Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche tells Adam that they want to put him up with Rachel.. Adam doesn’t like the idea..

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11:45am Porsche asks if they will tell her when her HOH is unlocked …because they said it would only be a half hour. Kalia says well it probably is unlocked.. why don’t you go and check? Porsche says what by myself? Kalia says yeah ..because if it is something like a box… Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the feeds come back, Rachel has left and Kalia, Porsche and Shelly talk about all the dirty looks that Rachel has been giving them all. Shelly says that she was in the bathroom and that if looks could kill.. Kalia says that once she is on the block for good, I don’t care about her vote.
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11:50pm – 12:15pm Adam and Shelly are talking in the backyard. Shelly explains that she has always stuck with Adam and that she understands why he voted the way he did… you were trying to save your bacon. Shelly says that she will pay the price, but that I played the game for me. Shelly says that it was a point that you told me that you were going to do what you want. Adam says that the thing that I am the most hurt about is after the votes come down he looked at me and yelled at me.. that hurt! Shelly says that you were expendable to them. Shelly says that she won’t ever tell anybody that they played right or wrong. Shelly says that they had you and Rachel lined up to play for them and then were ready to take you out. Shelly says that was their game plan. Shelly says that they told me that they were taking me to final three regardless if Jeff was taken out. Shelly says that Jordon was taken me. Shelly says …but that I had to play for me, nobody knows the end game. Shelly says that we didn’t know what was going to happen and I could be the one sitting outside and you could, too. Adam says that he remember her saying they keep looking for reassurance, and that was bothering me, what more do you want from me, what more can I do. Shelly asks if he regrets it now. Adam says that after all I did, they doubted me Adam says that Jeff turned to him and asked me who I voted for. Shelly talks about how Adam will not have to pay for what happened but that I will for the rest of the game. Adam says well we will see if they stick to their word and vote for the person with the best game or not. Shelly says that the way she is acting …I can tell that I am not getting their vote …but at least I can look my family in the eyes. Adam heads inside.

12:20pm Out in the backyard, Porsche and Kalia join Shelly in the backyard. Kalia starts talking about how the vets always thought they were better than us. Kalia says that they think that even though Adam was with them she thinks he is with them. Kalia says that maybe they should put him up and that if one of us wins the veto then we take him off. Shelly disagrees and says why not leave him up there. Kalia says taking him down will stamp the trust. They discuss what they will tell Adam about going up on the block. Porsche asks Shelly if she ever had a deal with Adam. Shelly says no.. never. They talk about how he had a deal with Jeff and Jordan and that until Jordan walks out of the house he probably still will. Shelly says that you can be assured that Adam will never have blood on his hands. Shelly says I think he is scared of us. Kalia says that he better be. Shelly says that Kalia is a tough talking. Kalia says yeah but sometimes it scares people. Shelly says that Adam screwed her. They talk about how they still need to keep the numbers on our side. They talk about if there will be more luxury competitions. Shelly says that she will take punishments and that they can take prizes. Shelly says the only thing she would want is a letter from home. Porsche heads inside. Kalia says that she just doesn’t want for everything that happened yesterday to be lost because you never know what is going to happen. Meanwhile Rachel and Jordan are in the candy room talking and studying the events of the house. Jordan tells Rachel that she did really well and that they just need to play hard. Rachel says that our only option is to win the veto. Jordan says yeah.

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12:25pm – 12:50pm Porsche tells Adam in the kitchen to come outside so that they can all talk about the scenarios. Adam and Porsche come back outside. Shelly and Kalia head inside. Porsche tells Adam that its possible there might be a prize / punishment competition. Porsche says that Shelly would obviously take slop. Porsche then tells Adam that they need him to go up on the block… and that way he still looks good in Jordan’s eyes. Adam says you’re not going to BLANK  me are you? Porsche says oh no .. we are all going to make a final four deal and shake on it. Kalia comes out. Adam says that he doesn’t like it … that they really need to put up Jordan and Rachel because if Jordan wins the POV then she can take her off. Kalia and Porsche talk about how Jordan won’t win anything.

Adam says that its way better to have both of them up there. Porsche says that if one of the four of us can’t win the veto against Jordan … then one of us needs to go … I’ll go if that’s even possible. They talk about how Jordan won the Hoff competition but that it wasn’t even a real competition. Shelly says that she can’t wait to go into the booth on thursday and vote out Rachel for good! Adam says again that he really doesn’t like the idea and that he really thinks they should go up together …because god forbid Jordan wins and two of us are up on the block. Porsche says I appreciate that you think she is good but .. Adam says that it’s not that he thinks she is good ..but there is still a chance. Shelly says that if there is a trip prize …do not let Rachel get it as a honeymoon!! Porsche says that if you do win the veto and you don’t take Jordan down …Jeff will kill you. Adam says that it is her decision …and that he will respect whatever she wants to do .. Kalia points out that since this week was crazy .. I don’t think there will be anything else till next week … but there still maybe a power or something.. Adam says yeah but thats something we can’t control. They talk about how Rachel and Jordan may still try and swing Adam to their side because they know you voted to keep Jeff. Adam says no I wouldn’t..I am with you girls … you girls are my angels. Shelly, Porsche, Kalia and Adam all put their fists in and “shake” on a final four deal.

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I think the twist involves Dani – I haven’t seen CBS do her exit interview yet, but they did Jeff’s extended interview and put it on youtube already.

I love that Rachel and Jordan aare so scared that they can’t beat the “floaters who can’t win anything” .. I mean seriously lol

Shelly is a bitch! Love to hate her! lol


That’d be good. The only reason I watched this show is because I liked to look at Dani.


im loving shelly! 1 of he best manipulat0rs that has ever played the game. Atleast she d0esnt kiss butt like adam. Team NEWBIES! *adam excluded*


You mean instead of her loyally keeping her ass kissing lips locked on one ass transferred them on to another ass like a traitor? Atleast Adam was loyal when he said he was. Adam did what he said he’d do unlike ShelHE that has no balls. Shely: “I suck at this game so I’ll just kiss ass on the power side as it shifts”… what a loser.

just wondering

Doesn’t kiss butt? Are you insane….she was a washer woman for them the entire season…she spoke terribly of and about everyone and was a completely terrible person…don’t you get it? Jordan feels betrayed because she really cared for and about Shelly and Shelly abused that in the most awful of ways. I sincerely hope that someone can find out where she works so that I can start a campaign to boycott whatever products they sell. She bring gameplay to a new low…..


rachel sh0uld be on “the bad girls club”


I wonder if it will affect the ratings of the show, now that both Dani and Jeff, who are both popular, are gone.


Exactly, and she has the nerves to say at least she can look into her families eyes. WOW what a family. She went from saying she teaches her daughter morals and about lying, to now saying she can go home after the game and look them in the eyes. I mean she is a real piece of work. She is the kind of person that will do anything for money, and that kind of person is a dangerous person. Game or not Shelly is now the most evil person to play this game. Do she really believe Jordan is mad because they lost and she sent Jeff home. SERIOUSLY. NO Jordan is mad because she was betrayed. And for those that say this is a game, no there are certain things you shouldn’t do in a game or for money, and Shelly took it to a new low.

just wondering

Well said…………..she is a dangerous and truly spiritually ugly woman……Part of Jordan’s appeal is her absolutely beguiling way with people and what Shelly did is just beyond forgiveness.

Chuck Norris knows where Shelly lives.............

problem solved – thank YOU, Chuck Norris

Lady E

There was no time for a full interview so there was an extended one, just like Lawon’s.


Adam is just kissing ass again. He won’t win big brother the only won who actually should win out of the 4 of them is POr


Poor Adam. I think he misses his master.


I kind of agree with Adam. If Jordan wins veto and takes Rachel off the block then Shelly and Adam will have to be up next to each other. I wouldn’t care if Adam went home but J/R would control the votes and send Shelly home. Then the power goes back to J/R/A. I hate the vets, but these newbies are dumb dumb dumb.

Florida Babe

I have to agree…. I REALLY don’t get that move it makes no freaking sense….


It sounds like maybe they were just trying to make Adam sweat a bit and now Porsche might not put up Adam.


Lex that is exactly what I want to happen, Shelly says she can look her family in the face got she is something. Jordan is upset not because of Jeff she is upset because she was stabbed in the back by someone she trusted and if Shelly thinks that was all about game then she is an stupid !! Shelly is a miserable human being and I hope she gets put up next to Adam and goes home. These girls are dumb the vets have the votes to pick the winner, does Shelly really think that Kalia will take her over Porsha She is still playing for number 3 dumb ass !!! Start signing that check to Porsha or Kalia.


I couldn’t agree more and it would be music to my ears to hear Jordan say “Rachel I use the power of veto on you”!


That would be music to my ears, Jordan using the power of veto on Rachel. Getting Shelly out of the house would be AMAZING! Go Jordan win the veto, Go Jordan win the veto!! I am team JR, the others just make me sick!


they are dumb, but I have to admit Jordan is the dumbest


You are right. They are dumb and dumber. Just watch… Jordan will pull this one out her behind and the newbies will be screwed again….


If Rachel and Jordan goes up and Adam wins Veto, he could take Jordan off and Rachel and him will control the votes too.
It would also be a power move for Adam that showed he is worthy of winning the $500,000


rIIIIGHT Adam, suuure. Ugh.

I can really see Jordan pull out a win because she’s been training a lot this summer and she’s really bent on winning the veto. I’ve never seen her that pissed.

And i’m really proud of Rachel, I’ve never seen her be such a good friend 🙂
And does Kalia realize that her “alliance” (other than Adam) voted to evict her…

When’s the veto??


If Rachel acted like this all the time then I think America would love her. She needs to get back to winning competitions.


No dumb ass Kalia doesn’t realize shit. Her face is constantly stuck in her pillow and food.

Do you think there will be a twist where JR come out on top?

Aqua Bernie

GO JORDAN GO!! Get that old lying hag out of the house!!

BB Fan 5

That is such a good point. IMO Kalia is the worst player out of all of them. Admittedly, she can win comps. But my god her actual game play is terrible. Like seriously, your two closest allies (SP) just voted you out last night. They wanted you to go home, and now you are kissing their asses and making a final 4 deal. It would have been nice if Rachel, Kalia and Jordan banded together after last night. But nope, Kalia continues to make stupid moves.


thank you, thats what I keep saying why is kalia working with two people who voted to evict her, is she stupid


I”m so mad at shelly right now… just as long as stupid Kalia the hut doesn’t win i’m happy.




Wow Shelly is disgusting. Why does she hate Rachel so much it is ridiculous. Maybe I missed something, but I am pretty sure Rachel has maybe lied once or twice, where as Shelly has been lieing the whole game. Who cares if Rachel gets a honeymoon. I can understand if you want the trip for yourself, but to say you don’t want her to get it no matter what is disgusting. At this point I hope Kalia or Rachel wins. I wasn’t a Rachel or Brendon fan, but I think they get to much crap, and the girls of the house are to gossipy, but at least Kalia is actually winning competitions. If Dani, Jeff, or Rachel can’t win, then Kalia deserves it.


OMG! Kalia is prancing around like she is SO important. According to her, she is the hero of the whole game. What an idiot. Hope she goes real soon. Right after the two faced lying biotch, Shelly!


I wasn’t a Rachel fan either, but the other 4 are all disgusting. I agree, at this point I would vote for Kalia and then shoot myself in the head.


fools, all 4 of them, worst in bb history, adam thinks he is safe when the shemale is already throwin him under the bus……


they maybe fools…but Jordan is the biggest fool…she doesn’t even want to play. what a waste.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Why not put up Rachel and Jordan together, that doesn’t even make sense to take a risk that Jordan might get an easy comp, I smell the stench of another RIG


… I think I may have to puke under my desk at work if I keep reading these updates ;p

big jeff's pink hoody

LMAO!!!! Adam I hope you have your goodbye speech ready.


Shelly does not deserve a letter. She deserves to get all the punishments any competition will give her. I am praying Porsche’s plan backfires and Jordan wins veto, then takes Rachel off. Then Shelly can be shown the door!


i would love this scenario!!! That backstabbing snake deserves the rest of the week with slop & isolation to keep her from lying!!!! then her skinny ass booted out on Thurs!!


I think Shelly is definitely getting a letter…from her company, with a pink slip included. I Googled her weeks back
and found some pretty glowing reports on her education and job background…however, her photo and all mention
of her is now absent from her company’s website. I recall her saying that she took a leave of absence from her
job with no explanation as to why. I suspect the company has decided 3 months to participate on a game show
is unacceptable.


I agree with you Matt. Shelley needs to go. I hope Jordan wins veto and takes Rachel off the block, then Shelley has to go up. I love for this to happen.


Rachel predicts Brendon and Jeff will make Dani’s life this week in jury house a living hell. I disagree. Away from the “loves of their lives”, these guys are actually nice logical people who know it is just a game. It’s when you throw in their “bi*tches” that they become asses…. But isn’t that pretty much true for every guy out there?


Doesn’t Brenchel and Dani know each other outside of the BB house? Like haven’t they met before or something to that degree? I thought they had a “friendship” of some sort before this season

Mad Hatter

STUPID PLAN! What if Jordan wins the POV, She’ll take down Rachel and they’ll have to get rid of one of their own alliance members. But then it would only be Adam.. Maybe?

Lets say Rachel is on the block and Jordan wins POV, She takes off Rachel and Porsche has to put of Kalia/Shelly.. Most likely Shelly. The votes this week would be Jordan, Rachel and Kalia. JORDAN and RACHEL would decide who went home. They would most likely vote out Shelly. BAD MOVE! I know it’s a big if but it could happen.


Spot on. Exactly what I said.


Get rid of Jordan or that worthless girl will sneak into the final 2 again


I completely agree. Everyone thinks that they got out the strongest players but there is still one more. Jordan has already won BB. She doesn’t need to win again. The longer she stays, the greater her chances are for winning again.


Why would they put Adam up with Rachael? I don’t understand the reasoning.

Was Team Jeff now Team Porsche

If they put up Jordan and Rachel and Adam wins the POV, he can take either one of them off and then Porsche will have to put up Shelly and Kalia and either S or K will go home.

If they put up Adam and Rachel, Jordan has less of a chance of winning the POV than Adam would if it was R and J on the block. That’s the reasoning behind it.


wtf, this was my comment lol. why did it change my name?

Not a PHD student

Hold on here, bag of rocks Jorden can actually speak for herself? I have never herd her speak as much in the last 24 hours then she has all season. Oh my bad, douche bag Jeff isn’t around to tell her what to and not to say.

I agree with pinto’s plan……..R and A, if R wins veto J is up, this way pucker lips (adam) will have to really fight for the veto.


You apparently don’t watch the live feeds. The mouth full that Jordan gave Shelly and everyone else within earshot as Rachel was dragging Jordan away into another room was pure AWESOMENESS…


So is the hoh room still locked?


Cmon Jordan win that VETO!!!! Even if Rachel has to throw it to you there is a small chance both vets can survive another week!! And if rachel survives to next HOH and its endurance, the final four will be JR vs 2 noobs


UUUUUh I hate all 4 of them, man who would of thought Rachel would be my favorite character, last season she was my least favorite, now I love her… man this seaosn is awful.


Shelly, you cannot look your family in the eyes. How many times did you tell JJ that you wanted to be on their side and that you didn’t care about winning the money???
I think Shelly will be the most hated player this season!


It can be said that she is playing a good game but I guess we will have to see if anyone from jury will vote for her if she is in the end. That will tell if she is a good game player. I have a feeling that she cannot win against anyone left except for maybe Adam (because he has not done/won a thing).


If anyone votes for that “man” Shelly, they need a brain transplant. Playing the game is one thing. I get you have to lie to people, but to be so phony to everyone is sickening. Last night she told Porsche what a smart kid you are. Are you kidding? People are making fun of Jordan and she is 100 times smarter than Porsche.
I hope her prospective clients watch BBAD to see what a manipulative person she is. I feel sorry for Josie having the phoniest mother in history.


Adam is a tool!
Maybe Shelly could win against him in the end.


We all got wrong when it came to judging Shelly:Does any of us know one non-wealthy person, in America, in his/her right mind, who is so selfless that he/she would help a perfect couple of strangers win 500K? We might have seen what a straight-shooter she was; yet, we couldn’t even spot the one big lie which didn’t make a sense and was right in front of us though. JJ fans are pissed off because she kicked them to the curb before they did it to her. She might have a soft spot for JJ but at the end of the day, she took a leave of absence to win at least 50K, not to be a life coach to a bunch of 20-30 something.


Ugh I hate how fast Adam went from sucking Jeff’s dick to sucking Shelly’s. That dude the ultimate floater!!


god bout time this game got good if jr or jeff get some kind of power i will vomit on my tv cmon alli g let the vets die already


Adam really isn’t that bright, he should realize those 3 are closer now than he is with any of them, he won’t make final 2 with any of them. Whereas if he sticks with Jordan and Rach he can still make final 3 and fight it out with them.
Also, how dumb is kalia, sticking with the two people who wanted to vote her out to save dani. I will laugh if rachel and adam go up, jordan wins veto then rachel and jordan win the rest of the vetos and hohs. That would make the ending awesome to see the girls who were down and out come back and win…if the other 4 make final four bb is gonna lose tons of ratings.


I think it’s just the opposite! If Jordan and Rachel come back, they’ll lose tons of fans. Do not want to see them go anywhere but the jury house, big babies!


I disagree


Allison Grodner doesn’t like the idea of not eating while she sleeps for 8 hours every night, but you just have to put up with some things in life.


Oh shit.

Is that really you?


Ohh shit it returns.. YO!

back into the season?


I hope Adam get’s used and abused!


I know I’m a day late, and a dollar short on this…but I’m just now watching BBAD from Tuesday. I can’t help but find it completely hypocritical that ppl are bashing Jordan and Rachel for being upset yet Dani not only sulked for days about it – but she even made Kalia, who’s in her own alliance, feel badly about the fact Dani was leaving over her. Oh – and she threw in the I’m not campaigning against “you” card. I wonder what Kalia will think of her precious Dani when she finds out how much BS that is. She didn’t just campaign against Kalia – she said nasty things about her.


You hit the nail right on the head! Dani sulked and pouted all freakin week and was totally unclassy with her speech. These people are so stupid that they didn’t even realize they were being insulted too when Dani said that SHE was the only person who wanted to be there blah blah blah. I watch the live feeds, and Jordan was genuinely HURT that Shelly betrayed her. I don’t consider Jordan’s actions after that eviction as simply whining, the girls heart was broken.


Random, I received a message telling me I was posting a duplicate post so it didn’t let me post my comment, yet I don’t see my comment here.

Anyway, that’s exactly what I was saying to my friend – that Dan is insulting her own “friends” and they don’t even get it.


I swear, only 1 out of every 10 of my comments get posted on here. I don’t get it.


I am confused on why Kalia is not realizing that Shelly and Porsche voted against her. Based on the little we know about the fight between Shelly and Jeff, I would assume the deal with Dani was brought out to the open. If Kalia had a brain in her head, she could have made the best game move ever. She could have put Shelly and Porsche up for eviction and said to Jeff I am with you. I think she would have made it to the finals. I love Jordan to death but no one is going to give her the 1/2 mil again. I would take her with me to the finals.


game on


yo, you forgot to put Jordan on the poll….lol she’s easy to forget about


Yeah right! Adam, would not flipped. He will not go into final 4 deal. Newbies don’t win squat. Jordan or Rachel definitely win POV. If Rachel wins, take herself on the block and replace your own alliance. Beside, Porsche you don’t have the votes. Your screwed! Adam is still with Jordan and Rachel. Good luck, because Jordan or Rachel will come after you. Adam, better not screw with Jordan and Rachel. Jeff will be pissed off.
First Reprecussion Lists
Backstabbing Shelly-Check
Ms. Floating Barbie Doll Porsche-Check
Hungry Hippo Kaila-Check
If Adam is with the newbies
Uncle Fester-Check
Team JRA

Rachel's shrink

where is the “ignore” button?


What happened to Jeff winning all the remaining comps?



captain but they would have to figure out Shelly was the vote.


Why do u keep bringing Jeff up. He’s gone for good even if p or k don’t get their vote a newbie still wins. U are a major head case with deep seated mommy issues get a life and watch Jersey Shore sounds like u might luv those guys 2. Finally Jeff’s future is sealed unemployed balding knuckle dragging wannabe actor!!!!!!!


Uhm you’re still here? Dude Adam will just go to whoever is in power which is Porsche. Also WHO CARES IF JEFF GETS PISSED HES IN THE JURY HOUSE NOW. Team Porsche


Weakest final four ever

Dark Horse

Adam doesn’t think its a good idea for him to go on the block…
sorry, which team are you on now?

Adam winning BB this season…
would be exactly the same as Jordan winning her season…
Please don’t let his happen.


Jordan was tied winning the most HOH in her season plus she also won a veto. She also played a perfect social game to boot. She clearly “deserved” winning


P opened pandoras box she, along with k wond 5k. there is pairs for the veto comp. rj, sa, and pk are playing for the veto.


There is some risk with any move. I like A on the block because then you don’t even have to worry how he’ll vote. He will also probably try for the veto and if he wins, its an even better scenario.

Rachel's shrink


Someone who gets it. Give yourself a pat on the back.


I don’t see the logic in putting Adam up at all.

Put up Rachel and Jordan, if one uses the veto then Adam goes up. Doing it this way means Adam’s vote doesn’t have any power.

Rachel and Jordan stay up – Shelly and Kalia vote out Rachel, Adam’s 1 vote is worthless
Veto is used and it’s Rachel and Adam on the block – Shelly and Kalia vote out Rachel, Jordan’s 1 vote is worthless
Veto is used and it’s Jordan and Adam on the block – Shelly and Kalia vote out Jordan, Rachel’s 1 vote is worthless

There is absolutely no logic to putting Rachel and Adam up first. None. If Porsche does something that stupid I will have officially run out of people to cheer for.


Oh snap. I never thought about scenario D

Rachel and Jordan go on the block, Adam wins veto and takes off Jordan and (since he won veto) can’t go up as a replacement nominee. Adam and Jordan vote out Shelly/Kalia (as they’ll have to be replacement nominees). Adam’s back up in the vets ass and they’d have the number advantage for the HoH as it would be JRA vs Kalia or Shelly (whoever didn’t get evicted).

So the need to either

A) Bank on Jordan not winning the veto
B) Bank on Adam not winning veto and turning on them

Suddenly it makes sense.


I never thought of that. It would be perfect.


I would love to be in the jury house when Rachel, then Jordan come in and the 4 newbs are left.


JJBR vs Dani in the Jury House


Adam…..seriously? Holy crap! You and Shelly were made for each other.


lol Adam is SUCH a wimp…


Ok, so I have been on vacation the last couple of days and I missed what the heck has been going on. What was the fight about between Shelly and Jeff before the live eviction show on Thursday? Did Jeff go off on Shelly for being a liar? Please someone fill me in becasue I can’t find any info on it. Thanks!


Wow, I guess this is the closest to porn that CBS can show – three girls about to screw one guy! 🙂

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"



F**ck Adam, I really dislike him, he is riding off other people, I am not sure why K+P are reluctant to discuss their game play plans with him, why do they trust him, do they at this point just need him for the numbers.


If they go through with putting up adam and rachel, not only will it b the dumbest move of the season, it’s almost a guarentee that jordan will win p.o.v.
Bb’s gotta keep the power struggle going or else who the hell is gonna watch?

Rachel's shrink

so you are saying you think Jordan has a better chance of winning the POV than both Adam and Rachel?


The dumbest comment ever. It doesn’t even guarantee Jordan plays in the veto. Get serious.


there is only 6 people left. everyone plays in the veto


Team Newbie unite?! Adam is the only one making sense right now. Put R and J up and it’s a guarantee that one of them goes home. If R or J win POV, then the least damage Porsche could do is to evict Adam. But she’ll be out of next week’s comp and could lose another alliance member if R or J (somehow) gets HOH. THINK, Porsche! THINK!

Rachel's shrink

If Adam wins POV, he will pull Jordan down and BOTH Adam AND Jordan will be safe. AND, he will earn bitch points back with Jeff for the jury vote.

THINK MessiDutan, THINK!

I don’t know why very few people here see the logical, statistically correct and ONLY solution, which is Adam and Rachel up.


I can see the logic in putting Adam up if you thought he wasn’t on your side. But since he’s a professional ass kisser, and looks to be on your side: DON’T PUT HIM UP!


So ur saying Jordan cant differentiate reality and a game…I agree with that..


weird…i just went to make a comment and noticed my user name switched to “was team jeff now team porsche”…anyone else have this happen?…anyway…is there a reason jordan’s name isn’t in the poll for who is going home this week?


Because that poll was from last week. There isn’t a new poll yet


Weird, considering Porsche is an option, and I am pretty sure she’s not going anywhere this week.

Was Team Jeff now Team Porsche

If PKS can really trust Adam (which it looks like they can) they should nominate Rachel and Jordan because it won’t matter who wins the veto. If R/J win veto, put Adam as replacement and vote out whoever is next to him. If ASPK win veto leave the noms the same and get rid of Rachel.

The only question is if Adam can be trusted.


That’s the point. Adam can be trusted to allign himself with the HOH. He has never made a stand and putting him in a position to control the decision is a bad idea. At least Shelly declared her allegance before the voting and comps started. Putting Adam on the block ensure he tries to win the POV and limits his play if he does. He hasn’t earned the trust at this point.


Final 4. Set in stone. yeah…rrrrright. Newbs. Who will be the 1st to defect?

Poor Jeff

Like omg Jeff is so awesome. To awesome to not be in the house. Like Jordan so needs a special power. OMG!

Did I mention Jeff is totally awesome.

dani's fan

Thank you for your comment Mrs. Schroeder. Your little boy is a very nice young man.

VA Vet

Only in his own mind. Jordan, (stupid as Jeff calls her) has no idea what Jeff is all about

Poor Jeff

He is like the most awesomeness person in the world.

Like omg, he should be god. I like totally worship him everyday.

I have to go feed my awesome cats now, omg.


At least half of Americas dimwit couple is gone


What is Adam’s endgame? He doesn’t seem capable of winning comps if he really tried, so turning it on later doesn’t seem like a possiblity. It’s frustrating he has been able to avoid making any real decisions and still allign himself with the power. Putting Adam on the block eliminates him as a vote and makes him earn his position in PKSA. If he reneges, Shelly might be lost, but he would likely be next.


Every alliance that “officially” establishes themselves gets sooo EFFED in the ASS two seconds later. It happened to the regulators, it happened after Brendon returned and they all danced in the purple room, it happened with Jeff and his final four, and it’ll happen AGAIN.

Mark my words ShellHE/Pacer/Meat Head/Fatlia will not be the final four. It’s never that easy.


Her Fatass will never win. And I find it hilarious that she wears sweats and big skirts bc I saw the jeans on the live feeds yesterday. They don’t even fit her anymore!! And Rachel’s getting fat? Please at least Rachel can wear jeans without having massive muffin top.


Shelly prided herself on not lying in front of her daughter and the second Jeff got evicted and Jordan was pissed she said “guess who the other vote was RACHEL” …if you’re doing this for your family then you should be honest to them too ..Jordan is the reason you got to talk to your daughter …it makes me sooo mad that Shelly got sooo lucky with Porsh and Kalia winning HOH otherwise she would have been screwed

And what I don’t understand is that Kalia immediately took Shelly with her as well as Porsh when they both voted to evict her?! Kalia is stupid she doesn’t realize that they both would have rather had Dani with them then her and she still can’t make up her own mind

And if that side REALLY “doesn’t play Dani’s game” then why did Porsh say “I’m gonna keep the noms the same because Dani would have wanted that” .. SHES OUT OF THE HOUSE AND YOURE STILL PLAYING HER GAME