Big Brother Spoilers: Adam explains BB12 Casting, some casting chick had cream cheese on her lip looked like the money shot

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8:30pm Kitchen Rachel and Porsche They are preparing a wine and cheese night. Porsche has prepared a platter of cheese and Rachel opens the bottle of win.
They mention how strange Shelly has been lately when they are all in a group. Porsche and Rachel agree that Shelly is starting to clue in that she could be going home. They go back and forth and play dumb about how they decided to vote for. They both say it’s a 50/50 draw.. Prosche: “I don’t really care but.. Shelly though I don’t like the vibes she does.. being all nice and fake.. it’s kinda annoying.. but Shelly hasn’t won anything.. I just don’t want her to get to final 2 and be all like I PLAYED YOU ALL”
Rachel: “It’s like it’s 50/50.. I don’t think she’ll make it to final 2.. who would take her”

Porsche thinks it’s best they all go to final 4 because they all competed. Rachel: “We’re down with with final 4 are you” POrsche: “I’m totally down with final 4 I thought about it the other day how cool it would of been if we had thought of this early then reunited near the end”

Racehl brings up that her and Jrodan haven’t decided who (SA) they will vote out because they can just get the other player (SA) out the following week. Rachel is a bit worried about Adam and she knows Shelly can’t win shit.

8:43pm Adam and Porsche Kitchen Porsche is telling him she just talked to rachel and she told her that they haven’t decided who to keep. Porsche brings up that Rachel is saying she’s concerned that Adam can win comps and Shelly can’t. Adam brings up that hr’s been saying a lot that he wants to compete. Prosche: “That is not what you want to say to these girls” Adam agrees says that Rachel doesn’t want to brings someone along to the finals that can compete but she also has that hatred for floaters.

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9:04pm Adam retreats to the hammock to avoid conversation with KSPRJ

9:53pm Adam and Shelly they talk about the season and how it all went down. Adam says after all they’ve been through he would never walk out the door. He brings up that he understands why Chima left because it sucked what happened to her plus all the emotions of the house. Adam would never do that though. Shelly is disgusted by people that walk out the door. Adam goes on and on about his casting experience.. and having met Alex from BB9 and becoming friends with him. Adam talks about this person which worked for the BB12 casting and she was eating a cream cheese sandwich. She had some cream cheese on her lip and adam something about it looks like she has the money shot. Adam adds that during the BB13 casting the person saw him again and joked that they need to watch out for him because he a weird one.

Adam apologizes to showtime about how boring they are right now he tells “showtime” he’ll raise his hand when something interesting happens so that way the people that record it can fast forward through it all.

10:22pm Kalia and Porsche (prior to this conversation Jrodan was in the room and she tried to tell them that during her year she had no part of any of the drama her and Jeff just sat out side talking about birds. Prosche tells them that she came for the competitions because that is what she thought was cool. Jordan gets called into the DR)

Porsche says how much her father and brother have been there for her. SHe says that she’s been down and out many times and her father has always taken her back in he would sleep on the couch and she would sleep in the bed. Porsche always wanted to move to California to work on her acting but she just couldn’t leave her dad at home and have him not be taken care of. Porsche doesn’t like working at a bar but it pays the bills and lets her give some back to her Brother and Father. Her brother is starting college and he needs the help. Kalia now starts in on why she needs the money…

POrsche and Kalia both know that Shelly is well off and doesn’t need the money like some of the other players in the house.

11:10pm Broadway shows yo

11:40pm They are talking about past season of Big Brother when there was that one comp with the honey that looked really hard. They got to see Big Brother 10 in sequester, Porsche is amazed old man Jerry was able to do the honey comp.

Adam tells them about Big BRother 1 where the one legged player Eddie, won it. Adam knew he was going to win it from the very first episode. Shelly agrees. They briefly explain how different big brother 1 because America voted ever week and there was no veto. Shelly wishes they had a pen because she wants to have everyone sign her sweatshirt she wears every night.

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Lawon (I volunteer as pawn) Exum Gets evicted by the house: Hilarious!

Daniele (Judas) Donato gets evicted by Jeff: Sweet!!

Shelly (Backstabber) Moore gets caught in her lies: Awesome!!

Shelly (Backstabber) Moore is getting evicted next: Priceless!!!


LOL. I these comments.

Please give us more. I like the step by step walk troughs. It brings back memories and also points out everything.

Keep em coming.


Kalia the Hutt(AudreyII) evicts “Big Jeff the Bully” Super Sweet!!!


oh yeah that is good I like the comments, especially about shelley, and dani, would have been good if she would have stuck with jeff and them, but nope, even her dad said..IDIOT!!!


The first line is “they are preparing a wine and cheese night” So this is Jordan and Rachel new names?


I’m usually a lurker and dont post much because my sentiment has already been covered by someone.but I just had to post a reply to what you said shoot wine asd cheese night being jordan and rachel’ s new nicknames. That has got to be one of the funniest and most right on quotes I’ve seen in awhile.


UMMMMMMMMMM You need to look again………it was Porche and Rachel having wine and cheese not Jordan. And they all whine in that house.


Spare me the ‘who NEEDS the money’ BS. Get a damn job you lazy losers ! Instead of trying to get rich quick by laying in a hammock all summer. Just once I want to hear one say, “I want the money because I hate hard honest work.”


Porsche is a waitress, that’s not hard enough for you? Jordan was a waitress too and she won, and I bet yo dont mind that


That Just doesn’t make much sense. First of all they all have jobs. But the amount of money they can win most people can never make specially in this economy. So basically by your account people feeling this who play the lottery are lazy? I believe actors are way over paid. But still just being in that house is a job. I dont think explaining why they need the money is BS, unless your born with a silver spoon or are lucky enough not to have it like that then you would be right there with the rest giving your sob story too.


Come on people, let’s REALLY not make this about the money, as in no one is less deserving to win because they already have a decent job and house in real life. I don’t mind the HGs talking about why they need the money or what they are going to do with it, but being less economically challenged than someone else in the house should NOT be a determining factor in who wins. I’m not crazy about Shelly, but I couldn’t hold it against her that she has a decent job. Having a good job is a good thing, just like getting a good education is a good thing (Brendon), and holding it against that person is just ignorant.


I think you got issues bro.


adam and alex are friends? oh wow, i loved alex in BB9 🙂 he was gorgeous.


I have seen every season except season 1 but I don’t remember Alex. I googled him and still don’t remember him after seeing his pictures. He was evicted week 2 so that is most likely why he doesn’t stand out to me.

BB King

Everyone should take Shelly to the final 2. For these three reasons: 1. Everyone believes Shelly is rich and doesn’t need the money. 2. She has not won shit on BB and cannot boast of any accomplishment in the game. 3. Everyone has caught on to her lies, her betrayals and the fact that she is playing both sides and thus hate her.


Nah, cause then she’d get the $50k

Adam however, is the best “Ass Kisser” and the Greatest “Floater” of all time. No one does it better then Adam!!
He definitely deserves $50k.


I was thinking the same. Take Adam.


Yeah that would be smart, but people are also mad that they fight to win stuff, they fight to take themselves off the block, and there’s someone who doesn’t do anything and is still in an equal position as them.


Well in my book, lying is not fighting when you’re worthless at comps.

Both Adam and Shelly are worthless at comps.

Shelly is a up to no good liar.

Adam is sticks to his word until he no longer needs to and that is pretty honest.

I’d ratter reward an Honest Floater then a Lying Snake Floater.


I agree with you – Shelly would be the best person to take to the final twos strategically to win because everyone in the jury house will vote for against her. The other person wins automatically! Shelly can’t win anything and no one likes her! Let her win $50 for her great acting skills which were found out. I just hope that Rachel will not be the other final 2 along with Shelly!


Everyone seems to want Shelly to go home, me included – – -but don’t you think she’d make a great Final Two because of the following: (a) I don’t think anyone in the jury house would seriously vote for her to win the big prize (if so, who)? That’s it then!!!!!!! People let their feelings take control over friendships that were made in the house and that’s when they make dumb decisions. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t see any of those people again for the rest of my life, . . . . just give me the big money!! I’ll take the second prize if I have to, but first place is always better prize and that’s what that’s what they should be focusing on!


I agree, although I cant stand her I say it is the best move, even adam would get the votes…lol


Ok you guys this is BB13 and not BB11. Jordan can’t win AGAIN, and jeff can’t be America’s favorite AGAIN. I don’t know how much of Porsche’s story is true, but I don’t blame her for taking the $5.000 and I really hipe she makes it at least to F2, she seems like a really sweet and friendly girl!


Any young gal with fake boobs willing to fulfill some old geezer’s fantasy of two young babes at once deserves at least $50k for having to give up her summer.

(Honestly, I would like to see Porsche in final 2)


just a side note..everyone in the house has fake boobs but Kalia. just saying


Shelly, Dani, maybe Cassi?

bTW: Not sure if you were including people evicted.


Rachel & Jordan all the way


oh crap, accidentally clicked on this page as I was playing Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook, sorry…while I’m here, anything going on?….No….okay, well bye.


pfft troll


Porsche looks sweet even with the Nerd Glasses! 🙂


wouldnt say sweet because she looks like she’d be quite nasty between the sheets. hope she & rachel are final 2 just to watch her parade around in a bikini. the only good idea cbs has had was to keep this show in sunny socal. no hurricanes to worry about just sunblock.


Yeah she looks nice even with little make up on. IDK if she even wears make up? It’s not that much noticeable like when Rachel is wearing it. It’s like night & day with Rachel’s face.

Turd Fergusen

I really didnt think much of her for a long time, but shese definately growing on me, not neary as fake as I expected her to be. And I cant believe im saying this, but I like the calm Rachel

Im Porshe’s number 1 fan but she does have that sexy librarian 90’s porn look when she wears the glasses. Of course I love it lmao. Porshe for the win.


Porsche looks better than Jordan. Jordan looks like a typical blond,. a dime a dozen. Porsche has unique features….. looks like she could be in a painting.


And I would like to add that Shelly sounds like a man.


i hopr rachel wins. shes the most deserving. & if not her, then jordan. she has a great social game.


Wasn’t Alex from BB9 banging Dani. I bet Dani and Adam knew each other before the show.


Just an idea to kick out there– Maybe in future BB’s whomever loses in the HOH comp is automatically on slop( first 3 out). That would make more players compete harder and not throw as many comps. So if you are truly useless in comps you will spend the whole summer on slop! Any thoughts? and no bias of picking players!! Go R/J!!!!!!


Good idea!!!

Aqua Bernie

I don’t know about anyone else but they all claim they need money, except Shelly but they talk about traveling here and there, it makes me sick! The average person struggling doesn’t travel every where. I like Jordan and she spent her money buying her mom a home. Listen to Kahlia, she just wants a boob job. Porche just wants to be a movie star. Rachel spends way to much time in doggie parks! Oh, and doggie day care. WHAT? This game is’nt made for the average person to have a actual chance in life. Not any more I guess!


I agree… Kalia also said that her parents were really well off. She did say that they make her work for what she wants, but I find that hard to believe with the way she acted all summer.


Kalia actually said she wanted to get her own car so she doesn’t have to use her mom’s. She also said that she MIGHT get a boob LIFT.


So What? Mommy and Daddy wont buy me a BMW so I am going to get my own? She does not need the money


Doesn’t matter how much money a person has or not. Everyone has the right to play for the 1/2 million and the right to win it, if they’re
lucky enough. No need to justify why they need it more than the others, and we don’t need to try to make sense who need it more than
the other. Rich people need money too…… out, money in…Get it? To keep them rich.
Poor people don’t need that much as they have already adapted to living within their means.
I say donate the winning to some homeless shelter as we know there are vets living in homeless shelters.


I like both Porsche and Jordan (although not as much as BB11) but I am getting sick of the whole “Me and my family are broke and poor so I need the money.” when they come in the house with freakin breast implants! Sorry, that’s not poor.


C’mon fellow BB fans. Will someone please explain why Regulator Dominic currently has more votes than Shelly as America’s fave?

Well as long as Shelly has more votes than Brendan, I’m not completely disappointed.

I will cry like Rachel [look, ma, crying with no tears] if they evict Shelly on Thursday. I hope Team Production doesn’t let that happen.


Adam will float to final three – win HOH-go to final 2 against whoever an win as greatest deadmeat floater of all times!


Has anyone here actually thought, maybe being a floater is the way to win bb? I dont get all these ppl saying floaters should be gone etc… who says how someone is supposed to win the game. I agree we all want drama in the house, but the reason why there is little drama now, is because production hands EVERYTHING to the players. BB1 players were on a grocery budget, had seperate comps for food, and other items, now its lets get some good looking ppl in the house with fake tits, let them live like kings, and wait for something to happen…. if it doesnt we will mess around untill something does.

I watch this season, because I like BB… however, I have to admit, I have been watching and enjoying old BB seasons on youtube, because production did not get involved as much back then.


Im so sick of all u people who want decent people who don’t lie, cheat, or backstab to win $500,000. U are the same people who blog that the show is boring. Go figure, all I know is this season would have been horrible if it weren’t for Shelly stiring up shit, He-Man & Sheera acting like they are the best players to walk in that house, Dani actually playing the game. The rest of the cast was just horrible. Jeff plays the best as far as not being dishonest and actually playing the game. Whats dumb about his startegy is if u know ur a target from day one, then u need to do some mischievous shit. He had all his eggs in one basket and now he is in jury again. Wake up people, its the Jordans & the Adams that makes BB boring.


Its funny that Brendon got 1 mill out of 2 million votes and now he can’t even get a vote for Americas fave. Just goes to show that Allison should be a bookey and not and executive producer. Fixing shit is her specialty… Smh


I was wondering about that.


My pick for the final 2:
Rachel and Porsche.


Simon, tell me is it really best for JR to keep Adam over Shelly. I’m beginning to think not. What’s your thoughts?

Use to BigBrother...Now Big Sister

Is it me or is Porsche wearing the hell out that pink sweat suit…like has she gain that much weight that she can’t fit any of the other clothes she has…I hope she’s washing that suit FREQUENTLY.


Totally agree minus the whole Adam comment.


Concerning BB Season 1:

I’m not impressed that Adam knew Eddie would win season 1 from the very first episode as the house guests agreed very early on that Eddie was to get the 1st prize money due to the enormous amount of money his family had to pay in medical expenses over the years.

Season 1 doesn’t compare to any of the other seasons. About half way through the season the house guests refused to even vote anybody out. The producers finally talked them in to ending their boycott so that the game could continue. That has never happened since and will never happen again.

I liked season 1. It was a true experiment in to what happens when you take a group of strangers and throw them together in to a house for the summer. BB wasn’t yet the competitive death sport that it has become.