Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel & Jordan think if nominations are this morning ..they might have a night POV competition.. *Updated*

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8:30am – 9:50am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Rachel and Jordan are getting ready up in the HOH room. Jordan tells Rachel about how she talked with Adam after she left the HOH room to go to bed. Jordan says that her and Adam were talking about and about how they talked about the different scenarios. Jordan says that we need to get them mad at each other so that if one of us leaves they will go against each other. Jordan says that she is nervous. Rachel says don’t be …look at all the competitions Kalia and Porsche really aren’t that great at competitions. Rachel says that there are there is still a lot of game left to play. Rachel says that she doesn’t think this will be a full week. Rachel and Jordan are talking about how maybe there will be a double eviction or another fast forward. Rachel wonders if there will be a night time veto tonight… like the face morphing competition.. if we have nominations this morning then maybe it will be. Rachel says then maybe there will be another eviction on Sunday. Rachel tells Jordan no to tell any of them. Rachel says that there is only one more live show before the finale. Jordan asks Rachel if it seems like she is over it. Rachel says that she knows how it is when Brendon left I didn’t want to anyone …and I am sure its the same with Jeff. Jordan says that she isn’t over it and doesn’t want it to seem like that. Rachel says that she just wants Jordan to try in the competitions. Jordan says oh I will. Jordan says that we are different players that balance each other out… I am good at social and you are good at competitions. Jordan and Rachel try and fall back asleep…

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Meanwhile, Porsche and Kalia are talking about Kalia’s conversation with Rachel last night. Porsche talks about how Rachel gave her looks again this morning. Kalia says that she wants to be the last person to talk to Rachel before nominations. Porsche says that she needs to talk to her too. Kalia tells Porsche that Rachel told her that it could be a tie vote and that Rachel would be the one to make the decision on who goes. Kalia talks about how Jordan and Rachel switched their vote the last minute to vote out Shelly and that now I am the one that looks bad. Porsche and Kalia head to the kitchen to make breakfast. Porsche thinks that there wouldn’t be a havenot any more because normally they lock the havenot door when there are exactly enough beds. Kalia doesn’t understand what Porsche is saying but then figures it out. Kalia says that she hopes its a luxury competition this morning and we get to go out of the house for the day. Kalia says that Rachel would be furious. Porsche asks if it is luxury and you win and can only take one other person would you take Rachel because she is HOH. Kalia says I don’t know .. it would be kind of obvious ..trying to bribe. Kalia says if I do go up on the block ..all I don’t want is to still be up there Thursday. Kalia talks about how Rachel asked her if she would do a BB AllStars. Kalia says that Rachel told her of all the newbies she is the one that she thinks they would consider. Kalia says that she wouldn’t do it. Porsche and Kalia go back to the candy room and climb back into bed. Kalia gets called to the diary room.

9:50am – 10am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back. When the live feeds return, Porsche is ironing in the living room. Rachel and Jordan are in the havenot room talking about whether or not Rachel should open up Pandora’s box if she gets one. Rachel says that because there are only two weeks left ..she doesn’t think its worth it to open it. Rachel wonders if maybe Brendon might come back. Jordan tries to convince Rachel to just see how it is and that maybe it would be something like you get to go have a romantic date with Brendon. Rachel says what if Dani gets to come back for 24 hours. Jordan’s jaw drops. Jordan warns her to just see what her gut tells her. Jordan says that she wants it to have something to do with a celebrity. Rachel says we already had one. Jordan says no like a real celebrity. Rachel laughs and says oh my god he is a real celebrity. Jordan and Rachel leave the havenot room.

10am – 10:40am Kalia, Jordan, Rachel and Porsche are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Rachel says that we haven’t had to look pretty in a long time. Porsche, Rachel and Kalia go into the candy room. Rachel is trying to figure out what to wear that’s dressy. Kalia jokes what if we go out into the backyard and we get a margarita party .. all before lunch. Rachel leaves. Kalia and Porsche talk about how Rachel is kicked out of her HOH room. Porsche and Kalia are talking about apartments and condos in LA. Kalia talks about how she can’t wait to go off on people and tell them what she really thinks of them when all of this is over. Kalia and Porsche talk about what Evel Dick thinks of the season. Porsche says that if he were still here.. he definitely would have made it more interesting.

Meanwhile, Adam and Jordan are in the bathroom. Jordan is asking Adam questions about his relationship with Fara while she puts on her makeup. Jordan says that she thinks it’s going to be a luxury competition.

10:40am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen…

11:40am Still TRIVIA…

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You gotta love that Jordan with the, “no I mean a real celebrity comment”. I dont think she really deserves to win, but if she makes it to the final two, she will be hard to beat.


I dont know, Rachel and Brendon are all about the competitor angle. Jeff will vote for her hands down. But based on game play any of the remaining have been more engaged and fought harder than her with the exception of Adam who is this seasons biggest disapointment. She won 1 HOH and that was handed to her when both Jeff and Brendon intentionally blew their putts.


Not necessarily thrown to her, she got that pure luck shot fair, but if Brenda and Little Jeffrey had tried to win they would have…


Oh, give me a break already!. Jordan had 90% of the HG go before her including Dom, Kalia, Adam, Lawon, Shelly, and Cassi. SHE CRUSHED THEM ALL and you can’t handle it. Heck, Evil Dick and Dani would be nobodies if it wasn’t for America’s player ERIC (the only true player that year) saving their azzz over and over.


Lmao I hope this is sarcasm


My gut tells me it’s “Tori Spelling” who will be behind Pandora’s box. I think it will be a “good” Pandora’s box with no twist at all. Only the HG will enjyy and not the HOH! Rachel is smart she will figure it out! It’s gonna be a looong week!


tori spelling seems an obvious choice given the clue (one hg will be extremely happy). though, tori spelling is also quite pregnant at the moment….


Might be if she opens pandora she can’t compete in veto and we all know jordon and adam can’t win


It’s got to be part of a CBS promo. It will be a star from their fall lineup.


I think Jordan is trying to win comps, she came second to kaila and porche for hoh. I think she just gets very nervous and that’s what gets the best of her.


I hope the ‘celebrity’ is PAULY SHORE ..tehehe

Die Jordan. Die Rachel. Die Adam. Die Kalia. Die Porsche!

Rachel’s stuffed dog for the win!!!

This season BLOWS


I guess it comes down to how you interpet who deserves to win because either they are good competitors but lack socil aspect or you have a good social game and lack the competitive aspect but i have noticed over the last couple seasons that the social is more important then the competitive part because the better you are at winning comps then you become a target if you do not win you are not going to be a target


If it’s a celebrity that will make one HG very happy, it could well be one of the Muppets for Jordan, no?


I find it so funny how they stress over the nominees and such at this point. They are really moot.

Obviously Rachel wont put up Jordan.
That leaves three possabilities to go up.
KAlia, Porsche and Adam. @ have to go up.

This boils it down to the POV being all important. If one of those 3 win the POV then the other 2 are going to be up on the block.

It is like the final four, the HOH has no power unless they win the POV, who they nominate makes no difference.


Not exactly. Any move but kp on the block is stupid. If one of those two is not on the block and win pov they’ll take the other off meaning Jordan would have to go up. Not only that but kp would control the votes


true i didnt think of the non block person taking the one on the block off.


Don’t worry, Henry. Production already has that covered. They are not dummies.

Go, Team Production, yo!


SHE has to put both Cowlia & Porka to keep the HOH power, she will be stupid not to unless she is really considering working with Cowlia!!!




Not True. If one of the three you talk about are not on the block and win the Veto then whomever they save from the block and the person who wins the Veto will be safe. Therefore, Jordan would have to go up on the block and a strong chance to get voted out. Think about it yo ..


Ur right, HOWEVER if they are BOTH on the block they can ONLY save THEMSELVES….period!


Oh yea, and there is still Adam to put up… Jordan WILL NOT. Go up! Yeah!!!!!


yes and no because if P or k win the pov and one comes down and jordon and adam don’t vote together then rachel breaks the tie the next hoh has no power all it does is guarante they are final 3


Yeah, but what happens if K & P are up, Adam wins POV and takes down either K or P…then Jordan would go up and go home.

Bubbly Pie

This is Adam he isnt going to stick his neck out like that, not after they voted to keep him. He is going to kiss JR’s ass till next week.


I chuckled at your p or k reference…for a second there I thought you might be referring just to Kalia. But now I realize you mean Porche or Kalia.


I know its something on the wall behind her but with a twisted mind line mine it almost looks like prosches getting ready to do a pole dance in that one pic…very hot!


I’m starting to think Jordon really will pull this off and win. I don’t know if anyone has ever won twice. I think some of the housemates may underestimate her and take her to the end believing that there is no way anyone would vote for her twice. But I think there wrong. She’s a quiet force to be reckoned with.


Sure she is, that’s why she needed to be carried through the entire season… her social game in unmatched but as for comps, she sucks, her season last comps were flukes Natalie and Kevin sucked hardest, if she was in the finals with competitors she would’ve lost those comps.

A competitor deserves to win anyone who were carried should not win…


i have wanted Rachel out the enitre game but I am beginning to think she might pull this off. Jordan does not deserve to win this one nor did she deserve to win the last one she was in. she doesnt have a social game, she is a nice person and has sweet disposition . no one can argue with that, but she might be the worst player in the history of reality tv. adam is the ultimate slacker and clingon. he jumps from side to side depending on who is in power. he is likeable enough but I wouldnt trust him if I were in the house. the only way you can depend on him is if you are in power and as soon as you arent he goes to the other side……too tranparent. Kalia I have liked since day one but she has some of the strangest ideas for game play. Porshe is the only one I really would like to see win. She has really come into her own the last several weeks…..sure there are less competitors now but she changed sides early on and has been faithful since. I like her style and she is very easy on the eyes. Go Porshe.




Personally I think if you are smart enough to pull off being carried for both seasons you were on the show then hell yeah you deserve to win. If the people who are winning all of the competitions are dumb enough to carry you until the end that’s their stupid decisions. Anyway I do believe that Jordan does try she just can’t win. If she makes it to the end then she deserves to be there! It is just as easy to put Jordan up and vote her out as it is to put a competitor up and vote them out. Go Jordan!!


I think jordons greatest strength is that she is liked and even when she wins they under estimate her and no no one has won twice but in all fairness their has only been two season that had returning hgs which is this season and all stars but will got close and if it wasn’t for janelle he may have pulled it off. I do find it funny how everyone goes on about how adam and jordon don’t deserve to win becasue they haven’t won anything but this game isn’t all about comps it is also about the social and will won his season and made it to final 4 and he barely won any comps he actually throw all of them because he knew that winning was not a good thing on bb. That if you can not win you are not threat and jordon is probably in the best position in the house if rachel because everyone wants to take her. So for all compaining of how bad jordon is she has manged to make this far and more then likely she will be in the F3


If it weren’t for pandora, Jordan would have been evicted last night. Shelly got screwed by production.


they are talking like they know whats coming their they are getting info from some where. just like the jury house they say shelly coming next how do they know this info if they are not being told what is coming up its fixed all the way


If BB was feeding them so much info would they really show the house guests discussing that info? No, they’d cover it up so it didn’t look blatant. The thing is you’re dealing with people who have watched and played this game before and BB isn’t really that original. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (no pun intended) to figure out there will be a double eviction along the way and that with less than two weeks left they have to speed things up. I’m really getting sick of hearing the show conspiracy theory angle about each and every part of the show. It’s more predictability of the producers than them telling the house guests what’s going to happen and when.


i agree because rachel keeps saying don’t tell anyone. production is feeding her info


no they are guessing and basing it on previous bb as to the direction and the jury house never said shelly was coming jeff said he hopes she is coming


If Rachel doesn’t put up P & K, then she’s a fool. it’s the only way to ensure one of them is out since Adam won’t win jack squat. Even if Adam is put up as a replacement nominee, Rachel can break any potential tie and get rid of who she wants.


Agreed also if Rachel takes Jordan to final 2 she is a fool, most of jury don;t even like Rachel to begin with, but if someone else besides Jordan is in the finals with her she will win…..


again i dont know, the one constant you hear is they dont want a floater to win and sorry, Jordumb has done nothing but stroke Jeff this year.


i think rachel has a chance of winning against jordan, mainly because people in the house don’t want her to win again. dani can’t stand jordan. i think jordan will get jeff and shelly’s vote only. adam says he will vote on game play, therefore he should vote for rachel. if you listen to some of KP conversations they said they don’t want jordan to win again


No, Adam will end his reign as biggest doofus ever by voting with his bro “Big Jeff’, cause they’re bros. Adam’s going to show him around Hoboken.


Yeah I think rachel might win against Jordan too and that may be her best chance other than Adam. I would be positive she’d win if she hadn’t left those goodbye messages, I don’t think I could get over it and vote for her (if I were Dani). Dani and Shelly do have a couple weeks til the votes though so emotions won’t be high. I think the newbies may stick together when it comes to voting (a newbie over a vet) and Dani for some weird reason seems to not want a vet to win (other than herself). Last night when they brought up how it was her fault they were all out she laughed and seemed to not care where as Brendon and Jeff clearly did. I’m starting to think she really didn’t want any of the other four to win from the beginning, and am not sure why (jealousy perhaps?)


I agree, she needs to put up those two girls. But I am torn as to who should be the target. Kalia is the better competitor, but Por is aligned with Kalia and Adam. If she takes out Por, then it leaves Kalia and Adam without their alliance members. Plus, Kalia is a target in front of Rachel.

I want both of PK out and RJA in final three. Plus I think Rachel can win against Jordan in final 2.


I don’t see how kalia is a better competitor. She’s tied with Porsche for comps won (2). Also Porsche has won a much higher percentage of comps competed in than kalia. Kalia talking about being the better competitor ( and being wrong about something yet again) is just making her a bigger target.


she would be so stupid because if k wins pov she can take porche off the block and then jordon would go up and be voted out and she knows that so i don’t see her not putting them both up and take out one of them


It’d be a smart way to get Jordan out without blood on her hands. I didn’t have a choice…sob, sob!


Ir’s funny how Jordon guessed that Pandora would have something to do with a celebrity huh and you say it’s not rigged


and to think that she won the luxury dinner in David Hasselhoff competition but doesnt know him as a real celebrity. I dont think she knows anything about Baywatch. i think she was told that it would be Hasselhoff the answer to the question.

needless to say It was that same dinner that stirred up the house leading to Dani plotting a failed back door thanks to shelly. JJ had left out BR in favor or AKS forming that funny alliance that Shelly Had a go at.


I think she meant it as the way most ppl do,when we here his name…crappy actor and not a major celeb like Travolta,Cage,Denzil etc…The Hoff is in the category with P.Bronson,M.J.Fox, etc.


I have to object to the inclusion of Michael J. Fox. He was the biggest movie star in the world for a couple of years. He also had hit TV series(s), he made a lot of people a bunch of money. Will always be a solid B.


your right Michael J was Huge for his time


OMG you can’t give her credit for one comp of course they had to tell her becasue no one can win except dani, porche or kalia without if being fixed pathetic and i sure she knows what baywatch is


julie chen announcedt on Thursday’s episode there will be a celebrity and i’m thinking everyone has been informed.


sp. announced it


Rachel don’t be stupid to take a pandora’s box any of the three need to go, for you and Jordan to be safe wait til Veto but Jordan won’t forget Kalia sent Jeff to jury payback is always a B***H


Although I know that Rachel is putting in her contacts in that first pic, I can’t help but be reminded of characters that you see in some alien invasion movie where the monster/alien is adjusting it’s fake human skin… Like the alien in “Men in Black”…. lol


ok so on Wednesday there is a house guest leaving than after will there be another hoh than veto? so is it like a fast forward but longer??

Next rounds on me

Here’s what I’m buying til the end

Adam, zip, zilch
Kahlia, 1 round, cheapest crap on Cape Cod
Porsche, 2 rounds
Jordan, 3
Rachel 4 (FOMC)

Next rounds on me

*upon eviction


i honestly hope rachel wins this. she is such a great competitor, and have you noticed, she does better with brendon and jeff gone? she knows shes got to do this, and she has the strength. jordan doesnt. but, with jordan shes came in second for the past two HOHS. shes fighting too, but sometimes its never enough. she almost beat porsche, and then she got 15 and rachel won with 20, and that makes sense because rachel is in better shape then jordan and was able to move faster. PLUS, jordan NEVER gives up. she dropped in that won POV competition, but i only think that she knew rachel was strongest and would pull it off, and she couldnt handle the pain. you guys cant say “its a shame” cause im sure most of you, would not do good at those competitions either. the ones who do best are the more athletic, super fans, who can handle pain and pressure.
anyways. next week, its better if porsche wins HOH. rachel can definitely pull off the veto, and take herself off and evict adam. the only problem with that is, is porsche can definitely win skill, endurance AND questions. they really should get porsche out, and kalia wont win with skill or endurance.


I think if rachel is to win she needs to get porche and kaliah out but I think they are targeting kaliah because she is better at questions then porche is and they have better shot at beating porche at question. Porche has been knock out early on every quiz hoh so at this point in the game if they can getting kaliah is their best bet.


So, jordan says that she is good at being social and rachel is good at competitions. Jordan wants the benefit of winning by laying on her azz and socializing and riding rachel’s coattails just like she rode jeff’s while rachel busts her azz trying to win competitions that will benefit the both of them. if rachel gets to the final 2, i hope she has enough common sense to see jordan for what she is, a lazy azz coat tail rider.


I dont know if anyone else realized this but after last nights show when they showed jeff and his clown shoe incident… His first yellow shoe was towards the top which got me thinking production wanted him to win the POV, but what they didnt count on was him jumping in and throwing the shoe out. THe POV was set up for him to win. All the other players yellow shoes were all the way at the bottom. Just a thought.


Your observation was correct that comp was set up for him to win, but he accidentally throw the shoe out..


I wish there was some way we could all boycott at least one episode just to let production know how much everyone dislikes them taking over the game


I noticed it. Everyone else had to dig to the bottom for their shoes but Clown Shoe Boy had his sitting right there. If had only started digging he would have had his first shoe in no time.


I was thinking the same thing, they wanted him to get. I think that plan was stupid though b/c everyone would jump in and automatically go to the bottom thinking it would be there. No one would search right under the top layer. If they really wanted to rig it, they should’ve put both shoes beside each other towards the bottom.


rachel would be absolute moron if she took jordan to final 2, all that work 2nd place? if it was me i’d put up kalia and adam, hope porshe wins and takes kalia off, put up jordan and let PK vote her off.


i absolutely think that rachel will win over jordan. dani, kalia, pinto, and brenden will vote for rachel, maybe even adam. these people have said repeatedly that they didn’t want to hand jordan the money again


Jordan thinks she has a good social game? ROFLMAO. Her “game” is do so little that no one believes she is a threat and keeps her around.


That and having people like you is the new “social game”. You get to the end without anyone realizing it, since everyone likes you they are inclined to vote for you, especially if the other person is someone they don’t like and is also not a great player (Natalie on Jordan’s season, Adam on this one)

Jordan wins sitting next to Adam, but she should lose to everyone else. I would hope the “Babysitter’s Club” would not vote out of spite and actually give it to Rachel if she were next to Jordan, but you never know.


jordan has the perfect strategy to win this game its better to be the weakest player in a strong alliance than the strongest player in a weak alliance… jordan has never been the target in her 2 seasons of bb thats why she won the first time and thats why she is in the best position to win now… I think her goal should be to side with adam (the only person left who is worse at comps than her) and try to take adam to the final 2…. you people complain that jordan never wins comps and rides coattails but thats what BB rewards… winning comps only puts a target on your back…


If Rachel takes Jordan to final 2, I don’t think Jordan will win. The rest of the Jury members know how hard Rachel fought. In Jordan’s season, she was considered as a breath-of-fresh air in BB history being the nicest person to ever win BB. I don’t think there will be another like that this season especially if she’s up against a competitive, Rachel. Rachel will have sure votes from Brendon,Dani,Porsche,Kalia & Adam will most likely vote for her too and maybe Shelly if she has respect for Rachels game. I like Jordan a lot but 50,000$ is not that bad especially is she’s against a much worthy, Rachel. I even think that Jordan would probably tell the Jury to vote for Rachel to win instead of her (maybe indirectly). It is very possible. Jordan seems to have genuine respect of Rachel winning a lot and working so hard to keep herself in that house.


Poor Rachel, all that work and she will end up in 2nd place, Jordan will win… Jordan does not deserve it, but the jury will vote in her favor….


Classic from last season

Brendon 1st time looking like a caveman


Best case scenario is if Adam wins POV and uses it to save Porsche so that they can send Jordon packing. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jordon, but this would by far be the smartest move he could make in the game.


would everyone please listen and stop complaining about jordan winning, jordan will not win, they do not want jordan to win a 2nd time, so keeping jordan is a smart move


I hate hearing that the comps are geared towards this person or that person. ANYONE has an equal chance to win these comps. Rachel obviously had a better shot at winning the dummy POV, but if you think about it, if DIck, Dom, Dani, Brandon, and Jeff were still there, she would have had a lot more competition and may not have won. Even if Porsche was allowed to play in that one I think she would have given Rachel a run for her money.


I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rachel and Jordan for final two. Jordans wins 1st place Rachel 2nd and Jeff win America’s Fav. Thats how it will go down :-)


jordan will not win 1st place, rachel will


Don’t be so sure. Just wait till the Jury will decided the vote. As right now, Jordan is favor to win for the second time. Survivor had a two time winner and now Big brother will get one as well.


you think that Michelle


IDK, Because I just want Jordan and Rachel go to the final 2. The Jury will decide based on fight hard, intelligent, mentally, loyality, and gameplay not based on floating around. That why Jordan and Rachel needs to try to go to the final 2.


even dani will vote rachel over jordan, and porsche and kalia do everything dani says


Thought Dani was cool last night until she gives herself credit again… lol. I do understand where she’s coming from that’s why she’s like that. If she would have made it far, she will let it go. From then on, I don’t think she will quit until she can show the world that she’s better than her dad. Good luck to her! America’s favorite will be between Jordan and Jeff that if, Jordan won’t make it to final two. If she does, Jeff will be. I don’t think there’s any other who deserves it anyway. LOL.


That’s the main difference between J & R. J is born to receive, R is fight to survive. Everybody think R a threat, even R lied to nobody and being loyal the whole time; J has always a friend to everybody even she did nothing. That’s why J told R to win comps and she’ll talk. I worry at the end of the day, J got all the deals, leaving R high and dry.


As much as i dislike Rachael’s attitude which has gotten better over the past few weeks I’m pulling for her to win & I sure hope she’s not dumb enough to take Jordan to the final 2 bcuz she does not deserve to win again, but she could probably win against those other whack players, they need to get rid of Kalia since she’s good @ questions & annoying as hell, Adam isn’t good @ anything but kissing ass he told Shelly a few wks ago he will not let a vet win this game well the way things are looking a vet will win BB13, Porsche may have a shot @ winning HOH if it’s endurance since Rachael can’t play, I really don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Jordan she doesn’t do anything but look like a deer in headlights & says uuummmmm everytime she’s asked a question! lol


Funni how people say Rachel gives the look….THAT’S her NATURAL face!!!! OMG! Porsche and Kalia needs to see someone…bad!