Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche wonders if Shelly has some power the Reapers Power Of Veto.. *Updated*

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12am Jordan, Rachel and Adam are in the kitchen. Adam is putting away the dishes. Jordan explains to Rachel that she is going to bed because who knows what time they will be on lockdown tomorrow so she would rather get up early. Jordan says.. because tomorrow is Wednesday finally. Rachel then says that she is going to go to bed as well. Meanwhile, Kalia and Porsche are in the living room staring up at the ceiling talking about what lights are never on and how Adam says they went out day whatever. Porsche & Kalia head into the kitchen to have a snack. Adam tells them that he is tired of doing nothing and that if he goes to bed early at least he can get up and do a work out. Adam says that he they will probably be on lock down some time tomorrow anyways. Porsche says yeah and tomorrows picture day. Porsche and Kalia are trying to make a pawn and a queen for the chess set. Shelly comes in from the backyard and scares them. Porsche says she thought it was production. Kalia says she thought someone was robbing them. Shelly asks are you serious. Shelly heads to bed. In the candy bedroom Jordan & Rachel talk about studying in the morning. Rachel says that it’s the best revenge from Jeff and Brendon. Kalia comes into the candy room. Rachel questions if Dani took her beanie dog to the jury house. Kalia says no. Kalia leaves then two seconds later Shelly talks to Rachel through the window in the other room with her stuffed puppy dog talking in a weird voice telling Rachel a birdie told her something to day …look under her pillow. Rachel finds her beanie dog under her pillow. Shelly says puppies need to stick together ..and then leaves the room.

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12:15am – 1:25am Adam, Kalia and Porsche go into the purple room and look at the fortune teller. Adam says that he tried everything ..he unplugged it, played with knob on the back .. Adam then punches the fortune teller in the stomach… then he holds the hand of the fortune teller and kisses it. Nothing happens so they leave the room. Adam says that he is going to have one more smoke and then head to bed. Porsche and Kalia go up to the chess set. Porsche and Kalia head into the HOH room to get ready. Kalia says that Shelly has been acting so freaking weird today. Kalia says that Shelly was saying that everyone is going to be surprised on Thursday’s going to be a fun crazy day..they wonder if she did get something from the fortune teller. Kalia said she asked her if she got any more leverage with them …and how Shelly said everything she could and that Adam will probably be the one to stay. Kalia says that she trusts Jordan now that Jeff is gone. Kalia says that even Jordan will probably step up and play the game harder and that she sees him talking to Adam a lot more. They wonder why Rachel and Jordan haven’t come to them for a final four deal …but realize that they probably see it as two to one because Porsche can’t play for HOH this week. Kalia says that the four of us need to talk tomorrow to make sure it happens. Porsche and Kalia start studying the events of the house. Porsche is folding over the corners of the pages in the bible for the days of the events of the house and sticking days of the week stickers on the pages. When they finish they start to use it to study and question each other. The conversation turns to wondering what the HOH competition will be like.

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1:25am – 2am Kalia and Porsche talk about how they really need to talk to Rachel and Jordan about their final four deal. Porsche asks if Kalia has talked to Rachel about their final two deal yet. Kalia says no and that she probably won’t until next week or the week after. Porsche and Kalia start running through the scenarios. They talk about whether or not Shelly has a power and then talk about how powers have worked in other seasons. Porsche calls it the reapers power of veto. Kalia says that it would be insane if all these people voted for Jordan to win again. Kalia says that we absolutely need to talk with them tomorrow because it would suck to have Rachel or Jordan to win HOH and then we are on the block. They talk about how either way one of them is going up with Adam on the block and that they can’t let him win the veto. Kalia and Porsche go to sleep.

2:20am – 3:10am Adam is in the backyard by himself smoking in silence. After sitting and smoking in silence for an hour Adam goes to the bathroom to get ready for bed and then climbs into bed to go to sleep.

6:10am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

9am – 10am Shelly is the only houseguest awake and up moving around the house. She is out in the backyard smoking, doing laundry and reading the bible. Big Brother wakes up the houseguests and you can hear the first wake up song: The Beatles – Blackbird
Big Brother then cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen..

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194 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche wonders if Shelly has some power the Reapers Power Of Veto.. *Updated*

  1. Has BB given Jordan her $500,000 check yet?
    If so, did she thank BB or say, “It’s about time; I’m exhausted!”

    1. I don’t think Jordan received her money yet…at the beginning of the show she told them she hasn’t gotten her money yet.

    2. Simon or Dawg –

      How did CBS and Jeff get around his employment history with CBS to become a contestant on BB13?
      Granted he may not be working for them right now but he was until recently
      and Jeff mentioned on BB 13 that he would only work for CBS.
      This question may have been asked and answered earlier. iI so, I missed it.

      1. don’t really understand your question but, I did hear jeff mention that he has several projects down the line with CBS after BB is over with.

        1. Usually employees and their family members are not allowed to participate in any corporations “Games and/or Contests” with prizes, including money.
          Corporations don’t want to give the appearance of favoritism or collusion should “one of their own” wins.
          IMO, since Jeff did work for CBS and will be doing so in the future, he shouldn’t have been allowed to be on BB13, even if
          he is currently not employed by them.
          They appear to be walking a very fine line, IMO.

  2. It would be soo funny to see Shelly walk out of the house on Thursday to Boooo’s from the crowed! All the other houseguest would hear it too…. Sooo funny

    1. shelly has got to go this week she is the biggest floater in this show adam is second floater if jr or k wins hoh this week who will be floating to jr or k kissing worst butt than adam SHELLY she has lied all season but this is big brother not survivor were you outwit and outplay and outlast the best players put shelly on survivor with russell. Shelly is anoother dr will they all hated him up on block week after week but he won if shelly wins it is fixed jeff will be voted america player again have much has he won this year then the year he was one.the grand pov is hiding in the fortune teller box open it. And if shelly wins this she will say GOTCHA ALL i played both sides and won SUCKERS AND LOSERS

      1. This is so wrong on so many levels. I can appreciate that you like Shelly’s gameplay, but let’s be honest here – she is no Will, and you pretty much insult him by implying that. There has never been a better BB player than Will, and while they’ve tried to put people they think will be a little similar to him in the house, no one compares.

        1. Dan Gheesling is right UP in that alley, maybe even better. Dr Will set the standard, though.

          I guess the followers of this website are making a big statement at the Fan Fave polls: Dominic is more popular than Brendon, Cassi, and Keith.

          Go, Team Production, yo.

      2. Shelly wins it is fixed, yet, the fix was obviously in this weekend with production saving JR, not once but twice, yet that’s part of the game? if Shelly gets a power and is saved this week it is FAIR…

        1. It is ALREADY fair… they threw Dani a few comps to keep the game even “shocker” and now they thew JR a bone too so that they keep both sides of the viewers engaged. Its a show that earns CBS money, not a show to be fair so get over it already – or keep crying i don’t care – SHOCKER!!!

    2. Why would that be funny? That’s sick. That would not be funny at all. She played the game, just like everyone else did. Respect the players, don’t be so childish.

    3. Come on, guys, really? I’ll put massive money down right now on her getting huge applause when she leaves the house, not a single boo. Doesn’t mean I’m her fan, I’m just a realist. And that realist in me tells me that there’s no way CBS or BB will allow a single ‘booer’ in that audience. And on another level, I’m not a Shelly fan, but I really am getting sick of the number of Shelly haters out there who seem lately to be multiplying as if someone got them wet and fed them after midnight.

  3. I love this blog, but I am disturbed by all the Jeff lovers. He’s a emotional abusive person, who takes the game too seriously. Yelling at woman isn’t acceptable. Shame on Jordan for allowing her boyfriend to speak to people that way. If they start it then OK, but he would start yelling before anyone would said anything. I just don’t get it…why do you guys like him??? Please help me understand

    1. listen up real c
      Jeff was emotionally charged in the house as is everyone
      He felt like he was fighting for a set group
      the group did not seem to be contributing much
      he thus felt alone targeted and vulnerable
      any person or animal in this situation will be defensive
      striking out in bravado with words is non violent
      his emotional outbursts were over as quickly as they appeared
      He was kind and fun and gregarious the rest of the time
      something many in real life as well find difficult
      I think Jeff is well balanced and easy going in real life
      He seems to be trying to solidify a career path to ensure his future and that is commendable
      AND yes he lives temporarily with his mom because he was traveling on a internet show last year.

      1. I don’t hate Jeff and he doesn’t deserve to be bashed no more or less than anybody in that house but let’s be real, Jeff was fighting for a core “group” to the extent that he’d keep those people around as long as it didn’t put him in danger. That’s much different from being loyal, honorable and playing with integrity. He was so scared of Daniele and so worried about Brenchel flipping, he was willing to throw Brenchel under the bus repeatedly. The funny thing is that Brenchel turned out to be more loyal to his cause than he ever was to theirs. If Jeff had fought to Brendan like an alliance member is supposed to do, then Jeff would probably have had another ally in the house and maybe would have survived that double eviction.

        Not saying Jeff has had easy decisions to make but his actions and decisions were not the most honorable around. He kind of waffled around just as much as Adam except he could win stuff(when not throwing comps or bailing out to take cash) and had a clear enemy in Daniele.

        1. the only problem with jeff is that he knew his alliance members were incompetent and he used them for votes only. he should have been a little smarter and try to align with others that won competitions or he could at least taught his people how to win competitions like dani taught hers. that is why is was a mistake for him to vote brenden out. brenchel win competitions and they would have protected jj all the way to the end

      2. ummm… no, Jeff doesn’t live “temporarily” at his parent’s house. he has lived there his entire 33 years. he never attempted to move out, not even once. i know Jeff personally and his is not just “emotionally charged”, he is a loud-mouth idiot.

          1. Jeff lived rent-free in Los Angeles at the Big Brother house. That must be the only break he took from living with his momma for 33 years.

            Go, Team Shelly, yo!

    2. I’ll let the Jeff fans weigh in, since he bugs me, but I do want to ask this. Why do you feel men should never yell at a woman? Are we the daintier sex? What century is this? Women have equal rights now and we often yell louder than the men. That doesn’t make it right, but that’s todays world. Besides, what you call yelling, I don’t consider yelling. He talks loud from time to time but usually when he was the maddest was when he spoke in a normal voice, like when he told Kalia she had to do what she had to do but if she put him up she’d be his target. Remember Jordan’s fight with Shelly? That’s what I consider yelling.

      I find it more disturbing that it bugs some of you so much that Jeff and Jordan have a large fan base and that people like them that you have to post about it and either a) bash Jeff and Jordan, b) bash their fans, c) continue asking why people like them when their fans have already posted their reasons.

      Sorry, but this kind of thing is the very reason why the topic of Jeff or Jeff and Jordan won’t ever go away.

      1. Jeff’s loud mouth disturbs me.

        But I find it more disturbing when he speaks affectionately to Jordan and say, “Goodnight, stupid” before they sleep.

        It makes me want to say, “it takes one to know one [insert brother and sister joke here], but I don’t want to get death threats. LOL. I think BigJ calling J “S” is the same as a broda calling another broda the “n” word. Oprah will be rolling in her grave when she hears such name-calling.

        [Gets a phone call] What do you mean Oprah is not gone yet? I watch too much BB.

        Go, Team PorKa, yo! Adam FTW, yay!

        1. Has anyone considered that they could have “code” words which means something else???? This way they can express themselves without growing the target on their backs!!!

    3. Get over the jeff abusing thing, oh my god, it was all in the game, he does not do this outside of the house, well at least to Jordan. You act like a guy has never yelled at you, come on, everyone I know has either been in a disagreement some time or another, lets get over this abuse shit, and let the players finish, for the moment, a very boring game.

        1. I love Shelly. I will cry if she leaves on Thursday.

          I am giving away “I love Shelly!” T-shirts to all my straight-shooter friends – just like this one I’m wearing now. Team Shelly 4 life, yo!

        2. we are over the lying, we don’t care if she lies its part of the game, its the fact that she about everything and then acts innocent(just admit it when you get caught)

          1. what bothers me about shelly is that she goes to the DR and lie about her lies. most people are honest in the DR, so i label her delusional

    4. Sorry, but one more thing. If these concerns were really genuine, then everyone would be ragging on Brendon who criticizes Rachel twenty times a day and makes her feel inferior and stupid. Talk about an abusive male. But because few people complaining about Jeff have included Brendon in these same complaints, it comes across as being less then sincere and I have to wonder what the real problem or agenda is.

      1. Sorry, but I think the first person who loses their temper and lashes out is wrong. Fine, people are human and they do it. But they need to apologize after. Jeff never seemed sorry for completely physically intimidating kalia. That behavior is not allowed, whether it’s a woman or a man. And there’s something definitely wrong with Jordan (and Kalia for that matter) for putting up with it. If you read past postings, most people hated the way Brendan treated Rachel. I found the way he talked to Cassie downright disgusting.

        1. Whoa…”physical” intimidation? Jeff can be a jack hole and I saw plenty of verbal abuse by him dished out toward everyone in that house but not once have I ever saw him physically intimidate someone. The house may have found him physically intimidating because he was in shape or something but I never seen him get in anyone’s face or block/obstruct anyone’s path or throw things or shove or stare anyone down. Verbal abuse 100% Physical intimidation have not seen an ounce but maybe I’ve missed it.

        2. You’ve just illustrated a point I made in a previous thread that Jeff / Jordan haters can be as irrational and ridiculous as those who think they walk on water.

          Physically abusive? You need to find out what that phrase means. You’re making a serious and unfounded accusation (not to mention it’s libelous). That’s pathetic.

          And again, it’s a GAME. I really don’t think these people act as poorly in real life as they do in this house. That’s the point of the game. Get a bunch of people together and mess with their heads so they behave badly and viewers watch the train wreck.

      2. I am not a Jeff fan… but i do agree with you on the Brenden comment… He is very controling … many times i would see him set Rachel off and then blame her. One thing I have noticed since he (Brenden) has been gone and Rachel getting over that fact that she has become a different player. She is showing her strengths now. What I have seen of her so far I very much like .. She is not the dumby everyone makes her out to be.. She has a heart of gold… Anyone who could love an animal and laugh about things is a good person in my books… I really feel Brenden will be her downfall in life … Dam that guy is flip floppy …lol.. YOU GO GIRL (RACHEL) :-)

          1. Brendan and Rachel are funny in a sorta sick and twisted way. I don’t think either of them are bad people just not really too self aware of themselves. Brendan will see Rachel feeling strong about herself then knock her down a peg only so HE can tell her she needs to be strong and be her hero, she can’t be her own hero on Brendan’s watch! She’s needy and he needs to be needed, that’s why they’re so in love. It’s kinda funny and sick at the same time.

    5. They got a saying about sports teams that goes “your never as bad as your worst game and your never as good as your best.” I like to apply that theory when I watch big brother contestants. Jeff can be a tool but honestly at one point or another they all have behaved badly to say the least. Rachel can be annoying as all hell but she can also be real sweet, that hasn’t stopped not one guest from taking a shot at her though whether she deserved it at the time or not. They all have their good and bad qualities including Shelly, who I refer to as the devil. The house seems to be like a pressure cooker where things are intensified and the fact cameras are on them 24/7 means that sometimes alot of them will look like assholes at some point or another. If cameras followed me around day to day 24/7 for 3 months I’m sure peopled would see things they don’t like the same way. Big Jeff gets a pass more so than others because I guess he’s more “likeable”/gets good edits IDK, I mean I like the guy but he really is no different or much better than any of them.

    6. Because some of us are grounded in reality and don’t expect a man to never raise his voice? He is human, has emotions, gets upset … like everyone else. Every person in that house has yelled. I have never seen him bully like some people claim. When Shelly was confronting him and vice versa he kept walking to the other side of the room, or sitting down, to appear less threatening IMHO. Apparently some people believe if you are a man in the BB house you are supposed to just sit there meekly and speak in a whisper so as to not scare people.

      I find it strange that someone naming themselves “A Real Comment” would say “yelling at women isn’t acceptable.” I am a woman, and am not threatened by a man raising his voice if I was doing the same. Its yelling … not punching.

      1. well i know him personally, and I have witnessed him many times, screaming his head off at people, mainly women. he’s an idiot.

        1. Illinois. We know u know jeff in real life. U state it everytime u leave a comment with your negative comments. Are u a jilted ex girlfriend? Post something new please

      2. I don’t know BigJ personally, but what do you make of BigJ saying, “Goodnight, stupid” to Jordan at bedtime?

        It’s not funny!

        Go, Team PorKa, yo!

    7. He speaks passionately yes but man oh man can you tell there are very little upper east coast people on this site. Jeff would be chewed up and spit out by us woman. Are you kidding me? I don’t think he is that bad. He get’s passionate but geez people get some back bones please.

    8. oh please, stop making a mountain out of a molehill!! wonder how any of us would act under a microscope!!

      no one’s behaviour in the house is that great! so i’d say to you lets
      see them and in real life and how they act on a regular basis, then i’d say we have the right to comment until then
      ffs chill!!

    9. After reading all the posts in support of Jeff, I am mystified as to the narrow mindedness of those supporting Jeff for the following reasons:

      Some say he is not like this (abusive) outside the house, HOW THE HECK DO YOU KNOW??

      Yet all those supporting Jeff turn around and say:

      Shelly is a total liar, that is disgusting and she is setting a fine example for her daughter and she is like this in real life, quick call her employer and get her fired for lying so much!!!

      You people are rediculous, setting a double standard for Jeff because you have been hoodwinked by CBS editing and your perception that Jeff can do no wrong, well he can and has so open your eyes and look at the REALITY and not the fiction.

      1. Im sorry but you are the one ranting and getting emotionally invested in the entire Jeff debate ;p Just because other people don’t see things the way you do doesn’t make them all wrong. And, its just silly to say “all those supporting Jeff” are trying to get Shelly fired, blah blah. Making ridiculous comments like that makes the rest of your argument worthless. Only a few whackos take this game to that extreme.

        I am not a Jeff fan or hater either way, but I don’t see him as an abusive person for raising his voice.

        1. I am far from emotially involved in the debate just stating FACTS, something you seem unable to do. But that is ok because in turn you are assuming you know my feelings about Jeff, well you don’t so your assumptions are rediculous. But then again when soeone opens with statements like you made, it is obvious that is a load of BS.

        2. Based on the number of HG’s left, there has to be another twist because there are too many HGs left in the house for a finally on Sept 14/15. In every prior season this Thursday there should only be 4 HG’s left, this yr there will be 5. So is there another twist coming like:

          Next Thursday is another double eviction night


          This Thursday when Shelly/Adam try to walk out the door to see Julie, the door is locked and awaiting the HG’s is Dani & Jeff waiting in the BY and the rest of the game including F2 will be played as duo’s and Jeff & Dani are the 4th Duo!

          After all, this is the “The Summer of Double Trouble” and the first trouble was Brenda coming back.

    10. jeff is his own man and bb is a game, he has not been disrespectful to anyone in the house. he just doesn’t let people take advantage of him or his girlfriend and there is nothing wrong with that. if he has talked or yelled at anyone than they deserved it because he was only telling the truth.

        1. so you have never called anyone names before,
          he does not think jordan is stupid, I think he was saying it to be funny, get over it

  4. Looking at this logically and based on probabilities, which include the following assumptions:

    1. Adam remains loyal to his ultimate floater strategy or status and follows the power structure; and dislikes Rachel more than Kalia.
    2. Kalia does follow through with her Final 2 deal with Jordan.
    3. The ladies are all gunning for each other and not Adam at this point.
    4. Shelly is definitely evicted this week.

    The following reasonable conclusions can be made concerning the next eviction, factoring in all 20 HOH, NOM and POV scenarios and the assumptions above:

    1. Rachel has a 55% chance of being evicted, if assumption #1 is not correct, then Kalia has a 55% chance of being evicted.
    2. Porsche has a 10% chance of being evicted.
    3. Jordan has a 10% chance of being evicted.
    4. Adam has a 0% chance of being evicted. And is more likely than not guaranteed at least Final 4.
    5. Kalia and Rachel are in a fight for their collective asses this week.
    6. The most intriguing and complex scenario is, if Adam some how wins HOH; then the fire works would really begin. And this would give everyone some insight into where Adam’s true loyalities lie. With Jordan or Porsche???

    Thoughts anyone? Really don’t want to here from the crazies (to much baseless BS, just their own personal and bias crap) but rather the true BB game AFICIONADOES!

    1. Opps, forgot to add the most important assumption, which would be:

      5. BB has no other inane twist to add this week!

      Also should be hear* and not here in my last sentence. Sorry for the typo.

      1. Not true Derrick. Based on statistics and probability, Jordan and Porsche each only have a 10% chance of going home. That doesn’t mean they would not be going home, but the likelihood is greater that it would be either Kalia or Rachel going home.

    2. Your thoughts are interesting but your math is not realistically correct ok not your strong suit but yes Adam s loyalty to Jordon is questionable but he did say from the beginning he wanted a newbie win ultimately
      That means Portia camp but Jordon camp is plausible too
      WHAT IF he tries to win HOH and does
      then put up Kalia and Rachel tries for a APJ final three best “man” wins and chooses his company

      1. Thanks, sort of! Actually my mathematical skills are just fine. Since my analysis was based on statistics and probability, it is clearly you, who does not understand. Try it and you may come to the same conclusion.

        1. As long as Adam is breathing, there is more than 0% chance of him being evicted. Ultimately, your calculations are based on observation and conclusions without all facts present.

          1. Thanks San Diego IT. But I do believe that I am on very solid ground in my conclusion that Adam has 0% chance of going home this week. Someone would have to make a serious and very flawed game move. It is apparent and crucial, that all four (JKPR) of them would rather have Adam in the Final 2 than one another.

            But we can talk next week after the eviction ceremony.

        2. I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t really use numbers. Getting a round 10% probability with 6 house guests as variables do not add up. I’d like to see your worksheet for the calculations you’ve made. Unless you factored in the “adjustments” made or to be made by Team Production.

          I get your drift, though. Reasoning seems plausible but the use of numbers (just like any other claim for “statistics”) is flawed.

          On another note, I’d like to see other real BB fans to vote for Shelly as America’s Fan Fave. She’s on top of Brendan, but trails Dominic. We need to flip those numbers.

          [Immitate’s Dani’s voice] Hoohaaah!

    3. I actually think Adam did pick a side. He has voted consistently with Jeff and Jordan. He hasn’t won comps but I don’t think he was necessarily throwing them and I think he was really mad at himself for not doing well and helping Jeff stay. However, all of this may have been b/c he saw the power most likely ending in their hands so was just sticking with the power. From what he’s said though, he was hoping for JJSA to work out.

      I think he’s loyal to both Porsche and Jordan and would look out for them, but which one he takes will depend on who he think he can beat. Con of Jordan is she has some guaranteed votes, con of Porsche is she’s won. Jordan could be attacked on the basis of not winning comps (but she could change this) but the comps Porsche won could be attacked (she had chances to practice before facing Jordan, Dani and Jeff weren’t there). A lot will depend on how these two do from here on. It’s weird b/c I think he may have th best chance against Jordan and at the same time I think she may have the best chance against him. No matter what, he’s in the best position and will be in the final 3.

      1. Adam will lose to Jordan and probably lose to Porsche also. He will 100% lose to Rachel. The only one he could *maybe* beat is Kalia.

        Here’s my take on who has best shot to win overall in Final 2:

        1. Rachel – if she makes Final2 she wins 500K versus anybody guaranteed
        2. Porsche-her loyalty and competitiveness give her a win vs any newb and a shot versus Jordan
        2A. Jordan-as usual she has done nothing but she has her vets in the jury so she has a chance versus the newbs
        4. Adam-he;s done zippo, is a newb, and still could throw more comps
        5. Kalia- she beats nobody in Final 2 because of her stupid and naive gameplay

        So my only question would be if Porsche beats Jordan or not

        1. Yeah i was just saying that Adam will likely be in the final 3 and that I think his only chance would be against Jordan (unless he starts winning). If he doesn’t win anything, people can’t justify voting for him if he’s up against someone who has. I think Jordan would likely beat him though. If Porsche is carrie tot he final three, then I think she’d have a hard time beating Jordan. I think Jordan would get BRJ and Shelly’s vote, possibly Adam’s b/c Porsche might’ve betrayed him to take Jordan. I really don’t think Porsche has done enough this season and winning at this point (when the competition is less) isn’t as impressive. She really didn’t choose a side for a while, didn’t really compete in POVs, and didn’t seem to come up with any strategy. If she does get to the final two b/c she won the last challenges that may change things, but I think it’s still a little too late.

    4. I’m a little surprised that you think Shelly is out the door this week. I know, doesn’t look good but hard to count her out when it comes to manipulation. Looks like she’s now trying to plant the seed she has a power from the FT. I still think she has less than 50% chance of staying but should be interesting when the dust settles and they cast their votes on Thursday night.
      Totally agree with your #1, Adam will remain loyal to floating.
      It has been a difficult season to get through but am shocked, yes shocked, to see that Rachel becomes a fairly good person when not with Brendon. I guess some people just bring out the worst in others and, unfortunately, that is their lot. I so absolutely disliked her all season but at least she is playing with her head and not her heart like Jordan is. All Jordan can think of is how mad Jeff will be if she doesn’t exact revenge for him on Shelly when that is the very person she should take to the end because, actually, who likes her (except for me)? I’m afraid at this point I’m backing Rachel just because she has been able to put her feelings,/emotions, aside and think through things now.
      OMG ~ It almost sounds like it like her! Get the smelling salts Rhett!

        1. It was only a built-in assumption. The assumption being that the remaining 5 players all can not trust Shelly and would evict her because of the lies and they do not want her remotely having a chance to win $50K, let alone $500K. Her chances grow expotentially if she (Shelly) would remain in the house.

    5. Winning HOH is Adam’s greatest nightmare, no matter how loudly he proclaims, “I really want to win this one!”
      I can’t figure him out.
      He has said from the beginning that he wants a Newbie to win, but his crazy-ass devotion to J/J is real. Or is it?
      If Adam hasn’t figured out that he was/is expendable to J/J, he is really screwed up.
      Adam’s talk with Porsche, a day or two ago, appeared sincere and long term. ??????

      Adam is the Wild Card – a boring one to boot.

    6. That doesn’t seem like a very “Casual” post there, CasualObserver. Seems like your name should be “ObsessedObserver”. There is no way of telling what is going to happen. There are a million other variables that will come in to play other than your 5 assumptions. Some players are built for skill comps, some endurance, some mental, and who goes home will be dependent on what kind of comps get played. Paranoia is the biggest X-factor at this stage of the game. Players will change their minds from hour to hour based on ONE little thing another HG says. We’ve already seen it this week. JR were first 100% sure they were evicting Shelly…..then Adam opened his big mouth about KP cheering if he won HOH b/c he’s playing them. NOW JR are questioning Adam, and if he is just as untrustworthy as Shelly-fish, then they might as well keep the one who is less likely to win HOH, which is Shelly. You can’t try to bottle up the game that is BB into a nice neat formula or equation. The possibilities are only limited by the HG’s and production’s imagination. At this point, everyone’s fates are in their own hands, if you don’t want to go home, then you MUST win either HOH or POV. Simple as that.

      1. It is clearly evident that you are the only one here limited in your thought process. Stastics and probabilities factor in all possible outcomes, using assumptions to ensure that all potential outliers are removed.

        For your edification, there is only 20 possible scenarios for HOH, NOM, POV, NOM & Eviction. Regardless of all your other rantings.

        Also FYI, if you fricking must know, my screen-name is for this online blog. I just recently, this season, came across it. I on the other hand, happen to be an avid fan of BB but far from obsessed.

        Kudos to Simon and Dawg for all their work and efforts!

      1. Actually, I guarantee you that I am more proficient at mathematics than you. It is very clearly evident that you have no knowledge or basis in statistics and probabilities.

        So you stick with your 1+1=2 and counting on your toes and fingers and I handle the more complex stastical analysis. Thanks

    7. I think it would be VERY interesting if Adam won the HOH. Problem is, if he wins it and puts up either KP or JR and one or both of them are evicted, those two votes would almost definitely go against him if he makes it to final two. So I think that he will throw this eviction too thinking that either way he has a final 3 deal with both pairs. Also, I think that the Fortune Teller twist will happen any day know, perhaps before eviction tomorrow. Mostly because it seems that they have been mostly ignoring it the whole season and only recently have they been really toying with it (perhaps Production told them in DR that something may happent with it soon).

      On another note, this season has been not one of my favorites. I hate when they bring back players from previous seasons. Unless it is all-stars. I felt like the vets had too much of an advantage because they immediately knew that they needed to team up. They also had some insight on what to expect and when to expect it. That is why I really want one of the newbies to win.

    8. Adam will throw the HOH this week or just suck really bad…again! Porsche can’t compete as outgoing HOH. Jordon probably won’t win unless it is another comp geared towards her. So it is basically Rachel vs Kalia and I have a feeling Rachel will win because apparently CBS wants a vet to win this season.

    9. hmmm nice! I am rather hoping Adam wins HOH for two reasons, first, because he would have finally won something and feel pretty dam good about himself and second because as you said it will finally show everyone where is true loyalties are.

      Could be really interesting Thursday!! lol Would love to see the girls scramble if he does win!! lol

      1. Thanks Maggs, it is refreshing to see some of the real game players’ respond. Yeah, here is hoping Adam finally steps up and out of the shadows.

  5. On last nights feeds Porsche was saying she’s in debt and she’s trying to help her dad buy a home and that’s why she wants to win. Kalia said she needs the money because while she’s okay now, she’s in debt from when she lived in NY. WTH?! If living somewhere is costing you more than you’re making, you don’t stick around until you’re in debt.

    At this point I hope the final three are Adam, Porsche and Rachel. If she’s really helping her family the way Jordan helped hers, then I’d like to see Porsche win. It’s a toss up between Adam and Rachel coming in second. Since she’s calmed down, she seems more normal. The relationship between her and Brendon is really toxic and I think that’s part of her insanity.

    Kalia? Anyone who laughs at her friends dog dying when the friend dropped a bowl of mashed potatoes on his head is really sick. I hope she gets nothing.

    And Jordan doesn’t annoy me too much but she’s already won, so I hope she gets nothing, too.

    I hope Shelly gets something. The boot out the door on Thursday.

      1. Good or bad, BB fan Shelly gets the ultimate prize: she gets bragging rights for being the most colorful HG of BB13. That’s saying a lot because the vets are in the mix.

        Go, Team Shelly, yo!

    1. Going by competitions only, I think Rachel and Kalia should be in the final two, but with that said, I do not have live feed, so when Kalia was talking about her friends dog being killed, was she actually laughing like it was funny or was it like a nervous OMG kind of laugh, because just the thought of a dog being killed that way makes me want to cry

  6. I just want to say that not all JJ fans are immoral psychotics like some people want to believe on this site. i have rooted for JJ in this game but 1) I completely understand shelly’s move in this game (although it looks like it will cost her at least a week or 2 safety from she was……probably worth it for her.)
    I just hate that people pile on all of JJ fans and say we are sole cause of shelly’s families death threats. 99.9999999999% of any americans would never do that. i’m not saying that some if not a lot of these were JJ fans, that would be naive, but a true fan of big brother would never endorse any of these kinds of things. i understand people are upset that maybe their personal favorites are gone (and even a lot that are still rooting for someone), i would just hope that simon, dawg, and everyone who is not even a JJ fan realizes this is just an act of psychotic individuals that would do this for any reality game and any reality person they so choose. We may not agree on people to root for, but i feel obligated to at least mention this. BUT FIRST………(fade towards camera)…..we’ll see how allegiances ally in the BB household. sorry, chen bot stole me for a second

    1. I’d just like to add that even though i am rooting like heck for Jordan, In an honest second, i do realize she does not deserve to win again. In fact i am almost on Rachel bandwagon, which 3 weeks ago i would have told someone just to unplug my cable permanently just thinking about. I can understand why people dislike jordan, but I for some reason still see BB11 and just can’t get beyond that and someone who would sacrifice phone call for someone else. Once again, Jeff out of discussion here lol. Rachel has been #1 target for almost whole season and annoys hell out of me, but she has finally earned my respect. I obviously will see disagreements with me but i would hope to at least have civil arguments about subjects. thanks for your time. But First…..sorry, did it again

    2. I can’t stand Shelly but I would have turned on Jeff at some point too. I mean it made sense for her to do it, she just shot herself in the foot with all that “I don’t care about the game I want you guys to win” bull crap. She could have made the same moves she made without telling ppl how honest she was and how lying is terrible and going on and on and on about her family and arguing her “moral” obligations.

      Even still, she doesn’t deserve the hate or death threats. I don’t like her but I could give a rats ass about what she does outside the house. If she was successful before BB I’d take no discomfort in her continuing that success. I hope she does well outside the house but even more than that I hope she is a better person outside of the house and if not I don’t have to do business with her so why let it bother me?

  7. I don’t post often but just want to say what a great site you guys maintain and will shower you with a little “glitter” to stay up and running. So, for that I just want to say thanks to you guys for doing a great job and although this season sucks the big one, you guys don’t!!!! :-)

  8. …”2:20am – 3:10am Adam is in the backyard by himself smoking in silence.”…

    NOT TRUE….. When Adam smokes each drag on the smoke sounds like someone’s last dying breath. So…. I believe he’ll have serious health issues (cancer) in the future.

    1. Not to worry, superRocketScientistHero Brendan is already workin’ on the cure. [On his free time, I guess; when he is not Skyperbating]

      I’m sure the cure is out there soon, unless Team Production gets in the way AGAIN!

  9. …”2:20am – 3:10am Adam is in the backyard by himself smoking in silence.”…

    NOT TRUE….. When Adam smokes each drag on the smoke sounds like someone’s last dying breath. So…. I believe he’ll have serious health issues (cancer) in the future.

  10. I’ve said this before my 2nd comment and not sure if it will show or not. Just want to say that yes i am a JJ fan, have been from
    Big Brother 11. I would also admit that the facts of death threats and things towards shelly’s family have been horrible and i would hope that any big brother fan, or just any reality fan realizes its not like 99.99999999% of us who would act like that. simon and dawg, i’d hope you’d agree. there are psychotic people out there looking for their own fame, but i’d hope that any true big brother fan realizes it isn’t from us. it could be from any psychotic person trying to get into limelight. I think I speak for all true JJ fans that, yes we have disagreements on this board, and yes they sometimes may get exaggerated: at end of day, we all love this show and don’t wish anything bad to any of these players (shelly made a game a move. yes, i didn’t like it, but its big brother and she thought she had to chance it………being JJ fan i understand). I’m just tired of reading some people (not everyone anti JJ) that tries to say we’re idiotic and psychotic. There is no need for any of this.. We can disagreee on BB gameplay, but out of game, i’d hope we’d realize these are extremists. thanks for the time.

      1. When straight shooter offered the ring her parents gave her to Rachel of all people…Hillarious! The woman has no scruples. I don’t know how her family could watch this honestly. You do know had Rachel actually taken it, Shells would have been talking shit about her doing so up until she was booted.

        1. hasn’t it crossed anyone’s mind that the last few days have been shit for Shelly and maybe, just maybe, she’s decided the cost to her emotional well-being is more important than the game? doesn’t anyone think she CAN tell the truth? Now, I get “how” she played the game so don’t squash me with the tales of all her lies because I’ve been watching them, too. But here’s the deal, sometimes people “get it” and I just wonder if Shelly doesn’t get it. She’s smart and she’s been unhappy. For one, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

        2. Actually, I’m not sure how ANY ONE of us would play if we were lucky enough to be chosen by casting. Walk in the shoes, then speak your mind. OR, be honest and open and leave the game in the first weeks like Cassi. I’d do whatever it took to win 500K

          1. I dislike Shelly as a person from what I know of her thus far. I can’t help that, it’s human nature to form onions on others. Now, If I were to meet her I’d take those prejudices into consideration but would not let it stop me from getting to know more about her, in the event that she is a decent person.

            As of NOW, she’s shown no remorse for anything as far as I see. I understand game play but she is doing things that have no affect on the game what so ever other than possibly getting her in deeper dodo and/or pissing someone off.

            Jordan already apologized for her outburst after double eviction, she may not have “forgiven” Shells but she made an effort to get past it and become cordial…what does Shelly do? She catches Jordan in the have not room & issues an apology/game talk consisting of 90% lies. Apologizing to Jordan again at this point held no benefit to her unless she could make a gesture of some kind to PROVE she was sorry, so why endanger yourself by even talking to her at this point let alone seeking her out to serve up new lies? It’s not even as if Jordan cornered her and forced her to lie. It was unnecessary to her game and potentially counter productive.

            Shells also stole Rachel’s teddy bear/dog. Now an argument can be made for all of her lies but what possible game advantage does this give Shelly? To be honest, it’s just mean and vindictive. As annoying as Rachel can be she has never done anything wrong to Shelly besides call her out on her game. Yet Shells continues to talk about setting an example for her daughter and playing with integrity all the while bullying Rachel.

            I know most people can’t live in the set of conditions placed on those house guests so I don’t see any of their behavior as their “default” setting, I just chalk it up to the house being stressful. I’ll also give Shelly this benefit of the doubt, but so far in this house her moves have been thought out and calculated and she has still shown no sign of remorse that I can tell.

  11. I don’t know if this is for real, but read this is what CBS / BB have scripted for the finally: Final 2 are Rachel & Porsche
    Brendon will vote for Rachel
    Jordan will vote for Rachel
    Jeff will vote for Rachel
    Dani will vote for Porsche
    Shelly will vote for Porsche
    Kalia will vote for Porshe

    Adam, the deciding vote, will still be unable to pick a side and will self-implode. This is when we learn the final twist:

    Evel Dick never actually left the house. For those who watch Evel Dick’s web-cast, you will notice that the person who you thought was Evel Dick was actually an imposter. If you doubt me, go back and look closer at the tats. Turns out Evel Dick has been dressed up as the fortune teller this entire time.

    Evil Dick wins the $500k again.

    1. I’m not sure about that but what did Porsche do? She does not do anything. Look she survive 3 weeks of golden key and does not doing anything. Beside, Porsche is going to the Jury House because of her aggrogance and cockiness which cost her to lose. Best way is that Rachel and Jordan Final 2. Because if you eliminate Jordan to the Jury House. Adam has to pick the side. So the best way is two Veteran in final 2:
      Here the run down
      Jordan to win:Jeff, Adam, Adam, Shelly, Dani, Porsche, Kaila
      Rachel to win: Brendon
      Come on, you want a Ms. Barbie doll floater to win. I’m sure not because she will be next to go. Look at my statistic from previous through this one. Porsche don’t win competition by Dani coaching her. No, she has to do things the hard way.

  12. ill miss shelly’s gameplay. She definitely had a role in every eviction and if Dani wouldn,’t have told shelly about rachel’s potential flip to evict jeff(terrible social player)Rachel said that she would have gone through with evicting Jeff and shelly would still have the best seat in the house. Not to mention truly unfair move by production to make sure the “twist” POV was something shelly and Adam couldn’t win.

  13. Maybe Shelly did get some kind of power or something. Why else would she say that “Everyone is going to be surprised on Thursday?” I wonder… .. .

  14. Seriously hiding people’s property like Rachel’s beanie bag is a lame way to play the game. It just shows that you are a temporary-thief and a juvenile who has not yet grown up. This is not elementary school. I don’t want to see elementary aged children play this game. No wonder it took people all this time to bust Shelly. The House is filled with people with child-like intelligence.

  15. Actually, I am so glad Jeff is gone. I am an Adam fan…now he has to keep his temper in check and lay low. I believe Shelly will start pushing buttons and saying crap. That puts a target on someone other than herself and then she skates on through. Ultimate floater, Porche, she played everyone and I don’t want her to get the money.

    1. I don’t think Porsche played anyone. I forget she was there just about every episode until I saw her host something. She basically did nothing and will probably make it to final three. i think Rachel deserves to win most out of who’s left, and Kalia probably second most. I don’t think Rachel and Jordan can win out, which is what they’d need to do to both go. I don’t think either will turn on the other. They’re probably the most solid alliance left.

  16. Why is Kalia hell bent on sticking to a supposed deal with Jordan? I never hear Jordan reciprocating her loyalty to her. If JR win HOH, Kalia is going home. I am rooting for Team Newbies but this week they appear really complacent. Once Porche opened the Pandora’s Box and then Rachel won the POV, then PK should have been on Adam like white on rice. But instead, it seems like JR kicked up their social game and started to manipulate PK to the point of unconsciousness.

    If JR manage to get Adam’s loyalty, and lull PK into believing they’re good, then JR deserve to win. PK just seem like they don’t have as much fight anymore. I’ll wait to see tomorrow, but I’m now a bit on the fence as to who I’m rooting for.

    Kalia – has taken out two power players and not afraid like all of the other newbs
    Jordan – has a great social game, to the point everyone is afraid that she’ll win again
    Rachel – fierce competitor with an intimidation factor and now her flipperoo nice personality ups her social game
    Adam – has made little to no enemies, but hasn’t any comps, so he’s a wildcard as a final 2
    Porche – weak player overall, a follower, made no major moves but has 1 win and possesses physical capabilities
    Shelly – social game has been most controversial; however, had P not opened PB, Shelly had a chance at final 2

    1. Kalia would be the dumbest person on the planet to willingly take Jordan final two. Kalia would only be getting Porsche and Daniele’s vote in that scenario. She has a much better chance with Rachel and an even bigger chance alongside another noob.

  17. All the “she makes me sick”, “she or he doesn’t deserve the money” is getting old. If they’ve made it this far, then they deserve to be there.
    It would be nice if rachel won bc she’s played from day one or even Shelly’s game was great . Hate her or like her, she has played the game.

  18. Also in my opinion, Natalie should of won her year iver Jordan. She played one hell of a game. She didn’t win bc no one liked her as they liked Jordan. Jordan didn’t do shit her year and not doing shit this yr either.

    1. I agree with u angela, I think when you talk about “deserving” it has to be Rachel or Shelly hate em or love em. I can’t stand Shells(“moral” hypocrisy pisses me off) but she has been gaming from week one using her social skills to compensate for a really pathetic and limited set of physical skills. The fact that Rachel does have the physical skills and has somewhat improved her social game though, I’d give Rach the edge for those things alone. Not to mention the times she has survived the block whether it was by her own hand or not.

      I also think Nat should have won but I don’t discredit Jordan’s win. She won when she had to in order to make final 2 and keeping a low profile, playing a good social game and not losing your cool in such a confined area, alongside strangers you don’t know and/or may not even like…we all take it for granted but it’s probably not an easy feat at all.

  19. Sorry Simon/Dawg BB13 has gotten so boring I quit watching BBAD. I only skim the spoilers and move on to more important things.
    You do a fantastic job, thanks for your work.

  20. Why do women feel they should not be yelled at and why is it so wrong to yell at a woman and not a man? If you are acting like an idiot or in a heated argument, getting yelled at is bound to happen. People tend to raise their voices when they are heated or in an argument. I believe most of you know that Jeff is just a harmless sweetheart. For those who think Jeff and Jordan may not be an item. I tend to agree with you. Not because Jeff and Jordan are not affectionate toward each other, but because there seems to be no chemistry. I know Jordan is careful and doesn’t want to show her romantic side on television, feeds and such (which I say is a good thing), but I sure wanted to see them give each other a big mushy kiss (maybe they did and I just didn’t get to see it.)

    1. It not that men shouldn’t yell at women exactly. But when Jeff started yelling at Kalia, and she was repeatedly trying to calm him down, it makes him look like a caveman. Like he can’t express himself unless he gets loud and domineering. Personally, screaming at each other is never a good thing, not even between couples. It’s just that some people don’t have any other tools at their disposal. And unless you’re trying to be as obtuse as possible, screaming at a woman feels different (situation could get out of control) than a woman screaming at a man (sometimes comical).

      1. I’d have to respectfully disagree Sue. Maybe to yourself or maybe even to Women in general screaming feels different when coming from the opposite gender but as a man I’ll tell you no matter who does the screaming it feels the same….irritating and threatening. I’m not saying I’m afraid of every single individual who screams at me but I do perceive every individual who does so as a possible threat. That doesn’t mean I have to bug out and raise my voice or get violent but it does mean I’d need to be aware and mentally prepare myself for a worst case scenario should it come to that….yes and that includes women. There are violent women just as there are violent men. Domineering women the same as domineering men, so on and so forth.

  21. Casual Observer, I like your lists of Probabilities, I really would like to see Adam win HOH this week that shake things up one last time and would make this an excellent season, one worth watching till the end.

    1. Thanks! I too, definitely would love to see Adam win the HOH. It is the only scenario that would create the most tension and stress among the houseguest. Not to mention, the ass-kissing that Cruddy would receive.

  22. This season has completely fallen apart. The 3 best players are in the jury house. It’s so boring now. I have to root for Rachel the only true game player left

    1. Unless the evicted loser are coming to replace the current house guests who are definitely a bunch of loser, who cares!

      1. If this weekends rigging was any indication on what’s to come, I’ll bet they will rig it so Jeff goes back in the house an is able to play.

    2. yeah I heard a rumour that cassi will be coming to the house to host the veto competition no one is returning to compete just to host

      1. if anyone had the game down it was Cassie she was just put with people who were weak. From the begining she wanted the newbies to vote out the vets yet distrust twisted them againt each other but she was a good game player and did not practice the deceit Shelly did. So if Shelly leaves there is no loss I am sure Rachel will come back to form as soon as some one bumps her button. As far as who should win in the end Rachel has fought harder then anyone like her or not I believe she has played hard

  23. The next HOH competition is……………


    GAME TWIST….Whoever got the most WRONG answers wins!!!!!

    Jordan wins with a perfect score of all wrong answers…JORDAN IS HOH!!

  24. Actually for the next round with this group the HOH competition will begin, and since none of them can win a darn thing the show will just go on and on and on until CBS finally cancels it with no winner of this week’s HOH.

  25. Dense = Jordan (she’s a sweetheart, though), Shelly, Adam and Porsche
    Partially Dense = Kalia
    Some degree of Intelligence = Rachel (Rachel plus Brendon = an explosion waiting to happen – in my humble opinion, they are not good for each other…they appear to bring out the worst in each other).

  26. Why are people rooting for Jordan? She doesn’t even know the difference between the army and the military! She is an embarrassment to the education system. Sure, she may be nice and sweet but not the most deserving. Lol.

    1. I have to hope Jordan is just playing up the dumb blond steriotype because if she is that dumb then no wonder Jeff doesn’t want to marry her, she just seems to coast through life.

    2. Im not rooting for Jordon – but maybe because “not being smart” is no worse of a quality than the other houseguests display? Are only brilliant people allowed to win BB?

    3. Jordan should know that the army is a branch of the military. However, most say “I’m in the military or he/she is in the military.” Most do not say I’m in the army, navy, air force or marines, unless they are asked what branch. Therefore, I can understand why she doesn’t.

      1. I never said she had to be smart, but she should have some common sense. At least if she did something in the game it would make up for her stupidity, but no she doesn’t. First she was riding jeff’s coattail and now she’s riding rachel’s!

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I know what ur saying. I don’t think Jordan should have won either buuut, Adam alluded to it previously…floating and/or “riding coat tails” are sound strategies. A number of winners and finalists have benefited from it. And if you think about it, as intellectually challenged as Jordan is, she still had to get the votes to win…so what does that make the rest of her cast then?

  27. I am not a fan of Rachel at all, but without Brendon around, she is tolerable. I don’t believe Rachel really wants Jordan with her in the final two. Rachel has worked and fought hard for her place in the house, Jordan has been carried this entire time, and once again will have her butt saved by a real BB Player, if Rachel takes Jordan to the final two, they she deserves to lose for being so naieve, but I will actually feel bad for Rachel because she does not deserve to lose to Jordan

    1. Im pretty sure thats ALL they have to read other than cereal boxes … with no TV, music, internet or books I’d probably have the entire thing memorized by now ;p


  29. Am I the only one that thinks this season could be rated as the most boring? If it had not been for Rachel’s outbursts, BR arguments, and Shelly’s lies, this season would be a total waste of TV time. I never want to hear the word “like” anymore thanks to K. BBAD last night was nothing but talking about dogs. I turned it off and I beat all of the player to bed. Worst season ever!!!!

    Jordon stated that she has not been paid the $500,000 from winning in her season of BB???? What is that all about????? Why come on the show again if you haven’t been paid for the last time you were there??? Doesn’t seem logical.

    Wonder what kind of surprise Shelly has in store for Thursday’s eviction…she mentioned something to that effect???? Best strategy for BB to beef up this season is to have a huge twist ASAP.

    Reading what is said here in this site has been far better then the program. Thanks Simon for letting us vent.

  30. Did you ever think that shelly could be Americas player and that is another twist since there was to be so many this seasons and hasn’t couldn’t that explain some of the pure lunacy on shelled part think about it

  31. Actually last year when Rachel was out of the house and you got to see the real Brendan he was quite nice. Now with Brendan out of the house you are seeing the real Rachel and she is very nice with a good sense of humor, I think the house is just not a good place for these 2, Everyone that knows these 2 out of the house say they are 2 of the nicer people of BB. So I am going to make the assumption about the rest of the people. That they are all quite nice, but the house makes them crazy.

  32. LOL. Between Jeff (who is loud mouthed) and Kalia (who throws her dog on the wall) I would be team Jeff to. Between Jeff (the loud mouth) against Porsch/kalia/Dani who wants to cause Rachel a miscarriage (joke or not) I’d be team Jeff too. All of the houseguest’s has shared their own version of rudeness in that house. The difference is just the matter of delivering it. While Jeff is loud and provocative, the girls are cutesy cutesy but are actually more mean. Now, if they are likeable outside the house or not, there goes the difference. JJ is definitely likeable outside.

  33. Can’t stand the Jeff haters….get over it, if you think that him sticking to his game plan, being straight forward and direct is bullying then you have issues. I see more girls yelling all the time in life but rarely do we label them as bullies, and I don’t get it but Jeff being a man is a bully? For all the years that women have fought for equality but the minute a man is direct with them they cry harrassment. I say this and I am a woman! Double standard. Love the people who “know” Jeff but don’t put their name to it….I guess I could go around saying I know him too and see him as a wonderful guy…Love Jeff and Jordan, and will continue to write so just to get others mad!I guess I am a crazy JJ fan! Who will vote him yet again, America’s player!

  34. I noticed Jeff only yelled at woman in the BB house, he never yelled at Adam, Brendon, or any other guy in the house. I’m a woman, and I stand by my comment. He was really forceful with lots of woman in the house. I appreciate the insight into why you guys love JJ. I see good and the bad about them both.

  35. i just want to remind little miss Porsche that she would be gone if Rachel didn’t give her the first golden key… and she to is floater until now lol

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