wrong and stupid. I cant imagine how arrogant dani must be when she is out of the house. She is so jaded like the world owes her something. This from a girl who cheated on her live in bf of 2 years on her season. Get over yourself Danarexic.

Uncle Cool

I made the exact same face as Jordan when I read about “operation starfish”…



I know right! Shelly went from “holier than thou mom of the year” to preferring a dick in her mouth and sharing her anus surgery details on camera.


See all

I am thinkin that JJ have played the game well. Dani is just mad because her game is falling apart. Adam and Shelly are starting to figure out that their game is not as great. All in All the A victory for JJ. Dani it was nice knowing you but this season you will see the end through the jury house!


I don’t know why these girls are so concerned about Rachel & her birth control. I’m no fan of Rachels, but this sh*t is getting old. Dani is nauseating to listen to, thinks that BB production is gonna quit over her eviction. She is full of it, & won’t be missed by me.

Dark Horse

Adam is most defiantly the most useless person in this game…
he must have been chosen because he loves Jeff…
wants to be him…
and wants to win Jeff money…
Actually that makes him a male Jordan.

Nick B

Adam and Shelly are the cliche old characters that get casted every season that never do anything, but this time CBS went above and beyond and made sure their old people would be easily enamored with the duos, particularly Jeff and Jordan.

Game isn’t rigged persay, but odds were stacked in JJ’s favor, no doubt in my mind.

Dark Horse

I agree…
Not sure why CBS loves Jeff so much…
he has had an eventful couple of years thanks to CBS…
I bet he’s dating someone from CBS…
Jordum is so stupid…
she does not even realize…

Would make sense since Jeff…
is being mean to Jordum…
and is certainly not showing her ANY affection.

Jeff’s CBS girlfriend made the humilitard especially for JORDUM!


since I think your comment is immature and that of a teenager, I will respond to your comment in kind, actually borrowing this from my kids! lol!!

You’re a Jordum!!!

tah dah!! lol

Dark Horse

You have problems…
Are you Jordan?…didn’t think so
Talk about an immature comment…
I suggest you look after your children…
instead of responding [with no input] with your kids’s vocabulary.

tah dah!! – you fool


No if u recall it was all about Dick




… on the second page.


Team Dani!

Cmon CBS save her before this season really goes to the sh*ts!

American loves Dani, she’s the only one with game!


They allready tried to give her the season, you know… when Dick “left”.


From your lips to God’s ears! ;-)

Team Dani TFW! …..not look’n good though :(


Anyone else wondering why “America’s Couple” Jeff and Jordon are getting so out of sorts about other HG’s trying to do what the INTEGRITY COUPLE claimed they wanted to do playing BB13, to just get to the jury house to spend the summer together????

Since last Thursday it was announced the jury House had begun, shouldn’t Jeff and Jordon do the honorable thing and self evict themselves to KEEP their INTEGRITY whole like thewholesome couple they claim they are?????


FIrst? (drink) ahhah its the count down hope that Adam and Sheldon can save Dani.
Team Dani FTMFW


LMAO @ putting a noose on Rachels figurines…. How can anyone NOT be team Dani!


Exactly!!!! ;-)


dani has been in charge the whole time! she is such a sore loser! GO HOME DANI!


its funny listening to JJRSA talk. they want to make their stay in the BB house as comfortable and with as little anxiety and paranoia as possible. they dont want a competition, they dont want a fight, they dont want any schemes…….its really sad.

the old BB seasons never did this. (ive been watching seasons 2-6 on youtube)

Nick B

I know…Jeff and Jordan’s game play style was great for a season…but it’s really pathetic to see it repeated. No new tricks up their sleeves, no guts to play like the real players used to.

Sigh…where’s my Danielle? My Janelle? My James? These people are so dull. Mock Dani all you want folks…after she leaves, it’s the damn Jeff and Jordan show until finale night.


Jeff beats his chest and throws out threats like a neanderthal if anyone dares to go against his grand plan. His actions and rantings are those of a self absorbed, narrow minded, egotistical maniac. I going back and forth between wanting to bitch slap him and, laughing at his childish behaviour.

Nick B

My thoughts exactly DR. And all the housewives at home just swoon. “Oh what a man! Wish my husband was like Big Jeff!” PLEASE.


Absolutely! Please!


ALL housewives? Not this one. Godfather Jeff’s a jerk. I’m for Dani. She’s smart, competitive and I find her off-beat dark sense of humor amusing.


Lurker – I agree 100% with you regarding your comments and insight into Dani. It’ll be a shame to see her go.

Rachel's shrink

“Big Jeff” is a bully and a liar. His nut sack must be 10″ long by now from everyone hanging on it. I laugh when he invites his allies to join the other team. Hopefully they take him up on his offer.
Jordan arrived on the short bus and just repeats whatever Big Jeff tells her
Adam is a kiss ass more than I have ever seen – comparable to Lydia hanging off Jessie’s nuts
Shelly is a compulsive liar and apparently believes half the lies she tells
Rachel is a psycho
Kalia is a retard
Dani made the second stupidest move this season by not showing Big Jeff the back door when she had the chance.

If Dani goes, I’m on team Porsche.

I kinda miss Russell to put Big Jeff in his place.

Nick B

Me2! Man I wish Russell could pop in for 24 hours and just screw with Jeff’s head.


And I guess dani was not a bully during her 3 week stretch as HOH cause we all know Kalia was her puppet!!!!

Nick B

Kasi, who went home during Kalia’s HOH?

Yeah, pretty sure that’s not what Dani wanted. Go back to drinking the JJ-aid.


if there was only a way to for both dani and kalia to stay :(


Hey peeps – first time poster. I didn’t even know y’all were here but I’m staying with my sister and found the site in her bookmarks a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, some observations, imho:

Of course the game is manipulated by the powers that be. Why do you think they aren’t allowed to talk about their DR sessions? It’s because production is the great Oz behind the curtain calling a lot of the shots.

Every player lies when they’re confronted or they wouldn’t make it past week 3 on BB. Cassie’s downfall was that she felt she didn’t have to lie. That was stupid. Shelly goes out of her way to lie when she isn’t being confronted tho, so her calling someone a pathological liar is a pot meet kettle moment. I think she’s in such denial that she’ll insist on the last show that she never lied to anyone. And she’ll believe it.

Shelly keeps mentioning how Dan won BB tho he never won a competition. She’s repeated this because it’s an important point to her. She thinks if Dan can do it, so can she. And for someone who brags about how she’s a professional, she’s stupid enough to use expressions like “gay” and “retarded” and doesn’t even know how to say parmesan cheese properly. Listening o her makes me cringe. To quote her, it’s “ockwerd”. And there’s too much testosterone. She needs to learn how to close her legs when she sits.

Like them or not Adam and Porsche are playing pretty smart games compared to the others and that’s what has gotten them both this far. Porsche tells Dani how she’s going to make Rachel’s life hell if Dani goes home but that won’t happen. Porsche is too smart for that. Just like she wants to give Jeff hell she isn’t doing it. It’s not that she’s a coward, the girl has some backbone that we’ve seen but she’s just playing smart.

Kalia is uncouth and stupid for playing the race card. Hope she goes soon.

Rachel, aka Marge Simpson in my house, is such a shit stirring skank I can’t stand the sight or sound of her. But you know what’s just as bad? A grown ass woman with a child acting so immature that she hides Rachel’s stuffed animal on her. How will she explain doing something so mean-spirited to her daughter when there’s no way to justify it?

Dani is on the same low level as Rachel when it comes to being mean, screwed up in the head, nasty, and skanky but she gets away with it because some people think she’s cute. I’m not one of them. Her face is too angular and sharp and she always looks like she’s mad, but to each his own. Even Evel Dick posted on his twitter account that Dani probably gave Dom a hand *** under the blanket like she did with Nick during their season. But nobody is calling her a skank. If she looked like Marge Simpson/Rachel nobody would be able to stand her.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people who say they love ED call Jeff a bully. I don’t particularly care for Jeff or Jordan but a) ED is a messed up old guy with major anger management issues b) this season has such losers J and J look better than they would in a better crowd and c) people hate on them in such an irrational way that in retrospect, they don’t look so bad. The people drinking all that haterade are actually pushing them forward with their insane obsession in hating them.

Yes Jeff is a liar in telling Dani he wouldn’t backdoor her and then claiming he never said that. But Dani also told Jeff he was safe then walked right into the HOH and told Kalia Jeff had to go. She even laughed about her lie in telling Jeff she wanted to partner with him and Jordan in getting to the end. Jeff is a liar but Dani is just as bad. If things were reversed this week Dani lovers would be calling it a big move and great game play.

Trying to find a favorite this season has been hard. It’s like going to the polls to vote, it’s more a point of voting against someone rather than voting FOR someone. They’re all sucky.


Note: same ass old woman has a stuffed animal that she would go freaking nuts over if someone took it!!!!!


Totally agree with you, Kasi!


Too long of a comment, and no interest in reading it.




Ha ha! How egotistical of you to think I care so much that you took time out to post. You should try out for BB14. You could be the new Kalia.


Welcome to the nut house Jan!

Agree with some of your points but definitely not all. Too many to go through point by point but, you’re a straight shooter (in a good way), whether I agree with you or not, which I admire! You’ve just hooked up to “the” best BB site out there!

Team Dani TFW …. she’s my gal! ;-)


Thanks DR. Slim pickings this year for sure. Can’t wait to see how Shel-liar twists things and tells Jeff that Adam talked to her about flipping the house. I hope Adam gets to him first and Shelly is left in the dust. Regardless of teams I think most of us would enjoy seeing her left behind.




Hi Jan, I took the time to read your post and I thought it was very articulate and insightful. I agree with a lot of what you posted too. Shelly is my least favorite, so if I had to vote, it would be for anyone but her. I like Adam but he gets a lot of heat on here because he won’t align with Dani. He is called a coward for being stuck on JJ. Yet it’s ok for Porsche and Kalia to be stuck up Dani’s rear end? And it’s ok for Shelly to be stuck up everyone’s bum. Adam is smart…he knows JJ are not the only final 2 threat in the house. People are scared they won’t make it through final 3 with JJ. Well suck it up because you wouldn’t make it to F2 with any of the “secret” F2-deal partners in the house. It doesn’t make a lot of sense…..Jordan wouldn’t stand a chance in F3 with say….Adam and Porsche or Adam and Shelly – and neither would Jeff. It’s all in perspective. JJ don’t stand a very high chance of both of them making it to the end and a lot of people don’t see that but I think Adam sees that.


Thanks Haydenfan. I agree with you. Seems like there are a lot of double standards when it comes to BB discussion. I don’t really like any of the house guest’s this year so it gets old. Adam seems to know what he’s doing. He’ll hang out with Jeff and Jordan until he doesn’t need to anymore and then he’ll be on his way. He’s doing what’s best for his game while Shelly is just being naive. I hope she’s outed soon, things are boring right now.

To make things interesting Shelly and Adam should cut Jeff off from their cigarette stash. He only has three cartons left that he’s saving while he smokes theirs. That would make him crankier than he is now. Shelly brought in 100 cartons. (not kidding, she said Tony paid over $600 for them) The breath on those three must be lovely.


A lot has to happen for Dani to get the votes she needs to stay in the house.
It would make sense for Shelly and Adam to make a huge move right now and vote to keep Dani. At least Dani can wins comps and work to keep them safe for the next couple of weeks. At the end of the day, they both have to realize that J&J are all about themselves. They want to make it to the final 2 together and that makes perfect sense. However, that alone should sound the alarm bells and make Shelly and Adam realize that they are really an after thought in the JJRSA alliance.

Porsche was right when she said that Adam will simply be remember as the guy who wore the elf suit. That’s it, what else has he contributed the game. While he technically hasn’t been a floater by definition, he has floated his way through this game. Now is his chance to make a move that people will remember and one that may eventually get him invited back for BB All-stars. As it stands now, he hasn’t done anything that would warrant him being invited back for anything. However, I doubt that he will make a move, at least not this week.

I think that Shelly sees the light at the end of the tunnel with regard to JJ. She’s smart enough to know that there’s no way she’s going to the final 2 if she were lucky enough to make it to the final 3 with JJ. She knows that they need to be broken up. But as long as Adam is voting Dani out, she’ll be forced to as well. She’ll ultimately have to turn on Adam because his allegiance to JJ is not going to be broken until he no other option.

Nick B

Exactly. So glad someone else on these forums can pose a logical argument and not be brainwashed by the JJ kool-aid.


OMG Dani and Porsche are more delusional than I ever realized….I am quickly losing all respect for Dani.

Dani: why would you want to sit here all summer to write somebody else a pay check, it does not make sense to me.
(Why do you want people to swing to your side and keep you in the game? So those people can help write your paycheck! Pot, kettle, both?)

Dani: Dani tells Porsche that one of the main reasons she wanted to back door Jeff was to protect Adam.
(I cannot even touch this one… is so far away from reality)

Porsche: Porsche says that she will try to work Adam for his vote as well. Porsche says that she plans on playing on Adam’s ego by telling him that she has friends like Janelle and Dick who will totally respect Adam for making a big move to save Dani.
(Based on this theory of “friendship”, does this mean I am friends with Johnny Depp since I have a picture of him on my pc wallpaper….or does that qualify for BFF status?)

Porsche: Porsche is trying to come up with ways to save Dani ….
(How about winning a comp, ignorant future porn star airhead? That would have been a good start. Good ol’ fashioned preemptive strike).


I wonder the length of her “friendship” with dick long enough that she and dani know each other outside the house?

If not was this was originally meant ( porshe and dick ) to be 2 players other then the vets know each other outside the house seems like they are keeping the cast close to each other?


wow i thought you would have left after the first time you said you were out…


^^^^ lol


FEEDS!! Shelly talking to Adam in the backyard about flipping the house


Would be nice if they sucked up some nerve and did it. Maybe save Dani too. But, if not then I hope either JJ or R leaves next.


I HATE it when house guests call everyone else in the house stupid, just because they are about to be evicted. Sour grapes.

Nick B

Yes, because Jordan is a GENIUS.

Adam is a FANTASTIC strategist and gameplayer.

Rachel is COMPLETELY logical and known for her keen ability to display common sense.

Not sour grapes; accurate.


Shelly is smooth..

Big Sister

I would pay for feeds to see the HGs’ faces and reactions as they watched a replay of Shelly’s lies. It was nauseating to watch her with Jordan last night on BBAD. Adam is a pathetic figure. Why would Adam and Shelly go on a show with the expressed purpose of making it easy for someone else to win half a million again? I have seen few signs that either of them are anything other than star-struck.


damn Shelly flipped again!!!! Right now trying to get Adam to keep Dani. There is still hope


thaaaaaaaaaaaank you


DR :)


Thanks Stephie! Right back @ ya! :)


Ironically my favorites are Jeff, Jordan, and Dani. Which sucks since they’re against each other. :/ Anyway, I like Dani so much, but she is being a very sore loser. I understand being ticked and upset, but to act like the whole house sucks and everyone is utterly retarded just because they didn’t play things your way is ridiculous. She should fight with her chin up, and if she goes home take it like an adult. Right now she’s acting like the person she hates the most: Rachel, by doing petty things and being snotty and emotional and rude. Buck up Dani girl!


I used to like Shelly. I would say she’s lying to play the game but all the Rachel bashing js getting very old. You are an older woman an you are stooping down to the level of Rachel. Rachel can’t control her emotions and then everyone tried to control them for her. I would just sit back and watch Rachel lose it. Eventually she comes to her senses.

You have to lie in BB but you don’t have to constantly bash someone who you THINK you know. I’m not the biggest Rachel fan but it gets old quick.

Shelly I hope you’re out the door after dani.


Dawg is a bigger threat in the Big Brother House when compared to Adam or Shelly according to the poll.