Big Brother 13 Spoilers Adam’s final deal to Porsche “I can give you 500K if you take me” ** Updated **

Live Feed Screen Capture Gallery

10:38pm Adam wakes up Porsche and Rachel still sleeping. Adam walks outside lights up a smoke and starts putting up the window shades in the backyard.

Adam sits on the couch thinking, smoking, chilling out. He finishes one smoke and moves onto the next one. Adam having finished his second smoke starts to fold the laundry on the pool table. After folding the towels Adam proceeds to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Big Brother 13 Nudes

11:03AM Adam heads back outside for his 3rd Smoke..
11:08AM Wake up call for the houseguests

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11:20pm Backyard Adam and POrsche Adam is telling her he wants to make her a deal. He’s the deciding vote and he’ll be the one

Adam: “I can give you 500K if you take me”
Porsche: “You won’t have time to talk to them” (jury)
Adam: “I will tell them to vote for you when we’re final 2.. I will give you farrah’s necklace as collateral”
Adam: “500000 will do wonders to you 50K will give me what I want to do.. 50Grand I can buy a ring and a wedding gown.. 500K for you you can get yourself set up and you’ll have money for your father”

Porsche is skeptical that he can get Jeff and Jordan’s vote she asks him how is he going to get JJ to vote for him and how will she get Rachel’s and Brendon’s vote. Adam says his word is good he will do whatever it takes to get everyone in the Jury to vote for him.

Adam: ‘I want to see something good come out of this money and I know you will do something good”

Porsche says if she votes off Rachel she’ll lose brendon and Rachel vote, She’s sure she doesn’t have JJ’s vote and shelly’s vote is a bit unknown. Adam says Porsche doesn’t need Jeff’s vote. Porsche isn’t sure she’ll have enough votes.. she tells him the best chance they had was if Adam one the final HOH and took her. Porsche is certain if she votes out Rachel she’ll lose 4 votes straight up. Adam doesn’t think so.

Adam:”I am not making this deal to Rachel you can ask her .. No it’s not going to happen ”
Porsche: “So what if I take Rachel then you’ll hold that as a grudge thats not fair”

Adam: “If I leave at final 3 I will vote based on who wins the final HOH and how they person played the game the entire season”

Adam knows now that he’s lost all chances of winning 500K. Porsche tells him she still wants to be friends with him and if she wins she’s still taking them to “Kentucky”. Adam: “For me 50g’s is enough” Porsche: “50g’s is like 5grand a week”

Adam tells her he’ll let her think of it. Porsche maybe needs to know what exactly Adam will say to get JJ to vote for Porsche because she feels that Adam and JJ were very tight and she doubts Jeff will vote for her.

Adam says he’s going tell the Jury that Porsche wants to help her family and he feels if they give her the money she will do go with it like Jordan did..

rachel joins them.. Prosche leaves.

11:35pm rachel asks him what he’s thinking about. Adam says he’s thinking about life and starting over.. he corrects himself not starting over but restarting. Porsche joins them again and they all start talking about how odd it will be getting back to normal.

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11:40pm everyone in the backyard eating cereal, smoking and talking about their apartments back home.

Adam brings up that certain aspects of his life will be so weird getting back into.. “It’ll be like learnign how to walk again”

11:43pm Breakfast of Big BRother 13 Champions Cookie Crisps

** Updated **

Adam starts to explain Survivor and how different it is than BB. He mentions that sometimes the winner till have to make a choice do you want a hammock or a toothbrush and toothpaste.
rachel: “I would take the tooth brush”
Porsche: “I would take the hammock you can sleep in it”
Rachel: “you can build your own hammock… What do you think people did in cave man days”
Adam: “did you see all the cave drawing showing people laying down in hammocks?”
Porsche: “They were to busy inventing the wheel”
Adam: “and Fire”
Porsche mentions she wants to play in Survivor next.. she then thinks Amazing race would be fun.
Adam wonders about Amazing race’s comps he never watches it, Rachel starts to explain.

Adam brings up Ozzie on survivor and how he use to climb banana trees with a machete.
Porsche: “how do you climb a banana tree”
Rachel: “You don’t know how to climb a tree?”
Porsche: “Ya but a banana tree? ”
Adam explains ozzie would find the trees that were slanted.


Adam says the Fortune teller was fun but the lead up to it was shitty.. “Waking up every couple minutes sucked”
Adam and Porsche agree that OTEV was fun, Porsche also really liked the “mini Games” comp. Adam liked “Cornhole”. Porsche wonders why the players in “cornhole” never threw overhand..

Porsche asks them if they should take their naps in the sun. Adam: “We’re not napping we’re chilling”
Porsche gets up to change..

12:20pm Rachel and Adam
rachel tells him that she knows all he thinks was she answered a phone call to get back on the show.. but she really had to work hard to get back in.

Rachel says she knows that her and Porsche each have 3 votes and Adam is the tie breaker if she takes Adam to final 2 then her and Adam will each have 3 votes and Porsche will be the tie breaker. She goes on and on about trying to get on the show since Big Brother 9 and how hard her live has been this past year. She includes that her entire experience with Big Brother has been a battle..

Rachel says Porsche answered a phone call to get on and Rachel has been trying for years. She know Adam has had to make major changes to his life to get on the show but she wants him to look at how she played the game and vote depending on that.

Rachel thinks if she doesn’t take Porsche then Porsche will vote for Adam out of spite and Rachel will come in second. Rachel: “Every time I have played this game I have had someone gunning for me” (Maybe it’s your toxic personality)

Adam: “Last year was a lot more catty.. even the guys”
rachel agrees says the cast was much younger and once her and Brendon paired up they never had a shot in he’ll

12:30pm Bikini time yo

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When is the final HOH done – Wednesday night?


I must admit.. i haven’t been keeping up.. show is boring without Dani… but can someone tell me what Porchia would take Adam to Kentucky.. What does kentucky got to do with it


Best case scenario for Team Porsche is that she wins final HOH, takes Rachel and Adam votes for her as he has said that he will “vote for whoever wins final HOH” …. let’s see if this mega annoying floater keeps his word then! If he doesn’t it will just prove what we’ve always assumed – that he’s a lying POS.


Team Porsche is in trouble against Rachel no matter what…I’m not seeing all 3 of Kalia and Shelly and Adam all voting for Porsche–if rachel makes F2 she definitely wins 500K vs either of the newbs.

Porsche should win Final HOH, pull Rachel aside and offer to pay for a chunk of her wedding to B if she wins the 500K and then evict Rachel’s ass and take her chance against weak floaty fellow newbie Adam. BUT she won’t =/


If Adam can pull this off w/ Porsche, he not only deserve $50,000 , but he deserve the championship and the $500,000


pull what off?/

Adam does not deserve 50k, but Porshe needs to take him to final 2 if she wants to him

Againaist rachel, she wont have Brendon and JJ

againaist ADam she can try to convince Rachel and Brendon to vote for her, once adam is the wrost player


If Adam can fool Porsche into taking him, he deserves the championship and the $500,000.
Porsche’s only chance is to take Rachel and hope for the best.

She pretty much may be looking at 2nd place either way.


Rachel and Brendon will not vote for Porsche if she reneges on their final 2 deal. It would guarantee JJBR voting against Porsche

Midwest Fan

I agree.


^ I think so too!


What makes Adam actually think he could convince anyone about anything?!
Nobody in the jury house respects him, nor should they. I may not be rachel’s biggest fan-
But at least she played a decent game. The 3 power players; Brendan, Jeff and Dani : showed their hand
Too soon. But Adam and porche arentwo of the biggest floaters I have ever seen.
Adam is the worse one,.i hopenwho ever wins the final HOh evicts him.

Miss Pegge

I’ve thought Adam has been really sweet this season, but this past week has really shown me a different and not so likable side. He’s been grumpy since he lost any chance of winning the final HOH. Sorry, but he had his chance… He got a little full of himself winning the final four HOH, I think he lost a little touch of reality do to it. He did a good job in getting all the questions correct, however, had he been up against the entire BB household would he still have won, my guess is no. I was pulling for Adam to take the favorite houseguest vote and $25K, but not now, I hope Jeff or Brendon gets it.

As I recall Adam told Rachel at the beginning of the week, after Porsche won the second HOH comp., that he would not be mad at her if she won the final HOH comp, and selected Porsche over him. He even went so far as to say he would vote for her. Today’s live feed and this evening;s Showtime After Dark has shown Adam offering Porsche the most ridiculous deal I’ve ever heard of. He actually promised, gave his word to Porsche, that he would be able to get the word to JJ, Dani, Shelly, Kalia and sway their votes from him to Porsche once they are at the finally. If Porsche win the final HOH comp. and chooses Adam over Rachel based on that deal, then yeah, Adam deserves to win the $500k. I just don’t think Porsche is that stupid or naive, at least for Rachel’s sake I hope not. If Porsche and Rachel are the F2, I really think Rachel has if in the bag. I don’t understand way Adam and Porsche think JJ will vote for Adam, as Jordan promised Rachel on her way out that she had her and Jeff’s vote and I believe her. As for Dani, I think Rachel might have her vote also as Rachel has played a much better game than Porsche and Dani is all about the BB game. We’ll all know tomorrow night.


adam is starting to sound like shelly everyday.


Alot like Kalia. Desperate. “Don’t believe him Porsche!”


ha ha you’re right, he is.
i hope porsche doesn’t buy into that BS… just because Adam SAYS he’s going to say something to convince them doesn’t mean
A) that he actually will
B) that JJ will do whatever he says
C) that BR won’t vote against her because she just broke her alliance with R!

no porsche, don’t listen


Agree with you and he is making a deal with Porsche as if Porsche will win final HOH. Porsche or Rachel wins final HOH and OK by me as long as they do not take Adam because he is definitely lying now. Money is money and even family when money is involve it is a different story. Go Rachel and Porsche.


who do you want to win?

i want Porshe to win…. she has better chances againaist Adam


I would like to see Porsche win, but I wouldn’t be mad if she didn’t because at least she’ll get something. I just don’t want Adam to get anything at all!


I can’t wait to hear what p.u.p. have to say next.


Who are p.u.p.?


Pathetic ugly person or people when referring to a group of people. ILL WILL falls into this category.


Haha,I agree and love the new term…Team P.U.P.


Rachel will likely take Porsche and Adam would have taken Porsche. Kind of a weird situation where she would have been better off losing the HOH and get into the final 2 with no blood on her hands.

I’m rooting for Rachel, though (when is the final HOH?). And if she does pull it off, I think she’d actually be better off taking Adam. Everyone in te jury house seems to hate Adam for being such a floater.


Adam is so pathetic.. Porsche would be so stupid to take him to the final 2, because Jeff and Adam were a bromance Jordan will vote with Jeff if Porsche wins and evicts Rachel she will lose her and Brendon’s vote, Shelly and Adam were smoke buddies, leaving Porshe with only the votes of Dani and Kalia. And basically no one will vote for her competitively because she was riding off the vets/Dani/Kalia’s coattails the ENTIRE game up until what final 4?


Adam is not fooling anyone, if he makes it to the final with Porsche than he will win:
1.) Rachel will be pist (and we all know that she i s a emotional player), so right of the back she will lose RB votes
2.) JJ will never vote for her
3.) Jeff will still pist that she did not use the veto on him and his demise was deu to Kalia and Porsche
4.) Shelly might vote for Adam over Porsche

Hopefully, Porsche is not that stupid and will keep Rachel, but either way, Porsceh is playing for 2nd place!

However, I think Rachel is 100% guaranteed to win if she takes Adam, but Rachel (like her or hate her, is pretty true to her words and she will take Porsche if she wins)

I will be livid if either of the take Adam and if they lose, I will laugh at their face!

derrick s

i think Porsche has a good chance if she wins the HOH against Rachel.


I would like for Rachel to win, at least if she wins she will have a wonderful wedding, besides this is her second go round on BB and she is a good player, emotional but good.


Porsche is playing for second place if she takes Adam (in which case I do think it will be the 5-2 vote as everyones thinks) but if she takes Rachel, I think she has a 50/50 shot

Brendon votes for Rachel
Jeff votes for Rachel
Jordan votes for Rachel
Dani votes for Porsche
Kalia votes for Porsche
Shelley votes for Porsche
Adam votes for???

he is the flip vote…but for some reason i think he will vote for Porsche even if she doesn’t take him….


I dont think if final 2, Porshe and adam….Brendon and Rachel would still vote Porshe
even jeff would vote for Porshe….Jordan may not, because she is jelous that Porshe and Dani are friends


I loved watching their “Happy Dance” Saturday nite after Adam walked out of room. It was so cute. I know that sounds cheesy.

Brown Fat

porsches thinking why would you give me your $500k makes no sense at all…dont buy it, sounds suspicious stick with rach for an all broad alliance

devils advocate

Adam is a dirt bag


Tell us how you really feel. Lol.


Maybe Rachel and Porsche should come clean with Jeffroid and let him know what to expect when he gets out.

Midwest Fan



Russell K's baby momma

I think Adam needs to just accept the fact that he didnt pull through. Is Rachel for sure going to take Porsche if she wins?


Smoke another one Adam! Your desperation is showing.


I don’t understand why people write off Adam’s chance to win 500K.

If Rachel wins HOH and takes Adam:

Jury Vote Reason
Brendon Rachel Duh
Daniele Adam Rachel’s goodbye message said don’t vote for me
Jeff Adam Adam never voted to evict Jeff or Jordan
Shelly Adam Rachel voted to keep Adam over Shelly
Kalia Adam Rachel’s vote sent Kalia out
Jordan Adam Adam never voted to evict Jeff or Jordan
Porsche Adam Rachel didn’t take her to final 2

if Porsche wins HOH and takes Adam:
Jury Vote Reason
Brendon Adam Porsche evicted Rachel
Daniele Porsche Alliance member
Jeff Adam Adam never voted to evict Jeff or Jordan
Shelly Toss up
Kalia Porsche Alliance member
Jordan Adam Adam never voted to evict Jeff or Jordan
Rachel Adam Porsche evicted Rachel

Just to be complete…

If Rachel wins HOH and takes Porsche, or Porsche wins HOH and takes Rachel
Jury Vote Reason
Brendon Rachel Duh
Daniele Porsche Alliance member
Jeff Rachel Alliance member
Shelly Porsche Alliance member
Kalia Porsche Alliance member
Jordan Rachel Alliance member
Adam whoever loses final HOH

I know Adam said he would vote for whoever won the HOH, but the sting of missing out on 50K might change his mind.

Where do yall disagree, and why?


First off Jeff or Jordon would never vote for adam over rachel after she kept jordon safe most of the game
Second kalia hates adam so even though rachel broke the tie adam didnt use the veto to save her or porsche
So that would be 3 votes for rachel plus brendans


Agree with you and Kalia seems to have mellow on Rachel before she left and admitted that she has done Rachel a lot of wrong.


I have a feeling that Adam will vote for Rachel no matter what because Jeff , Brendon and Jordan will influence him. I will not be surprised that if the house guest vote on game play Rachel could receive a landslide vote ( my wishful thinking) Crazy but not impossible. It will be the first time in BB history that the most hated person in 2 seasons of BB won and got a landslide vote. Hoping for Rachel to win and Porsche 50, 000 plus $5,000 plus a pay check from Big Brother. Not bad for a few months easy work.


ED was hated by most HGs, but voted for him cause of gameplay same goes to Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, and Jun Song….usually its on gameplay, but S3 based their votes personally!


I think Adam is just desperate at this point and he figures 50k is better than nothing. Idt he threatened Porsche. He said he would decide who he is voting for based on who wins the final comp. This doesn’t mean he won’t vote for Porsche. He probably would tell everyone to vote for Porsche if she kept him; trying to be true to his word. But there’s no way Rachel and Brendon would vote for Porsche then no matter what he said. I also don’t think Jeff or Jordon would vote for Porsche no matter what he says because it was Porsche who got rid of Jordon, thus killing JJ chance at 1st or 2nd place. No matter what Adam would say to the jury -even if he said he sucks and his game was crap – they wouldn’t vote for Porsche to win. BRJJ would vote Adam ftw no matter what.

If Adam and Rachel were in the final two, I’m not so convinced Dani would vote for Adam over Rachel. If she’s not playing personal, she will definitely vote for Rachel. Dani never liked Adam or his game and since it was Adam who stayed and Dom left, I’m not convinced Adam has Dani’s vote. I also don’t think both JJ would vote Adam over Rachel. Jeff might think Rachel is a basket case, but he respects her gameplay and he doesn’t respect Adam as much. Also, Jordan never quite trusted Adam until the last day she was there and I dont think she would give her vote to Adam over Rachel. So, whereas maybe Jeff would vote Adam, idt Jordan would unless Jeff threatened her or something and why would he do that for Adam? Kalia was more mad at Adam for not using the veto and not going to the final 3 with the noobs than she was at Rachel for voting her out. If Adam used the veto on Porsche or herself, they could have gotten rid of Jordan and Kalia would be in the final 3. It was Adam’s fault Kalia is gone, not Rachel and I think Kalia believes that too. Why would Rachel pick Kalia to stay over her friend Porsche, she wouldn’t and idt Kalia really expected her to. Again, I’m not convinced Adam would have Kalia’s vote either.

If it’s Porsche and Rachel in the final 2, BJJ would vote Rachel and whoever cares about gameplay – which would mean Kalia, Shelly and Dani also voting for Rachel. After all, it was Porsche’s greed that opened Pandora’s box and got rid of Shelly. (Not to mention that Shelly never liked Porsche anyway if she does vote personal). And then there’s Adam with his voting based only on whoever wins the last comp 🙁

If people are playing personal, then Adam would be the deciding vote unfortunately. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.


I agree with your assessment if Rachel and Porsche go to F2. It could be a landslide vote wouldn’t it be amazing or exciting if that happens? The most hated person in 2 seasons of Big Brother won and got a majority vote.


Agreed ladybug.


I think Adam will vote Rachel no matter who wins the final HOH because he will be influenced by Brendon, Jeff and Jordan. Adam likes Jordan too so he will not be able to say no, maybe. It also might be surprised to know that maybe some of the newbies will vote for Rachel. Hoping for Rachel to win and either Porsche or Adam 2nd place, they both deserve to be in F2. I wish Adam will stop that nonsense of giving Porsche 500.000 because he is definitely lying. The closest relatives fight for money what more of a stranger that you just recently met. Porsche will be crazy to believe him. If Porsche do that definitely she looses as the four vets will not vote for her.


@MyKey..I disagree, Dani would never vote for Adam as much as she dislikes Rachael, she is a big fan of BB & respects Gameplay & she told Julie C. during her eviction interview that Adam was the worst player in BB history, so Adam will never get Dani’s vote. Jeff called Adam a bozo & monkey & only used him for votes. Jordan also felt Adam was a big-floater (takes one to know one I quess) & she told Rachael that Jeff & her had would vote for her.
Brendan of course as you said “Duh” would vote for Rachael. That’s 4 votes & all Rachael needs. If Porsche took Adam she would lose since right off the bat she loses 4 votes (JJ & Br) Rachael would not give Porsche her vote after she went back on their F2 deal & thereby she loses Brendan as well. Dani would vote for Porsche (alliance)
as will Kahlia(alliance) & Shelly would also IMO vote for Adam over Porsche. So Adam would win 500K. No, Porsche only slim chance would be to take Rachael for F2 & she knows this. Adam is just desperate to win $ even 2nd place. It would be a sure shot of Rachael winning if she took Adam but she also is a big BB fan & respects game & she never had a relationship w/Adam, whereas she at one time was close w/Porsche before she ran to Dani, but I don’t think Rachael will hold that against her & think of it as her game move (not floating). So Adam really has no chance unless P. takes him & she won’t if she has any brains at all.

GOD Bless America

Take Adam


cooookie crisp 🙂 I used to have to go to the states to get it… SLOWLY, some stores in Canada are picking it up.


WOW!!!…After reading that I have lost a lot of respect for Adam….Does he think Porsche is that dumb?…Talk about desperation!!!…GET OVER IT!!!..You lost now be a good sport about it!!!


Hmmm, so now Adam is trying to “play the game” and people aren’t getting all bent out of shape. He’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t when it comes to so-called fans of BB.


Funny when Dani tried everything to get him to keep her,including her dad not liking him etc…it was all game play or when Cowlia tried her bullshit excuses to stay,but now he has a 1 in 3 shot at $500k-$50k he’s pathetic.Man you Dani fans are some pathetic fuks…If Team Dani begs,threatens etc for a vote,their playing the game,but if Adam tries it,he’s a pathetic loser.Shame how you think only a member of Team Dani deserves shit in this game.


U mad Jeff is gone. 😀


Rachel wins, regardless of who she goes to F2 with.

Porsche’s and Adam’s best hopes are each other.


How does the final 2 become the final 2??? I am not understanding this last week. This is only my 2nd season of viewing, and I can’t figure this out.

I surely hope Porsche doesn’t believe Adam – if she does, I have 1 bridge I want to sell…

I can’t wait until Wednesday.


When theres 3 left, they start off the final HOH which has 3 parts… The 1st part all three of the remaining house guests play, whoever wins automatically advances to part 3 of the HOH… the losers of part 1 will then battle it again for the 2nd part of HOH, whoever wins that advances to part 3 of the HOH… The final part of the HOH is questions on what you think the houseguests said… The winner of the third part has the option to take either one of the house guests! Thats how the final two become final two lol..


Today on Big Brother HOH Record Watch (The quest of Tying Janelle’s all time HOH wins) Special edition: We are counting down till the finale. BB Fans will witness of BB History from Barry Bonds Home run record to LaDainian Tomlinson Football season record. Fans will be witness that Rachel Reilly from Las Vegas, Nevada attempted to tied Janelle’s all time HOH wins record since Janelle Pierzina set the BB Record for most HOH win in consecutive years of 6 HOH wins. Fans will expect to cheer for Rachel’s 1 HOH away to tied with Janelle. So stay tuned for continue coverage of BB HOH record watch (The quest of tying Janelle’s all time HOH wins) Special edition.


captain can you tell me which ones she won this year and last year cause i think youre counting her part one win too


Wins #1 and 2 were last year.

#3 – hanging banana Week 1

#4 – questions about online polls Week 3

#5 – Final 5, Donuts


Kevins let me explain to you one more time
Big Brother 12 Rachel won Week 2 & Week 4 2 HOH’s
Big Brother 13 Rachel won Week 1, Week 3, Week 9, Week 10 it’s a three part HOH competition. Which mean it does not count as Rachel HOH wins. We only count if Rachel win one more HOH competition that is Question and she get the record! So, Rachel needs one more. Right now, Rachel has 3 HOH’s & 2 POV’s the total is 5 HOH’s & 2 POV’s.


I can’t wait for Wednesday to see their DR sessions! I remember BB11 everyone thought Jordan was crazy when they read the live feeds that she told Kevin she would take him with her and then when you saw her DR session and she said that she was just saying that as a back up but that she would take Natalie cuz Kevin’s won more. Good thing too cuz she never would have beaten Kevin in final 2. Just saying, it seems like both RP are taking each other but you never know…


The best thing about the show not airing again until Wednesday is that we don’t know what’s being said in the DR so we’re not sure if Porsche or Rachel has any real intentions on making it an all female final.


Adam ruined this season, he didn’t fit in. He is a boring player.


So now Adam is desperate. Floater. I was for him but right now either of the girls are stupid to take him, he will win and has floated. But if he gets in their heads, they might actually be stupid enough to take him. Rachel would only have three votes if she took him and Porche might have two votes. But if the girls stick together it is a toss up. Any one of the four newbies could vote for either girl and they would win.


Go Production!
Go ABA (Anyone But Adam, or Rachel)
Go BB14.

Damn, what a lame bunch of HG’s this year.


Still, I want a newbie duo at the end…floater against floater. Everyone would be like how the XXXX did we get beat by these to losers. But it will probably be vet against a newbie! Adam would have taken Rachel, so he has nerve asking Porche to keep him.


I want Rachel to win but I think it is definitely rigged for her to get to the final 2. most years isn’t it usually a physical comp, questions, then another physical comp? production knew Adam wasn’t going to beat anyone in anything physical so they put them back to back on purpose, and Porsche sucks at questions so Rachel will likely win the next comp and be the last HOH

If Adam got to final two it would be the worst BB ever!!!!


Porshe saw how Adam kept dodging Dani and Kalia when they campaigned, how he would instill and then dash their hopes. He really got off on doing that and I lost all respect for the guy. I also think that it’s too bad he’s coming at Porshe with his plan, she was probably the only person in the house that made any effort with the putz.


I hope you read this Adam. We know you come to Simon and Dawgs site. I tried to get behind you. I really did. I thought you were a superfan and that you were going to rock the house and outsmart the vets and punish CBS for forcefeeding us these hasbeen wannabe reality stars. When Shelly’s lies started coming to the surface, you threw her under the bus. I get that, but it was a stupid thing to do. Shelly had your back. Shelly had the balls to play her own game, but you were too chicken to do that, so you attached your lips to Jeff’s ass and threw her under the bus. And how did Jeff thank you? He accused you of not voting to keep him, when you did. I can’t wait until you see all the things Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel said about you. They didn’t like you. They didn’t trust you. They wanted you gone because they are obsessed with removing floaters like you. You helped get Dani out, but for the wrong reasons. You screwed the newbies and yourself by doing that, and you did it to please Jeff, not out of any smart strategy. You could have saved Shelly who was with you from the start. You have no idea how many times she defended you to JJBR when they thought they couldn’t trust you. And thanks to you, a more deserving player went to the jury and you pretty much sealed a victory for the vets with that brainiac non move. Then you had the chance to take out Jordan by using your POV to save K or P. You remember K and P. They are the gals that you swore allegiance to as fellow newbs. But you were apparently more worried about pissing off the cat people and being BFFs with JJ after BB than doing something to get you and the other newbs closer to the money. So then you win HOH, and it was fitting that the only time you are HOH is when HOH doesn’t mean shit. You got to choose 2 people for the block out of 3 possible choices knowing that whoever you chose the blood wouldn’t be on your hands but on the person that won POV. Now that you sucked at the last 2 competitions, all you can do is threaten to not vote for the one that doesn’t take you. You have to know that you can’t win, you will be lucky to get second place, and the only reason to take you is because either of the girls will beat you, and if they take each other neither of them have it in the bag. You will go down in history as one of the most undeserving final 3 players, along with the likes of Lane, Ivette, Erica, Zach and Jordan. In fact, you suck even worse, because all of them did more than just dance around in an elf costume and kiss Jeff’s ass. You are a self proclaimed superfan, but you didn’t play the game. You always took the easy way and now if you are lucky enough to be final 2 you will be hard pressed to give one example of a move you made that impacted the game. You won’t win. After all that time trying to get on BB, you squandered the opportunity. You are so bland I can’t even muster dislike like I can for Brendon or Rachel. Only in your wildest dreams and in my nightmares will you be considered for All Stars, unless Jeff needs a lap dog to help him win on a third chance.

derrick s

i don’t agree about Ivette. She was a strong player and janelle voted for her.


Yeah, I concede that she played hard. She is still one of the most annoying people ever, right up there with Holly.


i cant stand Holly’s voice. i glad shes not an allstar


Adam tried to be loyal to the newbies on the first vote, but Kahlia & Shelly voted with the vets. If they had stuck with Adam & the other newbies from the beginning, the whole game would have been different. Beginning numbers were the only newbie edge against vet partners.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Damn, its just a TV show. Go get on some serious meds….people like you are scary.


I am on serious meds. BB is one of the only things I have this summer to get through chemo.


Hope it works. Get better.


Of course Porsche’s not stupid…now that’s what I call bullshitting somebody. If Porsche takes him to Final 2 it’s definitely NOT because of that pathetic pitch. Can’t blame him though, he has to keep playing and trying whatever BS hoping Porsche buys it.


I do not think Porsche will take him as these two girls promised each other that they will be F2. If Porsche believes Adam then I can definitely say that she is not a good player and will again betray Rachel. Porsche flipped to Dani when Brendon left and with the mean girls have nasty things to say about Rachel Rachel has not bashed Porsche and remains to be her friend. Rachel saved her from eviction and gave her the golden power of veto making her safe for 4 weeks. She has to know that Adam will not do what he is telling her because when there is money involve even the closest relatives do not get along and fight for the green dollars.


Daaaaaang! Rachel has more votes for fan favorite than Dani…what happened yo!?!?

And Adam, adam, adam… if Porche turns against Rachel and ditches her in the final 2 – Adam WINS! JJBR will vote for Adam… SHOCKER!!!


Rachel needs toi win the 3rd comp. then she can control her own fate. If Porshe takes Adam she is not very smart, she will hand him over $500K for his doing nothing. There is no way she will get BR and JJ votes and Adam knows it. I used to think Adam was nice, even pretty up front, I guess where money is concerned there is no honor. and I can’t blame him for trying, but I wish he would of said something else, because he is plainly lying to her about the votes.


I actually respect Adam for playing this card on Porsche. It’s his only chance, and if it works, he not only would pull off a huge upset, but would deserve the $500,000 and the title.


Three house guest left are all deserving final three and I thought Adam is smart. This last effort is not possible because if I am in Porsche’s place I will not believe him. It is impossible that when a person has a chance of winning 500.00 as oppose to 50,000 which would you rather have? If it comes to that Adam is not stupid to tell the jury to give Porsche the win instead of him. I do not think anyone will believe him and only fool will.


We have seen many, many foolish moves on Big Brother before


Not sure, but as a viewer of big brother, Adam’s deal of 500 K, can not be a done deal unless a year has passed and if it were tried to be done, then they would both have to forfiet.


Best case scenario for Team Porsche is that she wins final HOH, takes Rachel and Adam votes for her as he has said that he will “vote for whoever wins final HOH” …. let’s see if this mega annoying floater keeps his word then! If he doesn’t it will just prove what we’ve always assumed – that he’s a lying POS.


Of course Porche would pick the hammock. Lol


Okay, here are the jury vote scenarios as I see them:

1. Rachel wins takes Porsche – Rachel gets JJB; Porsche gets KD
Shelly is an unknown vote. She doesn’t really care for Rachel, but she is trying to mend fences with JJ. Also, time in the jury house with B may help soften her attitude towards Rachel. Rachel’s good-by message was snarky, but not really nasty. Shelly doesn’t really care for Porsche either. Adam is also unknown. He has said he would vote for the winner of the final HOH, but he also says he won’t for whoever doesn’t take him.

2. Rachel wins takes Adam – Rachel gets JJBDK
Shelly is unknown for reasons stated above. She may vote for Adam since they were smoking buddies, but his refusal to leave the JJR alliance may still burn her butt. Kalia stated she would vote for Rachel over Adam. Dani thinks Adam is worst player EVER!

3. Porsche wins takes Rachel – Rachel gets JJB; Porsche gets KD
Same reasons as #1.

4. Porsche wins takes Adam – Porsche gets KD; Adam gets JJ
Same reasons for Shelly as #2. Not sure whether BR will vote against Porsche for choosing Adam or if R will vote for Porsche since she sees her as a friend.


I think it would be cool if they did a Survivor with BB All Stars and a BB with Survivor All Stars!
It would be interesting to watch Rachel and Britt reunite in the Jungle!


ya and you can see Porsche’s wheels are already turning about future popular reality TV shows she can wiggle her way into


Why do I vaguely remember Porsche and Adam making a deal to take each other to the final 2 (I do have senior moments occasionally, but that sticks out to me)…

Anyway – Porsche for the win.


they both better be careful about taking Adam. No female has ever won BB when she was up against a guy in final two.


In the past the jury has always given the 500K to the best game player. Based on that history I don’t see how anybody can expect Adam to be a threat to the player who takes him to the final two. Of course this is the first time the jury has contained couples. That may make a difference. I still think the best move for either Rachel or Porsche (especially Porsche) is to take Adam to the final two. Don’t forget that Dani despises Adam and has been in the jury house campaigning against him. Also, Jeff and Brendon don’t like floaters and Adam is the ultimate floater so I really don’t see Jeff or Brendon voting for Adam (in a Porsche/Adam Finale) despite any deals that may have been in place while in the BB house.

In a Rachel/Porsche Finale I predict Rachel wins.

In a Rachel/Adam Finale I predict Rachel wins.

In a Porsche/Adam Finale I predict Porsche wins.

Personally I’d like to see Porsche win the HOH, kick Adam to the curb and win the $500K with Rachel at her side. It’s not that I particularly like Porsche, but rather I really dislike Rachel. In fact, if the producers want to just not award any prize money at all this season and instead put the 550K toward offsetting Kalia’s food bill I am totally okay with that.