“He ran into the London room like he was my ex wife and he found out I’ve been hiding kids in Ecuador”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nominations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Victor AND COrey
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 19-53-02-074
(It’s slow 🙁 )
7:50pm Victor and Paul Pool
Vic – James is taking out a big target.. Take it from his perspective we’ve been working with him more than COrey has.. Sow why would it make sense for him to do that now.
Vic – he still can play HOH next week
Paul – as long as I am in this house he knows I’m a bigger target than him.

Paul says maybe James is thinking it’s easier to beat Corey and Nicole than HIm and Victor
Victor – I think he trusts us when we say we’ll go after Nicole next.. If he trusts we’ll go after Nicole For him it would make sense to get Corey out now..
Vic – if we wins HOH he can take us out or if he doesn’t win HOH we’ll take out Nicole..
Paul – he’s worried about the care package

Victor suspects that James is leaking information to Nicole.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 20-27-29-679
8:27pm Corey working out… Nicole watching drooling. Victor and Paul in the hot tub chilling..

Victor says unless he’s up against Paul in the final 2 he’ll win. Victor thinks Paul has a good chance to get America’s favorite. Paul isn’t sure mentions they have no idea how he’s being portrayed on the show.
Paul says James is confident that he has America’s favorite locked.
Victor asks about Natalie winning it. Paul doesn’t know it’ll depend how the game goes mentions if they were popular and she sent them home might hurt her.

Victor – this game is stressful..
Victor hopes the fans like the season there’s no ‘Controversial Sh1t” that puts a stain on it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 21-27-21-565
9:00pm Victor and Michelle
Talking about silly reality shows like sweet sixteen and Made.
Meech liked laguna beach and the Hills.

Victor says he doesn’t want to be on James’ a$$ he’ll give James some space. Michelle says that’s a good idea.
Victor asks if Natalie seem like she wants Corey out
Michelle – she does.. She knows what he said.

They agree people will judge them for the littlest things said. If they could listen to the fans talk for 24/7 they could find something to make them look like a “bad Person”
Victor says they have to watch every single thing they say.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 21-44-28-191
9:27pm they reminisce about university

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 21-37-34-697

9:33pm Kitchen Paul, Corey and Nicole
Talking about Paulie losing his mind and having to go for his own safety.

Paul telling them a story about when Paulie first found out Zakiyah was going. Highlights the crazy, “He ran into the London room to me like he was my ex wife.. And he just found out I’ve been hiding the fact I had kids in ecuador ”. Puts his hands on his hips impersonating Paulie, “so when were you going to tell me” . (See image)
Paul – I was like what… he was like about Zakiyah going home.. I was like dude I don’t know what you are talking about. He licked his lips and ran out.
Paul – Hommie is insane
Corey – ya
Corey – we never say that side of Paulie.. When that came out I was like What…
Nicole – it was so random. I was like crap.. You know it’s like shoot
COrey – random

9:48pm Corey talks about a time he tried marijuana edibles and didn’t feel it. it was a gummy animal. Paul promises to give him a edible that he’ll feel.

Corey talk about his friend Dylan who has “Beautiful Blue eyes” he’s 6.2 attractive the ladies really like him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 22-16-52-307

10:17pm Natalie and Nicole
Natalie going on about Paul “Forcing” her to study and telling her if she wins the veto she has to use it on her.
Natalie says Paul isn’t 23 she says he’s too smart.
Natalie says Corey said something personal about her that made her said.. something about her and James.. a comment.
Nicole – I don’t think he said anything about it
Natalie – I know.. Corey doesn’t say rude comments
Nicole – he’s not that type
Natalie says nobody else heard it. Natalie thinks Paul just made it up.
Natalie – it’s the meanest thing someone can say something about someone..
Natalie again saying it’s made up wonders why Paul never told her before.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-22 22-36-03-134
10:41pm James and Corey playing pool


WEEK 5 – August 25 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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I’m putting it out there. Paul is going to win.

2nd year BB Fan

Aah Victor! You will have my vote for America’s Fave.


Yes!!!! Everyone vote for Victor for AFP. He honestly deserves it. The way he came back into the house after winning those comps and how he’s acted has really grown on me. He has never said anything bad about anyone and has been friendly with everyone throughout the entire season. Plus as a bonus, he’s a comp beast and got Paulie out of the house!!!!!!!


C’mon….he’s dopey, not particularly kind, and is only in the game this late because he got a month vacation. Don’t get me wrong, Vic seem like a nice enough dude, but you’re simply elevating him because the rest of the house stinks.

Bridgette is the only choice for AF. She won HOH and if not for her ankle maybe would have won more. She played the game from day 1, found herself in a minority, was ostracized, mocked, but didn’t fall apart, didn’t play victim….and she was the one that led the move against Paulie (Nat hid with James the whole game…her view was from Bridgette’s info and Paul was ready to jump ship because Bridgette had cultivated that relationship, not Nat who was in bed the whole game). In other words, she played the whole time, was losing, held on, made the big move to change the course of the game, and got taken out in double eviction because they knew she was a big threat.

Vic walked into his 1st eviction, took a vacation, returned, and was a bystander, doing what Paul says (if Paul says no, Victor never moves against Paulie), winning comps and bragging about how many….and now he goes…again…His resume only compares to Bridgette’s, if your obsessed with silly BB comps, believing there’s skill in standing on fake surfboards, finding hidden treasures in ball pits…you know, games found at an 8 year olds birthday party….

sunny dee

vic and paul have my vote, depending on where they are going to be at the end. just like they would have my care package vote, we can’t vote until the jury comeback tho, so will have to see. definitely not corey. he’ll just bribe nicole, who will just agree to throw a comp and why not, what difference would it make considering she is not winning anything but he’ll give her 5k. with paul we don’t know what he’ll do and offer and ask


Vic should win America’s Fav just for cleaning up after these dirty MFers. a bunch of dirt bags this season pissing in the hot tub, throwing used panties on top the bathroom sofa, and can’t forget Z storage room maxipad/potato chips fiasco.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Had to turn off BBAD. Can’t take Nicole acting all happy and safe.

Wake me when she is miserable and crying about to be evicted.

James and Natalie same.

Nat comes down to kitchen all self entitled looking and says “who made cookies..Is there salt in them?”

Paul says exactly what I was thinking. “Who puts salt in cookies?”

It’s to the point now where everything Nat or Lames or Nic does irritates the fk out of me. Time for another BB break till Thursday.

peaCe homies.

Any baker knows that......

lots of cookie recipes call for a teaspoon of salt. From an online source about salt, “Salt enhances and intensifies food’s other flavors, even in sweets such as candy, cookies, and cakes. In desserts, for example, a little salt tones down the sweetness, keeps it from seeming cloying, and enriches the overall flavor.”

Negative Nat

Natalie really is a whiney, negative, self absorbed, entitled, overly sensitive, racist, self unaware brat.


She’s just worried Jamesy put salt in them as one of his “epic” pranks and she won’t be able to eat them and then lay around complaining about how fat she is getting.


Nicole has had a sour puss and worried attitude for most of the season and now suddenly she’s all giddiness and smiles. It’s hard to watch knowing she’s skating to the end after doing nothing but playing under the sheets with Corey all summer.


I really hope they don’t get rid of Paul and Victor. They have been the only entertainment in the house. Wish them and Michelle would make Final 3 with Victor winning Michelle in second since she got the crap stirring on Paulie and enticed others to vote him out and Paul in 3rd with Americas Favorite if they have it this season. I think survivor didnt do it this past season actually whatever order they fall in doesnt matter as long as they all make it to final 3.


I can’t believe all the people who BEGGED to vote for Michelle to get this care package and HERE IT IS!!! Crying, whining, and can’t make ANY DECISION on her own and she just won’t stop. She really is a disgrace to the BB trademark as a “SuperFan”. Couldn’t believe BBAD came on and there she was, sitting there stuffing that face full of potato chips. I’m beginning to think production gives her those things just before the show comes on JUST TO EAT OUR HEARTS OUT!!!! I’ve already turned BBAD off and heading off to bed. Thank you Simon and Dawg, it is so much quieter watching BB on HERE!!!!! Love you guys, you’re the BEST!!!! <3


Michelle is disgusting inside and out. The fact she says she is a nutritionist is laughable.


I find that interesting also about Michelle . I went to see a nutritionist at UW hosp in Madison WI many yrs ago . To my surprise hers come a 300 plus pound women who actually thought I was going to take her advise on food . I sat with her for about ten minutes and it was apparent she had no clue what she was talking about . I told her this was a waste of my time and she was the WORST EXAMPLE of a nutritionist . I called my HMO and demanded they not pay and that I should not be charged a co pay . Morale , anybody can say they are something but not be suited for the position .

sunny dee

silly, we just didn’t want anyone else to have it more than we wanted michelle to get it. plus she was looking pretty strong there coming up to eviction day, so it made sense also to keep whoever it was from getting their way to evict her. more a case of voting against nicorey than for michelle.

since nicole was that sure corey was getting the carepackage, and it went to michelle, that had to sting bigtime.


In response to Sunny Dee’s comment re Michelle’s ACP Win:
Almost like what casting a vote in Nov will be this year, lol

Different Game

If Victor got that care package the game would still be amazing !


That care package was no gift to Meech. She only got one vote, and James will break the tie to send Victor out, and then next week, she can’t play for HOH. I really can’t fault her for that, lol.


Can someone please tell me why BB hasn’t made these dirty slobs clean the house yet? It’s so disgusting!

Grandma G

I have always thought that instead of have nots they should make them cleaning crew for the week.

Never cared

They should definitely keep Victor this week. He’s the only one who ever cleans! The rest are a bunch of lazy slobs.


It is cleaned now. Vic cleaned it

Crack is Whack!

I’m just going to assume that the people that are voting for Corey to get ACP are on crack. Put down the crack pipe and vote for Paul or Victor!


Cat ladies. Cat ladies on crack.

Cat lady

My cats would not like Corey. I think they would like Victor alot.

My Two Cents

I don’t understand why so many people are flipping out at the thought of Victor being voted out. The dude has about as many comp wins as all the remaining houseguests COMBINED. He’s on the block…he didn’t win veto…it’s now or never. Either they vote him out or just kiss any shot at the 500K goodbye. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Does but doesn't

Vic has a lot of wins but all these floaters weren’t trying, so it kind of doesn’t count. At least Paulie had enough heart for it to kill him to let other people win as strategy. These other fools (besides Paul) care so little about this game that it doesn’t even register that they did something wrong.

They let him be the “competition beast” to let him put “blood” on his hands and have an excuse to not let him get to the end.

Grandma G

I really don’t want Paulie coming back into the house and have to listen to him brag or lie about how many times he ‘boned’ Zakaya in the jury house
It was sickening and so disrespectful.

Never cared

I’m with you Grandma G. It was just gross hearing him talk about boning Z in front of literally the entire world. What a pig! I bet his mama is so proud…


There Paul goes again…making Granny like that fuzzy face boy, despite his erratic behavior. Oh, and I think he got into Granny’ s Vick’ s vapor rub. That think is so shiny.

I was trying to figure out who Paul reminds me of and think I have it figured out…

Captain Caaaaaaaaaavemaaaaaaan!

I wonder what Paul has hiding in his beard.

*chuckles then chokes, chuckles some more then begins searching for that little blue jar with a green lid to soothe some chest congestion

Never cared

Granny is that you??? When did you start watching BB?

Franks fumes

Meech will spill the beans….it’s good because brave James is now planning on not telling Vic “to his face”until THURSDAY……..because hes such a “stand up guy” James is a chickenshit once again!


Granny, you on that sauce again?!


and that’s ok, just pass the jar….


Corey talking about a guy friend with beautiful blue eyes, 6’2 and attractive….oh Nicole how Blind are you??? But instead of wondering why your man is talking about dudes, you are wondering when you are going to make out! That will be never because he likes dudes!

Never cared

I don’t really like Nicole but I kinda feel sorry for her, pining away for a guy that’s clearly more into dudes than he’ll ever be into her.


his attractive guy friend with the beautiful eyes must be the reason Corey has those spaced out moments, when he is thinking of him.


how can we forget how Corey was crushing on victor during the intros on Day 1….

Wonky eyes

He mentioned Orlando Bloom lol <3

Franks fumes

James nat nat Nicole and Goatburner sure do look comfy…….it’s almost as if they have a secret fairy watching over them…..or Production!……… Vic or Bridge for the buyback and HOH win!


Starting to wonder if Natalie can form a regular conversation with others without constantly repeating the same crap over and ovet. We get it’s a game but you’re starting to sound really dumb.

Just saying

Nat was making some racial comments today in front of James…he maybe realizing (HELLO) that she is not really into him. They are and will remain strictly in the friend zone.


James is of Asian heritage; Nat is from Venezuela, and about everybody in America is of mixed heritage, so I don’t get why people make racial slurs. It’s what’s inside that counts…

Nat, ugh

Will James just tell her to go to her room, lock the door, and not come out already? He must know that getting her to not talk is vital to his campaign for AFP.


I’m still trying to figure out why America chose MICHELLE to be co-HOH. I thought America hated her because she’s always crying, puking and obsessing about food. Plus, she’s a jealous “mean girl” who talked so much sh*t on Nat and pouted when Nat got the first care package. What gives? Why did Michelle get that power this week?


I rely solely on OBB and the awesome posters for live feed recaps. I’m seeing some comments re Michelle & food. Is she presenting w some sort of eating disorder(s)!


nat has become real annoying, blaming everybody for her b.s. maybe paulie was right about her, jamesy will take her b.s. cuz he likes the idea of a showmance..

Ian's Lament

I’ve got my fingers crossed for an endurance comp with Paulie hanging sobbing swarmed by butterflies.

Big brother 18

Is it me or is Corey trying be extra friendly after being a prick. All day he’s been making comments about being single and hooking up with chicks. Nicole suddenly leaves his side and hangs out in the kitchen with Victor and Paul. After playing pool with James, Corey goes inside to hangout and his body language looks angry or anxious. I could tell he’s nervous that Nicole might not give him the vote. Corey thought Nicole gave Victor that one vote the last time he was evicted. He thought Nicole liked him after the one vote. I would actually prefer Victor over Corey any day.

Franks fumes

Dylan is 6ft.2 and has beautiful blue eyes says Corine…… and the ladies just love him…….Not as much as Corey does.


Natalie counting all the “gifts” that James promised her and trying to insure she gets them.
Veterans James and Nicole should know better.
Really? An exchange of money and gifts. Wow. Makes me wonder.

About to upset people

Don’t worry about not getting Victor’s vote James. You won’t make it to the end and even if you do no one respects you riding CBS’s coat tails to the end.

Natalie complaining about Paul trying to help her study is ridiculous. Shame on him for trying to help you.

No wonder someone as physically pretty as she is, is “single as a pringle”.

Big brother

Corey called Nicole a stupid bitch under his breath.

Never cared

For real??? That’s too funny!

Big brother

Yeah he was lying in bed and she walked in to come cuddle. They “cuddled” for a bit and he jammed after and didn’t go back to bed. He went to hangout with Paul and layer on the hammock for hours. When said It he mutters the words but you can’t hear it right away because the sound came in delayed. But he defiantly said it. His eyes are always scattered thinking wtf have I gotten myself into. Nicole is a ticking time bomb of emotions. She’s so damn paranoid and irritable all the time and I think he’s had finally hit rock bottom with her. I can see why Hayden broke up with her.


Showmances have ruined Big Brother. CBS had struck gold with Jeff and Jordan and are forever unsuccessfully trying to repeat that success.
Couples are always a target, so production always has to distort the game to keep them in the game longer. Production will “suggest” that certain players work with them eventhough it will hurt their game. Production will give them special powers (coup detat), select competitions to suit their strengths at the appropriate times and create an assortment of twists to save them. This is all at the expense of the other players.
This would not be a problem if the showmances were likable, but they never are. They are either fake and contrived and without chemistry (Shelly and Clay), or genuine but vomit inducing (Rachel and Brendan). We are forced year after year to watch couples that we do not like or support get golden edits and special treatment because CBS thinks we want this. Well I don’t want to watch a twisted parody of fake love conquering all.
In the future I wish production would let the game just naturally play itself out. Yes couples will form, but don’t celibrate them and certainly don’t fix the game for them.


Well said! You articulated what I’ve been thinking perfectly:-)
Not what I think matters to anyone other me, lol????


How the HELL is Paulie beating Da’ in the poll?!?!?!?!?!


Because Da is boring and pretty much as coniving and manipulative as Paulie, but at least Paulie would make it WAY more interesting.


Simon please add the option NO ONE at the pool of the returning houseguest AHAHAHAHAHAH


JAMES … knowing you bounce BB checks … would you take a $5k bribe from Paul if he offered it next week and then not deliver on that as well?

It's a F*cking Pelican!

I love how Natalie thinks Paul is 30. Like what?! If Paul were 30, he’d be much more depressed. Take it from someone who’s been there *points to self*


Not a comment of closeted Corey is… Interesting. He will shaft Nicole in a heartbeat for paulie

Never cared

“He ran into the London room to me like he was my ex wife.. And he just found out I’ve been hiding the fact I had kids in Ecuador ”. This had me rolling! Funniest analogy ever!!! Like him or not, Paul is a funny guy!

Froot Loop Dingus

The reason Natalie can’t believe Paul is just 23 is because she’s a complete dunce. All she knows about is make up, and cheerleading and superficial bs like that. Same with many o the other HGs. So anyone who has a little bit of worldly knowledge is going to seem like a genius.
It’s a symptom of a generation of self absorbed all about me babies.