Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel opened Pandora’s Box & got stuck with Jessie AGAIN while the others got a shopping spree WITH Tori Spelling! *Updated*

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11:50am – 12:05pm When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA, All the housguests are in the kitchen try on clothes. Rachel says that she grabbed Adam a tshirt and he signed it for you too. Adam says awesome …thanks ..these tshirts are worth $3.50. They are all trading and giving each other the clothes that they grabbed but didn’t want. Adam asks so he is a wrestling star now? Rachel says yeah impact wrestling. They talk about Rachel got stuck with Jessie. Rachel yells I can’t believe you met Tori Spelling!! Adam says I can’t believe you got stuck with Jessie AGAIN! Jordan says that she was listening to them from down here and heard shopping spree. Rachel opened up Pandora’s Box and got stuck with Jessie, while the others got shopping spree. The girls are all giving Rachel some of the clothes they grabbed. Adam talks about how its the best day because he got to meet Tori Spelling. Rachel talks about how Jessie was doing all the posses and stuff. Rachel says that when she saw that it was Tori Spelling …she thought there is no way I can open it ..but says that she does a wedding show.. Rachel got a bunch of signed photos of Jessie. Rachel says OMG he was wearing a speedo and it didnt even cover his whole butt. Rachel says that he said I know you like sparkly stuff and then he turned around and he had Mr PEC-tacular on his butt. Adam and the other all thank Rachel for opening Pandora’s Box. They said that they didn’t think she was going to because it was taking so long. Adam says that he was shaking when he met Tori …and she kissed him. Adam says that he told Tori that he calls his girlfriend Donna in bed.

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12:15pm Adam says that Tori kissed his duck. They could only take what they could wear in 3 minutes. Adam says that he didn’t get much because all the guy stuff had buttons and there was no way he could undo all the buttons in time. Adam talks about how he would have freaked if he was stuck up in the HOH room while Tori came into the house. Rachel shows them all the photos of Jessie that he signed for her. Adam pretends he’s Jessie and says what Jessie signed on her photos To Rachel, Your Welcome. Adam keeps thanking and hugging Rachel.

12:15pm – 12:30pm Rachel says that after she saw them get the fashion show …she ran out of Pandora’s Box and was banging on the HOH door screaming NOOOOO!!! Let me out!! Rachel talks about all the Jessie things that were in Pandora’s Box and she grabbed something’s but didn’t know if she was allowed to grab other things. Rachel says it said what’s better than meeting a celebrity …a shopping spree with a celebrity! Porsche asks why were you yelling Brendon. Rachel starts to explain it … Big Brother cuts the live feeds. Rachel explains how she had such a hard time making the decision. Rachel says that she thought maybe if I get something good and the rest of the houseguests get something bad … then they can hate me later. Adam talks about how Jordan was offering Tori an appletini even though she is pregnant. Jordan says well she is the guest and I was just trying to be nice. Rachel talks about how when she walked into Pandora’s box …Jessie was taking pictures of himself. Kalia says that when Tori was in the house everyone kept calling her Tori and Adam said no it’s Donna! They start to ask Adam what if we had evicted you and you saw that you were this close to meeting Tori …you would jump off a 2nd floor balcony.
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12:45pm – 1:20pm The houseguests continue to talk about all the clothes they got during the shopping spree. They talk about the HUGE tub of Young Guns Hair Gel of Jessie’s that Rachel took. Adam goes into the storage room and runs around the room waving his hands saying thank you so f’ing much … thank god I didn’t get evicted Thursday. Adam goes back into the kitchen with the others. Adam talks about how this is Jessie’s fourth season in a row to be on Big Brother. Rachel says that when they got to drink appletini’s Jessie handed her a protein shake and said you’re welcome. Rachel says that she started to talk about Brendon and Jessie said who’s Brendon’re going to forget all about him in a minute. Rachel talks about Jessie’s speedo and butt.

12:45pm – 1:35pm The houseguests continue to talk about all the clothes they got during the shopping spree. They talk about the HUGE tub of Young Guns Hair Gel of Jessie’s that Rachel took. Adam goes into the storage room and runs around the room waving his hands saying thank you so f’ing much … thank god I didn’t get evicted Thursday. Adam goes back into the kitchen with the others. Adam talks about how this is Jessie’s fourth season in a row to be on Big Brother. Rachel says that when they got to drink appletini’s Jessie handed her a protein shake and said you’re welcome. Rachel says that she started to talk about Brendon and Jessie said who’s Brendon’re going to forget all about him in a minute. Rachel continues to talk about Jessie and Adam continues to talk about Tori. Adam says that he is even more nervous now that he met Tori. Big Brother tells the houseguests that they have to go out into the backyard …they are on a backyard lock down. The houseguests head out into the backyard. Rachel and Porsche lay on the couch to try and nap. Adam says that he almost got inappropriate with Tori but didn’t. Adam says now you met a real celebrity Jordan. Jordan half laughs and says yeah.

1:40pm – 2:10pm Kalia, Jordan, Porsche and Rachel all try and nap on the backyard couch, while Adam smokes. Silence in the backyard. The pool and hot tub are covered up, as well as the weights and their shoes have been removed from the backyard.

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282 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel opened Pandora’s Box & got stuck with Jessie AGAIN while the others got a shopping spree WITH Tori Spelling! *Updated*

  1. So ALL the underserving houseguests got a shopping spree, while the ONLY deserving houseguest in the house didn’t get anything. I’m tired of everyone but Rachel getting prices. She better win that 500k or I’ll be PISSED!

    1. Oh never mind my comment, I just re-read and noticed that the girls gave Rach some of their clothes they got. But still. Rachel for the motherfu***** WIN!!!

        1. Agreed Breile, hoping that Rachel wins POV next week if she is nominated to be evicted. All Rachel haters , it is time to give a fair judgement on this show and that Rachel is the most deserving house guest to win this game. She has been picked on, given disgusting comments, made a liar of everything that was going on in the house ( Shelly’ s doing ) and horrible bashing at all times by mean alliance of DKPS and she has survived.

    2. I am a Rj fan and she opened the box and sometimes it is good sometimes bad and there no reason to be upset for starters the other girls gave her things and it could have been a lot worse and as for not getting anything i think porches box was a lot worse and rachel definetly benifed from that.

  2. maybe i’ll watch this episode. this show sucks with no men left and 4 not-hot girls. the only people that are ok are jordan and rachel….but i still can’t get myself to watch. every single player i like is gone……and kalia is still there. worst season ever.

    1. no men what is adam? and non hot girls? im sorry jordan is too cute, porsche is hot, and rachel looks good when she isnt talking.. so i dont know what u look for in women

      1. Didn’t you know, Adam is not a man. He is a girl pretending to be a man. That’s why he can’t win any competition, & kisses Jeff’s ass like it’s the best thing in the world. He can’t even beat 4 women in the competitions, how can he be a man?

      2. im gettin so sick and tired of “jordan is so cute’..shes a friggen ditz…have you seen her far off stare when shes playin and pullin at her hair..god she has the brain of a slug..shes so stupid..she wont even try to win in physical competitions and is too friggen dumb to win any competitions where you use your brain..shes nothing but dead weight for rachel to try and drag through the game..shes only kinda woke up since jeff left..before that all she did was friggen sleep..shes useless and does not deserve to be in first or second place,,the only thing she won was HOH which they let her win ffs..shes lazy and useless and im sick of the cute card being the slug out..and i did not like her attitude when julie asked her what it was like being teamed up with rachel…i found her comments were betlitting to someone who pulled her lazzy ass off the block..she should be kissing rachels ass not downing rachel all the way !!!!

        1. the only hot girl was cassie…the rest are thick and gross. dani was decent. my favs from this season are as follows and in order…..Jeff, Cassie, Dom, Dani, Brendon, Rachel, Jordan…….

          p.s. my hatred for kalia and shelly were different then my hatred for natalie. this is literal hatred that is so deep i can’t even watch anymore. who wants to watch bb after dark with a bunch of girls talking and walking around the house? they aren’t even hot. jordan is the only decent looking girl.

            1. ok then why are you still watching and visiting the blog?
              see ya next season!
              anyone who HATES a reality show player and thinks dani and jordan and porsche are “thick” is juvenile and superficial and stupid anyway. so move on

          1. Wait a minute, Kalih is nice looking, she just let herself go by eating so much. Porshe is nice looking. All of them look ok except Rachel, Adam, and Dick. I like Dani she played good to me and not arrogant and a bully like Jeff, that’s what made Jeff look so bad.

        2. Anonymous, what a bitter person you are! Jordan is liked by all the houseguests and she did win a luxury contest and HOH this year. A lot of people say that the HOH was given to her but can you prove that Jeff or Brendan would have done better. To belittle someone as much as you do is sick. Jordan might not be the most intelligent but she’s not stupid either. She is just a sweet person and Rachel is becoming a better person just being with her.

          1. I totally agree with you. However I do think that Jordan should have been nicer during the live show in regards to Rachael.
            I am now hoping that Rachael Wins this season. She has played a good game, yes the Brendon and Fiancee talk is old
            and annoying but her game play has been good. She has played hard and has kept herself in this game dispite everyone
            trying to get her out.

            1. I don’t want Rachel to win, but I got to give it up to the gurl, she’s very competitive. Adam doesn’t win anything, that’s an embarrasment for all men, sorry he’s not represent men, but for a man he haven’t won anything this is totally sad and disgusting.

    2. i hope there is more too it than jessie and tori spelling becuase seeing those two makes me not want to wath sunday.. jessie is annoying as hell and tori spelling is a has been…. lamest twist ever… well no that was the saboteur from last season but this would be second

  3. First off, I think rachel just dropped in my book for opening the box. If there was ANY risk of losing some of the power she has now. Fortunately this wasnt the case, but still, I dont get why she opened the darn thing. Jessie being back is indeed funny, but as a game move, kind of silly unless it said that it was only related to meeting people, since you never know with BB twists.

    kalia or porsche go home this week, that is now set in stone

        1. Funny u should say that I was watching Cbs as soon as Pandora Box was opened they should commercials on tv about opening it and how Rachel said she got a bad thing that was planed for her to open it cause I can’t remember nobody never curious that they didn’t open one but Rachel said she wouldn’t open one unless she say a dream honeymoon or something with Brendon so of course it was planed

      1. im pretty sure production gave Rachel a heads up on the PD and told her that it is o.k. to open the PD BOX because nobody in their right mind(except for kalia of course) would open one after pinto received a horrendous one

      2. Stopping short of calling it rigged, the rest of what you said DR I couldn’t agree more with!!!! I honestly am super friggin’ Godsmacked that more people can see how obvious this is!!!

      3. there’s always one good and one bad p-box. and objectively speaking that last one was exactly bad for the hoh like this one was.

        1. There’s bad and then there’s BAD. R’s PB was bad as in a bummer to be stuck for a brief moment in the game with Jessie (a joke of a BB contestant). P’s PB was BAD, as in it stripped her of any control that comes with having win HoH, which is similar (not quite though) to what happened to K when she won HoH. Again, total bullshit this season!

          1. Then stop watching watching! Nobody is forcing you to watch it, so stop complaining about it and watch something else. Nobody wants to read your constant complaining about the show. 2/3 of your comments are complaints. Get a life, it’s only a show.

      4. i couldn’t agree more. BB completely went overboard this season.

        i’m not a Rachel fan, but if she won fair-and-square I’d admit she deserved it. but if you’re just going to hand her, or God forbid that useless slug known as Jordan, the win then it’s not even fun to watch.

        i’m surprised they just didn’t stick the $500,000 in pandora’s box for Rachel so that she could take it now.

    1. Men still call their women by another women’s name in bed? LMFAO

      Adam is a major creepster, I’m sure Tori was frightened by him at 1st, TOOOOOORIIIIIII OMG, DONNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU

  4. rachel and the other hg’s got a somewhat good pandora’s box like the last few seasons did and the newbies got a game chaning pandora’s box. CBS really suck and they have lost me as a loyal BB fan. I just want the game to be won fair and square. i will continue to watch, but not with the same intensity that i have had in the past.

      1. Didnt Dani say something when she was in the house that she was friends with some people in production and they would quit if she was evicted or something stupid like that?? I think Dani’s opinion of herself was blown way out of proportion. It didnt help that all her minions were attaching their lips to her ass. She is out of the house, she is a loser at the game. Go home, live your medicore life and please for the love of god do NOT ever come back in to the big brother house!
        For that matter CBS please please PLEASE do not bring back any past contestants!! Let’s just have new faces and leave them to play the game. Thanks!

  5. Really? Why the heck did she open up Pandora’s box? You never know what could happen especially with only 5 players left. Gawd that wasn’t smart. At least we get Porsche in new clothing, lol.

      1. “Expect The Unexpected”

        That’s Big Brother. I’m sorry if your favorite player(s) is out of the game but by opening Pandora’s box, something good or something bad can happen. This is the history of the show. Nobody is forced to open up Pandora’s Box. People who keep saying “the game is rigged” are grumpy, lost souls.

        If you’re so against the show and believe it’s rigged, then stop watching. Just like Pandora’s Box, nobody is forcing you to do anything.

        1. If you (and the HGs) new their Greek Mythology, you’d know that when Pandora opened up the jar (wasn’t actually a box) that se unleashed all the evil into the world and, what remained at the bottom of the jar was hope. There is no “something good or something bad can happen”. There’s bad and then there’s BAD. P’s PB was BAD (nullified her HoH win), while R’s PB was bad, as in a bummer, but had absolutely no consequence on her HoH win.

          As for those who vent their frustrations with the show being, as you stated, “lost souls”, get a grip! Do you realize how over-the-top that sounds?! Dude, chill out!!

    1. cause it is in her contract, she has to open up pandora’s box….for ratings and because they have already paid the celebs to show up. Listen to the houseguests…They will tell you what is coming up as far as surprises and what not. Hell they have been talking about a Pandora’s box and Tori Spelling for three days now. Who didn’t see this coming? I know they talked about Jessie last week and while back…The HGs know what is coming. They talk about it before it happens. They talked about Pandora and her box everyday for four days before Porsche got it. Hell, that was why Porsche told her alliance she wouldn’t open it the day before she got it. And why Rachel said she didn’t think she would open it before she got hers. DUH!

  6. I wonder if there is more to the Pandora’s box than just Torri Spelling and Jessie and clothing……I wonder if there was a special power offered Rachel to get her to open it

  7. Oh yeah, production shows no bias towards the vets. Nope, none at all. Not a bit.

    Now all we need to do is wait for the Flat Earth Society, aka the JJ Gang, among us to confirm this fact.

    Nice job, Production.

    Go Team Grodner!

    1. In the past, they have had game-changing Pandora’s Boxes (ex. diamond POV) and silly Pandora’s Boxes (Brittany being locked in a room with Jessie while houseguests got a barbecue, Kevin getting locked in while the other houseguests collected money). This stuff is nothing new.

      1. Pandoras box was always promoted before it happened, just like this one. There was never a mention of pandora last week, when it screwed up Porche’s HOH. Jordan should be doing nothing in the jury house right now rather than doing nothing in the BB house.

  8. they consider tori a celebrity? i guess they couldnt get paris hilton, why award adam to meet her? he hasnt done jack the whole game, this seaon just gets worse and worse….

    1. Explain this…..I read in another comment that Tori Spelling has a court order keeping Adam away from her. He was supposed to be sending her weird emails and phone calls. Now who is lying? That person must be related to Shelley.

    2. Parasite Hilton isnt a celebrity, she is another self-entitled rich girl that got famous because of a sex tape, just like Kim Kardashian. She is going to be single her whole life I imagine her to look a lot like Angelyne in a few years the way she is all used up…LOL!!!

      Besides they would have to sanitize the house after a visit because of all her STD’s or issue valtrex to all the houseguests.

    3. Rachel gets Adams undying gratitude for fulfilling one of his dreams meaning that on the off chance he wins HoH, he’s much less likely to put Rachel up. Take a step back and look at the whole picture and you see who this benefits. Again.

  9. Didn’t you read…Rachel is getting a Tori Spelling wedding out of the deal. Believe me, Rachel didn’t open it to just get Jesse! She just isn’t saying anything to the other guests about it.

    1. It doesn’t say that. Rachel said she knows Tori Spelling has a wedding show so that’s why she opened it. No where does it say she actually got a wedding.

  10. this show is starting to really suck…its all about ratings and screwing the newbies…the whole duo comp crap last week and the hoh comp this week is a perfect example of how the producers set things up to favor rachel and jordan.

    1. Maybe if Kalia would work out instead of sleeping all the time her big ass would be in shape like Rachel and she could of won the HOH. Don’t knock Rachel because she works out and makes herself physically better to win comps. If that is the case then the HOH Kalia won was made just for her to win.

  11. Thank God it wasnt to have sex with Brendon, I am so over with those two. Rachel is going home next week and she should have left ages ago.

  12. rachel said she would not open it but she did (loser) i would love to see adam in one of those pink topslooks like whatever the house gust want they get. adam said he wished it was torri spelling and low and be hold he got his wish give me a FREAKING BREAK

          1. I’m not STUPID i would not make it till the end so i woouln’t have to worry about the half million still would not open pb

    1. adam makes a comment on how he wants an appletini and he gets it it is so FREAKING fixed this year when the hg say we haven’t won a veto or a hoh the rachel says when i get hoh tonight and gets it it FIXED

  13. I’m sure production told Rachel that it was going to be ok to open the box (nothing game-related would happen, she wouldn’t lose her power like Porsche did) The wouldn’t have brought Tori Spelling all the way over, and convinced her to appear on the show if there was a chance she’d get stood up.

  14. Hope this spurs Adam into action, hopefully he can win this thing and show up as a player in the house. I so want Jordan and Rachel to say, I didn’t think Adam could do it.

  15. This is stupid! Now they give Rachel a Pandora’s Box that has no game consequence at all. Way to go production, this just shows how you help BRJJ this season. To all those who say that Porsche is the one who opened Pandora’s Box hence it’s her fault, NO! Who the heck in the history of BB did not open Pandora’s Box?

    1. Agreed 100% – anyone saying the duo twist that saved both Rachel and Jordan is Porsche’s fault for opening Pandora’s Box must be scrambling for a justification as to why Rachel can open it without any game consequence.

      This has gone from being a competition to a complete circus.

    2. I’m sure if it didn’t mention a celebrity(which means there’s no negative consequences) then Rachel wouldn’t have opened it. Porsche is still an idiot.

    3. Yeah sure. That’s why Jeff and Brendon are in the jury house with precious Danielle. I’m so over these comments. Just because things are not going your way, you complain. Stop watching.

  16. my sentiments exactly, And let’s face it, the HOH was designed especially for Roachel. Kalia was too fat to get under the spoon and rolling pin, Jordan, had her mind made up to just let R win it for them, and Adam still didn’t want to get his hands dirty. I’m sure when R was called to DR she was told to open Pandora’s box, that it would be something that would make her happy too. AHHHHH this game sux more and more each day. There will not be anymore BB seasons for me, don’t wanna see any “All Stars” America’s Sweethearts, or any of the same old same old, would just love a season of all new players, left to play a game by themselves, without being coached or led by BB Prod and let the best player actually win it on their own strategic gameplay. Thanks BB for the worst season yet.

          1. Its always been rigged…just like Will’s status as a puppet master?? Like BB didn’t steer that victory? THe only thing is that the other people in this house BESIDES Jordan & Rachel are complete bafoons…just end the season all ready!

        1. I never liked Rachel before but I hope so much that the final three are Adam, Rachel and Jordan. I hope that Adam or Jordan win ALL the money. In the beginning I was pulling for Shelly until the sneaking back and forth and lying. It’s all part of the game but when you stand toe to toe with someone that has been dragging you through the game and try to make them feel guilty for accusing you of lying………… bothers me. I can’t stand to see someone, especially someone that all the kids respected behave that way. In the beginning of the game Rachel just made me flat out sick. All of her sobbing with no tears. Over the last couple of weeks her attitude seems to have changed. If Dani wouldn’t have jumped too soon, I believe all of the players in the jury house would still be in the BB house. Whether you like it or not, Jordan and Jeff were a team and “they” did save Adam. They saved Shelly too and look where that got them? I love Jordan. I think she tries hard at everything that she does and she never gives up. She is kind and compassionate and is an all around good person. I think that Jeff can be some what of a bully in the game but not anything even close to what Evil Dick was in his season. I guess it wouldn’t make me too unhappy if Rachel won this game either. I don’t like Porche or Kalia at all. I hope that one goes out this week and the other the next. Then the last 3 can fight it out to the end and see who comes out on top. It was embarrassing to watch Shelly get caught over and over and not learn anything. We just have to remember I guess that it is a game and sometimes people will do just about anything to win a game and especially one with such a big pay off at the end. We have kids fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan who make almost nothing and having 10 of those soldiers in my family alone makes all of this especially hilarious to me. I can’t see any of them except Jordan and Jeff making it through basic training and actually fighting in the war. I have had the privilege to meet several of the soldiers that my daughter the Drill Sergeant trained and believe it or not, Jordan reminds me of one that made one heck of a soldier. God Bless America. Thank you Big Brother for giving me something to watch after hours while I wait by the phone for a call from Iraq night after night.

      1. I completely agree, Rachel’s season.
        From the first 4 weeks of nonstop Brenchel on CBS, then bringing her FIANCE back, then the pandora’s box conveniently saving her from a SURE eviction, and of course now a pandora’s box that doesn’t really do anything bad- she still got to watch it and is being given clothes from the other houseguest.

        Freaking seriously CBS

        1. No one forced Porche to open pandora’s box. If she hadn’t opened the box they would have had it made in the shade and would have gotten one of the other two girls out. It’s not Rachel’s fault that Porche opened the box! :)

      1. no, just funny that when CBS was going to lose their third vet in a row, out comes the duo twist and for the first time on BB the veto was an endurance challenge that just like the last few challenges are designed for Rachel to win.

        1. And this Pandora box is so lame. It did not change the game at all. It funny how when Prosha open pandora box it change the game. I believe that a first it was alway something bad or good for the house guest like drinkin out of bowls, dancing , talking with hands. What up with this changing the game. CBS really showed there cards this time. I know that everyone is saying that they don’t care who wins, but they want the vet to stay to keep up there ratings. Jordon sucks and need to go, she did nothing when she won the first time and she did nothing to deverse to win this time. I would love to see Rachael, Kalia, or even Porsha at the end they all work to get there. Adam and Jordon need to go very soon.

          1. Pandora’s Box isn’t suppose to always change the game. Did it change the game when Kevin opened it? No. Did it change the game when Britney opened it? No. It can either be luxury or game changing. It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be game changing.

            1. Pandoras box is always promoted before it happens. You can tell how hastily Porsche’s pandora was put together. There was no planning involved. Champagne and suitcases? Please.

              1. You don’t have to put together something extravagant just to give away money. When Lane opened Pandora’s box all they had in there was a money tree.

                1. and it was advertised on the show the week before. Just as all the rest of them have been
                  Yall deluded Rachel fans can’t see the forest through the trees

                  1. I’m not going to agree or disagree with them always advertising Pandora’s box because I don’t remember. BUT I don’t think they have always advertised every single one.

                    And this episode was a live double eviction episode, and they were obviously running behind. 2 seconds after telling Jeff he was evicted they told him to hurry up and get outside because they didn’t have any time left. And Julie Chen was obviously talking fast at the end of the episode when she was saying where you could watch Jeffs interview and the day and time of the next episodes. Advertising Pandora’s Box is a pretty miniscule thing, and probably one of the things at the top of the cutting list to make sure they don’t run over their time limit.

                  2. @Sling – You say you don’t agree or disagree. Then you disagree and presume that you are correct. Just say you disagree and have no actual proof to back up your convictions.

                  3. @RS I said I’m not going to agree or disagree, and then I gave my opinion (That I don’t think it has always been advertised). And then after I posted that, I went and looked and my opinion was proven correct (they didn’t advertise Lane’s Pandora’s Box nor Britneys).

                2. It makes me ILL that Adam thinks he’s so special and loved that he got this Tori meeting just for his WACK ASS.
                  ugh just something about that man gets under my skin. Evict him soon please BB!

                  1. He is creepy! Why on earth would he tell Tori that he calls Fara Donna in bed???? Ewwww! Tori probably wanted to get as far away from him as she could! He came on as a tough, rocker dude and ended up being a big wiener who should go home!

                3. But they have ALWAYS told us (the audience at home) at least one week in advance that Pandora’s box was coming into play. We didn’t find out about it in advance.. that is what makes it seemed rigged

                  1. After so many people claiming that they always promote Pandora’s Box I went to see if they promoted Lanes, and they did not. Lane opened Pandora’s Box in episode 23. So according to all of you, Pandora’s Box should have been advertised in episode 22 (which was also a double eviction episode). I just went back and watched the end of the episode (when they usually advertise Pandora’s Box) and they never mention Pandora’s Box. So no they don’t ALWAYS advertise Pandora’s Box.

                  2. They did say that there was going to be a special twist. I don’t think that CBS is behind one contestant or the other. We all have our favorites and then the ones we love to hate. This is pure entertainment, well except for the contestants that stand to win all of that money….

              2. That is not true sometimes it just show up as a twist but i guess you want to believe it is some sort of rigging give as an advantage for RJ so we can keep this endless wineing about production favour RJ get over it already. Are we really going to have to listen to this till the end of the season It seems that no matter what RJ win’s or does it is all rigged so pathetic

        2. It would be nice if Adam won Veto take of Kalia, and force Rachael to put up Jordon and vote Jordon out. That is the only way anyone would respect him and vote to give him money at the end. Because he has done nothing at this point to deserve any money.

          1. Why? Jordan maybe the only person he could beat in a comp. That would be a stupid move. He needs Porsche and Kalia gone, and one is going this week, Bye!

          2. I am sorry how would taking kaliah off the block show he did something in the game that is the most riddicules statement i have ever heard

          3. I had planned to vote for Jordan again for America’s Player but if Adam doesn’t use that veto…………………I’m going to vote for him and I know several other people that will too.

        3. Who ever gets Pandora’s box gets to CHOOSE whether or not they will open it ! If Porshe did not open it then they would have kept the power and this game would be very different today. AGAIN PORSHE CHOSE TO OPEN THE BOX! GET OVER IT – SHE SCREWED UP

        4. ummm…Jeff was the third vet out of the house. Brendon, Dani, Jeff are all vets. Dani is just the one that chose to turn on her alliance and that is why she is in jury now.

        5. Hey when these people try out for big brother they better be in shape or they deserve to lose and get kick off I get really tired of people crying its fixed so don’t watch it, it makes good tv I don’t care who gets $500000 its not me so why complain

        6. I totally disagree, as much as Kalua likes to eat, that doughnut competition was hers to win, how could she lose that competition.

        7. Noone told P to open the box for the five grand that she saw! She is so stupid and just plain lucky to win a few comps in the end. Yeah that is it we should make sure all of the comps are made for fat unhealthy undisciplined people who take the opportunity of having nothing but time to work out and build up stamina for comps. Instead sit around shoving your face ( yes you kalia and porche) and then have the viewers decide the reason you don’t win has to do with a rigged game and nothing to do with the fact that your ass has grown by 20 pounds since you have joined he show!

      1. I totally agree, this season has been rigged. The only reason I watch BB this year is don’t have cable and start watching BB, what a bummer. Very disappointed how they interferred.

    1. So glad I’m not alone here. Totally agree with you. And I’m saying this not as a sore loser… you have to be actually rooting for someone, then upset when they don’t win in order to be a sore loser. I think many of us bothered by this season aren’t sore losers nearly as much as we are longtime fans of the game and loyal viewers who are not only disappointed in this year’s casting, but who are also borderline offended at how stupid production seems to think we are. This has been the most blatant, least realistic season of BB I’ve ever seen.

      1. I couldn’t agree more, I hope they don’t do the vets with newbs again it really isn’t fair to the new people. Do shows with only new people and every few years do an all stars. CBS thinks people are idiots with the way they have interfered this year, can you imagine them screaming when Jeff threw the clown shoe out.

      2. No you’re just a sore loser. Yes bringing the duo’s back was beneficial to JR, but that is the entire point of Pandora’s Box. Pandora’s Box gives the HOH either something good or bad, and gives the house the opposite. Porsche was offered $10,000, so of course the house was going to get something bad. The entire house was against Rachel and Jordan, so the best way to screw the house is by giving Rachel and Jordan both a chance to win the veto. Was it obviously favoring JR? Yes. But blame Porsches stupidity, not production rigging the game. Production didn’t force her to open the box, she chose to open it.

        As far as the HOH competition… If this HOH competition was anything other than questions, you all would be crying that it’s rigged. Because the ONLY thing Adam or Kalia are good at is questions.

        1. Don’t even know where to begin here with responding to this comment, Sling, other than to say that if you’ll let me know what the name of the charity that represents you is, I’m uber compelled to make a donation to it right about now;)

          1. Oh hey, the sore loser is back. The person who proclaims to be a “longtime fan” of the game, yet has no idea how Pandora’s Box works.

      3. No your not the only one….I couldnt care less who wins the show…. I will no longer refer to it as a game. A game has rules that are adhere to. It is ridiculus how this season has went. It is shameful that the Rachel fans out there throw around the “sore loser” word. I really dont have a horse in this race. So I dont think I qaulify as a sore loser.

        Tori spelling?….is she even relevent now? I agree with another poster that said that pandoras box isnt always supposed to change the game…your absolutely correct. It has NEVER effected the game as it did with Porsche. Also, Rachel said over and over she wouldnt open Pandoras box. Why would she if she didnt know it wasnt going to be something bad. She knew! Its getting to the point where production is making it obvlious….

    2. There is no reason for Rachel NOT to open Pandora’s box. No matter what happens JR control who goes home this week. Unlike greedy Porsche opening it and screwing her alliance! Why is it that no one says production is controlling the game when something good happens for Adam? Obviously production knew Shelly was being evicted because they announced a Pandora’s box with a “celebrity” about 10 minutes after she was evicted and it just so happens to be Torii Spelling? Did they call Torii during the commercial break right after Shelly was evicted to book her appearance? Maybe they had Shelly’s twin David Spade lined up in case Adam was evicted? I think not!!!

      If you do not like the way production allegedly interferes with the show, DON’T WATCH IT !!! …. and quit crying!!!

      1. I agree with you. Don’t watch the show. The cast this season were getting very boring, so Production had to do something to keep it interesting. I will continue to watch this season and every season after. Every HG has the same opportunity to win as Rachel. It is not Productions fault if they cannot do the challenge. I want there to a Big Brother 14, so I will support Production.

      2. Me 2, I agree as well. If you guys have a problem of the CBS production operating their competition. Well Don’t watch the show at all. You make all viewers look bad. That’s why stop complaining and crying over nothing. For the production, great job and keep up a good work. We’re 100% percent got your support!!!!!!! Team Production yo!

      3. Kid….Rachel said over and over she wouldnt open the box….why do you think she did? cause maybe she already knew it wasnt going to hurt her game? You are delusional if you dont think production is involved. And your right….Julie mentioned that there was going to be a celebrity pandoras box… I guess they just have a few celebrities lined up. Because they dont have any idea who is getting evicted….right? Unbelieveable.

    3. If you were going to quit you wouldn’t be here sniveling. At least be honest with yourself. You’re going to finish watching this season and you’ll be right back next season, probably bitching again if your favorite doesn’t have the game fixed for them.

    4. Agreed, except I’d like for Cassi to be brought back so she’d have a fair shot with actual players instead of a house of groupies.

    5. Sore ass losers! It was physical like many of them are, each and every one of them had the same chance as RACHAEL to win.
      They didn’t because she is better and she wanted it more, she kicked their lazy asses, get over it! lol GO RACHAEL!!!!

  17. Im waiting for the Porche unexpected deal. She has skated all the way to the end for some reason, relationship, relative or some deal. Everyone kept her all the time. Kalia finally fought her way but she is going this Thurs.

  18. Tori was there for Adam, I think everyone will agree to that.

    Adam who is very loyal will in return be thankfull to Rachel for opening Pandora’s Box.

    He will do as they ask

    Now Jordan and Rachel will have Adam on there side.

    The final THREE JORDAN, RACHEL and ADAM.

    CBS knew what they were doing. . . . with Tori

    Rachel and Jordan till the end.

    1. Don’t be too sure about that. Remember Jordan giving Shelley the phone call and what did Jordan get in return? A stab in the back. Adam wants to win just as much as Shelley did.

  19. So Rachel is the current HOH but got stuck with Jessie? That is good for her.

    Man, if only Kalia did not make that mistake by sending Lawon home, she and the others could had gotten rid of Rachel.

      1. Jessie did come back in her pandora’s box,just like he did last yr…but he told Rachel “I hear you like sparkly things” and Rachel said he turned around and had his name in sparkles on his butt.What Rachel is failing to tell anybody is the sparkly thing was actually the DPOV!!!!!!!!!!

  20. As much as I believed that the producers were screwing the newbies left and right, I refrained from posting anything about it due to the fact that everything could be a pure coincidence. But after the two Pandora’s Box reveals, how can anyone honestly believe that production doesn’t favor the vets? I don’t have any favorites in the house anymore and honestly haven’t had any real rooting interest in any one person since Cassi and Dom were evicted but the game was still fun and had my full attention. It’s not fun to watch anymore and it doesn’t have my full attention. The only way this season can regain that attention is if they stream from the jury house.

    I’ve been reading the boards but have commented less, have been watching the feeds a lot less (I thought these people were boring when there were 10 or 11 of them in the house – five people makes it more obvious about how boring these people are), and have settled for watching the shows on DVR than having to see them live. I’m afraid the double eviction episode was this season’s last big hurrah. Big Brother 14 cannot come soon enough.

  21. WOW! Jessie and Tori, what a game changing twist, lets see…Porsche opens PB and the dual twist returns to save JR(vets)…Rachel opens PB, the twist has absolutely nothing to do with BB…Non-believers need to believe…CBS wants vets in the final 2…If this had been Adam or Kalia, there would not be seeing Jeese or Tori…They’d probably have to battle Brendon or Jeff to stay in the or be replaced….WOW! CBS must really think it’s viewers are stupid.

    1. I do believe both Pandora’s boxes were planned ahead the order of what went first was determined on who won Hoh but wouldn’t of it been funny if Adam was HOH and he saw Jessie and everyone else saw Tori how funny that would of been

  22. Why does BB keep bringing Jesse back? Is this some hideous torture on the viewing audience? It was bad enough when he was a contestant.

      1. I kinda agree with this. The guy is coming back as a pandora’s box punishment, that’s funny. As long as he’s never a contestant again I could care less.

  23. Okay, I’m not being funny, but I wonder if Kalia was able to fit any of the clothes. In my opinion, Kalia isn’t fat, but she is plump. I’m not talking about her size, just wondering if they had anything in her size. Okay, one minor comment……..Kalia looked a mess last night with the shorts on and when they showed that she was having a hard time getting umder the bar, that was sad and funny all at the same time. I thought Jordan would have put up a little more effort, but I know Rachel would probably win.

    1. They had sizes that would fit all the house guests. It looked like Jordan ended up with the least b/c she grabbed a bunch of larges (not looking at sizes) and also gave stuff to Rachel.

  24. gosh what a bunch of babies on this board if u people are that pissed off stop watching and go cry in the corner…. pandoras box has always worked both ways sometimes it something big that can change the game sometimes its silly stuff like being locked in a room with jessie….all this crying about the game being rigged is unnecessary… obviously production wanted rachel and jordan to stay but they didnt win the pov or hoh for rachel she went out there and outworked her other houseguest…. and if u dont like the people who are left why are none of u blaming dani who set this all in motion by flipping on the vets week 3?

    1. I’m watching because I’ve invested this much time in it but I’m certainly not following as closely as I was during July and early August.

      And do you honestly believe that the Pandora’s Box twists would have been exactly the same if Rachel was HOH last week and Porsche was HOH this week?

      The POV comp was geared toward Rachel (pretty much the same comp she won in Week 1) and the HOH comp had two people that were too big (Adam and Kalia) to realistically crawl under the rolling pin smoothly and consistently over the span of 13 minutes while the only non-vet who had a realistic chance at winning couldn’t participate.

      1. ok so once again is it rachel’s fault that she was the only in shape person competing in the comp? i guess it would we better if we just get rid of all the physical comps for the rest of the season and have random guessing stuff so people like adam and kalia could win

        1. Of course not but do you believe that it’s merely a coincidence that there was a twist to save the vets and there were two comps in a row that was geared toward them? The POV comp was almost the same damn thing Rachel won for the first HOH competition. And realistically, even if Kalia or Adam were in better shape, their body types aren’t made for the type of comp that Rachel won on Thursday; body type has more to do with fat/not fat. They’re not going to be svete people by nature

          And you also left out the part where Rachel won her second HOH based on one of those silly quizzes/guessing comps. But since Rachel won that comp, it must have been pure brilliance – right?

          1. once again is you solution that they get rid of all the physical comps and just have random guessing stuff? and after rachel won i said that it was a guessing… and did u forget the endurance comp that dani won her first hoh? was that geared towars her because she was a smaller person? was that production? being physically in shape is half the battle in the bb house and its not rachels fault that she is the only one who is….maybe next time the newbs will align with in shape players vs voting to get rid of them the first 3 weeks

          2. People choose what to believe. If you are pro-Danielle, you will insist that the show is manipulated. If you are pro-Jordan, Rachel, and Jeff, you will insist that it is not. Let it go! It’s getting taxing. None of what we are saying here will change anything. If you are unhappy, stop watching and I am not being mean.

      2. You have to realize that these competitions have to be planned in advance – they can’t just do them on impulse and gather all of the supplies at the last minute.

  25. Adam & Kalia go up and send Adam packin he aint done nutin but be a lap dog to whomevers in power.
    Now show more Porsche with as little clothing as possible…thanks boys
    Too bad you cant capture pics of Jeff being a total whiney ass crybaby and giving Dani Rachel-like mean girl looks. Brendon seemed upbeat & so did Dani…typical

  26. I hope all the conspiracy theorists are wearing their tin foil hats!! Pandora’s box is not any different this year than in previous years.

  27. I have watched every BB since the first season, never missed a show. This season is the worst due to the veterans. I hated it from the first time they brought them on. I will not be watching next season of BB if they have even 1 veteran on the show.

    Same goes for Survivor. They are bringing back 2 vets and I will not be watching it.

    1. so u would be happier watching a full season in which people like kalia adam and shelly were the stars? this would have been the worse season ever without the vets because they are the only entertaining people in the house worth watching.. I agree they shouldnt mix vets with new people i would have preferred an all star couples season instead of 3 couples of vets and 6 random newbs

  28. Okay, I even think production may have something to do with the outcome of the last two weeks. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the doughnut challenge was for Rachel. Okay, you got Kalia who should have quit before she started. Everybody knew she would either run out of breath or just die before it was over. Then you have Adam……smoker and not physically fit. Okay, Jordan…….just lazy and doesn’t care who wins. I think Jordan is a sweetheart, but her performance appeared to be lacking (based on what was shown on tv).

  29. Can someone explain what would have happened with the fake duo twist if AS would have won power of veto and pulled RJ off the block. There would have been NOONE to put up?? Even though that probably wouldn’t have happened it COULD have, so it tells me the winner of the competition was known well before they competed.

    1. If you remember, Porsche asked Kalia to be her partner and told Kalia that she would be safe. Therefore Kalia and Porsche had zero chance of being put on the block. It was either Adam/Shelly or Rachel/Jordan. In a situation like that, you have two options, either remain on the block or have the two people left replace you on the block. It’s just that simple.

      1. It’s kind of the same deal with the final 4. If the only houseguest not on the block wins veto, they can’t really use it.

  30. R had said she would not open Pandora. Production told her to. I find it strange that last night Jordan and Adam were going on and on talking about Tori. Adam is disgusting! Grown man acting like a teenager over 90210. Can’t stand Kahlia or Adam. Hope P and R go to the end. Send Jordan on her way to clown shoe Jeff.

  31. LOL at crying over something they’ve done in past seasons. Of course more screaming and whining about “rigging” stuff. Typical, most likely a bunch of Dani fans completely ignoring the fact Dani the tranny recieved 4 free weeks of complete immunity and bragged about all her friends in production, yet she still proved to be a failure. Failure as a daughter and now a failure at Big Brother as well in spite of all the help she recieved.

    Also note the complete sudden 180 with Shelley once Dani was looking like she was going home, of course production put giving Jeff the boot in her head, she didn’t think that up herself. Repurcussion for getting rid of their favorite player.

    All I care about is the fact that Dani cannot win no matter how much Team Dani fans cry about it even if it meant Jeff or any other houseguest lost in the process.

    1. Yes I would like Rachel to win, however, let us give Jordan credit as her social ethics is her game and everyone should accept the way she is, at least, not a backstabbing liar as the other house guest. Would like Jordan either to be second or America’s favorite for some money and Adam comes in second. Kalia, Porsche and Jeff have all won some cash already. Too bad for Shelly, her strategy did not work, too much lying. So Adam, Rachel and Jordan have not won any cash yet, final three then.

  32. dumbest shit ever, yeah lets award Adam for doing nothing in game. now he can say he spent summer kissing every houseguests ass and tori’s too
    when does Survivor start?

    1. 1: To anyone who says that Adam and/or Jordan don’t deserve to win- if this game was only about competitions, then it would be Ninja Warrior, or something along those lines, and not Big Brother. But to play such a good social game that you’re not winning comps, and yet still somehow everyone likes you enough to keep you around is probably a lot tougher,IMO. You have to make all the right moves at all the right times and pick the people you want to align yourself with correctly. Comps last, at most, a couple hours, but the social game is constant. Being a ” FLOATER” is a strategy that can work just as well (if not better becuz you’re never seen as a threat) as being a competitive player. Jordan and Adam will probably make it to the end, and I THINK THEY DESERVE IT AS MUCH AS ANYONE ELSE. Hey the proof is in the puddin’!
      2: I disliked Rachel for BB12 and the first half of this season, but she’s really grown on me and now I find myself rooting for her, much to my surprise…..She definetely has her moments, but I think she has a good heart and is very loyal. People say the most vile and vicious things about her, but to me, that says more about the poor character of the people writing the comments than it does about Rachel.
      JEFF was my boy, but now I hope it’s Rachel, Jordan, and Adam in the Final 3!!!!

      1. 1. Jordan would be going home if she wasn’t saved by pandora. Her social game was to walk around with a blank stare. What did she do for her alliance? Who did she recruit? Who did she befriend? Anything she wins from here on in was handed to her by production.
        2. Rachel is more likable to Jordan fans because of all that she has done for Jordan. The only thing that would save the season is if Rachel turns on Jordan. Your tune would change then, wouldn’t it?

      2. I agree it is not just about comp so but everyone is basing it on that jordon has played a good game to she may not win a lot but she has the whole house liking her and in retrun not only do all hg not see her as a threat no one wants to vote her out even kaliah who is on the opposite side is trying really hard not to put her on the block.

  33. This was the pandora’s box they probably originally planned… but when they realized they had to add a twist and keep RJ they decided they would just have two back to back

    1. EXACTLY last week’s Pandora’s Box was NOT planned, the proof, we were not told about it, it was brought up soon as Jeff was evicted, now their trying to cover it with this weeks.. Ill bet money right now Rachel got a power

    2. I just had a good laugh after reading your warning. Super funny. I do agree that some aspects of them game is rigged. And not just from the vets standpoint but from both standpoints. Newbies and vets were rigged to win certain things. If not, the final 5 would been a steam roll for the vets.

      And before someone reads this and gets all in their feelings, I’m not complaining. I’m just stating the obvious. I personally don’t have a problem because it’s just a show. Though it does suck when it is blatantly obvious that the producers wanted a certain outcome. Like nobody can honestly say that the producers did not think that Rachel wasn’t going to win the last veto.

  34. Well, at least Shelly and her cubic zirconia are out the door. I still can’t believe that Shelly apologized to Jordan only to try to scr ew her over again……amazing. I know Shelly is gone and I should leave her there……but darn.

  35. I wouldn’t be surprised that Rachel was given Diamond Power of Veto when she opened Pandora’s Box. This would virtually guarantee her at least final 3, if not Final 2.

  36. I have been a bb fan since the first season….this is by far the worst season ever….I lost interest more when dani left….The only ones who are really playing the game right is Dani, Brendan and Rachel. I can’t wait for Rachel and Brendan find out that Jeff blew the comp that sent Brendan home….yea, they talk about Dani, not sticking the the vet alliance…Jeff sent Brendan packing…..

  37. wow, seriously, that is really scary that Jordan offers Tori a drink while she is pregnant and THEN DEFENDS IT by saying she was trying to be nice…ummm so if Jordan even has a child, will she take alcoholic drinks when offered just to be nice…do the depths of this girl’s stupidity ever end…but yeah, that’s upsetting to me, hope the DR says something to her bc I wouldnt be surprised if she has no idea what fetal alcohol syndrome is

        1. Oh, well looks like Jordan has had another dumb moment. I hope BB shows it on Sundays episode how really dumb she is. Offering a pregnant lady alcohol. Really Jordan! This girl needs some common sense.

    1. I think any responsibility in that situation would lie with the pregnant Ms. Spelling
      to inquire if the drink contained alcohol, had she been inclined to accept it.

  38. So is Rachel going to nominate Porsche & Kalia or one of them and Adam? Anyone know? Haven’t been watching the feeds lately.

      1. LOL True! I think worst case scenario, Adam wins the veto and takes one of KP off and forces Rachel to put up Jordan. That would be crazy!

        1. Which, while possible, I’d say is on the really low end of likely. Adam’s still starstruck with Jordan and he’ll even be more in their thrall since Rachel opening up Pandora’s box got him a shopping spree with Torri. I don’t see him flipping at all.

          1. Jordan can’t keep him safe though. Rachel can’t play for the next HoH and Jordan isn’t going to win. And if he sticks with KP then it’s 3 against 1 because KP aren’t going to get rid of Adam before Rachel.

  39. If all of you are so convinced it’s rigged and you hate it so much, why do you take the time to watch or post about it? Seriously, it’s a game! In no way does it affect any part of your personal life. It’s sole purpose is entertainment, so find a new way to entertain yourself! All of this bashing of Rachel and Jordan is ridiculous. I don’t see how any of the HG’s left are more deserving then either of these two.

    Oh and Dani is GONE YO!!!!!

    Rachel/Jordan/Adam FTW!

    1. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing Rachel win the money. She is the only one who I feel is really in it to win it of who is left in the house. As far as, Jordan and Adam, they haven’t done a damn thing but coattail ride the whole game.

  40. oh boohoo,
    you dont like rachel and jordan, so the game must be rigged.
    they plan these competitions months in advance.
    plus, if it were rigged, im pretty sure the most likeable players, jeff and dani wouldn’t be in the jury house while kalia and adam are still in the game.
    its not rachels fault the other competitors are fat, lazy and out of shape. grow up

    1. No. They create the competitions beforehand, but they decide at which point to use which competition as the season progresses. At least make an attempt to know what you’re talking about before you start throwing the ‘boohoos’ around.

  41. Simon, I REALLY just have to get this off my chest and I promise I’m gonna try and be nice( so I hope you let this posts!

    1. CBS is a production company and are there for the ratings ONLY!!! I doubt you could get them to change ANY episode of a program you currently watch!
    2. Everyone made fun of shellys “manly” walk…for Christ sake…she has a rod in her her back to help her walk, stand, sit, etc…U get the point!
    3. Rachel has an acne problem…so what!!! 2/3’s of the young American population do! How about U ?
    4. JORDAN…. what can I say….yesterday I read posts of people saying she looked like a down syndrome person! THAT is where I think U should STOP!!!! Jordan actually has a brother that is disabled and all the remarks about something like that are not just insane, but are CRUEL!!! The people saying things like that about her are inhumane and despicable and U KNOW WHO U ARE!!!

    If you don’t like this damn show…STOP watching…your comments WILL NOT be missed!! Grow up, have a heart….and REMEMBER your life or the lfe of a loved one could be touched in the SAME WAY!!!

    Thanks Simon for letting me blow off some pent up anger toward uncompassionate people that ALWAYS down someone else…when they know very little about them!! Gameplay anyone???

    1. 1. I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. They are certainly in it for the ratings, and considering the monies involved I absolutely do not think they’re above pushing the game in the direction they want it to go. Sometimes a little too obviously.

      2. Agreed. Personal attacks on things that have nothing to do about how they played the game is pointless and makes the people saying it look worse than the people they’re attacking.

      3. See point #2

      4. See point #3

      I will disagree with the ‘stop watching the show’. Not to sound cliche but it’s my dime and a free country. If I find fault in a show I was otherwise enjoying I have absolutely every right to make my displeasure known. ‘If you don’t like it, don’t watch it’ isn’t an argument. It’s a cop out.

      1. Skulk the last comment I made was purely personal opinion and yes you’re right it is a free country…. I saw that you addressed every comment EXCEPT #4 about that horrible comment about Jordan looking like a down syndrome person….PERSONALLY I wish Simon would block sh$$ like has nothing to do w/game play and I’m sure that kinda comment is very offense to the people affected by that disease!

    2. Good post and well said. Thank you. It it so easy for these narrow-minded, cruel people to say such horrific things on their computers. Their own self esteem must be so very, very low and it makes them feel better to belittle others. They are just sad anonymous people obsessed with a very silly, yet somewhat entertaining tv show. Get a life. Moreover nasty people, get a heart, or some courage. It’s easy to berate when none knows who you are.

  42. to all you crybabies, whiners, show is rigged etc. dumbass comments, give it a rest its a goddamn tv show if you don’t like change the frickin channel cbs would not miss u nor would anyone else

    1. And if you don’t like comments where people complain about aspects of the TV show don’t read them instead of casting the first stone.

  43. Ok if they rigged this PB for the vets, then why did AG tweet about a pandora’s box that could make one house guest very happy…… before the HOH competition was done? They didnt know yet who was going to win

  44. Rachel will nominate Adam and Kalia, she has a deal with Porche from last week. Kalia will go home and they will tell Adam he is a pon, he has been a pon and a ponder in this house.

  45. Production definitely cares only about ratings but they are not dictating this game. The newbies are just weak and thanks to the foolishness done by Dani to turn on her alliance (and the cash) it helped the newbies. Production was not controlling these newbies losing the first 3 HOHs and being eliminated. If production wanted anybody to win it would be Dani but she screwed herself.

  46. Rachel is the strongest competitor in the game and was the strongest competitor the last time she played. Its about time the strongest competitor win. I hate seeing floaters do nothing and make it to the game. You dont have to like Rachel but you have to respect her as a competitor.

  47. What are you twelve? Grow up or shut up! I clicked on your name and it leaves one with the impression that you suffer from little mans syndrome.

    1. Napoleon Complex? HAHAHAHA No, but people constantly bitching about my posts left and right, I needed to make a disclaimer…

      the Day I shut up is what Freedom of Speech gets revoked… Love America

    2. Haha…I agree….reminds me of someone in H.S. that talks smack,then get’s smacked and learns to stfu real fast after that!!!!!!!!!

  48. Didn’t Rachel say she saw Tori Spelling and that’s why she opened it? Like it was a picture of Tori, but when she went in, it was Jessie and Tori Spelling was outside? That’s how I took it.

    Hopefully, Rachel got something, but I doubt it, the house got something “good” so I doubt she got anything besides time with Jessie.

    1. She said that her PB preview was of Tori Spelling holding up clothing and she was tempted to open it because she thought that maybe Tori might offer to plan her wedding or something.

  49. Adam says that Tori kissed his duck. 0.o She asked her to Kiss his DUCK, this man is too feminine goddamn it’s like Ronnie asking a women to kiss his giant Darth Vader helmet…

  50. You notice the people in the jury house did not once say the word ‘like” but the ones still in the house are all saying the word ‘like” this comes from Jordan. Count how many timees they all will use the word like like like like like like

  51. Adam says awesome …thanks ..these tshirts are worth $3.50.

    Damn Big Brother went ALL OUT for them didn’t they? took em on a thrift store shopping spree… Just like the Pawn Shop Competition that got them to watching Hoff BS TV show….. Big Brother fell on hard times they can only afford has-been TV stars, and broke bitch type clothes..

  52. O….M…..G……would all you whiney babies on here who hate the season, hate production, hate, hate, hate everything just stop watching the show and stop posting your lame comments and get a life? Scrolling through your whiney, crying, childish comments for one with substance is extremely tedious. For those of you who post “real game comments” – thanks. I enjoy hearing other’s feedback. I just detest scrolling past all the whiners to get to them.

    Go watch something ELSE!

    1. I agree, and all these people complaining about Rachel opening Pandora’s box. From what I hear she was reluctant to do it. But do you think production was going to have Tori come over and hang out for nothing, please. They have manipulated every season’s BB. If some people have just realized this, well welcome to the real world. Anyone who doesn’t realize this, you need to stop smelling the coffee and start drinking it.

  53. all of you people need to stop saying the games rig rachel could have lost the pov rachel could of lost the hoh the only problem is the house is full with a bunch of people who cant do shit beside porsche and rachel the onlt way kalia or adam will win is if its a questin compition some of it might be riged but they still have to do most of it by themselves

  54. Seems there are some sore losers on the pro Dani side….
    I guess Dani didn’t play the game bad, it was you cant beat the other players and production too huh?
    I’m sure you are right. production wanted a vet to win…………….but wasn’t Dani a vet too?

    1. Thank you someone on this site finally makes sense…if production was gonna rig it to where a vet won dont you think it would have been jeff! He is the most popular player ever, so why would they want anyone else to win? Common sense sucks doesnt it!

  55. I miss my workout with my workout buddy Jeff. But at least I’m met Tori Spelling! Fara is watching right now with overjoy of meeting a famous celebrity. In other hand, Rachel is so pissed that she met Jessie again. WTF Rachel, what did you open the Pandora Box? You almost have a chance to finish off the newbies, however it was so close that the newbies would been opportunity to get the rid of Vets. I’m pretty sure that the newbies would be come up with stupid strategy over and over. Beside Porsche, your the responsible of open the pandora box and yet your newbies failed and better yet Shelly got evicted. You guys still come up with same old strategy and yet it backfired once again. So, good luck.

  56. Really? Jeff? Wow, guess America really loves homophobic douche bags that talk down to women whilte treating them like property.

  57. Adam, do you have Beverly Hills 90210 VHS, T-Shirts, Posters and all collectibles at home? Geez, you obess with Tori Spelling. What’s next you obess with Jason Prestiley, Shannon Doherty, Jennie Garth, Ian Zierling, and Gaberille Carteris? What else Tori Spelling father too? WTF The security guard will put restraining order against you.

    1. DAMN and you know their first and last names…maybe you and Adam can get your 90210 jammies on and have an alnight 90210 marathon.You can call it something like sissy boys night out or stalkers stay over…OMG how cool would that be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. This Pandora’s Box is so very Boring… Who in the world would have thought. Something. Like that up???? I think they need to hire a new Big Brother Production team. NEW IDEAS…CBS WAKE UP AND HIRE SOME STAFF THAT CAN PRODUCE UNIQUE DRAMA.

  59. I have been watching Bg Brother for 5 seasons. Every year people say it is rigged. I believe that all reality shows are scripted to some degree even Survivor. I am not thrilled with who is left but I am still watching and next season the comments will say the show is rigged and the season after that. Everyone had a chance to win the last HOH Rachel won because she is a better physical player. How can that be rigged?

  60. Why is it that when Porsche opened Pandora’s box, it ruined her HOH, but when Rachel opens it, she gets the SAME thing Britney got last season, which didn’t effect the game at all? And why did Julie warn of Pandora’s box during the live show this week, but not last week when it conveniently popped up after Porsche won HOH?

  61. CBS/BB is rigging Big Brother Big Time : they offer Porche a. Terrible. Pandora Box that gave her little moeny. It nullified Porsche’s HOH.. gave Rachel and Jordan the upper hand after thay were about to be evicted. That duo and duo pov was clearly designed to help Rachel and Jordan. Each twist so far has been a ploy to save Rachel!! R Now, Eachel’s. Pandora Box does not affect her game in a negative way!.. it is a win/win situation for Rachel and CBS!..They had Jesse all lined up to re-enact that together thing with Rachel!.. They set uo a HOH comp designed for Rachel to win! – it is obviou that BB want Rachel (maybe dumbb ffloater Jordan) to win! – Poor Newbs and Dani have had to play against the Vets and against BB!!! – I will not watch this show again!! – Stop Interferring BB! – Let them play the game! – You twists are just ploys you come up with to help certain people. It is Unfair and upleasant to watch! – why did BB lock the door to present Shelly from figuring out the fortune teller?.. I’ll bet that Rachel or Jordan is given clues and time to figure out the fortune teller! SAD and SHAMEFUL!

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