Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly finds the missing chess pieces.. Will Dani still use the King & Queen in her speech? *UPDATED*

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7:30am – 10:15am Shelly wakes up and starts her morning routine of smoking and cleaning. Shelly heads into the storage room and opens the draw where Dani had hid the chess pieces and finds them. (I wonder if Dani will still use the chess pieces in her speech on Thursday now that they’ve been found?) Shelly says Ahhh..HA! Shelly then goes up to the chess board and places the chess pieces back on the chess board. Shelly then heads back outside to have another smoke. Big Brother cuts the live feeds… and when they come back ..all four cameras are on the other houseguests still sleeping with the lights off.
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10:15am – 10:45am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to wake up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back, Shelly is working Adam hard again… she is telling Adam that it is unfair to Fara for Adam to walk out of the house with nothing. Shelly says that this week is big .. we need to win either way! Shelly asks Adam if we stick with Jeff and Jordan this week .. do you have the balls to back door Jeff? Adam smiles. Shelly says that in this game there comes a point in time when you need to take out the personal part of this game …and believe me it hurts me just as bad to do this to Jeff and Jordan… but we need to break them up to win. Adam says that he just doesn’t trust Dani because she told Shelly and him that we were both safe.

Dani joins them and Shelly says speak of the devil. Shelly says that she is still trying to talk to Adam about the plan. Shelly says that she has come to the conclusion that she is not a good sales woman. Dani says that its not that …its that Adam isn’t a good buyer. Dani asks Adam why he won’t go against Jeff. Adam asks Dani why she told both him and Shelly that we were both safe. Dani says …so you are going to call me out like that? Dani says to be honest if I had to pick one of you back then it would have been Shelly … but you were never my target … Brendon was! Shelly asks so what would your final three be… Dani pauses and says I don’t know … my final four deal would be with you (Shelly), Adam, and Porsche… Dani says that she is willing to talk about a final three deal with them ..I am willing to sell my soul at this point.

Dani asks why would you want Jeff to stay … he told me that he swore I was safe and now I am going home. Dani says that it makes her sick that we are basically handing Jeff half a million dollars. Dani says that Jeff has won two competitions that were tailored to him, he can’t win everything. Dani tells Adam that you have to make big moves to get through this game. Dani says I don’t want to be mean but do you want to be known as that guy in the elf suit. Dani and Adam start going through the scenarios about what would happen if whoever wins HOH this week. Dani says talks about the power shifts in the house… and that were you are now isn’t necessarily the best place it be next week. Dani says that they don’t care about him .. we do …we have cared about you since the beginning. Dani says so what Jeff will be mad at you …you can come hangout in our HOH room. Dani says that she is willing to make whatever deal they want and that she will 100% stick to it. Adam brings up another point that Dani and Dominic had made a final four deal and that he wasn’t a part of that …so you wanted me out eventually. Dani says granted you weren’t a part of the final four deal but that was in the very beginning and things change week to week here. Rachel comes outside and the conversation ends.

10:50am – 11am Shelly, Adam, Rachel and Dani are talking about random stuff. Shelly talks about a butt paste for babies with diaper rash. Dani says I don’t plan on having any babies any time soon so I am not the one to be talking to. Rachel says I do! …I’ll keep that in mind for the next five years.. Adam and Dani joke about eating babies. Dani remembers her first night in the havenot room when she yelled she was so hungry she could eat a baby!!

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Check Mate Dani!


shelley and adam are playing SMARTER that anyone in this game. they are the real power in the house because:

They are not targets
They do not alienate jury members
They are the swing votes every week


Adam in no way is a JJ fanboy. IF HE WERE HE WOULD HAVE EXPOSED SHELLEY. He has not and will not out shelley as he made need her later. When shelley realizes adam will not flip to team dani, she will then change her vote and will also evict dani. Her treachery to jj will never come to light and she will deny she ever made any deal.


The real power? To be considered a “power” you have to do something. Neither of these people have done anything or even been the cause of a single person being evicted (not by being HOH nor by flipping the house for votes. Though to be fair to Shelly, if Lawon hadn’t self evicted himself, it’s likely Shelly had flipped the votes to save Rachel a couple weeks ago. But you also have to give some of the credit for that to Kalia the Huts stupidity). But neither of them have ever said “I want this person gone” and convinced the house to vote them out.

I might concede to you that they are playing smart (I would actually probably just say that their game play is under rated, I dunno if I’d go as far as to say its be smart), but they are not the power in this house. These two have no power at all.


Totally agree with you!


They are politicians!!


BONE, you just defined floater.


Exactly, I’ve been saying Adam is playing almost a perfect game. I bet he would cut Jeff throat next after Dani is gone. That will leave him with “floaters” left. A great way to go to the finals when he lacked the abilities to win competitions early.


Even if she goes, Dani is hands down my favorite this season and made it entertaining whether she made stupid moves or not.

Dark Horse

I agree…
at least she has a personality and a mind of her own…
It will get very boring in the house if she leaves…

Who really wants to listen to Dumb & Dumber for the next 4 weeks..
Jeff & Jordan


she has a personality of a spoiled kid, that has no clue what she is doing…..

Dark Horse

sounds like Rachel…


Honestly, all this Rachel bashing and for what. what has the woman done to you. she may have come in thinking its a game for competitors which it is not because no one is thinking of being competive, they just wish to float on by but to simply be mean and just say terrible things about rachel is crazy. Dani needs to grow up and be honest with herself. she is a mean girl period


I am so tired of the negative attitude and name calling of the players in this GAME. People seem to forget it is a game. Whether you are rooting for jj or anyone else its not cool. Not sure if its jealousy or just ignorance. Does insulting people give your insignificant life a little more meaning at the end of the day?


Thank goodness for your comment. It makes me cringe reading all of the comments that just talk so rudely and negatively about the people in the house. I’d love to hear why people are rooting for whomever they’re rooting for and what they think their strengths are, but I don’t need to read why someone hates Rachel or hates Dani or whomever.


I totally agree, I love jeff and jordan
even though I hope jeff wins, I know jeff will not make it to the end so I don’t care if anyone else wins,
as long as dani is evicted this week


even if you don’t like her moves you have to admit without her this season would be boring. she was the only one to go against and actually do something to the vet. the regulators got regulated from the start. after dom left it would’ve been kiss the vet’s butt season with nothing being done. i doubt kalia and porsche would’ve join the other alliance (doubt there would be another alliance) with dani leading it. even if it’s their downfall at least there was a group that was willing to challenge the vets.


Yep, hands down, Dani played the game this season. Sometimes not very smartly (made her move too soon), but played the game, just the same. She’s my favorite, too.


Imagine if Kalia’s HOH hadn’t undone all of Dani’s work. Had she put Jordan up as a pawn against Rachel, Brendon (I don’t buy for a minute that he was Merica’s Choice) would have had to eliminate Rachel to get back in the house and regardless who came back, Lawon was a vote for their side of the house. It is just depressing that Dani goes home because Kalia is an idiotic egomaniac.


I voted for Brenden multiple times to get back into the house. I just wanted to stick it to Dani. I enjoy the fact he came back, if only for one week.


Me too. I thought it would bring some drama into the house.


yea i agree with this. even though dani did make her move too early it wouldn’t have matter if they putted up jordon. kalia was too afraid of who was coming back she went for what she thought was the easy way out. even if another vet would come back it would’ve been a wash and they would still had lawon as a vote.


did you forget America does not like dani, America like her dad (why I don’t know) but they did
that’s why brendan came back

Shellys Cig

Agree here Dani is my fav as well!!! If she’s kicked out, I’m for Team Shelly/Porsha ! Adam is a loss cause.. He’s going feel like a foo when he finds out how His lover Jeff trashed him : )


that sucks!


******ATTENTION ALL & SIMON*******

We need to get a plane over the big brother backyard that reads: “Jeff & Jordan lying to Adam”. If we were to do that, then for sure he would flip and this show can finally get interesting.

Simon are you able to set that up somehow for Thursday? I will pitch in $20 through Paypal. I’m sure if we can get 20 people to pitch in we could do it. I’m being serious, it’s the only way we can shake this up. Who’s with me???


I am in. Plz Simon…


Let’s get a banner made to out shelly! That would really get the fluids flowing!


This was done in seasons 1 and 2. If planes are seen by production with banners headed toward the house, they put the HGs on lockdown until the plane leaves. They do not want outside influances in the game.


it happened in season 8 as well, it said “We <3 Nick!! Eric and Amber are lying"


actually it was done in season 8, and it read “do not trust the donatos” on it, so yeah, ur wrong


In 8 aswell. It was funny.


It was also done a few years ago and BB/CBS filed a cease&desist to the local plane company that does it. Since then you probably won’t find a place to do that.
And that would ruin the Integrity of the game so if you truly appreciate the game of BB you wouldn’t want outside interference 🙂


dude- its a reality show. its not that serious.



Wants Dani To Stay!!!

I am in as well. I would love nothing more than Dani to stay in the house and Adam know that JJ is a liar.


I’m so serious, we can make it happen. We already know CBS wants Dani to stay because they were trying to convince Jeff not tonput her up when he was in the DR.

Let’s do it, does anyone live in the area of the BB house? We can change this game for the good!


lol… u people are really that dumb to believe that some of production will quite the show if Dani goes home. It seems that u all just want to believe what dani said in the house. She said that she will sell her soul to stay so why would anyone trust her with their game. She will get rid of Adam as soon as she can. Adam is better of sticking with JJ for now. He can plot their demise after Dani is gone.

Wants Dani To Stay!!!

I am so in, doesn’t this website have a way of helping with this if we raise the money? I so want Dani to stay!!!


This idea is pathetic, and you are pathetic for spamming this crap all over the place. Big Brother is a game, and lying is a huge part of this game. Get over it. If Adam (or any other house guest) can’t see the lies of the other house guests, then that is his fault. That mean’s he’s not as good as the person who is lying to him.

Fans (especially random fans who have absolutely no connection to the house guests) should not get involved at all.

Dark Horse

I’m in…
I say fly it over the house tonight…
more entertainment for Thursday!

Big Game Move

You do understand why these banners fly during the day, right?

Dark Horse

Should have read *today*

thanks OBB police!




adam does not care if jeff is lying to him, he wants dani out because she is strong player, he knows he can’t beat dani in competitions
besides dani is lying to him also

VA Vet

Simon, any chance you can establish some basic boundaries regarding the vile language here? Do we really have to use the F & C words in order to get our point across?


That kind of language just shows a lack on intelligence.

very big brother fan

totally agree


I think you meant a lack OF intelligence.


🙂 🙂

Shellys Cig

this isn’t church, so stop your whining!!!!

VA Vet

Suggesting civil discourse with a little creative language is not “whining”.


Is this still the internet?


Tell that to Brendon and Jeff.


Mike Hunt Sofa King rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Forget the banner ! Sky divers with labeled parachutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


With no swear words how will we ever quote Jeff?

VA Vet

LOL! Or any of the other house guests!


Looks like Adam is sucking his thumb while sleeping……….perhaps dreaming of Jeff!!!

Uncle Cool

Just a certain part of Jeff…

The vet

Jeff or little Jeff?

Dark Horse

BIG Jeff…

Woot woot

And pretending it’s Jeffs dick


probably picking his nose


looks more like he is dreaming of the green he wishes he had

R Daddy

Adam needs to expose Shelly. Pulling for A to win Hoh during fast forward.

Big Game Move



jeffs a loser
adams the losers loser on a leash

SHOUTOUT: adam i hope you know what a bad game player you are and should retire at watching anything cbs ever again… ever……………………ever.


That’s hilarious. Maybe shelly won’t say she found them and Dani will blame kalia and the everyone starts throwing everyone under the bus. This could be exciting. Oh team big brother yo!


I wish Shelly would think of that… good idea! We need a little excitement


Can someone explain what is the secret behind the hiding-the-chess-pieces mission? I feel like this has happened in past seasons as well. But I fail to see what the point is….think about it….hiding chess pieces…? Not to knock Dani (although she is a narcissistic idiot) but it’s one of those pointless little things that a toddler does – that only makes sense to the toddler.


You do realize that saying ‘not a knock to…’ doesn’t actually mean anything when you follow it up with what’s clearly a know right?

I think the hiding things was simply to keep people off-balance and thinking that it might even be part of an upcoming comp (since BB has been known to do some odd stuff in the past). I do think it was a bit of a lame attempt, but it’s not really that incompressible.



friggan autocorrect


Dani hid them because she wanted to use them for her final speech…


I assumed she wanted everyone else to think that production did took them (and other items) in preparation for an upcoming competition. And then they would all be focusing on that (which has no relevance at all to the game) instead of focusing on things that will actually matter.

So basically, she is attempting to trick them and throw them off their game some. There really isn’t a negative to doing it (if you get caught, oh well. And if the items are found, oh well because no one will know who hid them anyways) and it could be beneficial if people really do begin to focus too much on them. If they think the missing items will show up in a questions competition, then they’ll be studying everything that is missing instead of things they should really be studying. So it’s a no-lose situation.


Let the Queen give her speach!!!


Their son’s name is CA$H, how moronic….er I mean, ironic of them!


Wow good job shelly. Okay Dani, uses your chess pieces as a speech. That’s the plan of getting Houseguests to vote for you to stay. They should make their own decision as the house than forcing them to vote for you to stay. You can’t get what you want. No, you trying to manipulating and backstabbing. And get try to feel sorry for you. Does not work that way. First, you backstabbed the veterans, Second, you and PT planned to backdoored Jeff, Third, you help Kaila to put up Rachel and Jeff on the block, and finally, you want a pity votes. I don’t think so sister, you can’t get what you want. That’s pathetic and disgusting. You should be ashamed to yourself. The only blame is herself. Don’t blame anybody and especially your alliance. Why would you do that? And you want Shelly and Adam to join you. I don’t think so. I fought you are smart player. How does smart players does when someone do her dirty work instead of doing it yourself? That’s not smart player. You look like a fool. Only fools throw POV competition. That’s Dumb and stupid. I wouldn’t do that. For the time being, you and your followers should been evicted. It’s sucks doesn’t it.


So excited for tonight~~ Adam is the man if he sticks with Jeff and Jordan. It is still anybody’s game (well hopefully except Danielle’s)
and it is sometimes very random who wins HOH> So this week is double eviction, and my money is on Jordan to win it. I know most of you are
JJ haters~` however, she is going to make all of you wake up and take notice. She is coming into her own, so keep watching BBAD and you will
see that she is not as stupid as she is portrayed.

Good Luck tonight and Thursday to Jeff, Jordan and Adam~` Stay together and go far!!


jordan is not as stupid as she’s portrayed??? Are you kidding me? Jordan is a moron, the stuff that comes out of her mouth is pathetic, and it was cute at the start, but now it’s just annoying… she has done nothing in the game but sit on the bed with jeff… those 2 are so boring!!!!!! and adam is such a follower… those 3 are pathetic


Jordon is seriously dumb. I use to like her and Jeff. But this season she’s a bit of a witch.

I use to think she played up the “dumb blonde” thing and got away with it because she’s cute. But she really is dumber than a pile of rocks. And I’m not being rhetorical… I actually believe a pile of rocks would score higher than Jordon on any test.

But, in her defense, she’s still not as dumb as Adam is useless. Would be nice if he’d stop gargling Jeff’s balls for 2 seconds and think about playing the game.

CBS did do an excellent job of choosing people this season though. They found plenty of weak-minded sheep for the vets to dominate. Porsche may be the only exception. And as crazy as Shelly is, at least she’s making moves.

Big Game Move

I think you mean you are not speaking “figuratively”…You are speaking literally, not rhetorically..But hey, you right she the dumb one.


no, i meant what i said.


If you really meant what you said, then the irony of your entire post is hilarious!

A Nono Moose

Not a fan of Jeff or Jordon, not getting the charm…she seems like a nice enough kid tho, Jeffs an asshole…anyway I wish I were as stupid as she supposedly is, I’d be $500k richer

BB production feeds

Go team SSILF!!! She looks so hot with her boney @ss in those flannel thongs..Tony is a lucky man


Good, glad to see Dani busted again. See ya later loser

Dark Horse

How was Dani busted?
Was there a note on them stating…’Dani took them’…


lol exactly

Dani is fugly...

Dani needs to go. Rachel is such a smart woman to not bite at these catty girls barbs. Shelly is a smokestack with a mouth that spews lies and smoke… Adam is my hero for sending Dani hitting the road… Don’t come back no more, no more, no more!


I just read that on Thursday’s Live Eviction Show in some markets will be delayed due to Preseason Football. Please check your local listings. Also, check back with Simon onThursday, he can help you in that area if yours is the market that is being affected


I hope Adam goes next…he’s an idiot and needs to know he’s been played… Sorry Dani. Enjoyed your game play this year.


Dani beat it! Your a little baby! Hiding all things in the house. & people property. Get out you baby.


Shelly is such a pretty ladie.

Big Game Move

Simon or Dawg? Why does EVERY post have to wait fo rmoderation from you guys? I get that you dont want people attacking others (which ironically still happens occasionally even with the moderation) but it seems that this would be a better conversationaly board if you were able to reply in a timely fashion to possibly get replies back. In other words if I reply 1 minute after the post and it doesnt get through until 5 minutes later the original poster or others may have passed it by.

It would seem easier to just let everything go and delete any that are offensive as part of the moderation. Im a moderator for another unrelated board and this is our standard practice. Just seems like the board would get alot more posts and more retorts on a particular post. Just a thought!




not to mention free up some of their time! i now simon has said how he gets backed up approving comments. if there’s something offensive trust me one of us will report it! lol


I’m feeling Porsche will win the hoh on Thursday and put jj up. I’m feeling it.


One can only hope…


Sorry Dani


Everyone, Everyone. Let’s here it of the Queen of stupidity, the Queen of crybabies, the Queen of backdooring, the Queen of Manuplation, the Queen of Loser, the Queen of backstabbers, The queen of execuses, and the Queen of Bad Strategy has to say. Oh wait, she probably crying right now. Danielle, get over it. You are the member of the Crybabies Fan club. Boo-Hoo, just get over yourself. You are make every Houseguest more miserable. That would be sick to their stomach.




I could not watch Dani sitting in the kitchen crying & lying with Kalia, Porshe and sometimes Shelly last night on BBAD. I ended up recording BBAD so that I could FF Dani. It’s very irritating and annoying to watch the Lying Bohemian – Dani made not one but a series of major mistakes. Dani needs to be crying onto Kalia’s shoulder telling Kalia that she is stupid for letting herself get mixed up over Dom. It sounds as though Dani doesn’t have much of a life outside of BB – she tried for years to get on the show & now enjoys being a BB Stooge. I could understand if Dani was upset because her dad doesn’t love her or because she likes like she’s over 40 – but Dani is making herself irritating, annoying and pathetic for crying & lying.




And since this is a double eviction week I’m hoping for a Rachel hoh win and finally put jj on the block…I hope Jeff goes right after Dani


Not going to happen. Rachel wouldn’t do that. She is going after Kaila and Porsche for what they done to her. She wouldn’t even dare of putting Jeff and Jordan up.


Wont’ happen. Rachel knows where her bread is buttered now. She’s with JJ til the end now.

Russel K's baby momma

Jeff is a douch

Russel K's baby momma

Adam needs to realize that Jeff won Fan favorite, did amazing race and that other show too… Why would he hand him another check. Dumb dumb dumb


I am hoping Adam or Porche win and put up Jeff and Rachel. If one wins POV and gets off put up Jordan. Go Team Newbie!!!


This is my first season. It’s a good show, but I just hate that the people who came to play hard like Brendon, and Dani, are being sent packing and there are so many other people in the house who haven’t done anything but kiss bum coasting to the end. It’s almost as if the best way to move forward is to not do anything.


Adam is not being a coward, he knows he can’t beat Dani, so he is getting rid of her. The truth of the matter is, Adam is on his own side, he does not want a vet to win, and he is playing as good a game as he is capable of playing. Taking Dani off would be stupid, she has proven over and over again that she can not be trusted, Adam knows she is not going to take him to the end.


I agree with you Ladybug.


Amen Ladybug!


Why the hate for Adam? Switching right now would be a dumb move, Dani is a vet and will win if she gets to final two, at least when she’s gone he could team up with the other newbies and hopefully do their thing, I hope he’s just waiting for the right time to make his move, why piss people off now when there’s no need of it? Yeah he’s a fan of Jeff but he has his own mind and will do what he has to do when the opportunity arises, don’t count him out yet.
As for Rachel, I’m sick of her having to be the scapegoat for everybody’s hate, she hasn’t said or done anything to anybody in a long time and doesn’t deserve the crap those girls keep saying about her, they’re worst than Rachel right now and I can’t wait to see them go.
Jeff and Jordan won’t make it to the end, they can’t win everything and the numbers aren’t in their favor if they do get put on the block. Shelly has a personality disorder and actually believes the lies that she tells, I couldn’t believe how she was crying in the DR about Rachel lying about her when Rachel was actually telling the truth! Hope she gets found out, if she was lying just to play the game it would be fine, but she’s believing what she’s spewing and that makes her look crazy. I don’t care who wins this season, they’re all assholes in their own way.


Very true that they are all assholes in their own way! I guess we all are though 🙂


You reap what you sow. Rachel was all out catty and arrogant for the first month to all of these people. Laying low for a week doesn’t suddenly turn you into a saint or make people forget how you acted for all that time. Even her own alliance member Jeff pointed out that she’s just getting back what she put out.


Dani’s ego is almost as immense as her desperation to escape her father’s shadow.


Simon says


I love this site … but seriously, the hatred and nastiness here is rivaling that displayed by Dani, Shelly and gang lately! It really is possible to support your favorites and slam those you dislike without resorting to ignorant, repetitive insults that are no longer even based on reality ;p I suppose, given many of the comments here, some of the more disgusting behavior displayed in the house is just a reflection of humanity and I find that depressing.

What I find most disappointing about how Dani, Shelly, Kalia and Porsche are behaving is that they are acting like that snobby clique in high school who take pleasure in ganging up on the nearest easy target and then piling on to make themselves feel like part of the group. As soon as one of them opens up their mouth with the latest insult they all jump on like rabid dogs, and then giggle at their own “wit.” Watching the feeds is making me feel queezy lately ;p

Jeff, Jordon and Adam may have their faults but I have to say they are playing the game far more honorably than the rest of em. Lying and betraying are simply part of Big Brother – being a nasty, crude, mean, disgusting bitch is not. Ok I am done babbling now lol.



i’m actually embarrassed that i was rooting for Dani before this week but her behavior over the past few days is disgusting. I guess I was only rooting for her because I despise Rachel and Jeff.


And bullying everyone into doing what you say is honorable? What about going on homophobic rants? There is nothing honorable about Jeff, he is nothing but a bully through and through. Anyone who watches the feeds knows this, which is also why if u look on twitter virtually every past houseguest is rooting for Dani. I don’t think ive seen a single houseguest from seasons past that is rooting for Jeff, correct me if I’m wrong. Too bad Adam is completely star struck and enamored by Jeff that he doesn’t realize he is pushing a COUPLE to the end. Anyone who thinks that’s good gameplay is mistaken, Adam is at the bottom of the JJRS alliance and he will be cut first, if dani stays the vets will continue taking each other out and Adam can keep on floating like he has been. This is a game ending mistake for him.


I am a female and simply don’t see him as a “bully.” I don’t believe raising your voice now and then means you are a bully. I have yet to meat a man, or woman, who doesn’t do that on occasion! If you mean that he tries to convince others to do what he wants in the game, then Adam is currently being bullied by Dani, Shelly and Porche to the extreme 🙂




the way that I was raised, standing in a woman’s face, or another mans face for that matter, and waving my finger at them screaming is not only bullying but just plain rude and unnecessary. However, people are treated the way they allow themselves to be treated in the big brother house. my real issue with Jeff are his chauvinistic and particularly his homophobic comments. Ranting about how gay people should not be allowed in schools or around children, then literally SCREAMING in kalia’s face implying that she couldn’t possibly believe otherwise and that she was being “PC” points to his overall ignorance and prejudice. His first season it was like every other word was faggot this, faggot that. I’m telling you, there is a reason that virtually every single past houseguest is rooting for dani, please show me 1 single previous BB player that is rooting for Jeff (I can point you to 15+ rooting for dani). Trust me, there’s a reason.


Dani is a vet! Dani and Jeff have both been rude and obnoxious in different ways. They have both been bullies. Jeff verbally and Dani emotionally. With either alliance Adam is low man on the totem pole. Therefore voting Dani out while he has the chance is a smart move. Given the chance to vote Jeff out he should do so also!

Uncle Cool

Jeff is playing ‘honourably’?

He is playing like a dictator who thinks he should be handed the win. He gets mad and says that he is playing the game for everyone but forgets he demands everyone come to get permission from him before they go and do or say anything to others.

He’s lucky he has imbeciles in this game who worship him. If he didn’t, he would already be gone.

He’s a dirtbag. Jordan is a soap bubble and Adam is in love with a powderpuff named Jeff.


I’m with cindy..i like adam with jj….and people please stop referencing him to be a loser and hanging on parts of Jeff’s anatomy…he is playing how he wants..its his game and not ours..stop personally attacking people America..adam is not my fav, but I respect him…we will play our way when we are selected to be a bb contestant. Just sayn.


My dislike of Adam (the player, not the person) is that he doesn’t appear to be playing at all. I mean, what exactly has he done? From a competition standpoint he won one veto that was more or less handed to him by other people throwing it and his social game seems to be to suck up to Jeff and Jordan and even that isn’t going well considering he’s 5th man in a 5 person alliance. Even if by some bizarre twist of fate he makes it into the final 2, I don’t see most on the jury giving him a vote.

In my opinion this Thurday will determine whether or not Adam has any redeeming qualities as a BB HG. If he

A) Flips the house and keeps Dani
B) Evicts Dani, wins HoH and then put up JJ/R

then I’ll be the first person to applaud him. 99% of the people that want him to stay true to his alliance to the end do not want to see him win the game.

Stu Cazzo

That last sentence is bang on. Those who want Adam to stay loyal only hope he does because it furthers Jeff and jordans game.

Adam has no chance in the final 2 against jj. If they keep the final 4 deal and Adam does make it to the end, in that scenario he is probably up against Jeff or Jordan and he loses. He has a much better shot at 500k if he’s sitting next to dani Porsche or shelly in the final 2


I want him to vote Dani out and then flip to get Jeff, Jordan and Rachel out! That is the only way for him to have a chance to win!


Are you serious? Did you not see Brendon, Jeff, and Rachel threaten people when they on the block and making fun of people? They all do it so why pinpoint one side.


Not to nearly the same extreme … mostly they just called everyone stupid 🙂

Midwest Fan

You need to reread the BB pages.
ALL of these HGs have been equally nasty toward others.
No Saints in the BB House.


I agree that Adam is a player that has his integrity in check. He is not mean and nasty to others and is watching and listening very closely. Adam is not “playing” that he is “all that” either and is actually kind to others even when several people are in his face not being too kind. Just saying…don’t judge a book by the cover and he is in it to win it by treating others with the most respect.


I don’t think Adam has any game. Strategic or otherwise. I think he just wants another dude around to play pool, drink beers and shot the sh!t with.


Shelly has to be the dumbest player right now…. Dani is such a strong compeititor so get her out then you can work on Jeff (not that I want Jeff to leave, just using logic). She just knows she will never win a competition and even with Dani she will never make it to Final 2…… I can’t wait til JJ find out all the backstabbing she is doing I wish Adam would say something to JJ then that would make Shelly a bigger target then Adam…


I still see Shelly being outed – it will happen.
What comes around – goes around and as we see it has been laid on pretty thick.
I really don’t have a favorite – just want the person with the best morals win just to show that
people can play with integrity and win because it seems people think you “have to” lie, cheat, steal etc.
to play this game and I beg to differ as I have watched from Season 3.!




Text message and see who deserve the Cattiest of the year
Text 1:Danielle (aka Russell JR., aka Eval Dick Jr.)
Text 2:Porsche (Danielle’s right hand person)
Text 3:Kaila (Danielle’s ally)
Text 4:DKP (aka mean girls Jr.)
Text now and will found out in Finale and see who deserve the award.


I don’t understand why everyone is dogging Shelley…they ALL lie…she is just the best at it….and who really cares how much she smokes…is it your lungs shes killing……I hope she wins if Dani doesnt


Who do you think America’s Player will be?????

Midwest Fan







The people on this board are no different than the people in the house. Every time the power changes so do the loyalties to the players. For 3 weeks it was team Dani YO now JJ are in power lets jump on that bandwagon. How is that any different? The personal attacks are also just as bad try being locked up 24/7 you would be catty and crying all the time too, Your doing it now!!!


Still Team Dani, Yo!

Big Game Move

The only thing I will rag Adam on is that he doesnt respond back the way he should. When Dani said she would sell her soul to them then he should have said what happens if Rachel or Jordan win HOH? You going to sell your soul again? This seems to Dani’s constant problem. She thinks week to week and seems to always think they will win HOH. “You can hang out with us in the HOH”. She really has no strong foundation which is why she will “sell her soul” week to week if she’s put up.

Big Game Move

Dani is like a member of Congress. She really doesnt tell you what she can do for you, only blame the other side and tell the person what they will DO to YOU!

Midwest Fan

Do you really want to get into politics?
IMO, stay clear of that subject on this site.


Adam must be thinking “to win Dani & Jeff will have to be evicted … Dani is leaving this week which is good for me.” Dani has got to go if the others want to win – I’ll be happy if Dani leaves b/c she is beyond annoying – all she does is lie. Everything that Dani says is a lie – down to BB Production Staffers quitting if Dani is evicted. I can’t watch Dani – I have to record BBAD & FF over Dani.

Evicting Dani is a smart move – Shelly is not playing well wanting to keep Dani in the fold. I hope Dani goes then Shelly. I hope Dani & Shelly’s talks will be exposed today so Jeff can confront Shelly & Dani.


“Shelly says that she has come to the conclusion that she is not a good sales woman. Dani says that its not that …its that Adam isn’t a good buyer. Dani asks Adam why he won’t go against Jeff. Adam asks Dani why she told both him and Shelly that we were both safe. Dani says …so you are going to call me out like that? Dani says to be honest if I had to pick one of you back then it would have been Shelly … but you were never my target … Brendon was!”

Is Dani serious here? This is just one stupid comment followed by an even more stupid comment. She is trying to get Adam to keep her, and she goes about this by:

A. Saying “its that Adam isn’t a good buyer.” —- Even if she was being sarcastic, her saying this would probably make me want to evict her even more. It definitely wouldn’t make me flip and keep her, that’s for sure.

B. Tells him that if it came down to it, she would have kept Shelly over Adam last week. SHE JUST FLAT OUT TOLD ADAM THAT HE WOULD BE AT THE END OF THE LINE IN HER ALLIANCE.

And this is the person that all these “Team Dani” people are pulling for right now???

Big Game Move

So many holes in Dani’s arguement. If Jeff’s only wins were tailored to him and he wont be able to win all of the comps then wouldnt he in fact be less of a threat then Dani?? Did Dani wake up and ingest some stupid pills?? She is only making the arguement that JJ is going to eventually screw him. Well yeah, he knows that. He has already said he has to start winning comps. If any of these newbs dont start winning then they all will be bounced regardless. If I was Adam, I would say my big move will come when I win this weeks HOH! Then tell dani to have a nice trip to the JH.


Yup. It shows you that Adam is not just kissing a$$. If he was attached to Jeff the way others are suggesting then he would have already ratted out Shelly and JJ would know that they cannot trust her. I am rooting for JJ but can see the benefit of other’s play. Backdooring people is part of the game. But it is also about timing.

Rachel has been laying low. Watch for her to make a move soon. She will want to remove Jeff and take either Jordan or Adam to the final two. Jordan has already won and Adam hasn’t done anything (winning comps).

I really think that JJ want a final 4 of JJSA. They need Rachel now but know that Rachel will not want Jeff in the final 2. They think that Adam and Shelly have been the most loyal to them. Jeff may want to evict Jordan before the final two, knowing that he has her vote and Jordan would be OK with that. Jeff telling Adam that he will take him to the final 2 is not so far fetched.

Midwest Fan

I disagree.
Jeff wants Rachel with him for the Final Two.
If Jeff is there with Adam, then, IMO, Adam wins.

Votes for Adam – Shelley, Porsche, Kalia, Dani, Rachel and Brendon.
(Who believes R/B want J/J to win? No one.)

Votes for Jeff – Jordan


I totally disagree on this one:
Either Jeff vs Rachel or Jordan in Final 3:
Jeff picks Rachel
Vote Jeff for the win:Porsche, Jordan, Adam, Kaila,Shelly,Dani
Vote Rachel for the win:Brendon
Jeff wins 500K,Rachel 50K,Jordan wins America favorite Houseguest
Jeff picks Jordan
Vote Jeff for the win:Porsche,Kaila,Shelly,Adam
Vote Jordan for the win:Rachel,Brendon,Dani
Jeff wins 500K, Jordan 50K, Jeff or Shelly wins America favorite Houseguest
Sorry, I’m trying to being nice and honest.

henry hill

sure adam is on jeffs sac but no need for him to piss off jjr he can turn on them this week and join the super team of skpa all you danni fans are mad at adam its not his fault d is going to jh she the one that played a sloppy game and is acting like a toddler take your medicine and go bye bye


I am so psyched that Dani is going home. If Adam doesn’t flip, he had made the best move in history. He is STICKING TO HIS GUNS! Wow. Adam is earning himself a spot on All Stars for sure……. byeeeeeeeeee Dani………..


Thats my point…i really think Adam is playing his own game….hes just stringing Jeff along till he needs to cut him…smart game play!!!

If he did what Dani wanted…he would be playing HER game…the Dani faithful dont get that, they are just pissed shes going and it was her own fault.

Imma J/J fan…but im tellin ya….i will not be sad if Adam makes that move…it would confirm what ive been saying for 3 weeks now….hes playing HIS game!!!


Are we positive that Shelly is trying to keep Danielle? I am under the impression that Shelly wants Adam and Porsche to vote to keep Danielle while Rachael, Jordan and herself vote to keep Kalia. Danielle still leaves the house and now Adam is on JJ Radar. Shelly will target Jeff at final 5 or 4. Shelly wants to be in the final two with Jordan. I am sticking with my original pick to win the game and that is Porche. Jeff knew that she was dangerous because everyone including him forgets about her. She will be in the final four and then win the final two competitions to get to the final two. Go Porche!!


If Shelly wants to be in the final 2 with Jordon, that might not be to wise. Even tho Jordon has won before, I wouldn’t trust that she won’t win again. Many of the HG’s that will be in the jury are star struck and Jordon is a star in their thinking. She’d stand a better chance with Adam in my thinking.