Big Brother 12 First Live Eviction Results… **Updated **


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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:06pm July 15th Feeds back on

Big Brother 12 HOH Winner: RAChel

Majority RULES
Round 1 – Brendon, Kathy and Kristen are out
Round 2 – Enzo Matt and Lane are gone
Round 3 – Tie
Round 4 – TIE
Round 5 – TIE
Round 6 – Andrew GONE
Round 7 – Ragan Gone
Round 8 – WINNER : Rachel

Big Brother 12 First Evictee: Annie

Everyone votes to evict Annie
On her way out Annie tells them NOTHING  

Big Brother 12 Salvatore: Annie

Annie Warns them about Brendon being a liar.. says he has a different career than what he said.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


2:10pm July 15 Feeds Cut Out 
Big Brother 12 Spoilers
3:40pm Everyone is getting on clothes looks like the competition is going to be “athletic” since they’re putting on gym wear. Here’s Matt scratching his balls I bet he’s El Salvatore. The picture below shoes Annie in the storage room go over her speech in the mirror.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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Just FYI, not trying to be mean… but it is spelled “saboteur” just thought you might want to change it.


I believe that is meant as a joke.


I like “el salvatore” as well. Too funny! I am so tired of saying saboteur.


The HGs are calling it that, pretty funny. Speaking of HG humor, Lane is pretty out there. He’s funny in a crude way. Matt’s quirky funny. Brat’s nasty funny. She should be Meow-meow. I don’t care for the Enzo act. It’s getting old, but sometimes he says some funny slang expression that comes out of nowhere.

Uncle Cool

Ragan is by far the funniest BB12 houseguest. He is hilarious and could write for a living. Enzo is getting repetetive and too stereotypical.

chick from louisiana

I think Enzo is good entertainment, but I agree it could get old. Once the action picks up a little we won’t need his entertainment. But right now the other hG are so boring, sometimes Enzo’s crazy ass is the only thing that keeps me up at nite. LOL


I LOVE THIS SHOW..the good bad and the ugly….the only person i cld have ever not like so much was slow, rich JORDAN…but even she made me LOL

Joe Pop

Bye Bye Annie…now theres no Saboteur.

John D. Genovese

Have they said any more about who the 2 lifelong friends are? I’m surprised with all the internet sleuths out there no one has found the answer.


omg I may be in love with brendan.. seriously he’s smart, has a job, looks amazing, & is now being sensitive & talking about his feelings being hurt… Is it wrong that I’m like a school girl with a crush right now? lol

Uncle Cool

I knew it!!!

Just kidding.


Well, now that we know that it’s Annie there is no way she’ll be voted out. The Producers will not under any circumstance let their sabetour go., especiallyl he 1st eviction Too bad, I was really hoping she’d be out the door!


omg i can’t believe it’s really Annie!!


The sab is Lane and the two longtime friends are Lane and Hayden.. They have alot in common.
The rodeo, both are very athletic and hayden’s sis lives in Texas.


Told ya’ll it was Annie. Thin head and all. It was the BB Anouncer that gave it away on the second show.


LMAO……yes you did! Thin head and all!


It would be smart to vote out Rachel and break up the Showmance. Look at Jordan, her showmance won her the whole thing.


I wonder if annie would happen to get voted out if they’d take someone else into the diary room & ask them if they would take the deal of becoming the new saboteur or something like that.

but they probably had annie do the message about “escaping the block” just to save her.. they obviously want her to stay


bb12 really dropped the ball this year! I have never been so disappointed in all the time I’ve been watching this show. If annie stays I will never watch the show again…from day one i didnt like this girl and I sure as hell dont like her now!!!


Lol this is an Epic Fail for BB if the Saboteur goes the first week. Then there is no cool twist except that two people know each other which is nowhere near as exciting. And we wont be able to vote in and have her do evil things ect….

Season = Fail

Hopefully CBS had a back up plan…


I can’t wait to find out what the producers are going to do now that their “twist” is out so quckly.. I’m thrilled Annie is gone!!!!

Uncle Cool

Will they tell the HG’s that Annie was the saboteur?


Season = Fail … so dissapointed by everything this week.


Yippy, but i’m sure production will pull something out of there ass, I hope they don’t bring Jessie back that would suck.


It’s good that I don’t have to watch the houseguests believe whatever came out of the saboteur messages.

Uncle Cool

What a horrible turn of events.

Horrible. Horrible Horrible.




I am SOOOOOOO psyched Rachel won HOH!!!! I wonder what her 1st answer was before she changed it??? I bet the “Brigade” is sweating just a little bit!


I think it makes it more intresting, but her laugh makes me want to kick babies.


I don’t like it or trust it. They got close way too fast. And Annie was right the houseguests will look back on this and realize they kept the wrong girl. I guess they won’t be backdooring Brendon this week.

Uncle Cool

No way. No how. It sickens me.


I wonder what Annie “left” behind? It better be something good.. there has be to more to this!!!


Great job guys (pure sarcasm)! El salvatore is gone. I really liked Annie. I thought the desperation for votes and wanting to stay is what this show is about. Darn it as I as typing this message Roach-face won hoh. Thats karma. I hate this show…smh


So Kathy just literally sucks? Wooooooowwwwww…

T that's Me

LMAO…yup, I guess she does!!!

Uncle Cool

I wonder how safe the people in her town feel after watching her in action.

T that's Me

Well, the criminals should feel real safe!!!! LOL


yeah all the criminals need is caramel and it’s over for her, but then again she do carry a GUN


Wow! what a bunch of whiners on this site. Heck, Annie has been trhe only interesting and fun guest to watch this year.


Annie told them what was up and no one listened. Now Brendan and Rachel are safe for another week. She is still something nice to look at.


HAHAHAHA they’re regretting their decision right about now.

she predicted it branchel wins HOH and takes over

chick from louisiana

Not happy!!!!!!! Annie??????? damn, would’ve never guessed that one. now she’s gone, and on top of it all RACHEL is hoh- this just sucks . BB better do something to make this right, lol


Wow….karma came early!!!! I’m SOOOOOOO GLAD Bitch-ney didn’t win- that would’ve sucked HARD. Hopefully she’s sweating it a bit….. 🙂 🙂

T that's Me

I would love to see her go next. She is obnoxious!!!!!!!


I’m glad Rachel won hoh she reminds me a lil of Janelle Pierzina BB6 and BB7 allstars.


Same here … not a fan of Brendon but I like Rachel as a person and competitor in the house.


ooo and britney wow her goodbye message to annie was nuts whats wrong with this girl shes horrible

T that's Me

So what the heck were they looking at behind the chairs when the went off the air??? I guess that is Annie’s last surprise for them. Well, now that the el salvatore crap is out of the way, we can start some real game play. They did say the house guests would know by Sunday night that they voted out the rat, but they really ought to just let them believe that the rat is still in the house!!!!

Joe Mama

I love it that Rachel and that big chest of hers is still in the game for at least one more week. I will say it now, there will be some action in the HOH room this week just like Ollie and April. Youtube will have some BB visitors this week or next!


annie isn’t done yet there will be something else going on


How funny was Britney’s expression when monet told Julie her number? 725!!! LOL that was classic. I think the first thought through Britney’s head was “i’m in an alliance with a retard”


im happy that a hot chick with big boobs this season will finally stay past week two, this has to be a first in BB history, seriously, they always eliminate the chicks with boobs in the beginning, then we get a full summer of looking at people like amber from bb8 or sheila from bb9


So true.. it’s rare that we see someone attractive like Kristin, Rachel or Jordan make it past the midway point. I like Kristin’s chances of getting to the end this year.


LOL !! That Amber BB8, nasty face still haunts me. Gross pig, ugly bitch!



Monet FTW!!!! DAT A$$ $_$!


Woo-hoo… I love it. Karma is a bitch. Britney and Money are going down…. You watch Britney will be all over Rachel telling her that she respects her and that she wanted her out because she’s such a strong player… yada yada yada… I can’t wait to see her kiss arse…


Britney and Monet are going up this week. Britney “We’re so screwed.” LMOA!!!


Does anyone believe that Brendon was trying to “flirt” with Annie and she declined??
Also, Bitch-ney’s good-bye message was hilarious!!!
She is truly a mean girl lol. Rachel’s goodbye was totally immature!

C Note

Why would she lie on live tv when Julie knows the truth, would be real stupid if Julie called her out. he has to be telling the truth even tho I haven’t seen it. Monet is allready having a panic attack. Where is Bitchney when you need a shoulder to cry on. Better get away from that posionous snake!


bitch-ney didn’t like her shoes or makeup (sus zapatos o maquillaje) 🙂


Thank you too for the translation 😀


I think this may go down as the biggest failed ‘twist’ in BB history. What a flop! Annie ‘The Saboteur’? Really? Thank God they had a backup twist with the lifelong friends thing.


I totally agree, it was a dumb move. Annie was probably jumping up and down in the background saying, I told you! I told you!


They never show Kristen hardly threw the show, you never hear her or see her talking on B.B, air. Why ? They never show her doing anything. There has got to be a “good reason ” why B.B is doing it. The camera is never on her !!!


Hey, Joe Mama,,,I have a recipe for “” Not yo’ Mama’s Banana Pudding “” want it.?


Life long friend thing could be Rachel & Andrew are. They sure cozyed up together easy. Your cute & Your cute, under the blanket they went. Way to fast & easy. They know each other. Come on, people ya,all know this was fast !


Sorry, me again !! I ment Brandon not Andrew. I still get mixed up on names yet. ” Maybe my age “.


1-has anyone noticed how Monet is constantly looking at her face, checking herself, and if there’s a mirror available she’s drawn to it like a magnet?
2-I thought I heard Rachel and Kathy (in the HOH room) when they were alone talking and it sounded like they had known each other for a while. Kathy said “she was so proud of her (Rachel)” and when she looked at Rachel’s hiking picture she said “it hard to believe that was only a year ago”. Could there be a connection? Any ideas?