Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Porsche tells Dani if she can she’ll throw the Veto to her to keep them both off the block **updated**

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7:58pm Havenots room Dani and Porsche Dani saying that there’s no way Jeff is putting Rachel up. she is convinced that one of them will go home this week. Dani explains to Porsche that Jeff is seeing this as us against them they want to take JJSAR to the final 5 there is no way he’s going to pass up on that. Porsche thinks her and Dani will have a easier time campaigning for votes from Jeff and Adam than Kalia will. She brings up how pathetic Adam is getting with him kissing Jeff’s ass. Dani: “I would never vote for him.. I love the man but he’s done nothing in this game”.

Porsche says if it’s Kalia and her on the block she’s going to go upstairs and sell her soul to JJ then go back on it next week. She has some good reasons for them to keep her. Dani says that Kalia has some good reasons to.

Porsche talks about the POV if She’s in the lead and Dani is second she’s going to throw the VETO to Dani. dani wants to know why. Porsche wants Dani to have it so when shes takes her off the block they are both safe. Porsche is worried if she wins veto then Dani goes up and goes home. Dani tells her to play for herself she would never want Porsche to do something like that.

Porsche tells Dani that Jeff must be their main target not Rachel. Porsche is tired of Rachel and she’s the biggest pain to have in the house but Jeff is the head of that side and getting rid of him is the best path.

8:00pm Backyard Shelly and Kalia Kalia brings up the scenario that Dani wins the POV and takes Kalia off the block. She wonders who Jeff will pick as the replacement. Shelly isn’t sure. Kalia points out that Adam has gotten very close to JJ, she wonders what would happen if She went up. Shelly really doesn’t know what Jeff will do, she hopes he puts Rachel up.

Shelly saying that she saw Rachel had carved BV in the HOH bathroom door and BV in the main washroom.

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8:52pm Kalia, Rachel, Shelly, Jordan

Rachel tells them about brendon being her soul mate and she never thought in a million years she would find someone that meshes with her so well. Shelly: “God Works in mysterious ways” (Kalia essentially reintegrating herself in social conversations she’s turning up the charm and talking a mile a minute)

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9:01pm Kalia, rachel, Adam and Jeff mostly chi chat.. Rachel asks Adam a numbers questions.. “can you add the day of the first havenots comp to the day of the last veto”.. Jeff starts working on the numbers says 46.. Adam right away correct him says 47. Rachel then asks what will happen 2 days after that. Adam: “umm Jeff put Kalia, Dani and POrsche on havenots and we picked players for the veto” (rachel is essentially trying to show Adam’s freaky knowledge of dates to the other houseguests she’s been doing it a lot lately) .. Adam mentions the carvings Brendon did in the washroom. at first Adam thought it said “3V” but it’s really “BV”

9:16pm This is the most affection I have seen from Jeff to Jordan in Awhile. A one armed hug while he watches Adam and rachel play pool.

9:30pm Jordan and Jeff briefly talk alone in the backyard. He says the one person he wanted to win the POV the most was rachel. Jeff is confident that at the end of this week it’ll be win win for them. Even if Dani win’s the POV and uses it they still get rid of a floater. Jordan brings up if Dani uses the POV then they’ll know she’s not down with working with them. Jeff agrees says that is one reason why he wanted Rachel to play in the POV because it wold of told them what side she really is on.

10:10pm Dani and KAlia Kitchen Dani trying to make a slop cake.

10:11pm In the backyard Shelly is talking to Jordan near the hot tub saying someone from production told her that they have never cried before watching Big Brother but they cried watching the part we’re shelly talked to her kids.

10:48pm Dani waiting for the slop food to cook

10:49pm JJSARP they’re talking about Jessie from BB10/11, Shelly really doesn’t like him. Jeff says that when Jesse was in the house his arms started getting smaller and smaller then after when Jeff met him in the Jury Jessie’s arms were “Jacked”.. “I was like holy shit dude”.

11:10pm Jordan and POrsche backyard Porsche defending why she started to hang out with DDKL. She says they would hang out at night an talk there was no game just a group of people having fun. She felt like BR were stressing out all the time about the game and getting nasty. After people saw her talking with BDDKL they ousted her from their group after which she had so change her game up.

11:30pm Dani and rachel Rachel keeps bugging Dani about her not being happy. Dani tells her she’s not upset she’s just tired and on slop. Dani: “I know you think I hate you but I don’t Rachel” Rachel keeps on her trying to get a response from Dani, asking why she’s acting upset she should be happy her birthday is tomorrow. Rachel: “Do you hate me do you hate me there’s no reason for you to hate me.. there no reason for you to act like this.. Oh you’re mad at me for eating all your chocolate” . . Dani just walks away goes outside to sit with Jrodan and Adam. As Rachel follows she says “Ok BEST FRIEND.. ” (Rachel gives her famous bitch look)

They head outside. Dani only stays for a bit of time then goes back indoors to check on her baking. Jordan asks Rachel what she’s been saying to dani because she looks pissed. Rachel starts to explain some of the things that went on inside with Dani. Jordan tells her to stop doing that they don’t need those 2 fighting. Rachel says she wasn’t doing anything Dani and her are “best Friends” Jordan again solds rachel tells her to stop being pesky.

11:42pm Back in the kitchen Porsche and Dani Dani is giving Porsche a recap of what happened with Rachel as dani works on her slop cake. Dani is pretty pissed at Rachel wishes Rachel could just act like a normal human for once.

11:59pm Kalia makes dani a sash and crown for her 25th Birthday

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221 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Porsche tells Dani if she can she’ll throw the Veto to her to keep them both off the block **updated**

  1. I had a dream …

    Next person voted out is Kalueless. She goes to the jury house. Brendon, probably tired of leaving little egg white-like puddles all over the place, is happy to see a live human being. His hand is almost curled up permanently into a partially open fist. Brendan and Kalueless bang like hyper rabbits all week, on a bed of flattened chip bags, Twinkie wrappers, and crushed, empty soda cans.

    In around 9 months, at Brenchel’s wedding (televised and subsidized by CBS), Porsche is the bridesmaid and Shelly is the best man. There is a commotion coming from the front door. Everyone looks to see what is causing all the racket. Kalia waddles up to the front row just as the vows are being spoken. With one arm she is holding a newborn baby. Her other arm is pushing a stroller filled with bags of chips, Twinkies, and with empty diet soda cans falling off the stroller onto the aisle. She is trailing a 5-foot length of used toilet paper, stuck to her shoe. There appears to be a substance a lot like Benfiber around her nostrils and upper lip. Her baby has a long pointy nose, and some really weird toes. She calls her baby Bukie.

    Brendon and Rachel look down at Kalia and her armful. Brendon knows immediately what is happening, and he pinches a loaf, followed by a few lumpy squirts, into his white tux trousers. Rachel looks at Kalia, then the baby Bukie, then Brendon, and the truth of the matter hits her hard.

    (I almost woke up at this point, but sadly it was just a fast forward)

    In Rachel’s next televised stint, I see her headlining COPS, where the footage shows her lunging off of the alter in Kalia’s general direction, screaming “Die floater, die!”. Brendan leaps after her, with a wet brown spot on his ass and brown corn rolling out of his pant legs, screaming “Bukie! Bukie!”

    (I’ve not been able to sleep since. I think I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I fear I may never be the same after this…sigh)

    1. jdoe, you’re back!!! I’ve been waiting for your stories/scripts, priceless humor, thanks. Are you and colette lala an item now?

    2. Wow. I read these and never respond but this deserves one. Holy crap funny !! Shelly best man !!! Favorite part. Thanking for starting my day with a laugh.

    3. “Dani tells her to play for herself she would never want Porsche to do something like that. ”

      Wont be long before porsche and kalia start backstabbing each other……
      Girls, forget about trying to convince jeff to put up rachel. start playing the friggin game!!!

  2. I’ve posted this before, but I can’t find it so here it it’s again. If dani winds the pov and uses it, can jeff put dani up in place?

    1. No, if the POV holder uses the POV on someone else they can not be put on the block unless they are already on the block.

    2. No. She would be safe. Which is exactly why Porsche wants Dani to win Veto. That way they’re both safe. Hoping that happens and Jeff puts up Rachel…I’m thinking Shelly would flip and vote Rachel out.

  3. I LOVE this “he has done nothing in this game” talk. Oh you mean he hasnt made the correct random guesses. Hilarious.

  4. HAHAHA! Don’t make me laugh. Dani, throwing the Veto competiton. Let Kaila and Porsche fight it out. Jeff will Squash Kaila and Porsche to win POV and save Porsche and put Dani as a replacement. How stupid does Dani thinking? She has a nerve of Adam getting close to JJ. Please that will be a joke. Rachel will be happy to see Dani leave the Big Brother House. Follow by Kaila. Beside, Dani will be stupid enough to throw the competiton. Porsche will fall and Kaila will be helpless. So, Dani good luck on campaign and JJASR has a votes to evict her. NANANANA NANANA Hey Hey Hey Hey. Goodbye. Bye Dani, have fun at a Jury House. Booohooooo!!!!!! Whine and crying.

    1. I hope you realize that everybody except you knows that
      a) she won’t throw the veto comp
      b) she knows Jeff will put her up as the replacment nominee if she doesn’t win

          1. According to Dani, she wants Porsche to play to win it for herself, rather than throwing it away. IDK, maybe with her Birthday and all, being stuck in the house, dealing with psycho Rachel, etc, maybe she’s getting bummed and thinking she’d rather be out of the house. I’m all team Dani, but I’m sure things are wearing on her. Especially Rachel bugging her;” Are you okay? What’s wrong? blah, blah, blah”. She might just be holding it in, rather than telling them how she’s feeling. I hope she can hang on, and pull through this week. I’ll be totally bummed if she leaves.

          2. She wouldn’t want Porsche to throw the POV to her, because she has no intention of using it on her. She would save Kalia, but doesn’t want to tell her.

          3. my guess is she will save kalia and not porche…no idea why, but i thinkt his is dani’s plan (if she wins POV)….so in the heat of the moment she tells porche no, because she doesnt want to screw her over

            If i were porche, thats what i would take from that conversation

          4. because despite what people think, Dani actually gives a shit about some of the people she’s befriended. If porsche threw the veto for dani and dani used it to take kalia off instead of porsche (which is likely since kalia has been with dani for longer than porsche) she would feel genuinely bad about it.

        1. meaning yep to what RC24 says.

          Dani will do what is best for Dani. This is why she chose the Veto pass over the trip.
          She knows that the veto is her survival ticket.

          Now if she does not know this. …and throws the veto. I’m done.

          If she was going to throw the veto…then she could have took the trip from Kalia…given Kalia the veto pass….and been done with it.

      1. Seriously, Dani will definitely throw the Veto competition so Jeff will win and save Porsche and replace Dani as a nominee. Face it, Dani has no chance of winning the Veto competiton. CBS production does made challenges not rigged. NAME Your so Jealous as well of Jeff and Jordan. So, admitted it. Team Dani is History. Team JJ still rocks. Another 500K for Team JJ.

    1. In a post BB11 interview, after they had slept together, Jeff was asked how “it was” and he said it’s good….his face said how much he liked it. And, Jordan likes giving BJ’s so, what’s not like?

    1. Probably not. Jeff will not do that. Shelly is loyalty to JJ alliance. He will never turn his back on Rachel. He needs her to get into final four.

  5. No. The person who wins pov is safe and who they pull off the block. Unless of course they are on the block and use it to save the other person. Like dick did in his season with Dani and Brendon this season with Rachel.

    1. oh that is what it was. I was trying to remember. I knew someone won the Veto….and used it to take someone off the block…then they were put up as replacement. but yes, I think you are right. Dick was put up because he was already on the block.

      If that is the case, Dani MUST win Veto. Unfortunately, she will need to choose either P or K. What a decision to make. and if she does not use it all….then P and K will feel betrayed.

  6. I really can’t stand Jordan I actually like rachel more than her at least rachel acts like the bitch she is instead of acting fake like jordan ugh

      1. You’re so right she probably doesn’t even know what a floater is……JJ act like they have some entitlement since they have been on there before

  7. Gross, Kalia doesn’t use soap when she washes her hands after going to the bathroom. She’s one of those people that just turns the water on, runs their hands under quickly & is done. All for show, nothing to do with cleanliness. Nasty!! Just watched her do it & am glad I’m not stuck in a house with her! Well for many reasons, but that just confirms what a foul pig she is.

    1. LOL! I’m watching old seasons that I’ve never seen. I just started Season 3 and recently saw the scene where Danielle is creeped out by Gerry not washing his hands after using the bathroom.

      1. Again, I am new to BB (this is my 3rd season) but why does everyone hate on Jordan? I am a fan of JJ & Dani really. But Jordan did win her season on BB and the fact is that nobody is even talking about evicting her. She will probably end up in the final 2 with anyone in the house. Isn’t that good game play? I don’t think it should matter how you get there, if you get there… I think it is funny that Brendon is furious about “floaters” (drink) but yet he gets evicted. Obviously floaters are the way to play the game to a degree…

      1. Yes it is, if you have to ask. Would you have asked that if she were white? The whole show is racist. Why is the majority of the cast ALWAYS white? Jordan is CONSTANTLY playing with her hair and TOUCHING food. Not to mention sitting her nasty, bloody (because she’s ALWAYS on her period) behind on the counter! How nasty is that!

        1. the show is not racist get your facts straight there aren’t a lot of black people in the show because SHOCKER BLACK PEOPLE ARE A MINORITY IN THE US. And Caucasian people are the MAJORITY if this was BB Kenya and it was all white castt that would be race favoritism.

      2. no.

        it would only be if you said she was black piggy wiggy or whatever the case…or a blackie jiga boo pig.

        I wonder if I could make it in BB. People snoring, and doing whatever else while you trying to sleep. but I can’t hang with anyone who does not wash their hands with soap.

      3. If you have to ask what does that say about you?? Adam looks like he stinks, JJR look trashy and Shelly well just look at her mug.

  8. Shelly wants Rachel out..because she want JJ ALL TO HERSELF… I’m sick of that woman.. I can’t wait to send her hatemail once she’s on Twitter!

    1. Um, dani does not have that many fans, and I doubt her dads fans would cry for her stupid game playing yet again and he is the only Donato with 90%+ fans that watch. Dani is not liked like that.

      1. I did not like Dani much in BB8 but she is the only reason I am watching this season anymore. The season would have been boring had she not been casted.
        Team Dani, Yo!

        1. Yeah Team Dani Yo! Please. Eval Dick is much better player than Dani. He probably disappointment that Dani is on Slop and she deserve to be on slop. Happy Birthday Dani. Have fun in slop.

          1. I never said Dani was better than Evel Dick. I like Evel Dick more, but since he is gone the only person that has kept the game somewhat interesting is Dani, hence why I like her in BB13 and not so much in BB8. It doesn’t even matter if Dani is on slop now, Dick hasn’t liked the way she has played the game (since the backdoor plan that blew up in her face).

        2. Same here. I didn’t like Dani in BB8 and this season she’s my favorite. I actually started off cheering for BR but then got turned off by the way they were acting the first 3 weeks. I found the first few weeks of the season frustrating because of all the askissing that was going on, but started liking Dani who had the guts to stand up against the power couples (whether it was too early or not) and make the season worth watching.

          1. i couldn’t stand her in BB8 either. I was also rooting for brenchel at the beginning of the season, but then i saw what everybody else saw, brenden is a douche. i still like rachel. But I love Dani now and I truly hope she wins. If she gets evicted, then I have no one to root for, maybe rachel.

      2. You say that like it’s fact. You don’t know that! There are a huge percentage of OBB’ers that are Dani fans, which is usually a small scale representation of a bigger opinion.
        Youre wrong, Many people would be upset

      3. You don’t happen to know everything Amanda, so I wouldn’t try to talk for the BB fans. And, those of us routing for her probably liked Evel Dick even more, but since he left we choose to side with her. Besides, I think she’s been doing well for herself, considering that most of the house has been against her. I bet you’re one of those snobby, popular girls from HS who always wanted to torment the unpopular people. PLEASE, you have no position of talking for the rest of the BB fans.

  9. i was kinda disgusted last nite when jeff got his HOH room and kaliya went rooting through the food he got in his package, then to see her scarf the cheese and crackers in one bite was gross,i guess she has no respect for herself..

    1. Wow. I wonder if she is like that outside of BB?
      If she is evicted, will Julie ask her, “so,Kahlia we saw you munching 24/7; what’s up with that?”
      You know how Julie is –smiling “Do you have a love affair with food”

      Kahlia does not realize she is eating the house down—
      and Shelly does not realize she is a liar.

      This is one season of crazy useless house guests. I’m intrigued because I want Dani to win…but other than that…I’m ready for this season to end……and hope they get a better cast next season.

  10. Actually it’s pretty smart in Rachel’s spot because if JJ decides to take R to final 5 Rachel can have an argument against Adam! I hope people catch on to Adam knowing his days!

  11. jeff and jordan may not be everyone’s favorite (not around here at least) but i like ’em… but really, who else am i gonna like… kalia-the-coward? boring-porsche? butt-kissing-adam? liar-liar-shelly? brenchal? *shudder* haha i used to like dani but i hate that she chose kalia as her numero uno. even though i like JJ, even i have to say that it’s PRETTY FRICKIN’ WEIRD that after a million days in the house as a couple all we’ve seen between JJ are basically one-armed hugs… i mean, i don’t want them to do it like brenchal (DISGUSTING) but it’s super weird that they’re almost never caught kissing or making out or being affectionate… hmm… truthfully, i don’t think jeff is really that into jordan… i think he’s just holding on to her so he can get more tv opportunities since they’re known as big brother’s “jeff and jordan”… that or he’s really in the closet haha and that could explain his homophobic comments!! poor jordan, i would kinda rather jeff be secretly gay than using jordan for fifteen more minutes of fame, though…

    1. At the time dani really had no choice to align with Kalia. The house was against both of them at the time. That was when Porsche was still with the other side.

    2. I’m Dani fan, but if I had to choose a second favorite to root for it’d probably be Jeff. Wouldn’t root for Jordan – don’t think she’s played hard. Hate to say it but Rachel is more deserving than Jordan.

    3. Remember when Shelly was asking Jordan human resource questions?
      Did anyone catch how Jeff was smiling looking at Jordan while she tried to think of an answer?

      He was looking at her like my sweet little poppy cop.

      If you wonder if Jeff is using Jordan….then wonder if Brenden is using Rachael too?

      I don’t see a love chemistry between JJ. …and it is not because they are not having sex on tv like BR.
      He seems to treat her like his dear sweet sister.

      I don’t know.

      If JJBR are not married in at least 2 years…well —there it is. both couples spend enough time together (so we think) to at least be engaged soon. …sometimes I wonder if they even see each other outside of BB and media events. JJ and BR make comments like, “well, we just wanted to spend time with each other in the BB house this summer”…but if you are dating….are you not seeing each other daily or weekly anyway?

    4. I was thinking the same thing too but I was watching some youtube vids of them and when he was on ATWFF and Jordon just has a thing about when the cameras are around. She gets really shy and embarrased. In one episode when Jeff was leaving for the first time Jordan and him were saying good bye at the airport and she started to cry and got in the car right away and Jeff asked her what was wrong and she said that she didnt want to cry in front of the cameras. She is very aware that people are watching and my guess is that she comes from a very conservative family so groping and kissing on tv is probably not something that would make her family too proud. They were really cute together though on the ATWFF vids and they call each other “Love”.
      Jeff and Jordon are a couple and are not playing it to stretch out their “15 minutes of fame”. They did this show because they never get to see each other with everything they both have going on but I would much rather see the two of them sharing even a small hug then watch the groping twosome of Brendon and Rachel. They literally make me sick!

  12. I watched the feeds earlier tonight and of course on the backyard couches there were Shelly and Kalia still talking shit about Rachel, like they always do.. Yesterday on the feeds, Shelly/Kalia/Dani were talking about Rachel also.. I’m so sick and tired of hearing them (Jeff/Jordan/Porsche/Adam too sometimes) talking crap about Rachel.. leave her alone.. they’re all OBSESSED with her.. I’m tired of seeing all these cowards bang up on one person and constantly put her down when she’s not around.. love her or hate her, but Rachel hasn’t done/said half of what all the houseguests did/said to/about her, she’s unfortunately their scapegoat, and I’m sick of it.. she’s a VICTIM! I was disgusted yesterday when Shelly said to Rachel in the HoH room that they needed to stop attacking each other and talking shit about each other to other people.. Rachel hasn’t said SHIT about Shelly in the past days to any of the houseguests except Brendan (when he was still in the house).. Shelly has constantly been badmouthing Rachel to EVERYONE in the house during this past week. GET OVER RACHEL!!! I can’t wait til all these disgusting people leave the house! Kalia and Shelly MUST leave immediately!!!!!!!!! Dani must win the veto and team up with Rachel to take down JJ and their army of disgusting minions!!!!!!!!! Ok, I’m done.

    1. drives me insane.

      while shelly talks and talks about rachel being so awful,…EVEryOne watching wants shelly to shut up and magically disappear

    2. Seriously, Rachel will not Team up with Dani. She deserve to leave the Big Brother House. For that reason of Rachel don’t trust Dani because she get rid of Brendon Twice. That why Rachel would definitely team up with Jeff, Jordan, Adam and shelly to take down Dani, Kaila and Porsche. So, I think Rachel will not team up with Dani.

      1. It would be an incredible alliance. Jun + Allison (bb4). Except Dani would never do it. Even if Kalia and Porsche were out of the house. Even if it was Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, and Dani, Dani would not team up with Rachel.

    3. She deserves to be talked about,I have yet to hear a single lie about her, everything they say about her is the truth, so defending her is useless.

      1. I think that kind of talk reflects on the people doing the talking. It’s childish, petty, catty, and immature. Regardless of whether Rachel deserves it or not. They’re bullies. Although, they won’t tell it to her face, it’s all behind her back. It’s ridiculous. Nobody asks them to like her, but to spend half a day talking about her tells me only how shallow they are. It’s shallow. Shelly, BTW, is using Rachel to deflect the lying accusations off herself onto Rachel. Kalia now will try to drill to Jeff about Rachel as well, hoping to save Dani. There’s some strategy to demonizing Rachel, but it’s mostly just high school BS.

        1. This coming from a guy that posted a comment on post 8.2 about whether Jordan would be good in bed or not and calls her a lethargic cow !!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Them commenting truthfully about the way she acts in the house, does not make her a victim, if you go around people acting a fool, you deserve to be talked about.

    5. Someone already wrote earlier and said that in past seasons players were smarter and their conversations were interesting where they talked about current events and such. Totally agree. This personal talk is, at the very least, uninteresting. It’s been this way the last 2 seasons. I remember being glued to the TV at times in past seasons because the conversations where good. They got a bunch of stupid people and their talks reflect that, IMO.

    6. Yea. I have concluded that Dani and Rachael need to win.
      Dani 1st place and Rachael 2nd place.

      These two people have played the game.

      I don’t know what everybody else in that house is doing but hiding behind Jeff or Dani…but it is really pitiful.
      well…not Portia…she has tried…..

      but I still pick Dani and Rachael.

      This is a boring season of (drink) floaters for real.

      I watch with hopes that Dani will not be evicted. If she goes…I’ll stop watching…and check out this website from time to time. Jeff is good eye candy …but I don’t think it is enough to keep me watching every week because he is not going to do anything interesting if Dani leaves.

  13. Rachel WILL NEVER be put up on the block…. ooh wait are we talking about Jeff? Big Dumb Jeff from season 11… who took out Russel way too early…
    yeah ANYONE is VULNERABLE ….. even .. Jordan

      1. That gives them an outside chance of keeping Porsche and Kalia. Kalia comes down, Rachel goes up.

        Porsche could get Adams vote (slim chance, but you never know). Dani, Kalia, Adam vote to keep Porsche. Rachel gets the boot.

        1. If Kalia is vetoed out by Dani and Roach is nominated I could see DKP staying attached.

          K evicts R
          D evicts R
          S evicts R (Shelly hates Roach)

          A could vote to evict R (remember Adam’s logic is to get rid of as many threats as possible as soon as he can)

          J votes to evict P

        2. if dani does win the veto and takes kalia off, i’m not too sure that rachel would go up next to porsche… i have a feeling that jeff would put up shelly as a pawn (i think in the last episode we saw her practically volunteer to jordan or say to her that it would be ok if she were the pawn… what an idiot lol)… if jeff takes shelly up on that offer he avoids making an enemy out of rachel (she plays out of emotions so it’s a big risk to put her up unless he for-sure wants her to leave… and i doubt that jeff would want rachel to leave this right now, he needs her to keep the numbers on their side and to keep around another big target in the house besides himself)

        1. Porsche sux! How can u call Jordan a floater and pull for Porsche? She’s useless. Jordan may not be physically strong but she plays a great social game. Some of the best players in many of these reality games have lost bc of their social game. Everyone likes Jordan & they don’t want to put her up. That’s how she won last time bc of her social game.

      2. it would be unfortunate, because Portia has come very close to winning a comp and if she is HOH,I think she will nominate wisely to benefit her and Dani.

        Kahlia on the other, if she wins HOH ….will do whatever JJ want her to do (she will not intentionally go against Dani,but her fascination with JJ would have me concerned if I were Dani).

      1. She definitely has a better ally in Kalia. Kalia can win comps,and the target on her back is almost as big as the one on Dani’s. i don’t get why everyone hates Kalia and Shelly. I like them both.I also like Jordan and Dani. I don’t care for anyone else though.

        1. I don’t dislike Kahlia. She is probably amazingly wonderful outside of BB.

          However, no matter what Kahlia says out of her mouth AGAINST JJ, her ACTIONS have proven that she really cares what they think; and she messed up her HOH because of this.

          Because of this, Dani needs Portia more at this time.

          If K wins HOH, it might be time to put up Jeff or Jordan or both…but I can’t see her putting them up…especially not Jordan.

          …I mean really, she put up Lawon and as a result her alliance numbers decreased. Lawon was not going to win anything I don’t think…but he was going to vote with DKP every time.

  14. Either those jeans are too tight for Dani’s ass or her ass is too big for those jeans. All I know, it doesn’t look right.

          1. Normally she looks great in jeans. She has those light blue ones with the holes in the knees. Very nice fit. These somehow seem too short or too tight.

  15. It looks like Jeff just isn’t really attracted to Jordan anymore. Yes she is cute and a sweetheart. But eventually you ask yourself, “where is the substance?”. The clueless conversations have to get annoying eventually, could be part of reason why he lashes out from time to time.

  16. The reason Jeff is showing affection to Jordan is because production told them we are on to them not being a couple. BB depends on them pretending to be a couple for the finale when they milk this BB showmance for ratings.
    Jeff started calling Jordo “love” all of a sudden and putting his arms around her. All fake. I really think Jeff is gay but he has probably never acted on it.
    Also, I am 100% sure BB will cook up a winning vote for Jordo to get 25.000 as America’s favorite player for being so unselfish (Sheliar’s phone call).

    1. Jeff calling Jordan “Love” seemed a bit out of nowhere. it started about the same time I started seeing people mention they had doubts about the JJ relationship. Also Dick on Dick@night said he thought it might be BB relationship.

    2. They both call each other “Love”. Watch ATWFF and you will see that all the times they talk to each on Skype and the phone they are always calling each other that. And when Jeff is looking at Jordan and smiling it is because he loves her. In his ATWFF vids he says that Jordan’s innocence is why he loves her so much.

  17. MAYBE Dani could capitalize on Shelly’s hate for Rachel and try to have her convince jeff to replace nom with rachel. That would be kick ass

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  18. I’ve always been told u can tell if a person is lazy or not or a hard worker or not by the way they walk, OMG! Jordan never picks up her feet, she’s alway dragging them! LAZY!!!

  19. I’ve always been told u can tell if a person is lazy or not or a hard worker or not by the way they walk, OMG! Jordan never picks up her feet, she’s alway dragging them! LAZY!!! Even when she wears tennis shoes!!!

  20. I do not remember in past seasons people “deliberately” trying to blow a competition…HOH or POV…I find this to be the most aggravating part of watching this year…has anyone else noticed this as well…or am I suffering from memory loss?…hoping it is the former and not the latter

  21. shelHE , what a joke. even her daughter told her to stop lying and if she really was trying to be a good role model she would not be smoking,lying and acting like a man! that poor lil girl is gonna be so confused (already is) as to what a woman is and what a man is (sheHE’s husband is a stay at home mom) barf

  22. Have you guys noticed that Dani is trying not to talk bad about people in case she becomes the replacement nominee. Porsche you need to learn when to keep your mouth quiet. Dani is not HOH amd if she is put up against you then you bet Dani will tell JJ about your plan to target them next week. Some of these players need to learn to keep their mouths closed.

  23. Hi Simon,
    This has nothing to do with the game? but why next to the photo of Jeff ….there are multi -color stripes.

    I understand all the other photos.

    ….just curious

    1. Jazz that’s a rainbow, rainbow flag is a symbol of gay pride.
      It’s a long-standing rumor/joke that Jeff is gay. I personally don’t think so

  24. For any potential players for BB14. When you record your good bye messages to the jury that will be deciding who wins the half a million don’t be stupid like Kalia and give an arrogant good bye speech. Be smart and play nice. If you need to be fake then be fake, but it’s worth the $500,000. Kalia if for some miracle you make it to the final 2 Brandon will clearly not vote for you.

    1. Kalia will actually do well in the jury. That is her mating call to Brendon. She is trying for America’s favorite this year thinking that everybody hates brendon after Brendon got a billion votes or something like that.

  25. …..this comment below from Dani, is one reason why I’m team Dani. The other is because she is an awesome player. Win it all Dani. You have worked hard for it.

    “Porsche talks about the POV if She’s in the lead and Dani is second she’s going to throw the VETO to Dani. dani wants to know why. Porsche wants Dani to have it so when shes takes her off the block they are both safe. Porsche is worried if she wins veto then Dani goes up and goes home. Dani tells her to play for herself she would never want Porsche to do something like that.”

    1. I know. Gotta love it. That’s exactly why I like her too. And, when K or P have been down, she’s been the one to try to give them I pep talk, and tell them to give it their all and not give up. If she gets to the end she deserves to win. IDK if she’ll be able to make it, but if she does then Dani deserves it the most.
      GO Team Dani!!!

  26. Boy, Kahlis is not taking this well. She’s a bad loser. I’m still shocked that she went into Jeff’s basket and helped herself last night.PIG!!! And oh wow Rachel’s being crazy again towards Dani!

  27. CBS just screwed DKP by bringing Brendon back in the game. That’s 2 weeks worth of HOH’s wasted. JJ could have been out now if Dani didn’t have to double evict Brendon. I don’t think Brendon would win against Dominic in the voting. America hates BR.

    1. But viewers also love drama, Brenden would have assured more drama than the others three. I only voted for Dominic because I liked his personality and he did win a veto. Still, I would not ever have voted for Brenden.

  28. Why the Hell is Rachel up Dani’s ass harassing her with that smug ass look on her face?

    Punch her in the throat Dani!!!

    1. Rachel is being a brat because she knows she is safe this week. I know Dani wouldn’t jump in her face but I wish she would. Someone needs to give Rachel some shit back. Rachel thinks she is being cute. And, oh by the way, Rachel, I have watched Evil Dick’s show and he would not have joined up with you. He has been playing over and over again the film of Rachel when she was jogging and fell down. He says it is his favorite cut from the season so far.

    2. Did you not hear all the shit Dani says about Rachel behind her back 24/7. Rachel barely talks about Dani and if she has something to say, she says it to her face. Dani is a bitch. She is the one rallying up all the mean girls against Rachel. As far as the birthday harassing, Rachel was trying to be nice at first, but then Dani kept getting an attitude so that made Rachel get bitchy. Why should Rachel be nice to her if Dani can’t be nice back?

      1. Rachel is not…………Dani and the others are terrible about her behind her back………..she isn’t to the other women……….get over your Rachel hating. What Show Are You Watching????????

  29. LOVED, LOVED Evil DICK but Dani not so much. Would of loved to of seen this game played with Evil Dick, Jeff, Dani, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel. Now that would of been a B and B to watch. Huge Jeff and Jordan fans. Just think they are too cute. Hope that final three comes down to Jeff, Jordan and Dani if she manages to keep her word to Jeff, but I doubt it because this season she just has been too big of a liar. Kalia I cannot stand and definitely hope she goes home this week and if not her I hate to say it but Dani.

  30. To Jazz: That was Dani playing the game. She is smart to know that Porsche can not be fully trusted and wouldn’t want to say something that can turn against her. In my opinion Dani is confident that she can win the POV on her own with the help of the cute guy from production (According to Dani there is a cure guy in the DR)

    1. Dani isn’t the only one enjoying the looks of the one Production guy;
      several of the women have commented about his good looks.
      Jeff is probably jealous. lol

  31. BBAD is really boring this year. All of the fighting goes on in the daytime, when nite comes, everybody is sooooo lovey dovey.

  32. Who is the biggest fake in the house?

    Shelly, and Porsche

    Who is the most annoying?
    Shelly or Kalia

    CBS could have done a better job to get a better cast

    What were they thinking in selecting
    Kalia, Porsche, Lawon, and Shelly

    Shelly is a mental case. She is a hustler. Playing all sides. I do hope she gets evicted soon because she is AWFUL!

  33. Jeff has been calling Jordan ‘Love’ the whole time. If you watched him do around the world web series he was calling her ‘love’ then too. Their relationship is real. They just don’t need to be all over each other all the time like BR. They are actually secure with each other. Unlike BR who have the most codependent and unhealthy relationship ever!

  34. there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with rachel she has the craziest look on her face i hope DANI wins the veto and hits rachel in the face with it

  35. I don’t think JJ are a couple because they don’t conversate about future things or family. Couples talk about family and the times they (both) have spent with each other’s family. They also talk about marriage…and when they might want to get married & if they want children. I’m not saying JJ need to be like BR mushy sex and all ….but something is missing from how they interact with each.

    I think they are really good friends. Probably hang out at times….and maybe are intimate some times….but a serious couple that might one day get married or even move in with each other. I don’t know about that.

    I can almost see Jeff more with Cassie than Jordan…but there is something about Jeff too…that I can’t see him with a man or a woman. …..maybe it is like what somebody said…Jeff just loves jeff and to hang out at times.

    1. I can’t say for sure whether they ‘re a couple but I did watch them on ATWFF and they seemed pretty in love. Both their filled talked about their relationship and how they were together and they both cried when he left. And when he got his HOH room she was in some of the family pics and they were talking about how she was at the family events when the pictures were taken. They also talked about her spending Christmas with his family. I just think they’re not a crazy PDA couple like BR.

  36. Dani earned some respect from me for telling Porsche to not throw the veto to D to keep her safe. Play for yourself – respect


    1. You know people think that Kahlia is throwing fits (via the live feeds) because her side is not in power; but really I believe that it is ONLY because she is on slop. Since she appears to be an emotional eater, not having all junk food is probably really bothering her. ….as result she is smiling less…..and it will probably get worser.

  37. Sometimes I think Rachel is an actress just paid to act like that.

    A human being couldn’t possibly that ignorant and annoying.

    Maybe if she wasn’t such a witch, those giant Mt Everest sized zits would keep popping up. She is NASTY!

  38. i can’t believe I am addicted to this show .I started watching because of my eighty three year old neighbor, she loves bb. I had to start watching so I could update her . She looks forward to knowing what is going on. It is a hoot every time I call her and tell her she is so excited , but in the process I am looking forward to it, even though it is backstabbing lying and no one is to be trusted ,I find myself looking forward to the next day, and seeing how Joan just giggles when I fill her in on the going on. , I love Jeff , wish Rachel would have some decency and not say the kind of things she does ,I think she steps over the line
    Daniele is a spoiled brat I do believe bb is handing her the win. Porsche needs to go. Oh ny look at me . Thank you Joan she laughs and enjoys the fact that I am becoming a fan.

    1. During the veto comp….Dani threw the ball and made the shot every time. She stopped once she got what she wanted which was the veto pass.

      CBS can do many things…but they can’t rig Dani making a shot. They can’t rig her staying on that wall during the edurance comp.

      Dani is playing hard. those that love and hate her…I think everyone can see that.

  39. I find it really difficult to believe that there are people like you who justify Rachel’s actions, regardless of circumstances.

    1. GET OVER THE RACHEL THING……….She’s a sweetheart compared to the other mean spirited women in there……..Adam too……….Can’t stand the guy

  40. Rachel is so nasty. Road hard and hung out wet. Go Dani for discounting her comments! Rachel eating that chocolate…..friggin’ makes me want to puke. She is disgusting…..go put on more pimple cream skank!

  41. Rachel is the biggest loser on the face of the earth. She assumes normal people should be acting like a fool like she does when something bad happens to them. Holy crap Brendon could do so much better. It would be totally sad if the guy who cured cancer had a wife that could be put in an asylum and fit in.

  42. Simon,

    You should do a poll on “Who is your favorite houseguest” for the site! It would be interesting to see how many are actually fans of each HG (and to actually commit to one and stop being floaters! ha ha ha).

  43. I love how Rachel is trying to get into Dani’s (Dan’s) head. She should ask her about her adams apple and man hands. Did Dani used to be Dan? She has very manly features, to the point that I think she might have been a man and changed. Maybe that’s why she has such a bad relationship with her father. Dick has never been able to accept her (him) as a women.

  44. Dani needs to tell Rachoe that if she (Dani) gets voted out this week
    Brenden won’t even remember Rachoes name after a full week of Dani sex

    remember the house guests don’t yet know that it is a double eviction week.

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