Big Brother Spoilers Power of Veto Ceremony Results Corey and Victor nominated

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nominations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Victor AND COrey
Have Nots Victor and James

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Paul used the POwer of Veto on himself causing Michelle to pick a house guests for nominations. Michelle Picked Corey.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 14-07-53-111
11:36am Michelle and natalie
Michelle regrets helping Victor and Paul study..
Natalie goes on about Corey and Nicole doing nothing in the game and that is why they want to keep them. Michelle is pissed about Paul. Natalie accuses Paul of sabotaging her during the POV. Adds that James confirms that was Paul’s plan when he was working with the guys.
Michelle is convinced someone is coming back into the game. They agree to be each other’s number 1 along with James.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 14-09-15-510

11:36am paul and Victor
talking about getting into James head that Nicole and Corey are 1 vote. Paul warns they have to be careful with wording.
Paul – you got to work on the sympathy strings with Michelle and Natalie
Vic agrees says there’s a lot of time remaining and the timing is important on this one.
Paul says he doesn’t trust James at all.
They agree James is not a straightforward person and is playing everyone.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 14-18-53-314
12:21pm Nicole and Paul
Nicole denying calling Paul a liar and manipulator. She says she doesn’t call anyone manipulator. Says everyone lies in the house so she wouldn’t call Paul a liar
Paul – when was it told you I was coming after you..

Nicole says it was Pualie, “He planted a lot of seeds maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”
Nicole says she more mad that she missed a strip tease from Corey. (When he called Nicole out Friday night)
Nicole pretty much denies any wrongdoing ever.
Nicole says she’s certain Corey is going
Paul isn’t sure
Nicole – everyone is together except for Corey and I.. Clearly you guys are all together… studying together
Paul says his life was on the line.. Paul says he did come to her guns hot when he called her out.
Nicole denies ever making up random stuff that’s not her strategy.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 14-26-00-757

12:30pm Michelle and Victor..
Victor – I’m f*** nervous, lets hope James votes my way..
Michelle – don’t be nervous..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 14-28-11-769

12:31pm Michelle and Natalie HOH
Michelle – Victor is alone in the kitchen.. guess who is outside talking their head off to Nicole and Corey.. Paul
Michelle – he told Nicole I wanted her out..
Natalie – oh my god.. he probably did
Natalie – the fact that he’s doing that.. was it a serious conversation
Michelle – ya.. you know his pose.. sitting down hands like Frank… I feel bad Victor is like I am scared.. thanks for putting up Corey.
Natalie – at the end of the day we can still send Corey out too.. doesn’t have to be Vic it’s still our HOH.. Nicole is voting 1 way Vic is voting another.. 2 guarantee votes..
Natalie says she can’t manipulate James but she can let him know they respected James HOH.
Michelel wonders if Paul is goign to try and talk and manipulate.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 14-30-53-104

2:31pm Victor and Paul
Victor is goign to talk to Natalie later, they go over his talking points
Victor plans to talk to Natalie every day at least
Paul is going to lay back a bit he doesn’t want to make anything seem “Sketch”
Vic – you need to stay chill bro.. you don’t need to worry about anything.. just relax..
they agree Paul campaigning hard for Victor is goign to be bad.
Victor says if they are voting him out and it’s 2 to 1 he’s going to turn to JAmes and Natalie and tell them they’ve lost his vote.

2:48pm Paul is suggesting that they stop asking James if the plan is still a go they need to “Amp” it up around James make him think they are comfortable

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 14-52-28-651

2:52PM Victor, Paul and Michelle
Victor says he talked to James and James is till good with their plan. Victor says Michelle putting Corey up.
Paul – Nicole and Corey are good at
Victor – lies and deception
Meech – wheres Nat at
Vic – outside with Corey and Nicole James is in the Diary room..
Meech says Corey and Nicole don’t talk to her anymore
Vic says they don’t need Meech anymore they are just talking to James and Nat they need James’s vote and they need Nat to pressure James.
They agree they hate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday because of the paranoia.

Paul says if they end up getting boned it’s 50/50 chance they get the care package.
Vic – if I get boned you have 1 person playing for you in HOH (Paul)
Paul – 3 against 1 son of a f***
Paul says they are just gettign paranoid because their final 5 is literally the best thing ever

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 15-01-34-431

3:00pm James and Natalie
Natalie says her HOH week is ruined, “Didn’t even get to enjoy it”
Natalie – he added more f***g drama to my HOH.. like shutup and sit down you’re annoying.. I can’t handle it.. he gives me anxiety he hurts my stomach

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 15-15-41-777

3:16pm Natalie and James
Natalie is blaming everything on Paul.
James wants to blindside Victor Natalie is onboard says they should blindside bot Victor and Paul, “you gotta blindside them”
James saying that he doesn’t care if he losses the Jury votes.
Natalie – Michelle’s on our side I’ve been working hard.. she has your back..
Natalie says everyone wants to send Paul out next week before Corey.

James says Corey will go up along with Paul if Veto is played he’ll put up Nicole, “I’ll have to blindside them.. Corey”
Natalie – its in our best interest for you to win.. Paul will be a team of 1 Corey and Nicole are a team of 2 we’re the strongest team now..
Natalie says Corey, Nicoel and Paul talked outside in secrete and neitehr corey or Nicole have coem to them about that
James – sh1t

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 15-36-02-268

3:34pm Michelle crying
Michelle- Corey and Nicole are mad at me..
James – we’re all gunning for the veto even Corey.. everyone plays
Nat – we’re going to all ensure Paul goes home next week
Meech asks them what they’ve talked to Nicole and Corey about. She feels they’ve been talking to Nicole and Corey a lot and she’s the odd person out (Ding Ding)
Meech says if they all think Paul was the target this week what does Nicole and Corey think about the veto/
Meech asks says they were studying all night with Paul the night before the Veto, Nicole and Corey were alone downstairs.
James- oh I don’t know about that..
Michelle says she knows for sure Paul was the one that Told Nicole she was planning to put her up today. (It was James)
Natalie goes on and on about Paul being a liar because he lied about knowing how to cook and make fries.
Michelle says that Paul said he had no student loans but the other day he said he owed 60grand
Natalie says Paul’s personality morphs depending on the people he’s with.

Natalie says the backyard is closing tomorrow at 2pm so the comp is going to be MASSIVE, she thinks it’ll be the wall and james will win it.
James says he’s putting Paul/Corey up if veto is played Nicole is going up
Victor joins them…

Victor saying it’ll be Victor, Paul and James competing in the HOH, Victor goes on about taking out Nicole next week.
Victor – we have 13 wins to her 1. The odds are in our favour
Victor – she’s going to crumble when Corey leaves..
Michelle leaves to go ask Nicole why she was so certain she was going up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 15-49-01-035

3:47pm Nicole, MEECH and Corey
Michelle asks her why she thought she was going up
Nicole saying there was a 50/50 chance she was going up so she didn’t want to chance it so she got ready.
Nicole says Corey is such a good guy and her and Michelle have a past together so that is why she thought she was going up.
Michelle saying she was trying to win the Veto to pull Victor down she wanted paul to go.
Michelle – what did James and Natalie tell you about this week.
Nicole – Nothing..
Michelle starts to cry “you don’t like me… you and me use to hang out all the time”
Nicole says Corey is much “cooler” than she is so she’s would think he’s safe.
4:04pm Nicole says she won’t vote for Victor to win because to her social game is very important. Michelle argues it says Victor has survived and won a lot of competitions.
Nicole says she just doesn’t “Feel” like Victor should win.
Nicole says she loves Jordan and would have voted for Jordan no matter what. Nicoel say people just usually end up voting for who they like.
4:15pm Michelle starts saying that Paul morphs his personality. Says he claims to need the money then says he’s friends with Aaron Carter adn his leather jacket is 1000 dollars.
Michelle tells them that the plan was for the 5 of them to take out Nicole and Corey and get to final 5.
They go on and on about Paul being rich, liar, smart, etc etc…
Michelle – he hangs out with Billy bob Thornton’s son..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 15-56-42-759

3:57pm Playing Deal or no deal with the props. Only 1 of them opens..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 16-07-16-301

4:07pm Natalie saying the only way for Victor to stay is if he goes after Paul
James- that won’t happen
Natalie – right.. so Bye

4:30pm Kitchen Nicole and Victor
Nicole tells him “No offense” she’s voting to keep Corey.

4:41pm HOH Michelle, Corey and Natalie
Talking about Paul lying about knowing how to make fries.
Michelle retells parts of her conversation with Nicole and Corey adds that they are targeting Paul next week so they are safe.
Natalie says Paul was eavesdropping on her and Corey’s conversation. (LOL she says this every 20 minutes)

Meech says it was Paul that told her Nicole was coming after her 2 weeks ago. Natalie says Nicole is smart she knows the game and knows if you are not winning comps you should stay in the game.

4:48pm back to talking about Paul.. James thinks Paul is 30.. Natalie says his ex girlfriend was a Disney star. Meech says Paul lied about knowing how to make Fries (Ohh for pete sake)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 16-49-57-526

4:50pm Nicole says the only people she wants to win other than herself is James or Corey.. (It’s a kraken season)
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-22 17-36-55-092
5:15pm – 5:30pm Vic tells James that he was talking to Nicole earlier. I asked how she felt about her boy being on the block. I said it could go either way and she said yeah it sucks. I was like I don’t know what’s going to happen this week. She was like oh really? I was like it could go either way. I’m like what are you trying to insinuate?! I think she’s not happy. I just wish she would have hung out with us more. Vic and James sit down to eat at the table.

6pm Most of the house guests are sleeping. Vic is playing pool with himself. I have an inkling I am going home. Maybe I should just trust James. I’ve been on the block before and I went home. I feel like I have a good possibility of going home. Then again I might just be paranoid. I haven’t seen James and Corey talking much. I haven’t wronged James. He wronged me when he threw that comp. I will say guy .. hook Paul up with package if I go. Paul has played a really game and he deserves one. I’m not going to take anything away from Nicole and Corey but Paul and I have been riskier players which is more fun to watch. If they do skate by then, they deserve to win it.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-22 18-54-09-980
7:05pm Nicole awakes up and heads into the kitchen to make cookies. Meanwhile in the backyard Victor is working out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-22 19-03-02-363

7:20pm – 7:40pm Kitchen – Vic says I don’t know what’s going to happen this week. Nicole says I don’t know either. I only know my vote (for Corey).. and Paul’s vote (for Vic). Vic says I skipped from 14th place to 7th if I were to leave this week. Vic says this is good for life lessons. Nicole says I might just hide forever. Vic says he’s not talking about the game outside of the house. At that point I’m done. We’re not playing for money any more so what’s the point. Paul joins them.

7:45pm – 7:50pm Vic and Paul head outside to play a game of pool. Paul complains that they locked the HOH door. Vic says they probably want to sleep without people coming in. Paul says James talks to Nat .. tells her all the things she needs to know. Vic says Michelle isn’t stupid. She knows if I go home she is f**ked. She put Corey up for a reason. If anything she will come back to me and say I think something is fishy. Or she tells Nat hey I don’t agree with that. I like it better that James isn’t up there and they lock the door. Michelle know that if I go she will go not that long after that. Paul says what bugs me is that Corey and Nicole are so calm and collected. Vic says they have each other. My heart won’t break if I leave you. I talked to Corey and he’s the same as always if I go it is what it is.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-22 19-46-33-089


Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 15-12-29-009

From last night.. 8/22

3:50am Cam 3-4 HOH Nicole, Paul, Natalie, James Victor, Michelle
Nicole comes out of the Diary room, walks up to the HOH – James we got in trouble.. I have to say this on camera.. I won’t buy.. I won’t get you something nice..
James- ok.. I’m not going to get you something nice either
Paul – wait what happened
Natalie – they were saying they are going to get themselves something nice (If they win)
Nicole leaves..
They start asking James about it.. James says he’s not allowed to repeat it, “Just let it go”
Michelle – keeping her safe or something.. like a deal

3:54am Cam 3-4 Nicole and Corey
Nicole – I did get in trouble though.. earlier I told James.. James was like hey If I win I’ll get you something nice, Corey something nice and Natalie something nice.
Nicole – I was like Yeah me too and I get in trouble for that.. A warning, the prize is only meant for 1 person..
Nicole explains that Production made her go up there and tell James she thinks it looks sketch.
Nicole says they never meant anything by it they were just being nice to each other.
Corey – I know
Nicole – so when do you think our first make out sessh will be

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Revenge of the Goat

C’mon Vic. Third time is the charm.

More Anonymous

Here’s why I want Victor for anything – returning HG, HOH, ACP, AFP:
– He could have been in showmance with Nat and used her, but was honest about his feelings and didn’t go that route.
– He’s a comp beast.
– Not a lazy slob like the rest of them, cleans and cooks.
– Talks fairly direct.
– Shows self-control. Generally even-tempered and likes to laugh

Bolt Uprite

Yes, being evicted twice is a real coup. What a feather in his cap. Who wouldn’t vote for a guy that had been sent out of the game TWICE. If he had started earlier he might have been evicted three, maybe four times, increasing his standing as the frontrunner most deserving of the win. I remember those quaint old days when being evicted was a bad thing and actually meant you were done. How naive we all were then, it was like the Dark Ages or something. We’re all much more enlightened now where being evicted multiple times actually means people think you deserve the prize. We live in such interesting times.

More Anonymous

Guess it’s ok with you though that two losers from prior seasons are steamrolling to the win!

lol what?

Vic has already been evicted out of this game, he lost already. That makes him a loser!
No one will ever vote for a zombie to win the game, it’s never happened, and it never will!!


Nicorey are aided by Production. Victor gets boned! Screw off CBS.


I get why people might be upset about vic and if he returned again. I hate when a player I like gets voted off BUT and this is a BIG BUT Vic would not even be a target if production would not have told Natalie to go after him. So I think it is fair if he comes back because CBS tampered. We all know the game has changed over the years with veto, diamond veto ,buyback etc. and that has become part of BB to throw curve balls like those but to actually help someone win by telling them what to do because you have the info and control is not ok Production


Well Vic was back doored……. because he was not in the big group, and he could win comps. You would rather have people win, who have fingered each other all summer long, a grown man who thinks putting Vaseline on all the door knobs is hilarious. A woman who thinks everything is about her, and another woman who cries at the drop of hat and is shoveling food into her mouth constantly.

Jury Inquiry

Is anyone else wondering what’s going in jury?…lol

BB18 Worst Season

Enlightened indeed…Vic is displaying perseverance, he battled back and earned his spot back…What have Corey and Nicole done all season? What contributions other than being whiny, dull conversations, kissing under the covers have they added to this game? Do you think they deserve the grand prize?….

And if you want to talk about no honor in being evicted, then that should be directed to the 4 veterans, who were basically handed a second chance, but Vic earned his second chance.

Sadly Vic will most likely be evicted, but hopefully he can battle back against the jurors and be successful.

Showmance Hater

Totally agree. On all points!

Whiiiinnnne and Cheese

Does no one remember how awfully Vic talked about and treated people before he was evicted? Coming back in can make you change tacks. Now dont get me wrong….he is much better now. But please dont forget how he showed his true colors then too.

BB18 Grossmances

Vic was no worst than any of the other guys in the house in terms of ego…why was he a bad guy? because he was honest with Natalie, and rejected her advances…maybe he didn’t want to fall into trap of a grossmance/fakemances.

I’m not excusing any of the houseguests behavior
But let’s be honest, the house isn’t full of princes or gentlemen.

At least Victor cleans, he hasnt flipped out on anyone, he hasnt bragged about havung sex with a houseguest (like Paulie )even though they are plotting to evict him.


100% agree. At the beginning I thought he acted skittle conceited but not any more. Besides a little bit if a foul mouth, he has played this game on morals and principals. It’s nice to see a young man who as most of his morals intact. This is real integrity! And you are right, he at least cleans where he has to live!


The only way this game gets saved is if Nurse Hatchet comes back.

dirty hands

Notice how production waited until after Michelle’s POV nomination to make Nicole say that she could not buy James a gift ……but did you also notice they did not make her say anything to Natalie when the same thing was said to her hmmmmmmmmmmm James you are being sacrificed by production and Natalie will look innocent and now she has Michelle shedoest need
James hmmmmmmmm

Flip Floppers

According to the update, that happened last night, not after the POV ceremony.


LOve Vic Hope he comes back. I am not going to judge Meech yet because I really cant see a way for her right now ,all you guys giving her grief what was she suppose to do. Nicole and corey are not talking to her and Natalie and James made it crystal clear who they wanted out. I think it would be different if Paul was on the block because Michelle was close to Vic while
Paul is nice to her you can tell he isn’t tight with her like he was with Paulie or is with Vic so all you people giving her grief what is she suppose to do..I only ask because I was so mad at her but every scenario I put her in she’s on the losing side. I am upset with Nat and James I feel like Nat is already jumping the James ship as she is letting him take all the heat and asking him too. James is getting arrogant while I hated him with Meg at least he didn’t get arrogant and conniving like he does with Nat . James thinks Nat is his ride or die chick but really James is Natalie’s ride or die B!@ch. The Game right now I want Vic and Meech Paul is not acting as controlled as he was so I don’t know but I will take Paul over one of the shomances .


I agree with you 100%!

BB18 Paradox

The constant paradox that is the game…

For the players, the dilemma is do you keep the strong, and display strength by beating the best?….or do you try to solidify your position by keeping weaker players?

For the fans, how do we determine who is “worthy” of the grand prize?… Do we cheer on the person who excels at competitions?.. Do we throw support to those who have stayed under the radar, and played more socially?.. Or do we hope the floaters/coasters somehow make it to the end.

How do we define ” worthiness” …it all depends

lol what?

Third? Third what?

Revenge of the Goat

Third time in the house, once Vic wins this juror buy-back.

F*** Paulie

I hope they vote out Victor this week. He is the only one who has a shot at beating Paulie in the buy-back.
I can’t handle Paulie returning.

Paulie Fan

I think Paulie has more personality than any of the HGs. At least he made it interesting. I hope he gets back in.


If Victor gets evicted on Thursday, does he get to compete to come back into the house? Or is it only the current jury members that get to compete?


Bye Victor. Please don’t come back


Idk about you, but I’ll take victor over Paulie anyday….


This is a shitshow.
Get rid of Nicole and Corey… Acutally no. They haven’t done a thing so maybe it could help whoever is next to them. Such bs. What happened to sticking to ur own plan meech and get Nicole out. Egg production.. I miss the days when the house exploded and mines were drawn. A la season 6. 7. 8. 10. I hate this all together dont rock the boat play


Really? You really think Nucole should be target #1? Really? Lets pretend production had nothing to do with anything… Still Nicole? Thats who YOU would evict if YOU were in the house, out of all these boys, the biggest threat to the cash is… Nicole? Really? Huh.

Have fun fist pumping your way to Jersey Paulie!

Batman, you’re underestimating Nicole. For me, she’s the female version of Andy from BB15. A rat that goes from one side of the house to the other, looking sad, and spreading rumors / planting seeds everywhere. If you look at the past few seasons, you’ll notice the comp beasts have not one the game. The rats have.


Well, I think you’re overestimating her. She has been figured out and called out publicly on almost all her B.S. so she has few votes in the Jury… Everyone has seen first hand that she lies in bed all day and whines. She was gifted one comp. The only thing she did was find strong males to hide behind and nobody respects that strategy.
Nobody will give her the $500k…. unless its rigged.


I was just thinking about those seasons. You know the good ones


That’s what you get when seasons 11 and up are mostly casted by millenials


Kick everyone out of the house and start over from scratch. Well, maybe leave Victor and Paul in…


So odd that Michelle’s done a complete 360 on who she wants out, who she wants to work with and now she is certain someone is coming back….

Good grief production. Just let the game play out and stop trying to protect certain people. Smh




err, 180

Corey's slippers

Nicole is gross and disgusting!!! That whining drives us crazy!!! We can’t wait to get out of this house. Maybe we can steal the vacation from her and take Vic. Holla!

Corey's wandering eye

We can go to that foreign country Hawaii.

corey's bleached butthole

Nicole puts her fingers in me under those bed sheets


Wow. Natalie and James have Michelle turned against Paul again. Michelle has absolutely no mind of her own. She is about the most unobservant and fickle “super fan” I’ve ever seen. And no real game play of her own. I don’t know how she expects to make it to the end with two showmances. Idiot!


Maybe… just maybe. They make sense, and targeting nicole is an emotional move? Maybe, i dunno…


She is the one that figured Paulie out and got that ball going.

NO. . No. . NO . . .my dear

Actually, the line of events leading to Paulie’s pre-demise went the following way: Production to Bridgette. . . . Bridgette to Natalie (who wasn’t paying attention). . . . . . Production to Natalie (ding, ding, ding she got it THAT time). . . . . . . Bridgette and Natalie piecing the puzzle together. . . . . . then Bridgette and Natalie to Michelle. I just don’t think we should credit someone who doesn’t deserve it even though Michelle likes to pat herself on the back for it. Just wasn’t the way it all transpired. Just to clarify.


It’s in MEECH’s best interest to give Vic the boot. Simple math kicks in, she gets Paul as a Partner. If Nicole goes out Coeys goes to Paul. With Vic out MEECH and Paul need each other VS the 2 couples.

So annoying

I want to scream at her for being so dumb. She believes anything that those sniveling jackasses Nic and James tell her.

I can’t believe she interprets Paul winning the POV as him sabotaging her HOH. What an annoying little turd she turned out to be.


I can’t believe Nicole and Corey had sex


They did? I mean, they are adults…but I don’t see what they find attractive about each other.


They are adults but they are on camera for everybody to see. Have some respect for yourself.


So? It’s just sex. It’s not their fault society turned it into some gross, taboo thing. In actuality, there’s nothing wrong with it.


With dogs if they won’t stop, we just hose ’em down. I think Nicole and Corey could use a good hosing.


Dogs should be spayed or neutered! And…Nicole and Corey should be, too.


Oh you’re right. Let’s have casual sex in the big brother house with live cameras rolling. Basically make a porno for the whole world to see, including your family who will be mortified. Lol. That’s so freaking trashy.


But WHY is it trashy, produce a legitimate reason. All you did was describe a scenario that should sound a certain way, but really there’s no substance. What is so wrong with sex?? And why is the whole family watching the BB live feeds?


There is nothing wrong with sex, but it should be private. A person should have enough control to wait until they are out of the house. It’s out there forever and they can’t take it back.


I guess it should be private and they should wait, but I only think that for their own benefit because people react so irrationally negatively to it, but so many people think that way, I don’t know why I even try to change it.

Min O'Pause

I have a couple of legit reasons:
1. No porno background music.
2. No rompin’ on a chaise lounge by a fancy pool with cement cherubs pissin’ in it.
3. No mirror above a rotatin’ bed.
4. No satin sheets.
That’s why it’s a trashy video.


For some reason, this made me laugh way too hard

Min O'Pause

If these 2 make a porno for sure it’ll be found in the dollar bin.


Honestly! If people just took two seconds to think about it, they would realize that the only reason they think sex is so gross is that they’ve been trained to for a young age, but they couldn’t produce one legitimate reason for why it’s gross (unless STDs are involved). Their argument is “it just is” but that simply means that’s what they’ve been told, so that’s all they know.


Who said there’s anything wrong with sex? I think the issue is “casual” sex, on camera. Yes, there are many issues with having casual sex. STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, to name a couple.

And doing that on camera after she has harped all season about her parents watching and being careful on camera? The whole 29 seconds doesn’t look like she got much out the deal. Stupid.


Perhaps they are hoping to become the next Kartrashians.

TX rar

They are under the tent covers most nights. Paulie/z were more obvious.


Is this person talking to himself? Nicorey never had sex. Geez people.


No, it’s just a lot of people are Anonymous. It think there are two.


live feed 8/3 11:43 pm………………………someone said it was on twitter. I found it.

Another anon

Actually you may want to check Twitter for the video. Or 3:28am on the feeds. And anyone who post on here without going in and putting a name comes up as anonymous

TX rar

Yes they did. You might not have live feeds but look at YouTube.


Natalie to Michelle about Paul “It always has to be his way”. Michelle did not want Vic on the block. He is. Michelle did not want Vic evicted. He will be. Michelle wants Nicole on the block, so she puts up Corey. Uh Michelle, who wants it their way? They mention Paul saying he doesn’t want to win. Meech, you remember Nat saying she just want to make it jury? When she says so often that she wants a girl to win, when you going to realize she’s talking about herself? Oh Michelle, for a brief instance I thought you actually had potential.


I’m pretty sure it was James that told Nicory that Meech wanted Nicole out. Between James and Nicole’s lies, Paul gets blamed for everything.

Powder Puff Cat

Beech should confront Paul, find out the truth, then she knows she is being played by James.

More Anonymous

That would require a brain.


Since everyone is lying to cover themselves, there’s no reason why she should believe Paul over James. Esp since Paul’s already made himself look sketchy these last couple of days. And he’s been playing too hard. So of course no one wants to go and talk things out with him. Hence, she’d rather believe James. It would be good to maintain some skepticism about him, as well, but that’s a different story. She’s in an awkward position anyway as the third wheel to all the showmances. So she’s trying desperately to figure out her best bet. But Paul’s made some mistakes that have made everyone very paranoid about him. He was able to get by b/c there were others in the house who were playing too hard, like Frank, Day and Paulie. As soon as they were all gone and the competition thinned, the curtains parted and he became incredibly conspicuous.


I think that Nat will go home and watch this season and find out her Jaaaammmmseeeee. Lied and manipulated her. She will never get with him even if she was inclined to after the show.

Over it

Nat will probably end up thanking him for lying, manipulating her, using her as a target to hide behind, and talking about how dumb she is to anyone who will listen to him all summer. After all as a Vet player he must know best.


I seen a video on Twitter of Cory and Nicole clearly having sex. You can see him pull out at the end. Disgusting!! Their families I’m sure are proud.


I’m new on Twitter so not sure if this will work. If not Bronte and Glenn both commented on it if you can find it that way


Wow that’s pathetic. I’m pretty sure Nicole has said her dad watches the feeds. Now this is going to be all over the Internet. Smh. Ladies that 30 seconds isn’t worth looking like a fool.

Min O'Pause

Sure didn’t look worth it to me.. I fell asleep watching it.


That sure doesn’t look like sex to me. I would know, I’m married and 7 months pregnant 😛 It does look like some kind of sexual fooling around though, like Corey using his hands. Also, it is actually a much shorter video than 30 seconds that is on a loop.

BB Curious

3:29 a.m PT. Eww. You can’t unsee it, be warned.


Damnit!!! Why did I watch that?!?!?!? waaaaaah.

Min O'Pause

Well! Call moi old fashioned but that sure didn’t look like eye rollin’, back archin’, pull the sheets outta your nether region and pass the oxygen mask cause my chest is heavin’ good ol’ frolic it’s supposed to be. Looks more like Ozzie and Harriet. And Harriet looked mighty disappointed. He just looked out of rhythm.


8/3 11:43pm

Love Lines

I don’t understand, why is he pulling out? I thought they provided them with a sheet load of condoms. And why worry about what her parents think. If she is an adult woman with and adult man having responsible sex there is nothing wrong with that. Please don’t hate with the double standard thing. If they were indeed even having sex, I didn’t even see her move, at all, so I’m skeptical! But if she were having unprotected sex, on camera with a guy who admits to puttin his man meat in goats, then her parents must be mortified!! We all know men are pigs and will stick it in anything that moves, or in Nicole’s case, simply breaths, but I draw the line when it comes to Beastiality!!


Yes, you should be worried about embarrassing your family. At least where I come from.

Morgan LaFay

If you’re attempting humor, you’re failing miserably. I couldn’t care less if those two are bumping uglies, but where do you get that Corey is a goat fucker? He’s a lot of things, but that is not one of them and oh dear God, Hell is going to freeze over because I defended Corey.

Bolt Uprite

You seen it? You really seen it? I didn’t seen it, but if you say you seen it I guess I just have to believe you really seen it.

Unbattled Block

1500 goats were surveyed 98 % voted to evict Corey, and take away any flame implementing devices he might have

Min O'Pause

Smart move: vote out Vic
Entertaining move to keep things interesting: vote out Corey

I say Corey goes!


I agree! If Vic goes and doesn’t win the buy back, we ought to just all drop some cash in the bucket for Simon & Dawg and let these guys take the rest of the season off. All of us should take up tennis or something.


It’s gonna be a long week. I wish they’d quit pretending that they don’t know whats going down. The pretend back and forth about who’s leaving is annoying and redundant. Michelle is good at acting dumb but her other acting skills suck. C’ Mon who in the hell believed that fake ass noisey crying scene.


Sick of Nicole . Her whiney voice is like fingernails on a chalk board . Her nose is so big if she would take off her glasses her nose would come with it . Meech should of put her up .


Worst group EVER!

James didn't help clean up the kitchen

Of course James the pussy rat boy is the one who told Nicole Michelle wants her out bad. He ran right to Nicole and Corey and snitched. He has been running around snitching on everyone ALL SEASON. No worries though. Rat boy pussy has no chance of winning.

The dude is a total failure at life and this game.

Dont get it

Trying hard to understand why suddenly all the hate for James and Nat?? This is a game move! Why in hell would ANYBODY want to keep a comp beast like Victor in?? I certainly wouldnt. All you ppl bitching certainly wouldnt last very long in the house. This move especially makes sense seeing as how most fans do not want Paulie coming back in thursday night. They all LIKE Victor! He’s great! Hell, I live in the same town as him, but if I were in the house, I’m sorry, NO WAY I’d want to continue to have to deal with him winning everything.

Vic’s gonna be just fine. James will let him know he’s leaving well before Thursday night and production will tip them off to the impending jury buyback. I’ve been keeping up with this show for years and it’s always hilarious how bb fans are so fickle and hate the ones in power, even if they’ve been the under dog for the majority of the time.

Franks fumes

These are the worst players maybe ever… would be funny if they weren’t such annoying assholes….excluding Victor….I can’t believe I said that.


These are kids don’t know a whole lot about big brother. They don’t do anything but lay around and eat.


Was Nicole whiney and annoying like this on her first season?


You must be having a lot of those sessions lately.


Friends don’t let friends oversee internet sites and drive. Stop it , Simon.


The Kraken!


The comments make more sense now. I’m personally having a whiskey season. Lol

Misty Beethoven

Vodka. A whole lotta vodka and a big bucket of ice. And sometimes if that’s not enough, well smoke it if ya got it.


Release the Kraken!

I’m hoping for an exciting Thursday which depends on who comes back.


MICHELLE … I am a little lost at this point … are we at the flipping point or the the flopping point?

Natalie sucks

Well Natalie said “Ching Chang Chong” in an Asian accent twice last night. Once at the hot tub and again in hoh room. Michelle was taken aback and James seemed to try to warn her to stop but she laughed and said she always does it. Wonder if Julie will ask her about it like Aaryn?

Franks fumes

Nicole looks these days like she stinks….she’s gotten uglier on the inside too….must be all that “cuddling”!

Tid bit

No get rid of everyone and keep Nicole and Corey they’ve done an excellent job of whining, crying, sucking, finger funking and sleeping. They are so enjoyable to watch.


If Victor is evicted, which I think the little wimpy James will vote with Nicole, I sure as hell hope Victor wins the Jury Buy Back. And I hope Victor wins HOH, puts up Nicole & Corey, if one of them wins the POV, and takes them self down, put James up and evict James.

I hope Paul and Victor make it to final 2, I’m so sick of James, Natalie, Michelle, Nicole and Corey. None of them deserve to win, they all are very annoying people, I can’t wait for Natalie to see how James has said things to Paulie and the other guys about getting rid of all the girls.

Natalie, Michelle and James have been floating the majority of the season, other than when they worked together to get Paulie out. Nicole & Corey have floated the entire season, I am so tired of looking at Nicole and Corey, and the conversations they have, oh my God, please just stop giving them camera time. Same with Giving James camera time playing pranks, go home !!!


I think why a lot of people are upset……..we root for the underdog…….in this case, Vic is the underdog who happens to be very good at comps. But like Paul and James said……….he can’t win every comp, BB makes comps that people like Vic can’t win. With Vic, pretty much what you see is what you get. Don’t forget all of the boys wanted Vic to do that nominations speech and throw the beads, not one of his finest moments, and I do believe he will regret it when looking back at his stay in the house.
{For anyone asking “how can Vic be an underdog”? He did not have a large group protecting him. He had Paul, but at times Paul has been his worse enemy, don’t forget Paul thought that Paulie was his ride and die and he was all for back dooring Vic}
I am afraid that BB wants Paulie back into the house and will make certain the comp is set up for a Paulie win, {Bad enough Paulie James and Nicole all have ties to each other, not very fair to the others}
What I would like to see happen……….Corey gets voted out and has to battle his best friend Paulie back into the house………I can see it now tears streaming down Paulie’s face……….”I can’t, he’s my best friend”, I promised him.I will go so he can stay”. Paulie sobbing, “but this is big brother, I will do what I must”, Paulie leaves Corey dazed and confused {hard to tell considering this is Corey’s normal look} as he go back into the BB house sobbing. Now that would be a show stopper……….Come on BB you can make this happened. Then you still have Vic and Paulie going at it.

James fans are pussies just like him.

James occupation is listed as retail associate. Come to find out he works at Wal Mart Nope not even mgmt. He is listed as low level employee making min. wage.

No wonder pussy boy won’t tell Natalie what he does. He once told her he makes “really high salary” BOFL!


How did you come to find that out? Technically, Walmart refers to their employees as retail associates, so where’s the lie? Everyone has to start somewhere when they move to a new state without a job. Did James ever say why he moved to Texas? Did his baby mama move their with his daughter, or is she still in South Carolina?


I’m assuming he moved to a place with a higher population to better milk the BB fame. Texas coast of living is not crazy higher than South Carolina. New York and California would price James out too quick.


You are wrong dude. James is a correction officer for a prison. He worked at lowes for a time to supplement his pay to help out more with his daughter. After last season with all the publicity, he had to quit. He now recruits for the military along with his job for the prison.


James no longer works in a prison. He did that long ago. Go look at his bio for this season. Occupation: Retail Associate. The other person said it’s Wal Mart and you say it’s Lowes. Who cares?

Sorry your idol James being a loser is crushing you. Never cared:-)

Butters Mom

The army moved him to Texas I think and then he stayed.


So now Natalie and James are convincing themselves and Michelle that Paul is playing both sides. Ah, excuse me but, Paul and Victor weren’t co-HOH’s, Nat and Mich were and James might as well have been the 3rd HOH. I feel 100% sure Vic would have stuck to the plan for this week and 95% sure Paul would have stuck to the plan. The 3 people who made the decisions are spending a lot of time deflecting their own guilt on to Paul. Play your game and make the best move for you (except for you Michelle-I don’t think you even know who’s game you’re playing at this point) but, for fu%*s sake, own it. And quit trying to justify what you decided to do by trying to convince us someone else was going to do it. I don’t respect wishy washy flip floppers.


I think I would have been so much happier if Michelle and Natalie just said “Let’s target Paul and Vic because they’re great players and could easily win the game” and just left it at that, because it is a smart game move, but the way they’ve been behaving has turned me against them. They flip and flop and make up crazy excuses when all they need to say is that it’s a good strategic move!

Stone Thrower

It is incredibly amusing that Natalie is accusing Paul of playing both sides of the house when, in fact, that’s what she is doing. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


Is anyone else getting annoyed with Bratalies constant whining and complaining? If she brings up her fake ti**ies again I am gonna scream. One minute she is saying how good she is, the next she is fat, the next she is whining like a baby.


Someone, please enlighten me… Why should Nicole be viewed as the biggest threat to the money in the house? Why does the comment boards think she should go over Vic? It makes ZERO sense to get rid of her. Out of anyone she should be the #1 choice to sit beside in F2… People really think Vic, Paul, and Corey are less of a threat than Nicole? Things dont add up here….


BATMAN ….. seems to me like the logical thing to do. Nicole stands no chance to win against anyone at this point based on game play …. But then again, there is the jury to consider as to who will make that decision …. with these house guests, anything is possible.


Because production tells them to do this!!! To keep viewers watching… Who would watch from noms. to eviction if they all just decided who they were voting out and did it everytime??? I think it was James who said you can’t say who you are voting out , they want to keep it a secret!!! It keeps people watching and money coming in for live feeds….


NANA10 …. I agree with your sentiments about production affecting the players decisions to a degree but I think Batman was questioning what the fans are thinking and not so much what the house guests are thinking. From what I have seen of the game, if I were in the house I would try to take Nicole to the final 2 with me based on logic rather than emotion. I think by far, she has done the least in the game both in strategy and game play and my odds of beating her would be better than against any of the remaining players in the game. At least to this point in the game anyway. Who knows, maybe she will win a few comps going forward and actually have to do something of merit. But there again, the final decision on who wins rests the with the Jury and who knows what they will eventually base their decision on … emotion or actual game play (of course it is up to them to decide what is considered game play as well)

Giddy Up

I can’t wait to see the look of panic on ALL of their faces when they find out a jury member is coming back in the house, AND has a chance to get ACP. Fricken priceless when all the color disappears from James and Nicole’s faces, and she’s shaking in her Corey soiled panties….


Here is what James, Natalie and Michelle have to do knowing the Big Brother Math and what has happened in the past when a houseguest returns…. Victors most recent return is proof of this.
It is simple symbolic logic.
1) You must be aware that only three people can still get the BB care package Corey, Paul and Vic. this comes into the equation later on.

2) You know that if Vic is evicted by James essentially, James takes the responsibility for that along with Natalie. It can be said that Nicorey got in his head, but everyone know James is two faced and can not keep a deal. It will fall all on James.

3) Now out of the pool of possible evicted Houseguest…. Paulie, Bridgette, Da’Vonne, Zak + whoever is evicted this week. It is unlikely with competitors like Paulie and Vic will be the ones to win…. not 100% impossible but highly unlikely. So let us assume that your possible returns are Vic/ Corey and Paulie.
James, Natalie and Michelle run into some weird wonk number difficulties.

Lets say Nicole and Corey are a unit that is set in stone.
Evicting Vic gives you this situation.
Nicole, Corey and a returning Houseguests… now please refer to point #2 James was key in evicting Vic, James was also key in the eviction of Zak and Paulie. Paul Nicole and Corey felt expressly betrayed by James and by association Natalie.

a) Paulie will Team up with Nicole and Corey. Logically his order of eviction will be James, Natalie … Meech. and Paul may be on the same level one or the other. More than likely Paul having been lied to and betrayed will go over to Paulies side yet again and say it was James idea. Considering that James was key in lessening Paulies power and his eviction Paul may be able to make deals with Nicorey Paulie. It is unlikely that Paulie has forgotten James and Nats betrayal. That would change the numbers 5 against 3 not in James, Nats and Meechs favor. It also means that only Paul and Corey are now qualified for the last Care Package. This would not help any of there games

b) Vic returns into the game. As you know Vic never forgets being lied to. James and Nat will have been the ones that went against plan and evicted him. That means house numbers may change to a talk with Nicole and Corey and a deal that would result in Victor working with Nicorey and Paul… Things like this often happen when an ally betrays an ally so when they return the returning houseguest will work with people they considered on the other side i.e. Season 15 Judd going against McCrae Crae. This changes the numbers 4 to 3 Not in James, Nats and Meechs favor. Considering that James is their big comp person… bad news This also Leaves Corey, Vic and Paul receiving the Care Package and none of that would used in benefit of your game.

Now lets look into evicting Corey

Paulie returning. Paulie would be the primary target to returning into the House. The number would only be 2- 5 in your favor. Vic and Paul would be the only ones qualified for the Care Package. The benefit to that is that Care package would be used to hurt Nic and Paulie.

Corey: The numbers do not change at all it would still be 2-5 in your favor. You will not have Paul and Vic working with Nicorey and it is highly likely that the Care Package would benefit you.

Point #1

If you add a returning Houseguest to the equation it is infinitely better to evict Corey over Vic. It just requires time to look at the numbers.


Wait – did Corey respond to Nicole when she asked “so when do yo think or first make out sessh will be”???


Simon, you’re a saint, dude!

Buffalo Nickel

I hear you Simon! There’s only so much of that childish going no where repetitive whining convo, one can listen to. The next person that says Paul lied about knowing how to make fries should be automatically evicted and sent directly home – no jury house, no stipend…never to be heard from again.


I was just curious of what he responded about the makeout sesh, since they’ve had sex for all the world to see.


It’s the millennial generation guys. Everyone knows sex is like a hand shake but a make out sesh means you’re going steady. It’s like the letterman jacket of the 21st century.


I think he said it would be her Christmas gift

Powder Puff Cat

I FF Nicoery conversations on AD I cannot stand Nicole’s whining. “Natalie the Parrot” is now talking like her geeeeeeee whizzzzzzz Jameseeeeeeeeeeee.


Is it weird that Victor is the only one I like in the house as a person. Gameplay aside these people are the worst. Michelle ‘won’ HOH powers without actually doing anything and she doesn’t even utilize her own mind? Why did we think it would be a good idea to give her the care package again? Dumb as a bag of freaking rocks.. And if I have to watch Nicole put her glasses to the brim of her nose, raise her eyebrows, and frown her mouth one more time I will literally rip my eyeballs out. She is the most annoying person in the house. This house is a hot mess and I have no favorite to win


Must be my other personality, I don’t remember saying this…

Nope, just flavored water in the glass…No Kraken for me.

no suprise

corey is on the block!paul going win it all


I thumbs up my own comment, do you?


Are you a punk rocker?


Worst HOH reign ever…

About to upset people

I don’t speak for everyone but I wanted to believe this was guided but not fixed.

When Natalie told James that production wanted them to work with the two laziest HGs that talked crap on her all season it makes it feel fixed.

It was almost as bad as when Jeff got the Coup de’tat that enabled Jordan to “win” after she sucked all season.

Just makes this show seemed fixed.


Just because it is called reality TV does not make it real. Everything about this game is fixed to one degree or another …. whatever it takes to add the needed drama and keep the ratings up. The purpose of the show is for CBS to make money …. and they do.

With all the drama …. are you not entertained?


The P.C. terminology is that “the show is produced”.


I thought Michelle is suppose to be a super fan ? What is her problem, she is a mean person, then runs around and complains that Nicole & Corey won’t talk too her ? She was stupid enough to go and ask them who do you want me to put up between the 2 of them, Corey and Nicole kept telling her to do what is best for her game.

Now she wonders why they are not talking to her ? She called Nicole a Snake, whimp James told Nicole that Michelle wants her out. I am so sick of Michelle crying, the girl is not stable, she talks crap about you, then crys because you won’t talk with her. She is the 5th wheel, and I really don’t understand why she considers herself a Super Fan, Natalie of all people is telling Michelle what to do, and Michelle is a super fan ? LMAO


Does anyone know if there is an added bonus to the Jury Houseguest buyback competition like the winner also becoming the next HOH?


OMG just vote Vic out. It doesn’t matter who gets sent out this week, because it is going to be a crap shoot for the buy back anyways. Who ever was going to be nominated and then evicted was going to be mad and sour anyways. So were the fans also !!! Everyone is lying to each other. Corey has lied to Nicole – Paul has lied to Vic – James has lied to Nat – Nat has lied to James – Nicole has lied to Corey – Meech and Paul have lied to everyone !!! That’s what happens , especially this late in the game.
True Nat and Meech are the most vulnerable next week, because they can’t play HoH, but I really think Meech will be sent home next week because she hasn’t won anything and no one likes her except Vic.
Nat has only won one HoH and mostly everyone likes her except Nicole, but that RAT hates everyone except Corey. Plus I really think everyone wants to take Nat to F2, because they think they can beat her for 500K.


Victor is the only one I like in the house.


He’s the only somewhat normal/decent person left in the house

Dirty Deed Done Dirt Dingus

GROSS!! Check out nicorey having sex and him pulling out! nasty AF!!

Nicole walk of shame

Your biggest move and the only thing you’ll be remembered for this season is having sex in BB house. Hope that makes your dad proud.


Her biggest move. Lmao

ya boy knows

Vic needs to come back… Paul or Vic needs to win ….. nicole & james go on the block… james goes #nofriendship

Watching BBAD from last night

I honestly thought there was nobody on this planet that was dumber than James….but seriously Natalie is really fucking close. James talking about how he knew he was safe even after he slipped and I he had to explain it to Natalie like 3 different ways. So done with their crap.


I am so done with the feeds until Thursday. Listening to these people is making me incredibly frustrated. Natalie just gone done saying “I can’t be fake” moments after complaining about Paul trying to make a final 4 between Vic/Paul/James/Natalie and telling Michelle she could never do that to her. But didn’t she let James make a final 4 with Nicorey that didn’t include Michelle? She can’t ‘make herself’ be nice to Paul because he has done such horrible things yet her new besties are Nicole and Corey. Let’s not forget who it was that joined Paulie in his round of applause after trashing Natalie.
Natalie and Michelle complain about Paul and his lies. Let me get this straight. Michelle still has no plans of going to the end with Nicole. James is pushing for a showmances final 4. Natalie is pushing for all girls final 3. Nicole has a final 2 with Corey. They are all saying they aren’t targeting each other but in reality (since they don’t know about returning juror) there is only one target left which means they have to have other targets in mind-a second nominee and possible renom and, in the case of a Paul POV win, an alternate target. They are all liars and the lying was so unnecessary and they have gotten in so deep now I don’t think they can even remember what lies they have told or to who.
Not only that but, Natalie and Michelle have taken to a full on bashing of Paul-his game, his personality, his character, his age, the fact that he is too worldly and intelligent to not be a liar. Are you fricking kidding me? Some people are blessed. Maybe they had great parents, great schools, great experiences and maybe just a bit of natural intelligence. I understand that for people as shallow as Natalie and Michelle now seem to be that is a concept that may be a little hard to grasp.
Michelle has always wavered between being incredibly entertaining to being incredibly mean and petty but Natalie…let’s just say that her carefully tailored facade is beginning to crack. I started to like her and was completely on her side when she confronted Paulie about the personal comments, but I was never as much of a Nat fan as a lot of people. The things she said about Victor never rang true. It seemed more like a girl who had been embarrassed because she liked a guy who didn’t like her back so she decided to get revenge by making him look like an asshole and, of course he wasn’t there to defend himself so we only had her word to go on. She spent an entire season pretending to be a nice girl who had a hurt heart. Now she is exactly what she complained about in others. I feel quite sure that the Natalie we are seeing now is the real Natalie.

Skips mom

Well said! Her fake facade indeed is broken. I have noticed too that Natalie will say things that aren’t even true about someone for attention. Glad others see it now too.

Nat Rat

So far this week Natalie has made insulting if not racists comments about “Ching Chang Chong” and telling James he should eat Seaweed chips because he is from Korea and they were made there. She brought up that Paul is an atheist to Michelle and that be one reason to not trust him and target him. She also said how she is good for her word but broke her alliance with victor because the dr told her to. Sweet irks don’t have to tell you a Zillion time how sweet they are…..Their actions show it.

It's 8/22/16 3PM

I’m trying to read this spoiler but I can’t cause all I can picture is Boogie in the diary room, ROTF LHFAO!!!
OMG!! Simon, you got me!!

It's 8/22/16 3PM

I mean seriously, I’m laughing to hard I can’t even be mad!