Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Weekly BB News and Links from the Internets (2011-11-28)

Big Brother 14 isn’t here yet, but while we wait for our favorite reality show to start again there’s plenty of news from BBUK and past BB players. Biggest News to come out is Rachel and Brendon (aka BRenchel) being on THE AMAZING RACE, I predict breakdowns, tears, Brendon getting overly aggressive and Rachel saying “nobody comes between me and my man”. Either way it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch and it keeps Brendon off Skype

One of the long standing rumors in the Big Brother world was partially debunked last week. Jordan and Jeff are planning to move in together this new year. It was long thought that these 2 were just using their “relationship” to further Jeff’s career as a reality TV star. Given their complete lack of affection on Big Brother 13 and the 2 years they spent on different ends of the country.. but JJ fans rejoice it looks like they are taking the next step. I for one will maintain my doubt that they are not really a couple until I a) see a ring and b) see some leaked video of them together.. naked… For the rest of you this is probably proof enough that these 2 are just taking it slow and didn’t want to get too mushy on the feeds during BB13 as to prevent the millions of feeders from watching.

Other than that we saw that Kristen Bitting is still smoking hot doing MMA demo videos. Oh and of course that “leaked” image of Dani Donato in a thong. Also in case you missed it Dani and Dom are together biam biam green eggs and ham. (Dani why no love for the OBB guys?)

Big Brother 14 has been confirmed and the Application form and rules have been released. Big Brother 14 Casting Calls should be known in March. I was hoping for a Big Brother 14 Allstars but after last years dogs breakfast of a season I’m guessing (more like hoping) for a reboot season.. Either way if your an interesting person and do not see being on Big Brother as a way to further a acting/modelling career then PLEASE APPLY.

What do all you think will CBS have Big Brother 14 All Stars this year, fans Versus favorite or a 100% new cast?

Big Brother 14 Spoilers News Feed: Weekly BB News and Links from the Internets (2011-11-28)

  1. | | Boy George asking for £1 million to appear on Celebrity Big Brother | Hmm.. isn’t she on The Amazing Race?
  2. | | Jeff Schroeder Praises ‘X Factor’s’ Chris Rene
  3. OBB | | Rachel and Brendon On The Amazing Race
  4. Reality Nation | | Past Big Brother Cast Getting Married and Starting families
  5. | | Mediaset trying to buy Endemol (Endemol owns Big Brother and mediaset is owned by ex Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi)
  6. | | Reilly, WCU alum and ‘Big Brother’ winner, returns to Cullowhee
  7. | | Big Brother boosts C5 audience votes (UK Big Brother gets decent ratings and without 24/7 live feeds .. UGH)
  8. | | Big Brother: Secrets – is expected to air around August (Big Brother Reboot in Australia)
  9. | | Porn star Sunny Leone: 10 things you need to know about the Indian Big Brother star (And you thought Big Brother USA was big take a look at India’s “Big Boss” Numbers!!)
  10. | | Endemol rejects Time Warner approach (The company that owns Big Brother is hurting financially..)
  11. bundle
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My prediction is that “Brenchel” will be arrested in a foreign country causing an international incident.
Someone will say “hey isn’t that the American TV star Carrot Top? Then Brendon will go all Neanderthal ,then there will be some crying in the bushes (without tears) a few rigged competitions ect… you know kinda like what we just seen a couple pf months ago.

Not a PHD student

Can’t wait. Boy George calling everyone aound the world stupid because they don’t speak english. One can only hope to the Gods up above that sour puss Rachel gets hit with a watemelon in the face……pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I believe that God has better things to do, but if he gets a couple of minuets i hope you get your wish.

Frank Granda jr.

It would be a lot of FUN to see everything that Squabble & Not A PHD Student described happen on TAR. Just like watching hilarious moments on BB like Rachel crying in the bushes was. Then, after we all have OUR tv fun, like before, Brenchel walk away with the BIG cash prize AGAIN! All the Brenchel haters can cry, while Brendon and Rachel head back to the bank 🙂


You can guarantee one thing.

Rachel will have a face full zits once they are done with Amazing Race.

She doesn’t do well with stress, just look at her face.

Frank Granda jr.

Hey, give ME a tube of clearasil or oxy 10 and I’LL go to TAR. For all that cash you can give me stress & the MUMPS!

Frank Granda jr.

Simon ol buddy, you’ve never kept it a secret that J & J or Brenchel were never your ‘cup of tea’ shall we say (since we’re trying to keep it delicate 🙂 So, it comes as no surprise that you still maintain your doubts about J & J really living together. As well as maintaining your doubts about Brendon ever getting his PHD….However, it is I that maintains my doubts about Dani & Dom really being together. If for no other reason than because I’ve followed Dani’s and Dom’s twitter pages, as well as some other BB HG pages. Dom or Dani never tweet each other, BUT Dom has many male gay friends that he tweets with all the time. His buddies are often tweeting about ‘hot male celebrity bodies’ and such. This may all mean nothing…but then again…it might.


All-Stars or not. I want to see Brenchel & JJ return for BB All-Stars2. That would be interesting. Also, let’s make it 7 Veterans vs 7 Newbies. Who is better houseguest?


you might aswell just watch the last season over again.

BB King

Captain, did you watch the last season dude? Because what you’re talking about is basically the same format as BB 13. We need something new for BB 14 or simply classic BB without the twists and special powers as in BB 10. I think BB 14 should be called Big Brother Classic. No pandora’s box, no diamond power of veto, no america’s player, no returning houseguests, no sabetour. Just players using their intelligence, physical and social prowess. I don’t want production to be a Dues Ex Machina and save other people’s behinds that they like.

Frank Granda jr.

‘production to be Dues Ex Machina’……WOW! You trying to impress me buddy? Who else would even know? LOL X 2


I did watch last season BB King. Last season of Big Brother 13 ratings went over the roofed. We want topped this off with good ratings. Including, BB14:All-Stars2 (old school vs new school) or Veterans vs Newbies. The ratings will continue to go up.


So, by your logic, if Big Brother production just included Brenchal + Jordeff, with a 7 vets v. 7 newbies format every single season, the ratings would continue to sore? -_____- No. Not unless they want to loose a large amount of viewers, because not everyone watches for Jordeff, or Brenchal. And, most people prefer and all new cast, or an all all-star cast. Most people, if asked the question, will say they don’t like a mixed cast. By repeating the format over and over, they would loose so many fans.


Either all all-stars or all new houseguests.

Never again to a mix.


Let’s make it happen. Big Brother All-Stars 2: Old School vs New School (Veterans vs Rookies) or Survivor All-Stars vs Big Brother All-Stars.


cant wait to watch the next amazing race because i love me some rachel and brendon ….. cant wait for this season of amazing race to be over .. hope brendon and rachel kich some butt , but most importantly i hope they make friends so the other cast wont use them in speed bump but knowing how competetive rachel is i think she will be a target from the get go


I think JJ just have the same values, jordan didnt want family seeing PDA on TV, I respect that.

With Dom/Dani. I dont think they are together. no. regardless of dom’s choice of men or women, I think it comes down to the two of them wanting to get back on big brother, or at the least extend the 15 min of fame.

Big Brother 13 fan

Simon I think it’s time to do more stories about some of the houseguest’s like… Jeff and jordan rachel brendon Dick any of them. But is jeff and jordan still together and still moving in together?? Because I am a HUGE fan of jeff and Jordan they are like my ALL TIME FAVORITE’S on Big Brother lol:)) I just want to meet them SOOOOO BADDD but im around the world by Springfield Missouri by missouri over in there im not in LA or Nashville or Texas or Florida or Greese im in Missouri:)) And I love it here and always will:)) My last question… is there going to be Big Brother 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30?? Please if there is I WANT Jeff and jordan on again please make them get on and sign up because i miss them 2 and want to see them on big brother:)) I miss them on big brother:(( Lol!!! Just please:)


Anybody know how many generations of cats have been born since JJ was last on BB13?
If you put JJ on BB14 cats will out number dogs two to one,I’m pretty sure this is the first sign of the apocalypse, and we shouldn’t go there.
Ever again.


Does anyone know how many generations of cats have been born since JJ was last on BB13?
If they were on BB14 the number of cats owned in America would out number dogs at least two to one.
I’m pretty sure this is the first sign of the apocalypse, and should be avoided at all costs.

Frank Granda jr.

No, No, I want the apocalypse to come right away… Very soon, Please, Please…..But I can’t tell you why…I’m not allowed to, it’s a secret lol


Honestly, I went to high school with Jeff. I live by few blocks of Jeff’s Parents.


Kalia and Dani should be on the race. Kalia is the sexiest girl ever on big brother.