Big Brother 13, Jordan to Adam “We’ve saved you 2 weeks now you owe us” **updated**

9:20pm Purple Room JA Jordan tells him that she’s worried about that he’s spending too much time with Porsche. Adam reassures her there is nothing to worry about. Jordan tells him that they have saved him 2 weeks now Adam owes them. Adam tells her not to worry. Jordan starts talking about the comp saying she was burnt out so quickly. Adam starts to explain that it was like strength endurance a very hard comp. He goes on about how he got to a point where he knew he wasn’t going to win so he stopped trying as hard. He brings up that this wasn’t the first time he’s taken it easy in a comp. Adam doesn’t think he should give it his all when there is no chance he will win.

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9:50pm rachel’s HOH room

10:02pm rachel gets called to the DR so everyone leaves the HOH

10:14pm Kalia and Porsche laying down in the candy room, Adam and Jordan chit chatting in the other bedroom.

Adam is talking about how he would freeze up if he met Tori Spelling (I think his love for tori spelling weird am I the only one?) Porsche and KAlia are listening in on Adam talk in the other room. Adam thinks if Tori Spelling was at the wrap party he would have a few drinks have her meet Fara then it would be all good. Jordan asks him how many kids he wants to have… Adam says 2 and then starts to explain why he only wants 2. (Feeds are on fire tonight YO ;) )

10:31pm KP candy room They are whispering across the room to each other. Kalia brings up that JR wouldn’t tell her which way they are going to vote and then at the last minute they lied to her. She points out that Adam will now float to the other side. Kalia is aware her decision to Vote out Adam will come back to get her. Porsche brings up the comp, she thinks the POV will be questions or OTEV. Kalia hopes the next HOH is questions.

10:40pm JA Jordan warns him to watch out for Posche. Adam reassures her that he knows what Porsche is doing and it’s going to take a lot more for him to turn (Check out 2 screen captures up.. I wonder if that will convince Adam to flip) Jordan tells him that Kalia is playing the poor me card. Jordan reminds him that Kalia voted to evict him. Adam knows he goes on and on how he’s with JR till the end. Adam says that the best thing for Rachel is for her to put up PK because if she doesn’t and one of the girls win POV then Jordan could go up.

10:45pm HOH KP talking about Getting Kalia out this week. Rachel: “If we don’t win POV next week i’m going home… what does every good competitor have to go home”

rachel goes on and on trying to justify her not putting up a floater. (She’s putting up KP) . Jordan warns her that they are all gunning for Rachel maybe she should talk to Porsche. Rachel thinks that Porsche is Jealous of Rachel friendship with Jordan.

11:40pm Cards yo

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218 thoughts on “Big Brother 13, Jordan to Adam “We’ve saved you 2 weeks now you owe us” **updated**

    1. more of a reason to get her out next. :) if adam goes to final 2 I want him to win. ( just to prove that you can lay low, not win a thing (except the 5 K) okay don’t play :)

        1. Adam and Jordan have been carried the entire game and will end up being the final 2. Two people who deserve to win nothing!!! I see Jordan is taking up Jeff’s hobby by being the new BULLY in the house and making threats to other HG’s.

        2. Well, it looks like my source was wrong so, I apologize! Although, I still stand by my comment that Adam is still a weirdo that looks like a red headed Gargamel.

      1. I think the only way Adam has a chance in final 2 is if Jordan is with him I really don’t think they will give her another half mil I think the only vote she will have is Jeff’s , seriously there is not much difference between Adam and Jordan niehter one has done much game wise so if its those two in the end it will be 2 floaters they will have no choice but to pick between the 2 of them and I don’t think the majority of them will give it to Jordan since she won already

        1. I cant understand why you all are putting Jordan in the category of a floater. A floater is someone that floats from alliance to alliance…side to side……..that is what Adam has done all game. ..that is what Shelley done especially near the end……and that is what Porshe has done…..lets not forget Porshe was in tight with Rachael than flipped over to Dani’s alliance as soon as Dani’s alliance was in control

          but Jordan has stayed true to her alliance the whole time …….yes she isnt good in the competitions and because of that I would rather Rachael win over her but you cant call her a floater…….and she does have strategic imput in all of the deciding votes……its not like she is controlled by a certain person/persons…….she puts her two cents worth in

    2. I hear ya’. When Shelly turned her back on PK and slobbered all over JR, the look on K’s face was priceless. I would have been bleeding from the ears. But brilliant Kalia goes and votes Adam out? Did she bring Q-Tips in with her ’cause there is definitely something stuck in her ears. Her ass is in a sling unless Adam also has a hearing disorder.

    3. I think it was a way for RJ to make Kalia show her cards voting on her own. Now we have to see if Adam will stay loyal to Jordan.

      1. ya it was to show adam the pk wanted him out and they didn’t the was rj plan and it worked. There is still another pandor’s box to come but somehow i don’t think it will effect the game like the last one i can’t remember but i didn’t think they had the pandor’s box this late in the game

        1. Julie said on the last broadcast that there was another Pandora’s Box coming, with a celebrity twist.
          Danny was balls steel in the clip from the Jury House. The Girl has style!

          1. I think Dani seemed kinda dumb in the jury house. She got her head all blown up because two dumbgirls cant make a decision without saying “dani would have wanted it that way” so instead of looking back on whats best for their own game play they just blindly followed Dani’s.

            Not to mention Brendon was pretty nice to Dani when she first got there, and he was gracious, she couldnt take the classy way and also show graciousness to Jeff, instead she continued with her ridiculous sing-song voice and says “shocker”. I wish Jeff would have asked her about the production staff walkout she claimed would happen if she was evicted and didnt happen…..SHOCKER!

            I wonder if she is going to be singing “shocker” again when her minions come into the jury house….

    4. i know… how stupid was that? Even if she wanted to vote with he house, shelly had just devoted her whole speech to telling Rachel and Jordan that she was on their side. And then kalia votes to keep her!

      I guess it puts evicting her own alliance member out instead of Rachel into perspective

      What a moron

      1. Aunt Kalia is consistent. You can always count on her to vote to evict her allies. Who is she going to get rid of next, Porsche? *Hoooohaaaaaah!

        1. K is making Jordan and Adam look like rocket scientists. The girl is always “plan B.” She always plans to fail.

    5. The hutts game play is all over the place. She doesn’t know what she is doing. I cant believe I am going to say this but RJ made a smart move buy telling the hutt that they planned on keeping shelly then evicting her. It brings Adam closer to JR (even though it wouldn’t have mattered cause if Porcha and the hutt would have won hoh he would be getting his lips attached to one of their asses). I think the final 3 is going to be very disapointing this year (JPA) and out of those I would say Porch. Another shocker for me this season is that I am team Rachel right now…. WOW cant believe I am saying that but really out of who’s left she has the best game. Even though she is mental it doesn’t really matter cause at least she is playing her ass off. WOW never thought I would say those things about her????

    6. Great move on J and R’s part letting Kalia think they were keeping Shelly and then after everything Shelly said to Jordan and Rachel dumb Kalia still votes to evict Adam. HILARIOUS and it should tell Adam that he is not with K and P and they will throw him under the bus very quick. Loved seeing Kalia’s face as Shelly was saying her speech. Face it Rachel deserves to win this game, love her or hate her, and really want Jordan to get 2nd place because you have to give the girl credit she has a great social game. TEAM RACHEL and JORDAN ALL THE WAY!!!

      1. I feel the same way. Love her or hate her, Rachel is the only one left who has played the game. She has fought every step of the way to get to where she is. Right now she is carrying Jordan and I think only keeping her b/c Jordan is the only one left who is a friend to her. I too like Jordan as a person, but if she makes it to the end, I don’t think she really deserves to win. She has a good social game, but is terrible at comps. and I don’t think we’ve really seen her strategize on her own either. Unfortunately, if JR are the final two, I think J will win again simply b/c the jury tends to vote with feelings rather than logic. It will be interesting to see if Rachel opens Pandora’s Box knowing what just happened, but perhaps unable to resist temptation.

    7. Brilliant play by RJ to deceive kalia on who to vote out. Nice gameplay that pulls adam in their corner.

      On a side note: it lloks as though Porsche ;lost weight in her face, but it transfered to her ass…..

    8. So, does anybody not see anything wrong here ? Shelly, the “Biggest Liar” was evicted because of her lies. NOW, Jordan has lied to Kalia to set her up. So now people want Kalia gone because she voted for Adam under false pretenses. I need Jordan and Adam gone cause they surely havent done a damn

    1. Haha, funny. It’s also funny that Kalia thinks she is so good at questions. Both times she won….she had NO CLUE if her answers were right. I think before it starts she tells herself, “Ok, this this time I’m going to say Dom everytime unless I know for sure.” Then, the other one she says to herself, “I’m going BEFORE everytime and just pray I’m right”. No way is Rachel putting up anyone except “P & K”. Anyone hoping that it’s A and K are blowing smoke up their rears. It was P&K that came after her last week and she also knows that with Jordan final 3 or 2 that she will wins the house votes. But, if Jordan does go home (next week by one of the newbie’s) than she also will have Jordan’s vote along with the boys and most likely “Shelly”- shocker. Zinnngggg.

  1. i can;t wait to see porsche all up under rachel abandoning kalia. she’s just as bad as adam switching sides to whomever is in power.

      1. Rachel will show strength and not open the BOX, which will also gain her house votes for being a smarter player then “P”.

    1. Yes and usually she turns before HOH makes it up to their room! Porsche and Kalia are going to throw each other under the bus! It’s going to be funny to watch that happen this week. Cross my fingers that RJ win POV. Not PK.

  2. The only downside to Rachel winning HoH is having to listen to her DR sessions now. I honestly gag when I hear “OH my Goood, I’m sooo excited this is aaaamaaaaazing.” It’s so contrived and forced and utterly disgusting to listen to.

    But she can’t compete in the next HoH so, assuming she doesn’t win veto, she’ll be gone next week! :) Then she can see Brenaaaaaan.

      1. yes i agree if porche wins next week and even if she puts up RJ if jordon or rachel win the veto they themselfs down and that person decides who goes to the final three

      1. yep its scripted alright…adam too old too fat to win, kalia too fat to win, jordons still trying to make sure she gets that ‘fool me once…’ quote straight. good Lord i got nervous for her that she wouldnt GWB it and say ‘fool me twice and thats a dadburn shame…no, ok, fool me once and better not fool me twice cuz…no, ohhhh shit whars jeff.’ Anywho the comp was tailor made for rachel to win, only porsche has to chops to win an event like this. porsche by the way was smokin hot in the black dress. i violated m self 3 times watching her.

      2. It’s amazing the special effects that Holllywood can do these days. They can take some comments from a bipolar narcissist and turn it into nails on a chalkboard. Or, is that Rachel’s super power?

    1. 2 downsides actually Rachel can;t play i HOH next week and Jordan will not win, so one of them are gone unless production decides to throw in another twist to save them, there’s still time for coupe de’CRAP and D-POV

      1. Actually not really.. if just one of them win the PoV next week, then they are BOTH safe, because it’ll be down to the final 4 and only one person votes for eviction. So that means if let’s say Rachel wins PoV, she takes herself off the block, and being the only person to vote, she evicts the person sitting next to Jordan.

        1. How will they BOTH be safe if BOTH are nominated? If one wins POV, then they can only save themselves, one would definitely go home. That’s of course if it’s not rigged AGAIN!

          1. Because the one that wins the POV will be the only one voting. If Porsche is HOH she doesn’t vote, if Rachel wins POV Adam is the replacement so Jordan and Adam can’t vote… that leaves Rachel as the lone deciding vote = Adam goes home. All of the power next week belongs to the POV winner.

      2. everyone seems to forget that Jordan got second place on the questions last time, and she’s been really good at them while she’s been studying. so if HOH is questions i think jordan has a decent shot. so many people just assume she’s useless but she’s came in second place in the last two HOH’s, same thing porche kept doing before she got rid of all the good competitors. people on here are just blind to what they dont want to see.

      3. As long as either J or R wins the last PoV, JR will make it to F3 even if Jordumb doesnt come through in the HOH comp.

        BTW, how do you tailor a comp so that the fatties have an advantage? YOU CAN’T!!!! Rachel and Porka has the advantage in comp the rest of the way

        Bye bye CowFart Cowlia

      4. The next Pandora’s box “twist” is going to help with either the next HOH or POV so Jo/Ral will be in better position…it will allow HOH to play in next comp…or give them a head start in POV….it’s obvious they want Rachel to win, but I’m not convinced that Jordan will take her at the end…I don’t think CBS is either.

    2. I think the Celebrity surprise will be Tori Spelling.
      Adam will be thrilled but the real BB gift will be for Rachel.
      Tori Spelling will offer to become Rachel’s and Brendon’s Wedding Planner and
      BB will pick up the tab.
      Once Rachel has been given this gift, BB has cleared the way for Jordan to
      do nothing and win $500,000.
      Porsche and Kalia get their $5,000.
      Adam will have gotten to meet his favorite celebrity.
      That’s all, Folks!!
      BB13 – A BUST!

      1. I was thinking that too… that Rachel might get something wedding related that would bring Tori into the house, so funny… I hope they won’t be as cruel as to lock Rachel in a room with Tori, and Adam will only hear about it after the fact.

        funneh stuff!

    1. You know I was pro Shelly most of the game, but after last week I didn’t like the way she handled things. I felt she made that move too soon. And now we know that Julie Chen felt that way too.
      Big plays are good, however timing is the key. Taking out a strong competitor is good but when you turn on your supposed alliance then you really should be careful when and how you make your move.
      Shelly’s decision I felt was too early in the game. Obviously I don’t think anyone would or should play to further the game of anyone else. Just be respectful when and how. And she was not.

      1. i think the problem was with shelly she was so worried about final 3 she forgot she has to get past final 6 and she obviously didn’t think she could win anything so she needed someone to take her to f2. The problem is no one would on either side but i think she took jeff out way to soon their would have been another moment their always is but she should have waited till they were further in but if you take out a player like jeff that soon she should have made sure he didn’t know about it

        1. Pandora’s box and hubris. She actuially relished her belief that she was a great manipulator, like that’s a real-world skill to be proud of.

    1. At the beginning of the HOH I actually thought for a second that they would have to eat the Donuts. Adam and Kalia would have cleaned up.

    2. it’s funny that right after comp and after she washed up Porsche headed to the kitchen and made what appeared to be a box of KD to chow down.

    1. I’m not a fan of Rachels personality, but as a competitor she is definately the most deserving out of all the people left imo. I can’t really say the same about Jordan – she doesn’t play hard. Sure if it was a competition on who’s the “sweetest” HG, then she would be the top contendor.

      1. Well guess what… it is a social game. Some people seem not to realize that. That’s why Jordan *is* good at this game and it’s why she took home 500k last time she played. That’s the one thing Jordan has taught Rachel, who is awesome at competitions but seriously lacked social game. They are a great team. I am looking forward to seeing Kalia or Porsche leave this week, and ecstatic that Shelly left. Dani, however, took up way too much time on the show. Her contrived sound bytes are on my last nerve. We knew she was going to say “Shocker!” when Jeff arrived. I wonder how long she spends thinking of her next sound byte. She was an absolutely horrible player this year and I cannot understand why anyone would root for her or think she played well. If her game was to make sure the veterans did not continue to dominate the house and to work toward helping a noob to the end, then she played a great game. If her goal was anything else, then she had the worst game in the house, with the possible exception of Lawon. lol @ his own alliance evicting him. Good game there, Kalia and Dani as well! haha they played a horrible game.

  3. Shocker Rachel won and Adam is with them now. Now if Rachel puts up Adam and Kalia she is stupid because Porsche could win POV take Kalia out put have to put Jordan up and she will leave. The best move is Porsche and Kalia… Sigh Team Porsche/Kalia/Dani YO

    1. You worry too much, Viper. I’m pretty sure production is on top of that. Team Production will make sure that Rachel sticks to the script, of course, in the interest of balance and fairness.

      Go, Team Production, yo. Adam, FTW, yo.

  4. Will they show the pandoras Box on showtime or wait till later? According to tonight’s show there will be another pandoras box, right?

    1. like word for word if you saw it? Rachel is friends with a few of my friends so we all want to know who it was from and what the letter said. Thanks !!

    2. Rachel received a letter from her mother.
      Nice …… the usual loving mother/daughter comments with
      special words about Brendon and a few words about Rachel’s
      sister looking for her wedding gown.

  5. these feeds are too damn boring. just give Rachel the 500 grand and let the season be over with. production you got what you wanted.

      1. definitely rig….. i notice on last nights showtime, Rachel was telling Kalia about her(Kalia) dr session on Dani leaving and Kalia turned to Rachel looking kinda shocked on how in the hell did ya know that…. Rachel quickly diverted and said that Dani mentioned it….. ya…whatever….

  6. whose going to clean house now , i don;t see any of the ones left doing it. i know rachel is going to drive me crazier now she is hoh again.. gag… :-(

  7. I like Rachel, I think that people who don’t like her are haters. Yes, she has an annoying voice and she talks funny but she’s entertaining. She has worked hard and fought her butt off all season so she deserves to win over freaks like Adam and Porshe. Porshe is the worse, she did nothing for the first several weeks because she was protected.

        1. She cut a deal for the golden key and threw a veto to cinch it. It was a game move and a good one at that. Talk about your haters

  8. Rachel is annoying as heck (I used to wish she would get evicted so badly!! two seasons in a row!) but I find myself liking her more and more (or, should I say, i find myself disliking her less and less haha).

    If anyone told me that I would be rooting for her a few weeks ago I would’ve told them they were F-ING NUTS lol but I hope Rachel and Jordan stick together ’til the end and Rachel wins the whole boat!! She’s been the biggest target and has won the most comps (in comparison to everyone that’s left) so props to her!

    Rachel: $500,000
    Jordan: $50,000
    Jeff: $25,000

    Hate me all you want :)

    1. Agreed, out of everyone there Rachel deserve it more, but if she is the emotional idiot we love to hate she will take Jordan to the end and lose against her. nobody in Jury are voting on game play they are voting personally and if Rachel and Jordan are in the final 2 Jordan will win, but this time she will have done NOTHING to get it at least she won a few comps, but this season? she was carried…. go head JJ Fans start your pathetic excuses for Jordan not winning any comps since that BS luxury comps which wasn’t even luxury more like a pawn shop competition to see the Has-been HOFF’s new show, and don’t forget to make claims that she should win just because she’s nice.

      1. I am a JJ fan and think that Rachel should win and will win. Jordan will be second. People have respect for game play and Rachel will be awarded by the most ardent JJ fans for that. Also JJ have already won so the jury is going to chill out and vote on game play and not emotion.

    2. I agree that Rachel has become somewhat more tolerable in the last few weeks. You can never count her out…I think that is a HUGE mistake the other HGs have made. (Anyone else find it strange that Rachel has been the voice of reason with Jordan the last two weeks??? It’s scary if that girl is talking you off a ledge.) But I don’t understand the obsession that America (and particularly the Live Feeders) have with Jeff and Jordan. Jeff is an arrogant, homophobic, hypocritical A-HOLE. It made me sick the way he talked to and about Jordan. So, yeah, he’s not getting my Mr. Congeniality vote. Thanks so much, CBS, for spinning this whole season like he turns water into wine and heals the lepers. And Jordan…no way on earth can anyone who loves this game defend the way she has played and justify giving her ANY money whatsoever. Yes she’s beautiful and adorably stupid, but she was carried by Jeff and then by Rachel. Yet she consistently complains that a floater may win. Honey, come on. She doesn’t even try in the comps!!! I can only pray that Jeff and Jordan don’t win a single dime this season. He sucks at life in general and, while I think she is probably a decent person outside of the house, she has done absolutely nothing to deserve a win of any sort. Adam just annoys the hell out of me…Again, I’m sure he’s a nice guy outside of the house, but he has no business playing the game. At the end of the day I am less than thrilled with the way this season has panned out, but I keep watching…if I absolutely had to call it I’d say:

      1. Porshe (you have to admit she stepped up late in the game…but the Pandora’s Box was an idiot move)
      2. Kalia/Rachel (I really don’t care…they both annoy me, but have won when they needed to)
      3. Dani: (I love that girl…Great game play and not afraid to make a move!)

      We’ll see how it plays out, although it seems fairly set in stone. P.S. Anyone got a theory on the fortune teller twist??? I’m thinking POV…

    3. I like all your choices but Jeff already got some money and Adam not yet but he is still here and I do like Jordan.

      Rachel – 500,000

      Jordan – 50,000

      Adam – 25,000

    4. I bet production is going to do something so there’s some lame twist like Kalia wins. Big Brother is like the Special Olypics…even if a housemate wins, they’re still retarded.

    5. I am definitely a jj fan. I liked them in their first season and i like them even more this season; however, with that said, I would still like to see JR get to the final two and Rachel win it all. I do feel that R has done more than J this season and deserves it more. Besides, J has one already so I would love to see R take it all home and start out a great life w B.

      And just had to say my favorite part of this season so far was when J flipped on S. J is always so sweet and holds things in. It was nice to see her finally stand up for getting stabbed in the back like she did. Its better that they got that out in the open. Now maybe they can forgive and build a friendship outside of the house with each other cause they did have a good friendship going before all that happened. What S did in the house was pretty bad but i do think deep down outside the house she is a good person. I hope they can get past it all when the show is over.

  9. i was just looking through old BB12 stuff, then a few BB8 moments that I had forgotten about….

    horrible horrible casting…. i thought maybe it could be saved by Julie’s claim of “many twists” this season…. but the few twists have been extremely disappointing and not creative at all.
    I mean seriously, a return of the first 4 evicted houseguests we hardly even know? a humilitard that was actually cute. I don’t even remember half of the prizes because they were DUMB! a pandora’s box with a measly 5k and the house gets DUOS?!?? come on! This fortune teller thing is getting dragged on so long that it’s ruining the surprise and you can see all over twitter that people don’t think it’s fun anymore they’re getting annoyed with it.

    next season I hope is better or I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay a BB fan.

      1. the HG aren’t even funny or insightful in the DR… it’s just an extension of their already dry personalities that we see on the feeds and BBAD. just BLAH.

        CBS should really step up and change up some rules of BB or something, it’s getting too predictable and people coming on the show are gimmicky.

    1. I am with you. CBS really needs to revamp the entire production. First all new casts, I am tired of past house guests coming back, that is what an all stars season is for. Second all new competitions, when it is to the point where the HG’s are able to fairly accurately guess what each weeks comps will be the game is to predictable. Third maybe a new background production crew that will actually let the season play out without pushing it one way or another. My wife and I have been huge BB fans since season 1, one of the few shows we can agree to watch together and we are both getting so frustrated that we really are not wanting to watch each week. Survivor has had nearly twice as many seasons and they still manage to keep the show somewhat fresh. The final thing I have problem with is knowing that the season is going to overlap pre-season football why not change up the nights it shows on so that the late in the season eviction nights do not get pre-empted by football.

    2. They need to up the pace and add some of the funny things they do in the UK’s celebrity version. It’s also time to move Julie out and replace her with a professional comedian.

      1. I think Rachel is correct in believing that she’s fighting for 2nd place. The people in the jury always carry those little catty grudges. Even after a couple of days to cool down, Mr. Sunshine (Jeff) still couldn’t get over that it was a game…a game he lost.

        1. That was actually the next day. He was fine until he watched the DVD and got upset again. I know it seems like a few days since it was shown last night but really, it was just the next day.

  10. Hi everyone, I have never posted here but love the site! I have watch BB for many many years but never bought the live feed (thinking about it for next yr tho) I love reading about what goes on in the house we don’t get to see.

    My point is #1- Last year I truly from the bottom of my BB heart could not stand Rachel. Her voice made my ears nearly bleed (a bit much?) She really got under my skin. I won’t rant b/c many ppl I think agree so they get what I am saying.

    This year however…
    At first I was like Oh please no NOT AGAIN!!!! I agree she has had PLENTY of moments this year where she is the same annoying Rachel. However, I think of who is left she deserves to win. She does still get on my nerves sometimes, but I think she has really played the game from the beginning & done the best of who is left.

    Adam- Floater
    Jordan- I like her (if her & jeff had a show i’d watch 100%), but I think it’s obvious she isn’t giving it her ALL. She is probably ready to see Jeff & go home.

    Kalia- She has done pretty decent but I don’t think she should reap the rewards of Dani’s knowledge (& I am not a fan of Dani’s) but I don’t think she has played from Day 1 & always done the best job

    Porshe- What happened to this girl, it’s like you almost forgot she was even in the house til last week. I understand laying low & all but you’d atleast think she would have been doing a little more. She is prolly my 2nd choice for a winner but I don’t know if i’d really like it that much, but I think she does deserve it over Jordan.

    I wish this year would have played out better/more interesting.
    I just wanted to know what everyone thinks.

    1. It’s not going to happen. Just give up already. Jordan will win again. Survivor has one why can Big Brother have one as well. CBS production will be happy. Beside, Porsche don’t deserve squat. win 1 HOH is like being an idiot for open the Pandora Box. Don’t worry, Porsche will enjoy going to the Jury House anyway. In fact, I want to see Jordan and Rachel Final 2. They both deserve to go to Final 2. Both are being supportive from Jeff and Brendon. They cover each other back. So, the only three floaters will go to the Jury House:Porsche (Wed),Kaila (Thurs)
      Adam (Finale). Better luck next time.

    2. Agreed, Rachel is the most deserving to win this season. In my opinion, this is the best season so far because I have never paid attention to BB show like I am this season that my son made a comment on how I am like addicted to the show. Rachel, annoying yes, however, most entertaining house guest and if you have followed the show, she seems to be true to her words as well as Jordan. Rachel has a good heart, likes dog unlike Kalia. When Kalia was telling them what she did to her dog when she was bitten, Rachel stated that is “mean”. Rachel was ostracized, given hurtful and harsh criticism by KPSD and she fights hard, hoping there will be a twist so she can compete next week.

    3. You lost me when you missed that Kalia flip-flopped on her own logic more times than John Kerry in a presidential campaign.

  11. Team Porsche and Rachel final 2 YO!

    Kalia and Porsche up on the block. Adam wins Veto (ahahahh) uses it (ahahahah). Rachel has to put up Jordan. Jordan leaves.

  12. Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Hello, I’m sorry the Production just called they said that they don’t save newbies. They only save Veterans because they love Rachel and Jordan more than two cocky loser newbies. So, too bad newbies sucks anyway because of Porsche and Kaila being bragging of 3 HOHs combine and 1 POV does not worth a dime.

    1. Three HOH’s between them and only one person that actually wanted evicted got sent home, two from their own alliance. I would not brag about that if I were them.

  13. That was the lamest jury house coverage ever. None of the touted fireworks. They might as well show Aunt Jemima napping instead. Same thing.

    1. I know right? those lying bastards, I knew Rachel was going to win that HOH so I wasn’t watching for that I watched to see Brenda and Little Jeff whine about Dani orchestrating their evictions including her own, but nothing I was PISSED

    2. It’s about what I expected, they all turned on each other at one point so none of them really has the right to be overly pissed about it. Plus these are people that have been through this before so they can decompress from the ‘game’ pretty quickly.

      Still enjoyed it though. Seeing Jeff’s face when he realized he heaved the clown shoe out of the pit without seeing it, that’s gotta sting. Dani’s sense of humour about the whole thing reminded me why I enjoyed her in the house (though I could do with never hearing her say ‘shocker’ ever again, lol).

  14. What If out of nowhere Adam wins pov takes kalia off and they both vote out jordan..NOW THAT WOULD BE SOME DRAMA!!!!!

    but who am I kidding :P adam winning/actually not throwing a comp haaaaaa.

    1. Don’t worry about that. Have faith that Team Production have that covered. Of course, all in the interest of balance and fairness.

      In this economy, where companies are cutting on expenses left and right, they are not about to void the checks written in the names of Rachel, Jordan and Jeff from months ago.

      Of course, I won’t tell you who gets the $500k because I have integrity and I can keep a secret. And that’s the honest truth.

    1. This might be a dumb question, but does ED actually live in Oklahoma City? I’m just wondering why the reference in the article.

      It’s not exactly where I imagined him living….

    1. No, because no matter what if one of the noms comes down thenit’s either K or P and J, one vote each Rachel has the final vote.

      1. No. In his scenario, if adam here to win POV (lol) and use it(lol) to save either Kalia or Porsche then he would obviously vote with them making it 2 votes to 0 so no tie-breaker needed.

        Not that this has any chance in happening.

    2. I say good, and let it be Jordan walking out then. If she gets to the end this season I’ll freak! The only reason I resolved to her winning her season was because so many people hated the other HG. As much as I dislike Rachel, atleast she’s gotten her hands dirty in this game. That’s why I was a Dani fan, and even though I didn’t like Jeff or Brendon they were making strong moves in the game as well.

  15. I started to think if Jordon not really the simple girl everybody is thinking? What has she done to make her say this to Adam, “We’ve saved you 2 weeks now you owe us”! She has repeatedly stressed that Adam owed JJ for so many times, obviously made no effort to win, and got Rachel to do all the dirty work. Not even that, she even told Adam that JRA will go to F3, and Adam would not be necessarily be the one to go. Plus, adam had told Jordon he wanted to go to F2 with J. JJ had always considering JJSA to F4, so where is her loyalty. I really started to doubt if JS are the same type of people, just S could not bite her tongue.

  16. OH and Simon I have a question. Since the vets were brought back for this season does that mean there will be no bb14 all stars 2

    or..are they just going 2 invite some of the vets back again for next summer for all stars 2. Even though I highly doubt anyone (besides maybe dick or dani) would do this all over again

    and Im only assuming bb14 is all stars 2 because the orignal one was season 7.

  17. If Jordan and rachel make it to the end, it will be 6-1 jury vote.
    If Porsche and Rachel make it to the end, it will be 4-3 jury vote.
    If Adam and Rachel make it to the end, it will be 4-3 jury vote.
    If Kalia and Rachel make it to the end, it will be 4-3 jury vote.

    So, rachel can’t win anyway.

        1. Dani already said that she doesn’t want Adam to win, and honestly I think she has a great chance to win! This girl played from the beginning not start on day 55

          1. Yeah but think about the numbers game. If you evicted Jordan and send her in the Jury House. That why Jordan and Rachel have to take out newbies.

    1. if jordan and rachel make it to the end 6-1 jury vote will be in rachel’s favor. i just don’t think that people will vote for jordan to win again even though they don’t like rachel.

    2. no, i think the votes will go like this
      rachel & jordan: rachel will have daniele(respect for the game) then obviously kalia and porsche, she has brendon. doesnt matter who jeff or adam or shelly vote for.
      rachel and kalia: rachel will get jeff, jordan, brendon, shelly, adam, and possibly even daniele and porsche.
      rachel and adam: rachel will have all votes.
      rachel and porsche: rachel will have jordan, brendon, jeff, and possibly shelly/adam. im not sure if daniele would vote for rachel, and she pretty muvh decides kalias vote.

      jordan kinda depends on rachel to get her there, if rachels out, jordans chances dont look so good.
      i really believe kalia will be out this week, and porsche will try for final 2 deal with rachel. but, even if porsche wins HOH next week, all rachel needs is POV to take herself off, put adam up, and vote out adam. then rachel will have this game. HOH doesnt matter much next week, itd probably be better if jordan doesnt win HOH, because if she puts up porsche and adam, porsche could win veto and take herself off and rachels the only replacement. if adam actually pulls off veto, he might not use it, and rachel can evict porsche.

    3. No so sure of your analysis. If Rachel goes to the final two, she will win because house guest are not dumb to make this personal and not think of it as a game.

  18. At this point, I don’t think that Rachel would lose if she were next to Jordan in the final 2. Granted, she definitely wouldn’t lose next to any of the others.

  19. adam is a freaking joke. its very embarrassing that this bum made the final 5. i mean seriously adam? i’d rather see keith, cassi or dom in there instead of him but really adam hasen’t done jackshit. porsche and kalia have done more than him. at this point he is seriously a joke. if adam makes the final 2 i’m jumping off a cliff………who’s with me?

  20. Interesting show tonight… much as I grew to loathe Shelly, I have to admit that I loved her “please don’t evict me” speech. I can’t decide if it showed her desperation, her genuine honest feelings or if it was just for show. But it made me think that if I were Rachel/Jordan, I would think twice about voting her off.

    Was Shelly ballsy or stupid? Shockingly, I found her more likeable during her speech than I have in weeks.

    In her interview with Julie Chen, I also believed that she was sorry for how she handled the whole Jeff and Jordan thing.

    I love Jordan,but if it came down to Jordan and Rachel, I would root for Rachel to win the $500K. She’s a scrapper and she’s fought hard against the nastiness in the house, she’s a strong physical competitor and she has reasonably good insight into people’s motives and character.

    I hope she stays loyal to Jordan and I hope she’s the last woman standing in the end. She’s earned it.

    On a final note…is it just me or is Kalia the least interesting person in the universe? For someone who claims to be a writer, she cannot tell a story to save her life. She just talks and talk and talks….and never says anything. You sit there and watch her blabbing about something on BBAD and after suffering through the story for 15 minutes, there is no ending to it. She just trails off and starts flapping her gums about something else.

    I would rather hear Adam drone on for two hours about Tori Spelling…….

  21. . . . with the upcoming holiday it’s time to consider bringing back the drinking game. Personally I’m tired of “shocker” and “rigged” “super-duper” and anytime there is a discussion or show of a bodily function …. and might as well add eating loudly while talking to my list!

  22. Ok this is how the week will go. Rachel will nominate Adam and Kalia. Porsche will win Veto. Porsche takes Kalia off the block and the only one left is Jordan. Kalia and Porsche have the only 2 votes and Jordan is out of there. Yahoo! The week after Rachel can’t play HOH so it’s KPA….useless Adams tells everyone how hard he’s going to try and he’s out before the game even starts. Kalia or Porsche win HOH.. So long Rachel and the 2 girls whoop Adams you know what. Porsche wins! The end!

    1. rachel will nominate kalia and pinto so that pinto can take herself off the block only. kalia is the target. if she doesn’t put pinto on the block and she wins POV, she will certainly take kalia off. rachel wants kalia out

    2. From you mouth to the BB god’s ears. I don’t think there is much chance or that though.

      I honestly am rooting for Rachel as one of the two I’d like to see win. But gosh darn, how many times do the biggest complainers of ‘get the dead weight out’ bring the dead weight right along to the end. Arrrrggghhh! I understand the logic and that they want to win the game, but it’s getting to be sort of like ‘I will never lie in this game’. Yeah right! ;)

  23. Rachel will nominate KP and Adam should throw the veto comp and that would guaranteed his safety, and Jordans. Even if K or P win the POV and Adam goes up he will still be safe if they split the votes, Rachel would be the deciding vote and she would evict K or P. With a final 5 and already secure final 4 with her HOH I hope she doesnt get stupid and open Pandora Box. If she does I think it wont be good for her and she will lose any chance to win the game. If she opens Pandora maybe the POV winner can change the nominations and then they will put Jordan up and then she is screwed.

    By Adam throwing the veto he wont put any blood on his hands, but he has to trust Rachel and Jordan to do so.

  24. random –

    – for someone with down syndrome, Jordan actually looks pretty good. i guess she’s only mildly retarded.

    – i think “clown shoe” is the perfect nickname for Little Jeff.

    – how many takes do you think they had to shoot of Jordan’s “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” line? does anyone think she actually understands it or is she just parroting what they tell her to say?

    – do you think Kalia is eating right now, as you read this line?

    – if they ever need to bring back another vet duo, it should be Janelle and Porsche… that’s a dynamic duo. they’d beat the hell out of Brenchel and JJ.

    – since Rachel can’t play in next week’s HOH, and Jordan is completely useless, what twist will Team Production come up with to make sure they both stay safe? will the fortune teller give them the power to overthrow the HOH, name their own nominees and evict who they want gone?

  25. pandora’s box – rachel gets to spend a day with brendan; big jeff comes back into “terrorize” the house i.e. give him the chance to have his proper good bye to Jordan that he was whinging about in Jury House………..ratings!!!!

  26. This site has been way more entertaining than this season of BB. just want to thank you and the rest of the posters who have given me countless of laughter and enjoyment. even though I don’t post alot I’ve always travel here for the updates. great site!

  27. I am confused…I can’t remember…so after the eviction on Wednesday can Rachel play in final 4 HOH??? And them is there a veto comp with final 4 HOH??? My brain just isn’t functioning right now!!! Haha

    1. The final 4 HoH only means you’re safe, it doesn’t matter who you put up, it’s the POV that counts. Whoever wins POV decides who goes home.

  28. Jodumb was burnt out in this comp as soon as she started the reason Jodumb and kalia lost they were eating the donuts. Adam continue keeping up with not winning anything on your own no wonder you get along with Jodumb.

  29. I was thinking Rachel would be a shoe in if she makes it to final two, she’s just won so many comps. But does anyone think her goodbye messages might come back to bite her? They’re funny but the last ones have been mean to the person leaving. I think Dani would’ve voted for her based on gameplay (vs Adam, Jordan) but I’m wondering if she’ll stay mad about the goodbye message…

    1. Saying ‘I don’t care about your jury vote, you’re a bitch’. is BAD gameplay. If I was Dani I would vote against her on that alone

  30. Kalia’s action had to be some of the dumbest seen. She got played by Jorchel about who they were voting for. Shelly’s action with the ring just solidifies what a creep he (yes he!) really is.

    1. I’m really confused by Shelly at this point. My guess was her speech to RJ was her manipulating them and her speech to Julie about JJ was her manipulating America. Maybe I’m giving her too much credit but at this point I have to guess she’s just playing everyone and has been. What confuses me is that her DRs before the last week hasn’t really shown that side of her.

  31. I don’t understand all this “rigged” crap. BB isn’t making up these competitons for certain hg’s, these would have to be planned months ahead.Get REAL people.

    1. I won’t go so far as to dismiss the notion that production gets involved but all you Kalia fans are obnoxious. Rachael hung onto a Brendan doll for 30 minutes and she ran through some goo for donuts. If you are BB you try to find a competition that the Khalia, Adam or Jordan can beat Rachael at. Not every competition can be trivia or memory games to give the overweight out of shape people a chance.

    2. They have a pool of competitions setup at the beginning of the season. They decide as the season progresses which ones to use at which time.

  32. I agree Simon, Randy is watching last season. Is that why Dick left the house? For surgery, cause it sounds bad.

  33. I hope that they kick P out because kalia is no match for them in physical challenges…. nor is adam… if they get rid of P, the game will be theirs.

  34. At this point in the game Adam is in a no win situation with JR. Turn on them and lose four votes in the jury house, stick with them and lose three votes in the jury house. After Kalia goes home this week Adam has to pray that he can float two more times and let Porche win and evict both JR, but even at that point the jury would probably give the money to Porche because the Vets don’t have hatred long,they tend to lean toward the best players when voting. Anyone worried about Adam winning, don’t!

  35. RIGGED. I love it when people keep using this concerning Rachel and Jordan. How about Dani getting 4 free weeks and not having to compete in POVs and HOHs during that time?

    Greatest part of this entire season is Dani cannot win. A failure as a daughter and now a failure at Big Brother.

    1. love when people keep bringing that up like it was made for her or something? this is how you explain Dick having to leaving a rig? if anything the golden key was against her, but a dumbass would NEVER see that. If it was rigged for her she would’ve still been able to play and win comps(making Jordan’s fluke win 2nd week disappear), and BRJJ would probably all still be in the house because the boredom of not being able to play and watching the unearned cockiness of her team made her turn, but keep pretending production did not help JR stay in the house this week, keep those blinders on, they look good on you.

      1. LOL at the crybaby so angry over my comments concerning Dani getting a free pass for 4 weeks of competition. She didn’t have to worry about being put up on the block or going home. Just because her father left, she didn’t have to get the free pass. Also LOL at the idea that an endurance competition is rigged… it’s probably the only comp they can’t rig. Also by rigging Porsche must have been in on it in order for it to actually be “rigged”. Oh life’s so unfair, boo hoo. Just face it. Your little favorite cannot win and there’s nothing you can do about it except whine and cry. I have gotten what I wanted, kick everyone else out, let whoever win, it doesn’t matter to me because Dani getting the boot was the only thing I wanted out of the entire season.

        Dani has done nothing in the game outside of fail just as she fails in life and as a daughter.

  36. really can’t stand jordan….she is not all sweet and innocent like they want to portray. Real honest telling kalia she was voting out shelly when she wasn’t. I understand it’s a game move but don’t say you play an honest game when u don’t. Also love how she’s always talking to kalia about seeing what dani would say about her….yeah she will also see how much you talked about her and wanting her out all the time.

  37. Great show last night ! I was never a Rachel fan…….but….that girl can play one hellava game ! She tries….
    she doesn’t give up ! ! ! That’s what winning is all about ! I think BB has been really good this year ……Allison
    has done another jam up job ! Love her or Hate her……..she really deserves to win !

  38. they need to do a better job at vetting these contestants.. adam should have never been choosen for this show. he has added absolutely no value to this seasons cast. what a loser in every since of the word!

  39. Rachel is privately trying to figure a way of getting Jordan evicted while keeping her hands looking clean. Rachel doesn’t seem like the kind of person that would fight her ass off just to settle for second place against someone who has already won BB and has done nothing this season to earn her place in the house.

  40. Just wait until Rachel and Brendon find out that Jeff threw the horn hole POV, so Jeff wasn’t expected to take Jeff off the block. They are going to be pissed especially since Rachel has saved Jordan over and over again.

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