Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel tells Porsche that Kalia tried to make a final two deal with her..

2:20pm Porsche is up in the Head of Household room talking to Rachel. Porsche begins campaigning to Rachel. Porsche begins to talk about her HoH blog and all the nice things she said about Rachel in her HOH blog. Porsche talks about how she enjoyed having other people to just get out of the game with and have normal non game conversations. Porsche says that she almost wanted to say that it was a good decision about voting out Shelly. Porsche tells Rachel about how upset Shelly was when Rachel called her a bitch. Porsche says that she doesn’t understand why they didn’t come up and talk to her during her Head of Household reign and that they only went to talk to Kalia. Porsche says that she felt left out on all the deals that were going on during her HoH. Porsche says that she will probably do good at some of the HoH’s but isn’t she would do well at the morph competition. Rachel tells Porsche that Kalia doesn’t have your best interest at heart.. she is looking out for herself. Rachel says that I have been a better friend to you than Kalia has been. Rachel says that you can even bring Kalia up here and we can talk about how she isn’t looking out for you. Porsche agrees and says that everyone is playing for themselves. Rachel says that she was fighting to keep Porsche in the beginning of the game. Rachel says that she understand how Porsche needed to get out of the game to just talk about normal stuff but she really needed her that night Brendon left. Rachel says that Brendon told her to work with you when he left. Rachel says that she really thought it would be you and I fighting the house… but that you and Dani were best friends. Rachel tells Porsche that Dani told them that it was Porsche’s idea during week two that Porsche wanted to backdoor Brendon and her.

2:45pm Rachel tells Porsche that Kalia tried to make a final two deal with me last night. Porsche talks about how Jeff put her on the block and made her a havenot in the same day and that he had totally forgotten a whole conversation that they had. Meanwhile, out in the backyard Adam and Jordan are talking. Adam says that Porsche and Kalia were telling him that there were things that Dani taught them about the game that will help them get further. Adam says like the formulas for who gets nominated and wins POV scenarios. Jordan says Oh geezz… Dani really doesn’t want us to win does she? Adam says no, she doesn’t… Kalia told me you guys were leaning towards Shelly and she was upset when she was the only vote against me. Jordan asks do they really think we didn’t know what we’re doing? ..they think Dani predicted and knew everything. Adam says that Kalia can’t win POV this week, when we made the deal week two, when you told us to keep you for the jury and you would keep me for my birthday …Jeff told me don’t you dare break this little girl’s heart. Adam says that he wanted to play the Shelly game lie to both sides but when Jeff gave his speech in the purple room about picking a side and sticking to it, I listened. Jordan says that now somebody’s going to get pissed off at you anyway, but when it’s down to five you gotta… Jordan says that at least Shelly and Dani, the manipulators are out of the house and in the jury house together. Adam says yeah, Jeff and Brendon both know better than to listen to them.

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139 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel tells Porsche that Kalia tried to make a final two deal with her..

  1. Rachel’s so full of it, it’s a shame when you are guaranteed final four, have HoH and still try to scheme. But let all her minions call it “she’s just playing the game”

      1. i couldnt agree more, Jordan is the major floater, the 1 comp she won was deff. thrown 2 her, and this hoh she didnt even try, even Adam was doing better than her:/ She say Rachel pulling ahead and was like dhe saw the golden ticket and gave up. I mean Rachel aready won pov 4 u, like rlly

    1. I agree! Although I have less trouble with her scheming than I do with her ugly personality. If you watch her as she’s sitting with a group of people, unless the conversation is about her or coming from her, she actually looks either depressed, completely disinterested, or she has this weird dopey, almost psychotic look on her face. It’s all about her. She’s an extremely self-absorbed, mean-spirited person, which is incredibly unattractive in a person.

      1. what’s funny is that Rachel’s most sane and endearing moments are when she’s talking non to others. It’s actually Brenda and Kalia that can’t stop talking about themselves, and you know it!

        The way you describe rachel is probably more a reflection of yourself

  2. I think Adam and Porche are the same. They both know how to look you straight in the face, not blink and say, I have your back and people believe them.

  3. I hope Porsche does not fall for Rachel’s BS!!!! Ugh…KP have to stick together! If Rachel gets her to turn on Kalia then they should just hand Rachel the check.

    1. You do know…Kalia did offer Rach a final 2 deal right? When Rach said how about Porsche….Kalia was all no im not taking her!

      1. At this point in the game right now, unless Jordan wins HoH or Rachel wins veto…Rachel is going to be walking out the door. It does not matter what Rachel tells Porsche or Kalia or vice versa. If KP can stick together then they should. There is still a social game to be played.

    2. it doesn’t matter at this point if they stick together or not, because one of them is going home. kalia should try to make a final 2 and so should pinto. there’s nothing wrong with that. rachel’s plan is to cause dissension between KP. she better be careful because jury votes are very important.

      1. Yeah exactly! This is an important week for HER game….Perfect strategy at this point in the game! I’m sorry , but Rachel has done what Dani hasn’t……..PERFECT TIMING!

      2. But why would she cause dissension between two people if one of them is going home? And if either KP win HoH they’re going to put up Rachel so scheming KP against each other is stupid.

    3. I suspect they’ll stick together and, I also suspect that K is telling R what she wants to hear and, that both P & K will try and evict R if they get the chance.

  4. Is there anyone besides me who gets tired of reading the same comments and complaints over and over again? And some people say the HGs are boring? OK, now you can complain about me and make your vulgar comments. I enjoy watching BB in the summer. It doesn’t make or break my life, but there’s just too much strong hate out there. Get a life people.

    1. Love reading the updates from Simon and Dawg, but honestly I only scan the comments now. The conversations just go round and round in circles without reason! It’s like a ‘mine’s bigger than yours’ argument that never gets advanced. Sometimes I wonder how S and D remain sane! Simon referring to crazy cats sure sums it up sometimes.

    2. I agree. Let these people trashing the players be on big brother and have america criticize them. People lighten up. Go Rachel and Jordan!

    1. Anyone else find it telling that Rachel’s Pandora’s Box did not affect the game in any way unlike Porsche’s? Just wondering, Production…

      1. Many have commented on it….dont even get me started. It would be so great if everyone would just talk game play. Even if production has influenced the game. You will see a lot of people refuse to acknowledge what is right before there very eyes. No….instead they want to critique each HG call them names and act like school yard children…..this one lies….this one is mean….she is this or that. Adam is a waiste….for God sake….give it a rest.

        To answer your question… are going to get a lot of….” no one forced Porche to open it.” I know thats not the point… That Pandoras box’s effected the entire game. Rachel would have been evicted…plain and simple. I have been saying all season that Jordan and Jeff would not win. But honestly, Jordan may have a better chance to win then Rachel. The HG see Rachel as more of a threat then Jordan. If Porsche wins the next HOH…who do you think she will want out? Rachel…..If Rachel is evicted and Jordan makes final two with ANYONE else….she wins. Unless kalia wins POV she is gone.

      2. i find it very very very’s like what i said was going to happen, rachel or jordon is going to win. that’s just how the producers and that julie person wants it

  5. Adam’s not going to be able to spin his game into anything more than the coward’s way. Hope Rachel realizes soon that she needs to take Porshe to F2.

  6. Rachel taking Porsche or Kaila into the final 2. It’s not going to happen. What did Porsche and Kaila do in competition? Here the hint: Porsche is to busy being a Dani’s apprentice. Kaila in other hand, she thinks about food and taking a nap at the same time. Come on, you think Rachel would take two newbies floaters into the final 2. Both are bunch of stuck up airheads which they will taking the easy way out. Anyway, Porsche and Kaila will be on the block and Rachel will finished off with sending Porsche to the Jury House. Jordan other hand will win HOH on Wednesday and going to the final 3. This will be Rachel’s and Adam’s first final 3; Jordan’s second final 3. The only thing that in Part 2 & 3of HOH competiton, Jordan has an advantage in mentally competition with rolling the ball. Jordan score 9 out of 10 in .18 sec. This will be just in case Rachel will compete in Round 2 and get the perfect score with the faster time.

      1. i disagree. i think rachel will win. all of the hg’s have said that they didn’t want to give the money to jordan again. dani’s despised jordan because she said that jordan just rode jeff coat tails in season11 and didn’t really earn the money. what’s really strange to me is that none of them took the opportunity to put her on the block to evict her. evel dick said if he’d been there, jordan would have been long gone

        1. Quote: “dani’s despised jordan because she said that jordan just rode jeff coat tails in season11 and didn’t really earn the money”

          And what exactly did Miss Donato do to earn her $50,000.00? Her tramp stamp should be “Daddy’s coattails were here…” with arrows pointing to her ass cheeks.

            1. in the beginning of season 8 all she did was lay around with nick, and then when he was gone she cried and cried about nick being gone and by the way she voted him out, and then she cried all the time when things weren’t going her way, if it wasn’t for eric and america she would have been voted out eventually
              she isn’t as good as she thinks she is

      2. Believe me when I say, I AM NOT A FAN OF R’s (see my comments about her above ….. Oh hell, on many of Simon & Dawg’s daily postings) however, if R & J make it to the final 2 and R doesn’t win, I’ll be shocked. Of the two, R is hands down the greater competitor. I seriously am hoping P or K wins (since my first pick, Dani, is out of the game), as they’re relatively decent competitors and the underdogs. Team Dani!!!

  7. Adam and nothing…. Nothing is better…

    Jordan is so obssed with dani.. she just talk about her all the time

    She is jelous… because Dani is such a better player than Jordan is.

    And nobody even remember that Jordan won… she has no credit for that… evel Dick did not even know that Jordan won her season..

    1. im sorry but jordan is better at this game than dani… jordan won her season dani finished second, this year jordan is still playing while dani is sitting in the jury house… the objective of the game is to be around at the end its not to make “big game moves” or to win a bunch of comps…. the objective is to survive and jordan has shown she is much better at than dani… plus dont act like dick didnt carry dani through her season we all saw how her game went once dick left

        1. lol what is the objective in the game? to win in the end… u dont get money for winning the most hoh’s u dont get money for getting the best player out.. Dont hate the player hate the game

      1. I ‘ve said this a 100 x already and the Dani fans just can’t open their eyes to see it (probs due to going through life stoned)

        Jordan-Season 11 winner $500k —- Dani-Season 8 runner up $50k
        Jordan-Season 13 final 4-still playing —- Dani-Season 13- EVICTED sent to jury house last week.

        Comps mean shit,what matters is who get’s to the end…Jordan is still in this game,Dani ass was sent packing last wk (roflmao) sorry about your luck,but Jordan is a better player at this game than Dani is overall.Again case proven that winning comps means nothing. We all want the best players in final 2,sorry to say whoever makes final 2 is the best players this yr.Comp wins,floated,decieved,lyed etc,if thier in final 2,they outplayed everybody else.

    2. Well, if the final 2 are Jordan and Adam then you can BLAME DANI for it too. Dani and Shelly are good at lying, but not the GAME. Jeff is going to get the America $$ again and Jordan might not get anything this time, but she’s still got $450,000 more than Dani will ever win.

        1. jeff isn’t bad at the game, he’s just a good competitor and that will put a huge target on you, thats why dani was stupid she should used her social skills to get her to the end, oh thats right she has no social skills

      1. and that matters?

        i dont care how much money they make…i care about how much game they play

        everyone knows janelle, and says she is the best player ever

        did she ever even make final 2?/

        Dani is not there for the money…she is there to play..
        yeah if she dani was there only for the money…she could play the mother teresa game like Jordan does

        1. janelle is not the best player ever she got played by chilltown
          janelle and dani have the same problem they want to win everything that will get you evicted everytime and thats what hurt jeff also

  8. Rachel does not deserve to win because she is not a smart player.

    How does she thinks she can win with Jordan final 2? Jeff , shelly and Adam will 100% vote for Jordan

    she needs only one more vote..

    I can be sure Dani wont vote for Rachel, same as Kalia or Porshe

    at this point Kalia and Porshe are the only 2 who deserves to win..

    1. There has been many votes in he jury that shocked many!!! Adam said he was voting for Rach cause she played a better game! and Dani has too much respect for this game to not give it to a better gameplayer and was NOMINATED 4 times!

      1. what?

        Dani has respect to not give to a better player?

        Rachel is not a good player.. Dani said rachel is a personal player
        and Dani has no respect for personal players

        1. And I can see Rachel’s nasty good-bye message biting her there. ‘I don’t care about your jury vote’ is a personal move as well as a bad game move.

        2. Who cares what Dani says…she’s an average player,not great..good at comps and the rest of her game is weak at best.Dani will vote for who played the best and Dani is not the deciding vote…anybody that is in the jury can be the deciding vote.

    2. why would dani kalia and porsche all not vote for rachel? actually if rachel and jordan did make the final 3 i think the only person who would vote for jordan is jeff….

        1. agreeeeeeeeeeeeee…………….. like this last one……………. please………….. seriously…. most donuts in 13 minutes….

        2. yeah u are right production created these comps for rachel because she is in shape .. ok the next comp will be a eating contest so kalia and adam have a chance to win

    3. rachel will win against jordan, dani does not like jordan either and if dani votes for rachel so will porsche and kalia because they are dani clones

      1. Yes, that happened and Rachel is leaking the F2 deal as part of JR plan to make everyone hate each other.

        Operation divide and rule. I wonder if Team Production had a hand in that?

  9. “Jeff told me don’t you dare break this little girls heart” GROSS, Adam is so lame he is still dreaming of Jeff, HE IS GONE, DEAL WITH IT. Jordan needs to grow the f up, seriously the dumd little sweet innocent girl routine isn’t working anymore, ick! Wish those two idiots would just get out already.

  10. rachel needs to put up porsche and kalia at this point and kalia should be the target…… they are both basically the same player but kalia is better at mental comps and thats probably going to be next

  11. Adam is Useless in the game….

    I hope Rachel didn’t get any special power when she opened Pandora’s box. Isn’t this the first time in BB that they had 2 PB’s?

    1. last season they had 2 pb’s as a matter of fact the same thing happened… matt got the diamond pov and brritney got stuck in the hoh

  12. Why is there even any campaigning going on at this point in hopes of not going on the block by anyone? Rachel’s HOH, it’s obvious who’s going up, doesn’t matter that we the viewers are seeing more than Kalia and Porsche… it’s just obvious… K/P have to know that they’re going up, and have to also know by now that trying to make a deal to avoid the block over Adam at this point is about as fruitful as trying to eat your own head. Sorry, but anyone stupid enough to head up to that infamous HOH room with the same old- same old bargaining mentality we’ve seen way too much this season instead of concentrating on the POV competition flat out deserves to be evicted, then gang-bitchslapped the second they walk out the BB main door Thursday.

    If I can hope for any semblance of good viewing from this point on, it’ll be that Rachel ditches Jordan at the very last second when deciding who to take with her to the final two. That still won’t be nearly enough to compensate for this season, though.

  13. If Production is going to manipulate the game for ratings then take it to the next level: Tell everyone (HGs and viewers) that Evel Dick never left the house and has been disguised as the fortune teller this whole time – and let him finish out the game.

  14. lmao, watch Rachel AT WORK!

    kudos to Rachel for playing the game XD.
    She’s covering her bases. She needs to make sure Porsche would vote Kalia out if she wins POV.

    1. I know Rachel is a best to win right now…. She is pulling what everyone said to her and starting to tell them to others…..I think it is her best game move to have done what she did! LOL HAVING A HARD TIME WHETHER KALIA MEANT HER F2 DEAL WITH RACH!

  15. Am I crazy to think that Rachel can win this thing? Maybe. If Kalia wins HoH, or if Adam develops a spine, she might be a goner. Rachel doesn’t have much to fall back on now besides her gameplay. I can’t see Jordan striking against her, but Jordan’s partnership is always a double-edged sword; in a Final Two vote, the Bland Blonde wins every time. (Seriously, if Mother Theresa were sitting next to Jordan, Mother Theresa would look like a backstabbing goblin fascist.)

  16. They might want to try something different next season. Like having America;s choice as to who is put up on the block and the eviction vote. Or better yet! Have the Hatfields and the McCoys play.

    1. Every HoH should be just a bit and a barrel of baseball bats. Last person standing is HoH. POV would be the same thing, just add a live bear.

    2. BB season 1 was america’s choice, and america chose the most borning final cast ever; that’s why cbs changed it to HG votes out. I do however believe america should have a voice in the game. There should be the “eviction veto”: whenever a popular player gets kicked out as Jeff was, america should have the opportunity to vote that player back into the game or not. Or there should be a rule that states that the two most popular players in the game cannot be voted out until the final six.

      1. IMOO fans should have less of a say in actual Game decisions it should be left up to the players in the house. the 8 million or so people that watch the edit CBS gives them have little to no clue what is really going on.

  17. Adam is just shameful. I’ve never seen a bigger floater! He is the biggest floater in BB history. Real talk! It disgust me to see him float to a different HoH and kiss their ass. Like have some dignity. It would really suck if Adam was in the F2, but with the way things are going it’s looking like that is where he is headed.

    1. You are so right, Simon. What on earth did Adam do to warrant a visit from his dream girl, Tori Spelling? Pathetic pandering by Production!

      1. I shouldn’t be so hard on Adam he’s a nice regular Joe.. I just like more excitement.. In a show where so many people audition they should be able to find better.

        I also shouldn’t be so hard on Jordan she’s a nice girl.. I think i’m just trying to get across to people that everyone lies and talks shit in this game. some more than others, but they all do it. CBS does not edit these players fairly.

  18. Too bad Tori didn’t bring a set of gonads for Adam when she came into the house, instead I think she slipped him some tampons, ‘cuz I’m sure his cycle is in sync with all the other girls. Maybe the fortune teller is gonna surprise us all and say that the first HG that finds Adam’s balls will win the 500K I think they were probably at the bottom of the box with the other clown shoe.

  19. Why are you still watching? For you the show sucks, so stop. I bet when Kalia or Porsche wins HOH, you will change your mind.

    By the way, the reality show Jeff and Jordan on was The Amazing Race. Not only is the show a multiple Emmy winner for Best Reality Show, it is also a succesful show ratings-wise.

    Stop whining. It’s getting old.

    1. Your very wise and thoroughly non-hypocritical comment is really appreciated here, and I am now completely convinced that I should never have said anything here I’ve ever said. I’ll take all of this under consideration before I decide to whine again;) LOL!!!!

      Omg, LMAO!!!! Come on, guys!!! Thank you, Simon and Dawg, for this format, and thank you readers who comment here, even if you don’t agree with me, even if I don’t agree with you. Hell, I think I actually am starting to like it when people don’t agree with me;)

    1. either way whatever she is doing is working because she is still in the house and odds are she will still be in the house after next week

  20. I am just fed up with all the moaning and groan about how horrible this season is. If you hate it so much get off your lazy ass and CHANGE THE CHANNEL. No one is forcing any of us to watch. There are dozen of channels and you are allowed to watch one of those. I enjoy watching the show and coming to this website and reading Simon’s posts and having lively discussions about the happenings from the live feeds.

  21. Jordan is more than I can handle. She is so self adsorbed and worried about Dani. Complaining about Porsche winning the money. What about Jeff and the money he has won. Jordan gets the best edit of all the players. She is spoiled, Mean-spirited, and lazy.
    Last night on afterdark i just had to turn it off because of her.
    I do not like Rachel!!!!! but at least she plays hard and at the comps. The only comp Jordan is going to win is playing with her hair.
    Kalia talks too much. She also got rid of lawon the worst play of the season.
    Porsche is just coming into her own. She is also very young. She might just peak at the right time.
    She has really been a friend to Adam. Adam wants the celebrity status of Jeff and Jordan. So Sad!!!
    He is pitiful. Who wants to watch Tori Spelling come in to do Adams wedding. Jeff and Rachel are not going to take him to the end. His endless chatter about Bacon and his crude remarks are disgusting.

  22. I am the first one to admit this season isn’t my favorite season because danielle got kicked off. As much as people hated her she was really the only one that made big game moves and actually played the game involving manipulation and other things for example isn’t that why we loved dr.will kirby was because of his manipulation. He didn’t win any competitions and still kicked ass in both seasons. But the season wasn’t so horrible at the beginning but having the vets come in in pretty much dominate everything from the beginning was lame making not even allowing the newbie players to really play the game. Now we are left with Rachel who we hate but sadly shes one of the best competitors left, Jordan who america loves but lets be honest has not done jack shit in does not deserve to be in the finals. For all of you who disagree with that she didn’t win any competition and she didn’t manipulate she straight up rode jeffs dick and is now riding Rachels dick. Adam blows because if he goes to the final three with Rachel in Jordan he should know hes not going to win but hes in idiot anyways and sucks up to them like their amazing. Porsche and khalia can’t really hate them because they are trying to fight back. Porsche is actually a competitor now and khalia is a great competitor too she has won almost every memory competition. But anyways thats why this season blows now of course im going to watch and see who wins although im not really going to enjoy who wins. An honestly im a newbie fan minus shelly and adam but so far from the people whos left khalia and rachel have played the best.

  23. The final 3 should be Rachel, Jordan and Adam with the final 2 being Rachel and Adam. Mind you I am not a Rachel fan (I personally find her to be a whiney narcissist), but she is a heck of a competitor. In past seasons, there were unpopular people in the final 2 who went on to win beacuase the people in the jury house realized the vote goes to the person who played the game best and deserves to win, not the person you hate the least. Jordan is sweet, but is not a great competitor and would win because she is “nice”, Adam did nothing but “float” through the game, Kalia and Porche…are just a waste of human flesh who got lucky in a couple of competitions and rode on Dani’s coat tails. The one who truly “deserves” to win is Rachel. She won the most comps out of the remaining people…so regardless of her personality, she’s a darn good player.

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