Big Brother Spoilers: POV ceremony results: Adam DOES NOT use the VETO!

11:30am When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA, Kalia is in the HaveNot room by herself. Adam and Porsche are in the purple room talking. Adam says that he couldn’t use the veto on her because he told her if she wants it she needs to win it. Adam says that if really hurt him to not use it. Porsche says he knows. Porsche starts talking about how they as newbies all wanted to stick together. Adam says that when two people make a deal and go back on their word the deal is broken. Porsche says that she just really needs his vote now. Adam says that Kalia started making deals and went back on her word. Adam says that just yesterday Kalia was giving me the same speech that Dani gave me before …word for word. About me being a fan of this game and needing to make a big move. Adam says the fact that she said it word for word.. it just showed me Kalia is playing Dani’s game and not her own game. Kalia comes and knocks on the purple room door and Adam tells her to give them a minute. Adam says that the last straw was when she voted to evict me and not Shelly.

11:40am Jordan and Rachel are up in the HOH room talking about how they don’t think Adam will take them to the finals …that he is talking to Porsche right now about a final two deal. Jordan and Rachel are in the bathtub shaving. Both Jordan and Rachel think Adam will take Porsche over one of them. Jordan says all you have to do is ask him and he can’t lie he will just be like uuhhh… Rachel says that she doesn’t think this will be a whole week… Jordan asks you think it will be another double eviction? Rachel says I dunno… maybe..

11:50am Adam comes up to the HOH room to talk to Jordan and Rachel. Jordan says thank you so much. Rachel says that speech was awesome. Adam says that his speech was not supposed to be directed at her …but that when Kalia made a deal with me and then went behind my back and made other deals ..our deal was then null and void. Jordan asks if Porsche is worried. Adam says yeah ..and she will be campaigning to you guys. Jordan says that she told Porsche the other day that she wasn’t going home. Adam says that was his problem with Lawon he didn’t campaign. Rachel tells Adam that she doesn’t think this will be a regular week .. Adam questions whether there will be a live show Wednesday and another one Thursday. Jordan, Adam and Rachel continue to speculate how the final shows will play out. Adam says that he doesn’t want to leave …but he just wants it to end already.

Adam says that he so just wants to go off on Kalia. Jordan says no don’t. Adam says that one part of him that they haven’t seen is his temper …and says his temper is the thing that has gotten him in trouble at work before. Adam says if I do go off …don’t take anything as being against you … Adam starts going off about how Kalia has been playing Dani’s game and not her own game. Jordan tells Adam that if it came down to Adam and Porsche she would 100% take him because he has been with them the entire time. Jordan says that she couldn’t take Porsche. Rachel tells Adam that he has just as much of a chance to win as we do. Adam says that he knows it and that he knows he can’t control the way people vote in the jury. Rachel says that if Porsche is final two she will have Shelly, Dani and Kalia as jury votes. Rachel says the only guaranteed vote for Jordan is Jeff and for me Brendon. Rachel says that no one likes me in the jury house. Jordan says that she has no clue how people will vote. Jordan says that Dani and Shelly hate me. Adam says that before the veto he will give them the necklace again …he is 100% with them. Adam says that he told Porsche that she has to fight for it if she wants it. Adam says that he told Porsche that he can’t make a final two deal with her. Adam says I don’t have a final two deal with either of you because there is still too much game to be played. Adam says that we are in a position to earn our spots in this game. They all say that the worst case is for Porsche to win HOH this week. Adam says that if he wins HOH …it won’t be such a desire for him to win the POV.

12pm – 12:20pm Meanwhile, Porsche joins Kalia are in the HaveNot room. Kalia says that she knows they are all going to vote to evict me. Kalia says that its fine if I leave …I mean it sucks but at least I will only be in the jury house for a week. Kalia says that when she talked to Rachel she said that I wasn’t a target but obviously I was the target. Kalia starts crying. Kalia says that she will not respect Adam at all …he gave us his word last week and now he is going back on it. Kalia says that if Adam is trying to get back at her for voting him out last week …then good job …you took away my shot at half a million because you’re pissed at me. Kalia says that I have no respect for him or his game and I will never vote for him if he’s in final two. Kalia says that he is an idiot. Kalia says that Adam will be shocked when he leaves Big Brother and sees what fans think of him. Kalia says that he is now going to hide up stairs …because he is a coward. Porsche says don’t be mad if I am up there shaving my legs or something.. Kalia says don’t worry you need to campaign just like I do. Kalia says that she is furious with Adam. Kalia and Porsche start talking about the jury house and votes. Kalia says that she will not start kissing butt to stay. Kalia and Porsche head into the kitchen to make something to eat.

12:20pm – 12:30pm Adam says that what really pissed him off is when last night Kalia told him that she guarantees that Rachel will not win HOH this week… Adam says nothing is a guarantee …don’t tell me you know what is going to happen… no one knows. Rachel says that pissed me off. Adam says we have all seen that when Rachel’s back is up against the wall she is able to win. Adam says that this week his vote really doesn’t matter … it is up to what Jordan and Rachel want. They start talking about previous seasons of Big Brother.

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If Rachel wins the final 4 veto, she won the game. Just saying.


i can’t stand rachel, but given who is left, i think she does deserve to win, and hope she does.


Thanks for being fair.


she’s more tolerable without the brendon creature.

Midwest Fan

IMO, Rachel is most likely a very nice person outside of the BB House.
When she is inside the House, she is 100% Gamer and at times overly emotional
and at times, downright nasty. I appreciate her Gamer Mode. She works it!!


I agree even her worst enemy from her season says that they are besties now who’d thunk it LOL they hated each other her and Regan they were down right nasty to each other and now he is to be in their wedding party imagine that .


I agree!! She is different without bren. She is better, stronger, in control and not such a spoiled brat. I like her this way!!


i’m no rachel fan but if she makes to finals she deserves it, i think the jury will see that too


Thank you, love those people who have watched this game and gives a fair assessment on house guest game play and not nasty at all. Thanks.


It’s been Rachel’s game to lose ever since the day Jeff and Dani left.


It is fair to say Rachel deserves to win, and it’s also fair to say Jordan doesn’t

Was bbfan, lol

I agree. thank you

Nick B

Agreed, Adam had one last chance to make himself relevant as a player, and he failed. Rachel deserves this season hands down.


I just don’t get Adam, he has no chance with Rachel and Jordan they are just using him and he is so stupid he does not see it.. He deserves to win nothing.

Malcolm Delaney

Maybe not, but Adam really have a chance with Porsche or Kalia? Let’s just say he used the veto, Jordan goes up and gets voted out. He’s in the same exact situation he’s in now. All this talk about “big game moves”…where did get Dani, Jeff, & Shelly?

Malcolm Delaney

I love all this talk about “big game moves”…isn’t the purpose of Big Brother t outlast everyone in the house? …where did “big game moves”. get Dani, Jeff, & Shelly?


I have to agree with you. Rachel is the only one who has played with some semblance of a strategy to win. The rest of the players this season are just so pathetic. I rooted for the newbies, but I just can’t do it anymore. It’s like they want to give the money to a returning player. Rachel isn’t the best player, but she’s the best in that bunch, so I say more power to her. But you know, I’m so over those clowns at this point that I think I’m going to wait and tune in to the last ten minutes of the finale just to see who wins. I hope next summer will have real competitors, strong personalities, and more drama and fire! This season is a complete dud!

Nick B

I hear you. I love this show, but last night’s episode barely kept my attention. It was mostly just background noise. What a disappointing bunch of players. Good luck to Rachel, her winning will be the only thing that makes this season mediocre, as opposed to an outright failure.


I’m not a fan either but her or porc are the only two left that I will be ok with seeing win it.

i soooooooooo agree rachell does deserve to win she kicks ass and no one can deny that period she wasnt my fav but she fought like crazy and i hope she wins


yesss! go team rachel!


not neccessarily the jury is unpredictable every year i am suprised by some of the votes


I agree that I think Rachel deserves to win this game, but I totally agree that the jury is very unpredictable and you just never know. A lot of times Jury holds grudges and their votes reflect that. Go Team Jordan, Rachel and Adam!!! These three have been pretty honest and have not been mean or hateful or evil like Porsche and Kalia!!!!!


Really? Rachel has not been mean or hateful. Have you watched a second of the last two seasons. I can’t stand Rachel and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted somebody out as bad as I want Jordan out. She walks around talking about how she wants to get the floaters out when she’s won less competitions than anybody. EVEN ADAM!!!!!


Rachel has been really very, very nice since Brendon left and has totally kept her word to Jordan. I think Brendon makes her kind of crazy but she has been really sweet and has taken care of Jordan especially when Shelly went after her. She has really shown that she is a nice person since Brendon left and she deserves to win. PORSCHE and KALIA are just vile human beings no way about it.


What have Porsche and Kalia done to anybody, all they did was evict Jeff


KALIA threw her ilttle Yorkie into a wall and she is a LIAR so sorry do not want an animal abuser to win; and Porsche put stuff in the muscle milk to make Jordan sick and then she laughed and joked that when Rachel thought she might be pregnant about throwing a medicine ball at her stomach and making her miscarry and save Brendon $400. Sorry, but they are both disgusting individuals and do not deserve to win just because them are evil!!!

Porsche's Greasy Hair

Agreed! Porsche should have been kicked out of the BB house for tampering with their food.. Her comments about giving Rachel an abortion with a ball were disgusting and scary. Kalia talks about abusing her dog like its nothing.. Were did BB find these people???


@ team J/R/A. I agree with you 100%. They are digusting people. The both of them make me sick. Porche thinks she gods gift and kalia thinks she deserves to win. I love how kalia thinks getting rod of jeff (a strong competitor) is a big move but now she’s trying to tell Adam a big move would be to keep her. Lmao. Dani said the same exact thing to Adam. Those 2 girls are delusional. Adam made the best game play for himself and dani and kalia would have done the same thing. Oh wait. They did do the same thing when dani got rid of Brendan and kalia got rid of jeff.


And that is why I cannot tolerate those 2 horrible girls either. They deserve nothing. CBS should be taken to court for not IMMEDIATELY evicting Portia when she tainted that milk. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t poison; it would have been poison in there if she had it…she has criminal tendencies and the disgusting Kalia has the same, on top of a huge amount of arrogance.


What I don’t understand is how Big Brother can even let porche stay. Putting stuff in milk to make someone sick, then stealing and putting someone’s toy in a toilet, then saying they should hit someone in a stomach to make them miscarry and yet she is allowed to stay on. She is a threat to people and I bet she is worse in real life. Really Big Brother is she is allowed to win this thing, then don’t be surprised when Rachel and Jordan see the feeds later and realize you did not protect them agains that nut case.

Normal people don’t put stuff in others milk to make them sick and that was their first clue she should be gone. She is a get even type of person.


all in good fun


omg I so agree Rachel out of all left deserves to win and actually started to like P a bit but not after reading your comment about the medicine ball and saving Brendon 400$ gross and mean. And K throwing animals into walls ESP a tiny Yorkie is horrid !!!


you are so right! i cant stand big momma kalia, and the fact she is an animal abuser makes me hate her


Really, have you watched how those mean girls gang on Rachel with disgusting, horrible comments and made up lies and stated that is all Rachel. Rachel expresses her thoughts with her emotions so she she is not faking. She is annoying but I have not heard her made very disgusting thoughts or horrible comments about the mean girls. She says Bitch, common term. She deserves to win this game.



Agree and Porche is a snake in a grass, anyone who can threaten an unborn baby (saw the feeds and that was disburbing) when she thought Rachel might be pregnant is a sick individual. She is playing Adam and she would turn on him in a minute, just like she turned on Kalia. I don’t like Kalia but I don’t 100% dislike her either. I think she was swayed by earlier house guest and she made a mistake letting others run her hoh.

I’ve always like Rachel because she never went around and personally talked crap about anyone. She talks game only and she was so sweet in trying to protect Jordan from Shelly. Brendan, well she loves him and we all do stupid stuff when our guys are around LOL.

Reason I want Kalia out is that she is very good at the memory games and the next hoh could very well be mental versus physical. By the way, Jordan is not that dumb. Watching the feeds and listening to her reasoning why some need to go have been dead on.

Maybe if they weren’t so bent on being nasty girls and talking crap about Rachel, they would have seen it was better to be on her side instead of dani’s.

Reminds me of my all girl high school. Girls would talk crap about some of the nicest girls and then it became true. I hated that crap then and I still hate it. I the one who always defends people who are unjustly hurt. So Go Rachel.


I do agree Rachel has been nicer lately but once they show her in her DR sessions she is back to her normal mean spirited self. IMHO I think shes either bipolar or she has a borderline personality!


Jordan is useless but I don’t think she’s a floater she clearly had a side. P A K have just moved to the side with power. Have not influenced any hoh’s nominations they have been a vote for the entire game.

no jordon has won 2 adam 2 and kalia 2 porsha 2 its is even rachell is the one that has won 7 she deserves the half million that simple


Jordan only won 1 competition, and that was because brendon and jeff let her win. Jeff and Daniele threw a veto so Adam really only won 1 competition. More reason for Rachel Porsche or Kalia to win


Really Rachel is an honest player yeah right! She has lied alot throughout the game remember when Brendan came back she told him how Dani was being so mean to her and that was not the case. Also told Brendan how Cassi was being mean to her but that was not the case because Cassi was just being honest how Rachel acts like a big Frackin baby! To all the idiots saying Kalia and Porshe are doing it for Dani what about Rachel saying I’m doing this for Brendan? See Rachel fans don’t want to see how she truly acts! What about Jordan she’s dumb Jeff carried her and Adam shifts allicances almost everyday so you have no clue what he’s going to do. If you are trying to say Rachel is meant to be their than yeah because they could of gotten her out the 17 times that she was up on the block! Honesty look for honesty in another life!


LOL you’re definitely watching different feeds then the rest of us. Do us a favor and take off the blinders. Rachel is not a bad person no matter how much you want her to be.


Rachel is a bad person and most people thought so until she teamed up with Saint Jordan. They would rather believe that Rachel is good and that is why Jordan is hanging with her. Than Jordan is bad, and that is why Rachel and Jordan bonded.


I agree! Rachel FTW


ABA = Anybody But Adam

Go Production!


Team Rachel!!!!!!!!!


Adam did the right thing. EVERYONE is taking him to the final 2. EVERYONE.


if she keeps Jordan then she will be second.


Idk. Jordan hasn’t done a thing and I’d like to see her try to convince the jury that she did.


I cannot stand Rachel, especially when Brendon is around. But, I will admit, since he has been gone and she hasn’t had a chance to pout and whimper and play the victim, she is tolerable. And, I cannot believe I am going to say this, but if she wins, I would not be upset. Somehow she always manages to survive. Part of the money should be put into a huge savings account for counseling, both individual and couples!!



BB Baja Fan

As this game continues on the best player is turning out to be Rachel. BB is not about who “deserves” to win but who plays the best game for this house at this point in the game. We’ll see what plays out and how the votes ultimately fall…


Ummm r we watching the same game?

BB Baja Fan

OK – so tell me who is playing a better game than Rachel right now???


Yes, glad to see that Adam kept his words and final three Rachel Adam and Jordan.


Adam’s on the fast track for the final 3, and if he makes the final 2 I’m going to be so happy when he loses in a 7 – 0 blowout. He is such an idiot. Does he not realize he stands no chance against Rachel or Jordan in the Final 2? Someone that switched sides every week ended up with a great opportunity to make a big game move, and blew it.


Even if he does, he still gets 50,000. Not bad for a few months work. I do respect him and deserves to win some money.


You have to get there (final 2) before you have any chance of winning. He is simply trying to get there then see what happens. Heck, $50K is a pretty good summer’s worth of work if you can find it…LOL. Don’t forget they get a stipend for each week they remain in the house as well.


$50,000 plus $9,000+ ($750 per week) S.A.G payment. Not too bad.
(Note: Every player gets $750 per week on the show and/or jury.)


Plus the veterans got a bonus when they agreed to come back. The highest (unconfirmed) was Jeff and Jordan at $25,000 each,


Well then, no one is a loser in this game.


Plus Por got $5,000 and Kalia got $5,000 plus trip


Right and adam being the coward he is is going to hide up in HoH until thurs lol

Midwest Fan

Adam has to go to the BY for his cigarette breaks.
He can’t hide until Thursday. lol


Didn’t really matter whether Adam used the veto or not. JR or KP he is still the 3rd in either group. The only way he makes it to final 2 is he needs to win comps from here on out. He just picked the better two to win with. KP they are both capable of winning comps, with JR he only has to beat R…lol

Go team Rachel and Jordan!

Wrong when you say Adam now just has to beat K/P. The competitions are over for Kalia. She is OUT the door!


Adam has just committed suicide in the BB game. The best option for him was to use the veto. I can’t believe that he is so blind to the writing on the wall. Rachel and Jordan are without a doubt taking each other to the Final 2 (if they have the power) Kalia and Porsche are not as tight and Adam could have easily convinced either of the two to take him. He is so blind by revenge and being so loyal, that he has just put a nail in his coffin. I do believe Porsche or Kalia would have taken Adam to the final 2, because both don’t know where they stand against each other. With Adam, everyone is banking on Adam to loose because he hasn’t won many comps. If Adam is up against Kalia, he wins. NOONE…except for Dani would vote for Kalia. If Adam is up against Porsche, the only vote that Porsche is guaranteed is Dani’s. Now, against either Rachel or Jordan, he looses. Jordan will have BRJSP minimum. I am okay with that because from what I have seen from Adam, he absolutely doesn’t deserve to win this season. He has been kissing the ass of who ever is in power and once everyone is in the jury, they will see it. Good luck to all the houseguests. I envy them for being able to endure this for more than a week. BB fan for life!!! (even though this year, they clearly rigged the events to help Rachel win)


Rachel and Jordan said that if he is a final three with them, then they promise him a fair fight, which is all anyone can ask for. Kalia and Porche would screw him over in a heart beat, where as both Rachel and Jordan have been very fair to people. Hence why Jordan was pissed off at Shelly for her lies and using her.

BB Baja Fan

Agreed. Some people seem to think that PK would provide him a better alliance / chance / honesty than RJ but I just don’t see it. Adam is simply backing the two that have had his back the most in this game and that certainly isn’t PK. They toss out the “newbie” alliance angle but they would promise him their ovaries if that would get them to next week.

I like that Adam had the cojones to not cave in and use the veto…


What is the fair fight they are offering in the final 3 that Kalia and Porsche wouldnt offer???? How could it be and unfair fight??? Final 3 is Final 3 period. If he went to Final 3 with Porsche or Kalia Porsche would take him to the final two and Kalia would have. Niether Rachel or Jordan will take him to the final two. I dont know what you are talking about far as fair fight in the final 3.


jordumb HAS to go. she bugs the crap out of me! she complains about everyone not deserving to be there, and how porsche hasn’t done “shit” all summer. really??? because she has done so much? wtf? she is crazy. wake up and realize you are worthless and dumber than a bag of rocks!


i couldn’t agree more with you. by now we’ve all realized Jordan is seriously dumb… but she’s also delusional/crazy. what a combination, no wonder Jeff doesn’t want to be with her in real life.

Keith made bigger moves in this game than Jordan. Lawon, as stupid as his move was, tried to make a bigger play than Jordan. shit, David Hasselhoff and Tori Spelling both deserve to win this game more than Jordan does.

she is useless. i wonder if the owner of her hair salon is watching and thinking, “we actually employ this person and trust her to answer our phones!?!”


you are seriously nasty ! you may think that she may not deserve to win this game, fine! attacking her personal life is just cowardly!! love how everyone assumes cause they weren’t all over each other for the cameras to see, the relationship can’t be real! Seriously! Telling ya right now , I would not be all over my hubby either and yessssssssss last time I checked we have been very REAL for the last 24 yrs. Just not really into giving shows for the camera!

Instead of respecting their decision to not be all mushy you all jump to conclusions. Oh and yes, I know, you are gonna bring up how they talk to each other at times, or how Jeff talks to Jordon. Again, after 24 yrs of marriage I can tell you, while not always proud of it, my hubby and I have said some not so nice things to each other . That does not mean we love each other any less, just were stressed out and took it out on the one person who “loved” us enough to forgive each other. So…… perhaps you all should stop and consider before jumping those huge jumps to conclusions!


I agree with you Maggs….Anonypotomous is an ASSHOLE!…he was talking crap yesterday about Jordan calling her a retard…his upbringing is very questionable…what a LOSER Anonypotomous!

Only "rigged" for viewership

Totally agree with you!!


lmao you and your husband havesaid nasty things to each other? after 24 years? how bout on national TV after one year? did you do that? does he disrespect you in public at all? if the answer is yes you very much dont have enough self respect to leave him…disrespecting someone you have an intimate relationship with in front of others is downright sad…makes them and you look bad…Get some self-esteem and demand to be treated better or you leave…I guess you are from a small town…

Midwest Fan

Jeff and Jordan have not been a couple for 24 years, and they never will be
if their total lack of affection on BB13 is any indication.
Good Grief!
When you are young and in LOVE, you are affectionate with each other and that doesn’t
mean behaving like B/R.
Jeff and Jordan appear to be friends and nothing more.


There must be something wrong with you. Jordan is not dumb.




I think it’s great that a person can post their opinions about game play and who should or shouldn’t win, however, just name calling is hardly productive or a worthwhile comment. It amazes me that posters will lower themselves to that level. Having said that, I think that these 5 people are still there because of their game play (or as it is perceived, their lack of it). Although Adam hasn’t made any significant game moves, really…..who has? Rachel has played the comps, but her game strategy has been solely based on the fact that she could win the comps, Jordan is playing based on social game play and staying loyal to her alliance, Kalia is playing all sides against the middle and Porche is playing the silent type and doesn’t talk game play, (I think she feels if she keeps silent Kalia will dig her own grave with her non-stop talking), at the end of the day, these are the final 5.


but if he made a big game move he would have a better chance at the 500 grand.


Really, do you think that getting Jordan out, would improve his chance at F2? I think he has as good a chance with JR as with KP. If Adam gets to final 3, there is a good chance at him going to 2 if the comp is questions, no matter who he is with. I think alot of people underestimate him and his way of thinking. Anyway, I think that if Rachel is in the final 2, she will ultimately win the game, she has played hard and I think the Jury will reward her for that. I think they will consider that Jordan won last year, Kalia has made to many enemies and although she thinks she played the game well, I don’t think that the Jury will see it that way, I think they will consider her association with Dani and will think that she played Dani’s game, Porche, I think they will consider her the all time floater and was just never a target because she really never talked game, Adam, he started playing a little to late to really count for votes but I think the Jury will agree that he is a heck of a nice guy.


So by your logic it would have been best fo Adam to be sitting next or K or P in the final two to win the 500k but you say it was a good movie. Do you people even listen to yourself?

Only "rigged" for viewership

Exactly!! Totally agree.


She is VERY sweet, VERY cute, and has (with all bonus and weekly S.A.G. money) almost $600,000 from BB
Plus she is still alive for this year’s $500,000. Unless I miss my guess, she will not be too concerned that you don’t like her. :-)


I agree, she is and I imagine that BB loves having her as a HG because she is a great counter balance to all the backstabbing, lying, and drama.


Wait we can’t make fun of Jordan but we can make fun of everyone else? You have a mest up brain for thinking that!


i love finding everything out so far ahead of time. this site ROCKS!
on another note, i’m not gonna lie, i think adam should have used the veto if he wanted a better chance of winning. he still could if it comes down to him and porsche, BUT i sooo hope they both lose! I cannot stand PAK. rachel use to annoy me, but she’s grown on me this season and no body plays the game with all their heart like she does. and jordan, i like her as a person, but that’s not a good enough reason to let her win, she hasn’t done a whole lot this season. out of everyone left, no one deserves it more than Rachel!


Thank you Adam!!!! You did the right thing. Bye Bye Kaila. Have fun at the Jury House.


Now does that really surprise anyone that “balless” decided not to use it? Why did they even have a ceremony? Why not just put it in the box and say ok Rachel and Jordan. I did what you said!!! He has got to be the worst player I have ever seen on BB! Does he not have a mind of his own? Can’t wait for them to turn on him and out the door he goes! What an idiot!!!


He did not do what Rachel and Jordan wanted, he did what he thinks is best for him and also a strategic move that would gain Rachel and Jordan trust. I do respect him for being true to his words.


LMAO adam did exactly what Jordan and R wanted they told him what he wanted to hear to get him to do exactly what they wanted….Adam is too dumb to realize when people are not on the block and influencing your vote…its not to help you but to help them…..I could crush this cast and probably any cast…


I think Adam will be after Kahlia…IMO Rachel or Jordan should evict Adam if he doesnt win HOH or POV….Especially Jordan…cause she can say Im sorry Adam and she will still get hi svote and all she has to tell Adam is she thinks he would win…They are all ready doubting Adam…Hes done…

clueless fools

Good boy Adam you got brains cause Kalia or Porsche wasn’t gonna take you anywhere now kick your ass into high gear and start competing

Midwest Fan

He’d better kick ass because Jordan and Rachel have no plans to take him to the F2, too.


porsche and kalia were not taking him to final 2 either, so how does it hurt him to get rid of kalia

Midwest Fan

Ummm – I didn’t state that P/K were going to take him.
My comment confirms that it seems no one wants to take Adam to the F2 – so far.
IF anyone of the HGs has any desire to take Adam to the F2, IMO, it
is Porsche. Adam and Porsche appear to have a real friendship developing, which
may continue outside of BB.


Adam will want a relationship with Porsche but it wont happen…Porsche has self esteem issues and it appears that she doesnt talk or socialize with other pretty people…Well unless shes drinking…If you look at her dynamic she really never had one from the heart conversation with anyone who has good looks…she felt like she could talk to Adam…but in the real world shes the type when Adam will call he will get voice mail…Due to her peers…He just would not fit it…He wasnt some great personality on the show so hes useless knowing in the real world…


However if Adam wins by it freezing in hell Porsche will be calling him…Guaranteed…Im sure he will at some point loan her 5000 he will never see again


Just tell him Donna Martin is waiting for him in the HOH room. He’ll win.


will there be a double eviction this week?


Not a double eviction, but an eviction on Wednesday and one on Thursday, the Hgs don’t know, but their close enough they think maybe it’s a double eviction.

Meaghan R.

But once again, Adam decides not to make a big move in the BB game……SHOCKER!!!!! :p


Adam, did make the BIG MOVE. He’s getting rid of Kalia “the GREATEST player to ever PLAY the game” according to Dani fans. See ya, K.


Point me to even one post where anyone has ever said anything like that.


Typical JJRB fans.


lol so true!!!


Hey, “K” if you wanted to be safe, then you should have won the POV. If it’s Adam vs. Rachel, then Adam gets all the Newbies votes plus Dani and WINS easy. No way, any of those Newbies vote for Rachel (night talk is how they really feel has been shown) and Dani doesn’t give a crap about who deserves it (she’s all PERSONAL and been pissed every since she lost her lover Dom). Now, Adam has to WIN again or he doesn’t get the $$, but that TRUE for everyone left.


I don’t think Dani will vote for Adam. After all she said about Adam being the worst player ever in BB history, I think she knows she’ll look petty if she doesn’t vote for Rachel, who obviously had better game play. Adam will lose to Rachel, hands down.




Dani won’t vote personal. She’ll give the money to Rach over Adam, she knows Rachel at least wasn’t afraid to make big moves and actually deserves to win. Besides, if Adam wins, he’ll just give the money to Jeff so he can keep holding his balls.

Russell K's baby momma

Haha! Funny! And true!


Yes! Only one more Dani (AKA: Ultimate hipocrate) clone to go. Good job Adam.

Note: The reason I call Dani the “ultimate hypocite” is because she “CLAIMS” she will/would always vote for the best player. Should Rachel win two more comps, she would tie the BB record. However, (even if that happens) Dani would not vote for Rachel. Even if that vote resulted in world peace. Dani is a complete horses a**


don’t be stupid. she would vote for rachel over all the newbs. it could be a toss up between her and jordumb tho.

anon anon

Nobody knows how anyone is going to vote. We can’t really see the future.

Nick B



Is there anyway that Kalia stays this week? The only thing I can think of is if she can convince Rachel and Jordan that Porsche and Adam have a Final 2 deal and that they need to be split up.


Shocker! Adam is so weak


wow awesome screen capture of rachel dawg LOL…vomit. Anyways why are R&J making a big deal about adam wanting to take porsha to final 2? If i dont recall J&R are taking each other over adam. Im hoping for porsha and rachel in final 2. Id rather rachel win than adam or jordan. Ultimately i want porsha to win, but i dont see that happening. I feel like if shes in final 2 with adam he will win. And than yet another shitty winner of BB. Porsha and rachel i believe are the most deserving out of the people left. As much as i cant stand rachel, she played the game well.


Poor kalia. She looks so defeated and pathetic. At least she will be with her bff in the jury house soon!


Yep and 2 votes so see who gets the last laugh lol


Not poor Kalia, she won 5,000 plus stipend of $750.00 a week. Not bad at all compare to what is going on in our economy. Everyone is a winner in this game. They all will get paid no matter what the outcome of the game is.




YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Good job Adam!!!! Kalia is gone, and we dont have hear annoying voice anymore!


It makes me sick that Jordan is going to tie or beat WIll’s record off days in the house. Sickening…


really?? with everything horrible that goes on in the world… that is what sickens you ?? seriously?? that jordon may beat will record ?? btw love love love dr will but seriously that is what sickens you??

omg!! sad sad sad…..

Midwest Fan

Adam – Doesn’t Use The Veto. No Surprise.
Are there ANY surprises left in BB13?


just that people are still watching

Midwest Fan



So now porsche has to know that he’s choosing them over her and adam has to know he will never win not even 2nd place what a waste of player he is


if porsche gets the chance, she has to take adam to final 2, she can’t win against jordan or rachel


Yes she can she will have everyones vote except for brendan jeff jordon/rachel

PR-dani adam kalia shelly
PJ- dani adam kalia shelly?
PA- everybody but Jeff and Jordan


no. shelly would vote for Jordan.. she made it pretty clear in interviews that she loves jordan blah blah blah. I feel that shelly will vote personally and it could be a toss up with rachel for shellys vote but she would deffinitly loose against rachel no matter what. but adam is her best shot.


Yeah, but….

What you forget is she’s watching the episodes now. Jordan has been careful, but not as careful as she should be (her strategy bites this year). And Jeff made it pretty clear he couldn’t wait to go off on her. That, along with wanting to win, is what drove her out last time.


Yay………………………..bye-bye Khalia ! ! ! At this point……may the “best player” win ! ! !


When I read where Kalia said she can’t wait til Adam gets out and sees how he is hated, just wait til Rapid Mouth Kalia gets out and see hows SHE is not so loved. Other than Enzo, I don’t think anyone has annoyed me more than Kalia and her nonstop talking.

Adams has no balls

Amad goes down as being the worst player in BB history. What an idiot to think he is going win against Rachel and Jordon. This season has had a lot of stupid moves, but this goes down as being the worst move for him to not use the Veto. He could easily have won against Porsche and Kalia. I hope he happy to hand a $500,000 check over to Jordon.


adam is not the worst player, have you forgot about marcellas not using the veto on himself and then getting evicted
or lawon basically evicting himself

Nick B

meh. Adam’s top 5, easy.


Adam is by far the worst player in BB history but to know the game so well…


With all the baggering that Kalia did to Adam I am so glad he did not use it especially after what she was saying was word for word that dani said lol so long Kalia good bye so long What makes Kalia think she deserves to be more than anyone else Adam you did me proud now lets get this F3 JRA come one I know you all can do it. Go TEAM JRA


Stupidest game move from Adam. If he thinks he has a shot against the vets then he’s dreaming.


“Adam says that he couldn’t use the veto on her because he told her if she wants it she needs to win it.”

That comment grates on my nerves every time he says it. I don’t think he should’ve used the veto (I think he’s screwed either way) but it’s just very annoying that he wins one comp and suddenly it’s all about other people needing to earn it.

Order of people that I would like to see win at this point

Jeff’s toenail clippings

Benny Hill


Jeff’s skid marks in underwear

Nick B

Rachel’s dog
Porsche’s sweat pants
Jeff’s ass (swollen from the amount of time spent attached to Adam’s lips)
the chess pieces
the fish
the fortune teller
then Jordan
then Adam


Yea!!! Adam!!! There you go. You are the only one of the newbees who tells the truth!!!! A breath of fresh air. Kalia’s and Porche’s lying was dragging me down. Adam just keeps what he’s doing to himself…rather than lying. Rachel is playing the game all by herself. She should be the winner of BB13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The others just tag along and lie. What’s with that? I sure hope Rachel and Jordan are the final two. Or Rachel and Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be good too since Jordan has already won in her season. At least, this season will be good until the very end.


In order to be the ultimate floater adam has been he had to lie he’s lied to everybody anybody who had power so all that you wrote is bs just like adam

Nick B

Yeah, and Rachel’s lied plenty, yet she deserves to win and Kalia and Porsche don’t?


I don’t recall much Porsche lying. More that she doesn’t talk game enough. She didn’t even have to float she was such a non-entity.

Rachel deserves to win, but if she keeps Jordan to the end she’s not as much of a games as she seems.


It was Shelly that did a lot of lying not Rachel. Shelly made up lies and told everyone that Rachel did this and Rachel said that but it was Shelly.


When has Adam flat out lied?


at least Kalia is playing Jordan has just been a walking vote the entire game.

Big Sister

Choose another name. I have had this one since the beginning of the season.


I wish they would take these same house guests from this season and let them all do it again but on survivor. See how they act eating beans and rice and bug bites all over… Brandon would probably kick ass, but Adam, Jordan and Rachel wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. It would be awesome!


They should release a live tiger into the house.

Brown Fat

Adam would save the day by placing his lips on the tigers ass & lulling it passive.

Nick B

Now that I would tune in for.

chief c

Hey ANON jordon said she would never do that she doesnt even like camping. hiking ok remember 2nd show oh well

First off Congrats RJAP happy K gone pitiful hope dani wants her ears talked off on who to vote for.. ha ha

Dani will vote Rachel otherwise her whole exit speech was worthless

Jordon is not dumb she just focuses on one thing at a time AND only one But love her shes genuinely sweet although she has shown she is getting more fire cat this year. good for her she nbeeds it to survive good chance at second.

Unlike Rachel who stays distracted but muy competitive lol Did you hear how many accidents she has had? SHE does deserve to WIN did biggest transformation and won most comps improved player this year. SERIOUSLY credit due.

Next up Porshe dont get her what is her point she did get better after Jeff left but not committed. just a beach girl and dont see her as running anything or EMCEE either doesnt seem to realize she presented herself in only sweats! really.

Last Man of the hour ADAM like him could shoot shit or hang he’s genuine and weird but real and honorable something this world could use more of.
Not the best player but hung in there deserves credit too be ok if he comes in second .


Jordan and Rachel are just as strong and social as Natalie and Sandra (WINNERS 3 out of 4 shows).


I think Jordan or Rachel should win. Jordan is a good person. She even said if it wasn’t for Rachel she wouldn’t have gotten to were she is, and she even said she should be the one to leave not Rachel. She is truly a good person. She should be proud of the way she plays an honest game.




It is going to be so funny when porsche and RJ make a final three deal and vote adam out next. The only ones deserving to win are rachel or porsche. Man I hope adam goes next if will be GREAT:):);)


I was looking at the BB13 Wiki yesterday and it had the whole game played out. It will be a SHOCKER if it actually plays out that way.

F2: AR (rachel kicks out jordan)
Rachel wins BB13


Just letting it be known that … that those people screaming “shocker” drive me absolutely insane! For the record Rachel used that phrase before Dani adopted it!!

Benny Hill

I thought R phrase was, “nobody gets in between me and my man!”


True Rachel invited “Shocker” but Dani ran with it because she was imitating Rachel on how crazy she gets!
So now it’s Dani’s catchprase but Rachel still uses shocker expect it’s I’m so shocked!


I don’t care how many unflattering pictures of Rachel you post. The woman is fierce and proved over and over she deserves to win!


i have no problem with adam not using the veto because that’s hi prerogative, however, i have a problem with him being self righteous saying that you should earn yours and he begged jeff to throw the pov to him. i think he forgot how he floated from whomever was in control and kissed JJ azz to get this far in the game. It”s just this this one POV that he has actually earned on his own is going to his head. We will see how long he’s going to last in this game with his funky attitude.


He just gave the game to Jordan and Rachel


lol, all twists are told to the audience. Its a big conspiracy, producers trying to get some drama out of fairly boring group, but hey they are probably watching you through your tv anyways.

Julia Christine



Now can anyone tell me here that they were surprised that “no balls” chose not to use the veto??? And telling Porche that she has to work for the win? Like he did??? This season is so predicable and unbelievable. Why not just give the money to Rachel and Jordan and call it a day??? I was so hoping that he would grow some balls and actually go against those two. I can’t wait until this game is finished and he sees it all back from start to finish and see just what an idiot he was. I would so love it if it backfired and he went home somehow on double eviction and leave the final 3 to JJP. What a low life!


Playing for 3rd, good job Adam.


he was playing for 3rd with either side, with kalia gone, if porsche wins she will take him to final 2


Porsche might not take Adam because she knows that Adam will give her the vote, they seem tight.


J really wants P gone. So if Jordan votes to get rid of Porscha and Adam votes to get rid of Kelia, than Rachel might stick with Jordan and vote out Porscha. He is such an a dummy trying to prove he is so loyal and they still don’t trust him. Way to go Adam I don’t think they have any intentions on taking him to final three. Out of the two I rather see Kelia gone, but I got a feeling it is going to be Porscha UGH!!!


The point on not using the veto was to split up the pair. Breaks the alliance and forces one of them to work with him againts RJ. It doesn’t matter which one. Good game move as he now has a deal with everyone for final 3.


I am disappointed with the results of this game..i won’t watch it anymore. i’ll wait for next season. please for the love of God dont let Jordan win..


THANKS ADAM.. Both Kalia & Shelly bullied you. I don’t know how you kept your cool. I would have flipped on both of them. .Both felt so entitled. Neither respected you. Go team Rachel. Evit Kalia . Please, pretty please, evit Kalia. And let the best Rajoadpoel win..


Actually, Jeff was the one going around bullying the women in the house. And Jordan’s been acted like she is entitled to win, like she’s so deserving for riding coattails the whole game.


Now , as I see it there are these options

1. Jordan and Rachel vote out Porsche
2. then it’s down too 4 they win hoh then they put kaliha and adam on the block
3. kahlia goes home
4. then theres Adam , rachel and jordan
5. rachel and jordan make the final 2 Rachel wins

1. they take out Kahlia
2. then porshe then they dont win the hoh adam wins
3. then he puts up Porsche and Rachel
4. Porsche goes home or he puts up Rachel and Jordan
5. Rachel goes home
6. Porsche and Adam its a 50/50 tie
7. someone picks who gets to say then Adam and Porsche stay
8. Adam and Porsche it becomes a 50/50 split

See if Rachel and Jordan don’t throw Porsche out there could be
a chance that Adam and Porsche go to the final 2

I’m just saying its a possibility


the best part about this season was watching dumbass moves by dani kalia porshe shelly and blameing adam for them going to jury


who cares what yall think ur not in the house if yall aint got anything nice to say dont friggin say it at all it just makes u look pathetic thay all came their to win who cares if its not the person u wish it was geesh yah i want jordan and rachel final two but my world wont end if it doesnt happen


Porshe should be the target.


Adam should want Jordan with him at final 2. There is no way they will give her another 500 grand for being so stupid and hungry for cookie dough. Team Adam!

chief c

stinky that was last year whos dumb you or jordon


“Adam: it just showed me Kalia is playing Dani’s game and not her own game.”

And Adam hasn’t been playing the veterns game up until now? Right.


Adam u big loser…… totally….. o wells….. I hope Porsche win’s the next HoH ….


I’m happy that Adam chose not use the Veto. It shows that Adam made a choice & stuck by it – no matter how many speeches Dani – I mean Kalia – made to him. Dani’s – I mean Kalia’s speeches – were not impressive – Kalia tells everyone that she is a strong competitor and strong competitors should not be sent home it’s unfair. If this is Kalia’s belief system – she should have not evicted Jeff or Brendan for that matter. Kalia would have been better off to at least try to stay awake & get into the game by showing that she is a strong player & not overcome to become the lap dog of anyone who is HOH. Kalia’s behavior has been disgusting – especially when she became Dani’s lapdog & decided to help steal Rachel’s belongings. I really do think that Kalia, Dani, Shelly and Porshe should be penalized for poor sportsmanship for stealing, holding captive & delighting in destroying Rachel’s property – It’s disgusting & people in any type of competition should not get away with stealing another person’s property. Shelly, Dani, Porshe and Kalia are not competitors: they are mean spirited and are void of any sportsmanship qualities.

Rachel never terrorized any of the house guests by taking their property – the same for Jordan & Adam & other evicted house guests.

Once Dani was evicted both Kalia and Porshe were still playing for Dani. Kalia’s and Porshe have shown themselves on more than one occasion that they are weak & do not have independent minds.

Kalia is delusional believing that she is a strong competitor. Perhaps Kalia thinks that there have been sleeping competitions – or comps that include stealing the property of others. I would like to see Porshe at least give Kalia a talk about what is true and what is not true – Porshe should speak up telling Kalia that they are both equally strong competitors according to Kalia’s definition of this word.

I think that Rachel deserves to win BB – I think Jordan should be happy to see Rachel win with Jordan coming into second place.

Watching BBAD – it’s much better when Kalia is not around.

On a side note – Shelly must have left some of her narcotic pain medication for her back in the house after her eviction. Several times since Shelly’s eviction on BBAD the HG’s have seemed, well, a little high. Last night on BBAD Kalia started making the oddest sounds for no reason.

Kalia, Shelly, Porshe & Dani have the worst sportsmanship – for this reason I don’t think they realize what it mean to be a true competitor. Kalia talking about Michael Phelps shows that Kalia does not know how much hard work, time and dedication it takes to be a champion (Read Champion Are Raised Not Born). Kalia simply has not done what it takes to be the best – if anything she has shown how to be the worst competitor.

I’m very upset that the ones who delighted in taking Rachel’s property have not been punished – perhaps bringing back the duo aspect during Porshe’s HOH was her punishment – still Porshe doesn’t see the error of her game play.

BB would be better to watch sans Kalia & Porshe.

Uncle Cool

Now, it is official. Adam is the stupidest BB player in all history.

It will be fun to watch him ousted. Hopefully, he’s next.




Adam is stupid. he has no chance in hell to beat anybody left in the game. yay for second place


More like 3rd place. I’m expecting to see A Rachel/Jordan final two if Porsche gets evicted after Kalia.