Big Brother 16 Spoilers “I hate that Wall”

POV Holder: ? POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

BB16 2014-09-12 15-28-15-413

3:26pm Frankie and Victoria
Frankie says they have an ability to connect the dots in live
Victoria – fake it until you make it
Frankie so true fake believe it until you believe it .. if you believe it it’s true ultimately
Frankie says everyone is freaking out about this comp he thinks it’s because the all know what it’s going to be
Victoria – I’m over it, Zach destroying my stuff I’m over it it’s so childish so literally middle school or high school when you constantly bully and pick on one person how old are you 5 sorry i’m in the house and you’re not sorry i’m doing something right
frankie well thats it they are jealous people

3:33pm Derrick, COdy and Caleb
Studying the Memory WAll or CRUSHING IT as Cody would put it.
Frankie gets called to the Diary room walks by the guys studying after he’s gone they start talking about how worried Frankie is he knows he’s got to beat all three of them. Derrick thinks Frankie will try to go faster than he’s capable of and mess up.

BB16 2014-09-12 15-35-59-639

3:35pm Victoria taking a break from the “WALL”

BB16 2014-09-12 15-48-15-964

3:46pm HOH Caleb and Cody
Caleb says as soon as the veto is over he’s going to get Shawn to call his family tell them to buy their plane tickets because they are going to make it to the final 3. Caleb this competition is HUGE .. this will make us final three.. next week is a given send Victoria packing.
Caleb – I want my mom and four brothers out there sitting right there..
Caleb is acting out how he thinks Frankie is going to be during the competition he’s acting nervous and clumsy. Caleb says they will be calm and cool and will win it. Frankie comes up. Caleb going on and on how he’s going to win this veto says he’s fast and before that veto he never looked at the memory wall.
Caleb says all he has to worry about is he beats Victoria. Says it’s like in the wild when you have a bear chasing you you don’t have to outrun the bear you have to outrun the person next to you.
Caleb – I don’t need to win I just need to outrun Victoria”
Frankie laughs says that’s a funny analogy
Caleb goes into a long conversation about hog hunting..
Derrick comes up “I hate that wall”
Caleb – I ain’t got to beat the bear I have to beat Victoria”
Derrick tells him Victoria has been studying a lot.. there is nothing “they” want better than Victoria to win this thing would make the rewind special.
Frankie pretending to be production – Victoria we loaded some flash cards.. Feeds cut..

BB16 2014-09-12 15-54-15-098

3:53pm Passed out

BB16 2014-09-12 17-17-33-822

4:37pm HOH Frankie and Derrick
Derrick says Caleb thinks Frankie’s sister’s loves him
Frankie yikes
Derrick – “Maybe she will do a duet with me ..”
5:03pm Victoria If Frankie wins I’m screwed.

BB16 2014-09-12 17-25-01-352

5:25pm THE WALL Derrick and Cody
Derrick says he crushed the morph in six minutes without ever looking at this wall.. it’s not a matter if I do it faster I will do it faster.
Cody says Frankie got a nose job so it doesn’t curve around it just ends.. reminds Cody of a dragon. Caleb’s nose reminds him of jeepers creepers.
Derrick says Caleb is not going to wiun he’s up int he hOH planning his country album Derrick feels good that Cody is “Crushing it” because if Derrick can’t win Cody winning is second best.
Frankie joins them “You guys are ridiculous” grabs a pillow and lays beside them.
Frankie – Yup still know everything
Derrick – I don’t know why i’m doing this but it could help

BB16 2014-09-12 18-03-03-839

6:00pm Studying and milling around… everyone very quiet..
BB16 2014-09-12 18-29-39-011

6:30pm Bathroom Derrick, Caleb and Frankie
Derrick saying he’s just as nervous as Frankie he’s going through the same thing. Frankie is playing to get off the block Derrick is plying to stay off the block.

50K vagueness
Lots of excitement about the 50K, still a bit vague but just to clear it up
Shelly Moore from BB13 asked CBS on twitter
“Did I read correctly that the @CBSBigBrother DR told Frankie and Derrick they would get n extra 50k if the make it to final 2? Fair? Not!”
Chris roach who works on Big Brother answered with this
“@ShellyMooreBB13 That is not correct”
Here’s the link to the tweet

This is what I think…
To guarantee a “team america member” wins the 50K both members have to go to final 2.
Derrick could still go with Victoria and win the 50K but.. As unlikely as it sounds he runs the risk of her winning and therefor “team america” doesn’t get the money (No guarantee)

6:43pm Jeff on feeds POV must be starting

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Doesn’t Vic see Zach does this bc he wants her attention and he is obsessed with getting under her skin.
They both can’t stand each other but can never leave each other alone haha


IS THERE ANY DOUBT NOW THAT CBS/BB IS RIGGING THIS ENTIRE GAME AND HAVE BEEN FROM THE VERY START FOR SKANK FRANKIE AND DERRIPIG??????? WE need to all send CBS a message and turn off our televisions and not watch this piece of garbage any longer. PLEASE SOMEONE GO TO THE BACK FENCE AND YELL OVER THE FENCE THAT DERRIPIG AND SKANKIE GET AN EXTRA 50,000 IF THEY MAKE IT TO FINAL TWO AND THAT BB HAS RIGGED THE SHOW FROM THE VERY START and if you have twitter twit Chen and let her know how disgusted you are, and wow if SHelly Moore is disgusted you know it is really bad and totally rigged and UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOMIT is what I feel like doing!!!!


Agree so rigged for fucking fakie don’t even bring up that bitch shelley hated her from the start


Can someone explain why hayden was so pissed that Vic won the money too I know they had to split it who else did he want to win it? I don’t get it he doesn’t like Cody, Derr and Fakie as well as Caleb who won 5k already doesn’t make sense?


He did it so the guys would think the jury hates her, same with scratching out her name on the bathroom door. That way one of them takes her to the final 2 thinking they will beat her because she is hated. Then the jury will vote for her to win since they are bitter with the others.


Lol idk about that. That’s a very elaborate theory that has absolutely no basis in fact. Have you had contact with the jury that the rest of us hasn’t? It’s not like we get to see diary rooms by them. I thinks that’s a ridiculous theory. Victoria has no chance of winning this. And a lot of jury doesn’t like victoria. She was never well liked in the house the same way most of America finds her nasty and immature.

Russell Hantz

Did you not know that ALL “reality” tv is rigged? If it were real, it would be boring. All the drama of “I hate this person. Let’s get on the internet and discuss how much we hate them!” is great for these shows and the longer the hated people last, the better the ratings. Hate/anger over contestants/participants is MUCH better for ratings than favorable likability. Thus the producers rig it for the best ratings and buzz. These shows are for entertainment (ratings/money for the network), not to be “real” or even fair.


Defintiely agree. They are all manipulated and some rigged. That’s the one thing I don’t like about most of the “reality” shows. It seems to really affect the people on them too because of certain expectations. I think with his particular show blantant rigging is overkill due to the nature of it in the first place. Or twists like the BOB. This isnt’ MTV The Challenge. And if they are going to interfere for drama or buzz than they could have done it at other points in the game this season or do things to screw with their heads. WIth Big Brother it’s almost like they aren’t confident and sure of how the people are going to be in there (which seems like the point). But the fear on not getting ratings or the pace starting off too slow seems to be an invisbile worker in Production. Too bad really.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Last twist: Just end it all this Sunday night.


There’s something wrong with your keyboard.

Fuck Frankie

#AnyoneButFrankie is trending worldwide on Twitter at #3. Take that you Fakie Garbage fans.


Frankie I do not go for you at all but please win pov so derrick can go on the block
please in I don’t go for derrick too if they get extra 50 thousand I think America favorite should get
extra 100 thousand


they don’t get 50 k its bullsht tried to tell you guys one of them made it up

I second that

I have been thinking Frankie made it up because he is so paranoid.


[Team America doesn’t have to make it there together for $50k. This means that Derrick doesn’t have to keep Frankie to still be eligible for the $50,000 bonus. Derrick can still get rid of Frankie this week and if he wins against Cody or Victoria, he’ll still get the added $50,000.] – Morty


I would love if production would throw a monkey wrench and give them a different veto competition. the look on these idiots faces will be priceless knowing they wasted days looking at that wall for nothing.


Lol CBS is the biggest joke….you planted the rewind in case Frankie gets backdoored but only ruined his week. Now you offer a 50 k bonus to a Team America finalist winner to help persuade Derrick to save Frankie again this week. Why in the world did Production do nothing to save Zach, Donny or Nicole when majority of fans pleaded with them to help. I honestly don’t even think CBS is in tune with who is popular in the house, the producers have egos like Frankie thinking they are loved and ignore the facts. The fact is no one left in the house is liked especially Frankie, let this idiot go.


Derrick doesn’t have to persuade anyone to save Frankie.Either Frankie or Derrick will win 50 k on top of the standard prize money if they make it to the final 2.If one of them wins BB16 , he we’ll get 500k + 50k (bonus). If one of them will be the runner-up he will get 50k + 50k(bonus).It doesn’t necessarily have to be both of them in the final 2.


Sorry for the mistake. The runner-up doesn’t get the bonus.Only the winner does if he is a member of Team America (Frankie or Derrick).


They did try to get Derrick and Frankie to save Donny with the choose a mission, they just didn’t want to do save him.


I call Bulls h I t!


I second that!!!!


Veto Veto veto………….


Thank you Dawg and Jack’s Dad for checking into this mess for all of us!

Death the Kid

I do not understand why Frankie is still in the house – if he were touching women inappropriately the way he has touched the men, he would have been kicked out on the first offense. Just disgusting!


Victoria did the same thing (even to Frankie). She’s also molested people.


True, all they guys had to do was complain in the DR and Frankie would’ve been warned and then expelled, but obviously they enjoyed the attention they got from another man, so they let the “dry humping” continue without saying anything *hint hint*..

Caleb at one point actually had Frankie on all fours doggy-style dry humping, so he’s clearly gay.. Zach, is confused about his sexuality, bashing all the women, and cuddling with another dude in the bed, proclaiming his man-crush.. Not sure about Cody…


I disagree with that. Yes production would have done something about it if they were serious and complained about all the groping….BUT its the commenters who are complaining about it the most, not the house guests, so wtf would production get involved?
Caleb tells him stop it, He usually just hugs Derrick (im sure Derrick is thrilled about it) and when he tries to touch Cody, Cody just runs away. I think it makes the viewers way more uncomfortable to watch. (including me).

Beast Mode Mogul



someone(s) in production must have a side deal with Frankie’s Agent.

50K Twist

The 50K Twist can go one of the following ways:

1. Force Derrick and Frankie to work together until Final 3, proving the season is rigged.
2. Force them to turn on one another. If Frankie is evicted, would he get jealous and expose Derrick?


its bs that’s 1 way think derrick made it up dawg only reported them talking about it if it is derrick im afraid Frankie will ask production about it in DR I believed it for a couple minutes then thought that would be crazy look back at my post


This sucks I hate CBS and they rigging it to keep Frankie. if there was a way to redo Team America im pretty sure the real Team would be Zach, Donny, and Nicole why can’t they split the money amongst them 3 the real Team America and everybody favorites.

Beast Mode CowPatch

Will Donny get some of that money?


I didn’t see this in the OBB transcript from last night but has anyone mentioned the TVGN feed when Derrick asked Frankie by the pool table if he asked his sister what she thought of him (Derrick)? And Frankie said she liked him… Did he have contact with his sister???

Russell Hantz

I saw that convo. I’m pretty sure it was meant in the context of a question, like Derrick asking what Frankie thought his sister thought of Derrick and Frankie saying he was sure she liked him. Frankie hasn’t had any contact with his sister, at least nothing the live feeds have shown.

The Beard

I have been saying It’s Frankie and Derrick in the final 2 for awhile,this just confirms it that Frankie is the villain or crook and Derrick is the hero cop!It seems you need to set up a storyline for a reality game or study to manipulate ratings?The more people talking even if most are saying bring me your head their still talking


I caught that comment too last night and I was like HUH???? I immediately thought that Frankie must have gotten a phone call/vid chat or something w/his sister and Derek certainly talked like he had some contact with her and of course the EGOMANIAC at work asking what she thought of HIM?(Derek)!!! They complain about Caleb’s ego and the rest of them are as bad or WORSE!


I caught that too. He had to talk to her.


I’m so glad you brought that up – I think it was the day before when I was watching the Talk, they were talking about A. G. supposedly being hard to get along with while she is on tour. OK, here goes, Julie said, when A. G, was here the other day and she was very nice to staff, she waited patiently, after hours to see and show her brother support at the studio. I also said, to myself, what did Julie just say (I left it alone until now) So, if anyone taped September 10 and 11th show it will be there.

Frankies Skankie Shorts

Say what??!! Answer this CBS!

Teri B

WOW….that’s pretty telling, isn’t it? Chenbot committing a major faux pas? OOP!!!!! I mean really guys, how many “coincidences” do there have to be….Production is totally in charge, beginning to end.


just go to cbs to the talk and watch the episodes


it was the 10th


All this studying they’re doing, you’d think there could actually be a tie in this POV, excluding Vacancy though, Production could tell her what to do and she’d still suck at it…

If there’s a tie, will they have to do a tie-breaker, or will they both be the winner?


I really think that if production gave her all the answers she could still finish last.


Production has really screwed Donny. I feel bad for the guy because TA tasks since he left have been too easy. There will be some really pissed off houseguest when they see a replay of this season. Frankie and Derrick deserve all the shit they’ll get after the show.


If they want to give Frankie and derrick money why waste our time this summer…….I feel cheated.

How long ti;l BB17 ?

Here is a Flashcard for You Frankie The BOO’s You receive when You are evicted will be louder than the Your obnoxious, skanky personality

Can I get a thumbs up if You agree ?

Russell Hantz

I would LOVE for him to get booed, but I just don’t think it will actually happen. The live show audiences still laugh every time Frankie is on screen, so they’re definitely not made up of live feeders. Christine is a more universally hated houseguest. The general audience saw more of her to hate than Frankie. Plus her offenses were more personal than game related, as in disrespecting her marriage with the Cody molesting. The general audience has only seen Frankie make unfavorable game related moves, so while he may not be “liked” the audience probably won’t boo him like Christine. I think at most he’ll get a couple of random boos, but I won’t be surprised if he gets none.

I hope I’m wrong though.

Just A Thought...

Maybe I’m way off base, but I had a thought. My theory on the 50k drama is that they didn’t promise 50k, rather they said they would get their TA earnings doubled if they made final 2. Derrick and Frankie believe they have completed 5 missions which equals $25k.

Kathy B

How many hours have they been studying the wall? There is a possibility of over-studying, where your brain just shuts down from repetitive memorization – except for Victoria, whose brain is usually in the “off” position. She actually has a chance (albeit a small one) of winning because she’s not over-studying. If those two brain cells connect, watch out!!

Roisen Dubh

Oh I know I’m dreaming, but I would love to see Vic win POV and Derrick turning around and convince her not to use it. This season is scripted so I really don’t care no mo.

I love Frankie

I am crossing my fingers that Frankie wins the veto. That’s the only way this could get exciting until the end. BORING if Cody, Caleb, and Victoria make it to the end, they dont do anything. I hope Frankie and Derrick make it final two and have to fight it out with the jury! Go Frankie!

Team America

It seems very unlikely but still possible. What if Frankie made up the extra $50k prize to try and get derrick to take him to the final two.

Random Thoughts

I’d been thinking the same thing. When I first read about the 50K, I was outraged. However, then when I heard that it wasn’t true, I figured that Frankie made it up as a last ditch effort to try and get Derrick to keep him in the game.
Also, on the subject of Team America – I was hoping that once Donny was gone that they wouldn’t have any more challenges. When Joey was evicted the first week, she was replaced. There was obviously supposed to be three members of Team America. So, it would make sense to me, that when Donny left – if they weren’t going to replace a member – that they should have left the two remaining members of Team America high and dry and unable to “earn” any more money. I was disappointed they gave them another challenge, and that it was so easy! I’m really hoping that the “rewind” wiped it out!


… Or Derrick made it up…

Random Thoughts

Sure, that’s possible too Theory. I just thought that Frankie was more desperate and had more of a reason to come up with something like that. But anything is possible with all the lying/bullshitting going on.

Girldragon Slayer

This is becoming more and more like a train wreck made in hell. Gawd, I so want Frankie to go. Frankie CANNOT win the POV at ALL. His over-the-top dry humping self is nothing more than a blatant attempt to divert the hard truth from his reality, that he, overall, basically SUCKS and no one really like him. Must be tough for him to know who’s the “true” talent in that family.

But I am in agreement that Derrick need to sweat a bit. But I do have a hard time in thinking that these people left will do just that. If I hear his comment in DR “With that being said” one more time, I’m going to throw something at the TV just to shut him up.

Vic – “the force to be reckoned with”, really, like how? Please explain. Earth to Vic, Your mirror want to break up with you.

Caleb – AFP?, HA! I don’t think so, pal. You’re too delusionally dumb for that and I really don’t think that you can handle the truth too well. You spilling the beans to Victoria about the now non-existent Bomb Squad is a case in point.

Cody – just shut up already and win the POV this week, for crying out loud. Your whining and crying is just as bad as Frankie’s blue shorts.

Now who do I want to see in the F2? Tough call but I think that I’ll go with Izzy and the ants.

The Truth

What they are saying doesn’t even make any sense. Saying that Frankie will be so nervous. No more nervous then the rest of them. How does someone mess up such a straight forward game. See face. See name. Press button. Whoever recognizes the faces quicker will win. I just don’t see this as a game where nerves could overtake you.

Zach's New Pink Hat

They could possibly slow down the clock time ever so slightly just incase someone is closer to winning then the person they want to win the POV. That’s just assuming production is involved in a shady way.


Remember the night Nicole was in the Diary Room for a very long time (when she came back in the house), she said she was in there for so long because she kept messing up the transcript. So with the additional $50,000 if the pervert stays, pretty much says that BB is not reality TV.
I am going to write a letter to Julie’s husband asking for the old BB. They desperately need to get rid of Grodner. He may not know about the pervert sexually harressing the men or the large bonus if Derrick can get him to the end. If we complain, it might help.


Derrick is playing his game as to keep the jury happy……I don’t think he’s going to screw over Victoria right now and vote her out!

Production can easily rig the Veto

No one knows their final time until the end of the competition. They could easily give the win to whomever they choose, especially if the times are close.


What if the bs extra money is not bs at all but a replacement for AFP? The last one standing of Team America wins AFP…

Frankies Skankie Shorts

My dream…..Frankie is evicted and walks out to COMPLETE SILENCE with the audience yawning and looking at the ceiling and Julie Chen asleep in her chair snoring.


Is it possible Derrick could have made up this lie and told Frankie that the DR told them they would get an extra 50k if they made it to final 2. Derrick might be just trying to get Frankie to not try as hard on the veto competition….. Does that make sense? If Derrick did make this lie up.. Then he’d just misted America…. Lol


No, would be too easy for Frankie to confirm in DR.


I doubt that Derrick could get away withmaking up something like that without Frankies friends/agents/sisters agents/Grodner/ setting him straight. Forcing them both to go to final 2 to win the extra cash would piss too many people off and be too obvious its rigged. I would say either can be in final two and get the xtra 50k. Then again production is really going out of there way for Frankie this year and they don’t give a hoot about the fans or audiance, in order to promote a bratty young Diva.

Great Music

Google Humble Pie 30 Days in the Hole….. and listen to it… it fits this season….


Great tune and you’re so right – listen to it!

E Clapton

Do you think they really get it? Best song for this season – or I’m just too darn old and no one knows I was a part of Humble Pie…

I was there

Yep – this really ages me – but this was the best song that captures this season.

Frankies Skankie Shorts

My other dream……Frankie is picked for Survivor and is dropped off on an island populated by clown cannibals who mistake him for pink cotton candy and devour him immediately.

Frankie H8r

Ew, even cannibals would not chew on that old worn out old meat.

Death the Kid

i for one will be sad to see Derrick win. Do not feel he has even played the game at all. He plays people, and that is the only reason he has gotten so far, as he seems to be in a house of total morons. I dont feel anyone deserves to win if they havent even had to be a nominee. I do agree with everyone else, most boring season ever, as no one had a mind of their own. Whole season everyone voted together. And everyone got mad at Joey cause she wanted to have an all girls alliance, seems like she is the only of the girls that had a mind to play the game. And it that not what the boys had already done? no one is a winner this year in my book.

Teri B

I totally agree, and I said it here weeks ago. Derprick isn’t playing the game….he is playing the people. In this game you have to do both….ala’ Dr. Will or Dan G. Just MHO. Cheers!


Congratulations Simon on the birth of your handsome baby boy. He’s so adorable! I want to eat him up……I love babies! All the best to you and his Mom!

Humble Pie

Best song for this season Humble Pie – 30 days in the hole – Google it

Humble Pie

Guess I really mean it!


This mess sounds like a Derrick trick! He is probably telling Frankie about the 50 thousand in case Frankie wins the veto he wants to make sure Frankie takes him to the end. I f ing hate Derrick!


I like Derrick. If that’s what it is….well played!


I read the CBS guy reply, ‘that is not correct’. like what’s not correct. Can you possibly be more vague? Try a few more words in the next reply. As in ‘there is no TA incentive” or ‘only one TA member needs to be F2 for both to win” or “only the one who wins BB or who is 2nd up will get the added bonus”.

But that reply, we still don’t know: did Frankie make the whole thing up? Did Derrick make it up? Is it a real perk for the TA? And if so, why? They only completed half of the tasks, hardly a stellar performance.

When there was a real TA task that could have save Donny, i didn’t believe it when donny brought it to the other TA guys. i thought he was making it up, i’m sure they did as well lol But the difference is, we could go to CBS BB site and see it listed as the task. with this one, nothing is listed at all. we truly won’t know until or unless we see it in a DR session. no point really speculating until it is a sure thing. if it is frankies lie and it helps him stay, kudos to him for coming up with a plan that tricks derrick


What the heck? The bb tables have turned on the viewers. We are being played. Why not just give whoever is the beneficiary of this latest twisted twist 50 k on the side. I say “keep my name out your mouth”!


if production rigs it why has no one from the past come forward?

Izzy twin sister

No! Give that extra 50,000 to Donny.


I would much rather see Frankie stay this week as far as competition goes. Just to see the boys scramble. Do we really need to see Victoria suck at yet another competition?!!!


Look at all those thumb downs for mentioning Frankie staying…LOL…I never said that I wanted Frankie to win, just saying it would make better tv then keeping Victoria any further. Frankie could leave Thursday just as easily as Wednesday but at least you would get to see the rest of the guys scrambling to try and beat him. And it would probably set Caleb off as well knowing that he can’t compete in the HOH to protect himself from Frankie. That’s all ::drops mic::

Zach's New Pink Hat

Zach has liked Victoria since the beginning that’s not really news. I would also like to know what Haydens problem is. Hes acting like a real ass about things. I understand some people out played you and lied to you (Welcome to BB Hayden) but no one was cruel to you or treated you like some leper. I don’t understand all the hate.
I have no idea wtf jocostas problem is either. Shes acting like some hard core BB player and shes all pissed off that she was out of the house before anyone. HELLOOOOOO you dumb biatch. You sucked at the game and were a social mess. Now in the jury house we have to see her and hear her ratched voice talk about the other people who were actually playing the game. My God I cant think of a more useless player. (even Victoria has her uses).


Jacosta never rang true with me. She just seems like a poseur, hiding behind a religious freak-on. People like her scare me.

Nichole's and Hayden's Sweet Romance

ZNPH: Maybe Hayden’s anger with the HGS is because of their treatment of Nicole when she returned from the JH. Although it may be immature (He’s 21.), it still shows how upset he was that Nicole was played cruelly sometimes and lied to constantly (especially by Derrick). It’s just a thought.

Tribe of Clown Cannibals

Don’t insult our taste.


POV should be done fast, all the studying they’ve been doing, and it being the same comp as last week…

The Boss

Exactly, I’m not sure what’s taking so long with the results


I HATE FRANKIEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can anyone explain the conversation Derrick & Frankie had on TVGN last night? “Derrick: So, what does your sister think about me? Frankie: obsessed. Derrick: She likes me? Frankie: yeah, for sure, for sure.” Was Derrick just asking if Frankie assumes Ariana likes him? Or was he insinuating Frankie actually spoke to Ariana & asked her if she likes Derrick?


were talking about this at the 6:17 mark. Please chime in…


$50K thing is confusing but I think Derrick will cut Frankie anyhow given the opportunity! Not sure why there are so many Derrick haters – he’s played the game well and deserves to win – just my opinion!


Does anyone remember “Chicken George”?


CODY WON THE VETO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats for pulling it together when it counted!
Frankie begone!