Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Its Official Brit is the First to Regret the Eviction”We Should of Kept Annie”

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6:25pm July 15th Palm Room, Brit, Lane, Matt and Monet talking about how lame the saboteur’s “sabotage” was. Matt thinks they should have pizza tonight to build up their Spirits. The boys leave and Monet/Britney talk about how screwed they are.. both are positive they are going up.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
6:33pm Andrew, Brit and Monet Andrew walks through the room and Brit says “So i saw how happy you were when Rachel one” Andrew says so what, I’m happy for her she played a great game to win HOH. Brit “We’ll it wasn’t very tactful” Andrew “you gotta be honest, you two would of put me up”.. Brit just tells him it wasn’t nice to her “that’s all” this is getting under Andrews skin, “What do you mean not’s not tactful because I’m excited that someone else won besides you….I’m allowed to be happy when someone wins HOH, you think I’m the saboteur and at least with Rachel I have a chance”…”you and I have always had it don’t tell me anymore” Andrew leaves

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
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6:35 Monet and Andrew Monet is telling him she has nothing to do with Britney so what Britney says has nothing to do with Monet… Andrew agrees. Andrew “hey good game nothing against you”


 Big Brother 12 Spoilers 

6:37pm Monet is telling Matt everything that just happened between Andrew and Britney. Matt is pissed “Why the hell is she saying that” Enzo walks in… Monet leaves after saying “I just wish Britney would shut the fuck up for once”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:41pm Palm Room Enzo and Matt Their both pissed about the question they got wrong. Enzo can’t believe the house picked Rachel over Kristen for the bikini question (people love fake plastic people it’s sad know).
Matt says the person going up is Monet and Hayden. Enzo: “no fucking way it’s Monet and Britney”. They both agree that Brit is talking too much and she can’t be trusted they hope Brit leaves over Monet (there talking mega fast right now) Enzo: “Seriously the house picked fucking Rachel over Kristen… what was it the second question?” Matt:” third question? “Enzo “we fucked up”.. Enzo “if i get put up i have votes” Matt “don’t worry man your not going up”. Matt “Monet is going up for sure… ” They are both kinda worried and decide that they need to rethink things and try to survive the week with minimum drama.
Matt why the hell did she say that she’s a dummy.
Enzo what the hell

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:04pm Kitchen Lane and Brit Brit is talking about the little fight with Andrew.. she goes on about how upset she is about Andrew wining, “I’m so pissed at myself for losing that HOH…I should of kept Annie”… Lane says you know that there going to get rid of Monet.. Brit “Yeah… if I win POV i’ll save her” Lane “its risky”… Enzo comes in “I’m going to cook this turkey I’m starving”
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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:10pm Brit and Lane playing pool flirting away.. Lane tells her your name is going to “WOMASS” Britney tells him she’s the one of the two of us that can spell.. He tells her that makes no sense.. they go back and forth about it… Lane
“I got eye fucked 10 times in 5 seconds” (talking about the live show). Lane keeps teasing her.. Britney says “LANE I’ve had a bad day that last thing I need is your tude! (attitude) Lane “I’m not going to give you any sympathy that’s for losers” Brit “why the fuck is Rachel and Kristen best friends now?” Lane “that’s going to happen”.. “I’m going to show my weenie off in showtime… I’m doing it for showtime”..”Rachel is dumb she’s lucky she has Brendon(whispers this out)”.. They tease each other about their answer in the HOH.. off on the backyard couch is Kristen, Brendon, Plastic, Andrew drinking and laughing. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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i want enzo or brit to leave


Ugh, Britney is a complete waste of space! I hope Rachel gets her out.. she needs to GO!!


LOL wow i didn;t see that coming brittney being the 1st to regret evicting annie

Glad Annie's Gone

Do you think that that Big Brother will let the houseguests know that the Saboteur was Annie?


that would mess up the show if they told them


They said tonight that they are telling the house Annie was the sab. on Sunday’s show.


lane and brit should go up.

brit because well you know.

Lane because him an annie had a lil something something.

if i was rach i would put up lane and said that annie got on her and bran , so why not go after the other half of the annie and lane showmance!!!


seeing as they wasn’t a showmance that wouldn’t make any sense, they already said brittney and monet will go up if either of them won HOH


Annie has a very serious GIRLFRIEND. She was never after Brenden. Rachel just though she was because she was one of those stupid little, insecure bitches who think every girl who even looks at her boyfriend is after him.

BTW, did anyone want to scream when Rachel referred to Annie as “that girl you met 8 days ago over your girlfriend” is she serious? 8 days ago, you mean the same day YOU met him.


Although it’s possible that they came into the house as an actual couple, and they’re the “lifelong friends” that the saboteur was talking about.


maybe she said that because they are life-long friends!

Uncle Cool

She is going to put Monet and Britney up because they look better than her.


LMAO, Kyle! I thought the same thing!


I can’t stand Enzo. He’s such a Boogie/Evil Dick wannabe… and it annoys the heck out of me. I just don’t like him at all thinking they are running the show. I hope at least one of the stupid four guys goes home. At least Brit is keeping it interesting… not that i want her to win either.


Enzo should go. He thinks he’s way better than he really is. Meow meow


I wouldn’t have guessed Birtney would be the 1st to vocally regret evicting Annie (although you know all of them [except Brenden/Andrew] do).
They just made the stupidest move in the game, the first week. Now Rachel/Brenden are going top dominate the house and it’s all because they let personal feelings affect a strategic decision.




one of the ‘brigade’ better go, they all are cocky and annoying.


Thank God Annie is gone!!!!!!
BB will think of something better than Annie to keep it interesting ( how hard can it be!! She was as interesting as a Zit )
What do you think of the friends being Zane and Hayden?? Hayden was telling someone in the house how Zane lives in the same town as his sister.


Who is Zane?

Mr. Pickles

Is it just me or has anyone noticed that Britney is constantly picking at her skin like a monkey combing for bugs?


Listen, it’s we “should’VE” kept Annie, not, we should “of”….


Finally some game play out of Monet! I can’t stand Britney and I hope she gets exactly what’s coming to her….


.. and I love that Andrew stuck up for himself like that!


Hayden has to go up. Let him come down off his high horse for once. Then he’ll have to “try” & think for himself !!