Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Shelly tells KP she’s tried everything in her Power to convince Adam, “I’m telling ya he has a deal with JJ”

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3:12pm Backyard Suntanning Shelly, Porsche and Dani They are going over how they could convince Adam to vote to keep Dani. Shelly swears she’s done everything she can think of. Dani is optimistic says they still hav a day. Porsche doesn’t understand they’ve run the numbers by him he should see the logic in their statement.

Dani warns Shelly if Dani leaves.. then it’s a clear sign Adam is working with them. Dani brings up that Adams main argument is if Rachel and Jordan win the the HOH then he’s going up with Dani..

Dani explains that if Adam keeps Kalia and Rachel wins HOH it’s Shelly and Kalia going up with Adam as the replacement. If Jordan wins HOH then it’s Porsche and Adam going up, Dani adds that Jordan has the deal with Kalia and we all know she won’t put SHelly up.
Shelly understands all this that is why she’s worried and is trying to get Adam to change his vote but she doesn’t know what else they can do..

Shelly: “I’m telling ya porsche…. Adam has a deal with JJ he’s not switching.. it’s so frustrating..”
They all agree there is no logic in his decisions there must be a final 3 deal with JJ. Shelly says this is she’s worried becuase she know once Dani is gone Shelly is the first to go from JJRA.

3:20pm bedroom Adam and Jeff

Adam proclaims his love and devotion to Jeff says that Dani has been working him hard but he still doesn’t trust her. Adam brings up that since week 2 JJ have been good to him so he has no reason not to trust them. Adam rehashes Dani’s campaigning attempts (It’s been posted a dozen times) Adam Swears to Jeff that he’s sticking with JJ no matter what there is nothing Adam can do.

Adam says this is the way he wanted to play the game having a honest alliance and making to the end then compete. He’s pumped to win the HOH next week he feels it’s time for him to prove himself and to prove to everyone he’s in it to play.

Adam says he talked to Porsche and she’s trying to get Shelly and him to go against JJ. Jeff warns Adam that he’ll need to cut Porsche loose soon. Adam knows. Jeff: “You have to pick a side”

3:57pm Suntanning working out chit chat..

3:44pm Hot tub Shelly and Adam Adam saying he really wants HOH and will fight to get it. Shelly agrees it’s time for them to win something. Adam starts talking about his girlfriend says for her 38th birthday he tool her to a electronics store and told her to pick out whatever blu ray player she wanted and to not even consider the prize.. He adds if he wins the money he’ll buy an apartment, Camaro and take his girlfriend out on a trip.

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Adam you fat bastard. I cant wait till your masters cut your throat.




ha ha ha!!! its just a game name!!!


GET REAL LIKE dani wont


adam is not voting dani out for jeff, he wants her out because she is a strong player, I guarantee if he gets the chance he will get jeff out also


i doubt he would if he wins hoh before final 4. he’ll be too scared that rachel or jordan will go after him and he’ll be too big of a target. he won’t put him up b/c he knows he can’t win a hoh and pov in the same week. he won’t back door him b/c he feels no one will trust him. pretty much he won’t do anything if he wins hoh. he will only turn on jeff if shelly, kalia,or posche puts up jeff. hopefully, if he wins hoh he would put up jeff but i doubt. that’s why i don’t like him. he won’t do anything.


My advice for Adam is take out a stronger threat like Danielle. She is totally irresponsible of her behavior and actions. She try to offer you in final 4 deal. Don’t listen to her, she will backstabbed you in the heartbeat. Beside, Jeff rights, you have to get rid Danielle. She deserve to go. If you win HOH (FF), don’t put up Rachel, Jordan, or Jeff. Take out Kaila and Porsche, both are a bigger floaters ever. However, Rachel or Jordan Better win tomorrow on fast forward to take out floaters. Without dani, Veterans have a right track and keep winning every competition. All floaters, you prove something of winning every competition is nothing. So, Dani and Kaila have fun talking to Juile Chen on Thursday.


i can’t believe no one else but me see’s Jordan as one of the biggest floaters in the house. She’s only there because of Jeff. That’s exactly how she won the last time. Can’t win comps. Sometimes I wondered if her light bulb ever turns on. She’s nice and sweet, but isn’t this a game. ? So I guess that how you win , let others do the work ! Just play dumb


Eimee, I am so with you on this one. She has zero game and zero brains. A lot of people feel the same way. JJ have lost a lot of fans since the last time they were on the show. They now just play with a sense of entitlement. Problem is this season has no men but Jeff. No one else has balls which is why he’s scared of Dani.


A lot of people see it. Jordan sucks.

Team 500 G's

You really think Roach will care if Jeff is evicted?….LOL no way…she will be as happy as can be. Lets not forget Roach is a pretty good comp player. If Dani and Jeff are gone….who is the strongest remaining player?

Roach will then form a new aliance….Jordon will not be a part of it…She cant take Jordo to final two…its a loss for her if she did. I know….I know…its not going to matter who she will be up against, she will lose. But in her eyes she will look to takw the person who gives her the best chance. No one can blame Adam for evicting Dani. Its time as far as his game is concerned. If he is serious about playing, the next HG to be evicted should be Jeff. Other then Jordan. No one else has a reason to keep him. Unless J/J wins HOH I am not to sure Jeff will be on the block no matter what. I think even Roach will put him up if she wins HOH….Deal? what deal at this point in the game. I suspect aliances will change week to week depending on who has HOH.

Thus for the people who say they will stop watching if Dani leaves is silly. Power is going to shift all over the place. The stroy lines will change and we will want to see the aftermath….

I still believe J/J will not win BB13….thats right….take it to the bank!


Totally agree. Rachel will try to make a move to get Jeff out. Just a week ago she hated Jeff.

Day Yum Yum

Let’s see if Uncle Fester can finally grow a pair and get Jeff out–doublt it! Jordan is the real threat and they are all too stupid to see it! She is a way bigger threat than Jeff! Who will put her up and if they do, nobody will vote to evict! Jordan is like teflon in the BB game! Definitely F3. Then she has to do a little bit in the comps to finish F2! it’s almost Jordan’s destiny to win. Adam is too gutless to organize a coup with P/S/K! They are dead on the money by telling him he cannot win against JJ in the finals! By productions hands Shelley will win HOH this week and be forced to show her hand in the second eviction of the DE this week. Finally!

adam sucks BALLZ

lol maybe the cum stains on the sheets were actually from adam and jeff???? O_O


Ok I didnt want too but I had to laugh…omg


Just watching some clips off BB 11. Fuk, Jordan was a lot fatter back then


think i caught jordan on the feeds yesterday tanning…she was looking hot!!! deff the best body in the house…


Jordan does look really good at time, but then she goes and opens her mouth and it’s a huge turn off. Dani is still my fave to look at this season.




jordan was not fat, just because she isn’t a skeleton like dani doesn’t make her fat


You sound…upset. You must be a fat jj fan


She’s said herself that she put on 15 lbs during season 11, and that’s a lot of weight for a female who isn’t tall. If you look at the episodes which you can probably find on youtube you’ll see she goes from looking thin to looking chubby.

Not Meg

It’s hard to lose weight when all you do is eat cookie dough, teddy grams and play with your hair constantly.


What? Twirling your hair doesn’t burn calories?


Haha..She’d be all skin and bones if that were true.

Day Yum Yum

You remember that is because she spent the whole BB11 summer eating raw chocalate chip cookie dough! It really packed on the pounds to her ass that year!


If Jeff is aware that Dani is workin Adam hard for a vote, Jeff should know that Dani needs 3 (Porsche, Adam and Shelly) therefore he should be suspect of Shelly who is not confessing to him that she is being worked over. HES GOTTA CUT SS LOOSE!


good point

Nick B

Very true, Adam’s subtlety in his convo’s with Jeff may wind up being the one smart thing he’s done all week.


Excellant point!!!!!!!!!!


Adam has a good heart!!! He will never sight with the EVIL!!! Dani will do anything to get her hands on 500K……………., dam she is playing a good game but it should not be at anyone’s cause. She needs to stop harrasing Adam.
Adam I hope you get at least 2nd place, go buy Farah something nice!!


I think Farah is going to dump the poor schmuck


I’ve been thinking the same thing. Shelly hasn’t been going to him telling him how hard Dani is working to get her vote. Dani however is working very hard to get Adam’s. Why would she do that if she didn’t think she had a chance for Shelly’s? I just don’t get why Jeff isn’t seeing this.


That’s a very good point you make. Adam needs to just freakin tell him already. Because SS is going to vote to keep Dani, and blame Adam. Idiots.


JJ is taking Rachel to the end. Shelly is setting up Adam to defect from JJ.


Adam is by far the dumbest player… he is so loyal to a pair of people who says behind his back that he is useless and he will be gone… He is a huge dumbass…

So freaking Pathetic….

Midwest Fan

His friends back home have to be crying in their beers.
No one likes to see their buddy go so wrong and Adam has
just blown away his credibility.
The guy can’t count votes/weeks and is a J/J worshipper, which brings me back
to this entire season being a joke by having Newbies and Vets


Production will throw Adam a bone to re-build his cred since he’s sacrificing himself to protect their darling Jeff and Jordan. So he’ll win some toddler type,low energy competition as thanks if he manages to survive a couple more weeks.


I don’t think production even cares about these pawns.

Midwest Fan

I agree.


Uh ADUR I think Porsche and Kalia are dumber than him.


They’re all dumb!


Lol Rachel is an idiot


You say that cuz your a Dani fan who sees through rose colored glasses. What you fail to realise is that Adam is just as expendable to Dani’s side as he is to JJ. So it doesnt really matter.


It’s one thing to be loyal, its another thing to be star struck, professing undying love and adoration. I also believe that Dani would take Adam to the finals before Jeff would. Doesn’t matter, Adam has a chance to flip the house and make a big move. The only way he can make any other kind of big move is by winning something, which he hasn’t shown much aptitude in these comps yet.

But its working out nicely for Big Jeff Brother Season 13 : Shoving Americas “couple” down our throats.


obviously, but if adam stays on dani’s side and shelly continues to play both:
1) they’ll have the numbers against JJR
2) assuming dani gets evicted later on (which she most likely will) adam has a way better chance of beating porsche/shelly/kalia in comps rather than rachel/jeff/jordan in final 4
3) adam also has a much better chance of winning the game against the likes of kalia and porsche rather than jeff or jordan.


Im going to go through the houseguests game play and say the positives and negetives of each. Cuz theres always two sides to the story homies.

Dani- Positives. Obviously Dani is close to unbeatable in an endurance comp. And she is strong willed. She puts aside personal feelings and is all game all the time. Negetives. Shes not as good at the game itself as she tells people. She came in there trying to get out of her Dad’s shadow and she did just that. But not in a good way. Just bad move after bad moves and now shes gone Thursday.

Kalia- Positives. Theres not alot of good about Kalias gameplay. But shes managed to win an HOH and still come out of it all as not very dangerous. Negetive. LAWON. Nuff said.

Porsche- Positives. She fights hard in every competition. And she sides with the people she thinks she can trust and sticks up for them and herself. Shes a floater. But whos to say thats a bad thing? Negetives- I cant say alot of bad about Porsche other then the fact that I think when it comes to strategizing, shes most likely gonna make the wrong descion.

Adam- Positives. Adam manages to keep himself from ever being in grave danger. Negetives. Its gonna be very hard for him to convince a jury to vote for him.

Shelly- I dont think anyone had ever played both sides quite like the Straight Shooter. Even when she got all caught up in it, and became a pretty big target, she has somehow managed to get back to a good spot, and at the same time STILL play both sides! How? LOL. Negetive. Playing that way will always catch up to you.

Jeff- Positives. Hes a good gameplayer on all aspects. Hes a beast in comps and can convince people to be on his side probably better then anyone. Negetives. Hes a little hard headed and could end up saying something to offend someone on his side, pushing them to the other side.

Jordan- Positives. Shes the best in the game. She has won before, yet is not a target at all. She does the whole sweet and innocent thing and it works. You can say shes a floater and doesnt do anything. But so was Dr.Will. Negetives- Shes stupid. We all know it. Owell get over it.

Rachel- Crazy Rachel. I dont even know what to say about her. Sometimes I hate her and want to strangle her, sometimes I love her and she makes me laugh. Like when she sat in between Adam and Shelly today. How can you not love that. Im not sure if her gameplay is good or bad. Shes just Crazy Rachel.


Nice post. But I don’t think Jordan is all that great. People like Adam and Jordan avoid being targets which is good in a way I guess, but the reason is because they don’t do anything and just sneak through. Personally I have more respect for someone like Brendon and Rachel as gameplayers (not so much as people) because they actually come to play hard and compete.


Ummm Adam is only loyal to himself. It was his idea and emphasize it to get Dani out so he is not dumb. The only dumb one here is Dani. Horrible BB game play. Too bad so sad lol.


Yea she should should take notes from Jordan. She is by far the best to ever play the game.


I hope your kidding ?? Jordan isn’t playing, AT ALL !!! Just floats on by…I respect Dani’s game play better !


You respect Dani’s gameplay better? I think you must be the one whos kidding.

Day Yum Yum

You are absolutely correct! And since my last post 5 minutes ago, she is still the BIGGEST threat in the house! Nobody and I mean NOBODY will put Jordan up and if she does somehow end up on the block, nobody will vote to evict! She is good as teflon! Jordo isn’t going anywhere except F2!


Anything can happen. Trivia and quizes may be good for Adam. He might just put up Rachel. That would be fun to see BR and Dani in the JH. If he does put up Rachel, then he will have to put up Jeff or Jordan too. If Rachel goes and stays up it will be bye bye Rachel since SAPK all want her gone.

Midwest Fan

Jeff will be all over him if Adam attempts to put up Rachel.
Adam is an expendability to Jeff and Jeff wants Rachel to stay in the game.

Jeff will have Adam crying very soon.
Hell, Adam may voluntarily leave the BB House.


Yep. I recall Big Jeff snapping at Adam when he mentioned putting Rachel up and Adam start stammering and tripping over his words. He won’t cross Jeff. If I’m wrong I’ll apologize. But I don’t think I am.


Jeff will make Adam cry


Jeff is in love with HIMSELF big time !!!!!


Adam you are not winning the money, sorry to break it tool ya.


And there’s Adam’s fatal mistake. He thinks he’s playing with honest people.


Yeah because Dani is so honest. She never lies. She would never stab you in the back. She always remains loyal. She never turns on her alliances. If you make a deal with her she would never go back on it. Oh, wait…..


You seem to be making an argument against something I didn’t say. I never said Dani was being honest. This is a game for a half a million dollars it’s not the ‘let’s all be buddies contest’. None of these people are playing honest (and indeed would be stupid to do so, look how far it got Cassi)

What I said was that he thinks Jeff and Jordan are being honest with him. When they absolutely are not.


Yo same can be said for jeff. Jeff isnt any better, he got rid of vrendon whom he had an alliance with. so if u talk shit about dani realise jeff’s no better. kay? k.


it is also a plus for me; Team Dani!! :)


how does keeping dani, help adam?


Why? She will just backdoor him. She is not playing for $50,000 again.


Best move is to evict Dani and form PKSA alliance.


Haha. Adam seems so peaceful.. lmao. He is not making it hard for himself. He knows what he has to do.. and he is going to do that even if it’s going to cost his game in about a week or two. :] It’s sad, but w/e.. Can’t wait to see DANI out. I’m going to be jumping for joy as she leaves the house and enters the Jury House embarrassed. She knows where her mistake was, but she’s not admitting to it. She’s an idiot.. she doesn’t realize that JEFF put her up this week not RACHEL. Rachel hasn’t put DANI up once.. but still DANI wants RACHEL out.. Doesn’t make sense.

Jeff is your enemy DANI.. Jeff is your enemy. Not rachel, if YOU STAY (hope not) GO AFTER JEFF!


I’m starting to suspect Jeff is a Jedi


I’m just looking forward to when Jeff breaks Adam’s itty bitty little heart and kicks him to the curb.

Karen S

I would love for Adam to surprise the hell outta all of us. I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Midwest Fan

X 100


I really think BB wants Dani to leave, because if they didnt, they would be all up in Adams head to keep her. The only way I see Adam flipping is with a whole lot of production “persuasion”. I also think Dani sealed her fate when she told (lied to) the hgs about how close she is to some of the production people. If Dani was to make it pass this week and win, overwhelming claims of the game being “rigged’ would destroy whats left of BB low credibility with viewers.

The Duke

The Dani stalkers can’t see reason. There is 0 incentive for Adam to flip his vote. Floaters take out strong players whenever they can and keeping Dani over Kalia is moronic. If Adam wins HoH he can then flip and put up Jeff and Jordan with Rachael as a replacement if Jeff wins PoV. If he was Jeff’s lapdog, he would have ratted out Shelly, which he hasn’t. Even if he voted for her to stay and made final two, Dani would take all the credit saying she manipulated his vote. So the Dani lovers can take your collective tongue out of her arsehole, because she is going home.


I highly doubt Adam would put up Jeff. He talked about putting up Rachel and even said ‘I’m sure I can explain it to Jeff’. Putting up Jeff isn’t even in his thoughts. And he’s not ratting out Shelly because she threatened to blow up on him if he did, and Adam’s just a bit of a coward.


I think he would put jeff up, but he wants rachel out first


All of this, from Adam’s one and only “stalker”.


well said, get rid of dani vador, and stay with the sky walkers.


“Floaters take out strong players whenever they can and keeping Dani over Kalia is moronic. ”

Not if they’re smart enough to know when those strong players are the only ones likely to eliminate other strong players who themselves will go after the floater.


I totally disagree on this one. Veterans always go on top and take out every floater which make Kaila useless floater. The best way is to take out a stronger threat and that would be Danielle. She deserve to go and Rachel and Jordan. Win HOH competition (FF) tomorrow and finish off with Kaila and Porsche. Kaila needs to go in Double Eviction. She has no chance of getting votes. Beside, Adam should be true with the Alliance and Shelly, your daugther is watching. Dani is using you and she does not care about your daughter. Jordan is caring about your Daughter. So, please Houseguest evict Dani and she will have nightmares at Jury House along with Kaila. Porsche, your next of going to the Jury House as well.
Tomorrow night (Double Eviction):1st Evicted Houseguest, Dani (4-1)
2nd Evicted Houseguest, Kaila (4-0)
Final 5:JJRSA
Members of BB13 Jury:
Brendon (Jury 1):
Danielle (Jury 2):
Kaila (Jury 3):
Porsche (Jury 4):


Scenario. A lion and tiger are fighting to the death. You are hiding in a tree above completely naked but carrying a net strong enough to tie up one of the beast long enough for the other to finish it off. Do you

A) Jump out of the tree, throw the net over the tiger and do a victory dance in front of the lion


B) Stay the hell up in the tree and let them finish each other off.


WELL SAID! Adam could surprise everyone.. he is the darkhouse of big brother.


KPSA are going to win nothing, except for Porsche she has been close, and get picked off one at a time (LOL Jordumb reference). But that doesn’t matter becasue Adam won’t go against his masters will. So, you will have Adam in the final 4 with JJR, where inevitably he will be sent to the Jury.

But, no no he’s not done yet folks, Adam is even stupider for telling JJR the answers to the HOH comp questions, that they assume they will be asked. I think JJR will take Adam to the final 4 just because they know how dumb he really is. If you have a strength why share it? God what a moron.

Yes, I am Team Dani, Yo! No, I would still have this same opinion about Adam even if I wasn’t Team Dani.

Simon here are two poll question for ya,

Will Adam propose to Jeff?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Dawg


Is Adam dumber than Jordan?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Dawg


If PKSA alliance did form.

It would be PKSA vs Rachel/Jordan in the hoh comp.

so basically 4 against 1. Jeff or Rachel would be going home on Thurs.

Midwest Fan

Is Adam as dumb as Jordan?



I dunno about you Duke. but I’d rather have my tongue in Dani’s arsehole the Adam’s or Jeff’s ;)


Does Adam know how far $500K goes? Not far and after taxes it will be even less. East Coast real estate is expensive so not sure what apt he would buy. Its all a moot point anyway since he’ll be sitting in the Jury house fantasizing about his boyfriend Jeff soon .


LMAO now that is funny!! He seriously think he’s going to win!!


People on the show that live in LA or New York.

They will pay over 45% in federal and state income taxes.

Midwest Fan

Perhaps Jeff will buy Adam’s girlfriend a nice designer
bag, as his thank you to Adam.
It will be a knockoff bag.


Adam please go to the Diary Room.
“hey Adam. Do you think that america hates you right now? What are the odds that people are calling you a spineless tool that is attached to Jeffs ass? Do you think that you will win the game by playing next to a solid 2 person alliance in the Final 5? Oh. Just wondering. You can go back into to the house now”

Nick B

LOL, what i wouldn’t give to be a “fly on the wall” should production so blatantly intervene.

Hell, I’d give more to be the one to say it to him myself.


Lol…love it.. Team Dani!!!!!


They need to tell Rachel Adam has the final 3 deal wit jeff n jordan! And Rachel needs to confront the entire house with it! It is Wat it is! Let jj tell either Adam or Rachel which one it is or neither! Adam just needs to get his head out of jeffs ass n get back to reality! But they need to get Rachel into this conversation bc they have nothing to loose bc as it stands if they don’t just win Hoh they r going home!


Yeah, you just start proving yourself Adam.You are gonna ruin my TV viewing pleasure.


Adam will be out of the house very soon.


Yeap probably Thursday right behind Dani….then he’ll be saying I shld’ve listened to SDPK, but no his lips are super glued to Jeff’s ass!!!! I’ve never seen a grown ass 40yr old man run & tell another grown ass man about a conversation he just had with someone else..little does he know if JJ or R win HOH his big dumb ass is going on the block then to the jury house!!!!


I love your post it is exactly how I feel :/

Nick B

Yep, after Dani goes, I hope Jeff is next, and then Adam can join them. He can be the one newb in a jury house of vets, and then he can see just how truly alone he was in this game after all. Idiot.


My dream scenario. A jury house with all the vets, Adam, and Kalia.

Midwest Fan



does anyone else think that shelly is trying to flip adam so she can vote out dani and blame adam after? like if he flips and she votes her out she still goes and adam is target number 1.


That thought has crossed my mind!!


It’s unlikely since JJR would suspect BOTH Adam and Shelly of being the one that flipped on them equally. She wouldn’t get any benefit from it.


I’m seeing Adams plan. Get dani out then go over to kps and set up the newbie alliance. Take jeffout and during the nominations let him know he chose a side.


As much as I’d love that, I don’t think Adam has it in him.


Finally!!!! Someone who sees the forest thru Dani’s bush!!! THAT is Adam’s best move. Get over the fact that dani is gone and look at the best strategy adam has. Well said Kaytee!!!


I cannot wait for dani to walk out that door. She is the worst strategic player ever! She has just been lucky and won a few key HOH competitions!
Fans of Dani is perverts I bet. Her best game move is stealing peoples property. That’s a big baby who ain’t getting her way.

Nick B

I suppose it was luck when she won 5 pov’s on her season too, huh.


What are you, 12?


That is such a RIDICULOUS and idiotic statement. Just assuming all of us dani fans are perverts! I’m totally team dani and certainly NOT a pervert. And it is so childish to bash one of the houseguest’s fans because you don’t like the houseguest. Jeez! Grow up!


If Adam wins the money he’ll buy an apartment, Camaro and take his girlfriend out on a trip???? The way that dumbass plays, he wont have the money to buy a 74 Pinto let alone a Camaro.

The Duke

All the Dani stalkers can’t see reason. There is zero reason for Adam to vote to keep Dani. Floaters get rid of strong players whenever they have the opportunity. If Adam was Jeff’s lapdog like the Danizombies say because they aren’t gettting their way, he would have ratted out Shelly by now, which he hasn’t. Next week if he wins HoH he can put them up and make his own game move rather than one that Dani would take complete credit for if it happened saying she manipulated his vote. If he wins HoH he puts up Jeff and Jordan with a Rachael backdoor if Jeff wins PoV and if one of Jordan or Rachael win he is safe. If the other side wins, they go after JJR and he is safe. So the Dani lovers can take their collective tongues out of her asshole, because she is going home.


Adam win an HOH competition, or anything, other than a smoke fest……LMFAO!


Another word brought to us by Adam’s one and only stalker.


I wonder if Adam shaved his goatee because it was tickling Jeff’s nuts?




Maybe that’s why he’s growing it back. Jeff commanded him to bring the tickling back!

Nikki Tomberlin

I hope Adam doesnt flip o want dani gone then shelly! If he was smart he would tell Jeff that shelly is flipping and he isn’t, notto say anything until after votes and he will see for him self shelly voted to keep dani! And Adam can say ok I’ll give dani my vote to shelly so she would still vote to keep dani and then not do it! It would show Jeff that she flipped! Ugh Adam is stupid for snot telling them


Adam would be stupid to cut a deal with Dani. She would cut him loose real fast. & keep her followers! Keep it real!
Fans of Dani is perverts I bet. Her best game move is stealing peoples property. That’s a big baby who ain’t getting her way.


You’re an idiot


You’re an idiot!


Adam isn’t going anywhere anytime soon- not unless it’s JJR that puts him on the block and I don’t think that will happen. Good luck in the HOH competition tomorrow buddy!


Rachel is so hot, more bikini pics of her please!!!!!
Omg I’m in love with that girl!!!

Rachels ACNE

Guess you like acne faced, pale, chunky women.


OMG hahaha i know…i completely agree with you. i was going to say something but…haha


Hellz ya I do, I’m black!


HEY! She’s a man-woman. You’re insulting the females, broham.


“Adam says this is the way he wanted to play the game having a honest alliance and making to the end then compete”

Its funny because I remember watching Adam talk alone to the feeds and he said his strategy was to lay low then make a big move when the time was right. He didn’t mention competitions. Having said that he’s pretty much reporting everything back to JJ which is no indication that he’s thinking about voting out K. Holding back on the Shelly stuff might not be a good idea. He can try to save it but Jeff will be angry that he wasn’t told right away. Big Jeff wants the intelligence in a prompt manner or Big Jeff becomes unhappy.


Go Porsche if Dani is gone!


Last episode while Jeff was working out with Adam. They made a final 2 deal, if Jordan gets the boot.

Help me understand the logic behind a final 2 deal with Jeff? Jeff is guaranteed the $500,000 in final 2.


There is no logic to it, Adam has no game.


Adam would at get 2nd, which added to the per diem would be more than some people make in a year. Maybe he is content with that. However, the idea of getting the newer players together after Dani leaves is an attractive one. I think people want him to side with her b/c he is acting like he wouldn’t do anything JJ didn’t ask him to do. Maybe he will man up and do something…..

Midwest Fan

Jeff doesn’t plan on keeping that deal with Adam.
Jeff wants to be in the Final Two with Rachel.

If Adam and Jeff were the Final Two, IMO, Adam would win.
Jeff knows that.


Ooh Okay…..Like Dani and SS are honest??? Adam is going to pull the plug on SS…So, SS u better grab ur life vest bc ur fixing to float on over to the jury house!!! Adam prolly won’t make it to the final 3 but he’s got a better chance with JJR…those 4 girls will vote Adam off and not think twice about it…Rachel wins HOH and Pinto will b right behind Dani….Love it, Love it, Love it :-)


y is jeff prof. dumbledoor with a rainbow beard


Jeff said Dumbledoor was gay. People on here think Jeff is gay. Maybe Adam and JEff will marry each other!!


Because he favors old gay men?


It’s a play on the “Jeff is a flaming queen” theory floating out there.


Voting out Dani is the correct strategic move.

The next correct strategic move is to form the PKSA alliance and take out Jeff. They will have numbers in HOH comp.

After tomorrow night PKSA will own the house 4-2. Rachel and Jordan treading water.

Midwest Fan

Simon, how did Jeff get around his employment with CBS and become
a BB13 HG?
Jeff’s one CBS/Internet Show is over but I have read he has another one
coming up soon.


Look, Adam is not stupid, just because he won’t save Dani doesn’t make him stupid. He has nothing to gain by saving Dani. He is getting rid of the strongest player in the house. When Adam wins a HOH {if he ever does} he is going to try and back door Jeff. The newbs are already in a loose alliance. Their alliance however is only if one of them win HOH, other wise they are staying in their own little group. Adam is going to out Shelly when he thinks the time is right. She is not going to get a free pass.


Adam is not going to vote to keep Dani, she is leaving on Thursday. But, it would be interesting if Adam did win HOH and put up J/J/R. But, we all know that Adam will do whatever Jeff tells him to do. They should just give Jeff and Jordon the money and end the season.


I agree 100%!! They might as well fast forward to the season finale & have their checks waiting for them on a silver platter!!!!!!!!!!!


holy crap. adam just needs to keep dani. because that way it will be him, Porsche, dani and shelly all fighting against just 3: rachel jeff and jordan. if adam if any of the four people win, they will all obviously put up rachel and jeff leaving jordan. its a smarter option for adam because he will have a better chance if dani won because jj already said that if dani is out the pecking order is adam kalia shelly porshe.

The Duke

Because there is no real final two deal with Jeff. Adam flips now, he is the #2 target behind Dani instead of target #4. You don’t make your move at 8 people, too much time for retaliation. You make your move at 7 at the earliest and 5 left at the latest.

whatever……. So here ya go… Past guests including Evil Dick, clarifying that you R mistaken if u do not think production totally pushes certain people forward!!!! Very enlightening!!!


Adam already has to get past Jeff and Rachel to get to the end. If he keeps Dani then all three of them are STILL IN THE HOUSE! And even if one of those three were taken out in the double eviction there would still be two of them left in the house to compete against. It would be a wasted opportunity to get rid of the toughest competition. Only a complete moron would flip their vote in favor of that scenario.


man adam doesnt have any type of devotion to jj he just knows its best to get rid of a strong player and that dani cannot be trusted.. dani has already betrayed her alliance, thrown her best friend under the bus twice and nominated adam with the intent on evicting him if the nominations stayed the same….. why out of the blue would he pick this week to trust her? and even if dani did stay he would be on the bottom of her totem pole as oppose to being on the bottom of jj’s totem pole

Tyler Kent

Adam is exactly what we thought he was – a rat. He’s not flipping and because of that has sealed his fate.

Big Game Move

Lol, he is a rat for not flipping??

adam's head is in jeff's ass

lol @ people watching the show to see who’s playing honest and who has more integrity in the game. everybody is in the position they’re in, because of the LIES. I don’t care if Dani leaves, Adam is being questioned right now on this messageboard, and every other messageboard because he’s is playing the game stupid. he’s playing around with Jeff’s balls instead of putting his own balls on the line. what has Adam risked so far in the game? NOTHING! he’s Jeff’s and Jordan’s shield and vote. how is he supposed to win at the end, if he hasn’t proved he can take control of the game. he hasn’t done SHIT from the beginning til now. he will be known as the big dummy in the elf suit with his head up Jeff’s ass. does he really think that after the show him and jeff are gonna hang out and become butt buddies. I don’t like Shelly, but she has put in work in the BB house to atleast show people she is playing the backstabbing social game. Adam is just PATHETIC. he was only placed on the show for his bacon screaming oddball fan behavior. now he’s laying around staring at the ceiling thinking of Jeff on the feeds. Lawon is the worst player ever on BB, but Adam is not too far behind.


Well said, I’ll drink to that.


Someone should take the Big Brother logo, and change the sandals into Jeff’s name. Might as well be real and call it what it is.

Big Jeff Brother.


You mean tells DP that shes tired of persuading Adam. Now if it was Shelly telling Kalia, that would be a hoot! and kalia would be enraged]


I really can’t understand how people say dan played a bad strategic game. I get that she started so soon but she is the only person at this point who has gotten rid of a vet and strong player….twice! Do you think she would have maybe got someone else out if brenda wasn’t brought back by production(let’s face it he wasn’t Americas pick…reality check). Kalia has a chance to get rid of someone and is on ranks side and picks lawon? ???yeah that helped dani. So in all she hasn’t even really been able to play because she was bottom with the vets and tried to lead the news which are all morons. So she basically got shafted the minute her dad left

To all the newbie bb watchers that post please know that the last what 3 seasons have been anything but how bb is played. Want to know why we can’t stand jj or a its because they are a disgrace to the game. Jordan won us but really she was awful and still is at this game. Shelly and dani are the only ones who have actually been playing bb. Watch dr will sometime or janelle and see what this game is really supposed to be. Lie cheat steal crush blindside manipulate con or be a jerk and win a challenge or two.

Seasonbis over now that dani is gone….is there really a need to watch the farmer go out back and put a slug in the remaining cows or just know he did it and move on?

chief c

that logic will mean when jeff grts rid of her you will rex]zpect him then? dani got in trouble for trying tpo manipulate production and two people may at lweast one will lose their job. she was getting inside information and help by the questions they asked other H.G. in . THEN WHEN IT WAS EXPOSED THROUGH Shelly who demanded they get higher ups or she would leave dani got called to diary and was told no more and she cried under blankets for hours. what a lousy sport hey dani its a game you dont die when you leave bybye loser


Man o man, Jeff just called Adam an idiot twice, wtf is Jeff think he is that intelligent, the asshole was evicted once beofre doing the same thing he is doing right now!


Question-how’s this week a double eviction when Thurs is NFL football? No BB until Sat??


Ugh! Adam, you frustrate me!
I just wish that you could just accidentally walk into one of Jeff’s and Jordan’s bashfests about you and change your mind about them.
Save Dani!

Big Game Move

Or he could accidentiall walk into one of Dani, Shelly, Porsche bashfests about him as well…You honestly think Dani gives a rats ass about Adam..He knows it and that is why you are all butt hurt..


Jeff rants about Adam way more are way worse than Dani, Shelly, and Porsche do. They enjoy ranting more about Rachel than they do Adam. Jeff thinks he’s all that because he won HoH and when Adam’s not around he goes on complaining about how Adam can’t win shit and make his own decisions. Yeah, sure, I can admit I am a bit “butt hurt” if that’s what you wanna call it, but you probably will be too once Jeff and Jordan are on the block.


If I was Adam I’d be kissing Jeffs ass too! He is SMOKING hot !!!!!!!


Watching Rachel on tonight’s episode makes me wish I could punch her in the face, and I’m not a violent person. Also, I’m beginning to see a hidden snotty side to Jordan we don’t always see.
I’m resolved to the fact that Dani is most likely leaving, but can’t decide now who I want to leave more on double eviction: Rachel, Adam, Jeff or Jordan.