Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says to Jordan hey what’s up stupid?! Adam says you can’t call her that any more ..she isn’t wearing the humilitard.

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1:45pm Shelly talks to Kalia, Dani, and Porsche about how she was talking to Adam earlier telling him that she can’t wait to hang out with everyone …going through their names and that she purposely left out Rachel and could see her getting mad. Kalia starts going off about how Rachel was telling Shelly that she is going to have stalkers and that people are going to be saying that they want to kill her kid and stuff. Shelly says that when Rachel was saying that she said that everyones experience in and out of here is different. Kalia says that Rachel had said that she and her can hang out in LA after the show. Dani laughs and says you two can go get waxed …you can wax your snatch and she can wax her moustache. Shelly says that Rachel told Jordan that she better make sure Jeff makes the right decision this week because it’s really critical. Shelly says that she really thinks that she is in charge. Lots of Rachel bashing.

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Meanwhile, in the kitchen Rachel and Jordan are talking about getting Dani out this week. Jordan says that it will be really awkward this week. Jordan says that we just really need to make sure Adam and Shelly vote her out this week. Rachel says oh I know …it will be really bad if they don’t. Rachel says she thinks Adam will vote her out ..but that she isn’t sure about Shelly. Jordan says she thinks she will ..and if she didn’t she would be super shocked. Rachel says you just don’t know what people are telling you. Jordan heads outside to the couches and Jeff says hey what’s up stupid?! Adam says you can’t call her that any more ..she isn’t wearing the humilitard.

2pm Kalia and Dani are talking. Kalia is telling Dani all about her conversation with Adam. Kalia talks about how she was questioning Adam about working with the vets. Dani says thanks! Kalia says oh I don’t think of sides any more. Kalia says that part of her thinks that Porsche is really the target from things people have said and done. Dani says that she wants coffee in her cake .. Kalia asks want BLANK in your cake? Dani says no coffee. Kalia says that she will be really sad if Kalia leaves. Dani says that even if Porsche leaves she thinks she will cry. Dani say sorry for not talking to her yesterday .. but I went into the diary room and cried. Kalia says yeah I though so.. Kalia tells Shelly that she is really envious of her body. Shelly asks why I have no ass. Kalia says that Shelly has nice abs. Dani says that everyone was commenting on that in the beginning. Shelly says well thank you ..I never hear that.

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2:15pm – 2:45pm Jordan is dying Rachel’s in the bathroom while Jeff watches. Rachel is telling Jordan that she should become a hair dresser. Jeff is now trimming his facial hair. Kalia is trimming her hair. Jeff finishes up and Adam says that it looks like his is in the backstreet boys now. Jeff says yeah because the top of my hair is long. Rachel and Jordan continue to talk about hair dying and hair dressers.

Meanwhile out in the backyard, Shelly is talking to Dani about how Adam was telling her that some people might be mad at him about some of the things he said in the diary rooms. Dani says that he just wants to come off as the funny guy to America. Shelly says that it kind of upsets her that he zings her in his diary room sessions. They talk about how they wish he hadn’t shaved his beard. Shelly and Dani lay in silence.

2:40pm – 2:50pm Jordan, Shelly, Adam and Rachel sit out on the backyard couches talking about random stuff. Shelly starts talking about genes and traits being recessive or dominant. Shelly talks about how to predict if you are going to have a boy or a girl and the things you can do to get one or the other..
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Four million thirty five thousandth!




I really don’t think Kalia needs to be laying in that sunshine. I think her tan is dark enough.


So black ppl can’t lay in the damn sun now? How rude/ignorant


So black ppl can’t lay in the damn sun now? How rude/ignorant.

BB No More

WHOA Yall! I’m FIRST…boy do I need to get a life. LOL..I can’t believe Jeff called Jordan that…even if he was playing…just rude


Seriously are you going to be that P.C.?! The man was joking, it is a way of flirting even to some people so no it’s not rude at all. He’s being himself and that is his way of flirting sorry but in reality most people what we call a personality, geez there are so many Jeff haters AND ALL BECAUSE HE WAS FLIRTING…Get over yourselves people.


Jordon doesn’t know the difference. How would you like it if your child was being taken advantage of. You would go to the police. Someone needs to stand up for Jordon


If you watch the live feeds, you see that Jordon calls Jeff stupid as well. It’s a ‘thing’…they joke. Seriously, the live feeds show a much different couple than the edits on the show and here.

JJ fan

I ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!! And I am a JJ fan.You only see what Simon and Dawg write.You don’t see all of it.They totally talk that way all the time.Its just jokes.Frickin relax JJ haters.Just something to B***** about…Jeff in specific.

Not a PHD student

gotta love america’s sweetheart douche bag Jeff. Treating his beard with all the class in the world. Yet she will not even stand up for herself.


i will be pissed if jeff puts dani up and she goes home, after she didnt put him up at all hes such an ass he deserved to go home early on!!


At What point does he put Dani up after he is in the jury. She tried to back door him already and it didn’t work. I want her gone. She is just as evil as her father.


oh my god, seriously have you ever heard of a joke? Its an inside joke b/t Jordan and her brother. He wasn’t actually calling her stupid. If you heard his tone you would agree. Honestly I’m glad I have feeds this year because this site REALLY exaggerates things at times

and no, before anyone says so, i’m not some crazy JJ fan. I’m actually rooting for Dani and Shelly


Thank you!


AGREE as if they have never called anyone names. Jordan seems to know how to handle herself, and he seems to respect her. she said she didn’t want to do anything on tv with him last time they were on and this, and he respected her for that. this is just tv, who knows how she is in life or he is for that matter. they have all said (the vets includig dani) they behave differently outside of the house


Go Shelly.


NEWSFLASH – jeff isn’t her brother and i think that is the whole point – they have been “dating” for 2 WHOLE YEARS and yet, they don’t even say “I love you” basically ever, is that normal??…why is the go-to comment some inside joke where jordan is called stupid, it just speaks to the unequal power dynamic in this psuedo relationship – my bf would never call me stupid – why? bc he knows i am not and he knows it is not nice, joke or not, but he also says he loves me among other endearing names as often as possible – at least once a day…i don’t know anyone can defend this
and stop with the not doing anything on TV- my goodness, people who are supposedly in love should be able to kiss
he isn’t attracted to her, get over it, but he should do the right thing and let her go then


NEWSFLASH – if you watch the live feeds…they say I love you ALL.THE.TIME. I don’t know why it isn’t reported here? WHile I agree that it isn’t a funny joke if Jeff is calling her stupid…but the fact is…they BOTH call EACH OTHER ‘stupid’. YOu aren’t getting the real picture of their relationship if you haven’t seen the feeds. Most of the Jeff and Jordon stuff is not even reported here. On the feeds, you see that Jeff really adores her.

JJ fan

THANK YOU!!! WELL SAID!What Ive been saying all along.Some people are just “prudes”.Now that was funny.


I know what you mean. I don’t think that the owners of the site watch the Jeff and Jordon feeds. There relationship is really not depicted, here, how they come off in the feeds. I notice that it is only posted when Jeff calls her ‘stupid’. BUT…Jordon also calls Jeff ‘stupid’. They joke with each other this way. If you see the feeds, they do a lot of banter with each other…funny actually.


Wow, Danielle. Your questioning to kaila about Adam allign with the Vet. That’s a reason of you and Kaila love backdooring people. Hopefully, Brendon will be happy to see you and Kaila at the Jury House. Don’t worry you and kaila will enjoying suntanning together. BTW, Porsche will come too. Have a great Birthday and hopefully get booted it out. OH! Kaila, hopefully you love to meet your worst nightmare.


ouch looks like team Dani is gonna get kicked in K the huts balls. To bad cause I wanted Dani to win. Hope she has fun with Brendumb.


QUESTION: Who’s the Biggest or Best Liar? Natalie(PigPen) BB11 or Shelly. I thought nobody could like so quick and so good like Nat, until Shelly came along. I think Shelly got her beat


I would give it to Shelly because her social game is much better which gives her lies some more substance


Eww-Gnat was the worst! Def the most irritating voice IVE ever heard.


Pigpen sucked at lying– especially the one about a final 2 reversal when actually she was proposed to. Even the lie she took credit for Jeff believing: Kevin did all the work on tht one…


Yes , it is definitely Shelly !


nobody can lie so quick


it wouldnt even matter how shelly votes if they have adam. are they really that stupid? what is it with this house and vote counting


How could Jordan stick with someone like Jeff after the way he treats her.


Jeff treats Jordan that way cause she let’s him. Why everyone loves this couple is beyond me.


Simon and Dawg are giving a summary of the conversation, and is impossible to understand the context by reading a transcript of the conversation. They do a great job recapping, but Jeff calling her stupid was just playing around if you watch it on the feeds.
My wife and I do that to each other all of the time, and we get along just great. If someone would read a transcript of our joking around with each other, they would be horrified. Just realize it isn’t the bad horrible relationship that everyone is making it out to be. Watch the feeds, and you will get it.


Totally right. If you take some of the stuff Dani says you’ll call her rude an abrasive too. It’s joking around and sarcasm everytime I hear her I think we should be friends. Jeff is a lot like her. He’s always the first totally defend jordan when ppl or even she tries to put herself down. Though they often say they show no affection if you actually watch the feeds you’ll see them hugging and joking around and calling eachother love all the time since the very beginning.
You ppl seem to be sensitive like Rachel. I call ppl I love failure and loser and bitch all the time but it’s all in good fun and they reciprocate bc we get a good laugh.
He doesn’t mean it in the derogatory way they make it seem. I know your super Dani fans but you need to be arbitrary about what you write.


I agree. Sometimes my SO will say “Nice going Corky”, I’ll usually respond with “No, you’re the Corky”. Doesnt mean I think they’re stupid. Usually.


Yes, I compltely agree!


If poor Kaila puts up Jeff in the double eviction he will have a meltdown. That will be a very dangerous time for Kaila and security should be right there on standby. The guy has tremendous anger issues.


I think Roachel, Kowlia, Pacer, Dani, and Adum would all try to get Jeff out in the fastforward on Thurs if they won HOH… If he doesn’t win the pov, they vote him out immediately — thus not having to endure his wrath/temper!!!! Really, only Jordan and Sheldon wouldn’t put him up!!!!


jeff had already said that if kali wins hoh and puts him up, he is going to start yelling at her


jordan is developmentally delayed — ie slightly retarded

She’s dumb and doesn’t know anything is wrong unless someone tells her so.


I believe BB has exploited Jordon since her original season. It is obvious just by first glance that she has a mild case of Down’s Syndrome and I am not amused that they would take someone like her and try and turn her into some type of sexual being when she wasn’t. They even paid to have her boobs done.


LOL Rockstar


Rockstar you are such an asshole. You shouldn’t say that about Jordan looking like she as DS. My son has DS & it makes me so sad that there are such assfaces in the world, those who say things like ‘mild case of downs’. Don’t blame her being an airhead & an idiot on DS.


THis is a good example of someone hiding behind the veil of the Internet. IRL, you say these things and you can bet they would finish you by owning your home. It’s so ugly and dafamatory.


yeahright – I would defend your child if he was being exploited as well.


not cool, jeff. not cool. i’m glad adam said something.


Gotta say that I am sick of reading about how Jordan keeps saying get rid of Dani…. She is one of the biggest floaters along with Shelly, Adam, Porsche, and Kalia…. the only reason she won HOH is because Jeff and Brandon gave it to her… I keep hoping Jeff decides to keep Dani and start getting rid of the dead weight…


Dick at Night is going to explain the definition of “floater” on the next episode. (hint: Jordan is not a floater)


yeah everyone who doesn’t understand what a floater is should watch his show tonight. Jordan is not a floater she always stick to one side she’s actually the exact opposite of a floater she’ll stay on her side until she either leaves or wins.. Adam is more a floater he sucks onto the ass crack of whoever has power.


Dick is a little bitch. He will say a floater goes from HOH to HOH professing their servitude however the definition of floater has changed over the years to mean someone who doesn’t do anything, make any move or have any game. Dick thinks he knows everything and all the BB alum go to him to extend their 15 minutes. Dick is an abuser just like Jeff and Brenden. Bb loves domineering men who mistreat women. It’s sad


ED also said that he is going to explain the definition of being back doored. He said to be back doored is when you are NOT on the block and are NOT given the opportunity to play the POV and you are put up as a replacement nominee, then you are back doored. So, in essence, he’s saying that since dani had the opportunity to play pov and if she is put on the block, it is not a back door scenario


I’ve known abusive men all my life. Jeff doesn’t strike me as cruel/abusive in am intentional way. Seems more like he just thinks he’s being cute and funny, but he needs someone to explain that stuff like that isn’t funny and is a sting for a girl. Someone just needs to slap him upside the head is all and then I think he’d get it and stop. He seems like a nice guy, he just let’s stupid things pour out his pie hole.


I agree! I’m super sarcastic and it comes off as rude sometimes (sorry) but really just trying to be funny… Jeff has a flirty way about him, and I think Jordan knows he’s just joking. She’s just too slow to come back with a quick quip!!! Surprise us, Jordan! Say something sassy and whitty that’ll make his jaw drop– I bet u anything he’d say that he likes it when she’s mean…

Midwest Fan

Jeff is a bully.
He knows exactly what he is saying and how people are reacting to his words.
Sadistic humor is cruel and Jeff loves using it, but he would not tolerate someone using
it on him. He is a wimpy bully.


007zy I agree. Tho I have not been around abusive men I have been around plenty of sarcasm — which mimics meanness Some couples have an understanding of that misplaced style of kidding around, that it’s not meant to be offensive, especially men who don’t want their tender side to show in public. Jeff fits this as you can see he is mostly lovingly protective towards Jordon.


Jordon never looks happy when Jeff (you call it playful, I call it abuse) picks on her. I think she is happy someone pays attention to her because she is use to not having any friends or suitors that any type of attention is good attention. It’s a shame that people don’t see it and defend Jordon more


It’s a shame that you like to pick on her. You don’t even know her. Love that you are suddenly her ‘defender’ when you posted so many nasty things about her intellect. You don’t even know her. The way you describe some of the female HG’s suggests you really aren’t at the top of the ‘white knight’ roster. Just sayin’


jeff ‘s entire game is based on bullying the girls so that there scared of him ..which makes him a HUGE pussy! he’s overestimating kalia ..if dani goes kalia will be so fired up she’ll win HOH and send either jeff ,his sidekick or rancid rachel packing


Oh GTF outta here…telling someone how you feel is bullying them? I’m sure if you was gonna get back doored,you would be thanking them and bringing them breakfast in bed like a wuss. he isn’t 1/4 as bad as Evel Dick was and everybody loves him. It’s a game and taking $500k outta someones hand tends to piss ppl off.I have yet to see anybody bully anybody on here this season.Watch season 8 if you wanna see a bully!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t think Jeff bully’s them at all! He treats them as equal players; has even said how he’s scared of what they’ll do, etc… IMO, a lot of people misjudge him– it’s not like he’s telling all the girls to go be barefoot in the kitchen knocked up!!! The girls can act all tough until they take one little comment wrong. Seriously, all the HGs should just get a spine and get over it!!! I was Dani FTW , but I can’t stand her team of K/P…. Just like I like Jeff, but not S/J/R/A… Don’t hate… I like my eyecandy 😉


who has he threatened besides kalia when she put him up. even porsche said she hasn’t talked to him, and he didn’t threatened dani, and rachel and shelly are on his side so who did he threaten


too bad Dani played a bad game. I’m going to miss her. All the good players are gone and were left with Jordan Adam Shelly Porshce and Kalia. Terrible just terrible


I hope Dani tells Rachael how she will take care of Brenden in jury house since he won’t have skype! Would love to see her reaction.


It is so easy to send Rachel off the deep end and make her consider suicide. It takes the fun out of it.


Rachel boob profile shot, 3:11 house time, camera 1.


Whole boob, but only a side view.


We saw enough of Rachel’s titties last season, and her snatch and her ass, No Thank You

I wanna see Porsche’s titties though and ass


I have a feeling this season is about to become REALLY boring.


i would like to see a season with all the winners compete or a season of winners and second place winners compete


Jeff and Jordan are are BOTH verbally abusive to eachother. It’s a messed up relationship, but then again so is Rachels and Brendons.


without actually being jeff or jordan, how do you know its messed up? some people are sarcastic, brendan and racheals relationship is doomed though. he is always having to boost her self esteem, and you cant have a relationship with someone who always needs compliments where as jeff can poke fun at jordan without her always questioning his motives


The thing is, usually when people joke there is some truth behind what they say, and I would think constantly being called stupid would hurt after a while. People in relationships are meant to lift eachother up, not put eachother down.
As far as Rachel and Brendon go, I think they are both dysfunctional to last, I think Brendon needs someone like Rachel to enable, and she needs someone enabling her. Unless one or both of them get help I think they will both stay together even if it gets rough.


Any chance whatsoever of a twist?


Only double eviction for now. There may be more in the near future, like the fortune teller might say something, or pandoras box.


Maybe a Pandora’s box, but that’s likely the extent.


yes, its called a double eviction only the houseguests dont know.


Who would ever tell Shelly they envied her body? She has Olive Olyes body. Dani must have been being snide when she said it. Shelly’s body is hardly one envied by other women.


Older Women may envy her, when people get older they usually gain weight, but she is slender and fit. I personally don’t like her, but her shape isn’t bad.


Go Big Jeff! Bye bye Dani, shouldn’t have screwed up your perfect position in the house by turning on your ally way to early in the game. Now you’re going to jury with your best friend. It surprises me that Jeff gets hated on so much for making a funny comment to Jordan, HE WASN’T BEING SERIOUS. Some people are picking him apart for the stupidiest shit, but if Evel Dick was doing it, it would be called genious gameplay.


i agree accept how is his gameplay genious? thats what i would ask them. he only won because his dani was there, and he didnt really care what happened to her, otherwise that was a horrible way to play the game


I never understand why people like Jeff…..he’s an ass! You all saw him threatening Kalia when she was HOH…It was like no one puts up big Jeff attitude. He’s a prick and needs to go. Hopefully he leaves nominations the same and Dani kicks his ass this week in the double eviction.


dani has a boyfriend so you should stop watching bb and go find a date

Nick B

Exactly, my respect for Jeff fell greatly after he lost it simply because Kalia told him he was going on the block. Due to BB11, the amazing race, his around the world show with CBS, not to mention any other deals he has in the works with CBS, Jeff’s feels so entitled that he actually dwarfs Rachel’s ego at times.

Going on the block as a pawn, or even going up period, is part of the game, but his attitude after being informed he was going up (as a pawn no less) was a cross between a bully and a child throwing a tantrum.

“Big Jeff” Yeah, doubt it. Big ego maybe, petty and over-rated everywhere else.


Sorry but that has no chance of happening. Dani’s gone. She will be greeted by Brendon with I told you this was going to happen. Brendon said to Dani we are going to end up the next two out of the house.


Is the veto ceremony today or tomorrow?

Shellys Cig

I would love to see Jordan go off on Jeff for verbally abusing her.. he’s such a evil bully

Not Meg

Dani should tell Rachel that if she votes Dani out then she will hook up with Brendan in the jury house. That is a sure way to keep Rachel from voting her out.


Dani needs to go this week.. Y is some saying Jeff shouldn’t get rid of her da only reason she didn’t go 4 Jeff is cuz she was going after Brandon n I think that was 2 despite Rachael thinking she will come 2 a weak player.. Obvious if DKP get HOH next there target is Jeff before Rachael duh… So come on Jeff get Dani out then start picking the light weights off…. I don’t like Rachael at all but she deserves 2 have a shot cuz all hates her 4 reasons I think it’s pure jealousy of knowing she’s a strong competitor n all even she can b crazy at tyms I think she’s a sweet person on da outside!!!!

Nick B

1. Your logic is flawed.
2. Your spelling and grammar are flawed.
3. Please think (and spell check) before you post.


Shelly has no sicial game. She is useless. Everyone knows she is the biggest LIAR in the house. She can’t win competitions and has so called deals with everyone. Every houseguest in the house have said Shelly is useless and just takes up space, but for now they have bigger targets to take out. Shelly will be out the door very soon. By the way I think Shelly doesn’t neeed anymore sun. Her face looks bad, she doesn’t need any more sun. My mother is about to turn 60 years old and looks healthier then Shelly .


Jeff says to Jordan hey what’s up stupid?! Adam says you can’t call her that any more ..she isn’t wearing the humilitard.

Yea, sure the unitard makes her stupid…..


If CBS decides to put some type of special power into the game to save Dani then this game is fixed. It will be completely cheating! CBS remain neutral and let game remain fair

Nick B

Yeah…and Jeff and Jordan skating to the end…no intervention there.


“Shelly talks about how to predict if you are going to have a boy or a girl and the things you can do to get one or the other..” WHAT THE HELL !


Male sperm swim faster, but die quicker than female sperm. So simply timing intercourse with ovulation can increase chances of having either a boy or a girl.


lmao. oh lord. the ignorance shelly shows is mind boggling!

Casual Observer

It appears that maybe it is time for the remaining “newbies” to strike up an alliance. Once Jeff has evicted Dani (sorry to see her go). The potential for a “newbie” to win HOH is greater since Jeff will not be playing. Then the “newbies” targets should be Jeff and Rachel, with Jordan as the pawn in either scenario. If Jeff wins POV then Rachel goes. If Rachel wins POV then Jeff goes. If Jordan or a newbie wins POV then take out the strongest competitor, which appears to be Jeff at this point. Once Jeff and Rachel are gone then Jordan must definitely go, because she is the ultimate manipulator of the game.

IMHO a veteran who came on the show with a partner does not deserve to win since they already had an advantage (vote) alliance (veterans). The newbies had to play the game, via strategizing and socially navigating through the dynamics of all the house.

Say what you want about AKPS, but these four are still in the game and if they work together could potentially be in the final four.


Why are people saying Dani is going home? It clearly says on the top right that Porsche and Kalia are on the block.



2nd Jeff won the POV so he has a choice of removing one of the noms and putting Dani up, which he claimed he would for weeks, not enough balls to put her straight up no doubt…


people hope jeffs uses the pov to backdoor dane, which is the best move he could make cause if he doesnt he has at least 4 people gunnig for him at the double eviction


Jeff is considering using the veto and putting up dani


Because Jeff won the Power of Veto & he said he’s going to take Porsche off the block & put Dani up in her place to make sure she goes to the jury house because Dani can beat him in comps, but yet & still he wants to get the floaters out, it wouldn’t suprise me one bit if a floater won the game. lol


jeff won the pov and he may take one of the noms down and put dani up. the pov ceremony is tomorrow


I don’t see “Jeff: The Abusive A-Hole.” I just don’t – I get the impression that Jeff is not in love with Jordan. I think that if Jeff really was in love with Jordan – Jeff would be complimenting Jordan & could not help but to show PDA’s. Even if the agreement b/t the two of them was to tone down their relationship for the house – if Jeff was really in love with Jordan he wouldn’t be able to tone it done this much. Perhaps Jeff & Jordan are much more affectionate towards each other when it’s not BBAD time – if people are concealing the fact that they are smokers by not smoking during that time JJ could be concealing their PDA for each other. When Jordan was in the hot tub & Shelly came outside and stated “you look naked” – Jeff did look at Jordan however Shelly made a much bigger deal about it. Also, Shelly is much more complimentary towards Jordan than Jeff – I liked it when Shelly went on about Jordan is an angel.

If Jeff was telling Jordan “you are a zero – not a hero – you haven’t won anything – you are such a loser than the HOH had to be handed to you” I would be able to see the abuse – but I just don’t. Jeff’s stupid comment to Jordan sounds more immature to me than abusive.


exactly. the lvie feeds show a lot more of them as a couple. as much as people, here, comment on the ‘stupid’ names (that they, in fact, both use)…they call each other love, lover all the time. They are more affectionate and way flirtier with each other. Jeff tries to ‘cop a feel’ in BBAD too. THey seem like a normal couple, honestly.




seriously, there is now special power this week people. get over it. one of dkp is going home, move on. its a double eviction week, that is the ” twist” for the week. that fact is not special, or eluded too. the double eviction is going to happen.




ugh i just wanna hit Shelly so badly. She knows shes a old hag so the only way she can actually fit in with the other girls is by talking shit about rachel like shes in highschool


Dani doesn’t like Rachel because Brendon wouldn’t have anything to do with her outside the house. Dani said it herself she tried to hook up with him before he met Rachel. When you try too hard for vengience it’s gonna come back and bite you in the ASS!!!

Jeff & Jordon had the balls to stand up to Kalia…KDP would hide in the hoh and bash everyone else…Them 3 deserve what coming to them and Shelly will be next…


I think that Jeff and be playful and joking when he says certain stuff to Jordan but like someone else said I think deep down he may mean a little bit of what he says. I just think that if he jokes with her like that in private then ok but to joke with her like that infront of the other houseguests is kinda embarrassing. At least inwould be embarrassed but who knows


I watch BBAD every night because I am a school teacher with the summer off. I have never heard Jeff call Jordan anything but “love” or her name. I realize it is only 3 hours a night but surely he would slip up once in awhile. The language on this website is horrible. I just hope that my innocent 7th graders are not reading it. I know they watch the show. Lets clean it up a little, those of you that are adults. Hope Jeff uses veto and puts Dani up.


how can u guys call Jeff a bully??? All he did was raise his voice to Kalia in the hoh. Its not like he woke everyone up banging pots and pans, yelled at Eric in the pool in front of everyone and call him out, poured iced tea on Jens head also burnt her with a cigarette or talk about a man small dick on bbad in the final three. When Dick does its not being a bully, its called awesome gameplay.

If u call raising your voice to someone is being a bully, then gotta be the biggest pussy in the world and u must have a weak mind.If you dont like him okay, but he far from a bully. If he didnt lay and hand on u what the are u scared of?


this is the worst season by-far. it’s boring and it’s rigged. most people who watch BB believes pro wrestling is real.


Wow, I wonder if those nasty jealous girls realize how much of their time is spent talking about Rachael. How petty and jealous they sound and how flattering it is to Rachael that they spend so much time consumed with Rachael, lol The girls on her season did it to Janel too! Both are very pretty, sexy women. I guess little girls who haven’t come into their own yet are really threatened by women like that.


It’s Rachel’s attitude that makes her ugly. Those head bobs that a 12 year old girl who’s mother refuses to let her use the credit card really get on peoples nerves


I’m getting fed up with Porsche. She is so bitchy. Have been “a friend” to Rachel until Rachel not winning any game. Then Por is basically trashing Rachel every minute if she can.


Sorry for the repeat comments Simon…sometimes I get an error msg when I go to post a comment