Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche & Kalia decide to take out Rachel this week ..and plan on an all girls final 3 with Shelly..

12:40am Rachel and Jordan are still talking. Jordan is still crying. Rachel tells Jordan that we signed up for it. Rachel then laughs. Jordan says that she feels stupid. Rachel says that we just lost three competitions in a row. Jordan says that Jeff left, and she says she feels so stupid, and she just wants to to home and see her mom and her grandma and her dog. Jordan says that she should know how this game goes. Jordan says the mental part of the game is just draining. Rachel says that woman Jordan really liked and cared about lied and hurt her, so she would be crying. Rachel tells Jordan… just think Jeff is drinking a bottle of wine now and is going get to see Brendon and they will be making jokes. Jordan says that she just doesn’t care anymore and will not be saying much. Jordan continues to cry. Rachel and Jordan decide to go into the purple room to talk and cry in private. Jordan says that this is going to be the longest week ever. Rachel tells Jordan that they can lay out, workout twice a day and sleep like everyone else does. Rachel is trying to cheer Jordan up. Rachel comments that the jury house is probably nice and that Jeff and Brendon are probably going have fun and joking around for a change. Rachel says that they will probably do guy stuff like play video games, get drunk at night and steal all the alcohol from Dani, it will be awesome. Jordan says that it’s hard because Dani won and all her people are still here. Rachel says they are all losers and wanna be’s. Jordan says that she wishes she would have believed Rachel about the Shelly thing. Jordan says that they made some big mistakes on their assumptions about Shelly. Jordan then goes into the kitchen to do the dishes and continues to cry as she does them.

Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Kalia tells Porsche that Adam asked her if it was her idea to put up Lawon. She thinks that Lawon wanted to go up on the block to take one for the team. Kalia and Porsche talk about the memory wall and how the bottom row of houseguest’s pictures is looking really empty. Kalia starts talking about voting Jeff out. Kalia says that she thinks she heard people groaning in the studio audience. Porsche says that they were clapping. Porsche says that she was surprised people in the studio were allowed to clap like that. Kalia and Porsche talk about the HOH snake competition and how hard it was. Porsche says that she can’t believe how empty the house is now. Kalia asks what did he say when he left? Kalia says that hugged everyone and said something to everyone and looked at me and said …and you, too! Kalia and Porsche talking about how perfectly the day went. Porsche says that she was like an Olympic athlete on those hurdles. Kalia says that there are certain people that when they’re up on the block, you have to get them out, Dani was like that, Jeff was like that. Kalia says at least I made a difference with my second HOH! I actually got someone out who was standing in my way! Porsche says that she told Shelly that obviously she did her part today just as much of any of us. Porsche and Kalia say Dani will die of happiness when she sees the DVD of the double eviction. Porsche says she’s not against having people on their side moving forward but at this point it’s all about winning comps and that they need to just keep winning. Porsche says that Dani looked hot when she walked out of the door… whereas Jeff said that he looked like an BLANK  yo-yo because he wasn’t dressed to leave.

12:50am Back downstairs Rachel and Jordan are still talking… Jordan says that she is also pissed because Adam threw the competition. Jordan and Rachel talk about how they think Porsche gave Adam a heads up that he was safe and that he just gave it to her. Jordan says that now Adam won’t even talk to them. They talk about how they are really seeing them for what they are. Jordan is really upset because she has done so bad in all the competitions and says that she thinks that her and Jeff were so naive to believe the best of people. Jordan says that Dani was getting into their heads. Rachel says that she thought Dani had made deals with them . Rachel and Jordan talk about how Adam does noting that doesn’t benefit him. Jordan says that last week was great we were on a high and now there is just not a chance because Shelly is with them. Rachel says well you’re right and even if Adam won the veto he probably would not take Jordan off. Jordan says good because she wants to go to the jury house where there are no cameras and to not be around these people. Jordan says that it makes her sick that this is going to be the final four. Rachel says that Adam sucks and so does Shelly. Rachel says that Adam sucks because he does nothing and Shelly lies about everything and says what a great career woman she is.. Jordan tells Rachel to be quieter.
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Rachel says that she doesn’t care if she hears me, what is she going to do, put me up? Jordan and Rachel talk about Dani’s last ditch effort to get Rachel’s vote. Rachel says that all that Dani said and that it upset Rachel but after she talked to Jeff she was okay. Jordan asks if Dani really thinks she could get her vote after what she did to Brendon? Jordan says that she didn’t think Dani was going to be like she was, they used Jeff to get rid of her. Rachel and Jordan talk about how Shelly and Adam just used Jeff to get rid of Dani but that it wouldn’t matter. They talk about how if it had been Kalia it would have been Rachel and Jeff… no matter how you look at it. Jordan says maybe I would have won Jeff would still be here. They continue to talk about the POV that Rachel messed up. Rachel and Jordan talk about how the others are so obsessed with Dominic. Rachel says wouldn’t it be nice if the fortune teller would turn on right now and say Rachel and Jordan I am giving your girls a redo on HOH! Rachel says that we need a coup d’etat, a diamond power of veto or the forrtune teller to give us a power! Jordan says that’s not going to happen. Rachel agrees and says that this is the worst final four … Rachel says that only a fat loser would watch them. Rachel asks Jordan if she thinks Adam would keep you over Shelly after the fight from this morning? Jordan says maybe..

1am Rachel says that we need to win the veto and have another shot at HOH next week. Jordan says alright but if we suck at the veto, there’s nothing we can do. Rachel says that we have a good shot a winning. Rachel says that she hope it’s a climb a rope or run a mile competition .. something they can’t do or an obstacle course. Rachel says that she used to be so good at questions and says that she doesn’t know what happen. Rachel is trying to guess their moves if they try to backdoor her. Rachel says that she can win veto and pull Jordan off the block. Jordan says that we’ll talk to Adam. Rachel says that she doesn’t trust him and that she wants to be back doored. Jordan says what if you don’t win the veto? Rachel says that she will. Jordan says she might not play in veto. Rachel says I am guaranteed to play in the veto.

Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Kalia tells Porshce that once Rachel is gone, we will be able to beat them at every competition. They talk about the All Washed UP competition. Porsche comments that she thought Adam did well at that competition. Kalia laughs and says that Adam did about as well as she did. Kalia says that Rachel was doing well but then fell behind. Porsche says that she is nervous about Adam because he would have gone to the other side had they won HOH. Kalia and Porsche talk about how Jeff conveniently forgot about how he promised not to backdoor Dani. They talk about how Jeff was 5th to jury in his last season but now 3rd to jury this time. They talk about how he fell from 5th to 7th place. They talk about how Rachel did better this season. They says that assuming Rachel doesn’t win veto this week.. she will be the 4th jury member. Porsche and Kalia joke that if they make it to the final two they will say suck it to the jury members and say pass every time they get asked a jury question.

1:50am – 4:30am Kalia, Porsche, Shelly and Adam are in the backyard talking. Kalia and Porsche talk about how they were in a boat by themselves and now look where they are. Shelly worries about Jordan saying stuff about her and doesn’t want to be embarrassed. Shelly says that Jordan got hit double hard tonight… when Dani said that everyone was just here to write Jeff and Jordan a pay check .. she started sobbing. Kalia and Porsche talk about how Jeff and Jordan forgot about the deals they made. They talk about how Jeff was pissed that he wasn’t dressed to leave. Kalia starts talking about how no one on the vets side respected her HOH. They talk about how mad Jeff was. They continue to talk about the competitions and the fights earlier in the day. They talk about how they think Jordan wants to go more than Rachel. Kalia says that she doesn’t get to decide its the house that gets to decide. Adam says that he is sorry ..but we are all back together now. Adam says that he wanted to compete against the best and work with the best. Porsche talks about how she is going to take out Rachel …and says that won’t it be pleasant in the house without her!! They continue to talk about random stuff and the past events of the house. They all head into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Shelly heads back outside to smoke by herself. Porsche grabs her stuff and takes it up to the HOH room. Porsche and Kalia lay in the metal room talking about random stuff.. Porsche and Kalia then head up to the HOH room.

4:30am – 5:30am Kalia and Porsche are still talking. Porsche and Kalia start going through every scenario of what will happen in each situation. They are thinking that they should put up Adam and Rachel so that Adam can win and put up Jordan…and then vote out Rachel. Kalia explains that she will explain to Adam that it is the same situation as when she had to put up Jeff and he had to win the POV. They talk about how they need to trust each other. Kalia says that we can threaten him that they have seen us win stuff now …and if he tries anything ..he is gone. They talk about how they are worried that Shelly may try to redeem herself with Jordan. They agree that it’s not too likely. They agree that they all (Porsche, Kalia, Shelly and Adam) need to have a conversation. Porsche and Kalia are worried that Adam might flip again. Kalia and Porsche have agree to take Shelly to the final three all girl final three. They wonder if there will be a power of some other twist that might change things. Porsche and Kalia says that they think this season will be talked about forever because of the newbies being able to take back the house from the vets. They talk about needing to study for upcoming competitions. Kalia and Porsche talk about random stuff and then decide to go to sleep…
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7:10am All the houseguests are in bed sleeping…

10am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to wake up the houseguests.

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555 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche & Kalia decide to take out Rachel this week ..and plan on an all girls final 3 with Shelly..

      1. why do they call it elbow macaroni, who’d wanna eat something that tastes like elbows? They should call it ice cream macaroni, then people wouldn’t be so grossed out.

        1. Dani is to blame for this entire mess!

          Had she stuck to the original 5 of Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Brendon and herself, then none of the 3 of them would be in the jury house right now.

          Instead, Dani had to make big moves and while she got Brendon twice, in the end, it cost her and then ultimately Jeff.

          In past seasons, the winner was always produced from a solid alliance.

          This season, it will be produced from the result of big players going after each other and floaters just skating by.

          Kalia, Porsche and Shelly would make for the worst BB Finally in the history of the game…

          1. Serious…… Dani would’ve had to compete against two couples. That makes ZERO sense. Dani made a move, it didn’t work an she paid for it. The reason things are the way they are, is because JJ SUCKS at challenges. Jordan has won ZERO comps…ZERO! Jeff has been selling out for cash in comp…DUMB ASS. Rachel and Brendon won in like week 1. Guess who has won the most HOH’s the season….that’s right Kaliah. She’s no floater. Little Jeff is gone and Jordan sounds worst than Rachel

            1. Bravo, well said. Dani finally kicked everyone in the butt as she walked out. Adam is now going to pay for his idol worship of Jeff and Jordan.

          2. What I find so amazing with your comments is that if the “vets” didn’t exist and they were just first time Big Brother players like the newbies that we would be talking about their game play. Yea, Shelly lied to just about everybody but she probably was one of the best players of the season. She floated to the final 6, was on the block, was saved (BY THE VETS), but has never one a SINGLE COMPETITION!! JJ/ BR, and D (being vets) should have seen the signs and gotten rid of people. Yes Khalia’s first HOH was HORRIBLE gameplay. But she’s still here and Jordan had great social game her 1st season but she SUCKED @ completitions then as well. The vets should be ashamed that there are 3 of them in the jury. They are the ones who really suck! How do you play a game a 2nd time and perform worse!?!

            1. it is not one, it is won when you are speaking of someone winning a competition…and Jordan actually WON two competitions. She won the second HOH (and please don’t use the argument that Jeff and Brenden gave it to her) . She also won the David H. competition. No one else was even close to winning that competition. If you are going to post something just know the facts. That is all I ask..

            2. they are vets. so they came in with targets on their back and on each other backs b/c everyone seen their seasons and knows what they are capable of doing. knowing the jordan and jeff was america’s sweethearts and lovable people in their season made them a threat if they get into the final two. dani won 7 competitions in her season tying the most veto com wins in one season. didn’t really see rachel and brendon’s season but everyone came in knowing each others abilities.

          3. I am with you Dani started the downfall of the vets. It has turned into a boring show. I still say they should have more games and people earn points from 1st to last in order to continue. That way you wil have people competing and no throw the game.

            1. right I get that. its just that the name implies that you’re eating elbows and you’re not. Its like the whole greenland thing being really cold and icy but its still called greenland. and like iceland isnt too icy either. and what about italy its shaped like a boot, shouldn’t they call it bootland? Louisiana too, cause its shaped like a boot sort of, but not florida.

      1. I’m with you Dark Horse. I was squealing with laughter at how defeated Jeff was. He was throwing Shelly to the wolves. He got what he deserved

        1. It was rather entertaining. I busted out laughing a couple times even after the show for no reason.

          Jeff was such a baby. He got beat. He had a chance to win POV.

        2. Shelly deserved to be thrown to the wolves. There is nothing worse than someone who preaches about honesty than is the biggest liar in the house. She is evil how manipulative she is. She didn’t get that way over night. No matter who you like, Dani or Jeff, they both played the game with some sort of integrity.

        1. Dani “GOT” Jeff and Jordan with her speech.
          She “GOT” Jeff before he actually got “GOT GOT.”
          It was a BB Triple!

      2. Ditto!! It was enough to see Jeff hat the boot himself but to see his last ditch (groveling) attempt to stay, and then get the boot wearing what he was and knowing how he was dressed & was pissed about it ……. PRICELESS!! KARMA’S a bitch “Little Jeff”!!!

        1. DR you made me laugh again…
          Just replayed that whole scene again…
          Even the way he was sitting on the couch with Julie…
          like he wanted to run back in the house…
          and start yelling at Shelly again.

          oh gawd it was TOO FUNNY!…then the look on Jordan’s face…

          1. Dark Horse, I think I’ll be replaying that scene over a number of times myself. You can never get enough of a good thing! ;-)

                1. No stephie…
                  its just like he/she is reading my mind at times…
                  Our posts seem similar at times…

                  no Adam/Jeff relationship forming…
                  don’t think one could get creepier than that.

        1. People who would put down a person like jordan are nothing but trash. Jordan has the kindest heart and has compashion for other humans. If there were more people like her this world would be a much better place to live. She may not be the smartest but the type of person that would talk bad about someone like her is nothing but a jealous loser. what a lame show to watch now the 4 lamest newbies made it to the end. I hope someday after this season is over to be surfing the web and find a photo of Kalia hanging from a tree. when she gets out of the house and see’s that she is the laughing stock of Big Brother she will probably hang herself because she is so depressed to find out that people hate her. Hahahahahahahaha shelly can be right next to her cause she is trash as well. Her poor daughter has to grow up with that thing as a role model. hopefully Tony is a good enough father to make up for damage that the he/she does to her.

          1. Wow lol….have you even been reading or watching any of the things she’s said about danielle since jeff got the boot?
            Obviously not, because then you would see she’s a bitchy, catty girl just like the rest of the girls in that house. She’s nowhere near pure or innocent.

          2. “Hanging from a tree”? Really? You must be one of Jordon’s idiot inbred family members. Your spelling is atrocious, and your “the world would be a better place” spiel is something a klansman would say.
            GTFO the internet and go screw a goat.

      3. Dani is the one that screwed the vets and screwed herself from winning the money. If she would have stayed with the vet alliance, a vet would have one. They were too busy taking eachother out and now a floater is going to win this game. So stupid. Thanks Dani, you just screwed yourself!

        1. Dani didnt have a chance really staying with the vets because they were couples she would have went out fifth…thats based on probably odds…

          She played a great game just got screwed when Brenden came back in the house…If he had not she would be there sitting pretty…

        2. You are so right, if dani didn’t do what she did, there would have been more vets than newbies in the house righ now, ever since the worse secret alliance was made between keith, dom, adam and cassi, they all got voted off one by one apart from adam, vets have all been kicked off thereafter, when danni and jeff get to the mansion they are all going to regret their game play, and wished they didn’t turn on one another and also wished evil dick was there to guide them, I feel now porsh is going to put up rac and jor, if neither wins pov rac maybe one one to leave, if jor doesn’t win hoh she would then be up against adam and she leaves, then adam and kal and por will surely kick off shelly and maybe kal will win the whole thing as por was a floater

        3. Yup, Dani changed the game…..actually Dick leaving changed the game! Had he stayed in the house he could have given her better direction in the timing of her moves! However I could see how she felt being the 5th wheel in her Vet alliance, so to speak, if she could have just waited another week or so to make such a powerful move it might not have back fired on her! Oh Well…..that the game, right!

          1. Screw the Vets! They had their chance already. I’m glad Dani did what she did, Im happy that the newbies are doing well, and I hope one of them wins alot of $$$$$ !

            1. I feel ya! In the beginning I felt it was so unfair that they would bring power couples in to play against newbies. My thought was if you want to do a season of vets, great, but let the newbies play against newbies. I guess it just goes to show you that when you do play too strong of a game it usually backfires! I just wish I didnt have to look at leatherface and listen to Michelle Obama for another week or more! Im for Porche now because she has said a few things in conversation throughout this season to people that I thought showed how stable she is in comparison to a couple of other people that are left. And you cant say she hasnt played a good game because she was right behind Jeff in winning alot of comps so it makes sense that she would take over the first place spot after booting him out. I just wish she would wash her hair and put on some real clothes!!

        4. Dani would have never won with the vets, she was missing her “partner” she was smart to try and win newbie alliance. the real problem is that the other vet couples were too arrogant and thouught they were somehow invincible. it was soooo funny when jeff left the house.. wow what a comedown. i should should stay because of what i did in this house.. hello? you tried to intimidate everyone and scare them into not putting you up. Remember the kalia threat… guess he kinda wishes he got rid of kalia instead of dani. he lost because he evicted dani. had he kept his promise to dani, he would still be there. Bad game play Jeff, what a loser and a bad sore loser at that

      4. That shit was almost as hilarious as seeing the NeanderTALL get evicted twice in one season by the same HOH. Then Porsche wins HOH and watching Rachel and Jordan crying when they realized they can’t win shit without circumstances being “competing against people who suck at all comps, for an easy win” the whole night was AWESOME best BBAD this season.

        1. Porsche never won hoh, she won veto and she is a horrible player! She is a huge floater, and her and kalia are lost and will never win anything with out dani!

        2. Will I agree last night BB was awesome (even though i supported Dani)… and BBAD was actually semi interesting, could cut the tension in the air with a knife.

          and Adam is such a MOUTH BREATHING GROSSOUT it was making me sick that the cameras were on him half the night. eWWWWWWW

      5. me too when dani left, blame all on dani with her greatest bb move, she could make a logical major dicision; oh i am sorry i think she made one when she stole personal items; she is truly someone i would hire in my company if i wanted to go under. Wait till daddys tells his little girl she screw up

    1. Good riddance Jeff, He looked like a moron last night and he would still be there if his butt sucking bro Adam would have kept Dani. How interesting it would have been this week. My next hope is Adam goes after Rachel. Jordan is pathetic and such a winer.

    2. yeah put adam n rachel up and I hope jordan wins the veto n takes rachael off n porsche is gonna have to put shelly up n shelly will go cause only rachel, jordan n kaila vote. I really hope things will happened this way :)

    3. yeah put adam n rachel up and I hope jordan wins the veto n takes rachael off n porsche is gonna have to put shelly up n shelly will go cause only rachel, jordan n kaila vote. I really hope things will happened this way.

    4. I loved how classy Dani went out last night and she looked wonderful… Jeff went out looking like a raging lunatic , that’s not classy…. KARMA….lol

  1. I must say…
    Funny how Jordan seems to blame EVERYTHING on Dani…
    what a sore loser…just proves a point that she was there ‘hanging out’…

    Last nights episode was hysterically funny…
    Jeff was PISSED like ‘how dare’ they vote him out…
    bye bye Jeff…
    Adam must have cried himself to sleep…like Jordan.

      1. “oh shut up!”
        didn’t know preschoolers are on this site…
        right back at ya…

        you must have been a Jeff lover…
        oh so sad…Jeffy is no longer in the house…
        how will I go on…

          1. Funny how when we all said that Jeff would be placing the largest target on his back if he evicted Dani, we got branded “Dani lovers” and called stupid our theory. HA!

            If they’d kept Dani, Kalia certainly wouldn’t have won the HOH would she?
            If Dani or Porsche or Shelly had gotten it, Rachel would have been the target instead, and Jeff knew it as he walked out the door. He screwed himself.

            1. Nice quick summary, If Jeff is so savvy he should have thought the same thing. His cockiness said ‘I can win any POV, I can save myself’. Then throws his shoe out of the box and doesn’t even know it LMFAO.

            2. Agree, backdooring Dani caused jeff to go. had he kept his promise he would still be there. almost as dumb as lawton. as arrogant as he was as hoh, they always seem to forget that its only one week.

            3. If Dani stayed, either Dani or Kalia would have won. If Dani won, she would have gone after Jeff and Rachel as usual. She said this before she was even backdoored. She wanted Jeff to trust her enough so that she could do the same exact thing he did to her,…backdoor him. Jeff definitely made some mistakes in this game, but it wasn’t evicting Dani, it was when he chose to throw the POV that could have saved Brendon. At that time, Jeff was not thinking about the actual benefit of keeping Brendon because he felt that Adam and Shelly had his back. He shoudn’t have put Adam and Shelly before Rachel/Brendon, especially since Adam and Shelly hadn’t won any comps. What screwed up the vet alliance was a combination of Dani and Jeff. Dani should not have turned on them so early on and Jeff should have stuck with Rachel/Brendon after Dani separated herself from the group. So their worst fear has happened, floaters have made the finals. I was rooting for the vets and I still have hope for Rachel & Jordan, but it’s not looking good for them and really the vets only have themselves to blame.

      2. It will be awful now with those loosers running the show. And what Shelly did to Jordan is just plain and simple crap. What a liar and cheat she is. And she talks about what a wonderful mother she is and how she teaches her little girl not to lie. Yah right !! She needs to work on her own lieing. I hate that Jordan gave her that phone call because she thought they were friends and Jordan is a NICE person not like that Bi…… I hope they turn on her and she crawls out on her hands and knees. Hate that woman.

        1. Jeff & Jordan already planned on turning on Shelly & Adam…
          Shelly ‘just’ decided that she was playing for the money…
          not playing to let Jeff or Jordan win.

          I’m curious about the explosion b/t Jeff & Shelly before Dani got evicted…
          Rachel must have blew up her spot right before…
          oh well, more entertainment for us.

        2. Ok Jeff lover, she’s playing the game. Anyone that claims that they play this game without lying and backstabbing is a huge hypocrite (coughJeffcough)

        3. Jeff: “Dani, you said you didn’t regret trying to backdoor me. Hope when you’re outside with Julie Chen this Thursday, and she asks you again, that you’ve come to regret it.”

          Future Dani: Jeff, you’re an idiot for evicting me and placing the largest target on your back. I get why you’re doing it though-you’re making all the same mistakes you made before. Your allies are going to turn on you in a heartbeat, and you’re going to follow me right out the door on Thursday. When you do, and Julie Chen tries to interview you, I hope you stomp your feet and throw a tantrum on live television every bit as bad as Jessie did two years ago when you screwed him over, you pathetic egomaniac.

          1. If any of you “Dani Lovers” took the time to read the spoilers, you would know that Jeff was the target no matter what. As for Dani’s word, how can anyone trust her when she went against a SURE THING in the veterans alliance. Do you really think she was going to keep Jeff in the game, right after he had dominate the houseguests in both the HOH and POV competition? Jeff was a target regardless whether Dani went home or not, did you not watch the campaigning that Shelly was doing to save Dani and telling everyone that Jeff and Jordan had to be broken up. I personally don’t respect Shelly’s game, because she piggy backed to the top 6 with one alliance and MIGHT make it to top 3 or 2 with the other, not really a game play I respect. On another note Darkhorse why don’t you grow up and stop attacking people on a personal level… calling them preschoolers.. I think you need to take a look in the mirror before you talk nonsense.

            1. the only SURE THING was that Dani would be the first to go out of that alliance if they all made final 5 together.
              one person against two couples…you can’t see that?

              The “better” move Dani should have tried first was to ask her JJBR alliance to add Dominic as Dan’t partner for the final 6 to compensate for her loser dad leaving. If the alliance didn’t accept it, then backdooring one of them was, in fact, the best move. It would have worked if someone didn’t blab.

        4. there are few things I find as satisfying and ironic as someone calling someone else a loser…and spelling it wrong.

        5. Shelley played the game. Jordan and Jeff did nothing all summer to interact with the house. Shelley made a game move when Jeff became vulnerable and for that you have to admire her. Jordan has been the biggest floater of all time and honestly a waste of a spot in the house, even in the season she won.

    1. Let this be a lesson to everyone… Don’t EVER start referring to yourself in the third person… right, Big Jeff?

      1. lol yes, that was getting retarded… i need to look out for big jeff, big jeff here my new name is big loser

    2. Gosh, Jordan is going to have to start playing. This is why they took out Jeff last time, b/c Jordan was so dependent on him. They only kept her around b/c she was so easy to beat in comps. If she wants to have a chance she should quit her whining and get in the game.

    3. LOL I agree.
      And how he’s going “to KILL Dani when he gets to jury” OH PLEASE Jordan you little brat- first of all your boyfriend is a bully and no adult is intimidated by that behavior…. and secondly why is Dani suddenly responsible for Jeff being evicted? If he was such a FANTASTIC BB player than his stellar moves would’ve protected him from being screwed. Buuutttt… he made bad moves, just like Dani did…. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP

      1. wait Stephie are you implying that Dani was an adult?? Really?? LMAO “my dad use to like now now he hates you” that adult?? LMAO Dani proved what a spoiled brat she was, classless , mean and such a baby. But hey I bet you LOVED Dani!! LMAO sucker!!!!!

        1. Dani was totally awesome and a class act.. rachel is the one who is so classless and low down trailer trash. Dani just laughed at her… see ya in jury rachel and poor pathetic jordan who cannot win a comp

      2. Jeff wasn’t smart enough to realize he had to have a couple people in his alliance that could protect him by winning something. This guy and Jordan may not reach double digit IQ combined.

    4. I hope you liked that episode, it’ll be the last one worth watching the rest of this season. We now have a bunch of people in the house who do nothing. Kowlia eats and sleeps non stop, Porsche is pretty much the same, Shelly just smokes non stop, Jordan and Rachel are now just going to be constantly crying, and Adam never does anything.

      While Dani AND Jeff leaving in one episode made for an awesome episode, the rest of this season is going to be boring as hell.

      1. Agreed. Although, I will pull for Jordan to open a can of whoop ass. Shelly is horrible. Hell, her daughter even said it on tv. And please, someone tell her to stop with the two finger lip kiss.

    5. P should send Shelly home and then P will WIN the game vs anyone else. Shelly lost 5 house votes (JJDRA) for jumping on Dani’s SINKING ship for no reason. Even, Dani will vote for K or P. Shelly and DumbDom fan club are winning the same amount of $$ (none). Jordan or Jeff still going to win America’s player money for sure. Jeff’s won 15K plus 50K for coming back, plus another 10K for making the jury. He’s not going to cry like Dani. I just saw Shelly on America’s Most Wanted for grand theif (daughter went undercover). I can’t cheer for P for trying to make folks sick with the food (and Jordan did get sick). K or A could win. What are these idiots thinking with JJDRA deciding who WINS.

  2. Now I REALLY hope that Rachel wins this s*it.

    The best case scenario will be:

    1. RJ talk to Adam to make a final 3.
    2. RJ are nominated
    3. Adam wins veto and takes rachel/jordan off.


    1. RJ talk to Adam to make a final 3.
    2. RA are nominated
    3. Jordan wins and takes Rachel off.

    Still hoping for a miracle… GO RACHEL!

    1. Ya, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh………………. Not gunna hap’n. Keep dreaming though. R is nut bar and deserves …… jack shit.

    2. Im a Rachel/Brendon and Jeff/Jordan fan, hopefully those girls win pov and hoh!!! Take out Shelly!!! She’s the biggest lier and floater!!!

      1. Wait a minute…any “girl” who can’t function w/o their “boyfriend” is a loser from the get go. Jordan has already won the money and Jeff walked away with cash. Rachael gave up when Brendon left. I’d like to see Rachael win, but the comment “only fat losers would watch the show now” is a real slap in the face to herself and us. Is her self esteem so low she thinks watching herself and Jordan unworthwhile. Jeff floated along until he was on the block. He made a deal with Dani not to backdoor her and I’m glad he got bitten in the butt when he went back on his word. Adam is a pathetic excuse for a man. He changes every time somebody is in power. What a old loser. None of them have played a good game. Shelly is a backstabbing loser but Jordan shouldn’t complain. She wanted a summer with Jeff and her spot should have gone to someone who really wanted to win BB. This is not a dating show.

      2. We can only hope. Just sick about last night. Kalia and Porsch think they have this thing won. Porsche is going to be a famous TV star and Kalia is going to be a Broadway star. If they make it, I will not watch anything they are in. They are truly vile people. Last night KPS kept bashing BRJJ. It is over for the vets, get over it. Can’t believe one of those disgusting people are going to win BB13.
        I can not watch “Kalia After Dark”. She just grates my last nerve. Way too arrogant!! She was talking like Dani last night in her valley girl voice. Turned the tv off and went to bed. Changing the TIVO to no longer record BBAD.

        1. Yeah i wont be watching once R and J are gone and its going to be tuff watching PKS this week also, almost got sick last night. As a matter of fact i have been so mad i baked 32 little pecan pies for a few people today and never went to sleep and wont till i get all my errands run by five pm. I was running on mad energy! Jordan is so hurt by what shelly did and shelly dont care, she never was her friend…oh my that is just too cold! She proved CEOS never care about people only money and money trumps peoples lives and feelings every time everyone is expendable in the corporate world. Just another day of slashing the bottom line for cold shelly!

      3. Shelly is the biggest liar in the game . She made me sick last night when she cried as she voted to evict Jeff- ” I am doing this for my family” ! The bitch even lies to herself when she denies she is a lier. Hate hate hate her! I hope Jordan gets HOH and puts her bony ass up and out of there. Dani got what she deserved . I am even on Rachel’s side now- a first.

      1. Me too – Rachel for the win now. I really can’t stand the other 4 and Jordon’s already won once. The one I want to see win the least is Shelly, she’s just…awful.

    3. Hahahaha

      For that to work, Adam would have to actually make a game move. Since when has he ever made a game move this season? He has survived so far, why rock the boat?

    4. why would anyone want rachel or jordan to win… poorest losers in history. they do excactly or attempt to do exactly what the other side did, and they cry foul play…wow… adam is a floater who is siding with both sides… rachel will go, then adam then jordan

  3. Well, this is going to be one shitty season moving forward. Brendon called it a while ago, he did say that while we r taking each other out(thanks 2 Dani), we’ll all be in jury & one of the floaters will win.

    This will be the most talked about season according 2 Porsche. It may be but not for the reasons that she believes. Rachel may be unstable but when everyone disrespected her & wanted her gone it was RACHEL coming 2 her defense.

    The winner should get 1/2 of the prize money because they didn’t do shit. It’s funny how Kalia called Porsche a floater right b4 the vote but when everyone was calling her a floater she defended it by saying that floating is also a strategy. How soon we forget…

    1. With all due respect… I’m finally just now starting to see this season as finally starting to not be shitty and predictable;)

        1. Simon I’m so glad you said that!
          My next post was going to be….. to all the people singing “it’s RIGGED for the vets, it’s RIGGED for Dani, it’s RIGGED for Jeff”….
          what now?

        2. People who claim the game is fixed are stupid. People from all sides are so quick to jump up screaming “RIGGED!” and it’s ridiculous.

      1. You said correct! the season has finally started. Now its the looserville… The standard of cast has gone down!

        I really want to see good competeitions … where its not pure luck! Endurance , brain .. etc. I want to see how long these people last… None of them have the capacity that others have had in previous BB.

        I hope Porche shows more of her personality, she has the underdog look. But Kalia, Adam and Shelly! are all talks.. done jackshit!!! Jordan too.. but I don’t see her as being competeitve or here to win. She is just a good person who you will always like .. even if she sucks in competittions. Anyways, no longer interested in watching this season.

      2. I agree…
        Since our girl Dani is out…
        I jumped on the Porsche train…

        I think Kalia is already getting her her head to put up R&A…
        I wish Porsche would tell Kalia to STFU for a minute…
        we’ll see what happens…she MUST put up R&J.

        1. I think P needs to offer K some of get HoH food if she’s going to get K to STFU. Nothing short of eating gets her to stop talking it seems.

    2. This “floater” bullshit has to go. They’re all playing the game well enough to still be there. Porshce is no floater. She got tired of how the other side treated her and switched sides. She could have read the signs and vote to evict Dani but stuck her neck out there even further. Then went ahead and won two comps in the same day. She’s done more than Rachel and Jordan both at this point.

    3. Looking for a coup d’état? Someone should remind them that the one major twist this season already helped their alliance. Dani had to evict Brendan twice you two.

  4. boo hoo jordan and rachel. and classy goodbye speech to danielle, rachel. nice move. karma sucks. i find myself rooting for porsche. seems to have more common sense than we could see in the beginning.

    1. Soooo right. How anyone can cheer for a flake is beyond me. Porsch is about as interesting as a bad nightmare and Shelly is a real man so there will be a man in the house till the end. Too bad many of us won’t be watching.

        1. You have no idea what you are talking about. If Dani would have stuck with the vets, it would have come down to final 5 and everyone would have been playing for themselves. She had a good a chance as BR & JJ to get to the final two. She blew it and took down the vets with her. Her father knows it and said as much. So now one of her puppets will probably win and they don’t deserve to. Very sad. It would have been great to see the five of them play for it at the end.

      1. Rachel also said everyone else in the house are wanna bes, so you shouldn’t take her too seriously, she just says things to say things, Who would want to be an ugly, fake, unemployed piece of crap with terrible skin?

  5. I am even wondering why Rachel is all over Jordan, especially after knowing that Jeff and Jordan threw Brendon under the bus and remembering that Jordan told her to her face that she “babysat” the 1st time Brendon left. If I was her I would have sucked up my pride (she should have done it last week in my honest opinion) and join the newbies (Porsche, Shelly or Adam), it is only her only chance of winning something, I hope she realizes that.

    1. I’d like to know what she did to help her alliance. She didn’t even contribute to their social game. She just kept to herself. Jeff hung out with Adam and got him on his side. Jordan did nothing. Worst player ever.

      1. This season the winning strategy seems to be to float as much as possible and hope you win at some point, voting out brenden was a bad mistake.
        I have zero interest in watching lazy slobs put just enough effort to hope to win

  6. I see Kalia is doing the dame stupid game planning that she did during her 1st HOH. Put up J&R stupid and only one comes down, Putting up only Rach and Jordo wins POV, they are both safe. But brains is the one thing Kalia is really short of having.

    1. I know!!!!!!!!!! K has got shit for brains when it comes to strategizing. I hope Porcha plugs K’s mouth with something (say, oh, I don’t know, maybe something like …..more food!) and decides for herself that the best move would be to put up R & J together. If K screws up another HoH for her alliance, then she deserves to get the boot …. In her big booty.

    2. Yep you are 100% right…I can see Cowlia screwing the whole game up again. She just doesn’t get it and I’ll puke if she somehow makes Final 2 with her awful gameplay and idiotic 1 way deal with Jordumb.

  7. Jordon is so fake and full of bullshit . Cry stupid bitch, cry.. We except it from Rachel but the sainthood that people have bestowed upon Jordon is unjustified. Jordon did not defend Shelly or Adam. They called them untrustworthy and would have turned on them in a second but because Big Jeff was kicked to the curb, now they have been done wrong.

    1. 100% in agreement. They were talking about how Adam & Shelly both would have to be cut free – but because Shelly did it first then she is an awful evil bitch. That is how you play the game. Shelly had enough foresight to realize that she would never get to the final 2 if JJ were together. None of these people “play” the game – it’s crazy – they just vote on who they like, etc. I hope next year they really get some people that understand the strategizing and scheming aspect better than these yutzes…

  8. “Adam says that he is sorry ..but we are all back together now.”

    bahahahahahaha….NOW Adam wants to play a game…
    sorry chump…if Rachel wins POV…
    you’re outta here…

    Adam hugged Jeff goodbye last night…
    like Jeff was his girlfriend.

    Team Dani >>>> turns to Team Porsche!

    1. At the risk of sound like Adumb did with Jeff, I agree 100% with you! (Unlike Adumb however, I draw the line at kissing your ass, especially if you’re a guy! Dani’s ass however ……….!!) ;)

    2. Yeah…Now Adam wants to back together with them. What a moron! PKS would be smart just to stick together now, and Adam can walk out the door.

  9. I’m not actually sure how Jordan got “screwed over”. In an earlier feed I read that Jordan was upset because she said she gave Shelly the phone call and now Shelly voted to evict Jeff and Jordan is upset. If I remember correctly there was no deal between Shelly and Jordan that if Jordan gave her the phone call, Shelly would keep Jordan and Jeff safe. If that was part of Jordan’s game move (giving Shelly the phone call in hopes she would keep them safe) then she should have made that clear. On the other hand, if it wasn’t part of her game plan and she was just doing it to be a nice person, then why is she so upset about it now and using it in arguments? It’s as if she did this nice thing and then expected something in return. If that was the case, then she should have kept the phone call for herself.

    1. it’s just a point she was making because not only did she give her the phone call but they were also in an alliance together and shelly flipped…they had a final 3 with shelly…obviously only shelly knew it wasn’t real but since she thought it was and flipped jordan is obviously upset…it’s more the being blindsided by the betrayal than anything else and you can’t blame them for that…they might not have actually planned on shelly final 3 with them but they did plan a final 4 and after that it might not have been there call as to who advanced to final 3…shelly screwed them over before they had the chance to screw her over…the only difference is shelly is such a hypocrite (i know everyone in there is but she was the one that was loudest about how honest and loyal she is) that it wouldn’t have bothered me to see her screwed over!!!

          1. Adam is the ultimate floater.

            Shelly at least had the guts to try to make a big move to increase her chances to win $500K.

        1. STAMP!!!
          All those tears won’t wash away the fact that behind closed doors, JJ had a final 3 with Rachel. So uuuhhhh all you JJ fans with hurt feelings about Shelly turning on them… she just did it FIRST!
          Because she is …….. SMARTER…… than JJ.

      1. Jeff said his “Final 3” was with Jordan and Rachel, NOT Shelly. He has been a huge arrogant butthead this entire season. Good riddance and GO PORSCHE!

      2. So you saying that jeff and jordan wasn’t going to turn on her? And just because Jordan gave her a phone calll she was supposed to let them sail to half a mil? O ok you’re delusional too

  10. I like how everyone gets on production for getting involved. And if production does get involved I think they were getting involved so one of the newbies would win. Makes it more interesting. Idk who I want to win now,except I really hate shelly now and I was her biggest fan at first. I know people will bash me because everyone loved Dani, but Shelley was the biggest liar and backstabber on this show and I am actually hoping that Adam or Porsche win this game. Oh and I feel bad for Rachel becasue she is not the only girl in that house that acts catty. All the girls in that house do!

    1. I don’t think that Shelly realizes she just sealed her fate at NOT winning the 500K. By flipping on the people that carried her all the way through the game, they are now the majority vote in the jury…stupid girl…if she had stayed true to them the majority vote may have liked shelly..I know its a game and she was making a big game move but she just guaranteed the won’t get the majority vote in the end..I really like Jordan but I think she doesn’t really want to be there and hasn’t from the beginning….and I don’t think she is crying over the money I think she is crying because she genuinely liked Shelly and was genuinely her friend.

      1. Your sitting there mad at Shelly and upset that poor Jordan lost her Jeff but do you remember last week when JJ threw Brendan under the bus if he had saved him and let S & A fend for themselves he wouldn’t be in the Jury house now. How is what J did to B any different from what D did to J in the beginning they were all in the same alliance D flipped first and J after. At least D kept up her deal with JJ twice Jeff went after D cause she was his biggest threat. I’m glad J is gone he was getting so arrogant. Since you are so upset that he lost his chance at the $$ why don’t you write him a cheque yourself after all that’s what you were expecting all the other house guests to do.

        1. So true. Jeff screwed over Brendon. Karma is a bitch, because Jeff got screwed over by Shelly and this is one of the people he screwed Brendon over for. I can’t feel sorry for Jeff nor Jordan. However, this does not mean that I support the newbies that are left. I am still pulling for Rachel. Once she is gone, I’m not sure. It’s difficult for me to support Kalia, Porsche, Adam, and Shelly. I would have supported Shelly but I just can’t handle all of her lies. There are necessary lies and just blatant stupid lies. All her lies and deceit just weren’t necessary. Her back was rarely ever against the wall so there was no need for all this. As for Kalia, I can’t get over how she nominated a member from her own alliance which caused him to be evicted. Plus Kalia has a very difficult time thinking for herself. As for Porsche and Adam, I can’t support people that purposely throw competitions. I know it is considered good gameplay to pretend you are weak and to not get any blood on your hands, but I just don’t have any respect for someone laying low and suddenly winning in final 6 or 4.

          Big brother needs to start penalizing people that don’t win HOH every week so that this could minimize the number of people that throw competitions. I am just getting sick of the whole “let me pretend I’m weak so no one will see me as a threat”. If things continue like this, we will always see floaters in final 2 every season because it will be the recipe for success which would mean that big brother will be over.

      2. Big Brother is NOT the place to being MAKING BFF’s….it is a GAME for 1/2 Mil (or not there to make friends, your there to stab poeple in the back to get ahead, I would stab u and ur grandma in the back to get to where I needed to be, she came TO PLAY THE GAME – not sit around and hold hands with JJ)…..Shelly KNOWS why she is there, she has played an AWESOME social game..

    2. I get it all, I hear ya, I loved Shelly and thought she was an excellant game planner (even if she wasn’t winning anything) she was playing with honesty to her alliance SO I THOUGT !!! Now she has to answer to her daughter who she tells to never lie, well she’s got alot of explaining to do now… I don’t like the face she didn’t let jj know she was flipping, so she claims she speaks up front and to your face ? What happen, she stabbed them in the back, and like Jeff said when he went outside to Julie, I never asked to be the head of the alliance they just put me there, I was playing for myself and they would all come up to me and ask what should we do ? So they are all just floaters, and now they can all play against each other as floaters. And it does boil down to it all being Danni’s fault because if she stuck to her word there would be all vets in that house right now, and she could have made herself a differant outcome… I watch this game every year and I will watch again next, thats what its is a game. But Shelly Kelia Porsha.. believe me, will not be back as a all star they did nothing…….

  11. dear Jordon how does it feel to know it’s because you are so dumb Jeff was evicted? blame other people, cry, threaten people, wow, shows how much of a class act you are.

    1. and funny how…
      NOW the game is stupid and its useless…
      because her ‘Jeffy” is not there anymore…

      Could someone tell Jordan that this was NOT Jeff’s game?
      I mean does Jeff own the BB house or something?!

      1. Jeff and Jordon are so smug they believed they would win the game and everyone would fawn all over them. People did which is why they have been in the house so long but the spell has worn off. Now if only Sookie would come to her senses and realize she is under a spell, life would be awesome. haha

      1. Such a witty 2 year old comment from someone that either can’t think of a good login name or is scared to show it ;)

      2. I’ll respond to your inane comment in a way and, at a level, you’ll know doubt understand: I know you are, but what am I? Come on buddy, come up with a better response than that, otherwise, stop wasting out time, and valuable space.

  12. Give credit to Shelly and Porsche. The one big mistake in this game, year after year, is trying to play the game too early. Dani did by trying to backdoor Jeff too early, she is gone. Jeff has been a puppetmaster since day 1, gone. Brendon same thing, gone. The masterminds don’t hide themselves well enough and make themselves targets. Now, right now, when the end is in sight, is when you start playing. Until now, the idea is to keep a low profile so you can last until the game actually starts, which is now. Call them floaters, but I believe, especially in Porsche and Shellys case, that that was at least running through their minds. You cant win this game in the first few weeks, but you can definitely lose it.

    1. I agree. However, if everyone adopted that strategy, it would make for a cancelled T.V. show. I think we can all agree that the Jeffs, Rachels, Danis, and Brendens are what make this show entertaining and successful. Who wants to watch 14 Porsches and Kalias three times a week?

      1. Sorry. My bad. People actually would want to watch the Porsches and Kalias on television. They may be perfectly suited for ‘The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp’.

    2. Chilltown was the best at the game of being the Puppetmasters they should have put them back in the house they would have ate them newbies for breakfast LOL

  13. i think it’s rich how everyone is on jeff’s back for “bullying” and “threatening” and kalia and porsche are now talking about doing the exact same thing to adam if he pulls any funny business…really?!…no one plays this game with class!!

    1. Jeff is a man and he was threatening women. That is the difference. He was verbally abusive to Kalia and scared her to death

      1. i think people take this stuff too serious…jeff wasn’t that bad…he was trying to get his way and he’s a bit louder and bolder than some people…it’s not like he was in her face screaming and calling her names and all this crap…he was trying to win…i’m not saying i agree with his temper but he could be a lot worse…the only thing that makes him scary is the fact that he is a big guy that isn’t afraid of confrontation…what kalia is planing on doing isn’t any better just because she is female!!

      2. he had a meltdown and yelled, she was only upset cause she didn’t really want to rock the boat and realized that she had actually made a game move. think that scared her more then anything else. please i am not condoning abuse just saying that was him in her face having a bad moment. yep, believe he should have controlled himself but not in the house myself, not sure how i’d feel in that situation. possibly blow, feel stupid about it but not being able to take it back move forward.

        everyone has acted just as bad sooooooo enough.. have seen abusive behaviour that wasn’t it and she Kalia not scared but hmmm worked for her to appear that way huh ?

        1. I am being sarcastic by the way, the only thing scary about Jeff is his size I remember on one season one of the guys held a knife to one of the girls throats now thats wrong and he got kicked out for it if they thought anyone’s safety was in question they would make sure Big Jeff was gone before the official eviction silly people

      3. I think Rockstar and Dark Horse have a little thing goin…And you talk about JJ’s relationship?? Your jealousy will get you no where…you both are douches!

        1. I never thought of Dark Horse as a suitable mate, I’m not sure if they are a male or female but I think they are quite wicked in a yummy good way. haha

    2. I totally agree with you Ali it’s so true and I did like Shelly in the beginning but after she turned on Jordan after Jordan did what she did for her thats just Jordan.

      1. She sent her to solitary confinement in exchange for the veto. Did she think it was in exchange for $500,000? It’s not her fault that Jordan stares off into space all game and can’t win anything. Shelly made the right move.

        1. Did you even watch the episode??? Jordan ASKED Shelley if she wanted the phone call. Shelley knew it came with solitary confinement. Shelley was willing to put up with the confinement in order to have the phone call with her family. She DID NOT have to take it. You act like Jordan gave her confinement to be mean which she didn’t. Shelley thought it was worth confinement so she could talk to her husband and daughter. Jordan would have kept it and taken confinement and the phone call. She wanted to talk to her family too but gave it up because she is a good person and thinks about others before herself. I didn’t see Shelley complaining. She was extremely grateful to Jordan.
          After seeing Jeff leave and how upset Jordan was, I don’t think their relationship is fake. She misses him! Plus, she was upset that she didn’t get to say goodbye properly because it was such a shock that he left.

          1. LOL you need to re-read RS comment because apparently you didn’t understand what they were saying.
            Geez everyone on this board is so ready to argue and sometimes embarrass themselves trying to do it.
            Take a pill

    3. everyone in the Dani Camp/Alliance begged Adam to switch his vote. He decided to stick with a ‘better team’ well according to him. even when they run all the scenarios by him showing him, how he would not get the prized money, and that some point he would be cut loose he never gave in. Heck Jeff even told him he was taking Jordan to final two. and there is no prizes for 3rd place.

      Now tables get turned without his help and his trying to kiss ass, he deserves every humilation they throw at him, thats why he is even offering to take all punishements the new alliance gets or need him to take.

  14. Lol the new alliance dani angels are kicking ass lol
    With all that said its kps game to lose they have the numbers and should win this game i hope during the time in jury no one votes personal and looks at who had the most impact in the house whether u like her or not. If straight shooter makes it to the final 2 she deserves that money forget adam she alone turned the whole house upside down and her votes were critical to either alliance

  15. For those of you who were rooting for the veterans to win you only have DANI to blame for the failure of the veterans. It was nobody else’s fault. If she is TRULY all about competition, it would have been final 5 and duke it out at the end.

    I am rooting for Kalia or Porsche, more on the Kalia side. All though I am a fan of the veterans and wanted them to win, with Dani destroying the whole alliance and flipping week 2, it’s not going to happen.
    Shelly – Would never get my vote. Although she made some good game moves she played dirty and I don’t like that.
    Adam – At this point doesn’t deserve it.
    Porsche – I want to see how she is the next coming weeks. She is a strong competitor but social game not so good.
    Kalia – Good competitor, doesn’t make promises she is not going to keep, doesn’t play dirty. – That’s my vote!

    Oh and for those of you who think Jordan is crying over Jeff don’t know her very well. She has always maintained a sense of self and independence. She is crying over Shelly. She trusted Shelly and cared about Shelly and she feels betrayed.

    1. It’s Rachel’s fault not Dani’s. If Rachel would have listened to Dani, Brenden would still be there. Rachel went against Dani so she deserved to have Dani destroy her not once but twice. Rachel’s ego got in the way. Dani knew Jeff and Jordon had to go.

          1. I can’t believe people really still think Dani “ruined it all” for the vets, and they would’ve “duked it out” in final 5. Did you just watch the first episode and skip everything in between?
            Brendon and Rachel talked IMMEDIATELY about when the right time would be to turn on JJ.
            Jeff and Jordan talked BEFORE the Jeff Backdoor incident about when to turn on BR, and continued to say it until they CHOSE to evict Brendon.
            5 people consisting of 2 couples and a single, is not a fair game to fight out! Are you serious that Dani would’ve had a fighting chance if waiting until Final 5 to turn on them?

            You people telling yourself this are deluded and don’t really know how to play BB or count.

        1. look at all the angry JJ fans!

          Can someone explain how Dani’s gameplay was so terrible compared to Jeff’s? I mean he followed her right out the door-and with a lot less class!

          Take out the biggest target – become the biggest target. Jeff never learns.

      1. Brendon and Rachel admitted to Dani and to each other that Dani
        made the BEST move in the House and they regretted not
        teaming up with her.

      2. In my opinion, this started off as the worst season of BB because of the whole newbies vs. veterans premise. Now that the playing field is leveled somewhat the show can get interesting. It just sucks this happened so late in the game. Without Dani we would have watched JJBR take out whatever newbie they want until the final 4. To me that doesn’t sound like it would have been interesting until the final 4, and even then its debatable. I personally don’t enjoy any of BRJJ’s personalities, but that is just my opinion. Obviously some people love JJ and/or BR. But to make a good season with those people they should have had all vets. Thanks to Dani, this season has been somewhat interesting up until this point because it wasn’t just JJBR taking out one player after another. Thank you Dani!

      3. Wish they would show the Jury House with Brendon, Dani and Jeff. It will be much better than the Kalia show. Maybe some fireworks. Dani is a very bitter person and she is probably going to chew them both out.

    2. I thought is was just Wednesday night that JJ were laying in bed talking about cutting Shelly loose? Am I wrong? Why is it okay for JJ to turn on Shelly but NOT okay for Shelly to turn on JJ? LOL sounds like Jorden has a bit of a bruised ego for not doing it first…ya snooze, ya lose…

  16. Rachel sucks at comforting others. The first part of J’s mini breakdown had R stuffing her face while J sat beside her and cried. Though I’m thrilled Jeff got the boot and Jordon can be a hypocrite, I feel a little sorry for her, as her only alliance is with the queen of self-absorption …..R. I’d be crying too if that whack job was my only remaining source of support!!

    1. True DR but Dani had no one. Kalia wins HOH and then votes out her alliance. Dani was alone. Rachel and Brenden went against her.

      1. Oh ya, I agree! I don’t actually feel sorry for Jordumb. R was the target of my comment. Unless all the attention is on her (R), she tends to lose interest and gets this blank, “I’m not listening nor caring cause it’s not all about me” look on her face. She’s a true whack job.

  17. If rachel goes, no one will watch. This season turned out to be a dud. I blame dani. She broke up the vets and gave the money to the newbies.

          1. yeah Porsche and Kalia, GO!! Go eat, Go Sleep like you have been all season then Go home!!! Lmao

            me, rooting for that somewhat unstable redhead(dyed) to make a huge comeback !! Be worth it to see the expression on Porsche and Kalia’s faces as they walked out the door

    1. I’m out a here! Its been fun while it lasted. Whoever is in charge of casting needs to be FIRED! See ya next year if there is a next year.

    2. When Rachel goes I too will be watching . I cant wait to see her go. she is now taking on Jeff bully role. she never learns that attitude never works she doesnt threaten anyone. Jeff too how do you let the same thing happen to you two years in a row. They say mind of mass, I think he was more mass than anything else.

    3. IMO, CBS/BB screwed up BB13 by having the Vets and Newbies together.
      When Rachel and Jordan exit, we will finally get to see the Newbies,
      in action with all of them, finally playing to win.

    4. IMO, CBS/BB screwed up BB13 by having the Vets and Newbies together.
      When Rachel and Jordan exit, we will finally get to see the Newbies
      in action, with all of them, finally playing to win.

    5. If you want to blame Dani you’ve gotta blame Evel Dick. His leaving put Dani 5th in line on the vet alliance, I can understand why she wanted to work with Dom, she would’ve been fifth in line on the vet alliance, and had she won anything (like she did), would’ve put a target on her back with no one to protect her.

      What changed Dani’s game was allowing Kalia to put Lawon up during her HOH, it was gutless, stupid, and IMO DQ’s her from winning no matter what she does moving forward. Had it been Rachel vs. Brendon, Brendon probably throws the comp to Rach, and Dani gets to go after Jeff / Rachel.

      That would’ve made Adam and Shelly float to the other side quicker, and Dani would probably still be in the game.

  18. LOL, how on earth do you guys do it? Dani fans are attempting to pretend she didn’t get booted from the house. Hilarious. If Anyone else besides Dani wins then guess what? DANI DID NOT WIN. Celebrate Jeff being gone or Jordan crying or whatever to remove yourself from reality but it doesn’t change the fact that DANI LOST BIG BROTHER!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA. SUCK IT DANI FANS!!!!

    Oh I’m so happy, all I wanted was Dani gone. I’ve said it all along I want her gone and could care less about any other person in the game winning or losing and I got my wish. Awesome.

    Production attempted to give her the win with 4 free weeks of not playing but it didn’t work.

    1. I agree. First time I just wanted someone OUT of there (Danarexic) more than I wanted someone to win. I am not one of these tools that says “I’m not watching” cuz I like the show too much but now that dani is gone it is up in the air.

    2. it just proves the fact that it’s not so much as being a Dani fan but not being a Jeff and Jordon douchebag psycho fan

      1. No actually it’s about not being a Dani fan. Everyone has been sucking her nutsack on here. There are far more dani fans than JJ. JJ can rot. They don’t matter. It’s all about the demise of dani. And I have to say I’m loving all the JJ deflection to hide the tears. Dani cannot win. Whoever wins or loses no matter what it Cannot be Dani

        1. there are more JJ Super fans here then Dani fans. JJ fans are unreasonable and like you seem to think they have clean hands and are sainted. Dani fans know Dani was a schemer and applauded her for it. There is a difference, we know the score, you don’t

      2. ok I get why you liked Dani cause you seem to be all about personal bashing too! Don’t know them but why the hell should that stop me from calling them horrible names. Real men don’t call women names like that!!

        just so you know Rockstar!

        1. “stop you” lol got so dang ticked off at the name calling typed it wrong lol real men don’t call woman names like that!

    3. Oh I’m so happy, all I wanted was Jeff gawn. I’ve said it all along I want him gawn and could care less about any other person in the game winning or losing and I got my wish. Awesome.

    4. the thing is…
      Jeff acted like this was his game, his house and his rules…
      if you don’t like it…then leave.
      Dani did not act that way…
      I’m not pretending she got booted…
      I’ll even say it..Dani got booted…
      Jeff got ‘GOT’ < priceless moment in BB.

      1. Dani acted like it was her house just as much as Jeff did. Probably more so actually, I don’t remember Jeff ever saying that multiple members of production were going to quit if he was evicted.

          1. lol so Dani walking around acting cocky as hell all season, and saying all that arrogant shit all season was really just all a joke? gtfo of here with that nonsense. Dani and Jeff both thought they owned the house. They were the leaders of their alliances and both thought the house was theirs.

            I understand that you’re a Dani mark, but don’t be stupid and excuse all her actions as just a joke.

    5. I think a lot of people that wanted Dani to win accepted that she was going home. So some us who were rooting for her didn’t come online and whine and call other people stupid, throw a hissy fit, call Shelly a bad mother etc etc just because she’s got evicted. Some of us aren’t that mentally invested like some of the Jeff and Jordan fans seem to be, not all , but some fans. Dani made it exciting but also made some mistakes so that’s why she’s gone. But the episode last night watching Jeff get evicted was the most entertaining one I’ve seen this year. But overall, this is just a show and a game and any of them winning isn’t going to pad my pockets with the prize too. So if someone I like goes home oh well, on to the next one.

    6. You come off so foolish. Most “Dani” fans on this board aren’t Dani fans at all, while we respected her as a player, we respected more so that she was one of the few that didn’t have JJ blinders on.

      I’m team “Deserving Player Win This Game.” That wasn’t Jeff OR Jordan. Rachel’s gameplay has had it’s ups and downs, but her behavior last night likens her to a six year old. She deserves to go next.

      Shelly made a big game move, and props to her for not letting Jeff bully her on live tv, but if she can’t do anymore than that I still want to see her out soon.

      Adam is just a waste, and I don’t respect his gameplay. He’s the ultimate floater, which is hilarious considering how long he survived in JJR’s “Anti-Floater” camp.

      Porsche pulled out a veto win on live tv, as did Kalia with her HOH. THEN! Porsche hits two in a row and scores the next HOH! Hell yes I’m rooting for them, grace under fire! If that makes me “Team Dani” so be it, but I’m psyched for the both of them, and I’m sure Dani has a huge smile on her face right about now!

      1. Wait, so in your opinion the two people who deserve to win this game are Kali and Porsche? The two people who haven’t done a damn thing for most of the season besides sleep and eat? The two people that clearly deserved to win were Dani and Jeff. They were the two who were actually playing the game while everyone else just sat back and did whatever they told them to do. Even during Kalia’s first HOH she wasn’t playing the game. She was still too worried about her friendship with the enemy (JJ) and evicted someone from her own alliance.

        Of the people still playing nobody “deserves” to win. Shelly is the only one even close. She hasn’t won any competitions, but she has played an awesome social game.

  19. they need to get rid of adam he will pull a fast one on them, also rachel and jordan useless without their men, shelly porsche and kalia, final 3 baby!!

  20. Ugh I can’t believe what this show has become. Ever since Brendon was evicted I knew it was just a matter of time before Dani and Jeff followed and he WARNED THEM.

    This season would’ve been infinitely better had Dani never been invited back. She’s a dumb IDIOT traitor. Hate her and she ruined her own game and manage to drag two of the best players down with her. FOR WHAT? A bunch of noobs who think they know how to play now that they’re playing against two emotionally drained women, an old man, and a fatass metal head?


    I hope Pinto continues to get fat with Kalia and I hope Straight Shooters PYRAMID SCHEME gets ousted. Hate them all.


    1. i’ve never seen someone give instructions as to how to play after they leave, as if they were going to split the money with her if they win at the end?! lol
      so stupid and they are stupid to think they will be her friends outside, did anyone notice how Dani was so indefferent to Kalia’s message saying that she found a friend in BB as if Dani cares about that, she was so indefferent, so arrogant that her only purpose was not that the newbies do something for themselves but just not for JJ to win
      and they were saying Dani would’ve wanted me not to use (P saying it) and K saying that Dani would’ve put u R &J
      wow what a bunch of ppl able to think for themselves, i bet she gaves them every scenario till the end cos they aren’t clever enough to think on their own LooooooooooooooooL

    2. dani was awesome its the other 4 in that alliance that are liars and traitors. jeff lied to dani too. she may have made her move too soon but better she gets jeff out then face eviction. she made the first big move not “big” blowhard jeff. i used to like jeff and jordan but no longer

  21. That is so funny that they think the bb13 will be talked about as a great season cuz they took back the house. I know they are cut off from everything but their way of thinking is just so warped. I have watched since season 4 and since then have watched them all and only a select few hg’s are still talked about. I am just glad dani is gone. This is first season I do not have a favorite. I was rooting for dani to leave and she did so now I just go thru the motions. Of course she couldn’t leave with class but I expected nothing less. Jeff didn’t leave with class either. At the end of the day it is a game. Oh well.

  22. For everyone crying about JR, remember the game is not over. If P puts A and R up, J could still win POV and take R off the block. That means they both would still be in the game. PK are not smart enough to realize they have to put both JR on the block together, therefore one would definitely go home. So chances are JR will survive this coming up week.

    1. That would be great, but i really don’t think that will happen and, if so, Jordon isn’t going to win the pov. If she does I will be so excited!! I am sorry jj haters, but I felt so sorry for Jordon. She was betrayed by that snake shelly. I feel she has no heart, and is a very cold person. She doesn’t need the money. I wish they would put ppl in the house who truely need the money. I was rooting for Cassi or Dominic, but Dominic made a big mistake hooking up with Dani. I hope they get Shelly out next. Best case would be if p put up r&a and j wins and pulls r off.

  23. K/P the power will shift with atwist to help out J/R mark my words.
    And I’m gonna LOVE to see the look on that awkward looking blondes face.

    At this point if JR don’t pull it out I’m forced to root for Kalia eeeer

    1. There are very few competitions in the world were emotional Jordan/Rachel would beat the likes of Kalia, Prorshe who have no emotional\personal attachments or shelly who is playing for her family and is by far the better social player. She knows evryone’s strengths and weakness as well as her own. Rachel’s emotions and ego drove her to revenge. She would now still be playing both sides but instead she is the next target. she can not rely on her alliance even if they had her back a billion %. Adam chokes and loves kissing ass, Jordan not only is she the damner one, she wants out, and she being a previous winner and was only here for jeff, is not as hungry for the BB money as everyone else is, so she wont play anything she could coast to the end may be then she gets the money without asking for it. For Rachel tho its time for her to play for herself althoigh It is a lost cause.

    1. Porscha and Kalia are no longer floaters. Kalia has won 2 HOH’s, Porscha has won a POV and an HOH. Not bad for being under the JJ Super Douche Spell

      1. Please the idiot won with productions help, J & R where shell shocked and to upset to do anything. P won but, lets not raise the banner just yet, after all she’s only a wannabe porn star how smart can she be. Couldn’t care less who wins this season, as long as it’s not SheHe I’m good…

        1. What did production have to do with them being too upset to play? production didn’t get Jeff evicted JEFF got JEFF evicted he got’d himself.

          Jordan was crying because she no longer had Jeff’s coattails to ride, and she realized that she can;t win shit unless everybody on the other side sucks in comps, and Rachel realized that unless she’s playing in comps with other people who suck ass she can’t win shit(proving the fact that her wins are mostly flukes), it wasn’t all about Jeff leaving.

      2. agree rockstar… those that come out too early with game play or their version of it.. always seem to go home. maybe stragegy is better if you lie low and win when you need to win…. kinda like the underdog winning. i hope the newbies win the game 1st and 2nd… the vets were really arrogant coming into this game expecially jeff and rachel…. well rachel days are numbered she didnt feel too sad when dani left so now… she can have a nice goodby message from kalia and porche. why would shelly stick to a jjr alliance and be voted out….

      1. Kalia has won 2 HOH’s so she is out of the floater catagory. Only Lier Shelley has won nothing. Adam has one POV. So the biggest liar, upstanding, straight shooter, morally correct, never says anything bad about anyone, hanger-on is the only person to win nothing. Too bad Kalia and Porsche are too stupid to see Shelly for who she is.

  24. So glad Dani’s gone. I can’t stand Shelly, Porsche or kalia the hut. If leatherface wins I will be pissed. Porsche pulls one out and got lucky. Totally sucks. I’m actually hoping rachel wins now.

    1. LOL. Jealous JJ lovers make me laugh. Porsche pulled a crucial veto win on live television, and followed it up with an HOH win in the same night. The girl has mad skills and she’s been the dark horse this whole season. She’s also one of the biggest reasons Jeff is sitting on the sidelines in jury house right now. HA!

      1. agree! kalia got it when she needed it, same as porsche. jeff showed more arrogance when he said they win a couple comp. a couple crucial competitions that ousted you…lol i hope the newbies porche, kalia and shelly are in the final 3…lol vets

    2. I can’t. Stand the leather. Straight. Shooter either. We call. Her leather here- her skin looks like it especially in a bikini

    3. I can’t. Stand the leather Straight. Shooter either. We call. Her leather here- her skin looks like it especially in a bikini

  25. I was so mad when Danny left, looking fly as ever. Nah but the live show last night was crazy, I found myself jumping up n down when Kahlia won Hoh, I hate to say this, but she could freakin win, in still on Team Pinto, but I wouldn’t be upset if Kahlia wins, I thought her 1st hoh was the worst decison making I have seen in my 8 years of watching. And for her to recover and find a way to win, kudos to her. I hate to see Jordan hurting and what Shelly did was horrible. But she tried to explain to her that she has no shot for any money in a final three deal with JJ. If Jordan didn’t see this coming she is blind. Also days leading up to Dani’s eviction Jordan said to Jeff that she really doesn’t trust Shelly. Jordan is not that nieve. 55+ days of Shelly going back and forth and you don’t realize she is here to play. I applaud Shelly for seperating gameplay from friendship. Smart move and it was the only move. Flipping to vote out Kahlia wasn’t so smart. Only person who will give Shelly a vote is Dani cause Dani see’s gameplay in everything Shelly does. We might not like her but she is a hardcore social player. I think if she had more time she could prolly fix the Jordan beef. She has swagger.

    1. Sometimes, your best game play, is to do everything acknowledging your threat to the person or even the situation. Upon ackowledging your threat, if any, is when you simmer your moves. “Stealth” if you will. Which means constent strategy until your brian ignites. Dayum, for how many days? This shit is harder than we think.

  26. Lay off of Jordan. Daniele and Kalia just got a week to cry and moap around. Jordan was just hit twice tonight, she lost Jeff and she realized that the person she trusted second (Shelly) backstabbed her. Cut her some slack. Every single one of those people would be acting the same way if it was then. I’m not really sure why Shelly was crying all night though and for her to not give Rachel her dog back just proves she is a disgusting, vile, human being. The double eviction should make for a really boring 3 weeks. Can we watch the jury feeds instead?

    1. Sorry Jordon is a sore loser. She backstabbed her own alliance. The only person she cared about was herself and Jeff. She is a bully. We saw it when she attacked Russell. We saw it tonight when she went after Shelly.

      1. Jordon a BULLY!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAH

        I don’t know what you would call a real bully. You think she bullied Russel…..LMAO
        Please go look at the definition of bully….. any sensible person would know it was an outburst of emotion not a bully!!!!

        I don’t know where you get your definition of bully… maybe personal experience ?? LOL

      2. Actually, Shelly was the one that started the argument. Jordan simply stated that she didn’t want to talk (which was reasonable – she was having a moment of grief) and Shelly turned on the attitude and couldn’t let it go. She then proceeded to yell at Jordan (trying to defend her actions – no one asked), who really looked like she didn’t want a part of the conversation at all and that provoked her to start yelling back.

      3. The more of your comments I read the more delusional you appear to be. Jordan attacked Russel? Russel was standing there yelling all kinds of shit at Jeff and Jordan, and eventually Jordan stood up and stuck up for herself. Jordan defended herself against Russel, she didn’t attack him.

    2. Why cut Jordo some slack for, she just wanted to spend the summer with Jeff in the jury house…….opps sorry that was her good girl image, she is greed and proved so to Shelly when Shelly discussed going forward after J&J BD Dani and Jordo’s reasoning to Shelly was basically just write us a check and live with it.

      As for Shelly keeping Rachel’s dog, it is tit for tat, Rachel went around lying and BSing against Shelly so drive Rachel crazy and keep her lucky charm hidden, notice Rachel hasn’t won a thing since it went missing?

      I am no fan of Shelly, but cut some slack JJ Fan, Shelly is playing the game and probably before the live show last night counted her smokes left and realized with Jeff around she’d have none left by the end of the week since “Good ole Jeff” was chain smoking all of hers since the Asshole only brought 7 packs that were gone week 2.

      1. Jordan should go back and look at the tape CBS did after she won the last time and remember her own words, “don’t trust anyone”. If she already knew that, why the tears? Get off your butt pretty lady and win HOH and POV.

      2. Rachel never once lied about Shelly. The whole thing that started the Shelly/Rachel battle was Rachel telling everyone that Shelly wanted to do a final 3 deal with Brenchel, and Shelly denied it. And then CBS immediately showed the clip of Shelly talking to Brenchel outside about a final 3 deal. The liar in all this is Shelly, not Rachel. And for the past 2 weeks, all Shelly has done is go around talking crap on Rachel to anyone who will listen.

        As for that stupid dog Shelly hid. Ultimately, what Shelly has done is theft. She took something from Rachel and is refusing to give it back, that is stealing and is a crime. Rachel should just go into the DR and demand that production tell Shelly to give it back to her. I’m surprised production actually allows a house guest to take another house guests belongings like that.

        But hey, this is just another great example that Shelly is setting for her kid. It’s okay to steal other peoples stuff Josie.

      3. Rachel never once lied about Shelly. The whole thing that started the Shelly/Rachel battle was Rachel telling everyone that Shelly wanted to do a final 3 deal with Brenchel, and Shelly denied it. And then CBS immediately showed the clip of Shelly talking to Brenchel outside about a final 3 deal. The liar in all this is Shelly, not Rachel. And for the past 2 weeks, all Shelly has done is go around talking crap on Rachel to anyone who will listen.

        As for that stupid dog Shelly hid… Ultimately, what Shelly has done is theft. She took something from Rachel and is refusing to give it back, that is stealing and is a crime. Rachel should just go into the DR and demand that production tell Shelly to give it back to her. I’m surprised production actually allows a house guest to take another house guests belongings like that.

        But hey, this is just another great example that Shelly is setting for her kid. It’s okay to steal other peoples stuff Josie.

        1. You must of been watching last season…This is 13..! In this season Rachel did in fact lie about what shelly said…Watch a little more than what cbs feeds you…

          1. I watch the live feeds as well as the episodes. And Shelly 100% DID talk to Brendon and Rachel about a final 3 deal. There is video evidence of the conversation, so I don’t know how you think you can continue to dispute it.

        2. That Shelly, is really bad, she lies to everyone and pinned it on Rachel. She takes Rachel stuff and denied. she has no compassion, Rachel already stated that it is all she’s got of her Mom. It is really cruel on Shelly to go that far. NO matter, how annoying or an individual personality is and must have some compassion when something so memorable is the issue. Just hope and wish that Shelly is exposed and I am OK whoever wins but Shelly should never go to the bottom three.

      4. i don’t get the tit for tat with rachel comment. if you watched the show rachel told the truth, it was shelly who was lying. even if rachel did lie, stealing her dog isn’t tit for tat, it’s childish. now that shelly has done that to rachel it would be tit for tat if rachel stole shelly’s dog. shelly wouldn’t like that, now would she. she can explain the lying and backstabbing as gameplay to her daughter, but all she is showing her daughter with the dog thing is that it is ok to steal, at least if it’s from someone you don’t like. stealing the dog has nothing to do with furthering herself in the game, it’s just personal and extremely petty. we all get that you hate rachel for actually speaking the truth and therefore outing your lies, but seriously you’re 41 and a mother, there are better ways of handling things than to steal. you can be mad she outed you, but to go so extreme on the rachel bashing i think was overplaying her coverup. she would’ve been more believable if she would’ve argued that rachel lied and then got past it in a few days. harping on it for day after day on end just makes you look guilty to me. and if you hate rachel so much for so called lying how do you explain how you lied to jordin and jeff but think jordin should get over it and forgive you and is wrong for not doing it. if we follow shelly’s idea of how it works, jordin should hate her forever, but at least this time it would be for a real lie, not the truth

      5. Hey Mel-

        What show are you watching? Think you need to go back and see what you have missed. Rachel didn’t lie about Shelly. She exposed the lies Shelly was telling Jeff & Jordan. Shelly’s only defense was to call her a liar and try to discredit her.

        Shelly is playin the game I get that. But, taking people’s personal stuff is really low and Shelly is old enough to know better.

        1. Big Jim, Sure Shelly has been lying, but on what she called Rachel out on wasn’t a lie. As for taking the dog, sure it is juvenile and dumb, but this sort of crap has gone on in previous seasons mostly starting in BB8 and became a part of the game.

          As Dani said last night on leaving that according to J&J it was the season of writing them a $550k check, too bad for J&J, they played the game wrong because they aren’t getting it and Shelly woke to it when Jeff backdoored Dani and Jordo’s stupid explanation to Shelly proved that a couple of days ago.

          And Jeff’s stupid eviction speech to Shelly was priceless, it stank of bullshit from the getgo since Mr. Integrity Jeff was exposed by BDing Dani, just as I laughed about Jordo going on and on about the phone call, bullshit to being kind hearted, Shelly was slipping when that prize came up and it was used as a tool to keep Shelly onboard in the alliance and nothing more, just as it was with Jeff throwing the comp to Adam for the MONEY!

    3. LMFAO Shelly only chose not to continue writing JJ a check for 550k, and FACT ios the matter it as long as you stayed loyal to JJ you were doing nothing but writing them a check.

    1. Did the houseguests receive Beef Jerky and Jellybeans as the HaveNot foods before or after Dominic won the bubblegum Veto competition? The correct answer was before.

  27. It is unfortunate that Dani is gone, but the way it was obviously done with Jeff following right behind sort of saves CBS from showing an obvious fix in the game.

    The Vets blew it within days of the start of BB13. After ED (friends before blood) left it was obvious to Dani she was a sitting duck in her alliance since nothing she suggested was accepted and with 2 pairs against her, she became a pawn and Dani is no ones pawn.

    Her finding an allie to work with in Dom week 2 put her on a level field in her alliance when Adam was the target, but the Vets would have nothing to do with it, and especially Jeff and Brenda targeted Dom and that was when the war of Dani vs Vets began.

    ED says it was too early a move by Dani to evict Brenda week 4, but what other choice did she have, she came to compete and not be a pawn HOH to write J&J a pay-check. The only mistake Dani made the entire game was to not force Kalia to put up Adam or Shelly as a pawn to get rid of Rachel, but Kalia wouldn’t have done it anyhow because she is stupid as Dani finally realized this week and thus Dani pumped Porsche with game play that hopefully she will use and not fall for Kalia’s stupid moves.

    In respect for Dani, she has proven she is a game player and one of the best BB players ever. She also exposed Jeff and Jordon for who they really are, pathetic and greedy just like every other BB player. Especially Jeff, who Dani probably single handledly destroyed his “good boy” image this season, showing him to be a narcistic asshole no better than Brenda.

    Unfortunately the rest of the season will be boring as hell and even Rachels couple of mental collapses will not save it and as for the rest of the cast of misfits left in the house all anyone has to look forward to is Kalia blabbering constantly even with mouthfuls of food. Boring 3 weeks of BB13 left, TG for Sunday night football…lol

    1. You are crazy if you think Dani is one of the best BB players ever. She is one of the best at competitions ever, but her social game is horrible. She is not even close to being one of the best BB players ever.

      Turning on her alliance so soon was a terrible move, just as ED said it was. Yeah she was probably the odd man out in the vet alliance, but she should have waited a couple more weeks. Instead, she made her move against them way to early and it cost her her ONLY good alliance member (Dom). She made a lot of mistakes, much more than just one. Her first mistake, turning on the vet alliance too early. Second mistake, having Kowlia as her biggest ally. She is good with questions, but is hands down the worst in the house at all other competitions and worst social game. Third mistake, allowing Kalia to put up Lawon as a replacement. I could go on, but you get the point.

      All this season did for Dani is prove that she has to ride EDs coat tails. It was pathetic how much she used ED when trying to talk game with people. How many times did she tell a newbie “My dad is going to love/hate you if you do XXXXX.” It was pathetic.

      And lol @ calling any BB players greedy. Every single BB player to ever play the game is greedy, the show is about winning $500,000. That is the entire point of this game, so of course every player is going to be greedy.

      1. To begin with Dani did not ride ED’s coattails, considering ED in BB8 placed a target on Dani’s back almost from the start with his behaviour, Dani was constantly battling the results of ED selfish behaviour. Just as she had to battle again when ED placed friend over blood leaving the show, give me a break ED is a pompus useless selfish Asshole and it doesn’t matter what the excuse unless it was blood in trouble, you don’t abandon blood over any friend and as obvious from the ongoings of ED be back doing self promo crap and with ED’s stupid statement about Dani making a move too soon (in his opinion) likely cost Dom from returning to the house.

        Second on the greed thing, yes everyone is greedy who plays, but Jordo came into the game saying all she wanted to do is be with Jeff for the summer in the jury house, well now she has the cahnce for her wish to come true, but instead her greed shows through!

        As for Dani’s early game moves, Dani was building with the Newbies alliances, so what is she suppose to do the dirty work for the Vets by eliminating floaters, or be a sitting duck to be picked off, give me a break! Yes she should have slapped sense into Kalia to put Adam or Shelly up in place of Jeff, but she tried and was losing that battle because Kalia is stupid!

        And why not use Ed to Adam, it was survival for crying out loud. As for her social play, considering in the end amongst the newbies she was friends with more of them than the Vets were, guess she has better social skills than the other Vets do!

        Can tell you are a Dani hater and that is ok, keep your love affair going for J&J since they were there for love and to be together……as if…….Jeff proved what a tool he really is and his integrity is as honorable as Adam is a great gameplayer!

        1. The fact that you are saying Evel Dick chose friend over blood because he left a GAME due to something that happened to a friend in REAL LIFE just shows how stupid you are, and how worthless it is to argue with you. Big Brother is a game, it’s not real life. If something happens to someone close to you in real life then it is perfectly acceptable to leave a GAME to go support that person.

          You are obviously blinded by your Dani love, but without ED in the game Dani did terrible. The only reason she lasted as long as she did was because ED left and she got the golden key.

          And yes, Dani rode Dicks coat tails all through BB8.

          1. Jordan rode Jeff’s coattails to win their season. Dani won 5 VETOS and 2 HOHS , way more competitions than Dick in season 8 its ridiculas when people imply she didnt deserve to make the finale. I think it was their teamwork that resulted in them getting 1st and 2nd place.

      1. Unlike Jordan, Dani admitted her mistakes in the game.
        Jordan takes whiny to a new, lower, level.

        I loved Dan’s Speech.
        She really slammed J/J.
        It was FANTASTIC!!!

      2. dani was never whiny, she may have been upset but jordan and rachel.. will the whine fest ever end. poor sports…. bad game plays… oh well you both suck

        1. Are you serious?? Have you really watched. Dani whined a lot and bitched a lot and acted like a brat when she did not get her way. Her speech was not great because they really didn’t know who would have come out on top in future competitions. No one person was consistent and Jeff and Jordan could have gotten evicted later. That shows that none of them was confident in themselves and took the easy way out.

    2. wow, very well-written. I agree with every word and anyone who doesnt is incapable of honesty or just a moron

      signed, ILLINUT (in case my moniker hasnt updated yet)

      1. Bottom line is the best 3 competiors in the game are in the jury house, the rest of them left in the house are boring and don’t deserve to win. They have done nothing in this game.

  28. I called it. Wish I could find the comment. Production would do everything they could to keep Dani after giving her a free 4 weeks off from the game setting her up as well as they possibly could and in spite of all that Dani ends up a loser. How incredibly sweet. Also called Jeff going next if they managed to get Dani out. Smart move by the noobs.

    The little worthless giant tooth turd disappoints her father once again. Awesome!!!

  29. GOD! I can’t F*cking stand Kalia. Seriously just the sight of her face makes me want to punch my TV screen. It will be heart wrenching if Kalia and Shelly make the final two and the poor jury HAS to give one of those morons the500k. Shelly made one slight miscalculation though. JJRB are going to decide who wins the game more then likely, and I am pretty sure that none of them will vote for Shelly. I don’t really have a problem with Porscha winning the game and I am starting to think that’s how it might go down. I think she is a lot more intelligent then she leads on. It’s to bad that Jeff and Jordan decided to get rid of Brendon instead of Shelly. If they wouldn’t have trusted that liar this would be a very different game right now. The vets spent so much time picking each other off they didn’t give a second thought to everyone else in the house. Well at least now we get to watch Kalia the hut eat her self into a frenzy for the next week while Porscha has the HOH room. Oh lord hear me now…. Do not let Kalia and Shelly make the final two… Please.

  30. I hope Jordan or Rachael win this week so they can take over the house and ripe all those three girls a new butt hole cause I hate all them and I have always liked Jeff and Jordan and I really hope Jordan and Rachael can make it to the final 2 and bring it home but I guess we will have to see.

  31. “Kalia tells Porshce that once Rachel is gone, we will be able to beat them at every competition.” DUH there would only be ONE left, Jordan, shows how useless you are Kalia.

      1. And it is you who is totally wrong and not Kalia. After hopefully Rachel leaves there is approximately 7 competitions left

        Part 1 of Final 3
        Part 2 of Final 3
        Final Two Selection
        Jury House Vote – Winner

  32. i hope Shelly is happy for what she did cause that’s not what her daughter Josie wanted. In one of the episodes Josie said that her mom should go with Jeff and Jordan. She also said for her to stop lying and clearly Shelly showed an absolute fine job of going that. That MUTT.

  33. Wow, what a bunch of highly unlikeable people. Done watching, can’t see anything of interest along the way to a P/K final 2

  34. Weeks ago I wrote in here that Shelly would eventually win this game. She is a ruthless pit bull. She will attack anyone who gets in her way. It really got to me last night after voting against Jeff when she said she did it for her family. I thought she said if she won she was going to give the money to St. Jude Hospital for the children. What a despicable, lying, piece of trash. She is a disgrace to all women. One can tell she has worked around men all her life because she talks, walks and acts like one. I don’t care who wins just so it isn’t her. Can’t stand the sight of her!!!!!!!!

  35. I’m freaking out at how much more polarized all of the comments here are getting. Serious lines are being drawn, people are going apeshit in defense over the side of the house they’re rooting for, the comments have gone from a hundred or two per Simon’s updates to 500, and things are getting borderline rabid here… I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m personally on the newbie side now that Daniele’s gone, never liked Rachel, lost a world of love and respect for Big Jeff and Jordo this season, but at the same time, I like seeing so many Jordan and Rachel fans stepping their support up now, too, regardless of how much I think you’re going to be disappointed;) Kidding!!!

    Seriously, things could change tomorrow, people could flip, and Rachel and Jordan could be heading for the final two instead, and the comments here will be full of newbie lovers like me swearing they’re not going to ever watch this show again while the Rachel/Jordo fans will be gloating, lol!!! I don’t care, as long as it stays as interesting as it was yesterday!

  36. Good morning BB fans. If you didn’t know, Jeff was evicted last night. Cry babies can proceed to the left, all those who feel like rejoicing can join me over here. haha

  37. This is going to end just like season 4 with Alison and Jun – doesn’t matter who wins they both will suck equally. Unlikable and terrible players floating to the end. At least when Jordan won she had a social game, these girls have nothing. Shit personalities and no game.

  38. I agree. I was so sad to see Dani go but before I could blink twice, Kalia wins, Porsche wins, Shelly maintains her ground and then Porsche wins again. I was jumping up and down – fun fun fun! I want newbies in final 2. They are playing now. Even Jeff told Julie how suddenly people who never win suddenly won and he was out.

    1. So true!!!!!!! Big Jeff’s interview with Julie after eviction did nothing but further make me lose respect for him, btw. First, he actually dares to say that he was the only one to make a big move, then he complains about how everyone else was sleeping, then somehow just seemed to wake up. He was the first to make a big move? I see what he meant, but still, I laughed out loud when he said that. And as for folks sleeping all the time and only now waking up… well, seemed to work, didn’t it, Big Jeff? And I say this being a formerly huge supporter and fan of Jeff up until this season. If you’d told me before this summer that there’d come a day when I wouldn’t adore Jeff and Jordan, I’d have said you were nuts, yet here we are, and I feel zero guilt about it. I’ve said this in previous posts here, and I’ll say it again… those two should never have agreed to come back to BB, other than to host a competition.

      1. Jeff’s behavior in his exit interview reminded me of two years ago-the way Jessie huffed and puffed when Jeff took him out.

        1. Jessie didn’t huff and puff. Jessie knew he was leaving, ripped off his shirt as a laugh and went on out the door. Jessie knew the game and while he loves himself and his body, he did not believe like Jeff does that he is the ultimate player and that all women should fall at his feet.

          1. Go watch the Dick @ Nite show from last night, Jessie is STILL huffing and puffing about Jeff evicting him. And Jessie most certainly does think women should fall at his feet, he may not think he is the ultimate player (but neither does Jeff) but Jessie is so much more cocky/conceited/arrogant than Jeff has ever been.

  39. The reason Jordan is so upset is 1. she didn’t really want to be there this summer, it was Jeff’s idea and now he is gone
    2. Shelly acted like she was Jordan’s best friend and Jordan really liked her; now she finds out it was just game play and
    “Mom” Shelly is a complete b-word. 3. There was a final 3 with JJ & S but Shelly realized she couldn’t win so she threw
    them under the bus, but she can’t win against Porsche & Kalia either. Jordan is the nicest person in the house and just
    because she is crying doesn’t mean she is a sore loser. She took what Shelly did to her personally and so would you if
    you were locked in that crazy house. And Dani has NO class whatsoever. I can’t stand the sound of her voice especially
    when she says “awkward” and “shocker” – she is a bitter, uncouth human being. Unfortunately her minions who worship
    her in the house are already going around saying “awkward” and “shocker” just to emulate her. Grow up, she would
    have done a “Shelly” to any of them as soon as she got a chance. Look what she did to Dom. She is really messed up
    because she has no real feelings for anyone. She was so eager to throw Kalia under the bus and poor Kalia is so dumb
    she has no clue, she still worships Dani Diva. I hate this season. I didn’t expect JJ to win, and it’s only a game, but I despise
    snakes like Shelly. If she gets final two she won’t win, it will be just like that awful girl who competed against Jordan when
    she won BB, the jury won’t give it to Shelly. As a matter of fact, Shelly who didn’t care about money and just came for
    the experience is looking like such a bad person she may need the money soon. If I were her boss I would find an ex-
    cuse to get rid of her. Who would want something like that representing their company? Adam may be a court jester but
    at least he is not a mean, despicable person. Shelly is really the cruddy one.
    jury will hate her.

      1. I wouldn’t say nothing, Jordan brought it the attention of everyone in her allaince that if they didn’t win HOH they would get picked off one by one.

    1. Shelly was not faking her friendship with JJ and then talking shit behind their back, she was genuinely their friend. She had actually helped JJ a lot up until this point. Then she flipped because she knew the stupidest thing a houseguest could do this season was take america’s sweethearts to final 3. Shelly is not a bitch for playing the game.

    2. If you really think JJ was going to take Shelly to the final 3 you would do very bad at this game for you have the advantage of seeing all that goes on and you came to this conclusion. JJ was going to take Rach to the final 3. That would have given one of them 500K for sure and even have a chance for 2nd place prize as well. They had final 3 deals with others too but you can bank on it that Rach was the one they was taking if they could.

  40. Whats wrong with you ppl???? You think Porsche deserves to win REALLY??? she won 2 comps and suddenly she is a great player. The only 3 ppl that deserved to win are now in the jury house and yes Dani screwed things up for all of them ( her dad even said it would happen) . BB is getting boring there is no excitement like before and the final shows aren’t even worth watching because it is obvious that one of the floaters is going to win. As for Shelly I liked her in the beginning and after week 3 i started to realize what she is about and she is from my hometown, makes me sick to watch this chain smoking, biggest liar who has no morals at all and she talks as if Josie is her world? She is setting a mighty fine example for her daughter to follow, how to lie and cheat i really see a promising future for that little girl (NOT)

  41. They need to put up Jordan and Rachel..

    because i guess everyone will be playing for the veto..and of course Jordan will save rachel if she win POV
    Of course if Adam goes home is great.

    But Rachel needs to go this week…she is not a smart player and she just act with her emotions

    She just voted out Dani because she is stupid and jelous…if she was smart she should vote Kalia out.

  42. I really hope Rachel wins pov and saves herself and Adam goes home. Let’s go RJ you guys can do it. I can’t wait to see Shelly get evicted she makes me sick. Team RJ

  43. i have never ever given a comment before until now. i have to say shelly is the worst example of a mother i have ever seen. for her 8 year old daughter who has watched the show have to tell her mother, don’t lie anymore mommie. that tells you the kind of person she is. to drink in front of this child. there is no way this child will grow up being anything other that what she has been taught. lie to get what you want. i hand it to shelly, she is a good lliar. the job she says she has makes no sense in todays world that kind of company would not survice, so i’m quite sure she is lying about that. she probable is a grocery checker and they live in a trailer park. the other two girls porsha and kalia. they are pathetic people. kalia thinks she is so intelligent and a good player yeah right i have some swamp land. i can’t say what i really think of her but she will get what is coming to her. prosha a complete free loader she must love the administration we have in office as she fits right in with the entitlements. the worst 3 people i have ever seen on big brother. where did you find these people. adam, well he just doesn’t deserve a comment.

  44. Nooooooooooooo! Noooooooooooo! Kalia shut up! Don’t tell Porsche to put one of them and Adam as a pawn, the same thing that happened in your HOH might happen again!

    She has to put Rachel and Jordan on the block first and if one of them comes out, put Adam as replacement.

    Porsche por favor, stop eating and start thinking more, you were starting to do good, stop listening to Kalia and her coward softy game moves.

    Hope that Shelly will put some sense in their heads and make them stick with the original plan!

    It is not rocket science, for God’s sake! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz are they really that stupid or what?!

    If they do that brainless move, I’ll be SUPER, super, super mad!

    1. “Coward, softy game moves” and rampant bad game play (not to mention boredom that could kill a slug) are all we have left to look forward to this season.

      CBS exercised the nuclear option by holding the DE this week and blasting any hopes of a good game to smithereens with Dani and Jeff making their exits. They were the only true competitors left. I hold a glimmer of hope for Rachel, but she just doesn’t seem that dynamic without “her man”. Jordan seems like she’s going to be a bumbling mess until she gets reunited with Jeff.

      C’est la vie…. or should I say, c’est le grand frere?

  45. I still believe BB meddles with the houseguests. They didn’t have a chance when Kalia won HOH during the double eviction. What were the chances of Kalia winning HOH for a second time? BB would never allowed both Dani and the Jeff to leave but Jordon didn’t have the brains to save her man and BB didn’t have the time to get Kalia in the Diary Room to make her change her mind or to allow Jeff to threaten her again.

  46. it’s just a game. shelly just lost 500,000.00 best she could do is 50,000.00 is 50 worth it for your friends and family to see the real true person. and her poor husband and daughter they have to live with all she’s done on national tv. I’m glad Dani and jeff left put i think there will be a twist i hope

    1. How did she lose $500K? She had no chance to win $500K sticking with Jeff and Jordan anyways.

      You’re telling me Shelly doesn’t have a chance to win $500K if she’s sitting next to Kalia or Adam in the final 2? Cmon. By flipping she at least gives herself some chance to win $500K as opposed to $50K AT BEST if she’s against Jeff and Jordan in the final 3.

  47. In my whole life I never thought I would say this, Im pulling for Rachel for the win. SHOCKER! I hope they take Jordo and Rachel to final 3 then Rachel comes back and beats all there asses in the final comps. She is grossly underestimated, I think she could garner some Jury votes, She is the only one left with a BB Sack as Jeff would say.

  48. I love Big Brother, but after last night it has turned out to be the worst season ever!! It was allready heading that way, but the first three jury members where the competitors in the game. there is no one left in the game that deserves to win, and it is just sickning to watch anymore. i am done watching this season!! It sucks that I have to wait till next season, but I couldn’t give ratings to this sorry ass of a cast. sorry for the rant, but i am just sooo dissapointed in Big brother this season.

  49. Shelly has the worst reasoning ever
    1. She votes to keep Dani because she wants a bigger target in the house yet she votes out Jeff because he’s too big of a target.
    2. She can’t win in final 2 with either Jeff or Jordan, what she thinks she could beat Dani in final 2?
    3. She cannot believe Adam would be willing to vote for someone as disgusting as Rachel if she makes it to final 2, yet Shelly has the chance to get rid of Rachel and she doesn’t take it.
    I get that it’s a game and she needs to make moves and everyone has to lie but there is no way JJBR will vote for her in final 2 now. Had she stuck to the final 5 – JJRAS – and then gone against them they would probably have been willing to give her a vote. Plus she’s now made herself Jordan and Rachel’s biggest target in the game, whereas if she’d kept Jeff, Kalia and Porsche would have clearly been going after JJR and JJR would have been going after KP.
    Game changes every week but Shelly is just lucky KP won HOH this week or she would be out next.

  50. Jordan and Jeff said they didn’t like floaters…..HELLO….Jordan is a floater. Jordan did no more in the game than Adam did. Jeff wanted for evryone to set back and let him win the game and when they didn’t he would throw a tantrum…yelling and trying to threaten people. he said he wanted people to play the game and when they did and bet him he would be angry. When Jeff was in control he was cocky and annoying and when he lost control he would be rude and obnoxious. i did not like Jeff and Jordan this season. They seem to forget that it is a game and they will be stabbed in the back, the players will lie to get further in the game. The problem is that they take the game personal. Come into the game with game the game don’t just float by…..everyone in the house is a target… the game the best to your ability make the moves that better suit you and if you get evicted then at least you tried ….YOU CANNOT WIN THE GAME IF YOU ARE NOT PLAYING THE GAME.

  51. OMG!!!!! There’s no question about it, they’re are soooooo stupid. They are thinking og putting up Adam and Rachel?..LOL I hope they do, Jordan can win Veto and take Rachel off. Hey, Hey Hey who knows it can happen.

  52. The nexr person to win HOH needs to be Porsche. Noms should be Rachel and Jordan to guarntee one of them stay on the block. If needed put Adam up as a pawn. If they don’t do that, they’re dumb…period.

    Jordan and Rachel are really sad, and I hope thry never have daughters. We dont need anymore women like them in the world.

  53. It’s a foregone conclusion that Jordan and Rachel will be picked off. The show’s over as far as I’m concerned.
    The only interest I have in the show now, and it’s a very small interest, is seeing Shelly get eliminated. But I’m not going to stick around for it.
    Other than that, I don’t care who wins. Maybe Adam first, then Kalia, then Porsche. Who cares?
    This season is ending like last season did. I didn’t watch the last two weeks last year either when the show became predictable.
    IMO This show have to much production involvement in it. The contests are geared for certain players in the hope that they will create more tension. In this case, they over did it and now it’s just a plodding, walk to the finish.
    No more CBS, no more Showtime, no more online.


  54. I just love that picture of Porsche above the 4:30 comments.

    Looks like she is thinking to herself—-“Take that you egotistical chumps. And you ain’t seen nothing yet”! LOL

  55. Irritating,
    Two good game players get voted out and the floaters rise to the top now that isn’t right . This is going to be one boring week since the people who were playing the game and not just floating by are gone. On top of that Shelly really makes me ill I’m just over her I mean its another to lie in the game but then to yourself and to America in the Diary room, very mature. Then hoping Jordan isn’t saying bad things about her and doesn’t want to be embarrassed what a joke.

  56. FINALLYY!!! This game is starting to get interesting again. The newbies are taking back control of the house and aren’t letting the Vets control their every thought in this game. I was so happy to see Jeff go last night. What an asshole he turned out to be… I used to like Jeff, but the way he treated Kalia when she won her first HOH really opened my eyes to who he really is. He be littled and bullied her the entire time and his arrogant attitude is ridiculous. Glad to see the Newbies finally grow a pair and stop kissing the Vets asses. Hope Kalia wins!

  57. Apologies to those on Team Dani, but I’m so happy she’s gone!!! I wasn’t sorry to see Jeff leave but I wasn’t surprised that he exhibited more class in leaving than Dani did. I’m LMAO that he’s stuck in jury house with only one pack of cigarettes. He’ll be nice and testy.

    Pains me to say this but Rachel is actually showing some common sense in pulling Jordan away from the altercation with Shelly and telling Jordan “this isn’t you.” I’m sure she’ll try to strike a deal this week no matter what she’s saying now. Rachel is actually coming out looking better than Shelly at this point. I can’t believe she’s still denying she hid Rachel’s dog. She acts like she’s less mature than her daughter.

    I’m not a Jordan fan but I do feel sorry for her. I don’t at all get people saying that she’s a sore loser or crying because Jeff is gone. She isn’t saying she can’t win now or she misses Jeff, so that doesn’t compute. She’s crying and saying she feels sorry for Jeff, that it’s her fault he’s gone, and she feels betrayed by Shelly. It has nothing to do with her losing.

    Of the four remaining losers (what a bust of a season – I disliked them all), I would rather see Porsche or Adam win than Kalia and Shelly. No way Shelly wins now anyway. BRJJ will never vote for her to win. She doesn’t like hearing that but it’s the truth. They have control in the jury house. All her conniving to win didn’t do her any good. Wah wah.

  58. I will laugh if they put up Rachel and Adam and Jordan comes out of nowhere, wins the veto takes down Rachel and they have to put up one of their own alliance members giving Rachel and Jordan the choice of who to send home. I am not saying I think it will happen but it would be humorous.

  59. I have no problem with P and K getting Jeff out, that is what the game is about, what I have a problem with is Shelly and how she did it.. at least with Jeff he was loyal, yea I know he made a deal with Dani, but people forget that Dani also made a deal with Jeff and tried to back door him early in the season.. the final 4 is going to be boring and i will not be watching

  60. LMAO. I hope if Porshe really does nominate Adam and Rachel, Jordan, somehow, majestically, wins POV. then takes Rachel off. Then Porshe has to nominate Shelly then Rachel and Jordan would have the power to evict. HAHA.

  61. Although I was sad to see Dani go, it was pure joy and happiness to see Kalia win HOH and take down Jeff. He made a complete ass out of himself, “I deserve to be here…”. Well, guess what a–hole, so did Dani. Sucks, doesn’t it. He thinks he is still America’s choice (not to mention, God’s gift), but guess what… Not So Much!!!!! Kalia winning HOH, Porche winning VETO and Porche winning HOH. A great episode last night. I can imagine how HAPPY Dani was when egomaniac Jeff walked through the door. Sweet victory. At first, I was rooting for the vets, but with the way everything has played out, I’m now for either SPK. ANYONE in the final two except Jordan and Rachel. They are bitches. Jordan made a complete ass of herself last night, too. She’s only “sweet” when she’s getting her way. What a freakin cry baby and spoiled brat. Porche will be making a big mistake if she doesn’t put up JR. Hope she gives this a lot of thought…! Yay — Jeff, the bully, is GONE!!!! Bye bye, dumbass!

  62. Why would it matter if anyone cried in the house? So what, where’s the passion for the game? If u had a chance of winning that money u would cry too. How frustrating would that feel if you were living with a few people that was in your way of money. How many times would we get that chance in winning that kind of money. People cry, fight, shit… It’s part of life, dont act like your shit don’t stink!!

  63. I am not a Rachel fan but I would rather she wins than Kalia, Shelly or Porsche – who are as useless as tits on a bull.

    1. Someone posted that Rachel’s dog is in the bottom of the tissue box.
      At the rate Jordan is crying, Rachel will soon have her toy dog back.

  64. Dani and Jeff out this season is offically the worst one of all time… Also i feel for jordan, shelly taught hwr daughter its okay to pick money over friends and that it is okay to lie backstab and betray to get there. She should of played an honest game to set an example. You can see in the past episide how bad jordan wanted that phone call and she gave it to shelly becsuse she had jeff

  65. With all due respect to Adam, Porsche, Shelly and (in some fashion) Kalia being called floaters all season, why not?

    After ED (friends before blood) left and Dani realized she was a sitting duck Vet with the others paired off and trying to form an alliance to be on an equal footing as BRJJ, of which Brenda and Jeff would not allow, by booting out Dom, the battle of Vets began.

    So why not let the Vets take eachother out and sit back and watch the fireworks. That doesn’t excuse Kalia who made the stupidest HOH move of the season and probably BB history, basically writing Dani’s eviction ticket weeks early, at least Dani was recognized in Porsche’s POV speech last night to Mr’ Have No Integrity!

    Unfortunately it appears the rest of the season will be a yawn fest and likely have more Kalia stupid moves as she has proven once again last night!

  66. Dani may be nobody’s pawn, but she is also sitting in the jury. Maybe a little humility and patience instead of ego and arrogance would have taken her farther in the game. Regardless, I couldn’t disagree more that she has proven herself one of the best BB players ever, other than being very good in competitions. I believe her social game outright sucks.

    I also don’t agree that she destroyed Jeff’s image? Everyone that watches BB expects lies and backstabbing and exposing that in someone means jack shit. She did a lot more damage to her own image IMHO. Even her own father said he’d never return to BB with her in the house. I won’t be surprised at all if Jeff is voted America’s favorite player again this season by the vast majority of fans who don’t watch the live feeds or frequent these forums.

    What I do agree with is the rest of this season is going to be so boring I may just slip into a coma. I can’t even imagine watching Porche, Kalia, Shelly and Adam wandering aimlessly around the house for weeks … !! I’d much rather hate on Dani, be annoyed by Rachel and watch Jeff do his thing than be stuck with this pitiful group.

  67. All you guys are bunch of Cowards. You guys have a nerve to call Jordan dumb. I don’t care, she can overcome the odds. I know she will do it. She will win competition. I don’t even care. You guys are happy to see Jeff goes. That’s really low. The reason the newbies are cowards to vote out Jeff because you have the guts to stand up to him. You call him a bully, the only bully is Danielle. She deserve what is coming. The final 3 deal with Ms. Barbie doll floater Porsche, Backstabbing Shelly, and Hungry Hippo Kaila. That’s Sick. I would rather go for the best and best player to win than floating by. I don’t care Jordan is a floater. She is not a floater. She earn that win not throwing it. She is sweet and caring person but you guys call her dumb and B*TCh. That’s really low. I would rather go for the best and the best player like Jordan and Rachel. Go Team J/R-Jordan Rachel. Good luck your celebration because your newbies will lose and go to the Jury house. Let see who will celebrating now.

    1. Jordan screwed your team by being a lump. She can’t win comps and has no social game. There might not be a worse player.

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Captain, YOU LOSE. Your boyfriend is evicted.

      Nice predictions earlier, WRONG! Now you are make more predictions, LOL!!!

      You just another “cat lady” JJ fan. Learn English by the way.

  68. It’s funny, The so called veterans in this game are so annoying. I am so tired of all the crying and crap they talk when things don’t go their way. Jordan, in my opinion is tied for first with Shelly and Adam as the biggest ” Floaters” of this season. What has she won? what is here great contribution to this season other than ridding the coat tails of Jeff and Brendon. She did not win the HOH she was given it by Brendon and Jeff. Being a former winner and or player does not give you a pass to not play the game and then complain when you are loseing. Suck it up dry your eyes and compete. Stop depending on the losers to help you when the cash. And Dani was 100% correct when she said that everyone was playing for Jeff and Jordan to win the money. Being nice and sweet only gets you so far in a game. It helped you win once but you also played last season Jordan. Now I also agree that Adam is the worst player of Big Brother Ever. I thought he was another Dick that was going to have game. Hey I can admit when I am wrong. Adam thanks for being so weak. I expect people to try to fly under the radar but Adam’s lips have to be raw with all the butt kissing he’s done. Sorry to see Dani go but glad Jeff went next. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Can’t wait to see the straight shooter go soon.


    1. Kalia won 2 HOHs and Porche won a veto and HOH. That’s way better than any of the vets did. With Dani, they dominated this game. The veterans turned out to be useless. Three girls have been kicking their ass all summer.

      1. RS…Know your shit,before you comment…Jeff,Rachel,Brendon,Dani and Jordon all won comps and Jeff won more than anybody so far.These boring newbies haven’t won shit till now (Kalia’s rigged HOH) they competed against 2 girls that are rattled…and Jeff had the veto won,but threw the other shoe out and didn’t know it.But in the BB books it will show they won and that’s all that matters.

        1. IT’S ALL RIGGED!!!! Oh lol, get over yourself, anything that Kalia or Porsche have won up to this point has been fair and square.

  70. Shelly should be ashamed of herself! She was so worried that her daughter was going to think it’s ok to lie. What about stabbing “friends” in the back? Does she not understand that there is NO possible way for her to win? The vets control the votes! So, why destroy something very real (a possible long term friendship) for absolutely nothing. She is a horrible excuse for a mother.

  71. when dani and kailia was on the block dani was sad also why cant rachel and jordan vent everyone does it but only when dani porsche kailia and wicked ass shelly does it its acceptable . if dani can cry her eyes out vent throw rachel under the bus all week why cant jordan vent……… like or hate her she lost twice lastnight jeff and shelly betrayed her . some of u people are heartless double standard i swear u people makes me lol its good for PORSCHE , SHELLY DANI kailia TO BASHE rachel WHEN SHE WASn’t EVEN MESSING WITH THEM I seriously think something is wrong with u people all of us could look at the same thing and see something different

  72. I thought it was pathetic how Jeff, in his interview with Julie Chen. Said he liked to fight face to face and did not want to get stabbed in the back, etc. Particularly because the previous two evictions were back doored in which he played a part in making happen. I used to like Jeff but this season he was a total pretentious prick.

    1. He is like a 5 year old that got his ball stolen at recess.

      Jeff you picked your alliance members, they can’t win any competitions. Then you lost POV.

      Jeff you got beat, deal with it!

  73. Quote – “Rachel agrees and says that this is the worst final four … Rachel says that only a fat loser would watch them.” For once I agree with Rachel, therefore I have decided not to watch anymore because as Rachel said “only a fat looser would watch them”!

  74. Oh my god!!! IF it is left with KPSA in the house the rest of the season will go down the tubes. It will be soooo boring. Nobody will even care to watch the feeds!!! A bunch of losers running the show. Shelly is evil and will get no votes is she makes it to final 2.

  75. Jeff didnt have a fair chance to fight for himself. If he was given a week to work people Shelly would of flipped again. Daniele needs a reality check. She was so focused on making big moves she made herself a number one target. she is a tool.

  76. Remember when Jordan questioned Shelly’s trust a couple weeks back and Shelly got really offended? Looks like Jordan had every right to and Shelly proved that she’s the least trustworthy person in the game. I truly wouldn’t be surprised if Shelly is more hated when she comes out of the house than Rachel was last year. If she wins the game or makes it to final 2 I suppose it might be worth it, but she can’t take what she’s said and done back now.

    1. I agree 100%. This is what pisses me off with Shelly. The entire game she has run around acting as if she is so much better then everyone. So pure and true to her word and how she hates what this game stands for, the lies and scams. How she isnt that person and even went as far as to cry (like you said) about someone questioning her loyalty. Shelly are you serious??? You made a great move, no problem there, but come on, don’t pretend you are so much better then everyone!

  77. shelly pisses me off

    is this a game? YES. but if you play like russel hantz, you cant then go to the diary room , aka alone with the camera, and say things about how you are all about trust, and no lying etc.

    its gross! I LOVE gameplay, but what she did….unnecessary…constant rachel bashing etc…stealing stuff…get a life

  78. Shelly is the all time worst player ever! She cleans all day thinking that is getting her somewhere in the game. However, that is absolutely all she can add. She has no ability to win anything and she is a chain smoking witch! I have never seen anyone else so gross! If she wins, I will never watch BB again. She is not deserving of one dime from this show! I bet her own husband can hardly stand her after watching this season. Can you say “Divorce”?

  79. people are happy that Jeff and Dani are gone.. but lets face it, this season blows now. It would have been much more entertaining with either vet to have stayed. those newbs are soooo yawn worthy.

  80. Jeff is an enbarrassment to every man .Looked like a desperate bully how he chased Shelly begging please Shelly you know the deal we have please .Well bye bye should of took the retard Jordan with you she a bigger baby than my 3 year old and not much smarter BOO HOO

  81. I got an idea, put Rachel and Adam up. Jordan wins POV and save her with Shelly. Shelly will be gone. Rachel will win HOH next week and put up Barbie doll floater Porsche and Kaila. Rachel wins POV and keep the nomination the same. Team J/R do this for Jeff and Brendon. Make them proud.

  82. I don’t get Porsche, does she not realize who let her slide the first 4 weeks by giving her the “Key” She is nothing but a liar as well as everyone else in the house. Go Rachel and Jordan

  83. Ok seriously, Porsche & Kalia’s convo about who to put up this week just proves how clueless they are without their leader (Dani). If she really does put up Rachel and Adam, that’s the best possible scenario for Rachel and Jordan. Here’s what would likely go down:

    1. Rachel and Adam go on the block
    2. Rachel (or Jordan <– slim chance, but not impossible) wins POV and Rachel is pulled off the block
    3. Shelly is the replacement nominee alongside Adam
    4. Rachel and Jordan vote to evict Shelly, Kalia votes to evict Adam, and Shelly goes home (HA! GOOD!)

    And thus, it's Rachel and Jordan (and possibly Adam, whom was "saved" by them) vs Kalia in the battle for next week's HOH. Of this matchup, Rachel is most likely to win. At which time she will likely spare Porsche who is at least a competitor now, and put up Adam and Kalia. Kalia will likely go home. This leaves the final 4 as: Rachel, Jordan, Adam, and Porsche.

    So in summary, Porsche may have finally revealed herself to be a physical competitor, but she's also idiot, so is Kalia. Dani was the smart player who just used them as puppets. They have NO CLUE on their own, and they'll prove it if they put up Rachel and Adam instead of Rachel and Jordan. And when they do, I'll be happy, because at this point I want to see Rachel and Jordan in the final 2.


    1. Simple solution for KP. Ask JR which one of their bf’s do they think is trying to bang down Dani and watch them implode and let Adam cry with them after the comp.

  84. I am happy with this. The Yankee is gone!!!! Jeff and Jordon and Rachel need to look up the words Self Entitlement. Go Pajama Jam Go!!!!

  85. The icing on the cake will be if Porch puts up adam as one of the two. That will be absolutely rich! This pitiful season would actually be entertaining if that happens.

  86. This is all hilarious. Jeff is pissed because he got beat – ha ha! How do you think Kalia felt when they brought back Brendon and she saved Rachel! Jordan is a baby whining about Shelley playing a game. Jeff and Jordan were using Shelly to get to the end – as they said on national TV they are taking Rachel to the end because no one likes her. Shelley made good game play switching sides – that may take her to two or three but don’t think she deserves to win. Grow up Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel – I don’t think I have seen a newbie act as childish when they got put up on the block as the two veteran couples!!! Go Kalia and Porsche to the end! Would have liked to have seen Dani go to the end – oh well she’ll be happy if Kalia or Porsche win! So glad it was double evication night – sure woke up the game.

  87. It is not over yet. Dumb ass Porche wants to nom Adam & Rachel. What if Jordan wins veto taking off Rachel, then Porsche would be forced to nominate Kalia or Shelly. Or even if Porsche noms Jordan & Rachel, which is a lot smarter, BB13 could give a veto power and winner of veto picks replacement Kalia or Shelly. Then Adam/ and veto winner vote together, again knocking out newbie. This game is not over until the fat lady sings (Kalia)

    1. I wouldn’t bet a pb&j that Jordan can win anything, especially after two straight days of crying and whimpering about be sold out by Shelly before she was able to sell her out.

  88. Oh, stop.
    Shelley realized that Jeff and Jordan had no intention of taking her
    to the Final Three. She caught onto their lies and stepped up her
    game accordingly.

  89. Shelly and her mangina need to get voted off stat!! Her lies and manipulation is probably what led to her success in the business world and now her coworkers in the real world understand how she rose to the top….way to teach your daughter the ropes! I can’t believe that the 3MM alliance (mcfatty-kalia, muffin top-porshe, mangina-shelly) competed in jeans!! They don’t deserve to win at least when adam plays he plays with class I am hoping he wins! It is a long shot for Rach and Jordan!

  90. BRAVO BANKO!! You said it perfectly!

    While watching BBAD last night when R & J were sitting at the table eating and Jordan was crying, Rachel made a comment about “its hard to lose your boyfriend” and Jordan said something along the lines of “yeah, but…”. Then she went on to talk about Shelly’s betrayal. She said she felt embarrassed that she trusted her and said that she thought Shelly was “a nice lady”.

    Her tears are not for losing Jeff….they are for being so brazenly backstabbed by a person she truly thought cared about her. I felt she was very, very hurt by Shelly and her actions. Its not because she’s acting like she’ll never see Jeff again. They don’t even live in the same state. Its not like she can’t survive without him.

    For people to compare her to Rachel is unfair. Jordan is not walking around the house bawling and drawing attention to her tears. She is embarrassed by her tears and she is only crying to Rachel.

    By the way, I’m not a fan of Rachel’s, but I thought that during BBAD, she was being very nice to Jordan.

    As a female, it embarrasses me when I see women acting like steroptypical catty bitches. Its no wonder women get such a bad rep. Not all of us are petty, catty people who enjoy other people’s pain.

    1. You are right it is unfair to compare Jordan’s tears to Rachel’s. Brendan and Rachel are engaged to be married. I think their relationship is a bit more serious.

  91. Although it was sad to see Dani go… it was such a GIFT when Kalia won HOH and put up Jeff and Rachel. The looks on their faces was GREAT! And then when Porsche won VETO…OMG, Jeff started groveling, “you all KNOW I deserve to be here…”. Well, guess what, Jeff, so did Dani! He acted like a spoiled brat when he got voted off. I loved it! Now for Porsche to be HOH is FABULOUS. Let’s just hope she realizes she HAS to put up both Rachel AND Jordan to ensure one of them leaving. The backdoor thing is over. At first I was for the vets, but once they started going after Dani and showing their feeling of entitlement, screw them. Jeff acted like this was the Jeff Schroeder show. Well, Not So Much, Jeff! I bet Dani was THRILLED when Jeff walked through the door. YAY! Now, Porsche, DON’T BE STUPID. Put up the crying WOMEN! Thats what they deserve! Jordan made an ass of herself, Jeff made an ass of himself, and Rachel hasn’t stopped making an ass of herself. Go PSK…Play smart.

    1. Totally agree. The veterans acted entitled and better than everyone which excuse me they are experienced! Jeff and Jordan did show themselves and I am truly disappointed – did they not already win $500K! Exactly Jordan is upset because Shelly sold her out before Jordan had her chance to sell out Shelly. Go Kalia and Porsche – Dani will be happy!

  92. Here’s how I see it………………….
    Porsche = an ole’ HO that does 3-somes with older men and it a true goofball ! and eats like a dog !
    Kalia = an Oprah wanna-be with ping-pong size nostrils !
    Shelley = a leather faced dyke who will probably need 500k to pay for her future lung cancer treatments !
    Adam = super nice guy who was really out of his league for these types of competitions !
    Rachel = a drama queen who probably is more deserving than them all ! 10 times the players than the top3 !
    Jordan = a natural beauty and a naturally sweet and trusting girl (who thank heavens, has already won) but if I
    were her…………..I’d knock the livin shit out of ole’ leather face !
    P.S. remember, ole’ leather face’s husband is a “stay-at-home” dad (questionable) and they probably need the
    money………….but………..NO ONE in that Jury house will vote her to win………..that’s for sure ! ! ! ! !

    1. If Rachel deserved it she would have won the comps last night. She’s not as good as Kalia or Porshe in comps, which is pretty bad. Jordan has done nothing for her alliance. She sat there like a rock, keeping to herself, staring off into space. She betrayed her own alliance by being useless.

  93. Jordan gave Shelly the most important thing to her (phone call). Shelly took away the most important thing from Jordan (Jeff). I hope Shelly burns in Hell. Actually no. I hope Shelly apologizes and Jordan accepts the apology, makes Shelly trust her and then turns around and does the exact same thing back to Shelly that she just did to JJ. Then I hope she burns in Hell.

    1. I can’t believe that such a good person would do such a good, selfless thing like give away a chance to speak with her family to someone who didn’t understand the inherent quid pro quo she was accepting. Shelly owes Jordan her life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. I don’t understand why Jordon is all upset over Shelly flipping because of a phone call. Shelly, smartly saw the hand writting on the wall, unlike Adam. JJ, specailly Jeff had no intentions of taking either one of them to the final 3. He was just using them for votes till it was just the 5 of them and then they will be gone. 500K is one hell of a price for a phone call. Shelly is playing a very smart game for someone who hasn’t won one comp yet. She is making all the right moves at the right time to further herself in the game. All the Shelly haters are just jealous of her brillant game play.

    1. Shelly did not see the writing on the wall when it came to JJ and Shelly’s alliance. Daniele told her that and she said “Yeah that’s right”. Now all of a sudden she’s smart and it was a good game move!! That sounds like someone not thinking for themselves. Know she has no chance in winning the game.

  95. To all the Jorden lovers, she slapped Shelly in the face by rubbing that phone call to her. She’s not a god, she’s just like every other girl. Quit kissing her ass, she doesn’t deserve to be in the house.

  96. Don’t put up Rachel and Adam, cmon now this is not the time to be taking risks just put up Rachel and Jordan the chances of them winning are slim to none(especially Jordan) and if Rachel wins POV then put a pawn up and take Jordan out, but I thin Porsche will win POV and they can send Rachel out to be with her man who jerks off to other men online.

  97. quick question, and it has nothing to do with anything but who’s clap was louder while walking out the BB house? everyone is saying Jeff’s but i’m not sure. not that it matter anyways. but still,

  98. If Porche puts up Rachel and Jordan, Adam could win the VETO if he tried then take Rachel off that meansPorche has to put up Shelly or Kalia bang the Vets are back play strong.

  99. (2nd time trying to post this…..)

    BRAVO BANKO! I completely agree with what you said. I watched BBAD last night and it was obvious that Jordan was devastated by Shelly’s betrayal. Rachel made some comment to her about “losing her boyfriend” and Jordan’s response was “yeah, but…” Then she went on to say that she thought Shelly was a “nice lady” and how embarrassed she felt because she trusted Shelly. It wasn’t because she was distraught over Jeff. They live in separate states…she’s used to being away from him, I’m sure.

    I think her sadness and hurt was 95% because of Shelly and her blatant betrayal. Say what you want about Jordan, but I think she’s a nice girl who generally trusts people. Maybe that’s what she shouldn’t play this game anymore. I love her and would love to see her play in a BB All Stars, but I think she may be too nice.

    I’m not a fan of Rachel’s, but she was being very nice to Jordan last night and she seemed quite sincere. I wish the two of them could rally, but I don’t think Jordan’s heart is in it. Boo.

    Shelly is a horrible, horrible person. I get that its a game and I get that deceit is a big part of it, but Shelly really sunk to a new low. She knew how sweet Jordan is and she used it. That’s just being a bully. Good luck getting a jury vote you nasty old bag.

    Its unfair to say that Jordan is acting like Rachel was when Brendan left. Jordan is embarrassed about crying, which is why she isn’t carrying on and drawing attention to herself. She’s doing it privately with Rachel. She sucked it up duing Porsche’s big HOH Room reveal last night and she politely excused herself when it was obvious she was going to start crying.

    On a final note..I could NEVER play this game. I prefer to trust people and when someone who I trusted stabbed me in the back, I would be devastated. (and I’m a lot older and less naive than Jordan is).

    At this point, I don’t care who wins as long as its not Shelly. That kind of behavior should never be rewarded in life or on a game show.

  100. Floating is an effective tactic in the game. Let the strong take each other out, then start winning in the end. Keeps the target of your back. IDK why people are hating, Kalia won 2 HOH’s, Porsche won 1 HOH & 1 Veto how are they floating? Porsche was always close to winning HOH’s but she always seem to get beat by a man which is understandable because men are stronger than women.

  101. If Porche puts up Rachel and Jordan, Adam could get off his but and win the VETO and take Racel off that means Porche has to put up either Kalia or Shelly and the Vets are back in the game.

  102. Don’t you people know this game is designed to lie and back-stab everyone, hey, there’s a half-million dollars for the winner. I don’t think anyone of them came to the BB house to make lifelong friends. You go Shelly, she’s the only one who said, sorry Jeff, but this vote is for my family. I think she is playing a great game.

  103. well… theres no reason to watch anymore. onto better things. the fact that KPSA are the final 4 (unless a miracle happens) just makes my stomach turn.

    bye bye big brother. till next season!

  104. Wonder when Shelly’s Josie is in a competition and she lies, talks about others, carries tales from one person to another, and back stabbed her best friend if her mother says…”That’s all right Josie, it’s just a game”. From what Shelly has shown her daughter is that no matter what you have to do, it is ok as long as you win at the end. What a legacy to leave her daughter!!!!

    It doesn’t appear that J is even going to try to win anything except prizes because they (JR) have given up. I don’t blame her, take what you can get and leave with dignity, Jordan has nothing to feel bad about, she is a sweetheart, and a giving person. There are people who are givers and then there are takers.

    In that competition with balls, finding 2 objects….I wonder if everyone even had 2 objects in that box???? It appeared to me that Cassi’s items were placed for her to find them faster then anyone else. Did you see how the rest of them were digging as fast as they could and came up with only one object??? Games can be fixed to give one person the advantage, they do it all the time. So why not BB doing it?

    If BB is going to keep interfering with who wins and who looses, (the games geared towards certain people) and hinting to people as to what to say and do and act like, then this whole game is a farce. BB keep your nose out of the game!!!! Let people play the game and stay out of it. If it gets boring then come up with a better concept of how the BB game could be more enjoyable for both players and viewers.

  105. I wonder what Shelly’s family think of her lying, and being so two-faced? She continually tells people she is such a ‘straight-shooter’ and then runs from kissing one butt to the other. She’s a disgusting human being. Bet her family is proud. AND, once people she works with watches her lying, how could they ever trust her again? She said so many times to Jordan’s face, “I would never vote either you or Jeff out.” However, this was when JJ had all the power. You cann play a game without being such a liar to people’s face.

    I hope somehow Jordan and Rachel can pull off veto. I wish Adam would tell them that he actually voted to keep Jeff. At least JR would know they could trust him – maybe.

    1. Shelly’s family should be proud of her. Up until this week she was losing BB by kissing the JJ ass. Finally she saw the light and realized that JJ are backstabbing her, making fun of her and spreading lies about her.

  106. My issue with Shelly is she has run around this whole game claiming, “I never lie” and telling everyone how her word is everything, she hates the game because of people betraying each other, etc. Like Dani at least she never attempted that. She dint pretend like what happens in this game isnt part of the game. Shelly just irritaes me in that she has claimed this ENTIRE game how pure she is and different from everyone esle. Just admit, you are the same as everyone, you will sell anything to advance yourself, including lie and scam others. I dont have an issue with that, just the “I am so different then these other people” routine.

  107. The power was bound to switch. Its seems like every other week is a hoh from the opposite side. From all who is left tho… nobody really deserves to win. They got all the strong ones out. Now it’s just seeing who is the strongest of the weak. *sigh*

  108. whether you like jeff or danielle or not, lets all be honest… this season pretty much just ended. who wants to watch adam, shelly, porche or kalia win? like wtf? no thanks, i’ll tune out. not saying dani or jeff were my favorite, but obviously deserved to win 100x more than these other people.

    the rest of the season is going to be a drool fest, who are we kidding…

  109. I KNOOOW! lol. I wanted to sucker punch him when he said that about Dani but to think that HE GONE and got sent out there looking like he was dressed for summer camp! At least Dani knew hers was coming and got all cute! LMAO . . . he was talking faster than a chi-town pimp tryna get shelley to keep him! Ohhh soo funny . . . didn’t he know what goes up must come down? And his ego suuuuure was up there! Later, Jury House Jeff!

  110. I can’t stand when people say “Oh Shelly is a liar, I can’t believe she says she teaches her daughter not to lie and she should be ashamed of herself, blah blah blah”….

    I’d like one person to name me a player of Big Brother over the past 13 seasons, thats never lied, cheated, backstabbed or made a big move to further themselves in the game. YOU CANNOT PLAY BIG BROTHER WITHOUT PISSING PEOPLE OFF. I’m just glad that Shelly realized that she had to cut ties with Jeff and Jordan, sooner better than later, rather then that dumbass Adam who thinks if he makes it to the final three with them that he had any chance in hell making it to the final two and then winning the whole thing.

    I applaud Shelly, she really cherished Jeff and Jordans friendship more than their alliance but like she said Jeff was standing in her way between winning this game for her and her family, so power to ya girl!

    Besides Jeff was a douche!

    1. The moral superiority on the internet is almost unbearable. Shelly has been an excellent tactician in the house playing the game it was meant to be played. The alliance of JJRSA was a lost cause. Only Jeff was competent and with him unable to play in the HOH the other side was going to win, which subsequently makes Jeff target mucho numero uno. What is left? JRAS, seriously? The would have been picked off one at a time (zing!). Shelly made the move Jeff wished he could’ve, but unable to because he couldn’t bargain for two.

    2. It’s not fair that just because Jordan and Rachel are useless that SA abandon them when the going gets tough.

      It’s all Dani’s fault, everything going forward is her fault!

  111. To all you Jeff and Jordan fans that say you’re not going to watch anymore…. FYI Jordan is STILL THERE! Am I the only one that finds this an odd statement for them to make? Simple math explains this… there were two of them, one of them left…. still have one! Sesame Street has cute little songs to explain that better if necessary

  112. never thought I’d say this but the only one left in the house that up to this point that deserves to win this season is Rachel, but she’ll probably be going home next Thursday. Let’s hope Jordan steps it up. Common, how hard can it be to win competitions against these people. I’m worried Porsche is gonna look like an all star now that all the great competitiors are gone and she’s the only half decent competitior left…

  113. i don’t know why people are rooting for JR but whatever, hopefully rachel’s gone, next jordan then adam, i really don’t care who wins from there. people should cut shelly some slack, she did the best thing for herself, she has a better chance of winning with kalia and porsche than with JJ. jeff sickens me and he’s gone, hahaha devil prick. i wish dani was here, she really deserves the win in my opinion, if things flip and JR make it to the end, i’ll rather see Rachel win since unlike the rest she’s worked hard and done something although she annoys me sooo much. i think most people are just pissed cos the show will be boring to watch, yes well, the houseguests don’t care, they just want the cash. it is what it is.

  114. Jordan has become the female BIG Jeff. If your playing for yourself and not for JJ to win. Your every name that you can possibly be called.

    1. If you can’t use a name to slam me with, it’s like sticking a finger in your bum and pretending it is your only friend. Makes you sad and disgusting.

  115. So Kalia kisses Dani’s picture before competition and after. She references dani when she talks to anyone. She uses Dani’s slang wherever it fits into the convo. She says she won the HOH for dani. But when dani was on the block next to kalia, she basically ignored her. Told her to “let me live my life”, Yelled at kalia constantly, berated kalia, talked about kalia to other people and campaigned HARD against kalia. But kalia still wants to dedicate everything to Dani? WTF? And she wants to say that Jordan was riding coat tails when in fact Kalia was riding Dani… HARD .. she was basically obsessed with her.. She may even stalk her after the show. Dani will have to change her number lol.

  116. A week ago when Brendon left, Jeff should have looked at his alliance JJRSA and realized leading this bunch could do nothing for him regardless of the superior numbers. He should have gotten as close as possible to Dani to try and keep Jordan around as long as possible and screw the rest. He was clearly the main target seeing as nobody else on his alliance is competent in the game. Instead, Shelly sees that without Jeff competing in the HOH comp and subsequently next on the chopping block, their side had no way of winning and she appropriately jumped ship.

    I guarantee today Jeff isn’t mad at Dani or Shelly, but at himself for not working to save Brendon and staking his claim with JRAS. It was too much for him to support by hisself and the captain had to go down with the sinking ship.

  117. I love it, All the JJ fans are mad now, “logically” so i suspect.
    Shelly did a good game move for her, she can’t beat JJ in final 3 its simple math.
    Porsche did well this week, and Kalia is eh…

    And Jordan doesn’t deserve dick. She never wins her social game is literally to ride coat tails. She has yet to WIN a comp. Rachel is a joke now.
    She went from big feared Rachel to an ongoing joke haha, she is no winner.

    Come on you people can’t be that far up our own asses to think Jeff or Jordan deserved to win anything..
    It was a repeat of BB11 for “Big” Jeff, one week of winning then right out the door hahaha.. And he calls people floaters but his GIRLFRIEND won a SEASON on floating. HA it’s beautiful irony… Now if Adam’s Uncle Fester Looking Ass leaves behind RJ then this season will be the most hilarious season to date haha

  118. Best case scenario in my mind, Rachel and Adam go up, Jordan wins POV, takes Rachel off. Shelly replaces Rachel, Jordan and Rachel make a deal with Adam, Rachel and Jordan vote out Shelly!!

  119. me too when dani left, blame all on dani with her greatest bb move, she could make a logical major dicision; oh i am sorry i think she made one when she stole personal items; she is truly someone i would hire in my company if i wanted to go under. Wait till daddys tells his little girl she screw up

  120. I wish BB would do something drastic like they have before to shake things up. Give some special powers or something- it may be too late— I lose interest when it gets over powering and one sided like it is now. I wish Shelley would flip “again” and go over to JR’s side secretly…put up Rachel and Adam…Jordan win the POV…take Rachel off…have to put up Kalia….vote out Kalia!

    1. Jordan won’t win anything she’s not playing against people who suck in comps like in her season.