Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche starts working Adam for his vote to keep Dani..

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1pm – 1:15pm Porsche and Adam are talking in the purple room. Porsche doesn’t understand why Adam would want to be on Jeff and Jordan’s side. Adam and Porsche discuss how Dani has some valid arguments. Adam says that he just can’t because working with Dani he becomes a bigger target. Porsche doesn’t understand why. Porsche says that Jeff will never put up Rachel. Jeff comes inside and gets everyone to come to the kitchen for a group photo. They all sit around the kitchen table and take a happy photo and a funny photo. Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Shelly and Rachel head outside. Jeff comments on how Rachel is in every photo. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Porsche is telling Dani that she was in the purple room talking to Adam and that Jeff came in to do photos and was baby sitting Adam because he saw me talking to him. Porsche tells Dani that Adam said that he will be a bigger target if he votes for Dani. Porsche says she doesn’t get it. Dani says that Adam is stupid. Dani talks about how she was having a good conversation with Adam until Rachel interrupted them.

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1:15pm Shelly and Rachel talk about making scrap books out of all the photos from the house. Shelly says that she wants to take some slop home to show people what it tastes like. Shelly says that she is going to do it right now ..because she never knows she could be walking out the door soon.. Shelly heads inside and puts some slop in a zip lock bag and then grabs a slop bucket from the storage room and puts it in her suit case. Meanwhile Porsche, Jordan and Rachel are talking about losing weight and how Dani has an amazing body. Rachel then leaves to go hang out. Shelly joins Porsche and Jordan on the couches. Adam is in the purple room by himself staring up at the ceiling.

1:40pm – 2pm Porsche joins Adam in the purple room and asks if they are threatening him. Adam says no. Adam asks what is on your mind. Porsche says obviously you tight with those three… you are a bigger target than me … but if I win HOH or something I will be a bigger target. Porsche says that she was with the vets from the beginning becasue she was grandfathered in … Adam says ya like Kalia. Porsche says no she came after. Porsche starts talking about how Dani knows the game inside and out. Adam says that Dani is in a position that her back is against the wall and she is going to say whatever she has to stay. Adam says that Dani had him and Shelly up on the block and if it hadn’t worked to get rid of Brendon …I would have gone home. Porsche says that doesn’t matter because it did. Adam says that whole deal played with my life. Porsche says but they play with your life too. Adam says that obviously someone is lying to him … a few people. Porsche asks if its Shelly? Porsche says you need me to talk to her? Adam say na na ..I am putting that in my pocket for later. Porsche says that she needs a stonger team …like her, you and Dani. Adam and Porsche start talking about the wake up songs and about rock bands. Meanwhile out in the backyard Jordan and Shelly are talking about kids that misbehave.
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2:15pm – 2:30pm Dani comes to the purple room and starts talking to Adam and Porsche. They talk about non game stuff. Dani starts complaining about how all her stuff is going missing and that she is getting blamed for other stuff going missing. Dani says that she thinks its Rachel. Dani asks who found the chess pieces. Adam says that Jeff found them and threw a piece down at him. Dani says again that she keeps getting blamed for stealing stuff in the house… Dani says this house sucks. Dani asks Adam if she holds his smokes ransom will he vote for her? Dani says that she will give them back if you let me stay. Adam says that stuff is disrespectful ..just like stealing Rachel’s dog. Adam heads outside. Porsche fills in Dani on what she was talking about. Dani says that Adam was calling her out in front of Shelly and that she wasn’t happy about that! Porsche asks did he. Dani says yeah. Dani heads outside to lay out. Meanwhile Adam tell Jordan that Dani is really trying to get his vote …but that she isn’t getting anywhere with him.

2:25pm – 2:45pm Porsche and Kalia are talking in the havenot room. Kalia says that she was talking to Adam and telling him about how in the beginning we all talked about how we would stick together and look at how all of us got picked off. Kalia says that she told him that he will never win up against them …no one will vote for you. Kalia says that everyone thinks you are to Jeff as to what people think I am to Dani …that Jeff is the pupet master. Kalia says that she told him that this is probably our last chance to take control. Kalia talks about the numbers its 4 to 3… and then you have a chance to play to the end with people that you have a chance to win against. Kalia and Porsche both say that they want to talk to Shelly again. Kalia says that she wants to talk to Shelly about how the worst two people you want to be in the final two are Jeff and Jordan. They start going over the scenarios of what would happen if who ever wins HOH this week. Kalia says that no question we have the numbers if we get Adam. Porsche talks about how she told Adam that she was grand fathered into the vets group and that she didn’t have a choice to vote with them or not but when it came to voting for Adam or not …she says that she just wouldn’t vote Adam out. Kalia says that she told him that if we have a deal …we have a deal and we shake on it … Kalia and Porsche start talking about how they have trouble trusting Shelly because they know of the lies she has told and that she keeps floating back and forth ..she needs to pick a side…
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Adam should get them to have a threesome for a vote for Danny…


Adam would only be interested if Jeff was part of it.

Midwest Fan



LMAO…well said


this season is seriously just another recap of last years survivor where rob threatened everyone and wouldnt let anyone talk, jeff is doing the same and adam is completely falling for it im tired of these predictable cbs shows where the main person always friggin wins

and what i dont get is why is adam still going to jeff and jordan and telling them everything that PDS says, like seriously i know theyre your alliance why go and be a little rat? i dont know, for a grown ass man he sure acts like hes got parents in the house.

Nick B

Adam is too scared of what will happen if he doesn’t. Like what was just said in the comment above, Jeff is a bully just like Rob. He turns up the charm and flashes a smile for the camera to conceal it, but Jeff’s not all that different from bb11’s Jessie and Russell, CBS just desperately tries to portray him as such.


Adam is such a wuss, he’s scared of everyone.


Jeff’s got 2 bitches licking his nuts – Adam and Jordan


Dani is going home, and it will be awesome.


Dani is no threat.. Jeff can’t be trusted.. He is a moron


Dani is the one lying. She knows she stole the items and food and sits there sayin she didnt yet she will still cigs. Jeff hasnt been heard lying to anyone. Glad adam is not falling for it or dani would send him home for makin her beg and calling her out.


Anyone that watches more than CBS’s Big Jeff Brother Season 13. Such as BBAD or better yet, the live feeds, has heard him lie plenty.


Dani is not a threat. Do u watch the show the girl can win anything. If dkp would of won hoh then jeff would be going home. This is by far the best move. Dani is the biggest threat so she needs to go see ya bye bye. Lol


It’s the best move for Jeff, not the newbies.


Dani cannot be trusted either. She lies a lot.


I think it’s better to be useless and dumb in this game, because then your not a threat and can just sneak all the way to the end.


Yeah, I can’t wait for JJRSA to pick off KP one at a time! That will be awesome! Yawn.

Nick B

Oh I know! The super alliance that basically includes everyone in the house is going to be almost as interesting to watch as the brigade last season, and they’re about as fun as the Friendship from season 6…that’s a big *yawn* good buddy.


Yea and then we can watch the true masters of the game, Adam and Jordan at their best. We are going to witness history.


I cannot wait for dani to walk out that door. She is the worst strategic player ever! She has just been lucky and won a few key HOH competitions!


lucky? in her season she won 2 hohs and 5 povs (one which saved dick and her in the final 4). this season it’s pretty much the same. first hoh dick and dani threw rachel the hoh. first hoh she was able to compete in again she won. the next hoh she was able to compete in again she won. even if she didn’t throw the first hoh she still be 2 out 3 hoh. better than any other house guests. granted she hasn’t won a pov (minus 1 she and jefff threw to adam) she has been very close each time. you think she has bad game that fine but lucky at winning comps i doubt it.


Dani weighs like 25 lbs. She can out last anyone in an endurance challenge cause she has nothing to support.


25lbs ?


Jeff has got to start smacking Adam for even talking to the other side. Put him on a leash and put the pathetic bitch in his place.


I AGREE!!!!! 🙂


Agree with Sling!!! 🙂


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What’s that boy? Dani’s trying to get your vote?


Who’s a good boy? You are. Yes you are, yes you are..



Why are you crying widdle baby? Dani is going home?


It’s okay sweetie, here is your binky


I wouldn’t get too cocky if I were you. Jeff’s on his way out right behind Daniele.


I love how people (all of which seem to be Jeff and Jordan fanatics) automatically assume that just because someone things Adam is a nutless wonder it’s because they want Dani to win. I could care less if she wins, actually I’d rather see Porsche or even Shelly (if she pulls this flip off) win. At the end of the day I’m more a fan of the game than I am any individual. Nice try though.


I’ll Yo to that


YO, YO,YO !!!!!!


I’d say you are the exception rather than the rule though. Most of the people that are shitting on Adam right now are doing it only because Dani is going home because of it not because it would a good game move, which I’m not convinced it is.

Adam would absolutely be the bottom of the totem pole in an alliance with one strong player, plus he would have two of the stronger competitors in the house wanting his head on a stake. More importantly, Dani has demonstrated very aptly that she cannot be trusted, whereas from Adam’s point of view, JJ have been honest with him. Any deal she offers has to be considered bullshit at this point since she hardly wanted anything to do with Adam for the last two months, she has voted to evict him and put him on the block. Now he’s useful to her and suddenly she’s offering final 2 deals. It’s obviously bullshit.


It’s not just JJ fans it’s evry single fanatic. I remember saying something abt Rachel and being called a Rachel hater. It’s ridiculous.


Oh no doubt, every player has there crazy fans. I only mentioned the JJ ones because they’re currently on the rise with Dani’s head being on the chopping block.

Nick B

Thank you! I don’t care if Dani wins. I just want someone who plays this game well to win it, and that just isn’t Jeff and Jordan as of right now…i’d actually root for rachel over them at this point. Man, never thought I’d see the day where I could make that statement and not feel bile fill the back of my throat.


LOL… now that’s seriously funny stuff. I have an imagine of Adam slobbering all over himself and Jordan scratching his head.






they should tattoo how double eviction works on Adams back, so Jeff can read when he bends his bitch over.


o my god rachel in the very first picture …. she looks like a dumb ass XD

im going to miss you dani but good thing youll have jeff and brendon to keep you company !

suq madiq

adam shaved off his beard cuz jeff said it was making his nuts itch.


LOL you got that right.




It’s actually not all that bad for Adam to get out Dani, cause then after Dani is gone all the newbs could ban together and take out jjr.


Yeah, but Adam will probably still not go after JJ and R, cuz he’s an idiot.


Shutthefrontdoor – You may be right. Isn’t that what Adam has been saying all along? In my opinion, he has allot better chance of getting JJ out than D/P.


Aghhhhhhhhhhhh Adam!!!! Soooooo annoying!!! BB worse player EVER!


He is such a waste of space! And completely useless aside from being Jeff’s lapdog.


Yeah, just like stealing Rachel’s dog…….ZING! Good one Adam!


Show’s what you know. Shelly stole Rachel’s stuffed dog and hid it, not Dani. And Dani was only making a joke about his cigaretts.


I can’t believe BB lets Dani and Crew steal stuff from other players!!! That is messed up.. I don’t think its fair that she has “friends” in production.. I stopped watching until Dani leaves.. Then , if she does leave, I might believe the whole thing IS NOT rigged..


JEFF also has friends in production so while your saying that dani has people helping her through the season don’t ignore that fact that jeff and Jordan has also had production helping them, throughout the entire season especially this week… Big Brother is RIGGED we been knew this since season 11


So I am a fairly new BB fan and did not watch season 11. What happened in season 11 to make you day that BB is rigged for sure? I think it is rigged especially after the Brendumb vote thing, but what happened in season 11?


The Coup d’état, production gave it to him simply because he was popular(a.k.a good looking), he didn’t do shit to earn the power.


Yeah after I posted that I looked at wiki and they have a re-cap of all the BB seasons and tell you all the little details about it. When I read that I kinda figured that’s what you were talking about cause it would be easy for them to (CBS) to fix, like they did this year with Brendumb.


Jeff won a power. But much bigger things like ppl coming back into the house has happened. I hate both though. But I have to admit, jeff using that power was HILARIOUS. It looked like Jesse was about to cry lol.

I actually can see how Brendon won though.

A. Some ppl would like to see drama rather than gameplay
B. The main fanbase was split between cassi and dom. I honestly think that if it was just cassi or just dom against Keith and Brendon, one of them would have won.


watch the most recent episode of Dick at Nite a former house guest who actually EARED the Coup d’état by winning it in a comp, explains how Jeff really got the power


and it’s not a big deal what she is going , and she’s not STEALING anything she’s misplacing them just like what they did with the chess pieces and pots, that’s why BB hasn’t said anything, if she puts some personal stuff in her bag then BB would say something because THAT would be stealing, everything is still in the house so it;s not stolen, BB knows where everything is.

Midwest Fan

Doesn’t Jeff work for a CBS affiliate – internet business with his
Around The World Internet Show?
(And being every so faithful to Jordan while on his travels …….lol)


Seriuosly! These chicks are insane. Dani is plain evil. At least her father is funny. I think Adam has a plan for a newbies alliance. I actually am starting to think Porsche will win hoh. Nominate jr. I think Rachel will het pov and shelly will go up.Porsche will break a tie vote and send jeff out. Rachel wins next hoh and sends kalia out. Adam wants finals with s and p. Porsche will win part 1 and Adam part 2. Adam wants shelly in the end. He’s going to expose her on everything come finals.


Adam has a plan for the newbie alliance? Does his plan include washing Jeff’s nutsack every night? Because other than that, I’m not sure what Adam is good for in the house.


I don’t think Adam wants to do any public speaking alongside the straight shooter, he can barely put a sentence together. Thankfully, he won’t have that problem because he’s a fool.

Malcolm Delaney

Now that’s not only wrong, it’s totally inaccurate

hopelessly hopeful

I’m ready for Thursday. And hopefully K goes home D gets hoh and sends A home.


If that were to happen the WORST thing she could do is send A home

Malcolm Delaney

Yes, and pigs might suddenly learn to fly


Dani lookin smokin hot in that bikini yo.



Yeah, she’s looking pretty banging there.


Well if Dani goes I’m done, honestly I didn’t even know the show was back until 2 weeks ago, just watched to see the drama between Brenchel and Dani. I was Team Brenchel but now that it’s just Rachel I find her too annoying/dumb for me support her. The show will only get more boring. Tuning in for the finale of course, whenever that is…


3 Only unless Adam tell them what Shelly is trying to do!!!

Rachels ACNE

If Adam and Shelly were on the block. JJ would vote Adam out. Adam is clueless where JJ loyalty is.


I don’t think JJ realize who is loyal to them. Adam may be loyal now, but not much longer.


That’s because they don’t know what a straight shooter she is yet. If they knew she was plotting to split JJ up, she’d move to the top of their hit list.


*by she, I mean Shelly.

Team 500 G's

I will start by saying I too dont care who wins. I appreciate Danis game…Sure there are some of you think her moves were dumb….I dont. She got blindsided with her father leaveing and made some moves she thought was best. It wouldnt have mattered if she got rid of jeff first…she would probably be in the same position. Adam, even though most of you think he is a dumbass and Jeff’s bitch, I think he does have a plan and he is playing the game. He just is upfront….he isnt amking “big” moves. To him it dosnt matter who leaves…Jeff or Dani….If it was Jeff on the block he would be voting for Jeff. It just happens that its Dani. He knows just as much as anyone that he cant win against Jeff. Right now….Someone else is doing the dirty work. Trust me if he wins the $500 G’s he wont give a rats ass what you people call him.

Smelly made a crucial mistake, she like Dani made her move to soon. She should have just stayed the course and waited. As soon as Dani is out it will be time for those who are what you people call “floaters” to make their move and band together and go after J/J trust me, If one of the Newbs win HOH…Rachel will be flipping like a coin.If Jeff gets evicted at double eviction….Jordan will be next out.


If Dani gets evicted, I’d love to see Adam evicted next. And even then, he probably wouldn’t see the error of his ways.


Production will aim for Adam. It would make for good tv. Chen-bot can tear him apart on live tv.

I see Jeff, Adam, or Rachel going.

Not looking good.

Adam is really not as confident in his alliance as he seems. I feel bad for Adam… Those vultures wanted nothing to do with him until they needed him. Dani put him on the block with Shelly. She claimed it is a pussy move to backdoor someone… Really? Hmmm. Didn’t you just do that to Br. And laugh about it smugly and happily?

I’m thinking this blaming Rachel for stealing stuff has lowered my respect for the BB game in general. Does Dani really need to sink any lower? And if Rachel gets mashed and yelled at and cursed and humiliated for something she did not do, while Dani and her goon squad laugh and laugh and laugh, and bash Rachel into the ground… I think BB is just a sick and twisted show.

Anyone that can applaud Dani and her tactics or Shelly and her lies or Porcha and her stupidity and hate Rachel when the girl has done nothing, is really sick and twisted too.

Rachel is the underdog.

And for any of you who were bullied in school you should remember how that felt… Dani is a bully and a very bad person and absolutely a sore losing hypocritical devil.

I’m so sorry Rachel is going to get burned at the stake or branded with a scarlet letter, because of Dani and her hate.


We could all say the same against BR andJJ. And when those four were together they were the worst bullies of all. It’s funny how blind people can be.


You know, I’m sure Rachel is a nice person off the show, but she’s a shitty actress; and her fiancee is a perv.


Totally agree. Dani AND Porshe both ate whatever they wanted too in front of Jordan and Rachel and then cry abt it when they’re the ones on slop. I’m so sick of the mean girl alliance. Ans I can’t wait til straight shooter is gone, if I have to watch her be nice to Rachel and then go bash her behind her back again I may slap my computer. Hope her daughter never has to deal withbeing treated like that

Nick B

and let’s do a fact check, Dani did the honorable thing and nominated Brendon and RAchel the 1st time, but then America made a joke of her HOH’s. Wasting both your hoh’s to get out one toolbag that no decent person would have voted back in in the first place? Yeah, i’d have backdoored him too. Different circumstances.

Bakinda Game

Geezus! Just 24 more hours till Skeletor is dead. Hang in there Adam. Don’t give in to the dark side.


Go team jeff


Go Team Dani!


Hang in there Adam, Evil Dani Was planning to get rid of you from the get go… I cant wait for her to be out of the house for good. She is mean and evil. She loves having her puppets do what ever she says. She is pissed because the other players dont fear her right now. She cant stand that. She loves getting her ass kissed by her puppets and anybody else begging her not to get rid of them…..I hate that bitch.. Get rid of her!!!

give me a break

Adam is being smart he knows he can’t beat Dani but he has a chance of beating Jeff and if the newbies get togeather they have the numbers. Just because he never won comps in the end he can show he played the game with honour which would help him get the votes. Remember the memory comps are comming and if he watched the show enough he knows this and also Porshe has came in second alot so he thinks they have a good chance I dont think he is as stupid as Dani’s people think. I am not an Adam fan but he is making the smart move. I dont care which one I just want a newbie to win the vets already had their chance…..

Nick B

if he turns on JJ for the newbs he loses RBJJ’s vote, and auto-losses in the finale. So much for playing with honour, and so much for his gameplay being worth a damn.

Nick B

he may have stood a chance backing a vet, but to let dani go now, and then to betray jeff and jordan later makes him look like the ultimate weasel. His only “respectable” moves now are to either save dani now, or take his chances with JJ to the end, anything else he looks despicable.


OMG!!!!!!!! ADAM IS SO STUPID!! ..why would adam’s stupid ass be a bigger target then DANI ! ..just be honest your a pussy and you dont want jackhole jeff to be mad at you !!!! ADAM IS THE SHITTEST BB PLAYER EVER why would help anyone “study” so annoying! & .DANI needs to call everyone OUT!!

1) who he has a REAL final 3 with ?
2) ask him about the plan to originally backdoor adam


1) why she was willing to backdoor jeff last week but this week sucks his dick


Adam or Jeff is going to the jury house Thurs. I believe production will aim for Adam, so Chen-bot can tear him apart on live TV.

Adam is screwed either way.


The only thing that can make to tomorrow better if after Dani is gone Jeff , Adam or Jordan follows


Seeing Dani hold the door open for Jeff to come right behind her in the Double Eviction would be great.


wow as each moment goes by dani is turning in to rachel, she is playing the victim, i hope she goes home, she didnt like bein called out in front of shelly, she hid the chess peices, and she is mad that people are blaming her for hiding them. waaaaaaaaaaaaa, trying to get her fools to do her dirty work, and its not working, its sweet justice that she will be in the jury house with brendon………..


Newbie is winning BB.


I sure hope so!!!


Adam is going to regret his stupidity. The path of least resistance is for losers. Not a single vet respects any of the newbies and he hasn’t realized that yet.

Midwest Fan

Jeff might slip up and call Adam, “Lawon,” by mistake. Let’s hope so. lol

Somehow Adam has to understand that Jeff and Jordan have been
lying to him the entire time.


Adam is literallllllly.. the dumbest player in big brother history.. him and his damn man crush on Jeff.. and watch, once they get a chance they will send adam packing like its his vacation


Dani had him on the block so he was in danger during his HoH. However, has Adam ever asked JJ how they were going to vote when he and Dom were on the block? Without the failed BD on Jeff, does Adam have any clue where JJ were going with their vote???? We know..

Uncle Cool

The newbies should be trying to convince Adam to vote out Dani and make an alliance with Shelly, Kalia, Porsche and Adam against Jerkoff Jeff, Air(head) Jordan and Psycho Rachel.

That would be how intelligent people play the game.


Exactly. I like Dani she’s entertainment me by getting the NeanderTALL out, but it’s her time to go, we can’t have Jordan doing nothing and getting another 500k, I want a newbie to win and right about now Shelly is the ONLY one who deserves the money she’s done more work turning the house around than anyone….


either a newbie or Team Skank(Rachel)


I’d be fine with that too. But I honestly don’t see Adam turning against Jeff and Jordan.


team rachel!


“She claimed it is a pussy move to backdoor someone… Really?”

No, not really. She never claimed it was a “pussy move” to backdoor someone. Please provide the flashback time. Thanks.


cmon adam have some backbone


But if Adam is smart, he will throw Shelly under the buss and he will be F3

The Duke

You Dani stalkers can’t see reason. Adam is playing the smartest move possible right now. If he was Jeff’s lap dog he’d be ratting out Shelly, which he isn’t. If he or Shelly wins, Jeff and Jordan go up with a Rachael backdoor if Jeff wins PoV. If Jordan or Rachael wins, then he isn’t incriminated whatsoever and is safe. If OPS win, he won’t be a target either. Get your collective tongues out of Dani’s lying asshole.

Nick B

He is jeff’s lapdog, and he is ratting out shelly, he’s just being subtle about it.

think about it, he’s telling jeff that dani is working him for votes…but dani needs three votes to stay…adam is carefully, cautiously, urging jeff to consider who that 3rd vote must be…and why that “mystery” 3rd vote hasn’t been informing him of dani’s campaigning.

Read between the lines…


Adam, don’t listen to Ms. Backstabbing Barbie doll. She trying to persuade your votes to keep Danielle. You don’t want to pissed off Jeff and Jordan. Just stay with Jeff and Jordan, they will protect you and make sure your not a bigger target. The only bigger target is Dani and she is no remorse, self-centered, and don’t care about everything. It’s double eviction, you have to vote Dani for the eviction. She is a bigger target and she needs to go now. Danielle is using you and make you do what she says. She is not to be trusted, lied, and even backdooring. Jeff/Jordan/Rachel promise that your not a target. The only target is Danielle, Porsche, and Kaila.


LOL JJ have already discussed keeping R and S before Adam. So he’s 3rd on their list to get out after this week. Adam wouldn’t be higher than 4th on Dani’s. JJR come first for her in one order or the other?


Adam can only get to final four if he wins HOH. Plus, he lacks the cajones to put up Jeff himself. Kor D/P/S/A will target JJR first. If Adam squeezes out an HOH when questions come up, he’ll have final three. It’s not such a stupid plan, he’s living on a prayer anyway. But I doubt he’ll flip unless Dani gets inside his head and he spazzes out.


Everybody is just too sensitive…hiding things is nothing new…past seasons for ex., cleaning toilet w/ other competitors toothbrush, destroying cigarettes, pouring water on Jen’s head. Does any of this ring a bell?


This is awesome shit, Adam is spilling his convo’s to Jeff, and holding nothing back, Goodbye little Dani, have fun with Bookie. I used to like Dani, but all the filthe and trash coming out of her mouth the past few days, and her help from production, has not made me a fan. Evil Dick is right about his daughter.


Adam needs to consider at this point that he’s isolating himself from the two people was possibly closest to before this week: P and S. The aftermath might leave him with just JJ. Bad.


Adam is a fool if he believes anything Dani says. She just hates losing and is dreading Brendans reaction when she walks in the door Thursday.


Adam has never been one of my favorites, but I kind of feel bad at how he is basically being harrassed by Dani. They all talk about Jeff and Brendon being bullies, but when Brendon knew he was leaving, he didn’t harrass people…including Jeff and Jordan who were in his alliance.

I wonder what Dani is like in real life because she is not a very pleasant person in this game. If she’s on the block or she’s in power, she always projects this air of negativity and superiority. She’s too young to be so bitter about everything and everyone.

I realize that they all want to win the game and win the money, but Dani seems over-the-top desperate to win. Its like life or death for her….it can’t just be about the money. I wonder if it has something to do with her weird-ass relationship with her dad??

Regarding Shelly…I was on the fence about her. I laughed about her “straight shooting”, but really believed she would stay loyal to J&J….now, I think she’s as bad as everyone here has been saying.

I’m still Team J&J!

P.S. I really think its terrible when people use the “R” word in reference to Jordan. Call her stupid, dumb or whatever, if you must….but the “R” word is really hateful. (yes, I like Jordan, but I can’t stand that word used to describe anyone). I’m not a prude or overly PC, I just think that word is terrible. My two cents.

Malcolm Delaney

Adam the worst Big Brother player ever?……some of you have really short memories….Lawon took home that honor two weeks ago


lol Kalia and Lawon… Kalia was so scared of the “twist” she put up someone in her own alliance. (idiots)


Lawanda was just stupid Adam is lazy and stupid. (sick of his short story’s he takes 2 hrs to tell) the ultimate waste of my time to watch.


really, it’s Lawon, Kalia and anyone else from the newbie side that went along with it lmao.


Guys, look at it from Adam’s viewpoint, even overlooking Dani’s strength in the game, in his eyes:

-Dani has turn on her alliance before
-Dani campaigned for him to leave and Dom to stay
-Dani then put him up on the block. If he hadn’t won that POV he would have been screwed.
-JJ, on the other hand, haven’t put him up yet

If i was in the game, no feeds, no seeing what’s in the DR, I wouldn’t trust Dani either!


If Adam tells Jeff what Shelly is doing, a heck would break loose
and that would make for some good tv. Adam, Rachel, JJ vote
out Dani, only leaves SKP, and show finally gets interesting. I think
house meeting is in order.


If I were Shelly I would vote to keep Dani. It’s obvious that Adam is not going to switch his vote. Him and Jeff are attached at the butt. Anyways my thinking behind this is Adam keeps telling JJR that DP are working him hard to switch his vote. He hasn’t mentioned Shelly. So, if Shelly votes to keep Dani she will probably still be evicted but with 2 votes to stay JJR will think it was Adam that voted for her to stay. If anything else it gets Shelly further in the game and breaks up the JJRA alliance a little more. They all drive me nuts. I wish Adam would just flip flop. For such a big fan he should know he needs to make big moves to win.

bbfan yo!

So…I never thought I would say this….but I am turning into a Rachel fan! I guess I am a “floater” because it has been hard for me to pick a favorite this season. I like Jeff and Jordan during their season…but not as much this time. I liked Dick and Dani in their season but I loathe Dani this season. I hated Brenchel a lot during their season……but Rachel seems to have calmed down and is acting pretty normal….I am finding myself actually rooting for her. I really hope the final 3 is R,J,J….and that Adam is final 4. He is more loyal to JJ than Shelly. I wish Adam would out Shelly….but knowing J,J they would think Adam was lying and just trying to cause problems……I know everyone thinks Adam is just kissing Jeff’s butt, however I think he is playing very smart. If he votes to keep Dani….he has a player still in the house that has proven herself to be mean and dishonest and will be hard to beat plus in the process he gains an enemy in R and JJ. Dani’s alliance only has one strong player…her… the chances he would go home increase by a lot. Anyways, just my 2cents…..


^^^ because she’s heavily medicated … duhhh!


wish it was shelHE GOING. He (she) keeps getting more and more masculine as the show goes on, by the end of it all he (she) will have a penis.


the best thing that could happen in this show is dani leaving then jeff following right behind in the double eviction… but the newbies need to ban together and make it happen from the beginning the vets have ruled the house and now its time for them to go


Team Adam! Best BB player period. Keep on hating haters!

Nick B

to make such a gross overstatement as to call Adam the best BB player ever, just to counteract the amount of Adam – hate on these boards really only points out his fan base’s desperation in defending him.


Yeah.. poor Adam.. a bit of an idiot.


Adam is just plain stupid. even if Porshe and Dani said they’ll sleep with him, he’ll just say no and say he’s saving himself for big jeff. Adam…you sir are a pussy!!!!




an amazing body???? she desperately needs to eat more food