Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche is locked out of her HOH room.. Kalia & her wonder about Pandora’s box or if the fortune teller will speak.. *Updated*

10am – 11am Big Brother cut the live feeds to wake up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back, Porsche is up in the HOH room and is having trouble working the spy cam TV. Porsche heads into the bathroom to brush her teeth and then tries switching the views on the TV again but can’t figure it out. Porsche gets frustrated and goes back to the bathroom to put on her makeup. Downstairs, Kalia is getting back into bed in the metal room. Adam is still fast asleep. Shelly is also laying in bed with her hand on her forehead. Porsche then heads downstairs and goes into the metal room to check to see if Kalia and Shelly are awake. Porsche tells them that she is locked out of the HOH room because production needed to go in there. Porsche and Kalia are in the bathroom talking. Kalia starts telling Porsche that when she went to bed last night she waved to Porsche at the spy cam in the kitchen and then went and leaned on the door and it opened… Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the feeds come back, Porsche and Kalia are talking about whether or not there will be a Pandora’s box. Porsche says that it would have to be something really tempting because I like the way things are in the house. They talk about how its something good and bad that happens. They talk about what would happen if Jeff came back into the house. Porsche says that she would push the button to leave ..because that would be ridiculous. Rachel joins them in the bathroom. Rachel leaves. Kalia says that she doesn’t think that someone could come back because that already happened. Porsche wonders if she will be locked up in the HOH and the fortune teller will start telling them things. Or that Jordan or Rachel would get a power or something.. Kalia wonders why they (production) would need Porsche’s HOH room. Big Brother cuts the live feeds again to the we’ll be right back screen..

11am – 11:15am Shelly, Kalia and Porsche are in the kitchen. Shelly is doing dishes when she gets called to the diary room. All four cameras switch to the candy room where Jordan says this is stupid. Rachel says trust me I know! Jordan says the only way we can win is if there is some magical power where we can replace nominees or something. Rachel says yeah. Jordan says thats the only way we can make it. All four cameras switch to Kalia and Porsche talking in the kitchen. Porsche is talking about her conversation with Shelly were they were talking about their final three. Porsche says that she is considering keeping Jordan to the end so that the vets don’t have control of the jury. Kalia says that the only way any of us have a shot is if all the vets are in jury. Porsche says she thinks Shelly wants to make a deal with me or something. Kalia says make it with no intention of keeping it. Porsche says that she really thinks there will be the box in my room. Kalia says oh yeah, especially after yesterday. Porsche says that Shelly has no one here. Kalia says she knows. Porsche says that the only thing that can ruin it is if Jordan wins the veto. Kalia says that would be bad, really bad! Porsche starts comparing herself to Jordan …but says that she (Porsche) is a little bit stronger.

11:20am – 11:35am Big Brother tells the houseguests.. the live feeds cut to the we’ll be right back screen. When they come back, Kalia and Porsche are out in the backyard. Kalia says so we’re worried about Pandora’s box… Porsche talks about how they were on the indoor lock down for 6 hours. Big Brother keeps cutting the live feeds in and out. When the feeds come back, all the houseguests are out in the backyard sitting on the couches. They start to discuss the wake up songs but don’t want to get in trouble. They say that Brendon used to wake up early and request wake up songs and that sometimes he got them. Adam, Kalia, Porsche and Shelly continue to talk about random stuff …while Rachel and Jordan sit in silence. Jordan leaves the couch.

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254 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche is locked out of her HOH room.. Kalia & her wonder about Pandora’s box or if the fortune teller will speak.. *Updated*

    1. so what, you need to resort to physical attributes and negative body images to make what point exactly… grow up

    2. you may be colorblind but you sure seem to be ok with dissecting somebody’s body type and how does this make a difference in the game? porsche is beautiul and shame on you for being so childish.. are you in kindergarteh… wait kindergarteners are more mature

      1. Simon

        Can u do a recap of the whole blowup between shelley and JJ thursday AM. There was no mention of it on tv or this site. what happened?????????

        1. I believe it happened after the live feed cut out for the live show. Probably between 4-5PM yesterday. IDK though. My guess.

        2. I don’t think the feeds showed the fight at all which is a major gripe by those that pay for the feeds, and I don’t blame them.

        1. DUH…Belle, has it dawned on you, that Rachel knows Jeff is Jordon’s boyfriend, and Adam was really close to Jeff. What a dumb thing to say.

    1. maybe the box will have Adams balls in it, or Evel Dick holding Adams balls.. love to see Evel dick come back for 24 hours and harass Adam for being a dumbass

    2. I think it’s Pandora’s Box for sure! the BBFortuneteller has been tweeting about Porsche for the past couple days, and we’ve got it figured out that it’s something to do with Janelle.
      Ugh I wonder what it will be!

    1. totally agree haha i LOVED every minute of it… besides when dani went home but the rest made up for it 110%! wooooohoooo:)

  1. Oh I love Jordan and rachel, but if they got something that’d be ridiculous, as much as i want them to do good, i don’t like when BB purposely tries to help someone win.

  2. I love the suspense. Can Jeff somehow return? Stupid Porche. I kept saying something was up with her. She was just floating by until it was time to make her move. And how she ever talked them into taking her off twice is beyond me. I think she acted stupid, they didn’t think she was a threat and they were all played by a smarter player than themselves.

    1. I agree with what you said.

      I also think she is wearing those nasty sweats and not wearing any makeup so she looks less attractive to Rachel and Rachel won’t go after because she is pretty.

      I think she is the dark horse in this game…and I am now Team Porsche.

          1. honestly I have a feeling that Rachel will win…
            I know I know…just the feeling I have…
            so with that…
            Adam could be seeing his ‘Jeffy’ sooner than Jordan will.

            1. and yes I think Jordan could pull a win out of the woodwork…
              unless she decides to throw in the towel b/c her ‘leader’ er boyfriend is gone.

              Technically, Adam has never won anything, right?
              I mean both Jeff & Dani threw that POV to Adam…

              Shouldnt we expect the mixed faces POV soon…
              I think that happens right about this time…
              Jordan may not be so good with that one…

    2. Just give it up Jeff fans. He gone.

      I told you guys that Jeff was going on Double Eviction night. But all of you kept worrying about was Dani.

    3. They’ve already brought back Brendon, and that was a miserable failure. Now you want them to bring back Jeff. Christ…he lost people…get over it.

    4. looking at it now, i think porshe played ridiculously smart the whole time. she laid low, didnt really choose sides, is a very good competitor at games, and came out and shined at the perfect time! i think shes doing an amazing job!

  3. Also funny that all the tough guys are in the jury house, all the weak players remain. Kudos to Shelly, she is an excellent player. Flip de do da day! The girls are in charge of the house. It will be interesting to see how Adam the last man standing can get them to keep him because “they need his vote” to do their business.

    1. Exactly. Kudos to shelly. I didn’t really like her before, but it takes a giant sac to flip to an alliance that doesn’t have the numbers and has weaker competitors. Her big risk has seemed to payoff.

      1. I agree Shelly’s move was dynamic, but what do you mean by flipping to a side “that doesn’t have the number and has weaker competitors”? Team JJ had the numbers, but Team Dani had the better competitors. Jeff’s fate is a prime example of what happens when your team has the numbers and weak competitors. That is why he is at JH.

        1. I meant that going into last night’s episode, Kalia/Porsche had combind for 1 comp win (kalia’s 1 HOH) and JJRA had combined for 8 (Jeff’s3, Rachel’s 3, Jordan’s 1, Adam’s 1). Therefore, I’m sure most people would conclude that JJRA were stronger competitors. Now granted a better measure would be there overall win percentage (total wins divided by total comps played) but I just don’t want to do that math. But that was all I meant by flipping to an alliance of weaker competitors.

    2. That is because the strong players take each other out, leaving the weaker players to win the game. I hate that players that do nothing, always win the game. The vets screwed themselves. Too bad they didn’t check their egos when they entered the house.

  4. well in my opion those two girls a little bit cocky for their own good they think they can win the rest of the pov’s and comp give me a freaking break it was just fluke they won come on rachel and jordon do your thing kick their butts and shelly as far as for you well you are not worth shit good job you are so wrong for what you did how far do you think you will go now?????? to a final two well hun think again i say if its between you and either Porsh or Kalia if I was on the jury and had to pick one I would say non of the above lol

    1. Huh? “Do your thing”? Jordan can’t win anything at all. Adam can’t win anything at all. Rachel is the only danger to Shelly/Porsche/Kalia. If they get Rachel out, this game is as good as over. With no Rachel the final two will be some combo of Shelly/Porsche/Kalia for sure.

    2. Porsche and Kalia have more HOH/POV (3 HOH’s and 1 POV between them) wins than Jordan and Rachel (3 HOH’s) do this season.

      Not a fluke.

    3. I totally agree! The Only chance is that Rachael, by some chance, wins POV and they put Shelly up against Jordan, and again by some miracle of the BB FORCES the house votes out Shelly instead of Jordan. By some miracle. But I really doubt that that will happen!
      I agree Shelly is a BIG LOOSER! She knows she can’t win anything, that’s why she flipped! I don’t want to knock her parenting skills at all, that’s not fair. But her game play sucks!! She really hurt Jordan’s faith in humanity. That’s what’s really sad. You all do realize it’s not missing Jeff, it’s that she believed Shelly whole heartily and she crushed her with all the lies.
      I will never consider Shelly America’s Choice!

      1. “She really hurt Jordan’s faith in humanity. ”

        Are you for real??? Seriously??? This is not the Mother Theresa house, it’s the Big Brother house. You people make me laugh! This is a television game that offers a pay check at the end of the day to the person who can best “outwit, outplay, outsmart.”

        You’re in the wrong place if you’re in need of tenderness, loyalty and encouragement.

        People keep blasting Shelly, but the woman made a bold move and it worked! That’s what the game is about. It’s not boyscout competition. Shelly showed herself to have the sack which only mega-bully Jeff claimed to have.

  5. There is a miracle for Rachel and Jordan. Fortune teller would give JR the special power to remove themselves for backstabbing Shelly and hungry hippo Kaila. I can’t wait to see both their face. Porsche, even though your HOH. Your screwed right now. If Jordan or Rachel use the special power to remove themselves. You will be say “Awkward”. You also probably say as well, “I’m sorry Danielle, I let you down” “Shocker”. Yawn, later. Bye floaters, you guys will go to Jury House make yourself miserable. For shelly, your husband just called he want a divorce and take full custody of your daughter. OH your Job, Bankrupt. Porsche, useless floater. You just jealous of big Jeff accomplishment. Hungry Hippo Kaila, have fun at the McDonalds. Adam, well your okay but I’m sorry buddy but your just useless as the others. Beside, the newbies are much a losers and washup wannabes. There scare of Veterans will come after you.

      1. OMG, I didn’t attack anyone. Okay, the only reason why Jordan is upset because Jeff got evicted and backstabbed shelly taking a easy way out. Kaila, she know why she eats because she is hungry.

      1. Because, the CBS production told them to win instead lose gracefully. It’s like let the best man win. That why its was rigged. Jeff don’t deserve to be evicted. He has a right to stay and wins something. Newbies got lucky.

    1. “There scare of Veterans will come after you.”

      Really? I mean really? Please tell me English in not your first language. You did not go to school with Jeff. Either you are from another country or you have very little schooling.

      1. Yes, I speak English and I was born here in the US. Yes I went to Ridgewood High School in Norridge Illinois with Jeff. when I was a Freshman and Jeff is a Senior. If you don’t believe me I’m lying Ask Jeff. You do meet him right. I’m not stupid okay.

    2. Funny, the “floaters” have taken over.. Your precious Jeff Bot is GONE and will not be able to bully the house again ;) The vets have already had a chance to play, I’d MUCH rather see a newbie win!

    3. WTF dude your lover Big Jeff’s famous words!!! The look on his face when he left yesterday was priceless, I thought you said Jeff was going to run the BB house for the rest of the game well…..he ran his ass right to the jury house where he belongs freakin’ jerk!!!

  6. so…porsche is thinking of nominating rachel and adam? doesnt she know if by some miracle jordan wins pov…she could take rachel off the block and they both would decide who leaves? dont tell me she’s listening to kalia?

    1. nominating Rachel and Adam is the best move because they are more likely to win POV than Jordan, and if they do win POV and use it, and they are on the block…they can only save themselves.

      If Porsche puts Jordan on the block and the person not on the block (Rachel/Adam) wins POV, they save one off the block AND themselves.

    2. This problem exists no matter what she does. If she puts up R & J, Adam could win POV, use the POV on Jordan and the only replacements left would be S & K. If she puts up J & A, Rachel could win POV, and use the POV on Jordan. In all scenarios AJ & R would have a voting edge of 2 to 1.

      1. it exists more if Jordan is nominated.

        Tactically speaking, she needs to take the player least likely to win Veto (which, in my opinion is Jordan) and NOT nominate that person.

        There is no problem if a nom removes themselves, but if the person NOT nom’d removes themselves, then it saves the POV owner and the person removed.

        There is also the possibility she could keep Adam off and threaten if he wins it and uses it, he will be their number one target.
        I like the first scenario better because they have more control and they can always revert to the second scenario as Plan B if the non-nom wins POV.

      2. But if Adam wasn’t on the block he would throw the POV and if by some chance he won he may not use it on Jordan or Rachel. If Rachel or Jordan win it it’s guaranteed to be used.

        1. im just thinking by only putting one up…there is always a chance (slight in jordans case) of winning pov…then removing rachel. if porsche nominated both rachel and jordan…at least one would go home for sure. adam wouldnt use it if he won it to take either rachel or jordan off the block.

  7. They’ve come too far now.. to screw it up. Don’t be tempted! You haven’t even got nominations up yet.
    Just say NO! lol

  8. Like I said, Porshe and Kalia are so dumb, if they get to the final two, they will split their winnings with the boat captain of the pajama jams (dani) .. they would drink that chic’s bathwater if they could (well maybe just kalia) porche would be like f no… lol

  9. Yes!!! Pls Hope BB shake the house again with some kind of power. I m fine woht porshe jordon or rachel winning the game. I cannot stand the whale Kalia or Pinocchio lezbo shello. yes Im first =]

    1. jordan or rachel should not win at all. jordan already won and rachel so doesnt deserve it … jeff lost because he played emotionally instead of strategically…. and jordan, well she doesnt really have any plan…she is the floater

  10. Could this be a money Pandora’s Box. Production is much more secretive with Special POVs and Coups. Or did Pinto blow it by telling Kaluha.

  11. In my opinion this season went south when the twist to possibly bring back an evicted houseguest was introduced. Without the twist, Brendon would have been evicted by Dani, Rachel would have been evicted by Kalia, and Dani would have put up Jeff and Jordan with the next HOH win. Jeff would have taken himself off the block with a POV win and Jordan would have been evicted. The sides would have been DKP & L against JS & A with Dani not able to play in the next HOH. I think taht would have been more compelling with what we have now. After Jeff was evicted we were showed Jordan and Rachel both crying as a result. What was Rachel crying for? If Jeff had stayed she would have been evicted and on her way to the Jury House with no chance of winning 500K.

  12. Simon, I tried to make a donation with my visa debit but it said I had to use another card…? That’s the only card I have… is there another way to make a donation… like with a check. I guess debit cards aren’t acceptable. I KNOW I have money in the bank, so that’s no it!

    On a seperate note… all the Jeff and Jordan fans that vow to quit watching now… Jeff & Jordan are 2 people… only 1 of them left… simple math really… but Sesame Street has cute songs to help you out if this is a problem.

    1. I think what they mean is when Jeff and Jordan ( in my case ) Rachel are gone so are we. NOTE That means BBAD are going to lose half their viewers. As far as the D/P/K/S fans go you have every right to enjoy your show. For a lot of us the shows over. Just fact, so need no coments from the other side, we know how you feel.

  13. shelly is a crusty old bitty and her parenting skills must be super. I know it is a game but she can’t be really honest outside the bb house as much as she lies in it. And did you see her house?

    1. yeah like she really needs the money!! Those kids in the house may never have the house that she has. Granted they are all just beginning in life and they may in fact attain such things but for her to screw Jordan the way she has is just sad. She has crushed the girl. Jordan may never ever trust anyone again in her life. She’s just that sensitive.
      Shelly just knew that she couldn’t beat the players with skill, so she went in for the kill, like she does at her job. The only way she knows how! To stick it to her!
      It’s really disappointing. Again She has lost my vote and respect

      1. I don’t understand how you can say that. Jj have said terrible things about shelly- & both said she’s such a terrible player, they should take her out. I’m not a big shelly fan, but j is not that nice- I see a totally different side of her. I cant believe people are still saying that she is so nice,sweet,…she’s not

  14. I, for one hope that they do put in an Pandora’s box and that Pinto opens it and Jeff comes back into the house. I know a lot of Dani supporters will probably freak out on me but I would still like a vet to win, even though the chances are slim. The only people I am now hoping will win is either Adam just because he has kept his word (doesn’t matter if he was on the JJRB side or the newbie side, he kept to his word and I respect that) Rachael just because how people are always picking on her (in the house and online) and even Jordan. But the chances are very slim with her. How I would like to see the rest of the people leave is Snake (Shelly). Jabba the hut (Kaliha) Pinto (Porsh) and then Adam (Jeff’s third nut, as you guys put it) and Rachael and Jordan in the final two. I can dream :)

    1. the vets do not deserve to win… they lost their alliance and they lost their trust. plus their arrogance in thinking they were so much better than everyone else…. wow… its was astounding…. they lost because of it, and the newbies took control… guess what that happens to dictators like Big Jeff the arrogant and he is gone…. bb would suck if he came back in any form… good bye so sad

      1. The only reason they lost their alliance is because Dani being bored decided to make her life a bit more exciting and flipped on her own alliance. If she had stuck to her original alliance she would still be in the house sitting pretty and probably would have won. Mind you that is my own opinion and don’t expect anyone else to agree with me.

    2. I would love Rachel and Jordan in the final two! Or even Rachel and Shelly (for the simple fact that I don’t think anyone would vote for Shelly and then Rachel would win).

  15. Yes I hope BB shake again the house. Give some special power to the vets =] Ugh I canot stand whale kalia or Pinocchio lezbo shello. Go jordon porche rachel meh even adam XD ps Yes im first =]

    1. hope rachel, then jordan then adam leave… yea good show… nobody wants them to stay….. floater city gone\! lol

  16. What is up with the kalia chic kissing danis picture and staring at it and mentioning danis name and her sayings in everything she does or say? She is OBSESSED with dani lol.. Attention pajama jammer Dani, you have a stalker on your hand … SHOCKER!! Kalia is soooo dumb. dani was ignoring her the WHOLE time she was on the block, dani talked about her bad with other people in the house, she yelled numerous times at kalia and kept telling kalia “let me live my life” and “do whatever the fu.k you want to do” when kalia asked her what she should do if dani left.. kalia is a sucker.. please someone punch her “in the face” as dani says about rachel lol

  17. The biggest floaters in my books are Jordan and Rachel….they’ve won no competitions and are lost without their coat tails….Jeff and Brendon….sobbing like sorry losers, feeling helpless and worthless wanting to quit the game now that their coat tails are gone….wake up and play the game finally…take a stance and fight on your own instead of giving up! They should watch their comments about floaters….Kalia won 2 HOH’s, Porsche won Veto and HOH and Adam won a Veto…so what the hell are they talking about bunch of hypocrites!

    1. You said that they were riding jeffs coat tails? and they should not be crying? wth? What do you think kalia was doing when dani was on the block? Kalia was crying and just about to say she shouldnt even be in the game and she would give up her spot for dani!! who does that? Oh, only people that ride other peoples coat tails ..

    2. Totally agree. Seems Rachel and Jordan, Jordan especially, cannot do anything or think without their partner. They can only play as a follower or team member. Jordan is acting like Shelly did something TO HER; Shelly voted Jeff out. She didn’t vote for Jordan…yet! This is an individual game, people!
      JJ acted like a team when it benefits them, when they want loyalty, then like individuals when it benefits them, as they each get a vote. They want it both ways.

      Maybe there’s no such thing as a floater, just a team of ‘one’! All the players who can’t stand on their own two feet hurried and joined a team. Those that stood alone and thought for themselves might just be stronger-minded people. The ‘teams’ then become bullies and call the others floaters when they’re really individualists. Not sure where Adam falls into this theory…lol.

    3. Kalia won 2 HOH – 1st one was LUCK! She answered the question without even listening ! 2nd one she doesn’t even remember what she choose as an answer! go back to tapes and you will see them discuss that she choose after .. but she choose before! Either way… fair bit of luck in both.

      Porche 1 Veto 1 Hoh – I can give her some credit. Although Veto competetion was a joke really. Plain luck !

      Adam – Jeff threw away that competition !

      now for Jordan and Rachel. I agree Jordan ain’t good at competition but she accepts it ! Rachel on the other hand.. i think is competetive .. just been bad lately but otherwise she has won quite a few!

      Biggest FLOATER in this game is: Adam and Shelly !! Feeding off others.

    4. they only say that because rachel thinks that floaters are somehow not worthy of her time… nevermind that she really hasnt won much herself and she the “floaters” have beat her in several competitions. hmmmmm who is floating whom… maybe rachel should grab a lifesaver and stop floating herself… she should put her big mouth and try and win somehting

    5. Really? I guess you didn’t watch the beginning of the season then? When Rachel won a few comps (was it one or 2 HOH’s…I can’t remember) and Jordan won an HOH? Yes, I know you can say Jordan’s HOH was handed to her….doesn’t matter…she still did better than everyone else except Jeff and Brendon (and who knows what they would have gotten) and Adam’s POV was handed to him by Jeff. If Jeff wanted it he could have had it easy.

    6. “If it is Pandoras Box I’d like to see the good be Jeff gets to return and for the bad, whoever opened the box is evicted in his place. As an added twist if it’s Porche who opened it then Jeff is automatically HoH!”

      Production having 2 evicted HGs return?, that would be dumb as shit, but then again Jordumb and Douche Bag are Production’s Sweethearts I can see them rigging it yet again.

      I think it’s a power or a vacation

      1. LOL, when did Jeff and Jordan get 4 free weeks in the house without any threat? Dani said it herself, production loves her. Production attempted to throw Dani lovers a bone by evicting Big Jeff “the so called bully” (hilarious really, this game seriously needs a couple Marines, Jeff’s hardly threatening, the house is just full of estrogen and too many pantywasted little dominic metrosexuals are watching). But to hell with JJ, Jeff did us a service by getting rid of Dani but I’m hardly bothered by him getting the boot, in fact I’m proud that I actually called it early in the week. The important point to remember in last nights’ episode was the epic failure of Dani and her ejection from the Big Brother house. No matter what she cannot win, in spite of the massive amount of fanboys on this and other sites pulling for her. There is no Team Dani in the house. For 500,000 bucks Porsche would drop Dani like she was nothing so quit fooling yourselves. Team Dani is just Dani. She failed at being a daughter and now she has failed twice at big brother.

    7. didn’t mean that as a reply, forgot what I was about to type when I saw the FB comment, then a replied to that LOL

      I wanted to say I agreed 100% with what you said

    8. you need to go to Hulu or something and watch past episodes.
      UMMM Rachel and Jordan had the first 3 HOH’s.

      I don’t even like those B’s but facts are facts

    9. Jordan and Rachel remind me of when Jessie BB11 was evicted by Jeff and Chima, Natalie, and Lydia all sat at the table and drink their wine and boo hooed the whole night. that was unbelievable.

    10. A floater is someone who goes from one side to the other without doing anything. Have you not been watching the show?? Jordan has stuck to her alliance as has Rachel. They have both one HoH’s and before you rag on Jordan’s HoH she hit the ball the farthest and I doubt any of the other two may have one anyway.

      Shelly and Adam are the two biggest floaters *drink* in this game and I used to like Shelly but can not stand that woman now….!

  18. Hey guys, Here the case of scenario
    Nomination 1:Rachel (N) vs Adam (N)
    Shelly (N) vs Adam (N)
    Jordan wins POV save Rachel and put Shelly on the block as a replacement
    Shelly evicted 2-1
    Nomination 2:Rachel (N) vs Jordan (N)
    Shelly (N) vs Jordan (N)
    Rachel wins POV take herself on the block and put Shelly on the block as a replacement
    Shelly evicted 2-1
    Nomination 3:Jordan (N) vs Adam (N)
    Shelly (N) vs Adam (N)
    Rachel wins POV save Jordan and put Shelly on the block as a replacement.
    Shelly evicted 2-1
    However the special power for either Rachel or Jordan. Porsche has no chance overpowered.

      1. It depend on if Adam is with Jordan and Rachel. Then Porsche has no choice to put her own alliance up.

  19. this is the worse season yet. if Jeff hadn;t of backdoored Dani he’d still be here ( and her) then this show would be still worth watching. bet fatass portapotty puts up rach and jord.
    i am gonna throw up if shelHE makes it final 2. nasty assed hoe. she will not get the votes if she does .even if she was up against adam he’d win over her dyky ass (backstabbin hoe) then she says it’s for her make believe family.

    1. what makes you think if Jeff hadn’t had backdoored Dani that he would still be here? DKP all talked about splitting JJ up this week anyways. Dani wasn’t going to allign with Jeff even if he kept her safe this week.

  20. All right, Porsche open the pandora box. Give Rachel or Jordan a special power. I want to see your face.

    1. Opening Pandora’s box either gives the openner special powers and bad things to everyone else or gives everyone else something like money and the openner nothing but bad

  21. I can not believe the behavior of Shelly the last 24 hours. The way she did Jeff and Jordan was truley the lowest of low. I feel that she has NO morals or VERTURES. I bring this up becuase she is always proclaiming her high morals and values.

    I feel so so sorry for her daughter and husband. Shelly was it worth it was.

    I hope she reads this

  22. Best case scenario, Jordon wins veto take Rachel off the block and Porsche nominates shelly and leather face goes home! But it will never happen

  23. what is going on is production feels rachel and jordan are down and are the under dogs they will have to riff that 4 team alliance up watch i love it porsche take it open whatever they give u i love it

  24. This should definitely be an interesting week for BB! KP have a golden opportunity to solidfy themselves into the final four. Here is hoping they make the right game choice. Which is saying goodbye to either Rachel or Jordan.

    Also interesting is how people on this site keep referring to Kalia, Porsche and Shelly as floaters.

    Well if being a floater means I am still in the running for possibly getting $500K count me in. Also does being a floater mean that you have 3 HOH, 1 POV and probably one of the most shrewdest game plays of switching alliances in BB history counts a floating? Well count in me as well.

    Also if memory serves me correct, I believe Jordan floated her way to victory her first season.

    Kalia, Porsche and Shelly — Final Three–You Girls Rock

  25. I tried to post earlier today and nothing got posted, same thing has happened before! Anyway, I wanted to respond to the people dissing Jordan. She is not just crying because Jeff left she is crying because Shelly pretended to be her friend. Shelly betrayed her because she knows she can’t win against her or Jeff, but guess what Shelly can’t win against anyone. JJBR will not vote for her. Mama Shelly is very sleazy and sneaky and if I were her boss at home I’d be trying to figure out ways of getting rid of her. I much prefer Rachel as she doesn’t pretend to be a saint. I hate hypocrites and that includes Dani. So glad she’s gone, SHOCKER! AWKWARD! She would not have honored her deal with Jeff and he knew it. Plus she was willing to thrown anyone in her alliance under the bus, she is damaged goods. Look what she did to Dom. Sorry Dani, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but you aren’t as smart as your dad. Porsche is a good girl, but she gets pretty catty when she is around the other girls. Unless Rachel or Jordan flip the house again (unlikely) Porsche will probably win. I’m okay with that.

  26. OK Dreamers! Jeff is gone out of the house. The special powers would go to Porche and then bad stuff happens to the others in the house. Rachel and Jordan are going to have to work to get POV or next HOH. Big Brother doesn’t hand over things to the houseguests. The only person handed anything was Brendon and that was stupid, he came in and went out. Dominick should have come back to stay.

  27. My bet is for Shelly and Porche to be the last two. I don’t want blonde Porche to take the money but she seems to be playing the game smarter and letting Shelly take the target. Shelly needs to quit taking the heat and go lay in the sun.

  28. Why did Porshe flip on BPJJ? In the start of the game the newbs were making fun of her and it was Rachel that defended her. Now Porshe hates Rachel. WTF happened? Did I miss some major blow out or did Porshe just get tired of Rachel?

    1. Porsche slowly wormed her way out of the alliance after Brendon was evicted the first time. She didn’t want to be assosciated with Rachel because she didn’t want to draw as much attention to herself, so she started hanging out with Daniele and worked her way into that alliance.

    1. Jeff Got himself , HILARIOUS they should tell Rachel and Jordan that he got himself out, not anybody else

  29. Jeff better be coming back or I will lose my mind…….this show sucks now. Can you imagine Kailia or Porche winning this year I will never watch this show again

    1. Like I said, get over it. He lost. Fair and square. He shouldn’t have opened his big mouth. They already brought back Brendan, why would they bring back another player, unless production is secretly gunning for a continual loser to win?

  30. hoping Porsche doesn’t open Pandora’s box at this point. Too much to lose. I don’t think she will open it.

    I can’t remember – do they tell us what was in it if it isn’t opened?

  31. OMG, I cannot stand that ugly faced lying backstabbing hypocrite Shelly. Would not care who won as long as it is not that lying woman. Decided to just quit watching the show and hoping that by some miracle that Jordan and Adam and Rachel somehow can pull off a miracle. If they don’t done watching BB forever.

  32. Yes, go watch Jeff be stupid, he could have won the POV too! He back in to look in there when it was right on top and he could have picked it up and gone straight to the buzzer. Supid and Dumb! He is out of the house!

  33. I would love to see Rachel (and maybe Jordan too) just TEAR UP the other HG’s clothes looking for Rachel’s stuffed dog. And by tear up, i mean make a total mess of the house, not actually ruin anything. That would make for great TV if they just make a complete mess tearing the house apart. Do it until she gets her Dog back, or until she finds it. If it is not in their stuff, start emptying the cabinets, refrigerator, etc. into the middle of the kitchen.

  34. When Brenden had the Pandora’s box, (if I can remember clearly); the Pandora box WILL NOT help the other guests such as Jordan or Rachael. The Pandora Box gives the HOH a choices of something related to the Game or something Personal. In Brenden’s choices…one of them was for Rachael to come temporary back in the house…when he made that choice…..a door or something opened and he went on some dinner trip to a nice restaurant or soemthing….but while he was THERE….Rachael was allowed back in the house (for a few hours). The Pandora of it…is that R came back…but B & R did not see each other. She was only back for a few hours….and during that time she tormented the house guests….and that is when Ragan told her off so bad…I still laugh just to think about it.
    Anywho, whatever Portia chooses will be something related DIRECTLY to her (with a twist)….it won’t be anything that will help Jordan,Rachael, or Adam. for example, although Rachael missed seeing Brenden…she left him a note in the HOH room (per what B read on that note when he got back)…I think helped him to decide who to nominate…& I think he put up Ragan…not sure.

  35. as someone else posted “3MM alliance (mcfatty-kalia, muffin top-porshe, mangina-shelly) ” have no chance lol. GGOOO Adam! :)

  36. I sincerely hope Porsche gets a tempting Pandora’s box that SUPREMELY screws her over!!! Also, if Jordan survives this week I really hope that next week’s HOH is an endurance comp and Jordan holds on for dear life because let’s get real… Kalia isn’t the most *ahem* physically fit competitor lol and Shelly & Adam are as old as sh*t and must have asphalt lungs by now from all the day-in-day-out cigarette smoking! Porsche is a pretty good physical competitor but she can’t play in next week’s HOH so I’m thinking that if the competition is endurance then as long as Jordan musters up enough fight to try with all her might then she has a pretty freakin’ good chance at winning!!! Go Jordan!! …and now bring on the hate haha I’m ready and I don’t give a d*mn lol because this show is NOT entertaining unless the power shifts from week to week no matter who you’re rooting for!

    On another note, we saw Shelly’s daughter say that she wished her mom would quit lying two weeks ago… I wonder what she thinks of her mom now lol!! Especially after all the ultra heavy butt kissing Shelly did and how she swore up and down in the diary room about how she would never ever betray JJ… this is Big Brother so I totally get that you have to lie to the other players… but on her own volition Shelly freakin’ promoted herself as “straight shooter” and swore her loyalty to JJ in the freakin’ diary room! The DR is basically the only place where you can tell the truth and she couldn’t even tell the truth in there!! smh lol

    1. She thinks her mother is trying to win 500,000 not write a check for Jeff and Jordan… she would be proud of her mother.

  37. I really hope Rachel or Jordan win the $500k! Those other girls are being too self righteous!! Then you have Shelly the backstabbing snake and Adam the floater loser!! At first I was against Jordan winning again, but at this point, America would be happy to hand her another winning check!!!!

  38. Dani’s speech was hilarious yesterday, is she for real???
    as if Kalia and Porsche plus newly added to the gang Shelly weren’t writing dani a check???
    so it’s ok to write her a check but not to anyone else whomever that could be LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    1. Do you truly feel that if D made the final two with either KP or S…that the Jury House was going to automatically vote for Dani?
      Anyone who thinks that …has not been paying attention.
      the game is also social….so then Dani had the greatest chance of coming in 2nd place next to KP or S.
      The only way she could have SURELY won was taking Adam to the end…because the JH would be a bunch of morons to choose Adam over Dani.
      KPS were not writing Dani a check. ….but anyone in the final 3 with JJ was writing them a check because JJ was going to win HOH…and when that happened…JJ was going to evict……quess who? the the third wheel.; and if you were lucky to win HOH…imagine sitting final two next to Jeff or Jordan….with 500K riding…that is a scary thought.
      I’m not a JJ basher, but whoever was going to the final 3 with them was writing them a check; & whoever was going to the final 3 with Dani could negotiate a good talk to the JH members as to why Dani should not win because think about….everybody in the JH feel jilted by Dani….so Dani would have been the perfect person to take to the end…but enough of that …..Dani is gone.

      Portia is HOH, so then the probability of JR or A joining her is extremely high.

  39. on twitter they asked people to vote on when you want the fortune teller to speak. there were 4 choices (1) on BBAD (2) live feeds (3) Super Pass (4) CBS Big Brother Show. I voted BBAD because it’s boring. The voting closed 2 days ago

  40. i feel sorry for shelly’s daughter..what a role model she has. i get this is just a game..but she still has to realize her daughter is sittin there watching her.

    1. I guess we could go back and review to double check. I thought Jordan was right as well. Than if she was right go to on feed back and tell them production was wrong.

    2. You’d have to re-watch last night’s show to see what the question was and then either go through the posts on here or the shows on CBS to find the answer. But wow, that would be crazy if CBS got their own answer wrong, which is a possibility since the Qs and As are made up by people.

  41. Like O-M-G…Jeff is so awesome. Like I can’t believe he is gone. I will not watch the show anyone. Like really…this show sucks. Like no one is going to watch anymore. O-M-G.

    Did I mention Jeff is so AWESOME.

  42. I think it is Pandora’s box, and I do think it has something to do with the Fortune Teller. The past few days it’s been tweeting stuff about Porsche like it loves her or something LOL

  43. porshe is awfully full of herself. She keeps fishing for compliments on how well she did and looking in the mirror doing a little dance. WTF?! Sister needs to drop the velour track suits, her butt is growing faster than her ego! …and Kalia needs to quit talking and eating… Just keep her mouth closed…she wkd be more likable if her mouth was sewn shut. Shelly is just an awful person who does not know she is an awful person… She tears people down secretly, and then tries to be the person to comfort them (isn’t that a form of a psych disorder).

  44. Like Jordan and Rachel need a special power. Like really…send Jeff back in. Or I won’t watch the show.

    Like omg, I have to go feed my cats now.

  45. I have a sneaking suspicion that production is trying to help out Jordan and Rachel here…I’m guessing Jordan will end up with that bullshit Coup d’Etat that essentially renders the HOH useless. I’m tired of this secret power shit. Can we just let the game play out?

  46. 1st off, Damn, the personal attacks on shelly about her family are what I find to be disgusting…yes, she’s lies.[[[& I admit seems pretty delusional in the DR if shes getting the right edit]] ..BUT IT’S A GAME!!! The ppl who go on and on about how they hate her are crazy in mi opinion. I’m pretty sure jordan won’t even hate her once the season is out and all the emotions from being in the house brings is over. I was a fan of shelly, then I was indifferent, and now Im I kinda like her bc guess what? she made a bold move! For those who didnt think her lies and manipulations [[which helped with alot of moves to get other ppl out]] wasn’t game, she finally did something and the ones who hate it or JJ and/or BR fans. oh well, it’s game and it played out that way.

    2nd how can jeff fans say dani was so cocky thats why I hate her, blah blah. [[& she was at times]] when jeff talked about himself in the third person as “big jeff”? Well big jeff is gone now! and tried to bully and acted like a big baby when he left. he talked about being a man..well he should have acted like a man and sucked it up like he would have told anyone else.!

    3rd if jordan and rachel get a power it should be completely unfair to rachel if shes still for her stance on being a compeitior and thats how u win. being given something should make her sick like it would if the other side got it. she can cry and bitch about the losers being on top but she should have won HOH or POV plain and simple and she’d be the one on her high horse celebrating in a room with her alliance

  47. SO happy that Jeff and Dani are gone, but I HATE Shelly.

    I think she is a terrible game player. I have no problem with lying ( i mean its big brother), but I hate when people call themselves honest and lie to anyone who will listen. If you’re going to do that, have the balls to do it outright not hide behind the integrity card. Its so annoying. I can’t wait till Leatherface goes home

  48. All you Jordan/Rachel fans need to go take your cats out for a walk and relax.. JR suck at this game.

    Team SP final 2


    1. I think DKP are in for a rude awakening…the HOH doesn’t control who goes home this week. The POV person does. If Jordan isn’t put up (like it seems they’re suggesting) and she wins the veto, takes Rachel off Porsche will have to pick another person from her “alliance”. Which would mean that Jordan and Rachel would control the votes.

      I was impressed with Jordan with the questions, she was so close. It seems this year she’s more fit and looks great but it also seems she’s miserable. I believe her when she says she only returned for Jeff :(

      1. The person who wins pov only has so much power.
        That last bit makes you sound like a complete loon, you bring up she looks more fit….and then you fizzle out into saying she looks miserable. What??

  49. 4th and lastly the ones that are left arent the most lively bunch but they played better than the rest in their own way bc they are still there whether by lies or past HGs over looking them bc they wanted someone else out. if I have to go with someone to win it would be porshe or shelly. if she can lie to end and get away with it [[meaning stay til the end bc the rest are too dumb to get her out]] well I applaud her!

  50. Drives me nuts how during their fight last night Shelly said she didn’t owe Jeff anything. When Jordan through the phone call thing out and Shelly said Jordan gave her the phone call not Jeff… first, even if Jeff had given her the phone call she would have voted him out. Second, Jordan gave Shelly the phone call so she could talk to her family. Shelly took Jeff away from Jordan so I can see why Jordan feels betrayed. If Rachel goes home this week I hope Jordan wins HOH and puts up Shelly and Porsche. In her nominations speech says Porsche you’re a great player you deserve to be here and hopefully you still will be after this week. Shelly you’re a lying snake that has done nothing you don’t deserve to be here and I will do everything in my power to make sure you go home this week. Keeps her somewhat safe from Porsche, Adam and Kalia cuz she’s made it clear who her target is. I don’t think Adam trusts Shelly whatsoever now that he’s seen how she flips and KP don’t trust her whatsoever either.

  51. My only issue with Shelly was what she said during her DR sessions. In the beginning, she would continue to lie in DR (why?)…but now she is starting to admit what she is doing in DR…so I really don’t care anymore. Everybody got to have a strategy to win….and in BB that has ALWAYS meant having a certain amount of trickery….or at minimum turning on your alliance at the final 3 or 4.

    Dani and Shelly’s game is similiar. But Dani took the bold approach and showed her hand too soon. Shelly had them fooled and they THINK they did Shelly a favor; but every step….Shelly was feeding JJ information (helping them) & not the other way around. Every step, Shelly was plotting to get people out that went against JJ. Shelly was smart enough to know the (right) time to turn against JJ; because unless Shelly was serious about lettting JJ win it all…she had to go against them at some point.
    Final 3: JJS. J win HOH….who do you think was going home. S was.
    See the difference with DKP….is that if D was HOH; K or P could possibly try to see who was going to the final 2 by negotiating with D; but if you were the third wheel with JJ…there was no thinking about it… were going home. Period and no doubt.
    It was just that clearly plain and EVERYBODY knew it, but Adam (he still don’t know). I’m not sure if Rachael understood this or not…I just think Rachael focused on a plan as it relates to (hating Dani) and (not winning the game)….which is bad game plan.

    Go PKS. Final 3!!

  52. I’m totally team Rachel & Jordan, so if whatever happens benefits them I’d be happy. But at the same time it’d be soooo obvious and contrived. The morning after the power shifts and it looks like it’s going to be a Porsche, Kalia, Shelly, and Adam final floater lazy loser four….BOOM, here comes a magical surprise! C’mon, lol. Oh well still, I’d be happy, as unfair as it’d be lol.

  53. I have watched many seasons of BB, and I can tell the differences between people’s personalities in the house compared to the real world. Shelly is a true snake. She rode JJ this far and made promises and swore up and down with them. They covered her arse in every vote and comp. I 100% believe she got to where she is at in the corp world by stabbing people in the back and throwing people under the bus. She is a sorry excuse of a MAN. Telling lies and stabbing people in the back is part of the game, but she took it to a whole new level that is disrespectful. Shes tries to take every lie and back stabbing action and twist it around to make it seem like it isnt as bad as it was. She benefited nothing from turning on JJ bc she is on the bottom of the totem pole no matter who she is with. You cannot be very bright to go piss off JJBR when they control the votes.

  54. Words cannot express how elated I am that Jeff is gone. He was a total bully this season. He came into the house with a self righteous attitude, arrogant, cocky,a sense of entitlement and self centered. He aligned himself with people he knew were riding his coattails and evicted the ones that could win comps. I think that he overestimated himself. Common sense should have told him to keep Brenden because Brenden win comps. Dani also win comps. But he chose to keep shelly and adam and neither one of them win a comps. he threw the POV to Adam and that’s how Adam won his comp. I don’t know how he figured he could win this game with coat tail riders. He had to know that there was going to come a time when he’s not able to participate in a comp that he had people on his team that could win comps to keep him and them safe. He definitely wasn’t as smart as Dani. Dani spent a lot of time teaching Porche and Kalia on how to win certain comps. Jeff spent a lot of time complaining about his alliance not winning comps. I would hope that this is the last time I see him and Jordan on Big Brother. Please don’t bring them on All Stars. They are not All Star material.

  55. At this stage of the game, it would be very unfair to get Pandora’s box! Also Julie didn’t indicate anything about Pandora’s box. I am pretty sure that they are just fixing something!

    Sidenote: Daniel looked SUPER HOT last night!

  56. Now that there are only women left in the house, Porsche needs to get more comfortable in her clothing. Or out of it!
    And no, I didn’t forget that Adam is still there, as he is apparently closer to being a woman than a man.
    As a matter of fact, I’d be willing to bet that Shelly has a larger head than Adam does.

    1. “If it is Pandoras Box I’d like to see the good be Jeff gets to return and for the bad, whoever opened the box is evicted in his place. As an added twist if it’s Porche who opened it then Jeff is automatically HoH!”

      That chick be delusional ’cause her eye candy “the good be Jeff” is gone.

  57. What is this about Porsche’s box?

    …and why the pity party by Rachel and Jordan? It is 3:3 (if Adam reliazes that he is an outcast with PSK and stays aligned with RJ) and the power of veto could be critical to make it 3:2 in favor of RJA. Get your heads out of your pity asses and back in the game.

  58. Guys. While it would be unfair and ridiculous to give Jordan or Rachel a leg up/power….you guys have to remember this is a TV SHOW. First and foremost ratings and money are what matters to CBS. And no matter who you’re rooting for, you have to admit….four weeks of Porsche, Kalia, Shelly, and Adam would be absolutely 100% BORING. Ratings, which are super high now, would drop dramatically and the finale would be barely watched, and we all know it.

    So my thinking, in order for them to be SURE the box opens and Jeff goes back into the house or something like that, they’ll have to make it the kind of thing where Porsche isn’t the only one who can open it, since they should know she probably wouldn’t. They’ll probably say “Anyone can open the box, but be warned, anything can happen!” You know that Shelly or Adam would totally risk it, and if they didn’t….Jordan would do it on the chance it means Jeff gets to come back in her place.

  59. OK this is Big Brother, Jeff is not coming back he is on the Jury to pick the winner. Stop saying you aren’t gonna watch. We dont’ care….you can read the internet for the winner in Sept. Right now there are three more weeks and someone besides Brendon, Danielle or Jeff will win the money!

  60. i laughed so hard last night at jeff leaving the house i almost spilled my drink. Brendon is going to beat jeffs ass when he sees how he talked about her in her face as he was getting evicted. I saw alot of women mad at the old mans departure which is kinda sad since he looks gayer than prince. Dani looked gooood though i bet jeff and brendon have a three way plan going as we speak.

  61. The new twist. Redo the HOH competition. Everybody plays!
    The game: see who can put on Porkhe’s old sweatpants the fastest.
    The winner: Shelly
    Second Place: Jordan
    Third Place: Rachel
    Fourth Place: Adam
    Fifth Place: Kalia
    Sixth Place: Porkhe

  62. I’m really sick of people saying Kalia’s first HoH win was complete luck. Daniele coached her the night before to listen for key words. When Julie said “Who called the other houseguests…” Kalia buzzed in because Dominic was the only person who called people anything during his eviction/nomination speech.

  63. The three biggest competitors are in jury while the useless house guests are in there wasting time. They don’t deserve to be in there.

  64. I could have sworn Jordan was correct. If we are right, will BB correct it? It should have been Jordan’s HOH and Jeff should still be in the house.

  65. The Schadenfreude on this board is hilarious!

    I can’t understand mocking people for being upset and crying in the house. It’s a game, yes, but it’s not the same as Baseball or Trivial Pursuit. The BB House has to be a psychological stressful environment. People react to stress differently. The world becomes a much smaller place inside that house, and the Stanford Prison Experiment illustrated how peoples’ perspectives can radically change under adverse conditions.There’s no guarantee that any regular poster here who was stuck in that house wouldn’t bawl either.

    That said, I hope the rest of the vets are gone soon, and the newbies go down to the wire. I’m rooting for a Porche/Shelly final two, with Porche to win. She’s played the best all-around game of the newcomers, imo, and she deserves the 500 K.

  66. No production is having Porsche put up Adam and Rachel, more stupid moves as plain as day, let’s pull another STUPID kalia move!!!

  67. KP need to tell JR that before Dani left she told them she was going to f**k B and/or J in the JH. They should do this right before the next POV so that they both malfunction.

    It would totally wreck Rachel.

  68. if it’s the pandora’s box, it will only be involving Porshe. Rachel & Jordan have only the POV to save themselves.

  69. simon, can you please tell us what the big blowup was yesterday between Jeff and Shelly? The only thing I can think of may be because of the whole Rachael asking Jeff about the Corn hole throw to Adam to get her beloved “Fiance” kicked out for the second time. I think we can add to our drinking game besides (when the word “floater” is mentioned (drink) but also when Racael says my ” fiancé” ( double shot) I have been married almost 17 years and I cannot say I’ve ever heard someone stress that word… My “fiancee” and your ( Jordan’s) boyfriend… WTF!!!!! Issue THAT silly? I loved my “fiancé ” before we married BUT I’ve Never heard that wordSO stressed when said! I almost had to choke when poor Jordan was so upset trying to eat her chicken soup and all Rachael could say is she can’t wait to be evicted to sleep with her Brenden (the best BBAD of the season) man, that girl is so shelfish! Rachael has had time to recover and she had closure with her “Fiance” booted out ( twice) But, poor Jordan had her rug swept out beneath her feet and her world crumbled unexpectedly. Why was Rachael even crying? Because Jeff got the boot and now all their “plans” turned to shit? Happy when being bullies but, something unexpected, freak the FCK out? Those 3 (JJR) came in expecting to bully everyone to do their bidding. Funny, now for the 1st time all season, now the crying girls who thought they were so safe are scrambling and “POOF” I’ll bet that whatever’s going on within HOH WILL Absolutely Absolutely Absolutely ( oops, did I repeat myself)? Benefit the crying Vets! ( while trying to entice Adam and pinocchio Shelly, the greatest liar Ever to go back with the girlies)! This show is SOOOOOOOO rigged! Something I read is with discrepancy of the truth when Jeff got his Big bully Ass booted out, and so Erving with the audience saying so et ing like, WTF? I’d love to see live feeds but my men Simon And Dawg, are my every day ti e consuming site that I’m 100% devoted too ( you’re the best)!! YO!!!
    It just sucks when it seems like Holy Shit… WOW.. Now, all the sudden Now, there’s something fishy going on to “Sway” whatever production wants…
    Through this whole experience, all I can say is at first, thought it SO unfair to all the “newbies” experience to Not have an “Allstar” cast but a 50/50 with vets VS newbies..OK… Then Jeff was the ri glacier in control with the majority of the house, then there was the America’s Sweetheart VS Brendan and Rachael ( mostly disliked) then ED and Dani. Part of me with my Intuition says this whole thing with ED was pre-planned but I’m so sorry to think that be ajar if that’s true, so so sorry, truly based on what’s happened, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this way. Threw a twist right from the get-go.
    Basically, these have been things I’ve been thinking this whole time, although, I’m excited for Big Jeff to get kicked in the tukis, outta the house( just because of the arrogance mind u cuz I’m a fellow Chicagoan) and I’m so sick of seeing Rachael and Jordan
    blaming everyone else and shelly lies like an expensive oriental rug. I feel for Jordan and her ” boyfriend” ( thank god I don’t have to say Fiance, double shot) even if they actually are BFF and Not together like BF/GF and it a whole ruse) she was seriously upset.
    Well I’m Positive I have more “revelations” on my 2 cents worth but thank goodness, have to get to school to get the boys!

  70. exactly, i was pretty sure jordan got it right too, i didn’t want her to win it but i was sure she won, but i was like what the hey :P

  71. If Adam wins POV and takes Jordan off, Porsche would have to put up either Kalia or Shelly, and Jordan and Adam would then have the power to get them out instead of Rachel. That would be so awesome! Shelly deserves that after what she pulled.

  72. Porsche better not even dream of touching the pandora’s box, you’re good where you are lady, even if by some twisted fate JR stay and win next hoh, shelly and kalia will be up first, just forget it. i’m pretty sure bb is doing what they can to get JR to stay in the game longer, pricks.

  73. Were Jerky and Jelly Beans (Episode 5) revealed as the have not food before or after the house guests stuffed their mouths with gum (Episode 6) for the power of veto competition.

    Jordan – After
    Kalia – Before

    From Episode 22

    You can check it on the cbs site if you have that avail to you.

  74. The smartest thing I have heard from Porsche the entire game is that she should take Jordan (but Rachel might be a better choice) to the final 2 so that the vets don’t control the jury vote. It is clear that newbies will vote for a newbie to win BB and the vets will vote for a vet to win BB. So if any of the newbies want to guarantee a victory they should plan to take a vet to the final… that way the jury would be 4 newbies to 3 vets. Adam might be the only swing vote, depending on how intimidated he is by Jeff in the jury house, especially if Jordan is in the final two…but perhaps that’s why Rachel is the better choice.

    As for Pandora’s box or some sort of twist…something has to happen, the house is soooooo boring now the big players are gone. Love them or hate them they made watching BB a little more entertaining…

  75. Question #4

    Were Jerky and Jellybeans revealed as the Have Not Food, Before
    or After the House Guests stuffed their mouths with gum for the POV?

    Answer: BEFORE

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