Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel and Brendon On The Amazing Race?

Evidence that Big Brother 12/13 super showmance Brendon and Rachel are to be on the Amazing race. Images posted on Twitter @horchataa shows what appears to be Rachel and Brendon in a LAX airport with a bunch of other couples.

I’m pretty convinced that it’s Brendon and Rachel in these “leaked” pictures… If the rumors are true and these pictures were from the oppening leg of The Amazing Race this coming season could get pretty fun.

The Amazing Race Brendon Rachel

Big Brother 14 Is a go, Application and rules are available, Open Casting should be announced early in the new year.

Over 30 thousand Live Feed screen captures where archived this year.
Big Brother 13 Live Feed Image Gallery

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42 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel and Brendon On The Amazing Race?

      1. I care! AND the multimillion dollar CBS executives who KNOW what high ratings Brenchel will bring in to the show care. AND Julie Chen cares, because her husband runs the CBS network and the richer HE gets the more designer clothes SHE can buy!

          1. OR what only filthy rich CBS executives want, who make EVERY move depending on how high the ratings, and how much cash it’ll bring them….What ordinary run-of-mill people want or don’t want is of no importance to them whatsoever! They know that people that love them will tune in, and people that hate them will tune in too (if only to hope they lose, and see it happen) So There!!!

      2. this would be fantastic TV. Can you imagine that sour puss running up to Phil, Then hearing Phil say ” Rachel and Brendon” ( the tears start flowing from her face, she starts looking for a tree to go and hide and bawl behind, Brendon saying it’s ok baby stop crying. But we can’t even come in first, boo hoo, boo hoo) Seeing this happen week after week would be great. With the good comes the bad, I’m sure she would be giving him a hummer in every cab ride.

        This clown is sure serious about his PHD doing everything but go to school

  1. Well, I can’t tell if it’s them. The person that’s supposed to be Rachel in the pic doesn’t seem to have red enough hair…But, if it is them, I would be delighted to see them on Amazing Race. It will lend the show some FUN, Laughs, and I hope some good old fashioned Trouble! It might be the first full season of Amazing Race I’ll actually watch all the way through to the end….LOL

    1. Yeah Kellie, when you say ‘MOST want to see Brenchel get the boot on TAR week one’…..are you referring to you, your mom, your dad, your little brother, and your really cute little buddies? You must be, because word around CBS executives is that they think getting Brenchel to agree on being on TAR is a huge money making achievement. The CBS mail showed that the last 4 weeks of BB ‘most’ of America was rooting for Rachel to win the 1/2 million! Most of America voted Brendon back into the house instead of Dom or Cassie! So CBS knows that ‘most’ of America wants to see Brenchel on TAR too…..I’m really sorry for those of you that will have to suffer that they are back…but hey, That’s showbizzzzz :-)

      1. Achievement? LOL. Now that is funny. It isn’t an achievement to sign Brenchel to anything that airs on TV. They drool at the chance to be in front of the cameras. FYI, by ‘most’ I was referring to the commenters on IMDb. Try reading and comprehending before commenting and trying to put down because you failed miserably.

  2. Other sites have reported that it is indeed Rachel and Brenden. This weekend is the beginning of the taping of The Amazing Race 20

    1. For some FUN read Rachel & Brendon’s twitter pages! While not ‘giving anything away’ they give hints as to their activities on TAR….Today’s Rachel tweet was about ‘a lot of running, this is like boot camp’ AND ‘Yea team Rachel, I love it’……So we know she’s having a blast!

  3. Since Jeff & Jordan finished 7th place. Let’s see Brendon & Rachel topped that off. Brenchel already prove the BB12 & BB13 as a strong players. Let see that Brenchel can be strong in The Amazing Race. No former reality stars couples ever won in The amazing race. Brenchel can break the former tv reality stars curse. Ramber,jordeff and jenhan (jenna & ethan). Team Brenchel, break that former reality star couples curse.

    1. For a person that claims to know everything BB and for some reason thinks he is in charge of some BB hall of fame that is no where to be found, you might want to mention Allison and Donnie being on the AR

      Just saying wedgie

  4. Anyone know what will get rid of them? Garlic, holy water, silver bullets or maybe an exorcism?
    I was thinking of making a trail using red dye and have it go out to Death Valley but I have some environmental concerns, not just about the dye either.
    Any other ideas?

  5. Brendon and Rach are not going to win the Amazing Race unless production intervenes once again to save their behinds. I bet after each race B & R comes in last place Phil Keoghan (the host) will be like: Brendon and Rachel you’re team number (last place number) but lucky for you this is a non-elimination leg of the race.

    1. BB I would pay money to see what you just describe happen! Just to see it F up people’s minds (BTW you know they were the 2 physically strongest male/female team on BB13, we’ve discussed it all before. That and winning more comps than anyone else is what really helped them win BB and secretly you know it :-)

      1. I LOVE IT…..I LOVE IT….I LOVE IT !!!!!!! The Amazing Race & Brenchel have re-awakened ALL the Brenchel Haters and have re-energized ME……I FEEL ALIVE AGAIN AND READY FOR BATTLE…..I’m the underdog in a sea full of haters and I’m brave enough to stand tall (and mean enough too, for those of you good buddies that really know ME ;-)

        1. Hi Frank,

          How is everything? I hope you enjoyed your holiday. But I gotta disagree with your assessment. Think about it and tell me the honest truth: Are you saying that Rach won BB 13 without production’s help? Are you forgetting Pandora’s Box that magically appeared to save Rachel and Jordan. What about the veto comp after that, that was an exact design of the first HOH comp Rach won?

          Judging by CBS’s pattern of practice the same will happen on the Amazing Race. They may be strong but they are not gods and they couldn’t have won BB without production’s help.

          1. BB don’t forget that it took Brendon leaving the show for Rachel to get her head on right. Put them together on TAR and they will be fighting again which takes their heads out of the game. I actually liked Rachel without Brendon. Can’t stand them together in the game…too much fighting, too much whining, too much drama, just too much. In TAR they won’t be able to bully or manipulate like they tried to do this past season of BB. We’ll see how it works for them.

          2. Hey BBKing, yes I did have a great holiday, my girlfriend & I went down to Palm Springs to eat with her parents….As for the honest answer to your BB production question, I answered it fully on this site for Kevins…Look under section- ‘Big Brother Spoilers : Rachel Reilly Dishes Her Latest Stint…” and go all the way down the page until you get my answer posted on November 6 at 3:21am to Kevins…..This is my honest assessment to your question. BTW I remember you posting me a response saying You were rooting for Rachel to win BB13 a while back, how could you be, since now you sound so against her. You even say now that she was ‘given the win unfairly’…I’m somewhat confused as to your real feelings on the matter. Enlighten me?

            1. Frank, at first this may seem like a contradiction but as Matt Hoffman said on Dick at Night, I like Rachel only in context of the houseguests that were remaining after Brendon, Dani and Jeff left. I was hoping that Porsche would be able to eliminate Rachel and when that didn’t happen rather than give up on the entire season I decided to root for Rachel. Because in all honesty who was a good player that was left to root for? The unfit and obese Kalia and Adam who should’ve gone to bootcamp and lose some weight before coming to BB? The no good in comp Shelly? The can’t think for herself Porsche?

              Life isn’t always the way you wanted to be and that’s why I chose Rachel, because she was better only in the context of all these players I mentioned.

          3. More so than Pandora’s Box, the endurance veto competition showed A.G.’s and production weren’t about to let chance play into anything. Never before had a endurance comp been used for veto, they knew Rachel could suck the life out of anything she clings to and this was their best bet to keep her and Jordan there without just telling another house guest “sorry maybe next time”

            1. But that’s just it, IT WAS all about THE CHANCE with Pandora’s Box! Only an idiot like Porsche would have opened it knowing there was so little cash (she even admitted BEFORE opening it that it was so little) AND also KNOWING that at that very moment Rachel was already as good as out the door. She KNEW that Rachel’s eviction was a definite thing. Yet, she opened it just the same….and all the others suffered for it. Except Rachel, since she ended up winning!

              1. The problem with Pandora’s Box is that it is bias and production knows it. It uses pandora’s box in inconsistent and unfair ways as a leverage. That is why the consequences of Pandora’x Box varies from houseguest to houseguest. For some houseguests such as Rachel pandora’s box (in BB 13 at least) has a silly consequence i.e., excercise time with Jessie. But for the houseguests production does not like pandora’s box has more lethal consequences as with Porsche.

                Also remember that last season production didn’t like Brendon and Rach much, favoring the Bra-gade (that’s how they spell it) instead. That’s why production gave Matt a special power (Diamond POV) and Brendon a useless vacation as a result for opening pandora’s box.

    1. I’ve always liked you Anonymous, but let’s face it….Lane was just a hick and Britney was just a spoiled rotten hypocritical little brat along the same lines as Dani. They wouldn’t add much “drama” to TAR and that’s what CBS wants…Lots & Lots of Drama!

  6. Isn’t Brendon supposed to be going to UClA and curing cancer? When is he doing that if he is frequently participating on reality shows? He constantly talked about how he was going to become a millionaire by curing cancer, getting his Ph.D. and boasted of his education by wearing UCLA attire in the house. Now all he does is humiliate himself and show his anger problems, control issues and delusions on television.

      1. Simon, I think the answer to yours and BBKings question is probably that Brendon is just a guy like us. I think anyone of us guys on this site would be tempted by people waving huge amounts of legal cash in front of us, and telling us how easy it’ll be to get it. Add to that, if our wife or girlfriend is nagging at us constantly because she’s camera crazy & fame obsessed and wants us to do it. Any one of us guys would cave into the pressure and put our college on hold. The first 1/2 million came easy & quick, and the promise of more of the same would be just too hard to turn down.

  7. Brenchel can again topped this off. No Former Big Brother nor Survivor reality couples in the history to compete in AR. Brendon has a intelligent and physical abilities while Rachel has mentally and physical abilities to win AR20.

  8. Brenchel finally will have to break Former Reality Star Couple Curse. Brenchel can win the Amazing Race 20. Top off with Jordeff, Jenhan and Ramber. Make that Happen. Rachel & Brendon. Better not lose this one.

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