Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche thinks there will be a golden token in the HOH room & when I want, I can put it in the fortune teller & it will talk.. *Updated*

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12:50pm Adam, Porsche, Shelly and Kalia all head inside. Adam is doing his dishes. Shelly tells Porsche that they have to be doing something up there for you… Porsche then goes up to the HOH and tries to open the door with her key …but can’t open it yet. They wonder what they could be doing in there. Porsche goes to the diary room and comes back and says that they told her it should be soon. Porsche says to Shelly that he really won’t trust us now …because he didn’t know about the room thing. Shelly says yeah he will don’t worry about it .. it is your decision.. you do what you want. Porsche then goes to tell Adam that she misunderstood and thought they said it would only be a half hour.

Big Brother Spoiler 1pm Purple Room Adam, Porsche and Kalia head into the purple room. Porsche says what if its Pandora’s box?! Kalia says that she heard them this morning up there doing the mexican hat dance. Porsche says that she kept checking to see if it was open. Kalia says that she really doesn’t think that if it is a pandoras box where we go and do something for the day … because we still need to do nominations today…. unless we do it tomorrow. They talk about how they don’t care if Jeff or Brendon come back …Kalia says that they can clean the kitchen for all I care. Porsche says that she keeps hoping that they are just fixing the TV up in the HOH room and not a Pandora’s box. They talk about other season that had pandora’s box and what happened on with them. Kalia mentions that they don’t always announce the powers if someone has it. Kalia says that if there is a vote from America this week … Jordan will get it because she is in there crying …she will get the sympathy vote. Porsche says that she thinks there will be a golden token up in the HOH room and when I want to I can put it in the fortune teller and it will talk.. They talk about New York and other random stuff. Then the conversation turns to talking about how Rachel and Jordan will probably stay sleeping all day. They talk about the clown shoe POV competition. Kalia asks Adam if he wins HOH will you put up Jordan? Adam says yeah … were I am now is where I wanted to be..

1:10pm Adam says that the people he was loyal to ..are the people I stayed loyal to for as long as I could .. Adam says that Jeff yelling at him really BLANK  pissed me off!! Kalia says that even when she tried to stay loyal to the end no one trusted her. Adam says that if Jordan asks him he is going to tell her that he is pissed that Jeff said BLANK  to him after he was voted out. Adam says that he though Jordan was going to punch the BLANK  out of Shelly. .. and of all people Rachel was holding her back. Porsche says that she was about to get country. Kalia says that Jordan went to a black country school. They talk about the fight between Shelly and Jordan. They talk about how Jordan is so sweet and that America will be surprised … they say that this is the third time Jordan has gone off. Adam says that he has a terrible side too that he is happy it hasn’t come out yet.. because he is not proud of it.

1:30pm Adam tells Porsche that it is her decision and she should do what she thinks is best. Porsche says that her only problem is that Adam’s loyalty was with them less than 24 hours ago. Adam says yeah and look where that got me. I got yelled at. Adam says that at least I was loyal. Adam talks about how Dani was the bigger threat. Porsche says that no matter what happens if Rachel wins the POV …then we need to put up Jordan and she needs to go … and then Rachel will go next week. Porsche says that she has stuff planned with Jeff after like trips and humanitarian stuff ..that he will get over me not using the veto on him. Adam says that there is a risk that if Jordan wins the veto and takes Rachel off ..then there will be two of us up there.. there is no more backup plan. Porsche says that won’t happen. Adam and Porsche shake on being loyal and trusting each other. Porsche says that if there is a pandora’s box and she is sketched out about it in any way I will not open it. I like the way things are in the house. Porsche talks about how she was loyal to the vets and then she jumped ship and went with Dani and they had to shovel water the entire way. Adam says that he is not worried about Jordan having another blow up ..but that Rachel probably will. Adam talks about how when Dani put him up on the block and how if it didn’t work to put up Brendon then he was going home. Adam says that whenever Dani told him a plan ..she only told me part of it … but with Jeff he told me everything. Adam says that he thought this was Big Brother …not a bus depot … because everyone was throwing everyone else under the bus..

1:45pm Adam says that when Dani kept saying we are writing a check to Jeff …all I kept thinking was that if I keep her …I am writing a check to her. Adam says that Jeff got money and I think Dani will be getting America’s Player …from listening to the crowd when she walked out …they were loud and hard. Adam says again whatever you want… I will stand by. Porsche says that she is loyal to all us four and that’s why we just pounded. Kalia comes in and tells them to keep an eye on the backyard becaue they are out with Shelly. The cameras switch to the backyard and Jordan and Rachel are heading back inside. Adam comes outside and says oh it cooled down. Shelly says yeah with them out here… Porsche comes back outside and says the HOH is still locked. Porsche talks about how she hopes its just them fixing the tv. Shelly compliments Porsche on her hair. All four cameras switch to the bathroom, Rachel and Jordan are talking about the HOH competition last night. Jordan says that she even stayed up till 3am practicing and she did horrible. Jordan says that if we don’t win the POV tomorrow then we can say oh well. Rachel says that if she goes home …Jordan has her vote along with Jeff, and Brendon. Rachel tells Jordan to take Adam to the final two and she will win.

Rachel and Jordan head into the storage room. Rachel says I promise that there are people rooting for us. Jordan says that there was no way they could have saved Brendon because Adam was the vote. They talk about whether or not Jeff is in the jury house yet. Jordan says that she has gas… really bad. Rachel tells Jordan that she said that she would take care of Jordan in her goodbye message. Rachel asks if it would be really mean if we hid the diet cokes. Jordan says no we don’t need any more drama. Rachel says but don’t you just want to BLANK  with them. Jordan says lets just wait till the day before if we are leaving. Jordan says that she told Jeff in her goodbye message to kill Dani in the jury house.

1:55pm – 2:10pm Out in the backyard. Porsche, Kalia and Shelly are talking. Porsche tells them how she talked to Adam and that they shook on it and that she feels so much better about her decision… and that she doesn’t need to put him on the block. Porsche says that she feels better about not nominating Adam. Kalia starts talking about being in the house and that she really needs the money to not have to borrow a car from her mom ..and actually being able to own something. They talk about how the vets always talked down to us. Shelly says that Jeff even made fun of her for cleaning. They discuss how they did break their word to people and they talked all about their integrity. Kalia says that is why she didn’t make deals with everyone … Shelly says that she is really excited about their three girl final. Porsche mentions that Rachel had us all at each others throats a couple weeks ago and now look at us. They talk about how with Dani leaving it brought them all together. Shelly says that it was so nice to see Dani turning into a butterfly and that she didn’t need to walk in a shadow and that she can be herself now… Kalia says that Dani was the only vet that came in here and played different than her original season… They are talking about how amazing Dani is and how great she is…

2:10pm – 2:25pm Porsche says that Brendon was the sailor of Jeff’s ship. Kalia says that’s why Jeff wanted Brendon out because he was just the skipper. Shelly heads inside. Porsche tells Kalia that Adam was saying that Dani didn’t tell him everything … but Porsche says that she told him that Jeff didn’t either. Porsche talks about how much better she feels about Adam and that he was honest with her. Porsche says that as much as she trusts him even more now than she did this morning .. you can’t deny how close people come from being in the candy room together. Porsche talks about how she told Adam that even if he wins the HOH …he can wear the slippers and robe …but he has to put up Jordan … Porsche says that he said he was okay with that. Kalia talks about how the vets wanted to battle it out with the best competitors … but thats not how Big Brother works… They totally under estimated us. Big Brother calls Porsche to the diary room. They say its happening.. Kalia tells in case it is Pandora’s box for her to pay special attention to the wording or if there is a picture.

2:30pm – 2:45pm Porsche comes back outside and asks where Kalia is… Adam says that she went in looking for you. Porsche says that as she was going up to the HOH room .. Shelly said in front of Rachel not to tell anyone about what is up there. Porsche says that Rachel laughed at that. Adam tells Porsche that no one has never not opened Pandora’s box. Porsche asks really? Porsche talks about how her little brother was supposed to write a code in her letter and she knows him …and he didn’t. Porsche says to Adam …no offence to your alliance but …this is going to be the best week for Dani … she thought it would be the worst …but when she sees Kalia win HOH and me win POV ..she is going to be so happy. Kalia comes out and Porsche tells her that they told her sorry it took longer than they thought … Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When they come back, Porsche, Adam and Kalia are talking about how everything went down and other random stuff… Shelly says that Rachel just said inside that people better start being nice or they aren’t getting any votes. Porsche says BLANK  you I’m getting money if you give me a vote or not. Shelly says that she doesn’t even care she knows she isn’t getting a vote from them. Meanwhile Jordan and Rachel are in the kitchen eating and cleaning up… not talking very much.

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If Rachel leaves this week, the show will be done. She is the only entertaining HG left. If she leaves, I’ll be forced to root for the kitchen table.
Jordan NEEDS to win the Veto and take Rachel off the block and send Shelly to Jury House! I hope R makes final 2 and wins. RACHEL FTW!

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Entertaining? she haven’t did anything worth laughing at this season besides crying over dumb shit, unless that’s what you mean?


Rachel’s dance off with Lawon was HILARIOUS….I also thoroughly enjoyed her daily messages to Brendon.


Does kalia realize that nither shelly or porsche voted to keep her in the house?

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

I think she knows bit seeing that they all worship Dani it wouldn’t matter

Poor Jeff

Doesn’t matter. They are united.

Vets have to go, because they have the votes.


Why depend on a fortune teller when you can just eat 10,000 fortune cookies to ensure an ideal future every time. It’s worked for Allison Grodner for years.


Yes, he is back!


OK, where have you been!!!!!????


No, Kalia forgot about that already. The vets kept her not Porsche and Shelly and when she won the HOH she put up the people that voted to keep her. Porsche is so high and mighty now, when Rachel was the one who backed her up in the beginning otherwise she would have been evicted. Hoping that Rachel or Jordan and Adam final two ( maybe impossible now however, you never know Big Brother’s twist and turn ).


Everyone sucks in the house, hope Jordan just self evicts herself. Can’t stand looking at her face and her dumb expressions.

Rachels stuffed dog

Put up Rachel & Jordon, it is the 4 newbys against 2 vets & i’m guessing all hg’s get to play so if its physical just cheap shot the vets out of play, if its mental kalia & adam will win… would be sick of cbs to throw a wrench in the works


I don’t know abt Adam


She ran in the bushes and cried when Jeff yelled at her after that veto. That was hilarious.

Tyler Kent

Yeah, Skanky Rachel hiding and crying in the bushes was indeed entertaining and was a highlight for the season.

Pandora's Box

Team Kitchen Table, ftw!

kathie from canada

Now there’s a thought :) Up until now I haven’t been able to root for anyone, but now I can focus my energy!!!




yo team kitchen table it is then…. I agree with you there.


you cheer for the table ill cheer for the chairs lol this cast is so boring

Pandora's Box My Ass!

I’ll root for the couch in the backyard. Go team backyard couch! Woot!


Sounds like Porsche is now thinking about putting up both J & R. I sure hope that they arent giving porsche pandoras box. I wonder if the fortune teller is ever going to speak….good lord like twin peaks waiting for the LOG to talk…LOL


Would anyone disagree that Adam is the definition of a true floater of any season? He should get a freaking award!


What are you talking about – Adam and Jordan are the best players in the history of the game. Jordan is so smart and Adam isn’t a kiss ass at all. ;)


I can’t stand the way the 3 woman are acting. Talk like that in the real world and they would get they face popped.

If it doesn’t work out for RJ, then maybe I will be done until the final show.

I hated the way they did the double elimanation.


As opposed to the way that Jeff and Brendon spoke to each other and to others? They would’ve gotten their asses beat in the real world if they spoke to people outside the house like they did to the other HGs.


Jeff would get his clock cleaned if he acted tough with someone would actually fight.


Oh but I bet you loved Brenda coming back in the house.

Twist work both ways.

It is a game, someone has to lose. You team is losing. Sorry.


i read here daily how some people here change sides just as quick as adam does…..


Not me. My favorite player is gone and I don’t even know who to cheer because it’s hard to choose a favorite with the people that are left. Jordan act like she is already done, she hasn’t been a factor all season without Jeff and now she’s ready to go to the jury house to continue her vacation – which really says how much of a terrible player/competitor she really is.


i agree the big brother helped the new bees out in the d r room shelly needs to go shes a man that wants to be a woman


I agree. i really hope shelly talk porsche into putting adam and rachel up, and that jordan wins the pov. this game needs some excitment. Who wants to watch those 4 in the finals the only thing that will happen is the three newbies realize Shelly for the liar she is, which is not entertaining. I jordan and rachel stays and get rid of shelly. I would love to see her explain herself in the jury with all of them there and having watched the dvd’s from the show of how she lied to all of them and had them turning on each other and believing it was rachel.


Yo! Shelly IS THE REASON there was a total shakeup and the game did a 180 to give the newb’s power. She single handedly changed the game and even tho I still think she’s a man in drag and a balls out liar and I wouldn’t do business with her even if I was strapped to the front of an AMTRACK Train, I still give her props for turning this “game” into a GAME! YO! Jeff and Jordan are assholes and Brendon and Rachel are pigs in the game AND in life. Hopefully they are unable to procreate in any way, shape or form during this or any of their lifetimes.

WiLL da THRiLL (Team Dani Dammit!)

I don’t understand what u mean….EVERYODY ALREADY KNOWS in the house that Shelly has been lying…that’s been established for quite some time now…..


Ya but Shelly’s lies are just bothering the JJ fans now. They would still be defending her and be saing “oh its a part of the game” and shit like that if she was still on JJ’s side.


Ya ok, because Jordan is so exciting, even Jeff would disagree with you on that one. Jordan is the most boring HG.


I so agree with you!!! I’d love to see Shelly sent packing. I don’t get how she is always talking about Jeff and Jordan’s integrity…not lying????? She does nothing else but lie to everyone’s face then preach about how all the other’s like. What?


I could not have said it any better myself!!!! I hope her daughter does not take after her!!!!


Team Kitchen Table all the way!!


But Porsche just said she is putting up Jordan AND Rachel…


I dont think so
with no Dani sucks… really sucks;
but Kalia, Porshe and Shelly are keeping things still good
rachel just became a flotter…

final 2 k and P


Rachel IS BB13. She’s the show. The rest of them are all parisites. They eat, sleep and hang onto someone – anyone else. Then shift when there is a different houseguest in power. BORING! If they get rid of Rachel, I probably will stop watching. I do hope that at the end there is Jordan and Rachel…but, I’m afraid that won’t happen.

Wouldn’t it be great IF Jeff was in a box in the HOH and he is able to re-enter the game????

Or, better yet, BB should bring both Brendon AND Jeff back into the house. But, guess I’m dreaming now.


I am sooo with you. That would make my freakin life… and If I could only have one it would be Jeff. I’d scream if he came back in saying “And hes back in folks” aka dani.


Dani handed that house to the newbies. If she had stuck with the original deal her, she would of made it to at least final 5 instead of final 8. Just saying… she ain’t that great!!!!


Still doesn’t get you any money. She wanted to knock out the vets and then she would’ve been the favorite.


Porsche your no longer a have not, so wash your hair girl! Nasty!!!!

Rachel Is Boy George, Adam is A Bozo

Maybe the show is over for you but the ratings will still be high after she leaves, you know how long people watching have waited for that ugly skank to leave the house? There will be glorious celebrations across the nation when Rachel gets the boot out of the house!!!!!!!!

Captain Adam of Floaters

People were when Dani left.

Rachel Is Boy George, Adam is A Bozo

exactly! just like all the dani haters were celebrating when she left, all the rachel haters will party when she gets booted! what goes around comes around see ya Rach!


If she does she will take herself off the block. P is putting R & J up. Although I think J to R if she wins the pov she will give it to her.


I totally agree this is ridiculous I dont care how much people hate racheal but really Shelly is getting on my last nerve going from side to side how can the others not notice and just put her on the block. I think that she should put up shelly and jordon and then racheal wins veto takes off jordon then puts up adam. The reason she needs Jordon is because she can totally beat her in the comps but def not take her to final two…..


Let us not give up on Jordan and Rachel. It is not impossible that Jordan can win POV and take Rachel out so let us just hope for the best. Anyone has the right to win this game except Shelly, but I do like Jordan and Rachel and Adam going to final three and big money to Rachel or Adam and Jordan second place as she already won before.


JJ fans never complained about Shelly’s lies when she was on their side. Now all of a sudden she is this horrible person, when she’s just doing the same thing she’s done the entire season.


sorry folks the poll was messed up this morning.. correct poll is up


simon, do you think there’s going to be a pandoro’s box? isnt kinda late in the season for that


I Highly doubt a major power will be given out at this point.


What a joke. It’s a shame these useless newbies will probably make it to the end.


still better than useless, brainless Jordan making it


u think she cares what you say, she won it once, have you?????

Midwest Fan

She cares.
Jordan has repeatedly worried about how she has looked to viewers.
Wait until she leaves BB and finds out she is now a Ms. and “Saint” has been
removed from her name.


Looks like three girls took on the whole house and are winning. The vets played horribly.

BB Fan 5

It’s a shame that these newbs will be in the end after doing nothing. Adam is worthless and doesn’t even try to win comps. He just attaches his lips on the hoh’s ass each week. I think floaters is the perfect term for these newbs because they are all turds!


Don’t count their chickens before their hatch. If Rachel or Jordan wins POV, Porsche is stupid enough to put her own alliance against Adam. I can’t wait to see Porsche face. Team JR


Jeff fails

Captain Adam of Floaters

All the way! hoping!


Team Dani Jury/ Team Porsche YO


porsche what a racist comment


Shelly is horrible. Look at the example she is leaving her kid. She talks big about her integrity. Where is it?


Grow up!!! Shelly is the JR Ewing of BB13! Go Shelly for the win!!!


Right there beside “Big Jeff’s and Jordo’s”


Oh how lovely that Ms. Goody Goody America Jordo tells Jeff to “Kill Dani” when he gets to the jury house. Is Jordo mad that Dani figured out when Dick left that all she was to the Vets was the “do their dirty work person” so they could breeze their way to the pay-check and Jordo not happy about not being able to float again to a payday?

What a creepy little girl she is proving herself to really be! Guess she forgot she couldn’t care about anything this summer but spending the summer with Jeff in the jury house, what a phoney little bitch!

Perplexed in Pittsburgh

What part of “outwit, outsmart, outplay” do you not understand? I’ve never heard word one about integrity come from production. This game isn’t about integrity. When will you people get that???


I think you are confused–that is Survivors motto !!! Go Rachael/Jordo!!!


Integrity came into play when Shelly kept saying how much integrity she had, and that Rachel had none. Shelly kept saying she was playing a good game, and not lieing, when in fact she has been flip flopping sides the whole week.


Oh shocker! Dani is still being praised for such great game play. But where is she? In the jury house! Well how come? God its like watching the 3 stooges and there retarded friend. I think the only person who should win big brother at this point is Keith. He was the only one that actually played any game he was only there for a week… All Dani did was screw herself. Por and Kal can’t think for themselves. Adam has he ass glued to the current HOH’s, Shelly is the Big Brother Maid, Rachel and Jordan are just a pity party. Hell give the Money to Dick. he would have run this house. Can we do the season over again?


Dani was the best player this season and proved to be one of the best players of time..

We love Dani


Dani best player of the year? Maybe (which isnt saying much). One of the best of time? You are D-R-E-A-M-I-N-G. She finished in 8th place without Daddy saving her ass the whole game.


yeah – and four of those weeks she couldn’t even be put on the block


LOL, saved her ass? Her relied on her HOH and POV wins. She even cemented the final three when she HAD to win that last veto. She was an intergral part of that win.


Serious, the second Dick left, I let out a huge *sigh* of disappointment.


Jordan is a just baby
Last week everything was fine and everthing was great.
Only because now things went wrong to her she thinks she bb house is the wrost place in the world

I hope rachel goes home this week….but if Jordan goes i dont mind also


Have we been watching the same show? Dani played more personal than anyone else this season. Dani tried to bd Jeff. It failed and Dom went home. Dani held Dom leaving against JJBR the entire time she was in the house. How is that not personal? And then she constantly did nothing but Rachel bash, again a “personal” move. I’m glad the skanky ho is outta the house!


if dani was that great she would of been in the house //////dani will never be in the big brother hall of fame that bitch finish in 8 place shocker jury house with brendon and jeff awkward dani’s words not mine lol ( had to repeat that again)…….. we all know that jordan and rachel will get some sort of power i cant wait


Power? Why don’t they just start winning something. If you need special powers to beat Porsche and Kalia you’re in really bad shape.


So it looks like Jordan and Rachel will be nominated which is perfect as long as:

a) Adam doesn’t win veto
b) if Adam does win the veto, he doesn’t use it

If J/R win veto, Adam goes up and the person next to him leaves.


IDK about that. My question is what if Rachel or Jordan wins POV and does Porsche has to replace her own alliance? If so, What?
Let say, if it a special power either Rachel or Jordan gets it and change the nominee. Do HOH can’t overpowered the nomination?
Because, if Porsche puts up Adam and Rachel on the block and Jordan wins POV and Save Rachel which its take a miracle. Who should put as a replacement nominee? Shelly or Kaila.
Also, what’s in the Pandora box? Something good or something bad. Hopefully if it a golden token? Does it evicted HGs either Jordan or Rachel will receive that power?
I want to know.


Jeff fails!


What’s jeff gonna do now that adam isn’t around to give him blow jobs and there’s a slim chance of adam winning that pov jordans to dumb to win it rachels the only one to have a decent shot of winning the pov the jordan will go home oh yeah jeff fails what a loser lol


Exactly. If Adam were to win veto it could be a good game move to use it since he’s 4th man in the 4 person alliance. He’s not going to win regardless of who’s sitting beside him. But that route he does have an outside chance at the 2nd place money.

And screw you wordpress, I am posting slowly!


If those 3 make the final the live feeds will be nothing but sleeping and eating. Porche’s back fat is more interesting


God, I hope Rachel or Jordan go. CRY BABIES. Everything’s good till they “loose their man.” When did Big Brother become Little Sister? Rachel’s a pathetic excuse for a human being. Catty, immature, and a poor sport. And Jordan has done NOTHING. Not one thing. Just lay in bed with “Big Jeff” and do everything he says. I’m so glad I don’t have to see his douchy homophobe smile on this show for another 12 episodes.

Pandora's Box

PROTIP: Poor sportsmanship is par for the course, like HOH arrogance. Look at how Dani acted when she was on slop. There’s no difference. It’s six of one, half a dozen of another.


Oh come on. Jordan got a double smack, with Jeff leaving and finding out about Shelly’s total betrayal. Give her a little time to deal. Up until last night, Jordan had done more than Porsche did, and just as much as Kalia did. And she’s at least been, with a few exceptions, mostly nice to everyone. And really, we have to call Jeff a homophobe? Because of a couple of comments that could very well have been taken out of context? Isn’t it possible that someone can disagree with something without them actually being a homophobe, or racist, or sexist?

i like

this right here, ^


“Jordan got a double smack, with Jeff leaving and finding out about Shelly’s total betrayal”

BULL !!!!
Everyone had a partner go. If she believed Shelly was really in the game only to “help a young couple get started in life” than Jordan is the biggest fool ever.
Jordan has done NOTHING, she was given an HOH after hitting a golf ball. She calls everyone else useless “they have done nothing” she keeps saying.
America gave me a half million dollars last time I road Jeff’s ass hair, why not again. Poor me, BOOO HOOO..

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

Go blow yourself nancy boy


Jordan was the betrayer, of her own alliance. She did nothing at competitions and her social game was to keep to herself and stare off into the distance. Jeff at least hung out with Adam and gained Adam’s trust. Jordan did nothing.


Totally agree I feel she is really hurt by Shelly maybe even more than losing Jeff. She would of picked Shelly over anyone else…people would of hesitated awarding the 500 g’s to her Shelly could of actually won the money. I believe they could of got Jeff out later. Shelly would of been in good shape now she will be out 4th


Porsche is one of the best game players still in the house. She has had great social game all season, she floated until she knew she had to win a competition. The timing was perfect, she won pov with seven players still in the house, guaranteeing her spot in final six, the time where everybody plays in competitions. she didn’t let everyone know how strong of a competitor she was until it didn’t matter. she won hoh which ensured her safety and getting a target of hers out.

team dani- america’s playaa, team Porsche bb13


I’m sorry, but “taken out of context”??? Have you even watched the freaking UNCENSORED live feed clip? Obviously not or you wouldn’t make such an idiotic statement.


Nope, didn’t watch the feeds but read the quoted conversation. My understanding was that Jeff didn’t think it was appropriate to put a gay headmaster in the Harry Potter series as a position that was considered to be a role model. I know plenty of people who would probably agree and plenty of people who would disagree. A good friend of mine is gay, and neither he nor his partner were offended. They said he was entitled to his opinion and didn’t think that was sufficient to judge someone as homophobic. It was a children/young adult series, a lot of people don’t think it is necessary to have specifically gay or straight characters; it has no impact on the story itself.

Just because you don’t agree with something I say doesn’t make it an idiotic statement. I am so sick of people trashing others for having a different opinion. Some of my best friends are people with whom I disagree on major issues, because we all recognize that everyone has opinions. Disagreeing doesn’t automatically make someone a bad person, a homophobe, a racist, a sexist, or anything else.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Kalia starts talking about being in the house and that she really needs the money to not have to borrow a car from her mom

A car? how many cars do they have?


No Porsche, it won’t be a golden token that you put in the Fortune Teller.

Its a box of Golden Grahams cereal that you can put in your big trap.

What a dumbcluck.

I can’t believe she is friends with Janelle….who was my favorite BB player of all time. Janelle was smart. Porsche is a dimwit in a velour track suit. She looks like Sue Sylvester….but not nearly as clever.


Zing…that was a good one too. Actually, Shelly looks more like Sue Sylvester than Porsche. Does anyone remeber DeeDee from “what’s Happening?” (a show back in the day) Porsche looks like DeeDee (different ethnicity though) when DeeDee would wear her 1970’s one piece jumpsuit.


OMG…you’re right. She is DeeDee….not as funny and clever, but seriously…how many of those friggin track suits did she bring?


These people are pathetic, Kahlia doesn’t realize that her friends voted her out. They don’t even realize that Dani is a vet and she already had won $50K, and if she had stayed they were dung under her feet. and she would of stomp through them like hurricane Irene. They are too stupid to realize the vets took themselves out because of their huge egos If the vets had stuck together, they would of been toast. None of these idiots deserve the money.


yup, agree with you LB. man thing has got to be the most motliest, ugliest thing BB has ever had on, even worse than ED!!!!


Dani, Kalia, and Porsche took on the whole house of veterans and their side is winning. How can you say they don’t deserve to win the game.


This is a game of backstabbing and strategic lying The lying that has been done in the house this season has nothing to do with the game but ruining a person”s life. Stealing, putting benefiber in the muscle milk, this is not the game of big brother I used to love to watch. Trying to one-up-manship on who can say the nastiest remarks about Rachel, this season has a herd mentality and Dani was the head goat. These people are so ugly in the things that they do and I am so sick and tired of oh, they are probably nothing like this outside of the house. I beg to differ, What you see from these 4 people are probably what they are really like. Are you people listening to some of the things they say. Then to say they don’t care whether they are nice to them or not, are they that stupid that they don’t realize that there is a difference between $50K and $500K. These people are PATHETIC. They can’t win graciously.


Go Porsche you can do it


if dani was the best she would have been in the house her ego got the best of her … she just wanted fame taking out brendon was fame for her what is fame without the money nothing ….shocker now she’s in the jury house with jeff and brendon awkward dani’ s words not mine lol the bitch finish in 8 place she will never be in the big brother hall of fame i cant wait for survivor to start


I wouldn’t say that. Porsche is a strong player, she consistently seems to get close to winning. Although I must say it does seem a little boring now. On top of that there’s all this crying. I’m so tired of watching women cry. This season kind of blows, I would have preferred watching all new people.

Midwest Fan

I agree.
BB should be all newbies or only All-Stars.

IF the two crybabies are evicted from the House, it could
be interesting watching the newbies attempt to outdo each other
for the Win.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Adam says that there is a risk that if Jordan wins the veto and takes Rachel off ..then there will be two of us up there.. there is no more backup plan. Porsche says that won’t happen.

It will i production makes a simple comp, you how how jordan barley slips by with a win in the simple comps

Midwest Fan



The bitch of it is if that happened, Rachel and Jordan would decide who on the block goes home. Their 2 votes to the opposite side’s 1. Then the newbs will have to eat crow again.

Kalia for life

simon and dawg do you think this is the worst season by far?


I like this season..

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

She talks without people too? goddamn man LMFAO


A PKS final three would make me throw up in my mouth.

Midwest Fan

Why not three newbies?
The entire show was formatted against them by having the vets in the house.
Let the newbies come into their own and “fight” for the Win.


how was the show formatted for the vets to win? the newbs had the numbers since day 1 and were in an even better spot when dick quit out of the blue and dani decided to team up with them… this has been one of the worst seasons of BB.. they should have either did an all star couple season or just went with a bunch of newbs… im done have fun watching one of these useless floaters win this season

Logan Takia

Am i missing something? Can someone please explain to me why jordan hates danielle so much? Its not like she evicted jeff? I completely understand her rage with everyone else but danielle was evicted before jeff so i dont understand her hate towards her


I noticed how Jordan never really talked to Dani, I am guessing that her jealousy of dani has no bounds.


What could Jordan possible be jealous of Daniele for? Her great relationship with her father? Her bitter, nasty attitude at only 25 years of age? Her blatant insecurity about being in her daddy’s shadow? Her ability to lie so masterfully? Maybe its the great relationship she has?

Puh-leeze. I understand that people like Daniele, but saying that Jordan is jealous of her is absurd.

P.S. I like Daniele’s game play in many ways….in others, not so much.

VA Vet

Probably because Danielle gave the newbs a wake up call when she pointed out that the newbs actions were tantamount to writing JJ the winning checks.

Another possibility is that under that phony exterior is a mean person.


It’s been a while since I posted!
I’m so glad that Porsche has decided not to put up Adam. Jordan vs. Rachel was a much better decision anyway. I have a feeling that Rachel will win the POV though, and then it will be Jordan vs. Adam for eviction, with Jordan leaving. I can’t stand the way that “America’s sweetheart” acts. All she does is talk about how the game is unfair and how much she hates Dani. Excuse me, Dani was playing the game. She on the other hand relies on others. She can break deals, but when other people break deals, they become assholes. I’m sick of her. While I don’t like Rachel, she’s a game player; Jordan isn’t.
Now that Dani is gone, I’m TEAM PORSCHE!


Agree completely!


HMMM nO NO no sorry newbies to break your heatr but No one likes skeleton Dani yo. I bet the americas vote will go again to rachel or the americas sweet heart JJ =]
yep skeleton dani is greeat great but a great human mess like her daddy evil dick XD


First of all, learn to speak english.

Second of all, Rachel didn’t get America’s Favourite Player last year smart one. It was Rachel’s arch nemesis and the best cast member last season, Britney.


Well, maybe these 3 newbies aren’t so dumb after all. Looks like Porsche will put JR up instead of Adam. They just had to make sure he was on the same page. Yay! Don’t rely on Jordan not winning. That would be the time she did. Jordan is awful to say she wants Jeff to kill Dani. What a hypocrite. She acts all sweet and nice but then she makes terrorist threats. Arrest the bitch.


Oh okay so it’s okay for DKP to say that they want to punch Rachel and stab her? It really makes me wonder who YOU are?


gfdhbgfdhb im happy that dani’sr minions are doing good but i want rachel & jordan to stay just for entertainment lol……….. i pray she puts up adam!!


Dani was this season’s greatest IMO. No need to reply to me if you are going to hate. It’s my opinion



I have a feeling she’ll be invited back for All-Stars 2. The folks at CBS obviously love her and Dick and Julie hinted last night in her extended interview with Jeff that there would be a second All-Stars season. We can only hope and pray that she’ll be invited back!

Midwest Fan


Team Dani – on standby


I’d like to see Dani and Porshe go on Amazing Race.


I really miss Jeff and his ballsack.


I know that this is probably an unpopular feeling (at least on this board), but I do feel sorry for Jeff and Jordan. Not so much because Jeff got voted out – I mean, if I were in that house, I definitely would have voted out Dani and Jeff, they were the strongest players. But Shelly’s betrayal had to be a really horrible slap to them. For all her lying and scheming, she’s always, ALWAYS sworn she was ultimately loyal to JJ. They trusted her when no one else would, and obviously they shouldn’t have. If I were Jordan, I probably would have slugged Shelly.

I know that everyone lies in this game and that you do have to eventually turn on your alliances. But Shelly has NEVER played this game with any honesty or integrity. Even Rachel, for all her faults, has tried to maintain some level of loyalty to anyone she makes a deal with. Even Kalia, who I really HATE watching, has managed to be true to her alliance. Jeff may have backdoored Dani, but she hasn’t really been part of his alliance for a long time. Outside of their core alliances, sure, everyone made “deals” and then turned on them. But everyone else has stayed true to their core alliances (unless it came down to 2 of them being on the block).

Shelly had a definite, concrete alliance with JJ from almost the beginning. Her ONE saving grace was that she at least had some level of loyalty to her core alliance. Then all Dani had to do was speak one sentence – not even a whole sentence – asking Shelly for her vote and she flipped. On top of all that, she’s been talking nonstop about playing the game with integrity and morals, and being as honest as possible. She is possibly one of the biggest hypocrites in all of BB history. Her husband and kid will still love her, but I bet they don’t trust or respect her nearly as much as they used to. When you see how easily someone you love can lie without even blinking, it creates a lot of room for questioning their sincerity in everything else they do.

I would like to see Jordan evicted this week, let her go spend the rest of the time with Jeff and without the cameras, and see Rachel send Shelly packing next week. Can’t WAIT for the blowup in the jury house when Shelly is eventually confronted with ALL the lies she’s told throughout the season.

And yeah, I know, you all hate Jeff, blah blah blah. And you think Jordan’s dumb. But really, out of every single person in that house, Jordan has been by far the nicest, most honest person. Sure she’s had a couple of blow ups, but everyone does from time to time. She has made every effort to be very nice to everyone, even those she isn’t close to. And Jeff, for all his faults, was mostly up front about his actions, fought hard and made risky moves. Dani did too, and I recognize that. But she doesn’t really need any more super fans on this board :)

Man, if the vets had stuck together from the beginning, they could have done so much better. I really, really wanted to see Jeff, Jordan and Dani team back up. Kalia and Porsche disgust me, especially Porsche with all her talk about going to the jury house and sleeping with Brendon to break him and Rachel up.



I’m in total agreement with you!


I’ve never pretended they are angels. But for every time they’ve called one of them a nasty name, I guarantee Porsche and Kalia have called Rachel at least 2 names (or said 2 ugly things about her). I do not make excuses for Rachel – she needs serious, serious help. Jordan has not been nearly as vicious as everyone else. Yeah, she’s made some mean comments and made mistakes, but nothing like Porsche, Kalia, and Rachel. And yeah, I do think threatening to sleep with someone’s fiance to break them up is worse than name calling. AND I actually do think Porsche would have slept with him if she had gotten to jury before everyone else. I don’t think she was necessarily kidding.


This was the first season I watched but I knew that Rachel was supposed to be this horrible person by the way people acted when she came in. But no matter what she’s done this season, I have no problem with her and I think a large reason for that is the way others have treated her. The way those girls talk about her is unreal. I don’t care how annoying people think she’s acted at times it’s just uncalled for. I think that’s why I found myself cheering for her. Unfortunately there isn’t going to be anyone left I could stand winning. Rachel and Jordan will be gone and I honestly think the people left don’t deserve to win. I kind of wish the show was rigged, I had no desire to see Dani or Jeff leave, especially not on the same night.

Big Sister

Go watch last season and see if you still feel the same way about Rachel.


Jordan is by far the nicest person in the bb house. With that said she doesn’t deserve to win. It was obvious that she really wasn’t into this season.
How many times did Shelly tell JJ that she didn’t care about the money, she wanted them to win it? How many times did she tell Jordan how awesome she was? I think Jordan looked up to her as a mother figure. I feel sorry for Jordan because she thought she had a real relationship with Jordan.
Shelly will probably be the most hated player this season.


oopps *real relationship with Shelly*


Well said, Jen! I agree 100%!
I was thinking most of what you said, you just took the time to type it! I question Shelly’s two-faced “integrity”, as I too, am 41 years old. I would never have been able to lie like that in front of my kids and the whole world to see! Pretty disgusting, actually! Porsche and Kalia: LAZY & have never been able to watch OR listen to anything Kalia has had to say has had to say. Adam, same as Kalia, he was better as “cruddy the elf”!

How do we cancel live feed subscriptions?


Very thoughtful post! I agree 100%.


Period…. If she leaves the show is gonna be big brother 12 again!


did she change her mind and won’t put Rachel and Adam up? will it be Rachel and Jordan?
i’m getting confused here, can someone please clarify it?


It looks like Porsche is going to put up Jordan and Rachel in the hopes that if Adam wins POV he won’t use it to save either of them.


oh oh
Why oh why did she change her mind??? :-(


Because she’s not as dumb as she looks. LOL.


If Adam wins veto, he’s going to take down jordan and Shelly gets the boot


I think Jordumb hates Dani so much because Dani rallied the troops against the vets before she left. She was giving them stategy and it worked. JEFF’S HISTORY!!!! Jordumb is pathetic. Can’t believe I liked her so much during her season. She is so pitiful when things don’t go her way. Now she wants a power! Yeah, good luck with that, dumbass. I hope America is smarter this year and doesn’t play on her tears. She’s a phony bitch. No wonder Jeff won’t pop the question. She is trailer trash in my opinion. Dani was awesome this year! Couldn’t stand her in her season, but LOVED her this time around.


Porsche is trying to let her people know she wants to take Jordan to the finals, they all think they are going with Por to the finale two, things will change and ADAM AND jORDAN will make it to the end. The four of them will start to make thier own all…….


okra, dave spade, and porkchop have got to be the worst players and the most motliest BB has ever had on. There HAS to be some other sort of power. JC said it will be full of twists, hardly none have been played.


It is soooo sad that Rachel and Jordan have llost their men. BAHAHAHAHAHA

They were acting just like KPS last week. Production, show them a rewind!!

Oh, did I mention….BAHAHAHAHAHA


Yes they did but the girls lost thier lover also DANI HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA


i also think jeff is acts like such a homophobe because he is a closet homosexual…..the most affection i’ve seen between him and jordan is the kiss on the cheek he gave jordan when he left


hOW WOULD YOU WANT YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER TO ACT, they are being very nmature and respectful,


Yeah, there’s something going on there. If he is gay, so be it! He definitely doesn’t act like a ‘normal’ boyfriend toward his girlfriend. Add in his comments, and I think we have an angry guy hiding in the closet.


Oh my God, that was funny. Touche’


This comment made me laugh out loud……and I TOTALLY agree with you!

I was watching BBAD last night and she just rambles on and on about nothing. She can’t tell a story to save her life, she is not interesting and worse….you can tell she thinks she’s quite deep and profound.

Zip it heifer.


We need to look at the whole picture, who does Porsche want to go final Jor, who does Shelly Jor, who does Kala Jordan adam as well they will infight as soon as they stop patting themselves on the back and rac starts her stuff, and in the next comp jor and rach will take al the good luxury comps and let the rest eat slop and DANI will still have a rough time in the jury house

Bubbly Pie

Agreed, if I was Dani i would be cheering when I left because then I wouldnt have to hear that blabber mouth

i like

who’s voting for jeff as america’s player?



Midwest Fan



Evel Dick


Evel Dick gets my vote. Haha


I cannot understand why anyone would root for Jordan & Rachel. These two girls are the biggest cry babies who have proven that they cannot play the game without their man by their side. Why are people also jumping all over Shelly? She is playing this to win for herself! Dani was 100% right, why play the game to get JJ to the end? It makes no sense to me…

Thank God Adam is finally waking up and seeing what type of asshole Jeff really is!


Amen, you took the words out of my mouth, finally someone speaks with sense.


Anonymous, are you replying to yourself or are there two (or more) using your name?


Yawn… predictible… yawn… boring…
Last nights show was awesome, but after reading todays blog, I am wondering how much longer I will even be interested in the show or the updates.
Porsche likes how the house is now and doesn’t want to do Pandoras Box??? BORING!!!!!
Thank God Survivor is starting soon.


WTF Ms. Goody Goody America’s Girl Jordo tells Jeff in her good riddence message to “Kill Dani” when he gets to the jury house??

Sounds like Ms Fake Boobs is also Ms Fake Goody2Shoes too, although most people realized that 2 years ago when she floated her way to $500k.

Sorry Jordo, but when Dick left it was obvious that all Dani was to the Vets was someone to do the dirty work so YOUR true self would not shine thru, well it has now Ms Integrity!


It is funny how as soon as the house shifts the people in control are like ‘f this ‘f that…..


Dani taught them well, DANI’s gone and yet her strategy goes on. She is a legend. I want to have her baby!


Team JJ and Team Brenchel. Let’s put the difference aside. We need to fight together to take out newbies (floaters). If you all with me great. you all against me, draw a line and let go. Come with me, Rachel and Jordan are not going nowhere. They have to fight. As right now, temperory we are Team Jordan/Rachel-JR for short. We will keep fighting till then end. No more crying this. We will stand together as a team. Come guys, what you say. Are you guys on board? Let’s take Newbies one at the time. Let’s dance. Team JR (Team Jordan/Rachel)-All the way, Team JR (Team Jordan/Rachel)-All the way, Team JR (Team Jordan/Rachel)-All the way, Team JR (Team Jordan/Rachel)-All the way.!!!!!! Let’s fired it up. Let make the newbies reprecussion. They don’t deserve Squat.


Umm your not in the house genius


oh yes I am. I don’t want to argue right now okay. I will keep ignore you. I don’t care. I’m a smart one. You like it or not.


:) good job


Sorry Dani lovers, she told the girls what she was going to do. That is how they are winning now. Dani got lonely and revealed all her strategy and then the girls got brave and “Wow stepped up for a change” The vets are going out of the house. A newbie is going to win. Poor Rachel will have to work like the rest of us to pay for her wedding!

Midwest Fan

Dani went out of the BB House with pride.
She is the ultimate BB Gamer.
Before she left, she helped the newbies better understand the game, which, IMO,
was a nice thing to do.
She encouraged them to win but certainly had no part in their
actual HOH or POV accomplishments. They did it on their own.
“Kudos” to them.


Midwest Fan be tellin’ the truth! :D


Shelly is hilarious. If she is not getting votes from Rachel and Jordan (along with Jeff and Brendon), how will she win??? LOL. I thought the reason she turned on her alliance was she wanted to win the money. How stupid!


She murdered her relationship with Jordan. She told jj from the beginning she wasn’t there for the money, she would help them win.


And Jordan was just there to spend the summer in the jury house with Jeff…hmmmmm Well after Thursday Jordan’s wish (LIE) might come true….lol


She had zero chance against JJ. Now she has a slight chance.


You think she has a chance with JJBR in the jury house??

Midwest Fan

Shelley may get a 2nd place Win and America’s Favorite.
Not bad $$$$$$$$$$


That was funny!

Midwest Fan

CBS gave Shelley a fantastic promo during one of their broadcasts.
Most viewers aren’t aware of SSS and her BB antics.
Remember her beautiful daughter and husband’s interview along with the cheering neighbors?
Shelley couldn’t have asked for a better endorsement and that was before
she actually began playing the game.


There is no amount of money where I would have left my child for an entire summer! (My husband either!!!). Money is nice but life is short and I wouldn’t give up that time with my family.


Exactly, she made the dumb decision that she can’t win against J&J so she’ll backstab them instead thinking she has a better chance for final 2 and winnig the money? lol

Given her odds were pretty much the same either way, she would have at least secured votes If she turned out in the final 2. Having kept jeff in the house would have in no way assured J&J winning cause in Big Brother… anything can happen.

And look in what position she is now!! what a brainfart loser she is.


Eating does not stop her.