Big Brother Spoilers First Eviction Aftermath

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:10pm July15th Have Nots Ragan, Monet and Matt

Monet is telling them how upset she is about fucking the comp up. Matt tellls them about how Andrew reacted after he won HOH. “He was jumping out of her chair screaming” they all agree that their is something between Andrew and Brendon/Rachel. Monet keeps saying “I can’t beleive I messed this up”. Ragan changes the subject and asks Monet “do you think Annie was mad at me when she left?” Monet tells him it’s emotional for her to leave the house and she never got a single vote. Rachel and Andrew come in and they all start going over the competition. Ragan points out all the GASPS when the HOH answers were revealed. Monet is getting pretty upset she keeps saying how her emotions are strong right now and she’s in shock at making such a mistake. Rachel and Andrew leave. MAtt tells her not to worry theres still a whole week and a POV (He’s acting like she’s nominated already) Brintey joins them and they start talking about the boards in the comp being really hard to erase… They just keep reiterating about how they screwed up the comp and how stressful this game is.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:19pm Red Room rachel and Brendon There smooching away. Rachel is saying that she thinks that a lot of people are not happy that she won HOH. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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C Note

Another week of boring tonsil hockey. Great.. I hope this week is a little more intresting especially now that the sab is gone. Dayum did Annie have me fooled but it just proves that Kathy might be the worst BB player in history. That should be debated.


I hope they knock out hayden!


who wanna bet branchel gets down in the HOH this week LOL


i hope they form an alliance with hayden. Hayden and Brandon can get really far in the game together.


God I hate them. I know the producer want Brenden/Rachel to be this year’s Jeff/Jordan but the difference is, JJ were awesome and Branchel are retarded. She’s annoying as hell and he’s whipped. I hope they both go, fast.


I agree – I cannot stand Brenden/Rachel. I mute the show every time they talk… I loved Jeff/Jordan they were fun to watch. B/R are so annoying!!!!! Darn and R won tonight, silly Brittany how can you say 41 gallons, duh had to to be more than that!!! ugh… it’s gonna be a long week until eviction!


Hayden has got to go up, so he get’s the feeling of what done to the others last week. I don,t care for him either !

A. Stounding

Wow i guess people either love them or hate them, is there any inbetween that would say, not my fave, but not my least fave?

AS for me I LOVE THEM! they need to get rid of Britney-she will be the next drama girl, and put her up with someone like Lane who can take himself off the block, then put monet up with Brit….. i think people would choose Money-Monet over Brit the Brat.

Uncle Cool

I hate them. Get rid of them. Both of them. They’re ugly aliens.

Once an intelligent person gets HOH, he or she will put Brandon and Wretchel up together and then they will break up the ‘power-duo’. Not this coming Thursday, but the next one. Bet on it.

Matt can now be considered my fave.


The only ” Drama Queen ” in this life is ” Nancy Grace ” lol,