Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia cries and says she feels like the whole game we have just been railroaded ..we never had a chance.. *Updated*

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12:40pm – 12:50pm Kalia and Porsche are cooking in the kitchen. Kalia says that no matter what happens she is okay …I didn’t have a half a million dollars before I walked in here …and my life was pretty great. Porsche says that’s a good way to look at it. Kalia says that she is just trying to justify it so that she isn’t hysterical when she walks out on Thursday.. Porsche and Kalia talk about how they can’t wait to get out and get back into their routine again. Kalia heads outside to eat. Adam asks her if she wants to talk to him at all? Kalia says that she is mad and upset …and that she has a hard time asking for help. Kalia starts to cry. Adam says that his speech was more directed to Jordan and Rachel because they voted to keep me. Kalia says that she feels like the whole game we have just been railroaded … and it felt like we never had a chance. ..we put our hands in last week…and that meant nothing. Kalia is crying. Adam says that when people weren’t sticking to the deal the whole dela was broken. Kalia says that she doesn’t even know if she will campaign to certain people … and that I know you are going to vote to keep Porsche. Kalia says that Jordon was carried by her boyfriend and she has won the game before. Kalia says that Rachel has been the most hated person all season and she had her fiancée here. Kalia says that she and Adam did not have a golden key and we had to work our butts off to stay here. Adam says that he wants to beat a vet …to prove that he earned it. Kalia takes it as a huge, huge, huge, compliment that you want me out of the game that hard. Porsche comes out to join them. The conversation changes to talking about pain medication.

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12:55pm All four camera switch to the HOH room where Jordan and Rachel are talking. They are talking about what Rachel does that pisses people off so much. Jordan says that if we get to final three …you run your mouth as much as you want! Jordan says that’s just you .. and it makes me laugh. Jordan talks about how right in the beginning she and Jeff weren’t even sure if Rachel and Brendon wanted to work with them. Jordan wonders if she had just gone to school instead …I wonder who BB would have gotten to come on the show. Big Brother cuts the live feeds… When they come back,

1pm All four cameras are on Porsche and Adam. Adam tells Porsche that she definitely needs to campaign but that from the feeling he got from them …she is safe. Adam tells Porsche that she can ask them if I have a final two deal with them …I just told them I can’t make that deal. Adam tells Porsche not to be fooled by Jordan ..she is playing the game hard… even though she had Jeff here she is playing hard. Adam says that he can her that as of now the plan is not to get rid of her. Porsche says that she knows that …and that she also knows that Kalia is going to sell their soul to them. Adam says why did they get rid of Shelly… because she tried to give them everything ..but she couldn’t follow through with anything. Adam says that he definitely sees a nap in his future. Porsche says that she really wishes she could have just won that veto. Porsche says that she was just to flustered in her mind.

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1:10pm – 1:35pm Porsche heads up to the HOH room to talk to Jordan an d Rachel. Porsche says that she is starting the campaign trail and hands them face strips and teeth whitening strips. Jordan says I don’t know if Kalia campaigns to me …I will have better teeth, face and nose with Porsche. Porsche says okay how do we get to final four? They talk about how Adam got this far in the game. Porsche says that he played it very well. Porsche says that if she stays she will help them get to final three. They talk about how they could name themselves Julie’s Angels. They all talk about the beginning of the game and what they thought about each other and what has happened to get them all here to this point. They talk about how after the show is over they interview process is horrible.. you get asked the same questions over and over again. The conversation changes to talking about teeth, fake boobs and health care. Rachel says that her boobs were $8000, Porsche says hers were $5,500 and Jordan says that hers were $4,200 but that she got a discount. Rachel says that maybe hers were closer to $6000 ..she doesn’t remember. They talk about how Cassi’s boobs were $6000. Rachel starts talking about a drainage tube that some girls get. Porsche leaves the HOH room. Jordan and Rachel go into the bathroom to show each other their scars.

1:35pm – 2:30pm Kalia joins them up in the HOH room. Rachel shows Kalia her breast scars and talks about her drainage tubes …that drains all the blood and puss that comes out. Porsche joins them again. Rachel talks about how her doctor used glue instead of stiches becasue you scar less with the glue. They continue to talk about medication and medical stories. Jordan tells Rachel that she needs to get Brendon to grow out his hair again… we all might not agree on everything ..but we all agreed that he looks good in that picture. They continue to talk about hair on men and what they like and don’t like. They talk about how much Shelly lied and how they don’t know what to believe. They talk about all the stuff Shelly took from the competitions. Porsche says that she took a lot too. They talk about wanting to work out. Rachel and Porsche try and guess what Dominic’s secret is … is school and modeling his full time job? Is he related to Cassi? Is he really 25 years old? He has a twin? Kalia says that she really doesn’t understand why people come into the house pretending to be something they aren’t. Porsche gets called to the diary room. Rachel talks about how Shelly never talked to her but to tell her im a bad person. Rachel says that Shelly gave me a shirt and I am going to give it back to her on finale night. Kalia says that she is going to give Shelly a piece of her mind on finale night. Kalia talks about how one day Shelly was getting into the pool and she had to tell her to put something else on because she could see her vagina .. there was a big gapping hole in her shorts and I could see everything. They talk about how Shelly kept getting smaller and smaller. Rachel and Kalia continue to talk about Shelly.

2:35pm Jordan and Adam are talking in the metal room. Jordan tells Adam that we are not keeping Kalia ..she is gone. Adam says that Kalia is going to say whatever she can to stay. Adam tells Jordan about his conversation after the ceremony and how she said that she has never begged for anything. Porsche comes out of the diary room and asks Adam and Jordan what they are up to. Porsche says that she is so bored…

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2:45pm Kalia and Rachel continue to talk about random things in the HOH room. Rachel talks about needing to find a place in LA when they get out. Kalia is giving Rachel pointers on how to find places. Meanwhile in the downstairs bathroom, Jordan gets ready to workout. Porsche comes in and tells Jordan that she is pretty sure Adam will vote for her and that all she needs is her to vote for her as well. Porsche tells Jordan she doesn’t know what Kalia can even say …she already tried promising final two deals. Porshce tells Jordan she will give her ..her american apparel shirt.

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209 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia cries and says she feels like the whole game we have just been railroaded ..we never had a chance.. *Updated*

          1. 100% true statement…since Jeff and Daniele got evicted the season lacks drama and suspense. Love em or hate em they were both good competitors with personality and the guts to make big moves. BBad is so boring and nobody in the house can compete with Rachel in competitions so it’s just not compelling whatsoever!!!!

            1. Yep. I saw the very end of Sunday night….might tape Wednesday night. I’m just not enthused like I was in past seasons.
              soooooo boring now that Jeff & Dani are gone. I would rather see the Jury House, especially now that Shelly is coming.

    1. i had no idea Jordan or Cassi had fake boobs – i knew Rachel and Porsche did and I assumed Shelly did bc hers looked too fake and round for her body – but why would Jordan need them – to be honest, she is a bigger girl and don’t bigger girls just have big boobs, i know that nothing is ever 100% true for everyone, but Jordan’s proportions are thick so it seems like she would have big boobs without them…so weird

    1. Rachel, Jordan, Porsche, and Adam have all had breast implants. I am not sure about Cassia and Kalia.

      I know Dani and Shelly haven’t though.

      Team Not Boobjob, Yo!

        1. So Dani is the only one who doesn’t have fake boobs? Cassi, Jordan, Kalia, Rachel, Porsche, Shelly, Adam all have fake boobs? (7/8 females smgdh)

          Wow! No wonder the female HG’s always talk about how everyone is so fake in this house. Now I get it!! They all have fake boobs.

          Team not Boobjob, Yo!

          1. Actually, Shelly does have fake boobs. They were talking about how much Shellys’s cost. Dani and kalia were the only 2 with real ones, and Kalia said she wants a reduction.

    2. That question was asked during Jordan’s first BB – she discussed
      her family’s financial hardships yet she had the funds to pay
      for breast implants.

      1. Didn’t Jordan also buy her Parents a house and do something for her brother if she wants fake boobs she should get them not that I would waste money on that WHAT THEY SPEND THE MONEY ON IS NOT REALLY ANY OF OUR BUSINESS its theirs once they win it to spend as they choose

        1. Jordan had her boob job BEFORE she appeared on BB11 and won. On BB11, she
          talked about her family having financial difficulties and some questioned how and why
          she would or could pay for a boob job if her family had money problems.

          I’ve read that after winning BB11, she financed the downpayment for a Townhouse for her mother.

    3. That what she did with her money and bought a house and helped her brother.. who knew that kind of money could go that far ..hmm makes you wonder

      1. I believe the truth is that jordon’s dad paid for them before she even went on big brother so she did not use the money for them she used it to buy her mom and brother a house and bought herself a car thats all she used it on. stop bashing jordon

        1. She also set up college scholarships for her cousins. The only thing she bought for herself was a car and it was not an expensive car. She helped out everyone in her family because her mom did not even own a home and Jordan bought her mom, not herself, a townhome. This girl really is a very sweet and kind soul.

        2. I think the time for bashing is done give credit where credit is due to the 5 that are left this game is a game of lying cheating and back stabbing thats the nature of this beast then you all get on here and bash them for it because they do it so silly LOL

      2. Jordan had gotten her breast implants before she was on the first season of BB. She had a friend that was a plastic surgeon.

  1. And these are the people america wants to win? to get more boob jobs? and not precious jordon she got a boob job?! Gasp! When her family need the money so much? What a joke

          1. Jordan has a cult following its unbelievable how she can do no wrong. I pulled for her in BB11 and although she “seems” like a sweet girl (we don’t know her personal people) I want her to lose because she isn’t deserving. The 1 comp she won it was handed to her, if she don’t step up and win something this week how can jury justify giving her another $500,000 unless she’s up against Adumb. It’s trivial to my why her and Jeff are beyond loved it borders on obsession, I wish them both well and pray we don’t have to see them ever again so their fans can find someone else to idolize.

            1. I don’t think the Jury will give her another Half mil no way if she is in the final 2 she will get Jeff and maybe Shelly because she feels so guilty but I can’t imagine any of the rest voting for her I would be so shocked if she won again

          2. Rachel is sitting so pretty right now, its her game to lose. She can’t play HOH comp but Veto is more important this week anyway which she’ll probably win. The last HOH comp will be physical which she’ll win because she has more tenacity, toughness, and resilency then all remaining houseguests. So that leaves her in the last comp which would be a toss up. If she’s sitting next to Jordan or Adam she’s got it because she’s fought so much harder and I know the vets will recognize and reward her for it. She can’t get over confident but she can probably taste that half million right now.

          3. BB11 was the first time I watched and followed the whole season and I was like man this show is awesome, now I see why its so popular but last season sucked because the brigade made so predictable and this season other than the drama of the double evict has been rather dramaless and uneventful. Think I’m going to watch Evel Dick season I hear it was pretty good

            1. you are correct, melissa. jordan entered season 11 with NEWLY INSTALLED implants. i recall her endlessy touching them (her doctor’s orders) and complaining about the soreness. so, this season, she just constantly touches her hair (although i recall some serious hair pulling back then too)!

    1. Give me a break. She won $500K & her enhancement was $4200!! That’s less than 1% of her earnings! Can’t the woman splurge a little on herself?
      If she bought a new wardrobe or a car the comment would have never been made. I’m sure she did indeed help her family w/ the remaining 99%

        1. if her boobs are fake its all about money money and the way u think u can live longer on these planet.FAKE BOOBS GO AHEAD AND HAVE THEM ITS NO BODY IS BUSINESS DA…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

      1. No she can’t if she was always complaining how poor she was and how she needs to help her family how shes not superficial how about go to school!

  2. Today on Rigged Brother
    Waste of sperm, Vomit and Two Face (adam, rachel and jordan) Are all in the diary room. Camera’s rolling microphones left on (CBS don’t care no more, knowing anyone who possesses the ability to think for themselves has already tuned out, they sent out a press release stating if you still believe this show isn’t rigged please send in your tapes for next seasons BB14 The battle of Vomit and Two Face) AG joins them in the diary room with champagne and glasses, Adam says “I told you that i would stick to the script, now can I have my balls back” AG Vomit and Two Face start to laugh Vomit says “did you really believe that you could have them now, There is still a HOH and Veto left” they all laugh some more. Adam asks where Jeff is and that he was supposed to be in here waiting wearing nothing but bacon. AG says “just one more week Adumb Errr ahh I mean Adam” Jordan says ” I thought I farted but I thought wrong” she leaves to change her pants. Vomit and Waste of sperm now have AG alone and ask “does it really have to be Vomit and Two Face in the final two”, Vomit sticks up for Waste of sperm and says “he didn’t do anything either and is also white trash just like us maybe we could change it up” AG asks Vomit if she likes how the money falls from the ceiling of the HOH room every hour Vomit says “it’s the only reason I’m here” AG tells her if she don’t keep to the script it will stop and they won’t pay for her sex change operation before her wedding. Jordan returns still smells very bad and Vomit asked her “did you change your pants” Jordan says “thats what I was going to do” …feeds cut
    Mean while in the Jury House Jeff finds Brendon in a closet with a lap top and asks “what you doing buddy” Brendon tells him that ever since he accepted Vomits condition he browses male web sites now and again just to rub one off” Jeff says “whatever floats your boat” Brendon tells him that he likes this guy that wears a mask and calls himself Big Dude” Jeffs face goes pale Brendon is about to ask whats wrong when he has the ah ha moment followed by uncomfortable silence, they go for a walk.
    Dani and Shelly watch them walk off and says “Americas sweethearts”

        1. The Rigged Brother posts are far more entertaining than actually watching the show. No need to watch the CBS edit, this website tells the real story, with some added entertaining comments..THANKS!

    1. Why do you keep coming on here to see the updates if all you are going to do is B!TCH? No one cares about your B!TCHING and constant COMPLAINING – YOU ARE WORSE THAN KALIA! SHUT UP ALL READY PLEASE!!!!!!
      I love Big Brother, no matter what happens, and if production wants to change the game up then let them – if you don’t like it – STOP WATCHING AND READING! No matter what happens I am a Big Brother Fan and will watch every minute that I can even though my favorite was voted out all ready.

        1. Squabble your awesome I agreed as well:Tune in tomorrow, Do Kaila still love Porsche more and got evicted? Do Porsche will continue to fail more than before? Do JRA will go to the final 3? Can Dani still be pissed and wet herself in her pants that Kaila & Porsche got evicted at the same time? Tune in tomorrow. Yes I will keep watching your Kaila & Porsche failure Big Brother. Come on people, Squabble work his butt off with KP failure Big Brother. He deserve a credit. Let give him a hand for being a support of JJBR and bashing KP. I know I agree with that one.

    2. So, suddenly BB at the jury house doesn’t stand for Big Brother anymore.

      Here’s hopin’ Dani’s c*nt gets the lappin’ it deserves from ShelHe.

  3. Your future BB champions ladies and gentlemen

    silicon silicon all around and not a real boob in sight.

    I mean, unless you count Jordan.

    1. On the other side of the mirror is a seperate storage room just for her. It was added this season so the other HG’s would not starve to death.

      1. LOL! Have you noticed how fat Kalia has gotten? They had a shot of her from behind laying on the bed the other day and OMG! And Porsche’s butt has gotten wider and quite jiggly as well.

        Squabble, you are quite the idiot and not funny at all. Seems like you hate everyone so why do you watch? Sounds like you are a serious hater who loves to call people names.

        To the guy who said Jordan shouldn’t be allowed to use her money for a boob job, are you serious? The money has no strings attached and I didn’t hear anyone ask or tell them what they MUST do with the money. Jordan’s family WAS poor. Does that mean she couldn’t save her money for a boob job herself? She used the vast majority of the money HELPING OTHERS, not herself. Yeah, such a good reason to hate her. I don’t see you asking what all the other winners did with their money and criticizing them. Didn’t winner Adam use his money to become a drug dealer and was arrested last year? Maybe you should hate on people like him instead of someone like Jordan. I think you are just jealous. Sometimes, in this life, good people DO win.

        I do find it sad that so may very young girls are getting boob jobs. I had small boobs when I was younger (B’s) but have grown to a C and don’t want to be any larger. They may regret it later on, especially after they have kids. More than likely, since they are so young, they will need to be replaced several times over their lifetime. I have also heard that they really aren’t made to last for more than 10-15 years, so that is a lot of unnecessary surgery over a lifetime.

        1. Your right BB…Squabble is an idiot and totally not funny! Probably the guy who sits at his desk and watches porn all day…what a loser! And real boobs or fake…they are all good!

  4. Its funny how Kalia talks about Adam betraying the newbies, when it was her and Shelly that turned on the newbies in week one. How quickly she forgets who caused the newbies the greatest damage!!

    1. Just last week Kalia was talking to Adam about their deal, yet she votes him out. She is seriously out of her mind if she thinks that she can betray him but he should still stick to their deal. She acts like, OK, he can be a little mad at me but he can’t turn on me because we had a deal. She is so delusional in her belief in herself (i.e. that she never farts, she is better than everyone else, everyone is scared of her, etc.) that she thinks that she can make multiple deals, just like Shelly, but she is somehow better than Shelly. Girl, when you obviously betray someone, don’t expect them to have your back or to wipe your tears and feel sorry for you. She is pathetic.

  5. Who cares what people do with their money it’s theirs to do what ever. Maybe some one paid for jordans doesn’t matter. I hope Rachel and Adam are in the final two! Rachel has fought the whole game porka should b thrown off the show for putting that stuff in jordans tea! What if Jordan was allergic to it, it could of killed her! Porka is a nasty person and does not deserve anything and I hope she doesn’t get a job becuz of her actions! Go rachel and Adam! :-)

    1. That is my point WHY did BB not kick Porsche off of the show for putting that stuff in Jordan’s drink. You are right it may not of been poison but she could of been allergic to it and it could of killed her. I know they lie on this show but when they resort to trying to physically harm and possibly kill another contestant sorry but that is when the producers should step in and kick that person out. I mean that really is a demented mind that does something like that. They have done it before when a contestant threatened physically another one, but when this insane contestant puts something in Jordan’s drink which if she was allergic could of potentially killed her they let her continue to play. It is sick and wrong that she keeps getting to play. Good Luck Team J/R/A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Oh i forgot about that …..

        she was putting benefiber in the muscle milk……..too much causes stomach cramps and the big D – not pleasant. what if someone was allergic – production should have done something.

    1. She needs something to draw away from her face. She looks like she could have been a guy at one time, and does she every do anything with her hair it looks like shit.

      1. I wonder that myself. If you know you are being watched 24/7 and you are on the show to help your career, then fix your damn hair lady!

        1. jordan and jeff think that they are too smart,well the phd[brendon is the smart guy plus Rachel who knows how to play the game and i hope and pray for rachel to win these season.i lkie her for knowing how to play the game

  6. Hopefully adam goes next I just want to see his face when he realizes R and J turned on him. I am wondering when the fortune teller will come into play. It will probably give porsche a heads up on what the hoh and veto will be because production has been helping RJ the last two weeks and now the power has switched. they will give it to porsche since now she is ‘down and out” just like RJ were they will do it just keep “drama” in the game for ratings.

    1. It is my belief that the F.T. was brought in as a back-up in case Prosche didn’t open up P.B.. The F.T. would have then came to life and made the next POV a duo POV

  7. Well, I’ve re-watched the season from the beginning to now and frankly, Jordan and Adam deserve to win as much as anyone else left in this house aside Kalia. What surprised me the most is the luxury competition that included the Hoff as I had not watched that particular episode. All I can say to all the childish commentators calling Jordan “dumb” is — “In your face!” Jordan royally owned the whole house by not only being the only one finding the correct celebrity name, but finding it with only the first clue while all the other HGs went through all 3 clues and failed to guess who it was.

    Anyhow now my choice in priority for the win is:

    1- Rachel
    2- Jordan
    3- Porsche
    4- Adam

    1. O_o!!!!!!!!! So Jordan “deserves” to win because she guessed who the celebrity was in the luxery comp!? You’ve got to be kidding me. And Adam! I just can’t with JJ fans today…

      1. 1- I didn’t say that Jordan deserves to win based on the fact that she literally smoked all the HGs in that intellect based comp.
        2- I’ve watched every HGs gameplay and concluded that indeed, YES, she deserves to win as much as the 3 others I’ve pointed out.
        3- I’m not a JJ Fan, I judge everyone that has played and are still playing on their own merits. That said, enough with the moronic labels.
        4- My priority list of who should win is again, based on the merits of each of the HGs left in the game.

        So, do you anything intelligent to add to my post?

  8. Yea!.. You WERE Railroaded Kalia!! – You, Porsche And Dani were Railroaded by AG and BB who rigged and manipulated the game to help Rachel..Dumb nasty Jordan and Brendon! – They used phoney twists and Pandora Box to help Rachel and Jordan.. they nullified Porsche’s HOH which was a nasty thing to do!.. Rachel’s Pandora’s Box was a pre arranged joke that did not harm her game!.. she also got clothes! – Sad BB!.. I will never watch you Rigged BB. Again!

  9. think its cute how all the Dani Lovers think that Adam made the wrong choice. Get over it, Dani is gone. Adam plays with more dignity than any of “Team Dani” Combined. I’m glad I dont support a “Team” of animal abusers, manipulators, thieves, compulsive liars, food poisoners, and lazy people. Did I forget something?

    1. Well he has no shot at winning $500,000 now. DKP will not vote for him he didn’t save anyone of 3. If J or R are in the final 2 with Adam he will not win.
      DKPB for R
      KPSJBR for J
      DKBR for P (BR will note vote for a floater + Porsche was good friends with Rachel)
      So that is why I think it was a stupid move.

      I made a earlier post today with scenario’s in which he could win. He could have beat R or K if he had used this veto. Post is below

      “Adam has to use the veto and get rid of Jordan

      F4: KRAP <—– lol
      Then KAP win HOH
      If A wins HOH and KP wins veto R is gone
      If A wins HOH and R wins veto K/P is gone (probably Kalia)

      If K wins HOH and KP wins veto R is gone
      If K wins HOH and R wins veto K/P is gone (probably Kalia)

      If P wins HOH and PK wins veto R is gone
      If P wins HOH and R wins veto K/P is gone (probably Kalia)

      Adam has to throw the veto if he doesn't win HOH.
      Adam is guranteed final 3 if he uses this veto.

      Final 3 of: AKP or ARP most likely
      If it is AKP
      Adam has to win HOH and takes Kalia.

      If it is ARP
      I think R and P would both take Adam to final2 (not sure because they used to be friends RP).

      R vs A
      R: BJJ
      A: DKPS
      Adam wins vs Rachel

      K vs A
      K: DP
      A: BRJJ
      I don't know how Shelly would vote
      Adam wins vs Kalia

      P vs A
      P: DK
      A: JJ
      BRS I don't know
      This all comes down to if R likes P enough to convince Brendon that P should win.
      Adam would probably lose against Kalia."

    2. WELL SAID and agree 100%!!! Animal abuser and food poisoner need to go and cannot believe that CBS let Porsche stay after making Jordan sick and could of potentially killed her if she had an allergic reaction to it. THat is just wrong on so many levels.

  10. kalia has herself to blame. plain and simple

    had a chance at HOH AND POV

    and quite frankly she is the one who voted adam instead of shelly

    she dug her own grave

  11. Jordan’s boob job is the best because it looks real. It fits her. I honestly didn’t even know they were fake, I thought she was just naturally endowed. Rachel and Porsche’s on the other hand are too big for their body types….just obvious they had em done.

    1. Cassie had the best boob job, then Porshe and Jordan are tied. PJ’s are too large, but they’re young and that’s what they want. They have good symmetry and the “hang” looks natural .

  12. i’m glad kalia finally came to the conclusion that the game is rigged in favor of the vets. i was wondering when she was going to see that. CBS used her ahd her love for JJ to further JJ”s game, not hers. Since she is a writer and after she gets her stipend, she should put CBS and BB on blast. I do have sympathy for her and the other newbies, because they came in with a disadvantage and AG had it fixed all along for a vet to win. I really hope next season is better

  13. Let me start by saying Jordan is a sweetheart and how could you not like her. However, it is obvious (at least to me) that Jordan has some kind of learning disability. Jordan refuses to even try to learn how to play cards and steers clear of game where thinking is involved……even checkers. She needs to be a little more assertive and learn that you are only a failure when you don’t try. Also, following her conversations is quite painful. It’s like she talks but can’t remember what she said last. A real sweetheart, thought. She just need to stop shying away from things she is afraid of.

    1. i don’t like her because in my opinion she is not a sweetheart. In BB11 she was very malicious, cruel, and just down right evil to Michele and so was Jeff. They said some horrible things behind her back and to her face and they made Michele cry constantly. CBS gave JJ a good edit. If you had the live feeds in season 11, she would see it for your self. This season she is no better, she still talks about others (they all do), she has a sense of entitlement and in my opinion, she is downright snobbish. So, everyone has their opinion on Jordan. This is just my opinion. If people like her, then that’s fine with me, I just don’t

  14. I will say this about Jordan, she got a discount on her boob job and hers look better than all the ladies. Never would have guess she had one. A smart girl. Used her money wisely.

    1. I completely agree. When you’re family is so poor that they’re all living in a trailer, a discount boob job is truly a wise investment :)

      1. EXACTLY I truly believe that story about her family being poor and living in trailers of Productions bullshit shory they made up while they were creating the BEST EDIT IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY America’s Sweethearts.

        I know poor women that are REAL SWEETHEARTS and no way would they choose to shower themselves with such material bullshit instead of providing for their family $4,200 could feed and pay rent, and put clothes on their backs for a long while, but No she wanted titties for her job at Hooters in NC….

      2. Hey Skulk…you really need to know what your talking about,before running that big mouth of yours. Her family wasn’t dirt poor,her mom and dad divorced and from what I remember from BB11…he basically abandon them,Jordan worked at Hooters to support them,she didn’t care much for it,but it was a better paying job…she used her own credit card to buy her boobs,not because she wanted to,but because she had a defect with one of them.If you was a girl,you would understand a lopsided breast or deformed breast can make you very insecure and teased as a young girl by others.After she won her season,she bought her mom a townhouse,set up a college fund for her cousins and bought herself a newer car,don’t even think it was brand new and paid for her college.So yes Jordan is a very sweet person and she’s far from dumb…have you ever been down South for more than a vacation? They are very laid back and seem kinda dumb to others.Jordan is from a very small town and until BB has never really been anywhere else,so she is kinda like a deer in the headlights about certain things.Her playing with her hair is a nervous act,we all have a nervous tick,rabid blinking eyes,lick lips,biting lip etc.Your comments are very nasty about her and so uncalled for,because you dislike her for your own reasons.How can you talk so much shit about her,but like a girl like Porsche who admitted to having 3somes with old men for car rides and also only came on BB to try to further her career as tv/movie actress.

        1. Do you have a link regarding Jordan’s breast defect?
          I have never read about or heard her mention any medical reason for
          having her breast surgery.

        2. Oh no! I’ve upset someone on the internet! Consider the completely hateful nature of almost everything you’ve written and the fact that your username is ‘H8TER’ I’d say you’re in absolutely in no position to be casting stones. And have I said about Jordan?

          That she’s ignorant? Proven fact (look up the definition of the word if you don’t believe me)

          That she’s as big a hypocrite as anyone else in the house? Proven fact.

          That she lies just like anyone else in the house? Proven fact.

          So tell me, my fine friend. Where is all this shit talking that I’ve done that isn’t 100% proven fact. Quote me some or shut your piehole.

          I’ll take your word on the reason behind the boob job, though I have strong doubts that having your mammaries pumped up like a couple of pillows is considered corrective surgery

        3. I am so glad to see someone else speak the truth about Jordan. I am so sick of the Jordan bashing. And you are so right about EVERYTHING you said. She didn’t even buy a NEW car! The boob job everyone is bitching about was for her self esteem just like you said. She had always been insecure and self conscious of the size difference and didn’t feel attractive and when you work at a place like Hooters it is noticed. She was trying to support her family and I think she did a wonderful thing with her money! $500,000 is not that much money now days, folks and when you buy a house for her and her mom to live in (They had never owned their own home!) and a couple of scholarship funds and pay your own way back to school, it’s about GONE! She even got Jeff’s vision fixed so let’s hear some more about her riding his coattails. My fear is that Jeff is using her. She is naive and Jeff isn’t! Yes, naive! She is from the south and has been NO WHERE until BB! She is easily taken advantage of and lots of people can do that and I am sure will! Be safe and careful, Jordie! Some of us love you and don’t believe you are an idiot!

  15. I actually think Rachel and Jordan have been good for each other. Jordan has helped Rachel calm down, and Jordan has stepped up her game with Rachel. No, she’s not become a star player, but she is strategizing for herself and attempting to play versus parroting Jeff. Look what she did to Kalia telling her they were voting out Adam.

    Never been a Rachel fan, wanted to see Shelly win, didn’t like her lies but she did make it interesting and was a player, but of those left, to me Rachel deserves it most.

  16. I wonder what everyone, who enjoys commenting, will do once BB is over. Will this site turn into a Survivor site for commenting? Just curious.

      1. Thanks, cannot wait to see who gets to be HOH. Porsche needs to go next, it is not nice to mix something on someone’s drink,.

  17. Kalia goes home this week, Adam goes home next week, Jordan the week after that and we have our final 2, Rachel and Porsche, may the best woman win.

  18. How can anyone say it was rigged? EVERYONE had a chance to win that duo veto comp! How was it rigged. Your just pist that rachael is a strong player and won it fair and square! So in your face! Go rachael you deserve to win it all. I don’t care for rachael but by far she is a better competitor then the rest!

    1. the game is rigged because they introduced the DUO twist when Porsche won HOH knowing that Rachel and Jordan would be put up so to give them a better chance they threw that twist back in, and not to mention they mirrored the same comp Rachel won her first HOH on for the veto comp, throwing Brendons UGLY mug was just a bonus for Rachel to keep fighting. She is physically the strongest person in the house im sure she can throw Adam around a few times.

      1. Porche didn’t have to open Pandoras box. Noms would have remained the same and this would have been a different game. \she made the choice knowing full well it could harm her and her alliance. Rigged? or stupidity?

    2. I do believe the comp favoured Rachel (how often have they brought back a comp that someone won a second time when that someone deperately needed a win) but personally, that’s not really a big deal to me. It’s still a comp and anyone has a chance to upset production’s apple cart (reference: Big Jeff’s Big Mistake with the Big Clown Shoe). My beef will always be how the out of the blue due twist saved Jordan from absolute certain eviction and completely swapped the power dynamic in the house.

      It’s like watching a football game and the away team is one touchdown away from winning the game and the local ref stops the play, moves the goal line back 200 yards and puts an alligator pit in front of it. Is it really an accomplishment when the home team wins at that point?

    3. It was obviously rigged that the duo twist would mysteriously return when Jordan and Rachel were on the block. Why would anyone be “pist” that Rachel, yes Rachel, not Rachael, is a strong player? She wont win against Jordan, so shes handing her another 500 g’s.

      Also Team Dani for life, yo.

  19. Even shes fully clothed thats a sweet pic of Porsche… but please dont let that stop you from posting pics of her wearing less clothes

  20. Yes, that’s right, because the first pandora’s box resulted in favorable results for Rachel and Jordan, the game is rigged. Never mind that right before the double eviction Shelly was in the DR for a long time and suspiciously turned on her alliance immediately afterwards. Never mind that the HOH competition immediately following Dani’s eviction was a questions competition and Kahlia obviously dominated the first questions competition. Is it possible that production plays devil’s advocate and gears competitions toward certain players at certain times? Probably. No the game is completely rigged in favor for Rachel and Jordan. And Elvis is alive and well living in Atlantis with Bigfoot and planning another attack on the U.S. (as they were behind 9/11, you see.)

      1. Wow, how articulate! You probably think Kahlia should win because of her BRILLIANT game moves, like getting rid of her own alliance member.

  21. I think that letting Porsche get to final four and then sending her home for tainting the muscle milk would be the perfect punishment. It’s ok to lie in this game, but to intentionally try to physically harm someone (anyone) is just soooo wrong. IMO she should have been sent packing that week. That milk was out for anyone to use for over 14 hours – she is just very lucky that no one used it and got sick.

    1. I’ll bet BBP removed that carton and replaced it.
      It was a childish prank and Porsche shouldn’t have done it, but some on here would
      have her sent to prison. lol

      1. Is she taking classes for credit or auditing them?

        I seriously doubt Jordan is capable of reading class materials, writing papers
        and passing exams.
        She could benefit from auditing classes.

        So far on BB13, she has said she –
        doesn’t know who Jimmy Carter is —
        doesn’t know if Broadway is in NYC or in LA —
        doesn’t know how to play Checkers — ( She believes the game is for smart people.)
        and more ……………… ugh!
        At least, she has given up on becoming a Dental Hygienist.

  22. I hope Rachel can make it through the next eviction, this is going to be the tricky one, she has to win the veto, or have Jordan being the one to vote. I agree that if the vets had kept their act together it would of been interesting watching them go head to head, unfortunately, they forgot to check their egos at the door.
    The newbs had their chance, but they were too busy stabbing each other in the back and kissing up to the vets. So this is what we have left of the season and I am going to try to make the best of it.

    1. Actually it was dani who ruined this season. If she would have stayed with the vets then the season would have been better. For some reason dani thought she would have been 5th out but that’s not true. First of all she’s good at comps so she could have won HOH or veto. Then sent one Brendan home. Then work with jeff and Jordan to get rachael out. Then in the final 3 she could beat both of them because she’s great at endurance and questions. So she wins that and takes Jordan to the final 2 and and dani would have won BB13.

  23. Actually this is not ALL Dani’s fault, had Brendon and Rachel taken out Jeff, they would STILL have control over the game, and could’ve made it to the end taking out everyone in their path…. people like to ignore that little fact(when Brendon and Rachel admitted that they should’ve taken out Jeff)

    Jeff is not really a strong competitor as he only wins once most of the real strong competitors are gone….

  24. Houseguests: How many times have both Rachel and Jordan said the word like?

    Houseguests: How many times has Jordan fidgeted with her hair and looked in the mirror?

    1. About half as many times as dani did. thats all all she did was play with her hair and say nasty things about people under her breath!!

    2. About half as many times as dani. All that girl did was play with her hair and say nasty things about people under her breath. Never once having the guts to own up or say it to their face

  25. Thanks Spicy, I too believe that Rachel deserves to win after what she unknowingly knows what mean girls have done to her. Kalia herself admitted the wrong she did to Rachel. Mean girls kept targeting her and she survived. Dani wanted to have a connection with Dom but she did not know that Dom likes Cassi. Dani started a crusade on hating Rachel and mean girls all ganged on Rachel, with disgusting comments, horrible thoughts and made up lies saying that Rachel did it. Rachel, Adam and Jordan final three. Rachel wins, Adam or Jordan second and besides no one is a looser in this game as they all get paid and some have received extra cash prizes besides their pay check.

  26. Who forced porka to open pandoras box? It’s all newbies fault they just made bad moves! Vets have to win. If this is rigged then CBS needs to punish porka for what she did to Jordan! I remember when can’t remember her name but she used someones tooth brush to clean the toilet! And bb stepped in! They should of then when they saw her do that! Little witch!

    1. I’ll bet Porsche was scolded for tampering with the milk.
      I, also, don’t think BB Production kept that milk in the House.
      They would have replaced it.

  27. By voting Kalia out the odds should favor JRA a bit as it will be two against one for the HOH and with the next day eviction anything can happen.

    So when do the HG get notified that the first eviction is Wednesday and not Thursday?

    1. IMO, the Newbies have a legitimate complaint regarding BB13 –
      Vets being HGs and the Vets being Couples.
      The Vets were coupled with individuals they’ve known for some time and in some cases,
      have had or were having a personal relationship with.
      The Newbies got paired with total strangers.
      If you were a Newbie on BB13, you were had by BB Production.

      1. Actually there were 8 newbs going up against 6 vets, Yes vets were in pairs, but the newbs should not of thrown competitions. they should of stuck together, and try for the comps, especially when they saw who the vets were.. Besides how many people want to go into a game like BB and throw comps, knowing that you can get voted out. If the vets had stuck together they could of gotten some of the vets out, but they didn’t even try, they threw comps and the vetos, how stupid is that??? The vets weren’t any better, they didn’t stick together either, no one played a very good game this season.

        1. IF ONLY, some of the Newbies had not been crazed BB VET Fans, the playing field would
          have been more level. Several were completely intimidated and awed by the Vets presence
          and because of that, they had NO game.

  28. Jordan is really the biggest floater of them all, she is only there because she is cute and has strong players to protect her.

  29. You know what I would like to see next season BB production releases the list of competions that will be done each week and the order they will be done that way they can prove that they dont just pick a comps for certain people to make drama and steer the season the way they want it to go.

  30. “So when do the HG get notified that the first eviction is Wednesday and not Thursday?”

    There will be a taped eviction on Tue which will air on Wed and there will be HOH and POV on Wed-Thur and a live eviction on Thur to get the number down to final three.


    Last night my husband and I were watching BBAD and decided to create a drinking game, everytime we heard the word “LIKE” you take a drink. Within the hour my husband was passed out and I checked a few times to make sure he was still breathing.

    Just wanted to warn all not to use the word “LIKE” for drinking game unless alcohol poisoning is your goal.

  32. The almighty loser floater Adam has spoken. He wants to beat Rachel. Adam really thinks he can get to the 500k against Rachel. I’m shocked. I don’t think he has the votes against her.

  33. To quote Janice from Friends, “ohhh myyyyy gaaaawd”. The newbies always had the numbers! The vets were the ones who never had a chance and fought tooth and nail to stay. STFU Kalia, just STFU.

  34. What’s Kaila going to bring at the Jury House? Bag of Cheetos or McDonald’s Meals. Will see Kaila probably taking a nap and crying or making out w/Porsche at the same time.

  35. Well dang, who knew little bitty innocent Jordan had a boob job…Im so freaking jealous right now.. I want a $4500 boob job too…

  36. I’m getting really sick of Kalia saying he’s backstabbing the newbies/not sticking with the newbies. Kalia made an alliance with the vets day 1 and turned on the newbies in the first vote. She played along side a vet for the entire game. She was never with the newbie alliance. The only real nebiew alliance was the regulators and they didn’t fair too well. Also during the entire game, she was on the opposite side of Adam. Adam doesn’t owe her anything.

  37. Ugh is this ridiculous season over yet? I can’t say I would be happy to see ANY of the remaining HGs win. However out of the 5 of them I do think Kalia & Rachel are the most deserving to be in final 2. Adam is the most worthless slob ever, Jordan may be a nice girl but she did nothing but ride Jeff & Rachel’s coattails. The vets did ALL the work yet Jordan will likely win again. So anti climatic!

    But Sidenote: Brendon does look REALLY good with facial hair. When they showed him at the jury house I was like Damn! Too bad he’s so childish & controlling and the fact that he’s attracted to someone as unstable & disturbed as Rachel makes him even less attractive. Oh well.

  38. Railroaded? Kalia — has your selective memory failed you once again. Your alliance member, the big P, opened Pandora’s Box — right at that moment you had complete control of the house.

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