Big Brother: Final 3 playing pool Rachel: “I like to show my butt to showtime” **updated

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9:42pm Pool Table Final 3
They mention how Shelly was this years big brother superfan. Adam talks about how Shelly would watch the feeds and hang out on the online chats. Porsche brings up how Shelly stopped talking about her being a fan once Adam started saying he was a big BB fan.

Adam: “I am not allowed to be a superfan because I was never had the life feeds”
Porsche thought Adam had them for season 11. Adam said he had them for a bit on Season 11. Rachel says she was a huge BB fan but never watched the feeds. Adam starts plugging his favorite website hamsterwatch.

Rachel says tonight she’s having the last drink ever in the big brother house but Porsche and Adam might have more. Adam wonders what she means. Rachel thinks Adam and Porsche will come back for Allstar but she doubts she will. Adam: “You don’t think they’ll bring you back for a third time” Rachel: “Nooo I give them enough of a headache when i’m in the house”


Rachel playing Pool says in a British ascent : “I like to show my butt to showtime apparently”.. This starts a flurry of Rachel and Porsche talking in British ascents.

Porsche missed a shot
Rachel: “Porsche always misses the hole”
Adam: “It’s not her job to get it into the hole.. isn’t that what Shelly said int he cornhole”
Rachel: “Yeah”
Porsche: “really”
Rachel: “You don’t remember that”
Porsche: “Oh ya your right that’s when she started telling dirty jokes”
rachel: “I was like Hello.. who are you”
POrsche: “like who are you then I forget she probably has sex to she did have a baby”
Rachel: “Ehhh”
They both make puking sounds..

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10:50pm Backyard Playing cards and speaking in ascents..

Adam tells a joke.
Did you hear that Mickey and Minnie went to divorce court
Minnie’s lawyer asked “Why do you say she’s crazy”
Mickey replied “I didn’t say she was crazy I said she was BLANK goofy”

Everyone laughs

11:15pm cards

11:30pm more cards… A bit ago Rachel is wondering how Porsche got on the show. She always thought that Janelle Helped her. Porsche says all Janelle did was give her the number for the casting agency and she sent in her tape.

11:56pm Cards cards cards

11:59pm Camera operators giving us shots of the Jessie pictures

12am – 12:45am Adam, Porsche and Rachel finish up their card game and head inside. Porsche and Rachel go to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Adam quickly gets ready in the bathroom and goes to get into bed in the candy room. Porsche goes to the candy room and explains to Adam about the Janelle thing. Porsche tells Adam that she corrected Rachel about how Rachel said on the show because of Janelle which wasn’t true. Porsche tells Adam that yeah I got the number from Janelle because I missed the casting call in Miami. Porsche says that she had to go through the same casting process just like everybody else. Porsche says watch Rachel try and use that against me later… when she of all people knew differently. Porshce says that she says she told Rachel about the Kalia thing too. Adam asks what Kalia thing? Porsche says that I gave Kalia 5grand from Pandora’s box. Porsche says that she doesn’t know what Kalia will tell people about it in the jury house and I don’t want any surprises. Adam asks Kalia would use that against you? Porsche says I don’t think Kalia will use it against me.. but just in case …she said anything to anyone… no shocker thing… Porsche says that she really does wish she got the 10 grand… I do wish .. Porsche says that she does feel bad that she thought Jeff was getting so much more than her when he got the 15 grand but now he’s not. Rachel joins them, gets into bed and pulls out the bible. Adam shuts off the light. Rachel says that she isn’t tired. They turn the lights back on and then off again when she says that she can read with the lights out. They start playing the things you find at a circus guessing game. The houseguests talk about weddings. The conversation changes to talking about fast food and other random stuff.

7:13pm everyone sleeping

9:09pm sleeping yo

9:52PM sleeping
10:34pm Sleeping
11:00pm Sleeping
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Simon & Dawg, I have only donated a few times this year, but I thank you for providing GREAT summer reading!

Someone on BBOnline listed the site for BB United Kingdom and wow is it ever different……and BETTER! I hope Allison Grodner will check out some of the differences that make it so more fun to watch:

They have daily tasks with rewards and consequences, which they are given in the diary room. For example the winner of holding weighted bags in outstretched arms won the opportunity to shop for food at a grocery store (3am), food for the entire house for a week, 5 minutes total. There was a chef teaching them to recreate a meal, twin day (dress-up), Wizard of Oz day (dress up & tasks). The evicted houseguest nominated 4 people for eviction and then the public voted to SAVE one before they voted to evict. They had phone calls on family BD’s, visits from pets (a pup and a parrot) for winning a task. One houseguest won a task to create the shopping list for the house. At their regular parties they had music, so everybody danced – and had lots of food fights. Sometimes an individual houseguest was given a task like incorporate 4 Shakespeare quotes into normal conversation within the next 45 minutes. There was a garlic eating contest, a “romantic” dinner for two as a reward. You could hear big brother ask the questions in the diary room, so we saw an edited version of that too. Much more to do, much more fun was had, so more fun to watch. The series BBUK is on youtube, each day has 4 parts.


goes to show…if you want to be first, just donate! hahaha


Lol most British people I know think our version is better.


the grass is always greener…

Midwest Fan

I’ll bet BB13 has changed their opinions.


im british and i think the US version is much more enjoyable and interesting to watch. UK BB is just full of trashy, stupid lowlives who do trashy stupid things. They aren’t allowed to discuss nominations or strategy, or form alliances. Additionally there is no chance for a veto. Because of all this, it’s not about gameplay at all. Yes, there are competitions for winning ‘luxury’ food and sometimes there are interesting twists, but since there is no room for gameplay, any interest people have in the show tends to be lost quick.

Midwest Fan

I’ve read UKBB has more Double Evictions and new House Guests can enter
the House and participate as late as past the halfway mark of the game.

IMO, those two things, alone, would make the game more challenging and interesting.


Do you still have the link to share?

BB24 Waiter

Yep, but that was the UK celebrity version of BB. The new season of the regular BB UK version just started and if you watch it, you’ll wonder how dumb these Brits can be. Their version is full of Jersey Shore rocket-surgeons and lots of alcohol.


You are right, it was Celebrity BB, so they probably spent more money keeping everyone entertained. The shopping caused lots of dissension, everyone had their own likes & wants, Jedward wanted candy & smoothies, girls wanted toilet paper & steaks & chicken, etc.Only 1 person was evicted, but the public got to save somebody every week, the DR sessions were great, hearing the questions and answers. Sometimes they were broadcast into the house without the person in the DR knowing their session was being heard (great sabotage!). I also liked that they were not allowed to discuss game strategy or voting — that leaves people guessing, not in alliances built to play in teams, but as individuals, votes were often not so 1-sided or bullied. Rule violations were dealt with in funny ways.

for the link, I went to Then in the youtube search: Celebrity Big Brother 2011, day 1 part 1, etc.


What is the site? I would really like to see it. We went to London a few years ago, and after a week we were hooked on BB, we would hurry back from the Pub to watch the show and then go out again. It was really good.


you mean three people get evicted every week.


I don’t know, sounds boring to me. As it is I’m always bored when they play the HAVE/HAVE NOT comps, I’m like..”get to the gameplay!”. A game where they’re not allowed to make what’s the point? If a comp was for a coup d’tetat okay, but for a chance to make the grocery list? No.
And also the fact that it’s the public that votes sucks all the fun out of it. I wanna see them play their game, align with each other and have less have not comps. They’re in the boxing ring, they take each other out, not the public voting. Do they have HOH? If they don’t then no…It’s nice to see someone gain power and have it shift the very next week.
I’ll try the UK VERSION but I doubt I’ll like it. BB US just needs to revamp. It’s become stale.

Not Meg

I love BB UK. So much better! Way more interesting and it doesn’t feel like production interferes with what THEY want to see. American BB sucks in comparison.


Rachel has to win she wants this more than the other two. Best wishes to Rachel you go girl. You are right about ready all this posts because they aren’t even about me and I get upset at the cruel comments made. Good Luck with the wedding

Midwest Fan

They, ALL, want to win the money. I don’t think Rachel wants to win “more” than Adam or Porsche.
Rachel – her wedding to Brendon, his school tuition, etc..
Adam – his engagement and wedding to Fara, a car, etc..
Porsche – the ability to help her father more after his heart attack, move to LA, etc..

Who couldn’t find good use for $500,000? Who doesn’t need it?
: )
Who deserves to win BB13’s $500,000?


i think anonymous and captain could use the $ 500000



kathie from canada

Hands down – Simon & Dawg!




I have to say this has been the most boring year as far as showtime Big really is a snoooz fest to try and watch the afterdark show, I flip back and forth but I have come to realize that 9 times out of 10 they are playing cards, or talking in stupid accents..I woukd think if BB production was really rigging any part of this game they would make the houseguests liven up the showtime show..if I want to get to sleep alls I have to do is turn in to showtime!


it’s always boring at the end.. theres nobody left.. the most boring to me ever was just dick and danielle.. there was so much silence even when they were in the same room together

kathie from canada

Agreed. Same thing happened last year. You could just change the HG names and apply very similar postings. CBS needs to find a way to jazz up the last few days leading into the finale. By now everyone has decided who they would like to see win so there is no real suspense. Just get on with it and put us out of our misery.


I vote that they bring all the jury members back into the house for the final week.


*excuse my grammatical error, tune in not turn in


ok i dont care who wins the next hoh i just want r and p in the last 2 i dont care if it smart or dumb A dose not get any money for sucking on jeff balls all season ty and i dont care if you are a A FAN IF YOU ARE GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF bye


Brendon is seriously one lucky guy.

I just wish Rachel would realize she could do so much better *sighs*

It’s bad enough Natalie from BB11 married some idiot, now Rachel is going to do the same.

Why is it that the sexy girls go for the total losers?

Oh, well.

Anyway, I also would like to thank Simon and Dawg for their hard work and dedication.


what!!?? loser??? he is a PHD STUDENT! lmao 😉

BB24 Waiter

Eewwwwww. Big Red is no winner, but even Bredon doesn’t deserve all that drama.


No offense but your name says it all ( waiter) to bash Rachel ( BBA degree)? Rachel deserves to win. Red head with a degree and a waiter. Yaks, definitely red head.


BB24 a Waiter versus Red head with a degree definitely red head.


PHD versus Waiter definitely PHD.


Ummmm, how is Brendon a loser? He is incredibly hot and he is going to college to be a freakin doctor. It doesn’t get any better than that! Seriously, what are you thinking?!?!


I think the point is that Rachel without Brendon is a much better Rachel. He brings out the worst in her. Or maybe they did put her on some really good meds. Either way I’m rather impressed with her attitude and behavior since he left the 2nd time.


She’ll show her butt to anyone.


I know, it’s gross.

Brown Fat

Rachel certainly knows how to present a package & does a fantastic job with what she has. Some people have to work harder for positive results, you cant fault her for that. Best of luck to her. I’m pulling for Porsche, imho she’sdone great just look where she sits right now. Not to mention shes hot, sue shes chunked up a little but that’ll melt right off once shes back to her normal life. Go get em girl!
Now…people on this blog have speculated the end results to death, shown tons of hate for each other and the hg’s, the show, the producers, have produced manifestos of justification proving how right they are…you name the topic, for any positive you’ll gets tons of negative but I guess thats the power of the keyboard & part of human nature.
Dont anybody want to discuss True Blood? lol

Who Knows

Rachel, I bet your daddy is proud of you showing your ass all the time! Oh did I leave out crotch. Brendon can do better than Rachel!!!


It is TV and I bet if BB can show everything you will see a lot more from all the house guest.


Yeah this is boring. Please move the cameras over to the jury house. I’m already missing a lot of the fights between Jeff/Shelly, and Dani/Jordan


Yeah I would love to see those fights too.

I would also like to know how Shelly’s going to take it when she finds out about the treats her family’s been getting.(Which they don’t deserve). They do didn’t do anything she did. But that is still no excuse to threaten someone’s life. People need to get a grip on reality!


If Adam knew that Porsche, Dani, Kalia, and Shelly had been saying horrible things about Rachel’s baby when they thought she was pregnant, I think he would have brought it up by now.
That would definitely piss Rachel off and take Adam to the final 2. I would! Ungrateful hag!



don’t forget it was Rachel who stole Shelly’s dildo and placed it in the fridge next to Adam’s turkey bacon. Lawon was the one who discovered and hid it again in Jordan’s lucky charms. Jordan thought it was a cereal prize that came with the box. she took it the HOH room. laid on the bed, put on her headphones to listen to music, and started to chew on the dildo. big jeff walked in and asked her what the hell she was chewing on. Jordan said, it was the biggest twizzler she has ever seen and got it as a lucky charm cereal prize. big jeff faints, Adam walks in and gives big jeff mouth to mouth resuscitation. Jordan gets called to DR and the dildo is never seen again. now you tell me what’s the difference between Shelly’s dildo missing and Rachel’s fake baby.


Frig you, I’m in tears…again. Started the morning rereading yesterday’s post to start my day off with a laugh. Now after a double dose, I’ll sail through this day (at least until the first meow). Thanks.


Don’t blow things out of proportional. To be amused about the Rachel not using birth control has nothing to do with the would have been baby . Rachel was quite relieved when she learnt that she
was not pregnant I don’t think that says she would not have loved her baby or that she wouldn’t have been q good mother. It just speaks to the irresponsibility of the two Rachelit and brendon .


I agree…….RACHEL FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BB24 Waiter

I miss Dani. She was some major eye candy.


Really think they are still fighting? I don’t. Some may be a bit cool to others and not hang together, but to still have huge fights after that many days? I think the hostility would occur within the first 24 hours of the arrival of each evicted guest then subside. Only arguments would be when debating the gameplay of the remaining three players and who should win. I picture JJ keeping to themselves enjoying their vacation together, Brendon studying, Shelley cleaning and smoking, Kalia eating and talking and Dani chilling.
In other words, boring.


All you people saying Rachel derserves to win need alittle reality check, first off she already had her shot at the half million anyone remember bb11? she clearly if anything was playing for second place on that season and her attitude and behaviour have only slightly changed, she did not pull through that season and did not end up in the final 2 chairs, if she is THE BEST player to have ever played? then why didn’t she win the first time around LOL?!?!?!!


Matt maybe you should try to be in BB show and how you will survive if you have been picked and targeted on both season. Rachel might not have survived her first season but now she is a survivor. Anybody can try to change if it will improve one’s personality and nothing is wrong with that. Everyone deserves a second chance. This time around she fought and fought to get where she is right now. Her personality in the beginning might have been annoying but sometimes it is quite entertaining. She was really picked on, bashed and almost everyone in the house targeted Rachel. The house guest had nasty and disgusting comments about her but if you are watching the feeds and show, she did not do that. She also remained true to her alliance including Porsche who turned to the other side when Brendon left. Rachel, Porsche and Adam deserve to be in the final three, but my vote to win is Rachel and between Porsche and Adam may the best floater wins and I like them both too.


How did Rachel remained true to Porsche, how about not voting her out and instead voted for Kalia. How about not bashing her and not saying that if you are pregnant I will punch your stomach to hopefully loose that baby. Rachel has not bashed Porsche but Porsche has done a lot of it when she flipped to the other side. I am just giving my opinion on what I have read and watched and if you are a person with some kind of compassion to any human being you will not speak so harsh of someone you hardly know. Your opinion is as bad as your mouth, sorry Ill Will.


haha…what a joke….stfu dillwill…how about ppl that defend Porsche,the 3some giving girl for car rides…talk about an upstanding lady!!!!!!!

suq madiq

Maybe President Obama will show up on finale night to tout his jobs plan.

Crooked Shooter

Then Obama can point out that the winner is now part of the “super rich” that need to be taxed more to fix our economy.


Rachel for the win. Thank you Simon and Dawg for another great season. I know this is a lot of hard work, but we fans greatly appreciate it.


I hope Porsche doesn’t win the final comp…I don’t trust her at all. Does any one actually think she’ll take Rachel?


Hmmm, Idk, I sort of don’t trust that rachel would take Porsche. But, I do hope that the final 2 is Rachel and Porsche. I just personally don’t feel Adam deserves to be in the final 2.


I wish CBS would shorten the days between the final 4 and the final 3/finale. These last few days of waiting are always so lame. Ugh.

chief c

yes game time Perhaps showtime hours at this point could be jury house
with a bone or two thrown in at jurors for small peizez say pick your restauraunt to cater dinner
could show off local eateries pay for itself


I have a question, I’ve never followed the feeds in previous seasons. Everyone is talking about how boring it is right now. At this point in the game it seems it would be almost a given. In previous seasons when there’s only three left and it’s the last week was it more exciting. In what way? Truly curious


Simon & Dawg ROCK!!!!! Thanks for the great recaps, already looking forward to next season.
Simon&Dawg for second place YO.

Midwest Fan

With all of BBP’s interference with BB13 and the L O N G
wait to get to the Finale, I’m hoping BBP arranges for the Fortune Teller to have a nice
surprise for the 3rd place House Guest – $10,000 – $15,000.

Does BBP pay the HGs family members expenses to come to LA for the Finale?

Ho Time

Im ready to see what happens tomorrow. Its extremely boring now. What can I do for entertainment now?? I think this has been one of the WORST SEASONS OF BB YET. BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!”


wrong bb12 was.


Not to mention final 3 with the Brigade was awesome.


bb12 sucked, everyone was hating brendan and rachel and let the 3 idiots float to the end


*sigh* 500,000 bucks won’t change that Rachel is trashy, period.
ProRachel people can get mad all you want….


totally agree, she probably just wont have to turn as many tricks to make ends meet. And by the way, Roachel, I do not like seeing your butt all the time, it’s hard enough to look at your face.




stop watching


stop watching a good show and feeds of normal people just because one skank wants to flash her bits to the world? GTFOH


What a pup you are.


You are a pup and you will always be a pup. Every mother thinks they’re here is gorgeous, but we all know the truth.


LMAO you have no idea. You’re just a loser on the internet that gets his jollys by bullying people (females) because he’s too much of a puss to do it in real life. Real stand up guy, I’m sure if you had a woman she would be so proud.


Wow it didn’t take long for it to become about sex did it? Pup refers to your attitude not your look. It’s about a lot of you people on here and your attitude toward house guests. Get over yourself. There is nothing gorgeous about you.


Nobody said anything about sex, my comment obviously went over your tiny little head. Go away now moron you’re thinking is flawed and nobody asked your rude opinion in the first place


Nobody said anything about sex? Hmmm and I quote

“You’re just a loser on the internet that gets his jollys by bullying people (females)… ”

Seems like that’s a comment about sex to me but your feeble mind wouldn’t know the difference unless you’re talking about Adam or Rachel like other pup on here.

Why are you upset about my comments when it’s just like the ones you post?


This thing is so complicated. Adam says that he would vote for whoever wins the last comp. But, then he says that he would not vote for whoever evicted him. That means whoever wins the last one will automatically not get his vote, He is really trying to mess with their heads. I think no matter what he says, Rachel will do everything in her power to win, because winning every comp, especially now to tie with Janelle is so important t her. But, I am afraid Porche will be intimidated and will want Rachel to be the one to evict Adam, and she will not try to win. If she does that, then Rachel might decide to take adam because she thinks she will have Porsche’s vote. Or worse yet, Adam goes home and votes for the winner-in this case( if Porche bought his bullshit )would be Rachel because Porche did not want to be the one to vote him out-She looses either way. What do they say??”With friends like that who needs enemies???
I hate Adam. He is a bad wolf in sheep’s clothing!

chief c

no hes giving it his last best shot

Nick B

I agree…Adam is and has been all summer, a pathetic competitor. He lost the first two of the three part HOH, and his destiny is completely in the hands of Porsche and Rachel. Rather than simply accept this, he’s trying to play the social angles and manipulate the girls up until the very last day. It’s just shameless, and goes to prove that he’s not the great moral player that Jordan made him out to be. Why not just enjoy your time with these people your last few days in the house, why make things so uncomfortable with vague threats of withholding your jury vote? It’s just so classless.


thats assuming that Rachel knows shes about to tie Janelles mark which Rachel hasn;t mentioned all season


Simon or anyone who can answer this,

How exactly will tomorrow night work? Will R & P battle out the final round of HOH live on CBS? Will the live feeds show interviews and whatnot after the show is over? Just wondering what to expect since I’m east coast and it’ll be 11:30pm here when the show is over….must plan or not plan on staying up late lol Thanks!


thanks 🙂

Midwest Fan

SHOUT OUT to Simon, Dawg and fans of “Onlinebigbrother” ——

“Thank You for all of the BB information, insight, humor, venting, etc..
It has been my pleasure being here with you.
Best Wishes to all and I hope to “see” you here next year for BB14.”


ditto to what Midwest said 🙂


I think Adam has played a better game than Por.

This was not the worse season for me. The worst I ever watched was season 6 with Maggie, Ivette, and April.

The second worse for me was the season Jun won. Even when she came out of the house after winning, she was not real happy. The jury was brutal (she deserved it) but the final 2 that year were not happy.

At least this year, they are not all enemies.


I agree with you Christy. Adam has played a better game than Porsche. I dont understand how others do not see this. He is a strategic player. He sat back and let the others do the eliminating and then moved in when the time was right. He let the ‘enemies’ evict each other, and as in every game of BB, the stronger HG always get evicted. Once the alpha males were gone, he made his move. He is not an alpha male even though he might think himself one, he is most definitely not. He is more in the middle of the alpha male and the females. Jordan did make a very intelligent decision by voting to keep Kalia. She knew, if she had gotten further, her voting to keep Kalia would have worked to her benefit. Adam should have kept Jordan. At least his chances of winning $50,000 would have been much greater than it is now. But alas, it is a done deal. The ‘what ifs’ and ‘if he or she would have’ are no longer an option.


Getting rid of Jordan wasn’t Adam’s decision. Porsche was the one with the power to evict and it was her decision to evict Jordan, not Adam’s.


Didnt Adam influence her? I was under the impression that Adam and Porsche had some sort of secret deal going on and getting rid of Jordan was part of it. If not, then I suppose I havent been paying attention as much as I thought I have been paying attention. LOL


Young people just dont get it. What they do today will come back to bite them when they get older. Just because you have a rather nice body and able to flash it (because our society accepts this and has sunk to new lows) does not mean ya should. If Brendon does become a doctor, people of his caliber usually socialize on a higher level of society and even though those whom he will socialize with did things they may not be too proud of, they will use it against him. Rachel is NOT good for Brendon. She has no class whatsoever. It doesn’t make her a bad person, but she is not the type of female that a man wants to introduce if that man wants to reach for the stars. Unfortunately, our society is filled with hypocrites. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc. do not want women like Rachel at their sides when it comes to socializing with the higher ups or with people of influence, however they are more than willing to have females like Rachel as a mistress. Its ridiculous, but it’s the truth. I didn’t make the rules, but it is what it is. Brendon really needs to move on from Rachel. Sad to say, but Porsche and Jordan fall into the same category as Rachel, for the same reasons as well as others. They are great ‘eye candy’ for men, but that’s about it. Just like many people have stated that this game can be played without the need for lying and backstabbing (which I do not believe it can), the same can be said for ‘body exposure’. There is just no need for it, BUT, no doubt, its encouraged by BB for ratings. Once all the dust settles, I am sure that Brendon will realize this and Rachel will be history.


just curious…do people think that BR, JJ, and DD won’t be asked back for allstars bc they were on a second time already – ok maybe ED isn’t included since he didn’t play – but the other five?


I agree Simon. However I wish CBS would encourage those who have already won the big bucks, that if they happen to win the AllStar Season, dedicate a portion of that money to a charity or to another house guest which should remain a secret and only revealed IF a person wins the big money a second time. This might sound a little mean of me, which I dont intend it to be, but once someone has won the big money others should have a chance to win it. I think its only fair. I know we dont live in a fair world, but I cant help but feel this way. I also hope that BB does not do the vets and newbies again; either all vets, or all newbies. If they keep bringing vets back, others out there will never have a chance to get on the show. How will the viewing audience be exposed to new types of entertainment if they keep bringing back vets. I am sure there are other colorful people out there who will be just as exciting as the vets, but ya gotta give em a chance to be on the show.


nothing personal, Simon, but I hope you are wrong, wrong, wrong, I couldn’t take anymore of any of them. But at least if that does happen, I will know at the beginning of the season and won’t waste another summer. Thanks to you and Dawg for making this season at least bearable by keeping this site running, great job, and truly appreciated.


yeah this will be a good idea. I want to see Allstar 2 edition for charity of their choice including the tragedy of Hurricane Irene relief fund or other charities for the cause.


I don’t want allstars. I want new people. Since the last all stars we have been forced to watch returning HG and the more they do this the smaller the pool of All Stars. I’m sorry, but an All Star is someone who earns their place in one go, not someone who needs more than one chance to do well. Unfortunately the game of BB is being dumbed down to the point where there is more drama and backstabbing on Hell’s Kitchen.


i do agree with simon and i was trying to figure out this whole summer how they could have these players two years in a row (and three for BR) – esp. since there would just be eight spots open

maybe they would only have one of each duo back – but Jordan has been more successful than Jeff both seasons, but people prob want Jeff back more (not me personally but you know)

and we really could use some more ED but then a very strong case could be made for Dani

i was thinking earlier in the summer that they would do All Stars in 2013 – but I am not sure if the date has been set or not


Rachel: “I like to show my butt to showtime”

We know form last season. We saw your snatch, your breast like 20 times, don’t need to see anymore.

We wanna see Porsche naked


Excuse me, but ewwwww. If you need to view females like Porsche, they are a dime a dozen and splattered all over the internet. Just cut and paste her face to similar bodies and there ya have it–Porsche. Help yourself. 🙂


This is the BEST AND MOST ACCURATE place to get your BB news and spoilers. I want to thank you for all your hard work this year. you were relentless and who needed the feeds with you guys on the job. I only sent in one donation but I promise you’ll have another coming soon. Hey guys, it’s hip to tip, especially as cool a site as this one where someone worked so hard for us fans for no pay. Hit up your paypal and say thanks, I did and I am sure it will be appreciated. If all of us just send a few bucks (at least) it will help. Man thanks for making the season so much fun, keeping the conversations up, letting us all meet and talk, staying up long hours and you amazing hours of typing in info for us. Can’t wait to see you next season, hope you follow me so I’ll know what’s up with everything else you cover. And again, thanks for the amazing mornings of great laughs and spoilers! YOU ROCK< MAN!!!~!

Julian Duerson

You got a very excellent website, Gladiolus I detected it through google.