James “Don’t tell anyone I told you this but Michelle really wants you [Nicole] out.”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 11-23-43-072

10:40am – 11am Kitchen – Nicole, James and Corey are talking. James tells Corey and Nicole… don’t tell anyone I told you this but Michelle really wants you (Nicole) out. Nicole says she knows she (Meech) wants her out. James says she thinks everyone under estimates you. Nicole says she’s just like Christine .. its legit the same thing. Nicole says thank you. Wait so she knows you don’t want me out or did you tell her you do? James says I said you haven’t won anything so I think you’re over estimating her. Nicole laughs. James says she said if that’s what you guys think, I’ll go with you but I think you’re under estimating her. Nicole says because she doesn’t want Vic gone. James says Vic doesn’t even tell people who he wants out. Paul says he wants this person and that person out. Nicole says I just can’t believe that she thinks its best to get me out. James says Paul is pushing to get Corey out because he thinks he has a care package coming. Nicole says Paul might get it too. James says but he is banking on that he or Vic will get it if Corey is gone. Nicole says but that’s bad for you. James says no sh*t. He didn’t even know what a veto or a DPOV was. James tells Nicole I just don’t want you thinking she’s (Meech) is your best friend. Nicole says she knows she’s not. James says its going to be us couples battling it out. Corey says that would be funny. That would be dope if we could make it to the final 4. James says after Vic and Paul .. then there is just Michelle. Corey says maybe Nicole can come through with us .. just one time!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 11-27-10-544

11:10am – 12:05pm Backyard – James, Nicole and Corey are suntanning. James says he is definitely going to get a tattoo when he gets out. I’ve got a South Carolina tattoo and I definitely need a Texas one. James says its good that all the nice people are going to be left and that all the strategers and drama is going to be out. Nicole says I am trying to stay out of the drama but it just finds me. Nicole asks why does Paul want Corey out? He thinks he’s throwing crap? James says he thinks its best for everyone but its not best for us. If you get rid of Corey then that means all that’s left is Me, Nicole, Nat, Meech and Victor. So ya’ll two can gang up on me. I would be sitting up on the block next to Nicole. They would say they’ve got me all week long and then get rid of me and then they can wipe through all the girls. Nicole and Corey laugh. Nicole says I can’t believe two returners are in the top 7! James says I know I thought we would be the first to go. Corey says He said in his interview that if there were returners he would team up with them. Nicole says they (Paul & Vic) know I’m coming for them. Nat Nat joins them to sun tan. Nat tells Nicole I feel bad for Vic. He wasn’t my target. Nicole says he is just so good. Nat says I’m just going to stay out of it. Paul is a bigger threat but.. Nicole says I know but he’s not on the block so we can’t do anything about it. Nicole says if you’re in the final 2 that’s something you can say that you got him out. Nat asks me really in final 2.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 11-54-59-375

12:20pm – 12:30pm Nicole says none of us are going home next week. James says none of us .. its 3 against 1. Corey says I’m going to win it next week. It doesn’t matter. There is no way he (Paul) can win HOH and POV. Nicole says you don’t know that. Corey says there is no way he is that good. James says if its an endurance I’ll rattle him. James says if it is me and him up there on a wall comp.. I’m going to be screaming all night ya’ll two (Nicole & Corey) are next. Just to get him to drop out. Nicole and Corey laugh. Corey says when I drop out I’ll start crying. Nicole says no don’t.. you’re the worst fake crier.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 12-22-09-371

1pm – 1:30pm Backyard – Nicole and James. Nicole says she doesn’t think she would have any votes in the end. Maybe 1 or 2. James says you would probably have 2 or 3 votes. Nicole says I would maybe have Paulie and maybe maybe Z. I don’t think I can beat anybody in the final 2. Making it is good enough for me. I would be fine with the 50k. James asks do we get the stipend too? Nicole says they don’t, we do. Nicole says it would be so good to to see you and Corey in the end. James says he woudl buy his girls mom an SUV to drive the kids around in. If I won I would send you, Corey and Nat cash. Maybe like 10K. Nicole says she would to. James says Definitely would send Nat some cash because that girl has been struggling. They talk about whether or not there will be another double eviction. James doesn’t think there will be. James also doesn’t think anyone from jury is coming back because Julie said they will not be returning to the house.
James tells Nicole you tell Paul and Vic that you hate me and I’ll tell them I hate you. Nicole says I’m not even going to talk to them.

1:50pm – 2:15pm James is yelling to the backyard camera telling the live feeders whats going to happen this week. James says in case you wanted to know where my vote is going this week. At the end of the week Corey is going to be on the block next to Victor and I’m going to send Victor to Jury. Me, Corey, Nicole and I are going to try and ride to the end together. It will be the battle of the showmances. Yes I haven’t forgotten about Michelle. We’re going to try and send her home next week or Paul if he doesn’t win HOH. Please don’t send Paul a care package.

Vic joins Paul. James says Nicole and Corey were worried that they’re going up. They said they really needed us to vote for them to stay. Vic akss what was their incentive? James says nothing really. They’re definitely worried. Nicole is more worried than Corey for some reason. Vic says if that’s the extent of it .. then this will be a chill week. Michelle was so worried but I told her don’t worry about it. We fixed it and it will be good for tv. Vic says just that comment alone that Corey made got her mad. James says oh yeah she wants him gone.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 13-55-07-984

2:35pm Corey and Nicole are playing pool. James, Vic and Nat are talking by the pool. James talks about Audrey the transgender from his season. He says she was gorgeous. She was drama.. she was like Paul but a girl.

3pm Vic does another Baldwin puppet show with the eagle.

3pm – 3:20pm Backyard – Nicole tells Corey I can’t see Meech putting you up without talking to you. She would put me up without telling me though. If she does come to talk to you what are you going to tell her? To put me up? Corey says I’ll tell her if she puts me up she’ll be sorry. Nicole asks if he would really say that? Corey says no. Corey says the only reason she would put me up is if she plans on sending me home. Nicole says Paul and Vic want you to go up. She wants to put me up that’s for sure. Its bad but I just really don’t want to ruin my streak of being up on the block. What?! I paid my dues in my last season I was up 5-6 times. Corey asks are you throwing comps? Nicole says no. I threw OTEV. I didn’t scurry .. I took my time. I definitely didn’t try in that last comp either. I felt safe with Nat winning .. or you or James. Paul wasn’t doing very well. Nicole says I would be shocked if she didn’t put me up. The only reason she wouldn’t put me up is if she got wind that we want Vic out. Do not tell her. Corey says I wouldn’t. Nicole says its fine if I go up I trust you and James. If she doesn’t talk to you about it, then I know I’m going up.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 15-04-38-481

3:30pm – 3:50pm Corey says he would tell Meech she would be sorry if she put him up. Nicole gets annoyed because she would be the other option. Corey then says he would tell her after she put him up that she’ll be sorry she put him up. Nicole argues with him saying that’s not what you said. She then says she’s fine with it if you want to talk to her and get out of it. Corey says I want Meech to feel so bad after she puts me up. I want her to feel so bad. I want her to just want to be out at that point. I’m going to be like Paul and Vic wanted me to put you up during the double eviction night and I told them I didn’t want to. So good job. Nicole says its probably going to be me anyways. Corey says I definitely want to say that to her.. maybe. I just think it would be funny. She would be rattled. Nicole says its fine if you want to get me on the block. Corey says I don’t want to. I’m fine with going up. Nicole keeps bringing it up. Corey asks is this conversation over yet. Corey and Nicole are getting on each others nerves.

4:15pm In the kitchen – Meech tries to come back inside from the backyard but Vic hold the door shut. He lets go and runs back to the stove. Meech comes in and asks if he was holding the door. Vic says no. Meech says maybe it was the ghost. Vic says just kidding it was me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 16-17-33-204
James tells Paul I just don’t think it would be good to vote out Nicole. Paul says he talked to Meech and she thinks that Corey would never put her up. So I explained to her that Corey is more likely to get a care package and how Nicole isn’t going to win anything. Corey is more likely to win HOH. She said that makes sense. That way the only people that can get the package is me and Vic. James asks if you get the care package and I win HOH. Who goes home? Paul says Nicole. James asks who would go up as a pawn then? Paul says I would even volunteer. I really don’t think Michelle would mind being a pawn either. She said we could because she put Vic up.

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255 thoughts on “James “Don’t tell anyone I told you this but Michelle really wants you [Nicole] out.”

    1. at this point I hope everything backfires for production’s and it’s actually the most worthless player like Zakiyah winning the jury battle back. Paulie or Vic coming back is just another production ploy to validate the scheme to advance James & Nicole to the final 2.

          1. I am not going to watch BB18 any more until Thursday or Sunday. What a mess Natalie and James will go back and forward all week can’t take it any more. If I don’t look at BB any more this year I am good. Too many twists and involvement with production tell I don’t have a favorite HG so I can’t tell you who I want to win. This is terrible… I always knew what HG I wanted to win in the past. Nicole and Corey bring nothing to the game alone with Zakiyah. James Natalie and Michelle just started really playing the game. This nomance stuff is for the birds. Am out!

    2. just my opinion so go ahead and hate if you must.. personally i like bridge too but shes just another weak floater and honestly she doesnt deserve to win big brother.. i hate when people say “hey whoever is the last one standing deserves the money” no shit if your the last one standing you get the money but it has nothing to do with deserving it.. when true fans talk about the great bb players its always the most hardcore manipulative gamers like dr will boogie evel dick janelle rachel dan etc you know people that actually deserve to win this great game.. nobody ever talks about adam steve jordan or andy cause theyre weak ass floaters who have no real strategy and basically hide in the shadows the entire game then in the end somehow get lucky enough to be the last one standing.. imo that hardly justifies “deserving” to win big brother which is why nat meech nicole or corey simply dont deserve to win this season

      1. James thinks America wants to see an unsuferable showmance to win. If Victor is voted out by the end of the week I hope he comes back. Then Paul/ Victor/Meech will put James and Corey on the block and end my suffering. James and Nicole belong on the Bachelor but not as primaries.

      2. The only problem with your comment is that Janelle never won, Maggie won that season and she could have been classified as a floater except that she led her team to the end.
        You make no comments about Lisa, Jun, Drew, & Hayden. I’d be interested in knowing where you thought they fit in.

        1. yeah unfortunately janelle never won though she damn well deserved to.. i always thought maggie was lucky to win that season.. without question janelles the all time non winning fan favorite and a pov hoh BEAST she just fell short of winning a couple times.. i was always rooting for her and i think she holds the record for most days ever spent in the bb house? lisa jun and drew obviously deserve credit as winners but honestly i never really think about them as they won pretty early on and bb was still sort of finding itself and for some stupid reason it doesnt seem as impressive to me lol.. hayden was great i forgot about him he definitely proved you can be “nice” and still play hard enough to absolutely deserve to win this game..

      3. I would add James to that list. Meech I am torn about as she was back to back on the block with no solid alliance with anyone and managed to get off she said in a DR that the drama she caused was a strategy and deflection.. I would like to see NOW (because I have changed my mind about Nat and James because of their arrogance and Nat crying like Van but so much better at it than her) for Vic ,Meech and Paul yes even Paul be final 3 . I wish they (nat and James) would just be like this is strategy period but Nat has to get personal and attack people and James just gets arrogant. I also know those two are getting help (like Van did) especially Natalie and it just makes me not like them any more or production. I stopped watching last year after the dentist went home and this year I didn’t get live feeds(even though a friend has them so I watch periodically) this time because I start getting mad about how they edit and you find out production is helping. ugh I don’t know if I will stop watching all together; tired of things being predetermined.

      4. i hate when people claim rachel was a good player. her social game was terrible and she relied heavily on comp wins and production bs like pandora’s box (not to mention shelly throwing her a tie-breaker vote over porsche for no discernible reason). meanwhile i think andy was a pretty solid player. was he someone you were rooting for? heck, no. but he gathered a ton of information and played it well to advance his game.

        at this point the only person i don’t think deserves to win is victor and whomever returns from jury. people who get voted out and then return shouldn’t win. that said, i’m rooting for bridgette to return because i think it would make for the most interesting gameplay. no one’s going to talk to da or z, and they’re going to go up as a pawn next to paul and blow up their own game and go home immediately upon re-entering. paulie and victor re-entering is also boring because it’s either a replay of one of their power plays if they’re in power or a repeat of their being dead man walking. to my mind bridgette has the most potential to shake up the house as suddenly james and nicole’s deal is likely off and/or bridgette gives meech new avenues to victory that don’t require meech to win a comp at final 3/final 4.

        1. People comment ………….”someone who got voted out should not win the game”…….why? The people who get voted out are usually the stronger players…………they deserved to win just like the weaker players. In fact, I am sick and tired of the weaker players winning most of the time.
          The 2 couples that BB is trying to rammed down our throats are a joke. Corey is not going to stay with Nicole, he is riding her coat tails as well as her body orifices! Nat is using James and he is too stupid to realize it, and he is not funny. I am tired of Nat……….”I’m a nice person”, “I have a bubbly personality”, who is she trying to convince??
          BB edits people so the average person likes or hate them depending on the edit. Paulie is pretty despicable, but if you notice, his team is still in place to take him to the win. These 3 should of never been allowed to be in here at the same time, totally unfair to the rest of the players, and not entertaining to the viewers. James, Nicole, and Da were horrible players on their seasons, but we got stuck with them again, and we all know why!

    3. Hope you see this Texas A & M and bring Corey and his friends in for questioning for the burning of a live animal. America needs to know you care … Being drunk and standing by watching and more than likely rooting on the burning of a frighten animal wasn’t enough for you to step up and stop the cruelty??? That says a lot about your character. Shame on you Corey and your heartless friends. A call may be in the future to the humane society, if A & M doesn’t investigate this horrible act. LOSER

        1. What’s the matter Bahhhhh, were you the one dousing the poor goat with lighter fluid or holding the match?…ahhh or just another Corey encouraging it on with your laughter. Nothing to do with being a tough room, just decent people standing up for an innocent animal, by the hands of ‘ All American good ole boys”…bahhhh!!!!

  1. Since Julie said a juror will return this week, Thursday episode could be a combined Jury/HOH wall comp. I remember BB15 where right after Helen was evicted from the house on 8/22, jurors and remaining HGs did the “Off the Wall” ball catching comp. Last juror standing returned (Judd) and Elissa went on to be HOH. And there was the “production hand” shown by Helen’s feet as she fell with subsequent controversy. Think there were 10 total competing. Last three standing were female.
    If it is a combined comp, makes sense that ACP voting begins right after the show to give the returning juror a shot at winning it.

    1. Yeah they did it last year too with the standing on the rope comp- last jury member left got to come back in. They could even go to HOH if they beat everyone. Johnny Mac won from the jurors and came right back in after being evicted moments earlier and I think Vanessa actually won the comp. I could see this week being the wall comp with the same rules

    2. If the last care package takes place after jury buy back, should I vote for Vic? Currently, goat burner Corey is in the lead, with Vic 2nd. And watching BBAD, lame James is telling his fans to vote for Corey – with James, Ratcole, Nat and Corey thinking they are America’s favorite! YUCK!!! So, here is a repeat of my previous post:

      AGAIN, why would BB fan’s vote for Corey to win anything??? Least we forget he thought it funny to watch his frat buddies pour lighter fluid over a goat (still hoping he and frat boys get in trouble), and flick matches on it in order to set it on fire!!!! It is sad that Vic pretty much out the door on Thursday, and YUCK Corey is next in line for the care package! WHY!!! He is cruel, boring, and all he does is lay around with whinny Nicole! PLEASE, get them out along with lame James! Praying Vic wins jury buy back, and Vic/Paul/Meech final 3!
      Corey voters explain voting logic???

  2. Yes, James. Get all the “strategers” out. Leave the two “returnees” who knew each other before the season and who know each other’s families. You suck and so does Nicole and her hand-jobs. This is supposed to be Big Brother.

    1. James should tell Nat what he said earlier, that he thinks Natalie stole his fans. No, James you lost them all on your own. I’m ashamed to say I used to be one of them.

      1. I think James is doing what’s best for him. If he sucked do much he wouldn’t be this far. When he has to make a bold move he does but when he needs to lay low he does. I think he is being smart. Just because you like Paul or victor doesn’t mean James sucks. If Vic and Paul stays James is screwed so I think he is doing the smart thing.

        1. No, James is not being very smart. He thinks there won’t be a jury buyback. [Wrong.] He thinks there won’t be another double eviction. [Wrong.] He thinks it’s OK to give some of his winnings to other players in the game. [Wrong.] He thinks America would like to watch a final four of Natalie, James, Nicole, and Corey. [Wrong.] Maybe he thinks America would also like to watch paint dry.

          1. That’s Your opinion doesn’t make it right. We know about jury buy back they don’t. They don’t see everything we see so you can’t base their decisions on what you know. But I think James is doing what’s best for him. I wouldn’t leave Vic or Paul in the house either. They are great players and will win if they stay.

            1. As a biased viewer, I would prefer to see Victor stay in the game and the pathetic Nicole or the loathsome Corey go home. But, I recognize that it makes more sense strategy-wise for James to vote out Victor. However, getting that one decision right does not make James “smart.” A stopped clock is right twice a day. James is being very stupid about many other things in the game.

    2. So it’s best for James to keep both Victor and Paul for his game? I swear half of the comments I read are from people who would last for only one week in the house. Just because you don’t like a player, doesn’t mean it’s not right for his game.

      1. Amen!! Reading some of these posts are painful. Keeping Vic and Paul in the game is a HUGE mistake. None of the others would stand a chance sitting next to either of those two in the end. Strategically getting those two out is a good move to have as ammunition if you make it to final 2. “I took out…” Floaters make it far because all the Alpha’s inevitably target each other. Then the floaters team up and take out the remaining Alpha’s. Natalie would get huge points if Vic goes out on her HOH. Stop worrying about who you would like to hang out with folks and look at the game as a whole. BB is an awesome social excitement platform and if someone walks out the door then so be it.

        1. Best post of the day. When you are playing for that kind of money, this is exactly when you have to finish getting out comp beasts because in the end the only way you stay in the game and get to final 2 is to win the comps.

        2. One must always remember when coming on a message board as such that the other comments could be coming from teenie boppers that only see starry eyed love in their eyes and don’t actually think game. Don’t get to frustrated, half the comments on here are literally to entice people.

            1. You win the internet star of the day! You took time out of your busy day all to point out a spelling error. Yay!! You are making Merica Great Again

        3. wow, how proud i would be be winning BB final sitting next to Nicole, great victory
          Victor for the jurist back

      2. By saying they are getting all the “strategers” out, he is saying that they are not “strategers”. Also, in case you didn’t know “strategies” is not a word.

        1. Aw c’mon, he meant they are getting out all the sneaky savvy schemers meaning Vic and Paul and then they can all relax as everybody goes back to bed cuddles. Those are the final four folks, the love camp gigglers.

        2. Sorry Duh, but “strategies’ is a good word, the plural of Strategy. Now, “strategers” is NOT a real word. Was it a typo when you wrote “strategies” rather than “strategers”? Sure is nice to see one of my catch phrases here.

      3. I’m not upset about the targets. I’m not upset Vic and Paul went up. It’s really the best move for Natalie. What is so disappointing is the fact production is the one who pushed it by telling Natalie to work with Nicole and Corey. It’s production being so blatant that’s pissing off so many people. James just said he’d give Nicole and Corey some money if he won. I wonder if production will remind him that’s against the rules.

      1. They knew each other because they are related. Not because of anything to do with BB. It was both their first time playing in the house when that happened. Not the same.

  3. Yes Vic is the best to get out for James, Nat etc. but Nicole and Corey are best for me. Lol. I just want them gone. Anyone else that’s left, I would be happy with winning.

    1. I agree! Watching Nic and the animal abuser play this game from bed is nauseating at best. The production assists are so underhanded.

    2. Can you imagine watching if Vic and Paul are gone! I was pissed reading about Cory sleeping all day yesterday, and say “let them battle it out” what a joke!!

  4. There’s a high percentage that either Vic or Paulie will come back from jury. And if Vic comes back and wins, James is on the block. If Paulie comes back, Corey and Nicole will go back with him, and James is on the block if he wins. They are in such a good spot it’s ridiculous. How would you vote between them? They both did nothing. If anything, I would vote Nicole, because I’m not going to vote from some psycho who sets a goat on fire.

      1. They did nothing in the game. Yes they won a few comps combined. But no strategy, no flipping house, just floating and spreading fake rumors. And yeah I get that’s a strategy, but at least Paulie made moves.
        And honestly, I would rather vote for someone who doesn’t have a track record for harming animals. I couldn’t vote to give that person 500,000 and be okay with it. But I’m sure many people would.

        1. Oh, I agree with you Kelly. I just think it is pathetic if the winner is chosen based on that. Why are either of them still there?

        2. The only comp Nicole won was the one…No her HoH was the prize for being the absolute worst team and losing 3 times in a row. Corey and Tiffany let Nicole be HoH. Corey won the coin flip one in the double and the PoV was one that favored the 6’5″ guy who could just step over the obstacle. I’ve seen people on My 600lb. Life that spends less time in bed than these two. Production wants to push the couples because they can’t have the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

    1. I hope to GAWD, those two are not the final 2. They did NOTHING but float all season long. F*ck you James. Loser…

      1. Love your name, Spunky, and couldn’t agree more. I can’t believe ACP is probably going to the goat fryer. I am voting it to Paul.

      2. totally agree with you, well they lazed around popping pimples and not washing hands, going straight to the food also, GROSS. AND they refuse to be social unless the know they are safe. I am mad at both nat and james for this stupid shit, hope meech grows balls. HAHA wait til the member of the jury gets back in, be REAL cool if it was VIC.

      3. James should give up a chance at half a mil (whether he wins or not) so that you are happy?

        Think James (or Nat, or Meech) are winning against either Vic or James?
        Or do you just not give a fuck, because you’re only concerned with what YOU want?
        It’s almost like you’re playing – except you’re not. Just hating on someone who is.

        I like watching Paul (hitting women comments aside) and i think Vic has been honest.
        But i also think either will beat James in the end. So it’s smart to get them out before they can get him out – or sit beside him.

        That isnt’ to say James is good, or a saint. He isn’t (good at the game, or a saint) – but this is a smart move; even if you feel butthurt over it.

        1. I don’t have a problem with Natalie and James thinking sending Vic home is a better strategic move, absent the knowledge that Vic or Paulie (or some one else) may be coming back. What I have a problem with is America being blind enough to give Corey the goat fryer a care package. Granted, most of America doesn’t know about that because it wasn’t shown on national TV, but the voters on this site should know better.

    2. You’re fogtetting the HG’s don’t know about the jury by back. So while you’re right about Vic and Paul putting James on the block, he doesn’t know about it.

      From a game point of view, it’s the best move. Vic has won comps. Corey only won during the double.

      James thinks he can be Corey. He doesn’t think he can beat Vic.

      All the haters on James: It’s easy to get mad at him knowing what you know; but remember, he hasn’t seen what you have.
      And he’s actually gone on the show, not sat around judging everyone who has.

      1. Well said Canadian Kev. People reading Simon and Dawg’s reviews know a darn sight more that the HG’s about what’s going on in the house and what the next twist is going to be.

        People seem to forget that all HG’s have a strategy, whether it’s play hard or lay back and play the “floater” game. So, the HG’s aren’t playing your game, so what, it’s them trying to win $500k, nit you sitting here and complaining that the game isn’t being played to allow your favorites to get further in the game. Personally, I like James. Is he playing a good game? According to what he knows in the house, maybe. Based on what I’ve read here, maybe not. But I’m not trying to win the game, and remember how many times James has told other HG’s, it’s a game. Ever play cards? You have to play the hand you’re dealt, and that’s what he’s doing. OK, I’m off my soapbox.

        Do I care if I get a bunch of Thumbs Down? Nope, everyone is entitled to their own opinion!!

    3. I totally agree Nicole and Corey didnt do much of anything besides lay in bed and giggle but out of the two I do think Nicole should win over him. I think she was more of the one that spoke for them, made deals and had game talks. Not saying she did alot of that but I didnt see Corey do anything like that except for when he agreed to everything Paulie did an said!

  5. Can we be nice to each other, talk about the game more objectively (and not about politics), and stop with the nasty insults and personal attacks (toward commenters and hgs)? Please?

    1. No. We’re not those kind of posters. Most of the good people quit last year, when the haters tried to eat Audrey. Welcome to OLBB 2.0

    2. The vulgar poster names, crude remarks, etc do no more then discredit the post; (redundancy ahead, lol:-)) A comment loses any validity the second it goes “there”, IMO.

    1. James said he would tell Paul and meech after the eviction that they’re next.

      I hope he does and after the jury buy back he’s the first one out the door.
      He’s burning bridges

      1. DE is coming too!

        James might be counting on the fact that he is good at endurance comps and with Vic out he would get HOH.

    1. Hey ????? That’s a YES from me! Wouldn’t it be grand if James gets evicted during Natalie’s HOH!?!
      Great comment ????? Especially after reading what James is spewing!!

    2. Would be funny but not make much sense because Nicorey will still vote out Vic and she will ” hurt Nat’s heart”.

  6. James…you dumbass. Is he really this stupid? I can’t seem to shake the feeling that he is paying his game SOLELY on what he thinks America wants. He’s not trying to win the game. He’s trying to be Fan Favorite again.

    He needs to go…along with Corey and Nicole. I used to like Nicole…in her season, but she has done nothing in the game besides whine, beg, lay in bed and be annoying.

    1. well he’s doing a really poor job of it then

      He almost didn’t use the ACP the way america wanted him to, almost didn’t vote the way america wanted to, and now he is not strategizing for the F5 the way america wanted him to. Why does he think Meech got co HOH? obviously she got it to help ensure one of nicorey was evicted, no one else she had her eyes on, he must be able to put the two things together.

      pretty sure nicole has figured out that america wanted michelle to put up who she wanted on the block, and pretty sure james just confirmed what nicole already knows, that who michelle wants out is nicole. as in who America wants out is Nicole.

    2. So sick of the Corey Nicole James Natalie delusional fest this morning about how America loves them and they will have all these social media fans. Then James says if America gives the care package to Corey, that will prove Victor/Paul were villains. He says America likes power. Actually James we can’t wait for all four of you to get evicted.

      Please please vote Paul for the care package just in case Vic doesn’t return. Please let’s put these entitled pricks in their place.

      1. I’m pretty sure that ACP voting starts AFTER the juror returns. I hope James craps his pants when he finds out someone is coming back.

  7. The 5000 bribe seems to me a stupid prize. Who is going to give up a shot at 500K for a 5000 dollar prize for doing something someone else wants? (Well James maybe). Might as well call it a 5000 dollar gift that someone gets to give to someone else.

      1. Its worth is that James and Nat will think they made the right move with going with Nicorey if Corey gets it. They’ll think America loves them and that they have our support.
        Vote Paul !

  8. James has better not win America’s Favorite this year, if Corey or Nicole make the final 2 I’ll be upset. Don’t reward people who haven’t done anything except make lovey eyes at each other all summer. Dislike Michelle but at least she’s tried to do something.
    Nicole and Corey are so boring I don’t even think I’d consider them floaters. Just wastes of space in the house.

  9. Someone caimed every time something didn’t go our way we would claim the show is rigged.. well Natalie has said production wants her to work with nicorey.

    So is the show rigged or are we just claiming it didn’t go our way?…

    1. BigBrother us rigged in some form. We’ve witnessed comos catered to certain HGs many times and of course production swaying HGs decisions by way if DR and let’s not forget powers being rewarded to America’s Favorites… BigBrother isn’t completely up in the air on who will win. Expect The Expected.

  10. I am sick of feeling happy then sad up then down geewhiz I’ve been flipping all summer long on who I like and who I don’t like. I’m enjoying baby brother I mean big brother. That was funny i’ll be happy when it’s all over though

  11. Oh James. This week want to hang out with the mean kids and floaters but you will seal your fate going forward, bc no one can trust you or Nat and you still need a team to get past DE and F4

    1. Do you even watch live feeds? Have you heard the mean and disgusting things Paul and Michelle have said? I have not heard Nicole or Cory or James say anything as vile as those two . So your comments are baseless.

      1. You haven’t seen any of the numerous vile and disgusting things Corey has said both when talking about other HG’s and when talking about his personal life? Then you have not been paying attention!

  12. James is such a novelty and completely stupid in this game. His reason for teaming up with Nicorey, two people who were NOT loyal to James and Nat, who talked sh*t about “his girl” Nat all game long, is that Nicole’s dad tweets him and is a fan of his….REALLY? Such an idiot…Also he has not shot at getting with Nat in the real world, hope he knows that.

  13. JAMES … now you have to go tell Michelle that Nicole wants her out because Nicole thinks Michelle is really a Nicole doppleganger and has a secret thing for Corey … and tell Victor that Paul really wants him out but was only using him to win comps … and tell Corey that Nicole has a final two deal with Natalie from an early game girls alliance … and tell Paul that Michelle is playing him and wants him out and has a final 3 deal with Nicole and Corey … and be sure to tell everyone to keep it to themselves ….

  14. James has always been playing the geisha puppy game. He did it the previous season and he was eliminated and now he is doing the same and he would be eliminated as well. my fav are victor paul or nat.

    1. Actually James is playing a better game this time because it’s a different set of players. With help he got out a strong player (Paulie) and now has the chance to get out the second strongest in Vic. Depending on who returns from jury, getting rid of the returnee and Paul, he stands a good chance of winning if the remaining HG’s are Meech, Nic, Corey and Nat.

  15. There shouldn’t be any Jury buybacks, but the potential this season of a player that has been evicted twice coming back and winning is just beyond stupid. Why bother with the whole thing if everything hangs on some cheap gimmick? Why not bring back Glenn and give him the 500k? That would be big news. That would be really entertaining, wouldn’t it, besides the fact that you’ve just wasted your summer on this, that is.

  16. I really am disappointed in “Jamesy”. I used to think he had integrity and honesty and could play the game without being such a snake. I remember his other season he was tougher…made the tough decisions without worrying about getting “blood on his hands”. He just seems wimpy. I don’t feel that this type of game play deserves a win. And definitely not Nicole or Corey. I would be happy with Victor as the ultimate winner. In my opinion, he has played the cleanest and most competitive game. I believe he DESERVES the win.

  17. Has there ever been a more worthless HG than James? He literally rats everything with no thought other than a compulsive need to tattle and thinks those actually playing the game have to be punished….if only BB would send cameras to record all the times he texts and calls Nat after the show with no response, then cap it all off as he gets his dumb Texas tattoo, followed by another tattoo tribute to his jilted love, Nat…a big pair of FT’s, right on his broken heart….watching this idiot NOT play would all be worth it.

    1. Sorry but that belongs to Nicole.

      With James, the fans on this site, there will be a lot of discussion.

      With Nicole, there will be no discussion and everybody will quit coming here.

      If you want to lay the blame, give it to Allison Grodner. She was the one who made the list for the houseguests.

  18. Wait! What? All the Nicole haters in the house and on this board were complaining and blaming Nicole for manipulating Nat and Meech and steering them into getting Paul and Vic on the block. That seems like great game play by Nicole to keep her and Corey safe, seeing how it was them 2 against the house. But wait, I thought Nicole wasn’t playing the game? It was a great move by Nat? Nah she cried about it afterwards. Oh no, was it production? LOL! Nicole planted ideas about Paul with Nat, Nat convinced Meech, then James did a good job last night of helping Nat realize they needed to team up with Nicole and Corey. James knows getting Vic out would be their best move and leaves Nicole Corey James & Nat against Paul and Meech. They don’t know someone is coming back in the game, so things will get shaken up again, but Nicole should still be safe with bigger targets in the house. The goal of the game is getting to the end and having a shot at the 500K. Players play the game differently, and Nicole is doing just fine, laying low, enjoying herself, talking and playing game when she needs to (She’s come close to winning a couple of comps also so she’s perfectly capable) and not personally attacking anyone (maybe that’s it, she’s not like alot of the posters on this board). Playing too hard usually gets you the boot. Oh, and I watch the feeds too so I don’t need CBS production edits to influence me, nor do I care whether the message board herd agrees with me. If so many people are against her, she must be doing something right. Good job Nicole!

    1. You said the goal of the game is getting to the end. But both of Nicole’s seasons have proven that her goal is to find a boyfriend, no matter how worthless he is.

      1. So What!!
        It helps anyone’s game to pair up with someone, Paul and Vic schmooze all the time!

        Everybody needs somebody
        Everybody needs somebody to love (someone to love)
        Sweetheart to miss (sweetheart to miss)
        Sugar to kiss (sugar to kiss)
        I need you you you
        I need you you you

        And Production says: Please stop singing!

        1. We all need a hand sometimes
          Everyone needs a hand
          We all need a hand sometimes
          Please give me a hand
          A hand to jiz in

    2. Finally someone who actually knows how to play the game. It’s so hard to read the whiners on here who have no understanding at all of this game and get so upset because the ones they want to win don’t. They need to trash talk the players because they feel they know what’s best for their game. Half of these comments are made by people who say disgusting comments and who would not last 2 min in the house. Honestly, Nicole was their number one target and she managed to manipulate Natalie (not hard to do) into putting up the ones she wanted up. Nicole is playing a different game, not a rat game, more strategic. She remained faithful to the ones she chose to. Just because the ones she chose to be faithful to are not your favorites, doesn’t mean anything. When you have strong male players in comps it’s harder for the females and they must adapt and she has. To the point she hasn’t seen the block yet!

      1. No, production flipped it off of Nicole. Also Natalie was never putting up Nicole. She has always been adamant that she won’t put up a girl until there’s no option.

        Laying in bed with Corey is not playing the game no matter how you want to spin it. Several times Nicole has said “maybe I should go talk to such and such”, then she’d say nah, I don’t want to talk to them. Lol! Great social game Nicole. She’s terrible no matter how you cut it. And Corey’s no better.

        1. James is playing strictly for the cameras.Can’t quite figure out if he has finally figured out Nat fakeness or he is just plain an idiot

    3. I like Nicole, Corey, and James. I want to thank you, “Nicole Rocks” for being so peaceful instead of mean. I wish people realized that this is a game and these people will be going home to their family. Some people write the worst stuff with no reason. They need to guit being bullies. None of the players deserve the crap some dirty people post. I thought about not watching anymore, because of those rude people. They are all playing a good game their own way. My least favorite are Vic and Paul. Thanks again, “Nicole Rocks”.

      1. So, you like Corey the goat burner? Demonstrates an awesome character whinny Nicole can be proud to introduce to her parents don’t you think? OMG – disgusting!!!

    4. Natalie was set to nominate Nicole and Corey until production told her to work with them. Once Meech won the co-hoh, the only people she could nominate was Paul, Vic, and James. So Nicole had zip to do with turning Natalie, who had said numerous times she didn’t trust her and Corey but Big Brother is her audition for other parts so she takes her marching orders and nominates Paul and Victor. Production wanted Paul and Victor on the block. It’s a good move for Natalie, I just hate that production is being so heavy handed in controlling who is on the block. As for if Nicole is playing the game, She spends almost all her time with Corey or talking about Corey and so very little time on game talk. It’s as if she knew she’s going to get deep into jury time with a little help from the folks behind the walls.

    5. Look! 43 cat ladies liked this comment. Lmao. Nicole doesn’t even realize she’s on big brother. She’s dazed and confused by the goat torturer and thinks she’s on Bachelorette.

    1. Well apparently Nicole’s family are fans of James. Maybe they’ll vote for him since it seems like Nicole could actually win 1st or 2nd prize, as useless as she has been all season. :(

    2. Since “America” seems to be the producers of this show he probably has been told that he is winning it.

      I wish someone would skywrite over the house that America hates the grossmances, just so they are aware of how people really feel. Of course those dummies would just convince themselves that the message is meant for Paul and Vic.

  19. James is in trouble regardless if Victor or Paulie come back from the battle back. Paulie blames James for his eviction and Victor will blame James as well. James only hope is if Paulie comes back and Corey and Nicole can convince him to get out Paul or Michelle instead James because no one will be able to convince Victor not do go for him. Anyone going to the end would be stupid not to take Nicole because no one will vote for her.. maybe Corey but thats it.

  20. I know a lot of people on here have called James a wus and even I have been disappointed with his reaction to confrontational situations. I just found out that he is an ambassador to a nonprofit organization that supports children and adults that have been bullied. Attacking someone would be going against all that he is trying to accomplish with that organization. So he has to walk a very fine line on trying to win the game that has a lot of backstabbing in it. While still trying to maintain his integrity to those people he has worked with. Which must have been really hard with Paulie when James’s Mom actually did die of cancer when he was a child. He spent the first half of his life in a boys home. Now I understand a little bit more of why he has made some of the moves that he has. I don’t know about you, but I’m back to loving me some James. It might not help him win but he really is a good guy.

    1. I either have to believe that which I do or look it up myself but now I have a better feeling about James he is a nice guy

    2. What in the world does that have to do with this game? Pauls dad also Fixed cars for free for poor people and housed a homeless man for seven years. Where is the stand up guy James to Corey who said his girl sucks his d$ck to the end of the game? Picks and chooses what he is willing to stand up for. Made a final four with Vic and Paul until they got nicorey out and then went against it, not a fan of him this year at all.

      1. If you don’t understand the comment I made which is self explanatory then there is no use explaining it to you. By the way, Paul’s dad isn’t in the game but James is.

    3. Tell me, did he start being an ambassador before he was on Big Brother? If so, then that means something. However, he likely started that after BB to play to his fanbase and support his image because that’s what he is about.

    4. He is the public face for the charity that helps children and adults that have been the victim of bullying… does he volunteer or does he do what other celebrities do and get a paycheck for it? I would think he was a nice guy if he wouldn’t do his merry prankster routine ( a form of bullying), if he didn’t tear the kitchen apart and sit and watch Vic clean it up. I think I would respect that more if he did not call other houseguests childish names. Or if didn’t do that lovely scene in the kitchen and backyard today.

      As far as mother diving of cancer… it is sad but that does not make him a nice person or make his word count for anything. It is good to have sympathy for a person that has suffered a personal tragedy, but, personal tragedy does not make that person who suffered it a good person all of a sudden. My Aunt died of Lung Cancer and to this date her and her daughters are still the most malicious and hateful people I have ever met.

  21. Paul should get the bribe… He is the only one left who doesn’t need the money (so won’t be tempted to take it). Plus he’s got moxie- I doubt it would go unused.

    1. Does Paul have money? I doubt he made much being in an unsuccessful band and is currently trying to start a t-shirt company, meaning that he hasn’t actually done anything yet.

      I like the kid and he is only 23, but hardly seems set for life.

      His parents do have a nice looking home, but they were an older couple for having a 23 year old son. They probably had careers before starting a family.

    2. I think people misunderstand how a bribe works. If Paul get the power of the bribe, he has to use that power by giving $5k to someone else to do something. I can see Corey getting it and giving is to Nicole for a peck on the cheek on camera.

  22. What would be the point of James yelling that NiCorey was next during the next HOH? Does he think Paul and Meech are so stupid as to believe he is on their side AFTER he votes Vic out?

  23. Amazing how in a week that CBS managed to take a like couple and made them largely disliked. Nat and James can go away.

    I hope that James clips Nat just so she can feel like the loser she has become.

    Please let Vic or Paulie return to take these 2 out.

    1. I’m thinking Natalie really likes Victor and wants to say Victor but production got in the way. Someone else said they really want America to like them to

      1. I really think she likes or is attracted to Victor too. Remember when Natalie and Michelle were talking in the HOH about who to put up on the block and some how Michelle brought James name up. Natalie told her it was her HOH too and she could do what she wants. It makes me wonder if she had the chance to get rid of James would she take it. She keeps saying how she likes Victor, he’s a good guy,she feels bad for what she did, blah, blah, blah.

  24. Did anyone else catch Nicole saying production was happy showmances were still in it and could make it to the end (something like that)? It was while they were tanning and in the pool, Nicorey and Jatalie.

    1. Yes she said production would be happy the showmances are still in the game and possibly making it to the end .. She said it because showmances are good for tv but theres a stigma that its not a good idea to get into showmances.

      1. Thanks Dawg. I wasn’t sure if I heard right and i had to leave. So I check updates here on OBB when I’m out of the house.

    2. This proves that Vic is the ONLY person to win Hoh so far who stayed strong on his morals and principals. James, Nicole and natalie could be swayed by production but Not Victor. Victor deserves the bribe if he comes back.

  25. What a liar Natalie is now. This morning Natalie told Nicorey that when Victor came to talk to her after her HOH win, he was taking personal shots at Nicorey? Sorry but Victor did no such thing.

    Funny how James is all about Texas code when it comes to Paulie for saying Fake Ti@@ies but seems to be able to forgive and overlook and not even talk to Corey about saying that Natalie sucks James d$ck to the end. Natalie and James have no code or honor when it comes to money. So they need to stop pretending they do and stop with the self righteous statements.

    1. She also said Z stole her makeup? Huh? She always offers it to her. Natalie his proven she will defame anyone for sympathy.

  26. James is such a snitch. It makes watching him unpleasant this season. I liked him on his season, but this season him and Nicole are such epic fails. I really hope they never bring James back again. I know Les and Julie are big fans of him but C’mon he brings nothing to the table except ruining everyone’s fun. I remember Derek did that allot in BB16. As live feeders and die hard fans, we do get invested and we do have our fan favorites. I used to hate Paul and Vic but all of a sudden I like them now. Fan favorites do change but James has remained the same all season. Dull, Uninspired, Wimpy and Snitchy.

  27. I get why James thinks taking Victor out is the best game move but, why the need to become a total d-bag about it? He has played a pretty harmless ‘character’ so far and now he suddenly wants to prove his manliness. But I notice he doesn’t want to do it until Victor leaves. I wonder why. Scared much James? Why does he want to sabotage Michelle and, is Nat in on that plan? If she is then I think she needs to drop the sweet naive act-truer colors are starting to show. And has he completely ruled out that Paul will still be in the house and could win HOH? If James explains it as a game move Paul will be pissed but he’s obviously not going to work with Nicorey. However, if James throws in in his face and then Paul wins HOH, I can almost guarantee what Paul would do. He would put up James/Corey. If James comes down-Nat goes up. If Corey comes down-Nicole goes up. Voting will come down to Michelle and she will probably do what Paul wants since she is also getting boned. This, of course, doesn’t take the returning juror into account. Based on what the house guests know at this point, James isn’t doing a very good job of looking at the game from every angle. I hope his sudden big moves bite him in the ass.
    And since fans are always trying to start petitions to have house guests fired from their jobs and otherwise harassed, can we turn our attention to something more important-a petition to have Grodner fired? I want my show back. The kind of show it used to be before the manipulation became so blatantly obvious. And no, this isn’t frustration because the show isn’t going my way. Season 6 is a good example of what this show used to be. None of my faves even made final 2 but it was still a great season.

  28. Can’t wait to see when Corey doesn’t get the ACP and James tries to go back to the other side “for America” … He keeps trying to play the middle, but is only making himself look like a douche by flip-flopping. He deserves to go down w Corey & Nicole (the floating snakes) and leave Nat in the house to make it to the finals w (hopefully) Vic– I think he’s most deserving even though he’s still the budget Jon Snow!

  29. Has anyone see the meme: It’s all fun and games until someone’s favorite gets voted off of Big Brother? That is where I m with the game now. My faves are gone (or about to be voted out) and I no longer care about who wins.
    I know a lot of people don’t like the buybacks allowing an evicted player to return but I don’t mind. What I DO mind are F5s and F4s that are filled with floaters that have no idea how to play the game or no interest in playing the game. Nothing against Nicole, but whatever interest she had in playing the game disappeared when she met Corey and we all know he has no interest in the game. His one HOH he won was a fluke and he had absolutely no idea what to do with it. Natalie plays personally (complete with personal attacks) and is another who has no idea how to execute her HOH.
    James talks too much to the wrong people and has ruined every blindside this season. His word is mud and he brings absolutely nothing to the game. His nomance is not cute and his pranks, while a pleasant diversion last season are out of place this year.
    Big MEECH….not quite sure what she is doing as her gameplay seems to be to blow sh*t up when her back is against the wall. Now that she is safe, she is just kind of floating along,waiting to be clipped so she can blow stuff up again.
    I can see that this will be a repeat of Season 11 with Natalie and Nicole F2 (a blonde and a Hispanic, just like Jordan and Natalie) and Bridgette will probably get AFP. Corey will stay with Nicole until the money runs out and Natalie won’t even know James’ name one week after finale.

  30. I’m sorry but Nicole and James ruined this season… I’m not a fan of any remaining HGs (hoping that Bridgette will be back), but James and Ratcole take the biscuit for being annoying.

  31. So let me get this right. James should get the sympathy vote because he was adopted?
    I grew up in group/foster care homes.
    Why aren’t people throwing money my way? I want James gig. It appears to be lucrative.

  32. Natalie is such a fraud. I was actually starting to warm up to the girl AND then she lost me. Fake and double fake. That’s what she is.

    1. She is now whining about how fat she is to James and Vic. Her poor future husband has a full time job ahead of him. Poor poor guy.

  33. I do believe Michelle’s motives are of pure revenge. She’s jealous of Nicole and Coreys relationship. That’s why she wants Nicoke out so bad. I watch the feeds often. Week 3 Michelle told Corey that none of the guys are attractive but later on she tells Corey he is really cute. Before Nicorey were together Dayvonn and James were in the room with Michelle and Corey flirting and Corey asked her to cuddle with him. Michelle started massaging his head. James and Dayvonne interfered and said Nicoles not going to be happy with this. Coreys asked why. Day says Nicole just told us she she likes him. Corey responded shut up! Nicole doesn’t like me. They kept reassuring him she likes him. But he didn’t believe them. I hear Michelle giving Corey flirty compliments when no one is really paying attention. She touches his hair often . I know she hates Nicole for being a liar but Corey has lied to her also and she never bashes him at all. She asked him to massage her back the other day and took her sweater off and was wearing a tank top that was very low cut on the back all of her bra was showing on the sides. She deliberately compliments Corey all the time in front Nicole. I know Michelle does like to get under her Nicoles skin. Corey feeds Michelle milk everyday and says he likes weird girls. Michelle is a weirdo.

    1. Michelle isn’t Jealous. Lets be honest at this point it is a numbers game. 4 (Couples) is more than 2 (not coupled)
      She wants Nicole out because Corey will always have Nicoles vote and vice versa. She is also aware that Corey has thrown comps and can play in them much better than he has shown. It would be foolish of Meech to not want the couple split up.

  34. No pie for me after Paul is lacking and dipping the same finger into each one after rubbing his beard uggg.

    Can someone enlighten me about the Goat incident?

    1. @Tootles… Corey told the houseguests early on a story about how he and his frat bros threw lit matches on a goat to see if it would burn. Following up the comment by laughing about it. Disgusting human!

      1. The goat was doused in lighter fluid first. The video of Corey telling everyone and laughing is on the internet. Google Corey goat big brother and you’ll see what Nicole thinks is so “dreamy”. I hope if Production lets either one of those two despicable human beings win that video goes viral.

  35. James seems to be full of himself. Does he really think Natalie will be interested in him after September 22??

  36. I wonder how many people would shit bricks if it he final two were either Paul & Natalie or Paul & Meech. As far as the buyback goes, I wonder what would happen if either Victor survived for a 2nd time or Davonne reentered the game

    1. Actually, I’d be okay with Paul and Meech as Final 2. Not what I was originally hoping for, but better than anyone from the 2 godawful showmances.

  37. James is not even from Texas…a wannabe cowboy who needs to move back where his daughter lives…no respect for fatherhood.

  38. I wonder how James will feel about getting Vic out and Paulie coming back? Production was so good at hinting to them that America’s loves the couples and wants them to work together {I wonder how BB kept a straight face selling Nat that tripe?} for fairness, they should hint that someone has a chance to come back. I watch BB for entertainment value, the 2 couples are phonies…………..and not enjoyable to watch.

  39. I’m disappointed in this season but at the same time it’s much better than the past few have been. I really did want to see Vic make it to the end just because no one has ever come back after being evicted and won. I think that would be a better than a showmance winning or to a guy who lights animals on fire and thinks it’s funny.

  40. Somewhere along the line I missed the “Goat on fire” thing. I was wonder where the goat / Corey references were coming from. Can someone fill me in? Facts only please!?!?!

    1. He said him and his frat boys lit a goat on fire. They didn’t know if they killed it or not. I can’t remember how long ago it was but I know it was very early in the season.

      1. What is really sad, Corey was laughing to the hg’s when telling this story!! It was within the first week or two of BBAD, and production edits like he is this all america boy!!! Thinking production warned him of the backlash via twitter, etc., because nothing was mentioned after that. Just pull up his name in correlation to goat burner. Story should come up. Still hoping he and frat boys get in trouble! AND yet knowing this fact about Corey, he is in the lead for the next ACP… WHY!!!!!!!

      2. To be fair he did not say that they lit the goat on fire. He told the story of a drunken frat bro who brought a goat to the house and proceeded to try and light him on fire. Corey thought it was hilarious how scared the goat was and did nothing to intercede to stop this act of animal cruelty. So stupid that he thought this was a funny story to share on national TV (Hey Nicole what a catch). The fate of the goat is unknown.

        1. So does the unknown fate of the goat, or him laughing because of “how scared the goat was”
          make him any less of a repulsive sick and twisted animal abuser???
          I hope his story does go viral to his family, friends, employer and also to America,
          – and he has to do two thousand years community service at an animal shelter.
          what an a$$hole pos d-bag…

          1. I was !!!!!!, but then !!!!!! Responded, so I’m confused. Either way I am a huge animal advocate and am so disgusted right now that I would like Simon and dawg to remove at least one vote for Corey for the most recent poll. I would like none of them to win at this point! Urgh

  41. Look out if Paulie comes back. It’ll be PP time again, and the Paulie/Corey bromance will leave Nicole, James and Nat in the dust. Either way Paulie is sitting pretty again – uggghhh

  42. OK..OK..OK…I KNOW it’s a game……And that getting Vic and Paul out may be the best move for production favourites/
    However….the winner should be the person who has given their all in comps. i.e. Paul staying up all night studying while the 2 sloths(nicory)..sleep.
    People may think it’s *strategic* to be anti social..do nothing..but whine and be weird…I don’t think that’s playing.
    It’s boring and annoying. James is pathetic. A grown man playing infantile pranks..wasting food…and thinking it’s the most like player ever. Please.
    Natalie . Two faced..with no mind of her own. Being the HOH..she thinks she’s a * Palyuh* :(
    The only interesting..good players..are Vic..Paul and Meech.
    Meech has done nothing…however..she’s been more interesting than the boring foursome.
    I don’t think it’s unreasonable for viewers to want to be entertained..to see players giving their all.
    Hoping for Vic & Paul final 2.

    1. James really does think that he is funny, charming, and nice. Too bad he has no idea that he is a slimy and annoying.

      Him asking over the Live feeds for people not to vote for others in a dick move. Spreading gossip and distrust among the HGs is scummy. Him painting Nat out to be a poor dumb twit who he has to protect is awful. Everything he has done this season is just so grating.

      1. Many times Natalie has been the voice of reason. The protector, he does not want her to strategize, think for herself, to ensure she takes him to F2. I am sure the Jury would Vote for Nat to win over Nicole. She has to start thinking of her end game. It is not in her best interest to evict Victor as he is her ally. Nicole and Corey are Jame’s Ally.

  43. What is it you people want James to do? If he gets rid of Corey he is next, and he knows that. They have Victor on the block so why would he save him? Makes no sense to me. Even Natalie can see the logic of this move. I get it, most people want Vic to win, but James is there (whether you like it or not) to win money just like everyone else and can see the writing on the wall. I love coming here to get peoples perspective on the game, but towards the end of each season it seems that people get a little crazy on this site, and go for the throat of everyone who is not their own personal favorite.

    1. What is so hard to understand that most folks don’t want to have to watch the final 4 be 2 couples snuggling with each other until the end of the show.

      We want game players.
      We want who actually bring a personality to the house

      I hope that if they end up with Nicole & Corey and Natalie & James as their final 4 that they lose 80% of their viewer ship for the rest of the season.

      Who the hell wants to watch 4 people sleeping in bed with each other for 3 freaking weeks.

      Maybe you enjoy watching Corey finger Nicole under the sheets.

    2. What is it for James to do? STOP trying to be America’s Favorite, STOP throwing comps and PLAY the game. He keep saying he’s going to do this, do that, say this, say that. He’s all talk and no action.

  44. Well, the season has become simply impossible to watch.

    With James acting all tough behind everyone’s back, but is too much of a pussy to say anything to anyone’s face it has become unbearable to watch.

    Watching Nicole act like she’s actually accomplished something to get her in this final 4 makes me want to stop watching just in and of itself.

    What on God’s green earth makes anyone think that we are happy that “showmance couples” are left. It’s one of the most annoying things about this show. I have learned to HATE showmances. IT RUINS THE FREAKING SHOW!!!

    Who beside the biggest perverts in the world wants to watch Nicole & Corey under the sheets rubbing each other off.

    I know that no one cares, but if the final 4 really ends up being Natalie & James and Nicole & Corey I will not watch.

    Done with the BB until they figure out some way to stop letting showmances become the biggest strategy of the show.

    1. I think the reason James is so hard to watch is that he is strictly playing for himself. He says he will take care of Natalie or Paul or Victor or………. but when it comes right down to it he will sell them down the river to further his game. He will take huge chances on their game in order to move forward. He is singularly focused. His mind is running the numbers all of the time. However……the things that sort of irritate me about James is the game called Big Brother. Really it is a game that does not encourage a person to keep their word or keep honest deals. It is not a pair/team event. Only one person wins the game. It encourages playing both sides so that in the end, the people you turfed out the game will not be purely basing their vote on getting revenge. As much as I dislike what he does based on the way I would do things in the real world, at least he is playing unlike those that think that keeping a bed warm is a big contribution to the viewer’s enjoyment of BB.

  45. I can’t figure out which of these fakemances are more reprehensible. I stopped watching this season once frank was elimnated. Boring group in that house now. No one to pull for, no one to pull against. Just these fake high school style relationships where 2 nerds types (james nicole) are attracted to the jock and the cheerleader. We all know the jock and the cheerleader just want to be friends. So pathetic.

  46. The worse thing you can do is tempt fate by counting all your chickens until they are hatched. James and Nicorey are going to get a rude awakening when the jury member returns since they have all shown their cards and they all pretty much suck at comps. James only won because Da and Bridgette agreed to throw it to him and Nic and Cory won on flukes. Plus they are all more interested in trying to get some than playing the game. So laugh all you want now dummies but a storm named Vic or Paulie is coming and unlike the previous storm updates it won’t be broadcast over the BB house loud speaker until it’s too late.

  47. I pray James and Nicole are the finale 2. Can’t wait for the meltdown on this message board! More exciting than the actual show.

  48. NOT a fan of the couples thing this year!!! Corey and nicole just live in that nasty single bed all summer and are super boring and annoying! James keeps ruining things and playing stupid just like last year, and natalie has no idea what shes doing and just plays off her feelings and lets james run her game. Michelle as a super fan ur blowing it and wasted ur co-hoh on getting your alliance and protector out!!! I was rooting for vic for the win since he came back but hes screwed unless he can battle back in yet AGAIN…. Paul while super entertaining grew on me but hes screwed with this couples returnees bs… Its hard to root for most these yahoo’s and I can only hope vic comes back and paul’s still there and they get some of this riff raff out but knowing bb prouduction already ran Nat’s hoh there dream boy ego maniac paulie will be coming back in to take there cpls all the way to final 2 which will blow bigtime and irritate all the bb fans who enjoy real play…

  49. Honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing Paul & James & Nat in the final 3 It will make an interesting show to see who makes it to final 2

    Also I’m sick of this battle back BS Just hold a double eviction and get your jury stop bringing people back in who were evicted.

  50. STFU Nicole, you haven’t thrown any comps you just suck in comps and you hid like a snake under the shield of protection and bigger targets. Nicole is a floating snake, she should be grateful production wants a “Showmance Battle Royal” they tried desperately for one in season 13 Brenchel s Jeff and Jordan(a better matchup), but that fell through. Now we’ll be witnessing a Battle Of The Floaters and one will win it all.

    1. Watching Nicole act like she is this great BB player and that everyone loves her has got to be the most annoying thing about this season.

      Unfortunately they only ones left that would actually call her our on it are Paul and Michelle……….and it appears they are soon to be in the Jury.

      Maybe the Jury will call her out on it in the final episode.

      Someone let me know if that happens and I’ll watch it on Youtube.

      I’m certainly not going to be watching a final that includes Nicole and Corey.

  51. James dont get to cocky, if Paul wins HOH you will be on the block with Nicole, that’s if Nicorey don’t win decides to take the 1st shot… James and Nat are in the same situation with Vic and Paul or Nicole and Corey.

    1. He makes a great target I hope James gets too cocksure, hangs out with Nicole and Corey. Wishing Paul wins HOH and puts James and Corey on the block. If one comes down Nicole goes up. End the showmance!

  52. Simon/Dawg:
    Is it true Vic was ineligible for this week’s Co-HOH Care Package because he was the outgoing HOH?
    Thanks for clearing this up for me!

  53. I am completely over James. I didn’t really like him last Season. I thought he was a stupid little man that wanted to be a big dog really bad. I have not changed my opinion. The fact is James has absolutely NO honor. I think he has only shown his truest character. The man is incapable of keeping his word (Probably why he has a baby mamma and not a wife.)… in my book that makes his word as a man absolutely worthless. I hope more than anything that Vic wins the buyback. I really want to see Natalie and her weasels face when Vic comes back. I want to see Paul happy about it and I want James and Corey on the block and James and Nicole on the block on Thursday. I want to see Nicole tell Meech that James said Meech really wanted Nicole out and Meech was not her friend. I really want Nicole to blow up all James two faced game playing. I really want James or Nicole out… now.

    I think would have liked Corey more if he didn’t have that ridiculous showmance with Nicole. I find myself for the first time in years wanting people out for personal and not strategy. Getting Vic out s good strategy but so is getting Corey out. This whole week is a waste because Vic will probably get the buyback… he can easily beat Paulie and those girls. I have nothing against Da’Vonne and Bridgette but I would really like the buyback to be Vic.

    1. Not trying to defend James’ actions by saying this but…. the reason he isnt married to his baby mama is because he has said it was a one night stand… not a relationship and he does take responsibility for his daughter. He also has said that he feels bad because his baby mama has another child with another man that is not responsible for that child so he takes care of BOTH kids. Like him or not, as far as Bb goes….he’s still there… so he must have done something right so far. I dont think he will win though… Natalie has messed that up for him with her recent rants and emotional plays forcing him to come to her defense rather than lay low and play the middle like he planned. She’s helped him in ways too so its not all her fault… but I think he would have been better off without her.

  54. Hayden really dodged a bullet. Nicole is all about me, I think that’s why Corey calls her Mecole. She’s very selfish. Every time someone talks she has to somehow make the situation about her. I know especially when Natilie is speaking she cuts her off all the time. She is very rude, and commands people to do things for her especially Corey. Then she’ll somehow complain about him doing it wrong. I think she’s very ungrateful and is no longer that humble girl she was on season 16 because her head has gotten so big. Her parents really sheltered her because she has no clue what the real world is like or she pretends to be innocent. Did you hear her story about a guy best friend of hers. Her friends girlfriend taunted her by spiking a volleyball at her face because Nicole wore hid shirt with his name on it. Nicole thought it wasn’t a big deal that she wore his shirt. That’s tells you what kind of girl she is and that’s a snake. if the roles were reversed and Corey was wearing Natilie’s shorts she would be fuming. She has no idea what girl code is like. She says she likes hanging out with guys instead of girls. She’s so thirty and embarrassing to watch . She didn’t think it was a big deal playing Paulies hair. There are are boundaries between friends with guys and girls and you don’t cross them especially if have a boyfriend and Zakiyah is your best friends. The girl loves attention from boys that’s her end game.

  55. Who are you voting for CP? The votes are already split which will allow Corey to win. The veto has been played which changes the game. (Victor on the block and James voting him out)

    Does anyone have any clarity on the JBB date and the Care package date? If Victor is evicted and comes back will he still qualify for the package? I would hate to see people vote for Victor and waste the vote if he is not qualified.

    Victor voters are you changing to Paul? Of hoping he gets Jury BB
    Thumbs up for Paul
    Thumbs up for Victor

  56. Ok Production, we get it. You don’t want players who legitimately play the game to win, you’d rather your “pre-determined” favorite people, Nicole and James, win. Could you at least tell them to start playing the damn game?! I liked James and Nicole on their seasons, but this season, they do nothing! James throws virtually every comp he has been in and Nicole hasn’t won anything! How do you expect your loyal followers to get behind people like that when Vic and Paul have played their hearts out?! I can understand them wanting Vic and Paul out because they can’t win against them, not a comp, not the game, nothing. But to do it this way, with Productions involvement, and Nicole and James coming into the house together, it’s just wrong. I do hope Vic wins the buyback and James and Nicole are his and Paul’s targets! How would you rig it then? My guess is your going to rig it so some non-player like Bridg or Z comes back in to put more numbers on their side instead of Paulie who would stab them all in the back. This season was really shaping up to be one of the better, but seeing that you want the non-players to win. it’s going to be just like the others.

  57. “From what I’ve seen Vic is fine. And James breaks all stereotypes with what he is packing”

    From what you’ve seen? How gay are you? And James himself is only one who ever said he is “hung” Nice fantasy for you though.

    Sorry. It was said a few days ago but I have a life and don’t get here a lot:-)

    1. Well, if you watch the feeds enough you’ll see them in underwear. If it’s boxer brief type things size can be evident. Especially when they are hopping around in the pool/hot tub.

  58. I really hope Paulie stays in the jury house. The Calafiore family seems desparate putting both their sons on BB, Maybe their Dad should open up a kissing booth I bet he would make millions LOL…Ewww!

    1. Palsy won’t win the comp to get back in the game. He won’t even compete unless he can free himself from Z’s leglock.

  59. Again with this IDIOT ruining a good blindside. WTF is with him man. He has done this all season long and its annoying. I really would hate to see James win this game, I really selfishly would hate it!

  60. I still don’t know how James won AFP last season, it should have been Johnny Mac. In any case I hope everyone thinks before voting this year so that doesn’t happen again.

    Also, why are people voting for the care package? Right now the choices are only P/V and Corey but if someone comes back in it will be Paul, Corey and whoever that person is. I’m hoping it’s going to be Bridgette but Victor coming back will be great.

    1. I agree, I liked Johnny mac too. He was wacky and different and likable but actually tried to play the game whether it be well or not lol. He even almost had a showfriendzonemance haha. James was not one of my favs, he was just a nice break with his little pranks and lack of game play from all the craziness that was going down in the house.

    2. I liked both Johnny Mac and James. What put James over the top for me was when he put Clay and Shelli on the block together. I felt that was a big move at that time and I like big moves.

  61. One thing I would like to say is Vic’s mom should be proud she raised a son who is clean and keeps a high standard for the house. As much as he can anyway. He is the only one I see clean, throw away old food, pick up cups or trash that aren’t his, etc. when he mops or cleans the shower I notice he does his best. Never half a$$ed. Bridgette was the same way. Nicole, Nat and Z on the other hand seem super messy and totally unsanitary.

    1. Yes I totally agree. Also love that even when confrontations are happening in the house he keeps right on cleaning or cooking. Ex. Making tacos while Paulie confronted him about putting him on the block and when they were all trying to rattle Paulie before the POV he just kept right on mopping the floor. Love that guy! Really hope he doesn’t go this week or wins the jury bb if he does.

  62. Hoping Vic wins his way back in, him or Paul win HOH and they put up James and Nicole!
    One comes down, throw up Nat or Corey – that will be the end of the showmance final four once and for all!

  63. Simon and Dawg,

    Big Brother is my guilty pleasure and your site is #1, couldn’t make it through a season without it.

    Thanks so much for all you do to keep us up to date on all things BB related. Made my donation, and I encourage everyone to do the same!

  64. So……do ya think Palsy is just a dried up shriveled husk now that he’s been in the jury house with Z for a couple of days?

  65. I am getting so sick of hearing Natalie say, “I feel so sorry for Vic. He wasn’t my target!” She sounds like a broken record.

    1. Did you hear Natalie’s Hoh nom speech on the show tonight? If anyone wasn’t convince she is fake before, I know they see it now. She thought she was at the miss California pageant or something. Me me me me me me me. Look at me me me me me. I’m so cute look at meeeeeeee.

    2. She shouldn’t have put him up! But personally, I have heard fans over the years say they wanted input into the game. The fans had they’re chance and they gave co- HOH to Michelle proving that that most people can’t read others personality. (I voted for Vic as I knew Meech was week)

  66. How many more times can this set of houseguests say, “ride or die”…if one of them says it…all of them say it…sheep

  67. I am not sure why everyone thinks nicole and cory are floaters, they have been with the same group the entire time. Nicole and James have been working together since day 1. They may tell other house guests what they want to hear but always had each others back. The snake of the group is paul. Does everyone forget when paulie took him off the block to backdoor vic. Paul new about the whole plan and was ok with it. He also is the definition of a floater going from side to side. Him and vic literally jumped from side to side to explain what their strategy was. paul mech and vic’s strategy the last few weeks have been to bully people and rattle their cages. Paul wants to keep bringing up cory’s comment so that it is fresh in her mind and has done that several times throughout the game. He did it to her with Paulie. Not my kind of game play.

    1. I think it’s mostly that they spend the vast majority of their time petting each other and almost seem as if they aren’t there to play. Of course now that production has basically told them they can’t be touched, Corey didn’t even bother to study for the veto comp.

    2. What do you mean jumping side to side? Paul was with the five. Natalie and James put the idea in Paul’s head to jump ship. James has swung back and forth. And Natalie has never had her original alliance’s backs. I like Paul at least he doesn’t pretend to vote out people for frivolous reason’s and then pretend to cry afterwards. My absolute favourite though is Vic.

    3. People think they are floaters because they are (duh). I don’t consider heartlessly lying to people for months, including the people who they claim to be in love with, good game play. James and Nicole are lying slugs who do nothing but hide in bed or talk shit about the other players to whoever will listen to them. The way they treat their showmance partners are gross. Both of them treat Nat and Cory like dumb burdens who happen to be fun to cuddle with. They are manipulative and controlling and are honestly so pompous and full of themselves that they think they are cute. They act like they are untouchable, which I guess comes from the fact that they have been so far this summer.

      I appreciate people like Vic and Paul who try to play the game. They are funny, harmless, and actually make other people feel good about themselves.

      Cory and Nat have spent months being systematically broken down psychologically by those two scum bags. Great entertainment (not).

  68. paul and vic need to pound into Nat and James what Corey said about Nat being on James dic every five minutes ! then asks what worse FT or Dic mouth ? That’s the dude you want to keep , and his little minion that laughed about every nasty thing they said about you Nat ? Meech needs to Put up Corey and tell Nic she hates Animal abusers and people who layin bed with them all day. better yet Meech , Paul or Vic need to give Corey warm MILK everyday and ask is this what COMES OUT OF A FLAMING GOAT ? BALDWIN FOR THE WIN !

  69. So James is kissing butt before the next HOH just in case Nicorey wins assuring him & nat will not go on the block, well I hope it backfires & Paul wins since Meech can’t play or better yet I hope Vic or Paulie ( can’t stand him) return & take all of them out!

  70. It is good that Cory and Nicole are getting on each other’s nerves because I know exactly how they feel. I think I would self-evict if I had to listen to Nicole whine and Nat complain.

  71. I hope Victor catches on to what is going on.
    Productions hand in trying to get him out needs to die. This is soo fixed.
    They are royally screwing Victor.
    Nicole/Corey/James/Natalie are not deserving to win this game.

  72. If only meech hadn’t smoked her last remaining brainchild away (or ate it with that brownie they slipped her) she could have made a big move….
    Promise Natalie that she’d nominate Vic, and throw up her target Nicole, Paul wins veto and chances are Nicole has done something to make her the target…. I honestly do not think Natalie would have put Victor up after Paul won veto….
    We’d be looking at NICOREY on the block this Thurs…
    MEECH is clinging to one maybe 2 braincells left

  73. I watched tonight’s show and Pauli told Meech that Paul want Da out? Wasn’t it Pauli? Was Pauli trying to sway votes or just sour grapes?

    Also did Nicole lie when she said Paul wanted Vic and James out? Wasn’t it Pauli?

  74. i wish one season they would go back to having non fans play this game.. people that have never seen it… dont know what to expect… or how to do alliances etc… this show needs a fresh start… all the extra crap they’re throwing into the game is making it a farce… battle backs.. care packages… jury buybacks round trip tickets…. bleh….. go back to the initial “experiment” and let the game flow organically… it would make better tv (to me) to have people not knowing exactly what to expect in what week… to NOT know “you cant play this game emotionally”… i wanna go back to the days of the spontaneous fights… these last few seasons its been a 24/7 strategy talk circle jerk…

  75. James and Natalie are attempting the Chill Town float strategy…without the strategy. If Victor comes back, he, Paul, and Meech will simply start plucking the Shownances off piece by piece. If Paulie returns, James and Natalie are cooked geese. If Bridgette comes back, the best James could do is 4th, because girl power will ease him out the door.

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