Big Brother Spoilers – Dani about JJ “they are trying to get as many people in their little army of minions” **updated**

9:45pm Kitchen Rachel and Dani talking Competitions Brings up that Shelly hates KAlia.. they talk about Comps.. rachel says she doesn’t feel like getting dressed up. Dani: “You don’t have to be bedazzled every night”

10:05pm Kitchen Dani and Kalia
Dani thinks in order to get Brendon and Rach to use veto the veto they need people to promise them some things. KAlia thinks Dani can get Adam. dani thinks Adam has a thing with JJ but he doesn’t trust them. Kalia has no clue what lawon will do, neither does Dani. Dani brings up how Jeff bullied Dom, “He pulled him in and said When it all comes down to it which side are yo one”. Kalia: “Jeff’s such a bully”. Kalia says she’s with Dani.. “I’m with you period Done..and I Hope i’m not just a pawn for you” Dani: “I’ve already told you but swears on her grandmothers life she’s would love to have Kalia beside me in the final 2”. Dani says that Shelly hates Kalia, Kalia knows that already. Dani is saying something inside is telling her they need to get rid of Jeff this week.. Dani says they have to make it sound like it’s in BR best interest to backdoor Jeff.. Kalia is thinking it might be a better idea for them to wait another week. Dani doesn’t think so (because Dom is gone if you wait another week) she says JJ are super paranoid they are only talking to Shelly and BR right now. Dani: “they are trying to get as many people in their little army of minions”. Kalia tells her that jeff had told her that something was up with dani and she better not tell her too much. dani starts asking a bunch of questions about Jeff she wants to know exactly what he said. Kalia said that was it.

10:42pm couch, Jeff, Shelly, brendon and Adam Adam is explaining the life feeds and flashback. Shelly is also adding in her two bits.

11:00pm Porsche and Rachel join them everyone sharing stories laughing.

11:01pm Lawon and Dani Dani is trying to convince Lawon to vote out Adam. Lawon says that Dom is a very strong player but he’s more affraid of Adam. Dani says she’s super afraid of his mental game. Lawon doesn’t believe her “Fo Real?” (LOL after every sentence lawon says “you know what I mean”…. “You know what I mean”)

Dani is saying that nobody can get between BR and JJ. Lawon knew that. He says him and Kalia played good together for not knowing each other outside the house, “you know what I mean”.

“you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean””you know what I mean”

Dani says that there’s no fighting this season.. everyone seems to get along fairly well, “there’s some abrasive personalities in this house but it’s pretty quiet”, Lawon says Shelly is all riled up she’s playing more people more sociable “you know what I mean”

Lawon says it took take him a week to get back to normal after the game is done. Dani says he’s on crack if that’s what he’s thinking. It can take a long time depending on the person. Lawon now says it will take him a month. dani: “Yeah me to”

11:25pm dani by herself looking worried

11:56PM Dom joins them They give him a hard time for ditching them to play pool. Dani: “Adam and jeff of all people UGH.. Dom: “and Brendon” Dom asks her what he can do to make it up to them. Dani: “Give him a blowjob” Dom: “No” Dani jokes areound that Dom better be worried.

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What time is the pov ceremony?


simon, or anyone, people said that audrey was throwing a hissy fit about her bed last night, do you know what time that was on flashback?




Damn dani chill your over playing so much that even rachel and brendon see it

Tyler Kent

Aw man, Brenda and Skank Rachel are making me queasy, know what I mean? I hope they get their’s, know what I mean? I miss April, know what I mean?


Cmon people VOTE DAWG YO!

Adam's Fuzzy Mouth

Jordan just said “My grandparents would pop popcorn in an old-timey machine from like the 70’s.” LOL! I had no idea I was old-timey.


lololol that is too funny…Jordan is a simultaneous walking advertisement for why you should get an education and why you shouldn’t waste money on a college education bc sometimes it just won’t help


I have a strong feeling that about next week someone (prob jeff if he isnt backdoored this week) will call dani out on playing everyone and all sides…and it will cause her to snap especially if dom leaves this week. Or at least I hope that happens the show could use a bit more drama =D


This house is so stupid. Although Dani is playing all sides, she absolutely is right about JJ. They are running the house even when they are not HOH. B/R are so stupid that they can’t even see it. It just seems like everyone is so stuck up JJ’s a** that no one is playing the game. On live feeds and BB after dark, there is hardly any game talk. Dani may be the only one in the house that has the balls to put up JJ. Where’s Dick when you need him?

I’m sorry, I know that America loves Jeff and Jordan so much, but they have single-handedly ruined Big Brother. Everyone on the show for the past couple of seasons is just there for social game, no one is competing in comps. Everyone wants to be America’s golden person, so they don’t want to have any conflict with anyone in the house because this may ruin their image and they could be hated like Brenchal. Who cares if America hates you, if you worry about them, you will not win $500,000. Everyone is sucking up to JJ in the house, including Brenchal at this point. Rachel talks shlt behind their backs, but at the end of the day she wants to be accepted by them and America, for that matter.

I just want everyone to stop focusing on this couple (Jeff/Jordan) sooo much, including America, and get back to what Big Brother is about. It’s not about dynamic duos, it’s not about getting a TV gig afterwards, it’s not about getting America to like you, it’s not 100% about social game. This is about competing to win $500,000. At this point, I don’t see anyone in the house this season (same as last season) that wants to actually play Big Brother to win the money. I thought Rachel wanted it, but she is being controlled by Brendon and his stupid ideas and also by America because she wants to be liked, that she has let go of some of her fire. They should rename Big Brother–

Jeff & Jordan: The Social Game.


At Sonya: last week everyone was kissing br butt and hating on jj. Big brother is almost completely 100% social game. They’re stuck in house together. If you want people competing in competitions watch Survivor.


You’re so right. You should just stop watching.


ummmm….. you are WRONG B/R are not stupid by NOT putting up J/J. USE YOUR HEAD!!!! If they backdoor J/J guess whose on everyone’s hit list next umm… B/R it’s better for B/R if J/J are in the game because that’s another couple beside themselves that people will go after. Also, Dom and Daniel are FAR MORE THREATENING than J/J, Daniel and Dom can beat B/R in comps, whereas J/J are not that GREAT and B/R can beat them. B/R would rather be in the final 4 with J/J because they can easily beat them in the final comps, but they might not be able to beat Daniel and Dom. It’s good they get rid of Dom because him and Daniel can be hard to take out later on. Like Evil Dick said it would be STUPID if B/R took out J/J this week and he said on twitter that their best move would be to take out DOM. Don’t you get it? Also, all this is Daniel’s fault if she should have kept her mouth shut she would not be in this position. She played the game too aggressively and it’s ONLY week 3. Evil Dick said Daniel should have stuck with B/R and J/J and not put them against one another, but she did the opposite. She should have stayed close to her alliance and let the newbies take out B/R and J/J now she made herself a target with B/R and J/J and she caused it all herself. If B/R took out J/J this week then they would be idiots.


I agree 100% BR will b fools to take out jj becuz they will be the next target.


Ummmm…YOU’RE WRONG. I assume you are a JJ fan, that’s why you think it would be dumb for BR to take out Jeff. I don’t see how this could not benefit BR. This would make them the strongest alliance in the house. Also, what is everyone so afraid of. Sure they will be a target after Jeff is gone, but look at it this way, should BR really be afraid of Adam, Shelly, Kalia, Lawan, and Jordan? If anyone is afraid of these losers, they deserve to go home.

Can't stand it anymore

Sonya there is a button on your remote called “Power” try pushing it and it will turn your tv off!!!!! Use it!


Jeff and Jordan are playing the game, duh


I could not have said it better!


Sonya, I don’t really like that you’re talking about me and my man Jeff, but when you’re right, you’re right. Either one of us are competitive and we look at this as a ‘vacation’. I mean, when you’re white, attractive, not very bright, and white, you have America at your finger tips, and we’ve quickly learned that. We have no clue as to how to play the game, but so what, America loves us. Both of our IQs are below average, but so what, America loves us. I continue to pack on pounds while in the BB house, but so what, America loves us. In other words, I would be honored if the show was named after us. Look at me using big words like ‘honored’, I’ve come such a long way. America only likes people they can identify with, white, attractive, low IQ, and white…..


I agree..this bogus social game is a lame excuse for sitting around doing nothing and trying to wait everybody else out. I’m sick of it. BB needs to implement a loser punishment for every player who loses a competition they participate in. Nothing too drastic but punitive enough that it would make players think twice about floating.


I totally agree. So sick of Jeff n Jordan suck up show. If they were ugly it would be a different story. Jordan can’t play without Jeff and the newbues were too dumb to stick together. Worst season ever never bring back couples or veterans again!


I love the title of this article: Dani about JJ “they are trying to get as many people in their little army of minions”.
Dani, isn’t that what everyone on the show is trying to do? WTF is wrong with her anyway…..she seriously thinks the HGs should be working only for Dani, not for themselves….or what is she trying to say here? J/J are doing what the other HGs are doing; trying to keep their numbers high. And that was a flaw in them according to Dani…? I haven’t been watching the show (only reading Simon & Dawg’s awesome posts which are far more entertaining) so maybe someone can tell me….are the HGs doing an astronomical amount of drinking this year? That might explain their brain freezes and stupid ass remarks.
I must confess, Brenchel finally look like they may be playing with their brains instead of emotions but we shall see after the VC…..


Dani isn’t saying them building an army is a flaw. She KNOWS it’s smart game play which is exactly why she feels the need to take out Jeff this week. The more minions he has, the more votes and ppl who are gonna target BR and Dani. Plus, Jeff is a physical threat. Dani has come on a bit too strong too soon, but she does see what’s going on with JJ and knows it puts her and BR in a bad spot numbers wise


@Matty, ahhh, I see what you mean. I thought she was complaining that they were trying to recruit ppl to their side. I was very tired when I posted that in the middle of the night so please pardon my misinterpretation. Thanks 🙂


No problem @haydenfan. I really think that despite what ppl think about Dani’s game play she actually is making a valid point for taking out Jeff this week. Her biggest problem is is that she’s not delivering the message to BR in the proper way. She’s coming on as too much of a threat to them instead of laying out the facts and explaining why it’s beneficial to split up JJ now. BR would be so dumb to want a final four with JJ. Dani should talk to them as if she’s helping their game and that that is her priority. Instead she’s pushing her agenda so that all they see is her trying to help herself. I think her stubbornness to stick with her current strategy and delivery to BR is what’s leading to her downfall. She needs to win HOH this week or she’s definitely getting back doored. Sucks.


simon how do you change your name? I tried posting under another name and it said i was posting comments too quickly.


Dani! Dani! Dani! You are digging yourself a bigger grave! One minute you are with the vets then you are swearing an alliance with Kalia and getting cozy with Lawon…but then still working B&R to backdoor J&J. All this will do is confirm to everyone in the house you can’t be trusted. Not smart!

IMO, her best chance at recovering from this mess she has created for herself is by letting Dom go and rebuild trust/re-align with vets. It’s too early in the game to be more loyal to Dom at this point. Do the math: Alliance of 4 is better than an alliance with 1 who is probably on his way out the door. Dani needs to wake up and fix her mess because we need her around to get B&R out later! She’s the one with the best chance dominating them in comps.

Dani, wake up and pick up the pieces! We need you to keep B&R from winning this game! lol


The whole u know what I mean thing was Hilarious! 🙂


Hey Sonya, who is forcing you to watch BB?? If you dont like how THIS game is being played or previous seasons, get back to feeding your fat face and quit watching it!!


I have the biggest forehead in the world!!! You know what I mean?


I do not think that Lawon’s forehead is that big……I thought that at first, but then I realized that his hairline has receded and he will not just cut his hair off and go bald. It does make him look like he has an abnormal sized forehead though.


Is Rachel considering keeping dom in thé game?


At the end of the day, Dani is just one of those ppl who is smart at enough at this game to think she’s smarter than she really is. She’s slowly getting found out. B/R and J/J know that the only way they can win this game is to be near the end together. I say near the end cos they can only put each other up and still look mildly innocent is when the numbers are down to it. Dani was never a good player. She was good at comps but she rode Evel’s coattails. The best thing Evel did was get Nick voted out their season. Dani was just alienating herself with Nick and the same is going on now with Dom. She totally digs him even tho she says that stupid line “It doesn’t matter to me if you want Dom out or not BUT…” Blah blah blah. She’s totally infatuated again. I think B/R and J/J know that Dani will be the first to be cut loose and Dani knows it too. She’s amping her game up too soon.


Thanks for keeping the game interesting Dani!


For those that disagree with my comments, that’s fine. I assume you are JJ fans, not necessarily Big Brother fans. I continue watching BB because I am a fan of the show. This is the third season in a row that I have been disappointed with the show. I’m the type of person that likes to give someone or something multiple chances before I completely let it go. Thus, I have decided that this will be my last season if the final 2 include Jordan and anyone else, OR if the final 2 is two floaters. Sorry can’t take it anymore.

I know there are plenty of other people that feel the way I do, but they are afraid of morons like you that attack someone for having a different opinion. All I can say is enjoy watching the social game. If it continues like this, it’ll be off the air soon.

America's Player

10 Reasons why I love Jeff and Jordan!!!!

1~ They are the most competitive couple in the house, they win absolutely everything.
2~ They will put themselves on 2 weeks of slop if it meant winning a competition.
3~ Jeff yells at women in the house. Real men always yell at women.
4~ Jordan is able to make decisions on her own without the help of anyone else.
5~ If they ever won a trip to go to the movies, they would definitely bring their alliance Brenchel, instead of someone else.
6~ They don’t do stupid things like sit outside and watch insects, they’re always talking game.
7~ They are on BB to win it. They are not on here to take advantage of other opportunities like saaaay Amazing Race.
8~ Even though America loves them, they have not let it go to their heads.
9~ Jordan won fair a square two years ago. She won several HOH’s instead of skating through like some people do.
10~ Although many people hate Rachel, Jeff and Jordan have her back. They would never, ever, talk badly about her behind her back.