Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia tells Rachel, if you can guarantee that I won’t go ..then you can put me up.

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12am – 1:25am Porsche, Rachel and Adam are still playing cards. As they play they talk about past competitions and other random stuff. Rachel talks about dying her hair red again. They ask where Jordan is and Adam says she went to lay down and asked to be woken up in the backyard opens up. Jordan is laying down in bed. Kalia is in the diary room. They talk about the golden keys and how long ago that was. Rachel talks about he being banned from the internet because she had a fee problems with what people said about her last season. Porsche asks really banned? Rachel says yeah from Brendon. Kalia comes out of the diary room and joins the card game. The conversation turns to bashing Shelly. Kalia says that she will have some words for her when she gets out …she used people to stay and we all used her for a vote when she swung from side to side…. and we used her for cleaning. Rachel asks I don’t know why you didn’t vote for her to stay. Kalia says that moments before Jordan said she was leaning to vote for her…and then because of who would be the least pissed at being voted out. Kalia says in her goodbye messages she told Shelly has been lying to everyone and flipping back and forth from side to side and that she can flip her vote out the door. Rachel says that is pretty much what she said too. Rachel says that Dani is Kalia and Porsche’s master.. then says well leader .. but I guess that isn’t much better either. Adam joins them again. They play a while longer and then end the card game.

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1:30am Kalia and Rachel are up in the HOH room to talk. Kalia says that she has always been honest and that she has always made the move that are best for me. I made a final four deal with you, Porsche and Jordan. Kalia says that she has not lied in this game and that she wants Adam out. Kalia says that she hopes that is enough to keep her here… I have no final two deals ..and I would rather be at the end with you …being someone to give me a run for my money. Kalia says that she hopes the deal to be final four still stands. Rachel says that she feels that Adam and I would be going up if you won. Kalia says yes, but you wouldn’t have been going up. Rachel says but what if Adam had won. Kalia says that you would have been in big trouble. Rachel says she has a hard time with people that continue to me up on the block. Kalia says that you can’t play next week and if its questions and it probably will be I will win. Rachel questions why Kalia is saying she wouldn’t take Porsche to the final two. Kalia says that she would much rather beat the best of the best, maybe its stupid but I want to beat the best in the end. Kalia and Rachel talk about the jury votes, each thinks the other has more votes. Rachel says in the perfect world I would want you to stay …but I don’t want you to go next week. Kalia says that she would not get her out. Kalia says that she had Rachel pegged wrong and that everyone expects me to take Porsche but I am not …I have made two deals in this game and I have stuck with them … I want to take you to the final two. Kalia offers Rachel safety for next week. Rachel says but you can’t ensure that I would be safe. Kalia say Adam goes this week and if I won next week and put up Porsche and Jordan …and I tell Porsche that the plan is to back door you (Rachel) and if I have the chance to win veto I throw it to you …or Porsche wins the veto I just say look were stuck whatever… Rachel says that she can’t agree to vote out Porsche. Kalia says but you wouldn’t. Rachel says that she can’t agree to that. Rachel says that even if I did nominate you …its not the end of the story. Rachel says that who knows what will even happen with the veto …its better to be on the block and then not be on the block on Thursday. Kalia talks about how it’s not fair that week after week she is busting her butt. Kalia says that she has been honest this whole game and that she has a problem with people who have been floating through this game. Kalia throws Porsche under the bus and says she doesn’t deserve to be at the end because I have done a whole lot more than she has …she stepped it up a week ago and that’s it. Rachel tells Kalia that she has stepped up in this game and she respects her.
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2am Meanwhile down in the metal room, Porsche is talking to Adam about how Kalia is already up in the HOH room talking to Rachel. Adam and Porsche start talking about Shelly and how she lied and played both sides. They talk about thinking she was America’s Player. Adam tells Porsche that Rachel is the next road block. Porsche says that she doesn’t understand what Kalia is doing up there. Back up in the HOH room, Rachel asks Kalia if she would talk Me, you and Jordan to the final three. Kalia says yes, absolutely …and I know that seems mean but … Rachel says its three weeks. Kalia says that she is not playing for Porsche. Kalia says what if you put up Porsche and Adam …and I throw the veto or not use it if I win it. Big Brother cuts the live feeds for 10 minutes. When the live feeds come back, Kalia is still talking to Rachel telling her that everyone thinks she was playing Dani’s game but that she tried to prove herself and that she could make moves on her own. Kalia says that if it comes down to me or Porsche I am going to save myself …I am playing for myself. Kalia tells Rachel that her, Adam, Porsche and Shelly had a final four deal and that she has Adam in her back pocket. Kalia says that Adam has already told people that in the end he would vote for you. Rachel doesn’t believe it. Kalia says that Adam will vote for who played the best. Kalia says that she doesn’t think Adam is throwing things because he is embarrassed he hasn’t won anything. Kalia says that if its a questions competition I will win it, I study everything. Kalia says that Jordan is over it already. Rachel says that she is worried that Jordan is over it …she wasn’t even excited that we won.

Kalia says that she has tried to be nice to Rachel the whole way because she knew it would come to a decision and I wanted you to make a decision based on game. Rachel talks about how Brendon and her have nothing ..not even enough for first and last month’s rent .. we need this.. we came here to be here to fight and play to the end. Rachel talks about all the things she needs …wedding, honeymoon, house… Kalia then talks about how she has nothing too .. she left her job and doesn’t even know if it will still be there. Kalia says that it will really piss her off if Adam and Porsche make it to the end. Rachel asks if Kalia will vote her out next week because she can’t beat me. Kalia says if I say I am taking you to the end I will do that. Kalia says that she will not repeat anything and no one will suspect it. Rachel says what about your final two deal. Kalia it was nothing and look I just tried to vote him out… I can’t rely on him to win anything. Kalia says again and again that she wants to take Rachel to the end to beat the best. Kalia says that if I say I am going to do something I do it. Rachel says that she just doesn’t want to go home this week. Rachel asks if I put you on the block would you still feel like I was coming after you? Kalia says no ..because I know you still need to show them that we aren’t working together. Kalia says that if you can guarantee that I won’t go …then you can put me up. Rachel says that she still isn’t sure what she is going to do. They talk about Dani and how she messed up and should still be here if she hadn’t made the moves she did. They talk about Shelly and how she stole her puppy. Rachel and Kalia head down stairs.

3:05am Kalia briefly talks to Adam in the metal room. Kalia tells Adam that this sucks … I really need to play for the veto… I know one of the nominations…. ME! Kalia goes into the candy room and briefly talks to Porsche about what she was up in the HOH talking about. Kalia says that they are probably both going up and that she was trying to talk to Rachel about keeping the competitor here. Kalia goes to bed. Jordan gets up at 3:15am goes up to the HOH room with Rachel. Jordan tells Rachel that she was laying in bed and heard Kalia and Porsche whispering and when she moved Kalia freaked out and left the room. Rachel says that Kalia wants to make a final 3 deal with us. Rachel asks do you think Kalia needs to go. Jordan says yes… she is coming after you. Rachel tells Jordan about her conversation with Kalia. Jordan says that next week she and Adam have a final two deal and she will come after you. Rachel says that there is no way in here all four of us will be the final four (Jordan, Rachel, Porsche, Kalia) still…that would be stupid. Rachel says that it all comes down to the POV. Jordan and Rachel go over the final votes. They talk about how Kalia is a good talker and makes you feel safe. Rachel laughs about calling Dani their (Kalia and Porsche) master during the card game. Jordan tells Rachel not to be fooled by Kalia. Jordan says that she sees Kalia as more of a threat than Porsche. Rachel asks Jordan if she thinks Adam could beat them in the question part of the final HOH and Jordan tells her no way. Jordan says that Adam gets nervous and chokes. Jordan says they need to keep Adam with them because the 2 of them could beat him in skill and endurance comps as well as questions. Jordan tells Rachel they have to trust somebody in this game, I trust Adam over those girls. Jordan admits that she was so close to changing her vote to keep Shelly tonight.

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Rachel and Jordan are thinking they could have a Have/HaveNot or a luxury competition tomorrow because the backyard is locked down. Jordan tells Rachel that she trusts Rachel’s instincts if she is thinking it is best to vote out Kalia then Jordan thinks that must be the right decision to make. Jordan says Kalia is 30 and is spoiled, she thinks her mom and her grandmother take care of her and her family has money. Rachel agrees and says Kalia is spoiled and probably doesn’t want to have to go and get a real job. Jordan asks Rachel if she gets a Pandora’s Box would she open it. Rachel says no way and says that she realizes that they are in a great position right now and doesn’t want to screw it up. Rachel says that it would have to have Brendon in the box for her to open it or a crazy honeymoon vacation. Rachel says that she thinks it is too late in the game for Pandora’s Box to have any special powers for the HOH. Rachel and Jordan talk about past competitions. Jordan wonders if any of the duos knew each other before the game, she wonders about Adam and Porsche but Rachel says that Adam voted against Porsche week one so she doesn’t think that’s the case. Jordan wants to talk to Adam but says that Kalia will always be around. Rachel tells her he is outside smoking a lot and the girls sleep all day so she can get a chance to talk to him alone. Rachel admits that this HOH win wasn’t as sweet as it was in the beginning of the summer. Jordan says that Kalia needs to go because she could beat me and Adam in questions. Jordan gets up and tells Rachel again to not let Kalia fool her. Rachel assures her she won’t. Jordan says goodnight and leaves Rachel alone in the HOH.

4:20am – 4:35am As Jordan goes through the metal room to get to the candy room she and Adam start talking. Adam gets up and they go into the purple room to talk. Jordan asks Adam if he talked to Kalia and he says he didn’t. Jordan says that Kalia is trying to cover herself. Jordan tells Adam that Kalia was trying to make a final two deal with Rachel. Adam says that if he won HOH he would have put up Porsche and Kalia. Jordan tells Adam he is safe with them three deal (Jordan, Adam and Rachel) Jordan tells Adam that she doesn’t want to go up against Kalia in a questions competition. Adam says she has to go this week. Adam says that if he wins the veto the nominations will stay the same. Jordan says she thinks there will be a havenot or luxury competition tomorrow. Jordan mentions that after Shelly got evicted she saw Porsche in the mirror smiling at Adam. Adam says she was just happy that Adam stayed. Adam says the most important thing is to not let Kalia win POV. Jordan tells Adam that she is so scared that Porsche will win HOH next week. Jordan says that the worst case scenario would be if she and Rachel got put up on the block by Porsche next week. Adam and Jordan head to bed…

7:10am All the houseguests are still sleeping…

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I generally just laugh it off when people post their conspiracy theories about production manipulation, but it seems that the crazy is getting more and more widespread. Perhaps a little reality check is in order:

Complaint: Production wants the vets to win.

Reality check: Production does not care which side wins. They want drama and good TV. To achieve this, they create favorable situations to keep either side of the house from having too much power. However, it’s up to the players to push through and actually win. This is why Dani/Kalia have won HOH when they had to and the same reason that Jeff/Rachel have won when their alliance has been down.

Complaint: The return of the duo twist was to keep the vets in the game.

Reality check: It was Porsche who decided to open Pandora’s box, even after her alliance agreed she would not do it. And even then, Rachel still had to win the veto competition. Production created the opportunity, but it was ultimately in the hands of the players.

Complaint: The last veto and HOH competitions were created to favor Rachel.

Reality check: Does that mean that from this point forward there can be no endurance or physical competitions? Give me a break! Rachel has had to work for those victories. The fact that the other contestants are out of shape and would rather be sleeping/eating/chain smoking is THEIR responsibility.

Point is: producers DO NOT dictate the outcome of the game. If they did, there is no way the strongest players/fan favorites (Dani, Jeff) would be gone. This reality TV and there will always be some producer manipulation, but at the end of the day it’s up to the players. So stop complaining and instead focus your energy on rooting for your favorites to makes smart decisions and actually win competitions. How’s that for a change?




My sentiments, exactly. I guess someone received management’s memo to propagate this bull story.

Team Shelly was robbed. Team Shelly for life, yo!


Complaint: Production wanted to save team dani.

Reality check: Production cheated and gave kalia the answer to a question before it was asked during HOH.

Julie Chen: “Who said”
Kalia: “Dominic”

okay genius, tell me how the bleep did kalia get the correct answer “dominic” from “Who said”. Take your time and come up with a good one……………….


Complaint: The return of the duo twist was to keep the vets in the game.

Reality check: It was Porsche who decided to open Pandora’s box, even after her alliance agreed she would not do it. And even then, Rachel still had to win the veto competition. Production created the opportunity, but it was ultimately in the hands of the players.

This is some incomplete reality. Porsche did not design the twist. Production did. That it required her opening PB is not a refutation of the “complaint” that the purpose of the duo twist was to keep the vets in the game. This is akin to saying that the person who hires someone to kill another person bears no responsibility because hey, they aren’t the ones who are going to pull the trigger.


That was my whole point: the complaint “the return of the duo twist was to keep the vets in the game” is an incomplete reality itself. It’s far too simplistic as too many other things had to occur for the end effect to actually occur. Production created the opportunity, but at the end of the day, this was all Porshe’s doing. And that’s what everyone conviniently overlooks.


It seems that the initial premise of Big Brother was to see how strangers react in an environment where they have no outside contact. I don’t recall the public ever asking production to get involved to try to make the game “fair”. Afterall, life isn’t always “fair”.

Can you name one time that pandora’s box or any other twist was ever shown on the show without it being introduced by Julie Chen beforehand? I don’t think production expected the newbies to win POV and HOH. So naturally many people feel it was a desperate attempt by production to introduce pandora’s box because everyone usually opens it. Porche did what every other contestant who has been in the same situation has done.

Now we have pandora’s box coming up again. Let’s see if Rachel is given some kind of power for not opening the box.

Personally, I think it’s better to have someone who hasn’t played the game win the ultimate prize. If CBS wants a former contestant to win, make it an all-star season.


She looks like a cross between a killer clown and a man

Julia Christine

she looks like a MAN with long curly orange hair! geesh


I couldn’t agree with you more. Good post. Cheers.


i generally don’t buy into conspiracy theories but it seems pretty clear production is willing to manipulate the game.

do they want the vets to win? they might not care that much but they do have a vested interest in JJ and Brenchel, not sure about D&D. we’ve seen JJ on multiple CBS projects now. and do you really think we’ve seen the last of Brenchel? they have an interest in hyping them to us.

as for the return of the duos twist… if Porsche didn’t open Pandora’s Box do you really believe that would have been the end of it? you don’t think they would have found another way to reintroduce the twist… say, maybe, via the fortune teller? and it’s true, Rachel still had to win it, but it was an obvious slant in her favor.

production might not dictate the winner, but they do what they can.


Exactly. It’s clear that they manipulate the game for ratings. Who gives them their ratings? The vets, who are the stars of the show. They’ve done everything they can to push the people they want further in the game. It’s not outright determined otherwise certain things wouldn’t have happened (re: the clown shoe incident), but they certainly are pushing their own agenda. It’s more or less accepted as part of the game. Something like the duo twist was such an outright blatant ‘slap in the face’ manipulation is a little tough to swallow and shows a general lack of respect for people that watch this show for the game aspect. Christ, even Rachel said the twist was designed to save them, right before they cut the feeds off. A little telling don’t you think?

I can live with them pulling strings for ratings, I get that, but I don’t appreciate them treating their viewing audiance like they’re idiots. Though obviously they’ve pulled the wool over your eyes.

Julia Christine



i completely agree production creates favorable situations for certain houseguest but they do not control the outcome… every person in the house had an equal chance to win the last pov and this hoh and its not rachels fault that she is the most in shape person in the house…. maybe if queen dani stuck to her original alliance the three strongest players this season would not be sitting in the jury house and watching rachel beat up on a bunch of useless floaters

Dani Stalker Wannabe

I wonder what comp was designed for Adam to possibly win. Is there such a competition as sitting on your lazy ass, smoking up a cloud, and growing hairier? If he lost allthat weight to come on the show, you would think he grew quite strong in the process. Also, his college days weren’t that far back that his intelligence got a chance to diminish so much.


Diving, floating or hiding …lol


Too much Appletinys and 90210


I agreed, Big Brother did a very good job on balancing the outcome of the show and made it more entertaining. The newbies were given several opportunities to get rid of not one but more than one vets but not wise enough to have done so. The outcome of the comp is not manipulated by production so it is really fair to say that Rachel work harder and she deserves to win this game . If production manipulated the show it is just giving both newbies and Vets to complete but the outcome is entirely up to them. Big Brother ratings are up so good job Big Brother.




Very well said, Mike. It’s quite obvious that production’s only concern is balance and fairness. 😉

Go, Team Production, yo!


Your arguments are not compelling.

If I see a starving dog and put out food for him to eat, I know it will eat the food and take a nice, steamy dump afterwards. You are saying that this would be the dog’s fault, because it chose to eat and shit after.

Same deal goes for Porsche….CBS put $10K in front of her, so of course she was going to snatch (eat) it, and then invoke Pandora’s box (shit) afterwards.

You gave me a chuckle there when you suggested that designing comps for the fittest, then won by the fittest, is somehow the fault of those not in shape.

Sounds like shilling for Production…


I agree totally Mike well said


See generally I agree with you however I deffinitetly believe that production lightly helps the fan favorites. They don’t push it too far but it is still there. I mean just look at last week with the duos twist.


Production is fair, a week ago Kalia and Porsche won consecutively but they are not as smart as Rachel, they should have gotten rid of two vets but they did not.




Agree. Especially about people sleeping, eating, and smoking. Rachel worked out even when she was having the meltdowns. If there is any competition that features any type of physical effort at this point, Rachel has the advantage, and rightly so.


Good post. I agree with everything you said!
Hope Rachel wins and k or p get second.


Exactly, ”production creates favorable situations,” that means maniulation is occurring you idiot! Ever play a sport? The rules r explained prior to the competition, not introduced as it goes on. Wow, you are a true brain moron. Production is the only real player, why not set the rules at the beginning and let the guests battle it out as they purport to do.


Agreed. This season has had Production’s fingers in the cookie dough way too much. I’ve said before, this is like a budget soap opera with untrained and unlikeable actors instead of a reality show.


Are you as grouchy and miserable IRL as you are online, Will?





When has pandoras box ever nullified an HOH?


expect the unexpected!!!!!!!!!


I suggest you reread your 1st & 2nd paragraph, as you’ve contradicted yourself regarding productions involvement throughout the game.

We’d all like to think we are the voice of reason on this site, however, the fact of the matter is that each of us brings with our comments, preconceived ideas as to what’s what. Most have someone(s) they’d like to see make it to the end, and those we’d also hate to see make it to the end. So, why too wouldn’t BB Productions?! The timing of when each competition and twist is introduced, and what type they will be, is where Production’s influence comes into play. The players are ultimately responsible for the outcome after Production sets the stage, so to speak, but don’t kid yourself, Production’s influential hand has certainly reached in to the game at the most opportune moments, in order to manipulate the game towards a general outcome. I say “general” because I (with my own preconceived opinions) doubt that Production has a particular person whom they’d like to see win. Yes, as I said before, ultimately the final outcome of comps and twists is the responsibility of the players. However, to say that Production plays no part in trying to influence the players and the outcome of events, is naive. 




Very well put Mike! So very well put!


Very well said, Mike! I felt the production let the newbies come into the game well before the vets was a way to get them very good position to make alliance. The newbies much outnumber the vets, so even they did not win comps they could still take out the vets if they haven’t tried to float to the vet’s side in the first place. When Evil Dick gone, there seemed to be no way the vets didn’t crumble if not for JR. And obviously, DKP had some hints on what’s upcoming for comps – the skiing when only the 3 wore long sleeves hoodies and pants for the game……So, if there were rigs, the rigs were only for the underdog, no matter what! If nobody fight and just tried to be as invisible and least threatening as they can, should CBS pay the floaters perks and put them on TV, seriously?

Shelly's Left Nut

Great comment Mike! I agree 100%! There are certain rules and regulations for TV game shows and BB cannot go outside those boundries. If they “fix” anything they can get huge fines. People don’t want to admit that the players they like are stupid.


LOL, what? It’s ‘scripted reality’, production can do as they please. Notice how on Julie Chen mentioned pandoras box this week and last week there was no mention of it. Jordan was finished in this game. She was going to jury. Rachel was outnumbered 4-1. They did what they had to do to keep the vets safe.

Shelly's Left Nut

When you give away money, they are held to the game show standards. ex: Quiz Show. They cannot give the HG’s hints etc. in the DR. Porsche opened up the damn box. Get over it! And maybe all you Dani lovers need to remember that BB fixed her season for her. It was a big controversy that she was 17 when she applied when you had to be 18 in the rules.


Mike I am so glad to hear from people that actually think logically and not with their Team Dani or Team JJ goggles on!!


Baby…. Dani gave to her the first HOH
Porshe and Keith gave the first POV
the pretty everyone gave the 2nd HOH because nobody wanna win it

The true is…Rachel won only 1 veto (which the competiton was mas for her)
and this 3rd HOH (mas made for her as well)


that’s BS, Rachel worked hard for every win, Dani was not going to beat rachel in that first HOH


Reality check…Pandora’s box must always be opened…we (production) don’t give the houseguests a choice, they must open it. We went to all that hard work prepping the room, making it enticing and special and they just blow it off and reject the ratings? We don’t think so!


The last question would be a whole bunch of people went to that comp, why when Rachel won, it become a rig? Where were everybody? Why didn’t they just hang on? Those who said the game was tailor-made for Rachel was no better whining than Rachel lose Brendon in BB? Did everybody see R was just struggling to the end? She kept moving up & down to hang on a bit longer, just to stay? Tell me who else did that?


Yes, I believe that Big brother wants the veterans to win. Since they had an advantage from the beginning, They came in as couples and instead of seperating them, they played as a team. They played the game before and now they had a partner, which made them more powerful and the twist of having the the winner of every nomination have immuntiy until there was 10 people left, was stupid and ridiculous. Furthermore they could not participate in any competion was dumb, they might as well go home. That is what makes it exciting when they turn on each other and now thay had a free pass. Oh Please.This season was soooooo boring. I’ve being watching big brother for 13 seasons and this season was fixed and boring. I guess they want Jeff and jordan to win. The only exciting thing about this season was Danielle turning on the Vets.

devils advocate

well said Mike, I agree. If the duo had not come back into play it would have gotten extremely bor-ring. I enjoy reading your blogs, keep up the good work.


I’m trying to understand Jordan’s logic with says Porsche doesn’t deserve to win because she got 10g & a stipend, but it was fine for Jeff to have won 15 & his stipend. Wasn’t it Jeff & Jordan that said they just wanted to spend the summer together. I really hate calling people stupid, so what kind of idiot is Jordan or does she just forget what happens & what she says.


It dosnt matter now rachel sealed her Fate by winning hoh and she will probaly be voted out next week. It’s either porche/Adam or jordon/porche


Sorry, I disagree with you. do not underestimate Jordan and also if Rachel get nominated, there is POV. Who says that she might not win POV. Watching big brother the whole time and I came to a conclusion that the best player among the house guest left is Rachel even if she is annoying at times but she has a good heart who likes dogs unlike Kalia and you know what I am talking about. She was bashed, given disgusting comments by the mean girls and worked hard to get here. How many times has she been up for eviction and survived. Set aside personality but it is quite enjoyable and ratings of Big Brother is up. In fairness to Rachel she should win something.


Rachel did awesome

next season they should get voted out on who’s the most annoying and boring and pathetic (i.e. Kalia)

If you think this game is not personal then you don’t know BB, since it’s totally personal
even the jury house will make a personal decision
i.e. Rachel played more game than Jordan – but heck Jeff will vote for Jordan and Dani hates Rachel and Shell is pissed that Rachel didn’t take her stupid ring( by the way Shelly is a nasty and her family is probably ashamed of her actions and by having her on for so long BB is teaching us how to be terrible)

R/P fair shot for either one of them to win or J/A also an equal opportunity to win

once bb is over survivor begins and all the good backstabbing starts up all over again (I don’t know but somehow CBS loves this devils)


KALIA SAID SHE NEVER LIES while she’s up there selling her alliance down the river lol


On hundred percent agreed, however, rather see Rachel first place and Jordan second.


that will happen, dani hates jordan just as much as rachel, I think she hates that america loves jordan and not her


Oh Kalia….

You’re going up and going home if you don’t win POV. I hate when people campaign to stay using this line: “Kalia says that she has always been honest and that she has always made the move that are best for me.”

Putting up your own alliance was best for you? LOL!!!

Dani Stalker Wannabe

Her rap name is “Speciak K.” I bet she roade the short bus to school.


random –

– i think “clown shoe” is the perfect nickname for Little Jeff.

– for someone with down syndrome, Jordan actually looks pretty good. i guess she’s only mildly retarded.

– how many takes do you think they had to shoot of Jordan’s “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” line? does anyone think she actually understands it or is she just parroting what they tell her to say?

– do you think Kalia is eating right now, as you read this line?

– if they ever need to bring back another vet duo, it should be Janelle and Porsche… that’s a dynamic duo. they’d beat the hell out of Brenchel and JJ.

– since Rachel can’t play in next week’s HOH, and Jordan is completely useless, what twist will Team Production come up with to make sure they both stay safe? will the fortune teller give them the power to overthrow the HOH, name their own nominees and evict who they want gone?

– i tried to think of something to write about Adam, but he’s so useless and boring that this is the best I could do.

– with production’s over the top antics this season, has BB officially jumped the shark? does Jordan have any clue what “jump the shark” means?


Anonypotomous you are a completely rude person you have no morals using those kinds of words Children with Downs are some of the sweetest people you will meet and most people don’t use the “R” word these days as its not a very nice way to relate with the Mentally Handicapped People of our world . Didn’t your Mother ever teach you if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all . Shame on you


I agree with you trish I have a son that has epilesy and he is 28 yrs old but he is not 28 if you know what I mean it just pisses me off when people make fun of people that has problems you are right in everything you said. but my moto what you say will someday bite you in the ass lol thank you .


He did not make fun of people with problems….he was making fun of Jordan. Get over it. PC people piss me off.


– since Rachel can’t play in next week’s HOH, and Jordan is completely useless, what twist will Team Production come up with to make sure they both stay safe? will the fortune teller give them the power to overthrow the HOH, name their own nominees and evict who they want gone?

Fortune Teller will save JR, it was going to be used had Porsche not opened Pandora’s Box, as backup
and I agree Jordan is useless to Rachel

Clown Shoe perfect name for Little Jeff


why are you cutting down people who has down syndrome….I have a niece who has down syndrome and she is FAR from retardid … she is a bright, smart little girl….you better watch what you say and put on these comments Anonypotomous!!!!!


WOW – jealous much? Seems like with everything negative you have to say, you are just trying to make yourself feel better about something. I don’t understand why anyone would get pleasure out of attacking these people you don’t even know. GROW UP!


Anonypotomous says, “for someone with down syndrome, Jordan actually looks pretty good. i guess she’s only mildly retarded.”

Sir/madam, you obviously have no knowledge about down syndrome or mental retardation…neither of which are something to be joked

Your statement, I suggest, is not even close to being as cute or funny as you probably thought it was, while you were typing it.


Jordan doesn’t need to win HOH. As long as R or J win POV, then both of them are guaranteed safe unless they turn on each other.


LMAO! No doubt!


everyone keeps calling jordan stupid, have you forgot about dumbass kalia and idiot porsche, who screwed up being hoh, thanks to kalia it took two weeks to get rid of brendan and thanks to porsche rachel is still in the house


Rachel think who will put up two newbies (floaters) on the block based on speciality:
Strength:Good with question with True/False,Mentally
Weakness:Bad with Physical,Endurance
Strength:Good with Physical and Mentally
Weakness:Bad with question
Strength:Good with Physical and Question
Weakness:Bad with Mentally,Endurance
Choose two and One will get backdoored
Strength:Good Question and Mentally
Weakness:Bad with Physical endurance
Kaila and Adam on the block
Adam or Rachel wins POV
Adam save himself on the block Rachel backdoored Porsche
Rachel save Adam and backdoored Porsche.


rachel best bet is for kailia to go if she wins pov get ridd of of porshe because her and adam are really tight


Definitely, would love to see that outcome.


I know Adam is a floater- but who is more loyal to….Rachel, Jordan or Porshe? I went from not standing Rachel to really wanting her to win. She is the only one left that truly gives it her all in the competitions.


Hands down Jordumb would be more loyal to Rachel, as Jordumb knows that she sucks at any and all comps and, that she owes her longevity in the game to Jeff, and now Rachel. She’s not going to bite the hand(s) that feed her ………………….. until, as it is for EVERYONE IN THE GAME, they feel it becomes necessary to do so in order to further themselves in the game.


I meant who is Adam more loyal to besides himself? Didn’t post it right. 🙂


I know like voting out Porsche is like the best move ,literally. But like I literally can’t stand , literally.


Can’t stand Kallia


What’s up with Aunt Kalia’s picture looking like she’s talking in “quotes?” She looks deranged.


Excellent post Mike 🙂 I completely agree.


I’m a huge Rachel fan, but I’m really disappointed in her right now… I just saw last night’s episode, and once again she left a bitchy goodbye message to the evicted houseguest (Shelly). Doesn’t she get that THOSE PEOPLE are gonna be in jury and deciding her faith if she makes final 2? She keeps taping mean goodbye messages and then she complains that she’s playing for 2nd place… Rachel BE NICE to the evicted HGs, even if you hate them.. I don’t know what to think anymore… Now Dani and Shelly are probably not gonna vote for her.. good job Rach -___-


Dani will vote game and Rachel knows that. Shelly will continue her damage control “I adore JJ” tour and vote however Jeff wants. But, you’re right, I think I would make a real effort to say at least one positive comment about each evictee. Even if you hate their guts.


Most of them have done the same thing as rachel did and it wasn’t that bad look at porche or kaliah remarks to brendon especially porche they were really mean. I am sure they don’t take their good bye msg to heart


Rachel’s by far have been the worse with Kalia’s coming in a close second with her message to Brendan. I don’t think Porsche is even in the same ballpark as those two for stupid messages to jury members.

In fact those messages are dropping down my ‘Rachel deserves to win’ feeling because the jury is part of the game, and those were horrible things for her end game.


Julie Chen: Rachel, by a vote of 4-3 your former houseguests have chosen….. Hassidic Judaism!! Come on out and meet your new rabbi!


What can we say, it is Rachel and she is not a fake and says what she feels. Hoping that the house guest will ignore that and just think of who deserves it most and right now it is Rachel if she gets to the final two.

Big Brother 13

I love Jeff and Jordan I would of want Jeff to be Amarica’s player but he already won money this year and his season he won 25 Grand. But if Jeff won it again that would be fine too because I love him and Jordan they are america’s sweethart’s. And if Rachel and Jordan make it to final 2 I would love Jordan to win. But like I said about Jeff she already won half millon $ that would be fine if Jordan won again. But I think she should be 2nd and Rachel win and Jordan gets america’s houseguest choice and Jeff have the money that he won this season 50 grand come on thats a lot of money…. So now america all you gotta do is you should think about that.. That was great ADVISE Wasn’t It?? hahahahahahahah


Just like jordon it doesn’t matter he won and for the record dani also won 50 in her season all it should be about is this season and if he is american’s player and if the poll on this site is an indication then he probably will win


I really hope it is Kalia that goes this week. My hope is that Porsche wins either the next HoH or the POV to secure her spot in the final 3.

Girls Ruled

Is very obvious production play a big role in changing the game to benefits there rating.

Dani Stalker Wannabe

Kalia volunteers to go up on the block? It’s like a deja-vu “Lawson” momment. As much as I personally don’t like Rachel-type girls, she has been a player this season. That Kalia thinks she’s even remotely in the same league with Big Red is truly delusional.
Hope that it turns out that Adam is actually a cross between Stephen Hawkings and Indiana Jones, and finally kicks in and takes the next HOH/POV combo.That would be a great twist on a rather unimpressive season.


Not really a volunteer she knows she’s going on the block anyways, nobody else left


Ugh, they’re going to have a celebrity guest, TORI, DONT DO IT! I know that it’ll be a good plug for whatever project she’s got going, but it’s ADAM! The biggest PUTZ on the planet! They don’t need to reward that fool for ruining my TV pleasure.


lol right.

however, tori is kinda the female putz of celebrity-dom, so she will be jumping on a prime time plug.

ugh adam getting what he wants just makes my stomach turn. Anyone notice the arrogant expressions from him this week- like he’s some spectacular BB player? i can’t WAIT for him to get out and read how wack we think he is.


LoL re: your comment about Kahlia volunteering (more or less) to be put up on the block, and drawing a comparison to that of Lawon’s brilliant and similar game move. Stupidity abounds in the BB house ……. and I’m certainly not just talking about K & L. As for Adumb and your holding out hope, don’t waste your breath. He couldn’t fight his way out a wet paper bag, regardless of the competition. The only person he could beat in a comp would be Jordumb. It’s a toss up as to which one is more useless at comps and the biggest floater. I’d have to say Jordumb, but that’s only because Adumb weighs more. 😉


Kalia thinks she’s a genius at questions, ahahaha. Yes, she won by GUESSING and having NO CLUE if she was right or wrong. First time, “I’m going to say Dom everytime, unless I know for sure” and the second time, “I’m going Before everytime, unless I know for sure”. She’s a 50/50% winner or loser. But, NO DOUBT 100% it’s P&K on the block. Also, right now JRA know all the questions as good as anyone in the house. Oh, Bye SHELLY “StraightLoser”.


Well, if she guessed on the before/after HOH, the she was guessing on a very simple question. I think it was Jordan that was guessing. That last question was super easy.

Uncle Cool

The season’s over for me.

Hopefully, they never do this type of game again.


Anyone else ready for next season. Hopefully everyone starts off alone. No significant others anymore. It is an advantage when you automatically have someone you can trust 100%.


I couldn’t agree with you more! The vets and their instant (partner) alliance was a complete and utter miscalculation on the part of production, as to what would make for an exciting and competitive season. I vote to evict ………………. Production!


Yeah, that really sunk this season and it didn’t help casting superfans as the newbies.

Midwest Fan


Nick B

Kalia goes this week.

Next HOH is questions, and I groan as I type this, but I bet Adam wins it.

If he does, Porsche goes home after Rachel wins veto and votes her out.

Final 3 is Adam, Rachel, and Jordan…ugh.

This season is still salvageable, however, as long as they cut Adam at the end. Please, dear God, don’t let Adam get to the end for being the most spineless jellyfish in the entire house.


OMG people on this site like to make up what they want i will give you that the duo twist did work in RJ favour but everyone acts like it is the first time they have done anything like this and every keeps missing the point porche open the box end of story. There is no conspiracy and they are not on any one side they all had the opportunity to win this hoh and win the veto. I find it ridducles that people are going on about this and coming up with oh if she didn’t open it then they would have introduced it another really you know this for a fact becasue i would like to see that annoucement. When dani side wins of course it is fair but when rachel or anyone from the vets side it is fixes. The fact is simple porche mada a choice a bad choice but it was her choice and rachel took adavantage and won the veto that it no conspircy nothing else going on people need put blame where the blame is on porche.

On another note i hope on thursday they show shelly going to the jury house that will be awsome!!!!


OK, you are saying that “for ratings” production didn’t make a competition Rachel could win to have a Pandora’s box for Brendon to visit the house like last time. So over this game, it is rigged “for ratings” and commercial $$. Production can’t determine who will win the money but they can give advantage to the guests through competitions designed to favor their strengths. So over Rachel, she will go next week. She is so stupid to win this week and think anyone will keep her next week. She has no friends in the house. Final three will be Jordan, Adam and Porsche. Kalia is out this week, hated by all the houseguests and not favored for any money.


karen, if Rachel did not try to win this HOH, she will go home because Adam, Kalia and Porsche will again be working together. Who is to say that Rachel cannot win a POV next week?


I have quit watching the show on TV just checking this sight for info now. Go Adam, I want the only man left standing to win. The only one with balls and not emotions.


Rachel has more balls than Adam.


Rachel’s best move is to put up Kalia and Porsche. It’s the only way to ensure one of them is going home. Adam won’t win POV and if either K or P wins, Adam goes on the block, there is a chance for a 1 – 1 tie and Rachel breaks the tie.

Why can’t Rachel see this?


She will. I see absolutely no way that Kalia and Porsche aren’t going to be the noms. They may try to throw the idea out there that they won’t for some manufactured suspense, but it’ll be them going up.


Adam couldn’t win a competition even if he was only playing against himself…LOL. What a loser. Any one of them should take him to the final 2. That’s a no brainer and a sure win.


“Rachel admits that this HOH win wasn’t as sweet as it was in the beginning of the summer. ”

because, it wasn’t thrown to you?


Ahhhhhh, yup!

Rachel Is Boy George, Adam is A Bozo

Adam is floating his way to final 3 for sure


Current HOH:Rachel
Case Scenario
Nomination:Kaila (N),Porsche (N) or Adam (N)
Two will go up and one will be safe w/Jordan
Pandora Box open:
Good Consequence-Vacation outside of the House 24 Hrs or Special Power in which HOH will give to one Houseguest gurarntee to Final 3 spot and also can’t compete in this POV & Wednesday HOH competition but can eligible to vote for the eviction.
Bad Consequence-Brendon comes back in the House 24 Hrs or Rachel call the HG’s to the living room and make the announcement that the special power will give one HGs to give the spot in Final 3 and can’t play this POV competition and Next HOH competition.

Aqua Bernie

I’m sick of Pacer being the same damn clothes everyday! She is so gross. Her a$$ is getting too big for her sweats!

brittany scott

i hope kalia stays or wins the veto then she can win HoH and backdoor that annoying ass thinks everyone loves her and wants to be her rachel


Looking back at Shelly’s interview with Julie last night, is it just me or does Julie seem biased? It looks like she is a HUGE Jeff & Jordan fan, or the producers told her to act this way. She kept telling Shelly how evicting Jeff was a stupid move, and how it was “too early”, “too risky”, bla bla bla… really, Julie? It was’nt “too early”, it was at freaking FINAL 7, it was the perfect time for that move (unlike when Dani tried to backdoor Jeff on week 3 when there were 11 people left).. With Jeff not being able to compete in that HoH, and that night being a double eviction night, Kalia nominating Jeff, and Porshe not using the veto on him.. all the cards were placed to get Jeff OUT, in my opinion it was the right move to make and the perfect time to do it. I would’ve done the same. That’s not what screwed her. The reason she got evicted this week is because of that duo twist.. If Porsche didn’t open Pandora’s Box, Rach would’ve saved herself with PoV, leaving Jordan on the block most likely getting voted out 2-1. Jordan would have been the one gone, and Shelly would still be in the house. Voting Jeff out had nothing to do with her being evicted this week.


I was questioning that too (not the bias part, but the ‘too early’ comment) There’s what, 2 weeks left? How in the hell is that in any way shape or form ‘too early’? And I agree, the move was the correct one considering the situation at the time but the duo twist really screwed her over. The only way that was a bad move for Shelly is if Shelly could see the future.


Feeling is really a mysterious thing. Seeing the same interview myself, I felt Julie was trying to smooth over what bad Shelly had done. Julie seemed just trying to tell viewers it was only Shelly’s bad move, not the problem of S’s integrity. BTW, it seemed not bad done!


I think Allison Grodner gave her a script to read for whoever is evicted


Why do Porsche and kalia think the candy thing dani showed them is so brilliant? There’s 5 people left, you shouldn’t need candy to figure out what would happen when certain people win/are on the block. Also after watching the convo w/ Porsche and Adam, they are definitely going to stick together.


team anyone but jordan now


team anyone but jordan and adam


Little Jeffrey a.k.a Clown Shoe is going to win America’s Player

Rachel hopefully(she’s the only person that has done anything to earn the win A COMPETITOR deserves to win, not someone who was carried through the entire season

50k pretty much should be divided between Dani,Clown Shoe,Brenda,Porsche,Shelly(they made this season worth watching)

Before you start bitching about this post, click my name


Nice Ill Will, Love the warning


LoL!! I appreciate your dry sense of humour!


simon please keep us updated on pandoras box


Sometimes your personality works for you and sometimes it works against you. That is why Jordan has made it as far as she has. She has never waivered from her alliance and has not been kissing anyones ass just cause they have the power. She has been true to her word from the begining. and people feel they can trust her. why is it people don’t think thats playing the game? People are keeping her here cause they can trust her. Which is more then anyone can say about anyone else in the house. So all you Jordan fans keep cheering for her. More people in this would could learn something from someone so genuine.


‘true to her word’. Are we ignoring all the times Jordan has lied in the game now?


Jordan is a sneaky little thing and lies constantly yet acting all sweet/innocent. She is adored simply because of her looks, that’s all. I don’t find her lack of intelligence or laziness endearing qualities – don’t understand why she has so many fans. ??????????


Reading these posts..make me feel retardid ( thnx Anonymous 5.4) and wonder how I’m gonna make ends meat (thnx Hallie) ….. As Shelly would say I adore your Heart, keep it comming….


Whose coming to the OBB wrap party 😉

Uncle Cool

If you’re in Mississauga…


not really interested in these hg’s


It would be great if next season Big Brother allows the current HOH to compete in the next weeks’ HOH competition. Maybe they can just sit out the POV. Then we can see who the real dominate forces are and they won’t have to make decisions based on the fact that they cannot compete in the upcoming HOH.


Has Rachel broken record for most HoH’s (both seasons combined)?


Reading the posts on this thread make me feel retardid ( thnx Anonymous 5.4) and wondering how I myself will make ends meat (thnx Hallie) but as Shelly would say “I adore your Heart”…Keep it comming


NO SHIT, pigpen.




Was bbfan, lol

This is a game people, why do u hate so much? You all must be on blood pressure meds, do yourself a favor and calm down!
I get disappointed when (my team) is down , but death threats and all the hate is beyond normalcy! Get a life people, Jeff and Jordan are awesome and Racheal should be americas favorite, love her or hate her she is the one that gets the most attentiion, Go Racheal!
Notice how I don’t have to Hate on others to get my point across. Im watching a game show , my life doesnt depend on who wins or looses…..


Rachel opens pandora box:

She gets vacation with Brandon.
Adam gets to meet Torri.
Others get to sleep and eat a lot.
And an envelope pops out saying
all the house guests are evicted instead all jury members are contestants again..

That would be a dream team

Shelly: Rattle snake
Brandon: competitor/annoying
Dani:Dark lord/competitor/survivor
Jeff:America’s sweetheart

That would be fun to watch


Rachel will do Pandora’s box, see Brendon and be out next week. She can not play in the finals and no one is taking her to final 3 endurance to get their XXX kicked. She is a competitor. They only take the ones they think they can beat to final 3. Doen’t matter about loyalty by then. Even Jordan won’t take Rachel.


Kalia tells Rachel, if you can guarantee that I won’t go ..then you can put me up. LOL – Like she has a choice….


kalia has been really sheltered. she just can’t read people very well. she’s almost at the point of being totally stupid or totally delusional


Go Adam, final HOH, take Porche and Jordan and win the final season. Send Rachel packing after a week of leisure in the big room.


Kalia will be out this week, somehow Porshce keeps skating. And somehow Adam has all the women both sides trusting him. Kalia will join her friend Dani on the jury.


I hope Jordan does not make it to the final two. She has already won once, give someone else a shot!



All Knowing One