Big Brother Spoilers: Dani says that she knows this is pathetic but she is even willing to give a one sided deal where if he gets the chance he can vote her out. *Updated*

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11am – 11:50am Out in the backyard, Adam says that he for sure thinks this HOH will be one where the winner is crowned on the show. Rachel starts quizing Adam on what happened on certain days. Adam is thinking and trying to answer… and says that it too early to be answering questions. Rachel says I don’t think anything happened that day anyways. Rachel continues to ask him dates. Dani tells Adam to stop hurting his brain its not worth it. Adam says that one thing he won’t miss is smelling other peoples farts. Rachel goes over to the washer and dryer where Shelly is… Dani says please call Rachel to the diary room! Dani starts whispering and tells Adam that she swears on her grandmothers life that if he does this for her she will own him and do anything he wants. Dani that he doesn’t even have to tell anyone and that they can surprise everyone… Rachel comes back over and Adam changes the conversation saying he wants to work out. Rachel sits inbetween them both. Dani is annoyed and gets up and goes inside. Dani complains to Shelly about how Rachel sat right between them both… she is so annoying. Shelly says and why is he telling her information about the days …I have told him no less than five times not to do that. Dani says study your on your own.

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Back out in the yard, Rachel and Adam are talking. Rachel asks if she inturruped their conversation. Adam and Rachel shake on that he is with them 100%. Adam says that you and I have to stick together …and that he was talking to Jordan about getting the other side out and then go after each other. Adam tells Rachel that Dani was trying to get him to save her. Adam says that he doesn’t want to hide behind Daniele doing her dirty work. Rachel says that once she leaves the house will change. Adam says as a friend I like her but that he has no shot going head to head with her. Adam heads inside and Dani continues to work him for her vote. Dani says that her dad would love him if he kept her ..and that he might even like his facebook page. Dani says that you have always rooted for the underdog and you have always said that back dooring people is a pussy move. Adam tells Dani that she did have a chance to play for the veto. Dani says yeah and he swore up and down that I was safe. Adam says …just playing devil’s advocate ..and you believed him. Adam says not to be conceited but I am the underdog. Dani says yeah you are and you need to get them out. Dani tells Adam that he can’t do it alone. Dani says that she would take the crappiest of crappy deals … I will do anything.. I would never put you up ever. Dani says that no one would ever know .. and you can make up whatever you want. Adam says they will still know. Dani says if they win next week you are going up ..period! Dani asks what do you need …what do you need to hear? Adam says that he just needs time.. Dani says you have all the time in the world …you have 24hours ..I don’t want to harass you though. Adam says that he wouldn’t respect her if she didn’t fight to be here. Dani says that she knows this is pathetic but she is even willing to give a one sided deal where if he gets the chance he can vote her out. Adam says that he needs to think about all the options and that he is a logical person. Jeff comes down and the conversation ends.

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Meanwhile out in the backyard Rachel and Shelly are talking about how Dani is trying to persuade Adam to change his vote. Shelly says that he won’t switch his vote, he is with us. Rachel says that she doesn’t thinks he is not going to switch his vote either. Jeff heads out into the backyard. They talk about winning HOH and about past competitions.

11:50am Dani and Adam really start to get heated. Adam is really not happy with how things happened earlier in the game and that what happened made him not trust her …and makes it hard for him to move forward. Dani says that she has always tried to keep him in this house. Dani says that if you are in my tight alliance then I will protect you. Adam says sorry for calling her out like this but … Dani says no I want you to that we are on the same page. Adam says that she has to give him time ..its not a snap decision. Jeff comes through the kitchen to go to the diary room and Adam says picture time! Dani says there is no reason for me to go against you…

11:55am – 12:10pm Jeff comes out of the diary room with the HOH camera. Jeff heads up to the HOH room and tells Jordan the that chess pieces are back. Jordan says no way! Jeff says yeah I was going to take a picture of the blank chess board. The talk of the chess being found is all over the house. Shelly swears on her life that she did not hid the chess pieces. Adam says that when ever he talks photos with his girlfriends they always turn out fanominal … Porsche says girlfriends? I like it! Adam says my female friends …my friends without penises.

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12:30pm Porsche and Kalia are in the candy room talking. Porsche is telling Kalia about how Dani is only able to vent to Shelly and Porsche …that she hates being on the block with Kalia. Kalia says that it sucks because she is a fix it person and because we are both on the block I can’t do anything. Porsche talks about how Dani is just really emotional because she is on the block and has her period. Porsche and Kalia leave the room and head to the kitchen. Jeff tells them that they need to go get Dani so that they can take pictures and so that it won’t beweird if she’s not there with them. The cameras switch to Jordan and Rachel out in the backyard talking about how they were talking to Adam for a long time last night and that they all just really need to stick together. Rachel says that she feels a lot better now that Adam talked to her this morning and how they shook hands on sticking together. Adam joins them outside by the couches.

12:50pm – 1pm Jeff, Rachel and Jordan talk about how Kalia can’t win HOH this week. Rachel says that she will be like this is for you Daniele! Kalia and Porsche come out into the backyard to take more photos. Jeff has been asked Rachel and Porsche how to spell their names he is surpriesed it wasn’t the way he thought. Jordan asks Rachel what her favorite bible verse is? Rachel says that she doesn’t know… she doesn’t read the bible as much as she should. Jordan says that he favorite one is the one about the lord is my shepard. Jordan and Rachel talk about random stuff. Jeff is sitting there in silence.

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278 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Dani says that she knows this is pathetic but she is even willing to give a one sided deal where if he gets the chance he can vote her out. *Updated*

  1. Is that a man holding that egg? looks like it to me, she makes manly faces, women should never ever do that

            1. “””Adam says that he doesn’t want to hide behind Daniele doing her dirty work. “””” wwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaatttt???? know youll just do all of jeffs instead of making your own moves. i really hope adam that you keep daniele… i really do.

        1. Wouldn’t mind seeing Rachel taking out JJ. And can’t wait to see Jeff take Adam out and break the poor fat bastards heart.

    1. Dani tells him that she even would do a one sided deal where he can vote her out. YES, THAT”S EXACTLY WHAT HE’S GOING TO DO. But, sooner. See ya.

      1. I hope Adam gets his ass handed to him when he returns to Jersey for being such a pussy whipped bitch. I’ve never seen anyone kiss up to people as much as he does. His whole metal head “arrggh” being a hard ass persona is fake. He wont be remembered for much after this season – not even by the Jeff fans who like him right now.

    2. As long as it isn’t a pic of her eating. I have never seen anybody stick their tongue out like her when they eat. It really grosses me out. She’s just disgusting inside and out.

      1. not meg- omg i want to strangle her every time she’s eating… i’ve said before it’s best described as a Starving Lizard. Disgusting
        And she THROWS the food up to her mouth all crazy-person-like….. sometimes to make my teenage daughter laugh, i pretend i’m rachel when i’m eating and we die laughing.

        1. honestly, its not cool to bash a person u dont know. ever think she has a problem and that is why she eats like that. she wears a retainer and when not in i notice people do eat a little funny. I know this due to my cousin wearing a retainer. again, give the woman a break. what if it was you that was being talked about in this manner. its a game, reality tv, gosh you do not know this one from day one. if she annoys u that much then turn the channel. we as fans get so caught up in the bashing until u forget that regardless these people are still human beings.

        2. Teach your teenage daughter, some respect. Instead of going around making fun of people who have done nothing bad towards you, and doesn’t even know you. You are a poor excuse for a parent. Sickening. I get it, you hate her, but you’re a parent… not a teenager. Ew, act your age.

          1. Who the f*ck are you? She’s a GREAT MOTHER for spending time with her daughter. Rachel does eat f*clef up and she’s an annoying b*tch. Get off your high horse and pick on someone else, you’re PATHETIC! You should be ashamed of yourself – classless fool…

              1. Why do you keep changing your name? Guess it makes sense since all you make are pathetic comments douche bag!

            1. Torontosfinest (and anonymous lol)…. Thanks for stickin up for me when I wasn’t around! We would totally have a final 3 deal….. :)

      2. First time commenting…faithfull reader! Has anyone else noticed how Rachel eats…she takes a huge bite, chews once or twice (with her mouth open) and then swallows.

        I know it is asking the impossible for Dani to stay, but come on…when are the floaters going to put it together that once Dani is gone, they are next. Jeff has flat out said he needs Rachel to stay because she is a bigger target…so who do they think he will come after next?

        For once Shelly is making sense with tring to keep Dani. Adam’s reason is that he can’t beat Dani…so he really thinks he is going to beat Jeff? If Dani goes…I am chearing for Porsche!

  2. Hope Adam votes Dani out and teams up with Rachel and takes out Jeff and Jordan. After they are gone get rid of Shelly and then Porsche! And I can’t stand Rachel! At least Adam is sticking up for himself to Dani! These veterans had their chance.

    1. I agree. Dani is relentless. Just go home already with your “big game moves”! Adam has to see how that turned out for her.

      1. Adam do not keep that lying faced Dani in this game. She is a liar and you know she would say anything to save her lying face. She will evict you the minute you turn your back on her. Stick with your alliance and then just fight it out in the end. Your honesty and your integrity could very possibly win you the whole thing if you just stay true to your alliance. You have to remember that if you go against Jeff Jordan Rachel and Brendon you will have no chance to win the money because they will never ever vote for you to win. Think and Play smart not Dani DUMB!!!!

          1. Not this HOH…but you are stupid if you think she wouldnt NEXT one….Adam is expendable to her too…shes a game player like everyone else…remember that.

            1. Really? You don’t think Jeff, Rachel, Jordon would all come before superthreat Adam? Jordon’s already talking about getting Adam and Shelly out sooner than later. That’s the ‘alliance’ you want him to stay loyal too?

              1. Dani will take out JJ and Racel before she even thinks about Adam. If he kept her why would she come after him? Eventually you have to turn on people but Adam is going home if he doesn’t flip.

      2. LOL if she’s laying in bed people say she doesn’t play the game and when she’s campainging to stay in she needs to just shut up and go home. It doesn’t work that way unless you’re a spineless jellyfish and she isn’t.

        1. But that’s a crappy way to campaign. Promising Adam the world won’t make him flip. she needs to offer him something that he can see her actually doing then she might have a slightly larger shot at staying. Adam’s not an idiot. If Dani stays in the game, she wouldn’t do everything that Adam tells her to as she promised.

          1. This I agree with. She needs to lay out the logical conclusion of his current path. ‘Once they take me out you’re next up guaranteed. They’re not threatened by Kalia or Porsche or Shelly, they are threatened by your knowledge. You see how Rachel’s always asking you questions to see how much you know? She’s using it to prove to JJ how dangerous you’re going to be so that you’re first oneout as soon as they don’t need your vote anymore. Which will be next week. You send me to jury and you’ll be joining me right after.’

        2. exactly. and i love that people keep calling her a liar because EVERYONE in the house is lying including precious JJ.

      3. It would be a bold move for Shelly and Adam to vote Kalia’s eviction. Jeff would so lose it. Jordon whining “but we never lied to anybody” At least our balloon wouldn’t be deflated by the Yankee (pronounced YenKay).

      4. Hmmh, well I think that speaks about her character. She won’t just lie down and give up. She’s a fighter and will keep fighting till the bitter end. I respect that about her. Apparently that’s not your style though. Better to go out a lamb than a lion?

          1. LOL Rachels Shrink….’friend without a penis’

            Side Note:
            It’s so funny when someone writes ‘Dani Lover’ or ‘Adam Hater’…

            I think those of us rooting for Dani…actually like Dani and want her to go far…
            we don’t give a F about Adam’s game…
            doesn’t make us a hater…
            just rooting for Dani.

            Hysterical Side Note:
            PPl thinking that Adam will be the next HOH, then the next, then the next…
            like no one else gets to play for it besides Adam.

            I honestly think if Adam wanted ‘any” chance at the money he would jump ship…
            but no, he wants to be Jeff’s girlfriend instead…

        1. You Adam haters/Dani lovers are hilarious. You REALLY think that a student of the game that lost a shitload of weight and applied 8 times is just going to roll over and hand the game to Jeff??? But keeping another strong Vet in the house is smart??? He’s playing the game best suited to his skill set, and he’s using Jeff as the big dumb shield that he is. The first chance he gets to win a mental comp and back door Jeff, he’ll do it. He knows how to play this game, and keeping Dani is not a smart move. The logic of keeping her to take out Jeff is STUPID. If she’s strong enough to take out Jeff, then WHO will be able to take HER out??? Jeff is technotronic DUMB, while Dani is good at both physical AND mental comps. Adam knows he can beat Jeff in the mental comps to come. You people are delusional.

          1. Rachel said it way back at the beginning. ‘Superfans make the worst game players’. I’m starting to see what she meant.

          2. YOUR plan (or your interpretation of Adam’s plan) absolutely requires that Adam win an HOH before Kalia and Porsche are eliminated, because they are likely to be the next two to go and ADAM is next in line after that.

            If he aligns with Dani and Co, he is behind JJR at a minimum, and there is only one strong competitor (Dani) that he theoretically has to beat, whereas there are two (Jeff and Rachel) on the other side.


            1. but competitiveness wise, Rachel and Jeff are overrated. Rachel won an HOH which Dani threw to her and and a POV with Brendon. Jeff won an HOH and a POV in the same week. Dani is a proven tough competitor, she’s going to be harder to beat than Jeff and Rachel combined. She needs to go.

            2. You’re logic is completely wrong. If he aligns with Dani & co, then not only will he STILL have to worry about Dani, but then he will be Jeff & co’s target for flipping. He wouldn’t be behind JJR, anymore. If he votes Dani OUT, THEN he’s still behind Jeff and Rachel as they are the biggest targets. Your plan leaves TWO strong players in the house, and Adam at the bottom of everyone’s ‘totem poles’ while also being at the top of their ‘hit lists’ since he flipped. Like I said, you people are freaking delusional. You’re plan…..


              Team Bacon, FTW!!!!!

              1. we will see whose logic is correct.
                Please feel free to admit your mistake before the door hits Adam in the ass.

                1. I’ve got no problem admitting when I’m wrong, but you Dani lovers aren’t making any sense. I get that you want her to stay. I like Dani, and thinks she makes things more entertaining. I also HATE Jeff for the way he treats women in general. That does NOT mean that keeping Dani is the best game move for Adam. Just like Adam being smart enough to use Jeff as his shield for another week or two does not mean he wants to suck Jeff’s dick. If this was Dani doing this with a stronger male, or any female doing this with a stronger male, would you be talking all this shit or would you be saying what a smart game move it is for them to place a bigger target in front of them and using them? He has ONE of the 3 strongest players going home this week, and next week he’ll have either Shelly, Porsche, and Kalia taking out Brendon or Rachel, OR he’ll have JJR taking out Porsche (maybe even Shelly if her house of lies crumbles). The ONE thing I think Adam should be doing, but I’m not judging yet b/c he may be saving it until later, is he should expose Shelly and place another target in front of himself. He is likely saving that until he needs it.

                  Team Bacon, FTW!

                  1. sorry, meant he’ll either have Kalia, Porsche, Shelly taking out JEFF(not Brendon) or Rachel, OR he will have JJR taking out Porsche. Jeff vs. Adam in mental comp= win for Bacon.

                    1. Ok i will explain what my view is on keeping daniele.

                      scenario #1: Dani goes, Kalia stays, Bacon with JJ

                      You now have adam,jj,and rachel, adam will be at the bottom because they will want rachel in final two, and jeff will want jordan to stay as long as possible for company, so adams at the bottom, plus hes working with 3 vets, being the only newb, AND ill even give the benefit that adam isnt just up jeffs ass and he actually wants to play with him because he wins etc.. jeff cant play next week so that leaves rachel, jordan and adam. Exclude jordan because shes useless, rachel is ok but not exactly doing well this year and shes not as good as porsche. so that leaves adam to HAVE to win next week for himself up against porche, kalia and potentionally shelly, and kalia is good at mind and porche at physical, althouogh adam is good too, its a high dependence. On top of that, consider that jeff probably knows that adam will vote for him in jury no matter what, and will probably want him in there and not final two.

                      scenario #2: Dani stays, Kalia goes, Bacon with PSD

                      ok so right away you have the 4 of them playing hoh against rachel and jordan, say dani wins, she will for sure be after jeff.
                      say adam wins, he can put up daniele if he really wanted, but why not get rid of jeff, jordan and rachel will be useless and next week it could just be ASRJ and they could take out dani if they REALLY wanted
                      but say..
                      adam sticks to DPS and they take out jeff. next week adam isnt playing and hes got daniele, porsche and shelly playing for him to stay against jordan and rachel. and since he wants rachel out whoever wins will certainly agree to that.
                      Keep in mind as well with going to DSP adam is not on the bottom because he will have shelly and dani will have porsche HOWEVER porsche is smart enough to know dani would need to go before final two so that automatically brings him up with a better chance and adam may think that he will do danis dirty work but shes fine doing it herself and everyone elses, so why not use that your advantage
                      because face it
                      adam cant beat jeff in final two, so why not let dani take him out then take her out, she’ll still respect you for the game move and jeff wont be pissed you (lets face it jeff is gonna hate whoever kicks him out)

            3. I actually expect Adam to go before Kalia or Porsche. You know they’re concerned about his memory of facts and his loyalty, they’re not scared of Kalia or Porsche once Dani is gone.

            4. how do you figure Adam is next in line when porsche or kalia win HOH? lmao ummm i think Jeff and Rachel are way huger targets to them than wack Adam.
              I’m tired of everyone saying Adam is making a SMART move… no this shit is DUMB on his part….. if he saves Dani and sticks with DKPS, he has some WAY bigger targets in front of him and a steady alliance that will keep him for a bit. If he was so SMART he would wonder why in the world they’re so stuck on keeping Rachel… and realize he isn’t crap to them. Do the math Dummy. I don’t care what anyone says… he’s not thinking he’s just following the cool guy and it’s going to bite him in the ass.

              1. I know people may disagree but to be fair one of jj needs to go. The partner thing against newbies needs to be evicted CBS. The Jeff Jordon dating thing …. I show more affection to my carpet cleaner.

            5. It never ceases to amaze how emotionally invested people get with reality stars who they don’t even know and will never meet.

              1. if you were aiming that at me- my post wasn’t replying to yours even though it seems that way, it was replying one way before yours but the moderation timing threw it off. so…. yea…..

                if it’s not aimed at me… :) cheers


                1. It wasn’t! It was intended to be a stand alone post and somehow got attached to yours. Damn you wordpress!!! Damn you to hell!!!!

          3. He was dumb enough to keep Rachel in the game! so ummm yeah lets not hype Adam too much, he even admitted hes made dumb moves all season!

          4. I am actually a Jeff/Jordan fan, so of course I want Adam to vote out Dani for them. However, it is also a great move for Adam’s game. Adam is smarter than Jeff! He is NOT smarter than Dani. He has a slight edge over Jeff, that he does not have with Dani. Time to face facts, Dani fans: it is time for her to go home.

          5. As delusional as you for thinking Adam is smart? Dani is right, he’ll only be remembered for wearing an elf suit!

        2. That’s pretty I’m sitting here listening to Carly Simon’s “You’re so Vain” Finally figured out who the song was written about.. It’s gotta be Jeff!!!

    2. Next Dani will offer him sex with her and Evil in a threesome. I bet she’s even offer or maybe performed some sex acts in the DR for food or some golden power (and they all do her and then laugh). She’s looking like a crack head wanting just one more hit (I’ll do anything, ahahahahhaha). LOSER.

      1. Dani should be telling Rachel she will be offering Brendon sex in the jury house if she votes to evict her.

        I don’t know why Dani isn’t working Rachel harder – when Porsche was doing it, it was beginning to work. If she worked Rachel as hard as she is working Adam, Rachel could flip.

        She could also suggest that Rachel vote for her and then pin it on Adam because Jeff is already suspicious of Adam because he talks to Dani a lot and Rachel never does.

      2. Wow, sick in the head to think up shit like that.Hmmmm, and maybe the secret twist is that Jeff and Adam are actually secret lovers outside of the house. That’s why Adam is so mezmarized by him.

    1. Dani is a loser and a gamer . Get over your self and live up to your faults and game play. Not so funny looking up into the Hoh now is it…whhhaaa!

  3. Dani cant get it through her thick skull that he is voting her out. “What do you need to hear from me”?…This is your desperate plea??…That only tells him you will say ANYTHING that he wants to hear just so he will vote you to stay. If Im Adam, I come back with. I want you to tell everyone in the house how you, kalia, shelly, and porsche talk about rachel behind her back. I would make her dance for her food if I was Adam.

    This is where is a pussy. When she talked about the backdooring then why didnt he bring up that she backdoored brendon last week and he didnt even get to play for the veto??he honestly could counter 95% of the stuff she is spewing all over the floor….

    1. I think it is hysterical that Adam pointed out to Dani that she wasn’t backdoored because she got to play in the veto! Starting to like Adam more and more!

      1. Adam is finally starting to take up for himself, i kinda like it. Now he needs to tell Jeff that leather face has a chainsaw.

        1. If i was Adam I’d say ok to Dani and say lets keep it between us. Then tell Jeff what is up. then Dani will leave him alone so he can have some quiet. Then voting day he votes Dani out. Then they will see where Shelly voted and she be outed! Ta Duh!!

    2. She said anything Adam wants, not anything you want. Talking shit about Rachel is the duty of any sane person. That girl is horrible.

      1. no arguement that rachel is bad. my only issue with these others and rachel to some extent is they seem to try and take the high road..if you are going to be that way just say hey im that way so i cant knock her for being that way..just like the lieing that goes on in here..everyone lies, stop beinh holier than now and just accept it..

  4. Dani is driving me mental, she must be a total pain in the ass in the house. Pack your bags beatch youre gone!
    Rachel is less annoying srsly, Dani has to go and if Adam changes his vote i’ll crap myself. Only thing more
    annoying is when Shelly blows kisses to the camera with her leather pouches she calls lips!

    1. I completely agree! When she does her double finger kiss thing I want to gag. She looks like a raisin. STAY OUT OF THE SUN!

    2. Let me guess…You have blinders on while watching your edited version of this show… Because NOBODY would agree that Rach-ho is less annoying in BB history..!!!!!!1

      1. Rachel has been far less annoying this season, shes not as annoying as Shelly or Dani. No blinders, just an observation. Dani is a total bitch and I hope shes out like last nights dinner.

  5. Maybe Dani should remove Jeff’s balls from Adam’s mouth…
    before she speaks with him next time.

    Adam is still on the weeks ago crap…
    he’ll spit out Jeff’s balls once he realizes that Jeff will backdoor him too…
    that will be a priceless moment.

    1. I’m beginning to think Adam has his own game plan. He keep saying Dani will be harder to get out. I’m wondering if he isn’t weighing out Jeff vs. Dani and, considering the competition has been geared for Jeff lately, thinks that Dani would have a better chance of winning than Jeff. It will be interesting to see what Adam actually does do if he wins HOH. I suspect that he might actually put Jeff and Jordan up. Based on his conversation with Kalia, I’m starting to think he may join up with a newbie alliance once he gets the last vet off that side. He’ll certainly have the numbers if he does.

      I think Dani leaving actually opens the door for some interesting game play. I thought it was completely unfair that they brought back vets in this way and then as trusted team mates on top of it. At the newbies should have been given a trusted team mate as well just to make it somewhat fair.

      1. I will agree that I did not like the whole “vets” twist…
        I already cannot wait for next season…

        I don’t think that Adam willl get far…
        in either scenario.

    2. I’m surprised Jeff’s outburst at Adam for taking the have-nots side about the eggs isn’t being talked about. He treated him like shit and made it seem like he wasn’t to be trusted because he suggested that the HN’s eggs shouldn’t be used for decorating. Like WTF does that have to do with Adam’s loyalty to JJ? Big Jeff will brook no departures or you will feel his wrath!

      1. This happened? I didn’t see a post on it. Jeffs a huge douche when inside the BB house, only his love struck followers would disagree.

    3. The question is: Where the heck have you been?

      FACT: All talk about Adam has been centered around him
      being attached to Jeff’s lower anatomy.

      1. No, all talk from Team Dani followers have been “why won’t Adam trade down and piss off three people that are staying in the game so that Dani can stay? Sure, Dani did put him on the block, and yeah, she said if he and Shelly were the one’s left she would have elected to keep Shelly, but hey Adam wasn’t Dani’s target, Brendon was. So why won’t stupid, ball-sucking Adam see what a great deal it would be to him to flip his vote to Dani? I just don’t understand his logic? What a great deal for Adam if he flipped!”

        What kind of moron would Adam be to dump JJR to ride in the bowels of the SS Estrogen? Clowns I tell you, absolute clowns.

        1. Your username pretty much screams ‘don’t take me seriously, it’s obvious I hate a particular player and every post I make will be horribly biased by that fact’.

          Please explain what scenario gets Adam to win the money sticking to Jeff’s alliance? He’s the last man in that alliance, extremely disposable and Rachel’s already making moves to ensure he stays at the back of the line. He has no future there. You know what happens if he flips? They’ll go after Dani next, hell they’d go after Shelly before Adam (because Rachel hates Shelly and JJ will feel more betrayed).

          If they keep Dani and she wins HoH she’ll take out Jeff
          HoH after that Jeff will be gone and Dani can’t play. Odds in the newbies favour. You’ll have the kalia, porsche, adam, shelly against Jordan(lol) and Rachel(who’s more of a competitor in her own mind than she is in real life). They win put up Jordan and Rachel. If veto is used you can then either put up a pawn and evict rachel, or backdoor dani. Either way the newbs control the votes at this point

  6. Im not sure I understand Jeff’s decision here. If Dani goes, than Jeff and Jordan are the next ones on the block by any of the houseguests. Seems he gave away his own safety to me and built a huge target for who…Porsche! get out of here Kalia or Porsche should have gone this week not Dani

    1. Dani was going to come after him no matter what. He gets the best player on the other side out. What’s hard to understand about that? He still thinks he has Rachel,Shelly, Adam, Jordan so it would only make sense for him to do that.

      Even if he does go up he can potentially win the veto.

      1. Mistake #1. There are no actual ‘sides’, you don’t win the game when the other side is all evicted, it just means you’re the first one to be cut loose if all the power players in your alliance are still there.

    2. Jeff wants Dani gone because she is good at winning comps., and I think that is why Adam will vote her out. Everyone thinks Adam is so stupid but she will win the next HOH comp. She is the biggest threat. I used to like her but she is acting like a complete baby.

    3. Because Jeff thinks his alliance either has his back 100%(RJ) or are completely not worrying about (SA). He’s only worried about Porsche and Kalia, and even then he feels he has the votes. I expect sooner or later he’s going to have an unpleasant shock

  7. Come on Adam!!!! This is ur one chance to do smthinh big in this house! I promise if dani goes home i will stop watching BB and only read the feeds! If dani out the door.. Team Porscia..then team SS…then team…Vegas!

    1. Then stop watching because if that lying Dani stays then a lot of the rest of us will stop watching because she just makes a lot of us want to Gag every time she comes on the screen and starts her crying, begging or lying. SICK of Dani and want her out Thursday.

    2. If I were Adam, I’d make a big move.. but not the one Dani wants him to make.

      I’d be going to the HOH tonight and having a sit down with JJR and tell them what Shelly’s been up to, and how she’s trying to cross them by campaigning to keep Dani over Kalia and that this is why Dani keeps trying to bug Adam.. because she only needs one more vote (she has Shelly and Porshe).. Adam being that one more vote she needs. That’s why Shelly has also been hanging out with them all the time now, too.

      They’d be able to see it if they opened their eyes. Also, the fact that Shelly has been talking to Jordan and doubting their alliance with Rachel in it and where Shelly stands should be proof enough that Shelly is thinking of keeping Dani over Kalia.

      If that isn’t proof enough, I’d tell them that I’d wake up early (Thursday morning) and that I’d leave the door open a bit so that they can hear the conversation. I’d then tell Shelly I’ve thought about it, and I agree with HER plan to keep Dani (I emphasize her/Shelly so they’d know it her plan to begin with and that she’s the one that came to me with it). I’d ask Shelly if I voted to keep Dani, would Shelly also vote the same way.. of course she’d say yes, and then I’d tell her that I’d vote to keep Dani too then.

      In reality, I wouldn’t vote for her stay, and when the vote reads 3-2, and Dani puts on her smile thinking she’s staying, Julie would say, “Dani, you’ve been EVICTED”, and they’d know Shelly was the 2nd vote in the failed attempt to keep Dani.

      It would obviously cause an uproar, but I’d sit back then I wouldn’t really be anyone’s target.

      JJR would think that I’m “with them” and Shelly would then be the bigger target than I am. Also, Kalia would know that Shelly has lied to her, yet again, about wanting Dani gone over Kalia and that they have an alliance.

      Even if I didn’t win the next HOH for double eviction, they’d be so worried about getting JJ broken up, or Shelly out, that I wouldn’t matter and I’d sit back and let them all fight. :)

  8. Skeletor Dani is looking rough this week. Her dad said when she was on slop during their season she wouldn’t eat and all she did was sleep and complain. I get the impression he doesn’t care that much for her.

    1. Stupid statement. Of course he loves his daughter. That comment is not based on anything. Try commenting on the game instead.

    2. Between his posts about her giving hand jobs under the blanket, saying they don’t get along and he has no respect for her, commenting in the past that he doesn’t care if he ever sees her again, it’s pretty clear there are major issues there.

  9. Yeah Danielle, making deals with every Houseguests. How stupid are you? That’s pathetic and every time you makes deals with them and you never broke that deal. Even in the beginning, you and your followers wanted to take out a stronger treat. Quit whining and bitchy about it. This is not Big Brother 8. You have no right to threat everyone except Head of House to vote for you. They can make the decision their own. You threaten Adam and Shelly, you call them your friends. Friends don’t do the dirty work for her. Secondly, you started of drama and even betray with the veterans. That’s totally sucks doesn’t it. Come on Dani, your on the block against Kaila. Face it, your screw and no chance of staying the house. Jeff’s right, they make their decision on their own not someone doing the dirty work. Please Dani, do me a favor, stop the drama, catiness and even scheming plans. Not even your crew Porsche and Kaila, they are nothing but floating around and no purpose of winning. You should stick with the Veterans. Also, stop making newbies as Puppets. It’s makes yourself a Puppetmaster. They should do this on their own. So, Danielle see you in the Jury House along with Kaila. Brendon will be happy to see you both. Good ridience and good luck with lying to everyone. You deserve to screwed. And stop being a cattiness.

    1. YES, YES and more YES!!!! DANI DESERVES to go and she has no one to blame but herself. Hate it every time that she even opens her mouth!!!

  10. HAHAHAH If I was Adam .. I’d make her have sex with me if she wanted my vote .. and afterwards I’d still vote her out ! LOL FREE SEX

    1. The bi*tch would probably do it. She would sleep with Adam for his vote. She is getting pathetic now. All respect is gone from Dani. She is begging like a sorry bi*ch that she is. I know, lets send a banner that says “stop your begging bi*ch”. Plane with banner, really people!!

  11. I just think it is sad that she is still trying to use her dad to stay in the house! I kind of hope Adam Wins it all!

    1. Adam has practically no chance to win it all if he stays with JJR.

      At least if he flips to DPS his odds increase a bit.

      But he’s too stupid to realize this.

      1. It has some merit. If Dani goes, his side gets out Kalia, Porshe and then him. He doesn’t know that though. He’s behind both Rachel and Shelly in their alliance. If Kalia goes, Dani’s side takes out Rachel, Jeff and Jordan before they target him. The couple has to be split for him to have a chance and the odds fo that happening go down if Dani leaves.

  12. “my dad will love you, he will like your fb page.” baby if that is all you got, time to go, you suck at making deals, you suck at joining up with people who are losers.

    1. Playing up Adam’s need for acceptance and fans is a crazy strategy that might shake him out of his starstruck daze.

    2. You have to admit that it is funny. And Adam is the kind of person who would actually care about the things that Dani is offering.I hope that they air that little segmetn on Thursday’s show. haha
      Team Dani, Yo!

    3. Seriously, how friggin pathetic is she. I appreciate how hard she is trying to stay. She is fighting hard and I think that is the way it should be. BUT, saying i might be able to get my dad to “like” your facebook page is literally one of the most pathetic/lame attempts to get a vote yet. If I were Adam I would be insulted lol

      1. It wasn’t at all lame.
        IF Dick was in the BB House then Adam would be attached to
        Dick’s butt, instead of Jeff’s.
        Dick is Adam’s #1 BB Hero.

        1. Don’t think Dick would want Adam so attached to his a**. He’d probably belt him upside the head with some pots and pans.

        2. I don’t think Adam would do whatever ED wanted if he was still in the house. The first week ED tried to make Adam vote Keith out and used the fact that Adam was a fan to do it (even tried intimidation) and Adam still voted to evict Porshe. K and S were the ones who flipped, he stayed true to his plan to have one of the newbs to win. I think that is what he is trying right now. Might have a little too much hope on PKS, but he is trying. Also, if he votes out K, he has one side of the house (JJR) mad at him and if they win, he will be their target if they can’t take Dani out because she wins POV. If he votes Dani out, he is still good with both sides. He keeps his alliance with JJR and he already worked K (PS will need him for numbers), so if they win they’ll try to get out JJR first, Dani already told them to try and take them out first. Plus, if he is on the block he could out Shelly and she will becaome the target (Rachel already hates her so it will be easy).

          Sorry Dani fans, but I think taking Dani out will be his biggest move.

  13. GO DANI GO.. Damn she’s good.. and we all know BB production team isnt going let Dani go!!!!! If i were Dani, i would ofter Bitch boy Adam 5 grand if he flips , but thats if she ends up winning the 500 g .. but if Dani goes, Im on team Shelly and team Porsha

    1. She is so good that she has had to resort to literally begging this week to try to stay, and she is so good that she is failing at begging for Adams vote.

    2. Shelly’s Cig:
      I like your idea, but I’d offer Adam $25 grand if she makes the final two. If he’s smart he’ll know that thats $25 grand more than he has a chance to win.

  14. Dani is pathetic. Go out with a little dignity chick. Adam would be stupid to take her deal, and he would look even more pathetic than her to America if he did. She is acting like a 5 year old. You tried, you made stupid moves that backfired on you, now it’s time to go! I really didn’t think anyone could be more annoying than Rachel either, but Dani definitely has her beaten. All her crying and whining talking about Jeff being dishonest. You are all dishonest; that’s the way the game is played! Duh you’d think you’d know that by now!

  15. Go home roach mouth Dani… Shelly you crap eyed smoker, take your lies and feed them to your daughter. Rachel is a lively and sweet girl. She is the only reason I watch still. Poor B. Gets BAck Doored and that’s okay, but Dani gets it right back and oh the crying little monster just can’t take it… Someone get Dani a spoonful of sugar because she’s getting a good taste of her own medicine… Eat it up, Dani, you dirty birdy!

  16. Send Dani packing. She is tough to look at, with all of her bones popping out of her face. She seems to think she is entitled to stay in the game, and that is why she is getting so aggressive with Adam. Dani and Shelly both need to stay inside out of the sun before the next person evicted accidently tries to carry them out of the house thinking its their luggage.

  17. Daniele has got to be the most obnoxious person in the house. She complained about Rachel non-stop when Rachel was on the block and sad to see Brendon go, now look at her. Nothing but whining and complaining and moaping around. I used to like her but now she is a pathetic hag. I feel bad for Simon and Dawg for having to listen to that annoying ass voice beg and plead to people all day. Who would have thought I would like Rachel more than Daniele?!?! GO TEAM JJRA! Oh and BTW, Get lost, Shelly, hopefully Adam exposes your ass!

  18. Why isn’t JJR even curious that Adam is getting worked so hard? They wouldn’t be working Adam so hard unless they already had another vote since Porsche and Adam WILL NOT get Dani off the block. I think in the next 24 when the pressure is ramped up on Adam, they will be able to tell that Shelly has flipped already and Adam is the final 3-2 vote.

    I want to see Shelly as the next man out. I can’t stand looking at his face any longer.

    1. I am also wondering why JJR aren’t wondering why the heck Shelly isn’t being stalked and tormented endlessly like Adam is … unless they are SO sure of her loyalty they assume she just shut them down? That would be beyond dumb though.

  19. This show is going to suck when Dani leaves. Someone’s got to grow a pair and get JJ out of the house. I agree that when Dani goes, I’m team Shelly and Porshe. I cannot stand Kalia and Adam is completely useless. For someone who has watched this show so much, his game has not benefited one bit.

    1. Im with you.. And for all the people who kep posting that Dani should give up… Have you watched BB before.. ? Things change hourly, why on this earth would you give up.? Adam said it himself. He respects her more for fighting and no rolling over like a jellyfish.. People please…….

  20. Adam’s head has been so far up Jeff’s backside, he needs to clean the sh*t out of his ears.



    1. At this point I’d actually laugh it Adam went home on double eviction. The look of shock on his face would be priceless… ‘But…but…I haven’t made my big move yet…..”

      1. Yep, it’d be too little too late. He’s being a moron if he actually thinks he’ll get any further. He talks about it being his time to start winning comps? Lol. He hasn’t done much to win yet, and the only reason he got the POV was because he begged for it.

  21. All that bitching dkp did about Rachel and how she acted on the block and being targeted for three weeks in a row and look the first time dani is kn the block she is out if control lying winning crying and being a bitch to her own friedmnd kalia!!!! I can’t stand her and I wish Adam would tell JJR a out shelly!!! That would move him up to final 4 and shelly would get the boot next!!!!! She lies way to comfortably! Maybe she has alter egos half of Shellie brain is 100 percent with Jjra and then her other half of her brain is 100 present with dkp lmao pathetic

  22. Someone, please tell Shelly to wear pants which fit her bony backside. I’m so sick of seeing her skinny ass and she runs around cleaning.
    Hey Shelly you missed a spot!

  23. How about this: Rachel flips the vote, rachel,porsche, shelly vote to evict kalia. jordan and adam vote to evict dani. then rachel flips out on adam and makes everyone think adam flipped. it would be better than watching the boring as real result…

  24. if you vote for me me my oger daddy dick might like you and friend ya on hatebook and u can sux his lollipop??????? XD
    Bye Bye Skeletor dani yep America hates ya sorry =]

    1. why the heck would that be smart

      dani is by FAR a stronger competitor than jeff….why make enemies with people NOT on the freaking block, to appease the strongest player in the game, who already has an ALL GIRL alliance at hand.

      I mean really? when you can team up with someone who “won before” someone else who isnt that good at competitions(jeff) and someone no one other than brenden will vote for(rachel)?

      give me a break, dani is gone, as it SHOULD be. take out the strong competitor with a strong jury pull, and someone who can indeed win jury votes from B and R by playing the “you wont have your integrity if you dont vote for the strong gameplayer)

  25. Everyone is saying that Adam should vote Dani out.. WHY? Do you not see that Jeff would be harder for him to beat then Dani? Jeff automatically comes with 2 votes, Dani only has herself. I’m not talking about alliances or friends.. COUPLES HAVE TO BE TAKEN OUT. Under no circumstances would Jordan ever flip on Jeff which means he always has a minimum of 2 votes whichever way he wants. When there’s so few people left.. you have to get him out. So.. will he be able to do that on his own? HELL NO. Oh thats right.. maybe Kalia is the one who will get Jeff out for him. You remember Kalia right? She’s the one who used her HOH to throw out her own player and kept the same person who guaranteed her to go home in the next 2 weeks.

    1. being a couple doesn’t mean crap if you can win HOH and put one of the ppl up. Jeff would need more than 1 vote to stay lol. But with Dani, she’s a strong competitor and has gotten all the HOHs she was able to compete in. There may not be another change to get her out.

  26. I love Dani she’s a game player no matter what. Adam is so clueless he thinks she’s feeding him bull but she’s actually telling him the truth. he should be looking what benefits him not anyone else. He needs to wake up before his game is gone with Dani. JJ are only looking out for themselves and Rachel because they think they can win against her. They will get rid of Adam next week or week after. Note to Adam to be an underdog you actually have to being playing the game instead of cluelessly following Jeff. If he votes to keep Dani she will go after Rachel and Jeff not him. What is he smoking? Rachel will put him up and so will Jordan(Jordan he said he knows will lol). Dani won’t. Also keeping Dani ensues that Rachel and Jordan would go after Dani next week if they won HOH. Keeping the target off Adam. Anyway you look at it Adam should be keeping Dani it benefits him way more than keeping Kalia. He’s so butt hurt about Dani putting him on the block a couple weeks ago that he isn’t thinking long term. Also as someone else said on here Adam is basically giving Jeff and Jordan the 500,000 by not making a move now. No one is gonna beat Rachel and Jeff once Dani is gone!

  27. Dani is still trying to ride her daddy’s coat tails to the finish. And he’s not even in the game anymore.
    Nice strategy Dani!

    1. That would be bad strategy. Adam would never buy her votes and not turn his back with Jeff and Jordan. That’s stupid and ridicious. Dani deserve to go and she needs to learn her lesson of backdooring earlier. Adam don’t listen to her, she will stabbed you in the back.

  28. what pisses me off about what dani is doing…is that if it were rachel, she would be BLASTING her about how shes desperate, and how pathetic it is to be attached at the hip to the person who doesnt WANT to vote for you….Of course my version doesnt include little rude things about rachel’s future baby or her face or her period or something else they shouldnt be discussing

  29. for all of you who are complaining and whining about Dani trying to convince adam to let her stay and ‘hustling’ him for his vote..what is she suppose to do? anybody would do the exact same- doing anything in their power to stay whether it involves desperate pleas and ‘whining’ as some call it. Attack her for her game move is fair because what’s done is done but attacking her for campaigning for herself to stay is ridiculous! If you say you would not do what she is doing if you were in the house- then you might as well quit!!!

    1. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I complain about Dani’s whining only because she talked shit about Rachel and her whining. She can’t complain about Rachel and then do the exact same thing. She is a huge hypocrite which is very annoying. As far as Dani campaigning, I am fine with it, but I hope Adam doesn’t give in.

      1. Incorrect. She’d only be a hypocrite if she didn’t recognize and even call out that she hates the whining she’s doing. She’s dogging on herself for it as much as she did Rachel. That’s consistency.

        1. Not it’s not because she can dog herself all she wants but the fact of the matter is that she’s still doing it!

          If you hate theives yet you keep stealing stuff, saying that you hate yourself for being a thief doesn’t doesn’t change the fact that you’re not practining what you preach.

  30. also its very very gross to use her dad as a reason to keep her, when she bad mouths her dad, doesnt talk to the guy, and basically is ashamed of him. I mean really, its kind of f’d up

  31. ED would think less of Adam if he only kept his daughter to get ED to like him. Im sure Adam sees right through all her BS. Honest questions here. Has Dani gave Adam 1 legitimate reason to save her over Kalia? Has she even remotely made a deal that he could say, hmmm, that might work? She can even tell him she will make a final 2 deal with him..I havent thought about final 3 but I can do final 4?? Shit he pratically has that right now with JJ. As far as he’s concerned he is closer to a final 3 with JJ then he would be with Team Dani.

      1. Not if he wins. At some point a newb has to win. Hes probably actually think his big game move will be to try and take out Jeff himself where everyone else is actually waiting for someone else to do it. Big Game Move says the Big Game Move is to take out Jeff yourself and not have Dani or someone else do it for you.

    1. IDK man, she put herself in a real compromising place right now. No matter how she votes tonight, she’ll have ppl pissed at her.

  32. to people who have the feeds…does it seem like there is any chance that adam will vote to KEEP dani? and also, I am SO confused as to why shelly has flipped! I thought she wanted to get the vets out and now she wants to keep one???

    1. Production is doing everything they can to have Dani stay. Rumour has it they offered 20 grand to Jeff and Shelly to make it happen…

    2. Shelly is now realizing what Brenda and Rachel realized (3 weeks too late) that keep useless Jordan and Jeff around only guarantees they WIN and YOU LOSE.

      1. We only need Adam to realize the FACTS as well.
        Porsche is telling Adam the best reasons to keep Dani.
        Hopefully, she is successful.
        He does trust Porsche.

  33. Dani is pathetic! I just can’t stop saying that! Adam us smart. If he gets rid of dani and team up with rach then take rach to final 2 he will win it all! Way to go Adam! You have my vote as Americas favorite if you get rid of the pathetic whiny caddy stupid game player dani!

  34. Hey Simon,

    How about busting some of the multiple personalities here like you did in the past.

    It sure looks like there are a lot of people posting here under multiple handles.
    Please list the handles that are posting with the same IP address.

    Entertain us – Boring Brother isn’t! :-)

    Thanks, YO.

    1. Hey, Rachel’s shrink. I accepted your apology regarding “special olympics”…. I’ve made comments that I wished I could change too. No prob. I may not like JJ or Rachel, but it’s okay if we have differing opinions.

  35. Adam, for the sake of good TV, please vote Kalia out so Danni can stay and create some drama. The show will be excruciatingly boring if she goes home.

  36. What is wrong with you people wanting Shelly to win? Did you see the house they live in? The big salary she gets plus her husbands?…. Why does she want to win, they don’t need the money? It is to prove she is a good negotiator to further her in her company, or is she just plain greedy? According to todays standards they are wealthy. (I did read where she said if she won she would donate the money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital….I don’t buy it…. )

    I was rooting for Shelly to begin with, but her lies and turning on JJ have really got to me. I’m hoping that she will be exposed and sent to the jury house, real soon. Can’t stand her anymore.

    Bye, Bye, cry baby Dani….hope all your begging for Adams vote goes by the wayside. Tell Brendon Rachel sends her love.

    1. You just another JJ fan. Don’t pretend you wanted Shelly to win over JJ.

      Shelly is going to win BB. Jeff will be out the door soon.

    2. Because it’s a game, not a charity. Who cares about their financial situation outside of the house? I want the one who played the hardest to win.

  37. What Adam doesn’t know: in week 3, B/R definitely wanted to keep dom, and though JJ were a bit on the fence about it, they KNEW the plan was to keep dom and evict adam. If the veto was won byone of the two noms, then lawon was the secondary target (still duos remember) once K/L went up. this was all before jeff found about the BD plan and everything changed. Of course after that dom was the target but only then.

  38. Please Adam and Shelly, do me a favor? Don’t trust Dani, she is lying, backstabbing, and even manuplating. She is responsible of her actions. She will try to pull her sleeves and get away for it. Not going to happen, Danielle has no feelings but herself. Her Behavior is unacceptable, the drama, the threats, putting every one down and even her scheming to get into the final 4. Come on, do you want to see America favorite Villian going to Final 4? Please Danielle is offically America Favorite Villian. She needs to go and cry her way out to the Jury House. She deserve to be screwed. Dani, two words Pay-Back. My advice, don’t keep Danielle in Big Brother House.

  39. OMG that devil herself swore on her grandmothers life…. THAT IS JUST NOT RIGHT … how nasty and evil can that excuse for a human be… we all know she wouldnt know the trueth if it bit her.. she is as bad as shelly … she must think alot of herself .. putting someone down and then think they would give her their vote…. wishing you trip down the stairs on your way out for all of BB viewers to see …. :-) one can wish ..

    1. that is only a problem if she goes back on her word.
      Others have sworn on family members’ lives before in this game.
      Didn’t Shelly swear on her daughter’s life?

  40. Wouldn’t it be great if Adam convinced Shelly that he was going to vote to keep Dani. Then at the last minute switched and voted to keep Kalia.
    The vote:
    3 votes to evict Dani – Jordan, Rachel, Adam
    2 votes to evict Kalia – Shelly, Porche
    Everyone would be wondering where the second vote for Kalia came from. Maybe Shelly could blame Adam, she’s good at that.

    1. Shelly would convice JJ that is was Adam. They trust Shelly more. That is why Shelly is the best BB player in that house.

      1. Could you see her running to JJR to say “OMG, I can’t believe Adam voted Kalia out” then her running to Porsche to say, “OMG, I can’t believe Adam voted Dani out” and getting away with it though? Ppl talk in the house. Shelly wouldn’t be able to keep up with her lies.

  41. Danielle is right. She is getting to be so pathetic. Her style of convincing Adam is doing nothing, but alienating and irritating him. The funny thing is she keeps on making up lies and Adam knows that she is lying. I will salute Danielle if she can actually succeed in flipping Adam. I think Shelly might not really vote to keep Dani. In her conversation with Rachel, she mentions that she is worried about Adam’s vote. Shelly is really shrewd.

    1. Shelly may be shrew but that’s ALL she’s got going for her. She’ll never win the game unless she can win a competition. The Jury won’t give votes to anyone who floated the entire way.

    1. you know they will be pissing and moaning and crying that the game is rigged, just like a lot of people do here, regardless of who they are voting for.

      The JJ fans do seem to be a different breed though – seems a lot of them had the part of their brain removed that can see the ugly things JJ do, and had it replaced with extra powers of rationalization.

      1. I am a JJ fan, I hope one of them wins. But I’m not above saying that Jeff’s strength in competitions is overrated or that Jordan can’t win a thing. I’m not above saying some of their choices in the game are questionable. My opinions on their gameplay is always from an objective standpoint. Now, i do sometimes rant abt player’s actions or behaviors, but that has nothing to do with gameplay.

        The problem is not just with JJ fans it’s with the majority of INSERT BB PLAYER’S NAME HERE fans. They often overlook what is apparent and pass off any criticism of their favorite player as “____ hater!” or “stuck up _____’s ass!”. It almost always gets personal and it really shouldn’t :/

  42. Big Game Move says the Big Game Move is to take a monster out yourself, not vote for one to stay in. Nothing Big Game Move about him simply keeping Dani in the house. His Big Game Move would be the same as Shelly’s Big Game Move, therefore it will seem like less of a Big Game Move. I will be curious if Shelly wins HOH and does a Big Game Move by putting Jeff up. At this point she has exposed herself to the other side as wanting to get them out, so now what does she do if she wins the HOH? Big Game Move needs to be sending a threat out the door not keeping one in. I see everyone in the house with the exception of JJ targeting Rachel next because they dont really want to make the Big Game Move to put Jeff up.

  43. did anyone notice that EVEL DICK posted on on his twitter page that he would be in LA for a week… I was thinking maybe if jeff gets a pandora’s box that maybe dick would come in the house for a few hours like rachel did last year but obviously wouldn’t be able to talk game

  44. This is a ratings show, plain and simple, for those thinking Dani will go, lotsa luck!

    Let’s supose Dani goes, what is left of BB13, nadda, you’ll have:

    Kalia crying all the time.
    Porcha sunbathing.
    Adam trying to be smart yet stupid.
    Jeff acting all big and mighty.
    Jordo continuing to be clueless.
    Shelly getting pissed at Jeff for taking her smokes.
    Rachel still on the sedatives so she doesn’t endanger people although maybe a tad less to make her slightly crazy in an attempt for some uproars once in a while.

    Now with Dani still in and Kala gone you have:
    Jeff blowing up threatening everyone, for at least 2 weeks cuz Jordo wil go first.
    Shelly scrambling around to save her ass after Jeff screams at her.
    Adam doing his usual routine.
    Jordo wondering why everyone went against her and don’t love her anymore.
    Porcha being smartmouthed a little but still just sunbathing.
    Rachel going completely crazy and requiring more medication.
    Dani stirring things up and causing an uncomfortable situation in the house requiring people to actually play the game like it happened during her last HOH.

    Ratings are ratings and considering all who keep screaming for Dani to go, CBS isn’t listening because you are giving them the contraversy they want to keep the ratings growing! So thank you!!!

    1. hate to break it to you, but if this was the case, they would have saved brenden, and saved annie from back to back twists blowing up in their face.

      1. CBS did save Brenda and it was a ratings bonanza when he was once again shown the door. Unfortunately this season as in as in the case with Annie, there aren’t enough personalities to maintain the ratings in the house this season. Go watch ED in a round table video talk about how the DR controls the game and who goes and stays. All we really get to do is watch to see how real or phoney the trappings are to keep someone, like Brenda was really lousy, Julie claiming over a million votes out of almost 2 million cast and then saying he got 39%, goofed up CBS once again.

        twist was put in motion with Rachel taking the Fortune Tellers jewelry and putting them in Dani’s shoes, that is the key that will give Dani something to stay, betcha!

    2. What i wonder is why there wouldnt be a lawsuit against CBS for tampering in the games outcome. If im Kalia and get voted out only cause production is bribing other houseguests, i would hire a lawyer in a heartbeat. I know CBS wants ratings but they are playing with fire. Not just Kalia, all the remainging housguests have less of a chance to win if production bribes and manipulates the outcome in Danis favour. Hire a good lawyer, CBS would be screwed…

      1. That is what taking in normal people to do these shows for does, they sign a contract to be on the show and it has clauses in it that gives production full control.

    3. It would be happy to see Dani go because she cause all the drama and cattiness. She been just a self-centered wannabe and even don’t care about everyone else feelings. CBS production doesn’t even care about the ratings, the problem is that Dani needs to go and needs to get hold of her father that I just been evicted. She will probably cry little tears out and more likely she deserve what she had done earlier.
      Jeff will continue to be calm and not get angry
      Kaila is still clueless and thinking about food but instead of worry to be next in double eviction
      Jordan still thinking of something she going to do
      Adam same routine
      Rachel continue to bite her tongue of winning next HOH or POV competition w/o Brenden
      Shelly still cleaning
      Porsche still tanning and also thinking about why she betray her trust with Rachel instead of backstabbing.

  45. What are you guys talking about? Rachel is the only sane person on the show, who doesnt have mental breakdowns. People these days…

  46. Dani is going home by a vote of 3-2
    Porsche Shelly evict Kalia
    Adam Jordan Rachel evict Dani

    If Shelly can convince JJ that Adam was the 1 that flipped I might actually start pulling for her even though I hated her with a passion all season

  47. I can not understand why everyone hates jeff and jordon. He told everyone up front what he was going to do when he was hoh. he didnt backdoor dani she was able to play in the veto comp. he hasnt lied. and this talk that he treats females badly is nuts. do yal forget it was jeff that took the target off jordon their season so she could stay. the guy has a good heart and at the end of the day jj have played a pretty clean game compared to the others such as dani or shelly.

  48. The funny thing is Adam WOULD be totally safe for a long time with D if he kept her because even if she would break the deal she has to 100% get out JJR before the 3 people (SAP) that would save her. No way in hell would Dani ever put Adam up while JJR are in the house–it would make no sense to get rid of Adam if he saves her and JJR is after her.

    It’s a terrible deal for Jeff, but it’s a great deal for Adam.

    1. Porsche is talking with Adam and is making very good Game points for keeping Dani.
      He likes and trusts Porsche.
      Here’s hoping ……………

  49. Adam has a game plan, I think he is on the right track… As long as the two alliances are trying to kill off the top tiers, than Adam can just sit back and watch until it’s his turn to shake the hive!

  50. As a floater it would be moronic of Adam to keep Danielle. Get the strong players out while you can. Once Dani is gone, then you target Jeff and Rachael and you didn’t tip your hand if one of JJR is in power.

  51. when does the “blowup” happen? tonight maybe? once dani has accepted the fact she is going home? im still waiting for a argument ala ronnie/kevin…remember that? in kevin’s words…”huh mothe ******…huh mother ******” that was classic big brother. ronnie crying and the gay guy going to kick his ass!

  52. Adam might consider taking the deals if he thought Danny would actually honor them. Danny, you waited too long before you tried to bring Adam in. While JJ were gathering up the bodies, you sat up in the HOH room laughing at people. You dug your own grave lady. You snooze, you loose.

  53. Lol at all the butt hurt emo kids. Sorry Dani is leaving and I’m sorry your dad hates you like dick hates Dani.

  54. Adam is doing the right thing, he is getting rid of a strong competitor, he hasn’t made any enemies and he just waiting for the right time to strike. Adam will take out jeff and Jordan when given the chance. He wants just newbs in the finals. Adam won’t take Shelly with him. He knows what Shelly is, but he needs her for now. She is doing his dirty work.

  55. That would not be impossbile of Dani should stay in Big Brother House. The CBS production is pretty dumb and stupid enough to bribing every Houseguest to keep her instead of Kaila. That would be a committ a felony and go to prison. Dani, nice try of taking bribes of CBS production do her a favor. The CBS controversal and newspaper press Says “Former BB 8 and BB13 Contestant Bribing CBS production crew on Big Brother” Might be careful Danielle because you probably be locked up and receive one phone from your father that I just got arrested for paying CBS production to Bribe every Houseguest to keep her instead of Kaila. I will image now, Danielle committed the crime of Bribing and sentence in Jail. Dani, please stop taking bribes. Your Houseguest sign the CBS contract.

  56. If Dani goes there is no conflict, that is BORING! we then know how it will play out Kalia, Adam, Porsche Rachel, Shelly then JJ for the win……..I’m not liking this boring scenario even if it gets changed up a bit it still wouldn’t be good and who wants to watch a show that you can predict everything that is going to happen … not me, and I still think Brendan coming back was a CBS stunt “Who Voted for him!” Dani needs to stay and get at least one vet out for entertainment value then she can go. Everyone who hates her, there has to be people you hate on a show, if you liked everyone would you still watch. I don’t want to watch a final two with people I both like I want someone i hate and someone I love so I can root for the person I love to win and the one i hate to crash and burn, it just makes it that more interesting. Two people I like… I’ll flipp the channel and come back to see who wins.

    1. Dani happens to be a vet and she has already won $50,000, Dani, Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel are underestimating the newbs, they all think there is no contest where the newbs are concerned, they are going to just hand over the money. The newbs are playing smart let the vets knock each other out. Brendon actually told Dani what was going to happened, she being smarter then anyone else, did not believe him, and has put herself on the path of self destruction,
      The newbs will not take Jordan or Rachel with them.

  57. Rachel says that she doesn’t know… she doesn’t read the bible as much as she should.

    In other words she only pretends to read the bible.

  58. Simon last night did you hear Jeff and Jordo laughing about Rachel stealing the Fortune Tellers jewelry and putting it in Dani’s shoes?

    Any bets when Dani returns it to the fortune teller, she will be given a reward that wil keep her in the house and when that happens and Jeff, Jordon and Rachel find out they will go absolutely ballistic and turn on eachother?

  59. OMG! Is Dani the biggest dud of a personality in BB history???? She hates Rachel because she envy’s her…She has everything – including a personality. Every glance, Dani puts her own spin on and tells her wannabees what she ‘thinks’ the look meant. I am so tired of listening to Dani’s whiney voice. I doubt she has many friends in the ‘real’ world. She sits in silence, but when others in her place before she made fun of when they were sad or quiet. What a double standard! I will sure enjoy BB better once she’s gone. I was about to just cancel my Showtime because of her. She’s homley and has zero personality. Why would BB chose her…in her season, she simply followed behind her father and never did anything, and when Dick had to leave this season, they should have taken her too.

  60. I have a strange feeling that Adam will side with Dani. Either production will make it happen or the constant barrage from Porsche and Dani will make him sway………………………, I will be so ticked off this happens ;o)

  61. unrelated but too goddamn funny not to share

    “Voldebitch: “Come on girls, at least when you win, I pretend like I’m happy.” This was the biggest single lie anyone has told in the house all summer. Pouting, sobbing, having tantrums, getting all weepy in the bushes, so Bukie has to talk her down from near-suicide is her “pretending like I’m happy”? How does she express misery? Firebombing Tripoli?”

  62. ADAM IS A SPINELESS AMOEBA! GROW SOME BALLS AND PLAY THE GAME YOU DUMBa@S!!!!…………….What is wrong with you people hating on Dani? At least she is playing the dam game, she is not sitting around puffing on cigarettes,farting and hiding behind the THROWBACK PLAYERS!

    I used to like Jeff and Jordan now i cant stand them! Jeff and Jordan was on Amazing race and lost, Jordan only won the previous BB because she was the lesser of the evil, It sure as hell wasn’t for playing a great game! Jeff spoke to Kalia like a dog making threats to her as if he was Mr. invincible. Oh, how dare she vote to get out one of the allegedly stronger players of the game! that is the object of the game stupid a#@s Jeff!!!!!!

    Jeff was walking around huffing and puffing to blow the house down if Kalia put him up, and what does she do, act like a slavegirl being chastised by her OLD WHITE MASSAH!! and start cryin..OOOOHHHHH Im sorry Masssar I’s sorry to put you up! she is stupid too. (OH yes and i am African-American). Dani had it right when she wanted to team up with Dom and the newbies, but the stupid newbies were so awe-struck by the Throwbacks…….( vets,yea,right) they wimpered and joined forces with them so they could help the vets get rid of themselves??? (birds chirping at night…….. stupid move………………….

    Shelly needs her as$% kicked out immediately!!!! She has no courage or backbone just like Adam! playing both sides. both of them have no game strategies they are just going wherever the wind blows!!! At least Dani has game strategy and she has the guts to take chances, Kali mucked everything up by not getting rid of Rachel or Jeff or Jordan! Lawon was no threat. and if any of the Throwbacks came back in the game at least Kalia could have said i took a chance and showed courage!!!

    Jordan is just wandering aimlessly, acting like Aunt Bee from the Andy Griffith show, she is f*#$king clueless!!!!!! Rachel, well everybody knows she is ditzy but she is willing to fight for her maaaaaaaaaaan!!!!! Porsche, (birds chirping), oh yeah the pingpong ball that goes back and forth when she gets hit

    I want Dani to win. She is not afraid of the big bad wolf, the rest of them are just a sack full of ROCKS!!!!! GO DANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIGHT TO THE END~

  63. even without her father being there dani is still trying to use him to get further in the game. Oh and shut up already, Dani

  64. Adam, do the right. Don’t listen to her, she continue to lie, scheming, cheating, manuiplating, backstabbing, cold-hearted, and self-centered. She cause all the drama in every houseguest. She don’t even care everyone feelings and laugh at it. Adam, your smart enough and stand up for yourself to vote her out. Danielle don’t care about your girlfiend. She cares about is herself. That why get rid of biggest target Danielle. She lied to you that she will take Dom over you. That’s a BS.

  65. Hard to tell who’s trolling in here lately. Or is it just me?

    So all I have to say is TEAM DANI TILL THE END (or untill Thursday… then team pinto or straight shooter)

  66. when brendon was in the hoh room telling dani keep him she refuse to see reason /// i swear if dani didnt play this game personal carrying feelings for dominic she would have won … if dani had just put her emotions on the side and play the game the way it suppose to be played she would have last longer much longer ……. all dani was think about was getting pay back for dominic going home if she had looked past that she would have seen big jeff as abigger threat with all his minions but i guess she had blinders on …. now she said to brendon and rachel told me this was going to happen a day late and a dollar short tell brendon spicy said hi

    team brendon all the way (porsche kailia shelly ) i hope they continue to talk about rachel and hopefully the game will pass them by instead of keeping there heads in the game

  67. yeah dani is weak for crying about jeff doing this week the same exact thing she did to brendan last week….. karma what goes around comes around

  68. Her chances of getting votes to stay in Big Brother House is never. Basically, Her behavior is arrogant, Cattiness, Self-Centered, Spoiled little brat, and no emorse. She wants Adam and Shelly to vote to stay but Jeff and whole entire house will vote you for eviction. Face it, Danielle you have no alliance, CBS production can’t help you this one. Your totally screwed. Adam and Shelly will turn your back and keep Kaila until Double eviction. You already putting Rachel down by getting rid of Brendon. Let’s see how’s it like to putting yourself down. Your Alliance, Kaila and Porsche they can’t save you. Your on your own. Your Dad can’t bail you this one. He left Big Brother House. So long Dani, have fun in Jury House. Don’t worry, you probably be dreaming of Brendon is all over you. Under the bed, in the kitchen, in the backyard, in the living, in HOH room, or even in Havenots room. Kaila probably be scare as well. Boo-hoo. Cry me a river. Adam and Shelly won’t give in.

  69. Gosh Dani is getting on my nerves! She makes fun of Rachel for being on the block and stuff yet here is Dani and her pity party of none getting mad at Adam! I hope Adam shuts her non- closing mouth for once! I hope she leaves with her stupid word….SHOCKER!!!

  70. Does anyone know if Jeff really swore to Dani that he would keep her after he won the veto? If so, can you point me to the Flashback location?

  71. Very interesting. It is very sad that Danielle came into this game to get out from living in her Daddies footsteps yet she is using her Daddy to try and bribe a vote from Adam? How is that getting out from under his shadow??

  72. i hope hes telling dani no repeatedly just to cliffhang her and then once he think shes offered everything to get him to flip he agrees to do it and immediately goes from being bottom of JJ’s totem pole to the top of D totem pole which has a few more tiers than JJs.

    this alone is enough of a reason for him to flip. NUMBERS.

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