Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says that she doesn’t think Dani will vote Dominic out. Brendon gets mad and says it isn’t her fu*king choice!

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12:30am The houseguests are out in the backyard talking about the power of veto competition. Shelly says that she was surprised that Brendon won the POV spelling the same word as he did last year. Rachel says that it was the soap that messed her up and that why she didn’t win. They all laugh and joke around about how Rachel did in the competition. Jordan and Jeff leave the backyard couch and go over to the hammock to talk. Jordan starts telling Jeff all the things that she talked about with Shelly and Rachel today. Jordan tells Jeff about the alliance Dani is forming with Dominic, Lawon and Kalia. Jordan says that Jeff is Dominic’s target. Jordan says that Dominic is not working with us. Brendon joins them by the hammock. Jeff says that he thinks Dominic and Adam are in on it together. Brendon agrees. Jeff says that they have to get rid of Dominic and that Adam is number one on my hit list. Rachel now joins them. Brendon and Rachel then leave to go inside. Jordan tells Jeff that if she wins HOH she will put Dani up. Jeff says that he’ll put Dani up too! Jordan says that if HOH is an endurance competiition …and it’s me, you, and Brendon hanging on. Jeff tells Jordan to let him win. Jeff says that he will put Dani up because she’s standing in their way. Jeff says that he wanted to keep Dominic but he BLANK himself up. Jeff says that they have to split up Dani and Dominic by sending him home. Jordan asks Jeff if he thinks Brendon and Rachel could throw them a surprise and use the veto? Jeff says that he doesn’t think they would do that to them. They talk about how they would be stupid if they did that. Jeff says that Kalia just wants to be a part of something, anything and it makes me so sick. Jordan tells Jeff that she knew he was mad when he was working out. Jeff tells Jordan not to tell Kalia BLANK!! Jeff tells Jordan to tell Kalia that her and Jeff just wanted to be together all summer, that she doesn’t even care about winning. They talk about how they will continue to be nice to her to get her jury vote. Jordan says that she thinks Adam and Dani should be the next targets after Dominic gets evicted.
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1am In the HOH Brendon, Rachel and Porsche are talking. Brendon tells Porsche that they don’t know who is working with who but there are a lot of people he doesn’t trust down there. Rachel starts talking about not trusting Dani. Porsche leaves the HOH. Brendon gets mad at Rachel for saying stuff about Dani to Porsche. Brendon says that he thinks if she tells Porsche anything about being suspicious of Dani that there is a possibility it will get back to her. Rachel asks what Jeff said? Brendon tells her that Jordan was saying that Kalia kept coming up to her today and saying that everyone is acting weird. Brendon says that Jeff told him that Dani won’t stay in a room with him and that every time he walks in a room where Dani is.. Dani leaves. Rachel says that she doesn’t think Dani is going to go for voting Dominic out. Brendon gets mad and says that it isn’t her BLANK choice! Brendon says that if we’re not careful were going to lose any BLANK advantage we have! Rachel says that she doesn’t know why Dani wants to backdoor Jeff. Rachel then asks so she can keep Dominic? Brendon says duh!! ..that will weaken the vets alliance. Brendon tells Rachel that it’s not rocket science! Rachel tells Brendon that Porsche told her that Dani was one of her faves of her season and that Dani’s strategy was to pair up with the strongest guy in the house (Nick) and then make him do all the dirty work. Rachel says that she thinks that is what she is trying to do this year with Dominic. Rachel says that she thought Dani actually liked Dominic but now she doesn’t think so. Brendon says that Dani looks at Dominic as a boy. Rachel doesn’t seem to get why everyone wants to go after Jeff? Brendon says duh …do you really not get it? Brendon says that if anyone in this house wants Jeff gone it’s because Dani has been down there pushing for it.

Meanwhile, out in the backyard, Adam, Shelly and Jordan are talking. Adam tells Jordan that he wants Lawon and Kalia out because they haven’t done anything. Jordan tells him that he can’t keep switching sides and clinging to whomever is in power. Jordan says that he needs to decide what he’s going to do and who he’s going to work with and stick with them. Jordan says that he’s too wishy washy and it’s hard to trust him. Jeff comes over and tells Adam.. that next week is a different week. Adam says that he wants to work with Jeff and Jordan because they have shown him the love. Adam says that he can’t express how appreciative he is. Jeff tells Adam that his answers are all over the place. Jeff says that Dominic would throw him under the bus in half a second and whatever he thinks he knows …Jeff knows a little more. Jordan tells Adam that he knows she and Jeff want to spend the summer together and he should want to hang out with them rather than people who would blow smoke up his butt. Adam tells Jeff and Jordan that he is 100% loyalty to them. Jordan tells Adam that Dominic has a bunch of people wrapped around his little finger and that Dominic will throw him under the bus in a heartbeat.

1:30am Brendon and Rachel are still talking. Brendon keeps telling Rachel not to say anything to Porsche. Rachel defends Porsche. Brendon says that he doesn’t trust Shelly, but that Jordan trusts Shelly, so it’s best to keep Shelly close. Porsche joins them in the HOH room. Porsche tells them that she would love to sleep on the couch in the HOH room but that she got the others to shift their sleeping arrangements so she is going to share a bed with Kalia. Porsche says that she hopes to push Kalia out of her comfort zone. They laugh about getting Porsche to sprinkle hair on Kalia’s bed to drive her crazy because Kalia hates hair. Brendon says good job Porsche, we’re proud of you! Rachel asks where Dominic is going to sleep? Porsche says that he may sleep with Dani. Porsche says goodnight and leaves. Rachel tells Brendon that they can’t let Porsche sleep down there with them. Rachel is worried that Porsche could be influenced by Dominic. Brendon says that Rachel should maybe go down there and hang out with her until she goes to sleep. Rachel says but they’ll be up all night! Rachel says that she can’t believe Dani is already turning on us. Rachel says that she can’t believe it’s only week three and Dani has flipped. Brendon says that Jeff and Jordan trust them and that with what is happening with Dani it is even more important to stick together. Brendon says that he wants to cement a final four deal with Jeff and Jordan. Rachel says that she thought they already did. Brendon says that they can’t ever let Jeff and Jordan think they are turning on them.
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1:45am Jeff and Jordan are in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Kalia and Shelly are in the lounge room. Kalia is crying. Kalia says that she doesn’t care if people like her or don’t like her… she’s just stressed. Kalia says that the whole day has been weird! Kalia tells Shelly that if Rachel uses the veto then there is only one couple that will get put up… her and Lawon. Kalia is upset that no one is coming to make deals with her. Jordan walks by and asks Kalia what is wrong. Shelly says Kalia just wants to get away from all of the whispering. Jordan and Shelly try to make Kalia feel better. Jeff comes in and Jordan tells him that Kalia is sad. Kalia says that sometimes she just wants to shut it all off and you can’t do that in the house. Shelly and Jeff leave. Kalia tells Jordan that she feels really nervous right now in the house. Jordan tells her she isn’t mad at her she is just worried about her and Jeff getting back doored. Jordan leaves and Jeff comes in. Jeff asks Kalia if she is taking Kalia time now…

2am Porsche and Dominic are talking. Dominic tells Porsche that Kalia made a deal during the first week, and that she was one of the votes to evict Keith. Dominic asks Porsche who the other votes were besides Kalia. Porsche says that she won’t tell him …yet. Porsche says she won’t tell him until later. Dominic asks if it is a male or female? Porsche says you don’t know how to play this game. Dominic asks her if it starts with an “A” or an “S”? Porsche doesn’t say anything. Dominic tries begging her and she says not until we are in a super alliance together. Dominic asks her if it was Adam. Porsche asks why does it have to be Adam? Porsche leaves the room. Dominic mouthed what the BLANK to himself.

2:15am – 2:30am Dani and Dominic are all alone talking. Dani tells Dominic that Jeff thinks she is up to something right now. Dominic says that’s not good. Dani tells him that Jeff and Jordan are really nervous that they are going to go home. Dominic asks Dani if she told anyone that she was the one planting the seed in Brendon and Rachel’s head to back door Jeff and Jordan. Dani says that she only told him that. Dominic tells Dani to be careful about what she says to Kalia. Dominic tells Dani not to trust her because she is tight with Jordan. Dominic tells Dani about his conversation that he had with Shelly last night. Dani says Shelly wanted to talk to her today too. Dani says that it was weird because she never has before. Dani says that Shelly wanted to talk to Kalia also. Dani says that she wonders if Shelly is running around trying to double deal. Dani says that she thinks Dominic should just make out with Porsche. Dominic laughs. Dani tells him that he has the fakest laugh. Dominic says that Jeff and Jordan haven’t told him anything. Dani says that they don’t care about you. Dominic says that he doesn’t understand why they would want to keep Adam over him.

2:30 – 5am The houseguests talk about random stuff no game talk. One by one they head to bed. Lawon, Dominic and Dani are still up not wanting to go to sleep yet..


5:35am Dani and Dominic are talking. Dominic asks Dani how bad Jeff wants him out. Dani says Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel really don’t talk to her anymore. She says that its always the four of them in the HOH. Dani tells Dominic to tell Rachel that he is nervous and that he has heard that Jeff wants him out. Dani says that she is going to lay off talking game to everyone today and get in Rachels ear Monday and try to plant some seeds in Rachels head. Dani tells Dominic not to bad mouth Jeff to Rachel. Dani says that she still wants Jeff out. Dani says that she would not mind keeping Adam for the next couple of weeks. Domiinic asks Dani if she really thinks she can get Jeff out this week. Dominic says that he would bow down to her if she can make that happen. Dominic and Dani says that they will try hard for the HOH this week. Dani said they will have the scrape off her dead body off the HOH competition because she will not give up if it is endurance. Dominic and Dani laugh about how Porsche got the golden key and has been doing everything they want but that she tells other people stuff. They talk about how Porsche is not as stupid as they thought. Dominic says that he doesn’t want Brendon and Rachel to win HOH this week. Dominic says that he has to get through this week first. Dani says that she has no doubt Dominic is staying. They count who would vote for who. Dani tells Dominic to tell Brendon and Rachel that he is really worried. Dominic says that he doesn’t want to tell Rachel too much. Dani says that it will be Jeff or Adam going home. Dominic says no way will they put Jeff up. Dani says that they have to make it in Brendon and Racehl’s best interest to get rid of Jeff. They decide to go to bed.

6:20am All the house guests are now sleeping…

9am Shelly just woke up, my guess is that she has a coffee and a smoke and then starts cleaning the whole house. All the other houseguests are still sleeping..

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Rachel is Boy George

lol Dominic and Dani are gonna be super shocked when Dominic goes home Thursday

Ms Jaxon

I’m glad that people are starting to use their heads in this game, now all they need to do is execute a GOOD plan!! BTW…has anyone noticed that Kalia looks just like THE GRINCH??? I’m just sayin’…know what I mean???


People are only able to use their heads when Rachel chills out and stops acting on petty emotions. Notce, when she’s not flipping out about stupid nonsense and her and Brendon aren’t fighting about stupid nonsense, they actually think logically and then male the right moves. If Rachel can just continue to act reasonably, then we’ll have a JJ/BR final four.


I dislike Rachel as much as the next person but melting down actually helps her. There have been a few times during this season where HGs have done what she wanted in order to avoid her having a shitfit.


anybody noticed porsche’s body while playing “basketball” in the BY ??? OMG YO !! her gut and butt/hips…DAMN !!


oh and porsche is still wearing her grey sweats….we were joking about the fact that her clothes probably dont fit her anymore…well i think its not a joke,but more like a fact !!!


If i was dani id take rachel to the final with me that just guarantees me a unananimous vote lol


I think everyone in the house is planning that…


not really. if rachel wins anymore HOH’s people are just gonna disregard the fact that shes annoying and are gonna look at her as a really STRONG competitor ( which she is) and might just give her their vote.


I cannot stand Kalia. She’s the NEW Natalie, to me, in terms of her nastiness. She is straight-up NASTY. I don’t like her at all. Nope! None! Not one bit! She talks too much and about the stupident shit. She looks like she absolutely STINKS. She’s dumb as dried shit. She has absolutely NO GAME whatsoever. She’s horrbily NASTY. Girl needs to take a 2 baths per day and ALWAYS stay dressed up, otherwise she is one ugly, stanky, NASTY sight. NASTY!!

Okay, done with that rant. Pulling for JJ and trying real hard to kinda pull for Brenchel this year too, but they make it so damn hard to like or pull for them. Rachel is such a psycho. Brendan open’s his mouth and a douche falls out everytime.

Glad to see Dani’s game blowing up. I liked her until she went all Dominic. Sure, have him as an ally, in your back pocket, but don’t cling to the boy like he’s the end-all, be-all of BB. He’s a newb for criminy’s sake. He’s still learning the game himself. He’s gonna make some rookie mistakes and he has. Not kissing up to the vets (recently) has been a mistake. Once he saw the numbers flip AND the power consistently flowing to the vets, he had to know that kissing Rachel’s ass and being boy-boy with Jeff was essential to his gameplay. He screwed the pooch on that, and now he’s left with Dani and her shattered dreams. Good luck with that Broseph.


Wow you sound like an expert! Go D&D!


I hope Dominic.stays… Really wish they would use.the veto and get lawon out. I’m on team dani and dominic


Agree completely!!!!!


I was on Dom’s side when he was with Cassi but he’s a dumb kid with puppy dog eyes for Dani. And Dani is such a poser these days. She’s actually dumber than I remember. Playing the game too hard too soon. She’s been found out by Brenchel and J/J of all ppl. Dom’s going home and Dani is prob next. Neither of these two are winning.


at least she keeps it interesting, unlike all the other boring people in this house


If Dani can pull off everything she says then she’ll definately be up there with BB greats!


LMAO at BBAD where Rachel guesses that Lawon could be an attorney because she worked with attorneys two days a week as a receptionist for the last year. Then she refers to herself as a chemist. The ditz doesn’t know that just because she got a degree in chemistry it doesn’t mean she’s a chemist???

Lawon’s linkedin page says he’s the owner of Exum Out! Entertainment and he has several LAME vids on funny or die. This guy must think BB will advance his career or something. Poor thing…


*Face Palm* @Lawon


Shows you how dumb Rachel is. I can’t think of any self-respecting attorney who dresses like a circus clown nor has the demeanor of Lawon. But maybe that’s what passes for professionalism in LA, it certainly wouldn’t cut it in Chicago’s legal community.

At best he’s a clerk or some non-titled individual who works for a law firm. Not knocking it, we all have to have a job and more power to anybody who can keep one in this economy.


Dani isn’t protected by a partner like Brendon/Rachel and Jeff/Jordan so of course it shouldn’t be a big surprise to them that she’s trying to get someone on her side. But the hand she’s playing is too obvious. I’m not necessarily a Dani fan ( or a fan of any of them really).But I am looking forward to when she can play in the competitions. And I also hope there is some twist because this game is looking way too manipulated by production. I really don’t even totally believe Evil Dick left on his own. And I hope it’s not true Brendon won the POV spelling the same word as last year. If that’s the case they are telling us how truly stupid they think the public is.They already ruined the social dynamic by bringing in couples who have played the game and are familiar with each other. You have two couples who have a romance with each other there to comfort and lean on each other ,even when they go as singles. Ridiculous, because that puts the stress on the other people who didn’t come in there knowing each other. If it truly was a couple’s twist than they would have placed other real duos in as new contestants. Like a person in their best friend, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, sibling, etc. But I hope Porshe, Kalia, and Lawson start getting down to the game once the golden key twist ends. And maybe then they ill also get to play in a POV competition because by Kalia and Lawson not being picked two weeks in a row ,makes it seem like they aren’t playing like it’s a choice. Kalia at least did as good as Dominic in the HOH comp. that Jordan won. So who knows. I don’t see how any of them are going to be able to float after this week.


I have been trying my best to keep up with everyone on BB this season, but I am losing interest fast. With Brendon once again picking up something for BR once again proves WHY JJ should have backdoored one of them last week and now it might bite them in the ass if BR decide to make the power play and back door JJ. I am interested and yet at the same time, close to not giving a shit anymore.

Does anyone have a possible guess as to the new twist in the game is when it comes to the final 10? It has to be something to do with the extra week they have with ED leaving early.


He won the veto with the same word as last year! This is not a reality show its a chess game. CBS is the player and the houseguests are the pieces. I haven’t watched the last two episodes and not sure if I will watch any future ones. This website has all the info and the comments and both make this way more entertaining than the squewed shit CBS force feeds us!


I love how Shelly goes on and on and on about how important it is to be a good role model for her daughter and how all her choices, everything she says and does, has to have her daughter in mind…..while puffing on one cigarette after the next.


I was thinking exactly the same thing! One day during the feeds she was stressing about production showing her smoking too much on the show. How can her daughter, husband, and family/friends think any less of her when it comes to smoking when they see her doing it everyday? There is also something called second and third hand smoke that affects the health of the people that you live with.

Another thing that irks me about Shelly is that she wants to be a good role model, yet she changed her vote and did not fess up about it. I know it’s the game and all, but I really do not like it when people are not honest about their votes. If you really stop and think about it, in the history of Big Brother (well, I will say Seasons 3-8 & 10-13….I did not watch the others) no one has ever voted and not fessed up until Shelly and Kalia. The only person other than them is Eric, who was America’s Player. She sat there while other people were blamed…….but she did show how sorry she was during her DR session, so I guess that redeems her a little.

Zach Mac Isaac

At this point in the game it seems that BR are more worried about Dani, Dom & Kalia than JJ; so I would just leave the nominations the same and get rid of Dom because Dani is the most dangerous player in this game right now.


“Brendon gets mad and says it isn’t her fu*king choice!”

Really I thought everybody had a mind of their own, nobody that goes in the house has to throw comps ot vote the way douches want hem to it is their own choice.

“Porsche tells them that she would love to sleep on the couch in the HOH room but that she got the others to shift their sleeping arrangements so she is going to share a bed with Kalia. Porsche says that she hopes to push Kalia out of her comfort zone. They laugh about getting Porsche to sprinkle hair on Kalia’s bed to drive her crazy because Kalia hates hair.”

Audrey II & Pacer sleeping together LOL guess pacer will prince the after midnight snacks.

Guess someone should tell the Idiot couple that Audrey It’s comfort zone is anywhere where there is someone making FOOD, the hair thing is just to throw people off. Sprinkling hair on her is kinda wrong but this is expected from the Evil couple, I mean they already “sprinkled” c*** on the sheets on every bed they sleep in, DISGUSTING. BB should make a quiz comp out of that fact and the question would be “who in the house has soiled sheets with man juice?” and watch Rachel’s face turn bloody red as she answers the question correctly as well as everybody else. BB could make things interesting.


B&R and J&J would be smart to stick to their alliance as far as they can. A solid alliance can win you the game.

Dani should get back in good with the vets. She has shot herself in the foot shifting her loyalty to Dom. She won’t be trusted by either side now.

Kalia, Lawon and Adam: Terrible game play. Little chance at winning.

Porshe: I don’t even know what to think of her. I’m not sure whose side she’s on now.

Shelly: Has prob been my favorite of the vets, but she’s starting to talk to both sides too much like Dani did so this could come back to bite her soon. Loose lips sink ships! (still like her though, even though I imagine her walking on the beach in Cali holding a surf board saying, “Duuuude!”)

Dom: One foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. Buh-bye “Nick 2.0”

Jeff: Sexy as hell


I can’t believe what haters there are on this site. Granted I can’t stand Kalia Porshe or Rachel but how immature of you all to sit here and criticize their looks. I’d love to see any one of you go on the show and be filmed 24/7. Obviously unless youre miss america you arent going to look like a beauty queen all the time. Hating on someones character is one thing. But to make jabs about peoples weight or physical appearance is just flat out high school. Porshe is a tiny girl. So she may have gained some weight in the house and everyone jumps on board and is now commenting on her “gut”. just like season 11 when everyone hated on jordans weight. Seems to me she did just find snagging a hottie like jeff. Seriously its people like you that are the cause of girls starving themselves to death and nearly killing themselves trying to be perfect. How bout everyone stops being so shallow and judging the contestants based on their game play rather than their appearance


AMEN!! There must really be some stunningly beautiful people who comment on this board!! I wish they would all post full body shots of themselves so we can admire their perfect faces & bodies!!


don’t go away mad just go away. we can comment on anything we want. these people chose to go in a fish tank so critizism is par for the cor. as for you, your probably overweight yourself. most fat people always say “it’s the personality that counts not the appearance”. until they lose the weight (if they ever do).


the celebrity is going to be david hasselhoff. his show follows right after bb tonight so it only mkaes sense.


some big need to go down


is rachoe on slop? she was eating susshi and other stuff on after dark.


Damien666, yes, she’s on slop but as HOH she gets to eat anything BB gave her in her basket and fridge. Sushi was one of the items she found in her fridge when she went through her HOH room.


She got sushi and lots of other food and drink items in her HOH basket.


It seems they put much more food in her HOH basket and fridge, so for the entire week she did not have to touch slop.


I wonder if Porshe has gained weight from stress eating. I know she has the golden key but just being in that environment and anticipating what’s going to be next or what she should do.


I am so totally confused at this point who is going up, getting backdoor-ed etc…I read they want Dom out, I watch BBAD and hear that but then read also that “Brendon says that they can’t ever let Jeff and Jordan think they are turning on them.”….I guess at this point it’ll be what it’ll be cause I am as clueless as Jordan right now (although I love JJ team and always root for them). If I wasn’t going on vacation in 2 weeks I would subscribe to the feeds for the first time but I’ll save that for when all the players are new!


They are not using the POV, since they won it, they conned Dom to throw the comp, so they continue to have control they are not turning on JJ just yet, but if they were smart they would , because like everyone on this site have said the ONLY chance Brenchel has to win this game is if they are up against each other, which will be impossible, but I think this season at least one of them will be the 2nd or 3rd runner up, that’s just the way it is, unless they can get on a season where most of the HG like them which that would be a miracle in itself to have someone want to be on a show who has never watched it.. The plan is to get Dom out so they can destroy any chance that Dani and Dom could come after them. they are scared of Dani because she in fact is much better at comps then they are.


It’s called an alliance and if Dani can say multiple times not just once that she doesn’t care what happens to Dom but she can “control” him. LOL. Then of course B/R can say she doesn’t have a say in it. She doesn’t care remember! Uh huh…yeah I mean I would get pissed too when Dom is playing with Cassi’s hair when i don’t care. Lol! I just have to laugh.

The dumb girl gives herself too much credit and that’s when you get bit in the ass by BB. Her number is up. B/R and J/J know what’s up. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Brendon is actually THINKING this time. Why cut J/J now? They’re still with you and have Shelley in their pocket plus Kalia is the ultimate floater who is also close to Jordan.

Cut them now and you give Dani her partner in Dom AND Kalia and Jordan & Selley turn on you not to mention you become the biggest target. And they can’t really trust Dom or Adam or Lawon. AND have only one person playing in the HOH next week. No…they might be annoying ppl but they’re smart enough to know facts. The devil u know vs the devil u don’t!

B/R will keep the noms the same and get Dom out. That way Dani has no where to run and will be stuck with you. Hands clean of blood. Dani played too her hand too early just like her season. This time she doesn’t have Evel to bail her out. And let’s be honest. Dani won a few POVs/HOHs but Evel carried that team and did all the thinking and manipulating and won when he needed to. She was huddled up with Nick. No one liked her as proven by who won. She’s a spoilt annoying brat and I hated the way she treated Evel in the house their season. Yes they had baggage we’ll never know but she never treated him well.

I gave her a chance this year but nah…not for me. She’s still the same whiny liar. Dani is a silly girl who thinks she’s smarter than she is. Can’t wait for her to realize that B/R and J/J have turned on her!


I thought Rachel won HOH, but I guess Brendan is making all the decisions since he won POV! Rachel was ready to get rid of JJ when Jordan didn’t pick her for the luxury comp, but Brendan is making the decisions. I hope Dani can get back in Rachel’s ear before the POV nominations!