Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan says that she would tell Dani in her speech sorry ..but I guess you’re writing both of us a cheque. *Updated*

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8:30am – 9:40am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back, Porsche is the only one up and awake … she goes to the storage room changes her battery and then gets back into the HOH bed. Shelly gets up pours a glass of coke then gets back into bed. Kalia and Shelly have a short conversation about the backyard being on lock down for the POV today. Rachel wakes up, makes coffee and then tells Jordan. Rachel then asks if she want to study. Jordan gets up and they head into the bathroom. Rachel says that Shelly and Adam were up in the HOH talking to them last night. Rachel says and you know Adam is telling them everything (Events/days of the house). Jordan and Rachel go into the purple room. Jordan says that there is no reason why we shouldn’t win. Rachel agrees.
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9:40am – 10:15am Rachel and Jordan start going over the votes of the evicted houseguests. Rachel says that we need to win this week or I am out and you’ll be out next week. Rachel says we need to step up our game. They start guessing what type of POV competition it will be… Jordan keeps saying that it has to be something tailored to us because it’s a twist to save us… Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When they come back, Jordan says that she feels like it’s her fault Jeff went home. Rachel says no ..even when Brendon went home it was all of us that fell out of the competition. They talk about how Porsche has been doing well and they think she was down playing how good she is… They talk about after they win the POV, with the twist they will both have a shot at HOH next week. Rachel and Jordan talk about taking Adam to the final 3. Jordan says how awesome it would be to beat all the odds and win. Jordan says that she would tell Dani in her speech sorry ..but I guess you’re writing both of us a cheque. They continue to study the dates on the competitions. Jordan gets called to the diary room and Rachel reads the bible in the purple room.
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10:15am – 10:45am Jordan and Rachel at back talking in the purple room. They talk about how they got to this point and think that the odds have been against them the whole season. Jordan and Rachel wonder why Porsche even told them she won $5000 …and that if she was smart she wouldn’t have said anything. They wonder if she actually got more than the $5 grand …they both think it would have been $10 grand. Jordan says wouldn’t it suck to make it to the final three and then be the third person out. Rachel says yeah that would suck. They discuss how competitors need to stick together and get out the floaters or this is what happens. Jordan asks when the POV will happen. Rachel says 12pm. Rachel says that she doesn’t care what Shelly says. Rachel tells Jordan that she trusts her. Jordan tells Rachel about some of the conversations she’s had with Shelly where she told Jordan that Rachel can beat her in endurance. Jordan says that Shelly wanted a final three with Jeff and her. Jordan says that she was so wishy washy. Jordan says that Shelly got me really upset before the corn hole competition. Jordan says that she thinks Shelly got her upset to throw me off my game. Rachel asks Jordan what she said? Jordan says that you made a final three deal with them. Jordan says that she asked Shelly what she was talking about? Jordan tells Rachel that Shelly was paranoid. Jordan says that Dani got between us (Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel). Jordan says that Jeff said everyone was drinking Dani’s Koolaid. Jordan and Rachel continue to talk about how they need to win the POV. Rachel says I promise you ..we will win. Rachel says that we won’t let them get at us … if Shelly comes after us …just lock yourself in this room. Rachel says that she won’t even get into it with them. Jordan says that she has bashed EVERYBODY in the diary room. Jordan says that she said in the diary room that Shelly stabbed her in the back …and she is going to pull out the knife and stab it right back in her.

11am Rachel says that we should have always stuck together… Jordan says yeah but we drank the Koolaid. Jordan and Rachel head into the kitchen where Shelly is eating breakfast at the kitchen table. Jordan comments on how they are still building in the backyard.

Rachel goes up to the HOH room to talk to Porsche. Rachel tells Porsche that she had her back the whole time. Rachel says that she just couldn’t vote to keep Dani because she got Brendon evicted twice… and I just couldn’t vote for her or trust her. Porsche says just so you know Dani was 100% going to work with you and not put you up. Rachel says that she also couldn’t vote to keep Dani because that would mean she was going against Jeff and Jordan and she just couldn’t do that. Porsche says that she made a huge game move getting Jeff out and that after she won HOH …you didn’t even come and talk to me. Porsche says that she didn’t come here to be second place to anyone. Porsche says that if you had come to be before maybe you wouldn’t be up on the block. Rachel doesn’t believe her and asks really?! Porsche says yeah .. you know how much I dislike Shelly and how she is always crying and stuff. Rachel says that she is going to do whatever it takes to win this POV… and just know I have always had your back. Rachel says that she doesn’t understand what happened and that she was just upset that Brendon left. Rachel says that she knows she was going up anyways no matter what. Porsche says no .. when I won two walked off crying was awkward .. I was like can I celebrate now? Rachel says that if anyone said anything to you about what I said …just ask me.. Rachel asks if Porsche actually took her little dog …and hid it up here. Porsche says yes … Porsche then hugs Rachel. Rachel tells Porsche that she really wants her quackers back. Porsche says she has no idea where it is. Kalia comes up. Rachel leaves.
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11:15am – 11:20am Porsche and Kalia talk. Porsche tells Kalia everything that Rachel said and that she was really just setting up for if they lose the POV. Porsche is explaining that she told Rache that the reason why she didn’t put up Shelly and would want her around is because she can’t win anything and all she does is cry. Shelly then comes up to the HOH room and says that she just wanted to come up because she saw Rachel come up here. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen…

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207 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan says that she would tell Dani in her speech sorry ..but I guess you’re writing both of us a cheque. *Updated*

  1. come on girls, u guys need this it is do or die if u dont win one of u guys is going home. pls pls win this pov it is so important..

    1. Yes please win. How sweet will it be to have Shelly’s life in JR’s hands. One she hates, and one she backstabbed. Now how is she going to compete for their votes. I can’t wait to see the old hag try wo swindle her way of this one with more lies.

    2. PLEASE no, JorDUMB and Raunchel can NOT WIN!! They’re both lying, backstabbing, hypocrites! Plus, JorDUMB’s won before and I cannot STAND that fat twit!

      1. Kalia has won 2 HOH
        POrsche has won 1 POV and 1 HOH

        Kalia made one of the biggest mistakes of the year and POrsche has had a lackluster social game but to say they did nothing is false

      1. She’s really walking in Dani’s shadow. That’s what Dani did to her now she’s doing it to Porsche. My guess is so if she makes it to final 2 with or without Porsche she can take credit for getting out Jeff, and Rachel/Shelly eventhought she’s not HOH. Shelly always seems to be laughing when she sees Rachel talking to KP but crying any other time. She’s really nuts, I can’t wait until this afternoon and see how Shelly acts if JR wins POV. I bet she won’t be laughing then. She will be doing what Dani did telling them to get Rachel out next. She really hates Rachel and I can’t understand why. She says because Rachel told JJ she talked about them well why get so mad about that when she talks about people as well. I think she hates Rachel because Rachel caught onto her lies from the beginning and tried to get JJ to see it. I think that’s whey she hates Rachel because Rachel is annoying, but not a liar like Shelly. Please BB do whatever it takes to get Shelly out this week.

      1. Quoting:
        CCCMM says:
        August 27, 2011 at 3:48 pm
        Kalia??? What about JorDUMB??? She’s just as fat!

        OMG How old are you? Grow up and quit with the childish insults. I’d like to be able to come and chat about the game and game issues not sift through these personal insults that sound like they’re coming from 12 yr olds. What the hell is wrong with you people? Seriously, how old are you?

  2. Please I want Team Jordan/Rachel win the POV. I want to see Backstabbing Shelly starting a meltdown. I will be happy to see traitor at the Jury House w/Brendon and Jeff. Dani probably be scare now. Boo-hoo, shame on you Shelly for what you did? Team J/R All the way. Make the newbies (floaters) yell at each other. Jordan and Rachel just sit there and laugh at them. It’s sucks for the newbies talking trash. Final 4 newbies. That’s a joke. I would rather see the best of the best into final 4 than floaters go that far. Bye Bye Traitor, Bye Bye Hungry Hippo Kaila, Bye Bye floater barbie doll Porsche. See all you three in Jury House.

    1. LOL, oh God. I was going to make a post correcting all the errors (both grammatical and logical) in this statement, but my hands got tired half way through.

      1. oh i think there’s been much worse on here. that’s what happens when twelve year-olds spend the entire day staring that their computer screen. i think my favorite is when they put a question mark at the end of a statement that isn’t a question.

    2. Who hasn’t backstabbed in this game? I don’t think anyone hasn’t. Jordon is as bad a player as the newbies. We won’t ever know if she could have won her HOH on her own if Jeff and Brendon didn’t throw the competion. She has been hanging on Jeff’s coattails the whole game. the only thing she won on her own was the movie night. I would love to see Kalia or Porsche win. I hate Rachel and Adam is even more useless than Jordon.

    3. I agree I would love to see JR in final 2 just to see Shelly and Dani have to vote for two people they HATE to see in the final two. I would love to see Shelly give her vote to Jordan after backstabbing her and calling her and JJ loosers, and bullies, or vote for Rachel someone she has talked about and lied on all season. And Dani I would love to see her have to vote for one of the because the one thing she kept saying was if JJ make it to the end you’re giving both of them a check, but she never thought that of BR, and the funny thing is KPA would take Rachel to final 2 because they know with only JJB in the jury house that’s only three votes for Rachel, Dani plus the newbies would never vote for Rachel, but I believe if Rachel makes it to final 2 she will win and I think Dani will give her the vote unless she is with Kalia, and I think Adam will vote for her either way. I think Porsche is a maybe, but Shelly would never vote for Rachel against a newbie.

      1. I think you mean “losers” – A person or thing that loses or has lost something, esp. a game or contest.

        “Looser” – Not held or tied together; not packaged or placed in a container: “wear your hair loose.

        I only point this out since you keep posting the same thing over and over – it helps to know the difference in the two words.

  3. Could Big Brother be any more obvious about who they want to win? Even Jordan can see that the twist was clearly rigged for them. Hopefully Kalia and Porsche can win the POV and screw production over. Team Kalia/Porsche!

    1. What’s the point of a fair competition when they keep rigging the show lame. The newbie’s won those comps fair and square. If R and J win the POV I’m done watching.

      1. Really? Come one now. Without R there is no show…boring without her. The rest don’t deserve it. I think BB will lose more viewers if J/R don’t win.

          1. Other seasons had more interesting people, who wanted to play the game. They were not lame like these players. I am not a Rachel fan, but come on the other players are lame.

      2. and the hypcrosy of rachel.. pretending to be Christian.. reading the Bible for viewers to see.. when just a few short hours ago she was calling Danielle a “bitch” on national tv. typical of that type. the rules don’t apply to them.

        1. now now, evey good Chistian has sex out of wedlock in a house full of camera’s and allegedly gets knocked up on a TV show. If this is her mood when she is not on her period, what in the world would she be like when she is on her period?

          1. Good one. She looks like a reptilian when she is not morphing can you imagination when she is preforming in the bed for the staff.

        2. I’m no Rachel fan but I think she’s reading the Bible because they have nothing else to read. Porsche was reading out loud from the Bible a few days ago.

          1. Yes, I saw Porche reading from the bible and she mispronounced some pretty obvious bible words and names…. I think she must have been tredding on unfamiliar waters….

        3. talk about hypcrocy…”Judge not, that you not be judged. For with what judgement you judge, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. Matthew 7:1-2.

          Maybe some people on here should grab their Bibles.

      3. Really Kalia won fair and square that is a laugh, how could anyone guess Dominic from “what did” that was the whole question before Kalia bussed in and said Dom. come on REALLY !!!!

        1. lol but you act like she answered that ONE question and won the comp…. no sir. she answered 4 more correctly after that. so yes… she did win fair and sqaure. she took a gamble and went with her gut (insert fat jokes here) and it paid off… GOOD FOR HER.

          oh, and jordan is right up there with adam and shelly as far as floaters go. shes not as bad.. but deffinately next in line. porsche and kalia are getting things done right now… give some credit folks.

          1. Sure I’ll give them a little credit, but I prefer bold players. They floated until they had to fight. I prefer fighters from the beginning.

      4. Even Jordan, who is certainly not considered particularily intuitive, recognized that Big Brother has set up the duo competition to save JR. Unfair! None of the contestants have sterling characters but I’m pulling for a (any) newbie to win because BB has fixed the game for the vets.

    2. Well Porsche did open pandora’s box, even when Dani told them not to. She was the stupid one knowing something bad was gonna happen to her game.

      1. With all the rigging going on, I’m about positive production had a huge something to do with Porche opening Pandora’s Box! Anyone else want to bet?

    3. i dont think its rigged. could be im a fool for thinking that, but if it was…dani and jordan would be final two…or jeff and brendon. i think the diary room will talk to them…let them know if “you do this…this could happen” surely some past houseguest would have come forward by now if diary told them who to nominate. just my two penny’s

      simon, dawg…think it’s rigged?

      1. Live feeds cut out when Jordan said that the POV is going to be geared toward their strength (around 10:30am) I imagine CBS panicked at the thought of two weeks of Jordan weeping and lying in bed all day. They had to scramble to be sure JR could both play for HoH and keep up the drama. They know shelly has been beaten down (shelly should have just let them screw her over and Jordan could have said “it’s not personal, its just the game.” giggle) that would have been easier for shelly to handle. Twist would be for Adam to win POV but guarantee that Rachel will win POV , shelly goes home. Rachel will win HoH and put up porche and Adam with the plan for tie vote that she can decide. Production throws in another twist so it can be Jordan, Rachel porch in final.

    4. We don’t care of CBS production told them to. Man up and get on with it. it’s a show. deal with it.

      1. I agree. If it makes them more money and the majority of viewers get their choice (or close to) that’s what keeps us watching.

    5. Thank you! You know if even Jordan can see production has made a twist so RJ can stay in the house it’s totally obvious to everyone else. Such bs. RJ need to go- they are delustional. Whining about how they are victims when all that happened is they got played before they did the playing.

    6. if the awkward goofy blonde didn’t open the box
      then it would still be singles. Thats what greed gets ya.
      The BB Godess(wink,wink) Dani told her not to do it.

  4. “They start guessing what type of POV competition it will be… Jordan keeps saying that it has to be something tailored to us because it’s a twist to save us… Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen.”

    WTF did I tell you? the twist WAS in fact for JR, that’s why soon as Jordan said something about the POV being tailored for them the feeds cut….

      1. Everyone in the BB house deserve to win the money. Jordan is the only one who thinks that she can sit and do nothing and get it while everyone else is suppose to sit and do nothing and let her get it.

        1. I agree G.C., Jordan does act as if bb told her don’t worry we got you. Her attitude is almost as if she deserve to win.

      2. Jordan did nothing to help her alliance at all, meanwhile Dani, Kalia and Porsche took on the entire house. Jordan is a lump. She will probably win anyway, but she is less than useless.

  5. Even Jodumb know that BB set this up for them and now she feel confident that BB will set the POV
    For them to win and Hoh game. CBS HOW OBVIOUS IS THIS instead of having the fan waste there time watching you should give JR the Checks now. What a BS show.

    1. There have always been twists in the game and comps geared to individuals, like the skiing comp was perfect for Dani and the rope comp last season was perfect for Brendon…but there is always a chance someone else will bust their butt and win instead. Of course production has a hand in how things play-out…if the show was left to the devices of the players alone, the house guests would have already killed one another off and the winner would be the least decomposed body on finale night.

    1. well you might get your wish…even jordan acknowledged production is rigging this veto for them.

      Jordan has a funny sense of morality…takes no issue with production nullifying the game and handing her and Rachel a victory, but gets all up in arms with Shelly for actually playing the game the way it was originally intended.

      1. Of course she gets “all up in arms” about Shelly. Jordan has every right to take it personally. She gave Shelly a phone call, Shelly swore they were together until the end, Shelly got really hurt if they ever doubted her allegiance, Shelly said it over and over that she is with them, it was more that hey us at the end right. Shelly made it personal.

        1. Besides, I think Production put the bug in Shelly’s ear to flip – otherwise, I’m not sure she’d have done it, especially that quickly. Even if it IS rigged (as is The Bachelor, etc.), it’s fun to watch & I’ll still hope for a Rachel/Jordan win!

        2. For crying out loud, Jordan gave that phone call to Shelly to keep her support. Jeff and Jordan were playing the game besed on a complete lie to begin with claiming the werejust playing the game to be in the jury house together for the summer.

          Once Jeff the master narcisist(sp?) and complete egotistical asshole blew it was when he threw the POV to Adam and his gameplay as HOH.

          Jordan blew it in her discussions with Shelly while Jeff was HOH about going forward after the eviction.

          That became personal as hell, and I am not a fan at all of Shelly, but get real, it was personal all the way around and proves when having power as HOH Jeff and coattale riding Jordan changed them big time.

          jeff and Jordan demanded respect, they never EARNED respect at all and neither deserves anything for the lousy gameplaying they have done this season!

          1. Everyone in this game has lied – that’s part of the game. However, Shelly has taken it to a new level. Stealing Rachel’s personal stuff and destroying it is out of line. How would she feel if someone did this to her daughter. Shelly is beyond contempt.

            1. Come on, Shelly took Rachels stuffed animal and hid it, she didn’t destroy it at all. And Rachel is no saint, she kept taking Dani’s HOH goodies (that is personal property) when no one was looking and in front of Dani while Dani was on slop, trying to provoke a confrontation. Just as Jeff came to the BB house with 7 packs of smokes and once they were gone, kept taking from Shelly (asking and not asking) who brought her own supply for the summer.

              Admit you don’t like Shelly, I do, but throwing kids in to it is uncalled for, those are all supposed ADULTS in the BB house and obviously all have problems in some manner mentally or personality, otherwise it would not be entertaining to viewers!

              1. I thought I “admitted” that I didn’t like Shelly when I said that she was beyond contempt. Sorry that I wasn’t enough of a straight shooter for you!

          2. They earned the respect last season. Jeff is a strong player. And you may be right, personal on all sides, but I don’t want to hear poor Shelly.

          3. I don’t think so. Did you see that episode when she gave it to Shelly? It wasn’t game play it was out of the kindness of her heart. You could see it written all over her face.

        3. Ppl keep saying Jordan deserves the money, well take out of your own pocket & give it to her then. She is not “winning”

          1. Won an HOH and was a vote, but I am not saying she deserves to win it all. In the big picture she may be as worthy as the others though, esp if she fights to stay and wins.

            1. She could have done more to get closer to the newbie girls. Jeff got close to Adam and gained his trust. Jordan walked around with a blank stare. She could not have done less in this game and she doesn’t have much time to redeem herself.

              1. I agree. She does walk around with a sense of entitlement. I feel sorry for her when she cries though, she sounds like a baby, but she did nothing to pull Kalia into the alliance when she could and that disgusted me. It’s almost like she and Jeff thought they were better than her.

                Of course I could care less for Kalia either, but I don’t like that they did that. That is when she became close with Dalielle

  6. I’m sure it will a timing competition. Where we don’t even know who won until the end where they show everyones time. And of course R&J will win.

    1. so because jordan wants to win, she feels entitled to win, how about porsche, kalia, adam, rachel and definitely shelly they don’t feel entitled

    2. LOL, oh God. I was going to make a post correcting all the errors (both grammatical and logical) in this statement, but my hands got tired half way through.

    3. I think everyone in the house feel they’re entitled to win. Now that Jordan brought her speech up, I REALLY want them to get to F2. That would be hilarious. But I think jordan’s more competitive this year. Especially because of the Shelly thig.

  7. Glad to see to see that Jr have not given up……ratings are going to go down now that Dani and Jeff are gone…BB has to do something to spruce things up. BBAD is a joke……now all they have to do is play poker……Porshe has acted like a fool since she won HOH…..I can tell you for a fact that Shelly’s child is going to be teased and picked on because of what she did……

    1. I don’t think so because it’s also hitting North Carolina and Jordan lives there doesn’t she? And she doesn’t seem like she knows.

  8. My prediction coming true Groodin tryin to save J O B, give JA the answers too. Now go eat AG and just maybe you won’t burst

  9. BB is so rigged. It is so obvious who CBS wants to win. Why watch it anymore. CBS will keep rigging comps and twist until Jordan or Rachel win. Unbelievable.

  10. BB was in meetings yesterday when Porsche wanted to go into the DR, my guess is that they were scrambling to find a way to do some damage control on this season. The new partnerships do give J&R the best chance of surviving, but I think most BB fans would just be happy to see Shelly not make it to the end.

    Seems like J&R have figured things out pretty well, they know that they need to stay as far away from Shelly as possible… I wish them luck!

  11. I hope that Jordan/Rachel can win POV and send Shelly packing! Lying and backstabbing in Big Brother is normal and yeah it could have been a good game move getting Jeff out if Shelly hadn’t become completely delusional while doing it. If I were her daughter I would be so embarrassed by Shelly. She’s disgusting. So are Khalia and Porshe. A bunch of mean girls who don’t know the definition of gameplay.
    P.S If Rachel/Jordan don’t win this POV even though the producers are obviously trying to help them win it in every way possible than they do suck and they might just deserve to go. In no way though to Adam, Khalia, Porshe or Shelly deserve any money…I mean what have they done by themselves exactly?

    1. did you see last week when dani hand the key to rachel, and rachel says thank you dani and shelly’s daughter in front for america says “shut up rachel” what does that tells you ?

  12. Jordan knows this twist and the POV has been rigged for them to win, that’s why the feeds cut, now watch the JJ fans defend it as just a guess son their part LMFAO every claim I made this season has been DEAD ON

  13. This BB just baffles the mind. Casting could not find better newbies? Cassie, Porsh and PT were ok but seriously how can CBS have failed worse?

  14. no different from dani commenting on half of production leaving if she goes home. I think they want JR to get to final 4 and get booted by PK so they can rectify what happened with dani for all the fanboy dani fans. I think it’s funny though because dani fans have lost and I have gotten what I want. Dani is not getting the win and all the statements about her worthless self riding daddy’s coat tails is proven to be truth. PK are full of BS. If they are working for dani then they would give the money to dani. That’s not going to happen. Dani lost, the scum of the earth has not only failed at being a daughter. She has failed at the biggest thing she will ever do.

    1. are you serious? the scum of the earth?… maybe you should turn off bb for a second and watch the news. there are a hell of a lot worse things going on than dani lying on big brother.. lol. you people make me laugh. it is a game.. and you delusional people live for it.. and take it way too personally. dani did not kill your mother, or run over your cat… stop wishing death on her, you freaks.

  15. If Shelly gets to the final 2 or 3 (what ever CBS decides this year) and the jury gets to ask questions, then I hope Rachel says to her. “Shelly, do you think that us four (JJBR) should vote for anyone who stole personal items from the BB house?” Remember, you’re daughter is watching. Would “Straight-loser” say Yes?

  16. What the heck happened????? The idiots are running the house. Funny how Kalia and Porche say they hate Rachel sooo much, yet they are so busy copying everything that R does. Hmm. More like they are worshiping her, at least, that’s how I see it. I’d love to see some sort of upset where R and J clean out the house and are in the final two. Maybe if we all got together, BB would manuvoer the game so this happenes. Huh, BB?????????

    1. For now, the people left in the house is Porshe, Kalia, Adam, Shelley, Jordan, and Rachel.

      If Jordan or Rachel win the Power of Veto and they take themselves off, Shelly will go home courtesy of Jordan and Rachel –Kalia’s vote against Adam wouldn’t really matter.

      If Jordan or Rachel win the next HOH, Porshe and Kalia will go up and one of them will go home. With that then they may have a chance.

  17. I love the bonding JR have done this week. It’s really good to see that side of Rachel. As much as I love the BB game, I love it even more when true friendships blossom like this. I think it’s safe to say she has partly redeemed herself. Go JR :)

  18. And for all you people hating Jordan and Rachel. I suppose u are all Shelly lovers. I am more proud of the way Jordan is playing then shelly. Shelly has really taught her daughter some great values. They all think they deserve to win. And it is also reality tv u dummies so if they want to rig it to keep those girls in it then more power to them. It is called tv ratings.

    1. How can you be happy with the way Jordan is playing the game … she isn’t playing the game at all and never has been. She’s talks about floaters, but yet she is the biggest floater to ever walk in the BB house

  19. ill give them credit, rachel especially, for admitting that it is their fault for not winning the right comps that they lost jeff. fair enough.

    I get that rachel is nuts and all, catty yadda yadda

    but lately I see a lot more of that out of the other girls in the house(plus shelly) and not so much out of R

      1. UH nope I don’t… But when you see someone enough hours out of the day you can easily see whether that random Bible reading is a front.

  20. It’s pretty obvious that the twist was thrown in for Jordan and Rachel, with that said, you have to admit that if/when Rachel and Jordan go, it will be pretty boring to watch for the remaining weeks. Who will actually tune in to watch BBAD or the online feeds? That is when they should switch the cameras to the Jury house.

  21. Ugh everyone needs to get Adam out now my worst nightmare is that he makes it to the finals and wins. If he makes it with Shelly, Kalia or Porche I think the vets would give him the money. And even if they didn’t he would win 50,000. Yuck he is like the worst player in Big Brother history and should not win. The scary thing is always at the end people that aren’t winning stuff start to win and people like Jordan win Big Brother yuck!

    1. I know, the WORST thing would be for JorDUMB to win AGAIN, when all she did was stuff her fat face and complain the whole time!!!

    2. Please let P/K or A/S win POV, J/R are two witches and one of them needs to go Thursday, preferably JorDUMB, then get Raunchel’s skanky butt out!

      1. Real nice how Porche said she makes more money in one night then what she would get paid (I think referring to the just house). She doesn’t need to win, basically.

  22. why the f*** doesnt shelly deserve to win??…she manipulated people and made decisions that were good for her game. she may have not been all that great competition wise but hey neither was dr. will. and please spare me the loyalty crap. everybody changes alliances. the only people who actually dont deserve to win are jordan and adam. jordan because she does absolutely shit and adam because he is the definition of floater. as much as i hate rachel, she has been fighting to stay in. kalia has also won two hoh’s which shows she is somewhat of a competitor even if her gameplay isnt all that bright. and porsche has definetly played down her abilities. jordan and rachel are still not thinking of her as a bigger target than kalia. they want shelly, kalia and then porsche out. and if that happens we will then know for sure the how rigged big brother really is. and to all the shelly haters out there, she is playing the game for herself as she should. only those who play emotionally like jordan, rachel, and jeff cannot realize that she made the best move for herself. and jeff is an egotistical moron. he acts like getting dani out wasnt his downfall. yes the hell it was!!…

    1. I love Thursday s game flip. Best show. Cant take R or A winning and especially Jordon. Shelly played the game ala Rob on Survivor. Too funny to see the choices between Kalia and Porsche. Love to hear “pass” on questions. lol

    1. Make it an epic fail for Jordan and Rachel. Their competition should be something hard like “what color is blue” these geniuses would flame out and blame Dani for them getting it wrong.

  23. Big Brother is not rigged for any particular person to win but I do believe that they are making adjustments so that it will not be dull. I read one of Chris Harrison’s blogs about Bachelor Pad and he mentioned that when it was obvious that things were going a certain way in the competition, they try and rearrange some elements so that the drama will be kept alive for as long as possible. If Big Brother hadn’t made the option for Porshe to open Pandora’s Box, Rachel would’ve been gone and Jordan gone next week. It would’ve been incredibly dull considering that the fans (or haters) of Porshe, Kalia, Shelly, and Adam combined doesn’t compare to the fans (or haters) of Jordan and Rachel –combined.

    1. Changing the circumstances (to rearrange results) is rigging the competition. Maybe you need to pick up a dictionary and the law surrounding rigging games. Then you would KNOW this is rigging the competition. If you let things run there true course that is a true game. Not this crap from this season. First Brendon comes back, Rachel gets saved, Dani leaves, now this. Come on, really???? You think Jordan deserves to win more money? Okay lets let the vets come back and win it all. Why don’t we just write them a check and call it a day

      1. I actually think the vets were paid extra to come back into the house, at least it appears that way from some of the comments they’ve made.

  24. do you know what i hate the most right now, how everyone is backing up RJ cos they hate the others or whatever, go back to the first few weeks, am i the only one who remembers how smug all the veterans were, controlling the newbies and basically threatening them without caring about them at all, gosh, give them a break and let them at least take back their earlier stupidity.

    1. How do you figure?

      Let’s say final two is R/J vs any newbie in final two:

      Votes for R/J: R/J, Brendon, Jeff

      Votes for newbie: Dani, Shelly/Adam/Porsche/Kalia (obviously minus one of the group, if one of them make it to the end)

      by a vote of 4-3 newbie would win. Unless Adam would vote for a vet, and I think he’d only vote for Jordan not Rachel in final 2. So, if Jordan makes it to final 2 she may be able to win if Adam voted for her instead and he wasn’t in final 2.

  25. I can’t believe BB keeps doing favors for these foolios. This is redonculous!!!!! If one of those (you know whats) wins this season I will never, and I mean never, watch this show again. I have been a fan from the beginning but now I know it is rigged to fit what BB wants and not a true game. Isn’t this against the law??? I know it is. You should be shut down and never allowed to run a program again. Any gameshow that creates circumstances to favor a particular contestant/contestants is running an illegal game. Just like fixing a horse race, YOU CAN’T DO IT!!!!

  26. I usually like to root for the underdog. I know a lot of people hate her, and I know she has personal issues, but I would like to see Rachel make it to final 2. I used to not like Porsche, now I like her too. As someone pointed out earlier, she never really had an alliance with anyone, so to call her a “floater” (drink) isn’t fair. She just kind of hung back, stayed off the radar, and watched things go down, and then won when it was critical to win and made an alliance when it was critical to do so.. I think those two are and have been the biggest underdogs.

    If Rachel can avoid being voted out this week, she has a decent chance to make it to final 3 if not 2.

  27. I think Jordan has that illness where you pull out your own hair when you’re really stressed/nervous? Am I right? I thought I heard that somewhere.

  28. I was so glad to see Jeff evicted right after Danielle. I was a huge Jeff, Jordon, and Danielle fan in the beginning of the season but as the days went on I was pulling more for Danielle. I laugh everytime Jordon talks about a floater not winning the year……I wouldn’t call her a floater but what do you call someone that can’t win competitions? Useless? She won one HOH and that was because it was handed to her. The only time Jeff was able to win competitions were Brendon wasn’t in the house. Ever since Jeff bullied Kalia my desire to see him win was gone. I would love to see Porsche, Kalia, or even Shelly win. As much as I hate Rachel I would love to see Adam get back doored this week. He is even more useless than Jordon and Shelly. At least Shelly finally got a brain and realized she had no chance of winning with Jeff and Jordon still in the house. I hope to god that Adam doesn’t make it to the final two. He is the only player that deserves nothing.

    1. If you think about it, Jeff probably wasn’t supposed to be evicted according to the Big Brother SCRIPT and “contest” manipulation.
      He accidentally threw out the first shoe, which means it was probably right on top because he threw it out almost right away.

      BB had no control over this eviction because it was live, other than choosing a comp that was totally geared to Jeff’s strengths.

  29. I have to say I was ready to give up on BB. I’m convinced it’s rigged too but if JR can pull out this veto win I will be restored! I just can’t stand for someone to swear their loyalty and really make you think they are your friend, then stab you in the back. I thought alot of Shelly and Adam but neither deserves to be there if JR win the veto. Shelly especially! Her daughter is young, how is she ever going to be able to explain the way she did JJ to her? It’s ok to step on your friends as you make your way up the ladder? I don’t think so. Cuz when you do, you’ll see them still on the ladder as you’re falling back down to the bottom! What really gets to me is when someone gets upset, like Jordan did when Jeff got stabbed by Shelly, everyone picked on here and talked about her, but they’ve ALL done the same thing when they aren’t winning too! Remember the cry-fest Dani and Kahlia had when Jeff won HOH? Karma is truly a bitch!

    1. If for self-pity they want to cry, Cry! But Shelly cried hard when she’s the manipulator, and claimed she has always been loyal, really hard to swallow though.

  30. Good post. Sry about hurricane Sunny here in the OC. and No bullies. Jordon said to Rachel jeff wanted to come back because he wanted a family and all that???

  31. I am sure there is a game show law in which big brother has to have a dated script which states when these twists are exactly suppose to take place…they just can’t make it up as it goes along. It is against the law.

  32. Jordan you sly little biotch, Daniele is gone; you guys evicted her, kicking her while she is down is one thing but kicking her when she is down and out is another, GROW UP JORDAN and take responsible for yourself and your own actions because at the end of the day aint noboby gonna take responsiblity for you. JEFF LITTLE PUNCHING BAG…LOL

  33. Let’s go R/J ! Kick big mouth to the jury.. So sick of hearing about her big move switching sides win a friggin HOH then make your big move.

  34. “……..Jordan keeps saying that it has to be something tailored to us because
    it’s a twist to save us.”


  35. “Jordan keeps saying that it has to be something tailored to us because it’s a twist to save us” – ya think?

    and this is what sucks about Big Brother – it is becoming less and less of a competition and more manipulated.

    This would be like watching your favorite team play football and once they are ahead a bit, the referees move the ball back to their 10 yard line to give the other side a chance.

    This is the shittiest season ever.

    Peace out – I’ll be back next season….maybe.

  36. It really really sucks that nobody in the house is a true leader anymore. Porsche and Kalia are benefactors of Dani’s work. Dani worked hard to get herself knocked out, and Dani worked hard enough to convince people that Jeff needed to be knocked out. Porsche and Kalia haven’t done anything to get where they are. They should be thanking Jeff and Dani for their potential spot in the finals.

  37. Also, Porsche is an idiot for believing that Dani had any mutual interest in her. Final 2 was supposed to be Dani and Kalia. And nobody was going to beat either Dani or Jeff in the final, whoever they faced off against. The house is lame, and JR make it interesting! GO JR!

  38. Wow if “team” j/r wins the game is fixed but if a “newbie” wins then it is just a game that is played. And why is there so much hate on here about Rach being prego and how everyone feels bad for the baby. If you all think the game is fixed then maybe the producers and those who do the edits are making Rach out to what we see on tv. Unless you know her and Bren then you have no clue on what kind of parents they maybe.And if you are one of those that have the live feeds and all you do is set around and watch that and get on here and tell us how bad you hate the vets except poor little Dani then you have no room to talk about others. And trust me I know some snapperhead will think I am a Rach fan. Well bad news I hope she does not win she had her turn once all ready along with the rest of the vets some won money ( Dani Jord Big Jeff ( sounds like he is in love with himself) kinda like another house guess that has been on BB one to many times.I would like to see a newbie win it. At first i was team Shelly but not after she showed us how she is ” We teach our kids to be honest and treat others right” and then do a 360. I know it is game play but she has not been close to winning anything what makes her think she has a chance only chance if she sucks a$$ and makes it to the finnal 2 then she will get 50 g’s But I like Adam and i don’t see him making it so I will say K/P finnal 2 with P winnig it

  39. Wouldnt that make sense for a Pandora’s box though. If its good for the person that opens it then it bad in some way as well?? So lets say the show put in a diamond power of veto for JR or something if Porsche opened the box or took money then it was still a choice by Porsche to open it..If she doesnt open it then there would be no diamond veto and it was her curiousity or greed that forced her to open it..

    This game has always been around greed and backstabbing so why wouldnt they put in a $$ type twist…I want to see a POV where if someone shaves their head then they get the POV, Adam is excluded as he has one already…Wonder if Rachel would shave the head??

  40. Is it me? Or are there a shitload of J/R fans on this site? What the hell is that about? Jordan is probably the biggest coat-tail rider in this game of all time. I have a sneaking suspicion that Adam and Shelly will win the veto. If Jordan and Rachel win, I will be shocked.

    1. I think it’s a little ridiculous to lump Rachel fans in with Jordan fans.

      On her first season, yes, I liked Jordan. However, after seeing how she acted this season I couldn’t stand her anymore.

      I liked Rachel on her season. I still like Rachel this season. I have a weakness for girls like that, I guess. I dated a girl once that would make Rachel look like Miss.Sane Calm Cucumber.

      Just as you’re going to find there are many people who like Jordan and not Rachel. Some who like them both.

      Some people like Jordan and not Jeff, etc….

      Gee, what a concept, people like individual people.

    2. The comments from JJ fans (or whoever) seems to depend on the what the update is talking about. So sometimes it seems like the hardcore JJ fans are outnumbering everyone else. They can be beyond vocal about there love for them sometimes. So I see how it can look that way. When Jeff got evicted on Thursday, I thought some of them were going to have an aneurysm. And I know what you mean about Jordan. I would hate to see her make it the final 2.I would want Shelly to win before I would want Jordan to win.

  41. Jordan may be a cute girl, but her gameplay is worse that anyone in that house. She did absolutely nothing the entire season – she appears to only be there under duress from Jeff so she can support his win, then he would dump her. Just the fact that she has already won $500K just 2 years ago, should be reason enough to evict her immediately. Why is no one (the HG in particular) finding that unfair? I would think of all people, catty and envious Rachel would! She couldn’t possible want to support getting Jordan into the final 2 with her!

  42. Am I the only one who a least happy that a girl going to take it home this year let’s face it Adam doesn’t stand a chance.As for Shelly you may not like her because she hurt Jordon, and went back on her word but let’s face it Jordon, and Jeff were going to do the same Shelly just beat them to the punch.As for Rachel she did a little bit better this season but she still played personal ex: Dani evicted Brendon twice so she helps vote her out perfect revenage and possible downfall. Then their’s Kalia who first HOH was a joke but she made up for it when she won the seconed time and flipped the house and voted out Jeff who followed Dani right out the door. Porsche who laid low for the first few weeks pulled one out when it counted not once but twice all in one night. For Jordon I thinks she needs to step up she can’t win this game holding on to Rachel if Rachel was smart she would ditch her because in the end she would get the votes why because Jordon doesn’t have any enemies.

  43. I agree Jedi, I’ve been waiting for QAZ to say that AG had just eaten Kalia and all the yummy stuffings like a ‘Turducken’.

    (I wanted so badly to like her, but all of her mannerisms irritate me. She cuts the feeds singing as well—seems like she should incur a penalty for wrecking the viewing. Julie Chen ads say “live and uncensored” but it is completely censored.)

  44. there’s no doubt, the fix will be in for this POV to be won by Rachel & Jordan. Jordan is so stupid, she actually admitted on the feeds the fix is in. are you kidding me? “Jordan keeps saying that it has to be something tailored to us because it’s a twist to save us”. that says it all. BB production wants 1 vet vs 1 newbie in the F2. the season will be forgotten if it’s two newbies in the F2.

    1. OMG, she’s not admitting. She’s just trying to pull themselves together & pull through. That’s when you feel you’re out of luck, you’ll pull at anything & tell yourself that’s signs for good luck coming!

  45. I hope that Kalia and Porsche send Rachel home and then Jordan and Adam would be the only ones fighting against the other 3 women left (Porsche, Kalia, and Shelly).

    That comment that Jordan said that Dani would be giving her and or Rachel a cheque is disgusting.

    Jordan already won Big Brother 11 and Rachel does not deserve to win at all for her rude and arrogant behavior.

    If it is anyone who deserves to win the game, it should be Porsche, Shelly, or Kalia. Adam, maybe if he can at least win a game.

    Oh yeah, he did win the farm game.

    1. I loved Jeff & Jordan on their original BB, but both of them disappointed me this year. Jeff was so egotistical and thought it’s his entitlement to win. And Jordan did nothing except complain about “floaters” as if she wasn’t included in that group. All of the vets started this season laughing at the newbies. I kept switching who I was rooting for, because each week someone would make a great move or do something to change my mind about them. Dani got my vote numerous times, just wish she hadn’t tried her big move quite so soon. Loved Dom & wish he and Dani had made it to the end. Couldn’t stand Shelly for the longest time when she kept telling Jeff she would be thrilled to be in the final 3 with them, then throw it to them to win. I had so much more respect for her when she finally stood up & made the move to show she was there to win. Then there’s Porsche, who I truly couldn’t stand, but now I see she was smarter than any of the players. She laid low when she could, now she’s come out swinging. Awesome.

      As for Rachel & Brendan, what can I say. Couldn’t stand them last year, but I did see a much better side of Rachel. Wish she could control her gloating when she’s winning & whining when she’s down, but I actually do like her this year. Brendan needs to grow some kahunas, but guess he’s still a kid in love. Adam, nice guy but too wishy-washy, floating between newbies & vets. Kahlia, ummm, ick. Once she lucked out & won her 1st HOH, she became “a master”. Oh come on.

      *BTW: BB also gave Jeff the coup de whatever that was during his first BB…it was so obvious they wanted him & Jordan to stay. And it didn’t bother me in the least cause I wanted them to win too.*.

  46. Shelly needs to get the boot! Sure wish they would have voted her off when she was on the block. Sure hope Rachel and Jordan can get themselves off the block and get Shelly OUT!

    1. Gina I’m with you 100%

      Damn Dani for messing everything up.
      Damn selfish Jeff (who i like) for voting brandon out
      Damn Rachel for not winning HOH
      Damn damn damn
      The only hope I Rach winning POV

  47. I am really glad that Rachael won the POV. Can’t wait to see what’s next. I want Shelly GONE, and Porche right along with her, if two are going.

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