Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche tells Rachel that Adam THREATENED her …she is PISSED and doesn’t want to be around him anymore.. *Updated*

Big Brother Spoilers

12:25pm – 12:40pm Porsche tells Rachel that Adam threatened her this morning that if she doesn’t take him he isn’t going to vote for her…. and if I do take him …he will tell them all to vote for me to win. Porsche tells Rachel that Adam wants the money for a wedding with Fara and that he would tell the others to vote for her… because $50 G’s is enough for him. Porsche says that he said that he is the deciding vote. Rachel says that no one knows what the jury will do. Rachel says that Adam had the same chance they did to get to the final two. Porsche says that it makes me not even want to hang out with him anymore…. I can’t believe he threatened me. Porsche says that he said he wouldn’t give Rachel this deal either. Porsche says that it was just so rude. Porsche asks Rachel if he did that to her too. Rachel says no …he didn’t threaten me. Porsche says that it’s like he doesn’t even think I deserve to be here. Porsche says that she doesn’t even want to have a final three lunch with him …that’s how rude that was. Rachel says I know he doesn’t say that to me… that’s like telling you to throw the competition. Porsche says that Adam said asked her if she wants $50,000 or $500,000… Porsche says that she is pissed that he would do that ..she has been friends with him this whole time and for him to do that she doesn’t even want to be around him anymore… Porsche says that Adam was carried through the game by Jeff. Rachel says not only by Jeff but others too. Big Brother tells the houseguests to go inside ..they are on an indoor lock down. Rachel and Porsche say BOO! They head inside.

12:40pm – 12:55pm Rachel and Porsche head into the bathroom to get pretty. They do teeth whitening, zit strips, manicures and pedicures. Meanwhile, Adam is in the kitchen eating.

1pm – 1:25pm Rachel rips off her zit strips and both her and Porsche examine the amount of zits she ripped off. Rachel then puts zit strips on each cheek. Adam joins them in the bathroom. They talk about whether or not Fara will bring their new puppy to LA. Adam doesn’t think she will since the puppy is still so young and doesn’t even know where to pee and poop.

Operation get pretty continues… while Adam dreams up new ways to threaten the girls..
Big Brother Spoilers

1:25pm – 1:50pm Adam heads to the candy room to make his bed and grabs some clothes. He then goes to the kitchen and puts his ear up to the backyard door to listen. Big Brother tells him to stop that. Adam heads to the bathroom to take a shower. Adam tells them that something is going on out there… They all wonder what big brother is building in the backyard. They think its too early to set up for the finale. Adam says that it would be a 50hr lock down …they wouldn’t do that to us. Rachel says we can’t workout …we can’t tan… Porshce says yeah here we are complaining and its probably something awesome. Adam says houseguests …the lock down is over please go outside and enjoy your margarita party.. Rachel and Porshce laugh and say yay! They joke that they will get to listen to music and get to watch a Disney movie. They all head to the kitchen to play cards.

1:50pm – 2:15pm Rachel, Adam and Porsche play cards.

2:15pm – 2:35pm Rachel, Adam and Porsche make something to eat. They talk about how the guys all thought Dani was too skinny “skeletor” and how Cassi was more curvy. Adam says that both Cassi and Dani were way too thin for his taste. Rachel asks Adam if she looked better season 12 or this season. Adam says that when she came in ..he thought she looked a lot thinner. Rachel says thank you. Porsche says the camera does add ten pounds …thats what I am worried about … looking bigger. They all sit down to get back into their card game… Big Brother says did you know bing cherries were first cultivated in Milwaukie, Oregon? Rachel says tell us facts about other houseguests. Big Brother says did you know that 7inch records are played at 45rpm? Adam says yes, I did know that.

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2:40pm – 2:50pm Adam gets called to the diary room. Rachel and Porsche ask him to ask if they are going to be on locked down all day. Porsche and Rachel head into the candy room. Adam comes out and Rachel gets called to the diary room. Adam tells Porsche that she what she said about it being unconventional about his telling the other houseguests to vote for someone else. Adam says that Rachel already got her chance to win last season. Porsche says that it just made her uncomfortable …and that if she wins $500 G’s …she will give him $10 G’s for a ring… Adam says that he has to try everything he can … Porsche says that its too risky taking you to the final two because the jury members like you. Adam says either way are in a great spot to win the money and you earned it. Porsche says that she thinks that either way she is playing for second place. Adam says that he was rooting for her to win that last comp. Adam tells Porsche that Rachel told him that the only reason Porsche is here is because of Janelle. Porshce says that’s not even true. Adam says that his other argument is who do you want to give $50,000 to me or her… don’t answer. Porsche says that she has to think of the votes …it will either be 5-4 for her or i just don’t know… Porsche remembers the cookies and they run to the kitchen. Adam tells her that he asked in the diary room if he would need a patch if they weren’t going to open up the backyard… he says that they told him he wouldn’t need a patch ..and says that the backyard would only be locked down for 2-3hrs. Adam tells Porsche thank you for listening to him..

3pm – 3:10pm Rachel comes out of the diary room. Porsche gets called into the diary room. Rachel asks Adam if they said anything about being locked down. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When the live feeds come back, Adam and Rachel sit down to play cards. Adam and Rachel talk about the party in Vegas and how it worked last season. Porshce comes out of the diary room and joins them at the table. Adam brings up how Britney didn’t know about the fire at her house until a couple days after the finale. Porsche tells Adam and Rachel that the lock down will be between an hour and five hours long still… They wonder what its for .. Porsche says she thinks its to determine where everything goes for the finale. They start playing cards again.

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3:20pm – 3:30pm Big Brother ends the indoor lock down. Rachel and Porsche head out to suntan. Adam has a smoke.

3:45pm – 4:15pm Silent suntanning in the backyard.

4:20pm – 4:40pm Adam is in the purple laying down staring at the ceiling. Adam gets up and goes out into the backyard to grab the BBQ tongs. He stands in the middle of the yard and says recites past houseguest names …then says AAHHHGG!! Adam goes inside and tells Rachel that he is going to BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers later. Rachel says she might have some. Adam and Rachel head back outside. Adam has a smoke, Rachel hoses down the tie-dye shirts. Rachel shows Porsche the tie-dyed bathing suit and Porsche says that it might turn her Who-HA blue.

4:50pm – 5:20pm Adam and Rachel talk about BBQ’n around 8pm tonight. Adam goes up to the HOH loft and talks to Rachel and Porsche in the kitchen about the past events of the house. Adam tries the HOH door but finds that its locked. Adam says so there were really only 2 back doors this season … Jeff and Dani. They talk about how Lawon made a stupid move volunteering to go up. Porsche says that she really though Shelly was America’s player because she thought up some crazy ass BLANK. Adam joins them in the kitchen. Rachel takes out her hair tie. Adam says Hey Rachel the birds called and they want their nest back. They talk about random stuff. Rachel says that after Britney said that I had STD’s I decided to stop watching the show. ..And then after Monet said that I was a ex-stripper hoe bag I really stopped watching the show. Rachel and Adam recount the events of BB12.

5:20pm – 6:20pm Adam Rachel and Porsche move out to the hot tub and continue to talk about past BB events and seasons. Porsche grabs the clean laundry and heads inside. Rachel and Porsche head into the candy room. Rachel explains to Porsche what she will need to pack for the next few days and how it works when they get out.

6:25pm – 6:45pm Rachel and Porsche go into the HaveNot room to hang their clothes up on the wall. Adam and Porsche are in the candy room. Adam is talking about how unbelievable it is that he met Tori Spelling in the BB House. Adam, Rachel and Porsche continue to discuss the events of the season in the candy room. Rachel and Porsche head out into the backyard to workout. Adam goes out to the backyard to have a smoke. They continue to talk about big brother and Porsche says that she doesn’t want to talk about Big Brother anymore.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Image Gallery

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7:00pm POrsche and Rachel are working out.. Adam is on he hammock. Rachel starts to giggle and Prosche asks her if she was farting. rachel says no. Adam points out that the backyard is already stinky enough as it is.

7:50pm Final 3 in the bathroom. Adam telling them they will be getting alcohol tonight but not tomorrow night. Adam brings up that everything he got in his HOH basket was potato skins and bacon stuff.. rachel: “Well didn’t you ask for that”

Adam jokes that Kalia was sure surprised when the vote came out One One. Adam thought that maybe Kalia would of thought all her “PLAY LIKE A ALLSTAR NOT A FAN” speeches would of swayed his vote. Rachel tells them that Jordan was thinking about voting to keep Kalia for some time.. she didn’t mind saving Porsche.

rachel jumps in the shower and starts talkign about why she will never get Kalia or Shelly’s vote. Adam says that

rachel: “If dani made it to final 2 I would of voted for her.. unless she was up against Jeff.. but She’s not going to vote for me”
Adam says he would of voted for Dani to and he cannot understand why someone would play this game and not vote on based on how the people played the game. Adam thinks people are always so quick to blame other people for the reason they got evicted but all the time the reason you get evicted is you BLANK up.

Rachel and POrsche starts bringing up how people hold big time grudges in this game. Rachel explains to them how people keep hating even after the show is over. Adam points out he’s still hating on Kalia right now mainly because she wanted him to play her game and he wanted to play his own game.

8:30pm Porsche and Rachel Preparing Food Adam smoking.
rachel and Porsche mention how adam looks like he’s talking to himself.

Adam is talking to himself, he’s saying “They must think I’m crazy.. well I am”.. What 40 years old metal heads.. love 90210, drinking appletinis, licking the salt off the rim… “I’m going to get Crazy with these hot dogs” Adam starts grilling hotdogs.

8:50pm Grilling yo

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Team Nobody

If I wasn’t sure before I now think that Porsche/Rachel are going to be in the final 2 no matter who wins the 3rd round but I would rather Rachel win just to solidify her win of 500,000.


Rachel and Porsche will compete against each other for HOH in round three. The HOH winner will decide who goes with them to the final two. Rachel would be an idiot to take Porsche and Porsche would be an idiot to take Rachel. The best move for them both is to take Adam as Adam has zero chance of winning.

Porsche’s only chance at winning BB is to win round 3, evict Rachel and take Adam with her to the final two. Rachel will probably win BB no matter who she takes to the final two, but if she takes Adam she is guaranteed a win.

Is it Wednesday yet? Damn!


I’m with you. I totally feel cheated not having a Sunday show!


I’m sure the 1000s of people who died on 911 would apologize for cheating you, were they alive to do so.


*this comment has been found too offensive by readers and has been removed.

Casual Observer

Damn, that was rude and totally f**ked up! If you were from NY, PA or DC and were someone who lost someone on 9/11 there is no way in hell would you make such an ahole response. Dipsh*t!!!




How about I blow your family up and then wait 10 yrs. and tell you to get over it? Nadaclue definitely discribes you!


Oh Please, CBS doesn’t care about the people who died on 9/11. They just wanted to milk 9/11 for as much money as possible.


WOW, how unpatriotic can you be? You really don’t have a clue!
Did we forget about all other wars & attacks for television shows?
I’m as addicted to BB as everyone else on here, but have some
freaking respect!!! Oh, & GO RACHEL!!!


I can’t wait until they have Pearl Harbor day…Oh wait…the media has milked that for all it’s worth…now it’s 9/11


Rachel wins against either. On the surface, it may look like Porsche beats Adam, but, really, did either play enough of a game to STRICTLY vote on game play? I think if through some fluke Porsche and Adam are there, it is really going to come down to who the Jurors like better, and maybe then Adam has a chance… Just an opinion…


We’ll know in just a little over 24 hours from now.


Porche is playing for second place. If she evicts Rachel, Rachel will vote for Adam..along with Brenden, and JJ.


Everyone is saying that Brendon and Rachel would vote Adam over Porsche but are they aware that if Jeff didn’t throw the pov to Adam that Brendon would most likely still be in the house. Both Jeff and Adam schemed to get rid of Brendon. Shelly would have left that week. I don’t know why Rachel and Brendon would vote according to veteran Jeff who schemed to get her fiance out the house. Adam was not working with Brendon and Rachel but with Jeff and Jordan. Adam had done more wrong to Rachel than Porsche done.

The simple fact is Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and Danielle had a final 5 deal. Danielle jumped boat which left the final four between Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan. Jeff then jumped boat. Jeff could have won that pov because he could of bluffed Danielle in throwing it but he didn’t have to and could of kept the four vets in the game. Because Danielle wouldn’t be able to play hoh next week, it was the perfect timing at getting rid of her. Instead of winning pov and protecting his veteran alliance he made sure he protected his secret alliance which included Adam and Shelly because Jeff knew very well that he has no chance in winning the money if both Brendon and Rachel makes it to final four with him and Jordan. Jeff has no spine and wants an easy win at the end. He would have gotten it if Shelly didn’t sink the boat. He made the same mistake this season in getting rid of Brendon, like he did in season 11 when he got rid of Russel. Jeff is clearly threatened to go up against a strong male competitor in the finals.

Also to note, Jeff and Jordan did not vote for Brendon because they wanted to vote with the house and make sure there isn’t a target on their backs. If I’m correct, Jeff and Jordan would of voted for Brendon to stay only if Rachel and Brendon could get Adam to vote for Brendon to stay. Adam told Rachel that he was always with Jeff and Jordan and not particularly with her. It got you to think, did Adam vote the way he wanted to or the way Jeff wanted him to. If Jeff really wanted Brendon to stay he could of persuaded Adam to vote they way he wanted because Adam rides Jeff coat tails. If Jeff told Adam to vote Brendon to stay as it would further his secret alliance with Adam then he would of done it as he wouldn’t want to make Big Jeff mad at him. Isn’t that a strategy in the Big Brother house, use your connections with other people to persuade the person to vote the way you want.

Another thing to think about is, even though Porsche put Rachel on the block, Adam is the only one who actually voted to evict Rachel from the house. Rachel might of helped Adam twice by keeping him over Shelley and Kalia but that was only because she disliked them more than Adam. Both Shelley and Kalia outspokenly showed that they didn’t like Rachel. Adam not liking Rachel and scheming to backdoor Brendon never really surfaced or became a big deal. Rachel clearly disliked Kalia and Shelly more so than Adam but should she?

If Porsche wins final HOH and takes Adam, she can use the same speech she gave Jordan. Porsche evicts Jordan because she already won the money and already got a chance to play for the final HOH before so she wants to give someone who has never done it a chance. Porsche evicts Rachel. She needs to tell her straight up, she has the best shot at winning the 500k with Adam. Even though I thought your were the best competitor out of the final four and knew your would be the hardest to beat I still I kept you over Jordan because I wanted to be fair and give you a fighting chance in getting to the final 2. I beat you for final HOH and I pick Adam over you because I have a better chance at winning the 500K. I’m here to win 500k not 50k. If I take you I’ll be submitting into our friendship instead of thinking what was best for me to win the 500k. I want the jury members to vote on who was the better competitor and not because you’re a vet and I’m a newbie. Even though Porsche evicts Rachel, She would of given some good points on why Rachel should vote her over Adam. Rachel already said that she is voting for the best competitor in the house. She already called Adam the ultimate floater so I don’t see how Rachel would ever vote for him unless it’s a personal reason.


Didn’t Hayden and Brendon make a deal with each other and then Hayden won pov and didn’t use it to save Brendon. Brendon and Rachel still voted for Hayden despite him backstabbing them multiple times over the course of the season. I don’t see how this would be any different with Porsche. Porsche is clearly more competitive than Adam and should get both Rachel’s and Brendon’s vote.


A lot of people say Adam played a better game than Porsche because he had lay low but she did too. They both were in separate alliances and both were the last on the totem pole of getting the boot. Difference is that Porsche won more competitions and took part in a game changing move. Adam won 1 HOH and 2 POV. Porsche won 1 HOH and 2 POV, 2nd round of competition, and a chance to get the final HOH. If Adam didn’t win his 2 povs he still would of stayed in the house. If Porsche didn’t win her 2 povs than the big move to get rid of Jeff might of not worked and she would of been evicted if she didn’t win 2nd pov. Remember mostly all the veterans and newbies wanted Porsche to be the first evicted when they get rid of their golden keys as they thought that she didn’t belong their. Everyone said that Rachel had to go through a lot to stay in the house. Porsche in a weird way had to too. Adam really was the only person who seemed secured.

A lot of people wonder if the golden keys do anything like open a Pandora’s box but it looks like it didn’t. It would be funny if in the end they tell Porsche because she was the last house guest with the golden key, she gets a brand new car… Its a stretch… but I can dream.


the brigade was trying to get ragan out but ragan won pov and Brendon was evicted.


brendon and rachel both voted for Lane over Hayden.

Rachel use your BRAIN

Did I read it correctly on here that Porsche did not even have to audition for Big Brother like everyone else does, but that the producers called her and offered her the opportunity to be on Big Brother because of her relationship with Janelle.. If that is the case, then that totally explains why the producers did not kick her off after she did the tainting milk incident and after she made the threatening comments about killing Rachel’s unborn baby when Rachel thought she might be pregnant. I mean they have kicked others off of the show for threatening house guests, and it always confused me as to why she was allowed to stay after her actions but if the above is true then it makes sense why because it is apparently and I hate to say this but perhaps it is rigged for her to win. I have never ever thought that Big Brother was rigged for someone to win, but if this is the case of how she got to be on the show it sort of makes me wonder about the honesty of this television “reality” show.


From what I gather Porsche did apply.. earlier today Rachel was just saying that Porsche got a phone call just like she did to be on the show the only difference is Porsche put in a Application for Big Brother 13 whereas Rachel had been putting in Applications for Big Brother since BB9.

Rachel use your BRAIN

Maybe I am wrong but I thought what Rachel said was I had to apply; I did not just get a phone call asking me to be on the show like Porsche did.


Porsche applied and sent in a video, Janelle gave her the number for the casting company.

Who Knows

Who won round one?


Boy, sounds like Porsche’s making a mountain out of a molehill. Of course Adam’s going to try to make some kind of a deal, but it didn’t sound really like a threat. (Don’t R&P look cute getting beautified? Gag me!)


I didn’t think it was a threat either.

If I was in Adam shoes I would really have use my vote to REALLY threaten Porsche and Rachel secretly. I would try to convince them this is game play and by taking me, you guarantees yourself $500,000 because I would lay down and tell the jury I do not deserve the $500,000 and the title


Yes but will you believe that he will truly do that when he gets to the jury? Remember it is 500.000. Fifty thousand versus 500.000, big difference and I assure you that if he gets there he will fight for that 500,000. Money is money when it comes to that the closest relatives fight for it.


Adam is a turd and Porsche is a bitch. Give Rachel $550K and call it a day. GO BIG RED!


Wayne you are so charming and classy!


If Adam gets there, he would probably say how smart he was to convince Porsche to take him.
I would probably vote for him over Porsche too if she is stupid enough to take him


This is simple and smart on her part in most ways….tell Rachel everyone he is saying to solidify Rachel taking her to the final two over Adam. Make R feel like she is with her no matter and that she doesnt want A in the finals….so if she doesnt win the final HOH she still gets her chance over A. Decide and concur. Pretty simple as long as R doesn’t say anything to A about it. Porsch has been playing the good girl card for sometime now…best friends with whoever has the power. She is THAT girl…BFF to your face but will stab you in the back when you’re not looking.


Lol..*divide and concur


Divide and Conquer….


Please don’t put down NJ just because Adam’s from there. There are a lot of good people from NJ!!


So immature of them to talk about Dani and Cassi being too skinny. I think Dani was MUCH skinnier the last time she was in BB than this season, she looked awesome now. And Cassi has a nice figure, a typical model’s body, I guess some people are just jealous.


that was really immature, i’d hate to hear how they would have talked about me if i had been in the bb house. i only weigh 85lbs and if i remember right, dani was talking about being 100lbs or a little over.


I agree 100%


Adam hasn’t approached Kalia’s level of browbeating yet, but I’m sure it’s very annoying. And
since the show is live and Adam will be evicted live and never set foot in the jury house, just
how is he going to have an opportunity to campaign against Porsche? One or both of them is a


Damn straight Kalia was the most desperate player ever, Too me she is the new Busto everytime she cried every tear made me more happy inside. when she left I screamed SUPERBOWL! in honor of the jedi master himself


That’s right. Adam won’t have the opportunity to campaign because he will go out live and vote within an hour of leaving, while he is sitting with the rest of the jury on live tv. Unless the eviction is taped and presented as live. I suspected this was the case last year, and CBS seems to be pretaping and packaging it as live tv more and more these days.

Rachel use your BRAIN

Of course Porsche is making a mountain out of nothing. This girl has no moral compass whatsoever and hope she does not make it to final 2.


If porsche takes rachel, she’s a moron, as the jury is full of veterans. Rachel would be better off with porche, as Jef/Jordan might vote for Adam.


i thought Porche has a better chance of beating Adam too.


I do not think so Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan would vote for Adam if he is in the final 2 with Porsche.


yes Anonymous i think Porsche lost the $ 500000 when she kept Rachel instead of Jordan.


you don’t think Jordan would vote for Rachel? after Rachel carried her and Jeff so far? And Adam got Jordan out ultimately.


Sorry but I disagree with you, Jordan does not care for Porsche, Brendon will not vote for her of course if she got her fiance out and Jeff. If she takes Rachel there is a possibility that she can win because the mean girls hated Rachel.


Jordan is JEALOUS of Porsche. If you noticed, every time Jeff looked at Porsche he got a gleam in his eye. He downplayed how he felt about Porsche, claiming he hardly spoke with her the entire season, but I am sure Jordan noticed it. If I could see it, then Jordan certainly did.


I don’t think JJ would vote for either Adam or Porsche over Rachel. Jordan & Rachel became
BFF when Jeff left and I can’t see them splitting their vote. Besides, Jeff knows that as
annoying as Rachel was at times, that she played her heart out the entire season. Rachel FTW!

Go Rachel!

I agree. Jordan told Rachel that she had hers and Jeffs vote and I believe that will be the case. The HG’s not knowing anything outside of the house this season, think IN ERROR that the world still hates Rachel. That women has absolutely redeemed herself. Rachel….read about yourself and feel PROUD this season. You are a fighter and you EARNED the win more than ANYBODY else. Congrats as I DO think you will take the win.

Rachel use your BRAIN

JOrdan and Jeff will vote for Rachel hands down, but if Rachel takes Porsche Rachel will probably lose the $500,000 because think Dani, Kalia, Shelly and Adam would probably vote for Porsche. Hope Rachel gets her brain working and knows she has to take Adam to final 2 if she wants to win, and Rachel will die if she takes Posche with her to final two and then watches the show and hears the horrid things that Porsche said about killing her baby.


If rachel makes it to the final two, she will win!


Agreed IAMME, because the jury will vote on game play not personal. This is a crazy theory but Rachel might get a 7-0 vote. WOW, if that happens the most hated person in BB for two seasons wins and get a majority vote, will be the first in Big Brother. If it happens it will be kind of exciting. My wishful thinking only.


P could have voted R out and kept J…where she was more likely to beat J in the HOH comps…I think she may be truly fair minded by “wanting to give someone new a chance”……I think your taking what she said too literally…I do not believe she meant it…I think her and Dani were upset to see R drinking when R thought she might be pregnant.


Porsche’s only chance to win is to take Rachel. Plain and simple. Jeff and Jordan will N.E.V.E.R. vote for her, even if Adam asks them to, as he has said he will. If she turns on Rachel, after basically promising her F2, neither she, nor Brendon will vote for her… so it’s an automatic win for Adam. I think Rachel will still win over either of them, but it’ll be close.


Good for Adam. Now he is really playing Big Brother. I actually respect his game more for playing hardball with Porsche.
Now he should do the same deal with Rachel.

One of them may bite


From what I remember, when you play hardball with both people like that what usually happens is they compare notes and you burn your bridge with both of them.

I got nothing against Adam trying to persuade them to take him. He has no reason he should just give up and lay down. You know… like Rachel and Jordan do before the producers fix the game.

But saying the exact same things to both of them will do little more than prove to both that you are full of it and end your chances.

Although, I did wonder if Porsche asked Rachel if he said that to her as a way of testing the water to see if he was saying the same thing to both. Maybe she is considering his deal.


There is nothing left to burn. Adam is going to be 3rd unless one of them bites on Adam’s “deal”.
Adam could make a convincing argument if he plays hardball. One of them may make a last minute change of heart in hopes of getting a better chance at $500,000


Welcome to the Special Edition of Big Brother HOH record watch (The quest of tying Janelle’s all time HOH wins): BB Fans, this is our last day till the Season Finale of Big Brother 13. BB Fans will witness of Big Brother History that Rachel Reilly from Las Vegas, Nevada now residence from Los Angeles, California will tie Janelle Pierzina 6 HOH wins in consecutive years. Right now, Rachel & Porsche will compete each other in Final Round of HOH Competition. We will expected fans all around the world to see Rachel’s 1 HOH win away till she tied with Janelle’s HOH wins. Right now, there is a Security Team to protect Rachel from Janelle’s fans. Stay Tuned for coverage of the special edition of Big Brother HOH record watch (The quest of tying Janelle’s all time HOH wins)!!!!!


I am pretty sure tomorrow is the last day before the finale.


Awesome, more mindless ramblings from CaptainCreepyStalkerDude.

She may, MAY tie Janelle, but she’ll never be as popular as Janelle. Or as hot as Janelle. And Rachel Riley will always be jealous of her. But keep on championing, yet another lost cause. Much like your obsession with Jeff, the two-time Big Brother loser, and one-time loser of Amazing Race. Yep, he’s a reality show loser.


well look who it is, big tough BBXposed…the guy who calls others out for “flexing their internet muscles” as he goes around beaking everybody…you are pretty quick to make fun of everyone who cheered for J&J, who did you cheer for buddy? I’m going to guess it was Daniele since you most likely sat at home alone and jerked off to her every night…you’re a moron, and maybe you shouldn’t hide behind the name “BBXposed” and use your real name…


And I suppose your real name is “youareallmorons”? LMFAO I had to do that…

Captainsmellsjeffsunderpants gets picked on because his posts are repetitive every thread the same post.


So is your first name Youare? Middle name All. And let me guess, the last name is Morons. Well Mr Moron, I call it like I see it. Actually I was rooting for ED, but he left and this season was doomed to suck since. I tried to root for the vets, but their game was going to be lame. Dani took a chance and shook the game up and FINALLY brought some excitement to the season and these boards. So I found myself cheering for someone that dared to make some moves, rather than sit around and play Big Bootie everynight. Sorry to disappoint you, but me and my fiance watch BB together. Your post couldn’t be anymore insignificant if you tried. And to finish with talking about me using my real name on here, while you are posting under a name that is insulting to everyone on here. You’re so weak, and I am sure that weakness isn’t just between your ears.


for both of you two idiots, especially “Ill Will”, that line was thrown in since BBXposed told me to use my real name in a previous post. I found it quite humorous after looking to see what his “real name” was. It looks like he’s too stupid to remember things for more than a few days at a time.


And you been on how many show’s? How many ppl in the world know who you are? Jealous much?


LMFAO…Jealous of Rachel? or Jeff? sorry, but I want no part of going through what Rachel is going through and all of those that hate her out there for simply being herself. Nope, don’t want Rachels “fame”. And Jeff’s fame? Really? Most men I know assume he’s gay and hasn’t admitted it yet. Or that he’s just a pansy. Nope, don’t want Jeff’s “fame” either. Actually, I would rather not be remembered, than be remembered how those two will be.

Not a PHD student

now now ease up on Capt “I stole Jeff’s underware in highschool and have them framed in my bedroom” wedgiepanties. This is a guy who is lost with his identity. He wants to be Jeff so bad that he may start to pretend he hs a gilfriend like Jeff. When Rigged bother was getting attention he wanted to be him and started copying that. The only thing shown thought that was the IL public school system just really isn’t up to the national standard level. In three days he will be lost because the show will be over and all he has to go back to is sniffing Jeff’s old undeware…..


Pot, meet kettle. You’re not doing your own school system any favors with your own typos and grammatical mess of errors.



Dani joins Jeff in the elite class of “two-time BB losers”. Just sayin’… 😉


True, but she did make a finals. Jeff just fails at every show. Plus, he doesn’t learn from his mistakes. Once he’s the main target, he’s gone that week. he needs another target to hide behind, like the pansy that he is. Because his game isn’t good enough to be the biggest target. And amazing race, sorry but that also requires brains, he never stood a chance. Plus he tags along with Jordan, who quite simply is the stupidest creature to ever draw a breathe. Brendan and Rachel should do amazing race, they would have a chance for brendan to finally win something.

GOD Bless America

I didn’t perceive a threat to Porches from Adam???? He clearly said that he would vote on gameplay if it were between her and Rachael. He would be stupid nnot to try to get one either of them to take him.


BB should just kick Adam out of the house for being a douche and bring Jordan back. Team Jordan Yo!


Yo, Jordan game is dead man, its over, let it go. She couldn’t dumb into money again, let it go. It’ll be alright, just let it go…


I actually think she was very smart. Unlike Adam and all these other players who’ve been watching BB since day one and have memorized every detail of every season, Jordan had only watched part of of BB10 before starting BB11, and SHE WON. Yes, it could be said that she was lucky, I myself thought so too but she came back and made it to final 4. She obviously was doing something right, and I am over it. I’ve actually been rooting for Rachel since she hasn’t won, but honestly, I would rather see Jordan back 100000000000000000 times more than hear Adam’s voice for another second. Hell, I rather see Lawon back, and that’s saying something.


Hey, you can’t blame Adam for trying… it’s a game.


But he got mad at kalia for doing the same thing guess he sees how it feels now


Exactly! Everyone and anyone with a brain would try and campaign for votes to stay, and everyone is a little hypocritical if they bitch about someone else doing the same thing they did/do or will do. Adam is long overdue for some groveling.


Yes, but that kind of promise even you know that he will not honor that promise. Believe me 500,000 versus 50,000 big difference.


good for porsche getting mad. i hope he does it to rachel too so they can both be pissed and send him on his way without a care


Porshit is such a drama queen. She doesn’t deserve to win. Rachel would be better off taking Adam to the finals instead of Porshit.


Lol and Rachels NOT a drama queen? Porsche and Rachel are equally deserving if the win, they played different games but both PLAYED. Adam did not.

chief c

stephiup nah porshe was not as good or fight as long
little redeeming but her butt
Rachel deserves win


I highly disagree. Pork shop deserves to win as much as adam does since there equal in comp wins… How ever Rachel is so far ahead of them it’s not even funny yo.


It’s not just about comp wins. Also, I personally think Rachels toxic personality balances out the amount of wins she has under her belt


Spot on! Couldn’t agree more.


After the golden handcuffs were removed, and everyone could compete, Rachel went into a long slump. She, and the rest of her alliance couldn’t win when they needed it the most. Rachel ended up alienating Porsche, so Porsche teamed up with Dani and Kalia. Those three won the next 5 of 6 HOHs. Also, Porsche did not get any favors from production. Rachel has had an uphill battle, but it’s not Porsche’s fault that Rachel ends up alienating everyone, and painting herself into a corner. Porsche played the best all around game.


RS thanks for explaining it so well! That’s exactly what I think


That is sooo true! Rachel had a lot of help from production…she would have been voted out


Of the three remaining HGs, I’d have to agree with you. However, I unfortunately think that Adumb would vote for R over P as he’s been enamored with the vets from day 1. I actually think P has a better chance of winning over A and therefore, should take him to the finals.


I actually think that they’re both too embarrassed to bring Adam. Rachel knows that her best chance is against Adam, but she’s not interested in sharing her finale night with him. Porsche has seen his cowardice all season, so she’d rather take Rachel, and let the chips fall where thay may. Rachel and Porsche have commited to each other, but neither has even hinted to him that there’s hope. But, I guess, anything can happen.


My god…. two weeks later and you’re still whining about this? Man, you need to let things go…


Well said.


And adam does? Lmao gtfoh

Really Adam?

I’m with you Stephiep!


Oh well Porsche, wanted Rachel to win anyways

Adam 4 final 2

Adam should have brought himself. Some of those electric cigarettes to smoke when the lock the backyard. Is Porches lieing about threats from Adam?


Lol good idea. I didn’t think anyone could outsmoke Dick, or Kathy… Or even Shelly! But this dude is suckin em down like there’s no tomorrow.


First go Porsche !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Adam,

You suck. That’s why you got third place and no money.



Ziiiiiiiiiinnnnnnng! And by the way, accurate!!


Like Adam could really sway the jury with his awsome gameplay! LOL He really has gotten full of himself. As he said to others, he didn’t EARN it, so why should he get to final 2? Porsche would be stupid to believe that he will tell the jury to give her the money.

To the poster who said it is fixed for Rachel – stop being such a sore loser. They have done 2 difficult endurance comps at the end before and, if Rachel hadn’t one the first one, she would have had to win the 2nd one. How is that fixed for her?

Adam 4 final 2

Maybe Porches is acting mad at Adam to fool Rachel. Clearly no threat was made


Goodness, be glad when Wednesday gets here so it can be over one way or another!


Ya me too!! Wednesday Rachael will win, good on ya Rachael!! Then maybe next year they can do an Allstars!!

So…………… who’d you like to see in the Allstars??? Goes without saying that Evil Dick will be there, since his shot was blown because of personal reasons.

I know who’d i’d like, one guy, ughhh help me out here , he was in season 3 and Danelle had everyone convinced that he was the”devil”!! Loved him, was it Rodney??? Hated Danielle!! lol Wow, I hated Danielle in season 3 and I hated Danielle this year!! lol See a pattern here lol


I hope they wait a few years before doing Allstars, I’m burnt out on recycled HGs. I don’t think I’m the only one either


I would love to see Kaysar (?) come back. And the guy with the pink mohawk…. and Brittany.

Midwest Fan



I am glad Porsche told Rachel, now lets see what Adam is going to say to Rachel, after all, yesterday he said he was going to tell Rachel unless she takes him his vote is up in the air. Which actually is a stupid remark, considering that if she took Adam she doesn’t have his vote and loses Porsche votes., The girls are going to take each other and let the votes go where they may. As far as that garbage Adam spouted about telling the jury that Porsche is going to help her father etc. most of them can make that arguement.

Rachel's real zit

I think Porsche has a crush on Adam

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

ABSOLUTELY……. Did you catch the feed when she was “shaving” his back? Who in their right mind would do that unless she “liked” him.

…..btw, she saved the hair to Stuff into a “Big Brother 13 Commerative Adam Pillow” that her and Kalia are going to sell on line. Not only will it have a wisp of Adam’s back hair, it’ll smell like maple smoked bacon !


I guess you cant blame him for trying, but you can blame him for a horrible attempt. Adam showed once again just how bad he is at this game. its kind of funny, kalia, adam…shelly, among others have sealed their fate by making a dumb vote, or saying something flat out moronic. adam acting like hes so deserving, then telling people they better take him or he will then control the jury and be some deciding vote….I mean how easy did that make it for porsche to take rachel to the final 2?

Porsche knows that kalia and dani vote rachel over addam, but they vote Porsche over rachel, meaning most likely porsche wins in a F2 with rachel


Actually, this hardball tactic is a good and only try for Adam. He has no other chance. Now he should give the same deal to Rachel on Tuesday night.

If either of them bites, Adam could win the $500,000 or at least $50,000.

Remember BB is a cutthroat game

kathie from canada

But why isn’t he ‘threatening’ Rachel the same way??? Maybe laying it out in the open with the three of them would shed light on things – find out where the truth lies??? Would make decision-making easier.


He already told Rachel he was going to vote for her, so now, is that deal off? How in the world does he think he will have time to convice the jury of anything? The final eviction is live and I don’t think he goes to the house at all. Plus, do you think Jeff/Brendon/Jordan will vote for him after he went back on his deal with Jordan? He has said, since Jeff left (after he floated to Kalia/Porsche), that he was with Jordan from the beginning and would stick with her until the end. Then he tells her she has to EARN it. What a jerk. If he thinks no one has noticed this stuff, he really is dumb.

I do think Porsche is playing up the “threatening” a bit. She is quite the drama queen. He was telling her where he stand and didn’t exactly say he wouldn’t vote for her.


I agree.. I think Porsche beats Rachel unfortunately (Dani, Kalia, Shelly, and lets be honest Adam wants her to cook his bacon eh.. and now especially that he was foolish enough to say he agrees that Porsche’s game was equal to Rachel’s, which I think is totally absurd), and Rachel probably beats Adam (although I won’t be the least bit surprised if Dani, after saying Adam deserves to be there least, votes like the spiteful little immature witch she is, but surely Kalia would vote for Rachel over Adam as a ‘player who respects the game’ but oh yeah that’s right she can’t think for herself so Dani probably controls her vote as well, making even Rachel over Adam a tad iffy. I do, however, think Adam can beat Porsche (Jordan, Jeff, Brendan, Rachel)


Adam’s play here is simple. He tells Porsche that the jury is going to vote for Rachel if she goes to the final 2. If its just him and her, the jury may vote on actual gameplay-at which point they kind of have an even draw(I personally feel Porsche has a better shot, but i’m talking about Adam’s argument) For Rachel, Adam needs to argue that they will both have a chance for the same votes but,as she is the dominant competitor( rub her ego) the jury will vote for her over him and that those in Dani’s alliance are toss ups either way for the two of them, but Porsche will obviously carry those votes if they go to final 2. If i’m Porsche I HAVE to take Adam. If I’m Rachel, I take Adam just to be on the safe side. What do you all think?


I agree with you

I hope pOrshe wins….she needs to take Adam…because I really think nobody will vote for adam .

but rachel does not deserve to win because of the production manipulation this season..

But I think Rachel knows she can with Porshe or Adam…so she will take Porshe

But Porshe needs to realize that Jeff and Jordan are jelous of her and wont vote for her…and Adam will just vote for the same person as jeff will

Go Porsheee


hahaha are you mental Jeff and Jordan jealous of Porsche that was the best laugh I had all day and how are they jealous


i would think that Porchse would have to take Rachel to have any chance of winning and hope Shelly votes for her.

I am not mad at Adam

Its a game… Adam would be stupid not to try to make a deal to get him in the final 2… Porche IS A BIG LIAR He did not threaten her


Quote:” Porsche tells Rachel that Adam threatened her this morning that if she doesn’t take him he isn’t going to vote for me…”
That constitutes as a threat. Saying that to somebody no matter what words you use….that’s a threat. Porsche sees it as a threat coz she was the one listening to him. That’s good enough.


Only one problem with your “quote” – Adam never said that to her. He said he would vote for the person who wins the last HOH comp, and who has played the game the best this season. Get your facts straight before you start harping on others.


Quote as in what Simon wrote, , not Adam’s exact words. And who’s harping on who? When someone responded to my post they weren’t harping; just an expression of their opinion which they have a right to, but when I respond back I’m harping?….OKAY.
As for my facts, I’m going by what I read, not some made up stuff in my mind just like you going by what you read. You don;t believe Porcshe, good for you. I believe her, good for me.




queenie u are correct. adam didnt say directly to porshe but told cameras he would resort to threatening them…… porshe just readin between da lines


If you haven’t noticed…Porshe has been pretty good at reading between the lines


Quote: Adam: “If I leave at final 3 I will vote based on who wins the final HOH and how they person played the game the entire season”

Adam says this to Porsche. This is an ACTUAL quote, not someone “telling” someone else what they want to say.


So true…Porshe is such a lier! Play the “poor girl gets attacked” As if…..She so needs to go!!!

chief c

queen bee whaa whaaa


The economy has hit me hard this past year. Otherwise I would donate. I’m trying to find good employment. My job of 18 years went out of business. Thanks for OBB. I want you two to know us poor Americans appreciate the good hard work you both do. My goal is to donate double next year. Did you think Adam threatend Porches????


I too appreciate you guys! My fear is that the site is not protected (httpS). I asked about this early on and didn’t receive a reply….Can you please clarify. GO Rachel!!!


I think Porsche’s got a tough path at the moment. If she takes Adam she’ll lose Rachel and Brendan’s vote (and for sure won’t get Jeff and Jordan’s since Porsche helped evict them both and I fully expect them to vote personal). If she takes Rachel then there’s a good chance Adam won’t vote for her and he’s likely the swing vote.

Her only real chance is to win final HoH, choose to take Rachel, and hope Adam actually bases his vote on the winner of final HoH like he said.


I dont even think that JJ will vote for Adam


JJ would vote for Adam over Porsche, not Rachel.


If Porsche betray her again Rachel will not vote for her. If she takes Adam she looses four votes so she does not win.


Read what Adam said to Porsche. It was NOT a threat (unless he had a knife in his hand while he was saying it). He simply told her that tomorrow on the live show he’d tell everyone on the jury to vote for her, he only wants the 50k. He actually should have made that deal with Rachel, they’re the ones with a closer vote in the jury.

jeff's soul patch

I agree that adam did not threaten porsche but if i had a knife in my hand and held it up to you and asked how big do you want ur piece of meat it would be a threat? Cause i understood from your comment that if a person has a knife in his hand and says something its a threat…


I agree with you on that.


If Rachel was smart in her game, she should wholeheartedly support a confrontation between Porshe and Adam. Adam can take his hurt feelings and feel justified in voting for Rachel over Porshe, which is a shame because of all the HGs, Porshe was the kindest to him. I don’t perceive what Adam said as a threat, but I’d be insulted that he would think I was that gullible to go for it. If Rachel stirs it up and gets Porshe or Adam to explode before the HOH,and “loses” that last HOH for insurance, she should win because she DESERVED it. Had to work that in.


Simon, babe, they are called black-head strips. Lol!

– Not zit strip – blackhead strips. and Fyi. Everyone has blackheads, stop trying to make it so exclusive to Rachel =_=’ It’s mean.


Porsche would be an idiot not to take Adam. Rachel will win this if she gets to the final and if she doesn’t, then that’s just a travesty! The other remaining newbs didn’t do much until down the stretch. The odds of winning comps against 2 or 3 people are pretty good. I don’t find it to be much of an accomplishment, but Porsche and Adam seem to think they walk on water.


Thank you!! I completely agree. Just because you start winning comps toward the end doent make you a good player.. Please.


I still love what Jeff said to Adam one day….Hey crappy… Adam – it’s not crappy it’s cruddy. Like cruddy is any better then crappy. That guy is the worst ever to play this game. He had huge opportunities to make BIG moves in this game and caved because his head was so far up Jeff’s ass. I have a feeling he’ll be in therapy when he gets out and reads all the crap about him. And let me just say…if you put yourself on national tv and on live feeds you’re fair game. Here’s hoping the 2 girls stick to their plan and Adam gets NOTHING. Does he really think he’s going to be America’s Player? Hahahahaha. It’s going to be J or J with D right behind them in votes..though I think that’s disgusting too that J or J will win America’s Player.

It still amazes me how these people work so hard to get in this game and then instead of playing the game they’re more worried about making friends. It’s a game people! You’re playing for $500K, you’ll have plenty of “friends” if you win.


Rachel/Porche final 2! YAY!

Not Meg



X 2

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______


and…..that’s why there was no show on Sunday; it would have been a snore-fest… are the live feeds. Watching Rachel / Porsche clip their toenails doesn’t make for interesting TV….






What Adumb needs is a yarmulke on his head, so he can stop pretending NOT to be Jewish. No one on the jury will entertain anything Adumb has to say, nor will they even care what his vote is, because the vote will be 6-0 for Rachel, either way.


Porsche is totally buying that JJ will be voting for Adam. lol. Good job on Jordan’s part for praising Adam on her last message before her exit. She made Porsche think that Adam could have her jury vote. Jordan may like Adam as a person but not as a player and she already promised Rachel she has her jury vote if she makes it to finale. I thought it was too much nice words for Jordan to tell Adam that – considering Porsche was the deciding vote. I thought she was really rooting for Rachel and protected her at some point by making it appear that she is closer to Adam so Porsche will not take him. LOL.


Good insight


Either way Jordan is not voting for Portia. She will vote for Adam or Rachael.

*When Jeff was screaming at Shelly in the Jury House…did anyone catch that he admitted in front of Brenden that the final four was supposed to be JJSA? so then he did not understand why Shelly screwed it up….Brenden didn’t say anything…but I know he heard it….he just looked at them in silence while Jeff continued to yell at Shelly.

This is a Rachael win for sure!


Jordan vote:

PA = A
RA = R

Jordan won’t vote for Portia
not sure how Jeff will vote.


I think Jeff’s vote will be the same as the one you have predicted for Jordan.

BB Fan 5

Agreed…Jeff really disliked Porsche when he was in the house. He literally spoke to her for a total of like 5 minutes. There is no way she is getting his vote or Jordan’s. Rachel deserves to win BB, and I think Adam knows that. Plus Jeff will vote for Rachel to win, which means Adam will follow suit, ha. All Rachel needs is Adam and she will win


I think I caught that, from Little Jeffrey. Can’t wait to see his face when the Idiots with Fake boobies walk through the door apologizing for not being a better coattail rider, it’s going to be EPIC.



and the “hissing” from all the Cat People is going to be hilarious.

San Diego IT

Irony: Adam’s nighttime speech to the cameras & later talked about how stupid Kalia was to promise a “guarnatee” to make Adam keep her. Now HE’s “guaranteeing” the jury . . .


I think Porsche’s best shot at this point is to win the final HOH and evict Adam. She already promised to take Rachel to the end, and if she goes back on that promise, Rachel might vote for Adam out of spite, which means Brendon would vote for him too, and there is no way Porsche will have Jeff and Jordan’s votes. Adam thinks the final HOH is the most important, and whoever wins that will influence who he votes for. I’m hoping Porsche can pull it off!


I would agree if it weren’t for the fact that Adumb has been star struck as far as the vets go, from day one. He’s made it far but by coasting on their coat tails and, I think that despite his having said from the beginning that he wants a newbie to win, he’s kissed the vets’ asses and even propelled them further along in the game than he ever did the newbies. I really think that despite his periodic cocky attitude, he still sees himself as the overweight geek who just wants to be liked by the “cool” (vets) kids. He talks one way (wants a newbie to win (he means himself), wants to play his own game, etc.) but, acts in direct contrast to what he says (aligned with vets as soon as they came knocking, has played the vets’ game, etc.) and, because of this fact, I think he’ll vote for R, even if P were to win the final HoH. Sad but, I think, true.


I agree, Porche is making a big deal out of Adam’s comments, when in fact, he’s playing the game!! Of course he has to make offers, not threats, Porche, game offers! I know many of you think Rachel is so nice now, but, that’s because she’s WINNING!! What do you think it would be like in the house right now if Porche and Adam were together and Rachel lost a comp? She would be HORRIBLE!! She is a poor sport when you look back at her game – only nice now ’cause she knows she’s got it locked down! However, if Porche is smart, and should she win final HOH, take Adam!! Is she really going to give up $500k because she made this last minute truce with Rachel? Aren’t they there to be the winner? Come on guys, let’s think… what would Dr. Will do? Or Evel Dick at this crossroad? If I were Porche, I’d keep my mouth shut to Rachel, let her think she’s final two, just to not hear her crying, yelling, mean spirited true self, and then last minute announce to the world she’s taking Adam as that’s her only chance of winning the $500k! I don’t think she’ll miss Rachel’s friendship, neither of them will when they see what they said about each other in DR! And, the Jury will respect her game move in the end….especially over Adam’s!


I can only hope!


I get a big kick out of comments critiquing the players. Of course, this is just a game but a game with a 1/2 million dollar prize for the winner. Short of assaulting, poisoning, stabbing, or any other violent act, if you want that prize you do what it takes to get that prize. Adam attempted to bargain. There is no ‘threat’ here. He was bargaining, and with the bargain was an ultimatum; ‘you dont accept the bargain, you wont get my jury vote’. Isnt that what the players do through the whole season? ‘If you are not on my side, I will vote to evict you’. Same thing. The vast majority of comments spewed words of hatred towards Shelly. Ah, I got news for you–Shelly played the game. Her failure was that she tried grabbing too much at one time. She will realize this once she watches the season. Other than that, she added excitement to the game. She gave reasons for emotions to be stirred and heightened. Dani did too. She removed herself from the vets and created her own group. Again, excitement. This is not a game for the Mother Teresa types. If that is what many are expecting, then I suppose you should be reading a ‘See Jane Run’ book instead of watching BB. BB is a back stabbing cut throat game. Heavens, its for $500,000! It is easy to be an arm chair quarterback. Rachel, Porsche, and Adam are the final three. They all deserve to be there, regardless of how they got there, cause obviously, they are there. Good luck to each of them.

Midwest Fan

IF Porsche and Rachel are Final Two does Adam get to question them along with the other
Jurors? Is the he first or last to do so?
Would Adam’s Jury Vote be the last vote cast?


Adam will have the last question, and the last vote revealed, but he wouldn’t know if he were breaking a tie, or anything like that. Usually, the questions are prepared for the jurors ahead of time. I don’t know if Adam will just read a prepared question.

Midwest Fan



Adam can say what he wonts it will not work he will be the 3rd man out period. J/J will vote for rachel not Adam and Dani told Porshe and Kalia to make sure they get Adam out the house. Sorry Adam but its the end of the road for you.

VA Vet

Both Porsche and Rachel think that Adam will be the swing vote and as bad a player that Adam is, I’m pretty sure he knows it as well.

Adam telling Porsche that he will try to sway the jury so that Porsche wins is in fact a backhanded threat. The implication is that she won’t win if he is in the jury which means he will be voting for Rachel.

Looks like Porsche is sharper than many are giving her credit.


Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. It came across very much as a ‘read between the lines’ conversation. I don’t blame Adam for trying and in fact would respect him less if he went out like a punk.


Contradicting Retards, is another word for Cat People.


The one thing I keep hearing in these posts that really annoys me is this or that person “deserves” to win more than that person. In 13 seasons of BB when has the purpose of the show been to give the money to the one that “deserves” it the most? It is who manuevers their way through the game the best. That can either be by playing strong and winning competitions repeatedly or by floating under the radar or by making the best deals and getting others to do your dirty work.


Rachel deserves to win over Porsche, no doubt!!


Porsha for bb13!, Rachel lost her chance lastttt season.. Adam dosn’t deserve it.. Porsha wins the next comp and she should win it all!! YO


I discovered this blog today

worth a check


Yeah, it’s really good.


Ah, Cat Ladies Defined. Funny stuff!


Brilliant! Simon what are the chances AG will heed these?


hahaha hilarious!



Pretty good picks for All-Stars, doubt Allison will go for that, you know production greatest edit Jeff and Jordan will be there too.

Midwest Fan

A GREAT read.
Did you see the Poll at the bottom? Too funny!!!!


Now THAT is nothing but win. Awesome.


Love her making Benefiber “player of the week”


Great blog. Michelle BB10 for All Stars is a terrible idea though.


yes I agree


Why no Michelle? I disagree with Matt BB12. He had his chance to make a move with the DPOV. Instead he gets Kathy evicted?


Matt wouldn’t be my first choice for all star… Lets hear everyone else’s choices lets say you have to pick 2 players from each season BB8, BB9, BB10, BB11, BB12, BB13

BB8 = Dick, Eric
BB9 = Natalie, Balla (if they can get him out of prison)
BB10 = Dan, Jessie (Maybe Renny)
BB11= Ronnie, Casey (Maybe Russel)
BB12 = Brit, Enzo (Maybe Annie)
BB13 = Shelly, Dom (Maybe Porsche)

*I didn’t give this list much thought just slapped some names that came to mind.


BB8 = Dick, Jen
BB9= Natalie, Sheila
BB10= Dan, Michelle
BB11= Russell, Ronnie
BB12= Can’t think of anybody but Rachel ( I know…it will be a Rachel overdose…but still)
BB13=Shelly, Dani


How about all the winners from BB and all the runner-ups?


BB8 – Eric and Dick (since Dick didn’t get his 2nd chance this year)
BB9 – James and Natty
BB10 – Dan and Jessie
BB11 – Russell and Michele
BB12 – Britney and Matt
BB13 – Shelly and Porsche

Not necessarily the best players, but tried evening out the sexes and not just choosing my favorites

also throw in 2 wild cards from the “dark ages” lol


BB8: Definitely Dick and Eric. I always thought Eric could have won if he wasn’t screwed over by being America’s player.
BB9: Hated them all, except Crazy James
BB10: Dan and Keesha
BB11: Russell and Michelle
BB12: Brit and Matt
BB13: Shelly

I would also bring back a few that didn’t get far, like Laura BB11, Annie BB12, Brian BB10 and Jessica of BB8’s arch nemesis. I don’t remember her name, but she borrowed $5 from Jess and never paid it back, so Jess dumped her and still holds a grudge. She got a raw deal. Maybe even Captain Kosher. LOL




if porsche wins the final HoH and if she has any brain then she’ll take adam to the F2 because she could win against him because noone would vote for a floater to win


How quickly you forget Jeff and Jordan……They play with integrity and bully tactics. They will vote for adam vs porsche in a heartbeat……even though her social game was WAY better..

…and that isnt saying much. At least she made choices and her alliance all melted away with being voted out and now she is back with rachel…

Adam, he cant say anything about making big game moves…or really making and moves at all. He may have been the deciding vote quite abit…but he never went against the grain and never voted against the power whent it really counted (the first 3 weeks didnt really count)

Big Game Move

Some of you that think Porsche should take Adam because that’s her only shot are just way off and I think surprisingly she is smarter than the ones that think that. If she flips on Rachel then she’s guaranteed to lose, even if she won the last HOH. BR would never vote for her, especially with her basically already having the committment with Rachel. Its not like she is saying she is undecided at this point. Rachel would see it as the lowest of the low. JJ would vote with Adam as well. Jordan would definitely vote for Adam and Jeff would think it doesnt matter as both of them are floaters in his mind and Adam stuck with him til the end.

Porsche’s only chance is too win the HOH, take Rachel and hop that most of the jury see her wins and game play were better than Rachel. If you sit back and really think about all the dynamics you will see that she has a better shot if she takes Rachel.

On the flip side it wont matter who Rachel takes if she wins the last HOH so whe will stick with her deal with Porsche. Take emotion out of your thoughts and I know you will come to the same conclusion.


That’s exactly what Porsche is thnking (she even said that) and I 100% agree. If she betrays her final 2 deal with Rachel and takes Adam Rachel and Brendan will vote against her and Jeff and Jordan will as well (as those two are more personal instead of game and Porsche was one of ‘Dani’s puppets’ in their mind). Taking Adam is a guaranteed loss.


Adam is really something, he has told people he wanted to beat the best, now he is telling Porshe he wants a newb finale, after all, Rachel had her chance. Evidentally, there should never be an allstars, after all they all had their chance., Adam is desperate . Rachel better win the final comp. I don’t think she can trust Porshe, too bad she couldn’t choose the fortune teller to be in the finals, I hate to see Adam or Porsche get any money, I would of rather seen Kahlia get the money Adam nor Porsche did a lot for their wins. They only played the last 2 weeks {and they certainly didn’t go up against the best}. and yes I know she had a golden key, but that golden key was by her choice.


i miss britney


its funny adam has balls now to threaten the girls, but when other guys were in the house his lips were lodged on the men’s ass…….


Hey…..I got a crazy question…….If Adam is of the Jewish faith……why is he eating bacon all the time ?
Isn’t that pork ? I have Jewish friends and family members and they don’t eat pork in any form…….so,
what’s up with him ? Not that I really care…..but, I was just wonderin’…………….

Brown Fat

i believe there was another young man of the jewish faith on bb before only he seemed to be much more devout than adam. he wore his yamica & read from the hebrew bible daily. pretty sure he didnt eat bacon. he was a bad fit for bb tho, he was really straight laced. somebody else can provide info on the guy in greater detail


It was Andrew and I think on this season he would of done much better than last season.

Brown Fat

there you go…thanks simon


Ohh yeaahh…. I remember Andrew, I actually liked him it was kinda sad to see him go. Also why does Adam love bacon so much, I’m pretty sure Jewish ppl don’t eat pork!

P.S. Thanks for making this season watchable, Can’t wait to read your blog next year 🙂


Will someone please answer me on how cbs and bb let it go that posh put beneifiber in there food not once but twice that is a felony and they and her can get in trouble for that. They should make her forfit her money and place in the finials and give it to Adam people got sick because of it. I hope the other house guest find out about it and press charges. Also Dani and Kalia knew about it . I hope it comes out Wed about it. Also I hope there is a lawyer out there that will jump in on this . I know it is a crime in florida but I do not know about here.


the benefiber situation is no where near the crime that has been made by other house guest this season on BB. on BBAD after Jeff was evicted, Jordon went to the bathroom filled up a cup of toilet water and added to the coffee maker. a couple of mins later Shelly and Adam were drinking coffee and Adam was quoted “coffee tastes like bacon”. also, Rachel took a bloody tampon and rubbed it all over the HOH bed while Kalia was HOH. Shelly teabagged jeff while he was sleeping on the hammock, a few hours later jeff was calling himself big jeff. Kalia shaved off some of her pubes and made a fake mustache and Brendon not being aware it was her pubes wore it with a mexican sombrero.


LOL … Right. See that cat-ladies, what Porsche did made her look like a good samaritan, by comparison.


OK, kinda gross, but that was the best ever ever ever. So good I gotta spell it out…I’m laughing my ass off.

Hey Simon, you ever give Simon Awards?


sure what award should we give out?


Could be a few categories:

Top pickers, who predicted (or came closest to) the final three after the first week
Funniest like Squabble
Most Outrageous like Ill Will
Best one liner or zinger

Midwest Fan

If one of the “Anonymous” posters wins, he/she will
win a moniker, “BB13/OBB Award Winner, UBBF. ( Unidentified Big Brother Fan)


Just Jordan really do that?

Wouldn’t be surprised if she did as I don’t believe in that bullshit edit by production called America’s Sweethearts.